Anti-Gun Liberals Caught Lying Once Again

The ink isn’t even wet on the stories exposing Katie Couric’s Under the Gun documentary for its deceptive practices and we already have another fresh example of the lying, anti-gun left. In a May 24 episode of HBO’s Real Sports, reporter David Scott spoke with AR-15 designer Jim Sullivan.

“The lethality of the AR-15. Is that reduced in the civilian semi-automatic mode?” asked Scott in the episode.

“No,” said Sullivan.

“It’s not?”

“It’s the same,” he said.

“The same?” asked Scott.

“In fact,” said Sullivan, “the gun is functioning exactly the way the military model is in semi-automatic.”

That’s the way the interview played out on HBO, but Sullivan says the show’s producers chopped away some important caveats. In an interview with The Federalist, Sullivan said these omissions changed the meaning of what he was saying.

“When I appear to say that the civilian-model AR-15 is just as effective or deadly as the military M16, they omitted that I had said ‘When firing semi-auto only’ and that ‘the select fire M16 on full auto is of course more effective,” Sullivan said.

Remarkably, this is much worse than the Couric controversy. While editing made it look as though gun-rights activists were stumped by one of Couric’s questions, the documentary didn’t try to invert the actual arguments shown on camera to make them say the opposite. This is exactly what happened in this case. The entire point of the question is to get an answer: Is the Ar-15 as effective as the M16? The answer, taken in total, is no. The answer, taken as edited, is yes.

But, as with the Under the Gun documentary, the real problem isn’t with HBO or their Real Sports show. This is a systemic problem in all forms of the liberal media, and only now – with a legion of online watchdogs scrutinizing them with a magnifying glass – are we finally starting to realize how much of their content is deceptive. Not “colored with bias” or “subjective” or even “misleading” – no, just blatant, outright deception.

The media is losing influence, and this is one of the biggest reasons why. Again and again, our supposed guardians of truth are being exposed as liars and propagandists. We can hope that eventually, they will see the error of their ways. But in the meantime, just keeping them under close watch will have to be enough.

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    • comparing an M-16 bigger caliber ) to an AR-15-.22 Caliber is like comparing a BB gun to a shotgun. Insane. And Automatic weapons are outlawed in America w/o a special permit. Sounds like you know nothing about guns.

      • Wrong, the M-16 & the AR-15 both fire a .22 caliber bullet in the form of a .223/5.56.
        I have a conversion kit in one of my AR-15s which allows me to shoot .22 Long Rifle bullets, I can replace the .22 bolt carrier with the .223 bolt carrier assembly in about 6 seconds.

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  7. Fight the LIBERAL MEDIA (aka, the Goebbels)

  8. The MEDIA has abandoned the truth to spread liberal progressive propaganda…

    This is what they plan on doing.

    Create a new classification of guns “Assault Weapons.”
    Vilify “Assault Weapons”
    Ban “Assault Weapons”
    State that Assault Weapons are no different than semi automatic rifles and ban semi automatic rifles.
    Ban semi automatic guns (pistols)

    We must resist every step of this plan…. Do not fall for their lies.

    • Right, and before the term “assault rifle” there was the boogey-man phrase “Saturday Night Special” (which of course referred to any “cheap” handgun the Left didn’t like). They failed to gain traction with their obsession with Saturday Night Specials, so they “moved on.” The leftist media has been at this for a long time now. I’m 57, but I remember when CBS News did their “documentary” on hunting in America, called “The Guns of Autumn” (by Dan Rather), aired in 1975. I had just taken my first deer (a Columbia Blacktail buck), so I was really excited to see the documentary. Within ten minutes, I realized it was going to be a ridiculous hatchet job, and I was furiously taking notes of all the lies, innuendo, etc., and it was hard to keep up. I’ve never trusted the “lying mainstream media” since.

      • To you and all those that recognize the corruption in the Left lying stream MEDIA…

        I invite you to join the cause at Mad As Hell Boycott…com.

        You are correct, liberals have been at this a long time, with a slow almost imperceptible drip of liberal progressive-ism….

        We must resist every step from this point forward, including their strongest and most deceptive tool, the Liberal Lying Mainstream MEDIA….

        • Why can’t Conservatives develop and implement a plan with long term goals to steadily chip away at the Liberal Left? Where are our leaders? Where is our organization? With whom do we stand at all costs? Can we not play the same game as the Left? Are we to admit that they are more intelligent than we are? Are they more patient than we are? Are our arguments not more valid than theirs? Or is our country just hell bent on self destruction?

          • It seems our goals are to keep what we got, their goals is to take it away…

            Liberal progressives are communists, yet when I say that, the left simply dismisses it. They are determined, and evil… They have no problem lying to your face and they live by the ends justifies the means…

            We are saddled with morals and doing what is right… They are not.

            But, right, and truth always wins in the movies…

          • It is apparent that the liberal left is indeed hell bent on self destruction. The use of a weapon in home defense is a proven necessity and it is very effective. These morons want us all to be disarmed, therefore we will not be able to resist the enforcement of lawless leaders who will take everything from us, we, the people. We will become “controlled” and that is exactly why these educated idiots want “gun control”. They will not stop at removing semi-automatic weapons fro our defense arsenal. Then they will take your shot guns, rifles, pistols and handguns. Wake up. These blind dogs want us to be controlled by their lawless rulers.

          • Good questions! If we think everyone else is wrong, then perhaps the problem is in us.

          • No, we are not wrong because our drive comes from the very fabric our country was established on. The left is based on the destruction of those rights.

          • Well Dylan, There are other rights at stake here too. The right to live in a safe country where it is not necessary to carry a gun to protect your family from frightened fools would be paramount among them.

          • When seconds count the police are hours away, good luck finding your dream country, maybe you can get a lift from a unicorn that poops out skittles on your way. And someone that is “frightened” don’t break into houses.

          • Paranoia and hero fantasy again. That is what the NRA want you to believe. In reality, it would most probably end worse for you if you had a gun in that situation. It is you that is frightened, not him.

          • Well I hope you never get put in a situation where you need to defend yourself cause the situation may end worse for you. Good luck there guy.

          • Yes, so do I. It takes more courage not to carry a gun. I think we should all try to be brave and take that risk for the good of the country.

          • Jeffrey Feicht

            Obviously, you are willing to give up essential liberty in order to feel safer, probably in the belief that the government will protect you. You are wrong! There will NEVER be enough police around to prevent crime, and I wouldn’t want to live in a country where there were that many. The Government is NOT responsible for our safety. We, the people, are responsible for it. And without liberty, we are just slaves to the Government.

          • I want to live wherer carrying a gun is not an essential liberty. If I need one to protect my family from criminals and trigger-happy gun nuts, then I want the right to have one, but I would much prefer to feel no need.

            Your kind has not yet succeeded in making me feel afraid. We live in a great country that is safe enough unless you are engaged in crime.

          • All decent humans want to live in a society that carrying a gun is not ESSENTIAL, or needed…..

            But what you are saying is that you want to live in a society that does not have the liberty to carry a gun…. Just like China, Korea, Russia and Hitlers Germany…

            Do you understand the difference between my first sentence and yours?

            Are you saying that those that attended the Pulse night club last night were engaged in crime? Because, they were definitely NOT SAFE ENOUGH.

            You have nothing to fear from MY Kind…. You have plenty to fear from those that would take guns away from MY KIND……

          • No, the left thinks those rights are not as important as their rights to live without gun massacres. Your rights to fun playing with guns really is not very important at all.

          • because they are all the same they are ALL liars that only care about one thing keeping their jobs.

          • That is rather bigoted and closed minded from someone like yourself whom I suspect would tell conservatives they need to be more open-minded and tolerant. I find it is usually a one-way street with liberal-progressives. There are many Democrats who have been in office for decades and amassed millions of dollars at the taxpayers expense. I believe we need term limits to get rid of them and their Republican counterparts. We need to end career politicians.

        • What you call liberal progressive most other people think of as centrist optimistic good polcy for a prosperous country like ours.
          If you see this as a consiracy it means that you have a warped world view.

          • I would say you use the word MOST in the most deceptively way possible. I have noticed that those that feel the need to stand in a heard often use that term…

            Liberal Progressives have turned socialists, and seeing how a socialists government is NOT possible, you might as well call them Communists. Indeed those in control of the liberals have communism in mind, as before they use liberals and socialists as an stepping stone to get to communism….

            There are the corrupt and evil Communists that pretend to be Socialists, that simply use good people like yourself as useful idiots to promote a Communist agenda, but in the long run, they know that socialism will not work and that it will fall to Communism…. That is why they are evil.. The ends justify the means…

            MOST people want to live in a free state with liberty and justice for all…. Socialism can not provide that on earth without removing evil from the face of the earth..

            That is why all socialists states fall to Communism…. And Communism is just the OPPOSITE of what we have here in the United States while being ruled by the Constitution….

          • Look man. Your mind is trapped in the middle of the last century when communism was a real threat. It never worked then, and now it is well and truly finished. There are a few old stalinist dictators still lingering on from that era, but the ideology of communism failed comprehensively and no one holds to it any more. There are still a few vestigial communist parties, such as the American one, still operating, but now they only promote socialism as a trend in public policy. They are no threat to anyone.

            You need an entity to rail against and to personify the evil of every political thing you oppose. So you choose communism because at one point in your life you really were afraid of it. You are not afraid of it now, and neither is anyone else.

            Socialism is something very different. It is the anthesis of free enterprise. There is a very American idea that pivate and listed companies are always better at providing essential goods or services than publicly owned ones would be. With an economy the size of that of the USA that is usually true, because there are enough affluent consumers around to make most such enterprises profitable. It is not like that everywhere else in the world. In many places things like power utilities, telecommunications, broadcasting , hospitals and educational facilities will only work if the government provides them. This idea shocks Americans, partly because they are so used to their own public servants being too incompetent or corrupt to run any enterprise efficiently. And, it is partly because American entrepreneurs will always want to divert any public profits into their own bank accounts.

            Some other countries have realized that they can integrate some “socialist” policies into their capitalist economy and enjoy the best of both worlds. When you see this you scream “Communism”, but you really don’t know what you are talking about.

            Sadly, the way Americans are controlled now is through fear. Our support is gained by making us feel afraid. Religion has been ointo this tactic for milennia, and most Christians are shit scared of what they are told will happen to them in the End Days and the after-life. Left wingers want us to fear guns, and right wingers want us to fear communists. What a load of crap. Today’s communists are pathetic, sad little old men who can’t hurt anyone.

          • Ask the people that died Crimea if they agree with you that Communism is not a threat…

            Communism is not dead, just ask the Communist party of the United States,,, The Democrats.

          • News Flash!

            Just in, the Russian Federation is not a Communist Country. It can still be aggressive and imperialist while having a capitalist economy and (nominally) democratic elections.

            Historical Flash Massive Hypocrisy Alert!

            The USA did much the same as the Russians are doing now in the Ukraine when it took California from the Spanish and Texas from the Mexicans. The US Government put American settlers into those foreign territories with the aim of taking them over when we became strong enough there. The Russian ethnics in the Ukraine did not go there recently to take the country for Russia. They went there in the 18th century to protect it from the Turks. They have lived there now for many generations. For most of the time since WW I the Ukraine was Russian territory. They have an excellent historical claim on the territory of the Ukraine and that includes the Crimea.

          • NEWS FLASH….

            Communists countries often hide behind the words Democratic, and Republic….

            The US paid for those lands…. I think there is even a receipt…. NOBODY is stupid enough to compare the US expansion 200 years ago with the current events in Crimea…

            Well perhaps not nobody…. Are you trying to justify Crimea with a 200 year old act done in America?

            The United States is the FIRST Country that is not imperialistic in nature. We have used our power for good. To help others, not control them…. That is up until the communist elites took control of both political parties.

          • No we didn’t pay for California or Texas: We took them by war. We purchased Louisiana. This is a direct parallel. We are incorrectly accusing the Russians of infiltrating the Ukraine with settlers who they are arming to take the place. That is exactly what we did. But those Russians actually went there 200 years ago to fight the Ottomans, and they have lived there ever since. It is highly appropriate to remind us of this when we are actually accusing the Russians of copying us, when they are not even doing it as wrongly as we did.

            The USA was very imperialistic in the 19 Century. Read about the Spanish American War, the taking of the Philippines, Panama, Samoa, Canton, and the Boxer Rebellion. These places were not taken for the good of the locals they were for Navy Bases, resources, to match European colonialism, and to enhance trade.

            There are no Communist elites in the USA, and never have been.
            If you really believe that Communists control the Republican and Democratic Parties, then you are barking mad.

          • Mexico started the war, America won the WAR…

            What did Countries do in those times when the conquered other nations? The occupied the lands…
            Did we occupy Mexico? No

            We also absolved them of their US debt, in PAYMENT for their national debts to America.. It was a win/win for both Countries…

            Where we like RUSSIA and occupied Mexico? NO, but that was our right as a conquering nation.

            America is NOT Imperialistic.

            There are Communists elites in America, they control both political parties, the MEDIA, Schools, Unions, Big Businesses, Google, Churches, Court system and more.

            Have you read the book, “The Naked Communist?”

            It has a list of 45 agenda items that the Communists have been following since the end of WW1, designed to WEAKEN Americas institutions… The Democrat Party has adopted the entire list.

            “15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.”

          • Congratulations on your historical research, but you should check the dates more carefully. What were the causes of the Mexican/Amreican War. Were American settlers creating problems in Mexican territory before the war mstarted. Was the US government helping them to do that? We settlers demanding support from theUS Army? Were valuable mineral resources involved?

            So Google is Communist now in your world? Why not? How about the Vatican? Big business is the opposite of Communism and our Courts cannot be controlled by any interest group, other than the legal profession and academia which give court decisions very close scrutiny.
            You see Communist bogeymen everywhere. That is a classic sigh of a clinical paranoia psychosis. Perhaps you sghould see a shrink. You may be going bi-polar.

          • Really? You think the American Government wanted to start the war in Mexico?? Sometimes I wonder if you folks can reason…

            Lets say the American Government wanted to start the war, to what end???? Why????
            And then they won the war, why not TAKE IT ALL??? Why give ANY OF it back???

            I get the feeling you guys come up with these theories just to support what you want to believe.

            Every time one of you guys attempts to insult your way out of an argument I know I am on to something…. If you can prove my suppositions wrong with facts or even well thought out logic, be my guest… Otherwise, your insults only prove I am right.

          • You have given many more insults to me than I have to you. They don’t bother me because I do not respect your opinion. I was serious about you possibly having a paranoid psychosis because you see Commie conspiracies everywhere. That was not an insult, it was a symptom.

            If you agreed with me I would be concerned. The standard of debate here is like the 5th grade at recess time.

            Yes, Congress wanted the whole West. They provoked that war so they could take Texas. So they did take part of Mexico. They did not take the rest of it because it was poor, had no resources, and would have been a liability.

          • As I see it there are two different types of liberals that are on these posts.
            The first type is trolls, alinsly radical types that are not here to learn or discuss, they are here to disrupt and harm. And there are those that are here to learn and discuss.

            It is hard for me to tell the difference… I have zero respect for those here to disrupt with closed minds, and it seems that I am loosing my patience as well.

            In general, I try not to push back any harder than being pushed, if I have misread or crossed a line with you, please accept my apologies.

            Having said that, to dismiss my theories as paranoid is foolish.. It is EXACTLY what the German people did with Hitler, and the same in Russia.. If you have examples or thoughts that could prove me wrong about the Communists, lay them out, and we can discuss them, but just calling me paranoid doesn’t prove me wrong… I have seen overwhelming evidence that proves me right. I will remind you that being paranoid does not mean someone is wrong….Fear is natural and a form of self preservation.

            So lets say you are correct about our imperialistic past, what does that have to do with anything? That would not justify the destruction of our freedoms or the second amendment…. It does just the opposite.

          • ” I will remind you that being paranoid does not mean someone is wrong.”

            Actually it does, precisely by definiton. Paranoia is an irrational fear, meaning that it is a fear that a normal healthy person would not have in the same circumstances. If your fear is rational and justified then it is not paranoia.

            “what does that have to do with anything?” Not much. I think it came in because you were trying to make the point that Russians were murdering Ukrainians, and we Americans would never do anything like that beacuse we are not under a dictator. In fact, the Ukranians were heavily armed and controlled the Police and Army. Arguably, It was the availability of private gun ownership to the Russians that allowed them to rebel against the Ukrainians. So this example rather defeats your case.

          • Then simply you are wrong, I am not paranoid.

            The fear is NOT irrational, as there is plenty of evidence to justify my fears.. You have not proven any of my fears as irrational, nor proven that they are not happening right now.

            So the Russians are still imperialistic, and you have to go all the way back to our war with Mexico to show American imperialism and that imperialism anything America got from its “imperialism” was paid for, with money…. You need to look at this a little closer, the Ukrainian PEOPLE were not armed… Only the Government had guns. this example more closely fits the Warsaw example.

            These are deflections that the left uses to JUSTIFY their current poor behavior. I say that pointing at someone elses bad behavior does not justify your own bad behavior.

          • You live in a safe country in the safest time in its history. To understand this you need to think about how this contry actually was during the last two centuries, and you need to understand unnatural death statistics. It has never been an absolutely safe place. There has always been risks but those risks are lower now than they have ever been before. The big difference between now and earlier times is instant reporting in the electronic media. Cameras are everywhere now and sensation sells. It is not in the interest of any group for you to feel happy and safe. They cannot make a person who is confifent and unafraid buy anything; vote for anyone; or, obey his religious leaders. You have been made to feel afraid, so in that sense you mayu not technically have a paranoia. If you could just step backl, relax, and assess your real situation critically and objectively you may come to the wonderful realization that you do not nned to feel so afraid.

            Beware, this feeling may turn you into a Liberal. You cannot really be a proper conservative, or a Christian, unless you are decently afraid of the proper things.

          • I would say that you explained your paranoia of guns perfectly.

            What I am saying about the voting process is, elites are not counting the peoples votes..
            They let us have our votes…
            BUT, the elites control who counts the votes… Because they count the votes, they don’t really care how you vote…

            You have shown just how bigoted and closed minded a person you are with that post.

            If that is what it means to be a liberal, you can have it.

          • How is it bigoted and closed minded to claim that you live in a wonderful safe country and don’t need to be so afraid?

            It is a hell of a leap into fantasy to claim that some selfish interest group is allowed to count the votes and rig the results. How do you think that could be allowed to happen in this country where there is so much self interest of other powerful interests in winning elections? Do they all go to sleep during elections? This is the most exciting time of their lives for the politicians, and they will not sit still for someone rigging it against them.
            As I said before the belief that elections are rigged comes from conservatives who cannot understand how so many other Americans can think so differently from them. “Why don’t they believe all our conspiracy stories?” We keep telling them”. Someone must be rigging the count. No buddy! It is all true. Strong right wing views have very little currency with intelligent Americans.

            My common sense says that this could not possibly happen. Do you really believe that there is no checking on the honesty of election counts? Of course there is. You keep saying you have it but you have provided no evidence to show that our elections are rigged. I don’t mean just allegations, but something real. There is plenty of evidence that our election counting systems are hopelessly antiquated and that much better could be done with just a pencil mark on paper, as is done in many other countries.
            I believe we could do it all on line using our social security number to ensure one vote per person and allow us to check on how our vote was counted later. We have the IT smarts to do that and we should. I might believe that the reason we don’t have that foolproof IT counting system is because some groups like the slowness and uncertainty that comes from our obsolete mechanical counting system, and because some states are too conservative to allow it to change.

          • I would say your last comment is the most offending. “You cannot really be a conservative, or a Christian, unless you are decently afraid of the proper things.”

            Is that what you think of Conservatives and Christians? Insults do not prove your points. Frankly, everybody on the left dismisses these theories as paranoid, while never proving anything wrong with them…

            Do you KNOW who counts the votes? I do not. I’ll bet each individual precinct doesn’t either. The guys down the block can be doing exactly what they have been doing for 100 years, tallying the votes, sending their totals up the line……. Who is up the line?

            Ever been to a Bernie Sanders rally? Thousands of raucous fans. I have not been to a Hillary Clinton rally, but the big one she had here in San Diego had 300 hand picked people… Bill Clintons rally in San Diego brought in about 300 people as well, and it was open to the public… How did Hillary win CA, when Bernie draws crowds 10 times as large as either Bill or Hillary?

            What I am saying is that the Democrat elites are the same as the Republican elites, and that the Republican elites are liberal progressives in conservative clothing. As proof I offer this.

            1. The Liberal Progressives that control the Democrat party have adopted the entire list of agenda items disclosed in the book, “The Naked Communist.” (read the list, see if you agree.)

            2. Number 15 on the list is to take over one or both political parties.

            3. Crony Capitalism = Crony Socialism = Communism

            4. The gun laws being pushed do nothing to improve things but they do disarm the public.

            5. Liberal Progressives now control, Schools, MEDIA, Unions, Courts, and Big Businesses, and both political parties. (all items on the Naked Communist Agenda)

            With that safety you talk about, we have also become a complacent and trusting society, Sure common sense says that the elites can not fix the elections. BUT…

            We also believe that the Republicans are keeping the Democrats honest, and the Democrats are keeping the Republicans honest, and the MEDIA is keeping the politicians honest…

            What happens when the Republicans = Democrats = MEDIA? Who is keeping them honest? The sleeping public???

            Electric voting machines have been known to “Fail.” Every account that has been recorded has shown that they failed in favor of democrats.


            I like the idea of one vote for one person with some type of ID required. But given my trust level with the Government, I think the blue ink method might just be the only way the corruption can be weeded out.

          • “You cannot really be a conservative, or a Christian, unless you are decently afraid of the proper things.”
            I chose those words very carefully because they are at the heart of the gun phobia that is gripping America.
            Religion has always used fear to control its flock. Have you not heard of their proud God-fearing Christian. It is a very effective and cheap control mechanism, because it promises terrible punishment for an erernal after-life which can never be disproved.
            Conservative politics is all about fear campaigns. Both sides do it bur simple conservatives are much more vulnerable to the tactic bacause they tend not to know how to think critically.
            Can you be a true conservative and support strong new gun control laws? That is one of the “proper” beliefs. This is called the “no true Scotsman” logical fallacy. I don’t expect you to unserstand that but others reading this might.

          • Actually, there are PLENTY of Liberals that want to keep their gun rights.

            You are the GUN PHOBIA, not those that want to keep their rights to protect themselves. And you think religion uses fear to control its flocks… Look in the mirror dude…

            You have NO evidence that Christians or law abiding gun owners are causing your FEARED gun violence, yet you are paralized and ready to drop the most precious right we have because of that fear.

            You make me laugh. Hate, Fear, is what you react to, yet I don’t expect you to understand that….

          • Here is another one.. Done by the Democrats.


            Note, I believe the two ruling parties are akin to siblings, both with their own interests, but loyal to a common cause. That cause is Control of the American People, and them staying in POWER.

            This guy is an obvious Bernie supporter, and is very biased about Republicans. But, I still say at the top, the elites are the same.

          • Of course political parties want to win power and keep it. Duh! That is what they are for.
            Voter rigging is a serious crime. Prove it, or stop grizzling avout it.

          • That second video had more than enough evidence in it that showed how the elites are doing it… As the guys says, it is impossible to prove, once it is digitized…

            Bury your head in the sand demoralized one.

          • Why do you think that the Ukranian people were not armed? Guns are so prolific in that par of the world that if you don’t take your AK to a wedding party and shoot it in the air, you are being disrespectful. There were tons of WWII surplus weapons left there. That was the infamous Eastern Front where the German army was defeated in the snow. The largest armored battle in history was fought near Kiev. Be more careful about believing NRA spin. The Russian ethnics could not rebel adequately without the support of Russia for armour, artillery and aircraft. Small arms are largely irrelevant when everyone has them.

            The Russian ethnics living in the Ukraine had no more legal access to firearms than did the Ukrainian citizens. Gun laws were irrelevant.
            No I don’t think that the USA is imperialist any longer. We have learned that new colonies tend to soon become hugely expensive drains on our economy. Our businesses still act that way through take-overs and expansion in lands that have valuable resources, such as they did in Iraq. Then they demand protection from our military.


            I don’t know much about the Ukraine… This is one of the clips I watched.

          • Thanks,

            I am inclined to believe what the BBC says there. No doubt right wing extremists neo Nazis are pushing their own interests in that fight, and they are probably provoking both sides. I think Putin does not want the Ukraine in the EU because that will also put them in NATO.
            Our government understands that, and so must try to deal with both sides, however awful they may be. I hope the Ukrainians can find their way through this without becoming dominated by the Russians. However, I can understand the Russians too. Although it had always been part of the Russian Empire, and later the Soviet Union, the Russians gave the Ukraine independence after the USSR fell apart, and in so doing they lost a lot of vital oil and mineral resources that are in that country, as well as abandoned many ethnic Russians who were living there (had been for centuries). The rich resources are why the Germans went there so strongly in WWII.
            All this shows that the situation there is too complicated for the USA to manipulate. We are really bad at that, and we must not let our traditional hatred for the Russians push us to support one side.

            The Ukrainian Air Force was flying high in the civil airliner safe air space above 30,000 ft in order to be protected from Russian SAMs, while still attacking the rebels from up there. It was therefore inevitable therefore that the Malaysian airliner was sot down. Shit like that happens in war. The airline should have avoided the area, as others did.

          • Why the labels? Right wing neo nazis at fault???

            What I saw was unarmed people being slaughtered by the Government… I was told the only people that have guns is the Government…

            So, you don’t think that can happen here???? The Germans turned a blind eye to Hitler as well.

          • Those labels are accurate, and are proudly embraced by those who are so described. Neo Nazis are a prominent feature of the European pllitical scene. They admire the racism and violence of the German, Italian and Spanish Facists and want to restore their methods to street politics.
            It is sad that these violent idiots are from the right wing of the political spectrum because there are also plenty of decent, patriotic, and brave people in that part of the spectrum who are tainted by association.

            The Germans elected the Nazi Party in 1933, knowing that they were absolute bastards who would never give the power back. Many ordinary Germans were swept up in the Nationalist propaganda, hatred and racist violence. Gun ownership was permitted there at that time. We need to guard against that happening today in America. Our far right wing conservatives are really not so different from the ordinary Germans of the 1930s. There are already signs that they are turning that way. This is the best reason for disarming them immediately.

            Look MAH, Face up to the fact that your AR7 will only get you shot if you ever point it at proper US soldiers. You will richly deserve what happens to you next, because shooting at US troops is the most disloyal, traitorous thing that an American citizen could possibly ever do.

          • You are not going to like this, but it seems your posts have degraded to ideological nonsense. In fact, I do not think you will even be able to understand this post.

            I see striking similarities between the German people of 1933 and the liberals today in the United States…

            The ONLY reason Hitler and the Nazis were considered right wing conservatives was because they desired to return Germany’s glory from the olden days… Other than that, the Nazi’s were Communists….. Just like the Russians…

            Hitler had to demonize the Jews before the people would allow him to exterminate them. Hitler reduced the perception of the Jews to something less than a cockroach, with a ton of unsubstantiated lies…

            Liberal progressives are doing exactly the same thing to Christian Conservatives right here right now… Just look at your post…. Total unsubstantiated bigotry, bias, and hatred. Against conservatives.

            What do you think is happening today in America that we should take action over? And what signs are Conservatives guilty of turning that way??

            You know what the German people were guilty of? Exactly what the liberals are guilty of today.. Complacency, Bigotry, ignorance, simply closing their eyes and agreeing with the unsubstantiated bigotry coming out of Hitler…

            You do exactly the same thing, you believe the unsubstantiated lies coming out of your liberal progressive leaders without question… Conservatives are stupid, morons, bigoted, liars, etc… You gobble it up without question…

            Our society used to have moral standards, It seems you have none.

            You don’t know what you are talking about when you talk about AR7’s and your comments are born out of complete ignorance… Suggest you bone up on guns before you make yourself look completely ignorant.

            You don’t know me, I pray those guns are never pointed at you… Because, when the Communists are done with you, they will squash you like a cockroach…

            You ARE the quintessential example of someone whom has been ideologically brainwashed. Watch and study this video, defector dude is talking about you… Try to figure out a way to break free from your chains and stupidity. Or if and when you are successful at disarming me, they will squash you like a cockroach… watch the video…


          • No. As much as Americans hate to hear it, the Nazis were far right wing fanatics: Nationalists. That meas preying on patriotism, religion, racism, loyalty, ethnic purity, and how great we were in the past. I

          • And what do you mean by far right wing fanatics?

            What propaganda videos? who told you that they were propaganda videos… Perhaps someone that did not want you to watch them???

            You are not American are you?

          • A1. Nazis
            A2. I don’t need to be told because i have critical judgement.
            A3. As apple pie

          • A1: Nazis -a member of the fascist German National Socialist Party that came to power under the leadership of Adolf Hitler in 1933

            Republicans are NOT Nazis

            A2: You do not watch videos because your handlers have told you not to. It is a sign of a completely closed bigoted mind, and shows just how sad you have become.

            A3: Currently as an American you have the right to think what you want, yet you choose not to, and you advocate for the overthrow of the Constitution…. That is not very American in my mind.

          • The Nazis occupied the retreme right wing end of the political spectrum. Republicans occupy all of the right wing of the political spectrum, with some at the extreme end.

            I do not watch videos from right wing media because I don’t value them. They are designed to wind up people like you to vote. They just don’t work on pelple like me. I have no handlers. I think independently and very critically.

            I advocate for the lawful amendment of the Second Ammendment of the Constitution.
            You advocate for people to own guns so that they can attack their government and kill fellow Americans who they don’t agree with.
            And you call me un-American. So be it. I am very unlike you.

          • You will not learn from anyone if you do not have an open mind and listen to what they have to say… Whomever told you to not listen to people did not have your best interest in mind… They simply did not trust you to LEARN WHAT THEY WANTED YOU TO LEARN..

            The action of closing your mind to alternative ideas is not independent or critical..

            I advocate for the lawful continuation of the Second amendment without change…

            That in NO WAY advocates for people to own guns so that they can attack their government and kill fellow Americans.

            I am American, and you are correct, you are nothing like me.

          • Thinking people do not take seriously the bizarre stories that are used by right wing web sites to get their suckers out to vote. They are vey poorly written: excessive cliches; too many adjectives; hearsay; poor sources; no contrary views; bad research. It it was more clever it would lead you to your own conclusions. It mostly does not do that. It simply rams them down your throat. No wonder it makes me sick.

            My political beliefs are informed by many sources, including a degree in public Policy, college journalism major, and service in the Navy, ABC, and the LBJ Administration in Washington.

            I do not need to be told what to think by anyone. Perhaps, due to your poor education and limited life experience, you do really need to be told what to think. I don’t. You should learn the meaning of the word bigot, because it describes you pretty well.

            Wake up you idiot! You have several times said that the main intention for the Second Amendment was so that citizens could overthrow their government if they believe that is necessary.

            Do you really believe that such a revolution could be accomplished in a bloodless way? Of course it involves the rebels shooting many loyal Americans (who are defending their Constitution) before they all get killed themselves.

            This is good marketing. It should sell a lot of guns. Shame they are not the kind of guns that could put down the US Government, but it does not matter that any of the rebels should survive. We don’t need
            them. If that idea sickens you, as it does me, then you should not use that excuse to justify your gun ownership.

          • Actually, you do not have a clue what your talking about… Because, by your own admission, you do not listen or watch the videos…

            So, most people will do to you as you do to them… Ignore you.

            Actually at this point in the conversation, I no longer talk to you, I talk to the others that are reading and watching the videos.. They are not closed minded arrogant bigots that thinks believes you can convince someone with a silly little insults.

            They actually realize, that it is you whom does not think, and the only reason you respond to my comments will lame insults is because you can not combat them.

            Read the second Amendment, The real reason for it is to keep a balance of power between the People, and its Government. Not your silly nonsense, which is an example of liberal logic.

          • Those political videos are intended for gullible people like you, not me. They know I would not believe them, or vote for candidates they support. I might check out other news sources based on the headline if I thought it might have some credibility, but that seldom happens.

            I also communicated with you in the hope that other readers might see how weak and the media nonsense of the far right can be.

            You still don’t get it about that outrageous argument on the 2nd Amendment. What do you think a “balance of power” means? I think it means that the people will be able to fight back if they don’t like what the government is doing to them. Perhaps that made sense in 1788, but it doesn’t now. Fighting back means killing Americans who remain loyal to their Government and Country. With the power of the state now, it mostly means the rebel rabble getting killed by them.

            If you would never use your AR7 for that purpose then you should not use that argument to keep it.

          • First off, if you had watched the video you would know it is not a political video.

            Second, because you are obviously too lazy to check out what your handlers feed you, and your arrogant enough to think you know it all, you spread lies. To those readers on these posts with an open mind, it is obvious. You on the other hand, when proven wrong, simply move on to the next subject, never admitting you are wrong, and never learning from the experience… I believe that is the effect of the brainwashing that you have gone through, as pointed out in one of those videos you will not watch.

            The reason your handlers have told you NOT to watch any videos posted
            by Conservatives is because, they are scared that you will wander off
            the range.

            What I mean by the balance of power is this…

            Amendment II

            A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

            It is necessary for the people to have the RIGHT to keep and bear arms in order for the United States to remain a free State.

            1. Without the people being armed, we will be subjects to a tyrant.
            2. You and I both fight to stop a civil war, It is your hatred and bigotry against Conservatives that prevents you from seeing that.

            3. As my Warsaw example shows, the Jews that did not fight, died. As you pointed out many still died, BUT, there were those that fought, and lived. FAR more people lived because they fought than if they had surrendered as you suggest.

            I hope, pray, and do everything within my power NOT to let this country fall into a civil war. If it does, it will be because of a Hitler type or Communist type regime, (either external or internal) that will want to take over, and if that is the case, there will be millions of Americans fighting for their freedoms…

            If it comes to that, they will fight with our without guns…. And I plan on doing everything within my power to help those people keep their rights and freedoms.

            There are three types of people in this world, Wolves, Sheep Dogs, and Sheep. The Wolves take advantage of the Sheep, the Sheep Dogs protect the Sheep, and the Sheep well they are just good honest decent people that want to live their lives and not hurt anyone…

            What you attempt to do is disarm the Sheep Dogs, by forcing them to hand the guns over to the Wolves.

          • I did actually have a look at your “Mad as Hell Boycott” link. All I saw there was the usual drivel about liberal bias in the media. I agree that there is an imbalance in main stream media reporting of the views of the left and right, but that is because journalists tend to be well educated people, and therefore they would be most unwilling to republish the kind of arrant nonsense you see constantly on Patriot News Daily. To do that would lose them their credibility and their intelligent subscribers.

            I am starting to get you on the 2nd ammendment. You actually think some dictator could rise to power in America just like Hitler did in Germany in the 1930s. If that happened you would grab your gun and herocally take on the Dictator’s police and army.

            I think that there are sufficient checks and balances to make it impossible for a dictator to take power like that in the USA. However, Trump may be showing us now that an A Grade racist asshole could just possibly get elected, because of all the support he is getting from the right. If that happened, good Black, Arab, and Hispanic American citizens may well need to fight his government for their civil rights. Which side would you be on? Whichever side you chose, you would soon find yourself shooting at American police and soldiers.

            I think there would be several much betterand less tragic violent ways to handle the Trump racist dictator problem, but we may not get to try them because guns could be a first resort for guys with an AR7 and a hero fantasy. So we might be unable to stop a civil war because the shooting would start too soon.

            This is why I sincerely and honestly believe that prolific ubiquitous gun ownership makes the USA an unstable society. No one in a position of power will want to shoot at American citizens, even if they are deluded hot heads who think the President is a dictator. The use of guns would give them no choice. Gun fanatics would be uncontrollable.
            European history shows that revolutions started by hot heads always fail. It is only when they have massive popular support, which includes most in the armed forces, that they can succeed. Syria is an illustration of this right now.

            If you look at all the hundreds of thousands of fanatical hate comments made about President Obama on web sites like this one since his first election, you may come to agree with me that we are not really so very far away from the tipping point where a group of gun nut revolutionaries may decide that the only way to get rid of him in time to save the country is to start shooting now.
            So guns are like a shear line slipping plane in the foundation of our Republic. Guns provide the lubrication for political factions to quickly slide away from each other, breaking the country apart and taking us into a civil war that would be much worse than the last one.

            Destruction thriough civil war is actually what happened to the once great Roman Republic The end result was centuries under Emperors who were absolute megalomaniac dictators.

          • Thank you for spending time on my website… It must have been difficult for you.

            What I find particularly interesting about your first paragraph is that you admit to seeing the bias, yet justify it by saying the perpetrators are intelligent and that is why they do it. That is arrogant.

            Essentially bias by omission in the news is hypocrisy in reporting the news. Hypocrisy is dishonest and bigoted, all in one.The people that see the hypocrisy in the news yet condone it because they agree with it, are bigoted, ignorant, and evil… I submit to you that those intelligent enough to see the bias in the news have already deemed the news as not credible and those that still watch are either ignorant to the bias, or bigoted enough to ignore it.

            You may be able to justify what the MEDIA is doing because you like they ideology they are pumping into you, but the REALITY is that news typically has good and bad for everyone. News shouldn’t be about ratings, it should be about the news.

            Yes, the PRIMARY reason for the second Amendment is to prevent the rise of a dictator, and YES, that threat still exists today. I would be interested in you naming a few of those “other” checks and balances that you mentioned.

            Your diatribe on Trump, shows your ignorance and bigotry, and really doesn’t deserve a reply. And your anti gun rants really show your ignorance on the subject of guns, and people whom own them.. It is hard to see your point about gun control after dealing with your absurd conclusions based on even more absurd assumptions.

            Trump is not a bigot or asshole.. So this stuff on civil war against this and that is just nonsense. I would like you to be specific about any checks and balances you might think are out there.

            What President 0bama should know is that people do not like to be lied to.. Perhaps if he were honest, he would not generate as much hate.

            I always thought that our Great Country was based on Judeo Christian values as the Constitution reflects… As I understood it, Rome destroyed itself by lowering its morals to a state that could not be sustained in civil society… Much like what is happening here in the United States…

            “Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of

          • The bias I acknowledged comes from journalistic integrity. A reliable news service has to seek the truth and report facts, which may include disturbing reports from both sides. What it must not do is alolow itself to be used to harm the country by propagating fear campaigns. They must also resist the financial rewards given by powerful wealthy groups to protect their own interests. I find it best to avoid all American-based media services. There are plenty of excellent international sources of news about American politics. It certainly gives a broader picture if you view this country from a long distance. Een the American services (such as CNN) that provide news for overseas audiences do a much better job of it. I think they have much more respect for theintelligence of their readers than do services intended for Amwericans.

            I don’t try to justify my political reading. I am a discerinig reader. Life is too short to read Patriot News Daily and get wound up by all its fabricated nonsense. I do not have the time to research the tiny grain of truth that is usually used to tie its stories to reality. I try to concentrate on:”Why are they telling me this? and What is their agenda?”
            The answer is always that the right cannot get most of its supporters out to vote on polling day. The strategists of the Republican Party (also the Democrats) really, truly believe that the best way to do that is to make them afraid and angry. Campaigning is now a science and the focus groups tell them that fear and anger works very well. Appeals to patriotism are also useful, so they bung that in their name. They want you to think that it is actually unpatriotic to have liberal views?
            I do not feel afraid.
            I think this is still a great country and its citizens are in danger only from themselves. Or governments are stupid about this. They should be helping citizens to understand how lucky and safe ther are living here. Fear only feeds the paranoia neurosis that causes our people to arm themselves and fear each other.

            All of the views I have given you in all my posts here are entirely my own. You keep saying that someone is controlling me, but that is so very far from the truth. I don’t know about youbut you are certainly giving me the impression that you are towing a Tea Party loine. You are probably not actually stupid enough to be a member of that group but you voice its ideology.

          • The bias you acknowledge is NOT applied equally, it is applied hypocritically. Do you think you can be a hypocrite and still have integrity?

            What I mean by hypocrisy, is that they go after the Right far harder than the left for the same transgressions.

            Like look how much time ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, put on attempting to dig up dirt on Chris Christie during BridgeGate.. An example where a politician on the right was suspected of lying…

            Compare the time and resources they used on something like 0bamacare, where they chose to believe 0bama’s lies until the competition actually proved them out, and the disclosure of those lies did not hurt their ideology.

            Or how about Bush lied about WMD’s… I have seen TONS of information that has proved that Bush was wrong about WMD’s, but not enough to prove that he lied… Yet, we still hear the phrase, “Bush Lied” over and over again… This is a perfect example of Lenin’s saying:

            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

            BTW, if you have proof that Bush lied about WMD’s, please bring it forward… I have made this challenge before, and NOBODY has been able to provide anything beyond proving that Bush was wrong…

            Here is my point before I move on, the MEDIA hated Bush, and they let that hatred and bigotry bleed over into their reporting, they are still doing it today.

            Compare the Bush lied coverage to 0bama’s lies, or Hillary’s lies. If the MEDIA put 1/100 the effort into 0bama’s and Hillary’s lies, they could crucify both of them…

            I say if Bush lied about WMD’s, was a big story, equally big was 0bama’s lies about 0bamacare, Benghazi, an open administration. Indeed, their bias on these subjects was not applied equally and thus in my mind destroyed their credibility…

            What do you think the current “Gun Violence” campaign is other than a fear campaign?

            First, the MEDIA created a NEW CLASS of guns. “Assault Weapons.”

            Then they vilified them with a ton of misleading information. For instance, they constantly call the Assault Weapons, weapons of war… They constantly allow the public to think the Assault weapons are AUTOMATIC, They are not. Both those misconceptions could easily be corrected with a honest MEDIA that was worried about their credibility

            Now the MEDIA and the Politicians are trying to ban Assault Weapons.. If they ever are successful, the very next step will be to point out that the IS NO difference between an Assault Weapon and a Semi Automatic weapon, and they will ban all Semi Automatic weapons.

            The entire gun control issue has been sensationalized by FEAR and LIES.

            Imagine if the MEDIA replaced the language, Assault Weapons with Semi Automatic weapons. How far would the Politicians get if they came out and said. (This may not make sense to you, but try to figure out the difference between a weapon of war, and a semi automatic rifle…)

            “0bama wants to ban semi Automatic weapons.” That includes just about all guns except flint locks….

            And then there is the fear of Christians, Fear of the KKK, Right Wingers, and of course, those still going on about the Crusades… Fear works both ways, my friend..

            An “Assault Weapon” is no different than a semi automatic rifle. NO DIFFERENT in function… PLEASE do some research and try to have an open mind about it.. Google your AR7, and my AR15, try to find a LEGAL AUTOMATIC…

            I’ll bet you view my fears of 0bama being a dictator as probable as I view Trump as being a dictator.. In the long run, we might both be right, after all, that supports my theory that Republican elites = Democrat Elites = Communists.

            So, I will consider your opinion as much as you consider mine.

            So part of my theory that 0bama wants to be a dictator is that every dictator has an Army loyal to them.. Seven years ago, 0bama called for an Civilian Army, why?


          • I actually agree with you that the “assault rifle” definition is crap. Modern military weapons intended for close quarters hand held action have an automatic mode that only fires a three round burst. Full automatic may be useful for providing covering fire, but it wastes ammunition and causes the weapon to overheat and possibly jam.
            I believe that a single shot self loader (which I would call an automatic) is just as dangerous as a military assault rifle in an American style civilian massacre application. If the goal of any new legislation is to protect us from that, then they should both be banned. There is no legitimate hunting application that requires a burst mode, or even self loading for that matter. A good hunter stalks the animal using great skill and shoots one shot from a distance. Many of our hunters simply ambush animals using camo and hides, and massacre them from close range shooting as many rounds as quickly as possible, spraying indiscriminately and wounding. I don’t respect that kind of hunting, and I would not care if we lost it.

            On your media points, I just simply don’t agree that those stories are of equal value. The media do not go after the right harder than the left. The right just do more stupid and newsworthy things. W was an idiot and very amusing at times. It was amazing that he was elected, twice when he was such an obvious fool. Media bias cannot be hypocrisy. Fox News may be an exception.

            I think the WMD issue was remarkable for the way they got a credible ex-General Secretary of State to tell the world about WMD in an attempt to get many countries to join in the invasion. Most of them knew it was nonsense and refused to come. Do you remember how conservatives vilified France because it had the good sense to understand and tell us that we were wrong. That is what a good friend should do when he sees you doing something stupid and dangerous.

            The President did not say in that video why he wanted a civilian security force, so I don’t know why either. I presume that he felt it would be useful for anti-terrorism to get us all involved in identifying and stopping suspicious characters who might be preparing a terrorist act. I don’t have a problem with that. The notion that Obama wants to become a dictator is ludicrous. He is a person who has great respect for the law and the political conventions of the USA. His policy has been centrist, neither right nor left. Even Obamacare is not left. Insurance is not charity or socialism but a common business practice for risk management. I bet your school education was the result of a socialist education policy that allowed it to be paid for by the state with no profits going to private service providers. We still have that because it makes very good sense to do it that way. That is much more socialist than Obamacare.
            President Obama will be off the scene soon and he will be greatly missed. Hillary is good, but she is not as good as Obama.

          • So if you agree that the MEDIA has created a term and uses the confusion around that term to push an anti gun narrative to their advantage. You must also agree that that action is not honest, or is it ok because it pushes for something you approve of?

            I can see even our basic understanding of the words around guns are so different that it will be hard for us to even communicate.

            You said that you believe that a single shot self loader is something you would call automatic…

            That means you think a revolver is an automatic. Which also means that you covertly call the ban of all weapons, just as I have described. I will also note that you are the very reason gun owners and second amendment rights advocates are not giving any more ground. I hate to tell you this, but you are being used, you will never accomplish the goals you have set out for a safer environment because you attack the wrong things.

            Just so you know where I am coming from:
            Semi Automatic = one round for one pull of the trigger.
            Automatic = multiple rounds as long as the trigger is held down.
            Burst mode = Modified version of automatic, where two or three rounds are fired per pull of the trigger.

            I am going to say something that you may not like to hear.. I do not need a legitimate hunting application to exercise my right to keep and bear arms. HUNTING, is NOT what the second amendment is about. That is a red herring argument.

            We are not talking about hunting here or a hunters needs, we are talking about an individuals right to keep and bear arms. What he does with those arms, is none of our business. (Until he kills or robs others of their liberties) If he/she is a good hunter, or not is none of your business, and certainly no reason for you to take his/her rights away from them. You are advocating the disarming of innocent law abiding citizens, and your laws have zero effect on the evil that do not respect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

            The real question I would like to figure out is why you want to disarm the public. I know why the Politicians want us disarmed, but why would the public want to disarm itself? Why do you want to disarm not only yourself, but me?

            I could not disagree with you more on the MEDIA… But that for a later post.

          • As for the MEDIA points… Of course you are not going to agree with me on the value of any story.. We could read/watch exactly the same story and both of us would come up with a different conclusion.

            Here is proof, When 0bama said “We got to have a Civilian National Security Force, that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded” , I hear that he WANTS a National Security force… You did not hear that.. In fact, I think you probably would applaud that statement.

            Here is another interesting take on 0bama’s personal army.. Did you know that the Affordable Care Act, creates an National Army that is at the Presidents disposal.. 2 pages out of 2,700, it is no wonder just about everybody missed it.


            I say a President lying is a President lying, regardless of what name is attached to the President. YOU and the Liberal left stream MEDIA seem to think that a Republican lying is more news worthy than a Democrat lying.

            But the MEDIA goes further than that, they make the decision for you. They decide to suppress the lies of the Democrats, and sensationalize the lies of the Republicans… this practice is not honest and quite honestly, robs you, the viewers, important information of which you should be considering before you make your decisions.

            As for WMD’s there is no proof of that Bush lied. But the MEDIA has branded him a liar. There is ample proof of 0bama’s lies, yet the MEDIA ignores them.

            Nixon was the first President caught lying to the American People while in office, he resigned before being impeached.

            Bill Clinton was the first President caught lying, and survived an impeachment.
            0bama is the first President caught lying to the American People, and was not even impeached for his lies.

            If Hillary gets into office, she will be the first President to be a known and proven liar placed into office. If she gets into office, it will be because of a complacent and dishonest MEDIA that refused to hold her accountable for her actions.

          • OK I watched your link, and I have it playing as I write this.

            My first reaction is that the draft bill would have had an explanatory memorandum with it to explain in plain English to the congressmen what the aim of the proposed legislation is and how it will work. That is usually all that they read before they vote on it. It appears that this memorandom did not have an explanation for the clauses about the new nationasl security force. If that is the case, the people responsible sjould be fired, all the way up to the President’s Chief of Staff, and the legislation should be cancelled re-written and put up again.

            In spite of this monumental mistake (if that is what happened) now we should step back and think about what the President is being accused of here.
            You have accepted the accusation that this is an attempt of the President (acting like a metieval King) to raise a new army to support his rise as a dictator. Is that not the essence of your accusation?
            Can you not see that a reasonable person could not believe this. Not only is it a bizzare idea, but it would be totally impossiblwe to pull off. Can you really imagine a new army of civilian volunteers taking on the mightiest military that the world has ever seen. I do not live in a country, or a planet, where that could ever happen. Your world is a very strrange place.
            I don’t have the time or inclination to explain to you the thousands of legal, military and social reasons why such a plot could never work. Barak Obama is one of the most intelligent men in our country and he certainly would not believe that he could pull it off.
            As a former Harvard Law professor he knows the Law much better than we do. As a person with a workinf brain, he knows that even if such a coup succeeded his position as dictator of America would be unsustainable and would end in disaster for himself and the country. He has nothing to gain and an awful lot to lose.

            The video clip did not allow him to explain how this national security army would be used. Do you think that was merely an unavoidable accident of the way it was extracted from the larger video? My assumption is that The President thinks it would be a good idea to have a domestic force under federal control that would be well prepared and led to take on a serious terrorist attack. I think that is not a bad idea. I don’t have al the advice available to the President, but I can see some problems (financial, administrrative, and legal) with it, but since I don’t share your dictator paranoia, I am not unduly alarmed by it. This is not how the NRA or Tea Party types would want me to be. Is it?

          • I do believe the bill was ACA, and that was the bill that the Democrats had to pass before they could find out what was in it.

            If you want to learn more about the original speech go to Youtube and search “0bama private army.” I think you will find the entire speech. I started to watch it, but could only stomach about 5 min of it… I just can’t watch that guy lie anymore.

            Yes, I could see how reasonable people would not believe this stuff, in the same way that reasonable people in Germany did not see the rise of Hitler. People still ask, where were they, and how did Hitler pull it off….

            When 0bama took office, we had the mightiest army in the world, not so much now, after 8 years of 0bama, defense cuts, and 0bama’s changing of the rules of engagement, has taken its toll..

            Ultimately, 0bama and his administration have no credibility anymore. These once “kooky Conspiracy Theories” are now plausible… You might tell me to return to planet Earth, I might tell you to wake up….

            In this case, I pray you are right…. And I need to return to Earth, as me being right means death and more death…

            History will tell, in the mean time, I am sure you will continue to push for taking guns away from the good guys, and I will continue to fight for the second Amendment and keeping guns in the hands of the good guys.

            Let me know what you find out about 0bamas personal army speech.

          • I watched this one on MSNBC

            It is ironic that this was on MSNBC which is usually called a prime part of the biased liberal media. Since this is rabid conservative bias it kind of erodes your argument about them not reporting your alarmist material. Rachel Maddow put so many words in Obama’s mouth that he just did not speak. She even cut in parts of a Tom Cruise movie to demonstrate how bad arresting terroristsd before they commit their atrocities would be. I think many conservative tough guys would think it was a very good idea.

            This video shows how you have been led into this nonsense by certain people who have their own treacherous agenda.

            I guess you can take comfort in that Obama’s speech was made nearly eight years ago and it seems that nothing has happened yet. He beefed up Homeland Security, and perhaps that was enough.

            The fact that nothing has happened after two terms in office tends to confirm my opinion that it is all nonsense. Do you see now how aggressive gun owners could be stirred up into supporting a coup by this kind of material. It was actually a very different situation in Germany in the 1930s before the NAZIs won the election. After they won racist propagansd, and terror from the secret police, was enough to keep the good Germans in line.

          • BTW. You are thinking of the fall of the Roman Empire. I would like to debate the reasons for that with you because I think you have chosen the wrong one because it is a common Protestant teaching, although quite the opposite of the real reason. Many PhD theses have been done on that topic. In order to provoke you interest I will claim that Christianity caused the strength of Rome to weaken. All that Peace and love, and turn the other cheek stuff is not consistent with ruling a dispirate empire through sheer force and fear.

            My reference was actually to the Roman Republic which preceded the Empire. For 250 years BC, the Romans had a system of government that had a robust representative democracy based on rule of law. Our founding fathers were deeply impressed by the Roman Republic and drew extensively on that experience when formulating the first modern Republic.

            It was actually a popular but incorrect fear that a great man, Julius Ceasar, wanted to become a dictator that led to the civil wars that destroyed their republic. We seem to be heading in the same direction now.
            Sorry for the history lesson, but this stuff is interesting in the current political context here.

          • I am not a historian, and therefor i am in way over my head. It will take time for me to research the subjects in order to have a educated conversation… I can assure you that if I was mislead it was by Hollywood and my own ignorance, and not Protestant teachings… 🙂

            What I find curious about your statement is that you give Christianity credit for Peace and Love and all that stuff, yet the Liberal progressives of today, vilify Christianity and its history vehemently…

          • ” the Liberal progressives of today, vilify Christianity and its history vehemently…”
            Some may do that but you cannot characterise it as general liberal behaviour. Most Catholics for example are liberal. Most academics are also liberal, and it is their role to point out all of the impacts that religion has had on the development of western civilisation. One could argue that religion was the most powerful influence in our culture. Religious intolerance truly did lead to many really ugly happenings in our history. When we learn about this we have to be mature enough to understand that this is not vilification.
            I think of it as a warning that religious people have to be kept firmly under control. There is no worse system to live under than a theocracy.

          • My experience on the web is that in general liberal progressives are atheists, and hate America. They vilify American history, vilify Christianity’s history, and tie all the negative traits to Conservatives and Republicans, and none of the positive… A very bigoted act I might say.

            It was just shocking that you actually gave Christianity some credit for doing good. That puts you in a different class than everybody else I have talked to on the left..

            Note, the Muslim Islamic Terrorist theocracy is the liberal progressives true enemy, not Christians, not, Republicans, and not Conservatives.

          • As it happens, I do know a lot about guns. I was once gunnery officer on an old destroyer USS Dewey DDG45. My duties included supervising small arms training for the guard and shore partys.

            The AR7 is a semi automatic rifle with a shortish barrell. It would probably be good in a close gun fight, but it is not very accurate over a long distance. Honestly, how long do you really think you would last against a platoon of National Guard armed with M16s. Please explain your hero fantasy to me because I honestly don’t understand it.

          • The threat to the ukraine comes from the Russian Federation, which is not Communist.
            No point asking people who are dead if they agree with me. They would say that they were killed by Russian ethnics living in the country, supported by the Russian Federation.
            What has this got to do with American gun control?
            If Americans don’t have guns, the commies are not going to come for them. The US armed forces can defend us quite well enough from that threat.

          • The ONLY People that were allowed to have guns was the Government… Those people were unarmed and slaughtered by an oppressive regime.

            You were the one that said Communism isn’t a threat…

            I maintain that the primary reason for the second Amendment is to keep a balance of power between the PEOPLE and their supposedly elected officials…

            We have big problems here in the United States, the Communist elites are counting the votes….

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
            decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

            The Communists Elites want to disarm law abiding citizens…

            “One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”

            The Communist Elites want to control our Health Care.

            ‘Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the Socialized State.’

            The Communists Elites want a centralized common core.

            “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”
            ——Adolf Hitler
            “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

            “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened. I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”
            ― Norman Mattoon Thomas

          • The Dutch and the Danes have shown that a modern social democrat party can govern very effectively. They do not use socialist policy for everything: only where it is appriopriate. Those are vibrant intelligent countries that are great places to live.

            Germany now has free tertiary education. In public policy circles, that is know as a “smart country policy” because it looks at the long term competitive economic advantages that a highly educated population will bring. They know that in time the treasury will certainly recover the cost of providing that education through an improved balance of trade, investments over savings, and more taxation from higer incomes.
            The fact that they care more for their poor and disadvantaged does not make them weaker: quite the opposite. Americans look at this and cry “Socialism! How stupid?

            I would like to see our Democrats grow into a modern social democrat Party.

          • The Dutch and the Danes are going broke… They are not Countries as good as America.

            You can cherry pick all you want, but all these “choices” have negative trade offs that you are not considering…

            Bottom line, America is a great Country the way it is. It has been moving towards socialism/communism for many years now and the people do not think we are moving in the right direction.

            If moving towards Socialism is moving in the wrong direction, I suggest moving towards capitalism… That is the opposite direction.

          • No. The Dutch and the Danes are doing just fine: much better than the people of many US states.
            They may pay a bit more income tax, but they get good value for it.

            The USA has not beenmoving towards socialism at all. If it had, there would not be homeless people living in the streets near the White House mand we would have adequate medical insurance available to all citizens.

          • No they are not, they pay over 50% in taxes and their countries are deep in debt..

            They can not pay for the entitlements.

          • That’s a myth . The NRA was saying that the Scandinavian socialist policies were breaking those countries 20 years ago. It never happened. They elected more Democratic Socialist governments and adopted more of those policies. The Dutch and Danes are doing fine, and the Germans have the strongest economy in Europe.

            Would you want to live in Detroit?

            If you add up all our taxes, federal, state and local, plus what they get back in medical insurance, pensions etc we are actually not better off. What is most important is what the government does with the taxes. They get good value for theirs over a lifetime. We don’t.

          • Myth my ARSE….

            You have no clue, you trust the wrong people and do not check their talking points… That makes you look foolish.


          • Thanks for the link. That all looks pretty good to me considering what they get for it: a safe, clean country with excellent law and order, no homeless, and a strong military and a generous safety net.

            I have worked in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany. It is very good to live in those places. The people are more content and proud of their country than we are in the USA. They tend to feel sorry for us. Understandably!

          • You are a fool to believe the crap about a safe, clean country…. You are a fool to believe and spread the lies that you do.

            The link proves my point, that you have no clue about what you are talking about.. You do not check your sources, you simply regurgitate what your handlers tell you to regurgitate.

            That country is not as good as America…

            Your socialism utopia does not exist… Only the slavery of Communism….

          • My company has several European offices. I have been to those countries many times and I have friends and colleagues who live there. Americans are conditioned to believe thast they live in the best country in the world, and most of them cannot conceive of any other place being better: until they get experience of living in Europe.

            BTW I don’t need anyone to help me to argue with you.

            Actually, the best country in the world in which to live is Australia – by a large margin. Second is New Zealand, third Scotland.

            Go for a walk in a Dutch village. Everything is absolutely clean and tidy, and freshly painted. The houses are displayed with curtains drawn so you can see how well furnished and tidy they are inside. The only crime the Dutch are really are concerned about is stealing bicycles. They feel no need for guns.

          • I have not lived in Europe, but I have been to Europe. I have seen MANY wonderful places and met MANY wonderful people in every place I have been. You are correct, Australia was wonderful to visit.. Considering their murderous and thuggery past, they have evolved magnificently…. (That was a joke!)

            I have nothing against the people of Korea, China, Russia, Netherlands, etc… It is the Governments I am talking about.. There are MANY MANY Wonderful places on this Earth…

            You can go to ANY City in the United States and find neighborhoods that can be described exactly like your Dutch Village. I would venture to say ANY City in the World, and find relatively the same thing….

            “America is the greatest Country in the world” is not my words… I think you will find that a lot of people think that way. And if you cherry pick your “features” you can argue that every Country in the world is the best one… What you must do is look at the aggregate of all the stuff.

            What you will find is a large portion of the LEFT here in the US choose to see only the bad in the United States… I believe those people are being manipulated by a group to do so. My theory is that you are being influenced by that group.

            I feel no need for guns in my neighborhood. I feel perfectly safe, my curtains are drawn when I want them drawn, and closed when I want them closed. The reason we need the second Amendment is to protect us from our Government….

          • Well said MAH. I believe that you have seen Europe with an open mind, but you are too American to appreciate relative differences.

            I will show you how I do it.
            I have a number of essential criteria in deciding the best place to live
            with my family.

            It absolutely must have the following:

            * national security;
            * personal and family security;
            * financial security; and,
            * medical security.

            This means:·
            * a military that is big enough to cope with realistic threats to national security;
            * strong borders
            * strong law enforcement, and rule of law, and excellent justice system;
            * low crime rate;
            * a tough, brave, unafraid, and well-educated, culturally diverse
            * excellent free education to tertiary level;
            * a strong welfare safety net;
            * excellent hospitals and doctors;
            * affordable health insurance;
            * a warm climate;
            * friendly to Americans;
            * beautiful and clean environment.

            So I was not kidding about Australia being the best place to live because it has the most of those things. It is a continent all on its own far from the world’s trouble spots with no land borders, and a prosperous multi-cultural, well-educated, healthy, sport-mad
            population that for some unfathomable reason still likes us Americans. No
            Australian cities have been built where it snows. It does have extensive snow country, but it
            is only used for resorts and sport. Australia has incredibly beautiful environments
            of every kind ranging from alpine, to rain forest, to tropical, to desert, and
            10,000 miles of perfect empty white sand surf beaches. It is a very prosperous
            country. The and sea have plenty of resources including: iron; coal; nickel;
            gold; diamonds, oil, uranium, aluminium; fish etc.

            I can honestly think of no other country that comes so close to meeting
            all my criteria.

            I stressed multi-cultural diversity because massive immigration since
            WWII has helped the Aussies to become tolerant and appreciative of a wide variety
            of art, music, food, religion, and sexuality.
            No doubt you miss the a good old monoculture of America in the 1950s. Australia is not perfect. It does have
            frequent floods, droughts, and massive bush fires; although they tend to be in
            the Outback, and are seldom experienced by the main population along the East

            Of course your criteria may be different. No doubt you believe that Australia is run by
            Communists and has a socialist economic management system. It doesn’t of course, but if you believe that
            you would need to concede that the reds seem to be managing very well.

            In the USA, we have strong national security, and we pay a very high tax
            price for that, and still have a porous southern border. Our personal security is poor because of drug
            crime, gangs, poverty and the gun culture.
            This is a risky place to raise children through their adventurous teen
            years. Our health services are of excellent quality, but serious accident or disease here can wipe you
            out financially for the rest of your life.
            Our public education system is failing us. Poverty here leads towards
            homeless, hungry families. The north
            half of the country is bitterly cold in winter.
            We have hurricanes, tornados, and floods. Our population is deeply divided into
            increasingly hostile liberal and conservative factions.

            The USA is a great superpower and historically will be right up there
            with the Romans in terms of its wealth, cultural impact (Hollywood), military
            power and global influence. It will
            probably also have a similar fate to the Romans.

          • Perhaps I am too American to appreciate the differences… Then again, most of my travels have been through work, and for short periods of time, I do not think one can get the true feel of a place when you are visiting.

            Thanks, that was an excellent post. I didn’t know Australia had been overtaken by the commies… Now I am worried for them as well. 🙂

          • Australia is not run by Communists, although one of its two main Parties that has won government about half the time since WWII is the Labor Party, meaning it is supported by unions and workers and so represents labor more than capital. That would usually be sufficient for people like you to call it communist and socialist. Nevertheless, it is still the most progressive political policy and has implemented most of the more valuable social and economic reforms that make Australia such a great place to live.
            The other main party is called the Liberal Party (yes, an openly liberal party on the right side of politics). However, currently it has to be in a coalition with the ultra-conservative National Party (farmers) in order to get the numbers over Labor, and so govern. You can imagine how ideologically split an alliance of opposites like that would be. And it is.

          • I currently believe that crony capitalism is the same as crony socialism which is the same as Communism…

            I can see where liberals and conservatives work together to beat down communist and socialist ideas to keep capitalism alive. I see the same struggle happening here in America. But, divisive politics, and corrupt MEDIA reporting keep the two sides fighting each other.

      • independent thinker

        Saturday Night Special originally referred to handguns that were so cheaply and poorly made they were more of a danger to the person firing them than they were to the person fired at although how many of those handguns there actually were is a matter of debate. The term was then re-invented to mean the well made but inexpensive handgun that the poor could afford. “Assault Rifle” is the proper term for a rifle similar to the M16 that fires a relatively low powered round with select fire capabilities. “Assault Weapon” is the manufactured term that refers to basically whatever gun the antis are trying to ban at the time and more specifically is currently used in an attempt to demonize the AR15 and other semi-auto only rifles that look even vaguely military..

    • Answer yes or no, are you still beating your wife”, er uh no I never, “that’s all, thank you, you may step down”, I have no further questions for the defendant your honor”. This is how the Vermin who calls themselves Investigative Journalists operate today.

    • All kinds of guns are potentially dangerous to human life. That is why they are made. They are particularly dangerous for us Americans because so many of us have a compelling fear psychosis that we cannot control in any other way. We are profoundly shit scared of just about everyone and everything. We are that way because we have been made to feel like that through scare tactics used by: politics; religion, advertising, school, film and TV, medical experts, communists, liberals, gays, Arabs, insurance, etc. etc.

      As a proudly free society, we cannot get rid of the ubiquitous guns until most of us genuinely don’t want to have them. We will reach this point when become smart enough to truly understand that we don’t need to fear each other and that ubiquitous guns are a huge risk to those we love.

      In order to get there we have to remove the fear psychosis. I think that would require an expert national psychoanalysis followed by cognitive behavioural therapy for all Americans who believe that they really need (rather than just want) a gun.

      Wanting to have a gun is fine if your reason is not merely: because everyone else has one and I am afraid of what they might do with it.

      I won’t be holding my breath.

      • Until you can convince bad guys to lay down their weapons your goal is not attainable. People don’t nesseccarily fear people but fear the possibility of a bad situation….

        • No.That is the fear talking. How many of us are really threatened by bad guys with guns?

          • Very few albeit that does not mean we can be unaware that sometimes situations go
            sideways even in nice areas….military training taught me awareness not fear

          • Well, I hope you military training showed you how difficult it is to hit with a pistol an armed man who is trying to kill you. It is nice that you have military training, but most of those with the gun hero fantasies do not have that training.

            How would you feel in a fire fight if all those on your team were untrained gun enthusiasts.

            They don’t understand that if you shoot at someone in your home the bullet is quite likely to ricochet of your brick fireplace, shatter, and take off your daughter’s face.

          • Dude you need to stop making a fool of yourself and go seek professional help.

          • If you really believe that someone who thinks that he can live in the USA without always carrying a gun is mentally sick, then either you or this country are probably too far gone to be helped.

            Why do you think the people of Tombstone had banned the carrying of guns in their town in 1881?

            Did they need professional help too?

          • You are clueless you know NOTHING of the real facts as is usual with the antigun lunatics all you know how to do is spread lies and mis information because you are uneducated in the real facts and very likely more than willing to stick your head in the sand and ignore the reality

          • Sure, I am anti-gun, but I do not favor laws that will take them away. The USA is too gun sick for that, and it would end in a blood bath. The only hope is for sanity to prevail and for people to want to get rid of the bloody things. This will happen when we stop being shit scared of everything and start living like we are in the land we like to call the “Home of the Brave”.

            Does that sound like you, or would you prefer to take cover and point your gun?

          • The primary reason for the second amendment is to keep the balance of power between the people, and its Government.

          • Well that failed. Where is your carrier battle group. How many A10s do you have? Tanks, Attack helicopters?

            This is another of those NRA myths. The founding fathers were traitors who were shit scared of the British coming back and punishing them. That is the main reason why they wanted the people to have guns.

            BTW the Brits did come back- in the 1812 war. They sacked the Whitehouse and burned it. Private gun ownership did not help much there, but it did later in New Orleans.

          • What a silly and frankly stupid argument. Do you even think for yourself anymore? It is as if you are a slave to your masters of big government. You are a victim of ideological subversion… A form of brainwashing. You are demoralized…

            Regardless of what I say, you will not understand or believe me.. The people that control you, will not treat you well after they are done with you… My only hope is that you can reason things out for yourself and that this defector dude is wrong, the demoralization is not reversible.


          • Oh you are so funny. You know the funniest thing, I bet there are people out there that actually believe you. Hahahahahahahahah

          • Yes, there are about 300 million of them that are not listening to you right now….

          • I’m in favor of full background checks and a required training course. No argument, a gun in the hands of someone who does know how to handle a weapon can be dangerous….always remember, aim small, miss small….

          • I have seen experienced police officers who could not hit a full man-sized target only three yards away with a hand gun, in a realistic chaotic exercise situation putting them under pressure in a confined space. It is much more difficult than you might think. These guys are excellent shots over 25 yards at the range. It is just not the same thing.

            It is also difficult to know when shooting is appropriate and when there is a better way. This takes a lot of training, strong discipline, and excellent leadership. Really, only our special forces, FBI, and some special ops police get adequately trained and led for that. Even regular soldiers and marines are usually not much good at it (although they seldom understand this, and usually think they would be fine in that situation).

            Put armed civilians in that situation like that and there will always be a major shoot out, a blood bath with lots of collerateral damage. Just what we don’t need when there is a shooter at a school. Leave it to the professionals and take the risk that they might not be there in time. The alternative is usually a worse risk.

          • Wow you are full of it and you are clueless where did you see a trained police officer mis from 3 yards you need to stop lying you have no idea what you are talking about you are just making stuff up. THE FACTS CAN NOT BE IGNORED THIS SHOOT OUT CRAP DOES NOT AND NEVER!!!! HAS HAPPENED QUIT MAKING UP LIES

          • Well Joe,
            I reckon there are a lot of things you don’t know about then.

            I am tyalking about using a hand gun from the hip in a very very stressful environment where adrenaline is flowing and you are shit scared. I was given this scenario by an RCMP covert surveillance officer.
            You hear shooting on the second floor;
            You run up two flights of stairs and enter a reoom that is cluttered with chemical containers, and not well lit.
            I am out of breath, My leg hurts. Did I bang it, or have I been shot?
            A man behind me is screaming: gunshot wounds
            I shoot, shoot,
            Is that guy with a beard an Arab? Could there be a bomb in here.
            My bowels feel loose.
            Shit! that one just missed my head.
            Where is my back up
            I shoot, shoot.
            How many times have I shot?
            I need some cover.
            Where is my backup?

            Yell at him to throw down his gun.
            My leg is bleeding.

            What is in that liquid tank over there?
            Someone is calling my name on the radio.
            Shoot, shoot.

            How many of them are there? I see three.
            Is that one a kid? Is he armed?
            I shoot, shoot,
            That sure sounds like a fully automatic.
            Is that sarge on the radio?
            What whill happen to Peggy and the Kids?
            Shoot, shoot, in their general direction to keep their heads down.

            Where the Hell is my backup.
            There is another one on the left, or is he a bystander?
            That bearded guy is flanking me.

            Must get back now. Cover?
            Must remember my training. Deep breaths. Don’t shoot an innocent.
            Shit, there is one right in front of me, raising an Uzzi.
            No time to aim. I shoot, shoot
            How on earth could I have missed that bastard? He was only three yards away.

          • Wow I never heard so much meaningless twaddle in one post what the hell kind of idiotic crap runs through that seemingly empty skull of yours why did you not toss in a few unicorns and leprechauns in there to make it even more realisitc ha ha ha ha . You are the typical uneducated antigun nutjob arguing about something you have zero knowledge about zero facts and zero ideas of your own. You refuse to hear any real facts certainly refuse to take the time to even look into the reality of it. You have most likely never even held a gun in your hand let alone know ANYTHING about the function or any real information at all. You come in here with cut and paste drool from the first anti gun site you can find post it then try to sound like you even understand one word of it the whole time ignoring how insane what you posted even sounds or just how stupid it makes you look. You are someone to be laughed at you funny little man

          • Joe,

            Here is a forensic paper backing up my claim.

          • Background checks don’t help much because it is not criminals that make ubiquitous gun ownership such a problem.
            Anyway, we all know that criminals can beat the checks.

          • agree, albeit it may provide a “feel good” step for the anti-gun ownership group…

          • Perhaps it should actually make them feel good because they don’t only check criminal records. Mental illness is important too.

          • the only way to check that would be if someone was already in a data base showing a history of illness…

          • True. Checks can’t work. They’re all crazy or they wouldn’t want a gun.

          • that is left wing nonsence there is ZERO evidence to back up this lie the left wing lunatics spread that you are more likely to be hurt by your own gun, only a total and complete MORON would believe this crap

          • ” only a total and complete MORON would believe this crap”

            Or, someone who can understand statistics.

            With misfires, accidents, ricochets, and suicide, it happens quite often in the real world. Then there are the times that an agressor regards you as someone he must shoot quickly because you are holding a gun.
            The cops may shoot you too, if you don’t drop it fast enough. Or, another wannabee hero with a gun who thinks you must be a bad guy.

            Then there occasions where your fear, temper, and gun could put you in prison for the rest of your life.

            Even if it is a valid situation, you will probably miss, and end up dead.

          • Horse, diddy, your false statement has less probability than the bullet ricochet into nothing.

          • Not true, We all will be threatened by bad guys with guns, if the good guys with guns are disarmed….

          • Certainly if there was total disarmament,
            the risk could well increase but it will
            get to that….there has to be some middle
            ground to calm both sides

          • The “Middle” ground does not exist for the left…. They have passed way over the “shall not be infringed line” in the second amendment.

            The goal of the liberal progressive gun owners is to disarm the public. They are taking incremental steps forward, and none backward. occams will not accept anything but an advancement of his/her cause…

            My only disagreement with your statement is that you gave up the middle ground by agreeing with occams by saying very few people are threatened by bad guys with guns….

            They guy will use it against you….

          • Percentage-wise most people are spared being threatened but I do believe the risk of something bad happening is increasing and will continue to do so, sadly….I’d rather be aware and prepared vs being defenseless….

          • Your comment that percentage-wise most people are spared being threatened, only applies to those nations that have armed citizens. Historically, all nations that have had a disarmed citizenry have fallen to a dictator and its people to some form of slavery… You can apply that to a weak citizenry as well.

            I agree with you that until evil people are removed from society we need to be prepared and aware…

            Just be aware that people like occams are working under the false impression that they are “doing good,” when in reality, if they succeed in disarming our society, they will be the ones that paved the way for tyranny. The goals of those that feed ocams his/her thoughts are to disarm America, not help or protect America…

            As I see it, occams goals of “reduced” gun violence are the goals of a good heart-ed fool… occams is being used by people with the intent to disarm and control America, and to those people we must never give in.

          • Quote “Your comment that percentage-wise most people are spared being threatened, only applies to those nations that have armed citizens. Historically, all nations that have had a disarmed citizenry have fallen to a dictator and its people to some form of slavery… You can apply that to a weak citizenry as well.”

            Really? What about all the unarmed citizenry in European countries that have been around longer than the US.

          • Like who, the Jews in Germany? Or Russia, Korea, China. FAR more innocent unarmed people have fallen prey to tyranny, than you are willing to admit.

            Probably because you are unwilling to learn anything.

          • “FAR more innocent unarmed people have fallen prey to tyranny, than you are willing to admit.”

            Of course they have. I am quite willing to admit that. Shit happens when the people allow the wrong interest groups to take power. The German Nazis and fascists in Italy took power through an election. In Spain the dictator was an Army general who attacked the democratically elected government. The Communists in Russia and China did it through a popular revolution which included much of their military. North Korea never had a revolution. It adopted a Stalinist form of communism after feudalism because it was not much different.

            Arabs are armed to the hilt, but it does not seem to do them much good when they take on their local war lord. I think Syria is a good example of what would happen in the USA if right wing hot heads ever attacked their government. Why should I want to make that possible?

          • I am saying, the wrong interest groups are trying to take power in America TODAY…

            Do not let the elites disarm YOU….. Our Government is no longer of the people and by the people… It has been hijacked by elites and the elites intentions are no longer to use the Government “For the people.”

            They now use the Government to CONTROL the people… That is why the elites want to disarm the public.

          • “Our Government is no longer of the people and by the people…”
            MAHB! Welcome to the real world. The USA has always been like that, although it was worse in the 19th century. A few old money very wealthy east coast families have always had a strong grip on who governs here, and with what policies. All that is different now is that we are all a little better educated and we have a competitive investigative media. We are learning how it works.

            Lincoln was a good orator, but when he made thatl that of the beople, by the people speech he was planning how to retain his grip. He understood representative democracy better than most Americans do now.

            The Greeks tried “of the people, by the people” government in ancient Athens, and they found that it did not work for any community larger than a village.

            You belong to a small and very strange segment of the American population: radical conservatives. Because of this, you will never feel that this great and extremely diverse country is being run by people like you, and in your best interest.

            That is not going to happen, so you better get used to it. This does not mean that anything is broken or corrupted. On the contrary, it means that the nation is being saved from the kind of right wing extremism that has destroyed many other countries.

          • We no longer have a competitive investigative media… Your assumption is completely wrong if you think they are unbiased and report the news anymore. The only thing coming out of the main stream media these days is propaganda. Just as in Goebbels days.

            Disarming the law abiding citizens and the demolition of the second amendment rights will place all the power in the hands of the elites…. You may even feel that a majority of the people believe as you do… But, that upotia you have been promised is a lie.

            Placing that kind of power in their hands will lead to exactly what it has lead to in Communist Russia, China, Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, etc…

            Let me ask you this? Where would you like poor? North Korea, or South Korea?

            That is our choice these days.

          • No. Commercial media competes for advertising revenue. It is a highly competitive industry. It does not censor your views. It just thinks that they are too ridiculousto report.
            Powerful interest groups are not affected by whether or not you have guns. They don’t care because it is irrelevant.
            dictatorships don’t care much either. They have the polic and the army police to force you, and your puny fire arms do not scare them.
            Face reality. Private gun ownership has no value for preserving liberty. It merely reduces public safety.
            As Napoleon said.
            God is on the side of the big battlions.
            Bashir al Assad would agree with Boney.
            I don’t understand your Korea reference.

          • NO they don’t compete. That is what you are told, but that is NOT reality. The reality is that they collude.

            ABC, NBC, CBS, prime time nightly news are not even on the same time slots on the West Coast… If one race horse runs ad Del Mar, and the other at the Churchill downs, are they competitors?

            ABC, NBC, CBS all share the same stories, the same writers, the same video clips, and the same advertisers. This is NOT an open competition. It is a cabal with the intent of controlling public opinion.

            All the TV Networks use bias by omission to slant the news to the left. They all omit stories that hurt liberal progressive causes, and omit stories that help conservative causes. They are following Lenin comment.

            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

            This will be hard for you to comprehend because your mind is very closed, but if you objectively look at the reporting you will see the hypocrisy in it..

            One example, do you believe Bush lied about WMD’s? The MEDIA obviously does, and I am willing to bet that you believe he lied. If so, present the proof.

            To be fair, nobody has been able to present smoking gun proof that Bush lied, that is intentionally mislead the people about WMD’s. Plenty of proof that Bush was WRONG… But I’ll bet you don’t even understand the difference between being wrong and lying…

            Now compare that to the evidence of 0bama and Hillary lies… The evidence of those lies has been omitted from record by the MEDIA…

            Apparently Napoleon was wrong….

            I don’t understand your Assad/Boney reference.

            Would you rather live in North or South Korea…. There is no better way to show prosperity between Capitalism and Communism than in a night picture of North and South Korea…

            BTW, our conversation can be boiled down to the choice of living under Capitalism with the US Constitution, or Communism….

          • I have worked for the ABC .Competition between the networks is intense. The diversity of news is not great but they try very hard to scoop each other. Advertising is their only source of revenue and there is not enough to go around.
            They can’t risk losing audience by showing right wing conspiracy nonsense like you go on about. Credibility is very important.

          • ABC, NBC, CBS share the same stories,
            they ignore the same stories,
            90% of their advertisers are exactly the same.

            Their formats are identical.15 min “news” -2min ads – 1 story – 2.5 min ad – short story- 3 min ad – final human interest story

            All three have abandoned their journalistic integrity to push a liberal agenda. This is NOT a conspiracy, the bias and corruption has been measured and documented.

            If they were actually fighting for ratings the way you believe they are they would be reporting a fair and balanced news program and have the ratings closer to Fox News.

            I noticed you did not answer the question.. North or South Korea?

          • No. Programs do not need to be on at the same time to compete for audience. Decisions about when to place programs involve many factors known only to program and marketing execs.
            They are all responsible to shareholders for achieving ratings. Therefore they would never pass on a sensational story because of left wing bias. If they don’t report the things you think are important then that is because they don’t think it is real, or because it may make them vulnerable to a law suit.
            Sure, they will use the same sources as other media and they often copy each other. That does not matter. If something is important and genuine, it will be reported. There is no conspiracy in the media.

          • That is exactly what they say…. BUT…..

            They spent a million hours sifting through Christygate…
            And 10 seconds looking into 0bama’s lies about Benghazi…

            They spend a million hours repeating Bush Lied…
            And spent 3 seconds talking about Hillary’s lies….

            They complain about Bush not giving the people access.
            And never push 0bama about his closed door and secretive regime.

            The MEDIA is no longer what you think they are… They are corrupt, they have laid down their right to free speech to kiss the feet of a liberal ideology.

            That is why the mantra from Fox News is so effective.

            We Report, You decide…

            The Left practices…

            We Decide, then tell you what to think…

          • Your Korea thing is really a comparison of the light output of an incompetent Stalinist hereditary dictatorship demographic compared with an adjacent thriving capitalist democracy. Of course North Korea is a police state shit hole, and no sane person would ever want to live there. That really has very little to do with Communism as an alternative economic system. It has more to do with the fact that South Korea is a modern liberal democratic state that has harnessed its human and natural resources through excellent economic management. The ROK also has a larger, less agrarian and much more dense population distribution than the DPRK.

            Greed has always been a better business motivator than idealist altruism.

          • Yep, a visual example of the difference between Capitalism and Socialism/Communism…

            Socialism does not exist, the Socialists strive for something they can never attain… Socialism always falls to some sort of Communism… Cuba, Venezuela, excellent examples..

            The facts are that Communism/Socialism are forms of slavery, that is why they build walls to keep the people enslaved… That is why they call people that want to leave, DEFECTORS… Or defective….. Defectors are people that do not want to be enslaved…

          • There is no way anyone can or will disarm US citizens given the 2nd Amendment….there are over 300 million privately owned guns in the US….my wish is that people act responsibly and clearly understand/respect what these weapons are capable of….gun ownership in itself is not bad/wrong….

          • Your wish is my wish… And you will find about 300 million US Citizens that agree with you. I think you will agree that the vast majority of the 300 million DO act responsibly…

            The .001% are the gun nuts that will stop at nothing to disarm the 300 million.. History has shown that if the 300 million do nothing, they will loose to the .001%.

          • It is not the 2nd ammendment: that can be changed. It is the ubiquitous fear psychosis that would lead to a terrible civil war. MAH actually believes that personal weapons prevent us from being taken over by Communists. No kidding! He really does.

          • “Historically, all nations that have had a disarmed citizenry have fallen
            to a dictator and its people to some form of slavery… You can apply
            that to a weak citizenry as well.”

            What total nonsense. Have you heard of the battle of Britain.
            Which Dictator took over Australia or New Zealand.
            Would citizens having their own small arms have stopped the Germans from taking over Norway, or Poland, or Greece.

            No! It would probable have prevented a truce from being negotiated with the Germans who would then have had the right to kill everyone.

          • Not nonsense at all. I would say your entire post is nonsense… You are actually foolish and stupid enough to think that because the people the Germans conquered were disarmed caused the Germans to have compassion for the people within the nations they overtook? If the Germans wanted to kill their captors, they did…. Simple as that. You whined about the conditions, they killed you.

            Other than a diversion I can not for the life of me think of why you mentioned the battle of Britain. But on the other hand your arguments are weak enough to need a diversion.

            Australia’s citizens gun ownership is back up to pre-ban levels, so that is yet another lie you guys like to spread.

            You have ZERO clue what kind of havoc an Armed citizenry in Norway, Poland or Greece could have accomplished when resisting the Germans.

            You need to research what the Jews did in Warsaw with just 200 rifles. They slowed down the Germans, caused huge German casualties, and bravely fought with what they had….

            Unlike you liberal lemmings that would kiss the ground at the tyrants feet and beg for mercy… And you think you have the right to disarm the people that would fight???


          • I have read about the German invasion of Norway. It was mostly accomplished by the Navy. A few powerful German warships turned up in the main harbor cities and threatened to shell them. Norwegians are a smart and brave people, so they did what they had to.

            Patriots running into the streets with guns would only have ensured a bombardment and massive loss of life and infrastructure for no gain.

          • I am sure that each and every example has a unique solution.. Your supposition that because the Norwegian civilians were disarmed it saved their lives, is a leap that just does not make sense to me.

            I was not there, they did what they had to do.

            Is it you that made the point that disarmed citizens does not lead to a genocide, yet conversely you are trying to tell me that a disarmed citizens does lead to their safety???? Very hypocritical.

          • “you are trying to tell me that a disarmed citizens does lead to their safety???? Very hypocritical.”
            Yes they are safer because they are able to be controlled, and so truce negotiations with the invader are possible. If every hot head with a gun starts shjooting, the invader has no other option.
            This is also what happens when the USA invades an Arab country. If they keep shooting, so do we, but with much more devastating weapons. Women children and old folks die because young men cannot be restrained because they have guns.

          • You are sooooo wrong…. Are you American?

            You are very naive to think that the elites give a rats ass about you or your safety… It is all about the control of you….

          • What Norway needed to resist the Germain invasion was heavy shore batteries located in Oslo, Trondheim, and Narvik. A couple of flotillas of destroyers and submarines. as well as a few squadrons of torpedo bombers, would have been a great help too. A rabble of citizens with small arms would have made no difference at all.

          • If you did not live there, you do not know that what you say is true, you are speculating about the loss of lives if they resisted….

            Between 400,000-500,000 Jews were detained In the Warsaw ghettos, From July 22 to September 12, 1942 German SS and police units started “deportations” to the killing centers in which 265,000 Jews peacefully laid down their arms and were lead to their deaths…. 2 Months 265,000 killed.

            In January 1943 went into the ghettos to liquidate the remaining inhabitants, but this time the Jews resisted. They resisted with under 200 rifles and limited ammunition, but they stopped the SS from meeting their killing quotas. The Germans were forced to send far more resources and it took them until October of 1944 to crush the resistance…

            Approximately 174,000 Jews survived to the end of the war in Warsaw… That is 174,000 lives saved by less than 200 guns……

            The rabble of citizens with small arms DID make a difference in history…. Never give up, never give in….

          • All true. But the difference was trivial in the full context if the war, and few Americans would be as brave as those Jews. The Germans could have simply ignored them.

          • So now saving 175,000 lives was trivial??

            You are being hypocritical now… I provide you with an example where 200 guns saved 175,000 lives and you can not provide any examples where the gun laws that our politicians are proposing will save any lives, yet you think that disarming the American people will save lives….

          • No you did not provide any such example.

            How did the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto save any lives? They fought magnificently, against impossible odds, but then they were wiped out and all the Jews there were taken away.

          • Let me try again.. It seems I have misread the data…

            450,000 Jews were interned in Warsaw.
            It took the Germans 2 months to exterminate 265,000 Jews that did not resist.

            At that rate, it would have taken another 2 months to kill off the remaining 185,000 Jews.

            In January 1943 the Germans went in to Warsaw to continue the extermination, but this time the Jews resisted, with around 200 small arm riffles. This slowed down and almost stopped the extermination process. The resistance cost the Germans lives and diverted precious resources that the killers could have used elsewhere.

            This is the statement that I got wrong.. I thought that 174,000 Jews were left in Warsaw at the end. Apparently only 11,500 livers were saved…..

            “When Soviet troops resumed their offensive on January 17, 1945, they
            liberated a devastated Warsaw. According to Polish data, only about
            174,000 people were left in the city, less than six per cent of the
            prewar population. Approximately 11,500 of the survivors were Jews.”

            I stand by my statement… 11,500 lives were saved through their heroic action… Not as impressive as 175k..

          • Initially the Germans marched int the Ghetto in company formation with four ranks. This made them an easy target. When the fighting got serious the Germans brought in tanks and crack SS troops. The Jews did not last much longer after that because their 200 rifles were totally inadequate to protect them.

            The NRA theory that brave guys wit rifles can stand up for long to a well equipped army is plainly silly. It only has currency in the US gun debate where the pro gun crowd is silly enough to believe it.

          • The Germans were arrogant and thought their adversaries would passively walk out the way you suggest.

            The 200 rifles made a difference, it saved lives, and the Second does MUCH more for America…

            If you are successful at disarming Americans we will be subjects in no time…. You really need to study this video.


          • Actually, the German army was highly disciplined, and it did not generally massacre or rape the civilians of occupied countries, unless they kept fighting after the truce, or were jews, gypsies, gays etc. They used the men for slave labor and to develoop resources that they needed.
            The truce was vital for both sides.
            Do you think Americans would be so heroic they would rather die than surrender? I don’t.
            So if I keep shooting at them, they may shoot you, and Who could argue that this would be a German crime? I broke the truce knowing what the reaction would be. That was the crime. Our army does the same as the Germans in that situation.

          • Tyrants and Dictators, exterminate all dissidents… This leaves only those willing to be slaves…

            Americans was born under the mantra..

            “Give me Liberty or Give me death…”
            Patrick Henry

            But the population does not value liberty the same way anymore… You are a perfect example of that.

          • The population of Britain was disarmed pre WWII, and even the police did not have weapons. However, they still managed to beat off a German invasion.
            Yes, Australia still has plenty of firearms again but they are in different hands now. Whoever have them now are certainly not committing the same kind of atrocities that used to happen regularly. The people there are very happy with this deal. The ultra Conservative Howard government that took the guns was re-elected twice, and the one that succeeded it adopted the same policy. It had to, or it would certainly have been defeated in the election. There have been no more massacre shootings there since the new laws. The NRA hates this Australian example because it shows that gun laws can work. They make up all kinds of lies about it.

            The difference here between Australia and the USA is that down under the people are not afraid like we are, and the great majority really sincerely do not want to own guns.

          • Ohh that was a good one. Cannot stop laughing. You really are a good comedian.

          • Did your mama have any children that survived?

          • Hahahahahahahaha. Another good one. You are so funny.

          • Are you stupid enough to think these childish insults are making your point, and not mine?

            Keep it up moron.

          • the numbers saved by guns every year out number the crimes they are used in by a factor of more than ten so you tell me.

          • “….numbers saved by guns every year out number….”

            NRA frog shit. It is impossible to gather that statistic. To many uncontrolled variables.

          • No moron FBI statistics, yes it is not possible to get exact numbers but you do not need exact numbers when the statistics are so clearly pointing to the FACTS but facts are something you dullards are not interested in hearing. You are all so predictable you all post the same crap blame it on the NRA ha ha ha you moron there are far more gun owners in the country than just those that belong to the NRA. The FACT is plain the numbers are correct far more people are saved by guns than harmed by them I am right you are wrong and it will always be that way. You are not even qualified to speak on this issue you know nothing about it all you do is spread the usual lies you are a lemming

          • Why is it that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun?

            This is not fear talking, it is fact.

          • I love the way you make fairy tales look like facts. You are hilarious.

          • Is it really that hard for you to comprehend things?

            The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun…

            Your anti second amendment laws do nothing to stop a bad guy with a gun…

        • You are correct, Occams goals are not attainable, he knows they are not attainable. This guy is only attempting to disarm so that others can more easily occupy.

          This is not fear talking it is reality. The gun laws they propose do nothing to solve the problem, they do everything to disarm law abiding citizens.

          • “The gun laws they propose do nothing to solve the problem, they do everything to disarm law abiding citizens.”

            That’s true. Gun laws cant make mad people sane again.
            Disarming law abiding citizens is highly desirable. It can’t be done, because we are too gun crazy, but it is still a desirable outcome.

          • So in your preferred country the public is guilty until proven innocent…

            That is not America… Suggest you find another country, there are plenty of them that will take away your freedoms…

          • Guilty of nothing but being stupid, and no one is suggesting that they be punished for that.

          • The punishment is the removal of ones right to protect themselves…

            Currently in America the Second Amendment protects my RIGHTS to keep and bear Arms….

            You are saying stupid people do not have any rights….. And you think you can be the judge of who is stupid…. And you find them guilty by association, and that aint America.

            I pray it never becomes true in America because if it does, that will be the end of America.

          • You can have your rights, but they do not include the right to shoot other people.

            Can’t you see yet that your guns are not protecting anyone?

          • I would agree with you, my right to keep and bear arms does not give me the right to murder others….

            In fact, none of us has a right to end another humans life unless it is in self defense. There are laws that cover murder…

            Your problem is that you vilify good honest law abiding human beings just because they exercise their rights to bear arms.

            I am not guilty of anything for owning a gun, I am not a murder because I own an AR15.

            The primary reason for the second amendment is to keep a balance between the Government and the people… Without the Second Amendment, our Country would be more like China, or North Korea. The People would not have liberty. We would be ruled by a dictator.

            Can’t you see that the citizens guns protect us all?

          • The primary reason for the second amendment was a great and realistic fear of the British coming back and executing all the traitors. There was not much difference between civilian and military fire arms then so it was a reasonable precaution.

            It was a reasonable fear too, because the British did come back.
            It is not reasonable now because the British will not be coming again and there is a huge difference between military and civilian fire arms.

            The way we keep our politicians in line is through elections. If you want to get rid of the ones we have now then you have to do it through elections. If you cannot do it that way you do not have a right to attack them with your guns. The Constitution did not provide for that. What about all the Americans who want things to be the way they are? Should the Constitution allow you to dominate them because they don’t have as many guns as you do? Is that what you think of as democracy and freedom.

            I think of it as an immature, unstable, chaotic society dominated by criminals. Who wants to live there?

          • Wrong…… PLEASE READ the SECOND AMENDMENT./…

            Amendment II

            A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

            The Primary reason for the Second Amendment IS that it is necessary for the security of a free State…. That means MAINTAINING a free state.

            Our elections are fixed…. The elites count the votes… The people have no clue who counts the votes. Do you? I mean REALLY????

            How about here in CA, apparently AP counts the votes… ALL the MEDIA reports were, AP has declared a winner…. Hillary…. Have you even questioned the results? If you want Hillary, probably not. If you want Bernie, you should be questioning the results.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
            decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

          • Well a free state means one that is not dominated by right wingers with guns. it is referring to national security – from the British.

            Elites do not count the votes in our Federal elections. Do you have any evidence for that. No one has declared hillary a winner, yet.

            Old Joe said a lot of stupid things.

          • What you talking about??? what “Domination” by right wingers with guns… I really get tired of the lefts lies about right wingers… It is really offending and bigoted.

            How do you know the elites are not counting the votes???? What evidence do you have??? Do you even know who actually IS counting the votes….

            The AP came out BEFORE the CA election and said “Hillary has won, she has the required delegates.” Those headlines were timely and affected the CA elections.

            How did the AP know? Did they Count the votes… Who Counted the Votes…

            I say it is the elites that have counted the votes, it is the elites that control the AP, and the elites chose Hillary, and didn’t even bother to count the votes… They simply manufactured the results they needed….

            Just like your theories, you manufacture the results you want…

            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

            Isn’t it amazing how many of these socialist/communists quote fit the elites actions these days????

          • OK. It is right wingers who want to keep their guns. To permit that would create a power imbalance between right wingers and left wingers. Would this still be a free country if those who disagree with you politically have firearms and you don’t?

            Do you even understand that it is logically impossible to prove a negative, and that it is quite wrong to demand that someone should do so in a debate? Google ” the Flying Spagetti Monster”. The onus is on the person making the claim to support it, preferably with evidence. You have no evidence about your vote counting claims, so they cannot be taken seriously. I have not heard them from anyone else, but then I am not informed by the same media as you are.

            It seems that you are keen to learn the propaganda tricks of the Stalinists. Sensible people ignore them because their tragic truth was confined to that ghastly regime. We don’t want to learn from those ass-holes.

            You think the fabricated propaganda yarns of the right are true because you want to believe them

          • there has ALWAYS been a power balance between right wingers and left wingers… You are delusional to think otherwise. The Left has nothing to fear from conservatives… It is the left who fear mongers and controls its minions with fear… Not the right.

            You have no right to take away my rights… PERIOD… And not the period that 0bama uses… because that is a fake period like 0bama.

            I do have evidence, about my vote fixing claims… Ample evidence. In Los Angeles County alone, the vote counters were forced to take 35,000 duplicate voters off the registration, and another 40,000 dead people… All were voting democrat.

            Are you saying just because someone can get away with it, as long as they cover their tracks, that it is ok? That is the ends justify the means, and that is the way of Alinsky…

          • I agree that there has been a balance between left and tight in the USA, but I think we are losing the sensible people in the middle now, so the divide is deeper. I can see is no reason why it should automatically stay balanced.

            Both sides make claims about vote fixing. It is a serious crime, but few get prosecuted, so i am inclined to believe the impact of it is very limited. Some people just cannot accept that so many voters do not think like they do, so they assume that it must be rigged.

            I don’t want to take your guns away. I think you are too unwell for that to be done to you. It would topple your gyro and crash your operating system. Who knows what would happen then?
            The illness must be treated first.

            I say that our justice system is predicated on the notion of innocence until proven guilty. Without evidence there was no crime. It may not be true in every case, but that is how it has to work.
            No, the ends do not justify the means. The normal rules of ethics apply to all. First you have to be a decent human being.

          • Left and Tight, interesting Freudian slip. It is interesting how the two groups view each other. Left and Right that is.

            Another person I have had contact with online said that the left was “Children of the enlightened” and the right was “Construers of Disparagement.”

            After a long conversation, I ended up agreeing with him, although my interpretation of the two terms is that the left are simply children, and the right are the parents in the room always telling them NO…. When viewing from a child’s eye, I can see how their parents would be construers of disparagement… The problem is that just being a child of the enlightened does not mean you are enlightened or smart.

            In this case, the anti gun laws that the politicians propose will do nothing to fix ANY of the stats or problems you see with guns. Those laws have been proven in CA to do nothing to improve gun violence, those laws punish honest law abiding citizens, and give POWER to the elites.. Ultimately, giving power to the elites will end up with the dictatorships and oppression that has always happened when the Government has too much power.

            In short, you are being offered something you want, but will never have. You can’t have it… Sorry for being the Construer of Disparagement.” This is like a parent pushing a kid down the candy isle in a store, when the kid is a diabetic and too innocent to know just how bad the candy is for him.

            Having said that, both political parties have been taken over by elites that divide to control. United we stand, divided we fall. The elites do not have our best interests in mind, they have control in mind. I think it is wrong to assume the elites are decent human beings… History says it is foolish to assume they are. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, all likable people before shape-shifting into monsters.

            Elites use polls to set our expectations. If I am correct, we will start to see the MEDIA spewing Poll data about how close the election is… Polls are not facts, they are samples, and those samples can and ARE manipulated to fit the persons desired results… So the MEDIA will set our expectations that the election will be too close to call. And the Elites will fix the election by injecting votes into corrupt precincts where they need it. Hillary will win 52% to 48%, but NONE of our votes will actually be counted.

            As for the rule of law, do you think it is being applied equally right now? How about the IRS scandal, was that applied equally? Would you think that if 400 black businesses were denied and one white business was denied that the IRS denied both blacks and whites and there was no descrimination?

          • Your strange responses make me think I must be dealing with a child mind, so I need to ask you a couple of questions.
            How old are you MAHB001?
            How old is planet Earth?
            Did you graduate from High School?

        • All your weapons just are not keeping the country safe now. Are they? They only work in NRA theory.

      • You feel free to be a VICTIM then I chose not to

        • …I chose not to..”

          Remember to tell that to the wannabee American hero, patriot with a gun aimed at you.

          He thinks he can shoot you because he has road rage, or you accidenhtally trespassed on his land.

          • That DOES NOT HAPPEN dimwit it only happens in your fantasy world where reality has no place. wow you are as dumb as a urinal cake chuckles. The FACT is the law abidding citizen PREVENTS CRIME AND PROTECTS other citizens INCLUDING police officers.
            MORE GUNS EQUALS LESS CRIME FACT!! All FBI and local police records proove this beyond a shadow of a doubt and just because you refuse to accept reality does not change that FACT. You can not win this argument with me, first off you do not have a clue what you are talking about second you have an irrational fear of a pile of steel parts and ignore that it is the person you should be blaming. Wow do you blame the car when someone gets hit by a drunk driver, do you blame the knife when someone gets stabbed. You are delusional you are a LIAR and you are weak minded and easy to manipulate. Give me an hour in the same room as you and I will make you think and say anything I want you too

          • Joe,
            You are living in a conservative fantasy world. Everyone outside that world knows that Law abiding citizens with guns are a huge danger to the public: much more so than criminals with guns, who mostly shoot each other or their customers. When foolish hero wannabees are around there will always be a gunfight that is impossible to control.

            There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever of a general case for gun enthusiasts protecting the opublic. There are no police or FBI studies proving that, but plenty of Coroner’s reports suggesting otherwise. Those guys don’t even protect themselves. The only thing theat they can hit fairly reliably is their own heads when they suicide due to manic depression.

            Of course the NRA does not have the support of all gun owners. That is irrelevant. The NRA has mounted a heavy and continuous publicity campaign for many years supporting private gun ownership in the interests of its donors, corporate and individual. In doing this, it has created a number of myths such as this “law abiding citizens with a gun prevent crime” myth. Those who love guns want this to be true because it fits with their heroic self image. How else are they ever going to demonstrate that they are better than anyone else? Many Americans have heard this publicity so many times that they believe them. That is all it is:belief, faith – no evidence, just like religion.

            Uneducated conservatives are not renowned for their critical thinking powers. If you doubt that, look at most of the ads placed on conservative media, including this web site. They are mostly get rich quick schemes where some con artist is looking for poor suckers to make him rich. I am sure that they work well.

            America is starting to wake up about guns. When they do, they will begin to think of gun owners as pathetic, little creeps who are desperately trying to prop up their profound inadequacies by brandishing a weapon. With this tool they can kill all those who are looking down on them. “That must make me a gig man! See, you are scared of me. I am better than you now”.

            In Australia, women will wave theri little finger at gun owners to show that they know that they have a small dick. Now that is a healthy attitude to gun ownership.

            Grow up and grow a pair!

          • Your protection doesnot seem to be working too well Joe.

            I do blame the person. People who think like you are far too unstable to be allowed to have guns. Most of these mass shooters are not criminals but nerdy, geeky, religious types who love guns.
            It is not irrational to fear a stupid person with a gun.
            Yout threats of violence only confirm your status as unfit to own a gun

          • you are a parnoid delusional coward guns have never killed anyone on their own you are uneducated and uninformed .You are malipulated by the media you are too lazy to research the facts and not smart enough to understand them that is why you are a liberal you meet all the qualifications. People like me save tens of thousands of lives every year with our guns ten times or more than are hurt by guns but facts do not seem to matter to you. And asshol3 show me a single post I ever made threatening violence against anyone you lying piece of chit. A liberal must be weak minded so they are easy to manipulate words from the mouth of hilary clinton herself who is very likely your hero juslt like the monkey in the whitehouse now. You are excused from this forum do not return without my permission you and the likes of you sicken me you do not deserve to live in my country

          • Dear Joe,

            Your patiernt, Occams has referred you diagnosis to me for a second opinion. I have reviewed your case notes, and I find insufficient evidence there to support your conclusions regardfing his mental state.

            I am of the opinion that he has spent too much time recently on a Conservative web sites trying to reason with people affliced by serious neuroses regarding the state of the USA. These people are so terrified that the country has had enough of their gun hysteria and will soon demand laws to deprive them of their firearms. Mr Occams seems to believe that these mentally unstable people, if confronted by such sensible new laws, will breakdown under the pressure and harm themselves or others. Occams seems to feel an obligation to help them, but he has found that to be impossible because they are beyond reason.

            To that extent I agree with your that Occams need some special care.
            he is your patient so I have refrained from treating him. However we did have a long talk in which I tried to remove his anxieties.
            I attempted to relieve his stress by reminding him that these right wing gun nuts make no useful contribution to this country so their deaths will be no loss. If they do ever take to their guns in an effort to save the country they will quickly be destroyed by our national guard troops. The young soldiers will not need tanks, artillery or attack helicopters to overcome thse pathetic old men with their toy “assault” rifles. A 50 cal machine gun mounted on a Hummer should do the job quite well. These aggressive fanatics will soon be turned into a bloody pooey smear on their carpet, and America will be a better place.

      • Gun grabbers like yourself attack law abiding citizens over the evil you must pretend that doesn’t exist…

        The ONLY reason you push the disarmament of Americans is to push a Socialists tyrannical regime….

        “One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”

        • No. The only reason I would like to have an America with unarmed citizens is so that my wife and children would be safer in the street.

          There is nothing even remotely socialist about gun control.

          I don’t favor better gun laws because there are too many trigger happy heroes here who would not be able to control themselves. I think that their madness would take hold and they would cause a civil war and a bloodbath. This country is very unstable because of our slack gun laws.

          Is Lenin your role model?

          • Lenin took advantage of an unarmed society.
            So did every other thug regime you can think of.

            Joesef Stalin

            In 1929, the Soviet Union
            established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable
            to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

            Ottoman Turkey

            In 1911, Turkey established
            gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend
            themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

            Adolf Hitler

            Germany established gun control in 1938 and from
            1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend
            themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

            Mao Tze Tung

            China established gun
            control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to
            defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

            Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From
            1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded
            up and exterminated.

            Idi Amin

            Uganda established gun control in 1970. From
            1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up
            and exterminated.

            Pol Pot

            Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From
            1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were
            rounded up and exterminated.

          • MAH,

            have you ever hear of: “post hoc ergo propter hoc”

            It is one of the logical fallacies. When you argue “this happened and then that happened”, it does not mean that this caused that.
            You have found some facts that appear to correlate but correlation is not causation. You will need to do much better than this if you want to argue with critical thinkers.
            In all your examples, one side was much stronger than the other, and the availability of personal firearms would have made no difference to the outcome.

            It would not make myuch difference in the modern USA either. Moderns wars are not won by small arms, or even by big arms. In the final analysis wars are won by the country that can keep fighting the longest. That usually means that the winner is the side that has the strongest economy and so can keep up the supply of men, weapons, ammunition, fuel, and food. None of the losers in your examples had a strong economy behind them. Sometimes the winner is the side that has the highest conviction and morale and can take the most damage and still keep fighting. That was how the North Vietnamese beat the USA.

            Most other countries have banned or controlled personal firearms in one way or another more than the USA.

            Again this looks to me loike one of those NRA myths. Do you have to be so gullible?

          • No, I have never heard of “post hoc ergo propter hoc.”

            It seems to be a way your handlers seem to be controlling you. Something that feeds your ego, yet does not allow you to come to a logical conclusion.. You seem unable to draw a line from cause to effect… Unable to accept the fact that history repeats itself unless we learn from history…

            Indeed, the way your controllers control you is via control of your thought process and decision making process.

            I would use that “critical” thinking you are so proud of to try to think your way out of your predicament.

            You are correct, in my example the one side was much stronger than the other, but your critical thinking stops there… How did the the tyrants get the overwhelming power? You go on to say that usually the victor is the one that holds on the longest… Ask yourself, why would a tyrant want an unarmed public? Why do you strive for the disarmament of the American public when all the data shows that it will not disarm the bad guys?

            “Most other countries have banned or controlled personal firearms in one way or another more than the USA, without suffering from genocide.” Which are “Most” of those countries,, start naming them… See if you can come close to the number that I have already listed… If you can’t your argument is not valid. Start using your critical thinking rather than spewing propaganda created for you.

            I think that it will have to be the elites that rebel against US gun enthusiasts, that will cause this civil war… 0bama and the elites do not have an army strong enough to fight the entire population of the United States… The US army as it stands right now will not turn its guns against its people…. But 0bama and the elites are working on this… Remember when 0bama called for a personal army?

            Unfortunately, you are correct, Americans are weaker because of the enemy within.

            I have no idea what you are talking about…. NRA myths… Suggest it is you who is being gullible.

          • Oh that one was really good. So funny, I hope you made a lot of money for that comedy act hahahahahahah

          • No. Post hoc ergo propter hoc.” is just elementary college debating. If you break this rule you lose the point you are trying to make.

            In this case you have not made the point that disarming a population causes genocide because you have failed to make any kind of reasonable connection between the two facts. There are many other possible (and historically more relevant) explanations for the outcome.

            This rule is also considered in defense in a court of law where it would usually uphold an objection.

            Your ignorance of it does not provide you with an exception.

          • OK, professor, give your MANY OTHER POSSIBLE explanations for the outcome….

            I have drawn excellent ties that show one of the first steps to a tyrannical government is disarming is citizens, and then the easy thing to prove is those that resist the tyranny are killed. In other terms genocide.

            Your turn….

          • That’s your job. You might try studying the Russian revolution, economic and religious influences, poverty and starvation, influencing new nation states of Europe emerging from feudalism in the early 20th century.

            Look, I understand that you are just repeating what you have learned from the gin lobby but it is all bullshit. What they have done is find every instance of genocide and attempt to tie it to the fact that certain governments were adopting reasonable policies to maintain law and order. You have made heroic presumptions about what might have been avoided through ubiquitous gun ownership in those countries. You should look at what happened in what is now Austria, Italy, and Germany during the Napoleonic wars and the formation of the nation states. There were lots of civil rebellions, and they mostly ended in crushing defeats by standing armies.

            Look, Sonny, of course a tyrannical government does not want to have to fight its citizens. Neither does a good democratic government. Civil war is simply wasteful and inefficient. Law and order is important to any government, good or bad.
            It is only the very dumbest conservative Americans who think that they can justify having an armed population in order to keep their own government in line. This is just a pathetic myth of the gun lobby that intelligent Americans ignore. And you say that I am being led and not capable of critical thinking! (pot, kettle, black) I am certainly not capable of thinking like you.

          • Wrong, I am not the one with that generated your hypothesis… You make statements like that you need to support them. I have done my analysis, and stated my position with its proof.

            In this specific case, the most logical conclusion IS that an disarmed public is a STEP towards a tyrant and genocide…. AND I have given multiple examples from HISTORY to prove my points…

            It is YOU who suggests that I am wrong, and provide no proof to support your suppositions…

            MY POINT is that our POLITICIANS KNOW that the gun laws they propose will do NOTHING to fix or change the carnage of evil people perpetuating violence on the US Population…. All you have to do is look to California, NY, Chicago, Detroit, and many other Liberal Gun law heavy states where these laws are in place, and the good people are disarmed, AND the violence continues……

            YET POLITICIANS continue to propose these laws anyway….. WHY????

            To disarm the public, to control the public, and set up a tyrannical controlling Government.

            That is WHAT HISTORY tells us…

            History also shows that people with good intentions, like you, have been used by these people with evil intensions to push their evil intensions without the good peoples knowledge… Stalin and Lenin called them useful idiots…

          • Yes it may be a small step in that direction. It is also a step towards a civilized peaceful society which all civilized people want to take as soon as possible.

          • So you are saying that North Korea, China, Cuba, and Communist Russia and their histories of killing hundreds of millions of dissidents, is the civilized peaceful society of which you crave?

            Then it will be very satisfying for you to see America fall to tyrants, because there will be hundreds of millions of casualties.

          • You might want to read about Nazi gun control with the 1938 German gun control act.
            The 1938 German Weapons Act, the precursor of the current weapons law, superseded the 1928 law. As under the 1928 law, citizens were required to have a permit to carry a firearm and a separate permit to acquire a firearm.

            But under the new law:
            Gun restriction laws applied only to handguns, not to long guns or ammunition. The 1938 revisions completely deregulated the acquisition and transfer of rifles and shotguns, as was the possession of ammunition.”
            The legal age at which guns could be purchased was lowered from 20 to 18.
            Permits were valid for three years, rather than one year.
            The groups of people who were exempt from the acquisition permit requirement expanded. Holders of annual hunting permits, government workers, and NSDAP (the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, aka the Nazi party) members were no longer subject to gun ownership restrictions. Prior to the 1938 law, only officials of the central government, the states, and employees of the German Reichsbahn Railways were exempted.

          • Nothing you said changes the fact that the Jews were completely disarmed and unable to protect themselves….

            So now you are a proponent of gun laws that Hitler took advantage of… Who is the fascist now?

          • Betterbob. Thanks for finding the relevant information. That neatly destroys the notion that the Nazis disarmed the German population in order to retain power. Even so, I don’t doubt that German Jews were still not permitted to have a gun. That enables these NRA nose-ring idiots to claim that the holocaust would have been avoided if only the Jews had their own guns.

            That is an incredibly big compliment to the Jews: To say that they could have stood up to the largest, most powerfully armed, and fanatically led military forces in the world, and would have been able to defeat them using only small arms. The Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto proved that they did indeed have the guts for such a fight: at least when they knew that the alternative was certain death in a camp. All the might of the Allies and Russians took five years to defeat the Nazis.
            Those Warsaw Jews were incredibly brave and strong, but we left them to fight alone, and of course they were all quickly killed. Would the result have been much different if we had previously given each of them an M16, a Colt 35, tons of ammo and a dozen grenades – for their own private use? I think not.

          • An excellent analysis of the situation. When you have an overwhelming force such as the Nazi’s that has been using propaganda techniques for years to vilify one group, blaming major national problems on that group, and allowing no dissenting voice, then the outcome is all but inevitable. The Jewish people in the Warsaw Ghetto knew that their cause was a lost cause but in spite of that in retrospect they achieved their objective. That objective was to make sure the World did not forget them and we haven’t. If anyone wants a group of people to admire and emulate, these are the people.

    • GodBlessRealAmerica!

      Crooked evil Hillary and her side kick wicked low energy Warren!!

  9. Why is this news? The leftist are all lying POS. That is whjat they do.

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael Dennewitz


      • No doubt about that they voted for O’mau mau twice and that is like
        after hitting the Iceberg the Titanic backed up and hit it again. Just
        look at the numb nuts that faint and fawn at the feet of Hildabeast
        a criminal record back from the first time she entered politics and
        was fired by the Democrats for her lying and deceitful ways.

        • “According
          to the Clinton Foundation’s website, the Clinton’s have received more
          than $85 million in donations from Islamic Gulf states and their
          monarchs. Following the money explains why and how much Hillary has been
          paid to lie about Islam. ”

          half of the $1.14 billion that the U.S. government allocated to help
          Haiti recover from the 2010 earthquake has gone to wasteful projects
          with the single largest chunk—$170.3 million—going to a failed port and
          power plant adventure heavily promoted by Bill Clinton and the State
          Department under the leadership of his beloved wife, Hillary. “We
          believe that our work here in Haiti and here in the north is beginning
          to show results.”
          former president, who has been heavily involved in distributing Haiti
          earthquake reconstruction funds, pushed hard for the power plant and
          port for an industrial park in northern Haiti. The Clinton-backed power
          and port venture is the biggest and most expensive failure mentioned in
          the report. An astounding $170.3 million later, it is years behind
          schedule, and lacks a qualified engineer. Hundreds of millions have
          been spent in Haiti with virtually no accountability. Yet three years
          later, news report after news report reveals that a large number of
          Haitians still live in deplorable, shanty town tent cities and an
          ongoing epidemic of cholera has claimed thousands of lives. Makes you
          wonder if someone is pocketing the money.”

          Clinton’s leadership, the State Department approved $165 billion worth
          of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments have given
          money to the Clinton Foundation, according to an IBTimes analysis of
          State Department and foundation data. American defense contractors also
          donated to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was secretary of
          state and in some cases made personal payments to Bill Clinton for
          speaking engagements. Such firms and their subsidiaries were listed as
          contractors in $163 billion worth of Pentagon-negotiated deals that were
          authorized by the Clinton State Department between 2009 and 2012”.

          Tip of the iceberg folks!!

          • What lies has Mrs Clinton ever told about Islam?

            Do you really think that the USA could fix all the problems in Haiti for just $170 million?

            All ex presidents charge for speaking engagements. That is how they ration their time. Price and demand.

            One of the duties of the Sec of State is to authiorize payments to contractors on foreign aid projects.

            Is that all you got?

          • LEMMING !!!!!

      • You’ve got that right, Michael!!!!


      • Yes, and they tend to vote conservative.

    • Perhaps it is just that the lefties are better educated, and so understand reality better than conservatives do.
      They really don’t care about your gun fantasies. They just want to be safe from peiople like you.

      They don’t threaten you. Step back, focus, and you will see that it is the other way around.

      • I dont have any gun fantasies, I dont own a gun.I just refuse to allow assholes to tell me what I can or cannot have. And they do threaten me with their bullshits regulations.

        • “I dont have any gun fantasies, I dont own a gun.”

          Bill, If that is so, then I apologize because I judged you wrongly. My bad.
          I am sure that you have heard this before but regard yourself as an exception.
          Governments represent the will of the majority. This often involves infringing on a citizen’s right to own certain things. It is necessary to find an appropriate balance between your rights and public safety.
          Not everyone is as sensible as you.
          I think this one is reasonable given that a gun is a tool for killing people.
          There are a lot of mad, but not bad, gun loving Americans out there.

          • Thank you. I think for gun control they should enact the death penalty for anyone using a gun in any crime. True rehabilitation. No repeat offenders.

          • That would work, for the criminals. But they are not really the main problem for public safety.

            Personally I think the USA executes too many people already. Our Justice system is really not accurate enough to support a death penalty. The rules of evidence can cause silly verdicts. Poverty counts. Lawyers count. Police professionalism counts. Appeals, Judges, etc.
            In my opinion, it has to work every time to support an irreversible penalty.

          • No they dont.

  10. Yet another reason why the American people trust the media even less than they trust Congress!

    • So they should. The media is only trying to make money from sensationalism. It is just what we expect them to do.
      Congress can be trusted to do what the majority party wants to do: not what you want it to do.

  11. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    If we give up our GUNS then they can control us cause we will have nothing to defend our selves.

  12. The main stream liberal media has NO credibility! I would never put my faith in this country’s news agencies, they are all about pushing the crazy left wing ideology, reporting the news via the facts is not what they exist for anymore.

  13. Unfortunately, the biased media and the liberal left are winning the gun battle. I purchased a new Smithfield 9mm in early january, worrying that soon I wouldn’t be able to buy one. I am in Florida, but grew up in Cali, where it is all now liberal left idiots. On the case that my new semi auto 9mm was in, on the side of the case, is a sticker that reads, “Not Legal in California”. What a joke. They have removed semi auto pistols in Cali already. Who’s next. Better get em now, and lots of ammo too.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I live in Orlando. I just added a Lugar 9mm to my collection, tho my favorite is my .357 mag. As the old saying goes: FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS! ! ??☺

  14. Why do gun people even lower themselves to talk to these liberal zombies, you are NOT going to change their minds in any way, so just stay away and don’t give them the opportunity to twist your words and lie, which is all they can do.
    They like being stupid and only stupid people listen to them !!!

    • If we don’t stand to speak the truth than who will? Those with doubts will then hear nothing but the lies of the liberals… Stand firm on the truth and shout it from the rooftops, let no one in your presence get away with telling their lies without your speaking up.

      • Better find out what the truth is first.

        • The truth is not difficult to understand unless you have sold your soul to the liberals accepting all their lies and promises….

          • “The truth is not difficult to understand ”
            Yes it is. If everything seems simple to you then perhaps you lack understanding. You must critically challenge everything you are told. Learn about logical analysis and the logical fallacies. Lies are all around us all the time: not only from politicians, but also from: marketing, the media, churches, interest groups, insurance companies, health foods, etc, etc. So its no use bleating about nasty politicians telling you lies. Just learn to recognize ignore, and adjust the teller’s credibility accordingly.
            In my experience liberals lie less because they tend to be more tolerant of contrary views. When they say things that you don’t believe are true, that is not lies. It is only lies when they believe it is not true.

          • {In my experience liberals lie less because they tend to be more tolerant of contrary views.}

            With that statement you are forever eliminated from being taken seriously by anyone other than the liberals that call themselves democrats….

          • I thought that I had replied to your comment before but I am mistaken because I can’t find it here….
            [In my experience liberals lie less because they tend to be more tolerant of contrary views. When they say things that you don’t believe are true, that is not lies. It is only lies when they believe it is not true.]
            With your statement here I can easily see there is no hope in your understanding logic…
            The absolute truth is: A lie is a lie whether you believe it as a lie or you believe it as being the truth. The absolute truth is the same for one people as for all peoples and all nations throughout the world.

  15. And to think that in my high-school journalism classes the instructors told me, back in the late 50’s, that good reporting meant giving the report according to the facts and without slanting it one way or another. Even then, the media were already giving their slant. My mom said back then that she believed the newspapers until they “quoted” her in an article according to their bias, instead of what she said. As we used to say when we were children, “Liar, liar! Your pants are on fire!” But this is their religion, to promote lies.

    Only the coming of our Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) will bring about the cleansing of all religion and all other lies from off the face of the earth. May it be soon and in our time, but even if we have to wait for a while after these mortal bodies are gone, He will come to help us all to “straighten up and fly RIGHT,” omein!

  16. I, for one, cannot understand what part of this phrase they don’t get—People kill people & kill animals—animals kill animals & will kill people, the gun, knife, car, sling shot, rock IS AN INANIMATE THING, THEY DON’T DO SHIT till some dumb ass picks them up & uses them for the wrong reason, left wing dummies & liberals. We are the last country to hold out on gun control, idiots had better look around @ the rest of the world, IT IS IN TOTAL DESTRUCT MODE, @ this time the fruit cake state & Hawaii want to start registering all guns, this is going to get interesting.

    • Most of the left are cowards who don’t want the responsibility of defending themselves or their families. They want their nanny to take care of that, but they also hate the police.

      • The best thing I can tell these bunch of dumb ass liberals, get their running shoes because when the SHTF they will ask for mercy, God might help them, I WILL NOT HAVE ANY MERCY ON THEM, dead people tell no tales, that or run & hope some of us do not catch them. I really do not want to go to another war & over here on top of that. This does not look good at all.

    • billdeserthills

      You cannot understand them, as these people are either seriously confused or just plain insane

      • Constant bathing their head in colon mucus can cause serious mental problems as well as lose of sight & hearing and when you add hard drugs W**O**W – – – BAT-DUNG-CRAZY….

      • I think Jarhead got it right, Bat-dung-crazy or insane they are ate up with stupidity, slam up with it.

  17. Remember, with liberals the end justifies the means, So lying is just part of their strategy to reach their end game, having the government seize all weapons. Then only the police and criminals would have weapons. The next step is to disarm the police so only criminals have guns. Liberals need shock therapy.

    • Bob….you are correct and for your latter comment (disarm the police) that only leaves to public at risk as there is no deterrence force on the streets against terrorism. AS for your comment (and I quote) “end justifies the means, So lying is just part of their strategy to reach their end game”. That smacks of some of the radical Islam ideology. Almost starts to sound like….heck, DOES sound like, the liberal left is becoming more of the problem!! Do you think they see it? Heck, no. Ignorance is truly bliss! In many years to come, the liberal left may start to see the light, but it may be too late!!!

    • Give them a job, that will shock them!

      • MidnightDStroyer

        That won’t work; they’ll just refuse the job so they can cheat the welfare system & get paid to NOT work. Merely offering them a job won’t shock them at all, because they know *exactly* how they intend to respond to it.

        Bear in mind that I’m not referring to those people who have confirmed physical problems that prevent them from working, only pointing out the “welfare kings & queens” who cheat the government out of OUR tax-monies.

  18. The media certainly is giving Trump their best shots, I sure hope they do not prevail !!!

    • They won’t but as an election officer do NOT use the computer to vote. Either an Absentee Ballot that you personally drop in the Ballot Box, or a paper ballot at the polling station. AND above all get the states to require IDs for voting, and my wish is that they must speak English, our language, if they want our privileges! Many have lived here for years from China, Vietnam, Mexico, El Salvador, and Mid-East and do not love this America enough to speak our language? Sorry, but you cannot understand our ballots or candidates without speaking/understanding our language. How do I know, because I learned multiple languages in order to get the nuance of those languages, which is why I am a multiple language election officer and it disgraces me and America to a to also waste our tax monies on printing everything in at least 7 languages here in CA, the home of the democrat idiocy!

  19. Come and try and take em and see what happens. These liberal loons starting with Obama and Hillary can and will be eliminated.

  20. Too many idiots in the world who know nothing about firearms! And guns don’t get up by themselves and kill people. What a moron!

  21. Just another Lie, but nothing new from this administration, LIE some more. This is the training from what the Administration does all the time. Ignore the libs. Control people VIA control Guns.

  22. michael schimanski

    This is the reason I no longer watch main stream T.V. at all . I get ALL my news from truthful media sources .

  23. william g munson

    those people don,t know anything about the rifles the M 16 is a 243 cab and most ar 15 is 223 I believe that is correct

    • Sorry, but you are wrong, both the M-16 and AR=15 use the same ammo, the 5.56 Nato /223 Remington round. Also the M-4, AR18, AR-180, Ruger Mini 14

  24. This is the reason I rarely watch anything on the TV. Everywhere the propaganda machine is churning and it sickens me. Even PBS is loaded with it. It sickens me to see the way the population is being treated like mushrooms. Kept in the dark and fed crap! We must elected better people to our elected offices. This bunch as nearly every level is condoning this BS. Enough is enough and we have to FIRE THEM ALL.

  25. Albert L Biele

    Real News is when a liberal tells the truth. Other than that, it’s all lies and deception. Liberals are so gullible that they actually believe their own lies, when told over and over again until they reach a point when they start to believe the lie to be true; like when Hillary said she was ducking bullets when she landed in Bosnia. She told that story convincingly, 8 times; before a reporter showed her a film of the event…In actuality, Hillary was greeted by 20 singing native girls and, NO BULLETS. And now she wants to be president because she’s a woman. God Help Us!

  26. There is a resaon why, the liberal dem bloodsuckers are AKA American Jihadists.
    Like their Muslim counterparts, they will tell any lie commit any theft to advance their ideology

  27. The “Media” needs to be totally replaced too … just like Obama, Lying Good for nothing “BASTARDS!!!!!!!”

  28. James in Texas

    No news here! Always remember, when a Lib/Dem/Socialist lip’s are moving, well, they are lying! The one known fact about gun control is that it is all about “people control”, and if and/or when we lose that God given right, we are no longer a free country, Period! Every nation that has been destroyed was first and foremost disarmed. Look it up, it’s all there in the history books.

  29. Any article or even televised report made by the Leftist Liberals is highly suspect
    as to the content of the interview. They will edit, twist and turn the meaning of
    the reply to suit their needs at light speed to confuse the issues and try to make
    their point. To people who are not familiar with weapons of any sort Civilians
    and or Military there is a difference. The caliber of the weapon is only part of
    the equation, training, whether automatic or single shot and ammunition used
    have to be considered also.

  30. I keep making this point with tthe liberal press. They distort virtually everything truthful into their own version of “truth”. This issue is so distorted it is nauseating.
    Only three mass shootings were done with the weapons the liberals seek to ban. All the others were done with other weapons. But the vast majority of shootings that go on daily were done withe illegal hand guns of many types. NO outlawing or changes in background checks is going to stop them. None of these weapons are in the hands of law abiding citizens. The bad guys could care less about any laws to stop them.

  31. The media not only lies to the public, they are also intellectually dishonest and lie to themselves! That makes it even worse, since they do not “desire” to know the truth. This happens to any nation that is dying from within. You first have to deny that the nation is sick! Then you must deny that there are “cures” for such a nation. These cures are what some call “non-traditional”, but they have occurred before in this very nation! These cures become real when men and women humble themselves before God and repent of their sin! At this point, America is mocking God with the LGBTQ community pushing their political and social agenda. Seems I read something about this happening before in places called Sodom and Gomorrah! These cities were destroyed by God because they failed to repent. They wanted their own way, and they were aggressive in obtaining it at the expense of others. That is happening right here, right now! Judgment may come in the form of fire, but it can also come in the form of water, and the massive floods are the worst ever recorded in this nation! Perhaps we should wake up and admit that this is greater than most realize. A great social and economic collapse is also immanent . . . but the media denies this also! After all, we need to make Obama’s Presidency a success! It has been anything but a success, but then it was built on lies, deception, fraud and treason! But the media refused to see it that way! They refused to see the truth! They will lose everything!

  32. I smell desperation! I REALLY do. The benign “let’s all feel fluffy” agenda is giving way to an Uber-Tantrum of bunch of immature BRATS who are NOT getting their way. Agenda 21 becomes Agenda 2030 because the PUSH-BACK is taking their LIES apart! The Global Warming Alarm Button has gone dead! Heil-lery COULD go to JAIL instead of the Whitehouse – it could happen. If I were a leftist COMMY I’d be – how you say… FREEEEKED OUT too!
    Coming and TAKING our guns would be utter and literal Suicide! There are less than 2.5 million operatives who MIGHT go door to door to take guns – that includes ALL of the NATIONAL and Local Police in this country, all of the U.S. Military and ALL of the 250,000 UN troops. Sounds like a lot – but it ain’t! Supposedly over 100 million Americans own guns. Supposedly there are over 400 million guns in this country (its amazing – if you believe the lies about crazy guns just going out and killing people – spontaneously – that more of us are not DEAD!). Many of us believe these stats are VERY conservative. So yeah! Come on and poke the Grizzly with your little stick – fools.
    Here’s a thought; since guns are so violent and inevitable killers all the anti-gun Dung Beetles need do is stay low and let us CRAZY law-abiding Wacko gun people destroy each other. Much safer for you…
    Of course that puts off your New World Feudal System a few centuries but then that’s Fabianism for you!

  33. Americans Wake Up

    Obama has proven that if a lie is told enough times it becomes truth to the masses. We need to hold the MSM accountable.

  34. Joseph Gobbells would have been envious of todays leftists media……They spin scheme, manupulate and distort facts for a POLITICAL agenda. The media is NOT a balance viewpoint like in the days of Chronkite, Severide, Murrow, etc….Today it is all paid political advertisement

    • Sorry, but the MSM is controlled in most countries and used to be the real flag of freedom in America, but not any more. Even in the early 1900’s people were noting how the MSM was lying and covering up criminals, politicians, etc. Probably knew this back before the Revolution as well!

  35. Is that a picture of Tyrant Grumble? I was wondering when he’d show his lying mug again.

    • He has, and has had a weekly show for years ‘inside Sports ‘.

      • Yes, I’ve had the misfortune of seeing him as I was channel surfing one day. Apparently, he got bored with spreading Commie propaganda on the Today Show, so he went to sports broadcasting, to spread it. I was just a bit surprised that his photo would be on a report about “perky” (she hates to be called that) Katy Couric’s propaganda show.

  36. THAT is what “progressive” LIBERALS do…LIE… To achieve “their” agenda. Hitlery, oscumbag and all the merry muslimes, infesting our so-called government, as well as the bought and paid for LAME STREAM MEDIA.

  37. charles johnston

    It amazes me that the general population still believes ANYTHING these propagandists say. The spin is everything. . . facts? Don’t bother me with facts, boy. Goebbels would be proud.

  38. The media feel as though they are the untouchable truth. To much protection given to them. They need to be held accountable no matter what and I bet after a few careers are ruin to no fault of their own they will get honest fast. They seem to have no honest standard at present.

    • Most MSM (radio/TV/newspapers/magazines) are foreign owned not only by Soros but many have muslim investors, so I don’t use any of this garbage to destroy my mind!

  39. I saw this show…BRAVO HBO!!

  40. Eleanore Whitaker

    There is a time and a place for everything under the sun. Guns have NO place in public places. This is not Dodge City USA.

    I’ll tell which idiots do all the lying…the paranoid gun nuts. Do tell..You are in the shower, your kids are in the rec room and your wife is in the laundry room when an attacker enters your home. Tell us…you going to run naked out of the shower for your gun?

    Better yet. You and your family are all sound asleep when an intruder sticks a gun in your face. You open your eyes to the butt of a rifle. How is your gun going to help you?

    What you idiot instigators are really hoping for is to have guns everywhere in schools, churches and on public streets so no one EVER doesn’t see you swaggering and drawling armed like Rambo. All you morons are really spoiling for is the right to be armed in public with military weapons so you can play act like GI Joe.

    Take your paranoid schizo routine to a shrink.

    • Dear Eleanor, look around because I believe your brain has deserted your head because there was no room for it with all your ignorance. May I suggest China, Europe, and Mexico for your new home and hope to God you have insurance to bury you wherever!

    • “This is not Dodge City USA.”……Gee Ellie, Arizona is an open carry state! How many gunfights “break out’ there, (excluding illegal drug dealers!)

      “Tell us…you going to run naked out of the shower for your gun?”….No, our “GUN FREE ZONE” signs will stop them.

      “Take your paranoid schizo routine to a shrink”…….”According to the FBI, one property crime happens every 3 seconds.
      Here is the most disturbing trend: although crime
      rates are going down, property crime rates are actually going up.

      38% of the assaults that are reported to law enforcement officials happen during the events of a home invasion.

      The percentage of rapes that occur because of a home invasion incident: 60%.

      Over 2 million homes will experience a home invasion at some point in time in the United States. That means 20% of Americans will become a victim of this crime.

      It is possible to buy a set of bump keys for less than $20 online and these will unlock 9 out of 10 doors in the United States without difficulty.

      No traditional lock is bump proof, but insurance companies regularly deny claims because there is no proof of forced entry to prove a crime was committed.

      The estimated number of household burglaries that occur every year: 3.8 million.

      7% of all household burglaries results in some form of a violent victimization.

      Rates of household burglary were generally lower for higher income households than lower income households.

      The most common type of home that experiences a home invasion is a mobile home.

      Offenders used an open door or window to gain unlawful entry in 17% of unoccupied residences..

    • If you think Bill Mahr is a self-important, smarmy, leftist twat, YOU ARE CORRECT!

      • Bill Maher is a god of rational thought …and F-ing hilarious!!

        • Check your meds stupidland and cut back on the POT….

          • Thanks jarhead, I’ll talk to my doctor about your suggestions. I’m pretty sure he won’t want me off my bp meds, and my pot comes in pill form as well, to treat onset glaucoma, arthritis pain in hips n spine as well as to balance my bi polar nature which runs wildly manic untreated. As the Rastafarians in the crowd will attest , marijuana is a ‘sacred plant’ with many health benefits including on a societal level, I can tell you that I understand why the AMA spends so much on propaganda and lobbyist legislation, because it works, because it could be grown in your garden …right there …between the garlic and the rosemary, two other potent healers. Hmmm…I bet the flow of disinformation is about money rather than the health of our people. The law should use a fogger with pot oil on those Trumptard protesters and instead of wasting uncooked eggs on the conned masses they’d break out a grill and cook ’em, and share, and sing “let there be peace on earth” , maybe even break out the loaves and fishes…”…and let it begin with me “.

          • Just don’t forget that POT is the gateway drug to the hard drugs……proven back in the 70’s………I believe Trump Security should receive a cash bonus for all broken bones given to Trump protesters……….and maybe while they recover they can wash off that colon mucus that blinds them & leaves them deaf?? Eggs sound good…..just add coffee & donuts….and remember as you travel thru life keep your eye upon the donut & not upon the hole!

  41. This country is being over-run by no-good, lying, liberals!!! Most of them will LIE when the truth would be a lot better!!!!!

    • A differing opinion, perspective or opinion does not make a lie. It takes various blooms to create a garden.

      • And you are a blooming TURD!

      • Nothing wrong with a different opinion or perspective, however, when the truth ends up on the editing floor to support an agenda, that’s deceptive, misleading and would constitute lying. That’s bull-$h*t journalism whether it comes from the Left or the Right.

        • I admit that I know nothing about guns. I never needed nor wanted to know, I have zero interest. My father took me hunting at age 6 and I cried when he shot the bunnies …I told our pastor on him. I have no idea why I watched this show brother. Explain for me why one would need a gun like this one to murder a dear. No pun but it seems like overkill and unfair and takes the sport out of one which is one of one sided offense anyway.

          • Having zero interest is your choice and I respect that.
            “I told our pastor on him”…, now that’s funny!
            First off…, this wouldn’t be a good choice of weapon for deer hunting IMHO. A 30/06, .308 or AR-10, would have a better ballistic coefficient round, and be far more humane. Although I’m not a hunter and purely shoot for the sport and recreation along with archery, Darts, Billiards and several other marksman type sports that require concentration & aiming. I’m strictly a paper target and clay pigeon killer…..
            I’ve eaten Elk, Deer, Buffalo and Moose and I will say, I really enjoyed the meat from these animals. You can immediately tell by the taste it’s extremely healthy, and the ultimate “free range” natural meat, compared to the drugged up genetically modified beef we get at the market. I won’t even go into the health related issues that are coming to light regarding eating chemically enhanced meat. I’m sure you’re familiar with the adage “you are what you eat”. I will however say that, if the need ever arose that I needed to hunt for survival to feed my family…., I would…, without hesitation. So far the need hasn’t come up & I have enough friends that hunt and gift their spoils of hunted meat with me. The AR-15 is a great design and a good firearm. Good home defense weapon. The Liberal politicians and MSM have so exaggerated and glorified this weapon…, it’s reached a point of absurdity. The above mentioned firearms are far more lethal, and pack a bigger punch from greater distances than the .223/5.56 AR-15. Just my 2 cents along with a bit of common sense.

  42. This is the kind of journalism that indoctrinate the young people in America. If we don’t speak out no one will. Unfortunately we really don’t have an acceptable alternative media that is strong enough to educate the young.

  43. Please watch the films by Curtis Bowers: Agenda Grinding America Down and Agenda 2 Masters of Deceit. This is important info!

  44. Here’s the truth! All firearms are assault weapons. The military models fire more bullets faster and are primarily used to kill or injure a human enemy. The civilian/ hunting/ sporting models were never designed or intended for that purpose. In countries that remove firearms from their citizens, there are just as many murders from weapons than in this country but there done with blunt or stabbing weapons. Like the baseball bat in the US the Cricket bat can serve the same purpose. If they spent our tax dollars on more meaningful persuits like protecting our constitutional right to bear arms and encouraging the use and responsibility of carrying firearms, we could achieve the same ends. A safer nation. Look at Chicago as a case in point. The liberal democratic socialist leaning politicians in that city followed the lead of the British and banned all firearms within city limits. Result, the gun deaths tripled in that city.Banning the weapon instead of dealing with the human psychology behind it’s use is backwards illogical thinking.

  45. Richard Trundle

    THIS IS VERY TRUE::::::::::::::

  46. NO news here. Everybody with common sense knows Obama and the Clintons are serial liars and thieves. They bought their ‘success’ with your taxes and our huge debt.

  47. Am I the only one that’s noticed most of this countries problems and ‘issues’ are the direct result of the media and a few rabid, fanatical liberals? The radical, fanatical liberals slobber out there complaint’s at the top of their screeching voices and the media fall all over themselves amplifyying it, lying and conducting very specific ‘polls’ that are heavily weighted in favor of their desired outcome. Then they present their ‘news’ as if the vast majority agrees. Which of course it doesn’t. But so many are led to believe that they become afraid to protest, afraid of being the only ones. Especially since the rabid,slobbering liberal lynch mobs will attack in force, shutting down any and all opposition by any means necessary. I find it very hard to believe that the vast majority of Americans, descendants of pioneers, cowboys, explorers, nation builders and generally tough as nails people are going to continue to roll over and let a bunch of limp wristed sissies, who’s only strength is in their ruthlessness and the volume of their harpy voices, continue to desecrate and destroy our beloved country. Where DID all the John Waynes go? Seriously, where are you. Please come back,we need you!!!

  48. The left or the media(same) does not know anything about firearms to even ask intelligent questions. the AR15 is a Simi auto only version of the M16. All parts are interchangeable but the trigger/sear mechanism. The fire the same round. Changing the AR15 trigger unit to that of the M16 is illegal unless you paid you fee to posess a full auto firearm.
    To me the AR is a better weapon for all but the trained. On full auto most will spray their ammo everywhere and hit nothing. Changing from full auto to three shot burst made a much more effective firearm for all but the highly trained.
    But non of this even matters. The don’t understand and don’t even want to. Its all about them wanting to control you because they think they are smarter and better than you because you think differently. You like and want to enjoy your freedom. They want us to play Mother may I.

  49. Hillaryoncrack

    Liberals lie. So what else is new? Until we start killing these dogs in the streets, nothing will change.

    • Hillary, Change is the only constant, inevitable thing in the universe, the only thing that we can count on. Change can’t be halted nor manipulated and it moves forward not backwards; this is why the vibrant living shoot the dead past clinging zombies in movies and books. Hillary, just an educated guess, I imagine that your car has an R, and no D. You’ve been flagged for being ugly and Donaldly dangerous, mentally unstable and violently closed minded.

      • Hillaryoncrack

        I don’t have a car, I have a truck. It has a stick shift. And I would bet that you could not solve that puzzle. And flagging doesn’t scare me.

  50. Got a better question for you, when don’t they LIE. Now if one of them told
    us the truth that would be news and scare the hell out of everyone.

  51. That is what media usually does with stuff related to firearms, they lie, wether via ignorance or intent, it matters not, they continue to lie.

  52. Either way, both would mow you down in a flash. Bam! Dead. Sad.

  53. This homo and lezbo Satan worshipping communist regime must disarm “US” so that they can have their way with us! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr======================?, you will be needing them – guaranteed! I say let the games begin! FUK THEM!

  54. StupidConservativeValues

    العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,FUCK CONSERVATIVESالعَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,vالعَرَبِية‎‎,vالعَرَبِية‎‎,vالعَرَبِية‎‎,vالعَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,vvvالعَرَبِية‎‎,vvالعَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,العَرَبِية‎‎,

  55. The liberals do not care if they are caught lieing. They just keep repeating it and their moronic hordes carry on what they have been given without fact checking

    • Conservatives have a whole network devoted to telling its audience lies to fabricate fascist FOX Reich wing agenda. Perfect zombie puppets.

  56. Roy Fredrichsen

    Truth is the first fatality in politics. Somehow it is O.K. to lie, cheat, or steal in order to be elected. We see it happening right before our eyes in todays campaigns,Any candidate that tells the truth is shunned by the media because it is not newsworthy.

  57. Every time someone declares themselves ANTI-GUN,their neighbors,should continually discus,that house as being”GUN FREE.”

  58. As with ACA, the ONLY way libs/Dems are going to SELL their ideology, their new regulations/laws, or reasons for more and more gun laws is: 100% LIE.

  59. Eugene Stoner was the designer of the M-16. The AR-15 is the civilian version of this rifle and functions slightly differently from the M-16 in that it does not have selective fire capability. It fires in semi-automatic mode only (One Trigger pull…One Shot).

  60. The real truth is that the bad guys will always have weapons,always.The gun takeaway from legal gun owners is just a very small part of whats out there.The gun takeaway sounds good,unless you are a person with average common sense,but,who said liberals have common sense.

  61. If a conservative chooses not to own a gun, he/she simply doesn’t buy one.
    If a liberal chooses not to own a gun, he/she works to make sure that no one else can get one.

  62. Years ago, we didn’t hear this anti-gun or socialistic rhetoric coming from the liberal media. The media reported all the news. How far they have fallen. Patrick Henry and Benjamin Franklin and others wrote and distributed their own political pamphlets over and above the news papers. In the last 10 years or so, the mantra of the liberal, left leaning Demorats as well as the media is strongly socialistic. I’m sick of the lies, the innuendos, the cover ups of the truth by the liberal media. Statistics mean nothing to them. Gun-free zones do nothing except ensure that there are guns. What next? Knife free zones?
    The Nazis in Germany used the media to spew their propaganda and grabbed children’s school curriculum, both swaying thought. Sound familiar? Saul Alinski is the current president’s primmer and Davis his mentor. But the socialist message resonates with a vast majority of our college and university students who just accept social, progressive crap since liberals have been their instructors for the latter part of their education. Now liberal policies are being taught to our kindergarteners. Bernie’s free stuff and Hitlery’s quiet rants and distortions resonate with some people.
    Freedom isn’t free folks! Our forefathers fought and died for this country as have generations of patriots ever since. This country needs a shake up but the liberal/progressive and establishment politicians want things to remain status quo so they can continue ruling this country and keep getting rich on the backs of the shrinking working class, destroying the desire to work and succeed by being handed everything. We, the American people, need to wake up and take back our country. Will it happen this election cycle? I hope so but time will tell.

  63. We have 300 million people in the US. We have had two incidents of mass shootings involving the AR-15. We have shootings in major cities by handguns almost daily. Somehow the liberals are spending a lot of time over very small odds that such a weapon will be used as a mass killing tool.Yet the real killing tools are not even under consideration. Of course, banning them is an impossibility. So we attack one insignificant weapons ban and feel we have done something wonderful. Never mind that we have to violate the Constitution to accomplish that “goal”. The mass killings will continue with a huge number of gun options for which nothing can be done. And somehow that is supposed to be logical. Somehow this is supposed to save all those lost lives. Meanwhile the psychiatry profession continues down a path of seeking a human cure but from the perspective of enhancing drugs that few ever really use.

  64. Again the media demonstrates they are nothing more than parasites selling stories short on fact/truth…

  65. People that know nothing about guns should STFU

  66. you got that right …guns aren’t dangerous people are dangerous …I’ve never seen a weapon shot anybody by it’s self with out someone behind it

  67. It’s not shocking that leftists lie, one lie upon another. Therefore, their lying shouldn’t even rate a headline.

    If and when a leftist departs momentarily from leftist lying dogma, and tells the truth, that occasion would demand a headline. But, don’t anyone hold his/her breath waiting for truth from leftists, the odds are it won’t happen.

  68. This is what liberals and their mouth pieces do. Can’t win in battle of ideas, then lie, fabricate, belittle and demonize. Typical, Anti-American garbage. ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, PMSNBC, CNN, NPR and other communist driven bilge.

  69. thomas robinson

    ASSAULT refers to an action. Any thing used to ASSAULT someone, ( is by nature an assault weapon ) be it rocks, bottles, bats, knives, guns, etc. Banning ASSAULT weapons means banning every thing on earth. The WORST of those ASSAULT weapons is in fact the democratic party and their followers, the main stream media. I ignore all there attempts to ban guns. It would be the end of the freedoms we enjoy as FREE Americans, for the second amendment protects all the rest.

  70. If they think that an AR is just as effective as an M16 then let’s send them to the front line with one so they can give us a demonstration.

  71. Doesn’t matter. Either one can shoot you very dead indeed. Blam! Dead! Sad ……………..

  72. LIEberals do LIE

  73. When will the lies end the, AR in AR-15 DOES NOT STAND FOR ASSAULT RIFLE. It stands for Armalite the company that first produced it ,it is NOT a damn machine gun and it is the exact same rifle as the mini-14 made by Ruger which they are prefectly fine with us having it just looks different. All these lies are based on cosmetic features which make ZERO difference in the lrthalit of a rifle. How the hell does a bayonet lug or a flash hider make the gun more dangerous how about a pistol grip, all pistols have those and I do not hear these lunatics babbling on about those. Maybe they would be happy if all AR rifles were painted pinks what a bunch of scumbag lying pieces of chit, NOT AN INCH WE WILL NOT GIVE AN INCH ON OUR 2nd amendment rights

  74. StupidConservativeValues


  75. GodBlessRealAmerica!

    Liberal lying MEDIA is alive and spreading the Democrackhead propaganda in America…incarcerate all the Liberal Media pundits

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