AZ Sheriff: Illegal Border Crossings Have Skyrocketed Due to Biden

In remarks to investigative reporter John Solomon, Sheriff Mark Dannels of Cochise County, Arizona says that border crossings have gone up dramatically since Joe Biden secured the Democratic nomination last year. The moment Biden began making promises to introduce immigration policies more favorable to asylum-seekers and illegal aliens, Dannels said, would-be migrants stood up and took notice.

“It just makes it really, really tough, because now the message is, ‘Come across our border, legally or illegally,'” Dannels said. “And then the consequences are minimum, if any. It’s tough for us, because what happens in my border county, and the 31 border counties on the Southwest border, will soon be in your backyard.”

More from Solomon’s Just the News:

Dannels said he respected the right of President Biden to change border policies but said the “hasty” changes made as soon the Democrat took office did not give local officials, who bear the brunt of responsibility for released illegal aliens, enough time to adjust or seek more resources.

“It just seems so irrational, so not organized, not collective, not collaborative,” the sheriff said during an interview with the John Solomon Reports podcast. “It’s just a point of disaster that I just don’t see any good come out of this for anybody involved.”

Dannels said some of those most endangered by the new policies are migrants themselves, who when released by authorities often don’t have a penny to their name or anyone to turn to. If charities can’t reach them, they are vulnerable to dying while migrating by foot in harsh conditions or to being lured by criminal elements, such as drug cartels and human traffickers, he said.

Dannels isn’t the only one near the border calling on Biden to change course. In a pleading video message last week, Mayor Bruno Lozano of Del Rio, Texas urged the president to stop releasing migrants from detention centers into his community.

“I am pleading and requesting with you to please put a halt to any measures regarding the release of immigrants awaiting court dates, into the city of Del Rio and surrounding areas,” Lozano said.

With the current weather crisis putting ordinary Texans in a bad way, Lozano said that his city could not handle the influx of dependent migrants.

“If you do send these individuals into our community, we will be forced to make a decision to leave them without resources under these dire circumstances,” the mayor said. “Please make another plan for this federal issue.”

Yeah, all of these feel-good immigration policies may sound terrific on a stage somewhere in Los Angeles or Washington, but they have major deleterious outcomes when they are actually implemented at the border. Unfortunately, if actual American citizens have to suffer and sacrifice for the sake of opening the door to illegal aliens, that’s just fine with Biden and the Democratic Party.

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