Atheists Handing Out Satanic Literature to Students

Atheists in the Delta County School District in Colorado have won the right to pass out literature that will expose middle and high school students to atheism, secularism, and Satanism. Some of the example pamphlets include titles like: “Top 10 Public School State-Church Violations and How to Stop Them,” “What’s Wrong with the Ten Commandments?” and “The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities.”

Kurt Clay, the Assistant Superintendent, said the district had no choice but to give the atheist groups an outlet for distribution. Clay said that if groups like the Boy Scouts were allowed to pass out literature, The Freedom From Religion Foundation and similar atheist groups had to be allowed as well.

“This is the other side of that,” said Clay. “The policy says we cannot discriminate what is handed out, we just have to follow the process.”

Ann Landman of the Western Colorado Atheist and Freethinkers said, “Students are not only getting a lesson about the federal laws and our constitution, but also a different point of view that you can find around the world.”

The group, however, does not particularly want to hand out literature in schools; they admit that what they’re really hoping for is a change in the policies. This issue came to a head last December when children in the district were given Gideon Bibles during school hours, and the atheist organizations hope to bring that practice to an end. And that appears to be in the works. The school district announced that they were looking to refine their policies to ban explicitly-religious literature.

Which, no doubt we’ll learn at some point in the future, makes a special exception for Islam, which magically becomes World History in public school. Even when the students are memorizing Islamic chants, and proclaiming that Allah is the one true god.

It’s easy to look at this story and laugh it off, because we don’t really have the same “Satanic Panic” we did back in the 1980s. Parents are more concerned about their kids joining ISIS than the local blood-drinking cult.

On the other hand, this war against Christianity is costing us more than we may realize. We’re not just talking about losing our morality, we’re moving further and further away from a central, shared culture. And it’s increasingly obvious that all of this is for a reason. This isn’t a culture willfully abandoning its own history and traditions; this is a political ideology that has infected us in ways we can hardly begin to catalogue. That ideology isn’t atheism, it’s liberalism. It’s multiculturalism. And it is going to take much more than a presidential election to turn the tide.

But it would be a start.

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  1. Why are atheists handing out material on something they do not believe?

    • davesnrakleberger

      it is not that they don’t believe in a supreme being so much as it is a hatred for morality of any king that places them in judgement.

      • davesnrakleberger,
        If atheists do not accept the existence of such beings, how can they be offended by them? Why take it out on college students?

        • Elizabeth Fortin

          This is Middle school and High school. They are getting to them before they get to college.

          • Elizabeth,
            No matter what the age, what is the point of trying to
            “inform” anyone on something which is not believed to even exist? I can see information on something one believes in but are hey saying it is false information? I assumed they were not per the article.

          • “They are getting to them before they get to college” – The whole idea is to teach your children what you believe the truth is, and Live It as an example for them. If you tell them God is Love, then prove it by loving your neighbor – and I don’t mean the guy who lives next door, I mean ANYONE who lives on this earth. Yeah, nobody can feed or clothe everyone, but you can make a difference to a few.

            Kids learn best by example, and if you are a good example they will learn. Also, we are all human, we all fail. Admit it to your kids and repent (turn away from) so they know it is ok to make a mistake, God will forgive.

            If you are “getting to” your children before they get to school, the teachers won’t be able to get to them. Never yell at the kids for telling you what went on, but IF they did something wrong correct them in love, let them know that no matter what they did you still love them. They may have to make some sort of restitution, but they don’t lose your love.

            Raise your kids in love like this and you (and God) will never lose them. Our children are our most precious possession.

          • Amen, train your child in the way he/she SHOULD go and when they are old, they will not depart from it! I started reading the bible to my children from birth onward at bedtime every night and sing praise songs to them and they all love the Lord and bless and help others all the time and are BLESSED. Thank you Yahushua! Hallelujah!

        • davesnrakleberger

          Good guestion. I suspect they cannot tolerate the judgement God will administer. The Bible says (in Romans I think) that man inherently knows about the existence of God and know they are sinners (just like the rest of us, but reject His love) and know Christians,, though we are taught not to judge,m,but to leave the judgement to God. Having said that, athiests know that their actions speak for themselves and that it is can be very obvious to everyone who observes them.

          • davesnrackleburger,
            While I majored in history and did take college courses in archeology, anthropology and geology. I still follow those sciences yet. I know that from time to time, knowledge changes as we learn more. So, it boggles my mind that someone would get worked up over something they do not believe in to begin with. Strange.

        • I guess it’s time for everyone to decide, who’s side your on. Time is getting near.

          • John,
            I agree that we all need to decide on what is truth and what is not and then we face the consequences. These individuals, who are not responding here, are trying to sell something in which they do not believe. As a historian I am a stickler for accuracy as the world and the internet are full of false information. We do not need someone heralding something they do not accept themselves as I see it.

          • Maybe we don’t need it. But, under the First Amendment we have the right to talk about it and distribute the literature about it.

          • But there is something missing in this picture. They want this stuff promoted but yet they want Christianity suppressed. Somewhere there is something hidden in the wood pile.

          • Exactly, it’s an attempt to remove all “religious” reference from public schools; but mostly just to make sure that public schools don’t promote Christian faith.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Thank “God” for that! What fu*k makes you think your “God” is better than mine? You are a retard!

          • then stop putting your children in public schools and universites send them to christian schools and christian Universites like saint Leo university

          • good thought but this does not apply to me. All of my children are grown. But I will go one better and that is to home school your children when necessary. I have four children two who home school, one in private school and one in public. I live in Utah which has not problems with public schools as of yet.

          • are you sure about Public schools? i listen to adventures in Oddssey there is one public school teacher who teaches about Gender and marrige but she has something against traditional families she sppourts Gay weddings her name is Mrs Ronda Adiliade and she indoctrinates the students in her public school do not take that risk

          • So where is this teacher and where is the school. It is not in our area that I am aware of. There has always been a potential problem and it started basically with the introduction of evolution. If it becomes a problem I will suggest a change.

          • If anyone was to read the Professor’s by David Horowitz they would never let their children take liberal arts courses in college. They are nothing more than Indoctrination centers. For example Ward Churchill a professor from the University of Colorado had this to say about the people who died on 9/11. They were all little Eichmann’s and deserved their fate. Or is it any wonder we are losing the war on terror when we have professor’s like Hamid Algar of the University of Calif. who teaches the war on terror is America’s aggression against the Muslim world. Or Professor Vinay Lai of the University of Calif. who views America as a threat to mankind. Or Professor Ron (Maulana) Karenga who was convicted in 1971 of imprisoning and torturing two female members of his radical organization. He was the creator of the African American holiday Kwanzaa along with being a Marxist and activist. Professor Robert Jensen who says the US has lost the war in Iraq and that’s a good thing. He says among other things that he hopes to see the demise of capitalism, corporations and wage slavery. Huh?Were you forced to take that job at so called slave wages that someone in China or Bangladesh would die for? These are just a couple of examples of the Professors not teaching but brainwashing our kids into thinking the United States is the greatest threat to the world and not creeping Socialism and Communism.

          • Let the people take their tax money and do so and you would be floored by how many take advantage.
            Too bad the new nazi liberals sue every voucher program into oblivian so they can protect the teachers unions cash flow. Never mind that they doom thousands of children to broken down public education and indoctrination.
            BTW, We put three kids through private school and never got any assistance, so yeah, theirs some bitterness here!

          • Not quite so. The principle is that you either can promote everything, or you cannot promote anything.

          • You might like to read a book I read recently that somewhat explains how we got to where we are in this Country. It is called “The Marketing of Evil” by David Kupelian. It is very easy to read and understand. It makes it more understandable when this Administration has banned certain words and phrases for example. About the attacks on Christianity such as Hobby Lobby and Chic-fil-a and others. The dividing us based on race and rich from poor. These things are not just happening without someone behind them This pulls back the curtain to expose the Wizards of PC and multiculturalism.

          • Josef,
            I totally agree. I am trying to find some logic in he behavior, though.

          • Dude if you not sure that God exist? You should at least talk to a preacher or someone. I would hate to know that you maybe going to hell an burn for eternity. I have made a decision that I need to make my piece with God an try to be more like Christ. I know I will fail but I am going to try. An with Christ grace I will make it to heaven when I die. Piece to you an your families.

          • Sir: I understand. But, tis is not about God, or Jesus. This is about the First Amendment.
            Have a Happy Easter.

          • You mean PEACE.

          • “Separation of Church and State”. Keep it out of the schools or allow Christianity a free hand too.

          • Precisely. In my kids’ school there are Christians, Buddhists and Muslims. Either all of them have the right to distribute the literature and, in general proselytize, or none of them.

          • Not to minors you don’t.
            As a mother & grandmother I decide what my children watched, read & did.
            These people, not just atheists, but anyone who espouses their “right” to poison childrens’ minds, is for one reason & one reason only.
            To destroy OUR CULTURE, Our TRADITIONS.
            In so doing they destroy the fabric that binds us as a Nation, our society.
            What makes us who we are.
            It angers me to see these whiney little pos freaks twist & use the Constitution in such a corrupt manner.
            Ou so called “officials” have NO COMMON SENSE & NO BACKBONE.
            It is Freedom OF Religion,
            Not freedom FROM Religion.
            Parents, teach your children what is Right & True.

          • The problem (yours not mine) is that Satanism is a religion. So, if you don’t want Satanist literature distributed in your children’s school, you have to make sure that no religious literature is being distributed in your children’s school.
            By the way: You are most likely unable to decide what your children and grandchildren watch and read. The reason is: Your children and grandchildren are far more internet savvy than you are.

          • define religion

          • Religion, therefore, as I now ask you arbitrarily to take it, shall mean for us the feelings, acts, and experiences of individual men in their solitude, so far as they apprehend themselves to stand in relation to whatever they may consider the divine. Since the relation may be either moral, physical, or ritual, it is evident that out of religion in the sense in which we take it, theologies, philosophies, and ecclesiastical organizations may secondarily grow.”

            This is William James’ definition.

          • A long time follower of William James and his pioneering effort in psychology, is that found in his “Principles of Psychology”, 1950 Edition? I couldn’t find any reference to religion, much less a definition.

          • This definition is from “Varieties of Religious Experience.”

          • Exactly right what it comes down to is Freedom. Isn’t that what drove the Puritans out of England. Weren’t they really fleeing the Church of England which discriminated anyone who was not a member. The Founding Fathers did not want a similar situation where you were forced to join a particular church or you were discriminated against. But what they did not intend as liberals portray is Freedom From Religion. They were deeply religious and believed in a divine creator. But no one was to be forced to go to any particular Church. Which if Obama had his way we would all be forced to be Muslims or be killed. I think that was exactly the type of religion the Founding Fathers would not have approved of.

          • But I beg to differ, Josef. These anti-Christ atheists are the very first to complain about church and state issues yet they presume to be above this, and the first amendment, by spreading their ideas in public schools. Hypocrisy? In it’s purest form.

          • No place in the second, or any other amendment are we given the right to decieve others by handing out information we believe to be false

          • I know who’s side I am on because I know the truth and no one can persuade or tempt me from it. Satan will send his workers to try and prey on people especially the most vulnerable ones that are weakly grounded. Put forth the work necessary to learn beyond the shadow of a doubt what the truth is then never falter in your determination. Be strong and stand tall. We are here by no accident and we are only a small part of a much bigger picture. A speck in the Universe so vast with mysteries that we will never be able to grasp in our current state here on Earth but that we will learn much more about when it is revealed to us upon death. Make sure you gain the knowledge to end up on the right side when your dimensional status changes to a different parallel in the universe. Do not be foolish in your decisions because they all have consequences and do not let evil take you in to eternal suffering so they can laugh at you forever.

          • Amen and Amen: When you see these things coming to pass- Look up and for your redemption draweth neigh

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      • You have hit the nail on the head. If a guy wants to marry his boyfriend, well hell he shouldn’t have to feel guilty about it should he? If there is no God then there is no guilt. You have two disparate groups attacking Christianity in this Country. One headed by President Obama as a Muslim and supporting Islam and it’s goal to form a worldwide Caliphate. And the Atheists who are aligned perfectly with the goals of the Communists to weaken our Country from within.

    • Exactly Jerry. Athiests believe in Lucifer, well he was in heaven at one point and cast into hell. So they are admitting that God and Jesus Christ exist.

      • David,
        If atheists do not believe in God or heaven or hell, how can they believe that Lucifer was cast out of some place they hold as false? This just not make any sense.

        • Exactly, their logic defies common sense, but hey if they don’t believe oh well, thats their right. But they get to pay for it not me. How is the weather up north today, raining in Boise.

          • David,
            We are supposed to be warm and dry in el Nino years but we have been anything but. It snowed on the mountains this morning but it is cool and the sun is out for awhile at least. We have a real strong snow presence so we are going to have water for summer for a change.

        • Thank you. The literature that was LEGALLY passed out was for the purpose of proving a point about the law. If Christians continue to pass out religious literature, then all forms of religious literature can be passed out, even that which you do not agree. The greater percentage of atheists do not believe in Satan, thus are NOT satanists. Most Christians are not even aware that the majority of Buddhist sects also do not believe in a supreme being. Technically they can be regarded as atheists, but rarely are spoken of in such negative terms as atheists. People really need to better understand the differences of all faiths. Often atheists know more of the Bible than professed christians. In fact that is the reason they have become atheists.

          • Tantien,
            I guess that makes some sense. and you are right. All people are permitted under free speech to say or distribute whatever they wish. So this is being done just for the sake of making a point? I guess that is logical, sort of..

      • I don’t know any atheists who believe in Lucifer.

        • Obviously Lucifer is satan, so who do they think their kidding.

          • I was trying to gently correct the underlying assumption. Atheists, by definition, don’t believe in Lucifer. If they believe in Lucifer, then they would no longer be atheists.

          • Francisco Machado

            Ideologues are quite capable of simultaneously believing in mutually contradictory concepts. For illustration: Listen to Obama speak on matters of economics some time. He’s the chap who touted as his accomplishment ending the war in the Middle East – while anarchy and terrorism reigned there.

          • Generally this is not the case regarding core values and belief in Satan certainly disqualifies someone from being described as an atheist.

        • I see your point, Tired. I think confusion might be brewing because of semantics. I believe in right and wrong, and good and evil. God is good. He is perfect, eternal, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. God is love. The devil has many titles/names. Lucifer is one of his names. He is evil. He is a liar and father of lies. He is an evil spirit. I have 3 questions. Do you think an evil spirit causes a person to do terrible things, such as go to an elementary school and kill children? Do you believe that there is a Holy Spirit? If your answer is yes to the last question, What is His name?

          • The article stated that the Freedom from Religion Foundation wanted to pass out Satanic literature (one can reasonably assume they intended to stick their finger in the eye of Christians) since Gideon Bibles had recently been passed out; nothing was ever mentioned about believing in Lucifer. I do not intend this to be mean spirited, but this was a comprehension issue, not semantics.

    • Because they want to make a political point.

      • Which proves: Stupid can’t be fixed!

      • Tired,
        And the point is? That is my question as this does not seem logical to me.

        • Understood. I’m not going to defend their point; the validity of it is lost on me as well because I believe that they want to force their belief system (which they are entitled to have) on everyone else (which they are not entitled to do).

          • Tired,
            I don’t know why they are not allowed. Christians have been doing it since the printing press. But why now after all this time of tracts being handed out by religions? Christians are not the only ones doing it. I do not care what they choose to do. It just seems strange that they are doing it for something they do not believe in. Why not hand out Darwin tracts?

    • Bat-$hit-crazy, brain-damaged, stupid, drugs? Select and two.

    • Atheists a PO-ed that The Gideon were giving out Bibles during school hours. The Atheists don’t what kids in schools to be exposed to anything remotely Christian (or anything that promotes morals).

      • cect,
        At last, something sort of logical. I am surprised that an atheist has not responded as I would like to her from one.

      • Atheists do not want any one religious belief promoted above the others. Our children need to know that there are hundreds of belief systems, and if we expose them to one we should expose them to all the other major ones. Therefore it is more fair not to expose them to any religious beliefs in public places like schools. We are a secular nation, not a sectarian one. Let us keep it that way. I do not want to live in an Islamic Caliphate, a Christian nation, a Jewish nation, a Buddhist nation, etc.

        • My opinion (totally my opinion, others are allowed theirs) is that schools should not teach about any “religion”. Faith and religious beliefs/practices are something your parents should teach you at home or you learn at your place of worship; that eliminates the problem of parents accusing the schools & teachers of proselytizing.

          • Also religious groups should not be allowed to come into the schools to teach or hand out literature. Once a person is 18 they can explore the world of religion and believe whatever they like.

    • Francisco Machado

      At the activist level, atheism is a religion. To divine the rationale behind the activities of ideologues, look for why they believe the action will promote their ideology. Which is not always easy for rational people who do not subscribe to their ideology. It is, for instance, easy to understand the promotion of socialism by the ruling elite, since it loges all power at the top. Understanding the support by the indoctrinated followers, however, requires the denial of rational thought. I suspect the vast majority of atheists don’t give a damn about things like religious holidays, Christmas, nativity scenes, etc. – they just don’t consider them meaningful and, like most of us, ignore things that have no meaningful significance. There are people who harangue politicians and networks about some television shows – whereas the majority of us just don’t watch what we don’t like.

      • Francisco,
        You do have some points, especially about whiners. I also have a channel changer for my TV when something I have n interest is on. My computer also has a delete key. And I guess there is no real logic to what they are doing. I have been hoping for an atheist to provide some sort of reasoning as they often do that.

    • They don’t even believe in themselves,A bunch of morons

    • Because they are confused .They believe there is no GOD ,yet they seem to believe in satan…as their god? They’re clueless Liberals are apparently ok with this and with the islamic religion, which is pro violence and hatered. Ok with muslims praying in schools and in the middle of the streets, but for some odd reason they are against Christianity and Christian prayer in schools. Liberals, atheists , should discontinue the “separation of church and state” crap when, by their standards, THEY are clearly “in violation”. If it’s good for them, then it’s good for all. Do as I say not as I do??? Double standards…the liberal, atheist, socialist way.

      • poppopdeisel,
        Separation of church and state is a myth. It does not exist in the Constitution at all. apparently from the feedback I am getting is that the atheists are objecting to the Christian practice of handing out tracts, especially in schools. But that has been going on since he invention of the printing press. It is hardly a new concept.

        • I realize there is no such thing in the constitution…it was vaguely eluded to in a letter by Thomas Jefferson. You’re right, nothing to do with law. They may be objecting to the handing out of Christian literature, but by their definition and actions , they are doing the same thing.. a double standard

          • poppopdiesel,
            I have a copy of the letter Jefferson wrote to eh Baptist church group in Virginia. What he says is that church and state are on two different paths and each has its own agenda. There is nothing about the fact that the two should remain separated from each other. I do support not teaching specifically any religion in schools. It should be done by someone of that particular faith. Church is the best place for it.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Obviously, they MUST believe in the existence of God. If they don’t, then they can’t believe in the existence of Satan either, because *God created Satan* as one of his original angels.

      They are hypocrites of the highest order & those pamphlets should be banned on the basis of being fraudulent.

      • MIdnightDStroyer,
        I agree that while free speech is permitted, false information is not. These people do not believe what they are distributing. However, the internet is full of false information.

    • That was a great reply.
      In Life we know that there are opposites, but satan is not the opposite of GOD, just a wanna be

      • PatriotForever,
        Being a wannabe is what got him kicked out of Heaven in the first place. apparently he atheists are trying to get back at Christians for their distribution of tracts. Yet we have tracts of all kinds and have had since the invention of the printing press. That includes fliers in the mail. Now we get it on line. I seriously doubt it is going away. I have better tings to do.

        • FYI: You aren’t fighting with me. In addition: If you have “BETTER Things to do” why aren’t you doing them, if this subject is not important to you specifically?
          My reply was a partial answer too your rhetorical type of question and yet you seem to want to admonish me?
          In fact the so titled atheist does believe in themselves as a god, but not a moral or in their view judge or legal overseer.
          Most, as in this case, are just trying to play with Christians and bring controversy and conflict. Anything to start and argument.
          BTW: tracts have nothing to do with it really nor the printing press. The flier is a means of transportation and availability and it’s the heart of the duped that is the problem

          • PatriotForever,
            I absolutely have no quarrel with you at all. I was aiming at the atheists who were said to be upset with Christians handing out tracts in schools. I am not upset with them either. And I said that tracts have been around since the invention of the printing press. Therefore they are nothing new. The whole issue seemed a bit silly to me

          • Thank you Jerry. I appreciate the explanation. Bless you.

  2. GOOD against EVIL, that is where the US is as well as the world today – I’ll give you one guess which political party is on the side of evil! Those that support the death culture of the Communist Party USA, formerly the democ-rats and now referred to as progressives as to not alarm the sheeple that they are the former! We no longer have a free press but rather a state-run, fifth column media and that is why they do not refer to them as the communists that they are! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr=========================?, you will be needing them if you want to remain free – guaranteed! mInr, NSA!

    • Both political parties worship money. So, in my humble opinion, they’re both evil. Money has the ability to be used for good and evil. It’s how man decides to use that money, and in what manor to use it that has proven many in Washington DC are less than trustworthy, ethical or moral.

  3. Will they be handing out Bibles?

  4. Atheism has equal rights — but Satanism?? This country is sitting on the dog doo-doo pile and sinking.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Yep… To put it more bluntly, thanks to the non Christian mooselum in charge, THIS COUNTRY IS IN DEEP SHIT AND SINKING MORE AND MORE BY THE HOUR!!

      • Michael Dennowitz. Technically, you can’t blame The “O” for our Godless predicament. Nobody did it to us. We did it to ourselves by letting go of morality,and decency. Women “won the right” to dress and behave like a prostitute, swear like a sailor, and get falling down glassy-eyed drunk. All in the name of equality. Now people with morals are mocked,LGBTQ is the new ideal. Burning the flag is called freedom of speech and looking disgusted is called bigotry. Using gender specific bathrooms is discrimination. So, Christians allowed all this to happen in the name of progress. Well, folks, we are progressing ourselves straight to hell. It certainly looks like Satan is winning the battle

        • Michael Dennewitz

          You know what? You ARE totally correct! It’s been like an unattended rash! You put no medicated lotion on it and it’s guaranteed to spread and get worse!!!

  5. Atheist hide behind their lack or morality. This then gives their souls freedom to justify sin. There has never been an Atheist in a foxhole. Payday….Someday!

  6. Hope you raised your children well, it’s time for them to decide. God or the Devil.

    • Hmmm…a guy in a big chair in the sky or a guy in a red rubber suit, horns and a pitch fork. Hope our children think before swallowing .

      • …or a self-creating universe…or non-life miraculously becoming life…or…

        I hope they have enough insight to ask all of the questions, not just some of them.

  7. Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.
    Ronald Reagan
    40th president of US (1911 – 2004)

  8. Round up those bastardos and ship their worthless asses over there to soak up some of that shrapel from canon fire to absorb it and to soften up the oppositions fervor to turn them into cannon foder!! Eiminates taking any prisoners and no GITMO either!!

    • While I disagree with the bullying tactics of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, they do have the right to pass out their literature, even if their motivation is merely to make a statement. Rather than complain about it, this incident provides a great opportunity for parents to talk with their children about what they believe and why they believe it. We need to help our children understand that all belief systems require faith, including atheism and refuse to allow groups such as this to pretend that they are somehow above the discussion.

  9. Put ann landman in the military in Iraq and see how quickly her satan worship changes to crying for GOD to help her

  10. The First amendment is for everybody.

    • It is but I am not sure that the Freedom from Religion Foundation sees it this way since their goal is to change the policy, not actually hand out literature on an ongoing basis.

    • Even those who shout FIRE in a crowded hall? Or cut your neighbors head off?

      • There are limits. But handing out literature is not it. Cutting out your neighbors head off has nothing to do with the First Amendment. Neither does massacring children in a neighborhood primary school.

  11. From reading these posts, I would think that many of these people are just making up things. Atheism = does not believe in a supreme being, including Lucifer, David Kledzik. Nor do they preach a “Hatred for morality” , davesnrakleberger . I don’t think that they are offended by the idea of a supreme being, Jerry Branson , It is more that they object to people who spread uninformed thoughts to children and others who are gullible enough to take what they say at face value without checking the facts first.

    • I always find the use of the word “facts” interesting in this context because at the end of the day we are all left with unknowns, regardless of our belief system. The only difference is which unknowns we find more palatable.

  12. If they meet up with isis, they will accept their crap or lose their heads. Then both wil learn about fire and brinstone

  13. Liberalism is what has “infected” our Country. All the rest of the “isms” have grown ftom this one defective cell like a cancer. If mentally deficient liberals think that God isn’t watching each one of them destroy all that He has built, they are horribly mistaken. If they refuse to repent their sins against God’s teachings, then they will be thrown down in the fires of Hell with the rest of heathens.

    It is now coming to that, but first they will suffer their own hell on earth, be it a social disease or a disease of the body “destructing” because of their refusals to obey their God the Father. Whatever it is, libs will be dropping like flies in a storm and there is nothing they can do to stop it…it will be too late. They should have opened their eyes to the reality that surrounds them. But no, they could never do that because it is too painful for them..lying made it easier.

    POLITICAL CORRECTNESS WILL BE THE DOWNFALL OF EVERY LIBERAL ON THIS EARTH. It will happen in a blink of an eye and by the very people the libs were trying to help. KARMA is a lesson of the SOUL…and will be the last word whispered from the lying dying mouths of Satan’s children…Liberals.

  14. They claim they do not believe in religion but here we see they are promoting a religion but it is a wrong religion much like their other beliefs.

  15. soldier for liberty

    The answer is in Revelations!

  16. There is another alternative. Distribute NO literature to students. I was an Eagle Scout, but I am not Christian. I have a different view on the matter. I feel that such training of our young people should be left with their parents and their community. It is not up to the schools to raise our children, and parents must not abdicate their responsibility. If the Boy Scouts want to hand out literature, let them do it in churches, community centers and other sponsoring institutions. If they feel they can’t reach all kids that way, let them find more sponsoring institutions. The school administrators are correct…. they can’t let one group distribute literature without letting others. That would be de facto sponsorship, and that is not a government agency’s place, and like it or not a public school *is* a government agency. So, the best alternative here is to stick to teaching our kids the things schools should teach, and leave everything else to the parents and the community.

  17. Sparkitus_Maximus

    Parents home school your children and or take them to church.
    Make sure they know where their real salvation comes from.

  18. We’re not talking college students, here, it’s the Delta County School District! A Christian MUST approach the School District Board and demand equal time. Atheism is a religion with fervently held convictions.

  19. ““This is the other side of that,” said Clay. “The policy says we cannot discriminate what is handed out, we just have to follow the process.” ”

    Are students being informed they can refuse to take these hand-outs?

  20. Let’s wait for the s**t to hit the fan on this one. When parents and local politicians wrap this around the flag pole, it ain’t gonna be pretty. If my kid were to bring this trash home, I just might load the DB 12 gauge and visit to the local atheists office unannounced.


    • I think you have your logic backwards. Atheists recognize there are hundreds of religions and belief systems, all equally valid, all dependent on faith, not scientific proof. Therefore to promote any one is wrong, and should not be done in public places. If you give out bibles you should give out the Koran, etc, etc – totally impossible, so keep all religions out of public places (including atheism of course)

  22. Why is everyone attacking the Christian Faith ? Because they feel the most threatened by it. They know it is the real deal and are scared to death of it so they try to suppress it so they will not have to face the truth. Well after their short life is over here on Earth they will have no choice but to face the truth. It will be a very bad day for them for sure.

  23. Atheist and gays —when will Americans stop tolerating their demands?

  24. They should abolish the US Dept. of Ed. and hang the Marxist leaders, IMHO

  25. Atheists’ non-belief system is their religion. Prove me wrong.

  26. Webster defines Atheism as disbelief in any deity (God/Supreme Beings). If the teachings I received more than sixty years ago are correct Satan was one of the “beautiful angles” created by “God” according to Genesis in the Old Testament. He offended the Creator and lost his status as an angel. Further he became a snake to slither forever and be hated by all. So Satan was never considered a deity and shouldn’t be elevated to that level. If we use this standard, his teachings are worthless–about as worthless as those that attempt to propagandize otherwise. I believe we should apply this standard to all of the prime characters advocated by Atheist.

  27. They should be thanking Christians for without them they would not have a religion.

    They should bow before you and give you thanks.


  29. Reckon anyone would be upset if bomb making instructions was passed out to the kids??? The only differences in that literature and the literature of Liberal/ Islamic/Atheist is the rate at which their destruction will occur.

  30. Allah is a fake god. He is a demon in hell who fell to earth with satin.

  31. WEll the Parents should shoot their butts off and send them packing! The Law will not stop the tearing down of American Children then the parent should do their jobs for them! Under age Children are under the leading of every part of those childrens lives and no one has the Right to go against the Parents to mislead the American Children. America was formed under the Laws of God almighty not satan….NOW Satan hates the Athesists since they do not believe in God they cannot believe in satan …he is part of Gods’ Story! Sorry athesists you are wasting your time..go die!

  32. We have to stop this dead in its tracks. We can’t have our childrens brains warped by these godless people. Think what a disaster would befall us if this isn’t stopped. We are already in judgement with obama–we don’t need it to get worse..!!!!!!!!

  33. Hey anything goes here, but by all means DO NOT HAND OUT ANYTHING MORAL and about Jesus Christ, unless of course its derogatory.
    That is the NEW WORLD AMERICA, a sewer hell hole

  34. If you believe in Satan, you also believe in God. I think one of the first things in their book states that they want God to be dead. So, my friends, there is a God and you should all be glad that he gave his Son for you.

  35. The school district announced that they were looking to refine their policies to ban explicitly-religious literature. Sure, now what about banning purely Anti-religious literature. Because Atheism is a type of religion all by itself is it not?

  36. This is proof that a lot of so-called atheists are phonies, and are really AGAINST God, and helping satan.

  37. Tell him to move his ass to the land he loves; not America
    any more!

  38. They believe in the devil and not God? Some thing is wrong with this picture. Oh well If they are right we will be worm dirt, If I’m right I will go to Heaven, Frankly I like mine better.

  39. Satan (Hebrew: שָּׂטָן satan, meaning “adversary”;[1] Arabic: شيطان shaitan, meaning; “astray”, “distant”, or sometimes “devil”) is a figure appearing in the texts of the Abrahamic religions[2][3] who brings evil and temptation, and is known as the deceiver who leads humanity astray. Some religious groups teach that he originated as an angel who fell out of favor with God, seducing humanity into the ways of sin, and who has power in the fallen world. In the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, Satan is primarily an accuser and adversary, a decidedly malevolent entity, also called the devil, who possesses demonic qualities.

    Book of Job:

    The examination of Job, Satan pours on the plagues of Job!

    At the beginning of the book, Job is a good person “who revered God and turned away from evil” (Job 1:1), and has therefore been rewarded by God. When the angels present themselves to God, Satan comes as well. God informs Satan about Job’s blameless, morally upright character. Between Job 1:9–10 and 2:4–5, Satan points out that God has given Job everything that a man could want, so of course Job would be loyal to God; Satan suggests that Job’s faith would collapse if all he has been given (even his health) were to be taken away from him. God therefore gives Satan permission to test Job.[13] In the end, Job remains faithful and righteous, and there is the implication that Satan is shamed in his defeat.

    You (Parents) decide whether or not that your Precious Impressionable and Vulnerable Children should allow school district cronies such an unhealthy compromising contact exposure! To openly allow questionable literature and direct verbal access to roped in unknowing youths like that of sinister evilized activist Jim Jones! Whose end game was murdering by cyanide poisoning his entire flock of 918 in Jonestown, Guyana in 1978! Following those that are obviously Godless and possibly murderous in mind through an unknown sacrifice! (Jim Jones)

    Or embrace that of God Almighty, The Most High, The Great I Am’s only begotten Son Jesus?

    SO BE IT

  40. America is now the country where anything goes! This is the progressive liberal agenda! With that POS in the rainbow house as the agent, These scumbags are attacking our principles, braking down our morals and more, from all directions, to destroying the country!

  41. If students are dumb enough to read the crap then they are the loosers and the atheists the winners. If the school district allows this dogma to be circulated they should be sued by the parents.

  42. Hitler said “give me the minds of the youth and you’ve given me the country.” Finally the so called atheists are admitting that they do have a god and he is satan. Atheist used to mean no god but now it promotes satan as the god. If parents in Colorado can’t home school their children, they should move to another state.

  43. Parents, grandparents and interested adults have an equal right to be at the school and collect these offensive papers from students who don’t want them.

    Collect them in a trash bag, remove them from school property, and incinerate them.

    If students know some adults…any adults…oppose such literature then they will discard the material.
    Most kids are not interested in evil, and they DO know the difference between good and evil. All it takes is a smattering of adult support against this stuff and kids will learn to turn their backs on it. Set a positive example.

  44. Technically the ‘Freedom From Religion” idiots have no constitutional right to do anything that goes against anothers religion. In fact their aattempts to silence others religious beliefs/actions are solidly anti-constitutional, they should be arrested and charged for a crime any time they attempt to silence another for any religious activity. Freedom OF religion IS protected, so called ‘freedom FROM religion’ is in violation of others rights and is therefor a crime.

  45. TO atheist I say this. If you are right in your belief then when you die your body will just be disposed of and that’s the end of it. In a few days nobody will even remember you existed. However if I am right in my belief when YOU die you’re in a whole heap of trouble. You might want to think this over because after death it’s too late to begin considering the options.

  46. The first amendment applies to everyone and the left should think long and hard before Barry and his bunch censure anyone.

  47. There will always be a battle between worldly values and Christian values. It is in the founding documents that there will be no favored religion in this country. So with the freedom of expression that is part of who we are, a group of atheists is as free to promote their organization, their beliefs, as much as the astronomy club. Likewise a Christian group on campus has the same right to hand out similar materials promoting their group and its beliefs. That is called freedom and it is central to who we are as a nation.

  48. There will always be a battle between worldly values and Christian values. It is in the founding documents that there will be no favored religion in this country. So with the freedom of expression that is part of who we are, a group of atheists is as free to promote their organization, their beliefs, as much as the astronomy club. Likewise a Christian group on campus has the same right to hand out similar materials promoting their group and its beliefs. That is called freedom and it is central to who we are as a nation.

  49. StupidConservativeValues

    Karma does exist and all of you that believe in your fake Christian God are doomed to live your post mortem existence in Islamic heaven for subverting the law of the one true living Christian God. Oh yea, you don’t get the virgins, you wouldn’t appreciate them.

    • May a hundred foot tania saginata enter your intestines, the fleas of one thousand camels find happiness in your hair, and the smell of a dead goat fill your nostrils the rest of your life.

  50. GodBlessRealAmerica!

    Atheist Democrackhead hateful Liberals don’t believe in them selves disgraceful….

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