As Border Crisis Rages, Kamala Shows What She Truly Cares About

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Vice President Kamala Harris faced widespread criticism on Twitter after expressing concern over the lack of handicap-accessible restrooms on most domestic flights, a move that many users found puzzling given the persistent issues at the southern border and rising costs.

Harris, a Democrat, took to Twitter on Tuesday to voice her dissatisfaction, stating, “A vast number of domestic flights lack accessible lavatories. This is simply unacceptable,” and promising that the administration would soon propose a solution to address this disparity.

However, Harris’ statement triggered amusement and bewilderment in the comments, as several people warned that the proposed overhaul of American aircraft could trigger a surge in domestic airfare.

The Arizona Libertarian Party questioned the government’s potential role in addressing the price surge resulting from a reduced seating capacity. “Will the government step in to resolve the pricing issue it has created?” they asked.

Actor Dean Cain sarcastically encouraged the Vice President to tackle the issue, while seemingly ignoring more pressing ones like the border situation. Another commenter doubted the authenticity of Harris’ account, thinking it might be a parody.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton and several others were visibly confused by Harris’ tweet. One user argued that only small, short-haul aircraft lacked bathrooms.

Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt reacted sarcastically, implying a negative scenario where ticket prices increase due to larger, inclusive bathrooms replacing rows of seats.

Another person questioned Harris’ focus on aircraft restrooms while issues like border control and AI regulation needed attention.

The tweet from the Vice President arrived shortly after she sparked sarcastic remarks regarding her take on transportation during a roundtable discussion.

“The topic of transportation fundamentally involves ensuring that people can reach their destinations. It’s as simple as that,” Harris asserted. Commenting on this, Tomi Lahren sarcastically labeled her “a genius” on Twitter.

Republican communicator Steve Guest questioned the seriousness of Harris’ remarks, stating, “Kamala Harris verbalizes thoughts, and then such nonsense emerges. She can’t be serious.”

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