Attacks on Trump Aren’t Working. Now Democrats are Really Worried.

From the second Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, Democrats (and their cohorts in the mainstream media) had a singular, focused, foolproof plan: They would attack Trump from every angle available, nonstop, and ultimately prevail in their quest to bring this president to his knees.

They would attack him as a racist. As a sexist. As a loose cannon who can’t keep his mouth shut on Twitter. As an ineffective CEO whose White House is out of control. As a Russian conspirator. As an idiot. As a Machiavellian genius who cares about nothing but his own power and enrichment. As a dictator-in-the-making who poses an unprecedented threat to democracy.

But it’s been eight months, and none of their attacks have hurt President Donald J. Trump in the slightest.

This is a remarkable failure on the part of the Democratic Party, because no one can argue that Trump’s first eight months in office have been filled with nearly as much “winning” as he promised on the campaign trail. There’s been no funding for the wall, Obamacare repeal and replace went down in flames, and we haven’t even gotten to tax reform or infrastructure. Under ordinary circumstances, he would be an easy target to hit for anyone inclined to do so.

But Trump has remained “Teflon,” according to an amusing new Politico story. No matter what the Democrats throw at him, it just slides right off. He remains fiercely popular with his core supporters, and the majority of registered Republicans are standing by their man. And with the 2018 and 2020 elections on their way, Democrats are starting to wonder: Is there anything they can do or say to bring this man down?

From Politico:

Data from a range of focus groups and internal polls in swing states paint a difficult picture for the Democratic Party heading into the 2018 midterms and 2020 presidential election. It suggests that Democrats are naive if they believe Trump’s historically low approval numbers mean a landslide is coming. The party is defending 10 Senate seats in states that Trump won and needs to flip 24 House seats to take control of that chamber.

The research, conducted by private firms and for Democratic campaign arms, is rarely made public but was described to POLITICO in interviews with a dozen top operatives who’ve been analyzing the results coming in.

“If that’s the attitude that’s driving the Democratic Party, we’re going to drive right into the ocean,” said Anson Kaye, a strategist at media firm GMMB who worked on the Obama and Clinton campaigns and is in conversations with potential clients for next year.

What may be even worse news for Democrats is that their BIG IDEAS are failing to inspire much enthusiasm among voters. According to the latest polls, liberal touchstones like a higher minimum wage, free college, and universal healthcare test poorly even inside the Democratic base, with most left-leaning Americans inclined to view them as pipe dreams that Washington will never deliver on.

All of this is indicative of a failing party that failed to learn the right lessons in the 2016 election. Trump isn’t doing a perfect job as president, but even many Americans skeptical of his performance would like to see Democrats give him a chance to govern. So far, they’ve been mostly unwilling to do so. Now we’ll see if they back off…or if they double down and cost themselves the next election.

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  1. “As a Machiavellian genius who cares about nothing but his own power and enrichment. As a dictator-in-the-making who poses an unprecedented threat to democracy.” This is stated as a description of Trump, but that’s only a presumption. It happens to be a very accurate and true description of Obama.
    Obama Machiavellian? YES
    Obama Genius YES
    Obama Obama preoccupied with his own power? YES!!
    Obama wants personal enrichment? YES!!!
    Obama dictatorial? YES!!!! (executive orders creating laws which congress saw fit to not to pass and refusing to enforce laws that congress saw fit to pass)
    Obama a threat to democracy? YES!!!! (Had Hillary won the election she’d have continued the Obama policies and the American people could kiss democracy and the First Amendment goodbye.

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        • His Presidency was preplanned, i did not know who or what he was at first, then I heard him say “spread the wealth” then I knew exactly what he was. He was poison to the Freedom we enjoy.

          • I was a Marxist Socialist in the 60’s and heard Obama’s message loud and clear……..fortunately I grew up and put aside childish notions LONG ago.

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            Have a super great day Mary!!

          • Thank you!!!!

          • Your welcome!!

          • Yes, “spread the wealth” to Obama.

        • Amen and amen!! He was more of an agitator than President, however.

        • That is the highest of TREASON and his life should have been ended YESTERDAY!!! The trials of the NAZI’safter WW2 were tantamount to the grievous crimes against humanity as Obama’s cabinet and his administration are guilty of. Almost all of them were hung the next day! Americans have lost their faith, pride, and sense of righteousness! Of course, we were solemnly warned in the Bible by Jesus Christ, Himself, that these last days were going to be horrific! We are in for the ride of our lives!

          • And the saddest part is, any staunch conservative among the Baby-boomer generation, will never see Obama, Hillary, Lynch, Holder, Abedine, Jarrette, Comey or any other of these destroyers … enter a jail cell. Let alone be indicted or brought up on any charge for Treason, sedition or other felonies committed against the United States of America.

          • NO ONE GETS AWAY WITH ANYTHING EVIL….NO ONE! The day is soon coming when all of us will see the end of treason and crimes of every kind. Bank on it!

          • It may take torches and pitchforks to bring them to justice. There has to be some way to force the Department of Justice to Act.

          • curmudgeon VN Veteran

            All part of the Washington establishment.

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      • Ditto, he read my mind also.

    • Obama is not POTUS. Get over it.

    • Genius I can’t see but arrogant to the max!

      • Obama believes himself as a genius and that is all that counts…. That is, with him. Have you seen this video…

          • Weird seeing the devil in popes vestments and the anti-Christ together. Those two must be scheming their next assault on the good people of the world.

          • Rodzzz- You should be put in a straight jacket & tossed in a padded cell. YOU are too dangerous to walk the streets& are a threat to society. I think it’s time to get back on your meds before you hurt someone. LUNATIC!!

          • I hope I’m not too late in trying to reverse the damage the anti-Christ and his minions have inflicted upon your simple self and empty mind. I cannot, in good conscience ask you to accept full responsibility for your current situation, after all you were just another empty vessel that wandered too close to them in wanton surrender begging to be filled with their sugar-coated evilness. There is hope for you Faye. You must fight to get your mind back. You must think for yourself…. and when you do….. You’ll be cured. (no medication)

          • Rodzzz- I do think for myself. It’s called using reason & logic. I don’t need an invisible sky daddy watching over everything I do or say. Time for you to take the blinders off & see what is going on in the real world. I choose not to be a slave to some invisible being that wants to rule my life. I am responsible for my actions Good or bad. I have made mistakes , but I will not bow down to some invisible being that you can’t prove exist. I am a good person, but I will not be preached to by you or any other Christian telling me that if I don’t repent, that I will burn in hell forever. HOW DARE YOU !!! RELIGION POISONS EVERYTHING!!!

          • I wholeheartedly agree with your self assessment. You are indeed a very good and nice person. (as attested in your reply) And yes, I’m very glad to hear you are your own person who thinks for herself. I am very happy for you Faye. However, I am not referring to an invisible entity when I speak of evil but rather some of whom you are very familiar with. The very people who make up the left or should I say the democratic party. So if you will indulge me a little forgiveness for being so abrupt in my assassination of your character in my earlier post, I stand enlightened and gratified of the intelligence evident within your writing. I must however insist that my correspondence with you has absolutely no religious reference other than political…… I am very impressed.(keep in touch)

          • A great picture of O with horns, and next move Francis over to that spot and will see the same thing. We REAL Catholics do not accept this invader in our Church any more than we accept the Obamas as real American citizens.

          • The picture says it all…….

          • Hey, Sherry- It’s only a picture. What the hell is wrong with you? Are you related to Rodzzz, by any chance?

        • Nerds thinking their genius are always interesting . Like Adolf Hitler ….

          • Although I found it highly interesting as to how the liberals allowed the rise of Hitler to power the man himself was a very evil man, with a heart filled with hatred and racism against every one that wasn’t anglo sexton claiming to be a Catholic… He actually thought he was a Christian as do most Catholics…
            I believe the liberal today with the same heart filled hatred and racism are on the same path to insanity…. The next few months or years will be highly destructive for not only USA but all the world as we are coming to the end of God’s Grace…

          • watchman48- What a bunch BULLSHIT!!

          • The Bible tells us that the fool says there is no God… They deny the truth of His WORD and God has never ever allowed the destruction of a nation nor of it’s people before first sending His warnings hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him… But just as the vast majority of the Israelites failed to listen to the warnings given by His great prophets; so too, does the vast majority of USA citizens fail to listen to His warnings which He has been giving us since the mid 1980s: Google, “Dumitru Duduman, The Message For America,” and David Wilkerson and one other pastor that I know of who have also seen the vision of the destruction of USA… Google: “watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101 and if you don’t believe in God speaking to man than just Google: “watchman48 The Greater Message.”

          • watchman48- I wouldn’t waste my time on this GARBAGE!!! I have better things to do with my life, than believe in a fake sky daddy. You have no proof, whatsoever to back up your false narrative. Your god has never shown himself or herself to anyone & the bible proves nothing. It’s just a book, no different than Harry Potter Or Lord Of The Rings. SO SAD!!

          • So, Faye can you give us some indication as to how you came to this great knowledge of there being no such thing as God..? Have you even searched for the truth….? For you to say that someone or something doesn’t exist than you would have had to study everything possible to eliminate the possibility of that existence… So, how much of the Bible have you read… or how many hours have you spent researching ancient authors such as Flavius Josephus, Gaius Caecilius or Eusebius of Caesarea….?
            Knowledge is gain from the reading and research of that which one chooses to study and wisdom is that which one displays from that knowledge but it is utterly preposterous to think that one can gain wisdom when there is no regard for the truth.
            It is as ridiculous as one calling the evolution theories factual truth when there has never been even one proven fact to back these theories and that is why they call them theories… Whereas, there has been hundreds and hundreds of verses found within the Holy Scriptures pertaining to the Earth, our Universe, Medicine, Science, Time, Matter, Chemistry , Physics, Astronomy, Archaeology and proven as to having been true and written approx. 2000 years ago to as much as 3500 years ago or more.
            There were approx. 40 different authors who wrote in three distinctive languages over a period of 2500 years or more, and yet there is no contradictions that have been found other then spellings and punctuations.
            There were 330 prophecies alone written anywhere from approx. 500 to 1500 years before Jesus’ birth that speaks of the coming Messiah’ birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection without any doubt whatsoever this was divinely orchestrated by God.

            Sadly billions of liberals will believe a lie in a heartbeat rather than to face the truth of God’s WORD and their sins…. Why else would the Bible say, “The fool says there is no God?”

          • Ooops, I forgot to give you the proof of scientific facts written within the Bible long before the modern day scientist had discovered them to be true…

            ( ).

        • Thank you!

      • Thank you! Great orator, but take away the teleprompter and you have a stumbling, bumbling, speaker of no significant intellect. It always makes me a little ill when anyone calls Obama a genius.

        • Good for a joke. That’s usually followed with yeah right, that embarrassing wimp community towel organizer at the bath house. Ha ha ha. All towel boys at bath houses are geniuses.

        • He can’t even speak a coherent SENTENCE, unless somebody ELSE writes it for him, and puts it on a teleprompter for him to read.

        • I totally agree. His genius is, in my view, his use of other people’s ideas and thoughts…..without prompting, I believe he KNOWS practically NOTHING.

        • People have or want to forget he has a choom fried brain from drugs and booze since high school. A great but overpaid puppet by globalists, but we are winning and will MAGA again while he is facing a rope necklace.

      • You hit it right on the head. Verrry arrogant.

    • GREAT POST. Every word is TRUE. (You forgot FRAUD though)

        • Great posts! …Problem is…The COMMUNIST LIBERALS don’t believe it. (because they LOVE all the FREEBIES they get when the DEMOCOMMIES are in charge) The “low information DRONES” just don’t have the INTELLIGENCE to see they are being BRAINWASHED, CONTROLLED,BRIBED, and kept FIRMLY on the LIBERAL/COMMUNIST “plantation” to be used for their VOTES.

          • That Obama phone is great to make drug deals, I’ve overheard on the street. That was just three billion dollar Obama give away. Let’s hang him.

          • There is no law or statement in the Constitution that says we MUST have any welfare programs at all.

          • And we should NOT have government welfare programs. To pay the welfare rolls, gov. must first steal it from those who work and support themselves. I’m in full favor of charity – NOT fond of theft and turning people into serfs of the government.

          • Since the government took over, the welfare rolls have swollen into unmanageable numbers by people who are happy to sit on their bums all day and not even consider looking for work. It all started with LBJ. Thank you, Demoncraps!

          • God’s People should be helping the folk that do want a hand up, not just a hand out!

          • Exactly! 👍

          • I agree. All that I would add is that the people are entitled to government paid legal representation when fighting against the tyranny of government. Any patriot filing a lawsuit against the government, such as the BLM, FBI, EPA, IRS, DOJ, State Department, CIA, etc., is doing so on behalf of all of us. Appeals to unconstitutional judicial rulings on issues that involve our rights, liberties and freedoms should also be government paid. No welfare, no crowed funding that can be rejected by them on a political whim – just a check from the House budget to our attorneys. And you have to be a legal American citizen to qualify!

          • I like the concept of government funded cases against the government BUT the down side is that the political left would have us broke within a week with their demands and their cases – such as abortion for free on demand, such as no trials for leftists who murder others, such as a law that no right winger can sue a left winger, etc………these kinds of ploys to destroy America. You and I are sane as are most good people. The left is insane because of their overbearing love of self and hatred of others. And if your idea for a law such as you suggest would help US, it would be manna from heaven for the left.

          • I’m in favor of repealing every law passed in the past 150 years. That would get rid of the Federal Reserve, Federal Income Tax, Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare…and the list goes on. Return education to the local level and eliminate Common Core.

            Any good legislation that was passed during that time period could always be added back later.

            The only things the federal government should be responsible for is maintaining the army, maintaining ports and forts, treaties and declarations of war. Let’s put the Genie back in the bottle.

          • Amen and amen again!!!! I LOVE your thinking, and as to your last paragraph, that is EXACTLY HOW THE FOUNDERS PLANNED OUR GOVERNMENT!!! Future failures added all the additional crap……just could not tolerate our living in a “FREE” country, and every subsequent Congress wanted to jump on the bandwagon of growing the government and the end result is exactly what we are living in today – a major MESS!!!


          • Which is why welfare as stated by Trump should be only for the truly disabled and for a period of time for precondition patients. Anyone able to work will have to work if they want to eat and pay rent or have a car. Leeches are not needed when there are jobs out there and they can get free upgraded electronic education now as well, thanks to Trump. In other words, you are no longer our “pets” to care for. This goes for druggers who think we should pay for their decision to kill themselves with opiods, a decision they made and in general druggers cannot be cured long term except in very, very rare cases. The Constitution was given to us to be responsible for ourselves!

          • It USED to be the job of the Christians and the churches to take care of the needy and the poor! People got lazy, uncaring, and self serving. NOW, they groan if someone needs help; unless it’s somebody they can use or manipulate for more power and more funding for themselves! I believe Glenn Beck does it right! We need more Patriotic and caring Americans like him in this country!

          • You are so wrong it is pathetic. It would STILL “BE THE JOB OF CHRISTIANS” – BUT YOUR GOVERNMENT STOLE THAT CHARITY FROM THEM. What you do NOT know in your ignorance, Christians STILL help the needy. If you joined them, you would know that.

          • I guess my post wasn’t clear enough, eh? Step on your toes a little, did I?? OF COURSE Christians are still active in helping and caring the needy ; MY point was that our liberal government decided to take on the mantel of the Christian outreaches and dub it a the government CARES more than anyone else! I belong to a very giving and helpful church. All expenses are paid by those givers to help. My neighbors, Mennonites< Went to Haiti when the earthquake destroyed so many and so much! 2 of them are nurses and they stayed there for 3 months to serve the people. I belong to the Franklin Graham "Shepherds Purse" outreach as well as CBN's Operation Blessings outreach! I do what I can at my age (73), but PRAYER for all of the victims as well as the Christians serving is very important , too! God works through each of us as we can do what He supplies us! It's just that so many have left so much up to the Government; kinda like welfare. Americans are natural givers because this was a Christian country and those raised thus still carry God's banner of LOVE and giving. Sorry for the misunderstanding…….

          • Your second and third sentences are what I read to be a tremendous insult to Christians. If you read your first three sentences again, you may see what I saw: that Christians no longer care.
            You may be a Christian, but you have a sour snide way of responding: ” Step on your toes a little, did I??” YES, you did step on my toes, and all Christians toes by not differentiating between Christians and all others.

          • Glenn Beck?…….. Really?

        • And his man wife


          • “Obo” seems more appropriate to me!

          • I never really considered him my president. I simply waited until the electorate was smart enough to elect a Real President who had the welfare of the country at heart. Took a long time, but we finally have one in President Trump.

          • When referring to the homo in blogs it was “ALWAYS” pResident which was my way of saying “phony Resident” of the W.H.!!

    • I agree with everything except that Obama is a “genius.” He is not NEARLY as smart as advertised, and CERTAINLY not HALF as smart as he THINKS he is. He is a PUPPET of the Communist/globalist cartel, funded and CREATED by the Saudis and George Soros. That NASTY little Iranian TROLL Valerie Jarrett was the REAL “president” in the Obama White House. If she said “jump”, Obama asked “how high?”. And he did not do or say ANYTHING she did not approve first! She was the “handler” pulling the strings on the Obama puppet–hence, he has moved her into his HOUSE so she can continue to run his campaign to OVERTHROW his legally-elected successor.

    • So NOT a “genius”; even YOU would’ve become prez with the FULL backing of the blue-shirted lefty/ PROG NAZI lamestream/ BLAMESTREAM media SICK-O-phants, especially in 2008…..(which shows just how ULTRA AWFUL Hor-Liary was as a candidate!!….;-)

    • Describes Hillary and Obama and even WJC, so right on. PRESIDENT TRUMP MAGA

    • There wasn’t a single thing that Oblowhard did that wasn’t done for his own aggrandizement. Thank Trump for making sure BHO’s agenda will not be continued by the skank, Hildabeast. Now to put her and Bill behind bars or at the end of a rope.

    • only one problem, obama isn’t even close to being “genius”… dumb as a rock/soros puppet…

    • But it wasn’t Obama Genius – it was Soros the Puppet Master Genius. Obama couldn’t think himself out of a paper bag. There is no genius in obama’s head. However, being driven by the promise of Power AND Money, Soros knew a good puppet when he saw obama.

      ALL the things you equaled to obama were orchestrated by Soros “through” obama. Obama has no mind of his own but he could read a teleprompter full of Soros’ words.

      BHO “HATED” the U.S. by the time he was a young adult. His blood father made sure Barack understood that hatred. Even though bho’s father hardly ever saw him growing up, bho wanted to please his Father as an adult. What better way to honor his Father’s wishes but to destroy “America the Great Satan” by becoming President – Soros knew bho’s wounded heart and played the little hurt child inside to do Soro’s bidding. It was so easy because the hatred was already there. All soros had to do was exploit it – and he did!

      Nothing like that would happen with President Trump. Why? Because P.T. loves America and her exceptionalism — and hates Soros.

      It may take P.T. a few months to test his wings, but once he is airborn, the Dems better run for the hills. President Trump will not be playing games any more and the dems better learn to hold their tongues else they be minus theirs. After all, you can only take listening to irrational people for so long, then you have to do something to shut them up…it’s coming…and it will be painful for those dems that constantly open their mouths without putting their brains in gear first!

    • I do believe you have the truth lined up here. Thanks!!!

    • Obama should be tried and executed for High Treason? YES!!!!!!!!

    • Correction: Obama isn’t a genius; he is a puppet to the NWO and their agenda. He was groomed to be their “Manchurian Candidate” and his fake background speaks volumes about his qualities and IQ! WHY is his entire background a SEALED mystery? Why has this “genius” given 3 different stories about his entire past and his life growing up until he was “elected”? What a farce; EVERYONE KNOWS that both elections for Obama were rigged by the testimony of the voting machines technicians that were made by Geo. Soros in Spain. Remember the scandal over those machines at the congressional hearings?? NOTHING was done about it and they left Obama in place! What has happened to America and her people?

    • Amen…..the 2016 Presidential campaign was not about party politics as usual, but a power grab and opportunity to overthrow our free market, capitalist, Constitutional Republic and replace it with an oppressive Democratic welfare state. Obama pledged during his inauguration to “fundamentally change America” and he went about politicizing and weaponizing nearly every Federal agency(NSA, CIA, FBI,DOJ, AG, IRS, EPA, NLRB) to use against his political opponents in an effort to overthrow our government. Clinton’s election would have meant the demise of the Republican party, conservatives and those on the right, who would have been completely silenced by fascist legislation. The ONLY saving grace that we’ve had was the founders wisdom to establish a Republic and the electoral college to avoid a potential tyrant leader and government from overthrowing the Republic. The fight to reclaim it has only just begun.

    • IF Hillary had won, Soros & Obama would be in charge, Hillary would have been their “Puppet”, We The Real American People would be “Commrades” with no Guns, No free speech.

    • Barf Obummer fulfilled one campaign promise to a “T”..
      “I will fundamentally change the United States”! He did just that and now we have a shitload of work to repair all the damage that the foreign born, Muslim taught, America hating prick did! MAGA TRUMP2020🇺🇸

    • Amen Satan I bind you in the mighty name of Jesus

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      I disagree with the genius part as nobody has seen his college work, grades or transcripts. When not reading from his beloved TelePrompTers he seems like a stuttering, babbling idiot.

  2. Ahhhhhhh, the poor democRATS ! They find a “masterstroke” of propaganda after coming from
    a dinner with PRESIDENT TRUMP, and present it to the people of America from the mouths of the two biggest liars and misleading people in the world.
    He’s gonna fold on DACA, they shout ! He’s NOT GONNA BUILD THE WALL !,they scream !
    His supporters say, “HO-HUM”.
    Gee, you’d think they’d give up with the bullsh*t, wouldn’t
    you ?

  3. It’s just DEMORATS showing their true colors, keeping control of the people,socialism.

  4. Carol Juliano Popp

    You think by now they would have learned and gave up their sicko crap to start doing what we elected them to do: help run the country to make things better!

  5. No one is attacking Trump. He is just an obvious traitor who is doing what the Russians want to destroy The USA and bringing that to light is working on public opinion. Mueller will do the rest if the generals in the White House do not do the March 15th thing first.

  6. Them demorats might as well get with the program because all they spout is lie after lie. All of my friends and I are voting them out because we are sick of their political correctness and self serving ways. That also goes for the rinos and we know who you are. We also seek justice against the crooked politicians that have done nothing to help the American people. Starting with Obozo and the Clinton’s.

  7. The only way the Democrats have a chance is to shut the liberals up and jail them when they get out of line. Without t he ability or desire to do that they can forget winning in any elections.

  8. The democrat’s have NO creditability…no ideas to help the country, and their leader’s from on high have merely left the world in flames while enriching their self’s…
    Another thing that is pissing off the citizen’s is that no matter what crimes the democrat’s commit, the so called government authorities either ignore it or help to cover the crimes up…!
    Election rigging, Collusion with the mainstream media, spying on the Trump election team, murder of Seth Rich, Collusion with foreign countries to smear Trump with the dossier using FBI funds, And who knows what Debbie the WasserMAN has done with Awan? Weaponizing the government agencies against conservatives…and it goes on and on!

  9. Really wish news articles could make up their minds!!
    Either the dems are flailing in the water and Trump is not becoming a leftist supporter or he is and we’re doomed
    So which is it today??

  10. You can take it to the bank George Soros and his New World Order are working overtime to come up with an alternative to eliminating the President, with false propaganda. I am confident one of the options is the President being physically eliminated. Soros has the wealth, power and reach to make such an action happen in the blink of an eye. The President needs to wake up, smell the java and come to grips with who our real enemy is here. He needs to launch a full scale, bare knuckles offensive against Soros and the New World Order.

  11. I am failing to see “the majority of Republicans are standing by their man”.
    I see most Republicans as nothing more then Democrats and TRAITORS starting with the likes of mcconnel, ryan, mccain, flake, gramnesty etc etc.

  12. Were these leftists elected(hired) to destroy Trump or make this country great again?

    M A G A !!!

  13. Mr. President we the people voted you in a POTUS because we needed a savior for our country.We still feel and believe that you can make America Great Again but until the likes of Obama,Clinton Abdien ,Podester. Wasserman Schultz and Holder are prosecuted to the full extent of the law for the heinous crimes they committed against the People of America and the USA, draining the swam will not have that much meaning.. We see all kind of substantial evidence of the crimes these people have committed yet they walk around free as a bird. Accomplish this Mr. President and your time in office will go down in History of America Forever.and again we can proudly say in America NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. God Bless you and the USA>

  14. What’s the libs problem? If Trump was all the things they call him it would make him a good liberal

  15. It’s simply a numbers game and the Left haven’t gained ANY supporters with their tactics. On the other hand, Trump supporters are all still there plus new ones every day. The Left’s legacy of failure is in no danger of changing.

  16. Its because Americans recognize that the Democrats are the bad guys! Only the dumb ad stupid know nothings believe the garbage these idiot liberals spew out! Even the media, like CNN, NBC, etc their news is so outlandish and moronic you would have to be a caveman not to pick up the lies and fake news! It also doesn’t work because he isn’t a swamp creature.

  17. NO – YOUR ATTACKS ARE WORKING —– More 411 now than ever is coming out – Your traitorous actions against working people is brought to everyone’s attention – your lining your pockets and support of trash is highly spotlighted……

  18. Keep talking trash democrats. Every time you call his supports (us) names, it just tells us how little you take your oath to do the people’s work. You don’t. You think you know what’s better for us and refuse to do our bidding. You thought 2010-2016 was tough on your communist party? Wait till 2018. We will decimate you again.

  19. The Commucrats aren’t getting anywhere, because they don’t understand the problem. TRUMP is not their biggest problem–he is just a SYMPTOM of it. Their REAL problem is that because of their LOONY LEFT ideology,–which is getting LOONIER and LEFTER by the DAY–they have SO fouled their OWN political nest with the white people they are encouraging EVERYBODY to hate and attack, and voters of common sense of ANY color, that NOBODY with any sense will vote for them! And since that is, thankfully, STILL a major percentage of the electorate, they are having to build themselves a whole NEW coalition composed of illegals, minorities they have conned into believing they are “helpless victims” of white racism, homophobia, etc. and MUSLIM imports. You can see from the news every day that they are attempting to do JUST THAT, because, you know, they are not ABOUT to moderate their LOONY LEFT ideology. The COMMUCRATS only care about ONE THING–getting back into political power, so they can ensure that we, the people, will NEVER be able to vote them out of power, EVER AGAIN. And that is reason number ONE why NO Commucrats should EVER be trusted with political power at ANY level.

  20. I hope you ASSHOLE have plenty of SLEEPLESS NIGHTS!!!

  21. ”Trump prophet”: God changing America from top down 6 years ago foresaw election, now predicts Supreme Court upheaval Retired firefighter Mark Taylor predicted what almost no political expert in the entire world saw as even a remote possibility when he declared God had appointed Donald J. Trump as the next president of the United States.

    Now, in his new book, Taylor says President Trump, with God’s help, is going to massively remake the federal government, starting with the Supreme Court.

    “God is beginning to make changes from the top down,” Taylor writes in “The Trump Prophecies.” And he argues it is the power of prayer that is driving so many of these changes.

    “When people pray and begin to make a change from the top down, not only does the transformation have to happen with the role of the highest leader, but it is necessary to rearrange his surrounding advisers, peers and supporting staff as well,” he writes. “There was a time when leaders had godly advisers. This will happen again.”

    President Trump received massive support from the evangelical community during the election, despite his unconventional background and morally checkered past. Some suggested Trump had grown in faith in recent years; others claimed God could use anyone for His purposes.

    However, since becoming commander-in-chief, Trump has taken strong action on many issues important to Christian conservatives, especially on religious liberty and abortion.

    However, issues such as homosexual marriage, abortion, religious liberty and so many others ultimately depend on the makeup of the Supreme Court and the decisions that body renders. And it is at the Supreme Court where Taylor claims Trump will make his largest impact, noting the successful appointment of Neil Gorsuch.

    “Gorsuch is currently receiving praise as a worthy replacement for the late Justice Antonin Scalia,” Taylor pointed out.

    “Usually it takes a few years to get the full sense of a new justice,” wrote Richard Hasen, professor of law and political science at the University of California Irvine School of Law in the Los Angeles Times. “Not so with Gorsuch … while the precise contours of Gorsuch’s opinions are uncertain, and he could surprise in criminal cases, there’s little doubt that, like Scalia, conservatives will be able to count on his vote.”

    But Taylor says Trump is just getting started.

    In a “prophetic word” he claims was given to him on Feb. 24, 2016, Taylor predicts sweeping changes in the makeup of the court during Trump’s time in office. He claims God will “stack the court” with judges who will ultimately overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark and significantly flawed decision that overruled state laws banning abortion.

    Taylor claims this revolutionary reconstitution of the Supreme Court will occur if American Christians follow the command given in 2 Chronicles 7:14 to “humble themselves,” pray and “turn from their wicked ways.”

    Taylor even gives a specific number, promising five Supreme Court picks for Trump if Christians continue to repent and pray.

    The most extraordinary political upset in history wasn’t a surprise at all. One man was given a direct message from God years before Donald Trump decided to run for president about who the next commander-in-chief would be. And the prophecies don’t stop with President Trump’s inauguration. America is about to undertake an incredible national journey. Don’t be left behind! And don’t miss “The Trump Prophecies,” now available from the WND Superstore.

    There has already been widespread speculation in recent days that Trump will soon be able to pick a second justice. Justice Anthony Kennedy, who turns 81 next month and has served on the Supreme Court for almost three decades, is rumored to be retiring soon. Kennedy is known as the court’s “swing vote,” so while replacing Scalia with Gorsuch simply prevented conservatives from losing ground, replacing Kennedy with a reliable conservative would allow Trump to fundamentally shift the balance of power.

    Replacing Kennedy alone could also open the door to overturning Roe v. Wade.

    Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose health has become a concern for liberals since the election of Trump, has also been rumored to be considering retirement, though most observers doubt she would leave with a Republican in the Oval Office.

    However, despite being the subject of a workout book, the 84-year-old cancer survivor has had health setbacks, and she has fallen asleep in court and during the State of the Union address, though she blamed alcohol for the latter lapse.

    In the “The Trump Prophecies,” Taylor warns the political conflict the nation has witnessed thus far is nothing compared to what is coming regarding the Supreme Court.

    “Understand that this potentially will be a very tumultuous time for our country,” Taylor wrote. “The enemy will not let go without a fight. In fact, right now he has dug in his claws with extreme determination. Powers of darkness feed on the blood of the innocent, and the laws that enable that blood to flow freely in this land are regulated by the Supreme Court. This places the court at dead center of every spiritual stronghold that fights to keep this nation captive.”

    However, Taylor ultimately predicts victory – if Christians will keep the faith.

    “The laws of this land have to change in order for us to return to the days of our prosperity,” he says in “The Trump Prophecies.” “It is time for the laws of our land to align with biblical morals again. We need to invite God back into our legal system, back into our courtroom, and evict the evil that currently resides there.”

    The most extraordinary political upset in history wasn’t a surprise at all. One man was given a direct message from God years before Donald Trump decided to run for president about who the next commander-in-chief would be. And the prophecies don’t stop with President Trump’s inauguration. America is about to undertake an incredible national journey. Don’t be left behind! And don’t miss “The Trump Prophecies,” now available from the WND Superstore.

  22. One Question ; Why does every one still call obama president ???? he was born in Africa . he came here as foreign student never left . the democrats found him , groomed him and put him in the highest office in the land . which he and his boy friend hated this Country with a passion . now the democrats still want too take us down with a bunch for communist that are the democrats arm ,of how to fix things . the best part is now all the bull shit is coming back on all of their deceit an the rest . they will not take down President Trump !!

  23. President Trumps popularity is at an all time high. Unprecedented. Hillary venom must be seething. Obama must be peeing in his bath house pants. The hate of the mainstream media is so toxic the fumes can kill, this hate had been rejected by Americans and by citizens around the world. The hate agenda had backfired!!! President Trump MAGA

  24. I hope they stay true to form and learn absolutely nothing from their mistakes. I hope they keep up this level of insane, childish hatred and keep screaming their absurd, hysterical propaganda at the top of their lungs. I hope antifa keeps venturing out of moms basement clad in Halloween costume’s and fake moral superiority armed with nail studded bats and their own feces. And I hope tolerant, compassionate Hollywood leftists keep casually calling for violence, murder and mayhem against us. The more they expose themselves for what they really are, the hate filled fascist’s they’re always falsely accusing others of being, the sooner their disgusting ideology ends up in the garbage can of embarrassing historical mistakes where it belongs.

  25. Trump’s lies will always work on his supporters but not on anyone else. Trump himself said: “My supporters will eat crap sandwiches if I tell them to and brag about how good they taste.”

  26. 2018… is around the corner…
    2018… will be an historic year…
    2018… WE the BASKET OF DEPLORABLE people… will make the Demo-nist party totally and absolutely IRRELEVANT…for ever…. We will get our country back!!!..

  27. Sam, very well put. He was a full ‘blown’ self-promoting street organizer.

  28. Trump would have had everything done that he promised if the Congress hadn’t kept saying no. They fight everything he stands for. People shouldn’t say that Trump is doing nothing. It is beyond his control, unless he uses his pen like Obama did.

  29. Obama instituted programs and policies that lost the Democrats the House, the Senate, the states. This has not disabused the Democrat policy makers, who are sticking like superglue to these programs that have now lost them the Presidency, and even that has not awakened them. Obamacare is a prime representative. they couldn’t get the Democrat votes for government managed care when Hillary proposed it during Bill’s Presidency. The Democrat Senate took a wholly unrelated bill that had passed the house, gutted it and wrapped it around Obamacare which they voted in unanimously without reading it. It polled over sixty percent negative. I don’t know the positive poll percentage, but there were probably a lot of undecided since no one knew what was actually in it. the Democrats had to intimidate and bribe some Congressmen to get the vote – because they expected it to be suicidal. Which, for the party, it proved to be. Gruber revealed it to be a scam. Money that could have gone to other programs has been sucked up by it and it’s still bankrupt, still trying to spend a larger part of the Social Services budget. And the Democrats are committed to keeping it, to keeping all the programs that have pushed them out of office, even though subscribers and insurers are bailing out and it is disintegrating like a paper mache figure in hot soapy water. Not only that, having created that disaster so deadly to them, they are pushing even further, into a Single Payer, despite the very publicized VA example. Liz Warren, one of their prime Presidential prospects, gave a speech on how strongly she supports Social Security/Medicare. Two days later, another speech. How much she defends Obamacare. Which has sucked at least six billion dollars out of Social Security/Medicare. That’s how much she cares about it.


  31. I dont feel sorry for you BLM, or Antifa. One group wants free stuff and doesnt want to work for a living?The other doesnt have citizenship in the USA because they came here illegally?. America is for Trump and he is america. Theres violence in the streets because a cop shot a black man that was first stealing. Next he tried to use his car as a weapon now for anyone this is justification to take you out. What are you rioting about? You might as well riot because he got caught and you didnt get your share!! You dumb MFs

  32. The Demo-Commies want war, they are antagonizing the right to get them to start it. They may get their wish.

  33. If a very good SNIPER could just take out soros and ovomit, most of our troubles would be over with!☹

    • THAT is an UNCONSCIONABLE and highly illegal concept to suggest and employ! You rob them of their right to a fair trial and then to a just and reasonable punishment such as hanging! While many of us may agree with your sentiments, we don’t want to establish the mores of the very evil commie left. History is full of assassinations and the brutes that achieve their goals are always remembered as horrific devils. Americans must remain civil and honorable to keep the peace or we are no better than ISIS!

      • Are you on fucking drugs!!😃😄

        • NO; I don’t need drugs for that! My husband is quite capable without the use of drugs! BUT, YOU are a brain dead FOOL! Glad the likes of you are not in any powerful positions of law enforcement or politics! Your “slip” is showing…….

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  35. The Democrat party is even more seriously divided than the Republicans, with the far left progressive socialist (Sanders, Warren, Perez, Ellison, Franken) hijacking the minority and youth voters and denying the party establishment the ability to unify the party. The Sanders faithful have not forgotten that their candidate was literally cheated by the party establishment and the Clinton campaign. Bernie Sanders could actually splinter the party by starting a Socialist Party that would divide the potential party votes in 2018 and 2020 and cripple what is left of the party for years to come. Both parties disdain and hate for Trump will not be enough for them to take over Congress.

  36. The solution is to vote most of the Democrats and RINOs out of office, and get people in who will support Trump’s agenda so legislation can get passed to start turning things around. Trump has already accomplished quite a bit by getting rid of many of the onerous regulations Obama put in place, and dropping programs like the OPT that was taking jobs away from American citizens, and allowing employers to hire foreign workers without paying Medicare or Social Security taxes. Ridiculous. Now if the silly Republicans can get their acts together and work with President Trump, hopefully they can get tax reform passed and try again to repeal and replace Obamacare.

  37. The worthless RINO republicans like ryan, mcconnell, mccain, flake, and gramnesty had better start worrying also. Matter of fact, the GUTLESS republican party better WORRY because they are NOT doing their jobs and the American people are FED UP.
    TAKE NOTE you dumb republican congress geeks (HOUSE and SENATE) that your NOT doing your job and NOT supporting our president will get you OUT of office.
    That is a good part of how Mr. TRUMP won!! I voted for him and I think he is the greatest in my LIFETIME. I wish I was young enough to go cover his six!!

  38. The Democrat Party was lost back in the 60’s and has been replaced by the Progressive/Liberal Party! I think they should find a new “party name” that fits what they believe and stand for, I recommend they call themselves the “Dumbocrap Party”. That matches all that they have become and I still remember my parents who were born and raised as “Old Southern Democrats”. If my parents were still living I am absolutely sure they would be Conservatives, Period!

  39. The con man Trump is losing support every day and much of those who were suckered into voting are now backing away. Only the most ignorant are sticking with Trump.

    • Maybe if Trump would keep donating to the Clinton Foundation you would like him.
      Maybe if he would sell our uranium to the Russians you would like him.
      Maybe if he supported BLM thugs you would like him.
      Maybe if he defended Illegal terrorists you would like him.
      Maybe if he had a lot of George Soros brown DNA on his nose you would like him.
      Maybe if he had the Internal Revenue cheating for the Democrats you would like him.
      Maybe if he used Drones on Americans you would like him.
      I won’t go on with Benghazi, The Crooked News Media, The law breaking Democrat supporters of Sanctuary Cities, the Staffing of Foreign non vented workers in charge of departments that have access to Classified information. I could go on for hours, but when you call someone ignorant you should be looking in the mirror. Convert and help DRAIN the Swamp.

  40. Donald may have looked like a 60 to one shot that came in while the big betters picked all most of the other losers!!!!
    The losers all come in last!

  41. It seems that the political party of the American Left has been irreparably damaged by its association with (and tacit support for) the anti-everything “free speech (as long as we’re doing the talking)” morons. And would I be wrong in thinking that most Americans – even those who didn’t vote for Trump – are likely to be disgusted by the “piling on” tactics the Left has employed against him? I’m not a Trump guy but I say good for him in giving the finger (metaphorically of course – or maybe not) to the hydrophobic minions of the Left who have suffered so grievously after The Unspeakable One’s defeat.

  42. You keep attacking someone with your phony accusations and sooner or later he’ll hit back and clean your clock! I can’t wait!

  43. William L. Ramsburg


  44. In olden days the black death was the PLAGUE. Now it is OBAMA. While president–of all ridiculous things–he tried to destroy America every day in every way…and would have succeeded given another term for himself or, for that matter, Clinton.
    Neither being possible he is nevertheless still doing his best.
    He is absolute poison….and always will be.

  45. The opposition by the Republicans is what really hurts the American working class.

  46. When was the last time the Democratic party spokesman said anything that wasn’t poison politics?

  47. God has ordained President Trump’s presidency. If God ordained it, it is useless to quibble and fuss over it. And He did ordain it according to Romans 13. I suggest the unprincipled dem/libs read the Bible.
    President Trump will stay in office until God replaces him. And I don’t see any other person who fills the bill.
    Liberals just don’t understand God and his workings because they are too busy hating.

  48. The Democrats are still pushing the same program that got the majority of them voted out of office. And they still think it’s the work of true genius that will insure their victory in the coming election. They keep rewinding that movie because it didn’t end the way they wanted it to end. They keep replaying it with the hope it will have an ending more to their liking next time.

  49. Trump LAUGHS at the liberal Jewish Democrat controlled media……my only issue with Trump is that he needs to get rid of his liberal son-in-law Kutsher…who is a liberal Jewish Democrat…in fact his father was convicted for raising funds for DemoRat leftists…

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