AOC Accuses Kellyanne Conway of Stoking “Suspicion” About Her Faith

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is feuding with White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on social media, accusing Trump’s most loyal spokesperson of trying to “stoke suspicion” about her faith by questioning her comments (or lack thereof) regarding the Sri Lanka terrorist attacks last weekend.

After Conway suggested that Ocasio-Cortez could find an excuse to tweet about anything from the weather to the Christchurch shootings, it was odd that she’d been silent in the wake of the mass Islamic slaughter of Christians.

This inspired Ocasio-Cortez to tweet: “Are you trying to imply that I am less Christian? What was the point of you bringing this up on national TV?”

Ocasio-Cortez also used the back-and-forth as justification to turn the conversation away from terrorist attacks and onto the White House’s response to the Puerto Rico hurricane relief effort.

“On Easter I was away from tech visiting my grandmother in Puerto Rico, which continues to suffer from the White House’s incompetent disaster response,” she wrote.

In a followup, she continued on her tangent: “I chose to use the word ‘incompetent’ when it comes to Trump’s response to Hurricane María & the 3,000 Americans who died on his watch, but that’s only because I had 280 characters. There are plenty of other words too: – Negligent – Inept – Inhumane – Predatory Take your pick.”

It’s true. The officials who run Puerto Rico could be described by all of those terms. Multiple experts and studies have concluded that the problem with the relief effort lies there, not with the Trump administration. But then, you wouldn’t expect Ocasio-Cortez to be familiar with anything as inconvenient as a fact.

Finally, she got back to the point, taking up Conway’s criticism of Obama and Clinton, who both used the bizarre term “Easter worshippers” to describe those who were killed in the Sri Lanka attacks.

“The terrorist attack in Sri Lanka was horrifying,” she wrote. “Saying ‘Easter worshippers’ matters bc Easter is the holiest day of the year for Christians, & to be targeted on Easter highlights how heinous the attack was – just as saying yesterday’s #SanDiego shooting was on Passover.”

This is of course nonsense. Obama and Clinton used the term “Easter worshippers” to avoid saying the word “Christians.” That would have put a little too fine a point on what this actually was: An act of Islamic terrorism against people of another faith. Because when Muslims do bad things, Democrats suddenly have no interest in the perpetrators. Some people did something, as Ilhan Omar put it. It just sorta happened.

Hurricanes, though. Those are an Act of Trump.

Save your energy, Kellyanne. You might as well be talking to a concrete brick.

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