Anti-Gun Group Warns Women Against Concealed Carry

In Michigan, Republican Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill giving women an expedited route towards a concealed carry permit when threatened with domestic violence. Naturally, this brought the anti-gunners out of the woodwork. Heaven forbid we give women a chance to defend themselves properly in a situation that so often turns deadly. Let’s let them stay victims so we can use them as statistics.

That’s the viewpoint of Moms Demand Action, a Michael Bloomberg-funded group that has been at the forefront of the gun control movement for several years. MDA’s Kristen Moore took to the radio waves to let women know that by getting a gun, they would expose themselves to greater risks of “homicide, suicide, or an accidental shooting.”

Moore does not care for the new law, saying that it was moving Michigan in the “wrong direction.” She insisted that gun laws meant reduced crime, and that her group was pushing for more such laws in Michigan and elsewhere.

Keep Women Victims

It is probably naive to expect a group that exists solely to push for stricter gun laws to take any other stance, but wouldn’t you think that a group called “Moms” Demand Action would want to empower women? It’s striking how often liberals fight for laws that would reduce a woman’s ability to defend herself. One wonders if these imbeciles have ever been in fear for their lives. Have they ever been in a situation where they were outmatched, overpowered, and utterly at the mercy of an attacker? If so, did they learn anything?

Snyder’s bill was a step in the right direction for the women of Michigan. The gun is the great equalizer. Liberals only want to talk about domestic violence through their specific lens. If they can use it to criticize masculinity, reduce freedom, and pour more money into the government, they are more than happy to do so. If the conversation ever turns to the things women can do to shore up their own safety, though, they don’t want to hear about it. It shouldn’t be up to women, they say. Fair enough, maybe that’s true. But these people get so caught up in the “shoulds” of the world that they forget about reality.

The statistics used by groups like Moms Demand Action have been so thoroughly debunked that it’s embarrassing that they keep using them. Still, when you’re talking mostly to people who don’t follow the debate, you can get away with lying through your teeth. Honestly, they’re arguing that women shouldn’t get a concealed carry permit because it increases the risk of suicide? Of all the risks someone encounters on a daily basis, I’d argue that suicide is a fairly easy one to avoid. If you’re worried that you might commit suicide if you buy a gun, then you should probably seek help.

The full name of the group is Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Unfortunately, “sense” is exactly what their arguments lack.

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