Anti-Gun Group Warns Women Against Concealed Carry

In Michigan, Republican Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill giving women an expedited route towards a concealed carry permit when threatened with domestic violence. Naturally, this brought the anti-gunners out of the woodwork. Heaven forbid we give women a chance to defend themselves properly in a situation that so often turns deadly. Let’s let them stay victims so we can use them as statistics.

That’s the viewpoint of Moms Demand Action, a Michael Bloomberg-funded group that has been at the forefront of the gun control movement for several years. MDA’s Kristen Moore took to the radio waves to let women know that by getting a gun, they would expose themselves to greater risks of “homicide, suicide, or an accidental shooting.”

Moore does not care for the new law, saying that it was moving Michigan in the “wrong direction.” She insisted that gun laws meant reduced crime, and that her group was pushing for more such laws in Michigan and elsewhere.

Keep Women Victims

It is probably naive to expect a group that exists solely to push for stricter gun laws to take any other stance, but wouldn’t you think that a group called “Moms” Demand Action would want to empower women? It’s striking how often liberals fight for laws that would reduce a woman’s ability to defend herself. One wonders if these imbeciles have ever been in fear for their lives. Have they ever been in a situation where they were outmatched, overpowered, and utterly at the mercy of an attacker? If so, did they learn anything?

Snyder’s bill was a step in the right direction for the women of Michigan. The gun is the great equalizer. Liberals only want to talk about domestic violence through their specific lens. If they can use it to criticize masculinity, reduce freedom, and pour more money into the government, they are more than happy to do so. If the conversation ever turns to the things women can do to shore up their own safety, though, they don’t want to hear about it. It shouldn’t be up to women, they say. Fair enough, maybe that’s true. But these people get so caught up in the “shoulds” of the world that they forget about reality.

The statistics used by groups like Moms Demand Action have been so thoroughly debunked that it’s embarrassing that they keep using them. Still, when you’re talking mostly to people who don’t follow the debate, you can get away with lying through your teeth. Honestly, they’re arguing that women shouldn’t get a concealed carry permit because it increases the risk of suicide? Of all the risks someone encounters on a daily basis, I’d argue that suicide is a fairly easy one to avoid. If you’re worried that you might commit suicide if you buy a gun, then you should probably seek help.

The full name of the group is Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Unfortunately, “sense” is exactly what their arguments lack.

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  1. Proud US vet/American

    This is as bad an excuse as Hillary’s, “What difference does it make now?” about the Benghazi killings.
    American women stand up and take your rights and tell Bloomberg to take a flying leap of a high cliff!
    Only YOU can protect yourself-no one can do it for you!

    • What is the best gun gun for a woman to use and should you take target shooting classes or those wher you are trained to shoot a sillouette?

      • Personally, a Ruger 380 semi auto will do very well as close range and has enough power to put the attacker down and she can keep control of the weapon easily. She would take a gun class and shoot her weapon so she knows how it feels and how to handle it. My daughter has one.

      • Proud US vet/American

        I trained my wife to carry a snub-nosed .357/38 cal revolver. Nice and light, but it can carry a “BIG” bang if you want it to. You train with the .38’s and carry the .357 mag’s when travelling or whenever else you are out. Paper plates with a blacked out center at 15 yards while standing, sitting, on your back and on your side, also prone(on your stomach). Practice these until you can put every round on the plate as fast as you can shoot, and this will be all you need. Practice at least once a week for 1 hour or two boxes of shells are used for 90 days, then go to once every two weeks same routine. Most people will tell you this is too much gun for a woman, I disagree 100%. This is for protection we are talking about, not plinking cans! You want to put the “creep” down and make sure he stays down, period! This is your #1 priority! No warning shot, no verbal warning, if you pull the gun out-use it and finish the job! WHO’S LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT? YOURS OR HIS?
        Happy shooting!
        MOLON LABE

      • The best gun? One she is comfortable shooting, if its not comfortable she wont carry or use it.

      • A compact 9mm with state-allowed capacity, concealed somewhere on her body with a suitable holster setup. Range practice is a must for women with limited shooting experience. A .38+P snubby revolver would be a 2nd choice, IMHO

    • I agree and since the great “restraining” order is as worthless as the paper it is written on to protect a woman from her violent stalker, she NEEDS a weapon to protect herself when he breaks down the door to beat the crap out of her or kill her. As for MOMs Demand action can so suck Bloomberg’s dick.

  2. Not only women but, men also, there is a criminal element that does not care who they attack for one reason or other.
    If a person can pass a background check, they should be issued a concealed carry permit. If more good citizens were carrying, a lot of the crime today would not happen. Criminals (and government) like unarmed citizens.

    Semper Fi

    • Better yet, as in Vermont, if a person is legally allowed to posses a firearm per federal legislation (not a convicted felon), he/she may carry a firearm concealed with no permit at all.

    • And that criminal element is growing exponentially… and they are armed! So, the Bloombergers must just want all the good people to just accept being victims while their money provides them with personal security services, or at tax payer (good people) expense.

  3. Re this Moms Demand Action, one could spend considerable time debunking their arguments. I have better ways to spend my time, so I will simply quote the last line on the above article, that with a brief comment being more than sufficient.

    “The full name of the group is Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in
    America. Unfortunately, “sense” is exactly what their arguments lack”. There is no real question concerning the validity of that criticism.


  4. This liberal idiot, Kristen Moore took to the radio waves to let women know that by getting a gun, they would expose themselves to greater risks of “homicide, suicide, or an accidental shooting.”….Speak for yourself…..May YOU would be at a greater risk, but not a conservative woman who understands that training in the use and carrying a weapon will put them at a far better advantage to those predators who put them in danger…Get new parts for your liberal head

    • Moore must be related to Michael Moore. Back in the 1960s when Gloria Steinem and the rest of the Feminazies talked about empowering women, they would have supported moving women to the front of the line to get permits and protecting themselves. Like all such movements, over time they evolve to become something the founders of the movement would never recognize. That’s why we need to stop this nonsense and get back to the Constitution (which our Founders would not be able to recognize in our government and society today).

    • It’s beyond crazy for libtards to think an armed, well-trained woman should not be allowed to cc. Liberalism is a mental illness, especially regarding guns.

  5. I really wonder if “Moms Demand Action”actually is “Moms” or Feminazies? Do they actually believe their own propaganda, or are they like Dianne Feinstein? DiFi is totally against guns, concealed carry, and armed guards. UNLESS IT IS HER GUNS, HER CONCEALED CARRY PERMITS, AND HER ARMED GUARDS! She might allow Bloomberg. some liberal lamestream propagandists, and moms demand action to sneak in on her hypocrisy. But If they were held to the same standard as the general public, how long would it take to become staunch Secon Amendment supporters???

  6. I would recommend any female to not only practice with a weapon, but have fun doing so.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      No one has the right to take advantage of ANY female. I’d love to see a woman pull a gun on some crazed thug!! :-))

  7. As a retired Law Enforcement Officer, I have carried a gun 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since 1980. Still do. Always will. Statistics and history PROVE that an armed citizenry discourages crimes of all kinds, and armed women lower rape statistics to nearly ZERO. A Florida county that was plagued by serial rapists, began promoting concealed carry for women, and women responded by the thousands. Within 6 months, the rape incidents had all but disappeared. I am a STRONG supporter of self-defense for all Law-Abiding Americans, especially women. NEVER give up your right to be armed!

  8. I would love to see that mental midget Bloomberg come to my town with that setiment about women carrying!! Hell we need to protect ourselves from idiots like Bloomberg and his followers of brain dead morons!

  9. Stupid is as stupid does. How insulting to women that this group thinks they are going to commit suicide or hurt themselves just because they chose to defend themselves. The left wants victims for fundraising, not independent woman who can defend themselves.

    • Statistics prove it, Those that have the right to carry are more safe in almost all American Cities, where high Crimes are most frequently committed. we live in a metropolitan area altho some distance from the high crime area and have taken necessary precautions for home and vehicle defense while traveling, and have had no problems so far. It is a very reassuring feeling though to know that WE have the necessary tools to protect ourselves in nearly every situation, we have or may be faced with! It gives us more confidence when having to go into places where WE, such a happening could or might easily occur.

  10. Is Bloomberg a closet rapist? And afraid of the consequences? GOOD!

  11. If ya conceal carry, be prepared to USE IT, or the thug gets a new “wealth distribution” tool.

  12. MOMS DEMAND need to be in the home cooking,cleaning and caring for children.NOT OUT BEING PUPPETS FOR A PAIRINOID BILLIONAIRE WHO HAS ARMED SECURITY 24/7 If BLOOMBERG is so worried about GUNS he should SET AN EXAMPLE AND HAVE HIS SECURITY GUARDS GET RID OF THEIR GUNS they do not need them Guns don’t protect you GUN FREE SAFE ZONES DO or so says BLOOMBERG.!!

  13. Because it all about controlling your lives. Not about personal choice.

  14. “Gun Control” is a fanaticism that combines the worst elements of the Maginot Line with Gresham’s Law

  15. If they let the punishment fit the crime. We would not have to listen to all this garbage from these idiots anyway. They are in fact the root of the problem. (Oh bad man you kill a baby your going to jail for 20 years. No make that 4 years because you were a model prisoner. That and your frequent incarceration points maybe 2 years till we turn you back on the public again.)

  16. I almost think restraining orders should include a temporary concealed handgun permit (that could be renewed by the sheriff if the person didn’t get an official carry permit) provided the person isn’t prohibited.

  17. Note to women who carry-NOT IN YOUR PURSE! That’s the first thing an attacker will grab, leaving you defenseless. Find the best method to cc on your body.

    • A woman that is “carrying”, is likely more alert mentally to that scenario and favoring her purse/pocketbook. An excellent spin off of the “carry” scenario is being more mentally alert and analyzing potential scenarios in advance, so as to, in many cases, avoid them.

  18. My husband has guns for protection. He & my adult daughter have Glocks but I have very weak muscles & wrist strength due to disability. The only hand gun I can pull the slide back on is his Smith & Wesson or a shotgun. Of course, in real life I’m sure the adrenaline rush would give me strength. I have bigger hands than my husband & the Glock he has just doesn’t fit my hand well. Relatively recently a woman was shot to death by her husband while she spent 11 minutes on the phone with 911. If she had a gun, she could have killed him 1st. He was high on pot & other drugs & alcohol. There were children in the home, as well.

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