AP Admits: Obama Leaving “Devastating Failures” For Next President

In the waning months of his presidency, Barack Obama may temporarily get the mainstream media criticism that’s been withheld for eight long years. Obama will be canonized as one of the great American presidents by Democrats soon after he leaves office, but in the meantime, we might get a glimpse of truth from the nation’s news reporters.

The Associated Press this week ran a story that threw back the thin veil hanging over the Obama administration’s foreign policy disasters.

“On matters of war and peace, Obama has proven to be a confounding and contradictory figure, one who stands to leave behind both devastating and pressing failures, as well as a set of fresh accomplishments whose impact could resonate for decades,” writes the AP.

The story is framed against Obama’s oft-mocked Nobel Peace Prize, contrasting his actual record with his imagined status as a bringer of world stability.

“By some sobering measures, the case for Obama the peacemaker is difficult to make,” the AP writes. “Analysts who track conflict, refugee populations, terrorist attacks and political upheaval say the world has only become less peaceful during Obama’s tenure, a trend that began just before he took office.”

They cite statistics showing that worldwide terrorism is on the rise, battle death rates are the highest they’ve been globally in nearly three decades, and “the number of refugees and displaced people has reached a level not seen in sixty years.”

Naturally, though, they do their best to give Obama the benefit of the doubt.

“Few would blame global strife on one man, even the commander of the world’s most powerful military,” they write. “And if anything, Obama’s legacy – and his supporters would say his strength – is a steady wariness of limits of using that military without triggering unintended consequences.”

Well, that’s the legacy you’re going to award him, sure. And that’s the legacy he would like to believe in, certainly.

But that’s not the truth.

Obama’s true legacy is one of indecisiveness, blind naiveté, and stunning miscalculation. Our enemies have grown much more powerful over the last eight years, gleefully taking advantage of a president who confuses inaction with strength. Meanwhile, Obama has disrespected our Israeli allies time and again as though their security is not a reflection of our own.

Notably absent from the article, by the way, is any mention of Hillary Clinton.

Probably just an oversight…

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