Arabic Pledge Infuriates Students

There are times when it’s only clear how awful an idea is after the fact. Something that seems pretty good on paper winds up offending someone in application. You live and learn, careful not to make the same mistake in the future. That’s part of life.

Then there are occasions like this one, where someone should have seen it coming.

On Wednesday, Pine Bush High School in New York was celebrating National Foreign Language Week. As part of that celebration, the morning announcements included a reading of the Pledge of Allegiance…in Arabic. Students were infuriated, many of them taking to social media to express their anger.

“The pledge should always be said in English,” one student tweeted. “They could’ve just said ‘good morning’ in a different language each day.”

Yep, that or another of a million different phrases. That the school chose to use the Pledge specifically proves that this was a calculated decision on the part of some liberal. So maybe it’s not fair to call it a “mistake.” Anyone with half a brain would have known the kind of controversy this was going to inspire.

Superintendent Joan Carbone insists that’s not the case. She said the reading was “something that was supposed to be good but turned out not to be.” She has since learned from the state’s Education Department that the Pledge of Allegiance is always to be read in English.

Pine Bush Principal Aaron Hopmayer was quick to apologize that afternoon, but the school is still divided over the reading. Yes, it’s true. Some of the students think it was an appropriate reading, though kids who lost parents in Middle Eastern wars and Jewish students are understandably not among them.

Count me as surprised that they are still reading the Pledge of Allegiance in school. Gosh, how do they get around that pesky part where it says “one nation under God?” Isn’t that a violation of the separation of church and state? I can only imagine that many students have to put their fingers in their ears when it gets to that part, lest they be infected with Jesus germs.

Is there anything inherently wrong with saying the Pledge in a foreign language? Of course not, other than the fact that it apparently violated some bureaucratic regulation. There’s not even anything wrong with saying it in Arabic, except that we can’t exactly ignore the context. And that’s why so many students were offended, and that’s why this isn’t just an example of kids making a mountain out of a molehill.

It can’t be ignored that Arabic is the language of Islam. And it can’t be ignored that Islam’s radical offshoots stand as the greatest threat to everything that the flag stands for. That’s not a fact acknowledged by President Obama, but it’s a fact nonetheless. If we have anything resembling a national enemy, radical Islam fits the bill. To read the Pledge in the language of that evil religion is an insult to every American who spilled their blood in Iraq and Afghanistan, to say nothing of those who died on 9/11.

Some people are never going to see it that way, and that’s fine. It’s a free country. But if we’re going to say the Pledge in a foreign language, we should at least choose languages originating in countries that share our values. You won’t find many Arabic-speaking countries that meet that definition.

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          • @Uzoozy – As Barry has started more wars than any other actual President, I now KNOW you’re being sarcastic. Unfortunately, your sarcasm is so subtle that many might not catch it.

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          • @Uzoozy – GREAT sarcasm! LOL!

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        • I was just talking to someone about what you wrote in your post.

          I don’t worry about Hillary ‘ s emails. I don’t even worry about those who want to see the state of Israel in a pile of rubble, because

          GOD has the final say. He will be faithful to protect those who are His and put assunder, those people, those countries who work diligently for the prince of darkness, namely the devil, to do evil toward those He loves.

          No, no, I’ m not worried about these people because one day they will spend eternity in Hell will the devil and his fallen angels.

          • “GOD has the final say”?
            Only one problem with that is that there is no God……any more than there is a Zeus, an Odin, an Allah, a Tooth Fairy, or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
            Please read The End of Faith by Sam Harris.

          • Great comment!! Don’t forget Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Big Foot& so on…. I’ve read The End Of Faith- excellent book!! Another great book to check out by Christopher Hitchens- god is not Great, How Religion Poisons Everything. Maybe you’ve already read it. If not, it’s well worth reading. Have a great day!!!

          • Thank you for the compliment. I have a copy of the Christopher Hitchens book, god is not Great but haven’t read it yet. Although I do some serious reading every day, I just keep getting more behind in reading the books that I know I should read; my list of books to read gets longer faster than I can read them.
            Here are some very important books that I have recently read that I would encourage
            you to read ASAP:
            1.) The Story of Muhammed; Islam Unveiled by Harry Richardson.
            2.) Modern Day Trojan Horse; The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration by Sam Solomon and E. Al Maqdisi.
            3.) Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America by Ann Corcoran.
            Here’s the problem in a nutshell:
            There are something like 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today.
            Their fertility rate is 8 times that of non-Muslims.
            Islam promotes criminal insanity.
            The Muslims have been working, and are continuing to work, very successfully to take over the world (they believe that is their religious duty), establish a world caliphate, put us all under Sharia (Islamic law, which makes a mockery of justice, morality, and reason), convert, enslave, or kill all non-Muslims, and drag us all back to the Arab version of the 7th century.
            Please read the books mentioned above; it’s much later than you think.

      • And don’t forget his male wife Michael LaVaughn Robinson, also go to youtube. com and type in the search block “video where “O” calls his wife Michael. The two phoney “O” girls are adopted from the Trinity Church members via Rev. Wright. Look up Michael LaVaughn Robinson.


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        • @brabbie2002 – “Swing, baby, swing!” (I prefer the outlaw-in-chief not be dropped, as a broken neck is too fast.)

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      • JeromefromLayton

        That’s why my current wallpaper at work is a picture of a Post Turtle. Bill Clinton retold the story back in 1992. “If you see a turtle on top of a fence post, you know a few things. First, it didn’t get there by itself; someone or something put it there. Second, it doesn’t know what it’s doing up there. Finally, it doesn’t know what going to happen next, but someone else might have an idea.”

    • The kids obviously weren’t to upset by all of this or they would have walked out in protest while it was happening. That is what I would have done. I will NEVER EVER support this terrorist loving so called religion. It is out of the pit of hell and needs to be exposed by all for what it is. It is past time that all muzzies are deported. We don’t need them here, they add nothing of value to our country and constantly take from it.

      • 7papa7: Islam isn’t a religion. It’s a totalitarian political system and a supremacist ideology.

        • You are partially right, what you are leaving out is that this political system is always run by religious leaders. It is actually a marriage of the two. To my knowledge none of these fanatical governments have a secular leader. They always have their mullahs pulling all the strings.

          • “..this political system is always run by religious leaders”.
            With all due respect, you seem to be missing the point; since Islam is a totalitarian political system, those who represent it and dictate its teachings to the followers are political leaders, not religious leaders.
            That Islam is a political system is evidenced by the fact that the beginning of Islam is not dated from Muhammad’s birth or the date of his first revelation, but from the time when he immigrated from Mecca to Medina and became a powerful political figure.
            A political leader can be secular or religious. But they’re still basically political leaders.
            Islam and the Muslims put on the religious mask because they know it will aid them in spreading Islam.
            Please read Robert Spencer’s excellent book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades”.

          • Look at Iran under Ahmadinejad He was the “ruler” but his strings were being pulled by the mullahs and other religious leaders. It is a marriage between the two. I don’t disagree that it is a totalitarian system. I am only saying that it is the religious leaders who are pulling the strings. The results are the same.

          • The so-called religious leaders you referred to are Muslims.
            Muslims follow Islam.
            Islam is a totalitarian political system.
            So if the “religious leaders” who are pulling the strings are followers of a political system, they’re actually political leaders.
            I don’t want to get into a big argument about this with you; you seem to be a good person and to know more about the Islam problem than most Americans, and that’s good enough for me.
            Please do get a copy of and read “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades” by Robert Spencer.
            Knowledge is power.

          • I would suggest you read the authentic Quran and your misconceptions will be gone. God willing

          • I have read an “authentic” Qur’an (The English translation by Marmaduke Pickthall) and I have no misconceptions about what it says.
            I suggest that you read The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades by Robert Spencer, and your beliefs about your fake religion and your mythical god (Allah) will (hopefully) be gone, by virtue of the power of reason.

          • You are totally confused Robert Spence is no expert in anything but blasphamy .
            islam is still the only true religion

          • The confusion is all yours. Robert Spencer has been studying Islam for the past 33 years and knows what he’s talking about. I challenge you to read the book I suggested and disprove anything he wrote in it. Blasphemy is profane or contemptuous speech, writing or action concerning God; there’s nothing profane or contemptuous about mocking a non-existent, mythical being…such as your Allah.
            Islam isn’t really a religion so much as it is a totalitarian political system and a supremacist ideology, and all religions, including and most notably Islam, are based on lies and myths.
            There is no Allah; he’s just the moon god of the ancient Arab polytheistic religion that predated Islam, stolen by the writers of the Koran to use as the monotheistic god of Islam.
            Muhammad (pig excrement be upon him) never existed; he was created by the same people who wrote the Koran, just like the comic book character Superman was created complete with a fictional, falsely created biography.
            And there is no Paradise with 72 virgins waiting for every Muslim dummy who blows himself up to kill infidels for his imaginary god, Allah.
            Grow up and get a brain.

          • Robert Spence is a jerk with twisted views on everything.
            Islam is the best religion now on earth.

        • Carol Chadbourne

          AND a murderous cult.

      • They are kids. They have not yet learned physical rebellion, and that is a good thing. And where would they go? Letting kids walk out of school puts them on the streets with perhaps no way home. They did the right thing to “tell the world” and hopefully this does not happen again…and I would want the language traitor fired.

        • I am sorry I wasn’t clearer. I meant walk out of class until they were through disrespecting the flag and pledge of allegiance. I did not mean walk out of school. These are kids but old enough to know right from wrong, they are high school age. If they don’t know right from wrong by now they never will. They should know what is right and what to do.

          • Sad thing is they are taught wrong is right and right is wrong in school. Personal Experience!

          • You are right. Thank you government schools. I was in school when right and wrong were taught, when patriotism was taught and modeled, when discipline was expected or you got swats in the VP office. It didn’t hurt us and they need to reinstate these standards for the good of America.

    • if a tree fell in the forest and fox noise wasnt there would it still be obamas fault

      • ladyofperpetulmotion .

        Yes. It would. Everything is Obama’s fault.

      • THE only thing Obama’s “Fault” in relation to this subject, is that HE refuses to admit to the world, & himself, that Islamic extremist TERRORISTS EXIST! WOULD all you progressives be so understanding of his position, if he was saying, “Aliens from outer space are infiltrating this planet”, and started promulgating foreign policy and tax dollars to meet/interact with this “event”?!

        • he doesnt deny there are terrorists but he does deny that continued troops in other countrys is not working , republicans should try diplomacy abroad and at home in the congess instead of trying to buy or bomb everything

          • HE did NOT say the word TERRORIST for YEARS after he was sworn in. Don’t remember the PC/administration words for terrorist attack, as being called “man caused disasters”? HE still has NOT said the word Islamic extremist terrorists! HOW would This nit wit know if troops in other countries works, since HE pulled ALL the troops out of Iraq, against ALL military advice. I’ll bet BHO believes that IF he reads the Book, he could do BRAIN Surgery! BTW, YOU might want to READ some history, that is NOT written by Progressives- WE had troops in Germany & Japan for DECADES, after WW II. Guess what? Those countries are now OUR allies.

          • you not only do not remember what he said you listened to the talking heads interpretation of his words NOT his true words. When are you conservaturds gonna learn that your heros orielly- beck- douchy and the rest of the faux news channel make up their lies- 2 separate fact checker sites estimate the amount of truth on fox at 16% and the rest they make up

          • Fact checkers? Who? MSNBC? We’ll stick with Fox, you can keep your Brian Williams, Gruber.

          • duh sry mac i forget your limits – there are web sites that are not affiliated with ANY broadcast system and they check ALL the broadcasts for truth –you should try some of them and get a taste of reality.

          • You’re on one of those sites now. You support the worst president in history and you tell me I should get a taste of reality? Have a mirror, Gruber?

          • i know were im at i try to read from all the different points of view to see if there are any VALID arguements — sorry so far its just cursing lies and innuendos–TYPICAL———.
            the closest one to make sense on this site is the guy that wears the tin foil hat so obama cant read his mind and get his plans for a time machine.

          • Innuendos? From BLS, 300,000+ a week apply for unemployment, that’s given us a record low workforce, the lowest since 1978. Using the U6 method, unemployment is 11.3% counting those that have given up looking. Innuendos? LOL

          • I’ll take Fox News over MSNBC, any day of the week. AND, I’ve listened to BHO’s speeches after terrorists’ attacks. HE is so busy covering the Islamic Extremist terrorists A____, HE somehow manages to Totally MISS FACT, that the executions of REAL PEOPLE is for the “SAVAGE” crime of being Christians!

        • I would suggest that the devils are the bad guys.

    • Vote for Dr Ben Carson he is a true Patriot and will save our Country He is very passionate for the return of Values and aganist pollitical correctivness

    • The whole world has 5 percent Arab blood

    • Strung up and burned

    • right all part of ovomit/satans agenda21{new world order}add the cair group which is a frt for the muslum brotherhood terrorists and la razz.islam is not a religion its an idealogy,all non muslums the unbelievers or the infidels our to be ambushed and beheaded.fight these evil scums they are great at deception and lying.there are multiple muslum terrorists training camps in dearborn michigan maine upstate ny near hancock,and in dallas were the 4 lying muslum animals said they were lawyers to bring in there muslum tribunal.and in irving were these muslum animals tryed to intimidate the city council,so they could bring in there muslum sharia laws.but the city council voted them down 5-4 and we emailed the 4 council members who vote for these sharia garbage,and told them we will vote them out,and bring charges against them for not living up to there oath of office.even janet napalitno put a muslum terrorists in homeland security,his name is elibearry and when rep louis gohmert questioned janet on it,she would not answer any the book the muslum mafia.god bless all legal american veterans/citizens

    • Blame lies with the citizens, we have allowed the poison into our society for decades. As long as we have a new car and color TV all is well. Your not a good citizen if you don’t practice good PC and accommodate any and all. Wake up people, we have willingly asked for this. When the snake that we have invited into our world bites us we act surprised. What did you expect, that’s what they do.

  2. These students should be given medals for being brave enough to stand up for America. I am proud of them. Never , never give up on America.

    • I am proud of them too but I find it sad that our children are having to fight while in school, over things like this, the food they eat in the lunchroom, forced to kneel on muslim prayer rugs and labeled education…on and on…where are the adults? They sure aren’t in our Congress..

      • — Where in Hell is the P.T.A. ???
        Parents should get this Principal FIRED !!!

        • Well Mac Boy, I think the organization you mention has been replaced with tech toys, super cell phones, money laid on the kitchen counter with a note saying “have a good time at the party or concert but try not to get in trouble”, frozen junk food in fridge.” It’s called parenting…today.

          • Less than 25% of US school children today, live within a ‘Traditional Family’ where role models, morals and Faith are the ambiance.

            Traditional Family, the only historically sustainable socioeconomic system, has been demonized and replaced into irrelevance by ‘The Great Society’, a cradle to grave subsidized culture of perpetually dependency addicted feral relationships and their spawn from various ‘donors’.

            In case no has noticed, this sitting POTUS is a product of his preferred peer group, the ‘community’ that he organized. Nothing will ‘change’ anytime soon, due to the ‘generation must pass’ fact of history..

          • sad to say but most do not even know what ‘this generation must pass’ means…blessings to you, we are all going to need it…

          • MANY kids through the generations have been raised without one parent or another…look at all the kids raised by one parent after WWI and WWII! In fact, the TRIBE OR CLAN has been the most successful system to provide for the safe and secure well being of children giving a whole linage of responsible people to care for the child and if the parents can’t, they have “backup.” These days we are supposed to forget all about “family” meaning THE WHOLE tribe related to a child. Children’s Services as a state supported backup is NOT “family.”

        • JeromefromLayton

          After my son got to be school aged, it didn’t take me long to figure out that the PTA is pretty much run by the “T” part. If a couple of “P” types get uppity, they have a trick called a Delphi to kill off informed discussion. When someone says “let’s break into discussion groups”, that’s a Delphi set-up to keep most of the people in the dark and prevent decisions based on public knowledge. So, who’s going to fire the Principal???

          • Discussion groups and “let’s do a study” are 2 of the most effective ways I’ve seen of stonewalling ANY attempts at actually getting something DONE!

          • Just jump up and say, why not let each person share what they ALREADY KNOW AND THINK on this topic before we break up? We came for a MEETING, let’s have one. Assign people to research the topic AFTER WE FIND OUT WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW which cannot be presented here tonight. Be assertive against efforts to disconnect! If you KNOW the tactics, why go unprepared to COMBAT them?

          • Actually, after someone recommended a “study” for the 3’rd time, I said, “ENOUGH with the studies! WE know the cost of what needs to be done. Either do it, or don’t come to me looking for money, when disaster happens”.

          • Good for you!

          • Whatever happened to Roberts Rules of Order? If someone says let’s break into discussion groups, move to REMAIN in a group…and call for a vote. Do not sit back and let idiots run things. Step up and do it yourself. If the PTA does not work, start a new group of just PA and present your TAXPAYER’S votes to the Board! The TAXPAYERS OWN THE SCHOOLS. Take over. Americans must get into the local grassroots of leadership and patriotism and restore the foundations of this nation, what made it great. I learned about leadership three generations ago when my Dad worked to build schools in the suburbs…all done by taxpayers and they would never have tolerated anything but PATRIOTS teaching the kids. And we said the pledge of allegiance EVERY DAY at school and EVERY ROOM had a huge AMERICAN flag above the teacher’s chalkboard. Anybody who would have complained would have been considered a TRAITOR to our country! NOBODY ever did! When did our nation become so complacent about TEACHING PATRIOTISM that these AMERICAN patriotic reinforcements are no longer part of the EDUCATION OF AMERICANS?

        • I second that motion. Better yet, see to it that such people as this superintendent and principal never get hired in the first place.

          • I agree with you in principle, but depending on where you live, good luck with that plan.

        • ABSOLUTELY. Let that principal go get a job in an Arab country and see if they can read an announcement in English!

      • Congress has not represented the U.S. Citizens since bo took the potus 6 years ago & appears that all dems & rinos have been bought with marxist, bo, soros $’s.. The Tea Party is the #1 sole protector of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights to return us to a government For & By the U.S. Citizens … ! Bo to go in 2015 ASAP along with his crony muslim, commie supporters… !

      • We must to TEACH them to fight at every stage, every point that freedoms are in jeopardy..this younger generation must be instilled with the original foundations of Freedom AND that they must insist upon them, be willing to fight for them, or this country is in peril. It is wonderful that they stood up for their principals and need to be encouraged to be vigilant and to report attempts to brainwash them into accepting anything but AMERICAN values and freedoms. This incident is a refreshing one…so many are too busy on social media and too willing to just roll over and allow their hard-won freedoms to slide into oblivion. Once they are lost, only war will get them back.

    • donl, You said Very Little and still you spoke Volumes

    • Amen, Sweet Land of Liberty!

  3. I recommend you send your kids to a Pentecostal church, there they will receive a spirit strong enough to overcome the evil their receiving in our government programed schools. Most people haven’t a clue where we are in terms of bible prophecy today and you need to know this is only going to get worse. There are 3 books on the market today that will set you straight on what happened to start all of this evil. This is pre-flood information not available in our school systems. I promise you will be glad you checked into this at and another book you will not comprehend the value of until you read is at . We are very close to the last seven years prior to the return of Christ. Most people including the prophecy guru’s have not found the prophecies
    concerning America that are in the bible. The sum of all fears is directed at America in the Judgment of Babylon, Revelation 14:6-13. These verses along with 4 other prophecies will lead you to the unthinkable event the Lord has
    concealed till now. A nuclear nightmare? Yes!. The timing for this event is also in the bible. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? It is in the bible.This is what Americas past sins and Obama and sharia law is leading this nation to. You will
    not like what you read in this book. But you will be glad you read it. Read the book and you be the judge. Your future is at stake.


      • My friend you need to repent of your sins, be baptized in Jesus name and receive the gift of the holy spirit. There is no other way. And yes there are certain religions that do not preach the word I am old enough to have found most of them. Thanks for your reply.

      • SamuraiFrank Braam

        Is this why there’s more than 23,000 denominations who use the same Bible and have 23,000 different doctrines? Whatever happened to the historical and original Chridtian Church founded by Christ and His Apostles? You will be surpiRised. She is still around!

    • A natural born American

      Just wondering if the quote “…so cometh as a THIEF in the night” means anything? To me it means that Christians the world over, and throughout the ages should ALWAYS live their lives as though Jesus is returning tonight– no matter how many centuries or millennia may pass. Over the centuries many of our Christian religions evolved because people could see biblical signs that ‘the end is in sight’. If you always conduct yourself as though today is the day Jesus returns, then you have a better chance of being prepared. This includes taking responsibility for your OWN childrens religious and academic education. No matter how hard you work bringing home the bacon you should NEVER be too tired to always ask your child(ren) “What did you learn in school today?” This is how you learn whether your child is being educated or indoctrinated. And THAT is the time for you to teach your OWN children how to research the facts about their schooling w/o the poisoned sugar coating. It also teaches your children how to think for themselves at a rather young age. YOUR teachings help YOUR children to develop a very healthy respect for GOD, country, liberty, LIFE, family, friends AND their communities w/o cramming a whole bunch more of OTHER people’s opinions down their throats. If you teach them about God and respect and about how choices have consequences then they will develop a strong conscience.

  4. I am so proud of OUR American students!!!! The foreigners who choose not to say the pledge should be made to leave America! We have more freeloaders than the corrupt politicians steal our money to support !!!! we should as Americans force them out of OUR country! We have millions more parasites than our country can afford!!


  6. A natural born American

    How many of those students are fluent enough in arabic to really KNOW it was our Allegiance pledge that was being announced over their PA system? Those who did understand have a vested interest, therefore, would most likely NOT let any authority figure know the pledge was somehow dedicated to islam rather than America. In public situations a nations allegiance should ALWAYS be spoken in the language of that nation.

  7. Arabic is the native language of millions of peace-loving Arabic people in many countries. They abhor and are opposed to the violent radicals too. It seems to me that banning this language during the celebration of our melting pot nation is counter to our values. If we condone this action, we then need to consider similar action for German because of the holocaust, English a la the Crusades and slave trade. Let’s stop this practice of blaming large numbers of people for the acts of a few. NOW!

  8. Teachers who allowed this should remember:
    a. In Arabic countries free thought and speech is punishable by death.
    b. Females do not get education, it is punishable by death.
    c. You teach what Sharia says you can teach nothing else, it is punishable by death.
    d. You speak another language not agreeable to sharia then it is punishable by death.

    I for one am tired of this double political standard, bending over for Arabic and not allowing English and Christian values to be freely observed and practiced. If you come to this country, live in this country,want to work in this country, then for goodness sakes LEARN THE DAMN LANGUAGE OF THIS COUNTRY!!!! I am sick ofpressing 1 to hear English.

    • I see you have never been to an Arabic Country,. Woimen in Arabic countries are educated in many cases better than Americans are. Their are Female doctors in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria, Sharia is simply a code of Islamic law. You will not be executed for speaking any language, You can study whatever you want in Arabic countries and freedom of thought is valued as long as it it does not cause one to be violent. I think Americans should actually learn about what Sharia is before they spout their nonsense.

      • Wilbert Jennings

        Sha lack a lickum brother you will be checked out as a terrorist I assure you. Read the Quran you idiot it states infidels and anyone that doesn’t agree with isam can be raped, tortured, murdered or beheaded as well all in the name of allah, a moon god that mohammed forced upon his people by saying accept or die and still goes today.Sharia law is being introduced in many of our states in no zone areas occupied by muslims that say our laws and Constitution don’t apply to them and our MUslim President agrees. Wake up dude.

        • Hey Wilbert, this Micheal guy is a self professed muslim, I checked him out, and doesn’t believe in GOD, or Christianity. As far as sharia law goes, he’s spreading islamic propaganda as it relates to it. Read his post again, then look up the definition of sharia law. His post is a contradiction in of itself.I have been there many times in a military capacity, and have seen first hand it’s effects on non sharia law believers. The only women that hold higher positions or status are of royal or elitist blood, and yet they are all still subservient to the male culture there,
          SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

        • ANYONE who supports sharia is MY ENEMY!…I don’t care how things are purported to ‘run’ in arabic countries. I CARE ABOUT THIS ONE.

      • There are also women presidents in some muslim countries something we have struggled to accept here. But the overall pattern is subjugation of women… So the issue is, as are they all, complicated and nuanced. But, good to,shake up,the crowd on thsi site… Most are drinking from the same trough… Like some of your respondants. They struggle to see the distinction between islamic moderates who are dying in droves and islamic extremists who are killing other muslims in droves.

        • Win-Win?

          • win-win in my mind would be people hugging one another. but if death is essential to winning.. then i would vote for extremists killing other extremists no matter the race, religion or nationality. some of the folks on this site strike me as extremists… although its hard to tell over the internet how they really feel.. we don’t toss out every last family-friendly, moderate church-going because a bunch of hooded idiots string up black folks in their misguided allegiance to their brand of god. (and, yes, racism is rampant in this country still although less conspicuous.) somehow, that christian analogy is so easy for this christian nation to swallow… but switch religion to another that seems darker and more mysterious and unknown and, thus, scary… and folks get all choked up. so, to answer your tongue in cheek question a bit too seriously (i am beginning to bore myself), no… its not a win-win. its a tragedy. but, the extremists can kill each other off all they want for all i care.

      • I think you should FOAD !!

      • You, are obviously, an idiot!

      • No thank you.
        God gave me free will to exercise as I see fit.
        The constitution gives acknowledgement to my right to freedom.
        You practice your beliefs and I will practice mine.

        • uh…I hate to bring this to your attention but our constitution is in the process of being shredded along with our flag…

          • I know exactly what you mean.
            After the BATF failed and backed off with its push to ban the m855 due to 90000 signers against them 4 Democrats have just recently written a bill to actually legislate the ban.

          • In order to protect my own mind I try to wake up with a new approach…to try and guess(for the day) what is behind door 2 and curtain 3…I’m getting more accurate as time goes on..

      • Sure … speak any language. Why don’t you try reading a copy of your bible in Saudi Arabia in a Riyadh restaurant? In fact, try just carrying it in public. How about wearing the cross around your neck in most Middle Eastern nations. If you understood the religion you would also know that the Shariah is about control. It allows parents to kill children that bring shame on the family. (a young woman dating outside of her religion for example) The Shariah is a barbaric interpretation of Islam that fits in perfectly with the Quran and the personal sayings of Muhammad. As for studying Christianity in a religious studies course in a Middle Eastern Country … you first!

      • My husband’s cousin taught at the Univ of Iran and women were not allowed to go to school….Cuz’s wife finally got enough and brought their children stateside and wisely, got a divorce and got on with her life,which in turn, allowed their daughter to get an education here and get on with her life…their sons however, learned to speak 3 languages and over 10 dialects on the streets, just playing with the kids…

      • America is supposed to be a “melting pot” because people immigrating to Our Country are supposed to learn Our Customs. I’m tired of driving to phoenix and seeing signs everywhere in spanish. My great grandparents came here from russia & poland and they couldn’t wait to become American Citizens. The majority of these illegals who come over nowadays have no interest in becoming citizens, they are only here to take advantage. We have enough democrats already taking advantage without adding more. People allowed in this country should be able to support themselves and not be bringing some weird new diseases with them. sharia law is Un-American for many reasons and should not be tolerated in a free thinking country. For one it mixes law & religion or church and state and for this reason alone it is Treasonous according to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Don’t like America, or her customs and laws? Then Get Out. We were here First–Love America or Leave

        • Australia and Canada have both said that to the muslimes. Offended? Leave!!!!

          • The US should be the leader in telling muslims that their customs are incompatible with our NATION and if they don’t like it they can go back to the shit hole they came from. Unfortunately for us Obama was elected and then elected again and he has no desire at all to uphold American Customs and wants Muslim customs to be instituted.

            Obama needs to go and NOW.

        • Johnnie Velasquez

          Please excuse me. Who was here first? Surely not you. The Indians were and when the white man came and got them all drunk and had them sign over their lands. Don’t give me that shit that “YOU” were here FIRST. The Mexicans owned Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, parts of Colorado and California and was all fought for and taken away from them.
          By the way there are more White trash that according to statistics are on the Welfare system. I worked hard and retired with a good pension and Social Security benifits. By the way you had better get used to the fact that the Hispanic population is growing and you will soom be the Miniority. So I would suggest that you start learning how to speak Spanish or are you to stupid or dumb to try? As far as Obummer goes! He definately is a piece of crap. You only believe what you read and don’t know any facts at all. I live in Colorado and was born here. I remember when I was a little boy and there were signs in our town that read: White trade only. There was one bar and a couple of grocery stores that sold us and they got pretty rich. Another thing there was a WW2 prisoner of war camp here and when the war was over many many prisoners that didn’t want to go back to Germany and they were given some land here. You know what? We were working for the mother fuckers in the fields and they hated Mexicans. That didn’t change untill around the middle 60s. I know that you are going to give me some crap on this. I don’t care. YOU only see the bad in people. Of course I don’t like Muslims either because of their Sharia Laws. Have a great day!!!!!!!!

          • You got me all wrong Johnnie & it’s obvious just reading what You wrote that You are an American Citizen and You do care about this country. My ancestors haven’t actually been in America long enough to feel guilty for what was done to the Indians, but I’m glad to see many of them cashing in with their casinos. We also missed out on enslaving folks. I’m not sure what You are mad about Johnnie cause You seem to agree about muslims being a danger as well as our crappy fake pres. I have worked with many hard working minorities and most were sincere in their wish to become Americans, to learn Our values and speak Our language. I am tired seeing folks who have only an economic interest take from this crappy govt and despoil this country. That goes for the upper echelon folks too, the people who commit crimes and walk with a slap on the wrist. I’m tired of seeing them glorified in the media.

      • What are you? You have to be a communist pig just like this Islamic moron you voted for.

    • yea and then you get someone with such a BAD foreign accent ,,, you cant understand them

  9. Muslims are sworn to uphold the Koran and not the Constitution so why are they allowed to be in this country to start with?? We have 4 Muslims in Congress….Hello!! Why was that allowed? Next thing they will have a majority.

    • Some American Bozo’s must have voted them in! Unless it was done by Voter Fraud. And with The Fat Rats running our some of our State Governments my guess is Fraud is likely. And I haven’t looked up what States Elected these Muslims come from. But I can Guess!!

      • Some of them were appointed in by Sambo …….. No votes needed ……….

      • People need to educate them selves about the person’s and their policies before voting.
        I’m not surprised that there are Muslim politicians but we need to not put them in office.

    • Give them enough time and they will be the majority. This is the way these uncivilized savages work–a little at a time.

      • They have been nibbling away, as you say, but it is the IGNORANCE of the Americans who have allowed it. PC will destroy this country without ever firing a shot.

        • Joy, it is difficult to determine whether or not it is ignorance or just plain stupidity. I am not PC. I am PI (politically incorrect) and very proud of it! We only have 369 days left of Barack Hussein Obama’s Reign of Terror!

          • And every day is one too many..(.I like the PI designation.)

          • Yes, I agree, and come tomorrow, we will have to endure this imposter for only another 368 days! PI all the way everyday!

          • Unless he decides to run for a Third Term?

          • Jarhead, we now have only 368 days to put up the imposter. BTW, he doesn’t have to run for a Third Term. All he has to do is just stay in the job. No one will do anything about it.

          • In my ignorance I do not see where the369 days left came from. Help me out here.

          • David, according to my calculations, as of January 20, 2017, BHO will no longer be president. We now have only 368 days left of the Obamanation of America.

          • Ten months left in 2015 plus all of 2016 plus 20 days i n 2017is more that 368 days. How did you count? Did you skip weekends?

          • David, please accept my apology, because my optimism and the light at the end of the tunnel blinded me. As of today, we have 668 days left of the Obamanation of America.

          • Thanks. I wish your first numbers were accurate. The sooner the better. Keep the faith. Our day will come.

          • I, too, wish my first numbers were correct. Now, we only have 667 days left of the Obamanation of America. God bless our great nation!

    • Ive just started read the “Muslim Mafia”.
      I know of Keith Ellison, who are the others?

  10. THIS TIME it’s outrageous, next time it’s bad, then it will be ‘again?’, after that, We The People will have been de-sensitized and able to accept it. It’s how we have become what we are. ‘They’ are following a plan, and it’s working.

  11. This kind of brainwashing is going on everyday. Everyday you read something in the news about such tactics. These liberal so called educators come up with new ways to indoctrinate our young students which is intended to lean them toward their way of thinking and vote liberal as adults someday. You would think their job was to teach these young adults about math, science, proper English and civics? But now it’s singing songs about OBAMA in 1st grade, instead of making hot plates from clay? What idiots in charge would do such a thing when we’re at war with a large portion of people who speak this desert language? This would be like speaking the pledge in Japanese or German during WW2? If this happened, which it wouldn’t, during the 1940’s, the principle would had been run out of town on a pole as they tared and feathered him or her! But it appears, that back during our grandparents and parents time, school administrators were at the least smarter than today and loved their country as patriots…today they spew such things as AMERICA is bad, spreading the lies of Dear Leader. Hopefully their time is coming as more and more Americans have awakened to this tripe!

  12. We are moving towards the one world religion/government prophecy foretold in the Bible. We are seeing the Christians being persecuted more and more and you can bet the anti Christ will fully embrace Islamic teaching. Chrisdom is what I think it’s being called now. The UN is the hub of this crap. They are in our schools training the kids now. is the U.N. one religion website. search unusa in our schools if you really want to puke.

  13. I sure am tired of hearing/reading “radical islam” ! Who do you think pays for all that radicalism? Regular muslims, that’s who! Smile to your face and send money to terrorists. Afterall, there is only one kuran and it teaches to kill the infidel! Why would you continue to shun one muslim and applaud another muslin?

    Ignorant people, WAKE UP !

    • Excellent point…..while these cowardly mu-slime maggots are chopping heads off they don’t hold down a paying job… someone else is paying for the food, TP (or do they use camel dung?) ammo, weapons, etc., etc. And the money providers are just as guilty as the killers. And it is why I say NUKE ‘EM.

  14. It should be stated or read as it now is – one nation under GOD! It was GOD based principles that made this nation great, and, by GOD, will we stay that way. Take your foreign muslim speak back to some sand lot in the Mideast and leave we GOD fearing Christians to get America back on her “feet” and going the right direction with the help of GOD! You want sharia law, take your sorry butts back to your home. You came here to be Americans (I had hoped), not change America to some third century backwater where you can abuse your women, have sex with your camels and molest children (only this is more of what you had in mind for my country)! ovomit needs to go! Either try the SOB for treason or being an illegal, but he needs to go and now!!!

    • God as the I AM of the Torah, the Bible, the Koran, and the Book of Mormon. Yep, it’s the same. The People of the Book. This is a God of Love. Let’s follow the example of Jesus, and stop throwing stones at our brethren.

      • I was once a Pollyanna. Talk and suggestions are merely a waste of one’s breath. The one’s with reason are too few.

      • That didn’t work then and it won’t work Now. Allowing our crappiest prez of All time free run around Our Constitution hasn’t shown anything of value, even after 6 years. Let’s throw the bum out and do the Opposite, with a new Constitution and America Loving President!!

  15. SamuraiFrank Braam

    I hope the writer was bring sarcastic in his “Jesus Germs” paragraph!! Militant Atheism is growing in a world of hedonism, materialism and religious ignorance.

  16. Pine Bush High school, the Principal and Subhuman Obama are STUPID MUSLIM SAND MONKEY LOVERS. F.U. Stupid F@#king C. U. N. T. !

  17. All the school is doing is asking the students to say the pledge of allegiance in Arabic. I think it would be good if Americans would learn to speak other languages and about other cultures instead of learning about them from Fox news. I would have loved it if my school said the pledge of allegiance in other languages

    • Did you know, if you turn off your ObamaPhone, and quit drinking
      the Kool-Aid, your headaches will stop – and the “voices” will go away?

    • The national language of America is english.
      If you don’t like that you can go back where you came from.
      You aren’t going to convert anyone here but if you try you may end up doing it into a long round metal tube.

  18. Gregg the voice of reason

    People start asking questions of your kids, find out what the school is teaching your children.
    I know you work and your tired but you must get involved.
    The easiest way to conquer is from within and your children are the future.
    To quote a great man Michael Savage “Borders Language Culture .
    Check out Mr. Savage you will be enlightened.

  19. Wilbert Jennings

    Wrong!!!! Our pledge is voluntary and should be done in the language we speak in America and that is good old American. It has a lot of different terms in our language but none that are of our enemy. This was so WRONG and I don’t think it was by accident. For the students that were OK with it check them out and what they are being taught at home. Home grown terrorist start at home taught by their parents and their friends.

  20. Obama has doubled down to change America; however the change has started well beyond his fraud; take for instance when the liberals of this great country removed the silent prayer in our schools, stopped the draft, elected politicians that are traitors to our Constitution, giving in to political correctness instead of using common sense.

    A word from our Founding Fathers, and I quote:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator
    with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

    All required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    “When people fear their government, there is tyranny. When government tears the people, there is liberty.” Thomas Jefferson

    “We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the law breaker.
    It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for their actions.”
    Ronald Reagan

    “Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it,
    Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!” Patrick Henry

    “God did not create evil. Just as darkness is the absence of light, evil is the absence of God.”
    Albert Einstein

    “The jaws of power are always open to devour, and her arm is always stretched out, if possible, to destroy
    the freedom of thinking, speaking, and writing.”
    John Adams, 1765

    “America was born a Christian nation—America was born to exemplify that devotion to the elements of
    righteousness which are derived from the revelations of Holy Scripture.”
    Woodrow Wilson.

    “If we ever forget that we are, “One Nation Under God”, then we will be a Nation gone under!”
    Ronald Reagan

    “In politics there are no accidents. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way.”
    Franklin D. Roosevelt

    “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”
    Winston Churchill, 1940

    ” Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.” Psalm 33:12.

    “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” Ronald Reagan

    “He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither.”
    Ben Franklin

    The democracy will cease to exist
    when you take away from those
    who are willing to work and give to those who would not.

    Thomas Jefferson

    Second Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,
    “Sure you can trust the Government, just ask any Indian”!
    “Freedom has never been free”.
    “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty!”
    Thomas Jefferson

    “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition
    to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
    George Washington

    “We the People are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts—
    Not to overthrow the Constitution,
    But to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”
    —–Abraham Lincoln

  21. There is this whole trend in America these days of accepting absurd, counter productive, convoluted ideas as good Liberal thinking. For example, the concept White America is black America’s enemy. Actually, Black America is black America’s enemy.

    This small percentage of the small black percentage of our population is never wrong. Whatever the case, they see only they are victims, not perpetrators. Most of the civilized world seems to understand that no one is right 100% of the time about everything. Yet this small black percentage chooses to believe their hands are always totally clean in any situation and they are simply being victimized. They don’t acknowledge the uncivility of bullying, aggressiveness, refusal to take their lives in their own hands and hatred of anything that might resemble reality in a civilized society. It may be true that some remnants of anti black attitudes exist, even in law enforcement, in some areas. By and large, white people with a brain are polite and courteous to police officers. We understand they have certain immunity by nature of their profession which the rest of us lack. In certain scenarios, being black does not outrank being a police officer at the moment of the encounter. But this new race of “black superheroes,” fostered politically but not immune to reality, continues to be their own worst enemy.



  24. supposed to be ” good ” ? what fuc-ing planet is she from – she should be at least ” put on the beach ” for a couple of weeks with no pay if not fired – This is freaking America – we aren’t some sand dune country over in the Persian gulf – She wants to hear Arabic? get her lame ass outta here and give the clown a one way ticket to the middle east craphole of her choice – Anyone speaking Arabic is not going to give a hoot about – OUR – pledge of allegiance to – our – Flag –

  25. The Pledge of Allegiance should be recited by all students in English.

  26. Any “teacher” ignorant or stupid enough to suggest this should be fired!

  27. Diversity is find when investing but not worth a crap when it come to our Nation,
    Our language is American English. Sadly the congress of the United States had
    fallen short ever time the subject comes up and they want to make English the
    official language of the United States. We are the only Nation on earth that
    does not have an official language. This is but one more failure of our Congress
    that crosses party lines ever time.

  28. TeaParty Patriot

    I suppose this is satisfactory but defending the pledge is a capital crime. Where do we hang the student objecting to the reading of the pledge in arobic.


  29. At some point when Obama’s war against Freedom is At a Full Boil, the Good Souls will know who their enemies are and who to aim at.

  30. All this arabic muslim crap started 6 years ago with bo & is now the # 1 reason to eliminate his dictatorial whims & muslim ways with a bo must go action ASAP before he can do any more destruction to the U.S.A. …. !

  31. Let’s take a moment and look at the GOOD that was reported…this school has a daily “Pledge” at the start of the school day…this has become rare in public schools.

  32. OK, this is where i draw the line in what i think is maturity, and not maturity. The Pledge of Allegiance, is still the Pledge of Allegiance in any language they choose to speak it whether it is english, japanese, french, spanish or Islam as long as the wording is never changed, this is just very simply wrongful nit picking. If the actual words to the Pledge is change in any reason thats where i have an issue

  33. They pledge subservence to the fag and pedophile that is mohammed, and to the sociopathy for which he’s known, one world under allah, with death and beheadings for all infidels. Come and get it sonsabitches..

  34. The student should have all walked out of class!!!!

  35. They mentioned saying “under G-d” was a violation of “church and state” how in the world is sharia law not a violation of church and state? I still blame the attorneys for We the People losing Our Right to Satisfaction.

  36. Thanks for dumping my statement before I got to post it.
    I really have NEVER TRUSTED DISCUS.

  37. I think it is time for Citizens to take back control!!! For each school that goes this route…. approach school boards and tell them… this school is NOT AN AMERICAN SCHOOL. It should and will teach American standards or we will push to remove it from our approved school list and, on elections, vote against every member currently on the board… furthermore, we will refuse to accept or approve ANY increase in teacher’s salaries, school requests, equipment replacement, etc. THIS IS AMERICA… TEACH ENGLISH AND OUR APPROVED CURRICULUM… ANY DEVIATIONS WILL COST YOUR SYSTEM DEARLY BECAUSE WE WILL WORK TO HAVE ALL EDUCATION INCREASES DENIED!!! Get real, people!!! You bow to 1 idiot or to society????? Serving 1 will force us to stop support for education at EVERY level. We will do more for charter schools than you will believe!!

  38. AMEN !

  39. Whoever wrote this article seems to be sideing with the un-American portion of our population . All these foreigners come here and want to change our country to be like the place they wanted to leave. The media want’s to compare them with the immagrants of old, but those people were sincere in coming here for the better life our country offered them, not to change our country to what they left .

  40. Saying the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic shows how “stupid’ and “brain dead” our moronic liberal school administers are. They should be terminated, tarred and feathered, and sent to join ISIS. We don’t need or appreciate jerks like this running our schools and attempting to brain wash our youth. Get rid of all of these liberal punks before they destroy our country, its values, and cause us to lose our freedom.

  41. I’m totally against our Pledge of Allegiance being read in Arabic. I’m sure that if one did the research, they would find that if a liberal wasn’t responsible for launching this horrible idea, a Muslim or an Islamic apologist was. Getting our schools to read our Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic is the Muslims’ and liberals’ way of slowly, insidiously creating the idea that Islam is compatible with American values (it absolutely is not) and actually deserves to be a part of America (it absolutely does not).
    As for where the author wrote, “how do they get around that pesky part where it says “one nation under God?”, my answer would be by simply omitting it.
    Our Pledge of Allegiance was composed in 1892.The words “under God” weren’t added until 1954, so our Pledge of Allegiance served perfectly well for 62 years without those words.
    Adding the words “under God” to our Pledge of Allegiance make a joke of the pledge and seriously undermines its importance; “under God” makes about as much sense as “Under Zeus”, “under Odin”, “Under Allah, “under Superman” or “under Mighty Mouse”.
    We are, by the choice of the Muslims, at war with Islam.
    Islam and the Muslims are real.
    God is not
    Choosing to believe that we are under the guidance and protection of an imaginary supernatural being, an invisible guy-in-the-sky, is delusional and practically guarantees that we will not win that war.
    For all you believers who are reading this: after your angry response to being told the truth subsides, please pick up a copy of “The End of Faith” by Sam Harris and read it with an open mind.

  42. another poll were you interviewed a few children who were coached by other nuts- most people i talked to agree that say it – sing it – crone it in any language just live it instead of making up lies to destroy the country.

  43. They should lose their jobs. This is an offensive matter saying it in Arabic. What a slap in the face for the US and those that up hold that flag. These idiots just don’t get it . It’s the USA and the language is English .

  44. Superintendent Joan Carbone She said the reading was
    “something that was supposed to be good but turned out not to be.” She has
    since learned from the state’s Education Department that the Pledge of
    Allegiance is always to be read in English. Is she a nut-cake, this is America speak
    English, we are muslims and our children are not being taught what they need to
    know but to be muslim inbaceal and how to turn against GOD, the Bible and this

    She needs to be FIRED from her job. USMC

  45. “The Superintendent has since learned from the State’s Education Department that the Pledge of Allegiance is always to be read in English”. Really? She didn’t figure that one out by herself?

    How about do they have the “English Language Week”? No? Then, why a “Foreign Language Week”; to celebrate the heritage of a Foreign Narcissist pResident, the no 1 Enemy of America and an identity thief, who stole 2 elections, sold our country away to the Islamists, and destroyed it beyond recognition?

  46. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    This is America, the language is ENGLISH!
    In Mexico the language is Spanish.
    In Japan, the language is Japanese
    In France, the language is French
    In Sweden the language is Swedish
    And so forth. One shows allegience to other countries in the language of the country they reside in

    • And the Street Talkers with their trousers around their ankles represent what Country/Planet/Asteroid?
      And their all on welfare – – WHY IS THAT?

  47. If they don’t like it get out of our country the United States of America,
    I pledge Allegiance to the Flag
    of the United States of America
    and to the Republic for which it stands,
    one nation under God, indivisible,
    with Liberty and Justice for all.

    It is our country if a foreigner does not like it GET OUT!

  48. Have you seen the money that we’re sending via USAID to other countries to teach THEIR children??? I seem to recall that when you take a flight somewhere, the flight attendant says to take care of yourself FIRST, if the oxygen mask comes down. My mom used to say to eat everything on our plates, there are children starving in other countries, well now, there are plenty of children starving AND UNEDUCATED right here in THIS country. Let’s get OUR country in better shape before we go sending money off that is needed just as much, if not MORE, at HOME.

  49. It took a pig demoncrap in California to come up with this on behalf of Osama the dictator. For me I would have walk out as I did at a forth of July celebration when they played Patriotic American songs, but then they started playing arab music, and many of the people got up and walked off the field and left.

  50. Reflective of the Islamic intent to take over the nation. We’ll see more of this in the future, until this rogue administration is GONE, GONE, GONE!

  51. Too many people miss the point that Arabic speaking people can also be USA patriots. As a PBHS graduate, I can say that the community has usually shown tolerance and willingness to live together. in peace. There has always been and still are some bigots as there are everywhere. Too many media outlets have misreported what happened and what was the reaction. I am disappointing in the way Fox News misreported the news about this.

    • —— Go finish your Kool-Aid, LIB Loser !!

      • You have missed it again. I am a lifelong Republican, former Precinct chairman, state delegate who is as anti liberal as one can be. I think, therefor I am a republican. Can you tell me how one highschool girl in New York speaking in Arabic has caused you any harm? Your knee jerk reaction of Arabic equals bad shows the world that you do not think before you condemn. I will,pray for your enlightenment.

        • FOAD, commie 11

          • Another comment with no substance. Sgt Kelder 4 years USMC, 23 months in Vietnam. I see you left Vietnam just when the shooting started. I, on the other hand received 3 battlefield promotions. Semper Fi to all real marines.

  52. This son of a bitch liberal garbage bag and his fucked up administration need to be overthrown by the citizens of this great Country and take back what is ours before its to late or “GOD” help us all I am steaming mad and an old man but will fight for our beliefs and rights and dam the Muslims and Obama

  53. UnalienableRight

    I wonder did they skip the under God part or substitute God as being Allua? I wonder were there some Alua Akbirs mixed in?

  54. I hope that the next president finds some reason to grab the traitor and throw him into Leavenworth.

  55. Why not, if the point is “foreign language,” (other than English) use German, French, Spanish, or ANY other language BUT Arabic? Whoever thought this one up has a screw loose and deliberately chose the only “foreign” language that would most insult freedom and the traditional American values and way of life. I would not want such a person teaching the children in my family, or working in their schools, or anywhere NEAR them, let alone tax dollars paying them a salary. If their thinking is this insensitive, this unpatriotic, this illogical, what ELSE would they be telling kids, and what OTHER treasonous ideas are they trying to impose on children’s minds? This is scary.

  56. Margaret Longoria

    More Obama dumping on our wonderful country. He is the worst president ever. The Pledge should be recited by all students whether they were born here or not and recited in English with ONE NATION UNDER GOD being stated and be proud of it. Muslims were not part of building our great nation.

  57. The anti Christian anti American leftists want the hearts and souls of our dear children.Thats why they deliberately removed most of the local power over schools and developed a federally run dept of education. Do you think they did that to be nice? Oh hell no. Dept of education is a ruze meant not for education but for indoctrination. The best way to destroy a nation is tbrought it’s children. Wake up, people. Push back, resist. Defend our land and our future. Teach your children to be patriots and to know the enemy before the left does to us what they did in Russia/Ukraine Their ice fields still reek with the blood of 40 million innocents-most of whom were Christians. Let’s not let the Bolsheviks do that to us. Sound impossible? Don’t kid yourselves, they will if they take our guns.


  59. Barack Hussein Obama Bin Laden is to blame for ALL of this! He is NOT a Cristian HE is a Radical Muslim Extremist who wants to be DICTATOR of the U.S.A.!!!!! We need to nip this SHIT in the bud!!!!!!!

  60. Does anyone have a pig farm? Let’s invite obummer over to see if he would go there.

  61. ONE NATION UNDER GOD may be “pesky” for you but there is nothing pesky about it. We are a Christian nation and we always have been. Founded as a Christian nation by Christians. Wow, have people been living under a rock? Some nations are Anglican, some Muslim, some Buddist, etc. We are Christian. There is a separation of church and state here … it means the State cannot mandate a particular religion or one may have no religion … as one can anywhere in the world however our nation is and has been a Christian nation since it’s founding. Nothing PESKY about that.

  62. On Wednesday, Pine Bush High School in New York was celebrating National Foreign Language Week. As part of that celebration, the morning announcements included a reading of the Pledge of Allegiance…in Arabic. What the hell, this is America and the pledge should be spoken in ENGLISH well as forcing children to comply with muslim prayer by bring prayer rugs and praying to allah in the schools is a violation since they are not aloud to speak the name of Jesus Christ without facing dispensary actions. We can thank Obama for this BS and the brainwashing of our children into muslims.

  63. The kids were upset because they are aware of the gradual introduction by curriculum and classes of Islam as the new State Religion of the US. Valarie Garret, Obama, and the rest of the sleeper cell intruders have set their sites to taking this country for Islam and putting in Sharia, and taking out the Constitution and western culture. Obama is eaten up with hatred for Christians and Jews and shows it when he deals with christian refugees and Israel.

  64. Carol Chadbourne

    B.o. can OWN this one and a million like it. The hell with pc…it’s NO good for anything except to start wars…and THAT is exactly what this radical muslim terrorist set out to do over 6 yrs. ago.AND the WHOLE of Congress is aiding and abetting the destruction of our America….a ONCE great and beautiful Nation. They will have to kill me before I will EVER bow down to the devil king…live free or die. Whatever is God’s will….let it be done.

  65. This is OUR country. Anyone coming here reasonably is expected to ASSIMILATE! Don’t like it? Don’t come, don’t stay! The sooner this Anti-AMERICAN phony president is gone, the better. He has done nothing, but destroy all this country stands for and shouldn’t be allowed to live out his life here in wealth and security, the two things he’s determined to take from AMERICANS! Better he retire to one of those cesspool countries he so admires and takes Moochelle with him. Neither of them have any love for this country and both try to demonstrate that everyday!

  66. The idea that the “official” language of this country is English makes sense to me, though some others might not agree. I doubt that there would be the least question re the above concerning the Arabic language.

  67. Incredibly insane. This is America not Ameristan. English is the language . One fine day the liberal agenda will smack all of them in the face. I hope I am around to see it.

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