Antifa Rioter Receives Slap On The Wrist With Only 30 Hours Of Community Service

PORTLAND, Ore. — While the federal government is locking up Jan. 6 Capitol rioters for years and months on end, a serial rioter charged with assaulting officers in August 2020 at a Portland riot had a federal case dismissed “with prejudice” after completing merely 30 hours of community service.

The transgender male-to-female Antifa rioter known as Joshua “Eva” Martin Warner, 26, of Beaverton, Oregon, was charged in a criminal complaint last September with felony civil disorder after the individual who wishes to be identified as a female was found targeting the eyes of multiple law enforcement officers with a high-powered laser during an Aug. 8, 2020, riot in north Portland, the Post Millennial reported.

Male to female trans #Antifa rioter Joshua “Eva” Warner, who was federally charged over assaulting officers in August 2020, had her case dismissed after completing just 30 hours of community service. Warner was arrested & quickly released at multiple Portland antifa riots.

— Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 (@MrAndyNgo) December 26, 2021

The Portland Police Association office on North Lombard Street was targeted during the riot as arsonists smashed windows and set fire to the police union building. Eventually, an unlawful assembly was declared during the mayhem.

The leftwing anarchists also used a trash dumpster and automobiles to block and disrupt traffic, according to court documents.

Warner was identified by law enforcement personnel as directing a powerful green laser into the eyes of numerous officers attempting to disperse the Antifa riot, according to a Department of Justice press release.

The lasers are known to cause permanent eye damage, according to medical experts as well individuals who’ve been injured by the devices.

Warner fought with police during the arrest. Once he was taken into custody, officers found a black, pen-style laser pointer in Warner’s possession.

Warner was taken into Multnomah County custody and charged with unlawful directing of light from a laser pointer, interfering with a peace officer, and second-degree disorderly conduct.

Yet unlike the Capitol rioters, Warner was quickly released without bail. Much to the chagrin of police, the charges against Warner were not pursued at the October 2020 arraignment.

However, after the federal case was investigated by the FBI, Warner was re-arrested by the US Marshals Service in southeast Portland.

Warner faced a maximum sentence of five years in federal prison for the crimes. The transgender individual appeared in federal court where a US magistrate released the defendant pending further court proceedings.

Now the federal government is dismissing all charges “with prejudice” after Warner merely completed 30 hours of community service.

“The government moves the Court for an Order under Fed. R. Crim. P. Rule 48(a) to dismiss with prejudice the indictment against Defendant, the best interest of justice,” reads the Dec. 21 motion filed in US District Court and submitted by Acting US Attorney Scott Erik Asphaug for the District of Oregon. “Defendant has successfully complied with the terms of the Defendant Resolution Agreement, including performing at least 30 hours of community service.”

According to the Post Millennial, the dismissal follows three previous arrests compiled by Warner during Portland-area Antifa riots throughout 2020. Each time the biological male who wishes to be identified as a female was released from custody without bail, and the charges were dismissed by prosecutors.

Warner’s circumstances are quite a contrast to the manner in which the Capitol rioters are being pursued with vengeance.

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  1. It is disgusting the difference in our criminal justice system between peacefully protesting conservatives and vicious rioting leftists. I am hopeful that the police this POS injured with its laser just shoot it next time. That would serve justice better than letting it off for the crimes it committed.

  2. KATE BROWN & GEORGE SOROS are criminals in Spades !!! The antifa criminal committed arson, willful destruction of personal property, unlawful assembly and attempting harm to other people around them. The person or persons responsible for not enforcing the law is guilty of aiding and abeding and should also be charged with the same crimes then maybe that would make heads role and expose the corrupt legal system it is

  3. With any luck given this idiot can’t make decent life decisions it should come to justice as the moron will be involved in more altercations and trouble. He’ll either end up getting run over, stabbed, shot, or dismembered. Any of the which will be justice for the stupid ANTIFA millenial. No love loss I am sure by most wirh any intellect and morals and any cop.

  4. Regardless of how the injustice department chooses to disregard real crimes and criminals the fact will always remain that this very confused and unhappy individual will have to live his entire existence with self loathing and blaming the world for his problems. We who know better understand the likes of this male requires psychological care and treatment and not pandering from the government media and leftist ideologs. His suffering will be a life long struggle that unfortunately will never be addressed in a healing manner. Instead the fools that believe men can give birth and that acute body dismorphia is normal behavior and insist that those who know better must play along with their delusional lifestyles. If this man ever grows up and faces reality and grows to regret his mistakes like the rest of will he will endure enormous regret and likely more self loathing. Leave the madness to the mad and never ignore what you see and know to be true. We can accept delusional behavior but I will never support coddling delusional behavior. It does nothing for the individual who is suffering this psychological illness and therefore this individual has zero chance of ever finding lasting peace of mind and will likely live out his existence playing victim blaming others for his problems and his actions.
    God Bless America

  5. So if you’re a fagot your noon guilty of anything you do wow judge you suck

  6. So the He-She RIOTER gets a VERY MINOR 30 Hours of Community Service sentence, while the Jan. 6th protesters get to face life in prison !!!!!!!!! This is all that you can EVER expect from this TOTALY CORRUPT, DUMBACRAP OWNED, PRETEND JUSTICE DEPARTMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!

    “LET’S GO BRANDON” and his corrupt DOJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Don’t you love the quote from Acting US Attorney Scott Erik Asphaug for the District of Oregon. (emphasis on the AS(S) in Asphaug, where he states the release of the perp as done was “”…(in) the best interest of justice.” Wrong. Memo to ASphaug: your decision or who ever made it, was not in the interest of justice, but solely in the interest of political correctness. You’re only fooling other liberal lunatics.

    There is only ONE WAY OUT of the insanity roaming the streets and stalking good citizens in this country, where criminals have more rights than good people. VOTE OUT OF POWER ALL DEMOCRATS aka Liberals, at every federal, state and local office. We the People must get rid of all those “DEPLORABLES”). They are nothing more than cockroach poop. They are selfish, useless, thieving, lying, disgusting liberals seeking total control of this country at all costs. They are resident evil and demonic. We have to take back control of the country and reinstate LAW AND ORDER–at all costs.

  8. Why do you consistently fail to publish my comments? I NEVER use profanity, make threats, etc.

  9. If I close my eyes and just listen to these comments I would swear they were all written by Trump. Imagine comparing a group whose main crime is standing up for persecution of its brothers to rioters trying to keep their choice of president in office.. One is defending one’s right to be treated equally as an American the other is going against what we stand for as a nation, peaceful transfer of power and preservation of our democracy. Any literate American can understand the difference but I guess these posts are not for the literate. You guys may feel the power now as its the Trump era, but many like you were feeling it before and went down like the bigoted racist arrogant fools they were. History was not kind to them as they were considered flaws of nature. Want examples? Would you like to be associated with those who stoned water hosed Martin Luther KIng aka Coon? Or the police officer who put the cuffs on Rosa Parks? Or the traitors who killed JFK and Lincoln? Or how about the Klansmen who killed and dragged a naked Emit Till through the streets because he was falsely accused of raping a white woman? There’s more but you get the picture. Your time is coming and all this hate and anti immigrant agenda that Trump built will come to pass and America will again become the land of liberty and justice for all. And nothing this column and its authors could do about it. Church on Sunday anyone?

  10. There’s a very good way to end this Shims deviant behavior….it’s really very easy….
    He just needs his picture on a milk carton “Have you seen shim”……
    Shim just comes up……missing 🙈🙉🙊

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