Ax-Wielding Man Shot After Charging Police

A man armed with an ax died from gunshot wounds early Saturday morning after allegedly charging police in Rochester, MN.

KAAL-TV reported that police began searching for the man Friday night following a 10:59 p.m. robbery call.

The call centered on a business claiming it had been robbed by a white man with an ax. The man allegedly fled the scene in a van.

Police located the van at 12:44 a.m. Saturday. The suspect allegedly exited the vehicle, ax in hand, and charged an officer, who shot the suspect.

Rochester police posted about the incident on Facebook: “Efforts to save the suspect were unsuccessful. He later died from his injuries. The officer involved in the shooting has been with Rochester Police Department just over a year and was an officer at another agency previously.”

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is investigating the officer-involved shooting.

No information about the age or identity of the deceased has been released.

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  1. No problem because he was white. What does that say about the world we are living in today? Bottom line is simple. Fight with or threaten police and you are very likely to be shot and quite possibly killed. When confronted by law enforcement the best course of action is to surrender yourself and let the justice system work. The majority of cases that end up in the court system will have favorable outcomes for the defendant. If you are not guilty and there is no evidence of your guilt you will be exonerated. The police have a job to do and so do judges. The police do not determine guilt. Their responsibility is to protect society in general and they can and will make mistakes but your biggest possible mistake is to fight the arresting officers because guilty or not they have the responsibility of making the arrest when they suspect you of a crime. They also have the right to return home safely after their shift is over. The choice is yours and as long as BLM George Soros funded prosecutors politicians and media force feed their dangerous agenda this only gets worse. The constant rhetoric of anti police sentiment emboldens people to fight the arrest and that is only getting people killed. Don’t buy into the political narrative and falsely assume you can just do whatever you want because this is exactly what can and should happen.

    • ALFRED L. LANDRY That is the problem . BLM , GEORGE SOROS , AND BAD JUDGES . They slap them on the wrist and tell them not to do it again . The police do their job , and when the officers say DO NOT RUN , STOP , drop the weapon , or get out the car now with you hands up , they mean exactly that .

    • There’s many “””””who agree with your point of view!

  2. An excellent description of whan can and does happen when people don’t obey the law, nor do they get a bonus per suspect. And innocent folks keep a clean record. They have the duty of protecting us and themselves. They can’t do the former without the latter.

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