Atheist Files Suit to Remove “In God We Trust”

Having been unsuccessful thus far in his fight to get “In God We Trust” removed from American currency, atheist Michael Newdow filed a lawsuit this week that argues the motto is a violation of religious freedom.

“It violates the first ten words of the Bill of Rights (‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion’) and it violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” Newdow wrote in a blog post last year.

The complaint itself says that the motto “has continued to be a tool used to perpetuate favoritism for (Christian) Monotheism. It has also continued to perpetuate anti-Atheistic bias.”

In an interview with ThinkProgress, Newdow said, “Imagine if Christians had to carry on their body something they disagree with religiously, like ‘Jesus is a lie.’ How long do you think that would stand?”

This is not the first time the motto has been challenged; atheists have been trying to get it removed since 1970. Time and again, the courts have found no merit to the argument that “In God We Trust” is a violation of the First Amendment. That is perhaps why Newdow, in his latest lawsuit, has emphasized the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

“Every Supreme Court justice involved in the three RFRA cases heard to date has agreed that, under RFRA, religious activity may not be substantially burdened without a compelling governmental interest,” he wrote.

Indeed. And that’s an argument for your case how, exactly? Oh, because you consider that your atheistic religion is being burdened by the presence of this motto. Right. If you can find a single court in the land to agree with that position, we’re in worse shape than anyone might have thought.

America was founded under the guidance of God. The founders were very careful to keep the church from gaining too much power over the federal government, but they never intended to set up a secular nation without the slightest degree of religious influence. Everything the founders wrote or said indicated an abiding belief in God. The argument can be made about whether or not the United States is a Christian nation, but there is no sound argument that says it’s an atheist nation.

Even if there was, though, the courts have found that “In God We Trust” has sufficiently woven its way into the cultural fabric of the country as a motto without specific religious meaning. Sorry, atheists. You can simply pretend that “God” means “Dawkins.”

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  1. 13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.
    16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

    Right from the Communist playbook, as described in “The Naked Communist.”

  2. The Supreme court is not supreme anymore. They are liberal and push a liberal agenda.

    It is entirely plausible that the court will run in favor of this guy.

    “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson

    • so true

    • SCOTUS was NEVER the ultimate authority on constitutionality; they could ALWAYS be over-ridden by the states (as per the Tenth Amendment).

      The First Amendment clearly states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” There is no part of “In God We Trust” that was established by any religion. Do they contend that religions CREATED God? Do they contend that religions created trust?

      And there is nothing in that phrase that prohibits anyone from practicing his own religion in any way, regardless of what his religion is. Even in an extreme case of a religion that prohibits carrying anything that mentions God, nothing in that phrase requires someone to carry it.

      Is atheism a religion? SCOTUS thinks so, but they are wrong. Atheism is the ABSENCE of religion. The First Amendment doesn’t say “Congress shall make no law respecting the absence of religion,” and even if it did, putting that phrase on money is not a law respecting anything other than the money on which the phrase is going.

      • “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

        And that would be why the less than supreme court can not constitutionally change the meaning of the word marriage. Yet they did, at the expense of the first amendment. .
        I believe that both atheism and liberalism are religions. They certainly are causes that people are completely devoted and obsessed by. In todays secular world, people need something to believe in and those two beliefs are just that, they are the seculars religion.

        • MAHB001,
          You may get the usual crap about the country being founded on Judeo/Christian beliefs as some of our Constitutional leaders were Deists. They did believe in God, although not to any specific denomination. Christian beliefs have dominated public thinking for a very long time and permeate the Constitution. So I am supporting what you said.

          • Jerry, correct, well said and thank you.

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          • Nobody cares. Go away!!

    • My brother is right again, as usual! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr================================?

    • But a rules be will illegal, and when Trump win can order remove all liberal Judges and ban atheist and liberals.

      • Let us pray Trump, Fiorina, Cruz, or Carson wins, all would do the same thing. But regardless of who wins the primary, ANY republican would be better than the socialists the Democrats are offering.

        • Yes I pray, but Nazi Dems was doing so much damage and loose support from Black and Hispanic, maybe not much but in any election doing a different. But for me a only be will win and no any dude are Trump, Cruz need resign, he positive not qualified and are like another moron Hispanic Cuban. Liberals was create a chaos and corruption and I not considered politician but criminals. Clinton or Sanders are impossible beat Trump and big majority of voter are with Trump. But are American senior who suffer to much, much more must, and are a lot of especial case who liberals force kill herself, like me, be white are bad, but discrimination are monumental, where I live are a nest liberals Nazi, and I live temporaly with my ex and my son, live here are alike live in hell, my son mother fucker are verbal and physical abuse, agency protecting senior no care, Housing Authority are doing a game too, set my in a list and two week later take out with no any reason, I am 67 some disable, can’t walk much and terrible severe pain every day, no any help or support, all are in my fight and wait, do you have any idea how much I hate liberals? Try imagine, my family part are liberal too. My faith help, but sad and depress, some day I will kill my self, when Nazi take out my right and benefit and give to illegals. Trump win and must clean liberals from politic. Imagine and try live in my place.

      • You really need to work on your grammar. BTW, The Constitution states that no one can be discriminated against based on their beliefs or non beliefs. Ban all Atheists & Liberals ? YOU need to educate yourself on The Laws Of The Land, you imbecile!!

        • English is not horo’s first language, he is trying really hard and his grammar is improving.
          I suggest you curb your attitude and STFU with the insults. I suggest yo listen to him because I do believe he came from a much more socialists Country and is speaking from experience.

          • MAHBOO1 Faye is a troll and she thinks she has to add an insult to anything she posts. That’s how loser idiots defend themselves when they know they are wrong.

    • MAHB001,
      It is time to clear up what Jefferson said on this topic of separation of church and state. He was responding to a Baptist about the separation of powers and the responsibility each has. That is why the Constitution has three separate powers in government. Each one plays a role and only Congress has the power to legislate not the Administration.
      Therefore, we continue to have the right to make it known that we follow the principles of the Christian Bible, which are rooted in our history and are a part of the Constitution. The Bible itself is a testimony to the division of powers as a necessity.

    • I heard the ‘justices’ were going to get new robes; rainbow!

  3. SickandTiredofObamaTheMuslim

    Michael Newdow … Go Fu_k Yourself! If you don’t like what the U.S. Currency has imprinted on it … and has for hundreds of years, the solution is very simple! Stop using it … stupid As_hole! Go find something useful to do with your time … maybe you could ” Volunteer ” for target practice for ISIS!

  4. Dumb a$$-wipes come in all the time ! BEWARE ! their agenda is to take over and turn our GREAT COUNTRY into a third world — cesspool –..

    • They are doing a pretty good job of it with this administration. Immigration is a part of the UN/NWO global governance. Contractor David Miliband, head of US Refugee Resettlement Agency admitted that “OUR ANGER OVER SYRIAN REFUGEES IS A THREAT TO GLOBAL GOVERNANCE”. PROTEST IT MORE! Don’t let up on your representatives. I have great grandchildren that I do not want growing up in this mess.

      • Trump has already said he will return the refugees.

        TRUMP 2016

        • I know what Trump has said. Are you going to do nothing for a whole year and then he might not win???

          • I am going to work on his campaign locally. What are YOU going to do?

          • What I am going to do is continue hammering our present administration and work promoting the candidates. The question was are you also going to watch what bills are brought up and contact your representatives this year, we cannot let up on them for a year.

          • How is that working out for you? The Congress is broken and has too many RINO’s, crack-heads, pot-heads, DemonicRATS, PC LiberalTARDS, anti-American’s, CROOKS, and menopausal dysfunctional femineNAZI’s!.

          • We have set back too long and acted like we do not care or know what is happening to our country. Just maybe they will think twice about what they do and that the people will vote them out the 1st chance we get. I know it is a small step but we have to do something and prepare for the worse. They should also know that we know the truth about the stand off in Burn, OR and that there should be no false flag to start something. I never heard from my Representatives until I started hammering them. I know it does no good on my Demorat representatives but I do it anyway. I assume you served so thank you for your service.

          • Amen to that. We must all do what we can.

          • Please, don’t say “Amen” you might OFFEND Faye and her cranky cronies. lol

          • Amen to that as well! Lol.

          • BOOM! Amen!

          • Jar, you left out AZOLES. 8~)

          • Correct-0 Mond-0, a nature error because all LiberalTARDS have their head stuck in the colon mucus canal making the AZOLES invisible!

          • Your right this year could be the most important year for the USA Obama can do a lot of destroying in a year,,, not time to sit and wait or next year might not even happen

          • I am going to renew my efforts with Mad As Hell Boycott.
            Republicans and Conservatives in general don’t stand a chance with the MEDIA being as corrupt as it is.
   Changes are coming. I need all your help!

        • Trump is all talk and no action he will do the same thing those asshole democratic motherfuckers are doing and for the oldass bitch Hillary Clinton she will kill anyone who gets in her path example all those people blow job husband hillbilly Bill Clinton and she killed when she was running the whitehouse while Billy boy was getting a blow job from Monica Lewinsky

        • Trump has my vote! Illegals and refugees have GOTTA GO!

      • Actually, Miliband is British and the head of the International Rescue Committee. His brother, Ed, was the former head of the Labour Party in Britain.

        • Actually, I know who he is and I worded part of my posting wrong. His agency RIC is the largest US refugee resettlement agency in the US. The important part is that “he has said that our anger over Syrian refugees is a threat to global governance.” I lot of people are working for NWO IN OUR COUNTRY, THE BUSH’S, SOROS, SUTHERLAND, KISSINGER, ETC.

    • Obama is already on it!

    • Mission accomplished in Washington DC.

    • That’s because obama asked to do so. America a third world country is his goal.

  5. I wish that Newdow could report back to us when he assumes room temperature. Life in his world without light but only empty, dark nothingness must be an acquired taste. Who wants to participate in it with the energy he wastes.

  6. Sure, it’s been challenged in court before…when normal, decent, American-loving judges prevailed to uphold justice & knew the difference between right and wrong.

    Our present day SCOTUS is a bunch of self-serving, lawless, Godless perverts who need to be removed from the bench & SCOTUS needs to be shut down!

    And don’t touch our damn money!

    Here’s a thought:
    – if the Athiest is so offended by carrying around our money, he should just move to another country, say Iran for example, where he would never have to worry about “God” being on anything!

    • And don’t touch your damn money ?? So, because the money that everyone uses has ” In god we trust ” on it, implies that only people who are Christians have the privilege to use it as legal tender ? IT”S OUR MONEY TOO, YOU USELESS ARROGANT POS!!!!



  8. Anybody else surprised by this? The way this nation is going & the complete subservience of the courts to the minority who are “offended” by everything, the outcome could possibly be different this time. May God, in whom we trust, help us.

  9. Since that motto is so disgusting to you make sure that you turn turn in ALL of your money and assets or give it to charity …we wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite now would we? I would be happy to take all of it…NO PROBLEM !!!

  10. From what iv’e seen in this world, we sure could not trust in those kind of people.

  11. I wouldn’t want to be in this clowns shoes when he arrives at the eternal judgement bar. In GOD We Trust is a motto, not a law so no laws are broken. BTW you atheists offend be, I think I’ll sue.

    • I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes when you finally die & realize the only place you’ll be going to is the bone yard. I am an atheist & if I offend you, too damn bad!!

      • Faye: Atheists, like all the other whiny, entitled groups, don’t offend me. However, just because someone throws a temper tantrum and threatens to sue does not mean they should have their way. Used to be ‘majority rules’. As soon as we are RID of the puppet in OUR White House, we will get back to ‘normal’…but only if Donald Trump is elected. All the others are sell-outs, as in selling their souls for $$. You will not want to live in this country any more than I will if a libtard is our next president. It’s not a Christian problem or an atheist problem; it’s a human problem.

        • Joy: Christians, like all the whiny entitled groups , don’t offend me personally. However, Just because you Christians are in the majority of this country, does not give you the right to treat Atheists like second class citizens, because we do not believe in your false god. You have the right to believe in what ever the hell you want to, but Atheist & non believers alike have a Constitutional right not to believe in a god or belong to any religion, whatsoever!! But only if Donald Trump is elected ? That would be the beginning of the end for this country. Trump did say he wanted to ban all Muslims. Who will be the next group of people he will go after ? Will it be The Atheists in this country who he decides to ban, just because they don’t represent the majority in this country ? If Trump ever gets the nomination or becomes president, which I highly doubt, it will be one of the darkest days in American History.

          • Faye: Did you think I wanted you to become Christian? That is not what I said. You can believe whatever you want, but leave things alone and go on with your life without harassing others who believe differently than you. I am hoping you have a life that makes you happy and fulfilled.I wonder if you ever even noticed ‘In God We Trust’ on our money. It’s been there for a long time. Who even looks at money. Most people use a debit or credit card instead of cash anyhow.
            Perhaps you misunderstood what Trump said about muslims. He said he would TEMPORARILY bar muslims from coming into the USA UNTIL we were able to properly vet them. Then they would be welcome to go through the same procedures everyone else goes through worldwide if they want to come here. My ancestors were required to prove who they were and that they had something to offer in order to move to America. Sounds to me like Trump is focused on keeping us safe…just like when we lock our doors at night instead of leaving them wide open so anyone can enter. I’ll bet you lock your doors.

          • Faye, Play nice. The beginning of the end for this Country started with that filthy womanizing pig Bill Clinton and now all you useful idiots want to give his BWitch wife a chance to finish off what the bath house boy couldn’t do.
            Also, you must not be very well educated because if you were you would know that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principals.
            The earliest settlers came here to get freedom of religion not freedom from religion.
            It’s your choice, believe what you want, I really don’t care one way or the other but why don’t all you atheists and non-believers STOP trying to jam your lack of belief down OUR throats. Or to put it In other words, that you can understand, shut the F#&k up. 8~)

      • Faye Hayes, celebrate National Atheist Day. April 1st.Psalms 14:1 Only a fool says there is no GOD.
        BTW you certainly do have a surly attitude about your empty non-belief system. Kind of says something doesn’t it? Touche!

  12. If distrust of our Creator were not so prevalent in our U.S.A., these blithering atheists wouldn’t stand up to the heat of zeal to hear and obey His word to us. It is as the Apostle Paul tells us, per 2Timothy 3:5, that we have a form, a sort of lipservice to righteous behavior, but we deny His power.

    It seems to me that the atheist is more concerned than the average believer, for, if in his heart of hearts he didn’t actually suspect that there is such a Creator as our Abba (Father) Yahuwah and His Son, the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus), why would he be so adamantly in denial? When we are in denial (of the truth, per John 14:6), we are indeed “all wet,” and better be on the lookout for the crocodiles and hippos in the water.

    May our Master Yahushua in mercy awaken these atheists AND lackadaisical believers especially, so that we need not be ashamed on the Day of Judgment, when our Master Yahushua gives us our final evaluation. We all need to ask Him to cover our sins with His blood of atonement and grant us everlasting life by His resurrection, for there is no other way to the Kingdom than He–the Word of Yahuwah to us, in Yahushua’s Name, omein.

    • Halle lu Yah!

      • Omein! May Yahuwah in Yahushua’s Name fill us all with that zeal for Him and His Word, learning to be as zealous as He is toward us, and He will preserve us through these Dark Ages and bring us into His Shechinah, His wonderful Presence, omein!


    • FREEDOM OF SPEECH- REMEMBER!! That was written in THE CONSTITUTION FOR EVERYONE , not just for YOU HOLIER THAN THOU, ARROGANT & THINK YOU’RE SO SPECIAL ” Christians ” You may be in the majority, but you don’t get to make the rules. We atheists will never back down, as long as you keep shoving your religious propaganda down our throats. We are not going anywhere. Get used to it!!

  14. It’s “freedom OF religion”- not “freedom FROM religion”. It’s “freedom OF speech and expression”- not “freedom of hearing”. If you are not or can not be exposed to varied thoughts and ideas, and insist others be restricted of expressing such ideas- you are in the wrong country.

  15. There are many countries with no religion MOVE THERE. America is founded on GOD, we are a Christian country and that is that.

    • “Trump, Limbaugh both erupt on Republican Party”
      Misleading Headline
      considering that Rush mainly erupted over the way Trump treated Cruz at
      the debate. He said he was acting just like the liberal Democrats.

      CRUZ 2016!
      b/c Trump is just a “P##SY
      (if u are offended by this, consider that at least i didn’t use a proxy
      from the audience to do my dirty work like the Mouth of Manhattan))

  16. where does my right to have it there end if he has a say. Majority rule elects a president (in a way). You will never satisfy everyone, some people have to live with it and lose, don’t make the Majority lose because of a few.

  17. as a Christian I will fill my suit with god not the the supreme courts. for the supreme court is liberal and supports the liberal agenda…..obama should be impeached….Hillary for prison 2016 obama her cell mate

  18. i am so sick of these rotten idiots trampling on our religious freedoms – it is rotten and wrong – this person needs to be kicked in the ass

  19. I guess the atheist want “IN ATHIEST WE TRUST” put on our money. Screw all of you damn atheist. We don’t tell you what to do in your so called religion so stop pushing your luck.

  20. All liberals should be shot to death

  21. to all you dumb people that thinks that having it on the face of money in God we trust give all the money back to us and then we will talk about it and it is not religious to have it on the money for it was God that made everything even the stupid people like you and even made mad dogs too along with good one but we just have to live with it and if you continue to do dislike it they don,t have it on the money in the other countries and you should pack up and leave Now because we can get along with out you for our fore fathers came here to be able to worship God as the almighty and will continue to do so and I am sure atheist where not among them Period

    • Hey, STUPID A$$. Do you know what a period is ? It’s that little dot you use after every sentence. LOL!!! What a jerk!!!

      • I was not aware I was writing for the New York Times Dummie and neither was I aware that I was being graded for english and pennmenship go soak you head ,,,///….

        • It’s pretty obvious to me that you would never qualify to work for The New York Times, or any other newspaper for that matter. If you’re going to post comments on a public forum, you need to learn how to do in an intelligent way & not come across as a BUNGLING IDIOT!!!

          • that amazing you could read it all the way throught with the knowledge that you have and to be able to repond is too amazing and not say anything period

      • Faye it seems a period is what you are always having. Why else would you be so constantly nasty and bitchy?

  22. richard schlinder

    When we move to a cashless society and currencies become digital,there will be no more “In God We Trust.” Therefore,this is all a worthless effort.

  23. I say, remove the atheist and
    keep the “In God we Trust.” We
    have had “In God we Trust” in this country for centuries without
    complaint, but since the democrats have planted liberal judges throughout the
    states the decisions made against people who believe in God (85% of
    population), have favored atheist (5% of the population.) I believe it’s time
    to put this subject on a ballot, and have a national election to put God back
    in the schools, municipal buildings and in any other place God has been band. The
    constitution does not support the atheist

  24. I pray that God will lead Michael Newdow to a new and prosperous life. Otherwise, Michael is free to continue on his own false power and find another nation in which to live.

  25. Newdow’s stand, if he succeeds in his lawsuit, will likewise become a tool to promote his religion (a belief system) of anti theism. But that is not the point of my comment.

    Let me take his suggestion that Christians will not agree to the statement “Jesus is a lie”. Rightly so. For one reason, Newdow cannot prove the statement is true. On otherhand, Newdow cannot dispute the fact that I do trust in God and so do millions of others like me. That trust is a reality he cannot erase by simply removing it from the face of a coin.

    Newdow’s intellectual inhumility is telling me, a Christian, what is essential to my faith and what is not. With his own dogmatism, he wants to slowly rid my belief in God of perceived errors to comply with his own belief system. Yep, atheism by itself is a religion. He is not burdened to believe what I believe and he has no business burdening me to accept what his religion makes him to believe.

    Prayers should and must be directed for people like Newdow because like everybody else, God loves him and does not want him to go to waste.

    continued to be a tool used to perpetuate favoritism for (Christian)
    Monotheism. It has also continued to perpetuate anti-Atheistic bias.” –
    See more at:
    continued to be a tool used to perpetuate favoritism for (Christian)
    Monotheism. It has also continued to perpetuate anti-Atheistic bias.” –
    See more at:

  26. Each day, the citizens of this once mighty country take us one step closer to HELL ! Need I say any more?? :-((

  27. What I don’t understand is why some atheists have their undies in a wedgie about religion. Perhaps these guys and girls (gotta be PC 🙂 ) are just looking for a “15 minutes of fame” power rush.

    I have traveled a modestly large part of the world and I’ve never felt intimidated by God or his followers. I am leery of some of the followers of old Mo, but religion doesn’t bother me. I do skip over the Evangelical TV channels and my pre-sets on my car radio skip those stations but that’s the biggest inconvenience(?) I experience.

    I do believe that there are faith based organizations that do a tremendous amount of good and are a lot more efficient at it than any government agency whose employees work at a job while religious charities do their work as a calling. In fact I support some faith based charities that feed the poor, provide comfort to the infirm, and aid to impoverished children.

    I have no interest in restricting or challenging or belittling anyone who has faith in a supreme being. I wonder (no I don’t) what the world would be like if there weren’t any moral guidelines. If we all lived by Sartre’s Existentialism philosophy where “Life has no meaning”, then how do we function as a society? Are we back to survival of the strongest and each person lives in a state of pure selfishness without regard of others? Hmmm, that sounds like Hobbe’s conclusion that under those conditions “the life of man solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

    Mr. Michael Newdow, give it a rest and get a life.

  28. Ever stop to think that the atheists actions are all due to the fact that THEY ARE AFRAID OF GOD/JESUS! If they can surpress even the use of his name, they are convinced that there will not be a judgement day… Hope God allows me to live long enuf to watch what his mighty hands will do in the end!!

    • Tell us Michael Dennewits what it is that your hoping that God’ mighty hand will do in your end.

    • Another brilliant comment from Michael The Dimwit. How can atheists be afraid of something they don’t believe in? If they took a survey on this forum, you would get first prize for your stupidity. LOL!!!

  29. Patriotic USVeteran1776

    Why doesn’t the idiot just give him his money? I’m sure he can exchange it for an EBT card.

  30. For GOD or against GOD! Atheism is a life sentence in HELL!

  31. This was tried a few years ago and was defeated. Sadly, the body of the person who started it turned up in a barrel of somesuch in a desert area. Just sayin’.

  32. Michael Newdow is a deluded fool, but God loves him and wants him to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ while Newdow is still alive. We are told that “It is appointed once for man to die, and then comes judgment” (Hebrews 9:27). Newdow has until that time to turn to God or face eternal judgment in Hell. If Newdow continues in his hatred for and denial of God, then he will have no one to blame but himself. Unfortunately, he will most likely blame someone else and say as so many do . . . “I didn’t know!” Sorry, Michael, but that won’t cut it!

  33. The atheist have been filing law suits to remove that motto for decades! They haven’t succeeded yet!

    • Just give it a little time, after all, we Atheist did win the fight to get prayer out of schools. It never belonged there in the first place. There should be no mention of god on our money, whatsoever!!

      • As asked by another poster, why are you so AFRAID (& you are afraid) of something you profess not to believe in?

        • Atheists don’t believe in a god or gods, so how can we be afraid of something we don’t believe in? This is what religion does to the brain . it shrinks it to half it’s size. Time to take the blinders off& get back to reality. You’ve been living in fantasy land way too long.

      • Faye, Good job in getting Prayer out of public schools. Let’s see before the removal of prayer things like cutting class, chewing gum, smoking in the lavatories, playing hookey, fighting etc. were major discipline problems Now that we got rid of all that terrible prayer we have students bringing guns to school and killing each other, sex-ed which has brought about huge numbers of teen pregnancy to the point that we need special classes for the dopey young mommies, teen age drug dealers roaming the halls, metal detectors and armed police on duty to control the little brats.
        Yes indeed, you did a great service with that victory. And wasn’t your hero Madalyn Murry O’Hair, who spearheaded that campaign her son and grand daughter kidnapped, mutilated and murdered by an upstanding member of her office management staff?

        “It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.” Deuteronomy 32: 35. Thus says the LORD.

      • You atheist are a Godless bunch anyway! I think we Christians should start shoving our God down your throats. Tatoo a cross on your chest and foreheads. Bible verses on your backs, arms and legs. Shove the Christian flag on it’s pole up your butts. Duct tape Bibles to your chins and foreheads and chain you to a church pew and make you listen to sermons by Oral Roberts for the rest of your lives!

  34. God. Whose god? We all “trust” is “something greater than us”, be that our own “inner being”, an inanimate object, a piece of metal or wood, or a chosen “supreme Being”… or the choice of none of above.
    Should be a no-brainer – until Roberts gets involved-

    • Mark, you’re the “no-brainer”. Another Kool-Ade guzzler. I’ll tell you whose God the very same one that said “I Am the Lord thy GOD, who brought you out of Egypt,out of the land of slavery. You Shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.” Deuteronomy 5:6-8

      • El, sorry that you can’t understand English,but you need to read for comprehension! Maybe find someone that can translate for you…
        I am DEFENDING the 1st Amendment – PERIOD.
        What I state is that humanness that our Creator God built into each of us, why even the African bushies & New Zealand Pigmies worship “something”. Notice that nowhere does it state WHO or WHAT religion, but freedom OF religion. Each may choose who, what or not to worship as they please – wood, stone, paper, human or plasma.
        There is nothing within my post that is negative towards the Judeo/Christian God whom I personally revere & worship
        and whom gave me the blessings of being a U. S. American to uphold the 1st Amendment for all U. S. Americans.

        • Mark, I just didn’t get the gist or your comment. If I offended you I take it back. Sorry!
          I thought you were on the same side as that Faye troll who is only looking to insult people with different beliefs than she has.

          • Gist: Humans have a “need” for god whether one admits it or not, and the “need” is filled in many ways, from self-worship, to idols of metal or wood, or humanness or a supreme being, and on and on. The Founding Fathers, in their wisdom, made the 1st Amendment broad and not limited so that any from the very pious to the narcissism of a humanist. They knew mankind well, it seems…..

      • Just more of the same religious bull crap from that fictional book you call the word of god.

  35. With all of the threats we face, this maggot is offended by four words on our currency? This illustrates the mindset (or lack of) the left.

  36. Here’s my question…these mouthy God hating Atheists are always on the warpath with Christians and the Christian God. City hall has a Jewish thing, a kwanza thing, and a Christian thing, they bitch about the Christian thing, but nothing else. Schools, got the ten commandment removed, can’t even stand to let a kid read his/her Bible on their own damn time (study hall, etc.) at a school, but say nothing about Islam creeping into the school system, being taught to the kids, making kids wear headscarves, etc., where the hell are you now? Why are you not running your mouths?
    Always the Christian God…so what are you cowards so damn scared of, anyway? I mean really, if you don’t believe in it, and think it does not exist, no harm to you….or so you seem to have that opinion about every other faith. You sit in silence…no separation bitching comes from you about anything else, so what gives? Scared of something? That seems to be the only logical conclusion.

    • That’s right Arthur, our high school kids can’t even pray for two minutes before a football game and the atheists want to strip GOD from everything public. Yet the muslime invaders want prayer rooms at work so they can honor satan on company time, they want to block traffic, rape women and girls, steal, kill and destroy everything they see and it’s all OK.

  37. Maybe the Athiest need to see what country they are a part of? if they choose to banish God then go to another country that doesn’t like him, just as the muslem countries. But they also have a different God. Everywhere you go you will find that those in that country has some sort of God that they have so the Athiest don’t have a choice about God except just keep bitching about him. We that love God will always do so whether you believe in him or not. it is a personal choice.

  38. Why are Atheists so angry at God? I wish they would focus their energy towards something actually good & productive

  39. I am sick of these disgusting Satanic militant atheists making their attacks on Christianity. Atheists that have all their basic human rights and freedoms as a result of Christianity. We ought to round up all of them and send them to ISIS. Then maybe they have something else to bitch about than a phrase on their money that “offended” them.

    • FYI, Atheists do not believe in satan, just as we don’t believe in that false god of yours. Atheists that have all their basic human rights & freedoms as a result of Christianity ?? Please explain what the hell you mean by that.

      • Militant atheists do not believe in Satan; but they do what Satan wants them to do. They attack Christianity. Thusly, they are Satanic, even though they are not card-carrying Satanists. Right now, it is illegal for me to steal from a militant atheist. Why? Because the Bible says, “Thou shall not steal”. Right now, it is illegal for me to kill a militant atheist. Why? Because the Bible says, “Thou shalt not kill”. Human rights – they come from Western Judeo-Christian principles. Not from frivolous atheist lawsuits filed whenever they see a Nativity scene that “offended” them. That’s why Morton Downey, Jr. attacked them and yelled at them so much back in the 80’s. He knew how dangerous they are. It is because of them that Marine Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling is getting court-martialed in the total absence of a crime. It makes me sick.

        Think about that the next you’re suing a Christian because a Christian cross “offended” you.

  40. Again, easily trumped by people that will be OFFENDED it has been taken OFF and there is more of us than of YOU!!!

  41. I’d like to see a Supreme Court that would tell these Atheist to shut the F… up, or they will be banned!! Nobody is trying to force them to believe in God, or anything else, so why can’t they just leave the rest of us alone!??

    • I would like a Supreme Court to tell you phony Christians to STFU!!! BTW, you can’t go around banning people just because they don’t happen to believe in your invisible sky daddy & a book of fairy tales, written thousands of years ago. This is why religion poisons everything, including that warped mind of yours.

  42. Athiests have been trying to make everyone think they have a legitimate argument to remove God from our money, our govt bldgs, from our schools (they succeeded here), from our Sports (another win for the Godless stiffs), and from our Military (they kind of succeeded here but many Chaplains still manage to say prayers before battle – it’s what Chaplains do, pray). Still, many College/High School Commencement Exercises are still opened with prayer of some form or another. Clever, clever students!

    Atheists just need to back off because they are a small minority compared to Christians, Catholics and other religious affiliations. In any voting situation, the majority WINS!

    So perhaps the BEST thing to do for the non-believers would be to move and form their own small Society/Town full of the same beliefs. There would be no mention of God anywhere and anyone moving to that town must sign a form swearing they are atheists. Of course with no God there, they would be susceptible to the darkness that follows those with no light in their lives, but that would be their choice.

    Perhaps an island surrounded by Great White Sharks would be a good idea? Tsk tsk, now that’s not very cordial of me is it? But then again, atheists asking a large country, in which they are a small minority, to remove their God’s reference/name from everything that governs them being that this Nation was founded on Christian/Judeo principles, is just as unthinking don’t you believe?

  43. Just because our money says “In God We Trust” doesn’t mean the individual has to. But the individual should be grateful that they live in a Nation that trusts God.

  44. Michael Newdow should be crucified by hanging on the cross.

    • A little extreme, don’t you think, especially coming from a Christian ?

      • Do we have to be politically correct, even if we will be killed by them. Communism killed a lot of christians for dissent, like what happened to the Philippines. Pastors was gunned down in in 1986,preaching against the CPP-NPA-NDF. China also killed people not known to media, even jailing them for just a little ridiculing of the government convicted and jailed for 34 years alone. It is your First Amendment right, even it means its controversial. Your too timid.

  45. Liberals, and I would place atheists within the liberal commodity, are perpetually looking for something to be offended by, therefore looking for a reason, no matter how insane, to be a victim. Eventually they will become the ultimate victims when society realizes that for civil society to even exist certain versions will have to be removed from it. With the certain realization that socialism / progressivism, in all it’s forms, has failed to deliver on it’s promise of Utopia and delivering instead equal misery for all, those opposing socialism continue to increase in number diluting their impact to indifference by the rest of society.

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  48. Atheists: Drop dead/go to hell…same thing for you unfortunately. You do have the option of saving yourselves.

    • Spoken like a true Christian. Your jesus would be so proud of you. Your religion reeks of hypocrisy. The only thing you need saving from is yourself.

  49. A statement by Dan Baker, from The FFRF: It’s very simple: I don’t believe in a god , but my money says I do. I am an American, but I am not part of the ” We” ” In god we trust”. Millions of good, moral patriotic citizens do not believe in a god. Yet, we pay taxes, vote, sit on juries & serve in the military. But every time we spend a dollar bill, we are told that Congress considers us outsiders. To be accurate, the motto should say ” In god Some Of Us Trust ” & wouldn’t that be silly.

    • Guess what Faye, God doesn’t believe in atheists either. So you see it ain’t no big deal and you really shouldn’t get yourself so worked up over such a thing as God if he doesn’t to you. But show some respect for the people who choose to believe in HIM weather you like it or not.

  50. There is no concept of separation of church and state the framers wanted the government out of our faith not our faith out of our public servants after the fall in nov or dec 2016 the reality will astound.

  51. Atheists are apparently desperate to get their silly messages out—-their “lawsuits” get dumber and sillier with each passing one! Why not admit THEIR attitude is a religious one too, and shut up!

    • Hey, leewackoff, Atheism is not a religion. It is a non belief in a god or gods. You get dumber & dumber with each passing day, BTW, It is YOU who needs to STFU!!!!

  52. Why do Athiests become so Roused when they see something that references GOD? They don’t believe in GOD so it shouldn’t cause any response. They can, could and should shrug their shoulders and carry on since there’s no damage done! It’s not as though they are forced to practice any religion! They are free to espouse any of their feelings because this is America! However, they don’t have the right to tell me what my religious rights are!
    I’ll bet they never turn down a $100 dollar bill!! Just turn it over and they won’t be offended!

  53. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    I have no problem with “In God We Trust” unless it is people being hypocritical. You trust god so first all of your weapons need to be turned into plowshares. I mean all unless of course you only trust God when it is convenient to say so and not do so ? HYPOCRITES !!!



  55. Michael Newdow, I am so tired of all this BS. You can be an atheist all you want. I have no problem with your choice. I am however sick and tired of people like you trying to take away everything that the rest of us hold dear. Regardless of what Obama says we have always been a Christian nation. Why don’t you just get over yourself and find something really important to take on like Illegals taking over the US, or stopping ISIS from terrorizing the world, or Obama destroying the US.

  56. I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.

    Thomas Jefferson

  57. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

    Thomas Jefferson

  58. Don’t they know that we can just write it on the bills? It doesn’t have to be printed.

  59. If they win this suit in our courts, it is time to change how judges are put in their seats of office. And we need to definitely limit their terms as well especially in the highest court. The lawsuits are just outrageous!

  60. the world is full of A. O. and we do have some here in the USA, you don’t have to use the US money so you will never have to see the words ( IN GOD WE TRUST ) all you have to use is your Credit Cards they do not have ( IN GOD WE TRUST ), and even if you do use the good old American money it would be okay if you do read the words, ( IN GOD WE TRUST ), I never read what it says in the USA money and do not have to because ( IN GOD I TRUST )

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