Bad News for Republicans and Democrats Alike

If ever there were a chance to introduce a legitimate third party into the American political system, Gallup’s new survey says the time might be now. “At least four in 10 U.S. adults identified as political independents” in a new poll about party loyalty. Gallup blamed anger over Washington gridlock for the exodus, which sees 29% of Americans still calling themselves Democrats and 26% identifying as Republicans. The Democrat share, incidentally, is the lowest it’s been since Gallup started asking this question 65 years ago.

Thanks, Obama!

“Americans’ attachment to the two major political parties in recent years is arguably the weakest Gallup has recorded since the advent of its polls,” said a company spokesman. “The percentage of adults identifying as political independents has recently reached levels never seen before.”

According to the pollsters, this lack of party loyalty could make “candidate-specific factors” a bigger issue in the 2016 election than they have been in the past.

That’s a nice story, but history suggests otherwise. Once you cut away the independents who “lean” Republican and those who “lean” Democrat, you’re left with only 12% who consider themselves completely unaffiliated. As the Washington Post pointed out, the vast majority of these “leaning” independents voted for their preferred party’s candidate in 2012.

Still, there is very clearly something happening on both sides of the American electorate. Donald Trump and, to a lesser extent, Ted Cruz, are trouncing traditional Republicans as we head into the primaries. On the left, Senator Bernie Sanders is gaining ground on a suddenly-vulnerable Hillary Clinton despite the DNC’s best efforts to crown their queen. These are the fruits of a population that is sick to death of politics-as-usual. If many Americans resist identifying with the party of Barack Obama or the party of Mitch McConnell, well, is anyone surprised?

That massive pool of independents isn’t waiting to be wooed by one party’s candidate or the other’s; most of them, in many respects, are trying to pull their respective party further away from the center. Is gridlock really the problem, as Gallup suggests? Or is it actually endless, soul-numbing compromise that has Americans embarrassed to label themselves? How can you “identify” with a political party that doesn’t stand for anything? Trump and Sanders have energized their respective fans how? By promising to roll up their sleeves and bring back that good old fashioned bipartisan spirit to D.C.? Not really.

Whatever all of this means, one thing is certain: it’s not good news for a certain former secretary of state. In a year where voters are looking to shake things up, it’s hard to see how Establishment Fixture Numero Uno can possibly win.

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  1. America or what it used to stand for has been perverted by 50 years of liberal/islamics indoctunation of the children of the United States of America. Got us during Vietnam and Nixon. Yesterday 10 American sailors were captured by Iran held on a little Island.They were released this morning don’t expect them released next time The Barrack They may hold elections but it will never be enforced. The last day are brought to you because this world has become Sodom and Gomorrah. They have spread their evil seed to all corners the stench rises to the havens That is why these are the Last Days.

    • This Country should blame Repubs, TPs why we have
      many problems. For instance was the loss of good looking and durable American
      brank cars and trucks. Repubs and TPs and right wing media praise foreign
      brands as better than our American brands.
      But people should know why GM failed in 2008. Republicans were hiring their
      relatives and children as designers of cars and engines. We are told these people
      reported to work sometime drunk or with hangovers. You would not expect these
      morons to design good looking cars and durable engines. Thank God Obama fired
      GM CEO in 2009. Now I see good looking GM cars and SUVs. In fact I am planning to replace my Toyota
      with a Lincoln. I can now afford gas.

      • The decline in the auto industry was in direct correlation to union rules and greed. It was the line workers showing up hung over and taking beer lunches. That was captured on tape!

        Yes Obama got rid of the old CEO, and the new one, a woman, was paid less than half of the former. She came to the table with more experience too. That’s the way Progressives/Democrats treat the “gender pay gap”.

        You can afford gas thanks to the Saudi’s oil war with the US. We are losing in the long run. Obama’s energy plans are putting us in a dependent position in regards to foreign energy interests.

        The shale oil industry was doing great until the market was flooded with below cost foreign crude oil. As soon as the producers go bankrupt (it’s going to be sooner than later), oil prices will shoot back up. It will be years before the private sector will be able to gear up to current production.

        The Keystone project was rejected to protect Warren Buffett’s rail interests. His company moves Canadian oil at a much higher expense to the consumer and the environment. Remember, the naysayers were completely wrong about the Alaskan pipeline, and they’re wrong about Keystone too.

        No wonder our country is in so much trouble.

        • Very good post, but don’t expect Liberals to understand this. Liberal thinking does not go far enough in a topic to get to the meat of when doing something what the outcome will be.
          They also believe all the information that the liberal media and newspapers put out I have a relative that is always questioning me and saying but the TV did not say it was as bad as you are saying.

        • Great comment but Liberals know nothing when you instill the truth into a conversation. They just can’t grasp two things in particular. Number one is truth and number two is common sense. For some unknown reason those things never register.

          • This is because of a Democrat disease called the Democrat Derangement Syndrome (DDS), which posits that those whom are so afflicted are incapable of rational thought or action. It has been spread by anti-American media outlets (AMO’s).

          • Never try and convince a Liberal with facts,it confuses them. We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it. compliments of Nancy Pelosi.

          • A Libs mind is made up. Please don’t confuse him with facts.

          • Boy that’s a tough task,but some body’s gotta do it

          • No it can’t be done. It is somewhat akin to trying to nail jello to a tree.

          • Could it be their elevator does not go all the way to the top?

        • One must never forget;Truth to a liberal is like Kryptonite to Superman.

        • Don’t forget were exporting US oil for the 1st time in like 50 years!!

        • Yeah King O was worried of the environment and nixed the pipeline, but how many rail accidents have happened in the past cpl of years?? And rail accidents are going to keep happening because our infrastructure is falling apart. Guess where all those illegals who want work should go and out of work people?? They should start up Roosevelt CC Camp program again and put millions of out of work people back to work. Hell my grandfather worked at the CC Camps before WW2 and I heard all kinds of stories. Guess who built all the Natl parks we use and other federal stuff we take for granted. Hell we even took Hitler s idea of the autobahn highway and built our own highway networks. ( which BTW had also to do with Natl security interests ( because before ww2 it would take you weeks to travel what was cut down to hours because of the roadways we build post ww2 in case of ww3

      • Ignorance is Bliss…you lazy democrats need to get off your lazy backside and get a job and get off the government payroll.

        • The democrat agenda is led by one goal; teach the young that they are victims of something and they will follow you all the way to HeII. Second; promise them free food, rent, education, medical care, a cell phone and they will vote for you for 200 years, as LBJ once predicted.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          It’s a TROLL Ben. Answering the moron is just feeding his demented ego!!

          • Hey Mike my friend. Right on the mark again as usual. I’m sure you remember me telling so many others that it just isn’t right to feed the trolls. God bless my friend and keep up the good fight.

        • Obama want’s to keep them on the dole so they keep voting Democrat.

      • TROLL ALERT!

        It’s just pmbalele, one of the most screwed up Commie Democrats on the planet.

      • I don’t believe Lincoln is a GM product but given the mentality of you liberals I can understand.

        • It’s not. Ford makes Lincolns.

          • Thanks! As a FoMoCo man for about 70 years, I would never have known.

          • I miss my 79 f100

          • And remember that Ford didn’t take any government money when that happened. All the others did. Ford succeeded and is sitting at the top of the heap right now. While not beholding to anyone.

          • I remember that very well. It was GMC that we taxpayers spent millions on. Years ago it was Chrysler and, of course, the railroads. Ford stood on their own and I respect them for not taking taxpayer money and working out their problems on their own.

      • We were told by, whom?
        You liberal dem bloodsuckers, aka American Jihadists, have a “strangers in the night” relationship with truth.
        Like your Muslim counterparts, you will tell/accept any lie, any cheat, any theft so long as it it brings you more handouts.
        the reason for that and the reason why the car companies are building plants out of the USA, is because they have the highest corporate income tax in the world and the highest government regulatory costs in the world.
        I moved a large small business out of the USA and into Costa Rica after You ignorant scumbags reelected the inept lying outlaw in the rainbow house.
        the minute I left the USA I realizes a savings of $78 k a year in regulatory costs.

        • Good for you Gerald. This country is really in dire need of someone who can bring the good old USA back to it’s prime.

        • No frigging shit huh?? I bought a bunch of stuff online and was from USA companies said sold by them and damned if the packages I got in the mail weren’t straight from china!!

      • You are FKN looney

      • I guess this is why GM now belongs to China! I’ll guaran -damn -tee ya, the American tax payer never saw a Gaud damn dime of it!
        PS. Lincoln is not made by GM!

      • Where can I get some of what you have been smoking?

      • I don’t know where you get your news but you are so off track I don’t even know what to say. You have been drinking too much Kool Aid. In case you hadn’t noticed, all the politicians are to blame for the mess we’re in. Both republicans and democrats. They are just too greedy.

      • You moron Troll. The price of gas has absolutely nothing to do with your friend Oblowhard. It has to do with a new production technology not approved or discovered by any government employee. With an increase in production in the US of several different energies the middle east monopoly was destroyed. Oblowhard tried but was unable to stop fracking because it is not being done on federal lands. So despite Oblowhard’s usual anti-American actions you are benefitting. By the way a Lincoln is a Ford product not a GM product. As usual you “open mouth and insert foot”.

        • Did you say “Lincoln is Ford product not a GM product! Not disputed. That reminds me I was at a Ford dealership when I heard the guy trying to sell me a Lincoln bragged the engine of the car I was looking was an Isuzu engine. I was so mad I left the dealership. I went there to buy an All-American car and here is a guy bragging the engine was Isuzu. Disgusting.

      • Michael Dennewitz


      • Total pure BS foams from you liberal lips

        • Foams from you liberal lips! May be you’re talking about Dr. Carson, Santorum and Chris. These end up with foams in their mouths when talking.

      • Well pmbalele, Let me give you an example of what you are talking about. My Wife and I went
        car shopping just this month. We were out to replace her Chevy SUV. So we looked at the Chevys.
        Guess what we saw. Well it seems the same Vehicle minus a Six CYL engine seems to have
        gained about six thousand dollars in cost. Yep same care minus a Six cost MORE, Add in the
        SIX CYL and you pay even more. Well then we looked at GMs Acadia, well lets just say what a
        piece of CRAP. Sitting new on the Yard lots of the Features didn’t work like the power lift gate and
        others. Oh by the way this thing costs upwards to $55K dollars. Next we looked at the Buick and
        guess what pretty much the same as the Acadia. The next shock on the Chevy, GM and the Buick
        was that they were made in MEXICO, CANADA and only the Tranny was made in the USA. Next
        we looked at Toyota, The warranty was fairly good and the Prices even with all the bells and whistles was around $40K and guess what it was made ENTIRELY IN THE USA. Then we went
        to HONDA, they also gave us the speil on an outstanding Warranty. Lifetime Oil changes, Lifetime
        inspections here in Virginia and a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the ENGINE and POWER TRAIN.
        Priced in the High Thirties. SO BUBBA hows to tell me once again how Barack Obama has
        Made the buying expierence all so great for we the CONSUMER once again PLEASE.

        • Poor soul- you have been radicalized to hate
          American Brands. In fact I was about to sue former GM CEOs in 2008. He was
          saved by President Obama for firing him in 2009. I believe he was taking bribes
          from Toyota and Honda people in exchange of him building ugly and poor qualify
          cars and SUVs. I hate foreign brands.
          After all they do not well on Wisconsin snow. They are too light because they
          are made for people in China and Japan whore are relatively small. Please send
          that Toyota back and get a Lincoln and remember to vote for Hillary.

          • Really, lets see here, I have owned Dodge Trucks, Dodge Mini Vans, Chevy Trucks,
            GMC SUV, Chevy SUV, Buick SUV. Toyota Truck, Nissan Car, Nissan Truck, Honda
            SUV, Lets see now the Dodge mini van blew up (Literally), The Dodge Truck ran like a
            champ for 9 Years and 270K Miles, by the way the truck was pre OBAMA. The Chevy
            Truck that I had was a Silverado Diesel, ran great for 8 years until it was totaled by my
            wife during icy weather. GMC SUV ran good but cost was enormous. Chevy SUV
            belonged to my Wife and lasted 8 years and nearly 200K miles, and yes pre OBAMA.
            Nissan Car last 6 years and 200K Miles, the Nissan Truck lasted 6 Years and a couple
            hundred thousand miles. Now I have another Dodge Truck and my wife has a new
            HONDA Pilot. Guess what I have had the DODGE in the SHOP Six different times for
            RECALLS and troubles with headlights over the past 14 months. Have had the HONDA
            in once for the INITIAL Coating for the leather seats and paint. So lets see once again
            how have I been Radicalized? Seems that if the U.S. CAR Industry wants to once again
            become a major force in the world they should actually start building cars here in
            the UNITED STATES and not in Mexico and Canada. They should also try and listen
            to the actual needs and wishes of the People and not the Federal Government.

          • Please tell your wife to get rid of HONDA Pilot. Your home value will decrease if people see that car in the neighborhood. Please be like me. I am going to dump my Toyota for a Lincoln.

      • Stupid is no way to go through life.

      • You have that backasswards there!
        The liberals were what busted GM!
        The anything goes attitude with the peopple one the lines.
        I doubt more than 2 or 3% were TP’ers, or Republicans.
        Strictly liberal Commiecrats!

      • What is a brank car?

      • Yep, buy that chevy while you can get cheap gas. Apparently you don’t know anything past the end of your pointy nose like most liberals.

        Then next year when the oil fields of the US are shut down the Saudis will cut production and you will see $4-5 per gal and you can stick that Chevy up your ass.

      • pmbalele. You sir are a dumba$$.

      • What’s a “brank” car? GM invested their bailout money into assembly lines in China and Mexico City. Chrysler put most of their’s into Mex and Canada. Ford’s (they didn’t take the money) last two big money plants were made in Mexico and Brazil. There’s no UAW in these foreign countries. There. That was easy. Meanwhile, Hyundai,Toyota, VW, Fiat, BMW and a few others are making their autos and trucks in the USA employing American workers. The lefties are complaining that their workers are “non union”. How ironic. The “foreigners” are making their cars here and the “Americans” are making their stuff in china and mexico. Good luck with that lincoln. You’re going to need it.

      • That is the most facile pile of garbage I ever heard. The Establishment, Democrat and Republican, have been hard core going for TTP and global government, with Barrack “The Man who would be Planetary Emperor” Obama and Hillary leading the way. Why not blame Bush and Reagan while you are at it, or maybe McCarthy? How about Hoover?

      • Wow your really wacked out .

      • You sound like one of those union goons with the size 43 neck and a size 2 hat!

      • Good luck on that decision…My Toyota is the best car ever made…Not one repair and going strong..It is a 1990.

      • Don’t expect gas prices to be this low to long!! Better buy a Horse or bycicle because your Lincoln will become a lawn ornament

        • You make me sick. This is a Country of big people. Why should I continue with a Toyota when I can drive a Lincoln Navigator? I have compared the rides in both car and found the Lincoln Navigator comfortable and does not get stuck in Wisconsin snow. Toyotas are light trucks. In fact my neighbor hides his Toyota to avoid being laughed at by his relatives. I am still loyal to American auto brands.

    • Don’t forget that 10 Gitmo detainees were released today and guess where too???? IRAN!! of all places!! Guess where those 10 terrorists are gonna be?? ( Killing innocents again!) The release of our 10 Navy personal came at a price!!# 10 Navy personal for 10 TERRORISTS!!: IT was not out of good will from IRAN . They got 10 of their fighters back! JIHADISTS!

      • If it wasn’t for the nuke deal and the $100,000,000 those guys would be eating sand right about now. Wait till the deal goes through. We’ll go back to being the big satan and scheduled to be wiped off the map….

        • Good point un, but you left off three zeros. Us regular folk aren’t familiar with these kind of numbers.

        • Go ahead and continue to smoke that stuff all the cool aid drinking neocons drink, and just go ahead and continue to run right off the cliff with all your disinformation and warmongering……..bye!!

          • Who the fvck rattled your cage you commie loving sodomite bastard? Eat sh!t and die…….Bye, Scumbag!

          • must be an obuma lover who hates the united states and wants more americans killed by this lying piece of sh-t in the white house would call you white trash but that is probably to good demo prick

          • not you unbridled

          • Wow! I would change my name. Chuck Wench just like Loretta Wench. His coolaid r his smoke(?) is much better than the seaman you Barry homos drink.

        • We didn’t have to wait for anything. Iran was touting how they got over on us the day the deal went down. They never stopped their Isreal and USA bashing for a minute. This fool of a poser president was all on the side of the country that he made the deal with.

          • Yeah, you’re right but wait and see what happens after they get the cash. They’ll have flags with the HalfBreed’s picture flying high while burning the American flag in the dirt. Valerie Jarrett will be in her glory and on her knees….

          • Send Obama to Iran and no return….Let us see how our gay prez does there?

      • If it’s not apparent to the Obama hard line supporters by now,it should be unless they have death wishes for themselves and their families. But it isn’t easy to convince a Lib.

        • Carmen Constantine

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      • Nobody really wants to call what it really is and this is treason on Obama’s part for more than just to get mow thing it’s for eating and abetting the Muslim brotherhood giving them tax paid dollar guns and money as he continues to destroy America from with in and out

        • Hey Kassa 1, Actually one has to be a citizen to commit treason to said country. What we are dealing with is nothing but a foreign saboteur. What do we do with foreign saboteurs?

          • You are very right and I have not heard one person talk about the rig election of 2012 not one Republican remarked on that as I am one other fellow just the two of us alone know people who went to vote in their vote was already cast for Obama, not to say about the whole towns in Michigan that voted for Obama. Kind of sounds like North Korea, Russia or China or any other dictatorial country where the Marxist elitist rule

          • But how to be free of the POS????

        • Couldn’t agree more!! The only reason our Navy personal were released so quick was because the Iranians were getting their 150 billion in terrorist money, sanctions lifted and if anyone thinks Iran is going to give up trying to make or buy a nuke has been drinking the kool-aid . Obama and his goons royaly, F-ked our kids and grandkids. Those nut job JIHADISTS wouldn’t think twice about setting a nuke off anywheres in the world. Look what happened in Germany! Millions of illegals Merkel let in groping and molesting women because according to Muslim laws women are beneath them!! I hope the women their carry at least knives to cartrate the bastards !! Here in the USA an American woman would shoot the picks dead as they should be

          • I’m very proud of our American women as they are arming themselves more and more every day and learning to shoot their weapons. Hillary Clinton loves women so much she want sharia law I hope all the woman that supporter know that and know what’s real laws are really all about. Hillary Clinton should be tried for treason and as we have a constitution not sharia law. If any of these Democrats want sharia law get the hell out of my country and move over to the Middle East. I did not lay my life down fighting communism for people like this to overthrow my government from within.

      • Dennis B Anderson

        Iran still holds 4 people and nothing has been said about this. They are to get 160 billion in a couple of days and nothing has been said about Iran still holding these people. Obama is a Muslim terrorists and if our government doesnt shut this administration down our country is already lost. What was it the marine Tamoressi being locked up in Tiajuana jail for crossing the border with weapons, and Obama didnt even wrinkle his fore head on that one and did nothing. The last terrorists Obama let loose he did on his own a terrorist act in itself breaking his own fiat laws. He gave them all $33,000.00 in cash each and a jet ride to Yemen to go back to rape and kill innocent people again. Who does this pig Obama think he is? He should be behind bars right now for aiding & abeding the enemy. The republicans are guttless a$$ kissing democrat u boys and thats all. Republicans you are dead to the United States of America. Its time to cut off your wages and recouperate your ill gotten gains under the gize as a public servant.

      • Oman is where they were released, and of course Oman borders Yemen and Saudi Arabia, so they will return to Kill Americans and others that don’t believe in their insane ideology. I do think that the U.S. Navy Sailors as hostages were part of a trade for the 10 Gitmo detainees release. Iran was behind it and broke international law and should be nailed with more sanctions and should be punished for the kidnapping of our Military personnel and the U.S. should respond with a great show of force. Iran is humiliating the US and should have their underground missile complex destroyed via air power or cruise missiles. It wont happen under this weak boy as commander in lies. Arrest O and Kerry and lock them up and demand retaliation by the American people.

        • Maybe O is trying to sweeten up a place for him and Michael to reside when he leaves office so there’ll be no extradiction..

        • Heard it was Iran they went to but maybe I misheard it but I agree Iran is making a fool of us and our weak administration Last time was Carter and his weak ass policies.and the hostages.least he had the balls to freeze the billions Obama is giving the Iranians and guess we’re thar money is going??sense sanctions will be lifted it won’t be long until Iran hold the world hostage with Spanky, from NKorea

      • Why does no one stop this freak president?

      • you got that right sounds to me like another obama skeem to me

      • I don’t mind the prisoner swap this time. I was so happy for our hostages to be released and it shows that Americans are worth much more than iranians… There are always going to be terrorists, so the ones held at Gitmo are just carbon copies of millions of others and are worth nothing.

    • Amen to that

    • Both party voter are anger but in scale, majority voter are against Dem Nazi and President and have legion of real enemy. Are not true Sanders attract voter, a few but not enough, also Sanders have legion enemy. All Dems are alike no mere a name, are a fact and reality Dems was loose a lot of support, not forgive Dems was two consecutive election loose and who are against Dems move to conservative or not vote. Dems party need a deep reform or cease of exist, but 99.99% of all Dems must prosecute and jail. liberals can’t and not qualified for any public office, hate, racism, discrimination, illegals activities, promote violence, support illegals Mexican and muslin are a few for said But can’t compare Sanders with Trump, are complete different, media can stop lie and manipulate, like a channel Islamic, close because no one see that channel, mean American majority hate muslin and illegals. All States, County and City must clean of liberals all offices if won survive. I am 67 and try rent a small studio, but I am white, well denied because said I have a weapon, when I not own no one, is a way how discriminate in a face, but if Gov real punish and told a landlord one million fine for each discrimination, land lord be will stop, but property are locate in a nest liberal City.

      • We sit smack in the middle of the Last Days I don’t expect to see many more of them The people of this world have been blinded simple things like someone needs to cut off your head and yet nothing will be done Blood of ours means nothing to them We are too blinded to realize we have been surrounded The greatest fraud in the history of mankind has been perpetrated against one of the two nations of this world that if something happens to either of these nations it will be the End.

      • Look at what Reagan did in 81? He pulled alot of Dems his way. I just hope to god Billary doesn’t get the DeM nomination the FKING lying crook.she should be ineligible because of the FBI findings abd if the FBI says she should be charged then AG Lynch won’t do it. She’s an Obama Stooge just like the crook Holder


        the only thing left for Obama to do is raise the white flag and surrender to the chineses ,Russians and iran plus north korea then he will have completed his presidency

    • I believe you are right and I think all the natural disasters are indicators that God is angry that we have sullied the beautiful world he gave us; and I believe this is our climate change. If you think I am nuts say so. Or otherwise!

    • The USA acted honorably during WWII, although Roosevelt had to be dragged kicking and screaming into it, but that was the first time since it attacked a duly constituted government of Americans in the south in 1861 and the last time since 1941. The southern states should secede again, or force an Article V convention and clean up this awful unconstitutional tyranny under which we live.

    • You mean over 150 years…

  2. These politicians today pledge loyalty to their party only. The people of their state should be number one. Instead they all ,globe trot like the true globalist they are. They care nothing about country, hence our wide open borders.

  3. I feel like that when it is time to vote, I have been listing to a used car dealer. Short of it, the car brakes down with no help from the car dealer.

  4. Anyone who votes on party lines should not even have a vote. That’s what gives us the crap we see in Washington all the time.

    • The problem is that a “new” Party would not be a conservative Party but one of the “mushy middle” which would attract support from white suburban types. It would be started by “moderates” such as Pete Peterson, John McCain and Lindsay Graham. It would take more votes from Republicans than from Democ-rats who would maintain their inner city manure, welfare clients and Birkenstock lefties in university towns.

      • Who in the H would vote for the 3 people that you just mentioned??? I do not know Pete Peterson but the other 2 are more Democrat than Republican. McCain and Graham are the worst and thank God McCain has a good Conservative running against him and she is backed by the Cruz organization and I hope she beats him.

        • I appreciate and respect McCain for his military service. However, he should now retire.

        • Only liberals and dissatisfied Republicans would but the dissatisfied Republicans who would might be enough to swing the election to a Democ-rat. (Pete Peterson was a member of Nixon’s last cabinet and turned left.)

      • I think that most people with half a brain would not vote for the three above unless they were from their respective states. All three of them are rejects, and most people see them for who they are. I doubt if they could start another party because more and more, less people like them especially McCain.

    • GOPers are the problems for exporting good paying jobs. I did not know
      during Bush we were importing Russian engines for NASA projects. I also have
      learned during Iraq and Afghanistan war we bought 3000 copters from Russia;
      most of car and airplane jet engines were built in Japan. This was disgusting
      when these could have been built in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We have rich
      talents of people of all world races in this country: African-Americans;
      Russian-Americans; English-Americans; Latino-Americans; Asian-Americans and
      Native Americans etc. But instead Republicans shipped jobs abroad for cheap
      labor leaving local people job less. The same people cursed why people were on
      welfare. That is why I am urging my neighbors to vote for Hillary and
      Democrats. Repubs want to kill this Country by shipping jobs abroad..

      • Why did obama buy military aircraft from Russia when we had Boeing that said they could do it????

      • and what we need are AMERICANS, without hyphenated names.

      • Being a liar just isn’t enough for you, is it Commie?

        You also want to show your stupidity to voting for one of the biggest LIARS in politics.

      • Deborah Henderson

        The reason these items are being built in foreign countries is because their income tax rates are lower. A company can not stay here and pay the business taxes, payroll taxes, higher salaries (than they pay overseas) and still make a profit. Why start a business or be in a business if you can’t make money at it. The Dems are to blame for a large part of our businesses fleeing the US. The Dems want to give everything and always need more money (taxes on the middle class) to give more to those with their hands out all the time. This is how they keep their voter base of uninformed voters. The Dem voters keep doing the same thing over and over and their electd dem officials keep doing the same thing over and over with the same results over and over……….I think voting Democrat should be the definition of Stupidity and Insanity.

      • DUMB, everyone knows it was Bill Clinton that pushed NAFTA through and the unions that first supported Right to work. It was his executive action that wiped out the social security moneys to bail out Mexico, Mexico supposedly paid it back, I highly doubt it! At least if they did it was funneled elsewhere as were the jobs

      • You must have been born yesterday you remember 21% interest on a home loan or nafta. That is what your beloved demowits bring to the table they are the pets of the rich. That’s why biliary claimed they were flat broke when they left the White House stilling the furniture and flatware. The poor thing only has 100 million dollars. You have to be the dumbest individual on earth to even put something so stupid on a post I made.

    • Would help also if the crooks in Congress were hauled off to jail in handcuffs…..Term Limits & Drug Testing is also required to fix our broken Congress.

    • Actually I think it is mostly the “Freebie Party line”.

    • Any vote for a Democrat is a vote for Communism, and that includes any level of government from local City Council to prez.

      Look at what the Democrats have done to America, including Gay Marriage, Illegal Aliens, Muslim refugees & so much more!

  5. Here in Massachusetts, all you need is a “D” after your name on the ballot. Funny part of that is, up until the 2014 election, we had 10 US Representatives (9 now). Of the 10, 6 were REGISTERED DSA’s (Democratic Socialists of America). Why do they have a “D” after their name, when they should make “S’s” of themselves (pun intended).

    • Good pun, aschark.

      I’ve known for decades (since the 60s) about the Dems in MA.

      When they kept re-electing Ted Kennedy after Chappaquiddick, I realized those people had SERIOUS moral problems!

      They re-elected Barney Frank who was a big contributor to the Housing Market collapse & his involvement with Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac (including his conflict of interest with his Gay lovers there).

      They continue to re-elect Kerry, a real POS!

  6. The problem is that a “new” Party would not be a conservative Party but one of the “mushy middle” which would attract support from white suburban types. It would be started by “moderates” such as Pete Peterson, John McCain and Lindsay Graham. It would take more votes from Republicans than from Democ-rats who would maintain their inner city manure, welfare clients and Birkenstock lefties in university towns. Good Americans are stuck with the Republican Party and the Republican Party must maintain itself as the Party of good Americans.

    • What Republican Party??? The RNC killed the GOP long ago. The only hope is Tea Party with Trump holding the Wake for the GOP/RNC.

      • Bernie should dissolve the political correctness and call the Democrat party, the Socialist Communist party since he’s the only one that knows the difference between a communist and a Democrat!

      • OK, then conservatives will be disunited and never win an election. As somebody once said, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” You’ll NEVER agree with anybody 100% of the time–in the system of elected democracy you take what you can get.

        • The GOP was killed by the RNC years ago….so it is either DemonicRATS and RINO’s or TEA PARTY…..the GOP no longer exists!

  7. We need to revamp all of the government, the majority are corrupt, support the UN, are in favor of Global Governance and do not care about the American people.

  8. Conservatives who identify as Republicans are furious with the Republicans in DC for allowing Obama to run for office with so much fake IDs in 2008, then allowing him to stay in power while circumventing our laws,

    shoving his radical Gay & Gay Marriage agenda & his love for Muslims down our throats, illegally swapping a traitor for 5 Taliban leaders, decapitating our military, Amnesty for Illegals, all while criticizing Christians, promoting Black thugs, pitting blacks against whites & blacks against cops while obviously trying to star a race war/Civil War.

    Republicans in DC have FAILED. They get a big fat F- for the past 7 years.

    They are rotten to the core for not impeaching Obama!

  9. I have tried and can’t find a single Democrat worth my trust or one that actually represents the great potential that used to be America. On the Republican side there are precious few I have any faith in so where does one go to find honest hard working decent people in government?

  10. And guess what…the hardened establishment pols on both sides of the aisle still are unwilling to listen to We the People and are hardening their resolve to believing they can, by hook and by crook, retain the comforts they have become accustom which the PAC donor money trail provides them, all at the expense of the American people. Term limits for all greedy politicians should be the order of the day. Primary the rascals out!

  11. At this time we have only one party, aka: The RepubliCrats or the DemoRepubs. Both of them stink to the high heavens, Periods! Nearly every law voted on for the last 30 years has been for the betterment of the “Elected Elites”! Does anyone remember the part about “We,the People”?

  12. In my experience Independent party candidates garner a lot of pre-election attention, like a Ross Perot for instance; but when the election day comes around, these independent voters sway back to one of the two major parties. This results in doomsday for the weakest of the two majors in the public vote count as history shows. The one candidate that would profit in this case, I fear, would be Hitlery! God help us if this happens!!!!

  13. No matter how you read this pool by Gallup, it is associated with how poor both parties are toward the tax-paying citizens. Yes, we might see a larger voting base this time. Neither party can be trusted. I guess I should say, the established leaders of both parties can’t be trusted. Trusting the rhetoric of either party is like handling poison snakes. We need some leadership that will put GOD back in the program and stand up for the “Rule of Law”. We need to stop allowing the law professionals from defining old words or phases in our Constitution.

  14. Actually, if there was ever a WORST time to bring in a third party, it’s now! I’ve seen the devastating effects this has on a state; it would be much worse for a country! The time for bringing in the third party is at the very beginning of the election season, not mid-stream!!! At this point, people not committed to any one candidate MUST vote for the lesser of two evils in their opinion. No vote is just as bad as throwing in that third party candidate.

  15. The answer is DONALD TRUMP IN NOVEMBER!

  16. Wonder why NOW all the sudden the repub party wants to no if u hav party loyalty? Americans r fed up with both parties- WHY? Because THEY HAV NOT BEEN LOYAL TO THE PEOPLE THAT HAV SUPPORTED THEM! So u guys take ur party loyalty and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine! We r gonna vote in WHATS BEST FOR OUR KIDS & GRANDKIDS! NOT WHATS BEST FOR CORRUPT POLITICIANS & PARTIES!

  17. No shock here! Ask all those Whigs how they felt about Lincoln!!! I fear that vthird parties will be electing people with ONLY 34% of the vote! So that 2/3’s of the people will still be mad and “feel” represented!! The Demon Rat leaders DWS and HRC can NOT even give a difference between socialist and Demon Rat now!! At least the RIGHT KNOWS their party is moving WAY to far left for any real choice anymore!!

  18. you can thank Obama and Valerie Jarrett for all this, America will be better after we remove all these ones who Obama has placed into all the Gov. Agencies of the Exe. branch, and rid the US Supreme court of those who Obama placed in that court. those need to be impeached for their continued redefining the Constitution and over-stepping their Authority as the Junior Branch of the Republic.

  19. This is a total non story. The vast majority of voters are beyond pissed and the parties are finally starting to feel it. There is no “fixing” it. They broke it and we’re leaving them behind for it. Hitlery and Burnout Panders are running around like their heads are on fire, screaming and promising the same old, tired, free everything and paying for it all by taxing the fat cats. None of their promises are the least bit sustainable but their moron supporters still stand in line, with their hands outstretched. Hitlery wants to be the American Angela Merkel and bring in as much savage “refugee” trash as she can even though they cannot do background checks on any of them and now Germany is under siege by those animals. The administration doesn’t want us to know exactly how bad things are because they know We The People will revolt. Watch this short video to form your own opinion…

  20. Anyone one here about UPS transporting refugees, for the HalfBreed, to Harrisburg international airport in PA. It’s been confirmed! So much for the vetting process and the 10,000 refugee limit. Who knows how long this is been going on? It’s open season on the U.S.A. Look out Europe here we come!…

  21. “INDEPENDENTS ARE COWARDS”!!! They love to say that “They’re for for the Man; or the Woman and not their “PARTY”!!! How “DUMB” is that??? When any “INDEPENDENT” casts their vote, say for “MISS PIGGY”, it carries the DEMOCRAT PARTY AND ALL IT STANDS FOR WITH THAT VOTE!!! The same goes for when an “INDEPENDENT” casts their vote for, say ‘the Donald’, it carries the REPUBLICAN PARTY AND ALL IT STANDS FOR WITH IT!!! “INDEPENDENTS” ARE “TOO COWARD” TO CHOOSE EITHER “DEMOCRATIC” OR “REPUBLICAN” AND THEY ‘TRULY’ GIVE AWAY THEIR “POLITICAL LEANINGS” BY HOW THEY “VOTE”!!! So, in “REALITY”, they are “STILL” a “DEMOCRAT” or “REPUBLICAN” even if they change “BACK” and “FORTH” with their “COWARDLY VOTE” each and every time!!! In my view, it’s entirely “MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING”!!! INDEPENDENTS ARE NOT EVEN A “PARTY”!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! JONATHON GRUBER WAS RIGHT!!!



  24. I am seriously thinking of leaving the Republican Party myself. They just seem to cave to the Democrats on every opportunity . I believe it is time for a third party.

  25. I just hung up on the GOP calling to ask for a donation. I told them I now call myself an independent. I’m so unhappy with them.

  26. IMPEACH and ship his ass back to where ever he came which is not an american possesion!!

  27. The republican party no longer serves the interests of America’s conservative voters, due to it’s RINO leaders! They are so firmly entrenched that I believe it will be impossible to get them out, and since we oppose the democrat agenda,we have no voice. Our ONLY chance appears to be to form a “conservative” party.

  28. Both parties have one thing in common cultural suicide. they have allowed open boarders and unlimited and unregulated immigration since 1964. no nation can survive massive populations flooding into it’s nation. they will get political power and decide how America will be. The native American have something to fear more then the white man, we wronged them, the new immigrants entering America feel no such guilt. How will this play-out 75 to 100 years from now when a muslin government says to the Native Americans in Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Oklahoma we need your land, You do not need reservations anymore the white man is gone?

  29. I believe conceit prevents Mr. O. from facing reality. He has nearly destroyed our country. He is sad or glad when someone kills another with a gun. He is mad when a Law Enforcement Officer does his best to keep the Peace and Keep his life; and in doing the job he has to use his weapon and someone is killed. He never “scols” the person who got shot and was responsible for the incident…It is always Peace Officer’s errors. I have always thought people who object to Peace Officers so vehemently must have a fear of being found out. With Hillary she calls her paranoia the right wing conspiracy? They must all know each others’ secrets. Politics makes Strange Bedfellows,” is a phrase I did not understand many years ago! I know some people would not be able to hear a scolding!
    What do you think?

  30. Liberalism is a disease that invades the very soul of man. It turns
    truth into lies and lies into truth. The sad part is, those involved in
    liberalism love the lies they spread.

  31. When he closes GIMO, be sure to package his as in the dump load to where that will be!!

  32. Wow you people live in fantasy land

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  34. Her’s a list of the problems I have with Mr. Obama:
    1. Obama wrongfully released five top Taliban operatives from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for the
    return of deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl without notifying Congress. Six soldiers died looking for Sgt Bergdahl.

    2. Obamacare not only is unconstitutional but illegally bypasses Congress, infringes on states’ rights
    and marking an unprecedented and unauthorized expansion of IRS power.

    3. Sidestepping Congress, Obama already has granted largely unreported de facto amnesty to millions of
    illegal aliens using illicit interagency directives and executive orders.

    4. The Obama administration recklessly endangered the public by releasing from prison criminal illegal
    aliens at a rate far beyond what is publicly known.

    5. The president’s personal role in the Sept. 11, 2012, Benghazi attack, with new evidence regarding what
    was transpiring at the U.S. mission prior to the assault – arguably impeachable activities in and of themselves.

    6. Illicit edicts on gun control in addition to the deadly “Fast and Furious” gun-running
    operation intended, the book shows, to collect fraudulent gun data.

    7. From “fusion centers” to data mining to drones to alarming Department of Homeland
    Security power grabs, how U.S. citizens are fast arriving at the stage of living under a virtual surveillance regime.

    8. New evidence of rank corruption, cronyism and impeachable offenses related to Obama’s first-term
    “green” funding adventures.

    9. The illegality of leading a U.S.-NATO military campaign without congressional approval.

    10. Obama has weakened America both domestically and abroad by emboldening enemies, tacitly supporting
    a Muslim Brotherhood revolution, spurning allies and minimizing the threat of Islamic of the problems I have with Mr. Obama:

  35. Yep! THINKING Americans are fed up with their lying bull sh*t

  36. Political parties make no sense anymore. Both the major ones are corrupt to the core. Their candidates are even more corrupt.

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