AP: Thousands of Texans Voted Without Showing ID

According to a new report from the Associated Press, thousands of Texans made a mockery of the state’s voter ID laws in the November elections. Although Texas has some of the strictest voter ID requirements in the country, the AP found that many voters bypassed the law by providing sworn affidavits in lieu of their photo IDs.

How could this have happened?

Well, it happened because an appeals court decided in August that the state’s ID law unfairly punished minorities. Therefore, poll workers were instructed to let voters without an ID sign an affidavit saying they couldn’t get one due to one hardship or another. This ludicrous decision effectively made the law unenforceable.

But apparently that’s not the worst of it. Because of the 13,000 or so voters who signed the affidavit, the AP found that nearly 500 of them did so even though they possessed the required identification.

From the story:

An Associated Press analysis of roughly 13,500 affidavits submitted in Texas’ largest counties found at least 500 instances in which voters were allowed to get around the law by signing an affidavit and never showing a photo ID, despite indicating that they possessed one.

Others used the sworn declarations to lodge protest statements against the law.

One affidavit from Hidalgo County, along the Texas-Mexico border, read: “Did not want to ‘pander’ to government requirement.” In Tarrant County, an election judge noted on an affidavit: “Had photo ID but refused to show it.”

“If we see that somebody blatantly says ‘I have ID’ and refused to show it, we’re going to turn that over to the D.A.,” said Stephen Vickers, chief deputy elections administrator for Tarrant County, which includes Fort Worth. “If they tried to use the affidavit to get around the system, yeah, I see that as a violation.”

In a state where more than 9 million people voted in the last election, none of this could have had a substantial effect on the outcome. And since voters had to be on the registry rolls to use the affidavit, it’s not considered fraud. The AP said that many local prosecutors were doubtful about pursuing charges against people who unlawfully signed the affidavit, citing time and expenses.

But this illustrates the kind of lawless quagmire the courts are inviting when they make these politically-influenced decisions. No argument in the world can convince us that voter ID laws are discriminatory. If you have time to go cast a ballot, you have time to go get a photo identification card. And if you’re too dumb to figure out how to do that, then our democracy is better off without your vote.

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  1. You either have to show Photo ID at the Doctors Office or you have one on file. Voter Registration Card and Drivers License Should Be Required Period!

  2. If you want welfare you are suppos6ex to have a valid photo id…. then you should have one to vote… if not then you do not qualify for “assistance” or as i call it….”unqualified coddling”

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  3. To get into the democratic convention you need a legal ID, to bank you need a legal ID, to get welfare you need a legal ID, and to vote you should be required to prove you have the legal right to cast that vote as every person who legally votes does so so that their vote counts and not a one would be for illegal votes to make their worthless. Voting is vital to the will of the people and their wants as legal citizens of our nation and no one has the right to turn their votes into worthless efforts.

    • Welfare is a total sham in California. Having worked in the social services department I saw people with the same ID as the guy ahead of them asking for $$$ and the welfare department gives it to them. There is no need for a legal ID in Californication just show up and stick out your hand and say “Por Favor” and “Gracias”.

      • I worked at an agency where welfare sent illegals to collect free food, rent assistance and other benefits that were for American citizens and everyone of them received some form of welfare and or lived in section 8. I know the tax payers are supporting illegals while over a million of our own children are homeless and thousands of Vets. We can’t take care of our own but allow illegals to take from those very people. I keep hearing show compassion for the illegals too. Well take that compassion and tell the parent of the dead raped 1 month old and 9 month old babies how compassionate they are for the illegals who killed them is my response. Tell the parents of all the children raped and murder by illegals due to not enforcing our laws that we need to be compassionate for the illegals. I get so angry when I hear how mean Americans are for wanting a legal election and legal immigrants I could smack the crap out of the idiots who think we need to be “compassionate”. I am, to the murdered and raped and mugged Americans due to lax border and immigration enforcement.

  4. Illinoisans don’t have to show any IDs as well, thanks to the godless democrats.

  5. I think we need more than photo IDs because CA gives driver licenses to ILLEGALS and they’re using them to vote. I think national fingerprints or ocular scans should be necessary. It would keep people from going from one precinct to another to vote, or one state to another to vote which happens.

  6. Another stupid decision by an unamerican judge. Unfortunately, the liberals can always find such dopes to fit their plans.

  7. The only reason to oppose voter ID is fraud.

  8. The laws not discriminatory against minorities, it’s discriminatory against Democrats who want to cheat. They never, ever call things what they really are.
    Here’s a good law, Democrats must tell the truth at all times, no more renaming or redefining things so they can bamboozle people. This really would solve all our problems, then they’d have to admit their real goals, greed, unlimited power, being the smugly superior ruling class who tells everyone else what to do, what to think, how to live, how to feel, as opposed to their made-up ones. Kindness, compassion, inclusion they only feel for themselves and those who toe their line.

  9. TRUMP and congress needs to pass laws that would require anyone voting to show a photo voter id card or equivalent photo id …it’s time to stop the illegals and non residants from voting in u.s. elections and will help round up criminals

  10. No sh^t, just what the Communist Party USA wants – stacked elections; and they have the nerve to say that there is no voter fraud, to them it isn’t, just standard procedure!

  11. This has actually happened in many different places across the nation. That’s why identification is mandatory as it is even when visiting a doctor..Stupid does as stupid is. It’s lso well documented now that millions voted illegally and most of those were for Clinton. History will show that legally, H Clinton would most likely have lost the popular voter also.

  12. Heres the truth people. These voters were told they had 3 days to report to their election office before their vote would be considered valid. So those that never showed werent counted anyway. I really hate these clickbait stories.!

  13. These liberal judges are the biggest threat to our freedoms . There political ideology trumps our constitution in almost every case. Evidenced by this left wing nut job justice in Washington and the 9th circuit out of San Francisco . Their secessions have been deemed unconstitutional 86% of the time . How many conservative constitutional judges have been overturned anywhere near that number of times . How many time has judicial watch been overturned by the Supreme court ? Hardly ever . There are millions of illegal voters . Think of it if there are 20,000 illegal votes per state that’s 1 million. We know that California and New York alone have double that. How can one have zero ID laws, 11 million illegals and say there is no illegal voting going on?? They must think Americans are stupid .

  14. Everyone should have a proper ID to vote. It’s not that hard to get.

    • Besides, they have plenty of time between one election and the next, usually two years, except for local, to get a voter ID. It should be a federal law enacted in Congress.

      • I agree. There is no excuse for not having one if they want to vote. Unfortunately the liberals want those unregistered votes.

  15. you talk like everybody is working a 40 hour workweek instead of longer and has no other obligations and has extra money for transportation.

    • And your point is?????

      • Some people cant get ID cards. The post office takes photos for passports. Why dont they issue photos for voter ID cards?

        • Many states will go to the persons who “can’t” get an ID card and take their picture right in their home — at the address they are voting from. I guess it’s too hard to let someone take your picture at your front door. What an imposition!


  17. Those “thousands of Texans” are liars. It is no hardship to obtain either a Drivers License or a State photo ID. Most, if not all of these liars probably voted Democrap. BTW I have always shown my ID even when “Eric the Gun Runner” declared it unconstitutional. Suck it up you losers and admit that you lost the election because “WE the People” out-voted you.

  18. Every state has the right to hold their Elections , But they should up date there Laws , It has not been done in Ohio since 2005, all we need to vote is a Pay stub from last year or a Utility Bill , I worked the polls for about 20 years and I have written our State about making it a Law that every one voting should be an American Citizen,, Then a Voter ID card with your Picture , Important information and a MAGNETIC CHIP or Bar code that gets Scanned when you receive your Ballot, Mail in ballots are bad , never gets checked ! We have a 30 days to Vote ! , People can vote in Ohio and then go south for winter and Vote again !

  19. I fail to see the problem requiring photo ID to vote. Why is there not the same outrage expressed when libraries require photo ID to get a library card? If one is viewed as discriminatory against minorities and the poor why isn’t the other? Does it mean that it is OK to hinder poor people and minorities from reading but not from voting??

    • Here in Indiana we’ve had to show photo ID since 2005.
      No problems.

      A current Indiana driver license, Indiana photo ID card, Military ID or U.S. Passport is all it takes…plus being registered at the address on the ID.

  20. Illegal voting has got to be stopped and voter ID needs to be the law of the land.

  21. wonder who they voted for? Never mind, we already know and so does our new president. Hope everyone has to show id to vote in the future. It’s pathetic how people are treating our rights to have free and HONEST elections.

  22. Legal or illegal, aliens have no right to vote.
    The right to vote is reserved for CITIZENS in good standing only. No state should be allowed to extend voting privileges to prisoners.
    Perhaps instead of photo IDs, voter registration cards, etc ad nauseum we should consider CITIZENSHIP CARDS.

  23. The most serious voter fraud exists this way:
    Watch the Fraction Magic video.

  24. Agree completely that ID should be presented at the polls, by everyone. Why would it be “hard” for a minority to have ID? Only an ILLEGAL minority, who shouldn’t be voting in America, would worry. My question is: How would we ID the thousands of people who vote by Absentee Ballot? I do, myself, because it’s more convenient. What’s to stop illegals from using the absentee system?

    • Absentee ballots are (or should be) monitored when sent out, then when the ballot is voted/returned the ballot id number or barcode on the envelope which is affiliated with your name on the voter registration roll is marked on the roll book as “absentee”. Anyone who requests an absentee ballot should be turned away at the polls on election day, even if they don’t turn in the ab ballot. One person, one vote.
      Personally, I think election day should guarantee everyone time off from work to vote, if necessary. Full day, half-day, comp time, whatever. Many countries declare election days to be holidays to make sure everyone has a chance to vote.

    • By fingerprint and photo copy picture!

  25. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    We need a card witch has your picture and saying that card is for your registration to vote in the elections.

  26. Time for the DOJ to start weeding out what remains of the toxic sludge known as the Barack Osama administration, staff enough decent litigators, ICE agents Border Patrol to go around collecting those Cockroaches, not enough staff, or time is the excuse that has been used for years for not ridding our nation of Federal fugitives.

    Organize what should be termed the Raid Pesticide Operation for the purpose of eradicating those killing our Constitutional rights.

  27. No I.D., no vote. Without this simple step any election can be won by FRAUD VOTING.Fraud voting is a crime and needs to be prosecuted; however, without I.D. this is not possible. We show I.D. for entry to government buildings, why not when voting? The only reason I can see is that it is preferred by the criminals that want to stay in office and get rich from PAY TO PLAY, like Hillary.

  28. Can’t be. The democrats say so! If they can’t be trusted, who can you trust? The media? Yeah, right! No voter fraud here…..

  29. Here, in California, illegal aliens get a driver license and are automatically registered to vote. California is doomed thanks to the illegals in our state government and Jerry Brown the useless, senile, governor.
    We must gather up ALL illegal aliens and deport them and arrest anyone that hires an illegal alien.

  30. So you can use a affidavit if your name is on the voter role. Yeah right, as we all know there is no way someone committing voter fraud would ever get on the voter role, just ask all the dead democrats that voted.

  31. One day maybe I’ll move back to Texas. Here in California, I NEVER show ID to vote. They ask your name and address; if you are on the list, they hand you a ballot – if you are not on the list, they hand you a provisional ballot. No ID, not ever. And, yes, illegals DO get driver’s licenses, and there IS motor-voter registration.

  32. Contrary to any laws, i voted, showed my registration card, Texas Driver’s License and signed my name. When i showed my TDL i was told it was not necessary. I was on the list. However, i heard one man being told that all he had to produce to vote was a utility bill. Just any ol’ utility bill i am guessing.

  33. If a person is so stupid they can’t get an ID card then they sure as hell shouldn’t have the right to vote. Trump is correct. He did win the popular vote of American citizens but in states like California illegals can get drivers licenses which also signs them up to vote. There should be a national voting law where all states use the same policies: ID required, proof of citizenship required, limited early voting 2 to 3 days max, primary election you can only vote for your registered party. The voter rolls also should be updated every year by death certificates and cross checking of a person who moves so they are only registered in one place. The news media seem to think that this is not a problem but the fact is that way too many illegal votes get cast each election particularly in certain states where voting laws are way too lax.

  34. Washington state allows you to register online and only swear that you are an American citizen. NO PROOF necessary.

    If you are happy with this, you’ll continue to be happy till the end.

    If you are not happy…what are you doing?


    Midnight’s not creeping, it’s at a gallop…

  35. Poll workers who help the Illegal vermin vote should be sent to prison voter ID has to become the law of the land.

  36. No ID no voting no drivers license no exception to the rule plus heavy fine if caught.

  37. Trump is correct when he says he won the popular vote too. This Texas thing is only one of many problems. In California, you can obtain a drivers license as an illegal alien. This license, also allows you to vote. Lets see, hmmmm, how many millions of illegal voters does that add to the voter rolls??

    Demand Two forms of identification at the polls. Enforce the laws against voting fraudulently and impose both fines and time behind bars for this crime against America.

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