Appeals Court Rules Against Voter ID Law

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit struck down voter ID requirements currently being challenged in Texas in a ruling Wednesday. In a 9-6 decision, the court ruled that the law had a discriminatory effect on minorities, a decision that will likely put this issue before the Supreme Court in the 2017 term. This makes the third straight court to rule against the Texas law; a Supreme Court decision in this case could have a national impact when it comes to requiring voters to show ID.

According to the law’s detractors, the Texas requirements would have stopped more than half a million residents from voting. The court said that the law itself was not intended to keep certain voters out of the ballot booth, but that the effects themselves were still unfair.

“The district court must ensure that any remedy enacted ameliorates discriminatory effect, while respecting the legislature’s stated objective to safeguard the integrity of elections by requiring more secure forms of voter identification,” read the ruling.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton quickly released a statement condemning the verdict. “Preventing voter fraud is essential to accurately reflecting the will of Texas voters during elections and it is unfortunate that this common-sense law, providing protections against fraud, was not upheld in its entirety,” Paxton said.

As with all political issues, you have to wade through a lot of partisan smoke to get to anything resembling the truth. Democrats accuse Republicans of crafting these laws just to keep minorities from voting. Republicans accuse Democrats of trying to commit voter fraud. And so the wheel turns.

Are there Republican legislatures trying to get one over on minority voters? Who can say? But until that is proven in a court of law, it’s an irresponsible accusation.

Even if that could be proven, however, it wouldn’t make voter ID requirements any less sensible or any more racially discriminatory. There is nothing about a person’s skin color that makes it more difficult to get a driver’s license, and that will still be true no matter how many judges declare otherwise. ID is a simple, effective way to reduce fraud and instill confidence in our election system. If blacks and other minorities are having a tough time getting identification, let’s address that as a separate issue.

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  1. Like everything else in America we now have judges in all jurisdictions that are just plain incompetent. I’m an attorney and I routinely now see rulings that make no sense based on law that doesn’t exist. Plus we now have an FBI Director to decided to rewrite federal law to once again save a main member of the Clinton Criminal Enterprise. Shame on your Comey and shame on these federal judges who seem intent on supporting the voter fraud that occurs in every election.

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          • Yea, the purpose is simply hate, and to expose RWNJ lunacy.

          • No, actually it’s for people to discuss they have learned along the way, to vet, and hopefully to get others enlightened about what truly is going on in their government before we LOSE our GREAT NATION to the likes of the Obamas, Reids, and Bushes, as far as pushing us to the likes of the EU and UN! It has nothing to do with hate, but to make others more aware! Also to do without the so called POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, which I might add is destroying HONEST CITIZENS, from making their points known. Why not call a spade a spade?

          • That list you started is just the tip of the iceberg, and once reasonably expanded will go well beyond the current pack of fools in office.

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          • Hey, the woman doesn’t even know the meaning of the word SOCIALISM, makes you wonder what schools she went to, and if she just took courses that were easy to pass!

          • So many are following the Criminals that for America to come back I think it probably will end in war, right here in the USA. If Hillary wins, just watch.

          • In a way I’m seeing exactly what you’re stating. It’s as if EVIL knows it only has a short time to go and it’s running crazy! Do you think it’s why the bozo let the 67,000 ILLEGALS with felon records out and now doesn’t even know where they are? Do you think it’s a major reason he’s allowing over 10,000 REFUGEES in this country (I heard 3/4 single males of muslim faith) in by the end of September? The only thing that keeps me going is my FAITH in GOD alone. However, when you start really watching, you get excited to see what is going to happen around the next coroner and with me I run to the books of Revelation, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel!!!!

          • Unfortunately, I think you’re probably right.

          • Agree 100% may as well have war if Hillary becomes president

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          • Linda Abernathy

            Because that would not be politically correct! LOL

          • I can honestly say that all my life I have truly been Politically INCORRECT, and the people to whom I’m speaking don’t like it, tough MOVE ON. I think Americans have gotten so pushed into the political correct mind set, they finally can’t think for themselves. My dad always taught me when I was growing up that RIGHT IS RIGHT, WRONG IS WRONG, and there is NO SHADE OF GREY.. He also taught me that when I was WRONG admit it, if not fight all the way for the truth!!! Today it’s the other way around and it’s being shoved in our faces! Well, I’m still telling it like it is, and I don’t care about toes being stepped on!!! I need to go out for a moment and get some wine to toast myself. A little humor along the way!

          • Your dad was a smart man.

          • GodBlessRealAmerica!!!

            Yea the purpose is you do the crime u do the time!

            See Prison for Hillary!

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          Michelle – The I R S will be expecting you to pay a great deal of your “enterprise” to them in income tax.

    • Dennis B Anderson

      Well you being a lawyer you seen how they set up the masses. Comey was to give his recommendation, and then Lynch would abide by it? The road apples dont fall that far from the horses patute do they. Comey & the Clintons had dealings clear back in Arkansas. Comey is also board of directors with a bank that involves the Clintons? Comey & Lynch were both bought and paid for.
      These 2 people should step down or be fired because it will come out when Trump gets in office. I hope he crucifies them. This evil machine that has taken over our government has got to go.

      • Well if you are waiting on the alleged rapist to get in office it will never happen

        • Who did Hillary rape? If she had sex she would have to rape someone.

          • The stranded 4 heroes that HILLARY told to “stand down and change your clothes” so they wouldn’t “offend” any of the locals. GD LIAR.
            Not on my watch. She needs to sit in a cell for several years and “think” about them.

          • She should be treated the same as our ambassador who was so brutally beaten and dragged through the city and left on the side of the road. On second thought that treatment would be to good for the witch spelled with a b.

          • she needs to be tried for treason against the US

          • Her and Obama.

          • Considering that the penalty for treason is “hanged by the neck untill dead” life in prison is perfectly appropriate; but it must be “at hard labor”.

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          • Hey Bobby!! Remember the Movie “Blazing Saddles” with Clevon Little?? Remember the Little Old Lady?? Her Classic Line, to’ Black Bart’, The Sherriff-?? — “Up Yours —–r”!

          • Bobby,
            Looks like you drank too much of the kool-ade.
            Take a deep breath, count to 10, and reenter reality.

          • No,,,he drank the FOOL-ade. Typical demosheeple. Mr Harris, PLEASE educate yourself!

          • When she first became an attorney in Ar. she got a child rapist off, and then had the gall to laugh about it!

          • She has raped, “Our Country.”

          • My first thought too!
            Her muslim girlfriend!

          • Hillary, hated Bill’s brother the cocaine dealer, but she played nice because Roger, was getting her her cocaine! People on the left don’t care that Hillery is responsible for the four deaths in Benghazi, they don’t care about the fact that her, and Obama were arming Islamic terrorists in Libya, they don’t care about the murder of Justice Scalia, the list of people the Clintons have had killed, the fact that Bill Clinton has forced sexual acts on many women, they don’t care about Hillary lying under oath, they don’t care about Obama being a fraud, and they are too stupid to see their lives will be forever negatively altered by the results of the America that is coming down the road if Mr. Trump isn’t elected!

          • It’s such a disgrace. Society as a whole has degenerated..still many good people though. God help us..the Dems will try anything and say anything to get elected. Big problem is voter fraud. If they can get a lid on that, TRUMP WILL WIN BY A LANDSLIDE. God bless TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY! God bless the GOOD people of America!!!

        • Trump has never raped anyone and “alleged” is the lie you and others either send out or are brainless and accept untruths from the Democrats. Get real! Rape? Think Bill Clinton, the No. 1 and still at it. Yet, that ‘s not a problem for the WH and America? Wake up and smell the coffee or get informed of truths and not fiction nor fantasies!

          • Well he is being sued for rape and when he goes to trial more victims will come forward and he will probably be convicted. Maybe you can testify on his behalf since you know what he has and has not done.

          • Sort of like Hillbilly CLITon? Go burn down a business like your thug friends the BLM twinkies!

          • Why do blacks defend that liar? The democrats have held you down for years, citing that the black race are child like. Do the free
            bees justify your actions against freedom? Prisoners of that party’s action forever. If I was black and Hillary made the comment to me ” I carry hot sauce in my purse everyday” i would slap the shit out of her. That is a racist remark my friend.

          • I was taught that the only person that could hold me down was me. You can feed that narrative to someone else along with the freebies that somehow Blacks got and whites didn’t. Any government program you can name there are more whites on it than Blacks . I guess the Hispanics should slap the shit out of Trump for his comments on his love of Tacos

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Did you get to see where Hitler-y was boarding her jet liner ? She turned at the door and waved cut a big fart then fell down. Another one where she was coughing and farting. One where she was asked a question and she farted it was a show stopper. HA-HA-HA It might have something to do with her culinary dance with the hot sauce?? It was so funny. It also showed her when she was full of alcohol. It was non stop and slurred about how great she was. She didnt even mention naming a post office in the 3 minute list of her do nothings.

          • That’s funny

          • What is your major malfunction with race? It seems that race relations were ok before the Bi-RACIAL (the one in the WH) who seems to be ashamed of his white side. We stood together against the ILLEGAL situation, and the taking of our jobs. Now it seems as if EVIL and the DEVIL are laughing and dancing at what AMERICAN is doing to AMERICAN! Get your head out of the sand!


            With Blacks being 13 % of the population and whites and others being 87% of the population,,there would be a greater number of white’s and others available to be on government programs,,It’s a ratio % thing ,,But, nice try ….

          • That is also a false narrative according to 2013 data from the US dept of Ag. 40.2 % of food stamp receipients are white and 27..7% are Black, in all welfare programs 38.8% whites and 37.2% blacks, Go peddle that lie to someone who doesn’t know any better


            Nice try Bobby, but just because you pull some numbers out of your ass does not make them right,,Read these and weep Bobby “BOY” And be sure to check out the illegal non native numbers

          • I didn’t quote the US dept of my Ass, it was the US dept of Agriculture who administer the programs whom I would think would be better source for acurate information and I am sure you saw this when you googled it because I saw your link when I googled it along with several other sites with different numbers but I thought I would quote straight from the horses mouth

          • Unfortunately statistics form Govt Agencies are not always trustworthy, you would like to think different, but no.
            I would trust statistics from an independent think-tank like The Center for Immigration Studies before I would trust something from Washington,DC; there is NO transparency.

          • And where do you think these think tanks get their information from? If you think about it you will see how ludicrous you sound.

          • Thanks for the link. Hope it provides additional information for a paper I’m working on.

          • You just destroyed your own argument! All you did was re-state what I, and Others have said! Percent wise, a Higher % of Blacks,[ out Of the Total number of Blacks in the U.S.] are on Programs, compared to the % of Whites, [out of the total number of white pop. in the U.S.] that are on Programs.

          • You can spin this however you like the fact is in real numbers the majority of the people receiving freebies are White people.

          • Yeah, That’s Cause there’s 6-7x as many Whites as there are of Y’all! I know that you don’t believe that, ‘cuz y’all don’t leave your Enclaves Much! AND, The fact that Whites collect Benefits,– That is as it Should Be. Whites pay the Majority of the TAXES!

          • And there are still more of you on welfare than the entire population of Blacks in the USA and for someone who’s complaining about freebies as if they are not well represented it’s laughable. You should pay the majority of the taxes you suck up the majority of the benefits.

          • That ain’t what you’re suckin”!

          • When is the last time you heard ANY Politician, D. Or R. White , Black, or Hispanic?? ask “What are the White Majority Voters gonna think of this Legislation??? Freakin’ NEVER! Represented ?? Hah!

          • For the last 7+years the legislative body of the government has been on vacation.

          • There’s the problem, accepting information from a government agency as truth.

          • I see you don’t know basic math.
            More whites than blacks so…now you need to figure out…percentages.
            I hope this helps you.

          • I know that 42.2% is greater than 27.7% and 39.8# is greater than 38.7% all in favor of Whites when it comes to food stamps and welfare, not my numbers, I google it and got the numbers from the US dept of Ag

          • Well I will differ with you on that one. When I turned 66 and went to the social security office to apply for SSI, there was a whole room full of blacks none of whom had one gray hair. So seems to me you haven’t visited your local “freebie” office lately. There can’t possibly be that many disabled folks in the black community at one time. This isn’t a one time occurrence either, this happens daily.

          • No I’ve never visited the freebie office, never had to, You are not differing with me you are differing with the US dept of Ag. Unlike you I don’t make idiotic statements and cast them off as facts, You go to one office out of the thousand across the nation that provide far more services than handling SSI claims and you deduce that because you are there to apply for a freebie everyone else is there for the same purpose, then you say this happens daily so am I to believe that you go to this office every day. If you are going to differ with me please provide your source or at least present a logical argument

          • They’re all on S.S.I.

          • Well,GEE, Bobby. Since Blacks make up 12 to 13% of the population and whites make up about 65%, there just MIGHT be more white people on the gov tit,dontcha think? DUH!

          • What Planet are you on?? BTW Blacks are about 13% of the Population Whites are about 70+% !So- Of course there are as many whites on programs. as Blacks! But %tage wise, there are many times more Blacks, on Govt. Programs. I Know that is a Mathematical. Concept, And t’s Hard for you to Grasp!

          • It was reported that 45.5 mil people received food stamps and 42.2% of the recipients were White, I don’t care how you spin it that’s a whole lot of people especially for a people who condem others who receive benefits.And by the way Whites make up 62% of the population so they are getting their fare share of freebies

          • Good! At least we’re gettin’ something. My wife was a Fl. Welfare Supervisor. Ya can’t tell me anything. BTW, 90% of the Domestic, Congressional legislation passed, is for the past 50 years , has been for the BENEFIT of–Who?? Minorities!

          • Oh you mean legislation that was passed to correct some wrong, Name one piece of legislation other than corrective that was passed that exclusively benefited minorities

          • Affirmative Action??

          • A affirmative action was legislation passed to correct past injustices B.White women also benefits from it’s passage ,in fact it is widely believed that they benefited the most.

          • Bobby, I just picked the most obvious! I’m sure that a small amount of research will justify my statement. Yes, ALL Women in general benefited the most from Affirmative Action! Men, even of Minority Race, in most cases, Not So Much. I hold a B.A. in Social Science and am a retired [with 17+ yrs. service], Fl. State Correction Officer/Counselor! I had a Real life Education/Experience, in the’ Minority Preference, Hiring/Promotion list.’ I believe that there Are/Were, 7 Levels of Hiring/Promotion Preference, above White Male, on “The List” I used to have a Hard Copy of it. All Govt. entities, and Corporations, with Govt. Contracts, were Required to use it! It went, as best as I remember, 1- Black Female, 2, -Hispanic Female, 3 -Native American, 4, -Black Male, 5,-Pacific Islander 5- Hispanic [not Black] etc. at the Tail End, was White Male! The Order of Preference may not be correct,- But be assured it Did Exist!There were Age Preferences, for Females especially! Search it, I’m sure it’s still available, But, It’s probably well buried . OR ask any [Long Time] Human Resource Director! This goes back to the late 60s, and Civil Rights, up to the AGE Of P/C!! ’80’s. I actually read this list in the State Employment Office! You KNOW that it has been Hidden!

          • I am aware of the quota system as I lived and worked through it at a fortune 100 company. Where I started at the company in 19 66 there was not a single minority in management including white women, from the entry level clerk to the plant manager was white, this location employed over 1500 people across 3 shifts.when affirmative action was passed you started seeing first white women and later black women being hired for staff and mid level management jobs . Black males were promoted from the hourly ranks or hired to entry level jobs.

          • Trump’s comments were no more racist than Hilliary’s ‘I carry hot sauce in my purse’.

          • My reply was Hillary’s comments were no more racist than Trump’s. You seem to have a problem keeping up.

          • Hard to keep up with those “deer in the headlights” responses.
            Respond after the elections.

          • “Deer in the headlights”, now that’s pretty original

          • They do it because they are short on brains and can’t possibly think for themselves, Don.

          • JoeP — Prime example of American bigotry and ignorance.

          • They do it for the food stamps and ebt card,Or whatever it is called.OH i forgot a free cell phone

          • And why do Whites and Latinos and Asians and Native Americans do it?

          • That is an easy one,Answer.It is because they are libturd dumocrats

          • I know Mike it’s that ” everyone’s crazy but me” thing.

          • Bobby,I don’t judge people by their skin color.I try and get along with everybody,And as far as everyone’s crazy but me.The only crazy ones are the morons who would vote for a clinton,Especially hitlary,She panders to the black’s and hispanics just to get the votes and once she does she will throw you under the bus.Do you actually listen to her when she speaks.She is a liar and a cheat and people need to open their eyes and ears before it is to late

          • And you don’t think Trump is pandering to you just to get your vote? I don’t know what you mean by throwing me under the bus, you sound as if you think White people would be immuned to any bad policies she implemented. I always thought it was The President of the USA, not just the president of the Blacks and Hispanics.

          • What i mean by throwing you under the bus is that when a politician tells you things to get your vote,And you vote for them they do not need you anymore whether you are black,white,hispanic or asian,The only thing you are to them is a vote and nothing else.It is apparent you are not looking back at what she did and is capable of doing,And that will be ruining America

          • And you believe that Trump is different that he will be the president for all the people, that he will take your country back. Have you looked at Donald Trump ‘s history , his business dealings, does it impress you when he acts like an immature child by name calling it doesn’t bother you that he just flat out lie about anything. I think Hillary will be a president too all the people, I think she will be able to get things done, I think she has the respect of all the democrats and some of the republicans in congress . A president Trump on the other hand, where the majority of his own party don’t respect him will have a rough time getting anything done

          • You got it all wrong. Clearly you have been brain washed by the far left progressives. Did you know that the Democrats where the first to have slaves? Did you know that the Republicans freed the slaves? You need to go see the film Hillary’s America it is out now and learn the real truth about the democratic party. You and your kind are being used.

            And as for Trump, he has never called anyone a name except AFTER they insulted him first, which in my opinion is a good thing. We don’t need any more wimps in the WH. It is DT who will be the president for all the people, he will bring back jobs to this country so people don’t have to go on welfare or have 2 low paying jobs to support their families. HC will do nothing of the kind. She has said she will INCREASE the number of Muslim Syrian refugees that come into our country – these people will further clog up the health care facilities and housing at tax payers expense.

          • Actually, Lincoln was a Whig. The Republicans absorb the Whig Party and the Know-Nothings.
            Childish nanecalling behavior by a President? Get real.

          • Do you know the Republicans today are the democrates of yesterday ? that as a parent most people would tell their kids it doesn’t matter who called names first that it’s wrong to call names. If he is going to bring back jobs what is he waiting on to bring back all of the things he is having made in countries other than the USA, You do know he said the American worker was paid to much and he is against raising the minimum wage.

          • The government was ment to be small, now it seems they are in you face more and more. Look at the education system, why don’t they teach kids about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, instead of issues that are of no consequence and prepare them for the future? Allow for the students to debate certain issues as opposed to saying if you feel like a GIRL today you can use the girls room, or that homosexual marriage is ok, or that abortion is a form of birth control, that ILLEGALS have as much rights as AMERICANS Why is the government pushing non-essential agendas and saying it’s business, and then telling us it is the acceptable and politically correct thing to do? The list could go on, but I think you would just deny where the government is suppose to stop, and the state governments are suppose to do!

          • I don’t know what school you attended but the one I attended taught the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The government grew as the population grew. I don’t know where the government is suppose to stop.When are people suppose to stop dictating how others live or who they marry or what God they serve?

          • Bobby, I’m talking about todays schools, case in point, my nephews were taught that the !st amendment speaks of separation from religion, when I made them read it to me they were surprised that it is stated that Freedom OF (notice key word OF) religion, not FROM! They were being taught that the government gives us our RIGHTS, not that they are GOD given, they were talk that they must be sensitive to special agendas, that they do not have the right to say what they feel to be WRONG, as they must be sensitive to others, that they MUST go to a FREE zone on campus to voice their opinions, and if you don’t believe that step onto any university campus today. If they voice their opinion, they have a liberal prof. they get called down or suffer grade lowering. I was taught by a terrific history professor who survived the holocaust and the concentration camps (he had the tattooed number on his arm, never could figure why he always wore long sleeves until one day he had the sleeves rolled up and it accidently showed) the difference between Americanism and Communism, and 1/2 a year on the Constitution and The Bill of Rights! Today everyone is being taught that the Constitution is out of date and must be replaced as it didn’t cover everyone’s rights. No our Constitution is given to law abiding Citizens and I don’t care who you are, it was also given to reign in an UNLAWFUL government, of which we are living through right no! Well, I really think you are over looking how the government IS TELLING you, and the sad part is that people have been sold a piss ass poor bag of goods, but it doesn’t seem to matter that some have BOUGHT the LIES and goods as well!!!

          • Did you know the Democrats today are the communists of yesterday? That is a fact the Democratic party has been hijacked by the communist party.

            Bobby, here is the deal. If you raise minimum wage, guess what, employers lay off many workers (so they have the money to pay the remaining workers the higher wage), get it. So in the end there will be far fewer jobs.

            As for him having some things made oversees, first of all he is not primarily in the manufacturing business, he is a developer. Now he has to have some things made in other countries because all the other competitors are doing it (to save money) as a businessman this is what he had to do. But he said, he knows it is bad for American workers and so wants to put a stop to this so everyone (including his competitors) will have to use U.S. workers. So this will create many more jobs. And it will be fair for all businesses as they will all pay the same going wages (will have to to attract workers).

            As for for calling names, when someone attacks you Bobby (or your loved one), you need to attack back twice as hard – that is the only way to put a stop to people trying to take advantage of you. I agree totally with DT on this.

          • Because I love this country I try to do what ever I can to make sure I’m not contributing to the loss of union jobs here in America so I buy American made products from cars to clothes to house appliances. The minimum wage has been raised several times and it didn’t result in a catastrophy besides if he brings back all of these jobs he said he will then employers will be competing for employees and they can’t compete offering 7.50 an hour.Trump so he says have billions of dollars, he can make the best deals ,he is this shrewd business man who is head and shoulders above everyone else but he has to produce his product line outside the US because that’s what the competition is doing and I need to add to my billions of dollars which I or my children will never spend in two lifetimes þut I love America and I am concerned about other jobs leaving just as I was concerned about Romney presenting his tax returns .I am Donald Trump other companies should bring their business back to the USA but I don’t have to other candidates should present their tax returns but I don’t have to because the people I appeal to don’t care if I commit murder they will still vote for me.

          • It is good you only buy “American made products”. I try and do the same. However, you still don’t get it on Trump. If you are trying to succeed in a business, regardless of if you are rich or poor, you only start a business to make a profit. SO, if all your competitors are using overseas employees, you have no choice. Otherwise, you will operate at a loss and then have to close the business down. Easy to understand this if you weren’t so brain washed by the liberal left. But by changing the laws, and so everyone hires only Americans every business owner has a chance to make a profit and in making profit of course will be able to provide jobs. Without folks like DT, many people would not have jobs – he has hired thousands, Americans and legal immigrates. The legals who work for him love him. He treats them well and with utmost respect.

          • No you don’t understand, first Trump has no competition on his brand, no one else can make a product and put Trump on it. Trump produces out of the country because labor is cheaper, and because you heard the testimony of three people who work for him praise him, I have read where many who have done work for him say that he doesn’t pay for work that was done, that he caused them to lose their business because he wouldn’t pay them so they were unable to pay their creditors, that filing bankruptcy was a strategy to avoid paying his debts not only to banks but the small business owners that did work for him building the casinos in Atlantic City. This country will always issue work permits and visas to non Americans that qualify just as countries issue them to Americans. You sound like the one who is brainwashed

          • Bobby, it is sad as you still don’t get it. You are brain-washed by libs who want to use you and your kind. Hope this helps:

            As for filing bankruptcy, that is legal and a smart way for a failing business to do this. In this way they can reorganize and become profitable again and rehire. If he didn’t do this, he would of had to liquidate and everyone would of been laid-off. And, by the way, it was far more than 3 people. He has helped many strangers in need and without any benefit to him – of course, the media you watch will never tell you about these countless stories.

          • No you don’t get it, try telling the small business owner that did work for Trump in Atlantic City and had to close his business because Trump filed bankruptcy to avoid his business paying its debt but left his personal wealth in tact. You don’t get it , his filing chapter 11 bankruptcy has no impact on his personal wealth but the small business owners who contracted to do work for Trump were destroyed when he filed bankruptcy , either they were force to settle for pennies on the dollar or they got nothing at all which forced some of them out of business while Trump’s personal fortune remained in tact. Trump wasn’t filling bankruptcy out of necessity it was more of a strategy to avoid paying debts on enterprises that we’re doomed for failure. You are brainwashed because you take what you read or hear from the right wing sources you subscribe to as gospel, if you did any research on your own you might find that Trump is really not the second coming of Jesus.

          • Bobby you are so brain washed it is pathetic. Every good businessman will use bankruptcy to save his business. This is totally legal and a means of allowing a company to reorganize – why can’t you get this through your head. If he had not done this, he would of had to lay off everyone and he instead saved some of them their jobs. These small businesses, that is the cost of doing business. There is no guarantee to any business that a vendor (to your business) will not go bankrupt – happens all the time. Even as a consumer we can be impacted, for example, if you buy an annuity the company can go bankrupt and you are out of luck. That is how it goes, it does not mean this company (or any other one was bad or mean as you imply.).

            Maybe this guy can educate you better:

          • Good businessmen don’t file bankruptcy five times nor do they use it as a strategy to avoid paying bills, he eventually lost all of the businesses where he filed bankruptcy so he didn’t save anyone’s job but he insulated himself against personal loss, true it is all legal but it shouldn’t be. You and Trump oppose raising the minimum wage , I don’t know why you oppose it but Trump has a vested interest in his opposition, he employs as you say thousands of people in the service industry where you will find most jobs paying minimum wage so being the good businessman he is of course he would oppose it, the same with employer sponsored healthcare or any othe improved benefit to the worker. You say you want change but the change Trump is proposing will not change the personal struggles people face each day.

          • You are so so wrong. Trumps proposals will create jobs. It will bring back thousands of jobs that went overseas. This is a fact. Plus by deporting illegals, and making it harder for them to get here, those jobs will go to Americans! So you are wrong. And as for minimum wage I already explained why I am against that. Common sense, if you raise the min wage employers will have no choice but to lay off workers. Get it. If not, you are beyond hope. You need to see the new movie “Hillary’s America” then you will learn what the Democratic party is all about. (It is not just about Hillary, but the DEM party.).

          • Oh so it was ok that the small business man and his employees lost their job and the business because Trump was inept at running his business ,that is part of doing business as you say, but employees being laid off because of a raise to the minimum wage is somehow different as if being laid off for whatever reason is not a part of doing business. Sounds like Trumpspeak to me . Trump is not going to deport illegals nor is he going to bring back any jobs. If he was sincere about bringing back jobs he wouldn’t be waiting to see if he is elected to bring the ones he has created in other countries. The unemployment rate is at 4.9 % with jobs being filled by illegals that are not accounted for, you deport these people and that opens up these jobs for you . I don’t know how many jobs will become available but it should put a big dent in the unemployment rate now Trump brings back these thousands of jobs, who’s left to work them? Those companies you say couldn’t pay $15 an will be forced out of business and Trump will have to increased the pay of his thousands of low paid employees. If elected Trump is not going to do anything that negatively effects his business .and will use the office to increase his personal wealth

          • Once again you are totally wrong on all counts. The reason he had to put some jobs overseas is because of the massive regulations on businesses in the US put in place
            by BHO and the democrats. Trump said many times, he will get rid of this regulation, then
            he and all other American businesses won’t be burdened by this and will keep jobs here. Also, with keeping the hourly rate under 15 per hour more people will be hired. As I said to you twice already, at 15 per hour business owners cannot afford to keep all the workers. You obviously have never been a business owner. You don’t a clue about how to run a business and the challenges it presents. Mr. Trump has had numerous business successes (thus he became a billionaire) only a few out of so many (and these where very small ones) he filed bankruptcy. He even started an airline and sold it. So you have no idea what you are talking about. You are a typical low-information voter. Why don’t you open you mind and listen to this guy, he is GREAT:
            Also be sure to see Hillary’s America (the movie) it will open your eyes to the truth. You have been duped by the progressive democratic party.

          • Do you realize that there are millions of jobs that pay $15+dollars an hour, do you realize that just like the ACA made exemptions for small businesses that those same exemptions could be applied to raising the minimum wage. You are brainwashed, your argument is the same one that’s been presented since the inception of the minimum wage and it hasn’t born fruit yet. After a push in various cities to raise the minimum wage some states have taken the initiative to raise the minimum wage above the federal level and some companies like Walmart increased the pay of its lower paid employees . People get laid-off from jobs for various reasons, if business is slow, if some jobs are automated,if the business is poorly managed, that’s all apart of doing business as you put it. Of course Trump will tell you it’s a bad ideal to raise wages. Trump didn’t sell his airline he defaulted on his loans and the airline was turned over to his creditors. Stop taking everything you hear for gospel and do some research. You will be surprised at the lies you’ve been told

          • I agree with that last statement about Trump saying American workers being paid too much with this idiot notion to raise minimum wage to $15. Why should minimum wage go to an outrageous $15 an hour? You do realize that minimum paying jobs were not intended to be life time jobs right? Hey you need to earn your way not just expect to be given. Putting in the work to be paid for what your worth is how the economy works. When you start pushing that you deserve it just because you are you is where our economy fails and at an exceedingly fast pace. This country has as much to offer anyone only if that individual is willing to put in the effort. Free hand outs doesn’t get you to the top yet that is exactly what this administration today and Hillary are trying to sell you. Keep you closed minded and helpless in achieving any goals because “hey it’s free”. Nothing is free and that is the truth. They meaning this administration and Hillary will do all they possibly can to ruin our economy by making you all believe “they care” as they run our country to the ground by taking away our freedoms and rights and our money. You honestly think they haven’t worked the system to their benefit and I am saying as they are holding office. Trump is a businessman and he did very well for himself yet when he becomes our President he will make it a very strong point to stop all the corruption and the leaking out of our finances to the “elitist” and yes I am talking about the establishment. He will bring back our businesses and he will allow our people to earn their living not take it from we the tax payers so as to have an easy life.

          • You are a complete idiot, do you really think that everyone has the same abilities, the same opportunities, do you really think a person playing basketball or making rap records is worth more than a doctor or a teacher? The implementation of minimum wage had nothing to do with how long you stayed in a job, it was introduced to make sure employers paid at least the minimum it would take to sustain a person . You seem to think that only MacDonald and other fast food chains pay minimum wage, there are a number of jobs in all industries that pay minimum wages. You and Trump are talking out of both sides of your mouths, when we talk about the low unemployment rate your response is but they are low paying jobs and if those are the jobs available then how is a person suppose to get

          • Everything and everyone is worth what someone else is willing to pay yet raising the minimum comes out of the taxes of the rest of us and sorry we pay enough taxes. Oh and by the way sustaining a person for working at a restaurant, fast food place, etc. I and millions upon millions understood that to sustain a living meant working 2 or more jobs at that level. As you move up the chain you get paid more. My mom worked 3 jobs knowing darn well that 1 job at the level she was at was not going to pay the bills. Get where I am coming from? You can try to justify why we the tax payers should give even more of our hard earnings to make it easier but that is not our job. The more education and experience you build in your career choices the more you get paid. Its that simple. My yearly increase in pay is .25 – .50 cents more an hour and I have been at the same job for over 6 yrs now. You are asking us to support an increase of $7 – $8 dollars more just because? Hey work harder, more hours, more jobs like we all had to when we first started out and earn your wage not demand it as though it owed to you for being you.

          • You’ve got it all wrong how does raising the minimum wage increase your taxes if anything those people who are making minimum wage and have a family are likely receiving some form of welfare which is paid for by your tax dollars so rather than have wal mart pay a livable wage to the vast majority of its employees you’d rather pay them the difference through taxes. Your mother was fortunate to be able to find three jobs let alone work three jobs. You make $15 an hour sound like $1500 an hour. Before taxes that’s $600 after taxes and insurance you may take home 400 dollars, that may be ok if you are single sharing expenses but it’s nothing if you have a family. I am sure in your Mother’s case she would have preferred to work one job that paid her a decent wage

          • Of course she would have loved working 1 job but with her level of education and experience that wasn’t possible and she understood that. Listen I don’t wish ill will towards any families ever. Sure it would be nice to make $15 with no education or experience yet that isn’t the way this country is. There is no entitlement…when you are young you pursue your career goals and save money and work hard and if possible further your education and experience and then your choices go from few to many. How many people do you think will lose their jobs because businesses that pay minimum will now need to increase so much? You will see more and more part time and businesses will find more and more ways to cut costs by not employing as many. How does rising the minimum wage help the smaller companies who can’t afford it? Its a no win situation and that terrible entitlement word comes into affect. I can’t be a lawyer because I don’t have the education or experience and there is a good reason why it takes more to make more than just being me. Its what you are willing to do to get a better paying job. Be it moving up the ladder through experience or education is the way it was and should always be. It comes down to how much you put in.

          • There are far more people that fit your Mother’s profile than there are of those you think everyone can become. The same arguments you are making are the same arguments that were made when minimum wage was first introduced and every time an increase was proposed somehow we managed the economy didn’t collapse and minimum wage or not companies large and small are always looking for ways to cut cost. Consider this. If the minimum wage was increased where do you think that extra money would go? Right back into the economy purchasing goods and services and to meet the demands companies would have to increase production which means they would have to hire people. If people could afford to buy the goods and services they need and wanted they would and if they are buying cars and clothes, new furniture, taking trips, staying in hotels these are the expenditures that help to make a robust economy .

          • Ok Bobby I see that you are set in how you see things and I respect that so thank you for your honesty. I understand how the “system” works and the cost of living rises. That is and always will be but come on…really $7-$8 more an hour…that is way too much to think it won’t hurt the economy more than help in many ways. I also understand that if I feel I need that kind of pay I better get my booty in gear because it won’t be handed to me. I have to earn it. Not all can live at the same level as others and believe me it breaks my heart to see anyone live in poverty yet I know so so many stories of people who through determination and perseverance hustle and earn their way up the ladder without asking for handouts or higher pay just because. Certain jobs pay more than others and you, Sacrifice and hard work…the American dream. Not just because. God Bless Bobby and thanks for corresponding with me.

          • I can understand Trump’s opposition to an increase in the minimum wage he employs thousands of people in the hotel and service industry where lower wages are paid and an increase would effect his bottom line as will any other proposal to improve the lives of the worker, health care, paid leaves,safe working conditions, the environment .I don’t understand your opposition but I respect your right to oppose it. May God bless you.

            Good bye

          • Wow and that is what you got out our conversations was Trump’s opposition to benefit himself? Ok…obviously you aren’t seeing the big picture and honestly that’s ok. Have a great week and God Bless!

          • No it’s the big picture I do see, this is not Utopia. Every one, regardless to what efforts they make will not reach the top .I have heard and read several accounts of people who had college degrees and experience being laid off from well paying jobs and having to take minimum wage jobs because thats what was available. My point is no one should have to work 3 jobs to make ends meet, If you work 40 hrs a week on a job you should be paid a living wage Walmart is far more able to pay a livable wage than I am to supplement its employees through my tax dollars. You want change so you say but when change is proposed that will truly benefit the masses

          • Did you not read my previous comment? I agree with raising minimum wages but not at the outrageous amount they are proposing. Raises are one thing then being out right ridiculous is another. Are you a business owner? See my husband is and sorry whether you believe it or not raising the minimum wage that much kills businesses and kills any chance of more jobs opening. In fact many businesses will cut down because they can’t afford such a proposal. Can’t you just try to see it on both sides or is this just about getting what you think we should no matter what the consequences? With small change comes small consequences and with BIG change comes BIG consequences. Its called balance and check.

          • Raising the minimum $7-$8 dollars benefits the masses? I am guessing you aren’t a small business owner who employs others. Hey no ill intent in my comments just respectfully looking at both sides. Raise the minimum wage and unfortunately we will be seeing many businesses either go under or let go of many employees yet hey good for the employee who may get the raise but go to part time? Well we will see

          • If those small business go under and if there was a demand for their product or service some one will fill the gap, small businesses fail every day for one reason or another and if that’s a concern exempt businesses with less than x number of employees or a maximum of x dollars of revenue , the ACA made provision for small businesses and I’m sure it’s possible in raising the minimum wage. Unless we change our way of thinking or how we look at things, things will stay the same despite the rhetoric of the politicians and those who choose to believe them

          • Thank you sir that was a great response. Honestly I would hate to see small businesses fail due to minimum wage hikes so let’s be sure it’s not too extreme as to put small businesses in jeopardy of their livelihood. As you mentioned this must work for the benefit of the masses and these small businesses represent a large amount of the masses as well as aiding in supplying jobs to the masses. See together even with different outlooks we find common ground. I enjoyed our conversing and thanks for giving me the time. God Bless

          • Bobby, did you do the math? Think about what Bernie said on taxes, he isn’t against raising taxes 90%, Now, lets be basic here for a minute, you raise taxes 90%, you are making $15 an hour, now how much do you think you will be making an hour once your taxes are taken out by the greedy government? Right, $1.50, for of you in Calif. and Mass. that is spelled out ONE DOLLAR FIFTY CENTS AN HOUR. Need more be said!!! You even have moronic college students that think it’s a good idea, what part of BASIC MATH CLASSES did they sleep through? How about we work, turn all our pay over to the government and get a frigging allowance, cause that’s where we are headed with the dems!!!!

          • Yes and if you are making $8 an hour after taxes you are only making .80 cent an hour I understand that but I don’t understand how this answers my question ” how does raising the minimum wage raise your taxes”

          • Sanders said he would raise the taxes on everyone, (key word EVERYONE) to 90%. The dems are working on doing that as they believe we are a collective society not individuals in a REPUBLIC, under a CONSTITUTION that has assured us INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS!!!

          • You do know that Sanders lost in his bid to become the democratic nominee and that Hillary Clinton proposes tax cuts for the middle class and none of this answers my.question?

          • Since when have you seen dems cut taxes? Please don’t tell me Clinton. Every time someone states Clinton it makes me want to vomit. Go back to his time in office, he raised social security, medicare, and medicade taxes, and if you look at your pay stub you will see they are in tax category given to the government. Then when these taxes are collected, instead of the pots they are suppose to go to they are put in the general fund so congress and the pres can spend, spend, spend and then tell the tax-payers, oh your taxes have gone down. Just look at your paystub!!! Why do you think they keep telling us social security, medicare, and medicade are going to go belly up in x amount of years?

          • Do you know that 45% of Americans paid no Federal tax in 2015? and the top 20% of wealth holders paid 67%of the total taxes. I don’t know your situation but judging by your complaints I’m guessing you need a tax advisor. I”m retired so I don’t get a paycheck. Bush cut taxes and Obama extended the cuts. Both parties say they somewant to cut taxes, Hillary wants to cut taxes for the middle class and raise taxes for the wealthy . Trump wants a flat tax that he says will be a reduction for all but if you look at his plan some of those 45% not paying taxes now would have to pay taxes which would be a tax increase.

          • I just don’t see it Bobby, and the more the moron in the white house takes from the tax-payers the more I see us going down an economical tube of which we may never be able to get out of. Yeah, the 45% that didn’t pay taxes were probably your ILLEGALS, HAHA!! I’m over everyone saying the wealthy need to be taxed more, that’s such a crock. What part of the commandments THOU SHALT NOT COVET, doesn’t anyone understand? This political climate out there does a hell of a lot of coveting, and then you have some in congress that get caught stealing. Every time election time comes up, all people want to hear is their taxes will be cut, but ARE THEY???


            I’m afraid your type is rarer than I thought they were.

          • What do you mean by that? I’m an American woman that believes the CONSTITUTION is still ment to give us GOD GIVEN RIGHTS and that our government should be kept small and in check by every AMERICAN CITIZEN instead of the alphabet soup it has become!


            I mean you still believe in the constitution.

          • As should every AMERICAN, only we have politicians that are trying to destroy bit by bit, and all claim to be Constitutional lawyers as the bozo in the white house! It is a living document that should stay in it’s original form as opposed to everyone with an agenda saying it was ment to say this. LEAVE IT ALONE. The two that should be in everyone’s hearts is Amendments 9 and 10!!! That alone would turn this government around to where it should be, and was ment to be!!!

          • You speak the truth!

          • And if you really go back to where the slaves came from in Africa, it was the blacks that caught and sold the slaves to the white man to bring to America to begin with!!!

          • These men were not elected by the people, they did not recieve the pooular vote: John Quincy Adams,Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bush

          • ..
            We the People do not elect a President.
            We the People have never elected a President.
            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
            Start with the Electoral College.

          • We the People do not elect a President.
            We the People have never elected a President.
            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
            Start with the Electoral College.

          • Sometimes mike I believe they hear, but what they hear they actually refuse to discover the real meaning by TRULY LISTENING to what is said. Take the word TRANSFORMING, did people really believe the undermining of the AMERICAN Citizens, AMERICAN Society, the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION, and the list is greater as we have never seen such a divided AMERICA as we see now. Guess what they have opened the door for ILLEGALS to get jobs while taking away from the people, we have been forced to accept that our kids must learn Spanish(as opposed to the other way around, we are being forced to taking in REFUGEES we know nothing about, then if we don’t we are called racist bigots, oh and don’t forget about the other agendas we must accept. We are lectured to, bullied, and then insinuated into believing it is the AMERICANS that are responsible! Then we are lectured on that we are all immigrants without clarifying that those who came here came by way of FRONT door, had papers in hand, never EVER received handouts from the government. If the REAL IMMIGRANTS couldn’t make it here they had to go back to where they came from. Wasn’t it the first mayor of Boston that stated if a man doesn’t work, he shouldn’t eat. That is scriptural! In stead people keep hearing what is said, but they really aren’t LISTENING!!!

          • Great post,You hit the nail on the head.Like you said it is always us that has to change for them,Like press 1 for English and 2 for spanish.I do go to Wal-Mart at times and it sounds like i am in mexico,They won’t even speak in English. The one that really get’s me is when they are all lined up at Western Union sending all their money to mexico,Plus the vehicles they drive around in are one’s i can’t afford to own.Yep welcome to America and just stick out your hand and you will be rewarded

          • Oh yeah, and it seems because of tax-payers paying the bill, we get further and further behind. Every time I pay taxes, I just say to myself that’s 2 more ILLEGAL families I’m taking care of!!!

          • You the one, Lookin’ All Crazy in the Face!

          • What’s the matter with your face?

          • Nothin’ I’m on the net, just not here!

          • If you are on the net why are you afraid to show your face here? Are you living a double life?

          • Nah! I’m retired Law Enforcement!

          • Thank you and I appreciate all you do and have done to protect and serve shamu9.

          • Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            Temper, temper …
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • They do it because they are part of “The Culture of Entitlement”

          • Why do you feel free to insult the poor?
            Apparently, you have never had the educational experience poverty provides.

          • Let me put it BIBLICALY for you akl, God said you don’t work you don’t eat!!!

          • Lifeline is the name of the program which provides basic telephone service. It is a Saint Reagan program designed for homeless veterans 6to have a “contact” address.
            Lifeline serves the poor, the disabled and the homeless.
            It allows them to summon emergency services.
            Lifeline is not paid for by your tax dollar, it is a fee tacked on to your telephone bill, by your provider.

          • It is the entire ‘Culture of Entitlement’ that defend the LIAR and the liberals.
            My only entitlement was paid for; Social Security and Non-Union Teacher retirement!

          • Exactly!! Some blacks are smart and they see right through her crap, but others are so blind and gullible. I guess they like their entitlements and all the free stuff. The only answer, they must like staying in poverty.

          • What’s sad about all this is a bunch of whites feel they must be on the government dole as well. Look at that guy in Calif., he doesn’t want to work, he gets food stamps then goes and buys lobster! Claims he’s entitled, and doesn’t work. What about some of the youth in Denver, where now they claim the government should give them good pot? People are just accepting that the bigger the government gets the better we are. They don’t want to work, just lay in bed all day until they decide it’s time to get up and get on with life!

          • Yep…makes me sick! Worthless pieces of CRAP!! Those kinds of brainless wastes will never be anything in life. It gets me so angry because I work my you know what off and I watch these people on EBT cards in front of me like that IDIOT in my state who buys lobster etc..and surfs all day while on food stamps..and I’m buying chicken. Lobsters way too expensive! I refuse to pay that price with my hard earned money. It’s not that I can’t afford it , but it’s just overpriced here. It’s the principle. But yes, I see what you’re saying. My friend says it as well. She hates that. He can get lobster all he wants but she can only afford chicken and she works all day and she’s tired..while that jackass on the beach is living the life, playing the damn system!! If I was Trump, that’d be one of the first things I straighten out when I got in. Something must be done with the entitlement system. There are lots of jobs that can be created as people who actually go house to house to inspect each and every person as to the degree of just how much they need the free stuff and if on drugs..ripped away immediately and that goes for any other wasteful way of using the system..tell these people who are abusing the system that they have a certain time to find a job and give them the exact date that their freebee way of life is permanently coming to an end. And..absolutely NO ILLEGALS ON ANY KIND OF HELP WHATSOEVER!!! Those are only for LEGAL Americans to be used only as a way to help them get back in their feet..not to be used as a crutch and enable people to never work again. If the person has a documented disability, then whatever they need is fine..but that’s the only way. I’m done with the waste!!! I will be writing Trump when he gets in.

          • Great news from someone on my other page, Trump has softened his stanch on the REFUGEE situation! I’m wondering if this voting will make any difference! The only way Trump received the nomination was by bad mouthing, and degrading his opposition and fed on that fact that most AMERICANS are fed up with the status quo, I just don’t know but it will be impressive to watch!!!

          • God..I hope he didn’t go too soft???WE HAVE GOT TO STAY STRONG ON VETTING REFUGEES…what is he saying?? Trump is ahead in the polls now..if he changes too much it’ll go against him.,we like his stance on immigration and refugees.

          • I read it on the red state site. Also I just found out from a friend of mine, Ed, about this idiot killery has for VP pick. To put it short until he sends me the link to the info he has, Kaine when governor chose Muslim American Society (MAS) pres. Esam Omeish to the states Immigration Commission, the man has ties to Islamic Brotherhood USA and even the Muslims said at the time to Kaine he was to radical. As soon as I get the link to where Ed found this I will pass it on. Hopefully the dems will take the blinders off. Keep you posted!

          • Now that makes me sick. Now it makes sense as to why she chose that snake!! Two damn vipers!! How do we send this to TRUMP..I hope he knows this. I sent a couple of things I hope made it to his email. Okay keep me posted..thanks Idaparadise7. Wow..what a bunch of lowlife lying scum. She is an insane nut!! Heard she had some kind of small seizure in front of a bunch of people a day ago?? Don’t know if that’s true but there was a video. If I knew how to attach it I would. Not too saavy with computers. Just got it yesterday. See if you can find it on YouTube…ok talk soon:)

          • Gloria just received the info I asked Ed for, just go on to the computer and type in Clinton VP pick Tim Kaine’s Islamist Ties-Breitbart, I don’t know if it is capital sensitive but the way I just sent this to you is how I typed it in, It’s like an info page and just tap on the heading once it shows a bunch of subtitles, it was the first on the page, the sit back and prepare for the blood to shoot out of your eyes. Also last night the dems had 61 speakers and NOT ONE MENTIONED ISIS, or ISLAMIC TERRORISM> Tonight I heard it’s going to be cop bashing!!! Thank God I had to work last night. Then to top it all off trump sat there tweeting everyone except Michael Obama. I’m beginning to wonder about the choices we have now, I’m upset Cruz got out, but I could understand with what trump was doing to his wife. I guess we all go vote and may the best idiot win???

          •’s fine. Trump didn’t do anything. He just responded to necessary people with perfect tweets. I agree, I was ok with Cruz until his campaign turned downright dirty and dishonest with Ben Carson. Then what he tried to do with delegates..etc. Yes, it started with Trumps wife’s pic , he warned Cruz not to do it ..well, you know the rest. Trump will attack only when attacked. I agree , though, maybe less tweeting. Thanks for the info, I will definitely look it up now! You would have loved Trump on Hannity, he came out with part of this background on Kaine. That he wants many more refugees here..etc. I think he knows. Don’t despair…TRUMP is far from an idiot. He is brilliant and he knows exactly what he is doing. With him, it is all calculated just right. I really believe he is our Godsend. I don’t think the Man upstairs would send us a loser. 🙂

          • Did you hear the ANTI-SEMITE statements that came from the mouth of Rep. Hank Johnson from Ga. Go on to the site the Times of Israel Daily Edition! That is one who should be removed from office NOW!!! To bad we can’t get Israel to help us put up the wall on the So, Border, they know how to do it to keep scumbags out! I will go to foreign papers first before I put any substance in the papers here! GOD will give us what we deserve, especially since we’ve kicked HIM out of country, and that was back in the 60’s. Have you noticed decline of USA since?

          • On Hillary seizure, I wonder if the dark side was invading more, if you get my drift!!!

          • Lol!!! Good one!!

          • By the way, did you hear about Paris Priest who had his throat slit by ISLAMIC TERRORIST!!! The bozo here in the WH will probably it was because he was preaching on non-global warming. Hasn’t he come up with every king of violence except what IT REALLY IS?

          • Unfortunately, yes he calls it everything than what it’s suppose to be called..he makes me sick. I feel so sorry for that poor priest..what a death he had to endure. Time for TRUMP so we can rid all of us from this evil.

          • I believe Blacks would starve without freebies, selling drugs and food stamps. There are few jobs for them unless they choose to learn job skills, and that includes many, many whites. The establishment has lost this nation jobs by corruption and the flow of those over the border that work so cheap.

          • Blame NAFTA under Clinton!!!

          • Thanks. I didn’t know that about NAFTA–another mark against the establishment!
            But, I also have to put some blame on We the People for not minding our government.
            We (esp me) have been much, much to trusting. This election cycle has brought out much of which I wouldn’t have dreamed.

          • And now we are looking at ttp and ttip, which will really take down jobs. This administration says it’s free trade! Excuse me, but free, is free, it’s not tax going out to be made and tax again when it comes into country! It’s seems we have two CONSTITUITIONS, one fro the democratics, and one for the republicians, the difference being; the dems think of it as collective, the GOP think in the sphere that it is individuals. The dems have screwed over the people, the GOP tries to reign them in, but with the individuals in Congress, it seems they are all on the side of screw the people, and take their individual rights away, more and more!! AMERICANS better wake up and realize our CONSTITUTION can and should nullify all these so called ILLEGAL treaties, and get the UN off our soil before it’s to late!!!

          • I agree, sir, I agree! It is to our detriment to have “free trade” with corrupt countries as China, or third-world countries with completely different economies!

          • Are you talking about Bill Clinton or Bill Cosby. Seems you have your ‘BILLS’ mixed up

          • Keep up Devito, we know that Bill Clinton was never tried for rape or accused of rape and Bill Cosby has been order to stand trial for rape, we also know that Donald Trump has been accused of raping a minor, his ex wife and now there are allegations of sexual assault, Have you heard the saying “where there is smoke there is fire”, well there are billows of smoke surrounding Trump

          • Those are the charges that Bill Clinton got away with.
            The liberal media and antagonist are manning the bellows under the Trump fire.

            It is in the state of Confusion that has no voter ID law.

          • Let’s see if Trump gets away with them. Other than the state of Confusion what state has no ID law?

          • Typically the blue states.

          • If that’s the case why are the red states passing ID laws if they already have them?

          • The DOJ says the state voter ID laws were unconstitutional because they require a specific form of ID . . . that would be a ‘state issued’ ID.
            Funny how it is, the Federal govt requires a specific ID to board an airplane.

          • I don’t see the comparison? What’s funny to me is why after all these years you request a specific form of ID ,and please don’t say voter fraud because that’s already been invalidate

          • Apparently lots of them. Texas has always had that law, but supreme court just declared it illegal here!

          • All states require some form of ID to vote, some states,including Texas passed laws requiring specific forms of ID. These are the laws being declared illegal.

          • Bill supposedly has AIDS. They’re keeping it quiet because of the election.

          • No Danger that Hilary has it! They don’t —-!

          • Anything to try and derail a very successful Trump. That dog won’t hunt.

          • Exactly!! No worries, not true.

          • I did read that online! Not that I take everything seriously that I read online, but it has been reported that Clinton has aids.

          • Do not believe anything you read and only half of what you actually see.

          • Bill Clinton was accused of rape plenty of times..JENIFER FLOWERS RING A BELL. Brutal rape..he got off because he’s a CLINTON. They’re above the law so they think. Just a lot of money and great lawyers..don’t mean he’s innocent. People/ women are now coming forward.. If I was Trump..ID GATHER THE WOMEN WHO’d like to come forward and make a video and show the world. He is a sick puppy and they’re keeping it quiet because of the election but he supposedly has AIDS. He looks terrible. I say, he is reaping what he sowed. Only sad thing is, the women he raped are probably scared shitless now hoping they don’t have AIDS.

          • You will learn during the general election that Trump is a serial rapist who has used his money,influence and threats to keep his criminal sadistic side hidden. Only a fool would believe that someone who hangs out with a convicted sex predator and states that the predator is cool and he admires the predators taste in women but he likes them younger, is not capable of committing the crimes he is accused of.

          • If she tried that it will be her demise!! It would not only be a downright lie, but the start of her own suicide. She is a murderer..AND A CHEAT and A known LIAR and THE WORST TYPE OF PERSON YOU CAN IMAGINE. One thing TRUMP knows how to do is fight. I know you’re a paid dem troll to go on there sites to spew their lies and to put doubt in the publics minds ..but you see, the man is not only a great businessman but an even greater father. Bet you didn’t see that republican convention. What a loving family, and what a wonderful man who is loved by every woman and man he employs and he is friends with. That man has raised beautiful kids who are adoring of him. There is no way you will ever talk me into thinking that about Donald TRUMP. Someone who raises his kids to be that classy and that well liked by people cannot be anything what you are spewing. They have nothing mm it total admiration for their father and right be so..that man has worked hard for what and where he is today. People who spew the hatred towards him are only jealous.

          • Are you talking about the Donald Trump that inherited millions from his father, that filed bankruptcy five times to avoid paying his creditors, the guy that cause several small business owners to go out of business because he would not pay them for work performed or by filing bankruptcy forcing them to settle for pennies on the dollar, the guy who avoided the draft by paying off the right people, the guy who bought properties and forced the poor out so he could rent to the rich, the guy who has all of his products made outside the US and has made no effort to remedy that. I see why Trump said he likes low IQ voters , he should have posted a picture of you along side the statement

          • First of all..I have a you??? My IQ is none of your business but to be nicer than you but a bit more’s definitely higher than yours. As for your next lie, DONALD TRUMP NEVER stated he liked people with low IQs ..he likes all types of people!! As for inheriting millions His father gave him 100,000 to start…that’s it. It was up to him to sink or swim..I’m sure even YOU can figure what happened with him. Don’t sound so jealous when you talk about the man. Your green monster is showing. As for another point you made about bankruptcy..all big money people do it to regroup. It’s perfectly legal and as far as I’m concerned, banks deserve everything they get!! They’re crooked like Hillary..and they don’t do anyone any favors..but the word is LEGAL much different than our liar in chief who does everything ILLEGAL. As for the draft, he had an injury that prevented him from entering…so THEY did not want him. Boy, you sure don’t know what you’re talking about. As for one elderly woman who ,yes, he offered to buy her house and offered her some ridiculous amount of money for a broken down old home, it didn’t happen. She turned it down. So he did not go through with his plans. A year later she changed her mind and when she tried to get in touch with Trump to sell, he was no longer interested. That smart old woman that you’re sticking up for, lost out on a huge amount of money because she ended up having to sell anyway and got almost nothing for her home. Oh well, that’s life. Really, Bobby boy, you’re listening to WAY TOO MUCH liberal media. I have a name for someone like you..robot..the Dems can feed you anything ..they brainwash you and you’re like their good little puppy dog, you do everything they say. In other words, you do all their work for them. They see a big dummy in you and they sit back and laugh while you spew all their hatred and they don’t have to do one thing. They’ve really got you trained well there Harris..why don’t you play dead and please don’t send me anything else because I’m done responding to someone who has his IQ in his a hole. Good riddance.

          • There is not an ounce of truth to anything you’ve said including you having a PHD. I take that back, he didn’t say I like voters with low IQ, what he said was I like the poorly educated voter.Where are you getting your information from? Donald Trump was not inured according to him he was disqualified from service because he had bone spurs in his foot though when he was asked which foot he said he didn’t know. You must have gotten your degree from Trump University, public elementary schools do a better job of teaching children how to do research than any school you have been exposed to.

          • “victims” ???
            or people on the Clinton payroll?
            Always follow the money bobby..then have your kool-ade

          • And we know Trump certainly has the money don’t we? Oh did you try the Kool-ade?

          • No a dem named HILLARY put that on Donald and it was mowed down as fast as she tried to spew it..the lady who was being named came to Trumps defense and said it was a lie. Hillary up to her old tricks…and it was proven and shot down and I might add, in flames. It didn’t work!

          • You are wrong again as usual, the law suite is still pending and was aided by two people who said they hated Trump because they didn’t think he was conservative enough. I suppose you are talking about the sexual assault allegations, but even this woman who said she was willing to forget the whole thing and supported Trump is now saying she is coming forward because Trump and his daughter said she was lying when he was asked about it and she would not stay silent and called a liar.

          • No..that’s was a made up HILLARY CAMP media CRAP to smear TRUMPS name. It wasn’t even a thought…believe me, if that was true what you are spewing, the LIBERAL news would be smearing it all over to this day. CAN YOU STOP ALREADY!! There was no truth to it…believe me. You are getting so mixed up with the known rapist..BILL CLINTON.

          • You wouldn’t know because all you read is extreme right wing garbage. I read this months ago in an article on the Huffinton Post and if you google it you will find it’s reference on several sites. Stop replying to my comments and google it for yourself. What qualifies you to tell me what is or is not true about Trump and Clinton? What you say is merely your opinion, what is fact is Clinton has never been convicted or sued for rape or molesting and raping a minor and Trump’s innocent or guilt is yet to be decided. Stay tuned

          • Money can work wonders, right?

          • What’s your D.C. Number??

          • charles johnston

            Site a reference or shut up. There is no rape suit against Trump and you know it, troll.

          • If you are literate enough to use Google, google “rape suit against Trump ” Reply back with your findings if you have the balls to.

          • Incest is not necessarily rape. The rest of them were just paid off to keep their mouth shut – what they wanted in the first place.

          • charles johnston

            Your comment makes absolutely no sense. Put down that joint and take a nap.

          • Heard they’re keeping it quiet but BILL CLINTON has aides. He does look sick. What goes around, comes around. He’s reaping what he sowed!!!

          • We can only hope!

          • Let’s see grandfather owned whore houses in the Yukon.
            Daddymade huge bucks from government contracts.
            Trump bought property cheap, forced the poor out, then sold for high dollars to the rich. Trump has raped people every way that made him a $dollar.

          • GodBlessRealAmerica!!!


          • akl is an ass in case you haven’t figured it out!!

          • It bothers me greatly that posterity will suffer much because of the twilight- zone Liberals!
            Liberals have children also, how can they condemn them to a no-future?

        • Billy Clinyton did

        • charles johnston

          You are referring to slick willie, right?

        • Who ever votes for Hillary, who is a damn liar. That would make them a damn liar also. Do you liberals understand that logic, or did the liberals suck all of your brains out of that head.

          • Well you can say the same about whoever votes for Trump. It seems that when fact checked every other statement he makes is a lie

          • Will Bob finally, I’m sure Trump hasn’t killed anyone and I’m sure he hasn’t gave away any secrets to the enemy. So what the hell is your point. You should look at the history of the democrat party that you seem to love. I was a democrat on Obama first run and voted for him. Then I saw what Holder and Obama did with the black panther in Philly at the polling booths, look it up on your fact check on that. How would you like to go to the polling booth and have black guys standing around with billy clubs. I love you dude don’t let the democrat suck you in on thier lies. Peace, Go Trump!

          • So since he hasn’t kill anyone that you know about or given away any secrets to the enemy anything else goes.Were Holder and Obama responsible for the Oath Keepers parading around in military fatigue with Ak47’s slung over their shoulders in a Black neighborhood in Ferguson ? I read about the history of the Democratic Party I have lived the history of the Republican Party. As a child I can remember the same enthusiasm for George Wallace that you now have for Trump. They had more in common than being republican

      • i sure do agree

      • I agree Dennis and thanks for standing up for our nation with your post.

      • That is interest information. No wonder we got the verdict that we got.

        • We Got it shoved up our collective … Arss’s …

        • Dennis B Anderson

          Yeah the Clinton foundation case went to the IRS and the bald worthless cork sucker Makimson? the spelling is wrong but you know who I mean. He was mouthing off to Gowdy on the IRS scandal and the lost E Mails there. He sent back information to the FBI that there wasnt anything to see here? Lets move along shall we? Obama & Hitler-y have there people in the right places dont they.

      • Step down hell they should be arrested, and dragged out of the office they have corrupted kicking and screaming then put on trial for
        violation of their oath of office and I would suspect that you could
        also follow the money trail back to see what else they are guilty
        of besides malfeasantce in office.

        • I agree with Mr. Maxwell. Not only should these people be immediately removed from office, but also brought up on charges for ignoring the oaths of positions these dunderheads now occupy. Jailbird Clinton should not be given 4 to possible 8 years of office, but 10-20 with the “STYLISH” orange jumpsuits provided to those deserving people such as herself.

        • Don’t stop with those two, we need to just start at the top (Obama) and put them all in the slammer before the rope comes out.

        • Dennis B Anderson

          Hey I want to be there when we turn the Clintons & Obamas tribe all back into WalMart shoppers? They will beat them to death with day old bread.

      • I think it’s spelled Patoote, the e is optional. lol!

      • Is Bill Clinton a Bohemian Grove Member?? Everything he does seems Evil, if not Satanic!

        • Bill Clinton is a Mason! … ’nuff said?

          • I believe every President of the U.S. was a Mason, starting with Washington

          • Could Be … ???

            ??? … including Obama … ??

            I know GHW Bush was … not sure about “Dubya” … and Jeb …

            Is there an easy research resource?

          • Not TRUE … google … “Masons US Presidents” ..,.

            Lots of “holes” … beginning with Jefferson … probably more than 1 dozen!

            only 14 of the first 38 … (thru Ford ) …

            still to learn ??? Carter, Reagan, GHW Bush, Clinton, Dubya, Obama, and ???

            I was told that both Bill and Hillary are Masons … ?? confirm ??

          • New abuses seem to come to light almost every day or so now. I think we are very close to “something.” NWO, Martial Law or end to the tolerance of We the People!
            I am still hoping that DT is elected and can and will began a change.

          • Well Mary, I have some GOOD NEWS and some Bad News.

            The ENEMY is here at Home — and Away … in the form of Bankers, Masons, the Illuminati, the VATICAN (that’s correct; the Pope) and the CORRUPT American BAR Association, with TIES back to Great Britain!

            The extent of subterfuge CROSSES “party lines”. It involves the Bush family, the Clinton family, and MORE … many More.
            ( … Most POTUS’s ,,, makes you Wonder about Harvard! )

          • I totally agree with you. We are on our way downward and the People must wake up NOW!

      • Garbage piked higher and deeper.

      • AMEN! How much are you willing to bet that killer spouts off at the dnc about global change, women’s issues(which if you look back was decided in the 70’s) the elderly being put down, it’s for the children, it’s about race, it’s about ILLEGALS? Does anyone think the heifer will say anything new, as opposed to what has been stated time after time? Same old song, just verse 2!!!

    • These judges ARE NOT incompetent!! Rulings like this are DELIBERATE ATTEMPTS to LEGISLATE FROM THE BENCH!!

      I’m NOT saying that there AREN’T incompetent judges out there, I’m saying that attributing these actions TO incompetence is generally a FALSE notion!!

      THIS IS THE LIBERAL AGENDA and we’d BETTER START recognizing it as such and dealing with it!!!

      • It’s analogous to the old argument what came first the chicken or the egg. Are government officials like judges incompetent which makes them corrupt or are they corrupt which makes them incompetent. The rule of law and our Constitution are not that difficult to understand and yet we have countless judges everyday disregarding both. If it’s their liberal agenda that cause the bias and prejudice then isn’t that a form of corruption. Making bad decisions no matter the reason makes them incompetent. I see it all the time in court. Hell the other day the entire world watched and listened as the FBI Director rewrote federal law and still had to do verbal gyrations to conclude “no reasonable prosecutor would take the Clinton case”. The exact opposite is true and yet one can argue Comey is incompetent, corrupt or both.


        Yes, the liberal agenda is democracy. You figured it out.

        • The Liberal Agenda is Exemplified in CUBA! I was Alive during the Castro Takeover! He was hailed as a Liberating Hero, One of the Poor! He was going to Punish the EEEVILLL Rich, and give to the Peasants! Just like the Damned Demo Krapps claim Here, Now! Less than a year later he Proclaimed himself to be a Commie! Y’all Know the Rest ‘O The Story!

    • Incompetent judges? No Sir – those far-left commie judges are Democrat-appointed political far-left hacks bent on destroying this once free country.

      • ” bent on destroying this once free country.”

        When was the country free? When blacks couldn’t vote in the south, or when women couldn’t own property? How far back do we go in time to find this free country you talk about?

      • Follow the Clinton money.

    • YOU an attorney! Who you trying to shit? Clearly you are running on crazy pills or from the land of unfettered imbecility. Everybody with functioning brain cells knows the “voter fraud” scam is just a Fascist half-wit fraud itself. Geesh! Just another bullshitter that supports Republican government-by-sabotage.

      • NO!!! It’s happening all over the US..and don’t you have that reversed? It’s the Dems/libs that are the ELITE fascists!!! They’re the half wits that think WE THE PEOPLE don’t realize they are committing this CRAP(voter fraud)!!! I saw it myself with their bus loads of illegals coming in and they had them vote here in CA!!! If that wasn’t enough, a friend of mine said they found out that somehow 88,000 deceased people voted in NC. It’s very sad that the Dems/libs have to resort to cheating. These days, the only way they know how to win IS by cheating…but then that’s not really winning, now is it???

        • Gloria D if it was up to idaparadise7 you wouldn’t be allowed to vote, you would have to be mentally challenged to think let alone put it in print that an entire state voted blue even though the governor is a republican and that voting officials in NC are so inept that 88,000 dead people voted. Do you question anything?

          • Well, just a few days past it was found that our southern L.A. had scads of dead voting every time. Another idiot sanctuary, along with San Francisco, and so many others in America. Will be glad to see them gone with Trump in the WH.

          • How many is in a scad?

          • One scumbag illegal leftist vote is too many. How many times did you vote stooge?

          • SHUT UP TROLL!!!! You a complete retard!!!

          • Gloria is the D for Dummy?

          • You really don’t believe that voting can be rigged?

          • Sure I do by both republicans and democrats and all of the above. All You read here is it’s only the democrats

          • More than you have fingers so you are unable to count them.

          • Does that mean you don’t know?

          • Lemme put it in Ebonics for ya! A Scad is a Shit-Load!

          • THANK YOU ROSECH!! That Bobby Harris is just another LIBTARD TROLL WHO BELIEVES EVERYTHING the liberal media spews including his idols OVOMIT AND THE WITCH OF BENGHAZI!!!

          • ..and you’re a complete IDIOT!! Can’t believe you’re just hearing about this??? It been known since that last election!!!! Too many people know this and my best friend wouldn’t lie…SORRY!!!! I don’t care if there’s a republican anything in that state!!! It was questioned back then by I believe Kasich but they didn’t go beyond that. No BALLS!!! I don’t give a rats ASS IF YOU BELIEVE ME OR NOT! I live in CA and I saw it happening first hand!! If anyone is mentally challenged, it’s YOU!!! You have a mental disorder called liberalism..why don’t you stop hiding in your butt hole and listen to those around you…you might learn something. Oh, and by the way…you’re the one who shouldn’t be voting!!!! You’ll give us four more years of that sorry SOROS KISS ASS queer in the WH and we saw where that lead us for the last eight years!!!!

          • Are you a resident of some mental facility? Your claim is the most ridiculous I’ve seen here yet, maybe you misunderstood your friend , I can’t imagine two sane people saying that. Obama won Ohio with 52% of the vote the other 48% voted for someone else, now whom do you suppose that was? God help us

          • No’re showing your ignorance. That happened way back when..and those numbers are lies that you are spewing. At that time, when all this went down..whether you like or not, that’s what was said. No kidding. GOD HELP US IS RIGHT IF YOU THINK THERE NO SUCH THING AS VOTER FRAUD!! Did you read my post?? I was actually the cops to come to my place and actually stopped it!! I don’t give a RATS ASS IF YOU BELIEVE ME OR NOT!! Maybe you actually are one of them who commit the fraud??? That’s why you’re in denial!!! Same thing happened all over the US!! Can you read all these different other posts..seems others had similar experiences or are you illiterate as well!!!

          • When is way back when Dummy? You don’t have to believe me on the numbers just google it and while you are googling, google “has any state ever voted entirely for one party in a presidential election ” I never said that there was no voter fraud I am certain there is by both democrats and republicans and for one to think it’s only done by one party is almost as insane as your claim.

          • Reread what I wrote, those men were told several times by the care taker to vote for the so called president, they didn’t say Obama, so as far as those men go, they could have been told bugs bunny. I’m not talking about mentally slow, I’m talking full out mentally gone. They didn’t even understand the process much less had the ability to write their names. It was sad to watch!

          • I don’t know what state you are in that would allow you, your son, a care taker and a voter to go in the voting booth at the same time nor do I know if you are embellishing the story but it has piqued my curiosity and if what you say is true as far as their mental capacity I would agree they shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Unlike others here, if I am wrong I will post that I was wrong

          • It happened in Gainesville, Fl. and we were showing our ID and receiving our voting forms at the entrance when this occurred. They were so loud they were told to keep it down, not only that but they did not have to sign their name, just make their mark. and were led to an area where they could work with the poll assistant. The guy who I would assume was their care taker, as he brought them in a van, walked by and told them they were to say they wanted to vote for the president(Obama)and that was all they kept repeating over and over loudly. I don’t care if you believe me or not, my son who was going to UF was voting with me in the early voting as I was leaving for MA. to help my cousin’s wife as she had just lost my cousin in death and I had to catch a plane and would be out of town on the actual day of voting! It was at the Gainesville sub library. Now, if this is what it takes for democrats to win, how desperate they must be! If they can read the ballots themselves and write their names the and only then should they be allowed to vote. I have no problem with mentally slow people voting but when they are challenged as these men were, that makes a difference!!!

          • I’m not saying I don’t believe you but if you google Voting Rights for the Mentally challenge as I did , I believe you would come to the same conclusion that I did and that is they should not have been allowed to vote. I do disagree with your implications that only democrats are guilty of these practices

          • I’m not saying just the dems, but in the years that I’ve been voting this was the only time I ever experienced this! I always thought that care takers had more respect about a person with this kind of a challenge and to see this first hand at putting these guys through this was heart stopping to say the least. When they were told to vote for the bozo in the WH without even realizing what was going on around them, made me wonder how DAMN LOW the democrat party would SINK, and how disgusting that they would do this to another human being.

          • Is that how it is in Bobby’s World? Remember? the Cartoon Show?

        • Look up the definition of Fascist then wipe that absurd Darth Cheney sneer off your face.

          • I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS’s YOU WHO DOESN’T!!! WRONG!! Not a Cheney /Bush lover..TRUMP, YES..ALL THE WAY!!! TRY AGAIN jerk!!! You libs are ALL FASCISTS!! You vote for the very people who WORSHIP THEIR IDEOLOGY!! DO US ALL A FAVOR, and move out of this Country, before you ruin it even further…and get off the entitlements and get a job you worthless piece of CRAP!!! By the way, you can take your own SNEER on your own face and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine!!!

          • You seriously don’t have a clue, do you?I’ve stopped saying “How imbecilic can you be?” Too many like you are taking it as a personal challenge. You Nazi’s are extreme Fascists and deportation is the only humane way to get rid of you all. Back to your Fatherland – no, that doesn’t exist any more – just settle in Syria. There is no Republican or Democratic way to pick up garbage like you Cesspool dwellers. YOU are physically repulsive, intellectually retarded, vulgar, morally reprehensible, selfish, stupid, tasteless, a lousy excuse for a human being, and you smell like the Cesspool you live in.

          • Blah..blah..blah..blah..blah…SHUT THE HELL UP!!! LOOK AROUND THIS SITE…no one cares what YOU have to say. GOOD RIDDANCE WHACK JOB!!!

          • I LOVE this site! Please come back if you like chatting with me. I KNOW you do, admit it!

          • Are you even aware of what is going on around you, or do you just want to type something so we can try and be impressed by what you are stating. How sad it is to be uninformed!

          • I agree it is SO sad to be SO uninformed. I do feel sorry for your state of ignorance – but THAT is curable. Stupid, unfortunately, is not a curable condition. I hope that is not the cause.

          • I use to think people were naïve, but no longer as there are so many places you can go to get info and then make up your own mind. People are STUPID and they have their heads so far buried in the sand that I don’t think they will ever wake up. It’s sad to know STUPID will actually reign and those informed will have to continue the fight in order to get back to the CONSTITUTION, and LAW!!!

          • Come to Cape Kennedy Fl. Look me Up Fagg! I Know some Hungry Shit Eating Gators!

          • Your address, license plate #, phone # please. I can be there in less than 20 minutes U Slithering Slime.

          • What a Yutz! You don’t know what you’re Dealing With!

          • 4 SUR U don’t

          • I forgot,” Tink” Y’all can Fly!

          • Hey Fook Boy! rdells, Which Sith Lord Is More EEEVILL?? Darth Cheny, OR –DARTH SOROS?? Ya Know, Obama is just Soros’ Monkey Sock Puppet

          • You’re barking up the wrong tree if you think for a second I really give a s..t!

          • GodBlessRealAmerica!!!

            Open your mouth Real America needs to take a dump lol

        • Gloria, You are mostly correct. However, it was not the entire state of Ohio. It was several districts. That is the reason, I do my own research and don’t just listen and repeat what someone has told me.

      • And you are clairvoyant and some how know that he is not a lawyer! You better go play the lottery because you have powers far beyond those of mortal men. Your a pusillanimous pipsqueak! And don’t you just hate people who use big words so they can appear to be perspicacious!

        • Correct. But, people capable of 3 syllable words and can string them together to form a complete sentence is SO rare on this site I AM duly impressed, but not hateful in the least.

          • Yeah, sure! You and your ilk are so articulate…”Who you trying to shit?”

          • Define “ilk”, a simple 3 letter word.

          • GodBlessRealAmerica!!!

            Define Liberal = ignorance ahol0

          • You must feel really bad about being wrong about EVERYthing. “Ilk” isn’t anything close to “Librul”. Count the letters, if you’re not too intellectually challenged to count on both hands – assuming you’re not just a one brain-cell man, but also a one-armed lady.

          • GodBlessRealAmerica!!!

            Im not wrong Im right Trump/Pence 2016!!!!! Its going to happen..
            Real America is Fed up with you Liberuls, Liberals or Liberturds however you want to coin it..idiot!

            I feel for you and your ignorance, Hatred and brainless antu Trump ghett O behavior ! Why do you Hate Trump a man of integrity, strength, power and a business minded Man who will be your Next PRESIDENT you are a disgrace! and a one armed Liberal Moron,,Catch up fool

          • Give you credit for UR consistency – WRONG every time!

      • Apparently you’ve never worked as a poll watcher in da hood.

      • Ha Ha! Everything the turds on the left do is a scam huh comrade!

        WJS- Acorn — the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now —
        has been around since 1970 and boasts 350,000 members. We’ve written
        the fraud reports and Acorn’s ties to Mr. Obama, it’s about time
        someone exposed this shady outfit that uses government dollars to lobby
        for larger government.
        Acorn uses various affiliated groups to
        agitate for “a living wage,” for “affordable housing,” for “tax justice”
        and union and environmental goals, as well as against school choice and
        welfare reform. It was a major contributor to the subprime meltdown by
        pushing lenders to make home loans on easy terms, conducting “strikes”
        against banks so they’d lower credit standards.
        But the
        organization’s real genius is getting American taxpayers to foot the
        bill. According to a 2006 report from the Employment Policies Institute
        (EPI), Acorn has been on the federal take since 1977. For instance,
        Acorn’s American Institute for Social Justice claimed $240,000 in tax
        money between fiscal years 2002 and 2003. Its American Environmental
        Justice Project received 100% of
        its revenue from government grants
        in the same years. EPI estimates the Acorn Housing Corporation alone
        received some $16 million in federal dollars from 1997-2007. Only
        recently, Democrats tried and failed to stuff an “affordable housing”
        provision into the $700 billion bank rescue package that would have let
        politicians give even more to Acorn.
        All this money gives Acorn the
        ability to pursue its other great hobby: electing liberals. Acorn is
        spending $16 million this year to register new Democrats and is already
        boasting it has put 1.3 million new voters on the rolls. The big
        question is how many of these registrations are real.
        The Michigan
        Secretary of State told the press in September that Acorn had submitted
        “a sizeable number of duplicate and fraudulent applications.” Earlier
        this month, Nevada’s Democratic Secretary of State Ross Miller requested
        a raid on Acorn’s offices, following complaints of false names and
        fictional addresses (including the starting lineup of the Dallas
        Cowboys). Nevada’s Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax said he
        saw rampant fraud in 2,000 to 3,000
        applications Acorn submitted weekly.
        in Ohio are investigating voter fraud connected with Acorn, and
        Florida’s Seminole County is withholding Acorn registrations that appear
        fraudulent. New Mexico, North Carolina and Missouri are looking into
        hundreds of dubious Acorn registrations. Wisconsin is investigating
        Acorn employees for,
        according to an election official, “making people up or registering people that were still in prison.”
        there’s Lake County, Indiana, which has already found more than 2,100
        bogus applications among the 5,000 Acorn dumped right before the
        deadline. “All the signatures looked exactly the same,” said Ruthann
        Hoagland, of the
        county election board. Bridgeport, Connecticut
        estimates about 20% of Acorn’s registrations were faulty. As of July,
        the city of Houston had rejected or put on hold about 40% of the 27,000
        registration cards submitted by Acorn.That’s just this year. In
        2004, four Acorn employees were indicted in Ohio for submitting false
        voter registrations. In 2005, two Colorado Acorn workers were found to
        have submitted false registrations. Four Acorn Missouri employees were
        indicted in 2006; five were found guilty in Washington state in 2007 for
        filling out registration forms with names from a phone book.
        Which brings us to Mr. Obama, who got his start as a Chicago “community
        at Acorn’s side. In 1992 he led voter registration efforts as the
        director of Project Vote, which included Acorn. This past November, he
        lauded Acorn’s leaders for being “smack dab in the middle” of that
        effort. Mr. Obama also served as a lawyer for Acorn in 1995, in a case
        against Illinois to increase access to the polls.
        During his tenure
        on the board of Chicago’s Woods Fund, that body funneled more than
        $200,000 to Acorn. More recently, the Obama campaign paid $832,000 to an
        Acorn affiliate. The campaign initially told the Federal Election
        Commission this money was for “staging, sound, lighting.” It later admitted the cash was to get out the vote

      • rdells I actually feel sorry for you. Your failure to bother obtaining any level of education is self evident meaning you must live a pathetic boring existence. Not only did I put myself through undergrad, grad school and law school I also spent 25 years as an FBI Agent. I would love to go before our nation and tell them what I personally know about voter fraud that occurs in every major election in this country. In both 2008 and 2012 the fraud was so prevalent even U.S. Attorney’s said something had to be done but of course nothing was done because the decision fell on AG Eric Holder and he was never to going to indict his beloved Democrats. You don’t want to know the truth so you simply make imbecilic statements about people who care only about the truth. Good luck with that.

      • rdells, how could you say that proving who you are it is fascist. This is a way for the democrats to continuing stealing the elections. Like Obama did in 2012, county in Ohio 110% people voted for Obama, how could there be more vote than people. In addition not even in the communist country there is more than 98-99% of the vote for the dictator. Men, think about freedom and stop being a lackey of the democrats party -a party of prejudism and putting down minority-. Do not think that they will give you anything, they are robbing you and your children and every other person in this country of the freedom. These people are globalist and they do not care about the United States. The only thing that it is preventing the world from a one world government is United States. These judges are serving their masters- the democrats- Voter Id is just common sense. We have document that it is call the Constitution of the United States, this document lays out the way to keep the republic stable and strong. Now we have a government that care nothing about the Constitution. Remember, this document was written so we could prosper and live in peace. If we violate our constitution, we would be come like any other country.

      • What planet do you live on.. YES, there is voter fraud happening all the time.. illegals voting who should NOT be voting, Dead people voting…. There is NO reason why we should not use photo ID to vote… ANYONE can get a photo ID to vote… if they don’t have one, they are just too lazy to get one… So many things we do in our lives, needs a photo ID… VOTING is for LEGAL citizens of this country ONLY and should require a Photo ID….


          You forget,,you have to have a job to afford the 25 or 35 bucks to get a photo I.D. Ali- Bama says there is 5% unemployment when we all know the number is more like 25% unemployment.

          • Exactly, but it’s probably higher as the ILLEGALS have taken jobs from the Americans, so I’m not sure if that is figured in as well.

      • Then, explain to me:How several districts, during the 2012 reported 0 votes for Romney. That is impossible to have had happened. It is a proven fact. Look it up for yourself….Oh, I forgot, libs are too lazy to fact check. They just parrot what they have been told.

      • Fook You Commie Azzed Lib! Go to CUBA!

    • I remember in 2012 when I and my son were in line to vote in GAINESVILLE, FL. about 3 or 4 mentally deficient young men came in to vote. They had been escorted by a long haired man in a van, had identification, couldn’t read, nor could they write their names, and this man told them several times to tell the workers at the poll they wanted to vote for the president (Obama), which they constantly repeated loudly over and over again. They would not listen to the helper who said he had to read the ballot to them, they were restless, but; they had identification and could vote. I think if you had told them bugs bunny was the president they would have said yeah, him. They could not follow the worker or UNDERSTAND what he was even talking about. My son and I were APPALLED that the democrats would STOOP so LOW, and use these people. How disgusting, but that is what is going on at voting polls. These people should never have been allowed to vote, and it’s not discrimination either. They should never have been put to such an embarrassing situation as this. This is sad, but it happened and my heart went out to the three men being used by the democrats! They call themselves COMPASSIONATE, I don’t even think they know the meaning of the word, just like that democratic leader (Wasserman-Shultz) doesn’t even know the MEANING of the WORD SOCIALIST! Anyway, this is how far OUR JUDGES have sunk, and how LAWLESS and UNCONSTITUTIONAL, they are. When they were SWORN IN they swore to UPHOLD, DEFEND, and OBEY the CONSTITUTION, just like obozo said “It’s just words it’s just phrases”. I wonder what the price of their souls were, makes one wonder, don’t you think???

    • Well said.. It is shameful … we have the most lawless and corrupt administration… it’s appalling…

    • I do not know if it is so much incompetence as it is, their political agenda.

    • Awaitingtherapture

      The Demon-rats cannot win an election without all the dead people and the illegals voting.

    • 2 parrots and a dog

      The lack of accountability in those holding positions of power is destroying our nation. The abuse of power isn’t even hidden anymore because of that and it must stop. Activist judges are the bane of this country. They are supposed to uphold the rule of law and not create laws. Only Congress holds that power yet we face massive amounts of new laws that never went through Congress each year called regulations from federal agencies and unfettered legislation from the bench. There is not only an enormous threat to the freedom and common sense of the American people, but the cost of enforcing regulations and appealing unconstitutional rulings is a waste of an enormous amount of taxpayer money.

    • Voter fraud is the only way liberal/communistic/democrats get elected.


      If you check you will find that Obama placed most of those judges as soon as he hit office. There was a mysterious flurry of judges that suddenly needed to step down or mysteriously died.

      • I often work in DC and speak to attorneys and lobbyists who still make their living off of what I consider a very corrupt system. I made a genuine effort to locate and identify Obama appointees I could support but could not find a single one. Every time one looked promising I would uncover significant facts disallowing them. Obama knew exactly what he was doing and he informed the American people in Obamaspeak what he intended to do and they still voted for him. There are unfortunately millions of people living in this country who hate America and want to see it lose. Under Obama they have gotten their wish.


          It still isn’t too late, we can take our country back from these people. It will be difficult, trying to educate the ignorant masses that these people use to get their way is like beating your head against a brick wall. You throw out the real info everywhere you can and allow them to come to it on their own, that’s the only way, arguing is pointless.

          • I agree. All informed American’s must stand together and never back down to anyone spouting lies. People who continue to support Obama as well as anyone supporting the Clinton’s base every argument on lies never facts or the simple truth. We must first educate ourselves and use the truth to destroy these people every time they decide to spout off with their lies.

    • How can we fight this Hayes? Are you in Texas?

    • Amen to your post. I agree wholeheartedly.

    • I guess I missed something. Where does the US Constitution talk about voter IDs?

      • Josef maybe you don’t have the education or experience to understand basic Constitutional concepts. The 14th Amendment provides for equal protection under the law as well as due process. By refusing to adopt measures that protect the sanctity of the vote the government in effect disenfranchises legitimate votes while supporting illegal voting. There is zero evidence that voter ID laws disenfranchise anyone. Literally anyone who is legally in this country can obtain a photo ID suitable for protecting their right to vote in our elections. This would help eliminate dead people voting which happens every election as well as multiple voting by one person which happens every election. If you still don’t understand how our amazing Constitution was designed to work then spend some time on-line reading one of the free courses that are offered by several universities. It’s worth the time.

        • Sir/Madam:

          If a US citizen is prevented from voting, this person is disenfranchised. In order to obtain a voter ID, you need to prove your citizenship. People who do not have documents that demonstrate their citizenship tend to be poor, elderly and often members of minorities. These are the people who tend to vote for Democrats. Therefore, if a vote is tight, the marginal victory, or loss may, in effect, be decided be the people who were unable to vote. Republican operators behind voter IDs laws know about this and are counting on this.
          Voter ID is a deliberate attempt to establish the rule of the “permanent Republican majority, ” in other words, a one-party government. The words I cited are those of Karl Rove.

          • The only person preventing a U.S. citizen from voting is that citizen. Nothing could be easier than obtaining a photo identification obtained with a birth certificate or other document establishing legal status. Josef you are delusional but given you are likely an Obama supporter being delusional is a prerequisite.

          • And what about citizens who do not a birth certificate because it got lost, they moved and misplaced it, or were never issued one for some reason? All of this tends to happen to people who are poor. I am not delusional. you are. Or, are Republican, you know what I am talking about and and you are a liar.

          • Every citizen in this country rich or poor has numerous opportunities to obtain a photo ID. You sir are just making excuses for the massive frauds that occur every election. I was a Democrat born and bred until LBJ led our nation to defeat in Vietnam and created welfare programs that started the destruction of our black community. I’ll never be a Republican but the Democrats have nothing but socialism/communism to offer. Don’t know how old you are but right now we are watching the destruction of what was once a great nation.


      I wonder why these judges believe citizens who are poor or non-white are considered to stupid, ignorant or incompetent to obtain official IDs in order to prove they are citizens and eligible to vote. You have to show ID to buy cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, to drive or to fly. There is no logical reason to not require voters to prove they are citizens, especially with the millions of illegal aliens in the country.

      • You make my point with your post. These judges routinely rewrite law as well as our Constitution to mirror their political bias. There isn’t a single legitimate argument against voter identification laws. These judges create a problem where none exists. e.g. inability to obtain a photo ID and rarely if ever support solutions that would resolve a serious problem. These judges are in effect disenfranchising legitimate votes when they allow illegal fraudulent votes to stand.

    • Poll taxes are illegal under the Bill of Rights.
      Required purchase of an ID card equates to a poll tax.
      On top of that, the majority of agencies for obtaining such an ID are located in the suburbs.

      • The uneducated troll rears her pathetic little head again. Poll taxes?????? Not intelligent enough of a post for a response.

    • Well, sir, I’m not sure of “incompetence”. I tend to believe that it is agenda based.

    • Judges ARE NOT “just plain incompetent”!

      To the contrary … they are Profoundly COMPETENT and Profoundly CORRUPT!

      further, they sit at the TOP of the Food Chain for Lawyers & the ABA … a Corrupt international organization! ( the RULES Committee for N W O )

      visit <> … when you have a chance …

    • So, how do we stop it? The ILLEGALS have the right now to have driver’s licenses, and in Florida I know they can just show that as well as a voter registration card which they are also issued! In states when people vote a certain way against what the liberals want, with over 50%, these so called judges say we AMERICANS don’t know what we voted for! Are there any judges out there that just go with what the law stipulates instead of voting their agenda? Are there any honest ones left?

      • Our legal system both criminal and civil over time has simply fallen apart. When there is no respect for the Rule of Law the entire system becomes corrupted. No one holds these judges accountable just like no one will hold FBI Director Comey accountable for betraying the FBI and our nation.

        • We elect the baffoons to office in Congress hoping they would hold the executive and judicial branches accountable, and every time something like these corrupted issues come up, hope they will go all out to prosecute, it seems as if they back down. I don’t get it, and it’s so exasperating! I write, tweet, and try to call my own political people to account, plus some in other states as well as tweet the likes of the bozo, killer, reid, nancy, you name it, and it does no good. They probably wonder who the hell is IDA, but ya’ know what I don’t care! I’m not politically correct, never have been and when I see how we AMERICAN CITIZENS are being treated, I will call them on the issues!!! What else can be done? When you just listen to the bozo at a press conference, you have to wonder if there is a brain there, you want to slap him up side the head and tell him to spit out the words. He can’t deliver anything without the use of a teleprompter. Just remember what he stated in the beginning “It’s just word, it’s just phrases”. All of them, including some of the members of the Supreme court think they are above the law. It’s sad but it’s true. I guess I’m just rambling here so I better quit!

          • Ida your post is the undeniable truth and it’s only going to get much worse. My only hope is Trump wins and appoints honest people to high level positions. They must be people who will honor the Rule of Law and not work to undermine, ignore or rewrite our Constitution. The men who created this country would be sickened at what goes on now.

          • PB, how many AMERICANS know that Ginsberg is a member of the CFR, and a member of the tri-lateral commission? I didn’t until maybe 4 years ago when it was stated that she was going to Brussels to attend some ICC meetings? We say Rule of Law, but anymore in my own mind I ask what Rule of Law, and whose? These people took and oath to OUR CONTRY, but more and more it seems as if our government wants to follow the UN, I ask, what’s with that? Our Congress should, because of OUR CONSTITUTION, tell the UN to go fly a kite, if only they had a brass set like BIBI!!! IF ONLY!!!!

    • Had you even thought that the Clinton machine probably voiced a request that you do this or we will have our murder come and visit you and your family. They will get theirs one day and the Devil will just come up and grab them to take them home;. Somebody forced him to do what was said whether it is right or not. I wouldn’t put it past Bill when he made his visit on the plane at the air port. He just told her to do it or bye bye.

    • Shame on the people that manipulated the masses
      To even think of these
      Changes to the betterment
      Of global takeover

    • Thank you!

    • It’s the only way to RUIN America isn’t it? Make it seem legal and the people will buy it?

    • They are owned by Obama

    • The American Courts are the “THIN RED LINE” between America staying FREE or American being overthrown.

  2. I would suggest that a person who does not meet any of these requiremens probably should not vote anyway.

  3. So what the court and Democrats are saying is that if you are a minority and a legal resident you are just too stupid to find a way to get an id card that protects your vote from the ones who are frauds. What a message. Hey, “minorities”: Do you think you are too stupid to figure out how to get an id card? That’s what the Democrats and the court just said. How does that sit with you?

    • Ernesto Franklin

      This is ONLY about letting leftists vote multiple times. Cheating is a demotard trait.

    • Red states have moved polling places 2-3 bus rides away from minority neighborhoods. There are 2-4 hour or more waiting in lines to vote (zero lines in white suburban neighborhoods). Hundreds of closer polling offices have closed in minority neighborhoods.

      In order to get an ID you have to get to motor vehicle offices that have shortened their hours or closed offices and many have again like the polling offices moved them many miles away.

      Once you find a motor vehicle ofc you would have had to pay for a new birth certificate if you are elderly and and you need ID to get that certificate.

      All of that is disgusting, especially since there is basically ZERO voter fraud.

      • Zero voter fraud? Or Zero voter fraud prosecutions. The Obama admin refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers who broke the law. There are multiple reports of buses pulling up with voters who don’t even speak English pouring out and voting , then getting back on the bus. It is a privilege to vote and we should cherish it. Our vote should NEVER be cancelled out by a voter ineligible to vote. Elderly do not get to their advanced age without an id. They need it for social security and medicare. Please stop making elderly and immigrants and minorities really, really stupid and incompetent. It is racist and bigoted. I live in a 80% Asian city in California and have NEVER waited to vote. I need my license to get there or to take anyone who can’t drive – my mother, for example – to the polls. I tried to get my dog to vote: he’s born in the USA and lives in the neighborhood. They wouldn’t give me a ballot for him. Haha. It was a joke. The ONLY place in America that you don’t need a ID is at the ballot box.

        • EXACTLY! Amazing is it not?

        • Zero voter fraud. There are zero REAL buses pulling up anywhere unloading non-English speaking people trying to vote. Once you have ss/ Medicare you don’t need to show ID any longer. The only place you can use your gun license to vote but cannot use your college ID to vote is in republican governed states.


          • College is not residency. I know that when I lived in MA they got all those college kids to vote in NH even though their residency was elsewhere. Then the so-called sno-birds voted in both Boston and Florida where they had winter homes.

          • So what? Any evidence that obtaining a voter id card or using a drivers license is too difficult or scary to anyone voting? We are the ONLY country that doesn’t require id to vote.

          • Did not matter until republicans were losing.

          • Losing what? They are dominate in state houses, state legislatures, governors mansions all the way down to dog catcher. The question is why the resistance for ONLY voting when in every endeavor, including getting into the DNC convention and Democrat town halls, I’d is required. What about it worries you so much when the folks who apparently are too stupid and inform to obtain IDs already have IDs in order to avail themselves of all the social services available to them, not to mention every day life. Your arguments are (a) condescending, (b) racist and (c) irrational.


      • If you are so worried about all those people (who are citizens), who cannot find or want to take time to get an ID, then they are not interested enough and care enough, about being an American Citizen, to find a way to get an ID!
        AND if you are so worried why don’ t you spend some time organizing and helping them get an ID so they can get to the polls and vote???
        Put up or shut up is my motto!
        No more BS or PC which is why this country has gone down to where it is now!

      • Go to the DMV and find out what is really required. My mother had no problem at all getting hers without a lot of rigamarole. Obviously, you are dumber than dirt.

        • Did you read my post. Your mothers polling place in her white neighborhood was around the corner. Repubs have closed DMV offices around minority neighborhoods and moved them many miles away. Then only open then 2-3 days a week for short hours. You have no idea the b s.

    • Good point!!!! Either to stupid or to LAZY, maybe a little of BOTH?

  4. The liberal agenda has infected our entire education system and now our courts. An ID is required for virtually every action citizens do daily-including for every interaction with government programs. Keeping our election system secure is important to the future of our nation. It is interesting to me that so many groups will spend millions fighting against ID’s when they could spend that money helping people get their ID’s and helping them get to the polls.

  5. Wow so Hillary is cheating again. All illegals will now vote. America is not a country of laws anymore.

    • Our laws stopped being enforced selectively when Obama was elected. Once 42 Senators backed his Iranian deal, he knew he would never be impeached and he accelerated his lawlessness.Hillary will continue his evil work, if elected. Some Judges seem to legislate from the bench and if the SCOTUS is flipped the republic will be no more, as these type of decisions will be upheld. You can get on a plane, but can vote without an ID, Shameful.

    • Not only that but Ex-cons will as well.

  6. Are blacks too lazy to get people signed up? I guess so. They talk but don’t help. They will help illegals though. Corrupt just like hillary

    • Yes … More democraps in the cooking…
      “Keep them them ignorant, keep them poor, keep them voting democrap. And after they die their vote will count twice”

    • Alana Marie Woolard

      I would not be so quick to say this is about only Blacks.

  7. Ok so now minority’s no longer need a license to drive now either right ? Nor to show proof of age to buy liquor or an identity check to buy guns or ammo because those things too would be discriminatory !

    • Alana Marie Woolard

      Not just those too stupid to get ID, I read it to say none of us need picture ID! We can just take anybody’s ID to the polling place annd vote!

      • No, you can just SAY you are anybody (in that precinct) who hasn’t voted YET (just ASK at the polls) and fill in a ballot “for” them.

      • ID’s must be photoed or will not be accepted. If you have a driver’s license in CA, then it carries your photo. If you have a Costco store and you are a member, your card will also have your photo. With today’s RFID credit cards, when used has EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU ON IT so it can be traced back to you for wrongdoing. We stopped accepting utility bills and/or envelopes years ago because if you are legal, you undoubtedly have at least 2-10 debit or credit cards and some with photos and all new today with the RFID chip. These judges are not judges they are bought and paid for DNC creeps.

      • You are correct Sorry I had intended to to have worded that differently but I got unexpectedly slammed with some heavy multitasking and just ended up hitting post

    • What makes you think everyone drives, some people are to old to drive, some people don’t have cars to drive, everyone don’t drink or buy liquor or ammo for guns.

      • My mother went to the DMV and got a photo ID with no problem. Sorry, but your remark, Bobby, doesn’t hold water in today’s world. ID’s on a lot of cards today as well. Get informed or stay in the basement.

        • So how does that refute my reply that everyone doesn’t drive, drink, or buy ammo. I don’t know where your Mother lives or how mobile she is or how close the DMV is but don’t assume because she was able to with no problem that it isn’t a problem for others. If I didn’t have a car and was on a fixed income it wouldn’t be easy for me to go to the DMV, the closest one is at least 20 miles away and there is no public transportation I could take to get there.

      • Dats right everyone don’t lol but everyone don’t vote either! and by the way thanks for placing your name here so now I can just walk in without ID say I’m you and place your vote for my choices. lol get a clue

        • If that was the case just get the phone book and have yourself a ball.

          • my point exactly Thanks for providing another example of why ID should be required !

          • I don’ t know I guess it’s because you don’t really read an article or you just read the headlines or you just repeat what you hear, in no state can you just walk in and vote, all states require some form of ID, where a student ID for a person attending college in Texas use to be acceptable ID to vote under the law that was struck down it was not acceptable. I can see requiring a state issued picture ID but if you are going to make it a requirement then make it easy for people to acquire one.

      • How about cashing checks? How about ID’S that are required for most of the federal, and local offices, and courts, one must have ID for that, so what’s your point?

        • You just made my point, I agree with you 100% , so why are these forms of ID’s not acceptable for voting?

          • You are asking the wrong person, you should be asking those stupid Obama pointed morons, and especially the democrat party. If you don’t show Id, or if you show one and you are an ILLEGAL you don’t VOTE!

  8. I’ve witnessed voter fraud at three locations in my life. First one, people trying to vote multiple times by asking the crooked clerks “Has Jimmy Jones voted yet ?”…then let me have his ballot.
    Second place, I watched a clerk hold up hands and flashed 20 fingers then marked off 20 names, signed for them then instructed the worker at the ballot machine to “run em through !” Ah yes, the phantom voter.
    The third place, was a doozy. Heavily rural precinct had a bus load of people come by. Since we (the unexpected poll watchers) were there, the clerk waved ’em by bigtime. Most of them were underage fill-ins for elderly, best we could figure out.
    We witnessed all this but it is against the law to video record any of it via Federal law.

    • Alana Marie Woolard

      I would have recorded it anyway with a cell phone! No law against that!

      • I am sure it never happened.

        • We ARE sure you are a moron too.

        • As are everybody not lost in space. You believe these Fascist Half-Wits?

        • Sorry Diane..I saw it first hand. Whether you want believe it or not, it happens and you cannot wish it away. You might want to think twice about your party! These days the only way the Dems/libs win is by cheating the vote…but thats not really winning, now is it.

          • I guess Diane was hiding under a rock when the black panthers were trying to intimidate the voters going into voting polls, and carrying large sticks and bats. I forget what states that took place, but it was during the 2012 election.

          • Exactly!! It was was an older community..they were intimidated and went home without voting. This should have been stopped. It was not right!! Everyone has a right to vote without being harassed!! A way if cheating ..again.

          • I’d be damned if those THUGS would have intimidated me! It’s the RIGHTS of the PEOPLE to VOTE. Heaven only knows what is going to take place this Nov. The UN better look like it stays the hell off our SOIL, it’s our nation OUR RIGHTS!!! Carter wanted to push that last time around and many governors said not my state. The Bi-Racial is now trying to get our Congress to back the UN treaty to ban small arms! The UN has no TREATY, in any way, shape or form, that supersedes our CONSTITUTION, and the public had better knowledge up on that! This is one reason the democrats want to see how far they can change toe CONSTITUTION as not many Americans are truly aware of what that document has the power of doing to the GOVERNMENT to keep them REIGNED in and they are testy and scared of it!

          • YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT!!! Enough is enough!! I’m with you, the UN better stay off our soil or they’ll see a revolution like never before. The Dems think we’re just gonna sit and take it, but THEY GOT ANOTHER THING COMING!!!! Obama’s secretly trying to do some other illegal bill thing he’s trying to pass now where he wants the right to all our medications. Once he gets them, he will make a decision because of a medicine someone is taking, to take their arms away!! Deem them basically insane. Underhanded PIECE IF CRAP!!! It’ll never work…people will bury their guns before they give them up!! Medical files are very confidential. If doctors do that, they will get sued right and left. We are going on fifth speed into a dictatorship..they are trying to take more and more away from us. The criminals will still have everything. They’re trying to make us defenseless. I say..good luck with that OVOMIT!!! You can stick it where the sun don’t shine!!!!!

          • Don’t ask me why gal, but I have such a GUT feeling there is more going on then anyone is aware of, or even wants to take there head out of the sand to understand. It’s as if a pressure is pushing down on mankind, I feel as if the DEVIL himself is on full speed ahead, EVIL is running amok, and I also believe the DEVIL is fully aware his time is short. The one magazine I subscribe to is The New American, they give both sides to an issue and leave it up to you whether you will educate yourself further to really understand what the heck is going on. I use to get Newsweek, the New York Times, and I just found them so biased and one sided that I actually wrote them to tell them the errors I found, of which it did no good, SOOOO, I stopped wasting my money and because I love to read, I went after the truth, and started putting that with BIBLIACL prophecy. It breaks my heart to just watch (and GOD knows I Love to watch) that mankind is no longer caring, regardless of whether it’s toward the elderly, infirmed, or the babies in the womb, or the young so dependent on their parents for guidance. We have government officials that put forth the adage of right is now WRONG, and wrong is now Right. These are the ones that are misleading our youth in schools across the country. I feel the bozo in the WH is not finished with the AMERICAN CITIZENS yet. The bathroom thing, and all the other crap is just a stepping stone!

          • Well, you pretty much hit the nail square on! That evil filth is not done with us ..if he was , why would he keep implementing new laws and trying to take more stuff away from us. He keeps taking more and more with each month that passes by. I hope TRUMP HAS A PLAN..beat him at his own game. I believe he is the devil himself, and he should have been gotten rid of a long time ago. Now..he’s got a huge thing planned for us and it isn’t good. I think he knows Trump has a good chance of winning and he is doing everything in his power to stop it. GOD IS STRONGER THOUGH, evil will lose. His demise is coming one way or another. Americans won’t settle for his crap!!!

          • My only prayer is that all REAL AMERICANS wake up, look up, and they pray for the re-newal of this country. And, why is killer on the ticket, amazing, she has no Shame!

          • That’s what I ask myself many times. DC has become so corrupt. Who doesn’t buy who ..seems all you need is a heep load of money and you get whatever you want. It’s a disgrace!! I cannot wait till TRUMP WINS and puts CROOKED HILLARY where she belongs! Gotta watch out for voter fraud 2012 Obama won by cheating the vote. Saw it happening with my own eyes. I actually stopped what I saw but when I left who knows what happened. I hope the Trump campaign is on to this and can somehow stop most of it.

          • Did you just hear what Geraldo said. The fool actually said killery’s choice of VP speaks better Spanish then CRUZ! What’s with that? This is AMERICA and why should we learn or have our children have to learn Spanish there is so much wrong with this. I’m wondering if the democrats are actually paying attention. Haven’t we had enough of so called TRANSFORMING America? This BS has to stop! Look what they did to the American Flag in L.A. and they claim they want to be Americans. What about the people from all over the world that came here LEGALLY in the early 1900’s, did they go to school for free to learn ENGLISH? I know my grandfather did, and he spoke 6 other languages. He, my grandmother, 2 aunts, 2 uncles, learned ENGLISH, studied 7 yrs. to become AMERICAN CITIZENS, took the exam in ENGLISH, now we cow tow to the ILLEGALS and have drivers tests, citizenship exams, doctors exams, lawyer exams in Spanish, what are the democrats thinking? I know Cubans in Miami that have been here for over 30 years, as they claim, and they can’t even speak ENGLIS. What’s with that? Are we now going to have to learn Syrian, or whoever the hell the bozo is allowing in? AMERICANS better start growing up and claiming their own country, and take us back to where we started!

          • Makes me sick!!! This is America..they must learn our language ..we do not conform to them. So tired of us catering to them!!! These libs are so twisted!!! My relatives came here many years ago from Italy..they worked hard, learned English and proved themselves worthy to be Americans and took their citizenship test and passed one of the hardest tests I’ve ever seen. They’ve dumbed it down since which I feel is not fair to yesterday’s immigrants!!! And that flag burning..a long time ago we would throw someone in jail for that over night or send them back to there country if they disgraced our we have no balls..we are a laughing stock to other countries. I know my cousins in Italy think Obama is poor excuse for a man and they think he is a pantywaist!!! I won’t tell you what else they think he is..I agree with you 100%!!! Americans better wake up or they won’t have a country left to call home!!! If we went to China we could rent a house but they would never sell any land or house to us!!! They only sell to their race ..that’s it. Then these idiot libs call us racists..yeah get real!!! I say go live there in China or even Russia for a while and see what racist really means. We sell everything to anyone that comes here!!!! We sell America out!!! That has to stop as well!!!

          • You got that right. Not only that, but when our families came in, they never received anything from the government, welfare, social security, food, housing, foodstamps! They either made it with hard work, or they went back. They made due until they could do better. I can only imagine coming in with the money in your pocket, and doing with it until you could do better. I’m over the ILLEGALS that get little cartoons to tell them how they can SCREW the tax-payers! As far as Russia, they would probably be shocked at some of the apartment building they live in, especially in the smaller towns on the outskirts of their political cities. Remember what our Olympic team had as far as accommodations, and those were just built? The rest of the world is laughing, except maybe the heads of the EU as they sold a bill of goods to their nations, and that’s what they want for us!

          • That’s 100% correct. They never got any help. It a filthy shame what these damn illegals get these days. We live in a twisted m, perverse world now. People are crazy in the head. There are a lot of good people but the problem is most of the bad ones are the ones stinking up our government and making the laws. We gotta vote them out!!! Term limits for all!! No more going on and on in office. You’d see how fast that place gets cleaned up. DC would be unrecognized able. Hope Trump by throwing all the Muslims out on their tuff that Obama put in positions in there. They have no business there. Their beliefs are not in sinc with ours. Constitution vs. comparison!!! It’s a disgrace what he has done!! He deserves to be imprisoned and worse!!

          • Did you read this morning that the bozo vetoed a bill that would cap the retirement for themselves, and put forth by the Republican senator from UTAH, to cap the retirement salaries? That tells you this bozo wants money and goodies just like we the taxpayers dish out to the ILLEGALS!!!! I pray the bill goes back to the house and then the senate and they override his VETO!!! The man hasn’t done a thing in office and he didn’t do a thing while he was a senator!

          • Great! What an idiot!! That’s all he’s good at..besides ruining everything that was remotely good in the USA! He’s done nothing but destruction!! Who the hell is one ever heard of him being even a senator. I think he was a planned plant. They told us that to settle us down cuz they knew they couldn’t just pull anyone off the streets to be president. He lies his way through everything. The liar in chief is a Muslim through and through and should have never ever had that position or any position in our US government! Who was he..where’d he come from. Before he became president, no one ever knew his name in the senate. The whole thing is just fishy..and very questionable.

          • I think I read that all of his time in the Senate he only voted PRESENT!

        • Only in the deluded mind of the liar telling the tale.

        • Where have you been?

          • Since 2000 there have been 31 cases of in person documented voter fraud out of ONE BILLION VOTES!!

          • I really think your stats are off, but to me even one fraud is to many, it’s a privilege and an AMERICAN right to vote. If you must show ID for all other things what is wrong with showing it at the voter centers? What’s the big deal? Oh, I know, they are not citizens and possibly the low man won’t win any other way except to cheat, or LIE, or steal! Think about that! I believe that was the only way the bozo in the white house won, not just once but twice!

      • Yes!! Good idea!! Time to get down on voter fraud before the next election!

        • The bussing happened in the 12 election with signing in at the polls using a utility bill.

        • If Hillary is in the WH, there will never, ever be any future elections because we will be in communist hell via One World Government/New World Order which is the first thing on the DNC agenda.

          • You don’t have a clue what that agenda is. Watch their convention – then spout off.

          • GO AWAY TROLL!!!

          • Truth hurts. Poor baby Repuke.

          • TROLL!!

          • Yeah..doesn’t it!! BOO HOO!! All you libtards are crybabies!!

          • Without liberals here to raise the IQ level, this place would be Retard Central.

          • LOL!!! YOU oughta KNOW BEST!!

          • I do indeed. You are exhibit A regarding how stupid Trumpy’s are.

          • You are so right!! Wish these low information voters would move out of the Country if it’s socialism and or Communism they want!! You’d see how fast they run back. They don’t know what the heck they’re doing!! If they did, we wouldn’t be where we are today total turmoil thanks to Ovomit and his rats!!!

          • we will be in a terrible shape. And if we are not under one world government we will be much closer.

          • Exactly!

          • Meds. Take less your meds. It is those damn conspiracy theories eating what few brain cells you have.

          • IDIOT!!! Move out of our Country please, you’re too STUPID to live here!! Get off the entitlements and get a life!!

          • I retired wealthy on my personal patents. I live here in Hawaii without a care, except you Repukes destroying my country.

          • LOL!!!!!! Hawaii, that explains it!!!

          • Crazy people like you can’t afford to come here.

          • LMAO!!! Been there!! Been to EUROPE. Italy..France..Switzerland..places YOU COULD NEVER AFFORD…except on handouts!! LOL!!!

          • I certainly would not leave here for anywhere else. Half of the mainland is run by fascists.

          • I happen to be quite wealthy, thank you very much. No thanks to thieving Repukes.

          • He made his money pimping for Bill Clinton.

          • I wish I had the honor of meeting him. The greatest president in my lifetime.

          • Aren’t you even watching what is going on, much less listening? When these idiots get together they start call the USA, Canada, Mexico the Americas. They are pushing for and EU here in the West! Tell me you are more aware then you are, please! You don’t even see much less understand what the UN is trying to enact with their different departments and treaties, which I hope and pray we have more intelligent people in Congress that will kick the UN off our soil and act against them! Wake up!!!

        • Cue Billy Preston… Nunthin from nuthin leaves nuthin…

      • AmericanPatriot

        There’s button and glasses cams that could be used and hidden recorders for audio.

      • They would have cited me for violating Federal election law that prohibits cameras in the polling place…. “It intimidates the guilty”

      • No cellphones allowed in the polling station in CA or at least in our city and district! Was great to see so many CA delegates at the Convention because it gives me hope that we can soon run the Democrats out of office and with any luck out of the state because they have destroyed CA!

        • I can’t wait!!! Let’s paint the state red!! TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT, HILLARY FOR PRISON!!!

        • Strange how Arnold left with a huge deficit and now Brown has a surplus. What destroyed?

          • He does? Seems as if taxes in California are way out of control, businesses are leaving, people are leaving, where do you get your info?

    • Why was nothing reported? You are as guilty as what you claimed you saw if you did not report it.
      You do know romney’s attorney did a national review of voter fraud after the 2012 election. Less than 0.001% in person voter fraud across our entire country.

      There is pretty much ZERO voter fraud. Li Es bite you back.

      • Alana Marie Woolard

        Actually, it depends on where you live! A lot of voter fraud does not get reported! For example, in AZ, 2012, a person brought into a voting precinct a huge box of envelopes, he wanted them processed, we said no, a maximum of 3 is all you can drop off, and if it’s more than one, you have to open and verify! He did not like it one bit, proceeded to throw a tantrum, then refused to show his ID. He ended up leaving taking his box of envelopes with him! Because someone knew the rules these did not get processed. If someone had been there that was not up to speed, they probably would have been processed! Voter ID is crucial in my opinion, especially in Border States, and now all the Sanctuary Cities full of illegals! Only Citizens are allowed to vote, and if you cannot prove you are a citizen, you do not deserve to vote!

        • Why doesn’t it get reported if there is so much??!!!!!

          There is ZERO VOTER FRAUD.

          • Alana Marie Woolard

            It does not get reported because sometimes it is easier to handle it at the scene! The Beauracracy/paperwork gets cumbersome!

          • C’mon Diane, you can’t be that gullible, can you?

          • She should believe the horseshit posts of stupid sheeple Repukes? I regularly ask you people for proof of your outrageous claims. And still BUPKISS.

          • I grew up in Chicago watching the Demonrats rent all of the school buses for election day. They were taken down to the project and loaded up. Each person was given a sack lunch and a bottle of booze then they went around all day voting at different locations. Surely you noticed that in the last presidential election, there were many precincts where more votes were cast than there were residents and every vote was for the Demonrats. Thirty percent participation is considered a good turnout. Anyone who says zero voter fraud is either a liar or an idiot.

          • You are yet another one I will invite to provide proof of your claim. The busses, the booze, voting at different locations. Produce proof, or be branded as a liar.

          • Diane,
            There has to be voter fraud, otherwise, how did Osama bin Laden show up on the voter rolls in Chicago during the primaries this year?

          • Care to provide proof of that? Credible source please.

          • Sorry Ben,

            Seems those voter list have been locked away with Obama’s birth certificate and college records

          • Birth certificate is readily available. How about Turdrump’s tax returns?

          • 31 documented cases of in person voter fraud out of ONE BILLION votes since 2000.

      • NO VOTER FRAUD??? are you an IDIOT? You sound Like HITLERY. How do you get way over 100% of votes in certain districts that had no voter ID?? Get real. SEVERAL people POSTED picture on the internet of people that actually TOOK photos of their votes being changed by SOROS company “voting machines” to SCUMOCRAT. (after they tried to vote for Romney)
        The “reports” were made, the man the “programmed” the machines was prosecuted.
        BUT nothing was done about it. Welcome to the LIES of SCUMOCRAT party.

        • You do know a republican’s company makes those voting machines, right?!! Do some real research.

          You are a liar, and the courts are throwing out the b s cases every republican governed state is filing.

          • Doesn’t make a damn who makes the machines, it’s how & who programs them. Also very important is who counts the votes.

          • Still zero voter fraud.

          • Male bovine excrement !!

          • Not true! Don’t push it!

          • Diane, you are wrong about the machines! Soros owns a lot of those machines! Soros is the backer of Obama and Hillary. Knowing Hillary’s criminal and lying ways there is NO way I would trust those machines! Unless you are a liberal, paid Soros troll then: otherwise why would you NOT care??? Humm
            You need to start doing some research and stop sounding like a know it all!
            Being a citizen and ID is required by most states as it should be!
            You have to have ID to get on an airplane, food stamps,welfare help,
            Banks for your checking account balance, cash a check, buy liquor, cigarettes, get into places that you have to be a certain age! AND the list goes on!
            BUT how stupid, to not required ID, to treat this voting privilege and honor as a piece of crap to allow voter fraud, and vote in a corrupt government, which is what REALLY happened last time!


          • Love it!!

          • Since WHEN Is George SOROS a Republican? Do YOUR research and you will also find the machines were manufactured by a company that SOROS the Nazi collaborator OWNS! The cases are being thrown out by “PROGRESSIVE” LIBERAL CROOKED so-called “judges” get real and stop drinking the scumocrat Kool-aid.

          • True!!

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            Diane, you need to learn FACTS!

            Here you go on your first lesson in reality.

            According to the US Constitution, the federal courts have NO
            JURISDICTION over any State Law unless such law directly interferes with
            any of the ENUMERATED POWERS.

            The ‘federal government’ is a
            “Legal Construct of the CONSTITUTION” and IS NOT a Signatory to the
            Constitution and has no power or authority to alter ANY OF THE

            READ the Constitution as it really is.

            A CONTRACT between the “Several States”, Ratified by each State before they are granted Statehood.

            The Constitution ” Creates the Constitution as a maintenance group and has NO POWER outside the LIMITATIONS of the ENUMERATED POWERS.


            As such, the ‘federal’ courts are uninvolved in any States INTERNAL Affairs.

          • We are called the UNITED States for 3 purposes only, and other than that the states better start getting employees in office that follow the state’s rights. We are not bound unless we wish to be bound. We formed administrations by representing us, not owning us, and we are going to take back the reins and shove their behinds out and without any perks or benefits of any kind. They are OUR employees and we have had it and they are going to be fired and that means no more honey pots of almighty donor dollars and that is why they are afraid of Trump, a man of character, which has been missing under the Clintons and Obamas.

          • I flushed a turd today with more character than Trump. He is a con artist, liar, racist, woman hater and dishonest businessman who does not pay his bills.

          • Ben you sound like a really nice guy your choice of words in all your posts makes me believe that , you must have had areal loose up bringing by the way just what kind of country would you like america to be , I,ll tell you how I would like it to be ,the way it was in the 1950s I lived it,it was great then there was no political correctness no race baiting

          • I have no doubt you loved the Jim Crow 1950s. You would have locked away Rosa Parks.

          • I don,t know what jim crow was , Rosa Parks ridding in the front of the bus would have been fine with me incidentaly Ben I have voted in every election since Gen Ike and having lived through it america was better back then all things concidered

          • And the harshest way you can get the message across is REFUSE TO CONVICT on any ‘questionable’ laws that do not come under the ENUMERATED POWERS for federal laws, and any laws that violate you sensibilities at the State and Local levels.

            IF any law is designed to protect politicians or bureaucrats it’s WRONG!

          • Sorry, but the computers are programed by the SIEU (union) for the Democrats and not by Republicans. Your mind has really been brainwashed. Sorry your are lost cause and need mental care.

          • Exactly!!! We have to get down on this NOW!! TRUMP WILL WIN BY A LANDSLIDE IF VOTER FRAUD IS STOPPED!!!

          • Wake up Diane.

        • Still waiting to see proof about those supposedly overvoted precincts you turds always crow about.

        • Exactly!!

      • Things are much worse now, after four more years of leftist leadership (if you want to call it leadership)!

        • Before or after your president saved your a…… and our country from the disaster he was handed by ly ing Cheney and bush back on 1/20/09?

          12/31/08 stock market under bush….. 6,000
          7/20/16 stock market under Obama …..18,000 plus

          12/31/08 bush was losing 800,000 jobs a month
          7/20/16 Obama has had 70 plus months of priv sector job growth

          12/31/08 bush/GOP policies were ready to let our auto industry go bankrupt
          12/31/15 2015 was the best year our auto industry has ever had.

          12/31/08 bin laden was alive and bush said it wasn’t important to find him and 12,000 plus American soliders were dying/maimed from ly ing cheney’s wars.

          20 million Americans can finally see a dr, thank God, just like all the members of congress who WE as taxpayers pay 70% of their health insur premium.

          If the repubs got off Obama’s neck and for example passed the jobs bill back in 2013 millions of Americans would be employed fixing our roads and bridges……. That would make Obama look to good and repubs can’t have that.

          Americans are watching your crap which is why Pres Obama kicked your ………. TWICE.
          So will Hillary, thank God.

          • Fixing our roads and bridges, with our money. That creates work,not jobs, but of course people like Diane think Obama is using the money from his stash. LOL ( remember the gal who was so elated when O got elected she said I don gots to be worryin about no mo rents or cah payment no mo etc Obama goin be takin care of me? When asked where Obama was gping to get the money to do all this, she said” Ah dunno, from his stash I guess) I think that may have been Dianes baby momma.

          • Racist fool.

          • Negrophile

          • Whatever the hell that means. I guess that I am not a racist turd like you.

          • No actually he’s taking some of the money and buying himself a house in DC as he’s to damn scared to move back to Chicago!

          • Diane, best you take a pill and go back to bed. Obama has ruined our country and now we will have to battle to get it back up and running under OUR Constitution and not his illegal EOs and lack of a brain which is choom fried from booze and drugs for years. Since he has not been looking especially healthy lately, it makes me wonder if his HIV is no longer dormant. YEA! I know what racism is personally and things were quite good until he was elected to push racism and division and has almost completely won, but we are stopping him in November, and if you don’t like the new administration employees, pack up and go to a country like Venezuela, Cuba, or some African country that are dictatorships where you can feel more at home being a serf/slave.

          • Your racism nullifies anything you say. You are the one needs to find a new country. We are not going back to Jim Crow. Take your white sheets and stuff them up your keester

          • Yeah..thanks to OBAMA THE GREAT DIVIDER!! He hates his white part of him!! That’s in his book!! If that’s not racist!!! Duh!! Didn’t you read it??? Oh wait, you’re an IDIOT, you wouldn’t know how to read. PAINT YOURSELF BLACK if you like the color BLACK SO MUCH you IDIOT.

          • Enough of your flying spittle rants. Turn yourself in for mental evaluation.

          • It just seems as if you have the mantra of this administration down pat. There is prevagenD to help improve memory, maybe you should go to the drug store and purchase some!

          • Exactly!!

          • Obama saved your a….. The rest of us with brains understand that as we RE-ELECTED him.

          • I don’t like Bush either but stop blaming Bush..OBAMA HAD EIGHT YEARS AND HE MADE EVERYTHING WORSE!!! It’s on OBAMA now!!

          • What you fail to realize is that Billary could have take out bin laden years before Bush. He was on the TV news almost nightly. Why not get a cia agent in there as part of the press? Was billarys eyes closed because he claimed he couldn’t find him, but all of American who were watching saw him unless billary had them blinded for that segment of the news report. Just like we were going to bring to justice the people responsible for the Cole, and for BENGHAZI, when these morons know exactly who they are and where they are, think on that!

          • But he didn’t. Bush didn’t either. Obama did.

          • That’s my point, however billery went one step further and claimed he couldn’t find him! I’m thinking maybe he had his damn eyes closed cause I know I and many more Americans saw him as well as the press! We’ve done it before, my question was why couldn’t we have sent in a cia agent or seal pretending to be a news caster and taken him out then. Oh, how about the people who blew up the Cole? What about the Benghazi perps hiding in full view before Bozo and killery, were we not told they would all be brought to justice by both these asses? Yet what has been done? Think about the crap that we have been fed and what has really happened to stop it!

      • Dear Diane, for over 20 years of filling out voting irregularities reports, calling Probate judges and sheriffs and lawyers and recruiting poll watchers for our county’s largest turnout of watchers, in 1998…. Going to court as a witness in 2000 on ballot fraud issues… Attending hearings of voter fraud in Hale County for weeks…..naw I never reported anything, yeah right.
        We had 40 percent ABSENTEE voter turnout for the county clerk in 2004 in Hale County. Greater than 3-5% is outrageous.
        The clerk was charged with 13 felonies, she plea bargained down to misdemeanours and never served a day. Lots of those 500-plus absentees came from people and addresses that didn’t exist. We have this organization here called the Southern Poverty Law Center, you might have heard of it. They don’t like poll watchers.
        Talk to me about the Florida county where 112% turnout of registered voters turned out, mostly Democrats, dogs and dead people voting. About the Democrat state representative that got caught with a “votomatic Chad punching machine” in his back seat. He was never prosecuted.
        Me guilty for not ? Turning in voter fraud.
        I could write a book better than John Grisham could ever dream up about voter fraud.
        Join True the Vote. Listen to Katherine Englebrecht. She’ll educate you.
        I propose PAPER BALLOTS not electronic counting methods. Why ? The software

        • You are a very poor liar. I have worked elections. And your story is full of holes. And you are full of shit.

          John Fund. LOL. A crook if there ever was one.

          • Yeah, right. We believe you worked’re a joke!! You’re a legend in your own mind!!

          • Ben. You look like you’re about 5’4″ and 145 lbs. you probably live in Massachusetts with all of Michelle’s man lovers
            Don’t mess with Sasquatch. You like flying ?

          • You are in Hawaii, come over here and man the polls to get an eye full! What sasquatch says is true in the bigger cities, especially Calif., Fla. Ga. Chicago, the bigger the state the bigger the city the more fraud there is. The government thinks AMERICANS are not SMART enough to catch what is going on. HOW LITTLE THEY KNOW how much REAL AMERICA has awaken!

          • One clueless right winger toadying for the misinformation of another. Yeah, I’m convinced. LOL

          • Ya’ know what Ben we’ll send the ILLEGALS your way and have you Islanders go through just part of what is happening on the main land and see how long before you sit up and take notice! What do you say, shall I tweet the bozo in the white house? Oh, how about the 67,000 felons he let out of jail and has no IDEA where they are until they do more criminal acts, which they are, and it’s amazes me how the press holds back on actual reporting!!!

          • Bozo? Trump is not there yet. Illegals from where?

          • Mexico, So. and Central America mostly, as they want there share of American tax-payers money, and all the freebies they can acquire. Then we’ll send you the Refugees from Syria and surrounding areas that are causing a little trouble and not have to be vetted by our government.

      • I did and got it stopped!! It’s happening all over the US and it’s the dems that are cheating the vote.

    • Assume you voted at all of rhem

      • Nope, quite the contrary. Voted absentee because as a poll watcher, you get there at 6 am and don’t finish until 6:30 pm. I was a volunteer trying to keep the process honest.
        One time a Democrat poll watcher backed me up, it was awesome.

    • Yep, the DNC has always been able to stoop way down and cheat because otherwise how could they get in local, state, fed offices. They couldn’t and yet so many brainless still vote for those people. Incredible the lack of common sense and information so many citizens possess and then wonder why the country is in the mess it is and on the verge of being under communism if ANY DNC candidate wins in November. They won’t like it!

      • I’ve reported voter fraud in republican boxes, too and I’ve reported the same, like in primaries. Cheat, go to jail. That’s why photo voter ID makes sense in places like Alabama.

    • And everything you “reported” was fraudulent – farce and bullshit. There is NOBODY that does not know that for a fact.

      • I have a witness. Want to meet me in Birmingham at the Federal Courthouse
        tonight ? I’ll introduce you to Mr. Dave, he’s just a good ole mortgage lender. He was the one that spotted the bus. I just caught the clerk’s serfs running marked ballots through the Diebold machine, I’ll show you the schools, where all this took place. The testimony of two men in court is truth.

      • YES there you read English!!! I saw it happening first hand and actually got it stopped. Now please get off this’re too STUPID to be on it!

        • Why would anybody believe you? You did nothing. It is all BS.

          • TRUMP TO THE WH!! GO TRUMP!! He will get rid of rejects like you!! Get off the entitlements you ignorant fool.

          • It’s a shame the US government doesn’t ship the ILLEGALS and REFUGEES to Ben, then he will see first hand what the hell is being dumped on the continental US cities.

          • Exactly..what a great idea!! He’s so stupid..maybe he’ll give us his address. At least we know he lives in Hawaii ..hope they cram them all there!!

          • Seems as if he has no reply about our sending these ILLEGALS and REFUGEES over there to Hawaii, eh? Maybe we should all tweet Obama and ask his to DUMP the 10,000+ that he is sweeping into the main land by September, then I’ll bet he could give us some intelligent feed back as to how it’s going! They get free housing, clothes, money, medical care, food stamps, or EBT, and then when things get snarled down there he as well as the others can see what the hell is going on here! Don’t bust our chops when you are not really in the middle of it. Or hey, we can send the 67,000 felon ILLEGALS his way, that ought to really make his day!!!

          • LOL!! Another great idea! Yes we should..see how much he worships his idol then..most of these idiots can dish it out, but when push comes to shove, they surely never seem to be able to take it.

          • It’s as if Mr. Hawaii was trying to show everyone he was truly in the know. Maybe he’s digging into ACORN and finding what I have uncovered. Maybe then he’ll be able to vote with some intelligence and understand how shady the dems really are! There is always hope. I also hope he checks out what the hell is taking place behind the scenes with the UN, when we really need their asses off our SOIL. God help us when these new muslims come in before the end of Sept. Did you happen to hear the bozo this morning with that jackass from Mexico, he had the unadulterated gall to say the border was secure, and the creep from Mexico agreed the border was secure on their side. Could someone please explain to me if I’m still on planet earth? I’ve got the seven dwarfs here. so maybe I’m in snowwhite land! I can’t believe that some of these people(Geraldo, Juan Williams, Richard Goodstein, and the like) actually believe that killary is the best they can do, and the mantra they put out there. Makes one wonder. However, EVIL is so alive!!!

          • Geraldo can’t make his mind up between Trump or’s cuz he knows Trump. I think he’ll vote Trump. As for the rest you named, their just As for Mr. Jackass Hawaii there is no hope for him..I’ve chalked it up to a mental disorder or just plain senile. These robots as I call them, there is no hope for them. The free stuff is keeping them dumbed down and in poverty just where the Dems want them.

          • Yes, and the STUPID IDIOTS(and that is what they are)just keep spilling out the same old BS that comes forth from the mouths of the WH. It’s as if they can’t think for themselves they must repeat the lies, I don’t know if it’s for themselves to feel they are smart enough to make a decision. Oh well, if the lies are told long enough I guess they will be believed more so then the truth! It sounds so much like a recording, over and over again, even when you talk with your friends that are dems, they to spill out the same crap they hear.

          • I’s getting so old. I’ve got friends like that as well, I’m so bored with them. Just a bunch of robots spewing liberal CRAP….all I hear is a bunch of BS coming out of their mouths. You’re right, though, if they say it enough, the Dems know there are people out there that will buy every line, hook and sinker. That’s their game plan, keep them dumb and happy. Little do they know it keeps them in poverty. Not too bright. Stupid people shouldn’t staple saying in life. Lol..

          • It’s as if a record has gotten stuck, only the dems refuse to move the needle!

          • That’s for sure. But the time is coming..their time is coming where there won’t be a rats chance in Hell of the Dems doing nothing but sitting in a corner stifled and scared shitless. I pray every day and can’t wait for it. It’s coming and it’ll be here come this November when our man TRUMP wins by a landslide and storms through Washington DC and cleans the mess they made from top to bottom completely out! That includes the Establishment and all the Elites who sat fat and happy and who have just lined their pockets all these years while doing NOTHING for WE THE PEOPLE. I SAY, GO TRUMP..ALL THE WAY TO THE WH!!! TRUMP 2016-2024!!! He’ll show em all how it’s done!

          • Have you all read that the Daily News has uncovered that the attack of a German pregnant woman with a machete. and the 2 that were wounded, was by a SYRIAN REFUGEE living in Germany? The Munich massacre was done, not by an Iranian but by a SYRIAN ISLAMIST, now put this with the fact that the bozo is bringing in about 10,000 to cities near us, with about 3/4 young males with no families in tow, by the end of September, care to bet coming to a CITY NEAR YOU–ISLAMIC TERRORISM????

          • Great!!! This is why someone must stop him. The judge already demanded this IDIOT NOT TO BRING ANYMORE REFUGEES IN!! He is going against the laws of our land. That’s what he is doing..infiltrating us with these Islamists so when he gives his commands we’re doomed. They will strike anywhere at any time. Trump better not go soft!!!

          • I think it’s a bigger pan the we are all aware of. Put these people in office, all of sudden did I say that did I mean that? Any more I just don’t know what’s going on, what’s going to happen, but I can say without a doubt that I put my FULL trust in GOD alone, and I now HE will take care of HIS CHILDREN!!!!

          • He wants to “get rid of” anybody who exposes him. Hitler did too.

          • Isn’t past your bed time???

          • Hawaii time here, genius.

          • Sent last night ..IDIOT!!

          • Sorry, but I don’t wait for your demented droppings with baited breath. I have what is called a life. Something you know nothing about.

          • Right…that’s why you read each and every one of my responses…LOL!!! You have a life???

          • Your name should be BUTTHEAD

    • It was smoking that damn crack. And you hallucinated the whole thing.

      • NOPE..saw it happening here in CA right in front of me. I actually called the police the second time I saw it and got it stopped!!!

        • If you didn’t care enough to pursue prosecutions, I call you on lies.

          • Do you know how to read or are you illiterate as well!!! I called the cops and got it stopped!! Go sniff your glue some more and leave us the hell alone!!

      • I don’t smoke. Much less do any drugs.
        Maybe you had your face in someone’s crack.
        Your name in Greek means crack sniffer.

  9. Of course they’re against it, the dems. would have no voters if the law stood.

  10. Only Crooked Democrat Judges would vote against stopping all of the abuses of election laws. Dead people voting multiple times, voters voting out of district and state just for starters. They expect to be called “Your Honor” but some of them sure as hell don’t deserve the title. The 9 so called Justices, who voted against the Texas Voting Law sure don’t deserve any such respect.


  11. What kind of crazy country does this, answer: one that’s been destroyed by decades of Saul Alinsky drenched, progressive Marxist professors poisoning minds all across this country.

  12. Texas is next to Mexico, so go to Mexico and try to vote. Advise – tell everybody in advance your preferred brand of cigarette .. because you’ll be in jail for a very long time.
    Try to vote anywhere else without proper license to vote. Anywhere but in America. Now, are we stupid or what?

    • I live in Louisiana. Sometime back I was sent a notice that I was taken off the registrar to vote. I immediately got in touch with the registrar of voters. Proper papers were sent and I return the filled out application to vote. When I went to vote at my local prescient, new registration card in hand, I was asked for my drivers license….the card was not satisfactory. …What else is confused?

      • You should have asked why you were removed. I am willing to bet you moved and re-registered, and they found the duplication.

  13. Unbelievable. I need a driver’s license when I make certain purchases and bank but to vote which is to me a sacred civic duty I can walk off the street, show no idea, pass no test and vote. Holy Chit!!

  14. I guess they’re determined to get crooked Hillary in the White House by letting illegals vote. How freaking hard is it to get SOME TYPE of ID? Don’t they have to prove they are who they say they are ANYWHERE?


    No voter ID in Texas where the majority have driver’s licenses? You need ID for cashing checks, library everything – but NOT TO VOTE? A state ID is FREE in most states at MDV! There is no excuse for this NOT to pass!!!! Just a way around other state laws. Texas has done so MUCH and now this? The Judges in this Circuit court should be removed for incompetency! WHY are these Joudges NOT supporting this Voter ID? Stuff the ballot boxes in favor of whom they want? DISGRACEFUL ACTION!!

    • They are just to LAZY to get off their backsides and go get one. Typical but they want that done for them too!

  16. Ernesto Franklin

    We need term limits and easier recall for judiciary traitors as well as congressional dolts. They are giving the nation away, and I for one will NOT forget.

  17. Alana Marie Woolard

    So does this mean we no longer need picture ID for anything? I do not understand this? Voting is right and a privilege, however, you still have to prove your citizenship don’t you?

  18. I contacted the Bexar County Democratic Party office, LULAC, La Raza Unida, NAACP, 2 congressmen, and one state senator, and asked for names of people who couldn’t register to vote. In over a year none of the above have contacted me after numerous phone calls.

    • So you expected anything more? It’s about time AMERICANS start standing beside there voting places and start checking identifications before they enter. Hell, if you work for a large company, you are a reporter, you go to the national conventions, are a nurse a doctor, go to the universities, are professors at those schools, even elementary, jr high, sr. high, telecommunications, electrical, whitehouse, congress, senator, congressman, employees, aren’t there identifications required, and have to hung around your neck? Why is it that we have to cow tow to ILLEGALs,( which I might add is ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL,) for them to vote to begin with. NO IDENTIFICATON=NO VOTE, and we AMERICAN CITIZENS should enforce that law!!!!! I as well as most here adhere to the CONSTITUTION, what the HELL is wrong with the courts? It’s getting to the point where we should DEMAND that we VOTE for the COURTS!!!!!

  19. Isn’t this convenient for the fraudulent dems.

  20. Texas should ignore the Federal court. Voter fraud violates the 14th Amendment for equal protection. Voter fraud disenfranchises every legitimate voter. The Fed must adhere to the Constitution, and when it violates it, their rulings are null and void.

  21. This will surely put Hillary in the WH – what a bunch of crap!


  23. Just one more example of the unbelievable judicial corruption in this nation! May God Almighty, Whom they obviously deny by their consistently dishonest actions in this area judge each one of them severely. May He destroy each one of them personally, professionally and politically! And may they know exactly why they are failing!

  24. So, basically I can vote multiple times and/or not be an American citizen at all, because I don’t need to show any form of ID. Am I missing something ?

    You can bet if Trump wins, the Left will scream voter fraud because their new rules played out against them.

  25. MuslimLuvChrist

    SCOTUS is redefining the term “Letter of the Law”!
    SCOTUS no longer cares about the strict and exact language used in a statute,
    SCOTUS is redefining law, like they did with obamacare, SSM,

    voter registration, and voter redistricting!

    SCOTUS is also anti-American by deciding that
    nobody needs to show proof-of-citizenship when registering to vote and
    when casting a vote,
    especially by mail in ballot!?!?!

  26. Can someone explain how IDs are racist?

    • MuslimLuvChrist

      its only racist when they need ID to vote,
      its NOT racist when they need ID to get social benefits!?!

      • Francisco Machado

        Careful about disabusing them to the existence of that discriminatory requirement. Don’t know how they could have overlooked that – unless they just need all the names so they can perform the service of voting for those poor disadvantaged people.

      • Or getting on a plane, or buying booze or entering into a Democrat event (the DNC convention), or checking into a hotel…

  27. That is a stupid ruling by a dumb-ass Libearl judge. To get on a plane you show an ID or to cash a check, so it’s not necessary to show an ID to vote. That is pure “BS”.

    • It was a 9-6 ruling by a 15 judge panel. Ten of those 15 were nominated by Reagan, Bush 41 or Bush 43. So what is BS here is your claim it was one liberal judge.

  28. SouthernPatriot

    Of course the appeals court ruled against voter ID law. Leftist judges do not care if the dead come alive to vote Democrat. They don’t care that Marie Laveau, the Witch Queen of New Orleans, from being dead over 100 years to vote 25 times or more. The leftist courts don’t care that a woman in North Carolina admitted on video tape that she voted numerous times. The integrity of our republic elections is at stake.

    We need a change, a real change from the despotic Democrat rule. We do not need the policies of the Fascist-in-Chief another 4 years or more.

  29. Democrats trying to get illegal votes. Can’t win unless the chest.

  30. This is so outrageous! I am so DONE trying to be a good citzen because now, the ones who follow the rules are the ones to get it up the wazoo!
    So we continue our decline into a third world Nation!
    Fook me! ?

  31. Imagine that, no ID required to vote, as if making sure that only actual citizens vote is unimportant. Today, you can barely use a public toilet without ID and a background check. I remember the presidential election of 2012, where Mr. Obama carried some precincts with 110-120% of the vote.

  32. Typical US Judicial system in the US under the Liberals. Fire or vote them all out. Only problem is they are all installed by our crooked politicians and we cannot vote them out.

  33. You have got to be kidding! Blacks can not get a simple face id? When I was fifteen years old and seven months I got in line and got my id with my birth certificate and High school ID that had a picture. How tough is that? Yet this is the basis for keeping voter fraud well and thriviing? Ugh. We have to do something about the justice system. This is incredibly stupid! And one very lame excuse for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit to use. If the majority of blacks and minorities are this useless, what has to be done? Send people like me with them for their birth records, etc.. Come one, folks. There needs to be a reality check. I have never ever met anyone dumb enough not to be able to do something this simple.

  34. THAT is how the scumocrats roll. Voter fraud has continually kept them in power, and they will do anything they can to retain that POWER. Voter ID would stop this fraud as well as illegal “immigrants” and multiple votes,”dead people” voting from happening. THAT is something the SCUMOCRATS do not want to occur and will offer up the excuse that it would be “disenfranchising” certain groups. BULL CRAP. If you are too damn lazy to get away from your obamaphone, off your couch or away from your TV to register…. too bad.You don’t DESERVE to vote. If you are an ILLEGAL you should NOT be able to vote. (but this has happened already, some were “allowed” to vote ) (PROVEN!) (to all you “progressive” doubters out there)
    When you have LIBERAL CROOKED “judges” in power, THIS is what happens.

  35. This was an overt attempt to stop or intimidate voters. One Pennsylvania lawmaker told us this before. Voter fraud is almost nil. At best, this was a solution in search of a problem. Anybody who cares to argue, produce some voter fraud prosecutions.

    • MuslimLuvChrist

      as Stalin and hitlery said:
      “Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
      Those who count the votes decide everything.”

    • You are a pathetic dumba$$. We are required to show ID for just about everything in our country. Banking, buying alcohol, entering clubs, to obtain legal documents, banking etc. But you liberal Morons say that be required to show an ID to vote is an attempt to stop or intimidate voters. You’re too stupid to comment. Without having to show an ID to vote allows anyone to vote whether they’re eligible or not including Illegals residing in this country who would naturally vote democratic because the democrats cater to them for votes through handouts and promises of amnesty. Saying voter fraud is almost nil is another lie and propaganda rhetoric being pushed by those who benefit from it.

      • Don’t take this the wrong way, but go fuck yourself. You cannot provide proof voter fraud is a problem. Because it isn’t.

  36. The same thing has occured in Wisconsin. Perfect timing but I’m sure it’s only a coincidence!

  37. Will the Democrats allow people with no ID go to their convention? If they will need Id to enter the convention why not ID to vote?
    Maybe that why so illegals from Mexico come here is because nobody can vote in Mexico unless they have photo ID and they can vote here.

  38. FirstTitan LastPheoix

    Democrats wanting the illegal vote. Unlawful bitches!

    • Hell man, that’s the only they can get people like the Clintons and our own erstwhile POTUS voted into office.

  39. How do you know people are who they say they are without an ID? Kentucky has required showing ID for years. The court must be loaded with idiots that have no common sense. How misguided can you be?

  40. It actually does discriminate against minority voters. Those minority voters Hillary and the boys want to vote. Those are Illegals from all nations although particularly Muslims and those who reside in the cemetery who will vote through a Clinton chosen proxy.

  41. Apparently these judges don’t shop at Walmart. If you return an item without a receipt you’ll need to show your drivers license. I guess that’s more important than voting.

  42. You can’t get drivers license or get any medical treatment without showing ID. What’s wrong with these idiots. Miniorities don’t seem to have any trouble giving their ID’s for a drivers license or medical care! So what these idiots are doing is saying Miniorities are able to get those services but not quite smart enough to show it to vote! The dumbing down of America…


    • It sure in the hell doesn’t make a difference any more! Actually if you don’t speak ENGLISH the more you get!!!

  44. It has been fashionable for a while for courts to support criminals and lawlessness, including themselves and other parts of government. If memory serves me correctly, a judge Posner(?) recommended complete disregard of the supreme law of the land, the U.S. Constitution.

  45. Of course the law is preventing minorities from voting. Aren’t illegals in the minority?

  46. In GA, you can easily get a state ID. I don’t know why this is ‘discriminatory’. There should be easy ways for anyone in any state to get an ID. No ID, no cigarettes or beer. No plane rides or passports. There are many reasons that every citizen in the US should have an ID. And the democrats have been proven to use voter fraud to win elections. Obama got 110% in one district. And 110% is an impossible number.

    • Where these 110% in Georgia? Didn’t anyone in the press even question this percentage? If not, why not, except they wanted the bozo back in? Anyone with half a brain would catch that right away!!!

      • Not in GA. And it was discovered after the election, so it wasn’t able to be changed. And I don’t know if they could have even before. And yeah, they wanted obie back in.

    • Proven? Link me up to proof a Democrat ever won a single election by voter fraud.. Let’s see your proof.

      • Go look it up… I don’t work for you, bossy.

        • It never happened, fucktard. It is you rabid righties always spewing about voter fraud. So I thought one of you might like to prove what you pull out of your asses. But you all know you can’t. I accept your surrender.

          • Suck it up, libby. If you are not educated enough to look things up on Google, I’ll get you a copy of “Computer for Dummies. LOL

          • I am not about to search for something that never happened. No Democrat has ever won an election due to voter fraud. That is the claim by your side. And it is totally absurd.

          • And you are absurd, continually coming on here to argue with facts that would take you 2 minutes to look up for yourself, but refuse to. Lazy liberals who do not want to be faced with the truth. Sheesh! SMH

          • You fucktards claim things only a retard would believe. I will be goddamned if I will waste my time looking for fictitious shit you Republitardoes spew.

          • Vulgarity and cursing, like flattery, will get you nowhere with me.

          • I’ll get you a copy of “Computer for Dummies” since you don’t know how to look things up.

  47. Daniel Spickard

    What’s needed should we win to retain both houses of congress and trump wins presidency, is to pass a law that requires every citizen of the United States to have photo ID from their prospective state in order to vote in any election! No if and or but about it! This will do two major things, it will (One) make it illegal to vote in more than one place, and (two) will keep illegal aliens from being able to vote permanently! This will make voting more safe and honest! If you have to swipe an ID card, and show it to a person to prove that you are from that district it keeps people honest. It will also not allow someone from voting in two different districts as was done in the 2008 election!

  48. I don’t understand. These same “minorities” have to show identification to give a pint of blood for their daily fix, when stopped by law enforcement, cash a check, etc. Where’s the discrimination?
    If I board a commercial carrier, I even have to show a US Passport as second form of “photo ID>”.

  49. Poll taxes are illegal, have been for centuries.
    However, you must be registeres to vote. Check your state’s requirements for voter registration. All 50 states require identification and a birth certificate.

  50. DogWithoutSlippers

    Want to cash a check…..I.D. required. Into a nightclub (young people)……I.D. required……..etc., etc., etc…………..

  51. What imbeciles we have in high places. So they can’t afford an ID? You got to be kidding me. You can not make stuff up like this. I bet they have an ID if they want disability, drive a car, see a doctor, get their free medicine, get their free cell phone, buy cigarettes, buy a beer, cash a check, rent a place provided free for them. How about FREE IDs?????

  52. These treasonous communist worthless liberal judge’s are worse than pig crap. No interest in protecting the nation from fraud but in insuring the communist homo dictator treasonous dumbocraps can continue to rig the system. They should be hung for the treasonous communist dog’s they are

  53. Why not have voter ID? It should be free and keep the Liberals more honest! (If Possible). I have to have ID for about everything I do. In a lot of ways I like the Vote by mail in Oregon. But is still not fool proof! But then Soro’s has the control of the voting Machines. Bad when Counties has more votes than People! And has 100% Democrat vote! I would say that is impossible. Hears so many war stories of people voting and another name comes up on Screen! Nothing honest any more! Especially our Courts and Government!

  54. The requirement to vote in an election requires residency in a locale. If the 5th circuit court does not require identification of the voter, perhaps it will allow proof of the voter living in the area, perhaps with electric bill or some other proof of residence!

  55. I’d be more likely to say Crooked Judges!

  56. I don’t get it! You have to show identification for buying cigs, booze, cash a check, to get a license, and a history of background for that, Identification to get on a plane, identification to set up checking or savings account, have these judges lost their minds? We have judges that can just by a whim show Identification for voting Biased? Could someone please tell what country I’m living in? Then again isn’t that the only way the democrats are going to get into office? Even then if you’re AMERICAN you get questioned on everything, and have to show identification for everything huh?

  57. When anyone (legal or illegals) sigh-up for welfare they are given a Voter Regestration Card, they are given a paper written in English and Spanish
    saying if you do not have a Social Security Number, we will help you get one and we will not report you to ICE. This is the truth. Go sign up and see for your self as I did. I could not believe it, but true. Some have said you have to be an American Citizan, What Difference Does That Make? They will not check them. Look at all illegals, dead people who will vote and not be caught.
    This is a big problem we will have this time.

    • Then it should be easy for you to produce a list of dead or illegals who voted. Let’s see the list. Come on, put up or shut up.

  58. Activities where requiring a photo ID is apparently not RACIST: Purchase alcohol, purchase cigarettes, open a bank account, apply for food stamps, apply for welfare, apply for medicaid, apply for social security, apply for VA care if a veteran, apply for a job, apply for unemployment, rent a house, rent an apartment, buy a house, apply for a mortgage, drive a car, rent a car, buy a car, apply for car insurance, get on an airplane, get married, purchase a gun, adopt a pet, rent a hotel/motel room, apply for a hunting/fishing license, buy a cell phone, visit a casino, get a prescription, hold a rally or protest, donate your blood, check into a hospital, buy an “M” rated video……………

    Activities where requiring a photo ID must be RACIST: VOTING.

  59. These circuit courts are NOT too swift are they? What’s the last RIGHT decision they made?
    Wonder how much this cost ‘soreass’ (soros)??

    • probably not needed to pay at all. most judges are liberals any way. but sore ass needs deductions so he has them, most. on his payroll.

  60. This is how the Corrupt Judges help the Democratic Party. ACORN, which is financed by the corrupt Obama Admin will be busy all over the U.S. This is the only way Crooked Hillary has a minute chance to win. Obama is a criminal, Hillary is a criminal and the Judge here is a criminal!

  61. publius_maximus_III

    Then the same court should make it illegal for the state of Texas to require a drivers license to operate a motor vehicle, for the same reasons.

  62. That judge is just a piece of obama squeeze, democrats hates voter ID because it stops cheating, that’s why they oppose it.

    • Ummm, I hate to tell you this… But it was a 9-6 vote of all the Fifth Circuit judges. And this is a very conservative District Court.

  63. There are no standards in the U.S. anymore. Anything goes. Anyone can marry. Anyone can vote. Unborn babies can be killed with abandon. Everyone is a victim. Words are weapons. The Constitution doesn’t matter. The Supreme Court is a political body that thinks it can make laws. This country is going to hell!

    • You forgot to mention a fascist like Trump can get a nomination to run for president. That is our biggest sign of a meltdown.

  64. Patriot act claims ya need photo id an more..patriot act ..this courts action =attempting dictorial control of America

  65. You have to produce a legitimate ID to purchase ALCOHOL if asked but you do not have to produce an ID to vote which could affect millions. We really have BRAIN DEAD AH’s in our government court systems. It’s a shame these AH’s didn’t have to go into combat before they were considered for their current position. Dead AH’s aren’t around after these kinds of decisions in combat situations to kiss enough asses to get that position in our so called world powerful position.

    • You have to produce legit ID for everything but voting, you’re right on that! Benn that way, more so for Obama and the dems!

  66. Defies common sense how crooked these judges are !

  67. I have always shown my Photo ID before I voted in South Carolina, I started voting in 1975, so that means for 41 years now in SC I have been showing my Photo ID, which was on My Drivers Lic. and my Military ID as well. and the DMV would make you a photo ID card free . I do not see the problem that the liberals seem to chant . on a daily basis.

    • You were not required to show that until recently, if ever. Blame the big mouth State Republican leader Mike Turzai in Pennsylvania who told the truth about the intent of voter ID..

      • This was needed to stop and slow down Voter fraud by the Liberals and Obama has been working overtime with his old group Acorn to always use voter fraud .

        • ACORN ceased to exist in 2010, retard. You are so slow it is beyond laughable.

          • No sweetie it didn’t!

          • Show me proof it still exists then. A website, a current article about ACORN.

          • You want proof, hold on to your hat. Because ACORN was under watchful eyes, and became headlines Wade Rathke had the name changed to Community Organizations International and George Wiley’s community organization. Because of this the group has split into regional organizations under different names, a few of those are; Organize Now, INC., Working Families Party, American Institute for Social Justice, Action Now, Action United, Health Care for America Now, Alliance of Calif. for Community Empowerment, these are just some of the TOUCHY FEELY names for an organization that was suppose to go under! If you want more please go to ACORN, the look down the list til you under a subheading with the name George Wiley. Then and only then can you take in the full scope of what is going on behind the back of so called informed Americans like yourself. Maybe you can get your head out of the sand over there and wake up.. They say, where there is life there is hope!!!

          • You specifically said ACORN. Nothing about remnants of it that reformed. You lost.

          • Come on you have to be much smarter then you let on right now. It’s still the same organization it has had a NAME change, you say tomato I say tomatoe, or however the saying goes. Get a grip!!! You asked I provided the info, now go find out for yourself!!

          • Bennie Boy, they just changed their name, they kept their ways the same, voter fraud. wise up

  68. I think it is time for all of these Judges, especially the Federal Judges first and then the others , to be removed from their positions and put out to pasture in another Country, half of them are Mexican anyway. Enough of this crap where the American Voters vote for a Law and then these ” Judges ” overrule the Voters and say it is Illegal.

  69. I love it when these jackalopes say it just cant happen, no one is using dead people to vote… Yea right!
    My mother has been dead for nearly two years now, she passed away in another county but we transferred her back to our county for cremation. All the required documentation was filled out and sent to the county Government Center, also where the main, county courthouse and the federal courthouse is located. Two days ago she was summoned to court to serve as a juror on an upcoming case, I called to find out if I should bring her ashes in so they wouldn’t have to serve a bench warrant and have our Sheriff’s Dept. come and arrest her.

    If they can’t follow up and fix the records for honest citizens who provide all the legal documentation on a deceased family member, imagine the lack of interest if a demaslob was voting with a dead persons name.

  70. The bottom line is that democrats are idiot moon bats who draw votes from voter fraud. That is clear from their history on this issue. That same person (thug) at the liqueur store has to show id. But not to vote? Makes no sense.

  71. This may be where citizens and states ignore court rulings and rebel against unlawful decisions by activist courts. State legislatures must stand up to a tyrannical government by recalling their Army National Guards to defend each state, elect Representatives and Senators that have the backbone and moral fortitude to stand against injustice and remove corrupt Judges.

    • The first answer from the right is always insurrection. You turds hate America. So just fucking leave. This ruling was from a conservative led court. Don’t believe me?… Look it up.

      • Sorry libtard it may be from what the liberals label as conservative but the ruling is not conservative and flies in the face of the rulings of states rights. But as all liberals you stoop to name calling and foul language rather than decent conversation. When courts interfere with state laws they are activist. Only those in favor of padding elections would be against voter ID and obviously you fall into that category. I want fair and honest elections and voting rights. No, it is time that the lawless leave.

        • Yes. So get the fucking hell out.

          • This is the UNITED States not the SPECIAL INTEREST States of America. You should be leaving since you are filled with hate for fellow Americans. About the only thing I can determine from your rants is that you are qualified to be a screen writer in Hollywood since you know all the four letter words.

    • Actually, I think it all boils down to the fact that Carter wants the UN troops in to watch the voting in every state if I remember correctly! That tries to take place I hope every governor stops, or REAL AMERICANS will ban together to have them removed! I think that idiot Carter suggested it in 2012, but the out cry was off the charts from the states!

  72. Most of these “judges ” ignore the constitution and move right to practicing “judicial activism ” instead of practicing the law of the land and the will of we the people. I believe trials and jail time or hanging is in order they are obviously derelict and willfully forsaking their oath of office.

    • Always with the hanging shit. You Republitardoes are pathetic. Be aware this the single most conservative District Court in all of the USA. This ruling will be repeated elsewhere. And it will ultimately be upheld by the SC.

      • Well Ben it’s like this everything in life needs a solid foundation. The founding fathers gave us not only a blueprint but also the solid foundation for this country they are the Constitution and Bill of Rights and though they may not be perfect they do in fact need to remain solid because when libtardssuch as yourself find it an inconvenience and start trying to push your “living constitution ” crap then the foundation which by the way was working really good until selloutS like you were born then waisted money on college and probably left the tax payers holding the bag on your student loans. Up until that time it worked great .now it’s crumbling bye the day we now have bloated government ,laws that only apply to tax payers but not the “elite ruling class”or as they like it the “law makers “and overbearing out of control alphabet agencies with no accountability and contempt for us.citizens all thanks to people like you you comunist,socialist demonrat.because in the end your way the Clinton Obama sanders nazi way never works ever .unless that is you are a government leach employee.everyone else gets the scraps after waiting in line for hours .history proves this time and again .so you can have that way I’ll take the solid proven american way where the constitution says what it says and means what it says.I’ll bet you also think that all those years gone by our founders put the coma after militia and before the right of the people was a miss print don’t you? Well its not and in the end we the people will triumph over your worthless unworkable way any day everyday.

    • Seek mental help.

  73. What a travesty. Proving you’re eligible to vote is discriminatory? The only ones it ‘discriminates’ against are those who aren’t legally entitled to vote. I try to stay ‘independent’ but, the Liberal Democrat ‘machine’ is destroying our country. The Democrats are the new American ‘mob.’

    • So, you finally caught on? AMEN to what you have stated!

      • Finally? @idaparadise7:disqus , I’v been screaming that for YEARS. This whole ‘PC’ notion of ID requirements to verify eligibility to vote is ludicrous. Of COURSE you should be able to prove you’re qualified and eligible. This ‘discrimination’ argument is merely pandering for minority votes.

        • Wasn’t it killer that advocated for a National Id years ago? Now if she gets in the WH I guess we’ll get it! By the way, did Va. shoot down ex-cons voting? I think I read that earlier today, if so the courts finally did something right, maybe there’s still hope for them!

  74. AmericanPatriot

    We need a federal Constitutionally mandated no fraud voter ID Law.

    • Yeah, like that will work? Especially, when we have crooked people running the system! Where have all the REAL AMERICANS, Law abiding citizens gone? Why are the anti-American, left wing, commie, socialist seem to be in control? Why do they hate their NATION? Why are they pushing a one AMERICAS, like the EU which is taking all citizens rights away, what is there thinking? This use to be a great nation but I see it being stripped away by the UN and one worlders way of thinking! How long?

    • We have not needed it for over 200 years and we don’t now. What we do need is to protect counting the votes. That is where an election was last stolen.The infamous Supreme Kangaroo Court ruling to stop counting the votes in Florida 2000. Because the plaintiff George W. “could be irreparably harmed ” if the counting continued.

  75. Funny, the maggots never seem to have any trouble getting ID when it comes to sticking it to the taxpayers by filing for welfare food stamps, housing assistance, government paid abortions, Obamaphones, ADC, etc.!!!!

  76. CrustyOldGeezer

    According to the US Constitution, the federal courts have NO JURISDICTION over any State Law unless such law directly interferes with any of the ENUMERATED POWERS.

    The ‘federal government’ is a “Legal Construct of the CONSTITUTION” and IS NOT a Signatory to the Constitution and has no power or authority to alter ANY OF THE CONSTITUTION!

    READ the Constitution as it really is.

    A CONTRACT between the “Several States”, Ratified by each State before they are granted Statehood.

    The Constitution “ Creates the Constitution as a maintenance group and has NO POWER outside the LIMITATIONS of the ENUMERATED POWERS.


    As such, the ‘federal’ courts are uninvolved in any States INTERNAL Affairs.

  77. Liberals will sink this country. I suggest each county in Texas and other states solicit volunteers with the appropriate equipment and have them go into those poor B;lack and Mexican neighborhoods and take a picture of the occupants and issue an ID card immediately off of their printer and emboss the ID. There is no reason for anyone not to have an ID, I doubt very seriously if they can apply for Food Stamps without an ID much less pick up a package at their local post office.

  78. We need IDcards for so many everyday things. What’s so wrong with ID cards for voters? Oh, i know, it would keep illegals, dead people, & cartoon characters from voting. Cartoon characters? Those are people like these asinine judges.

  79. Lady Justice is no longer blind. She makes decisions based on political influence. The Supreme Court is another example.

    • Funny how righties bitch about that now that Scania is cold. But you blowhards loved his activist rulings.

      • Ben – Didn’t your mother teach you that it wasn’t nice to call names. By the way, my comment was for both Repubs and Dems. They are both influenced by politics. Except, Repubs have a tendency to lean more toward the constitution.

  80. Unbelievable! You need and ID to buy liquor if asked! You need an ID to buy cigarettes if asked! You need an ID to cash a check if asked! And the list goes on! But some how if you need an ID to vote, it discriminates against minorities! I’m not a judge or a lawyer, but will someone please explain how that discriminates against minorities?

    • Demoncraps need the minorities to get in and one solution is to just let them vote, lawfulness be DAMNED.

      Anyway, this need not be obeyed because only CONGRESS CAN MAKE LAW!

      • This is not making law. It overturns a law in violation of voting rights.

        • Alleged Comment

          All people are treated equally! Whaaa??? Megroes, Mexicans, Mongrels and Mexicans get a pass??

          Why do you leftist keep treating them like slaves??

        • I believe the Voting Rights Act was for equal voting rights, it has to do with the civil rights act that made it for all AMERICANS over the age of 21 to be able to register, and vote in their states, and to vote again for a president every four years. If I were you I’d take the time to look up why it was enacted. It does not hold forth for anyone who is an ILLEGAL ALIEN, it was for every AMERICAN ONLY, within their states, for local, state and federal voting!

          • I never said the Voting Rights Act was for illegal aliens. Pay attention. That is your stupid assumption. I have asked several of you righties to show voter fraud is a problem here in USA. Maybe you can step up to my challenge.

          • Reread what you wrote, you made it clear that the Voting Rights Act superseded States CONSTITUTIONAL laws. Texas would not be violating federal law, federal law would be violating STATE LAW!!!!

          • Federal law always supercedes state law, Poindexter. Quote exactly what you are taking about that I wrote. It seems you can’t follow.

          • You are so wrong on that!

          • I have a judge in my family. And I have verified this.

          • Yeah, and I’ll bet that person says treaties by the UN supersede our CONSTITUTION also, huh?

  81. THOSE in this court must be REMOVED from duty. They have violated your Constitution and given your country over to Megroes, Moslems, Migrants and Mexicans when they have NO authority to do so but up hold the Constitution of the United States.

    No where in the Constitution does it say we owe Megroes, Moslems, Migrants or Mexicans or that we are to somehow give them breaks not afforded to others because lieberal and Demoncraps look at them as incapable people.

    This is a Demoncrap and racist principle and Megroes, Moslems, Migrants and Mexicans should be enraged the Demoncrap court looks at you this way.

    • Check and you will find most of the judges on the Fifth Circuit were nominated by Repugs. You lose.

      • Alleged Comment

        Everyone also voted for the negro up there. Demoncraps and Rapepublicans seem to be of the same color.

        Red, white and BLUE all over.

  82. Does this judge love our nation or just the judicial seat that holds the ass that sits on one of our public servitude positions of power ? Every citizen has a photo identification that has been issued by their own state . Know that those that don’t hold a drivers licence can obtain other photo identification with very little effort or money . What a crock of manure to stop the common sense of showing photo ID before casting a vote in our political elections .