Army Having Difficulty Recruiting Soldiers, Relying on Increased Bonuses

The U.S. Army is facing difficulties finding enough recruits and hopes increased bonuses will lure them in, according to a report on Wednesday.

The Army for the first time is offering a maximum enlistment bonus of $50,000 to highly-skilled recruits who join for six years, the Associated Press reported. Until now, the record high was $40,000.

The head of Army’s Recruiting Command, Maj. Gen. Kevin Vereen, told the AP in an interview that the difficulties stem from schools shuttering during the pandemic and a competitive job market.

“We are still living the implications of 2020 and the onset of COVID, when the school systems basically shut down,” said he told the outlet. “We lost a full class of young men and women that we didn’t have contact with, face-to-face.”

But he also said some young people are taking gap years and “are making the decision that they don’t necessarily need to work right now.”

Vereen said last year’s recruiting goal was 57,500 and this year it would be about the same.

“We want to promote the value of serving your country first,” he said. “But we also know that, this generation and I guess human nature, you know, it’s all about compensation, too.”

The recruiting struggle comes as the military is poised to separate possibly tens of thousands of service members for declining to be vaccinated and defying the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate. The number of unvaccinated service members is estimated to be around 30,000. So far, the Marine Corps has separated more than 200, and the Air Force more than 20.

The Army said Wednesday it has not yet involuntarily separated anyone over the vaccine mandate, but that it has relieved six active-duty leaders from their command and issued 2,994 general officer written reprimands to soldiers over the vaccine mandate. Those reprimands are often career-ending.

More than ten thousand across the services have requested an exemption from the vaccine based on religious reasons, but so far, no religious exemption requests have been approved. More than three dozen Republican House lawmakers and nine Republican senators warned in an amicus brief last month that denying all religious exemption requests would hurt the recruitment of individuals of faith.

The recruiting difficulties also come as public confidence in the military is shrinking. A recent survey by the Ronald Reagan Institute showed a drop of 11% of Americans with high confidence in the military — just since February, as previously reported by Breitbart News. That drop was attributed to “political leadership.”

The current military leadership has also come under scrutiny from the right, after several military leaders defended the importance of service members reading books about Critical Race Theory during hearings last year. The Chief of Naval Operations, Adm. Michael Gilday, defended putting How to Be an Antiracist on his recommended reading list, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley defended learning about “white rage.”

Vereen said the total amount of available bonuses has not been set. Last year, the Army spent more than $233 million in bonuses, with about 16,500 recruits getting an average enlistment bonus of $14,000. After failing its annual recruitment goal, the Army spent more than $485 million in bonuses in 2018.

Army Brig. Gen. John Cushing, the deputy commander at Recruiting Command, told the AP that the bonuses will be concentrated in the next few months when it is really needed, versus spread out across the year.

‘It is certainly a weapon that we have in our arsenal. And I think we’ve used it effectively and I’m very confident we’ll get after it again this year,” he said.

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  1. That’s what you get for kicking the patriots out, over POLITICS! Now you have to pay people to serve, an outrageous situation! Such persons will not defend us when the chips are down!

  2. Yet the idiots in charge are forcing career soldiers, like myself, out because we won’t tolerate unconstitutional violations of our rights. I will not submit to their vaccine mandates, so therefore my career is over. Each of the vaccines was developed utilizing abortion derived stem cells. My lifelong belief is that abortion is a sin, and benefitting from abortion is also sinful. The military so far has refused all religious accommodation requests, except for 2 in the Marine Corp., from the thousands of requests that have been submitted throughout the branches. The so-called “leadership” is more concerned with woke politics than combat effectiveness, so yes, our security is in danger.

    • I stand with you in your beliefs!! But I also have to add that some people are getting the jabs that have lethal substances in them and are dying!!! 22,000 people have died as a direct result from getting the jab and almost 2 million have had SERIOUS ADVERSE REACTIONS which have ended any career aspirations. This info is from

  3. I know some 60 and 70 year old folks that would more than gladly rejoin. Problem solved.

  4. The bonus system is nothing mew. It was in place during the draft. Problem is at that time it attracted many who had no incentive 2 educate themselves, not saying all. The saying @ the time was re-enlistment attracted “LIFERS” & ” CAREER SERVICE”. Both would take up arms against all enemies. (foreign & DOMESTIC!!) Todays service members R being indoctrinated 2 support the TOTALITARIAN 1 party system, thus the rebellion. Many won’t re =enlist & many will not choose the military even with signing incentives.
    Under such circumstances a weakening of the armed forces is inevitable. The American services always had 1 advantage over totalitarian armed forces, individual initiative. U could knock off the leaders & even the lower ranks would rise 2 the task. Now they R taught 2 march in lockstep.

  5. You think these people care about the US, when we joined in my day we did it because it was the thing to do. Everyone should serve and do it to keep this land free. These leaders some of them should read and study leaders of the past that were true Americans. Gilday and Milley are two that makes m sick!
    the old marine

  6. So the all-volunteer US military is a resounding success….NOT!!!

  7. Don’t s’pose this has anything to do with requiring any incoming to have been jabbed, do yah!?!?!?!?!?

  8. Lose the mandate vaccine nonsense to start with. Quit throwing people out who aren’t dumb enough to take it.

    That would help…

  9. I am not at all surprised at this. Parents play a big roll in their children joining the armed services. They also can see the leadership of the services is at its lowest competent level in many many years. They also know this administration doesn’t support the military. When thousands of dollars is not an incentive it is way deeper than ‘woke’ democrats have the ability to remedy.

  10. The song lyric, “Proud to be an American…” is no longer taught in the schools. It’s a NO wonder that the recruiting percentage has dipped. God, national pride, common sense are being replaced with LIES, socialist marxism, and stupidity. I guess this is what you call the Left’s Agenda….
    We need God back in the picture, friends, before He takes us out!

  11. I would not serve in the military under the present regime and I would urge my grandchildren to not serve in the military under the present regime. I spent eight years in the USMC, four years active and four years active reserve. However in the atmosphere in the military today, even $50,000 would not get me to join.

  12. All anyone with half a brain needs to do is look at the way this administration left Afghanistan. That is why no one even our own country men trust the current government to stand by them. In my day early 70’s the military was a political and the same for religion.
    Now if you are not a socialist or woke you are not welcome.
    Let’s go Brandon.
    Semper Fi to the rest of America.

  13. Let’s not forget Afghanistan… our soldiers lost due to a senile President and his ho!
    I would think soldiers lack confidence with a woke regimen toying with their lives.

  14. Why would anyone join in today’s environment. Vaccines, and God knows what else is being forced on our soldiers. The woke generation has been taught to hate America. Americans today are called Racists, White Supremacists, which is impossible, considering the fact that all the fancy DNA & Ancestry kits PROVE that practically no one is pure bred in any one nationality.

  15. there is no feeling of brotherhood. this current pResident in the Whitehouse is a joke. he is not patriotic in the least. he sees our military as something he can control to do his bidding, against Americans. witness the current “training” in North Carolina. he is training these men and women to fire on their own countrymen. civil war training????? he is pushing that agenda as hard as he can. trying to create a huge divide between races. why? he must see some profit in it for himself and his familial cartel. 50,000 is not worth the risk of the killer vax. people are wising up to this bull Schiff. they are trying to prolong fear in Americans for as long as they can. a fearful public is a docile public. now they say another pandemic is coming out of china. something equivalent to ebola. ask fraudci and gates how much they paid to develop that curse against humanity. we need action to remove these scums from this country.

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