Another Trump Ally Dragged Into Court

A Georgia circuit judge on Wednesday has ordered that former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows is going to need to testify in the investigation launched by a Georgia prosecutor in regards to the election. This is only days after Meadows had requested that the subpoena he had received be blocked.

Circuit Judge Edward Miller has ruled that Meadows would need to participate in the investigation by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (D). The probe is examining the extent of interference in the 2020 election caused by former President Trump and his allies.

Miller ruled that Meadows was a necessary witness in the investigation and that the state of Georgia would make sure not to cause him any “undue hardship.”

Meadows’ team has said that they were going to appeal the ruling.

The investigation was launched by Willis after a January 2021 conversation in which Trump pushed Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger to find another 11,000 votes so that the results of the election could be overturned.

The original subpoena was given to Meadows in August. The reason for this is that Meadows had been a part of many meetings with Trump and his allies in 2020 in which the discussions about voter fraud and the electoral college votes in Georgia had been discussed.

It is also noteworthy that Meadows’ was involved in the call with Raffensberger.

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  1. Another judge who needs to be history.

  2. The D party continues to use anyone in the Trump administration, to send their “message” to We the People.

  3. The Democrats are desperate to win the Mid-term elections and to try and convince people that the Republicans are dirty just shows everyone that the Democrats have weaponized the Courts to try and condemn any and all Republicans as being corrupt in some manner to help them win the Mid-Terms when it is the democrats who are the corrupt people in charge!

  4. You do know that what goes around comes around. You libs can now expect to be prosecuted by the next conservative DOJ but the difference here is that you actually commited crimes. Have a lovely day.

  5. Plead the 5th just like the democraps do also have a sudden laps of memory… Make them prove the allegations.

    • Taking the Fifth is done far, far more often by Republicans. You would know that if you watched the “mainstream media” or paid attention to other reliable sources.

      • Well seeing the people making the accusations are known for fabricating dossiers, calling riots where buildings are burned and people are killed “peaceful protests.” Or are too stupid to know the difference between a woman or a man. Oh, and let’s not forget claim gas was $5 a gallon when they took office when it was actually $2. Taking the 5th against lying sacks like that seems to be a good legal way to go. Plus there’s no sense in wasting time questioning a democrat, they’re gonna just lie anyway.
        Fact is democrats are born liars, if their lips are moving, they’re lying!
        Pretty simple, really.

      • Wrong John. The “Mainstream media” is bought and paid for by the Democratic Party and have been proven to produce and put forth the lies that they are being used as propaganda by the democrats.

  6. When will the democrats stop their fruitless search for President Donald Trump supporters to create fear and bothersome threats of jail time???? There is no democratic party anymore, what is left is a “bunch’ of creatures that are trying to destroy this country at the expense of the citizens of this country. JUST LOOK AT THE COST OF LIVING IN THE UNITED STATES SINCE THEY TOOK OVER THE WHITE HOUSE….

  7. The Democratic Administration has weaponized the Justice Department run by Democratic Judges and having these Conservatives, specifically Trump supporters, arrested, questioned, and attempted to catch them in something that deem not entirely true or twist things to make it appear that they are not being totally truthful so they can send them to prison by a Federal Court. This is a Socialist or Communist, or Dictatorship, take your pick, the way of ruining a nation and it MUST STOP!

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