Bannon Out: What’s the Real Reason Behind the Departure?

This White House has been rocked by several enormous departures over the last seven months, but none threaten the very foundation of the administration like the one that occurred on Friday. After several weeks of speculation, the unthinkable happened: Stephen Bannon was asked to leave his position as chief strategist. By the end of the day, Bannon was back in his former role at Breitbart News. Where that site goes from here and what position they take on the Trump administration will depend on a number of factors – not the least of which is the real reason that Bannon left the fold. Was he pushed out by John Kelly? Was he ready to go himself? Where does Trump himself stand?

Let’s take a look at the possibilities.

Possibility 1 – The Best Possibility

The first possibility is that Bannon and Trump split ways amicably and for reasons that have nothing to do with the America First agenda. For whatever reason, Bannon decided that he could be a greater force for change on the outside than from within and Trump agreed. Going forward, they will both be putting pressure on the “White House Democrats,” the Republican Party, and the national security establishment from their respective posts. This would mean that Trump is still every bit the man we elected and that his populist, nationalist agenda will continue to color his work as president. It would also mean, of course, that Breitbart is complete White House propaganda, but we’d much rather lose a good, independent media outlet than lost the presidency.

Possibility 2 – Trump’s Sick of Bannon Getting Credit

This is a story that’s been going around for months, and if you listen to Trump’s remarks, it’s one we think probably holds some water. The story is that Trump HATES it when people refer to President Bannon. He hates the Time magazine covers and the Saturday Night Live skits that portray Bannon as the great Svengali behind his success. And with the release of the “Devil’s Bargain” bestseller last month, the president had simply had enough. This possibility would be unfortunate and petty, but it would not necessarily indicate any significant change in Trump’s agenda.

Possibility 3 – Bannon’s Loud Mouth

We still don’t quite know what Bannon was thinking last week with a couple of bizarre, out-of-nowhere interviews where he undermined President Trump on North Korea and several other issues. Why would he tell The American Prospect that there “is no military option” with North Korea when the president is trying to pressure Pyongyang into stepping back from the nuclear brink? These interviews alone may have sealed Bannon’s fate, but we have a feeling they were more effect than cause. Most likely, Bannon already knew he was on the way out and he decided to go down swinging.

Possibility 4 – It’s the Beginning of the End

By most accounts, Bannon’s ousting came not from Trump but from Gen. John Kelly, the new White House Chief of Staff. True, Trump signed off on it, but Kelly made the call. Kelly is trying to get the White House under his full control, and he apparently felt that Bannon was a wild card that could not be constrained.

But that also indicates that the infighting at the White House is coming to an end – not because all sides have thrown up the peace sign, but because one side has won. The Ivanka/Jared/Cohn side, in other words. As Bannon puts it – the West Wing Democrats.

“We still have a huge movement, and we will make something of this Trump presidency,” Bannon told the Weekly Standard. “But, that presidency is over. It’ll be something else. And there’ll be all kinds of fights, and there’ll be good days and bad days, but that presidency is over.”

This would be the worst of the possibilities, but it’s not one we can ignore.

It will become very clear, very quickly how and why this all went down. For now, we’re crossing our fingers.


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  2. Given that the MEDIA will always report the worst from Trump, I choose to believe that the first possibility.

    I believe Bannon will be a far better ally at Breitbart.

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      • Yes, I have been sending them out, but the email system is down again.. Seems it is easy for our enemies to disrupt my communications with you guys.

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          • I’m happy to help in any way I can. I’ll be sure to go in tonight when I get home from work. Thanks for the response and info!

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    • ME TOO!

    • Bannon was unfit for the position in the WH. The guy is lousy dresser, does not take a shower or brush his teeth. We are told his office had human odor. He was therefore unfit to be in company of clean people like Trump, Ivanka, her husband and Trump kids. These are clean people. Bannon should have been budding with Joe Arpaio who is equally ugly and dirty. I was just wondering how women in his county voted for such an ugly sheriff. Thank God, Bannon is out at the WH -he was an embarrassment to the WH team.

  3. I hope that No. 1 is true however, the enemies of the president know his weakness and that is his pride and ego. God is still working on that, I’m sure. But that is his Achilles heal. My prayer is that he will hear from GOD, get a WORD that strkes him deep in his heart that pride will be his downfall until he lets go of defending himself and bragging on all he does. We who support him know that his vindication is the fulfillment of his agenda, not his tweets. I pray that he realize that also. You don’t have to like Trump and all his antics to support his agenda. But also, you have to give the man credit for spouting off truth, in articulately sometimes, but accurate, anyway, i.e. Charlottesville protest. THERE WERE people who were protesting the removal of the statues for the sake of history, not racism. There is more than one side to this debate. But VIOLENCE in our streets is very dangerous to our nation and cannot be tolerated. For that, I laud the president for his courage to speak out.

    • I think you are right but identified the wrong weakness. Pres. Trump’s true weakness is Ivanka, and he must send her home or, I fear, God will do this for home.

  4. If Bannon had been the problem. that would have been a good thing but Trump is the problem. We would be better off if they had kept Bannon and got rid of Trump but don’t worry the ides of March will come and the generals will save us.

  5. I believe his departure comes under the #1. description, and a bit of #4 included, with a few exceptions and a few additions. I feel there should not be ‘family’ able to give opinions, especially when they can get back to whoever was included in the discussion. No love lost between the trio who seem to think their opinion is law – and those legally hired ~ who seem to feel they have to clear everything through family channels. They have different ideas, they are not conservative Republicans, and speak and act as though they were hired to be part of the staff. To voice an opinion, at a family dinner is one thing, to swagger around with opinions contrary to those hired, is another story. I love our President, from day one I was in his court, but family can get in the way, and that has happened a few times already. Bannon does admire and respect his friend Donald Trump, but he is smart enough to realize that while the family situation continues, his chances to contribute anything of importance is nil. He can do more for the President from the outside, through Breitbart. The President may have wanted family as a kind of security when he first entered the White House, but it is not working out, and the President is doing just fine making his own decisions, so there is no longer any need for the comfort of family ~ and worse yet, as family will, they are pulling their connections over legally hired intelligent Republicans. You emptied the White House of a lot of moles, now empty it from family, and things will run a lot smoother.

  6. sandraleesmith46

    Unfortunately, I fear #4 is the MOST likely. Trump was never a conservative or Repub, ’til he decided to run as one in ’14. He has gravitated to the left/Dem side virtually all his adult life, supporting more Dems and the Dem agenda during those years. Neither has he been someone people should have “trusted” to do what he says. But no one could get that message out loudly enough to be heard over the hate and rage spewing from both sides. Granted, he might be MARGINALLY less bad than hildebeest; but that’s a SMALL margin, since he’s supported Clintons’ politics and been friends with them for a LONG time. Currently, the advisers he’s listening to most are both flaming libs with strong leftist/globalist agenda leanings. For me, this is NOT unexpected. For many of you it may well be, and you may still try to deny it. But the sooner you accept and recognize the reality, the sooner you can begin working against it.

  7. The Ivanka Jared thing first alarmed me when I realized how much influence these NY democrats would have over then candidate Trump. It is a sad thing indeed that Pres. Trump NEVER realized how destructive nepotism can be. Although I am forever grateful to Donald Trump for stopping Hillary, the fact remains that because Donald Trump did not send his children back to New York, his presidency was over before it started. But I believe Donald Trump was raised up by God to slow down the destruction of this country, and He will raise up another, one I hope who has no children, to save it.

  8. Trumps biggest weakness is his LIBERAL left wing lunatic Daugther Evanka & of course her even further left wingnut job son in law Jarad Kushner .
    What was a conservative beginning is now , the full revisionist LIBERAL 1980s D.J.Trump. Can we say America Loses yet again. ( Real civil war is unfolding right before our eyes.)
    Prepping sounds very much like a good Idea now (RIGHT???)

  9. I am so confused and media continue to keep telling lies. I feel for the President to get so much crap. Soros and Hillary with Kasich, the king RINO and all the other crooked RINOs are paying those so called young adults and drug heads to protest. Disgusting!

  10. He and Trump used all of the Depends and soiled all their underwear so one of them had to go.

  11. Richard Bagenstose

    why would anyone want to put up with the b/s we seen coming from the media and d.c. the last 6 months , unless you hire left wing liberal freaks they will smear you out, it’s all the left knows how to do


  13. The real reason that Trump let him go was that Bannon dressed too sloppy.

  14. President Trump understands and wants to be a president who works hard for all Americans and make our lives better, regardless of our breed, religion, gender or political party support. The people who have been negative need to support our President and help him make lives better. He has already done so much in that regard for us and will work hard to get it better and better, and for all Americans to be safe.

  15. This is utter speculation! JUST ASK BANNEN! He is rebel enough and strong enough to tell the truth! I hope he goes after the MSM, Democrats, the hypocrites, the RINOS and outs them all! I liked him and hope he continues to provide good advice to POTUS!

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