Aussie CEO Investing Billions in U.S. Due to “Confidence” in Trump

The latest unemployment numbers, combined with record figures from Wall Street, show anyone who cares to notice just how powerfully the American economy is bouncing back under President Trump’s watch. Consumers and investors alike are excited about the prospects, and there is every sign that we could be in for a boom period this country hasn’t seen since the days of Ronald Reagan.

As you might expect, some of the world’s heavy hitters are taking notice. One of them, Australian manufacturing CEO Anthony Pratt, told Fox Business last Friday that he was set to pump $2 billion into the United States.

“We have enormous confidence in President Trump,” Pratt said. “He’s doing a wonderful job, and we think he will continue to do a great job. He’s reducing unemployment. As we saw today, the job figures show unemployment is the lowest it’s been for a decade, and he’s supporting manufacturing. And that’s why we are doubling down on our investment in the United States, creating 7,000 high-paying manufacturing jobs, mainly in the Midwest.”

Asked where the new jobs would be found, Pratt said, “Well, it’s everything from Wisconsin, for example. Last month in March, Gov. Scott Walker opened our new Wisconsin factory. Then Gov. Pence opened our paper mill in Indiana. We got plants in Ohio. We’ve got plants in Pennsylvania. We’ve got plants in a lot of the Midwest.”

See, this is why it doesn’t really matter what the mainstream media says about the Trump administration. His voters are not going to abandon him until he abandons them. As long as he delivers on his promise to revitalize American manufacturing, he is going to keep the so-called “Rust Belt” out of the Democrats’ reach for the foreseeable future. As long as he keeps hammering illegal immigration, he’s going to retain the security-minded voters who knew he was a new breed of Republican. The people wanted a different kind of presidency – a presidency that actually delivered the “hope and change” the other guy preached – and they’re getting it.

Trump never claimed to be perfect, and we’re sure there will be times when he lets down everyone who voted for him at some point or another. That’s life.

But he has already changed the Washington culture in ways that may not be completely clear until years after his presidency has concluded, and for that, he deserves his spot in the history books.


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