Anthem Disrespect Spreading Like an Infection

As regrettable as it may be, it’s an undeniable fact of American life that kids idolize, and make role models out of, professional sports superstars. Now, we can argue about whether or not Colin Kaepernick is really a “superstar,” but he is obviously a role model. On Friday, several high schools across the nation had their football games marred by students following in Kaepernick’s footsteps and kneeling for the national anthem.

Lincoln Southeast High School in Nebraska, Waggener High in Louisville, and Maury High in Norfolk, Va. were just three of the places where high school athletes chose to disrespect the flag.

“Our school system has said, we’re of the belief, we let our guys do what they believe in,” Coach Chris Fraser of Maury High said. “And so we didn’t make an issue of it, and if they believe in a cause, that’s fine.”

Right. It’s just “fine” for American high school students to believe in the “cause” of hating everything that the country stands for. Just fine for young men and women to go out into the world with a twisted view of the United States. To believe that entire races are being “oppressed” by racist, murdering white police officers. Hey, as long as they’re having a good time, right? Yeah, nothing to worry about at all. Now, if they start talking about building a wall or anything crazy like that, we’ll have to crack down.

Now obviously, the act of kneeling during the national anthem is, by itself, meaningless. It’s just a gesture, and it’s just a fad. No one will be talking about Colin Kaepernick a year from now.

But the deeper problem is what’s being taught to our young people today about the ills of America. The ills of today and the ills of yesterday. These kids are being indoctrinated by the media and by the education system to despise this country and to hate everything about its founding. This message will have grave consequences for their own happiness in life, and it could have disastrous consequences for the United States as a whole.

At no time from 1776 to 2016 did anyone believe that America was perfect. No one, liberal or conservative, has ever suggested that there aren’t things we could improve upon. No one of any mainstream importance has ever tried to pretend that our history (or our present) is unblemished.

But until recently, we knew that despite those imperfections, we were privileged to live in the greatest country that ever existed. We agreed that despite our political differences, the fundamental strength of the U.S. was secure: As long as our liberty remained unharmed, America remained unharmed.

Our ultimate downfall may not come from an outside enemy or an economic collapse.

It may come about through a generation of Americans who have, when it comes down to it, forgotten how good they have it.


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