Baltimore’s Mayor Faces Growing Criticism

A city that was mollified for a brief instant when charges were brought against the officers who arrested Freddie Gray is now questioning its mayor. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has been a controversial figure since the unrest that followed Gray’s death, and city residents and politicians alike are questioning her ability to lead Baltimore out of its current strife.

This week, Rawlings-Blake took action, firing Police Commissioner Anthony Batts for how his department handled the Gray arrest. But while some have applauded the decision, others are concerned that Batts wasn’t the problem; instead, the demise of Baltimore belongs to the mayor herself. “Batts was made to be the fall guy,” one local deliveryman told the New York Times. “To save herself, the mayor fired him.”

Gray’s death and the ensuing riots aside, this has been a bloody year for Baltimore. 155 homicides have been recorded, up 50 from last year at this time. And according to a new USA Today report, Baltimore isn’t the only city experiencing an upswing in violent crime. New York City, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Philadelphia are all battling higher homicide rates this year.

Sadly, Baltimore residents aren’t looking to replace Rawlings-Blake with Republican leadership. Instead, her biggest challenger appears to be former mayor Sheila Dixon. Dixon intends to make a play for the mayor’s office in next year’s Democratic primary, though analysts are divided as to how serious her challenge really is. Regardless, it proves that Baltimore has not learned the real lesson from this period of death and destruction.

And that’s the real shame here. All of the above cities have been under Democrat rule for far too long, and liberal policies are largely to blame for the rise in violence. By sticking with the party that keeps blacks down, these cities will never be able to rise from the ashes to become great again. Instead, things will likely get worse. And instead of addressing the real problems, we’ll hear more talk about racist police, racist juries, racist laws, and racist prisons. It won’t solve anything, but that doesn’t matter as long as it looks good on a protest sign.

The problem with Baltimore isn’t Mayor Rawlings-Blake. It’s a dedicated history of Democratic leadership that refuses to challenge long-held beliefs about what’s best for the black community. You aren’t going to turn Baltimore’s fortunes around with another Democrat. This city should serve as a warning to America about what happens when you leave the left in charge long enough.

Eventually, Americans are going to see through this madness. Eventually, common sense will prevail. The only question is whether or not it will happen before we lose another ten cities to the junk pile of failed liberalism.

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  1. Stupid is as stupid does….
    You can’t fix stupid….

  2. The reality is that most of the blacks are in over their heads! They like to brag about their physical prowess but intellectually most of them are direly lacking! That is the truth so don’t bother me with your racist rants!

    • Marilyn Willett

      absolutely true, even in the military they get rank because of skin color although they have poor leadership skills.

      • I guess that’s why there are so many AFRICANS from Africa, that are Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Accountants, and Business OWNERS.

        A better argument would be African Americans born in the USA are…but then one would argue, WHITE RACISM is why this is so, with African American Black PEOPLE.

        FYI — Blacks Score HIGHER on test produced by other BLACKS…just as WHITES score Higher on test produced by other WHITES…only in AMERICA!

        • Stop making excuses. The reality is that VERY FEW BLACK FAMILIES EXIST THAT CARE. No fathers in the home,, and even mothers are missing.

      • Wow. Marilyn. You are one of the most disgusting people on the planet. A perfect example of the hateful, racist bigot Christian. How did you become this way?

    • I agree they are intellectually bankrupt ! But blackmen’s physical prowess is a well documented assett for them especially with white women.

  3. She is smarter than a

  4. Democrats are too stupid to realize that they are communists.

    • so what do Dems do that fits in the definition of Communist?

      try not to make me laugh too hard.

      • Government control of our lives, taking away personal freedoms.

        • Lets not forget–having one or two people decide that the people who work..can support the other half who wish to just get their monthly checks

        • I’ll try not to make you laugh too hard Reality check. You might POO POO your panties.
          How about wealth “redistribution” for one. How about this gay marriage thing for another. How about this POS POTUS stomping all over OUR Constitution, Going around congress and writing all these “executive fiats”. Wake up and smell the coffee before they outlaw that too. You might want to read Alinskies book “Rules forRadicals” This administration is going by that book word for word and letter for letter.
          Or hadn’t you noticed ??

          • Dudley DoRight.

            I’ve noticed everything you posted, you left out the decimation of the military, no account for the TARP money, Agenda 21, the loss of sovereignty to the UN, the decimation of states rights, the divide and conquer tactics, and the war on police. shall I go further?
            Within Brokeback 0bama’s appointed Cabinet, it looks like try-out for a Tarzan movie.

          • Hey Dudley, give me break. I’m 83 years old and my brain ain’t what it used to be.
            But you are certainly right. Probably many more we could add to that list don’t you think?? I hope you realize that post was intended for Reality Check and not you..

          • Dudley DoRight.

            For 83, you are doing great. We need to spread the word about the communist movement, led by Brokeback 0bama. The welfare crowd is his voting base. (An automatic 47 million receiving govt. benefits.) Most sold their souls for a free cell phone.

          • Many years ago I heard this “joke” : A guy walks into a restaurant and asks do you serve Blacks here? The waiter said yes but you are not black. That is ok I will have a steak and a black for my alligator . Now if we could change that order to a half and half fresh from the oval office. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

        • Stalin said that freedom was too valuable to let everyone have it and that the state had to ration it…

      • Check: Try researching Stalin’s checklist of how to defeat democracies. Then compare that to the platform and actions of the Democratic Party. Add to that the Communist Party USA announced support of the Democratic Party. Still not convinced? Then please keep your head buried in the sand, or your posterior, whichever applies. By the time you face the truth it will be too late. JMO

        • Research? Don’t think he/she/it has the capicity. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • its not Stalins check list its a list of goals written by Suskind in his book, the naked communist…

        • Anyone remembers what Lenin said – namely: “If socialism is against human nature, then we must change human nature.” Result = Gulag extermination camps with so far 120 million dead and counting.

      • Marilyn Willett

        Communism took over the biased education of children, regardless of how parents felt and that has happened in public schools.

        • “Communism took over the biased education of children”

          and Marilyn wonders why everyone thinks she is bat poo crazy

          • i gather you missed Bella Dodd, and her testimoney when she was the head of the teachers union AND the head of the communist party usa… or the history of dewey the communist and who holds the monniker the father of american education. he copied the communist school system. the first state schools required the states to force students to attend using guns.

            1954, Bella Dodd’s book School of Darkness was published, wherein she opined that the Communist Party’s structure “was in reality a device to control the ‘common man'”

            A schoolteacher and lawyer by profession, Dodd was an organizer for the CPUSA from 1932โ€“1948, and from 1944 to ’48 sat on the CPUSA’s National Council. She also served as head of the New York State Teachers Union. She was expelled from the CPUSA in 1949

            im guessing you have no idea of the history…
            i lived through it, so i remember these people
            as my father and family remembered living under the georgian communist, and the austrian socialist

          • OMG, don’t confuse Reality Check with facts! You warp or totally ruin “it’s” mind!

          • KEEP on talking…..

        • Lets hope that also means no Allah in schools and no halal food in schools. And no sharia in schools.

          • nope… Judeo/Christian has to end (think that funky austrian dude was doing that on his own idea? nope, he was following marx and engels and trying to fulfill their logical ends!! the left can deny it, but the left mostly does not read what they follow), and they are the THESIS… islam is the antithesis. they are slaming the two together the way you use diamond dust to grind down a large diamond. the point of this hegelian practice is to make a new (communist) synthesis.

            meanwhile progressive does not mean forward thinking
            it means” PROmote reGRESSIVE policies
            that return the society to rule by man, and a dictatorship, which is the STATED goal of the left (even if the rubes following them are too dumb to know what their efforts are being used for)


      • BlueridgePatriot

        Sorry stupid, but your ignorance is making the rest of us here laugh extremely hard!

        • Ha, ha, ha! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • To bad we can’t and if we could it should’ve started at the very least 5o some odd years ago!!

        • is that because you’re all idiots?

          • BlueridgePatriot

            Maybe so RC, but at least we are not delusional idiots as you fucks are!

          • no… its because your an ignorant shill that have no idea of past history… care to go over the fact that the democrat party was the party of the KKK and if we get rid of the confederate flag as a symbol of slavery, how about getting rid of the party of slavery, jim crow, the kkk, the knights of the white camelia, etc…

    • Right you are! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Some Republicans close their eyes and ears to the truth about leadership in this Country and refused to take the bulls by thei Horns and stop it for the sake of getting their little old feelings hurt….coming in Elections the runners should be so scrunized that they cannot breathe or fart until we find out all
      about them around their Towns!

    • And blacks continue to vote democratic. Obama has done nothing for them.

  5. When you turn the governance of a major metropolitan area over to blacks … the city soon resembles an African war state. Most large “progressive” metropolitan areas bear this out. They tend to feature huge ghetto areas, where crime & dependency on government are the norm.
    Baltimore is a shining example of this. Where else would a mayor tell her police force to stand down and watch the city be looted and burned by a bunch of lawless trash?

    • “When you turn the governance of a major metropolitan area over to blacks … the city soon resembles an African war state”

      yup, no more bigotry or racism in America.
      this moron just proved THAT.

      • It isn’t that turning it over to the blacks was the problem….its the fact that these people are racists-incompetent-and worthless to anyone except themselves. There are plenty of people of color in charge of things-that aren’t hate whitey people- that do not have to have a piece of shit like FAT Al Sharton pushing the white reporters away from them so they do not have to answer reasonable questions about the horrendous job performance.

      • Marilyn Willett

        it is just the plain truth.

        • We are all speaking English here. I wonder what language he/she/it is reading in? ๐Ÿ™‚
          Just no fixing stupid!

      • how could there be any racism here .. that all ended when they took the stars and bars off the state house. and Louis farrakan just admitted he was wrong once again .. and Robert Byrd rose from the grave to once again say he wasn’t a grand Kleigle , rev al apologized for being alive and rev jesse apologized for “hymie town” remark and the LYING MUSLIM in the white house apologized for following rev wright.

    • Most are not Americans. Most don’t believe in our Constitution. Many are just out-right racist. Most believe their elected office is a means to riches. Where ever you go through this country, any city governed by liberals appear like a war zone.

  6. The left is blind to the truth and so they direct their hate at anyone who hate the liberals actions. Lies and untruth is their motto, Conservative are blind to political bull S**t and what do you think would happen if we held up signs saying “Black racism” or bumper stickers “Blacks say Black Honkie’s holding Whites down”. America was working hard to minimize racist activity but people are free in America to hold feeling for various reasons, (not necessarily racist) and Obummer has been the biggest divisive influence in America history period!

  7. Very well written article.At this late time in the history to turn around the way people were taught to think appears
    to be impossible.

    • That is why the takers love the Democratic Party. They condone if not encourage the Black Communities to continue bad behavior while blaming others (Republicans, Whiteys, Uncle Tom, ETC..) for being kept back and even targeted because of race.
      They are only following their leader in this bad behavior. I mean, doesn’t Obama blame everyone (including his own Party sometimes) if it means he can find a scape goat that he can throw under the bus to save his own skin. I love his motto: Do as I say, not as I do…
      You and every other American will be prosecuted and even targeted if we do something they think is against the law or their beliefs. But Hell if Obama has ever felt he has ever had to follow the very laws he swore to protect.
      This is just my opinion, But I feel Obama treats Americans like his brotherhood (ISIS) treat their women.
      Just think what it will be like with the female version of Obama, Hitlary..

  8. She always looks like a deer caught in someone’s head-lights. Just wished they would hit her head-on! ๐Ÿ™‚
    What a piece of useless crap. no wonder that town has so many problems.

  9. “Eventually, Americans are going to see through this madness.” Americans, maybe, but not the people living in these Democrat cities. The people are black, and the leaders are black. And all of them believe the cities problems are the fault of white people. So innured are blacks to the Democrat party, that they are just as blind to the policies as the Democrats themselves are blind. Let’s get real. Do you honestly believe a Republican can run, and win, as mayor in this city or any of the other poverty-stricken cities in the country? Even if the Republican is black! The people will look to that person as an Uncle (or Auntie) Tom and believe they’re coming in to redesign the entire city as “white” with “white policies”. That candidate wouldn’t have a chance in hell.

    • Here’s another racist dna defective a-hole. Marilyn Mostly crap!
      And people wonder why they have so many problems in Baltimore. They obviously don’t have a clue otherwise this racist pig would have been long gone!

  10. But-But…..if you just give us a couple billion more of the taxpayers dollars….we be good!

  11. Marilyn Willett

    a black female with power. why dont you just elect my german shepherd?

    they are all emotion, no intellect.

  12. Marilyn Willett

    Yes Philly was great once, when whites ran everything.

  13. She is a prime example of the “Peter Principal” which is that she is totally incompetent.

  14. “Eventually Americans are going to see through this madness?” “Eventually, common sense will prevail?” When is this magical realization going to happen? In the 25th century? Where was this “common sense” when this country elected the most narcissistic, America-hating radical in our history to the Presidency not once but TWICE? Americans no longer have any common sense. Our way of life is disappearing. It’s no longer a question of “if” but “when.”

  15. The truth of the matter – poor people tend to live in cities where public transportation is available (just one reason). That being the case, many have no jobs, and are therefore on the public dole. When you have young men floating around all day, unemployed and living on welfare, you have a very bad situation. The problem is not black or white, the problem is democrats. They see the largest numbers of people concentrated in one area and they want their vote. So, lets put them on the public dole, with one stipulation being, that you can receive more money from welfare if you are a single mom, not husband/father in the home. Not problem number 2 is created. Because of welfare, which I believe is social and economic slavery, the poor feel as though they have to vote democrat, they owe it to the party that feeds and houses them. Then that same party allows illegal immigrants to enter this country and work here, thus putting more poor people out of work, more unemployed men on the streets, more drugs, more drinking, more robbery, more killing, more rape, more of everything except a JOB, self respect and pride. The Great Society has proven a failure, not just for the poor, but for the nation as a whole. When we reach more than 50% of our population on welfare and supporting programs, we will be finished. An the likes of Stephanie Rawlings Blake and Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the politician who have sought only their own advancement, will cry out, “how did this happen”? But it will be too late. I think we need jobs for our American citizens and closed boarders. The socialist/communist experiments throughout the world are a dismal failure, so why are we trying it here? I only wonder if we have not raised a society of wimps, whiners, and generally – go along to get along people who are now in high public offices throughout this country and they are not doing the bidding of the people at large.

    • They refuse to get out of the plantation and they call republicans racist. Just can’t fix stupid!

      • LOL..sorry could not help but chuckle. would have did full out ROFLMAO if it was not so sad

        • Know what you mean Jeanna Green. For humor to be funny it has to have an element of truth and I thought this one fit the bill ๐Ÿ™‚

    • WOW.. Thank you. I loved what you had to say here and agree 100%. Keep spreading the truth with common sense and pray something sticks to the sheep in line with the Democrats who keep them slaves and discourage progress. Because remember people, No matter Democrat or Republican, if you become successful then you become the problem.
      Stay on the Government Dime and we will not expect anything from you including your own fair share. Just understand, that your children will owe for your lazy A.

    • Living in a city for too long causes brain damage. City people have very little if any patience, they need everything immediately. Waiting is intolerable to them, traveling with them is torture, if it’s twenty miles away, they can’t handle it!

  16. I have met MANY fine blacks,while I was in the US Army for over 21 years,THANKFULLY,,the blacks in the military,are NOT the same people as the black THUGS.

  17. Hereโ€™s The Dirty Details of the Democratsโ€™ Horribly Racist Legacy

    Great Video . . . .

  18. It seems the urban areas with the most serious problems are led by democrat mayors just as the states with the most serious fiscal and social problems are run by democrat governors. What a surprise…… NOT!

  19. The Baltimore Mayor should have been recalled immediately when she gave the stand down order to Baltimore’s law enforcement agencies. She is a racist and that is probably the only reason she is sitting in the mayors seat. I dont know the person who is going to challenge her but I think the need to change a lot more than just the mayor. You feed the racist of Baltimore and what you get is increased crime.

  20. Here’s an idea for those Dummycrat run cities…….Move ALL white families out and let the blacks have the damned thing, lock, stock and barrel. When, not if, they screw it up to the point it is not going to survive, wall it off and just let them suffer from their own stupidity and ineptness. They burn portions of it down in protest, just let the place stay burned. Garbage and trash in the streets? Too bad. You put it there, you clean it up. What the blacks destroy, just leave it there until they decide to do something constructive about it. I’m willing to bet those blacks who have an education, jobs and such, will also leave post haste. They don’t want any of this crap either. It seem it is only the jungle bunnies who think the world owes them a living.

  21. The overwhelming leadership (a misnomer) of Baltimore run by all blacks from the mayor, to legislature, states attorney, police force, can not blame whitey for their problems. Idiots they are.

  22. Could these murder stats have anything to do with the influx of illegals, Just asking!

  23. I have had great black friends. I believe the problem is deeper than just not bright enough which a lot of black folks have blown out of the water. Look at Ben Carson for one. The community behavior is part of this problem. I have listened to succesful blacks and loser blacks. The ones who follow the community behavior are at best held back in many circumstances. The worst circumstance is they develop the us against them behavior and that is the behavior BO is working with and is driving all this recent racist behavior.
    Too bad, BO had an opportunity to turn his presidency into something very good and he has absolutely screwed it up with his and his significant others own racist baggage. Don’t forget her thesis was on racism, she is so slanted and biased it is always showing on her face. That woman is chronically ticked off. Now this racist garbage is taking too much focus away from more important concerns for the whole country.
    BO is smart enough to have done this to keep everyone busy so he could succeed at the other things on his bucket list for the fundamental destruction of this country agenda. Nothing has been an accidental happening with this arrogant narcissistic sociopath. It is just too bad we had such a lousy congress to deal with him. He has run around them so successfully it is pitiful to behold. We need to fire the congressional bozos and get some smarter folks in those seats. I would say their greed and rationalization makes the rinos and dems in congress easily as bad as the black thugs on the streets.

  24. Alleged Comment

    Please remove Negroes from office.

    I know for a FACT nothing gets done from them except collecting a FAT paycheck and pushing RACISM. Race is all that matters to Negroes and they are not getting accused like Hitler did to the Jews what these racist Negroes are doing to whites.

    They get a pass and WHY???

  25. Blacks weren’t bred for their intelligence during the times of slavery. They were bred for phyiscal traits of strength and durabilty. However since then, they have failed to elevate themselves through education and personal growth to a level equal to their white counterparts. They have had their chances. They have demanded to be ruled by their own kind in their own communities. And what has that got them? MORE violence and destruction towards their own kind than communities where whites were in power. The social experiment in Boston was a failure and the numbers proved it!

  26. The bad thing is nothing will change until Obama is out of office! The mayor should have to pay for the riot that she sanctioned !

  27. I hope every business owner who’s business was vandalized sues the City of Baltimore sending it into bankruptcy.Then perhaps between the tax payers and the tents whose rents double in the process will understand the true cost of electing such witch.

  28. ” And according to a new USA Today report, Baltimore isnโ€™t the only city experiencing an upswing in violent crime. New York City, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Philadelphia are all battling higher homicide rates this year” And who has been in power in these cities for the last 50 years… hummmmm liberals I think…

  29. Most Blacks ARE RACIST . More so than Whites

  30. it is almost passed the time to educate the younger generation about the history of America. Why it was settled, and by what groups of people from other countries. The reasons we broke from England, why we had a Civil war. It was to unite the northern states with the southern states, and then slavery was brought into the mix. There were great generals on both sides, and they actually went into battle, not sitting on the sidelines. In the next war, the president needs to lead the men into battle.

  31. Tiredofsocializm

    I hate to admit this but after watching Barry for the last 7 years and the mayor of Baltimore and her da I have to agree! Sad!

  32. When a city is more than half black, it is doomed. Most adult blacks can’t even read and crime and welfare are their only options.

  33. Imagine if a white mayor had said he was giving rioters room to destroy things.!!!

  34. A Baltimore police union lambasted the Baltimore Police
    Department in a comprehensive review of the Baltimore riots released July 7, 2015,
    accusing the department of putting residents in harmโ€™s way and of
    humiliating the officers. The accusations come after reports that Baltimore police were told to stand
    down during the riots, most notably Baltimore Mayor
    Stephanie Rawlings-Blakeโ€™s comment that she โ€œgave those who wished to destroy space
    room to do that.โ€ Baltimore has a ruling
    class of 100% Blacks โ€“ the mayor, the police commissioner, the prosecutor who
    declared โ€œNo justice โ€“ no peace!โ€ when the heroin-peddler and addict Gray was
    arrested for the 23rd time.

    โ€œThe morale of the men and
    women of the Baltimore Police Department has suffered greatly,โ€ the report
    states. โ€œIn addition to physical injury, officers feel a lack of support from
    the Department and report feeling โ€˜humiliatedโ€™ and โ€˜dejectedโ€™ as a result of
    what occurred and what they experienced during the riots. A significant
    percentage reported that they are considering resigning or retiring within the
    next one to two years.โ€ The report points out that riots led to more than 200
    injured police officers and millions of dollars in property damage, including
    arson and looting. Not mentioned was the new minimum wage in the aftermath of
    some 200 looted and burned businesses โ€“ namely $0.00/hour. The Black Marxist
    woman Mayor of Baltimore then fired the Police Commissioner while trying to
    hide her own miserable record. Interestingly she usually shows up in public in
    her Mao-like uniform โ€“ thus showing her true allegiances and pretentions. In
    that she is an admirer of another Mao follower โ€“ the White House consigliere
    Valerie Jarrett.

  35. Very truthful story, for a change! Maybe real change will come.

  36. disqus_NeHe4Jr2DH

    Let me first speak to “daveveselenak” and Willett. Your comments are directly at odds
    with the facts regarding ability and promotions. As a retired Air Force colonel who is African-American, I was promoted, not because of skin color; rather because of stellar performance. You will notice similar pathologies in localities such as Baltimore that are attributable to radical, ‘progressive’ leadership that operates without any basis of competent business practices or regard to true statesmanship.

  37. Blacks, as well as all other left leaning minorities, need to learn that skin color, gender, and nationality, are not job qualification skills.

  38. Mayor Blake is just another typical Liberal mayor. Dumb & dumb & dumber !

  39. You mean she is still the mayor !!!!!!!!!! WOW — she should have been gone right after she gave the rioters the okay to destroy the neighborhood and the punk azz supposed state prosecutor for Baltimore should have followed her OUT the door and been gone.

  40. This Leftist idiot mayor should be run out of town and banned from ever.returning.

  41. She must be fired. Shpr doesn’t have the capacity to be in such a position.

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