Aussie CEO Investing Billions in U.S. Due to “Confidence” in Trump

The latest unemployment numbers, combined with record figures from Wall Street, show anyone who cares to notice just how powerfully the American economy is bouncing back under President Trump’s watch. Consumers and investors alike are excited about the prospects, and there is every sign that we could be in for a boom period this country hasn’t seen since the days of Ronald Reagan.

As you might expect, some of the world’s heavy hitters are taking notice. One of them, Australian manufacturing CEO Anthony Pratt, told Fox Business last Friday that he was set to pump $2 billion into the United States.

“We have enormous confidence in President Trump,” Pratt said. “He’s doing a wonderful job, and we think he will continue to do a great job. He’s reducing unemployment. As we saw today, the job figures show unemployment is the lowest it’s been for a decade, and he’s supporting manufacturing. And that’s why we are doubling down on our investment in the United States, creating 7,000 high-paying manufacturing jobs, mainly in the Midwest.”

Asked where the new jobs would be found, Pratt said, “Well, it’s everything from Wisconsin, for example. Last month in March, Gov. Scott Walker opened our new Wisconsin factory. Then Gov. Pence opened our paper mill in Indiana. We got plants in Ohio. We’ve got plants in Pennsylvania. We’ve got plants in a lot of the Midwest.”

See, this is why it doesn’t really matter what the mainstream media says about the Trump administration. His voters are not going to abandon him until he abandons them. As long as he delivers on his promise to revitalize American manufacturing, he is going to keep the so-called “Rust Belt” out of the Democrats’ reach for the foreseeable future. As long as he keeps hammering illegal immigration, he’s going to retain the security-minded voters who knew he was a new breed of Republican. The people wanted a different kind of presidency – a presidency that actually delivered the “hope and change” the other guy preached – and they’re getting it.

Trump never claimed to be perfect, and we’re sure there will be times when he lets down everyone who voted for him at some point or another. That’s life.

But he has already changed the Washington culture in ways that may not be completely clear until years after his presidency has concluded, and for that, he deserves his spot in the history books.


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  1. No matter where you work there are always people who think the boss is an idiot. Ironically the boss is usually there a long time before the “geniuses” got there and will be there a long time after they are gone. Look at the left wing loons as the “disgruntled employees of the month”. They are underachievers and like their queen they blame all of their failures on others.

    • Well said Mike.

      • Priscillatjones

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      • Florencejherman

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    • Wow you sure did say a lot. Thanks for that post.

    • Wow, I like it! Good job, Mike.

    • How true! Mike!

    • SouthernPatriot

      I had a few of these working for me on temporary work, but when it came time to decide to put them on permanently or fire them, I fired them and told them they might be better fitted to working for the government under a Democrat.

  2. President Trump is doing a great job and if the whining, obstructionist Demoncraps and the RINOs would only support him, even more would be accomplished.

    • Edward, exactly, if only the demoncrats realise what Trump will do to help them and their future generations, they are seeing the future with cataract eyes!

  3. Pratt says, “Gov. Pence opened our paper mill in Indiana. We got plants in Ohio. We’ve got plants in Pennsylvania. We’ve got plants in a lot of the Midwest.”

    ALL of those plants were planned and either operating or under construction well before Trump was elected President (for now). So welcome, Mr. Pratt; continue to invest in the U.S. economy, but your continuing investment is nothing new for you and it seems a bit disingenuous to credit your recent investment decisions to the presence of the Bloviator-in-Chief currently contaminating the Oval Office. Plans for those 7,000 jobs (assuming they really will materialize) did not suddenly materialize in the interim since Trump’s inauguration. Big companies like yours don’t do that kind of short-term planning. Employment expansions like this are planned well in advance. So spare us your political propaganda and concentrate on making paper and whatever else your companies do.

    From a 2015 article on Pratt’s activities in the U.S.

    “In the past 15 months alone the company, based in Conyers,Ga., has invested nearly $450 million in America, most notably constructing a $260 million paper mill (the company’s fourth) next to the Ali-autographed box factory in Valparaiso. The firm does $260 million in Ebitda (on $2 billion in sales), and Pratt thinks it will surpass $300 million once the new mill–driving his first big push into nearby Chicago, one of the largest box markets in the U.S.–comes online in September. In total the company operates more than 130 sites, including paper mills, box factories and distribution centers, across 26 states and Mexico, churning out more than 3,000 tons of paper every day. That’s enough to create 12 million boxes, all without cutting down a single tree. ”

    Now, someone tell me, was all that 2014-2015 investment and expansion catalyzed by Pratt’s confidence in the then-incumbent president, Barack H. Obama? And to which president(s) did Pratt look to for inspiration as his company proceeded over the years to establish those “more than 130 sites”?

    On the positive side, Pratt is to be commended for his company’s dedication to recycling.

    • He is adding an additional $2 billion on top of what he already invested because of Trumps upcoming tax plan

    • You, sir, must be a Progressive Democrat. It’s the biggest insult that can be hurled at anyone these days.

      • headonstraight

        You, sir, must be a regressive wingnut, since you have nothing of substance to offer. Insulting me proves nothing. How about addressing the points I made above?

        • Actually, I can address some of your points. I hesitate to waste my time articulating because you and those of similar ilk will dismiss my thoughts out of hand.

          Stable, reliable, long term commitments to investment projects are depend on the organization’s culture. Few publicly traded corporations make serious long term commitments. Most operate based on the short term, quarterly stock market performance “game”.

          I have personally observed Fortune 100 Companies (that I have worked for) publicly commit to major programs only to abandon them in one or two years when sales trend down and the CEO is replaced with another person with a “different vision”.

          So, you are partially correct. Some plans are made in advance and actually break ground.

          It’s important to note that when C-level exec’s perceive an economic improvement they are more likely to maintain (or expand) on these risks that they were only initially tentatively inclined to take.

          Personally, I probably wouldn’t like Trump. He could use a strong dose of humility. But he’s the President and deserves a chance.

          However. there is more business substance to what Trump has proposed (and is pursuing) than anything the previous four administrations have achieved.

          Had Obama’s inclinations been followed, the US would be closing in on an economic environment similar to that observed in Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea.

          Just sayin’

        • You, headonbackwards, are a fool!

  4. The Lunatic Left pledged to make President Trump’s life miserable no matter what he did…and they are doing just that. Let the cards be dealt. All the L.L. is accomplishing is showing the World what a bunch of whiney babies they are, incapable of individual thought or praise. They are only hurting their own reputations.

    Americans who voted P.T. into office know he is the Real Deal and he WILL turn around the direction the U.S. was going under the unstable and totally inept leadership of Obama The Great Manipulator. Erase that inexcusable obama era and welcome a time of morality, security, and growth!


    • For a minute there, I thought the “P.T.” was a reference to PT Barnum, the late carnival barker. Then I realized you were talking about our President, the Trumpster…good call.

  5. President Trump and the Sane, Patriotic Americans are marching on,

  6. This is great news – yesterday it was Pratt Industries (they put a full page ad in the WSJ stating because
    of Trump they are bringing thousands of high pay manufacturing jobs to the Midwest. This is exactly why
    Trump won handily – Americans want and need decent paying jobs, and the President is keeping his promise! So since the far left controls our MSM we need to stop paying attention to them as they do not care about us Americans only about their party and getting back in power. So this is why they will not report any of this great news on what our President has accomplished in such a short time in office.

  7. I agree, if the Demorats weren’t so stupid, they’d see it too. What Trump is doing Is for everyone’s benefit.

    • All Obozo did to the economy was regulate and shrink it, which met his overall goal of creating chaos in America. Large unemployment rates tend to aggravate other persistent underlying issues like racism, crime, etc., which Obozo loved to tweak. His view of America was poor and he wanted to demonstrate to the world how small and insignificant America really is. That was the ideological view Obozo marinated in every day which was why this nation remained in a rut for 8 years.

  8. Craig Vandertie

    Anthony, merci beaucoup, danke schoen, and tusen takk for investing in U.S. jobs, but how is the employment scene in Australia?, I know of the 1 GM plant which assembles the Chevrolet SS cars for the consumer market as well as the Police cruiser units, but that is the only exchange I know of in regards to U.S. investments in the Australian labor market for Australian investments in the U.S. labor market.

  9. President Trump keeping his word and bringing jobs back to America, YESSS! The man has destroyed Obama’s hideous legacy in nearly 4 months. Still a lot more work to be done but that what the next 7 plus years are for.

  10. Far as I am concerned President Trump is working to do every thing he said he would do, and that has to be a huge job in that septic tank

  11. I believe in KARMA and I suspect in a matter of time don’t know when or how that the leftist will get theirs by the horrible treatment and disrespect, and contempt that they have thrown at our president. It coming, and I pray for Trump safety and for is family no one deserve to be treated like that NO ONE !!!! And Karma is just waiting on the sidelines if that makes any sense.

  12. Ovomit FKD America Trump is saving us and fixing America and getting people jobs
    Obama was Lucifer’s gift to the world.
    We need to vote more Republican support for Trump and get rid of the left & Rino’s

  13. President Donald J. Trump is astounding! I’ve never seen anything like this man since the day he began his run for the presidency. Thank God for him, because We The People have been given a second chance.

  14. Feels nice to open up a morning article that’s so Trump positive and so upbeat and honest! I’ve always loved Australians and New Zealanders!

  15. I think Trump could be the greatest President if he just had a little cooperation from the Democrats and some Republican Rhinos. Unfortunately they don’t want him to be successful getting this country back on track because it would make them look bad, and they want the status quo because its more money in their pockets, everyone knows this, admit it. Like why haven’t they been able to improve our country during their terms in offices? Obama had 8 years to do so and he just brought us down. McCain and Graham should be taken out of office too. Its pretty sad they care more about money than the citizens and their country. I call that TREASON!!!!

  16. This is what I love to see. Foreign investors investing in Americans. Let the sell out anti-American companies who can not wait to move their operations down to Mexico or China or India move on so we can make room for real pro-American business owners. Also, the Commerce Secretary confirmed today that they have already renegotiated a better trade deal with China. Things are moving in the right direction. As a Trump supporter, I am satisfied.

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