Army to Female Soldiers: Get Used to Showering With Men

As president and commander-in-chief, Donald Trump needs to start rolling back some of the outrageous social experimentation his predecessor tried to implement in our armed forces. And he can start by eliminating the mandate that the military begin allowing transgender soldiers to enlist without prejudice. This mandate is going to create confusion, division, and untold chaos in our armed forces at a time when we can ill afford to be distracted by the gender nonsense swamping American culture. We may have a serious war or two to prepare for in the very near future; we don’t need our men and women in uniform to be focused on anything other than the serious business of protecting and defending the country.

As it stands right now, new Army training directives are informing female soldiers that they’re going to have to get used to showering with men. Well, “men” who now think they are women. Or, as the training material puts it: Soldiers who “have physical characteristics of the opposite sex despite having the same gender marker.” In other words, men who SAY they are women despite having male genitalia. In the good old days, we would just call them “men.” Or “confused men,” at best. But now we’re to play into their delusion, pay for their sex operations, and let them go out there with their insanity and defend the U.S. with guns.

From a (very disturbing) Federalist article:

For a soldier to officially change gender requires only some paperwork. A military doctor or civilian medical professional must certify that the transgender person has achieved “stability in the preferred gender” and the soldier must change the gender designation on the soldier’s passport or birth certificate. From that point on, the transgender soldier is “expected to adhere to all military standards associated with their gender,” and “use the billeting, bathroom and shower facilities” of their new gender.

For example, “Vignette Four” of the training module presents the following scenario: “following her transition from male to female (which did not include sex reassignment surgery) and gender marker change in DEERS [DEERS is the military’s personnel database], a transgender Soldier begins using female barracks, bathroom and shower facilities. Because she did not undergo a surgical change, the Soldier still has male genitalia.”

How should troops respond? “Soldiers must accept living and working conditions that are often austere, primitive, and characterized by little or no privacy.”

This is no doubt true, but it sounds like all of the “normal” soldiers will be expected to deal with these difficult conditions while the “transgender” soldiers are entitled to an endless amount of bent-over-backwards, creative solutions to ensure that they are not offended.

It was bad enough that Obama thought American schoolchildren should have to engage in this make-believe universe where girls are boys and boys are girls according to choice; it’s nothing short of suicidal to force our military to indulge this lunacy. Transgenderism is a mental illness, and mental illness is a disqualifier for military service.

We know that President Trump has a soft spot for the LGBT community, but this is a bridge too far.

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  1. Oh for sure, this is way over the top of any and all morality and decency. First the Boy Scouts, now the Army – no one should join either. Leave it to the gays and when we lose battles on the ground, the proof will be in the pudding.

    • Exactly marlene, our men and women in our military do not need to be distracted by these trannie/gay dipsh*ts.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Boys and Girls Clubs have been invaded as well; soon there won’t be anywhere safe for kids to just be KIDS.

      • Schools have “protected” bullies, playgrounds have drug dealers, babysitters have to be expensively super-vetted, public spaces and places have child predators and even the next door neighbor may be a pedophile. If I had a young child, I wouldn’t let him out of the house until he was over 30 – lol!

        • sandraleesmith46

          NO KIDDING: and then only with adult supervision! Don’t forget the schools preaching homosexuality and other perversions as well. I wouldn’t bring a child into this world for anything, at this point.

  2. Its time we had a leader who stands up for moral decency, and I believe Trump will do just that. Our enemies are laughing at us, but most important God is angry at us. Put God, and prayer, back into our military, and get Satan and perverts out!

    • Agreed. This country started removing God a long time ago little by little and we both know the results. America today is not God fearing.

      • Some of us are, very much so. Unfortunately, the Demonazis and RINOs have bowed to the PC loading the courts with morons, anti Christians, no mores, no morals, no ethics – it’s now an anything-we-feel-goes attitude under the guise of “rights” to believe they are something else. I think I’m a giraffe so I want a long neck and short legs – wait, I already have short legs!

        • Excellent point PatriotGal ! No more Pajama Boy in the Oval Office, but he and his minions, along with the vile media, continue to wreak havoc. The RINOs, with their own selfish agenda, won’t get on board because they want to see President Trump’s agenda fail…they have their pocket linings, and egos, to look after.

          • Fix all the Rino problems that we can in the 2018 elections. Most conservatives already know who they are so we need to start looking for good conservative candidates to run against them in the primaries. Every GOP incumbent should be forced into a primary contest. Now is the time to start planning the removal of all of these traitors. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake. Search the Rino’s out and prepare to support their opponent.

        • “…wait, I already have short legs!”
          They are long enough to reach the ground aren’t they? If so, then they are the right size.

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          • In your avatar it looks like you sucked something that left a BITTER taste in your mouth!!
            Is that your “Monica” pose?????? ROFLMFAO!!!!!

          • You guys just need to BLOCK these advertising trolls, I do.

          • Blocking “IS NOT” stopping! I do a 3 pronged attack on them:
            #1) I vote them down
            #2) on the right of their post is a – down arrow thingy, clicking on that allows you to flag as inappropriate, which I do
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            Blocking them “ONLY” prevents “YOU” from seeing their posts! It is not a Carte Blanche block them from the site!!!!
            It takes time to get the post removed but my way FORCES them to come up with a new avatar and use the same GARBAGE post!! LOL!! If more people would do it my way these sleaze ads would be removed MUCH quicker!!! Just sayin!

          • Not as dedicated as you, but ‘go git’em!’ I rarely take the time to even block, as you say, like ‘whack-a-mole’ they pop up with another moniker.

          • How can you block them?

          • see Old Codger’s comment below about blocking those spammers

          • raffaelecafagna

            working on your Back .

          • Now you got to go back from ground up, if you stand up straight and your elbow is level with your hipbone than your arms and legs are in corekt proportion to the rest of your body. (Men only) and you can grab your b@!!&, and get your whole hand in your pocket all with out bending an inch. About that giraffe neck, don’t know, but I’ know it is hard to choke a guy with no neck at all.

        • Hey, a giraffe on a sub and you might not need a periscope!

          • doubt you would be able to close the hatch to submerge though

          • Just gotta teach’em ta ‘duck.’

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        • Just taking a course on Constitution 101 and we have come such a long way down the wrong road from the original it is hard to find any likeness to reality.

      • Why is it that NHIS reported in July 2014 that 1.6 percent of Americans identify as gay or lesbian, and 0.7 percent identify as bisexual…. and the rest of the population is forced to give in to their demands?

        • The ‘minority factions,’ loudest and most radical, are part and parcel of the Political Correctness imposed by a genuflecting government on the 98 percent!

          • You NAILED it Firewagon. It IS a strange arrangement when 98 per cent of the people are asked to “genuflect” to the personality disorders of two per cent. It would be great of that two percent worked and supported the rest of us in the 98 per cent.

          • Let them holler and.protest. They won’t in Heaven

        • The squeaky wheel gets the oil. The politicians who pander to them get their donations and win the Freaksville vote.

        • It goes on because “the rest of us” allow ourselves to be bullied and pushed around by the leftist lunatics. In reality liberals are only about 20% of the population. So simply by the numbers it says we are allowing them to do their dirty work. We must demand the court systems be cleaned out by actually getting out and voting at all local judicial elections. We see what has happened when we don’t vote in them, THE LIBERALS DO and we are beaten down my the liberal activist judges put in by the Left. That needs to end. That is the responsibility of we the people.

      • America today has become “Progressive liberal communist” because this once Christian nation collectively booted God and His Son Jesus Christ out of our national and personal lives! God warned us that in the last days that there would be a great shaking out of the phony Christians and the most who call themselves Christian will be scattered to the winds of strife. Not many will be saved as WIDE is the path to hell and many will chose that path. They are driven by faithless fear and have no natural LOVE for God, Jesus, or man. Appears that the world is collapsing around us when evil will seem to win, but we were promised that if we remain faithful, stay in His Word and keep His commandments, we will surly be saved! He told us to FEAR NOT about anything that is coming upon this world but to remain calm and TRUE to Him and we shall be saved from this horrific chaos! When the DNC kicked God and Jesus out of their platform, I KNEW that this was an admission that the USA was no longer covered by His grace and mercy! We see it everywhere; Satan going about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour because he knows he has but a very short time to live! Satan is insane, hateful and jealous of God and Jesus’s plan of salvation! He never realized that that plan of salvation could have been his, too! God IS love and His Mercy endures forever. WHAT A TOTAL WASTE of human flesh that was created in the image of God! There id HOPE, however: at the end of all things the Bible says in many places that “EVERY knee shall bow in complete ADORATION to God that His plan and His commandments WERE, after all, the ONLY way to live in peace, love and harmony! EVERY KNEE…….Satan and his angels HAVE KNEES! SELAH!!!

        • PoorPitifulPearl

          Amen, Sherry. Those of us who hold our faith dear, will just have to stand strong and not bow to the faithless. At my age, frail body and all, only my faith can keep me strong to stem the tide. They cannot change my heart.

        • Thanx in large part to saltless SUNday “preachers”, “educated” by lucifer’s conference semetaries(sic) to teach “toleration of evil” and pervert the sheeple.

          • Like the “Pope Is A Dope”???? He’s basically said it’s A-Okay to be gay and welcomes them into the Catholic Church!!!!

          • Yep, the Vatican IS lucifer’s home office. During the “Dark Ages” they persecuted the purveyors of God’s word, now they strive to make it void. Sadly, the sheeple choose ignorance and blindly follow.
            E.G. White’s “The Great Controversy”(between God and lucifer) is the very best exposé ever of them.

          • For what it’s worth I’m NOT Catholic!! I AM a Christian! I can’t fathom what this “Pope Is A Dope” is doing! I’m appalled, shocked, amazed!! What Bible is he reading out of?????
            “Asinine Erroneous Facts for Catholics, Dummies and DemoCRAPZ”???? WTH over!!!!

          • Good on ya, codger!! SLAM DUNK great shot!

          • WOW! I read that same book 20 years ago! It IS the best expose I have ever read, too! I’m sure that I can get another copy from Amazon; think it’s time for a refresher course…….THANKS for the reminder! God bless you!

          • May He bless you too Sherry.

          • I was raised Catholic as a child. This Pope is no Catholic and certainly not a Christian! I left the “church” in disgust after learning of so many rapes, rampant pedophilia, and priests demanding sex from newly wedded ladies before their opportunity to share their first sexual experience with their new husbands! Many of our friends refused to be married in the Catholic Church because of the fear of this practice! Once it got reported in the Mercury News, the practice declined. After years of wondering IF God really existed, a friend took me to some Billy Graham Revival “tent meetings” that opened my eyes and heart to the true Gospel! I read the Bible so much that I got little sleep as I was working 12-14 hours a day at Lockheed. My whole world changed and I was grateful for the preachers that opened my eyes! I was especially grateful that the REAL Bible made sense! NOW, I KNEW for sure that Jesus Christ was real and answered prayers! I began to experience miracle after miracle; I mean REAL miracles! I fell in LOVE with Jesus Christ and Father God! The first thing I realized was I felt CLEAN and forgiven! I FINALLY realized WHY Jesus had to die for MY sins. I began to realize that we don’t want to go to Heaven to escape hell; we WANT to go to be with the ONE Who loved and saved us and the ONE we very much love desperately!

          • AMEN! First let me say that I’m probably not the best Christian that has ever walked the planet BUT I believe!!
            This is why I believe.
            Did you EVER notice that most laws are made around Moral and Christian viewpoints? One for example, “Thou shall not kill( several people have said this is incorrect as the original version said “MURDER” not kill) This is one of the Commandments of God and morally ALL people, religious or not, subscribe to this. General consensus!
            Also, I’d much, much rather believe and be wrong than NOT believe and be wrong!! In the first instance it’s, “oh well I wasted my time believing but morally I was a good person”!
            In the second instance it’s, OMG, oh sh!t, I SHOULD HAVE believed as ETERNITY is an awful, awful long time to be in Hell!! I hear talk from the Bible it’s awfully hot and definitively not a place I’d like to stay for eternity!

    • BoundlessExistence

      So, in your little mind, you must think Trump was behaving in a morally decently manner when he told Billy Bush in a video taped interview he grabbed the pussies of women he liked and was able to get away with it because he is such a rich and famous guy. Trump is nothing more then a immoral, psychopathic, pervert, who was voted into office by millions fools like you!

      • Clearly, you must never have hung out with the boys smoking in the Boys Room. Guys say a lot of things which are far from factual as they try to impress their peers. A lot of girls ended up with totally undeserved reputations. I might point out that a lot of voters from your side turned have also been saying that the leftist agenda has us on the wrong road. Obama was not exactly a mental health poster boy. He launched into attacks even against his own supporters when they didn’t support his agenda. He is a narcissist of the first order who believes only he can be right about anything. The only opinion he respects is his own. As for HRC (Her Royal C) follows in Obama’s footsteps and lies to cover up lies about lies. That’s what you want for a leader? Move to France or someplace.

        • Don’t indulge these seditionists. They preferred an avowed Socialist/Communist (Sanders), and/or a “convicted out of her own mouth” criminal (Clinton)! Trump may have ‘spoken’ inappropriate ‘words;’ however, the probable primary reason Melania wanted nothing to do with living in ‘our’ White House, was that it had not been sufficiently DETOXED from the Clinton era “actual defiling!”

        • Dave you are too advanced and adult for that Boundless Existence to comprehend. Considering the name used in posting here I wonder if the person considers himself Eternal.

          • Satan has the same “grand” illusions! Jesus told us that Satan’s children would be the same as he; evil to the core and grand imposters of all that is good. Trying to make us believe that GOOD is evil and EVIL s good…….Most will be fooled into accepting the poison that eternally destroys! God is a gentleman and will never FORCE anyone to choose Him while Satan forces people into his service through promises he never intended to keep (because he can’t), fear , promises of glory and power, wealth and “21 virgins”. BTW; any of these morons consider that they will no longer be virgins when those evil slobs have their way with them? Can you imagine a “paradise” that lives by the Muslim belief system? They would want to commit suicide after a while and won’t be able to…….

          • Call me an “Islamophobe” because I do believe: “Islam is a caustic blend of paganism and twisted Bible stories. Muhammad, its lone “prophet”, who made no prophecies, conceived his religion to satiate his lust for power, sex, and money. He was a terrorist.”

          • Ya NAILED it!

          • Muhammed “borrowed” (theft by taking) selected parts of Hebrew Holy Scripture to build into his false religion. God never spoke to him so he had to steal from someone else’s work. I call him the FATHER OF TERRORISM.

          • sandraleesmith46

            No, God didn’t, but I firmly believe Satan did, masquerading as “Gabriel” but not quite pulling it off. Muhammad claimed he had an encounter with the angel “Gabriel” in a cave; and that the angel nearly killed him. Now we have multiple records of Gabriel interacting with humans and in every instance, his first words were “FEAR NOT” then he went on to offer some tidings from God for the person/people with whom he was meeting. However, Paul tells us Satan can masquerade as an angel of light, still… And, of course Satan knows the Scriptures too; he tried tripping Jesus up with them, fool that he was:Jesus was the Author! But being the Father of Lies, a label applied to Allah in the Quran too, he would distort and misapply them intentionally.

          • And consider too, if 72 “virgins” are awaiting every Muslim thug presented to them their relationship with him says a lot about THEIR integrity! They make prostitutes look like the highest order of angles.

          • Where are all these virgins supposed to come from. As many muslims have killed themselves trying to kill others, there are not that many virgins . Or is allah supposed to create that many more souls just for this purpose. Islam males absolutely no sense at all. You have to be really foolish to believe in that bull anyway.

          • Right on Shawn. One person posting here reminds us that with Islam females are for procreation only; little boys age 8-12 years are for fun. Maybe THAT is what’s referred to as “virgins”. It’s not clear but maybe “Allah” creates 72 little “virgin” boys to play with.

          • Read the quran more closely. It says “72 perpetual virgins” AND “300 pearly boys that do not bleed” …

            That should clear it up for you after a little reflection on why the “virgins are perpetual”..

            BTW…. Breaking News: All the virgins in muslim paradise are Michael Moore clones….

          • Oh then they’ve added those. So far I’ve understood them to be clones of Barry Soetoro. Thanks for the update. Got to keep abreast—uh, aphallus of things. Apology for the gender error.

          • You are right! It isn’t even stated in the Quran what the sex of
            these “virgins” are! We all assumed virgins are female. Even so; 72 is not very much in light of eternity, now is it? Muslims are FOOLS! They are never promised real LOVE, real PEACE, real happiness of any kind forever! Only SLOPPY and dirty SEX “forever”….What will it take to open their eyes??

          • Jesus!

          • Possibly virgin sheep and goats, maybe a camel or two. And then of course there are the little boys…

          • You sure that it says VIRGINS? And here I was hoping it would be VIRGINIANS ready for a rumble from Patrick Henry and George Washington on to today

        • BoundlessExistence

          You, and Firewagon, Optimista, marshmil1789, and Mary Brumley are all suffering with the incurable illness of Delusion, which is a progressive type of insanity, it never gets better, it only gets worse, which means that when you die you will all have become even crazier then you are now.

          • Scripture calls you and people like you a complete lost FOOL! I dread the “forever” you will eventually be in as you can’t seem to grasp the truth of all that is happening around you. Believe it or not, Christians are praying for you and your salvation, as we are told to pray for our “enemies”. God grant you the blessings of opened eyes and ears AND repentance!

          • I suggest the following “insanity:” If, as you believe, you die, sans any belief in God, and simply return to dust, you lose little except your current existence; however, if there is an actual God that tells you of a horrific outcome from your non-belief, something known as “roasting for eternity,” you are insanely rolling the dice hoping for the front side of that 50/50 outcome…. Were I you, I would review that decision!

          • Or check out Revelation 22:10-11. You will read it Firewagon. The atheists will flip if off as nonsense.

          • I claim no ‘righteousness,’ nor ‘holiness,’ only make one claim: Saved by Grace, Thank God! Another verse comes to mind: Romans 3:10 😉

          • Under law that is true. But Believers are made Righteous by God because He declared it, NOT because we “earned” it. See Romans 3:28. 🙂 God devised a Wonderful Plan before the Beginning! He figured it all out before He created anything.

          • Many thanks to you Boundless. That’s what atheists say about “True Believers”. Your noticing the facts certifies to us that we are following instructions correctly. Thanks for your input. You just gave us a very high rating.

          • “Well done, good and faithful servant! THAT was the perfect shot over the bow of his sinking ship!

          • Ha ha Sherry. How close did I hit? God Himself gave me the answer…it was not of my doing. 🙂

          • Close enough to make huge waves! Sure hope that fella can swim! Our Father ALWAYS has a way with Words, does He not? That’s His GLORY: Speaking through us to others! Trying not to get in His Way or add to His Wisdom! He is very patient with us. His LOVE IS perfect in every way!

          • Thanks for those wonderful words of Wisdom Sherry. Please keep it up. Love it!

          • sandraleesmith46

            Except their “delusion” isn’t a delusion at all; it’s you leftists who are suffering massive delusions, many on a psychotic level, as in entirely divorced from reality.

          • I can offer no proof of the existence of God other than to tell you to read the Bible! Which you WON’T!!
            This is why I believe.
            Did you EVER notice that most laws are made around Moral and Christian viewpoints? One for example, “Thou shall not kill( several people have said this is incorrect as the original version said “MURDER” not kill) This is one of the Commandments of God and morally ALL people, religious or not, subscribe to this. General consensus!
            Also, I’d much, much rather believe and be wrong than NOT believe and be wrong!! In the first instance it’s, “oh well I wasted my time believing but morally I was a good citizen”!
            In the second instance it’s, OMG, oh sh!t, I SHOULD HAVE believed as ETERNITY is an awful, awful long time to be in Hell!! I hear talk from the Bible it’s awfully hot and definitively not a place I’d like to stay for eternity! If Hell doesn’t exist you’re safe. If it does I hope you like it “HOT”!

          • Thanks old codger. I checked it out and the original Hebrew does mean “MURDER”…not “kill”. All Ten Commandments should reflect the meaning of the original Hebrew.

          • I believe they do: ALL 10 of them are God’s heart and perfect like His love!

          • Boundless, in which Section do you plan to spend Eternity? “Smoking” or “Non-Smoking”??

          • WHAT A GREAT SHOT!!! GOOD ON YA!

          • Saw it on a church Marquee once, and it stuck with me

        • sandraleesmith46

          Macron would be a perfect fit for that. He suffers that same pathological narcissism.

      • If you don’t know how men talk about females when no females are present, then you don’t know much! Actually, you are ignorant.
        And a “lady” who dresses or behaves in such a manner as to invite that sort of behavior is a “tramp.”
        If the ‘lady” under discussion wasn’t a tramp, she would have laid him out with one upward thrust of her knee.
        IF that had happened, he wouldn’t have been bragging about what he did!
        So, I have to surmise that “the lady was a tramp.”
        You can have a “whiny” party with your Liberal friends when millions of conservative Democrats join us in cleaning House and Senate in the 2018 elections.

        • PoorPitifulPearl

          I agree, Mary. The fact lost upon everyone who believes that conversation with Billy Bush doesn’t seem to realize that it was a setup and the part where Trump made that one statement was not the beginning of the video. And Trump, admittedly, was not aware of the video. We never saw the real context, and probably never will unless Billy gets a conscience.

          • But the “context” doesn’t really matter! Men will be men and many females are not even aware of how men talk about women when they think no woman will be listening and/or watching. Men will also f*rt and scratch their privates when alone together.

          • Well now!! Several have had your say on how men talk, which is A-Okay BUT, Humongous “BUT”, I’ve also been privy to the other side of the coin! I’ve heard some women say things that if in mixed company would have people blushing!! These women are NOT w h o r e s and tramps either!! Like Trump and some other men, when in mixed company, are above reproach!
            I’m NOT condemning you for the men will be men comments BUT I’ve overheard “women will be women” too!! As the saying goes, there is 2 sides to every coin!!!

          • Well, you may be correct, for I did hear one female do that. But that female was an immoral druggie who entered eternity by dropping a cigarette while in a drug stupor, Her house burned down around her.
            However, the subject under discussion wasn’t specifically about females, it was about males.
            And, I HAVE been known to be wrong a couple of times in my life! LOL

      • You need to change your handle to ” Boundless Ignorance “.
        You should also breath into a paper bag because you are hyperventilating and switch to decaff.

      • You leftists amuse me. You nit pick around till you find some insignificant natural nonsense from years ago and make an issue of it. All of a sudden morality is your theme which otherwise is of no consequence. Of course, you conveniently overlook the history of Barack Obama hanging out at gay bars, being born in Kenya, providing a fake birth certificate, lying on application for license to practice law and being denied such license. For him, a bona fide lier, to take the Presidential Oath of Office is the joke of the 21st. Century. Our nation became for eight years the laughing stock of the planet thanks to that amateur community organizer and professional imposter. Yes, he’s a community organizer and a national divider. And, BTW, did he ever organize a community anywhere?

        • NOPE!!!! Points well taken! Don’t forget he also HATE the military, the police and all law officers, and CHRISTIANS!!! I have called him the “Manchurian Candidate” from the start of his phony “astute lawyer” and “organizer” claims from the beginning! MOST of us Conservative and Christians had him pegged from the beginning but the lying media took over the DNC party and their propaganda machine went on overtime; never vetting anything about this usurper! Have we learned ANYTHING yet??? Not really; we have no courage and are afraid of offending the LEFT because too many RINOS are in the mix! They, too, are afraid of losing their power to manipulate and their greed is just as bad as the Democraps!

          • He hates all that this country represents. as for the lying media, we need to stop watching and reading them and stop supporting their advertisers. That would definitely get their attention if the money stopped coming in to support their lies.

          • Since I don’t watch any media except Christian news, Jews News, and Glenn Beck (and rarely Fox), I have no clue who the media advertisers are. IF the left hits any business, usually Christian and/or strongly NRA Concervatives, they get our business regularly! If the alt-left attacks any restaurant because of their conservative Christian moral stand, they have our business for sure! Besides, their food is trustworthy and better than the liberal run burger joints like McDonalds. I quit Russian tv because they are just as slanted and dishonest as the American liberal (communist) media. All I can do is recommend those I agree with most of the time Like Levin, Prager, Michelle Malkin, Buck Sexton and those who I believe are HONEST! How come we don’t have Conservative TV anymore? Fox has gone off the rails with stupid lefty shows with the few I listen to like Tucker Carlson!

      • That was a long time ago. Guess you never said anything you later regretted. Must be so nice to be so perfect so you can hold a grudge for something said that had nothing to do with you.

        • BoundlessExistence

          Your response proves you were born stupid and have gone downhill ever since!

          • YOUR “responses” have all been sardonic, inept, caustic, dishonest, cruel and loathsome! Not a shred of decency or truth inhabits your empty soul. You are descending into your own private hell! God help you…….so sad…….

          • BoundlessExistence

            To repeat what many billions have said to other people when discussing various subjects since the dawn of civilization, “You don’t know what you are talking about”!

          • OBVIOUSLY, neither do you! You have a very closed mind and it’s so dark in there that you can’t SEE, or refuse to see the LIGHT! We keep telling you the simple way to turn on the lights as the switch is right there in front of you. The TRUTH WILL set YOU free…….Still praying for you as you still think you have a boundless existence! That’s a lie; ALL of us were created to NEED God’s love and forgiveness to continue to exist! Without Him, through the sacrifice of His ONLY begotten

            Son, Who was willing to DIE just for you and “your sorry ass”) there is positively NO hope for your eternity. To deny Him is to accept the outcome He has warned all of us about. If you don’t choose Him, you automatically choose Satan’s “gift”. There is NO fence to straddle here! YOU CHOOSE! God has given enough evidence to you to choose; you are without excuse! In this country, the Bibles are freely given or purchased! Still without excuse! God will forgive the beheading Muslims before He forgives us as they had little or no opportunity to KNOW Him! So, you see,there are no more excuses! Hell will ring out screaming nothing but EXCUSES for being there when all the while, each of those suffering had multiple chances to make that fateful choice! None of us KNOW when we will die, but God told us that each of us has so many days as our days are numbered from the beginning of creation! I know that I am a sinner so I must “die daily” ; He already knew that we would need Him daily to keep us clean and out of sin. That is what REAL LOVE IS! Forgiveness is what YOU need! That’s what ALL of us need! He has stamped us with His 10 Commandments and His seal of approval, so we need not fear or question IF we are saved. By His Grace and Mercy, He told us;”IF you love Me, KEEP My Commandments.” They are the laws of PERFECTION, living and producing love and peace forever. THAT’S what Heaven will be like!

          • Sometimes, like in Boundless’ case, it is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to open the mouth and remove all doubt

          • Boundless, stop talking to the Mirror

      • You will soon see that it is you thatbis the fool

      • That was over 10 years ago and he was not president then. Have you ever heard of forgiveness and reconciliation? We are all sinners and fall short of God’s pureness and Glory. Besides if you are a real man and good looking women like it when you grab their pussies because they know you have a nice cock to put up in it. Just like men like it when a good looking woman grabs them by the dick. Tell me what man does not like it?

        • BoundlessExistence

          I’m sure the Christian God you worship is happy with your response. You seem to believe that is what he created men for, to grab the pussies of women who he created to grab the dicks of men. In your delusional mind this is how a true Christian behaves because the road to Heaven is paved with pussies and cocks!

          • While he would prefer that we waited until we were married he made men to be attracted to women and vise versa. The point is that it is natural to be attracted to the opposite sex and grabbing the opposite sex does not have to be a bad and violent behavior like some people like to make it out to be. As a matter of fact it is a turn on if someone you are attracted to does it to you. As far as Trump saying what he said all men say things that are vulgar when they are goofing around with their friends just like women do. Anyone who acts like people do not say these types of things when they are screwing around and trying to show off or be funny are just liars. These exaggerations are not to be taken literally and anyone with any sense knows this. That is why the logical, honest and rational people in America did not fall for this as a reason not to vote for Trump!

        • A REAL, BORN AGAIN, CHRISTIAN MAN; that’s who…….
          There are still some of the “real deals” around, ya know. There is no excuse for choosing sin, but there still remains the fact of forgiveness for their sins.

          • Yes I know there are some around and they may not participate if so encountered but he would still like. He would just make a decision to do the right thing maybe especially if he was married.

          • TEMPTATION IS NOT THE SIN; the decision to take part in it IS! If the guy didn’t like it, then there is no opening for the temptation. Satan KNOWS what “buttons to push” in all of us! He knows all of our weaknesses; he and his minions, have watched us from the day we were born. Our Father has given us the scriptures to back us up when confronted by the liar in chief! He has given us His Holy Spirit to be in our mouths!
            We really don’t have an excuse for sinning in light of all He has done for us, BUT, He is still merciful and forgiving because He
            “KNOWS OUR FRAME”, He KNOWS we want to stay clean.

      • 142 trillion dollars in federal liabilities tells me it may sometimes be better to stand with the fools than with those who imagine themselves wise men and women, but are far from it.

      • The Bible says that “All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of G-d”, except Christ. So Trump may have his faults with skirt chasing, but so did Bill Clinton, JFK and a heck of a lot of others. At least Trump is TRYING his best to get this country turned back around and going in the right direction, away from the Perdition that Ovomit and HitLIARy were trying their damnedest to drive us into at breakneck speed. And you wanted HER in the White House??? I pity your poor, deluded soul. She has you so bamboozled that you can’t see the forest of truth about her crimes for all the trees of her rhetoric

        • BoundlessExistence

          Only the ignorant believe in a Creator God of any kind whatsoever! I always vote for the lesser of two evils and that is always the Democratic candidate. For the last 40 or so yrs. there have been two types of Republicans the first of which is the candidates who are all a bunch of lying thieves who will do anything they can get away with in their effort make the rich even richer while making the poor even poorer, and the second type are idiots like you who believe their lies and vote them into office.

          • Ok, Fine, I’ll not fight you on the subject. I wouldn’t want to get into battle of wits against a so obviously unarmed opponent

    • Stephen Griffith

      Yes it is past time for our country’s leadership to stand up for God, Prayer, & Moral Decency, in our schools, Military & Churches!!! Throw the Devil & his minions into the bottomless pit! Put God first in all things!!!! The only way America will be great, 2 Chron. 7:14. tells us how, we need to do it right now!!!!

      • Pay attention to your new president he is always bringing God into his speeches and is standing up for Christians in our nation. Whereas our last president was doing all kinds of things to put down and destroy christians.

    • We need to put leaders in all positions who fear God. From dog catcher,city councils,library board,school board,township,county,district,state. And boy will it ever be a fight. But,if we don`t,the spiral into darkness will continue,and it will continue to be OUR fault.

    • I agree. Plus we all need to start standing up for moral decency. We have gone along with the political correct idiots for way too long. We sit back and do nothing.

    • I agree. Plus look at Target and the damage done to their profits because of the bathroom issue. How many times have perverts pretended to be women to look at women and children, and to attack them. I hope target and any other group is being sued for their bathroom agenda.

  3. NO trannies in our military. I guarantee there will be problems and lawsuits. And men to women trannies, if they still have Mr. Johnson & the boys, they’re merely cross dressers. Our military has real men, courageous men willing to risk everything to keep our country and us safe. They do not need to be bothered with this trannie bullsh*t. Tell these trannies to tell their story walking. Enough of this gender bullsh*t already. Shoot them into space and be done with it. What in the hell is going on in this country anyway. Ridiculous.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Pre surgery, they’re ALL just cross dressers; and WE should NOT be footing the bills for those operations and other treatments!

  4. This is absolute BS and should be thrown out. The military is not for social experiments, it’s far to important a job to tell someone to go and kill the enemy then treat them as a premadonna. obama set out to ruin this country and this is one of his subversive ways!

    • Well said Geo.

    • Then get the stupid people out! If they don’t know what sex they are by the time they go into the military then I dang sure don’t want to depend on them to defend me!!!

      • If they can’t recognize their own equipment how are we supposed to trust that they can handle equipment like an Abrams Main Battle Tank, or a Multiple Launch Rocket System?

        • Not only the “equipment” but no amount of “wishing” or hormone injections can change the makeup of a person’s fundamental biology … aka … chromosomes (xx = woman, xy = man).

          • One can make a Toyota look like a Rolls-Royce but under the paint and
            surface body work, it’s still a Toyota. DNA basic biological structure can never be changed–in this world. This transgender stuff turns out
            only fake representations of the “other”. Bruce Jenner used to be a good looking athletic dude. Now “it” looks like a “lady of the evening”. Does it desire “straight” men to date “her”?

      • Yep, going into combat with a gay or transgender could very well give a whole new meaning to
        “watch your six” !!!

    • Ok, lets do to the men that say they are women like we make bulls into steers!! Clamp A rubber band around there balls till they fall off!!!!
      Then they can play like they are female!!!

      • You would think these males wanting to be females would have already done this simple surgery. Castration by surgical action with just a local anesthetic so they can watch and know that the first step is done. Penis removal is a later step two.

        • NOT AT OUR EXPENSE!!!

          • One of these social experiments of a lesser amount was tried during the 50s. Enlist category 4 people who are unqualified and untrainable. They were just a dead weight that you had to carry. These people with mental problems are much worse than that. The purpose of this was to create so much confusion in the military that they would be severely handicapped. That’s what you have when there is a homosexual in the White House. Even if he is Usurper.

          • AMEN, PatriotGal!

          • That may well be a very good deterrent! Tell them that the “operation” is always video taped for their own personal “enjoyment” and have them awake as they proceed in the operation. Constantly telling the patient what they are doing as they continue the “operation”. Wonder how they will react when they finally go for removing their “ding dong”?

        • My trusty and rusty pocket knife that has cut many bulls and pigs works just fine. They want to know what it is like to be a woman then let them experience the pain many women have

      • Excellent, have done that many times to bulls. But a knife is much faster. But to be a true whatever they think they are they should have their penis cut off too. They want to look like women then make them women. AND no not a sex procedure like they want. After all they were not born that way.

      • you will need 2 rubber bands. 1 for the testicles and one for the penis

      • OUCH!! A knife is quicker and more effective! If approached with that knife, it may give them pause and rethink their preposterous agenda. The image of it and the pain should detour their desires to be what they are NOT.

      • Stick a straw up the urethra and clamp off the Johnson till it falls off at the same time you take care of the other part

    • You hit a salient point, Geo. I wonder if the POTUS could, indeed, utilize your statement, “The military is not for social experiments, it’s far to(sic) important a job to tell someone to go and kill the enemy” – under his responsibility of defending our country? Could this be reversed? I really think you hit on something terrific, Geo.

      • sandraleesmith46

        Mattis put a 6 month moratorium on it, while the services prepare reports on it; HOPEFULLY, they ALL get that it’s a BAD move and let the snowflakes whine; they do NOT belong in the military under any circumstances.

        • Hey put the snowflakes in their own unit as bullet catchers and let the REAL heroes do their own jobs

          • sandraleesmith46

            That’s the whole problem: they CAN’T ever be deployed anywhere. THEY are USELESS to the military and sucking up MONEY like no tomorrow for the surgery and drugs to sustain their delusions! Not only are they not temperamentally suited for the military, they are of NO USE to it whatever! Even if we could ever deploy them to a battle field, chances are enormous they’d flee at the first shot, abandoning the others.Those are generally quite cowardly persons. They can’t even face everyday reality, how are they going to face the reality of a shooting war?

          • They will be under their beds wetting their panties crying for momma! The cost would be too high! Do not let them join the Military in the first place!

          • Well. snowflakes should be good for SOMETHING…….

          • Like I was saying, let them CATCH all the bullets for our heroes

    • sandraleesmith46

      Those won’t ever be deployable; they’ll just take up space and money a real soldier and weaponry could better benefit from!

    • I agree but remember it is “too important” and they are “prima donnas”.

  5. these mentally ill “men” need to be mustered out on a “mental disability” state as they will do NO good in battle and are NOT needed there !!

    • sandraleesmith46

      It’s not just males; females too, and NONE of them belongs in or associated in any way with our military!

      • True. Some big tough dike raping some straight young ‘thang is also widespread in the services these days. It’s just that, while I skeeve both, sodomy is more barbaric, excruciatingly painful, and disease-ridden.

        • What some dykes need is a very large stud to show them what that gash is really for besides to pee through!!!

          • No Marlene, just a real man who can’t abide these gender confused people. As the old saw goes; “If it hangs you are a male” or the other one which says: “Your DNA cannot be changed. You are what you were born with” and I might add: Learn to live with it !!!

          • sandraleesmith46

            No; REAL men don’t say things like that or even think them.

          • No sandraleesmith46, wimps are the ones who are afraid to speak up. Real men act like real men and not pussified wimps…Real men protect real women, cherish real women and act like gentlemen when in the presence of real women….

          • sandraleesmith46

            Wrong; real men do speak up, but they DON’T feel the need to degrade others in so doing, even those whose lifestyles with which they disagree.

          • A PIG is not a real man. You can’t be both, PIG!

          • Marlene, you are a silly, Liberal female humanoid!

          • MaryBrumley, thank you. I could be so much worse – I could be you!

          • No, no! You could never be even similar to me, for you would have to stop the bashing and name calling and start using decent language to express your negative opinions!

          • sandraleesmith46

            That’s probably WHY they are dykes in the first place; some “stud” did that when they were children.

          • That falls under the category of “criminal behavior” and should have been nipped in the bud when it happened. I do realize there are instances where abuse has mentally screwed up people. That is where a good mental health system would be good to have. However, in their righteous minds, our politicians did away with those programs due to cost. But they were sure as hell willing to spend money on illegals, welfare, nonsensical “education” programs, etc.

          • sandraleesmith46

            I’m very aware of that. But young children seldom report such abuse, believing it’s their own faults it happened; and few abusers are caught in the act, if at all. Mental health can only help if they want it to help them recover; and today they’re told they’re “normal” and such therapy is banned, even for young children.

          • The ONLY reason a female is a dyke is because she chose that lifestyle!

          • sandraleesmith46

            Yes, she did; but the question is WHY? What trauma taught her that was the way to choose?

          • Severe trauma could happen to a female at a very early age and perpetrated by a member of the opposite sex, could very easily cause that female to be more at ease and trusting with her own sex, yes.
            But, any woman, with or without that trauma, is still able to choose her sexual orientation.
            The lives of the LGBT’s are fraught with dangers and social problems. You could research the facts.
            It troubles me that we are not informing the nation’s youth of those facts. They should be aware of what they could face if they choose any of those lifestyles.
            Personally, I don’t care what choices folk make. But, I would much rather they not be in our armed forces nor rearing our nation’s children.

          • sandraleesmith46

            I have “researched the facts” long since; the preponderance of homosexuals of both sexes, when pressed and self-aware enough, admit they were molested as children, or in some way “trained” into that behavioral pattern, early in life. Same is true of a large swath of prostitutes. They have no more “dangers or social problems” than anyone else; and it’s time they drop the “victim” card too, instead of demanding special protections that others are not entitled to have. However, you are correct, it is a CHOICE they make, not something they are “born” to be.

          • It has been pushed on those vulnerable since the homosexuals have been “lagit” by the media and public in general. NOW, it’s an attention getter for those crying to be recognized for SOMETHING……..Somehow, they feel that the attention they get will empower them to belong to something or someone. ALL they ever really craved is in Jesus Christ; but they just don’t know how to fill the emptiness.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Early molestation has caused homosexual choices long before the DSM battles and extortion over it, in the ’60s; but therapy was available in the past for that. Now such therapy is largely DENIED, by the very people it’s intended to help. Sadly, so is Jesus and His healing. Instead, they’re told they’re “normal” when they as well as we, know full will they are NOT normal. That’s why the continuing suicide rates among them; it’s internal conflict, not what others say or do. And any efforts to help them are now largely banned by laws.

          • I believe the church, by that, I mean REAL caring and loving Christians could and should help and minister to these defeated young people. This all needs to come to the forefront and advertised as a desperate need! Glenn Beck is excellent in this department. Maybe someone could put a bug in his ear about this ongoing problem…….

          • sandraleesmith46

            The Church, the Body of Jesus Christ, as defined in Scripture, has always stood ready to minister to them; on Yhwh God’s terms; the problem today is that they reject repentance and salvation (conversion to Christianity) today, as vehemently as they do to so-called “conversion therapy”, claiming both as “harmful”! It’s a lie, but the one they choose. They are now convinced they can be “saved” and continue to live that lifestyle and that churches should accept (believe) that as well.
            As for Glenn Beck, he’s gone so far off even the Mormon rails, it’s alarming, and the Mormons aren’t part of the Body of Christ; they never were, regardless what the label on the books and buildings say.

        • sandraleesmith46

          The girls share diseases and do physical damage too, unfortunately. There was a reason Yhwh God designed us for heterosexual intercourse and deigned it only for the marriage bed.

    • But if the trans are mustered out after being allow to join, won’t we be paying them a pension? Not good!

    • Obama should have been “mustered out” LONG before things got out of hand!

  6. I wonder how many countries have actually swallowed this business about there being many genders, and that you can simply think you are a certain gender, and suddenly you are! It’s an interesting fantasy, but where, other than America, do people take such fantasies to such extreme ends? Check your equipment, and go to the right bathroom that matches them. Privately you can think anything you want about what your “true” gender is.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Most of the western world these days.

      • I guess you’re right. I read the other day that whereas older generations thought of life in the context of WWII, or Vietnam, or Civil Rights, today’s generations relate their real life experiences to Harry Potter.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Harry Potter??? Even Hogwarts kept the girls and boys in separate living quarters with a large common area between them and hall monitors.

          • Harry Potter puts me to sleep! I don’t get it….

          • sandraleesmith46

            It’s your basic “good vs evil” theme with a lot of special effects.

          • Actually, it’s all witchcraft! Scripture is plain on this; ONLY God has that kind power and Satan displays mind blowing power to win us away from Jesus Christ. Most people don’t realize that they are being played; it’s part and parcel of his
            deceiving works of witchcraft.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Well, it would be, indeed, if it was for real, but like everything else in Hollywood, it’s all special tricks and smoke and mirrors; there is a point of discernment involved in this too. Satan is wily enough, and his bag of tricks hasn’t changed since the garden. He retains all his angelic powers. But Harry Potter was no more a magician or sorcerer than I am. He was a fictional character in a fictional story, which drew on a lot of the same special effects that all Hollywood actioners draw on, and have done for decades.

          • Well I am sure that Harry would tell you the same damn thing…. “if you don’t like what he writes, then don’t fukking read it, bitch”…

        • Total Bull Shit!— Stop guessing what other people might think.. And start actually talking TO them, and ask them what they think!

    • Well, you see, most people in other countries tend to mind their own god damn business.. Its just that in this country… people like YOU… think you have some right to control other peoples lives!

  7. It was just another way to ruin our military, and Obama did it all.
    Obama didn’t really didn’t want ISIS destroyed, due to their being Quran reading Muslims.
    Obama took an oath to protect America, but did the opposite. Where’s the justice?

  8. There was a time when joining the military was a ticket to a safe space from freak shows. Now, it appears, you just might join and find the person pictured below is your hand to hand combat training instructor?????

  9. I am a Type “A” male, all male without question, and I would have no qualms about showering with female soldiers! What’s the problem?

    • It’s a lot of the female soldiers that would have a problem showering with biological males. A “fear” factor.
      Granted the average (male to “female”) tranny has no interest in real women unless there are also “bi” but the visible equipment seems to bother quite a few real ladies.

      • I understand the concern. I was, of course, being facetious, however, it isn’t as far fetched of a proposal as once it was thought to be. Times are changing, for better or worse!

    • LOL. Against their will? Wouldn’t that be a type “F”?

  10. Jesustheonlyway

    Because of their unrighteousness they suffer strong delusion and believe a lie.
    2 Thessalonians. 2:10-12

  11. This is insane! No way should they have to take showers together. They never had to in the past. I think it is time for the President to pick new leaders in the Army.

    • Dennis, It is way past time ! What is happening to our real Men ? & Our real Women ? I have nothing against these lost souls, But would not want my life or my children’s lives defending or depending on them in a war. Or here in America.

  12. lest hope those confused boys or girls don’t run in front of a man with a gun as he is pulling the trigger trying to shoot the enemy, it happens all the time in some places. Just saying

  13. This new tolerance is nonsense. Give all transgenders a general discharge. Same goes for any open homosexual/lesbian. Out soldiers have a simple task to do and do not need to be distracted or handicapped by additional regulations, actions and training. Being in the service IS NOT a job program as some liberals may think. It is not a collection place to keep social misfits out of society as some liberals may think. I recall around 94 that one of bill clintons staff members was shocked to find out that an army officer had a doctorate in engineering, she had thought that army members were all social misfits and had wet dreams about killing people and all had rudimentary education and fake military degrees in strategy. Let the military decide it’s environment, not some wacko liberal social engineer.

  14. This is a perfect example of feelings, i.e., gender identification, trumping reality. In fact, it’s a problem for liberals and progressives everywhere who would have us believe that not only is health care a right, but so is access to an institute of higher learning at an expensive university, which should also be free to the masses. In other words, ask, and you shall receive, no effort involved. These folks, Bernie Sanders, for example, also think that the Federal government has acres and acres of trees that produce a lot of green bills in various denominations that keep our economy afloat and are used as needed. Here nobody has to work, they simply lie on the couch, smoke pot and watch porn all day. Welcome to the Brand New World of Liberalism. Ain’t it grand!

  15. The LBGT People belong in mental hospitals with solitary confinement They do not belong in our military or any place that they can come in contact with any children where they can warp their young minds. Just like Illegals and ALL Muslims they need to be forever removed from the USA. They don’t belong here and are a threat to our nation.

    • The problem is that we have allowed muslim immigrants and their extremely high birth rate to push the number of musllims to well over 3M! That’s too many to deport!
      But, we will have to deal with those muslims sooner or later. They are already taking over our government from the inside. We should be more concerned with the so-called peaceful muslims than the radical muslims!
      Check out Hamtramck, MI.

  16. What a freaking mess this is. The “social engineers” who have come up with this BS need to be shot!

  17. I’m not nearly as “smart” as the liberals are, and I could never hope to be, but here’s a thought that came to my limited mind. Is it just possible that men would play the “I am really a woman” game, in order to be able to dress and shower with women?! Nah, that would never happen, I’m sure, at least that is what the liberals would say!

    • I wish I could have done that when I was , say, 14 or so…………..snicker snicker. I would suppose that will be a problem as soon as a few guys think of it. After all now who is to say that a kid ISN’T cross identifying? The school nurse? no way. The school principle ? Never happen. Same reason. Too much fear of a lawsuit.

  18. This country has gone crazy. They are trying to invent the most advanced weaponry to win wars but sabotage their military by adulterating its personnel with LBGTs and crazies! What a fucked-up life!

  19. This MUST be stopped! Our military have more on their minds than rampant rapes in showers which will be part and parcel of this outrageously horrible decision. If you do not have the parts of the sex with which you are showering – TOTALLY – you do NOT shower with them. And we REFUSE to foot the bill for gender reassignment surgery and aftercare. God help our military.

    • sandraleesmith46

      They already have the rampant rapes from the homosexuals, in their barracks; both male and female. This will only worsen that bad situation.

  20. This has gone on long enough.
    If you are in the military, get out, if you are to be treated like this , just get out.
    Soon the draft will have to be restarted, we will amke sure that half of them are liberal dem bloodsuckers , queers and bent genders.I can’t wait to hear the crying of the liberal scum.

  21. Let’s face it. When OweBama said he wanted to “TRANS form” America he really meant it! The scumbag almost succeeded in destroying this country (he and the the left wing (funded by G. Soros) still do). President Trump is doing all he can to “restore” the country, but the DemoRats , RINOS , MSM, and the “deep state” are are trying to destroy him. This is taking on a resemblance to a struggle between “good” and “evil” , “forces of light” and “forces of darkness” , ” freedom” and “tyranny”. The people who voted for DJT must now let LET THEIR VOICES BE HEARD on the streets and in Washington D.C. to show these bastards that WE ARE STILL HERE and ready to support our President and Constitution he pledged to defend. Making comments on the web is fine, but what is needed now is organised demonstrations (in every city and especially in D.C.). The election of Donald Trump was just the first victory. The WAR is still to be WON! Our country is still at RISK! Evil triumphs when GOOD men (and women) do nothing. 2018 approaches. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD ON THE BALLOT AND ON THE STREETS. MAGA!!!!!!!!

  22. This was all obama destructive U.S. BS- If you got’em you’re a guy – if you got a camel toe you be a gal. PERIOD

  23. Ok, they may have to accept it, but they DON’T have to like it… Accidents do happen in showers.

  24. When/Where immorality prevails, society fails! Queer Logic is a social cancer that destroys…always!

  25. That ought to make for some very interesting locker room chatter, as well as some potential “hazing” of those male/female recruits and enlisted personnel.

  26. This was yet another of Obama’s ways to weaken our armed forces by causing confusion and unrest among the troops with his disgusting mandates.

  27. This whole idea that an individual can just “determine their gender and society and the military have to bend over backwards to accommodate it is, Pure Unadulterated Bullshi-. You are the gender you were born and just because you get an idea that you want to be “something” else, is your problem. No one or any organization should be forced to cater your whims. And the female personnel in the military shouldn’t be forced to shower with these “Transgenders” regardless of how they view themselves. Our politicians and the Pentagon need to remove their heads from their nether regions and get back to reality.

  28. If a war breaks out put these transgenders on the front line. With all hope they get there asses blown away.

  29. could be fun

  30. This nation is descending into immorality more deeply each day! God will be patient for just so long and then He will move against the moral corruption and evil that has pervaded America! This once great country is finished!

  31. Prior to reading this article I said Trump as Commander & Chief of the armed forces should order this nonsense terminated immediately. The Muslim/Commie fag started this ludicrous nonsense as part of his plan to destroy the USA. He should have met a firing squad for TREASON while in office, Is it too late to arrest him?

  32. What does this improve relative to defending our country. Must DOD pay for social experiments? What if they change their mind and want to change back??

  33. I don’t know if a bridge too far quite covers this issue! This is just damn stupid and anyone thinking this has a chance on becoming an accepted issue is plain nuts! These soldiers, sailors, and airmen are there to fight and protect our nation! They are not there to help the whackos achieve their odd aspirations and perhaps get good people killed!

  34. What if very valuable well trained females (who are not confused) sue the government? How will that be handled? What if the civilian spouses of male or female military members sue the government for alienation of affection or breech of contract (whatever a smart lawyer can dream up) – how will that set with defense preparidence?

  35. The next thing the LGBT community will demand is changing that the UCMJ include offenses such as addressing a “transgender” individual by the wrong “gender identity pronoun.” That list is up to what now – 20?
    Just another way to destroy morale and discipline.

  36. As a taxpayer, I resent demands that I am supposed to finance “gender transition” surgeries for any other American. That’s a private matter & it should not be imposed on my pocketbook.

  37. sandraleesmith46

    NO, they “must” not “accept” insanity as “normal”! How will they recognize an enemy if they accede the delusional beliefs of those foisted on them? Reality is essential and that is NOT reality!

  38. Well I can say if those 17-25 year olds are allowed to check out the opposite sex their will be allot of Women in the Military having the next generation of Soldiers. Why pay to go to the strip club just go to the field shower. “The hard part” pardon the pun will be to get the young men to get in and get out and stop hanging around in the shower for hours at a time. I don’t think any one is factoring in the Hormones and the age of these people serving. They are at the peak of their sexual reproduction at that age. I got excited in a stiff wind. After a month or two in the field a tree starts to look good.

  39. We allowed this to happen by not standing up for our rights and forcing pc politicians to listen. Even though we elected a President we know will fight for us he can’t do it alone. He’s attacked everyday by msm, dems and near total lack of support by our gop politicians. We must speak out or we will still lose. establishment politicians must be shown they are replaceable if they continue to ignore us.

  40. Dropping one’s soap in the shower just got a whole lot more interesting in the Army !!

  41. Be “all” you can be in the ARMY !!!. It’s not a job; it’s an adventure !!!

  42. This “transgender” crap needs to GO! It is bad enough that the STRAIGHT guy has to deal with the gay and the straight gal needs to deal with the lesbians without adding more deviants.

  43. Hmmmmm – Th new troopers !

  44. This crap NEEDS to STOP!!
    Novel Dog is correct. GOD is not happy with us. !!

  45. And here I thought that “co-ed showers” were only in the movie “Starship Troopers” – more “life imitating art?”

  46. Not a problem with the “MASH” series of a male soldier dressed up like a female soldier, even wearing the same uniform. There were few if any shower scenes on the show, so who knows how they did it? Separate shower times usage? 🙂

  47. Obama does give a shit if we are combat ready, he is a left wing screwball who screwed this nation royally, why would he not destroy our ability to defend ourselves? He already bankrupted the nation in secret.

  48. Speaking of “co-ed bathrooms,” I had an interesting conversation with a couple friends a few days ago. I live in Washington state (on the WEST coast), and we have an uber-leftist nutjob governor, Jay Inslee. Last November, he won re-election by carrying only one (ONE!) county: King County, which includes Seattle. These friends told me they recently came out of a Walmart store and were greeted by a couple of people collecting signatures to put on the ballot, a measure that would overturn Inslee’s recent “bathroom edict,” where ALL public bathrooms are now supposed to accept anyone who “identifies” a certain way. Hm – I didn’t even know there was such an edict out there. So, leftist slime still thinks they can socially engineer anything they want. A female friend of mine recently went to an Ol’ Country Buffet restaurant, and while in the women’s restroom, experienced some angry male opening the door, sticking his head inside, and shouting at his 4-year-old daughter (or, at least, she thought that was about her age – maybe a little older than a toddler) to hurry up, that she was taking too much time. My friend yelled at the guy to stay out of the women’s restroom, that he was breaking the law by entering this space (she used to be a policewoman, so she would know), and an angry exchange ensued. Ironically, that creep might not have been breaking the law anymore, thanks to Inslee’s edict. Bob (below) is right, this crap NEEDS TO STOP! And NOW, before these “angry exchanges” start to turn violent. Decent people are NOT going to submit to the bullshit of the Left, one way or another!!!

  49. Obama, Obama Obama Obama this disgrace s.o.b, un-American have done so much damaged to our country, society, internal and internationally yet there are people thinking he was good. and yet he goes to his country Indonesia, to blast and speak bad about our country. also and this infuriate me deeply, fox news brings some democrazy people in their show, and they start immediately saying the DNC done better than Trump, I mean these people are totally brainwashed, or brain diluted. all these INSIGNIFICANT DEMOCRATS PEOPLE BETTER GET THEIR STORY RIGHT. DEMOCRATS ARE “”””R A T S”””””, they only know to obstruct and protest, otherwise there is no lead or agenda from that party, just FAKE NEWS AND LOTS OF DELINQUENCY, and now including Bernie Sanders, the supper corrupted and his wife doing frauds, and he is not in jail yet. if it was one of us, they would have already locked us up and the key thrown away. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE TO GET ALL THESE ABOVE THE LAW BASTARDS TO JUSTICE. NOT UNTIL HILLARY, BILL, OBAMA, RICE, LORETTA, COMEY, GOES TO JAIL THERE WILL BE NO JUSTICE IN OUR COUNTRY. EITHER WE ARE ALL RULE THE SAME LAW, OR WE HAVE NO LAW AT ALL.

  50. Nothing new here folks. Been saying it from the initial misbegotten, misinformed, mistaken, mischief of our PC government’s “social engineering” of our military forces – ‘WOEFULLY BAD IDEA!’ Tinkering with the most elite, overpowering force on the planet, that has provided FREEDOM for Americans, over the decades and centuries, primarily as initially constructed, is (not)thought of as a ‘good idea?’ Accepting, let alone, soliciting those “confused,” about their sexual orientation/gender/transgender/et al., to be part of a force dependent on unit cohesion is “improving” that force exactly HOW? There was a woman on Washington’s boat crossing the river, but I would suggest there were none among those 300 Spartans….

  51. The military can tell the genders to shower together all they want, but it has been my experience those of the male persuasion get more embarrassed when caught naked than any of the females! I greatly doubt if this will be allowed, however—-wiser heads will prevail.

  52. When the female soldiers/sailors/marines begin suffering from “sexual harassment syndrome” the policy will change back. (Talk about ‘unintended consequences’).

    Tough cookies!

  53. Wait until they see the bill for incarcerating a good portion of the fighting capable, for fraternization or worse.

  54. Not to many for our law enforcement and military to round up and shoot.

  55. That is what Homeland security should have been doing all along to both the Muslims and Illegals > we have been invaded thanks to The bushes and Obama. Now it is time to fix the problem.

  56. Dennis Anderson

    It started with Obama lying about being a christian. It started with not being able to see Obamas sealed jacket.
    It started with same sex marriage and a fagot in the white house. People put their heads down and let it happen. Morals what morals and our judges making up their own rules as they go along. I want my country back !

  57. Ummm…second paragraph:
    “In the good old days, we would just call them “men.”

    In the good old days we would call them Section 8 and weed them out of the military as unfit to serve.

  58. I thought Trump was a professing Christian. If he is, then he would only have compassion on the LGBT people for the sake of their lost soul that is bound for Hell fire because homosexuality is an abomination to God Almighty.

  59. This is so damned stupid. If you have the apparatus of a male, you use male facilities, and vice versa. Even after sex mutilation the DNA is still the same,

  60. President Donald Trump needs to reverse and remove the outrageous and disgusting compromise of our Armed Forces as a result of Obama’s “Bizarro World” liberal sickness. making male soldiers showering with female soldiers is totally obscene and indecent! is nothing sacred to the sexes? this is about as stupid as allowing LGBTQs in the Military, and that will have serious consequences! but showing with Military Females is just so demoralizing and intrusive-we’re way past the “i’ll show you mine if i show you yours” routine, and whoever pushed this insane idea need to get the boot, and fast! please keep this bullshi! out of our Armed Forces,,it doesn’t belong in there, and it will only cause more problems!

  61. Transgenderism is a mental illness and should be treated as such. As mentally ill people, they should not be allowed in the military as they are unstable. The taxpayers should under NO CIRCUMSTANCES have to pay for sex change surgery nor should we pay for medical treatments to allow these mental patients to pretend to be the opposite sex despite what their DNA says. I’m sick of hearing about these perverts getting what they want just because they think they are somehow “special”.

  62. “Surely thee jest?” If the army gets women to shower with men, they are asking for more trouble than they can handle. It is only natural for a naked male to want to have a relationship with a naked female. Does the army really have time to deal with pregnant females?

  63. Fine, Obozo wants the troops showering together, I’m sure the men wont mind a bit. As for the ” woMEN” showering with the women, OK your trans gender so showering with other woman shouldn’t arouse you so if you get a boner you also get a dishonorable discharge.

    • But, why subject the women to “IF” he gets turned on? This is CRAZY REASONING! This is NOT the place to experiment! These are times of serious WAR! If someone claims transgender, discharge them immediately! They go into the military to get the free medical and surgery! WE should NOT have to pay for his misguided mental disorder! AMAZING HOW THE LEFT WASTES TAX PAYERS HARD EARNED MONEY and we are trillions of dollars in debt! The dubious, treasonous, progressive left should be outlawed from holding any office with any power over the purse or any laws/bills! SEND THEM TO CANADA WITHOUT PASSPORTS!

  64. This is total nonsense for this to happen. We all ready have a rape problem in the selective services. Why in the hell would you do this to women. No respect, no morals. Sound like you side with the muslin and their disrespect for women.

  65. It would seem that a transgender shower deal breaker would have to be when the showering shemale with leftover genitalia reacts to the situation with an, ahem, in-concealable display of disgusting male arousal. Of course, there would have to be an assigned phallus monitor to quickly usher her/him/it into a calming cubicle until the condition subsides by whatever means necessary, all the while averting her/his/its gaze away from the truly female bathers.

    • NONSENSE!! Anyone who shows any signs of “arousal” should IMMEDIATELY be discharged from any military service! Whistle blowers should not be ignored and their complaints investigated.

  66. With the problems of sexual assault already making headlines, JUST wait until the first IT gets raped in either the men’s or women’s barracks. Then all hell will really break loose! There is reason the men and women are separated in berthing. And that is for their own security, privacy and respect. There is NOWHERE any IT has a place in either berthing no matter what IT is claiming!

  67. Stephen Griffith

    It is past time for all “We The People” that are called by God’s Name to stand up, & P.U.S.H. Back against the darkness , To pray until something happens, to be Salt & Light in this Ole World. To fight the good fight of faith, to hold fast to the Truth, TO buy it, & sell it not. We now see what this Country has become a Laughing stock, to our enemies. We must return to the Lord & obey 2Chron. 7:14 it is the only way to save America. God help us all to watch & pray for He is soon to return, Ready or Not! Return the Lord God to His rightful place, to put Him first in all our ways to Honor & Obey His Word, Will & Way!!! Amen! Is my prayer everyday!

  68. I have a quick-and-dirty solution to this whole mess. Have each female Soldier issued a ceramic knife (cheap, doesn’t rust) they can wear around their neck. If they observe a “transgender” Soldier sporting a boner in the showers, they get to do the gender reassignment surgery on the spot. Problem solved.

  69. AHA! A Trans-Amazonian battle battalion! Gentle warriors… Can you imagine what is going to happen when one or more of these soldiers are captured?!?
    Ummm… Yeah…
    Not going to have to worry about further hormone treatments… or surgeries…

  70. I would not trust one of these sickos to cover my back, I would not want one behind me period! with their sex hang ups they have enough mental issues to deal with they are unstable mentally and are a danger to the military in combat, in battle they may break down or become confused and get someone killed.

  71. All I can do is shake my head.

  72. PoorPitifulPearl

    I am confident that President Trump will tackle this problem, too, but it’s all he can do to stem the tide of MSM leaking false stories, RINOs attacking (thanks McCain, McConnell, Graham, Ryan, et al) on any plan that can work and be passed by the rest of the Senate Republicans, loud-mouthed and vicious Antifa and BLM rioters, vile Feminazi’s and, by and large, the Hollyweird set (with a few notable exceptions). With that, it will take all of us Conservative Republicans hounding our recalcitrant Senators and Congress to do the right thing or we’ll can them at the next election. We have the numbers, we have the power…let’s go get ’em!!!!

      NAME TO HELP US! He has the power to do all that we need to have done! And, He KNOWS what we REALLY need. We have to learn how to rest in Him and trust His workings.

  73. Oh my Dems be careful- you’ll get what you ask for. If it fails just blame Trump like Dems always do…got to blame somebody. God forbid I should take responsibility.


  75. Sooner or later the will be SCREWING EACH OTHER!!!

  76. Nellie McConnell

    This HAS blossomed into every school, public places. I went to a store, I frequent at least once a week. Ask clerk, where bathroom was located. I started to door and 2 guys walked OUT. Looked at clerk, women’s bathroom, she advised me it was women’s bathroom. They lost a customer. I will spread the word. I don’t shop Target or Walmart. Walmarts can sell their BLM items and Chinese junk.

  77. Malcolm Davidson

    We won’t be an elite fighting force for very long if we keep up with all this social experimentation. The idea of having a military is to keep the country safe, especially in times of turmoil and war, not to cater to women who want to shower with men, men who think they are women, and the list goes on. Do you think our adversaries cater to the least common denominator when it comes to their military? I think not. If we keep going the way we are going, we are going to be a third world cesspool. I

  78. Malcolm Davidson

    I am praying that Trump will see to it that we do not slip into that abyss. We live in a most backassward world.


  80. And soon they will be scratching their heads wondering why the sexual assault incidents are on the rise. How stupid can you possibly be?

  81. Showering with both genders in the military is another evil and immoral scheme put up by the twisted and demented former president and the far left demoncrats. They should not be allowed to make decisions because of their mental deficiencies! It is a sickness they have that needs to be cured.

  82. As the article stated Trump as commander-in-chief should stop this social experimentation, implemented by the Muslim/Commie fag, immediately.

  83. Let us put the blame where the blame lies. Anyone with any kind of morals would be against this. The blame lies with the Obama administration and would have been reinforced with H Clinton. America would have never recovered. We would have become a third world country but worse than that a country that has no morals. Obama did everything he could to bring down America. Once the greatest country in the world until Obama was elected.

  84. If I was in a Foxhole with someone and they had to take a time out to put on their makeup I might just put an end into their confused state right then & there.

  85. Women off the front like , faggots and les out of the Army forces . And lets fight to win so we can come home faster

  86. This social experimentation with our troops has got to stop. The military’s job is to kill the enemy and destroy his ability to fight, not worry about a member’s “gender identity” on a given day. Our taxpayers should not be funding gender reassignment surgery, hormone therapy, and long periods of time away from training for their primary duty, killing terrorists. Let the prospective trannys get their surgery on the outside, pay for it themselves, then compete fair and square with the other service members for a position in the military. The Defense Department should not be playing these silly-ass games the liberals, like Obama, require of them simply to lessen their effectiveness as a fighting force.

  87. Why not transfer all Transgender guys, gals and others into the same outfit, outfit them with their choice of handbags and send them on a very long training mission to Devil’s Island?

  88. Nobummer started all this gender BS because himself and Michael got gender problems, and he used it as a decoy to get the attension on this crapp instead of on the scandalds at hand, Dos not mater how crazy your head is, you got b@!!$, you just don’t use the ladies room, simple as that, unless you are a perw.

  89. Real men are men, the kind of man I knew years ago. This gender nonsense is not nonsense, it is sick and disgusting. To flaunt this is not acceptable to me as I am a real women. I find it hard to believe anyone would accept this. The real men who defend our country do not need to deal with this kind of person. What is wrong with our so called leaders. They are so busy in the wrong direction of bashing our President, they have forgotten their job. It seems that we the People are not speaking up loud enough This post , Freedom of Speech!!!!

    • Anyone who was out to destroy a nation such as the USA would do exactly the things Barack Obama did during his eight year reign of terror. His fundamental transformation (which thousands of democrats cheered so wildly) included morally and financially bankrupting this nation. Think of all the things he did. Lets face it it is he who is morally bankrupt among other things. In order to take over any nation it is first necessary to drive the Christian religion out. However, he also needed to somehow get the guns because he knew it would be impossible to peacefully complete his transformation in an armed nation. He failed there as well.

      These progressive communist so called democrats have depleted nearly every decent thing in America under the guise of helping people and saving America. However, their brand of saving destroys the constitution, our free enterprise system and capitalism and installs a form of communism. Communal living if you will. Many of the 60’s hippies tried that back in the mid 60’s and found it did not work in real life although it looked great on paper. President Donald J Trump has his work cut out for him. To the progressive communist democrats stopping him is now the goal and the reason for all the false news and innuendos. President Trump will, without a doubt, redirect the nation in an effort to get it back on the correct track if these so called democrats do not assassinate him first.

  90. I guess the Army will be giving lots of free abortions too.

  91. LOL! The brave new dimmercrap “military”.

  92. The utter and depraved stupidity of American liberalism is a cost without beneficial recompense. The freedom to experience natural consequences requires obedience to laws which prevents them. This is the lesson of history—which must be accepted—even if and when the truth of the ethical and moral teachings of Judaeo-Christianity are rejected, as “violations of the separation of church and state.” The purpose of the military, lest the military has forgotten, is to impose the rule of law on belligerents who refuse to obey it. Without adherence to, and appreciation of, the moral and ethical laws which provide for beneficial order in society, that order is lacking and causal of situations which require remedies, more than likely, imposed by the legal system. Therefore, the military can not exist, purposefully, without a clear understanding of, and adherence to, moral and ethical standards which prevent conflict within the ranks of the same military forces. The congress needs to revisit this issue and provide clear and distinct standards which will preclude the increase of sex-related cases which have no valid purpose or benefit.
    Prior to 1973, the U.S. military forces functioned perfectly well without female members being admitted to the service academies or the ranks of all but clerical and medical corps positions, (WWII female, ferrying pilots, notwithstanding).

  93. What a joke…

  94. Stephen Griffith

    This is why “We The People” should defund the paying for this mess, for some Whackadoo, to change their Gender. They are nutz to begin with. I am whom God made me to be, a man created in His likeness, as are all men & or women. To say one can think ones self to be something else. If I one day just get to thinking, well I’ll act like a Dog. Go around chasing cats up trees, biting Mailmen or women, chasing cars. They would soon have the guys or gals in white coats with butterfly nets. I’d be put in a rubber room, for being a nut. This kind of Craziness is what Libertards & DEERS, & Repugnutz Rhinos want. I say put them in rubber rooms & give ’em Shock & Awe Med Treatment!!!!!! Zap powering up for Shock & Awe!!!!!!

  95. It’s ridiculous, stupid and obscene. Now any guy who gets a charge out of seeing naked women, just has to say he “feels like” a woman. I see this has a major loss of integrity in our military leadership — allowing themselves to permit this kind of garbage and to buy into this “gender confusion” crap.

  96. just because Obama and his husband are drag queens does not mean all America wants to be the same.

  97. are they even “reaL MEN” TODAY? or are they “girly men” as Arnold S would say??
    GOD IS NOT HAPPY with America!! We have become the modern day sodom and gomorah.

  98. davesnrakleberger

    insanity…..if someone can’t identify with the genitalia they were born with, they don’t need to be in the military at all.

  99. “…. outrageous social experimentation his predecessor tried to implement in our armed forces.” Perzactilly! What could possibly go wrong running some Politically Correct “experiment” on the ONE and ONLY ‘required’ government entity that has kept America FREE over 200 years and counting? ANYBODY suggesting such should be run outta Dodge on a rail, I’ll even provide the rail!

  100. It sounds to me like picking up dropped soap in the shower is gonna get kinda interesting !!

  101. Maybe they will see something they like.

  102. Ladies – time to pack waterproof heat, and brass knuckles – in the shower and stay in big girl groups! If these so-called sex-ID changers are going to those showers they must have their lower part bobbed off to prove authenticity and to remove the chance or rape with the use of that lower member.

  103. Absolutely insane, I’m embarrassed for our military. We are a laughing stock of the world. No good can come of this…

  104. Political correctness has to be put precisely where it belongs…. into the garbage dump of history. liberal manipulation of our society by social misfits needs to be ended ASAP. Judges that allow this kind of crap should be removed from office by society and not wait until our totally screwed up government gets around to it. Communism needs to be called what it is, a subversive movement to overthrow our democratic republic.

  105. maybe the female soldiers should carry a razor in case the trans wants a shave

  106. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    Wer they told they must use the same bathrooms?? You are in the MIlitary now so get used to it.


  108. Dennis Anderson

    This is supposed to be our armed forces not a god dhamed freak circus. Let the gays go play with themselves who needs this crap. Im locked and loaded and anymore I dont have a clue where to point my rifle.

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