AOC Doesn’t Make Sense, Again

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee are demanding more answers from New York City’s district attorneys, suggesting that “excessive bail” and other factors are keeping prisoners in jail longer than necessary.

“We have grave concerns that excessive bail amounts are leading to unnecessary pretrial detention and contributing to a humanitarian crisis in New York City’s jail system, particularly on Rikers Island,” said Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Jamie Raskin, D-Md., and Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y. 

In Monday’s letter, the members requested briefings from the DA’s of the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Richmond County and Queens. They also requested “new bail hearings for, and consent to the release of, all detainees who are charged with misdemeanors or nonviolent felonies, as well as those who face significant health risks due to the coronavirus.” 

Their letter warned that “[i]f these conditions are not addressed, federal intervention may be necessary to protect detainees from additional harm.”

House Democrats pointed to New York Times reporting that more than three-quarters of the nearly 6,000 people in custody at Rikers had yet to be tried.

“High bail amounts,” the members said, “lead to a two-tiered system of justice, with those who can afford bail being able to escape the inhumane conditions at pretrial detention facilities such as Rikers Island while those who cannot afford bail are forced to remain.”

The letters come amid a broader push to reform various aspects of the criminal justice system.

The issue resurfaced again on Monday as the public learned more about Darrell Brooks, the man suspected of driving an SUV into a parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, this weekend. Brooks was reportedly released from jail earlier this month with what Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm called “inappropriately low” bail recommendation.

Brooks has multiple pending cases in Milwaukee County – including a 2020 case involving two counts of second-degree recklessly endangering and being a felon in possession of a firearm, according to a spokesperson for Chisholm.

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  1. When has AOC ever made sense? Her & her so-called SQUAD and the rest of the RADICAL PROGRESSIVE DEMONCRAPS are all out to take down this country one way or another! If that mean letting murderers, Pedophiles, sex traffickers etc. out to lay waste to the citizens ~ SO BE IT! They have been working ovr-time spreading lies to keep Terrorist like BLM & Antifa riled up & causing trouble for people who love our country !! The Radical Progressive Left are turning into Terrorists Themselves!!

  2. Joe and Alexandria both have something in common. Neither makes any sense at all to most of us. However, Joe is “old” and in a declining state, while Alexandria truly must have consumed lots of water from those unreplaced lead pipes.

  3. Absolutely love delusional ideologs and their incessant calls for ridiculous policies. Every time this idiot opens her mouth she makes the entire left look like fools. She panders to the lowest common denominator and is doing more to destroy the movement towards socialism than any conservative could hope to. Each and every policy she supports is already a proven failure and can only be expected to fail again. So rave on crazy lady because any success you have will be short lived and Americans learn another lesson about socialism and being weak on crime. Every few decades we see a resurgence of these foolish policies and as always they prove to be ineffective. This always results in America making choices most of us already knew were necessary. Defund police? Gi ahead and watch the criminals get emboldened to the point where voters won’t accept any more. Let criminals out without bail? Go ahead because inevitably they will reoffend and again the voters will respond. Many of history’s lessons get lost in the message of progressives. They scream racism they scream haters but in the end the policies that work are the policies that last. The left has shown their hand and rhe voters will reject their nonsense for the garbage it truly is.

  4. She has no allegiance to this country only Puerto Rico. Her constituency is the same. Her IQ is low and she lacks common sense. Her life experience is that of a bartender. She is not qualified for the position she holds.

  5. She is the TIN MAN in Wizzard of OZ……………………….she has NO BRAIN and that is why she is stupid and worthless and just spending our taxpayers money…………

  6. How about the January 6 dependents who still haven’t heard from the charges and who’ve been sitting in jail with no end in sight or no trial???
    AOC you’re so full of it!!!

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