Antifa Leaders Urging Followers to Break Into Houses During Crisis

You can’t turn around these days without seeing some fake news story from the mainstream media blaming the coronavirus pandemic on President Donald Trump and his supporters. According to these stories, not only is the president ineffective and incompetent when it comes to responding to this crisis, his followers are a collection of bozos who don’t believe in science, aren’t social distancing, and are basically causing the virus to spread far and wide across the fruited plains.

It’s certainly an interesting narrative at a time when Democrat-controlled New York City is responsible for more than half the coronavirus cases in the entire country, but hey, there you go.

Maybe instead of bringing down the hammer on one megachurch pastor or another, the left-wing media should take a close look at what’s going on among leftist radicals right now. They might find something interesting. And until they do turn their attention that way (don’t hold your breath), we can rely on independent journalist Andy Ngo, who has been keeping an eye on Antifa’s actions during the pandemic.

On Wednesday, Ngo retweeted advice from one prominent Antifa Twitter account that you have to see to believe.

“Antifa accounts promoting criminal activities & providing instructions on how to break into homes proliferate on @Twitter during the virus pandemic,” reported Ngo. “This antifa account that says it is based in the Pacific NW has thousands of followers.”

Here are screenshots of what Ngo discovered:

Well, that’s certainly thoughtful.

Just imagine at this time that there are Democrats calling for gun stores to be closed in the wake of the coronavirus shutdown. They don’t think that personal/home protection should be an “essential” category right now. No, you should rely on the police and emergency services, which are overwhelmed in major cities as crime skyrockets and, of course, people call 911 for their COVID-19 symptoms. And as unemployment rises and police forces suffer further losses, the situation is only going to get worse.

And then, in the middle of all of it, you have dedicated communist groups trying to push their “abolish private property” ideology by breaking into homes.

Glad to see that, even in a national crisis, we can count on leftists to do what they do best.

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