Antifa Candidate Loses Mayoral Race in Portland Election

Though Democrats may wind up getting the best of the presidential race, Tuesday was not a great day to be a far-left progressive. Any reasonable read of this year’s election results would conclude that the Democratic Party won this election despite the far-left element…not because of it.

Putting a fine point on that notion was Sarah Iannarone in Portland, who ultimately lost her bid to unseat Mayor Ted Wheeler. Iannarone spent her campaign pandering to the Portland protesters, wearing skirts featuring Communist figures, praising their violent efforts, and even declaring at one point: “I am Antifa.”

“Sarah Iannarone officially conceded the race to Wheeler on Wednesday evening, after the Oregonian reported that Wheeler was leading Iannarone by about 5% of the vote, with more than 90% of the expected votes for the race already tallied,” reports The Daily Wire.

In conceding the race, Iannarone praised her campaign manager, Greg McKelvey, who is himself an admitted communist. She also thanks her supporters, telling them that they had chosen “progress over decline.”

“You have been a leading light in America’s fight against fascism, and I am proud that my campaign showed America that everyday anti-fascism is not scary, and here in Portland, we are the frontline of solidarity protecting our most vulnerable communities,” said Iannarone. “We must unify this city and move Portland forward with the leadership that we have. Together we must push to become the city we all truly know it can be.”

Yes, nothing says “great city” like protesters out in the streets every night fighting the “fascism” of a Republican president, a Democrat mayor, and nonpartisan police officers. To these kooks, “fascism” is every form of politics to the right of Castro, and that’s why a historically-incompetent mayor like Wheeler can get reelected.

Oddly enough, people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her cohort are arguing that Democrats would have had a much better night if they’d promoted far-left candidates instead of milquetoast moderates. In other words, if y’all had only chosen Dear Bernie, it would have been a landslide.

We’re never quite sure how people who couldn’t win a primary are supposed to be the people that could win the general, but we’ve given up trying to sort out the logic of progressives like AOC. If the Democratic Party wants to go full-radical in the run-up for 2018, we wholeheartedly encourage it. With Republicans in control of the House and the Senate, the damage Biden can do in his final two years will be severely limited.

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