Baltimore a Lesson in Liberalism

Whenever you get a situation like the one that has played out in Baltimore over the last few days, pundits, politicians, and writers fall all over themselves trying to answer the one basic question: why? Very few of them have come within throwing distance of the right explanation. There are many factors at play, but they all come down to the same source. City Councilman Nick Mosby, speaking with Fox News Tuesday night, came closer than most.

“What it is,” he said, “is young boys, the young folks in the community showing decades old anger, frustration, for a system that has failed them. This is bigger than Freddie Gray, this is about the social economics of poor, urban America and these young guys are frustrated and upset…There’s a symptom of something going on here and what I’m trying to articulate to you is when we look at communities like this in urban America, lack of education, lack of commercial development, lack of opportunities, it’s the socioeconomics.”

It’s worth noting that Baltimore has been under the exclusive rule of liberal Democrats since the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Whatever policies have failed the young men of Baltimore, they did not come from the conservative end of the spectrum. And Mosby is right: economics is at the heart of the problem. Rich people don’t riot. They don’t loot. They don’t burn down buildings. People in the middle class don’t do it, either. The only people who resort to this kind of violence are the ones out of options. Liberalism has stolen those options from the people of Baltimore.

Decades of welfare, dependency, and hopelessness have conspired to create the mess we see on the news. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought hard to make sure black Americans had the right to vote, but that right is worth little if you’re being tricked about who to vote for. Democrats are skilled magicians, mesmerizing their target audience with grand illusions that mystify and excite. They know all the right things to say. They offer a tempting story that is hard to resist.

It’s not your fault, that story says. It’s our fault. We’re the ones who put you in this mess, and we’re the ones who must get you out of it. Trust us. Put your faith in us, and we’ll help you every step of the way.

This is the mentality of communism. You’re too stupid to know what to do with your life and your money. Let the state take care of it. Let the state take care of you. We’ll make sure that everyone gets equal opportunity, equal treatment, and equal outcomes.

But that’s not what made America great. That’s not what creates wealth. And it’s not what fulfills the human spirit. It is the mentality that ruins communities, pits the races against each other, and makes people believe there is no way out but through the salvation of the almighty government. And since these policies do nothing to actually make things better, you get fires. You get riots. You get Baltimore.

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