Baltimore’s Mayor Faces Growing Criticism

A city that was mollified for a brief instant when charges were brought against the officers who arrested Freddie Gray is now questioning its mayor. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has been a controversial figure since the unrest that followed Gray’s death, and city residents and politicians alike are questioning her ability to lead Baltimore out of its current strife.

This week, Rawlings-Blake took action, firing Police Commissioner Anthony Batts for how his department handled the Gray arrest. But while some have applauded the decision, others are concerned that Batts wasn’t the problem; instead, the demise of Baltimore belongs to the mayor herself. “Batts was made to be the fall guy,” one local deliveryman told the New York Times. “To save herself, the mayor fired him.”

Gray’s death and the ensuing riots aside, this has been a bloody year for Baltimore. 155 homicides have been recorded, up 50 from last year at this time. And according to a new USA Today report, Baltimore isn’t the only city experiencing an upswing in violent crime. New York City, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Philadelphia are all battling higher homicide rates this year.

Sadly, Baltimore residents aren’t looking to replace Rawlings-Blake with Republican leadership. Instead, her biggest challenger appears to be former mayor Sheila Dixon. Dixon intends to make a play for the mayor’s office in next year’s Democratic primary, though analysts are divided as to how serious her challenge really is. Regardless, it proves that Baltimore has not learned the real lesson from this period of death and destruction.

And that’s the real shame here. All of the above cities have been under Democrat rule for far too long, and liberal policies are largely to blame for the rise in violence. By sticking with the party that keeps blacks down, these cities will never be able to rise from the ashes to become great again. Instead, things will likely get worse. And instead of addressing the real problems, we’ll hear more talk about racist police, racist juries, racist laws, and racist prisons. It won’t solve anything, but that doesn’t matter as long as it looks good on a protest sign.

The problem with Baltimore isn’t Mayor Rawlings-Blake. It’s a dedicated history of Democratic leadership that refuses to challenge long-held beliefs about what’s best for the black community. You aren’t going to turn Baltimore’s fortunes around with another Democrat. This city should serve as a warning to America about what happens when you leave the left in charge long enough.

Eventually, Americans are going to see through this madness. Eventually, common sense will prevail. The only question is whether or not it will happen before we lose another ten cities to the junk pile of failed liberalism.

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