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Death of Epstein Associate Reopened In Investigation

The investigation into the bizarre death of a former Clinton advisor with links to Jeffery Epstein has been reopened. 59-year-old Middleton, a longtime special adviser for Clinton while he was president, was found dead under mysterious circumstances in early May at the Heifer Ranch outside Perryville, Arkansas. His death was originally ruled a suicide. But questions swirled about the mysterious ...

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False Claims of Ghislaine Maxwell Being Sentenced to 10 Years Cropping Up on Social Media

It has been spreading on Facebook that Jeffery Epstein’s confidant and procurer of young girls, Ghislaine Maxwell, has been sentenced to ten years in prison after her recent conviction on drug trafficking charges. However, the claims are false. USA TODAY and other respectable news outlets have confirmed that Maxwell is not scheduled to be sentenced until late June. A May ...

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