Anthem Disrespect Spreading Like an Infection

As regrettable as it may be, it’s an undeniable fact of American life that kids idolize, and make role models out of, professional sports superstars. Now, we can argue about whether or not Colin Kaepernick is really a “superstar,” but he is obviously a role model. On Friday, several high schools across the nation had their football games marred by students following in Kaepernick’s footsteps and kneeling for the national anthem.

Lincoln Southeast High School in Nebraska, Waggener High in Louisville, and Maury High in Norfolk, Va. were just three of the places where high school athletes chose to disrespect the flag.

“Our school system has said, we’re of the belief, we let our guys do what they believe in,” Coach Chris Fraser of Maury High said. “And so we didn’t make an issue of it, and if they believe in a cause, that’s fine.”

Right. It’s just “fine” for American high school students to believe in the “cause” of hating everything that the country stands for. Just fine for young men and women to go out into the world with a twisted view of the United States. To believe that entire races are being “oppressed” by racist, murdering white police officers. Hey, as long as they’re having a good time, right? Yeah, nothing to worry about at all. Now, if they start talking about building a wall or anything crazy like that, we’ll have to crack down.

Now obviously, the act of kneeling during the national anthem is, by itself, meaningless. It’s just a gesture, and it’s just a fad. No one will be talking about Colin Kaepernick a year from now.

But the deeper problem is what’s being taught to our young people today about the ills of America. The ills of today and the ills of yesterday. These kids are being indoctrinated by the media and by the education system to despise this country and to hate everything about its founding. This message will have grave consequences for their own happiness in life, and it could have disastrous consequences for the United States as a whole.

At no time from 1776 to 2016 did anyone believe that America was perfect. No one, liberal or conservative, has ever suggested that there aren’t things we could improve upon. No one of any mainstream importance has ever tried to pretend that our history (or our present) is unblemished.

But until recently, we knew that despite those imperfections, we were privileged to live in the greatest country that ever existed. We agreed that despite our political differences, the fundamental strength of the U.S. was secure: As long as our liberty remained unharmed, America remained unharmed.

Our ultimate downfall may not come from an outside enemy or an economic collapse.

It may come about through a generation of Americans who have, when it comes down to it, forgotten how good they have it.


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  1. This author is absolutely correct. If I coached one of these high school teams all my players would stand at attention with their hands over their hearts. I would have them recite the pledge of allegiance as well as a team prayer before each game. If a kid had a problem with that policy I would sit him down and discuss the basis of his problem. It would be during that discussion I would set him straight regarding this nation, our anthem and our flag. Yes our nation has never been perfect or risen to the high standards set by our Constitution but we had been evolving towards that end until we started electing idiots like Clinton, Bush and Obama to the Presidency.

    • Been longer than that! But at least two terms is the limit……wish that was the case for congress as well…..or one for the senate and two in the house. And at least three quarters of every year they “serve” is spent in their districts.

      • thats what the constitution says. Come in do what needs to be done and go back to your job until some thing else has to be done. it was never meant to be a full time job.

      • Two terns can be, if the citizen stop playing around and demand change! The Texas Governor has called for a Constitution Convention where Amendments could be added to force congress, and president and the supreme court to work according the constitution, but no other Governor has join him in that call.

    • If you coached a High School Team and made them sit for a Team Prayer, you would be fired. A team prayer violates the constitution.

      Its idiots like you who use the constitution to justify what you believe to be good behavior and all the while have NO CLUE what the constitution stands for and says.

      It is the Constitution that gives these players the RIGHT to do just what they are doing.

      • Up yours Jimmy. If the people of this country insisted on living a certain way nothing and no one in this pathetic government could stop them. You should read the Constitution yourself as it has been misinterpreted by people like you for a long time. The Constitution has nothing to do with what these players are doing.

      • You are correct! I have no problem with the constitution, however there is something called respect, respect for the dead & maimed service members, black white & every color. For the dead bodes arriving in their coffins draped with the American flag. These spoiled brats aren’t thinking about the the families who lost sons,daughters, (any family member) & friends that put their life on the line so these snow flakes can protest. the flag & national anthem Who is going to respect these athletes years from now? Certainly not me. I’ll respect my son the proud Marine. I’ll respect the little old WW2 vet who still stands up for the flag & is proud. Every generation of my family, every one, back to the American Revolution has served in the United States Military, to include WW1, 2, Korea, VN Panama, Iraq. I’ll respect that, I’ll respect “Old Glory” waving in the wind.
        Blanche, USA, MSG.

        • Thank you, Blanche, for talking about respect.

          Seems these days, the idiot children have heroes like Michael Brown who was killed while trying to murder a policeman, having just beaten a store clerk when Brown robbed the store; or Freddie Grey, a dope dealer — who’d left the hospital against his doctor’s orders just days after having critical neck surgery — and was arrested for selling drugs.

          The real heroes? You can easily recognize them. They wear uniforms, not of a football team, but of this nation’s military.

        • Dumbass, those people fought and died protecting THE SAME FREEDOMS HE IS EXERCISING. They died SO HE COULD protest

        • God Bless you Blanche! Thank you for your service and you are spot on. My family also has served since the Revolution! Our Military is what’s made our country great!

      • “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…

        Our Constitution established limitations on the government and the establishment clause is one of those limitations. If the people want to exercise their Constitutional right to school prayer the government shouldn’t be able to stop them but they can’t mandate prayer. I’m far more of a Constitutional law professor than the fraud in the White House and my school records have never been sealed to conceal the truth. Read the federal cases relating to this issue and you’ll discover this issue will never be entirely resolved. So once again I say if a group of kids want to pray before or after a game no government agency can prevent them from doing so. Further, the issue of football players disrespecting our anthem to side with a bunch of anarchist losers marching around telling lies about the police has nothing to do with the first amendment. These people are employees and the issue has everything to do with employment law and who makes the rules. If the owners of pro teams decided there would no no sitting during the anthem the players would have to comply or face the possibility of being fired. No Constitutional right would save their jobs. More importantly no one cares what you or I think about anything since no one of importance ever reads these posts.

        • Maybe you’re not quite smart enough to follow the conversation. He said if he was the coach he would lead the team in prayer. As coach he is an employee of the school. The school is a public entity funded by tax dollars and supported by the State. When he acts as the coach he is actin on behalf of the state. You think you you know constitutional law, but you’re really quite stupid

      • Actually, many private schools are organized along their choice of a religious faith — where there is NO such violation that you allude to. But, of course, you simply assume that the individual was referring to public schools in liberal states (where the only acceptable religion is Islam, right?)

        Your supposition of a separation of church and state presupposes a knowledge of history. Of course, that kind of education can’t be found in the talking points your masters give you to regurgitate.

      • Tell me where in the constitution does it say that team prayer violates the constitution? If there are players who do not wish to participate they do not have to. But, to say it violates the constitution, that’s not the it says.


      You left out Carter & LBJ

  2. Ignorance abounds.

  3. Ignorance breeds ignorance. That’s what keeps some of the youth here in the United States from being successful, they have few respectable people to look up to. They jump on the band wagon of derelicts like Michael Brown. The 49’ers QB is the most recent athlete to show disrespect of our flag and our anthem.
    Even our President made the comment he thought we should change our National Anthem. He promised change and the last 8 years has seen us become an embarrassment world wide.
    And folks, Hillary will continue Obama’s policies.

    • I wouldn’t use that term “our president ” too loosely! He (it) damned sure isn’t my prez. ?

      • MINE EITHER.

        • He’s Georgi Soros “Th’ King O’ th’ Joozs’ ” President. A Total Manchurian Candidate PRETENDER. “Obama’s “Presidency” will go down in future History Books, as “The Greatest HOAX In The History Of The World”!! Look for Soros to Reveal this Fact, Before too Long, so he can Die Laughing!


            That bastard can’t die quick enough for me or the world for that matter

          • Christian_Patriot7

            A sniper would hurry that along.

          • Climb back in that basket with mr2bears

          • NO!, NO!, NO!…Use anything but a Gun. A 12 year old Muslim girl wearing a “Full Burka and a Suicide Vest” under it giving him (or Killery) a tight body hug would be preferable. Whatever you do, DO NOT use a Gun!

          • You are right. The vest would be perfect!

          • Rev. Walking Turtle

            Yeah, sure might. With repercussions to follow or I’ll eat my (utterly deplorable) Funny Hat.

            Question, Beloved: What ever happened to the (once) well-recognized Lawful arrest, orderly trial and jury-onviction model in America? All I see is comments about snipers, wood=chippers, industrial grinders and the like. But bullets, chippers and grinders all spill blood. Please be informed that the Luciferian mucky-mucks at the very heart of our common problem simply DOTE on that stench. To them, it is HOLY!

            Let’s not lend ANY aid nor comfoert to that common foe, shall we? (Just sayin’…)

            But quick-drop hanging, done Lawfully and aright, simultaneously severs the spinal cord and cuts off the breath plus the blood to the brain. This triple action produces instant death with nary a drop of blood spilled. Superior, really, isn’t it? Or has everyone given up on the LAW?

            On YouTube: Search for “Pierrepoint” by Masterpiece Theater. PLEASE do it!

            Just sayin’. You convict ’em – Yours Truly shall hang them on receoipt of Lawful writ. Until then, I defend my own home. And that is all. 0{:-|o[

          • The problem is he has 2(?) sons that believe just as he does and will carry on his legacy.

          • You weren’t happy enough hating Soros and Obama which many of us join in that sentiment, but you had to take a whack at an entire religion.

            That part confirms your low intellect.

          • Tell it to the Rabbi! I am Jewish!

          • Shalom!!?

          • Shalom to you! Michael. My Grandfathers name was Hoffmann!

          • God Bless Israel and pray Obama’s nuclear deal and billions do not take anymore innocent lives!

          • Keep your Greenhorn Newbie 424 Up-Votes Opinion to Yourself!

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • Stick yer Fevered Brow in a Snow bank, an’ Chill! Leave it there till yer Ragin’Libb-Fever abates and you’re Sane again! If you Ever have been Sane! Wanna Try me Again AK Granny?

          • ..Name calling is childish.

            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • Cut “n Paste. You’ve Hit me with that Nugget of ?Wisdom at least 10 times! Get a Life, Learn something New!

          • You are not worth the effort.

          • And You, Your Grace , are??

          • That’s your “Modus Operandi” . Why not? How about calling you ‘Pastie Girl’??

          • Hey Cut ‘N Paste AK Lizzard! Take yer own Advice!

          • Name calling is childish.

            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • Hey gang, That’s what the useful idiot says whenever it is trapped by facts.

          • Yeah, and you’re Brilliant,” Look at Truthie Boy, He’s Shining!!” Newbie!

          • No, but you are wallowing in lies.

          • I got somethin’ ya kin “Waller” In/With!

          • “Why do you tell this Lie??”

          • Even the Jews don’t claim him. His birth country, Hungary, refuses to recognize him because of his evilness and dessecration of family and religion. No Soros and he will die all alone with nothing but vultures surrounding his bedside – perhaps hastening his departure.

            Remember, what you send out to the Universe comes back tenfold. Soros’ sorrows will never leave his side through eternity — hope he chokes on all of it!

          • Soros maybe jewish but he said the best time in his life was when he went around with his farther confiiscating jewish properties for the NAZIS!

          • His father saved Soros’ life, by paying the Hungarian Minister of Agriculture to claim the boy was his grandson. The Nazis ordered the Minister to inventory estates of Jews who had fled. He took Soros with him to do that inventory.

          • And then he sold his father and mother to the Natzis so he could get even more money. He learned “greed” very early in life.

            If he loved turning in his Jewish neighbors with his Father, then why’d he turn in his parents? My guess is he didn’t want to share the loot they found because he wanted ALL the money, etc. for himself. He is even more selfish and power hungry now in his mid eighties and has destroyed countries and their people to add more $$ to his billions of dollars!

            Soros is hated by millions. It’s amazing he’s still walking around instead of pushing up the ground.

          • A sick, disturbed person.

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Why are you ignorant?

            Why are you a fool?

            Why are you a Liberal poshit!

            Why do you stink up the boards?

            Why don’y you play with you’re Crooked lying Hillary blow up doll?

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • If you want to get rid of aklady or any other TROLL (a new WEB game “sick twisted losers” play on websites to incite HATE and ANGER in the bloggers), just click the small down arrow next to their names and then click “BLOCK” on the down menu. They will disappear for awhile. But when they return (and they will like the cockroaches they are), you will already know the drill. Click, Block, POOF, gone!

            FYI: TROLLS don’t care about the subject you are commenting about! They will take the exact opposite side and say nasty demeaning comments to make you angry. They keep doing this as long as you keep commenting back to them…nastier and uglier. So to get rid of them permanently, do the Block thing. Tell others how to do it too so eventually all the TROLLS will be inciting HATE and Anger at themselves!!!

          • It was not his father that he went around with, it was a Nazi that took him under his wing, do your research.

          • You are correct. It wasn’t his father but another Nazi that he patrolled with looking for Jews, because he had already turned in his Mother and Father to the Nazis.

            Believe me I have done the research! Someone else said it was his father, but from all my research it was always another Nazi, no father.

            In fact, I’m so tired of reading about that demon man I could puke. But if someone doesn’t do the research and get the WORD out so everyone else knows who the real CRIMINAL is, who will? If he was a medium bad guy, you could let it lay, but he is an ultimate bad guy and the World needs to know what he is doing…most of all ALL Americans so they can kick that snake to the curb and cut off its head.

            Thanks for your input. Every bit of info about that snake is important so we can get rid of him — even if it makes me puke.

          • Soros has 5 children that seem to be following in his footsteps.

          • Great! Let’s hope none of them are as evil and egocentric as that snake!

            Do you know his wife’s name? Would like to research info abt her, if possible. Do you know what his children do for a living or are they just extensions of their father and his billions of dollars?

            Thanks for the help on this guy. You seem to be the only one with knowledge abt him.

          • Too much to post. Just google – Soro’s wife or Soro’s children. Interesting and his son’s are following in his foot steps.

          • Thanks jaybird. I should have thought of that…duh. Not too surprising his sons are just like their dad. America needs to stay alert with that family around, that’s for sure!

          • You are welcome! A tidbit-Soros is on 3rd wife 1/2 his age.

          • Do you think it was love? Probably “love” of his $$. At 86, there isn’t much sexyness left! Money buys lots of things including young pretty “gold digger” wives!

          • You got that right!

          • Which means he may be a jew born but not a Jew practicing his faith. A big difference and you can compare it to Kaine, Pelosi and others who claim they are Catholics but are nothing of the kind but traitors to America.

          • yes, he’s a real pos, I too am surprised it’s still walken around.

          • That was not his father, it was a Nazi that took him under his wing.

          • It was not his father, a Nazi took him under his wing at a early age and took Jewish property. He has 5 children that seem to be following in his footsteps.

          • Soros did nothing evil.
            He was a 13 year old boy.
            He was hid with the Hungarian Minister of Agriculture.

          • The word is “HIDDEN”, miss know it all.

          • hid
            the past tense and a past participle of hide.
            (Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014)

          • He was hidden(a verb) by his father with the Hungarian Minister of Agriculture.

          • hide1


            v. hid, hid•den hid, hid•ing, v.t.

            1. to conceal from sight; prevent from being seen or discovered.

            2. to obstruct the view of; cover up: The sun was hidden by the clouds.

            3. to conceal from knowledge or exposure; keep secret: to hide one’s feelings.


            4. to conceal oneself; lie concealed: I hid in the closet.

            5. hide out, to go into or remain in hiding.


            6. Brit. blind (def. 24).

          • Omg, you are as sick as he is, I’m going to jump out here on a limb and must you must be in Alaska, and you sure ain’t no lady, you must have had your head stuck in an iceberg, you are one dingy broad

          • I think the shithead is from Arkansas. That would explain a lot about being pro Clinton.

          • They sure like the University he built for them.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Hillary is a liar!

          • You and she make a very good match.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Crooked Hillary is your Liberal GOD you love Liars, and cheats, and Hillary!!

          • Yet another copyright viiolation.

          • I like to think of Hildy as “the virgin queen”. Now that she is in the throws of post-menopausal depression and irreversible damage to the hippocampus, she just might be the “virgin frog, that croaked”.

          • Good old George Soros, adopted whipping boy of the right wing nut sector, serves a very vital function. The dysfunctional dingbats who feared the “monster under the bed” in their childhood imaginations have replaced that phantom with Soros!

          • Well, another desperate liberal about to feel the daggers of disruption! How do you like that Mr. TALKS OUT OF HIS ARSE? Your post shows just how ignorant you are and every other liberal…fact scared children!

            The Liberal party, better known as the “Deadheads” has a HUGE ISSUE – a very ill candidate. She is sick enough to NOT BE ABLE TO CONTINUE TO CAMPAIGN! If they bring in Saunders, all the hillaryites will have a fit! If they don’t bring in Saunders, who killary pushed aside like a piece of trash, Saunder’s followers will revolt and kiss the Liberal Party GOODBYE – swinging over to vote for Trump. It’s all over the Web about the huge division abt to happen and the possible destruction of the Democratic Party! Sounds good to me. We’re going to celebrate all night long!!!!

            Have a crapy life – soon there will be no liberal party! WHAHOO!!!

          • He has a least 1 son that will carry on his legacy.

          • Bah! Who would crawl into bed with that snake and have sex? Snakes attract snakes. Hope she took that son and disappeared from soros’ sight – no contact – probably not happening. Poor kid…now poor adult

            Do you know where the son is living now? It’s not soros’ birthplace Hungary, because the Hungarian people disowned the slimeball and forbade him entrance to their country. So where is the son living? He’s probably in his late 40’s or 50’s.

            Wonder what the son does for entertainment? His scrupples and morals must be upside down and inside out with a dad like soros. Even if the kid never saw his dad, the genes & chromosones are there to influence his actions.

            Please let me know where the son is living now and what he is doing – If you know? Curious because we don’t need another “snake in the grass” destroying countries and peoples just for laughs!

          • If you are referring to islam, it is a murdering cult and not a religion. The followers of Mohamed are forced to follow his dicta, meaning that it is a cult with nothing but primitive thinking and acting. If you like islam to much, can pack and more to the MidEast but we will keep your passport and you will never be able to return.

          • I’ll buy that. Not too many religions or higher beliefs in modern times say convert or die. Not too many take slaves, either.

            “Cult of insect brained bacteria” suits them much better the calling the bastards Religion.

          • No, I was referring to Shamu referring to Soros as “King of the Joos”.
            I learned all I need to know about Islam on 9/11/01, and you are right, it is a murderous cult.

          • Didn’t see it!!! Whack at an entire religion? Conservatives didn’t make that nuclear deal, Obama and Horse face did. We didn’t give billions to Iran to fund terrorism!

          • And You’re a Self Proclaimed Genius! Huh? “Truthie Poo”!

          • Soros doesn’t represent the Jewish people in any way that I know. He has turned against the Jews.

          • That is totally false.

          • What day is complete without the spewage of our resident welfare queen…, Ohillary, Oblame-o and Moochelle embarrass America!

          • Are the baby boy’s feeling hurt?

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1


          • And coming from a REAL Jewish family, Soros is no more a real jew but a traitor to humanity and deserves no quarter. Anyone who supports him is part of the cult of Soros and his money and along with him should be deported from our country!

          • I just wish that all the Liberals/Progressives that have stated that they will leave our country if Trump is elected would just go ahead and LEAVE NOW!

          • Not soon enough for me.

          • Hey Rosech, Correct me if I’m wrong but to my knowledge there is no Jewish “Race” per say. It is BS that Hitler and his gang come up with.

            Again, as far as I know there are Jews that date back eons in all ethnic backgrounds.

            Anti Semitisim is pertty much full of holes from all angles (as well as being pretty stupid)

            Hey, For the record I’m a Catholic of Slovenian linage.

          • “According to the record,” I am mainly of a Scots-Irish bloodline. But without DNA testing, I can’t know for sure!
            Remember those secret adoptions and rats in the woodpile!

          • Could you clarify what a REAL Jew is? Some say if one converts to Judaism one becomes a Jew. Yet there Messianic Jews that don’t lose the Jewishness when they convert to Christianity. Others say Israelites are Jewish. Some say a person must be of the Abraham, Issac and Jacob bloodline to be Jewish. DNA testing is being done now, and supposedly proving that many Palistanians have more of the bloodline than many that believe they are Jews. Some who say they are Jewish are being found to not be of that bloodline at all! This is very confusing to me.

          • Yes. Yes! I know he was a NAZI in WW11! He’s a King, ‘cuz he Controls the Nation with his Mega-Bux!

          • Georgi Soros! “the One True NAZI Jew”!

          • George Soros is much misunderstood. He actually serves a vital function. The dysfunctional dingbats who feared the “monster under the bed” in their childhood imaginations have replaced that phantom with Soros!

          • Any Catholic Knows how to deal with Evil Spirits/ Phantoms under the bed! A Water pistol filled with Holy water,” Smokes” Em!! WORKS EVERY TIME!!

          • If you’re Scared, “Heads,” Say yer Scared!

          • Soros Owns the American Dem Party! Soros is a Wanted Criminal in 3 Nations. Britain and France come to mind!

          • Soros is Hungarian as far as I have been told!

          • Don’t you know that George Soros serves a very vital function? The dysfunctional dingbats who feared the “monster under the bed” in their childhood imaginations have replaced that phantom with Soros!

          • Headonstraight, I noted you are a “deacon;” I suppose of some “church” that at least ackowledges our Creator God. The organized church has become one of the most inept institutions in America. They love their 501c3’s too well, and have essentially became a part of the establishment that is robbing jobs from this nation and ensuring that our nation’s youth have no expectancy of being able to achieve their dreams (they will be blessed to just eat). I am making this statement from experiential evidence and research.
            It does serve the function of existing as a place that our nation’s youth can be taught “values,” so long as parents make sure they aren’t indoctrinated! And, some institutional churches do help poor and struggling people.
            Although I am a sincere follower of The Christ, I stand alone before God and don’t cloak myself with any “religion.”
            If you only have stuff and nonsense, and especially if you are a church member that endorses the candidate that screams the loudest that he/she is a CHRISTIAN–don’t bother to reply to this post! Just put it in your pipe and smoke it!

          • Your remarks remind me of a little circling game I used to see played by children of my day. It was called “Ring Around the Rosie.” The children would hold hands and move in a circle around one person chanting, “Ring around the Rosie, pocket full of posies, ALL FALL DOWN. Then all would fall down.
            Those kids didn’t know that “Rosie” represented a plague victim, they were the folk exposed to the deadly plague, the posies were the flowers for her oncoming death. Then ALL WOULD FALL DOWN dead!
            Those young children were just having “fun.” The Liberals, Progressives and blinded Republicans are just having fun in their reality and don’t know that what they are espousing is becoming the downfall of this nation!

          • Little Bright Feather

            Actually he’s not KING of the Jews =
            But Soros is the KILLER of the Jews and he’s proud of it. So evil ! He’s a demon.

          • I’m Well Aware of his Sordid History! He’s Wanted in at least 2 Nations for Currency Manipulation! France and England! We Have Extradition Treaties with Both of them! WHY is he still in New Yawk State??

          • The same reason Hillary isn’t
            in jail..corruption in high places.

          • He turned on his own people. Should have been hanged back then. It is not to late.

          • If there are angels demons are not far off. Some choose good others evil

          • George Soros truly serves a vital function. The dysfunctional dingbats who feared the “monster under the bed” in their childhood imaginations have replaced that phantom with Soros!

          • I agree with that! Most Hungarian/Transylvanian Vampyres fit the Demon category ! He should star in a Dracula Movie! Count Dracs’ Cousin Georgi!

          • But “it” will still get it’s one book library

          • And we thought that Carter Sucked.

          • Nah, We Knew Carter Sucked, But Obama has Re-Defined the term!

          • What ever, just so George passes on soon. He has done way too much damage to our country. Then of course we will have his offspring that I understand are as bad as George himself.

          • George Soros serves a very vital function. The dysfunctional dingbats who feared the “monster under the bed” in their childhood imaginations have replaced that phantom with Soros!

          • Give Soros some credit. He serves a very vital function. The dysfunctional dingbats who feared the “monster under the bed” in their childhood imaginations have replaced that phantom with Soros!

        • Hear, hear

        • he is too stupid to run this country anyway

        • Of course he’s not your president, he’s black. You people haven’t gotten over the fact that he was elected!

          • Seriously, James? SERIOUSLY??? Duhhhhhhh … his WHITE half isn’t my president either.

          • LOL, Mine either! 😉

          • Sorry, but President does not look half white to me.

          • Where have you been? Everybody else in the entire country knows that Obama’s mother is (was – she’s now deceased) a white woman named Stanley Ann Dunham who was born in Wichita, Kansas. Quick suggestion — learn to use Google or Bing.

          • Then you need to go back to whatever country you came from.
            If you are an American, Obama is your President.
            Your fools lost not once, but twice.

          • America has been losing for 7+ years, jackoff!

          • Sorry, but all of AMERICA lost. Obama doesn’t represent American values. He despises America, and trash-talks Americans – including YOU – in speeches to foreign countries. He’s NOT my president, and if I were you, I’d wonder if he’s even YOUR president.

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • James, that useless piece of trash is half Black and half White and I despise both sides. It would have been fantastic to have had a great Black POTUS – unfortunately, it was not OWEbama who only knows how to golf and pit us one against another.

          • Well said PatriotGal.

          • James is just one more kiss ass liberal who seems to think we owe someone to elect a semi-black president. What a dumb ass he must be. I talking about James, the liberal minded person.

          • I blocked the velcro head jimmy.. ?

          • Michael Dennewitz was booked in Orange County, FL on 7/01/2016 at 22:56.
            Aggravated Assault With A Firearm

          • You are simply a foul-mouthed adolecent.

          • you, Ohillary, Oblame-o and Moochelle embarrass America!

          • You are simply a foul-mouthed adolecent.

          • “You are simply a foul-mouthed adolecent.”
            Spelling just isn’t your forte is it welfare whore!

          • Save you childish insults for someone you can impress.
            Not my forte, not these men’s forte:

            Benjamin Franklin, Alfred Mosher Butts,William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John Keats, John Irving, Jane Austen, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill ,John F. Kennedy Jr

          • We the People do not elect a President.

            We the People have never elected a President.

            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.

            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.

            Start with the Electoral College.


          • Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

          • You are simply a foul-mouthed adolecent.
            Spelling just isn’t your forte is it welfare whore!
            adolescent! “adolescent!””adolescent!””adolescent!”

          • Are you stamping your foot to go with that temper tantrum?
            Thank you for proving what you are — a foul mouthed child.

          • Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            Temper, temper …
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • you, Ohillary, Oblame-o and Moochelle embarrass America!!

          • Stalker

          • Its sad but true PatriotGal. I hate the total segregation that has taken place since his presidency. Segregation of all sorts. God Bless and I agree with you

          • Black racists get their own dorms now at L.A. College. Jackoff bigoted , racist hypocrites!

          • And sell out Israel!

          • He did pit anyone against anyone. All he needed to do was become the first black president and all you racist closed minded assholes came flying out of the closet with your pillowcases on. He didn’t divide us. We were already divided. It was the Intelligent accepting people on one side and the closed minded racists and bigots on the other. He simply flushed all you morons out into the light

          • Jimmy: Which racists came out of the closet? The black ones…..or the white ones……or the brown ones? Racists are just white, Mr. Jimmy. Looking at yourself will prove that statement.

          • Should read: “Racists are not just white”. I know blacks and Hispanics
            who are sick with racism against white people. Some of the white and black and mixed race Hispanics are simply sick with racism. But you believe don’t believe that, do you? You have a lot to learn at your age if you think Obama turned the world upside down.

          • AWW!!! Jimmy Queen get his “trigger” pulled, his safe space invaded, his rainbow light put out!!!! Po’ Po’ Put upon Queen twat!

          • “First, we find that during the 2012/2013 period, blacks committed an
            average of 560,600 violent crimes against whites, whereas whites
            committed only 99,403 such crimes against blacks. This means blacks were
            the attackers in 84.9 percent of the violent crimes involving blacks
            and whites. This figure is consistent with reports from 2008, the last year DOJ released similar statistics. Perhaps not coincidentally, that was the year Mr. Obama was elected president.”

            Too bad racist pig Jimmy Queen! Go back to your riot or “knock out game”, you bigoted, lying piece of porcine excrement!

          • Your so ignorant. It’s not the color of the man’s skin that is the problem. It’s his policies and his apology tours and his hate of his white race as well as his country that is the problem! There were alot of wonderful, intelligent Black men to choose from but not you Morons! You had to scrape the bottom of a rat infested trash can to find obungle and look what a mess he has created. Admit it you cowards would run the rat at the bottom of that can. Oops, wait you are running a rat called Killary. A mentally deficient one at that who can’t even hold her own fat arse off the ground for stumbling

          • Watch out, he might call you a sexist next, or deplorable.

          • LOL, I’ve got my armour on. Let him shoot. 😉

          • Yes, you are well-wraped in ignorance and bigotry.

          • “Yes, you are well-wraped in ignorance and bigotry.”
            Priceless, the libTURD accuses others of ignorance then can’t spell “wrapped”…..!

          • Stalker

          • BOOM! Excellent.

          • Climb back in your basked.

          • I would tell you to crawl back in your hole but if you were to stay out of your hole maybe just maybe the light of Truth would come up on you and you would see how misguided you have been

          • I am the TRUTH. You just don’t accept it.

          • YOU CAN’T SPELL BASKET!!! That is the truth, stupid!

          • “Climb back in your basked.”
            Priceless, the libTURD accuses others of ignorance then can’t spell “basket”!!

          • Ha Ha, can’t think for yourself you putrid twat! Basket, the new Cankled Whore’s word of the DIE, er, day!

          • Come talk to me when you graduate Harvard Law magna sum laude.

          • Ha Ha! All you have done is cum loud!

          • You are simply a foul-mouthed adolecent.

          • Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            Temper, temper …
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • you, Ohillary, Oblame-o and Moochelle embarrass America!

          • My grandparents voted for Obama while residing in Chicago’s Ressurection Cemetary!

          • Christian_Patriot7

            He was elected by FRAUD!

          • Obama uses that as his excuse to disrespect everything about America

          • Obama does not act like a native born American. But he claims he was born in Hawaii.

          • That PM was not born. A water buffalo shit him out!!

          • ROFLOL, OMG, that’s hysterical. Thanks for the giggles.

          • Michael: What does “PM” stand for? I am just trying to understand. Thank you.

          • PM stands for PORCH MONKEY!!

          • Obama’s claim is horse crap. He was born in Kenya and has an extended family there.

          • David: America has gone as far as allowing a candidate for president not to be vetted as was Obama’s case. And according to many Obama somehow deserved to be president.
            Many voted for him because he claims to be a half black American. As it turns out he is Arabic after his claimed 50% white. Then comes some African black which is a small percentage of his background.

            What else must the United States do to please our African-American citizens? The Democrat are worst obstacle the African-Americans have. History proves this.

            I am half American Indian, part European Spanish, part Italian and part Cajun French
            from Louisiana. I don’t agree with the preferential treatment for some African-Americans
            which has been widespread for some time. Maybe the people of my backgrounds do not
            believe in threatening to burn the country down and kill “whitey”. We came from poverty
            in a dirt poor part of Louisiana but we have had good jobs and many of us have military
            service and college degrees. One of my sons is a computer software engineer. The other one is an attorney for 15 years as is his wife who attended Boston College as well as law school. I am a retiree from the General Electric Company. I am pleased to report that nothing was given to any of us because of our ethnic backgrounds.
            Some people come to America expecting free handouts and the US government makes damn sure they get them. Meanwhile, many Americans continue to struggle
            through life.

          • Lee, You are right on target. All people should have an opportunity and for that we need someone who can bring jobs back to America. As you know, hillary is not an answer. She only wants to make herself richer. Gary Johnson is a total loser. New Mexico was over a billion in debt when he took office and over 4 billion in debt when he left. He is also CEO of a marijuana company.
            On a scale of 1 to 10, he rates a capital zero

          • If anyone. white, black, red, yellow or brown really deep down supports America they get a slap in face and a kick in the behind from the present administration. That’ll teach the American people to love and support their own country.

            David, I outlined my background to show that people can improve themselves if they will get up off their asses and do so. I have no sympathy for people who demand sympathy. Further, the culture we
            Americans have should not be scrapped in favor of some imported practices like Sharia law, beheadings, honor killings, disrespect for the American flag, disrespect for women. murdering of Christians, paying ransom to our sworn enemies and other things to numerous
            and distasteful to mention.

            I am an American and I am damned proud of it. My brother, Paul was a Green Beret in VietNam, and I am proud of that. Many of my cousins, uncles as well as myself have military backgrounds.

            That’s just the way it is, today, September 15, 2016.

          • Why do you need to tell this lie?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Congratulations, your cut and paste is still working. I would guess that is your substitute for thinking. It seems Hillary has Parkinson’s. I know you would not believe it because you just believe what you are told. When they have to drag her to get into the car and a shoe falls off in the process something is not right. We still need to have an America in spite of your efforts to the contrary

          • LOL. Some people will say anything if you pay them enough.

          • Where did you ever get the mistaken notion that Hillary cares? We need someone in the White House that does care. Gary Johnson is not the one

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • Seems like you were in a hurry this time. Did you leave your broom double parked?

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • you, Ohillary, Oblame-o and Moochelle embarrass America!

          • Barry, I know “bag person” (might be a lady but nothing supports it) and it would be an act of compassion to treat her kindly. She’s old, in poor health, and shows evidence of OCD in her writing. She seems senile and perhaps is just waiting for Obumhole to pick up the tab on her assisted living.

          • (snicker) Well said!

          • Name calling is childish.

            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • You people, you people, you people are the ones who be racist in this country now, you people be the one going out burning cities down, burning neighborhoods down, just because you don’t get things the way you want them, you people be out there threatening people just because they’re white, you people are the new Klu Klux Klan, Black Lives Matter and the KKK one and the same, YOU PEOPLE

          • rathole9: Say it if it’s so!

          • Climb back in your basket.

          • That’s it that’s all you can say, I point out some truths to you and all you can say is “climb back in your basket” I thought you were educated, you’re not educated you are a buffoon

          • Ah! Your libTURD slovenly azz finally spelled “Basket” right! Congrats!

          • And apparently you just understood the meaning of “basket.” If the basket fits, wear it.

          • Sheep boy repeats the Cankled Liars catch word cause he has no mind of his own! Pathetic libTURD little toad!

          • Yep, you belong in that basket along with all those other hateful, bigoted people, who show up and are encouraged by Drumph at his rallies.

          • “Basket” is a term that a very infirm, Cankled Cunt came up with! Your adopting of it makes you a Cankled Cunt leg humper! LMAO! Please try to come up with something ORIGINAL!

          • LMAO!!! You’ve qualified for “Master Basket Weaver” Drumph’s newest woven creation, BASKET of SICKOS.

          • U.S. Terror Organizations, the majority of which are White Christian.

            Animal Liberation Front
            Alpha 66
            The Jewish Defense League
            Omega 7
            Army of God
            Aryan Nations
            The Covenant
            Earth Liberation Front
            The Sword
            The Arm of the Lord
            Ku Klux Klan (Now International)
            Church of the Almighty God
            May 19th Organization
            Occupy Wall Street
            The Order
            Phineas Priesthood
            Sovereign Citizens
            The Crips
            Symbioses Liberation Army
            United Freedom Front
            The Silent Brotherhood
            Phineas Priesthood
            Eastern Lightening

          • And your point is?

          • You are woefully uninformed?

          • So if I refer to you as hag lady whose intellect was compromised when she entered menopause, would that make you feel better? What happened, couldn’t find the exit button on your mid-life crisis? You and Hildybeest.

          • !! Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            Temper, temper …
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • You, Ohillary, Oblame-o and Moochelle embarrass America!

          • ..Name calling is childish.

            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • you, Ohillary, Oblame-o and Moochelle embarrass America!!!

          • Stupid asshillary! Lots of libTURD orgs. on that list, lots of Black libTURD orgs. on that list!

          • Typical liberal response. He is a total loser–black, white or green–he is the antithesis of leadership. Commander in Chief? He commands zero respect because he violates the number one rule of leadership–never ask of the troops anything you will not do yourself.

          • And what do you claim he asked that he would not do himself?
            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • If he asked the troops to do what he does, they would be spending too much time on golf courses and in gay bath houses in Chicago

          • James: There are some black folks who will tell you Obama is not their president. Lots of black folks have good sense and thus they know a fake when they see and hear one. By the way, how do you know the person you directed your comment to is not black?.

          • Not once, but twice.

          • You got that right. They just can’t get over it!!

          • Obama is not black but a white man pretending to be black. Remember he is 1/2 white, 40+% Arab and a miserly 6+% black. So idiots voted for him based on false coloration which means they need a check up from the neck up. The election both in 2008 and 2012 were manufactured better known as voter fraud and so many of us were intelligent enough NOT to elect him. Guess you did, though, James!

          • “You people” ??

          • Exactly.

          • AWWWW! Po’, Po’ libTURD has run out of original thoughts so she pukes out the leftist mantra of “Racists, Bigots”. Enjoy your rainbow lights on the White House and men in your ladies rooms.

          • Hint!! Jaime, maybe we don’t accept that he was “elected”. Maybe we think he was “erected” by the brain damaged dung beetles like you who support him.

          • At the time before I found out he was a back stabber I was hoping Powell would be President, I am also a very big Ben Carson fan, (I am white BTW)

            The scumbag you are talking about is not black by a long shot, you big dummy. He is 50% white and only 30% black and that black is moslem black.The rest of him is A-Rab, Nothing to do with working black Americans.

        • Not mine, either – I NEVER voted for that useless piece of trash who has done nothing but golf and split America into shreds.

          • Why do you lie?
            Why do you repeat lies?

            Eisenhower played golf every day.
            He had a green installed on the White House Lawn.
            Eisenhower even played on D-Day.
            Obama much prefers basketball.
            He plays on the White House basement.

          • Eisenhower didn’t lecture us ad nauseum about global warming while jetting around the country hitting a stupid little ball into a gopher hole. If Eisenhower was a puke marxist like Ocumstain, you’d never bring him up! No one cares that Sissyboy Hussein plays roundball!

          • Eisenhower also tried to put a national health care law into place — as has every President since WW II.

          • Did he call Americans lazy, put men in your restroom, Put muslimes in his cabinet, give billions and nuclear capability to Iran, ad nauseam………

          • Freedom of religion is what our Founders fought and died for. It is the very basis America has been built upon. Your religious bigotry and childish name calling are insulting to America.
            Muslims have been part of America since before we became a nation.
            America does not steal from other countries. The money that went to Iran should have been RETURNED to them decades ago.
            Iran was not “given” anything. Those monies were held since 1979.
            We gave Iran it nuclear program while the Shah was still in power. We trained their scientists. We built their first reactor.
            Yes, your hate and ignnorance does go on, and on, and on… ad nauseam.
            If you do not like what America stand for — MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE.

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam. Why do you lie?
            Why do you repeat lies?

          • Thank you for proving my points.

          • Stupid little boy puts American lives in danger with his religious bigotry.

            He does not care who his words hurt.

            There are 3 Muslims out there for every America, including the children and old people.

          • Barry, I have engaged “Perhaps a Lady” on here a few times and I have concluded this; she is a lonely old lady who has wandered up and down the blogs for several months trying to convince someone, anyone that she is not just a frustrated and disillusioned post menipausal democrat, but a well adjusted, wholesome mature adult. She has failed miserably on the latter and has shown herself to be the former. Be as tolerant as you can and don’t pay heed to her rants and raves. It’s a endocrine thing, understand?

          • “Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.” Why do you lie?
            Why do you repeat lies?

          • Thank you for proving my point.

      • Agree .. Obama is not my president

      • Nor mine!

      • Send the @#$%^ back to Kenya one way…..after his Leavenworth stint. Hillary can share the same cell.

      • I’ve made it for over 7 years without referring to him as “President” Obama. (This doesn’t count). He’s not my prez either!

      • Dennewitz sentenced on sex charge
        March 17, 2016
        By JACKIE RUNION , The Marietta Times
        MARIETTA – A Lower Salem man who was arrested for engaging in sexual conduct with a minor will now have to spend the next 17 months in prison after he failed to show up for pre-sentence appointments that could have led to alternative options.

        Kirkland M. Dennewitz, 20, of 9645 State Route 821, will head to a state prison facility for more than a year after his sentencing hearing Wednesday afternoon in Washington County Common Pleas Court.

        Dennewitz was 19 when he was arrested last year and charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor for incidents that occurred in June in Salem Township.

      • Little Bright Feather

        Amen !

      • I’m with you Michael

      • “IT” fits the bill

    • Mike,
      It is the liberal way. I do not expect any difference in any one of them. Kaepernick has made his statement. Now he and the others should go back to respecting the flag. Us vets do not think much of the statement since it is built on a false premise.

      • I have been contacting their sponsors to express my dissatisfaction with their sponsoring people with beliefs like this and telling them that I will remember this when I make purchases.

      • What is the “false premise” you speak of? How about the false premise that we are “the land of the free”? You and I have never been free. If you do not get to keep all that you earn, then you are a slave. If someone can tell you what to do and put you in jail if you refuse, you are a slave. You can’t hunt or fish without permission from your master. You can’t build on property you supposedly own with permission from your master. If you don’t pay taxes to your master, he will take your property away. Does that sound like FREEDOM to you?? WAKE UP AMERICA AND SMELL THE HYPOCRISY!! The problem is most Americans have been lied to all of their lives. THE MATRIX HAS YOU…

        • Avery,
          The false premise is that the police are deliberately killing backs for no good reason.
          As for the rest of your nonsense, much of the “slavery” stuff is because we elected to tax ourselves as that is the only means of funding for the government to work, and place restrictions on certain issues because some people abuse them. The Spartans found out a long time ago that anarchy does not work.

          • “The false premise is that the police are deliberately killing backs for no good reason.” That is not the premise at all. The premise is that when blacks die at the hands of police “for no good reason” NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT IT. That is why people started saying BLACK LIVES MATTER. It is not “nonsense”, Jerry. Our elected officials have become our masters. We have to ask government for permission instead of the other way around. They raise our taxes, in most cases, without our permission. The restrictions are so numerous that simply being alive is a crime. Don’t take my word for it, ask a homeless person. Thank you, Jerry, for being civil with your reply.

          • Avery Horton, you say, “…that simply being alive is a crime…” So is THAT the reason our nation is killing so many babies in the womb???

          • I will agree with you on everything except for the black lives matter, now there have been some black individuals shot by police that should not have been shot but there are white people there are Asian people there are Mexicans, there’s every race of people that get shot by the police that should not get shot, but you don’t see us rioting tearing up cities you don’t see us acting like a bunch of Spoiled children, That’s why people who are not racist started saying “All Lives Matter” And if the blacklivesmatter people would protest for those who truly did not deserve to be sho, then more people would probably agree with them, but they throw fits and protest over people who were shot when they needed to be shot

          • I forgot to add to the post above, there are more white people almost double the amount of black people shot and killed by police officers every year, where’s the outrage where’s the protest over that, and that is a fact that you can actually look up

          • Avery,
            This is an important issue for me. I am aware of some cases of total bad behavior by police. I can’t be specific on all of them such as the boy who was shot in the park while playing with a toy gun and the man killed in Milwaukee by an officer who asked the man for ID and then shot him as he reached for his wallet. But most of the cases involved someone who was armed or threatened an officer. In all those cases, the officer was justified in shooting the offender. However, the few cases do not make any justification to the extent that BLM makes nor does it justify the shooting of police officers. That doers not mean what was done is acceptable or even tolerable.

            Having said that, I see the whole mess as a backlash against poverty that this country is sadly pushing aside. That includes both political parties. I find it appalling and a danger to our way of life.

            I guess you need to understand that in our form of government, we finance it by taxes. We the people made the choice of our form of government. We are also a nation of rules. I do agree that we have way too many but societal changes bring this on. Therefore we end up with ridiculous laws at times. Lawlessness and anarchy are not an acceptable option.

    • I see you have no idea what the constitution says about freedom, there are five (5) fundamentals to freedom in the First Amendment they are: Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly and Petition. Now how someone or any person choose to express their right of speech is their right, it is not disrespectful if they choose this form speaking against what they disprove of, you sir need to take a class in the constitution has many citizens of this nation. It is the corrupt government that has disrespected this nation, and I agree with you about Obama and Hillary, and Donald isn’t going to be any better. Because you have know the constitution and work within the power it set forth for each department of the Federal Government. Congress is out of order, the President is out of order, and the Supreme Court is out of order. No one knows the constitution that is why the government is so mess up.

      • If they are so dissatisfied with this country they can use another freedom and get the hell out. Find another country that fits their desire more than this one.

        • if you hate the constitution and the freedom it provides so much, you are the one who should leave.

          • “….freedom it provides….”

            As I have stated in my dissertation on this point, NOT everyone concurs with that SCOTUS decree that disrespecting, desecrating, these “symbols of America” is “protected free speech.” You have NO right to incite to violence by your speech, incite to riot by speech, or the proverbial NO right “to shout fire in a crowded theater!”

            Not that long ago, bak-in-tha-day, some clown just stomping on the Flag, let alone burning it, would have been rapidly attacked and pummeled into unconsciousness! Americans have been so PC brainwashed, and dumbed down, that they ‘go along’ with that “misguided” SCOTUS pablum! Simpleminded proof are the hundreds of thousands of ‘brain dead’ lemmings would support an avowed Socialist/Communist as an American president.

          • Who gives a shit what you and your moron buddies concur with. It is the law of this country.

          • Put there because those ‘thoughtful’ robed wonders understand that MOST “law-abiding people” will tend to “obey the law,” and not choke out the scumbag lawless, true, “moronic,” idiotic, mindless cretins. Since your momma failed to reposition your ass up around your shoulder blades when you first showed disrespect, stand by, it can’t be long coming for you!

          • I think JK Has gotten all bent out of shape because he does not have the intelligence to understand what you have written


        Something else they quit teaching in High School , pick anyone on the street under 50 what the main branches of government are. Then pick people over 50 and ask the same question.

      • Wow, are you wrote g on some accounts. It most certainly is disrespectful. There is something called right and wrong outside the constitution. Most of us know how important love of country is. Most of the disrespect we are seeing has been encouraged by the Demwits.Why? Because if they teach hate, disrespect, disillusionment of their own country they can then start molding this country into their One World Order. When the Constitution was written those who wrote it never dreamed it would be twisted into a document to use against our Great Country. Who would have believed that we would end up with a government that has worked against us not for us? Take a long look at those wonderful men and women who died or came home from war with brain injuries, missing limbs or committing suicide because of post tramatic stress syndrome. They fought under that flag. Don’t they have a right to be respected? They love their flag why should they be disrepected because people like you think these indoctrinated Morons have more right than those who fought under our flag. I’ll tell you this: make no mistake, if my son’s (any 4 of them) would ever disrespect our flag? I would kick their butts up around their ears. They wouldn’t be able to sit down for a month. My son’s are 28 and all MEN. They know what I would do to them. But, because I raised men the way they should be raised to respect our flag and country and those willing to put their lives on the line for them I don’t have to face them ever being disrespectful of our country. AGAIN, JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO SOMETHING DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD DO IT. All those kids at those school if in my home would have gotten an ass warming they would never forget!

      • They know the Constitution but care not to go by it. You mister dont know if Trump going to be better but maybe you dont live in the USA or you dont like Trump, whatever. TRUMP 2016 is the US best hope.

        • Where are all the highly trained SNIPERS when we really need them? ?

          • They are fighting to preserve Colin’s right to sit down during the anthem

          • Disagree. Not all who serve, or served, fight for that PC pablum that too many run out. The misguided SCOTUS has decreed that disrespect, desecration of those emblems we fought and died under is ‘protected free speech.’ Many of us look on it as having been “physically SPIT in the face, or gut punched!” Incite to confrontation, let alone riot, by ‘speech,’ at one time in this country, would have gotten you knocked out, at a minimum!

            Recently, even in our devolved PC culture, instances of physical confrontation has occurred between the desecrator and Flag defender. The result being the “instigator/desecrator” is left to do their “free speech” thing, and the defender is locked up! Those 9 magpies in robes are NOT infallible, and do NOT, necessarily, have the final say….

          • I doubt you will find many that have fought who will agree, it is a right, but it’s the government not the country that should be disrespected.
            As far as your ideas on religion go read the 1st ( The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights.

        • God is the US best hope. Always was and always will be. He is the worlds best hope .

          • Since God has been kicked to the curb in this country, do you think he is listening?

          • Yes, he always Listens. Sometimes we don’t want the answer he knows is best for us.

          • Listening and watching. He’s given us a choice. The only reason we have a choice is found in John 3:16. So it is up to us to choose wisely .

          • I’m thinking there are many “choices,” America has made, that have already poked a thumb in God’s eye. Question might well be, how long does He hold off His judgement?

            Only limited time was given Sodom and Gomorra, Babylon, Rome. God has had His “protective hand” on this nation from inception. We will NOT enjoy the aftermath, if He even slightly takes it away!

          • All I know is only through his Grace will I be saved. He owes me nothing. I owe Him everything. He showed all of us His mercy by giving up His son so that we may be saved if we believe in Him. It’s salvation and absolutely no one will be saved who does not believe. I am blessed that by His grace I will not perish. To perish would be like a living hell. I do not wish it on anyone. So we both know how it all ends and I do feel that America will not exist in the last days. We are definitely in a downward spiral . The end days? Signs are there. I am ready. This life is like a needle in a million haystacks compared to eternity. The only way to the Father is through the son. Hope to see you there.

          • AMEN, brother!

      • Hasta be another damned liberal. GFY.?

      • Perhaps tact could be used when demonstrating. I would much rather they not be in the stadium when the anthem is played than sit or kneel down when it is played. Quite frankly the men and women who died for them should have respect no matter hiw they feel. Tact, decorum , respect. Something so desperately needed in America. To disrespect those people who sacrificed for all those in protest deserve a few minutes of honor. As I said we are totally a me society bent on bringing attention to ourselves. They are wrong and please if you want to be disrespectful come on the field after the anthem is played. Or better yet find a country who might treat you better. Good luck with that. And please do not give a lecture on the constitution . There are very few politicians who give an oath to it who practice it. IE. Your president Barrack Husein Obama. Maybe you can lecture him.

      • Where’s the freedom of religion all I see any more are Christian businesses being sued Because of their religious beliefs and not wanting the business with lesbians and homosexuals

    • good_night_good_luck

      National Anthem should be changed to War Pigs by Black Sabbath
      More appropriate to our situation and easier to sing!

    • All those disrespecting the United States flag and National Anthem are Democrats. Democrats are demented. Democrats are liars. Democrats are takers. Now add: Democrats are disrespectful.

    • The mainstream news media is to blame for the greater part of this. they just blatantly print whatever will get the most attention. There appears to be no thought as to what damage it may do,
      or to whom, or what cause the damage is done, as long as it gets the attention of the public. They are after the “almighty dollar”.

    • Yes Obama did discount our flag and anthem. He said this on meet the press in 2006 or 07. People don’t talk much about that .Didnt stop him from being elected twice.


  5. Back in the good old days, when America WAS great, this NEVER would have happened.

    • You mean before they let black people play. Why don’t you people just say what you really mean

      • There you go again showing what an ignoramus you are.

      • No idiot, before the liberal, progressive, blight descended on America.

      • Why do you go to glory, low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasite.
        I played high school football, not matter your color you would have had your fanny stomped, you scum bag.

      • Is everything a RACE issue with you idiots??

      • Are you a moron? Or a racist?

      • Jimmy King, that’s why they don’t have picture up, so they can say what they want, and no one will know what they look like.

      • Ok, here is what I really mean, if you don’t like and respect this country use another freedom and go somewhere that fits your desire better. Do you understand that. This has nothing to do with race and stop trying to turn everything into a racial issue just because you have nothing else.

        • He is protesting unarmed black people being shot by police and the police not being charged or being acquitted. Its all about race dumbass

          • Is there such a thing? That’s why Obama wants the legal guns…it leaves us defenseless against all the stolen illegal guns.

          • HAHAHA He’s been in office for 8 years and has not made 1 move to take away your guns. Stop believing the bullshit

          • That’s Obama’s white showing…he has at least half a brain!

          • No wonder you like trump, he switches positions all the time as well. The sign of a lack of intelligence

          • This comes from someone who voted for a community organizer for. President. That is a huge qualification to run the country…if you intend to run it into the ground!

          • BOOYAAA GIRL! YOU GO!!

          • It is what it is!

          • You should tell Killary the brain damaged loon that. She can’t even stand on her own and you Morons believe her story of Pneumonia! ROFLOL

          • You are right, he has made many attempts to take guns. Not just one.

          • Then you just proved your lead from behind president is a liar because he talks about more and more gun control alot. What do you think gun control is? His Secretary of state talks about it also. Got news for you! It will NEVER HAPPEN!

          • And you’ve just proven once again how stupid you are. You lack the ability to read and understand what you are reading. And “a lot” is 2 words.

            Having a waiting period is gun control. Trigger locks are gun control. Closing the gun show loop hole is gun control Banning the sale of AR-15’s is gun control. See Shtty. That’s talking about gun control without taking away your guns. Now be a good moron and go sit in the corner

          • Gun control is hitting what you aim at

          • Lol, there you go again with your grammar BS. As for talking about gun control, that’s just one of many steps to taking them. THE POS in the WH would love to have our guns and why? For control Moron. Gun control is people control. What happened to the Jews when they gave up their guns? Obungle and Killary is no different than Hitler. Americans will never give up their guns! NEVER! Anyone stupid enough to give up their guns is stupid enough to end up like the Jews.

          • NICE!!! But those words are wasted on people like JK, they will never understand and should be thrown out of our country into a true communist country, then they will understand

          • Your very right. It wears one out trying to explain. JK is pathetic and no worth our time. How I long for the day that you disrespect our country or those who defend your azz goes to prison or you leave for a communist country. Thank you for your post rathole9.

          • Your the dumb ass and a racist. Why don’t you just admit it? You have more blacks killing blacks than officers of the peace killing blacks. Where’s your outrage over that? By the way maybe if blacks would teach their kids to obey laws and do what an officer tells them to do bad things won’t happen. Don’t blame the police for the failures of black families to raise their kids to obey laws. That’s on you!

          • Shitty, try and follow. I’ll type slowly for you if you’d like. He is protesting one thing. If you don’t like it don’t join him. He has a right to protest. You don’t get to choose what he protests. If you’d like to choose black on black crime as the issue you’d like to protest go right ahead. Why don’t you start by looking at the inequities in their school system if you’re really interested in the breakdown of the black family. I’m sure you’ll find the cause and effect interesting

          • Wow, you have a very hard time accepting responsibility don’t you? I do have a right to protest what he is doing when it’s a lie and my Money helps to support his salary. And I’ve done just that by writing a letter along with many others about him protesting at a game on the field where innocent children have rights not to witness such disrespect. Obviously your one of those that his parents failed to teach right from wrong. LOL, my post went right over your head just like this will probably do. Stupid is forever, you might try to remember that.

          • Stupid is forever? So you’ve given up hope for yourself. That’s sad. Don’t let the little children see it.

            This is a great country. He has a constitutional right to protest and you’re free to write your silly little letters and think you’re doing something . The innocent children actually don’t have rights not to witness his acts, other than by staying home. And if you didn’t point it out to them, I’m sure those innocent little children wouldn’t even notice that there is a guy down there who is sitting down.

            What about what Colin is doing is a lie? Have unarmed black people been killed in this country by police? Is that a lie? I’ve seen a few video’s of it actually happening Were those video’s lies? You may not agree with him. You may think we have bigger problems. So why don’t you write a letter and solve some of those bigger problems and let him protest the ones he chooses to protest. Thats the beauty of this great country We are all free to choose

          • A lot of people have given their all in defense of that flag! Why is the flag and our Veterans who have defended it being disrespected? If you’re going to protest, try protesting against that for which you have contempt (or maybe you are)! As one who respects the sacrifices of our Veterans I take great offense at Colin’s misdirected protest!

          • Jack McGroin, those who gave their all did so to protect our rights and freedoms. Including the freedom of speech which is what he was exercising

          • I bet your not a parent! If you are I feel sorry for them. You’re of the group that anyone should be able to do anything they want no matter the hurt or damage to others. With people like you around its no wonder our kids suffer by having their innocence trampled on. When your rights or Kaepernicks infringe on a child’s rights to be innocent then in my opinion your rights should end! These children are the next generation and they are being wrongly indoctrinated from every angle. Kaepernicks is a spoiled brat attention seeker who is over paid! The NFL should have had the balls to suspend him for the stunt he pulled. No one should walk across the street to watch him play. Let him witness the power of the people.

          • “I bet your not a parent!” I am and guess what?? My kids know the difference between “Your” and “You’re” I bet you’re a shitty parent. If you think Colin has to throw away his constitutional rights because you can’t use this moment as a teaching tool, they are going to turn out even dumber than you are. A spoiled brat would keep his mouth quiet, not care about anyone else and keep his sponsors. A spoiled brat doesn’t risk losing millions to help people he doesn’t know You must be a really shitty parent

          • ROFLOL Moron you don’t comprehend what you read. I have 4 sons. Very, very successful and graduated from top Universities with honors. My youngest is getting his PHD. 3 have their own business. I’ve been doing a lot of typing on a small phone so if I make a mistake here and there knock yourself out correcting me. Your brilliance is what I expect from anyone with a single digit IQ. Thank you for your hard work. Is your little brain on full tilt? 🙂 I’m pretty sure I made my point about you as a parent. You have confirmed to me that there are people in the world like you who should not be allowed to procreate!

          • But, but, jimmy has 2 advanced degrees. LOL

          • Not interesting at all. Who created the inequities? Whites and cops didn’t. Greed created them. Who wants to go to school and get an education when you can make more in the drug and prostitution business? They are responsible for their selves, no one is holding them down. They hated mr powell when he told them to get an education. He came from the upper class hell’s kitchen. Did white privilege Give you your degrees or did you have to earn them?

          • How bout he come on the field after the anthem. He has not united anyone but like minded individuals . He and the others have disrespected as many blacks as other races. He has no tact no respect and absolutely no common sense. He only wants attention on himself not for any cause. For 2 minutes he can’t even respect others. To honor BLM would be like me honoring the KKK. They are a hate group . Anyone who marched chanting roast the pigs and encouraging these senseless murders is a hate group and should be shut down and called out for who they are.

          • You understand Jimmy king thinks he the smartest person on here. He has 2 business an 2 ADVANCED degrees. He wll try to degrade your calling you names (2nd grader) by saying he will type slow. He not being funny but insulting. Reading how he attacks people just show how childish he is with 2 so called degrees. I dont believe a word he says.

          • Nor do I believe anything he says. I guess he got his degrees from Hillary’s University of useful idiots.

          • I agree, but he’s not as smart as he thinks. I love it don’t you when he corrects our grammar/ English because it proves he isn’t on here to debate. He is on here denigrating anyone who proves him wrong because he can’t defend his own views. He’s nothing and I don’t trust anything he says. Thanks for your post richard.

          • you really believe the police are out there to shoot black people? Hey maybe it happened a few times but no policeman is out there just waiting for the chance to shoot the black guy.
            Your are a white hater just by your comments and the type that try to get a cop to shoot at you. Bet you cant wait for next riot, just think liquor store an chech cashing stores break in first. first. Ooops forgot you need a fire a little away from that to distract the police attention.

          • Richard, you write like a second grader so forgive me if I misunderstood some of your drivel. I never said I believed cops are out there to shoot black people. I told you what the QB was protesting. I am white. I own two businesses and have 2 advanced degrees. I’m not looking to have anyone shoot at me. I don’t riot and I don’t loot. Maybe you should read these posts slower so you understand what’s being said. Or maybe you should have someone who got passed the 3rd grade read them to you

          • I dont believe you have two business unless there kool aid stands. What I do hit a nerve? lol

          • Hey Dick, I tell you that you write like a second grader and your response is to write “there” instead of “they’re” Thanks for proving my point, you moron

          • When you can’t defend your views you liberals always resort to attacking someone’s English. You got the point and that’s what counts. You should remember that when we want your opinion we will give it to you.

          • That’s what stupid people always say You’re stupid, but the others were able to decipher what you meant.

          • You would know all about Stupid because you’re the number one leader!

          • HAHAHAHA Read this attempt at a sentence

            “You would know all about Stupid because the number one leader!”

          • You’re so ignorant, I went back after proof reading and corrected it but YOU Moron can’t acknowledge that because you would look like the ultimate ASS which you are

          • Actually, you changed it after I pointed it out because without my help, you’re too stupid to write a sentence The time on your post is 4 min after mine

          • Nope but true to you colors you remain a liar

          • Jimmy, Egor is clairvoyant and claims you could`nt tell the difference tween a chicken turd and tootsie roll. Meaning you are the really dumb shit in this discoure. Are you sure you ain`t another dumb nigger causing trouble?

          • Sometimes its hard, Your mom puts them both in her mouth so fast its tough to tell them apart. And Igor isn’t clairvoyant enough to tell that I’m as white as the driven snow

          • Egor thinks your adopted mother carelessly dropped you on the concrete laundry floor, when 3 months old, in your tenement housing project and the rest is history. So sad,

          • Do we see white police officers protesting in the street and using the flag as a tool to voice their dissatisfaction of having their brethren murdered in cold blood? I think they have more respect than that. Everything cannot be attributed to rascism. I didn’t get the job because.. I didn’t get promoted because.. I didn’t get an education because,,, I am stuck in a bad living environment because… I am proving the point I have been making . What the world needs more is love . How is that attained? Not by protesting everything we don’t like about America . How about a little respect , responsibility, self awareness and common sense. As we see disrespecting our brave men and women of all ethnicicity works for no one.

          • Well Paddy, That would be like the QB protesting that he is getting tackled. That’s part of the job he signed onto. He isn’t just protesting that unarmed people are being shot, he also included that those people who were doing the shooting were getting acquitted by our courts. And there is a huge difference there.

            Those who are powerless can not oppress those who have the power. You can’t equate everything to racism, and I think that’s being done more by the people arguing the point than it is by Colin.

            For example, a man gets surrounded by police for selling cigarettes on the street. Single cigarettes for a dollar or so. 5% officers surround him and eventually he is put in a choke hold and complains that he can’t breathe. A choke hold is against NYPD regulations. The individual complaining that he can’t breathe loses consciousness. The police call EMS and then stand around and offer him no first aid while he dies on the sidewalk. The coroner places the cause of death as homicide due to the choke hold. The police are charged and tried and acquitted. If you were the mother, or son, or spouse of that man, how would you react? When you see it over and over, would you feel the country was on your side?

          • No, he’s not. He’s protesting criminals who get shot refusing to obey the law. Maybe you and he should get your facts straight. I’m sure there have been some blacks that have been shot needlessly but they are few and far between.

          • Sitty, you’re really not too smart are you. There have been a dozen or so that have BEEN CAUGHT ON Video. Listen to the man and hear what he’s protesting to. Don’t just spew the garbage you hear from Sean Hannity. Even You must be smart enough to do that

          • Post your videos! First off not everything is caught in a video. Got that? What about those 6 officers brought up on charges of killing that black in the back of a police van? Those charges were brought by a black racist DA who was proven to be a liar. All charges dismissed and she is looking to be disbarred! Video my butt. I’m very smart indeed a ND it not hard to prove you wrong. Chew on that!

          • Isn’t everything, Jimmy?

          • This information came from the “Washington Post” so bright boy check the facts out before you start running stupidity out your suck hole, The Washington Post tracked all fatal police shootings From January 2015 and as of last Sunday 1502 people have been shot by police, of them 732 were WHITE!!!! 732!!!!WERE WHITE!!!!! 381 were black, 382 were of another race so why are you blowing out proportion the fact that blacks are being shot more than whites, again this information came from the “Washington Post” so there twice as many whites being shot, But I guess they weren’t all upstanding citizens like you black people are every black person that’s ever been shot was the perfect student he was the perfect young man, no they were gutter trash, that is what they were, you don’t want to be shot don’t break the law

      • Jim, By your comments it is evident you paint with too broad a brush! The problems with our countries political structure is not the result of one race of people(s). There are cultures and political backers on both the conservative and liberal side of the fence. Some tend to think with the teaching of the social media, what ever that might be, rather then their brains and what history could teach them. It is not so much a racial issue as it is an issue of knowledge and foresight.

      • YOU PEOPLE????? That must mean non black people. Say it next time. What he said had nothing to do with black people. The people CHARGED with the duty. Obama, Hillary, Read, Piglosi, Shummer, do you now understand. Most of the politicians! Quit making it a race thing, its been used so much its a joke.

        • No “you people” was referring to the morons on this board

          • If the NFL allows protest on the field during the sacred playing of the national anthem why do they disallow the decals on the helmets of the players in respect for the murdered police officers? Answer me that.

      • The only people oppressing minorities are democrats and themselves. If they were truly oppressed we would not have successfull minorities in this country.

      • Your a self hating white racist. Crawl back in your cage and when we want your opinion we’ll give it to you!

      • Oh my God, blacks dominate basketball, football, and track…why don’t blacks play hockey. You can fight all you want, with whites. I don’t see many of those big name black athletes doing much but visiting the inner city youth. They are livin the life.

      • If all else fails, pull the race card. I’m 80 and I don’t remember when black people didn’t play.
        Lot of other hardships they endured, most of which have been corrected.

    • This country is STILL great. What ISN’T great are the people who are charged with the duty of following the principles of the U.S. Constitution

    • Your right Judith, Bit in the good old days we had strong family values, we were taught about God and went to church. We had strong morals, values and Character. We lived through tough times. Hell the kids today that haven’t been in the military most of them couldn’t find their ass with both hands.

        • Oh Dear, I used a bad word there. I have to admit I thought of it but I didn’t mean to post it. I’m so sorry Judith and all. 🙁 that’ll teach me to proof read.

          • Are you talking about “hell” or “ass”? Because, in my book, neither one of them are “bad words”!! Even according to Merriam Webster …. you’re OK!! No sweat, my friend….. =))

          • Thank you Elaine!

          • Well, where I’m from, we like to say “Don’t sweat the petty stuff.” ….. (“And, don’t pet the sweaty stuff !!”) ….. =))

      • I have so much respect for my parents generation . They faced WWII. The depression . They were a generation which passed down respect for God and country. Self sacrifice and love of country. Gratitude. Today we are a people of Del satisfaction and self gratification. The government over reach has been a part of that. No greater gift than to lay down ones life for another. That’s what the flag represents . It is not a tool for protest . It is a symbol of all those who gave this country the greatest gift of all .(Personal sacrifice)

        • Amen Irish1919. Very well said.

        • You are so right Irish. There is alot to be said for the strongest generation of that time. I hear parents say all the time that “I want my kids to have what I didn’t have, or I want my kids to have more than I had” Not me, I want my kids to know what it’s like to go without to know some hard times. That may seem odd but how are they going to appreciate a dollar, or the good times if they’ve never experienced the bad times or done without? There is a poem called: ” I Wish You Enough” you might want to Google it. It’s quite beautiful and says so much. I Wish My Son’s Enough. Doing without makes you stronger and makes you appreciate what you do have. I want a stronger, God fearing country.

  6. Respect America or get out, you’re not an American that deserves the protection of our troops and our country, you are the deplorable people

    • You’re a moron. Our troops fought to preserve our constitution Our constitution that says he has a right to sit or kneel or not to. How can you people be so ignorant

      • It also says that we have the right to bare arms. You might be the first one I will go after.

      • Well, you moron, our troops fought to give me the right to tell you to get out of America as well if you don’t love the USA.
        BTW, I was one of those troops in the 60’s..
        Ignorance seems to be your problem, moron

      • How can you be so ignorant? While our Constitution does protect free speech, it is still not justification for such blatant displays of disrespect to the country on the whole because of some misguided preconceived idea of being oppressed. Where is the oppression? Just because some black thug was shot during acts of crime or refusing to stop when ordered to is not oppression. Continuing that false narrative damages the country and only divides us further at a time when we should be united.

      • Our troops, including me, fought to preserve my right to tell you haters to leave America as well, you moron..How can you haters be so ignorant..

        • Those of us who value the principles upon which this great nation were built aren’t haters. Joining the army to stay out of prison doesn’t give you the right to tell us to go anywhere

          • I was drafted in 1965, liar.
            You don’t value the principles this country was valued on or you wouldn’t have said the Flag and Anthem haters had the right to protest but indicated that I don’t..
            People like you who never served or never would should just shut up and go back to canada where most of you liberals ran to avoid serving America..
            And I do have the right to tell you where to go, remember you said the constitution protected that right, hypocrite

          • I was far too young to be drafted and far to smart and successful to enlist Apparently you were neither. But your boy t rump avoided it like the plague

          • Smart is not one of your best attributes, lying and ignorance seems to describe you better

          • Thank you. By saying it isn’t one of my “better” attributes, you acknowledge that it IS one of my attributes. Simply not my best one. And you are correct. In addition to being smart, I am handsome, witty and successful I’m glad you admit it. Now back under your rock

  7. F_ _K these arrogant assholes! You have a problem with America, leave!

    • Are you kidding me and leave the free gravy train, they’re going to have to be forced!

    • The are exercising constitutional rights. If you have a problem with that, and the constitution it is you that should leave

      • I’m a veteran, and this is how I feel! You don’t like it, you know what you can do!

        • Thank you for your service. I’m sorry that you hate this great nation and the principles that it was founded on. I wonder where you lost your way

          • I didn’t loose my way! I believe there’s a time and a place for everything! And protesting the National Anthem on 9-11 is being disrespectful to all that have fallen! Besides, the POS in our W.H. doesn’t say anything about the slaughter that’s taken place in Chicago!

          • I love when you morons are losing arguments and go off on some silly tangent. The topic is the NFL protest and the right to do so. Try and stay on point.

          • progressive liberal ass! your the moron! grow up!

          • I feel like he does, I don’t hate this nation, I do hate you low life liberal dem bloodsuckers, about 2 years we won’t have to deal with you scum, except wear noseplugs for the stink coming from your starved bodies/.

          • If you hate the constitution and the rights and freedoms provided therefrom, you hate this country. I know you small minded people have difficulty with that concept, so I will let it pass. I’m not starving at all. In fact as a business owner, I’ll fair well regardless of who wins in November. I’m a white male and I have more money than I will need for my family and the rest of our lives. But you morons who will support Trump when you’re too stupid to see just how badly that will hurt you, thats who I pity

          • Take your crap elsewhere liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical scumbag.
            You clowns are the ones trying to take the 2nd amendment, no one is is interested in hearing you scum, talk about constitutional rights.
            You will be starving soon liberal scum, Dec 2024, the polls showed, that 11.4 % of the people thought that their state should secede from the union..
            Same poll dec, 2015, 23.9% of the people thought that their state should secede from the union.
            You have about 2 years, we will close off the borders to ours states, station marksmen there to shoot anything crossing the border illegally..
            You scum can raise taxes on any rich person or business silly enough to stay in your area.,. You can raise taxes to 90% you can buy everything for everyone.

            QAllof your pervert friends can get married, you can pass any laws that you like, we won’t care.
            All of your bent gender friends can use rest rooms and lockers rooms with your spouse and daughters, we won’t care..
            You can bring all of the Mexicans from Mexico into your area and you can bring all of the rapist killer Muslims into your area, we womn’t care.
            We won’t have welfare or foodstamps here,. so all of Obama’s homies and and all of the criminal aliens will be in your area, we won’t care.
            You can ban Christianity and confiscate all weapons and we won’t care.
            You will have to decide on a way to keep the killer Muslims from throwing the perverts off of buildings, but, that will be your problem and we won’t care.
            We will go back to running areal country kick back and applaud as you scum starve to death

          • hahahaha Look at you go. If you want to secede be my guest. The 10 states that receive the most in federal aid over what they send are all red states.

            I’ll explain to you what that means because I know you don’t understand. That means the 10 most republican states are the biggest receivers of welfare and federal benefits. You bottom feeders can leave whenever you want. You are a drain on the federal budget. Not only that, your schools have the lowest passing rates and the lowest graduation rates. So all of you dumb, welfare recipients sitting on your asses and sucking off the government tit are free to leave.

            Now take a look at the constitution and tell me how long it takes you to figure out that you can’t just leave


          • Sooo, cretin, you found your Lefty Manifesto, eh:, where was it under the sofa?
            You liberal scum have been pedaling that particular smelly brand of horse crap for
            50 years.
            LA County, alone you incredibly stupid life form, spent 688 million for foodstamps and welfare, just for criminal aliens more than any red state.

            Chicago has a public housing project called Taylor homes, big enough to have it it’s own zip code.
            572 million there last year for food stamps and welfare, more than any red state.
            of the top 10 high schools in the country last year, 9 of them are in red states, liar.
            We can leave any time that we like and the federal government will do nothing, even Obama is smarter that you ersatz life forms.
            You don’t fight with the guy on the same continent with you when both sides have nukes, you stupid c3nt.
            By the way garbage look at apolitical map , you seem to think that all of the red states are in the south.
            You would have Ca, Or, and Wa, then you have to go all the way to MN aond Il, to find another blue state.Then you have to yo all the way to NY to get another.
            You can have all the p-ant states in NE
            Population is about even, 62% of the manufacturing is in red states and 64% of the combat arms of the US you fing cretin, are from red states/.

      • Get a civics lesson Jimmy.

      • No a-hole, what we are going yo do is separate ourselves from you low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasites and you can do what you want, as you starve..

        • That means all you C..k Suckers are leaving the country!! Whoopee!!

          • We aren’t going anywhere low life liberal dem bloodsuking parasitical scum bag, just close off the borders to ours states,, then applaud as you compost heaps starve to death.

          • That is so disappointing it hurts! Please reconsider, then don’t let the door hit your behind on the way out of my country. The likes of you are not welcome here.

          • Let me try to put this in a way that even a low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasite can understand,.
            Told you once cretin, we are not going any where we will close off our borders and laugh as you fing scum starve.
            it’s over liberal dem bloodsucker, this is no longer about politics, continue to run your fing garbage mouth if you like , when you get through, it will be the same.

          • You took it as a personal challenge and nobody even asked you “how big a dumb assed stupid ignoramus can you get?” Stop breathing and wasting good air – the skin holding that one huge turd together is already wasted. I suggest you go back to school and finish 4th grade, and don’t forget to build that tiny wall around yourself – your stink is unbearable.

          • My suggestion to you cretin?
            Go out into the Arizona desert, shoot yourself in the head. As your body decomposes and enriches the shoddy soil, you will , finally, have some worth.
            If done expeditiously, you can effect it before, your children find out that, they are related to you, no point in hanging that cross on them for life.

  8. “Our school system has said, we’re of the belief, we let our guys do what they believe in,” So if the “guys” feel it is okay to disrupt and demean the teacher and fellow students they’re okay with that?

    What a bunch of Limp-Dick educators. They are so afraid of litigation that teaching principles, values, and providing a substantive well rounded education has all but vanished from the classroom. There is little wonder why we rank so low when compared to other countries.

    Obama and the “Lefties” have used “Political Correctness” as a weapon to divide Americans and guilt us into being something we are not.

  9. Bet those same high schools would not allow any of those kids to be praying on the sidelines.

    • Of course not. That is unconstitutional. You people like the bible More than the constitution. You would probably prefer Sharia law

      • Praying is not UNCONSTITUTIONAL. In fact, it is unconstitutional to enforce laws that “prohibit the free exercise thereof”.

      • You have about 2 years low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasirtical scum bag, we will close off the borders to our states, you scum will get to do it any way that you like in your area, we will kick back and applaud as you starve to death,.

      • It is their right to pray on the sidelines if they want to. You cannot tell them they cannot, it just cannot be organized by the school.

      • Would not be unconstitutional, you have turned the first into justification for your personal agenda.
        It is to keep Government out of religion, not religion out of government.

  10. Never heard of the 1st Amendment, did you. Absolutely much more important than the 2nd.

    • Yeah, I have, and Colon KrapperDick, Ocumstain, Ohillary and YOU can suck my Barbara Feinstein!!

    • Yes, the 1st amendment is very important. It isn’t intended to be used to suppress view points that others disagree with. Now with that said: I don’t believe that it was ever intended to be used as a bully whip to suppress the truth and to brain wash others into believing lies and the other garbage that the communists are pushing. I don’t blame the young people but I do blame their parents, teachers, coaches, and the msm for not teaching them the history of this country, the meaning of the flag, and what has been sacrificed by so many to protect what we all enjoy.

      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

      • All of the amendments to the Constitution are of equal importance to our Nation and our Citizens.
        Some effect us more than others but all are equall in the preservation of our freedoms and rights.

      • The many who sacrificed did so, to protect the very rights he is exercising. His protest is just what this country is about,

        • The shame of it is that they are protesting the flag and the national anthem when they should be protesting the Demoncratic party. They are the party of slavery, KKK, and keeping blacks on the government plantation. Besides, most of those who are protesting no nothing of the history of slavery and how the first slaves were sold by their own families for near to nothing. If they want to get to the root of the problem they need to look at the mirror.
          I cannot respect a persons stand for slavery that is making 12 million a year in a country that provides him with the freedom and opportunity to do so and he disrespects those opportunities afforded him by this country.

          • WOW. You’re so stupid you don’t even understand what the topic is

          • No, you don’t understand the root of the problem is liberalism and their agenda to control everyone. Free speech is just that and everyone has the right to it. But in the Demoncrat world free speech is limited to those that agree with them- such as you. Typical liberal- can’t have an intelligent conversation without demeaning someone.

          • Every time you type you demean yourself. Best to keep quiet and let people thing you’re stupid, rather than type on here and confirm it

          • Just trying to follow in your footsteps. But that is a rabbit trail no one can follow. You are the master at stupidity.

      • Don’t know anything about lies, brainwashing, et al. I only watch movies on TV and listen to music on radio. Have no tolerance for propaganda shit holes like Fox and right wing nut job talk programming.

    • Know your enemy they don’t give a chett about your first amendment, or second, better buy ammo!

    • That is correct, these Anti-American TROLLS have the right to dishonor America and Americans. We have the right to call them Anti-American, over paid, THUGS. They dishonored themselves, their teams and worse of all, they dishonored the United States of America. Yes, they have a right to act like sulking, punk a$$ thugs. They don’t mind the Money, the opportunities America provides and the freedoms to include the right to be an a$$ hole. They hate America. They are LOSERS!
      God Bless America and the MEN and WOMEN who put their lives on the line EVERY DAY to provide those freedoms God Bless the men and women who honor the United States of America and stand on the wall between America and our enemies.

      • Are you so stupid that you’d praise people for preserving these rights and then condemn those who exercise the same rights.

        Having a problem with those who exercise their constitutional rights us Anti-AMERICAN and makes you the troll and the LOSER If you hate this country so much, why not leave

    • Wrong. The 2nd amendment protects our rights of free speech and worship. It keeps the government in check.

  11. For those of you that disrespect all of us. If you are not proud of this country, then why are you here. I’m sure you could find a better place. There are millions of men and women who died for this country. There are billions who would love to come here. I’m sure they would respect this country much more than you do. Can we trade you? Are you willing? You’re too stupid to realize our government is trying to turn us against each other. They want complete control of us.

    • Are you so stupid that you can not see that those men and women who did die for us, did so, so that we are free to peacefully demonstrate in this manner. They died SO THAT we had the protections and freedoms provided in the constitution. They dies so Colin can stand or sit. They dies because they love this country and it’s constitution. If you hate it so much, maybe it is you that should leave


      • yes you are sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • It may be “typical” but Americans ( no hyphen ) are fed up with political correctness and diversity when it tears apart the fabric of our country!!

        • And unarmed black people are tired of being shot by police and then having the criminal justice system letting the police walk Sorry that you’re so upset that they don’t like being shot

          • Some of those police are black! Black on black shootings far exceed any numbers of police and unarmed blacks. If the black on black killings are not addressed than your pointless whining means nothing. Just say it…White police. Keep ignoring black on black killing…it saves on police ammo.

          • WOW You’re stupid. my post says “unarmed blacks are tired of being shot by police” I didn’t say white police. You added that

          • It’s the WAY you said it. If you are unarmed, stay off the streets. Police have a split second to access a situation. You make it sound like they are being picked off, knowing they are not armed. Quit putting yourself in places that can get you shot…period.

          • Then unarmed black people should stay off the streets and stop doing things to warrant the attention of the police…like working.

  13. I’m 100% baseball when it comes to sports. Duh-huh football is barbaric and requires no mental faculties …I purchased my very first football jersey in 61 years two weeks ago, KAEPERNICK 7, a great patriot taking a stand for us all. Its not ok for rogue cops to murder innocent people, black, white , red, yellow, brown, or deaf. We cannot allow the murders of citizens to become ‘just another news story ‘. Not opposing such un-American activity as slaughtering those you swear to protect is the crime and disrespect, those who support this action are un- American, blinded, inhumane . Colin’s socks are out of stock, I tried…..

  14. FUCK THEM DUMB NIGGER`S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • And really this is what it is all about. Make america white again. If you ever wonder why trump leads with uneducated white men, here you are

  15. jazzbelly. You are obvious an ignorant democrat and Hilliary supporter. I pity you as a Christian but will be thrilled when TRUMP wins and you slither into a dark crevice like a cockroach and have to bear the consequences of no free stuff for stupid assholes like yourself.

  16. jazzbelly. Just realized, you must be a fuckin dumb ass nigger. That would explain your moronic behavior.

    • White as snow, …”as a Christian” ? Are you sure?

    • You are a fuckin` peacenik. and capable of hurting yourself. Go ahead, jump!!! I am a practicing psychologist and understand you. Just don`t attract any attention .God helps those who help themselves! Good Luck.

  17. If you kneel during the Nation Anthem in pray for our Nation I have no problem with that. Remaing sitting is
    disrespectful on every level unless you are handicapped and wheelchair bound. As a Military member who
    served in seveal countries you show respect for the Nation Anthem of the countries you are statione in by
    standing in respect for them. To do other wise shoes ignorance and total lack of your upbringing by your
    parents. This, unfortunately, is typical of the youth of today and many so called adults. they have watched
    MTV and other idiot programs and not been taught how to act in public or how to be respectful of themselves
    or other. All I can say to them is if you do not like our National Anthem then go find some place that wiil
    tolerate your ignorance and move there. But like most idiots they are to dammed lazy or stupid to realize
    that we are still the best nation on earth and there is no place else like the United States of America.

  18. What we SHOULD be doing to school children is teaching them about the birth of this country and what it took to create the USA and maintain it through the war of 1812 and beyond. I wonder if school children understand, or know about, the birth of this country (the revolutionary war) and the war of 1812 and all the countries involved in that latter war? Does common core stress that, enough? I doubt it.

    However, none of this matters. What DOES matter is having a symbol to rally around; the flag. We need to teach respect, vigilance and unity. YES, there are problems that need to be addressed, but that should NEVER diminish the flag. The flag represents not only respect, vigilance and unity of country but, MORE IMPORTANTLY, embodies all those characteristics along with the ideal of the liberties and freedoms we should NEVER take for granted. And, even more importantly, the flag represents those that fought and gave the ultimate sacrifice for those liberties and freedoms so that others would continue to enjoy those liberties and freedoms. This, alone, is the most critical reason why ANY American should NEVER disrespect the flag. It is an honor to those that preserved our liberty and freedom and to disrespect the flag diminishes their sacrifice. Those who gave the ultimate sacrifice can not defend themselves and every American should stand up for them.

    Now, if you desire to protest and injustice, you have every right to do so in any venue, but you need to respect that flag because the very fact you can protest and voice your discontent is protected by that flag and what it represents. It is incredibly ironic and disrespectful, to use the flag as the very platform for your grievances, when that very same flag and what it represents, gave you those rights in the first place.

    As far as Colin Kaepernick, who started this whole thing, there is something to be said for his concerns and I do not disagree, but his forum is not, IN ANY WAY, appropriate. Form a group and lobby (hey, all these athletes have the money to do just that). Send player representatives to speak in an appropriate venue. Do NOT use the public stage of the NFL to air your grievances as that is involving WAY TOO MANY people that may not share your views.

    BTW, why can NFL players protest in the manner, but the Dallas Cowboys are denied wearing emblems to honor the fallen police offices in Dallas. Roger Goodell….that is an INCREDIBLE double standard and you need to explain yourself.

  19. Those high school athletes that are disrespecting the flag and our national anthem are risking loosing college scholarships. What University coach or University President wants to reward these fools and give them a chance to bring this rotten image to their campus and loose enrollment down the road because of their bad behavior. If Kaeppernick had done this in high school or college he would not have been an NFL player. Team owners don’t need this kind of bad press and loss of ticket sales. Yes, the first amendment gives the right of free speech but there can be a cause and effect down the road. Parents don’t let your children grow up to be Arseholes. Teach them to respect this nation, our flag, and national anthem. Home school them if your school system is flawed.

    • Exercising their constitutional rights IS being a good American. You are the one who is going against the constitution, and the principles upon which this great nation was founded

      • No he is right. As a business owner I would not hire any one of them to work for me. People who disrespect the fla and the country would also do the same for any one fool enough to hire them to do a job.

        • I hire good Americans, I don’t punish them. And I am smart enough to know the difference between using your platform to enact change, and disrespect.

          • That’s the problem, we’re tired of those who disrespect the USA, get out of America..I fought to be able to say that as well, you moron

          • And just what platform to enact change are they attempting? The one that allows rioting because they do not like a particular action. Or maybe the one that encourages death to whites. They have no platform. There is no massive oppression to protest other than the agenda of the black lives matter movement put out.

          • No platform?? He is on National TV. He has the nation discussing it. He even has morons like you arguing about it online. THAT PLATFORM you idiot

          • And again I say he is protesting the wrong thing. It is not the country that supported slavery – it was the Demoncrats.

          • He is protesting the criminal justice system, not slavery you MORON

          • Publicity and platform are two distinctly different things. As for my being an idiot, well feel free to insult me, after all, that is your “Constitutional Right”.

          • Yes they have Constitutional rights, but what has that got to do with respect for the country as a whole, Kaeppernick, could put some of that 19 million into doing something constructive, you think?

          • He has the nation talking about the issue, I think that’s very constructive. Just because you don’t like the conversation, doesn’t mean it isn’t constructive

        • You reap what you sow…theses high school athletes are just following what they see the overpaid scum doing. Athletes are supposed to be examples to our youth…child and spousal abuse, animal abuse, drugs and murder. Bad behavior is rewarded by the Democrats.

      • What Constitution did you read? Go to and get a pocket Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Then read and study it, then come back and post.

      • About 2 years ersatz life form, you liberal garbage will be on your own, you can do it any way that you like.

      • They may be exercising their Constitutional right, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t showing their stupidity. And, you know what they say, “You just can’t fix stupid.”

        • Texas is a perfect example of you just can’t fix stupid

          • Careful, now you’re showing your ass.

          • I’m guessing, based on your stupid comment, you’ve never been to Texas and only know what your liberal handlers have told you.

          • I’ve been a few times. Enough to know I didn’t want to go back

          • That’s because you’re a leftist. We believe in God, country and patriotism in the Great State of Texas, which offends leftists. That’s why you (and your ilk) are always denigrating Texas and Texans. We stand for everything you hate. You hate the fact that Texas has created more jobs than the rest of the country combined during Obie’s claimed “economic recovery”. That’s why you try to flood Texas with all your loser liberals, illegal aliens and ME refugees in an attempt to change our politics. We scare you pussified, victim leftists to death and you can’t stand it. I’m glad you won’t return. Stay in San Francisco, NYC, Chiraq, Detroit or whatever liberal hellhole you call home and continue to destroy it. We don’t need you nor want you. God Bless Texas! Hooyah!

          • and yet you’re on here complaining about an American exercising his constitutional rights. You don’t believe in this country and you certainly don’t believe in patriotism. Speaking out against the government when you believe the government is violating civil rights IS patriotic. That’s what this country was founded on. Putting an american flag on the bumper of your pickup and drinking budweiser while you drive to the rodeo with your half witted friends yelling YeeHaw, isn’t being a patriot. That’s being a redneck. You idiots aren’t smart enough to know the difference

          • I see, as is typical of misguided leftists, you need some education. I could care less about him exercising his Constitutional rights. What I care about is some spoiled multi-millionaire, with no idea what he is protesting, disrespecting the country despite all he has gained from it. He would be another stock boy in a grocery store in any other country. Instead he gets paid millions of dollars to be mediocre and sit on the bench. He is not speaking out against the government. He wouldn’t know civil rights from his right elbow. I speak out against the representatives of the government all the time, that is protest. I don’t have an American (yes, that is supposed to be capitalized; I see you are showing your disrespect) flag on my bumper and I don’t drink a foreign beer (Budweiser). I do have a Combat Veteran sticker and a Support Our Troops sticker on my bumper. Calling me and my friends half-witted only shows your ignorance. I happen to have two degrees and many certifications. I’m guessing you can’t say the same. I do appreciate being called a Redneck because Rednecks love our country. So, isn’t it time for you to retreat to the basement now that you’ve been smacked up side the head by a educated, intelligent Redneck?

          • He knows exactly what he is protesting, you’re the only one who seems to have trouble understanding. And spoiled multimillionaires don’t care about innocent people being shot on the street. Spoiled multimillionaires worry about endorsements and getting more money. Not risking everything to try and start a national conversation of oppression. Your degrees must be on your thermometer and your certification must be in changing flat tires because clearly you’re not very bright. And I can’t say that I have 2 degrees, because I have 3. And they’re advanced degrees not from a community college that allowed you to major in rodeo sciences

          • I’ll leave you with one final quote since you are so stuck on stupid.

            “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.” Ronald Reagan

            The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.

            Ronald Reagan
            Read more at:
            The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.

            Ronald Reagan
            Read more at:

      • Jimmy – You need to take a remedial reading course. Nowhere in the piece that you responded to did I state that exercising your first amendment right made you a bad U.S. citizen.

        You are ignorant for stating, “Exercising their constitutional rights IS being a good American.”

        Oftentimes it is foolish to speak out before thinking something through. I did say that their “Cause” in effect could greatly damage their future. Check the Bible references regarding the tongue, After passing the remedial reading course needed you might better understand what I am trying to get you to understand. “This is Spot. See Spot run, Run Spot run. Run, run, run!”

    • I would, if one of these High School players were my son, put my foot up his butt and teach him some respect for the greatest country in the world. These professional players protesting oppression have no clue about oppression. Maybe they should be required to live for a year in N. Korea, China, Iran or one of the many other countries if they want to know oppression. Maybe they wouldn’t be so hasty to disrespect America after that. These multi-millionaires protesting oppression are a joke!

    • Every damn university, college, and professional team. After all it is now fashionable to display this type of attitude.

    • Not sure about the coaches; however, nearly every “institution of (lower)learning,” up to and including post graduate work, are over run with Sal Alinsky, Bernadine Dohrn, and Bill Ayers types masquerading as “professors!” Just google Dohrn and Ayers to review these “Weather Underground” professors that have taught(indoctrinated) your children!!

  20. Why don’t they just leave the country???

  21. I am done with the NFL. It is made up of nothing but wife beaters, girlfriend beaters, dog beaters drug addicts and drunks. The league would not let the Dallas Cowboys honor the 5 dead cops. Now miscreants like Kaepernick come around and pull this kind of crap. He should move to North Korea and see if he can make a million dollars there as a mediocre quarterback.
    The many. The proud. The deplorable.

  22. Time to boycott the NFL, I’ve canceled all channels related to this year’s football!

  23. More like a CANCER! If those POOR, MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR THUGS, who feel so oppressed, don’t like The United States, they can pack their sh*t and move any where else in the world. They are a disgrace and intellectually dishonest. I would suggest an all out Boycott against the NFL, until these ANTI-AMERICAN TROLLS are disciplined.
    The NFL threatened to “Fine” a player who was going to wear shoes to HONOR, not spit on America and Americans.
    The NFL forbid the Dallas Cowboys from placing a sticker on their helmets showing UNITY BETWEEN THE COWBOYS and LAW ENFORCEMENT. That is true censorship and further dishonor to America.
    Again, the Thugs that dishonored America don’t mind the Money, the opportunities and freedoms America provides them. They claim America is an oppressive nation. They hate America. Perhaps they should just pack up their sh*t and move to some other country. To be honest, I don’t give a damn where.
    I have watched my last NFL game. Reminder PUNKS, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  24. Know a coach that told his team that no matter how good they may be if they don’t stand with hands over hearts when the anthem is played they’re warming the bench for the year. So much for their scholarships.

  25. Is “K” really expressing a position on oppression? I don’t think so, I believe he’s expressing his radical Islamic views. If people like him don’t like the USA why can’t he man up and move out? I certainly won’t miss him & as much as I love football a fan I WON’T be if this continues. K is obviously as smart as he looks.

  26. And we have the velcro headed bastard in the white house to thank for getting all this shit started.. Where are all the highly trained SNIPERS when we really need them? ?

  27. I agree, must keep their masters in high regard for one day they will be receiving a welfare check plus fee college, tuition etcetera. Ad infinitum.

  28. If you don’t respect our country or the men and women who gave their lives to preserve our freedom(or what’s left of it due to the commie left)LEAVE….



  31. If you do not like and respect this country, if you do not respect the people who sacrificed to build and protect the greatest country ever known to mankind, if you cannot see the opportunities offered to anyone willing to work hard and honest then remember this — the door is always opened for you to leave. Don’t let it hit you in the ass. Either respect the flag and the symbols of price or get in the hell out.

  32. we do have a large number of people just wandering around that do not comprehend how theyhave it, what it takes to keep it, and just how fragil this has become

  33. I think this behavior is really the fault of our K-3 – PhD education system. Of necessity, the USA must be a nation of warriors because self-government is a power vacuum and is a target for every piss-head, actual or would be, dictator in the world.
    Thus Benjamin Franklyn’s description of our Constitutional government, a Republic if we can keep it.

    And someone’s brilliant observation, Peace, those glorious moments in history when everybody stops to reload.
    And of course Teddy, Speak softly but carry a big stick.

    With Obozo and a succession of liberals following Reagan we are and have been speaking softly and carrying a huge stink but no stick.

    • “The tree of liberty must be refreshed, from time to time, with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants, it is its natural manure!” Thomas Jefferson

      Sadly, our time of “refreshing” may have passed? Too many ‘brainwashed’ sucking from the government teat….

  34. Buck Ofama! The Kena Pretenda!

  35. If these baby scumbags refuse to show respect for OUR flag, they should be escorted out of the event and told NOT to return. Some of these persons are going to be the adults and possible military/or not, representatives. Just how many will run to Canada/Mexico/Cuba if America is attacked. These scumbags need to learn that to be an American, you need to act like an American adult and not a spoiled brat.

  36. I will say this, if the teams in my county pull this stunt I ‘ill be before the schools boards quicker than you can say jack sprat has no fat!. I am sick of this BS. Sick! Just imagine if slavery had not been introduced to this country, then we would not have any of these issues & the whiners would be someplace else if they even reached adulthood . Btw why aren’t the descendants of the indentured servants who were treated just as badly bltching? I think of the flag draped coffins that come thru Dover, my God they contain black bodies as well any other soldier killed in combat. Unforgivable!
    “The Black Body Count Rises as Chicago Police Step Back
    In 2016 nearly 3,000 people have been shot in the city, an average of one victim every two hours.” In the WSJ & USA news. Why aren’t these spoiled cry baby titsies saying something about that. One of the people shot in Chicago was a policeman’s son sitting on his porch.

  37. What is the tint of the skin of these protestors? Better yet, what is the character of their heart. It seems as though they are filled with hate. Thank you Obammy, Sharpless, and Jacker.

  38. I would ship every single one of these disrespectful idiots off to the middle east and let them experience real oppression first hand. If they live they can come back, if they don’t no loss.

  39. If these people do not want to honor our country they are free to depart and live in some other country! How about Mexico or Iran, sounds like to good choices!

  40. We Don’t need to spend time conversating about this garbage. Move on mr or Mrs. Editor. There’s nothing to see here.

  41. Patriotism aside, I do not pay BIG bucks to listen to/watch athletes/performers give their opinion about things they don’t agree with in this country.. I pay to see a sporting event, hear a concert or performance and nothing else. You have a right to get on your soapbox but not at a venue that has paying consumers/customers.

  42. How about we “require” all blacks to kneel during the National Anthem? Do you think we would get a rise?

  43. It’s bad enough to pay exorbitant prices to watch football, but I’d like to watch a game without having to watch the juvenile antics of these overpaid prima donnas.

    I believe that we should simply boycott the games: don’t attend the game; turn off the television; don’t purchase NFL-licensed products; let every company that advertises on television and radio during the games that you intend to boycott their product or services if they continue advertising during NFL games.

  44. I am still waiting to see a time when the police were not just doing their jobs. The one in Milwaukee was certainly a bad one. But for the most part, criminals were confronted for a reason and were a threat.

    • The police in Chicago have stepped back. “The Black Body Count Rises as Chicago Police Step Back
      In 2016 nearly 3,000 people have been shot in the city, an average of one victim every two hours.”

      • Blanche,
        So, now BLM will whine about the police letting blacks kill blacks. The police can’t win. Some day we have to wake up to allowing such poverty to get so out of control. Welfare is a pacifier, not a tool for betterment of the poor.

  45. It’s a shame these ignorant football players don’t take the time to research what has really happened. Most police are not out to get blacks (or Hispanics or Asians or whites for that matter) but some are. That is true of just about anything where you have a few bad apples. What the police are after is criminals. What these black people did to get shot anyone else no matter the race would have been shot as well. Is it just that they feel they are being picked on? I have no sympathy for these people when they condone the killing of innocent police officers. I do believe that these idiots have the right to sit during the national anthem but we also have the right to boo them and stop purchaseing anything that they endorse. So to you players who think that you are so cool sitting during the national anthem I hope you lose all endoresments and may your teams see declining attendance leading to you being released.

    • Hitting them in the pocketbook is a good way to bring them to attention! Worked with one school when parents stopped giving to the booster club.

  46. PNEUMONIA is very dangerous

  47. It’s not like I can’t live without the NFL, these “protest” players are drunk with their own images. If I want to watch football games, there’s college and in my case, high school football if need be. The best thing for the NFL is a dose of boycotting their games on TV, the commercial sponsors advertising during NFL games do so for advertising penetration into watcher’s homes. If their TV ads are suddenly less effective, that will all come back on the NFL. It’s all about money, the NFL is a business, first, last, and always. It’s the NFL’s business to require its athletes to not only satisfy its public with good football, but also advise players that their political grievances have no place in NFL business. The athletes are “performers,” we don’t buy high-priced game tickets to see those players “do their own things” as if they’re running their own programs. Besides, Kaepernick has a chip on his shoulder that he’s brought to football. He’s bringing dissension to the 49ers and to crackpots playing on other teams. Chip Kelly,49er coach, should keep him on the bench, out of playing, thereby lowering his marketability.

    • I couldn’t have expressed this better myself.

      Kraperneck’s excesses off-the-field have now bled onto the football field. He’s grossly overpaid, a lousy QB with bad ankles, a poor example of a professional athlete, and an even worse example of a leader of his team — even if that team is the San Francisco Forty-Whiners.

  48. The State Controlled School System failed years ago . When the administration became unchallenged and teachers demoted to Baby Sitters. The revised new History even says America won the War in Vietnam? Symbols mean more than actions. Predators rule

  49. These reprobates do have the right to express themselves,but while working,they should represent their team. I don’t care anything about sports and don’t watch them,but see this crap on the “news”. These “professional”teams should eject these idiots as a bad reflection on the organization.

  50. Stinking A-holes who hate our our flag and our Anthem need to vacate our country.

  51. Liberalism in our education system certainly breeds this thinking. Parents need to do better in preparing their children for what they will face when school begins, esoecially college. Sadly many parents don’t have a grasp on the reality of life today or whats even going on themselves. We must take responsibility of learning the truth or soon we may lose our country.


    Coaches have the power, bench their ass especially the high schoolers ! When their punk asses won’t be scene on the field by their girlfriends they’ll change.

  53. Come on, look at who is doing it, once again it’s the BLACK POPULATION, crying “POOR ME”, I never had it so bad. (ANOTHER RACE CARD EPISODE). Because the majoprity are uneducated or most brain washed in college by being passed for their athletic prowess with no common sense they believe BLACK LIES. The people, these sub human species are demonstrating for are thugs, bullies, strong arm robbers, drug dealers, malcontents, convicted felons, pedophiles, domestic abusers in 99% of the cases. I don’t care how bad it is, you don’t go disrespecting America or its anthem. NO COPS ARE NOT OUT TO GET THEM AND ESPECIALLY BLACK COPS ARE NOT OUT TO GET BLACKS, so where is your argument now?

  54. Excellent observations and right on with with your opinions. As a substitute teacher I observed these ridiculous ideas that always criticized America first. It was more often from certain areas of the city (usually lower economic areas) that were accepting these ideas. In the higher economic areas, it was much less evident and I can only attribute that fact was the parents in these areas were more involved with their children’s education. These same parents were also highly involved with the schools & activities at school such as Booster Clubs, PTA, Volunteer programs.

  55. It is about time that all these flag hating, parasitic ingrates get a civil notice to leave the country or be drafted
    into a branch of the military of their choice. These disrespectful, unappreciative fools forget that the freedom they have to act as they do is because of that flag and to men and woman of all races who have served under it! There seemingly brave and insightful act is actually the total opposite and is evidence of how degenerate and self serving the youth of America have become. That attitude of disrespect is a bell weather of what other fallen societies/cultures have experienced prior to their own fall.

  56. I can’t help but think of the lovin couple that took this ass hat in as a baby ,because his birth parents couldn’t bother to take care of the childrens they made. and yet he says that whites are no good.what an ass.Kids should see him for what he realy is ,A useless wast of space & air.

  57. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    We have become too tolerant in the nation. We have a race of people who believe they can do anything they
    want with no consequences. No one race has cornered the market on “suffering”. These people have only
    contempt for our great nation. They should work on themselves first, before they start disrespecting those who
    have fought and died to grant them the freedoms that they enjoy today. The leftists have stepped over the line
    with giving a big “thumbs up” on this kind of behavior. Go try to disrespect the ISIS flag and its beliefs, see how
    far that gets you!!! Why don’t you stop using this “issue” to grab headlines for yourselves. The only thing this
    earns you is negativity and contempt. Why not visit a VA hospital and look our wounded warriors in the face and
    try to explain to them that their sacrifice for your sorry arces was necessary!!!! INgrates!!! Go to the children’s
    ward and try to cheer them up. Work in the black community for your black youth, tell them to stay in school,
    learn job skills, obey the laws of the land, do not do drugs, deal drugs, or hang around with thugs!!!!
    There are plenty of good things you could be doing instead of creating division and derision. Get a life,
    no get a positive life!!! First, get a clue on patriotism and appreciating our AMERICA before it is gone!!!
    Get on a boat, plane, donkey, camel, whatever and leave if it is so terrible for you darlings, here!!!!

  58. So, good parents turn off the bad examples and promote good examples.
    It is not necessary to despise the nation you were born in to be “cool” and in fact it is disgusting.
    Limbaugh today noted that NFL viewers and attendees was down.
    It will continue to drop.
    America is special, it is unique, it is a privilege to be able to pursue a wealthy career in sports or medicine or many other venues. America is diverse, it is highly kind and giving, and America has awesome citizens who are not subjects and do not want to be. By media magic we ended up with someone in the presidency who hates America and did not grow up here. I feel sorry for him and us.
    Vote Trump if you want America to go in a better direction.

  59. I refuse to watch any NFL football. When the NFL Commission, and the athletes under their jurisdiction are disrespecting the country that afforded them the opportunities they now reap, don’t do anything…, they too show their disrespect for our National Anthem, and expose how truly despicable they all are. It’s true….! America will be destroyed not by any foreign invader, but from within. This is a blatant example how the “Left” Alinskyites are at war with America….. It’s time to start spanking these bad children.

  60. No hero to me.A hero was my mom and dad who taught us values about America stood.Thisperson who is disrespecting the flag is no role model just a coward and not realizing that all groups matter.When saying one group matters continues to put a label on that group and not working things out together as it should be.There’s only one sports hero I admire and that is Mickey Mantle he had class.

  61. The ONLY solution to this epidemic is to turn off the TV when the NFL is on so the sponsors will pull their dollars from the teams. Sadly, too many people would rather watch sports than stand up to those elitist, over-entitled morons and support those who have given their lives so we can live the way we do. This country was once one of respected as well as BEING respected. Now we trounce the souls of those who paid the ultimate price while the useless, worthless, divisive MORON IN CHIEF goes around making a mockery of the entire country. Thankfully it appears Shitlery will drop dead before SHE can cause us any further embarrassment. Still, we owe it to our VETS to stand up to these disrespectful morons.

  62. You have liberals running indoctrination centers instead of schools with the goal to take down America so it is no wonder they don’t believe in our country. Unless they are taught at home, they will not learn about our constitution or bill of rights anywhere.

  63. Media should stop showing them. Just ignore them and when they see they aren’t getting publicity they will stop this stupidity. If “We the People” stopped going to their games, stopped watching their games on TV, stop buying their overpriced junk, they would straighten up. Also, stop supporting the major leagues in any way. The major leagues, NFL, NBA, etc allow this to happen when they could easily put a stop to it. They survive “ONLY” because “We the People” allow them to.
    As long as “We the People” allow this, it will continue.

  64. good_night_good_luck

    Maybe someone should look at the legitimacy of their complaints.
    It’s not a fad, and while you can blow out a candle you can’t blow out a fire.

  65. Those Cell phones werent free were they? VOTE TRUMP
    I want some some real fruits and vegatables not the ones that rot if you dont turn them??

  66. As long as Hillary and Obama are within the 10 square miles (WDC), America is doomed. I read an article today that regarding the $20 Trillion debt that America has accrued….that WDC is “helping” another indebted country out.
    Takes the cake…NOT?

  67. To bad the truth of what happens to a country that loses its government form, is not taught in school. Of course, our educational government control act doesn’t want anybody to know what happens. We can all believe that Alinsky knows more about the best type of government to live under, but for sure, any type of social order government will be a terrible changes. These America changers’ will be forced to get rid of all those who have had freedom in the American government. These old left overs will never be happy under a social order that limits everything in society, except the government. I hate to see America have a war from within. It will be very ugly to all these children watching the mentors they love so much. And many of them will die and so will their parents.

  68. I still and will continue to say for the average American to really be heard we need to start voting with dollars and boycott’s. Don’t support these a…holes and don’t buy there products or buy into their bullshit. Do they have a right to protest or exhibit their beliefs, most defiantly YES! But to do it in a public forum where you are being paid to perform as a member of a team or organization is highly disrespectful to the owners other players and the public who pay for the seat to watch you from. Myself I will stand and place my hand over my heart in respect for this country-warts and all- and those who sacrificed ,some to the utmost, to insure those rights to do so. Outside the stadium okay, never inside, do your job that you are being paid for or stay in the locker room until the anthem is over.

  69. That’s what happens when we allow the left to totally take over our schools. The children are taught that America is evil and are not taught about the true history of this country. The slights and scars we have as a country should be told but where are the great stories of millions of immigrants who came here to escape religious and social persecution. Peoples who came to the only free country in the world. Look at the education in our universities. Far left philosophy is rampant and freedom of speech and ideas is meant wth rejection. If you are a Christian conservative in most American university you are silenced and ostracized. Once government was given control over education in this country(Thank Nixon for that), our children have been turned over to the left. Political correctness , critical thought against this country, continual brainwashing by the state has brought about those things we see today. There is no United in our states there is only division. Typical power play by the left. Divide and conquer. It’s disgusting to watch and when it is now happening at the high school level shows where our country is heading. We are no longer a God centered society we are a me centered society. There is no presence of tact or decorum. We now have to constantly emphasize what may separate us instead of putting emphasis on what Unites us. The American flag is not divisive. It was never intentioned to be. When I place my hand over my heart and sing the national anthem I am thanking all those who paid the highest price(there lives) so that I could be free to disagree. Unfortunately there are many that use the flag as symbol of division . It is not and should not be used in that vein. The NFL and our public schools are to blame . They have no rules around decorum and they should. When I worked the company had rules on what you can and cannot do. They were the employer and I was the employee. We always label all protest as freedom of speech and never spend time on there being a place and time for our demonstrations . Even hate groups are allowed freedom of speech even when it leads to violence. BLM is a prime example of non peaceful demonstrations where hate speech is prevalent and allowed. Does anyone really doubt that such actions will not create continued division along racial gender and class lines. Our universities teach hate, intolerance and violence . They are not levels of higher learning they are breeding grounds for discontent and bad behavior.

  70. I believe the liberal progs are intentionally “softening” our society. Gays in the military, not teaching critical parts of history in the indoctrination camps/public schools, condoning and embracing the LGBT crowd (I believe most of these people are not truly gay but rather are desperately seeking acceptance), condoning disrespectful acts like crapinneck (he nor his multi-million dollar buddies have given any money to help offset “social injustices” but he sure as hell can run his ignorant mouth), go tell a teacher if bullied (they won’t do a thing – fight back!!), if your big toe hurts when you wake up you better not go to school or work!!! It’s disgusting and its intentional. It’s a helluva lot easier to take over a country full of pansies than a country with people who will fight back, like we used to be 30+ years ago. When you don’t have anything/anyone to look up to or any “old fashioned” laws to adhere to, it’s easier that way, isn’t it? That’s how liberals roll……….God help us!!!!

  71. A boycott of the NFL is the perfect anti-venom.

  72. Because the constitutional convention was about to leave and live under the Articles of Confederation, Ben Franklin called for prayer and fasting. That convention prayed and fasted every day of the convention. God says if you acknowledge me in all your ways I will direct your path. That is why we still have that Constitution and no others in the world still operate under the same Constitution. They did what was best at the time and you know they tried to work around it but the slave states would not have joined the Union. George Washington was not allowed to free his slaves by the British Empire. When we became a nation, he freed his slaves. So cool it NFL!

  73. Time we choose not to support them.

  74. Right on Jimmy. Also, Fuck allah and his Goat. Drown all muslims and truck corpses to hog feeding lots in IOWA. I will drive my Peterbilt and lead the way for us Christian Soldiers trucking to IOWA. HOO-RAH!!!!!!

  75. There is an easy cure sports junkies – BOYCOTT THESE UNAMERICAN SCUM! My God sheeple, can’t you understand your country and freedom are at stake and your too fuk’n weak-willed to do what must be done! You will get the TYRANNY that you deserve! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed!

  76. It is true that American public school students do not always get the full “full story” in their history classes. I often read complaints from the conservative sector concerning the omission of important information from the history books used in our nation’s public schools. Such complaints are typically grounded in the argument that these textbooks omit mention of, or give short shrift to, important people and noble events in our nation’s history. Some of these complaints are valid, in my opinion and some are questionable, or even picky. But there is another side to any analysis of the completeness and objectivity of those public school textbooks. There are events and personalities in the history of the USA that are, to put it mildly, uncomplimentary to our professed national ideals, but that are seldom or never recounted in material placed before inquiring young minds who want to know. An example is the sad, sordid history of this nation’s murderous, immoral military campaign in the Philippines during the Spanish-American war of 1898-99. If you read the account of this egregious reign of TERROR in the link below, you will probably know more about it than 99 percent of the graduates of our public schools:

    US War Crimes in the Phillipines

    One million people were killed after America betrayed its promise of independence to the people of the Phillipines and turned it into an American colony.

  77. “….if they believe in a cause,….”

    These “kids,” especially NFL players, are not old enough to know what “they believe!” They are NOT taught in school ‘how to think,’ much less what kind of cause they should take up. Ask ANY of them about the battle of Ft. McHenry and see exactly how much American History they know. NONE of these people have “sacrificed” ANYTHING for ANY cause.

    They are sitting or kneeling on the graves of those who “sacrificed their all” to allow these dweebs to be able to live in a country they disrespect, and have little idea how ‘fortunate,’ and lucky, they are to BE SO PRIVILEGED! I do not concur in that “misguided” SCOTUS decree that using our nation’s most revered symbols to protest some “perceived grievance” is ‘protected FREE speech.’

    I also do not ascribe to the PC pablum of: “I sacrificed by serving this country to insure these whacks have the “right” to do about anything they want.” Disrespecting the Flag and/or Anthem, to those millions having served under them, yet alive or long dead, is to many, NOT of the PC pablum variety – their opinions are their own, the same as getting punched in the gut! There are “restrictions” on that 1st Amendment right of free speech, ‘shouting fire in a crowded venue,’ ‘inciting to riot,’ etc.. In my view, and others’, your disrespect qualifies as “inciting to at least physical confrontation,” if not “inciting to riot!” The ‘dumbing down’ of Americans, and/or the PC brainwashing that has been ruining our culture, is the ONLY reason a multitude of fans have not charged the field and body slammed these wonderful examples of idiocy! Schools condoning such behavior are a shining example that America no longer, faintly, resembles the country I grew up in….

    Wanna protest some ‘perceived grievance.’ Burn your own junk, set yourself on fire, “sacrifice something” YOU care about; march with those terrorist outfits, BLM and the Black Panther whacks. As it is often noted, your “rights” end just short of your fist impacting my nose, or, invading my space. More, “my space” is America, you don’t like it, or how you are treated here – ADIOS, SO LONG, AUF WIEDERSEHEN, GOOD BYE!

  78. Letting these little pecker heads do what they want is not parenting. You need to instill respect in kids or they will have none. This is just poor upbringing.

  79. Michelle Minze-Bryant

    Yea, reality needs to slap them in the face. Send them to a third world country. If there was a way to send them to a country that makes them wear those outfits that cover their faces, like they do women there, that would be a life learning experience.

    • “Send them to a third world country.”

      That would be any place in Amurika where masses of goobers (re: cons) congregate, like all the red states…you know, the ones the blue states have to take care of because they can’t do it themselves.

      • So, where do you reside Franky? Mixed all in with those “goobers,” or, just the gang bangers in Chicago? Last I checked, Democrat run states like NY, MI(Detroit anyway) are the ones likely in need of taking care of!

  80. I love our Old Glory and anthem, but the nation of hope, of which they represent, does not currently exist. I say we pack them away with other sentimental treasures, and not take them out until there is a nation worthy of them. Once people disrespect their country enough to knowingly elect an out and out criminal like Hillary, it is doomed. We have been surprised by bad presidents, but we have not knowingly chosen one. The criminals may just outnumber the good people now.

  81. Suzette Pulvirenti

    Yep….I’m seeing all of this. We can all HATE what is going on but we have to understand that their brains aren’t actually up in their heads. Are they helping the poor whites – the VETS left out on the street – NO…it’s all black and they are the only ones on earth who have not had a fair chance. I should have copied my email tidibt but I didn’t so – in my words – give whites a pile of bricks and they will build a city…….give blacks a city and they will make a pile of bricks. We all know that it’s not racist – there are millions of our black friends who have stepped up and taken their lives in their hands and – even if it’s a broom sweeper in a school…’s work for him. Personally, I have had tons of black friends and workers with me in my 50 years of working. WAKE UP AMERICA
    So…..SHUT UP BLM and Black Panthers and just get the jobs in 2017. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  82. It is the Democrat’s, Communist and Saul Alinski’s Dream to turn this Country into a Communist Nation, they said back in 1953, Give Me your Youth for one Generation… and this will be a Communist Nation, as we can now see, the Plan has worked…..

  83. This is a disgrace,the High Schools are there to teach the children right from wrong. The problems today are in part stemming from the lack of morals and decency taught in the High Schools and Colleges. This HS should not allow this on their school grounds or at school events. If the little imbeciles wish to disrespect the flag,country ,anthem,whatever on their own time so be it. On school ground NO!!!GET A GRIP AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. W e are raising a generation of ingrates, maybe they should spend some time in a country that would deal harshly with their disrespect and they might start appreciating what a great country they were lucky enough in which to be born!!!!! The parents are also to blame, I would never allow my children to disrespect our country. Once they are of age they may do as they please. Hopefully, if I have instilled respect ,morals and decency in them they will act accordingly.

  84. If all sponsers of atheletes strongly believe those who are used in ads do not reflect their high values then atheletes will not get sponsors and their salary will suffer.
    Then their cause will make sense. If their bothers and sisters are suffering
    They will too.
    When it hits purse strings that may straighten up their knees,

  85. The Black Race has been used and abused by the Liberals. God forbid that hillary gets in office, but if she does, her term will be an exact rerun of obama’s failures. Poor people, Blacks, illegals, etc. are nothing more than tools used to force the Left’s “Wild Hair” policies down everyone’s throat by promising those three groups of people everything they want and never giving them anything. Kerp them hungry then make more promises to lead them on and on and on. When will the Blacks, poor people and illegals WAKE UP? They are being used to get more liberal votes snd then they’re dumped on the trash heap.
    What’s with the liberal voters that have some education? Where are those brains that question? Why do they just “go with the flow” and never question the reasons why?

    I don’t know how many of these walking deadheads actually lnow what they are voting for, but unless they do some research, the outcome will slap them in the face too.
    Parents, don’t let your kids go to public schools…home school them or srnd to a private Christian school. Our public schools are turning out morons that act like humans, but are actually empty shells with no emotions nor brain functions. And you are looking at our American future! ONE WORD ORDER IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER UNLESS “WE THE PEOPLE” CHANGE THE DIRECTION OUR NATION IS GOING. TRUMP must be elected or you can kiss our Freedoms goodbye!

  86. As I mentioned elsewhere, why don’t they sing the National Anthem before they let the teams on the field? Then let them run out on the field raising their right fist, thereby giving them the right to protest and, at the same time, not dishonoring our flag and our country!

  87. When these overpaid “professionals” are allowed to demonstrate in this manner without contributing to the cause they are wrong. What have they done for the cause? Have they donated any of their wealth? Have they given of their time? Have they even served the country they so much despise? Why are they not corrected, fined, fired or made to do public service?
    That is the problem with this new generation they have never been corrected, made to do what is right, or serve their country. We might hurt their feelings, give them an inferiority complex. We need leaders and parents who are willing to be parents and leaders. Not the wimps who are currently leaders and parents, Of course I do need to remember it takes a village to raise a child. The parent cannot correct their children or they are charged with abuse.
    If these protesters think it is so bad here they have freedom to choose any country in this whole world to make their new home.
    God Bless America, at least we have the right to do these things even if we do not agree with the method they chose to show their hate for this country.

  88. The national anthem and the flag are symbols. One cannot honor a symbol while insulting what it stands for. Those who disrespected the previous President (like DIxie Chicks) were called traitors. Those who disrespect the current President, questioning his national origin, his race, his religion, his education and even his species, call themselves “patriots”.

    True conservatives respect existing offices and their occupants. True Republicans respect their own office holders, even those who must compromise in order to be reelected. They also respect those in the other party with whom they must work. True Americans don’t tear down their country but find ways to build it regardless of who is in office. True Americans also obey their Constitution, not just their convenient interpretation of a single Amendment.

    If some cannot honor the flag or the anthem because of how they or those around them are being treated, a true patriot would ask why and ask what can be done to fix it. There is no term for bitter old men who make themselves feel superior by demeaning and insulting others.

    • While I agree in theory, it’s hard to have respect for an office holder when they don’t respect the office they hold or the country they are sworn to protect. Hatred fosters hatred, I know we should be better but…..

      • It is convenient to say that about any office holder with whom one disagrees, making it an unacceptable argument. President Obama spends evenings with briefing papers (like Scottie did with starship manuals). President Bush never did that, favoring his “gut” and whatever vice-president “dick” told him. Mr. Trump knows more than the generals already. Not thinking through problems and not seeking the information to do so is the greatest disrespect to our citizens. Ms. Clinton is an information nerd, like Mr. Clinton, Mr. Obama and like myself. Don’t you dare say that knowing what one is talking about disrespects the office.

  89. He is somebody else’ president, I cannot look up to him and I know he doesn’t care about me and that is fine!

  90. First the academic people in schools are filling our kids heads with garbage and now a coach says we let them say whatever they want to express their feelings. Hey, idiots, you can’t have it both ways. Wake up and stop trying to do the parent’s job them them.

    • “Express their feelings,?” EXPRESS THEIR FEELINGS??!! They haven’t even stopped ‘crying in their milk’ yet. Hey mom, my “old” $700 phone isn’t wut all the other kids have today, can I get a new one? Some college kid shown a picture of ole apple tree Georgie and asked who is dis guy? Ans: Bernie Sanders? Wait!, wait, I got it, Biden somebody?

      We are in the DEEP DEEP stuff America, as Dennis Miller says: “The country has gone crazy, right along with the rest of the world.” It might be right funny; however, they were having a lot of laughs in ole Sodom and Gomorra, Babylon, Rome, all the way up to the End!

  91. The test for “Real Americans” is to boycott teams who offend the Spirit of America and don’t buy the products, buy tickets or otherwise spend money with them.

    The only way we have left to influence what goes down in America is where we spend our dollars.

    As for Police not treating Blacks the way they want to be treated . . . . the Golden Rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, brought to modern day is, “when a law officer asks you a question answer him/her in a civil manner and if arrested don’t resist arrest”. Ideally, don’t break the laws.

    This simple idea would save many from being shot by a law officer.

    As long as Blacks and Whites resist arrest they assume the liability.

    “Black Lies Matter” and affiliated organizations should first concentrate their efforts on Black on Black murder cities like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, or more easily, look at cities run into the ground by their elected Democrats . . pick a city!

    • BOYCOTT NFL & SPONSORS! I’m in. Tired of these mindless mounds of muscle (mostly between their ears), and so called “celebrities,” ALL of whom would NOT make a “pimple on a dead Marine’s ass,” pontificating all cerebrally. Want to actually CONTRIBUTE? Get yourselves down in those projects and DO SOMETHING – better hope you can bring some of those “profiling police” types with you, however!

  92. Should a slave respect their slave master? From its inception, anyone who was not a white male of proper religion got the short end of the stick or got beaten with the stick. White women couldn’t vote or work. Minorities were enslaved or put on reservations. Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Ali, Rodney King, Freddie Gray… SAME SH*T, DIFFFERENT DECADE!! But whenever the subject of injustice against blacks is brought up no one wants to discuss it. Instead, they change the subject. BLACK LIVES MATTERS became ALL LIVES MATTER. Would you go to a breast cancer rally and say ALL CANCER MATTERS? This hypocrisy is always ignored when the subject is Black Americans. The script is flipped so the subject gets changed into something else. The flag is a symbol and to Black America it symbolizes centuries of oppression with no end in sight.

    • I wouldn’t mine being as oppressed as Colin and many like him. I salute you for your use of Black American instead of African American, very few white or black are from an old country.

      • I am certain there are places in America where Colin would feel oppressed. They wouldn’t recognize him and he would just be another N-word to them. That is just the way it is.

        • And there are places a white boy doesn’t go unless he has a death wish. That’s the way it is.
          still wouldn’t mine the 19 mil.

        • In 2015, The Washington Post launched a real-time database to track
          fatal police shootings, and the project continues this year. As of
          Sunday, 1,502 people have been shot and killed by on-duty police
          officers since Jan. 1, 2015. Of them, 732 were white, and 381 were black
          (and 382 were of another or unknown race). Look at the numbers, none should be that high, what if whites were to take the same position, riots, shooting cops, etc. We’d be in a much bigger mess, just saying.

          • Your statistics tell only part of the story. How many of the killings were “justified”? How many unarmed people were killed? If as many “unarmed” whites were killed by cops something would be done about it. What about the statistics of how many police were fired, charged, suspended, etc.? Statistics can be used to deceive and mislead. Thank you, bsaggie, for your civil reply.

          • Not even close, on either account. “Perception” rules in America today, learning and education are not even a close second! Most guided by ‘perception,’ or the media, such as that Washington Post, want to believe the race hustlers and baiters. They pour their dollars out to the Al “The Sharpie” Sharpton’s and Jesse “James” Jackson’s, of the country, that ONLY enable them to sport their sharkskin suits and high$$ lifestyles. They NEED racial division to keep them “flush!” The “media” simply titillates to ramp up sales.

            Wanna learn, rather than be led around like some lemming?

            Consider: 1) Each year, more than 7,000 blacks are murdered. That’s a number greater than white and Hispanic murder victims combined. Blacks of all ages are killed at six times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined. According to the FBI, the police kill about 400 people a year; blacks are roughly one-third of that number. In Chicago alone, so far this year, over 2,000 people have been shot, leaving over 320 dead. It’s a similar tale of mayhem in other predominantly black cities.
            2) “Blacks were charged with 62 percent of all robberies, 57 percent of all murders, and 45 percent of all assaults in the 75 largest U.S. counties in 2009, while constituting roughly 15 percent of the population in those counties. From 2005 to 2014, 40 percent of cop-killers were black. Given the racially lopsided nature of gun violence, a 26 percent rate of black victimization by the police is not evidence of bias.”
            3) “Without self-initiative, there is not much that can be done about the high crime rate in black neighborhoods. Black and white liberals and their allies in the ACLU, as well as many libertarians, will not countenance the kind of tools needed to bring about civility. For example, the Chicago Police Department recently entered an agreement with the ACLU to record contact cards for all street stops. The ACLU claimed that police were disproportionately targeting minorities for questioning and searches. The practical result will be fewer investigative stops by policemen and more crime, and it will be black residents who suffer.”

            Really want to become informed and increase your limited acumen, round up Heather Mac Donald’s most recent book, “The War on Cops.” Those three statistical comments are from that book. Lastly, for those mathematically challenged, that 1/3rd of the 400 killed by police being black comes to approximately 133, armed or unarmed, in one year! The “genocide” is certainly NOT being perpetrated by police – people better look a lot closer to HOME for their “genocidal issues.”

          • “War on Cops” is seriously flawed. Rather than focus on the police killings, the script is flipped and black on black crime becomes the topic. That is why we are still having the same discussion decades after Rodney King. I suggest you read “The New Jim Crow”.

          • “….focus on the police killings….” What part of the ‘FBI’ report that states ONLY approximately 133 blacks are killed per year by police, armed or unarmed, do you not understand? That’s nation wide, and exactly the “perception” problem that allows over 400 blacks having killed other blacks, in Chicago alone, SO FAR this year, falling on DEAF ears! Police kill +-400 TOTAL per year of ALL ethnic persuasions.

            Point being, if it were not so genocidal and sad, you would be in hysterical laughter, comparing how many dead blacks killed at the hands of other ‘dead’ blacks to ANY combined total of police killings! “The New Jim Crow” hopefully is addressing the “genocide” of blacks systematically eliminating their own race.

          • I do understand. You are the one missing the point. The point is that white cops have been beating and killing innocent blacks for decades. That is the only thing on the table to be discussed. And that is what is NOT being discussed. Black on Black killings are a totally different issue. It would be like going to a breast cancer affair and wanting to talk about prostrate cancer. The subject is BREAST CANCER. Do YOU understand?

          • Firewagon, I understand how many blacks are killed per year by police. What you seem not to realize is we are not talking about statistics, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HUMAN BEINGS! “ONLY ~133 blacks are killed by police…” If one innocent (black) person is killed by police, that is ONE TOO MANY! We all know it is more than one and it has been that way for centuries. In America, Blacks have not been treated like people since the beginning. Like I said before, “SAME SH*T, DIFFERENT DECADE!” The main question to ponder is: “Is this SH*T ever going to stop?”

          • As I said “Perception” is the rule. With three times as many whites and other ethnic groups being killed per year than are blacks, by police, why is there not the hue and cry over the probability that some, not just one,”innocent (white-hispanic-other) person” is killed by police?

            The main question to ponder is: “Is this SH*T ever going to stop?” One innocent (black)? ONE INNOCENT (BLACK)??!! I’m talking about how many “innocent blacks,” out of those 7,000 murdered every year, are being killed by other blacks?

            Perception is one problem; however, realizing the true PRIORITIES for decreasing the black genocide is why the genocide continues – and the less than MINOR priority would be concern over police killings!

          • Firewagon, you are proving my point. You do NOT want to talk about police killing blacks. You want to flip the script and change the topic. This is why this problem has been going on for decade after decade. Not sure why you don’t want to talk about it. So far your responses have been civilized, so I will not assume anything about you since I do not know you. Only you can answer why you do not want to talk about it.

          • Sorry Avery, can not help with your desire to “talk” about police visiting violence on blacks. From FBI reports and others, there simply is no longer any indication that unnecessary, or targeted, violence is being visited on the black community.

            Was it a problem in the past, most probably. Currently, as stated, NOT. The “perception,” however, as you and others have, remains! Are there instances of some undiscovered, rogue, cop committing a crime on an innocent black, without doubt; however, they are weeded out through the justice system. Were that not true, there would be far more than 133 blacks, of all ilk – criminals and the innocent, killed by police in one year!

            Considering the total number of blacks killed @ 7,0000, you prefer to “talk” about less than 2%, 133, being killed by police. The percentage of that 7,000 number being “innocent” of any crime being killed by police would register in the tenths of one percent range!

            My “talk” is over, best of luck with whatever concerns you continue to have.

          • If that were real things would change.

    • i wish we had picked own cotton . then we would not have this shit

    • Even Christ’s own people were only forty years in the desert! It’s already been over FIFTY, just since Johnson’s “Great Society” and Martin King’s “I have a dream!” How much longer until the black community discovers that government and “whitey” may be the problem, but sure are NOT the solution!

      • You have to identify the actual problem before you can focus on solutions. Many social problems are multi-dimensional. One single solution does not fit all or work all of the time. It would be like trying the figure out the area of a rectangle when you only know the height. You also need the width.

        • “….multi-dimensional.” The country has ‘mistakenly’ thrown money, multi-dimensional programs, welfare, food stamps, housing programs, etc., ad-infinitum. The result being that the numbers of poor in America has remained at the same level for the past fifty odd years! The cycle of poor dependency is now so systemic as to be, for all practical purposes, irreversible. Our, it’s government’s job to “take care of me/us,” ‘entitlement society’ has no incentive, or shame/embarrassment, to take care of themselves.

          • I agree with you Firewagon. The programs are a failure. All they do is create bigger government. It is a perfect example of what I call “Government Theatre – the appearance of doing something while actually not doing anything.” But I think you don’t understand what I mean by “multi-dimensional”.

  93. If an individual decides to sit quietly during the national anthem or pledge allegiance how is this disrespectful? They are not disrupting everyone else. They are not causing a riot. They just have their own personal reasons. I never pledged allegiance to the US flag once I understood what it meant. I also learned that King George III is my ancestor and I believe the revolution is an act of treason against my family and I swore vendetta. When I did pledge allegiance I always changed USA to USSR, UK, UAE, UAR as these states I had more respect for. I have always had strong loyalty to Russia and always dreamed of surviving in her armed forces and becoming president of Russia so she has a new golden age and can be the counterbalance to the threat of Western Imperialism.

    • Do you live in the U.S.A. if so why?? If you don’t, great!

    • “….I swore vendetta….”

      How about giving out your home address, invite homeland security, or FBI on over to check you out as some terrorist. Exercise your vendetta that way – and Good Luck with how long you last with that! Better, get yourself OUTTA here and join up with those other imbecilic rag heads in ISIS, you might actually last longer….

  94. Any kid or professional athlete for that matter that does not stand up for our national anthem should be benched and if they lose the game so be it, and If they do it three times they should be kicked off the team for the season

  95. When did these very young kids in athletics have the right to disrespect our flag and the coach saying OK ? The coach is supposed to teach these children sportsmanship ans respect not say its OK because they are expressing themselves… He is there to teach them not let them do there thing on their own

  96. The solution is simple, if these POSes want to disrespect the flag and National Anthem kick them off the team and drop them from participating in any sports in the future. Problem solved.

  97. I fully believe in 1st Amendment rights, but I also believe in responsibility. Therefore, it is also the right of any coach (preferably head coach) and especially the commissioner, if he’d get his head in the right place, to confirm that these guys live in, are paid by and have their freedoms because they are fellow Americans. Therefore, the coaches, owners & commissioner should enforce respect for the position that they’re in if not for the flag, and they should be standing, facing the general area of the flag, if not hand over heart.
    If the players insist, refuse or are belligerent, then they are expected to leave the game, the field, the stadium immediately and loose pay for that game. If a 2nd time, then he’s suspended for 4 games w/o pay, or may choose to find another team or leave. We can ship all these whiners to Canada to play CFL

  98. Obama says it is ok to shit on our flag, and there is nothing you can do about it for he is our King.

  99. Colin should be shipped off to Iran and left there to fend for his own, along with any other professional sports player that thinks they are justified in such BS displays of disloyalty to our country. None of them have earned the freedoms this country grants them.

  100. Pretty easy to solve. If you don’t agree with this behavior then don’t show up or leave. The “message” will come through loud and clear!

  101. Small Children act up to get attention, and if you ignore them, they lose interest when they can accomplish nothing, so my idea would be to completely stop highligting this Issue, to have a Press Blackout of it. These people deserve nothing but scorn, many recognize these stupid ingrates, for what they are: TRASH. I have notified the NFL, the Owners and Management, and the Coach. Goodell et al, will continue to do nothing, because, their Greed means a lot more to them than their Country.

  102. ROGER GOODELL and the OWNERS of teams who allow their players to DISRESPECT the National Anthem of the country they PLAY in just proves that GOODELL and the team OWNERS care more for these DISRESPECTFUL players than they care for AMERICA.

    • It’s all about the money, as long as the players draw a paying crowd the owners don’t give a crap what they do.

      • Absotootly the reason to BOYCOTT’EM ALL! The NFL is a business, dependent on customers and their dollars. Deny them their “tribute” and CHANGE will happen.

  103. I have read, taught it, and realized it was written for a moral society. They never anticipated that a president would appoint two crooks consecutively as Attorney General who would prevent prosecutions of criminals in government, sell guns to outlaws, refuse to enforce our laws….. It is a pretty good document, but one of those parties that Washington warned us about has become the party of criminals.

  104. Only 100 days left in these circus freaks (pro and ams alike) reign of stupidity. Hopefully they can be dealt with vigorously and with a genuine “butt whoppin”.

  105. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I am so “tired” of the ingrates that think they are poor little victims in the greatest nation on earth!
    Go and try this BS anywhere else and they would be toast. Go to a nation where there is true oppression.
    Better still why don’t you forget about being selfish and visit a VA hospital and see the wounded warriors who
    made a real contribution to keeping you free. Go visit a children’s cancer ward and see real courage and grace
    under fire. Talk to a veteran about why you are disrespecting their sacrifice. Look them in their eyes and tell
    them all about hardship and oppression by our real enemies, if you dare. No race has a corner on suffering!
    Mr. Obama, You are WRONG in supporting this behavior!!! How long will you attempt to destroy this nation?
    Your actions show that YOU are the racist , dictator, and traitor in the White House!!! YOU MAKE ME SICK!
    Maybe Hillary caught it from YOU!! This type of thing should not be ok with your coaches either. You are supposed to be their life coaches as well as sport coaches. Shame on you all, because you are their role models and as such you should know better. I say to all real AMERICANS to boycott all of these teams that allow this evil to go on. Get a back bone and do something to stop this insanity.

    • Masturbation Susan …all for yourself . While listening to right wing fascist radio (WLW 700 am Cincy. The question for discussion …’What do you think about the protest of sports stars?’ Out of the 5 callers I heard 3 were recent vets and they supported Kaepernick. One.said, ” his freedom to demonstrate is why I fought.” Number 7 is throwing the tea into the harbor, a patriotic act. I wear my new KAEPERNICK jersey with hope for a better and just country . A country where innocent citizens are not murdered in our streets, where barbaric attitudes don’t exist and support for brutality is frowned upon as deplorable. I pray that the next roadside cavity search won’t be yours.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        Of course they were probably liberal leaning vets anyway, though I cannot understand why
        any vet would be a liberal. Obama has nearly gutted our military. Pulled us out of Iraq so fast that ISIS took over. He sends hundreds of billions to our sworn enemy Iran. He is one of the truly deplorable/irredeemables. I hope if liberals get what they wished for, that they can show respect and pay homage to the flag of ISIS and sing whatever anthem they have. If she
        gets in she wants to import 500% more “refugees” with terrorists hiding in among them.
        Tell me where will your freedoms to protest be then? How just do you think our future will be? Don’t tell me about barbaric attitudes when I see blacks rioting in the streets, burning and looting cars, homes, and businesses. That is deplorable!!! I am not a career criminal like
        others , so I have no need of a roadside cavity search. If blacks, and other races are so
        “oppressed” do something useful with the millions raked in by these athletes, rap/hiphoppers,
        actors, etc. Give back to the black communities tell young black people to get an education,
        volunteer and help people in need, don;t do drugs, don’t deal drugs, stay out of the gangs.
        Maybe then people of color would not be so “oppressed”. Stop hanging out on the street corners and looking for trouble if as you say black lives matter so much. Stay home and mind your own business would be a good place to start instead of grumbling and complaining and demanding. Why not be a part of the solution instead of always whining and carrying on.
        Respect has to be earned, not demanded. You could try something new and appreciate this great land in which we live. No country affords you the freedoms we enjoy because of our

  106. Simple solution, boycott the NFL games and see how long these disrespectful idiots survive. Why complain if your not willing to do something about it. I’m a 50 year plus fan of the 49ers and I refuse to watch any games. I even cancelled my sports channels. Enough is enough!!

  107. I purchased my very first football jersey in 61 years two weeks ago, KAEPERNICK 7, a great patriot taking a stand for us all. Its not ok for rogue cops to murder innocent people, black, white , red, yellow, brown, or deaf. We cannot allow the murders of citizens to become ‘just another news story ‘. Not opposing such un-American activity as those you swear to protect and lie with their actions is the crime and disrespect, those who support this action are un- American, blinded, inhumane . Only the alt right could spin respect into disrespect in their new alt universe . Colin’s socks are out of stock, I tried…..

    • Jazzbelly, your just another troll. The inner city’s in most states are becoming dungeons and infested with drugs and crime. If you want to solve the problem we must get people jobs, and reduce welfare rolls, get people to take pride in themselves, our country and our freedom. Pitting Americans against one another is what political party’s seem best at. We are Americans, not black Africans, Hispanics, Irish, Germans, Asians etc, etc.
      The Great Society is much to blame for the mess our country’s in. Our government is what has made a mess of our society by taking from those who work and giving to those who refuse to work. Our schools via government edicts have been dumbing down our children for decades. It is time for Americans to Unite and take our country back. We have lost our way by a sell out of both political party’s. As a black President what has Obama done in 8 years to improve our American lives?? Yes, it is time for change and Hillary is not the answer! Only one person has been addressing the real issues that need addressing. While I may not like everything Trump says at least he is addressing real issues and concerns! Trump 2016

      • Name and divide, you call me a troll, which I’m used to. You want to name or tag those with differing thoughts and opinion from your own, you would choose a world of factory made people with every piece the same; like an industrial cannery grade burger from McDonald’s . What a boring ineffectual lack luster existence that would be. Conflicting opinion on this blog draws only persona,l ugly, mindless attacks 85% of the time. I don’t read or comment where I find like minds that’s masturbation. What is to be gained from offering opinion to a mirror ? I value the opinions found here; I learn and grow here, about a segment of citizenry that is definitely not a part of my day to day reality, its a fascinating abnormality, an unnerving shock at first; it is, after two years, still hard to understand the hate and ugliness toward fellow humankind. An education for sure . The conversation here strengthens and broadens my own experience, the result of considering other voices . More liberal blogs are boring as they tend to speak in true fact and philosophical thought. While esoteric thought is inate for me and philosophy a part of my communication since very early in those tender preschool days, its more earthy here among the gardeners of conspiracy and fabrication, fascinating parroting of dark world spin.
        Since you missed the accomplishments allowed President Obama by congress, probably because you …won’t…look, here’s 371 of them… Peace.

        • Jazzbelly, have you read Obama’s list of accomplishments? Him and Hillary have violated just about all of them. I suggest you read them and be honest with answering them. If these are his accomplishments he sure has not abided by them!

  108. screw the oreos and wiggers

  109. There won’t be anything left as America if all try to ignore things that are supposed to unite different people as a nation.

  110. These athletes are going to regret their stupidity in not honoring the country that gave them freedom to be on a team and earn outrageous big bucks. They no longer are idols for children, teens or anyone else. They are an embarrassment to themselves and America. If they don’t like the way blacks are treated, then go help blacks to stop killing blacks. If they become muslims, then remove them as muslims do not like our flag, our Constitution, nor our laws. They don’t deserve to earn so much money while hating the country that allowed them to attain it. Sorry, but treason is still treason and must be punished.

    • Calling out injustice, shining light into darkness is patriotism . Standing silently by while innocent citizens are murdered in our streets by our ‘protectors’ is treason, no matter what color the pierced skin may be. Perhaps you missed the murders by rogue cops of two white deaf men in two months, here’s one…

  111. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    ThiThis is the result of having a “leader” who has dictated the country with a hate and rage “Agenda of REVENGE”. Hussein Obama has implemented Barack Obama Sr.’s hate and rage for the colonial British WHITE rule over Kenya on WHITE America. When the CIA imported anti-colonial activists like Barack Obama Sr. they planted the seed for America’s future Muslim Arab President, Judge, Jury and Prosecutor in the womb of a willing white woman. America will allow itself to be conquered from within by women with their hate and rage “Agenda of REVENGE” and their WMDs. America’s future terrorists will not come from abroad, they will be home grown. Like Hussein Obama they will use the US Constitution as the noose to hang her with.

  112. It’s not all bad news. Over the weekend as a High School Soccer Team (in Va) prepared to play, they were told technical difficulties were preventing the musical background for the National Anthem from playing. Without any prompting, the team started singing the Anthem without any music and gradually the audience joined in. It was truly inspiring.
    But the NFL athletes who chose to sit should be removed from the NFL. And the nation could have an affect on advertisers. Rush commented yesterday that advertisers could prevent this behavior if the population stopped buying the beer and other things that finance the NFL.

  113. Just remember folks, we the United States have entered wars with other nations where we were not invaded. We somehow call that right because they made threats towards us. The United States entered the Vietnam War only to lose it and the cost of American Servicemen lives. The wars are created, and it’s a sure way to create revenue for the crooked elite. It’s no wonder people disrespect the flag and the anthem. But one thing for sure, God Almighty knows the truth about all the wars entered into and the stand that is taken for the American Flag.

    • They call it nation building, some have the expertise to do it, others(Hillary and Bo) do not! Look at the mess they made in the mid east, Russia, China, our allies like Israel, Uk, France, etc. they just don’t have it! Like you, I believe this type of diplomacy of war for the good of the children, good of the people of a given nation, may only cause severe or extreme pain for those folks!! All about the money? I think so!

    • Actually, Vietnam represented a continuation of the old British “containment” policy wrt Russia. While the cost (especially for those of us who were there) the policy did contain communist expansion until the USSR melted down. You need to study more history.

      • Why study more about history of the Vietnam mess, the United States lost the war effort then went back a few years later and rebuilt what it destroyed in North Vietnam. Think about this war, the United States using chemical warfare on the Vietnamese and exposing the Agent Orange on its own troops. There was no justification for entering this war unless you call “blood money” as a source of justification.

        • I don’t have to “think about it, Alvie. I was there. Never regretted it and never will.

          • Well Mitch, I’m happy for you. I never went to Vietnam as the Navy ship I was on, docked at Pearl Harbor Hawaii, for two different times for a total of one year. So basically, it was R&R while there. Only one time we made preparations to ship to Vietnam but it was called off. 1963 to 1964 Hawaii duty.


            Co A, 229th AVN Co.

          • Thanks, Bro. Same to you. (USMC, W-1/13, 68-69)

        • As I recall, it was the Democrats that rebuilt Vietnam.
          Now that I think about it, it was one of ‘Lady Byrd Johnson’s’ construction companies that rebuilt our airfield every time the VC would tear it up with rockets.

      • You’re Right.
        But we should have gone into Cambodia more often; despite what Nixon was telling the Americans . . . might have been a different outcome.

        • Yep… and we shouldn’t have played musical chairs with the bombing and letting them know where. Just keep hitting all their locations at random. Whether the libs like it or not war is about killing the enemy and whoever does it best wins.

  114. Col. Colin Powell, ” Donald Trump is a national disgrace and international pariah .”

    • Powell has the right to say that, Trump has the right to disagree! That is the 1st amendment, they both have their opinions, you must weed out who is truthful! Sometimes it is a lie, that someone is disgraceful, that is opinion, then it is degradation of character, destruction of their reputation, if done with lies then it can be brought before a judge, if malicious destruction of character, then that is against the laws of the US of A, and restitution is ordered by our courts!

      • I agree, and that sword cuts the same in every direction …or should . Beware: character degradation is status quo here in tea blog town…defamation suits waiting to happen at every turn. Peace.

    • You are an idiot or truly loath the military.

      Colin Powell was a General, not a Colonel.
      He should have been our first black Commander in Chief, at least he had experience and is a Christian.
      Unlike the puppet Geo. Soros has in place.

  115. Bo is not patriotic, neither is Hillary, neither is a lot of our politicians! They are social engineers! social program supporters, social this and social that, which is socialism! This leads to communism! Money being the drug to ruin for this country and the people that receive it! As far as standing for the national anthem, the SCOTUS has visited disrespect for the flag, and the country, did it in the 60’s and 70’s when demonstrators burned the flag, they ruled the 1st amendment covered their right to do so! It isn’t something i would do, it probably isn’t something you would do, but the 1st amendment says we have the right of freedom of speech and assembly! Venezuela, china, russia, Uk, Iran etc. have forced patriotism and laws against speech. Against demonstration of resentment of the current gov’t representatives idea of governing, but the constitution rules! It is the instruction manual of how the people want their country, their gov’t, their gov’ts policy, to be conducted and what are rules, what are laws, and is the supreme law of the land! If not constitutional, it can not be law, people may not be persecuted for this infraction! If they believe they have been wronged, they have the right to peacefully protest!!! When we lose that, we are done!

  116. How did we get off-topic?
    It’s about disrespect. Students at three high schools choose to disrespect the flag and what we stand for.
    Thanks to teacher unions, inept administrators and the Dept. of Indoctrination, the children no longer learn in the warehouses we keep them in.
    Replace the sports programs with JROTC programs, followed up by two years mandatory military service upon graduation. Drop-outs get to serve earlier.

    • Great idea Sgm Sam, forcing our young toward murder, violence and physical and mental illnesses is surely the answer to curing their freedom to think, fix their insanity of thought formation and philosophies, stop them from standing up and speaking out against injustice and acting in a patriotic way. The unruly punks! How dare they throw that tea into the harbor, those unruly kids marching for women’s right to vote or human equality … JROTC and 2 years of forced indoctrination is the right pill for sure ! Toss in early childhood religious indoctrination and ‘bam !’, perfect puppet zombie sheep ! Assembly line humans .

      • This from the man who never served for his country . . . next time you see a veteran, thank him for providing the freedom you have to be an idiot.

        • I heard 3 military callers just yesterday on fascist right wing radio WLW700 am Cincy, supporting Kaepernick. One said, “his right to protest injustice is what I fought for”. No, a white soldier.

          • Major Nidal Hasan, SGT. Robert Bowdrie “Bowe” Bergdahl and Army Private First Class Bradley E. Manning were veterans too; not necessarily credible patriots.
            They too disrespected the flag and the uniform protesting their perceived injustices . . . and people died due to their actions.
            The left wing “Culture of Entitlement” is forcing our young toward murder, violence and physical and mental illnesses; look at Chicago, Detroit and the other cities ruled by Democrats for the past decade.

  117. Bring back the draft and stick them in the military.

  118. The POS has no policy when it pertains to blacks! He exploits their ignorance, such as, b.l.m. and black panthers! He hasn’t done one thing to improve the lives of blacks! If anything, he’s widened the gap between black and white! The only group he advocates for are muslims and illegals!

  119. it woud be nice to allow veterans the right to cold cock anyone next to them who disses the fag or country. Swift justice maked an impression

  120. Boycott the NFL. Stand up America by cancelling your cable tv!

  121. This shows the decadence that is spreading like an epidemic. So, time to cleanse the gene pool and eradicate those who are incorrigible and retrain the thought processes in those nitwits who like to play catch with the freedoms so many of us fought for. They do not deserve freedom, so at very least, lock ’em up and leave ’em there. ACLU, lead the way.

  122. These people don’t respect the national song, you must not respect this great country. WELL you are free to depart for any other country in the world right now. Good by!!!!

  123. Coach,,,and I use the term loosely, If anybody on our team would have pulled a stunt like that we would STILL be running laps, after we got out of the hospital,anyway. And that is assuming the crowd didn’t tear us apart.

    What kind of a Communist/Moslem school are you running?

  124. Just more dissension and division, brought on by the “Great Unifier” Obama.

  125. I’ll bet the schools are teaching these losers how to apply for food stamps welfare money and a free obunmmer phone They are going to need it if they graduate and find out just how useless they really are

  126. Look what that scumbag Obama has dragged into our country, not Americans, and the Democrat party never respected American values or our liberty to begin with. They are global communists who hate America.

  127. The presidents wife made disrespect toward our flag when she was on her cell phone texting during the national anthem. Our country has been getting more and more scum bags in important positions.

  128. Monkey see, monkey do! More Americans need to travel (and live) abroad to see just how good we have it in this country.

  129. This is easy for me to say since I am not a football fan at all, but if fans would begin to shun teams that condone and abet this activity the effect would quickly be telling. Money talks.

    • Well written and right on! We, the people, can make the difference. IMO. football is an American sport and anti American players or those that show disrespect to our American values should be banned from the game. Advertisers and we sports fans should boycott the player/team. Like Terry says, “Money Talks”.

  130. George Soros serves a vital function. The dysfunctional dingbats who feared the “monster under the bed” in their childhood imaginations have replaced that phantom with Soros!

  131. When someone is caught not standing for Our Anthem ignore them…fire them from their Teams or Whatever and Buoycott the Games and IT will All Stop when the Owners find their Bank Accounts Empty…Do the same with the Flag Problem…We are the Backbone of America and God does not like UGLY!! Vote Trump! Quit being Angry when Trump gets upset..he has the Right to be Angry with all the Illegal Crap Obama has done in Office and ALL that Hitler HIllary will “followup with if she wins”! We will be in deep poo-poo for sure! We will find out “how bad immigrants have it when it happens to Americans because Clintons and Obamas and Soros wants to Takover America! Vote Trump to save Our Lives and America!

  132. Whats new here? Just another dumb fuck nigger athlete whose ancestors outran the lions and got treed in Africa.

  133. I might understand the intent for thi