AP Admits: Obama Leaving “Devastating Failures” For Next President

In the waning months of his presidency, Barack Obama may temporarily get the mainstream media criticism that’s been withheld for eight long years. Obama will be canonized as one of the great American presidents by Democrats soon after he leaves office, but in the meantime, we might get a glimpse of truth from the nation’s news reporters.

The Associated Press this week ran a story that threw back the thin veil hanging over the Obama administration’s foreign policy disasters.

“On matters of war and peace, Obama has proven to be a confounding and contradictory figure, one who stands to leave behind both devastating and pressing failures, as well as a set of fresh accomplishments whose impact could resonate for decades,” writes the AP.

The story is framed against Obama’s oft-mocked Nobel Peace Prize, contrasting his actual record with his imagined status as a bringer of world stability.

“By some sobering measures, the case for Obama the peacemaker is difficult to make,” the AP writes. “Analysts who track conflict, refugee populations, terrorist attacks and political upheaval say the world has only become less peaceful during Obama’s tenure, a trend that began just before he took office.”

They cite statistics showing that worldwide terrorism is on the rise, battle death rates are the highest they’ve been globally in nearly three decades, and “the number of refugees and displaced people has reached a level not seen in sixty years.”

Naturally, though, they do their best to give Obama the benefit of the doubt.

“Few would blame global strife on one man, even the commander of the world’s most powerful military,” they write. “And if anything, Obama’s legacy – and his supporters would say his strength – is a steady wariness of limits of using that military without triggering unintended consequences.”

Well, that’s the legacy you’re going to award him, sure. And that’s the legacy he would like to believe in, certainly.

But that’s not the truth.

Obama’s true legacy is one of indecisiveness, blind naiveté, and stunning miscalculation. Our enemies have grown much more powerful over the last eight years, gleefully taking advantage of a president who confuses inaction with strength. Meanwhile, Obama has disrespected our Israeli allies time and again as though their security is not a reflection of our own.

Notably absent from the article, by the way, is any mention of Hillary Clinton.

Probably just an oversight…

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    • Yes, if VOTER fraud is stopped. They will stop at nothing.Trump’s crowds are immense, thousands at times. There should be no way he can lose despite the rigged polls.Media

      • You are absolutely correct. Stop voter fraud. Stop the corrupt MSM it is one key element of voter fraud.


        • We need to boycott Hollywood and the NFL so that the rich movie stars and the likes of Mark Cuban will not have so much money to donate to left wing politicians. Also to punish the NFL for all the ingrates who kneel during the national anthem.

          • One of the goals of http://www.madashellboycott.com is to shed a light on MEDIA corruption.

          • I just joined.

          • Thank you.

            Any questions?

          • How about a list of Hollywood people?

          • You are not the first to suggest Hollywood. It is all about time. Which I have run out of.

            People has suggested MSNBC, CNN, ESPN CNBC, etc. All are guilty of using bias by omission to control public opinion.

            What I am hoping is that we can knock down a couple of the key players which will in turn upset the apple cart and break up the cabal.

            I really think that if we can get a couple of the rats to suffer, they in turn will rat out the rest.

          • and Robert De Niro, who was involved in Paris in a child porno rings

          • I had not heard any thing about the child porno rings, but yes, especially Robert De Nino. If what you say is true, that is far worse than Trumps trash talk. Trumps trash talk would be expected from high school kids, but a guy who is almost sixty should have matured beyond that sort of thing. I would consider voting for his opponent except that his opponent is totally unacceptable. His lewd talk is nothing compared to the gang rapes that would take places if Hillary would bring thousands of those migrants into America. Why is it that the welfare of the American people is never on the Democrats agenda?

      • Put all asshole democrat motherfuckers in front of a firing squad oldass Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton goes first then oldass bitch Nancy Pelosi then the Muslim nigger Obama and his administration and their families

      • I’m in Virginia and in the newspapers here last week they just found over 1,000 illegals had registered to vote in just 8 counties out of 133 counties and 200 of the illegals had already voted. The 8 counties willingly turned over the voter rolls for a company checking to see if illegals were trying to vote but the other 125 counties won’t hand over their voter rolls? Not hard to guess why they won’t.
        A big part of the voter fraud problem is happening because most Polling places are staffed with mostly Democrats that have been doing it for years. I think some new rules need to be made that the same people can’t be controlling the Polling places year after year and they have to have a even number from both Political Parties in every Polling place!

  2. I would wish to be as sure as Mr.O’Donnell appears to be.My feeling is there will voter fraud like there was when
    Romney/Ryan were on the Republican ticket, Ohio was a prime example where they received no votes in many counties.Figures can lie,and liars can figure! Just think Wild Willy and the Shrew together again in the WH.

  3. And now, finally this news comes to light thanks to our communist news system.

  4. If this American Government dose not Arrest Obama and Biden, lynch, NOW all of America will be turned into a CINDER from Russia and China Nuking us. America will be a wasteland is that what you people in our Government and our Military really want to have happen? Get these war criminals and ARREST THEM NOW BEFORE IT IS TO LATE. Wake up!


      • You forgot to mention that besides being subhuman, she’s also subterranean !

        • vagitarian

          • And People have the Audasity to say a Word About Trump over his past sins that were forgiven in a Church with his Minister several months ago…the Crime committed with that nasty video was that the jerk who made it released it without permission from Trump! Joke should be on that Jerk and All the Political Jerks screaming how bad Trump is when they are judging for their own means and have fallen short of the Glory of God sometime in their unstable lives and ways! Vote Trump and lets help him “Restore America” from these liberals!

          • Laughable how incredibly hypocritical libTURDS are! Trump had a conversation that most straight men have had and the lefties soil their Depends. They ignore the gropes, rapes and miscreant behavior that HillBILLY CLIToon performed WHILE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!!

          • Another thing I find curious….tapes of Trump result in the circus we’ve seen for the past several days…..tapes of Planned Parenthood selling body parts result in the people making the tapes being arrested and charged with a crime or crimes.

          • Go figure. The current media and politicians are as corrupt as corrupt is and, obviously, none have souls they are interested in preserving. Just their pockets and the deep pockets of their special interest cronies – all wanting to stay rich and powerful off the backs of ordinary citizens. We need to clean house and start over with people who know the word honorable exists.

          • The Left knows exactly what they’re doing at all times!

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        • I guess you do not know Trump may hire Kim Kardashian as consultant on Family values. But Trump is a polygamist – having 3 wives at Trump tower, I do not think Kim will accept Trump to have three wives. Kim is Christian and therefore believes in monogamy. He is not. Look at his sons – they are not close to him. This is because they were abused by the 2nd and 3rd wives. Trump daughters have bad tempers as result being raised by step-mothers. You have to be careful who your president will be. I do not know about Kim K and her family-values. Some moron on this site should tell us why Kim K is good example of Family Values. I do not see that in Trump either.

      • Trump will lose if he hires Rudy Giulian as “Law and Order” consultant. Rudy is so ugly that people will run away from the rallies? Rudy is a racist, sexist and a bigot. He thinks he should be the only one living in this country. In fact, Trump should bail out for making such filthy observations about women. Trump should have never entered the WH race. He knew he called American women as “Fat.” “Pigs” “Dogs” “Disgusting animals” and “ugly”. We are told after this debate Trump go to Europe for another wife because the present one is already wrinkled. Trump as spoilt kid and that he is not fit to be in the WH? Trump whined that GOP nomination was rigged against him. He cried until I called his fired campaign manager to stop Trump from whining. Trump won GOP nomination. Now he is whining that the election will be rigged against him. As a polygamist Trump cannot respect or trust women. They are like toys to him. Please vote for Hillary.

      • “she” won’t be replacing anything, but rather, perpetuating the same ol’, same-ol’

  5. The world is spiraling out of control and we are worried about Trump using vulgar language 11 years ago. Russia is doing what they want, North Korea is trying to pick a fight with Tokyo, and Israel is still in disagreement with the Palestinians. CNN jumped right on it when Washington Post (Killery’s newspaper) jumped right on it. It’s all over every news station. They needs to be talking about all this chaos that’s happening around the world instead of “old news”. This is like the demon-craps. They loves to drag mess from a person’s past and smear it on every news outlet. What a shame? What is America coming to? People needs to start paying attention to what’s happening in the middle east. We don’t have time for distractions. Wake Up America! Stop letting distractions from the demon-craps have you blind to the fact that, there’s serious things are going on in this world. They needs to be talking about all the leaked e-mails on Killery that came out today. Just Pray for Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence in these trying times. We are living in the end times. We better Pray and stop letting things throw our focus off of important things in this election.

    • Mr. Trump, welcome to the Deplorables……

      Hillary is more than despicable.

    • David Melnick David

      Yeah! Once…again… shows that msm, politicians are constantly in panic & desperation.

    • My question is why doesn’t ANYONE bring up Killery’s scandals from when she & Bill lived in the Arkansas White house, White Water, Mysterious deaths of so many people that they were involved with at the time, Bills Illegal Drug dealings Etc Etc Etc.

      • So many people died, murdered. The number is 147,and sadly also two young boys. They were in a wrong place in a wrong time in Arkansas.with them one of the boy mother died too, looking for justice for her murdered son. As I read, he had a knife wound in his back and thrown in front of the tren. I could not believe this heartless people. They saw the drog transport and had to die.

  6. Oh how I wish asshole Muslim democrat nigger Obama were dead along with his nigger family and administration and all Islamic and Muslim and Iranian motherfuckers especially all Muslim,Islamic and Iranian bitches and oldass Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton and all asshole democrat motherfuckers I wish you all were dead

  7. Hillary admits picking up those disasters and running with them!

    Don’t vote for Hillary, do not vote for communism.

    • I am glad others are starting to realize it’s really Communism we’re dealing with all over the world right now. Muslims are just a tool for Communist to help them get control of all the countries. Eventually, The Communist will take out the Muslims once they get what they want. The New World Order is the Communist Utopian Dream where they plan to depopulate the earth down to 500 million people. Just enough people for the Communist Elites to live like Kings while the people allowed to live on Earth with them will all be slaves!

      • Great point,

        I think the Communists plan to destroy capitalism in America is separate from the Radical Islamic plan to destroy Christianity, with a side bar of destroying the great Satan.

        I believe the Communists are using the Socialists (bernie democrats) as useful idiots. (History is repeating itself)
        BUT, I think the Radical Islamic Terrorists are using the communists as useful idiots.

        The communists have used Political Correctness to cripple Christians within the United States. Muslims are completely immune to PC, they will simply lop off the head of the communist and say, deal with it.

  8. David Melnick David

    Stephen King was not far off in naming his novels eh. EG: “The Wasteland”, “The Dark Tower”, “Fire Starter”.

    • Don’t forget George Orwell’s1984. This explains O’ISLAMIST to a T. Also this is What George Soros paid for when he bought O’ISLAMIST to be destroyer of our country.

  9. Take away our young adult’s cell phones and give them a slap of reality. Our world is tilting anf our kuds can’t add 2+3. To them it could equal 5 or maybe 6 depending if one of the 2 were using contraceptives. This is what our public school systems are brainwashing our.children. when they become adults, they will be so dumbed down and confused, they can.be led down the path of destruction by the Looney Liberal Left — LLL. Is this what you truly want for your children parents? Do you even care about their futures? If you do, yhen tell EVERYONE to vote for Trump! BECAUSE TRUMP IS THE ONLY ONE WHO WANTS TO RESTORE SANITY, MORALS, JOBS, INTELLIGENT CHILDREN, AND MILITARY STRENGTH TO OUR NATION! If you like the fownhill destructive spiral of your life and country, then vote for killary who will destroy everything America stsnfs for by OPENING OUR BORDERS TO MILLIONS OF ILLEGALS AND MUSLIMS TO DESECRATE OUR CHRISTIAN BELIEFS , MARRY OUR CHTISTIAN DAUGHTERS AND FORCE THEIR “ANTIQUATED BARBARIC” SHARIA LAWS UPON US ALL…that’s hillary”s objective. No more Americans, just a STEW of rotten fruits to kill what’s left of this country. TRUMP WILL NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN!

    • Even if you hate how Trump responds, even if you don’t trust his motives, even if you hate his inability to debate, DAMN IT, you need a good swift kick to your butt to wake you up to the absolutely idiotic choice you must NOT MAKE! Voting for Hillary IS NOT A SMART MOVE BECAUSE YOU JUST SENTENCED AMERICA AND YOUR CHILDREN — YES YOUR CHILDREN– TO ANNIHILATION BY A WOMAN WHO CARES MORE ABOUT HERSELF AND THE $$ IN HER POCKETS THAN THE REALITY OF A NUCLEAR WAR, A BANKRUPTED.NATION BECAUSE IT IS SWARMING WITH ILLEGALS AND MUSLIMS HERE TO SUCK OUR FINANCES DRY – OR BLOW OUR CHILDREN INTO TINY LITTLE PIECES OF NOTHING. “THAT” IS THE REALITY OF A HILLARY PRESIDENCY. America will die at her hands and she
      W-I-L-L- N-O-T care!

      You fence sitters don’t understand that by 2018, America would be floundering so badly under killary’s thumb that “any” enemy country could march up your neighborhood to your door and demand your children. You will become their slaves monetarily and culturally. Your children will be gone…and killary will be whisked away to some remote area by our Secret Service, babied and cared for until she can be smuggled out of this place to her own government protection housing.

      Not only did you destroy our Nation by voting so foolishly, but you tilted the world arena to a dangerous level whereby our Earth’s economies flatline – total chaos begins – by your hand.


      The “dagger” is in hillary’s hand behind her flashy smiles and lies and it’s in her sickness she carries inside her seizure impacted brain she is desperately trying to hide…but you can’t hide disease and you can’t hide evil and she has both running through her veins…


      • I don’t want a conniving, PC liar that is good at debating. I want a common American who says it like it is and knows how to get the job done and will actually do it. That certainly is NOT the Hilrat.

        Debates prove nothing. The end of all these dog an pony shows should have been when Trump asked the cackling witch what has she done on the 30 years that she was in powered to make a difference. — That was the end for her as far as I am concerned.

        With Trump you got a chance. With Clinton you know that all you will get is the end of the American way of life.

        And BTW, If these sanctimonious assholes would get out of Starbucks and go out to a common shot and beer bar where the working men stop in after work they would hear a lot worse locker room trash talk then Trump is even capable of. Sorry if you don’t like it but it’s called REALITY!

        Trump for the White House
        Clinton for the BIG house.

      • Michael Dennewitz


    • Dear – GUARDIANFLAME, you made may day. It makes me cry, what they want to do to our children and grandchildren. Give condoms for a third grade kid? This generation of children are very smart, but to teach them well we have, few good teachers and few good parents who care about the future of their children.

      • I know exactly what you mean. Our children are the ones suffering because both parents work and when they finally are at home, they are too tired to concentrate on their own children’s issues. OR the parents just want to play their own games which aren’t for kids. It’s a rare parent that is totally involved in their kid’s lives. Most kids run their own lives and are at the mercy of our poorly run brainwashing public schools.

        Our American Society needs an overhaul to get back to the most important people for our future — our kids and grandkids. They will be running our world and without a strong moral background and essential education, America will be in shaky hands. Unless our children are raised with God as an integral part of their lives, our adults of tomorrow will be lost and confused.
        I don’t want that for my kids or grandkids. They deserve better and I will do whatever I can to make a better future for all of them!

        CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE! WHAT WE INVEST IN THEM NOW IS WHAT THEY WILL USE AS THEIR GUIDE THROUGH LIFE. Parents MUST be parents (not buddies, not occasional parents or absentee parents, but 24/7 parents) and help form their children’s lives or the futures of kids will be nothing but chaos.

        Don’t let the public school system dictate falsehoods or questionable material for your children. Fight back – PARENT POWER IN NUMBERS – and change the school system. They are producing kids that are confused and frustrated, and no longer care about learning. Fix this parents. It’s in your hands!

  10. “Obama will be canonized as one of the great American presidents by Democrats”
    Of course the ignorant will ignore, worst race relations in decades, most social unrest in decades, most terrorist acts upon our country and citizens, most LGBT capitulation (2 1/2 % dictating to the rest of us) most 1st and 2nd Amendment dismantling, most blaming previous admin………………………….

  11. This is nothing new. This is what he’s been working towards his whole presidency, this is his true legacy. And just think, there are those out there that think this sinister fraud has been good for our country and want to bring us something just as bad if not worse.

  12. Michael Dennewitz

    This tidbit is NOT the mind blower and shouldn’t surprise anyone! The biggest mind blower is “HOW THE HELL DID HE EVEN GET ELECTED THE FIRST TIME?”

  13. Obama is not a failure completely in the Muslim world.. But he is the worse President in USA history . A communist racist anti-American .He also has a real low IQ when it comes to thinking on his own.. He has a filthy mouth like Hillary and people from the inside tell that they both talk worse then drunken sailors Plus insiders like to gossip on one another and that is why there are wars and threats going on in the WH all the time.. Republicans are voting Democrats behind our backs and then claim they try to block Obama but failed to do so… Paul Ryan is a great one for this, if he gets any lower he will cleaning Obama and Hillary’s shoes with his tongue,

  14. Obama has been a complete failure as President. As a former President he will continue to fail because this man is nothing more than an empty suit pressing his failed ideology on anyone who will listen to him. STOP LISTENING TO HIM and maybe he will just go away.

  15. Obama, Lynch, Comey and the Clintons, will go down in history as being the most corrupt, devious, deceptive, cunning and self-aggrandizing enemies of the state since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The stage has been set, their followers seated waving banners shouting—“God is Dead, God is dead; 75 million babies murdered, men marrying men, woman marrying woman, men in woman’s bathrooms, and Christian/Jewish principles removed from public few. This administration has supplied billions of dollars, and the nuke to Iran, has drawn red-lines in the sand as Russia walks over the USA, while we push a debt of 20 trillion– And the priority is what Trump said 12 years past, what thousands of men say on a daily bases on construction projects, and elsewhere. This story was hyped to get rid of Trump, because both parties are controlled by a cesspool of corruption. With Comey and Lynch at the helm of justice, there will be no justice. Don’t be distracted patriots, Trump is our last chance to save America!

    • All should be hung from a tree and swing a baseball bat towards their heads

    • I wish I could agree with you but they are “scrubbing” our history to leave ONLY what they see fit. Going forward will be NO different if Shitlery gets in. She will see to it that they are canonized as the greatest leaders this world ever saw, as they send us to hell. Here’s a video that shows the beginning of the plan…


      • How true.
        That’s what the King of Prussia said, and we know how that turned out. We are dealing with a combination of hypocrisy and ignorance.

      • So true about the scrubbing. I substitute teach, and in the HS class I was in this past FR, students had information from a handout from which they were taking notes. It had the Korean and Viet Nam wars in the exact same time frame. When I corrected it so they could have accurate history, they disagreed, because “That’s what the paper said, Miss.”
        “Um, you guys know I come from a military family. My father served in Korea, and several years later, my fiancé was killed in Viet Nam. My father and boyfriend definitely were not the same ages. The Korean and Viet Nam wars did NOT take place at the same time.”
        I could not get them to make corrections. This is not the first instance. ‘Tis so frightening what we’re leaving to the future generations; all we can do is pray and correct what we can when we can. Kinda selfish, mebbe, but I’m glad I won’t be around then…

        • They are getting rid of flags which have ALWAYS been markers for who was where and when. This isn’t going to get ANY better if that POS, Shitlery, gets in.

        • Who made the handout? Was it teacher generated or from textbook/website? I would have left a note to teacher telling him/her about the mistake. I also sub and when I see a mistake I leave a note for teacher and correction in class. You could also ask a student to Google it as well. I see a lot of what is taught and I just shake my head in disgust.

  16. The AP is just another liberal rag sheet and if their editors had any amount of decency they would have published this years ago.

  17. And Hillary will make more of the Obama same political messes and probably do worse if that is possible! She has already screwed America without being President of America and she gloats about being able not to be convicted of her crimes and has the unlawful help of the Justice Department and many others! Trumps past is in the Sea Of Forgiveness after repentance service with his Church and Minister several months ago and the video jerk brioke the law by releasing this trashy video with out permission of Trump! Trump is the only Candidate that can be considered the One to Repair America and God Help Him and Us Through It all…Vote Trump!

  18. ” By their power and practice, example and smiles on evil, did more grammar and settle on the common people with hurtful ways. For who sees not but when those who sit aloft are vile and corrupt themselves, they corrupt the region and country where they are.” Quote by John Bunyan, 1645 True today as it was then.

  19. trump hasnt done anything that the holly than thou crew aint done. they all put us in the state were in repubs and dems. so lets get off our ass and take this country back. trump aint killed anyone by his actions or lied about his emails or any of the other bunch of crap she has done lets send her packin. trump 2016.

  20. What did we expect from a half breed with a communist African muslum father and a communist caucasian mother from a communist family. All of their friends were communist, as in Frank Marshal Davis. Obummer’s liberal progressive child hood was spent in the clouds smoking marijuana. All of his ‘advisors’ are either socialist or communist, those that just love Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Castro and his henchman Che and others. Obummer lived with the communist family of Bill ‘the Weather Underground’ terrorist Ayers through his High School years after his parents abandoned him.
    The Clintons rubbed elbows with the finest Commie led hippies of the late 1960s while rioting. protesting and doing LSD, marijuana and cocaine at Woodstock, all the while getting some of his ‘girl friends’, including Hillary Rodham, pregnant. However, HR got an abortion. Then she studied the hard core socialist and union thug Sal Alinsky. Their record (legacy) is corrupt at best (Hil’s rapist, Whitewater, missing, harassed, dead and incarcerated friends and lovers, miss deeds while working for the Watergate hearings, her stock portfolios massive gains, their criminal ‘foundation’ and questionable benefactors). Their association with pedophiles and criminal foreigners and selling out Americas natural resources. Corruption at its finest. Even old Al Capone and Bonnie and Clyde would be amazed.

  21. He was always in it to drag us into his NWO. He thinks he’s going to now go work for the U.N. and demand that we continue on the path he thought up decades ago, that’s the main reason it is so important that Shitlery becomes next president. He’ll be able to manage her with no problem. Here’s a video you’ll NEVER see in the lamestream media…


  22. While the country is focused on something stupid that Trump said 11 years ago they are forgetting that Shitlery has something MUCH darker to answer for…


  23. Michael Dennewitz

    There’s a radio station here in Orlando, Florida – WMMO 98.9..
    I’ve listened to it for years. soros has paid yet another jerk to voice an ad in support of the Benghazi Bitch. This dork brags about being in the military before, how he retired as an officer, how his one relative started one or two govmt agencies, and then he really gets to the meat of his ad. He dumps shit all over Mr Trump and praises the demented bitch to the max. Needless to say, WMMO lost a listener.??

  24. President duh-bya proved that the U.S. could not impose peace nor remove bad actors on its own. He failed to ask (which President Obama does ask) “What happens next and what do we do about that?” Republicans somehow want a President to use military power without starting another war. That is not to be decided by the U.S. or its President. That is decided by our opponent and by how many other countries side with us. George H.W. Bush went as far as our allies were prepared to go and avoided a major war. President Clinton did the same and so did President Obama. Republicans want to forget about the one President who left his allies behind and proved that the U.S. could not go-it-alone. Why does the tea-party wing not learn from that?

  25. While media might well have eaten the opium of Obama et al, along with significant segments of the electorate, the guy was twice elected, still not the entirety of the populace were take in, though enough of them were..

  26. This guy was either too inexperienced or did not give a damn about this country, take your pick, both are very bad.

  27. All of you sophisticated sissies and pseudo-intellectuals have gotten it all wrong! His legacy is this: this Muslim-Marxist jihadist was able to do what no standing army in the world could – destroy America and replace it with the “TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENDERED” AMERIKA, that is why this demonic psychopath was implanted by the NWO to accomplish and he did it so easily! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed!

    • David Melnick David

      Good point…it’s happened at least 3 other times when the world going through economic disaster. Romans, WW1 & WW2 for example.

  28. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    DEVASTATING FAILURES? REALLY, WHO ARE YOU KIDDING? The Arab Muslim SUCCEEDED in what he was put in that position for as a puppet of Islam! The NAZIonal Democrat party, the freeloaders of America; College women in need of free condoms, birth control devices and abortion to have free sex orgies in their dormitories, African-Americans with a need of a “black messiah”, all Americans with a “hate Bush” issue, and last but not least the Benedict Arnolds of America, the CLINTONS, all of these who offered their vote to Hussein Obama on a silver platter. Especially Hitlar(y) Clinton. Hussein Obama did not give a horse’s Ass about America. He has been in it to implement Barack Obama Sr.’s hate for the white British colonial rule over Kenya on the people of America, and has been punishing white America for her prosperity and wealth with his hate and rage “Agenda of REVENGE”. As a puppet of Islam he is using his Executive Power delivering America on a silver platter to the King of Saudi Arabia for the monetary funding he has received for his education and paying off Hitlar(y) Clinton to bow out during his first election. His greatest success is the importation of hundreds of thousands of Islamist “refugees” into the country, with hundreds of “possible terrorists” without the mandatory requirements of legal documentation and inoculation and the back check for terrorist activity. Without the necessary inoculations Hussein Obama is exposing and endangering US citizens to dangerous deceases that have existed in that part of the world for centuries. Even naturalized Muslims have been proven to be “possible terrorists” according to Hussein Obama. He is just a homegrown terrorist and a smuggler of human beings into the country, as the coyotes, except he is using his Executive Power. These can hardly be called “DEVATATING FALURES”, they are “DEVASTATING SUCCESSES”. What was the real reason for Norway to award Hussein Obama with a Nobel Prize? Because he is America’s first black president? Like Mohammed bBama is just another Muslim warlord.

  29. This POS is a scumbag! He cares more about what history has to say about him than America. He should be arrested and executed for treason! Along with clinton and most of Congress, including republicans, as well as democrats!

  30. Hands down the worst President in history!

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  32. You do mean the Republican Congress in the passed don’t you ?


    ACCUSE TRUMP SUPPORTERS POINT BLANK! WE SHOULD CALL THIS THE OPENING SHOT IN AN AMERICAN REVOLUTION!!!! http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/lepage-we-need-trump-to-show-authoritarian-power/ar-BBxifPO?li=BBnb7Kz

  34. Richard Daugherty

    Obama and his criminal administration must be put on trial. Slick willy and Hillcapone must also don orange jump suites.

  35. Obviously the press overall has totally blown the truth and in fact , it was and is an intentional sct. This article is surprising as it is actuually telling the truth of Obama’s failures. Sadly for us they were not failures but part of a very structured agenda to bring America down to the level of a third world country. From before the beginning of his presidency, Obama had a plan to destroy this great country from within. Look at what he has done to our military, our borders, racial divide, Mualum invasion, foreign relations, the economy, moral destruction and his dictatorial decisions. In reality, the most un-American president in our history. The first and only presdent to raise up the Muslim god and throw Christianty under the bus. His push for same sex marriage, homosexuality and transgender approval. All a first for any president. Yes his legacy will be something like no other before him.

  36. Wake up people, you are being fed what they want you to hear. We are so close to World War 3 and they want you to believe that if Trump wins the Presidency, it will happen. The truth is that right now we are close and we are close because of what Obama and Hillary are doing right now. Obama and Hillary have given Iran all the capabilities to destroy us and more than likely it will happen very soon. This election is very important because it is not just the Presidency, it is Congress, Senate and our Judges. If Hillary get in she will seat a Judge that will OK everything she wants and that is scary. Judges can be there a very long time and you can’t get rid of them. They could be there 40 years and if they are corrupt like Hillary, we are in big trouble. I believe that Trump will be very selective in who he seats as a Judge because he knows how important this position is. Hillary has proven herself to be very corrupt and can not be trusted. Trump has not lied to us at all and if you were smart, you would not believe all this garbage that Hillary is throwing at him. This is the only thing that will upset the people and she is paying all those ladies to come forward now, don’t fall for all this garbage. Trump is our only way to a better tomorrow. Let’s help him to make America great again, show up to vote. Donald Trump for President.

  37. Hmmm, more proof Trump going to win ?? Obama would never leave bad mess for Mud face Hillary, because they are Bro and sister

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