Another Hypocritical Democrat Can’t Walk the Walk on Women’s Pay

God, is there anything more insufferable than a liberal Democrat who spends his days preaching the value of all his precious progressive ideas while doing absolutely jack squat to actually implement those ideas when the rubber meets the road? We see this kind of thing constantly from Democrats – including the DNC itself (and the Hillary Clinton campaign, to the extent we’re talking about different entities), where women were found to be paid much less than their male counterparts. It is so hard to practice what you preach on the subject of equal pay for women? And if it is, then maybe – just maybe – there’s something to explain the gender pay gap that has nothing to do with systemic sexism?

The latest hypocrite to be exposed is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. This guy doesn’t miss a chance to put his face in front of a microphone and tell all the plebes how his administration won’t rest until women get the same pay for the same work – can I get an amen, feminists! He even used his office to proclaim Women’s Equal Pay Day in the Windy City and called on Chicago employers to pledge their commitment to advancing the cause.

But you know, that’s the easy stuff. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to sign a piece of paper declaring this day or that day. It doesn’t require much sacrifice to hold a press conference and read some pre-written script about how we all have to do better by our girls. Actually stepping up to the plate and making some changes so that woman really ARE being paid the same as men? Well, that takes some elbow grease. And it was apparently more trouble than it was worth for Mr. Emanuel.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has used the gender pay gap to score political points, but a new study by government transparency nonprofit Open the Books shows his city is one of the worst offenders.

The data compiled by Open the Books show Emanuel has failed to close the gender pay gap on his own payroll, where just 12 of the top 100 salaries for city employees in 2016 were for women.

“In Rahm Emanuel’s City of Chicago, just 12 females made the list of the top 100 most highly compensated employees last year,” explains Adam Andrzejewski, who runs Open the Books out of Chicago.

Andrzejewski was critical of Emanuel’s decision to issue mayoral proclamations such as the one from April before he rectifies the disparities he himself controls.

“Mayor Emanuel has serious gender gap issues in budgets he manages yet he supported rallies on Equal Pay Day and sent out mayoral proclamations lamenting, ‘women continue to suffer the consequences of unequal pay,’” Andrzejewski said. “Perhaps he should rectify the disparities in his own payroll first.”

Perhaps, but we’ll believe it when we see it. Whether it’s the gender pay gap, the $15 minimum wage, racial equality, or any of a thousand other progressive causes, Democrats talk the talk but they rarely walk the walk. And those that do usually find out very quickly why their ideas are so terrible. We’ll assume, looking at the state of Emanuel’s payroll, that he already knows why there is a “gender pay gap,” which is why he’s doing nothing to address it in his administration.

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  2. This as well as other dealings of manual ram has been brought up before just like an itch, they keep scratchin it but it doesn’t go away and nothing is done about it.

  3. Another ovomit jerkoff.

  4. even with the shortfall of gender pay equality the clowns we have been sending to DC have successfully installed unions into all areas of government thereby jacking the payroll out into the stratosphere, work accomplished into the basement, and the numbers of parasites that treat taxpayers like vagrants and bums through the roof…thanks politicians, we appreciate you feathering your retirement accounts and doing great things such as turning Virginia into a socialist stronghold…well at least the northern 1/3 of the state..while raping the taxpayers and ignoring their will…payday is coming soon and the morons that keep putting democrapos and hore rinos into office will be in for a nasty surprise…

    • Who can honestly say America is a better place than it was when Obama took office; remember – I said – HONESTLY!
      NOW – consider the mess this country is in and when were we being effected by the growing problmes that took us into this mess? The honest, – again HONEST -, answer is the eight years of the Obama Administration. These problems were developed during the Obama Administration, the majority of the men and women currently in congress, both parties, were there during the Obama Administration – there when these problems were developing, they were there and did little to nothing to counter the growing problems – they were there and they did nothing to step up and take action to stop the growing problems or fight in congress to force action to stop the problems before they got out of hand!
      The vast majority of elected representatives in Washington, regardless of party, who has in office over the past eight years (many long before) need to be removed from office as soon as possible. They set back and let Obama ruin this country; they did nothing to prevent the mess or slow the growing mess until someone of better quality could replace Obama.
      NOW – the democrats want to blame the nations mess onto Trump. Trump was not in any political office when these problems were created. He volunteered to fix the mess Obama created and thankfully he was elected to do just that. Unfortunately though, the democratic PARTY LEADERS ( not the democrats but their party leaders) have done everything they can to stand in the way of ANYONE who is ready to hep fix the mess.
      Blaming Trump is absurd; he inherited the problems, he did not create them – – it is now the duty, responsibility and obligation of ALL ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES in congress to help fix the mess. And fixing the mess does not include standing in front of TV cameras with a bunch of head-bobbing congressmen and senators standing there shacking their heads and making accusations, complaints and sniveling BUT offering no solutions or help in getting the Obama mess cleaned up!

      • Amen to all . The Democrasts did “NOT” step up and fix nothing. The first two years of Obama , the democrats controled Congress and had the Senate to , with the traders like McCain , Corker, Collins , McConnell .and Facky , and vstill could not or would not change any thing .

        • Google is paying 97$ per hour,with weekly payouts.You can also avail this.
          On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $11752 this last four weeks..with-out any doubt it’s the most-comfortable job I have ever done .. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it
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      • I can honestly say that is a really good way to put it.

      • Wrong the very issues this article speaks to; started 2 years before OBUMMER, Yes these issue became increasingly worse during his miserable 8 years. However they started to become the illogical issues when then President G.W.Bush had a super majority of Dumbo-rats to contend with in the House of Representatives.

        • No contention – President has no agenda, just delivers what Congress delivers. Have you learnt nothing?

          • Clearly you my tiny minded little friend R completely incapable of learning.
            Hence the cute little true Nick name your step daughters bestowed smartly UPON U.
            As a child will say Mrpoohead. As & adult understands the reference 2 mean ; A shit filled cranium.

          • As you only ever try to belittle or insult me I will assume that really you believe all that I emit. If not, then surely you would have provided a reputable reference to refute something by now? Nothing so far!
            So despite your troll like attempts I appreciate that it is a back-handed compliment – I am right! Thanks!
            Please check your spelling and grammar – it remains dreadful!
            Again, thanks for the compliment – I’m right, you never are!

          • There is no belittling complete ignorance. Heck your tiny pre-adolecent step daughters have shown the world as to how very little they think of their dumb ass step father. HINT DUMMY – MRPOOHEAD – Meaning ESCREMT FILLED CRANIUM.

          • Never refuted, makes you the dummy!

          • There’s your sign ,Ur still claiming untruths. HINT THE REFLECTION IN ” YOUR ” MIRROR IS THAT OF THE DUMMY!

          • My sign, what, never refuted. Whoop! I can live with that – beats your “know nothing”.

    • got any actual proof/stats/facts/ for any of you statements or are you just making stuff up ’cause somebody told you…

    • Unfortunately, Kent, the up and coming voters are being indoctrinated by socialist supporting liberals.

    • Thank you for mentioning the Unions’ role and culpability in destroying America’s industrial might. This was done by design. Communists were and are heavily involved in unions. Pricing American Labor out of the market is a BIG reason why so many jobs have been lost in this Country.

  5. Um – how does that go??
    How can you tell Rahm Emanuel is lying? His lips are moving

    • His past is all that anyone needs to know to understand he has no business being involved in ANYTHING that comes close to being funded or influenced with Tax Payers money from local, state or federal money.

  6. If women work for less money doing the same job as men, why do they keep hiring men?

    • Great question!

    • Part of the problems in the USA is the fact that women are working and their kids get no maternal guidance. I speak from experience. In my time, my mother worked, and being the eldest, I was stuck with my brothers and sister. It wasn’t fun, and now a days I see nobody taking care of the kids. Day Care is not an answer for any time at all!

  7. He’s a Demon-Crap and they lie, cheat, steal, harass, blackmail & if you get in the way or are a Republican they will KILL you.

    • Raymond Miller, Have you heard of Hillary’s” Body Bags” It was on the internet a few years ago. There has been a few questions about how so many people involved with the Clintons have end up dying.

      • Oh yes, if the Clintons can’t blackmail you they KILL you. Slick Willy just calls up and mentions Vince Fosters tragic suicide, and people quickly change their tune. Vince shot him self in two or three places with two different guns, worse case of suicide they ever saw in DC.

        • Not to mention that after he “killed himself” he walked from wherever he offed himself to a park miles away because no blood splatter, shell casings, or bone fragments were found with the body but then again it should not surprise us because according to Democrats like Al Franken, or Debbie Wassermann-Schuuuultz, Bill Clinton walks on water and Hillary would have been able to feed the masses of food stamp recipients with taxes extorted from just one conservative farmer, or rancher. In addition the Clintons have resurrected their political careers so many times one has to stand in disbelief at the “miracle”, or better said dark magic as it is not an act performed by the forces of light but the prince of lies and the forces of darkness.

          • I live for the day when those two scumbags are no longer around.

          • holy crap! The rest of your life must be a real tragedy.Are you in jail?

          • Yes, I live in NJ under a Demon-Crap government.

          • Run by the most crooked and unpopular Gov in the nation….good luck horses ass

          • Speaking of hoarse ass’s, How’s your family doing these days ?

          • NO Stupid Moonbeam Brown in Commiefornia out does them all.

          • Moron spew from a useful fool and idiot warning.

          • And he’s got his facts straight as well!

          • Remember they have a daughter who seems to be following in her mother’s foot steps, and a little baby. Can’t judge him yet, but we’ll see!

          • With these two crooks as parents, Chelsea should start to worry, they are just liable to throw her under the bus to save their own a**s.

          • here are some facts which I realize mean nothing to you but I need to attempt to confront you with reality….

            Park Police discovered Foster, dead from an apparently self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head, in Fort Marcy Park off the George Washington Parkway in Virginia, on July 20, 1993. Foster was holding a gun in his hand. An autopsy and subsequent investigation later confirmed that Foster had committed suicide by shooting himself once in the mouth with the .38 caliber revolver found at the scene.[1]
            Subsequent investigations found that Foster was distraught over accusations and criticisms related to the White House Travel Office controversy. Foster had confided to friends and colleagues that he was considering resignation, but feared that he could not handle the “personal humiliation” of returning to Arkansas in defeat. Foster admitted to his sister that he was depressed shortly before his death, and he sought treatment for depression one day before committing suicide.[2]
            Although police found no evidence of foul play, several tabloids and right-leaning newsletters speculated that Foster’s death may have been a homicide, possibly involving the Clintons themselves.[3] Subsequent investigations by White House special counsel Robert Fiske, and the Senate Banking Committee concluded that there was no evidence of a homicide. A final investigation, led by White House independent Counsel Kenneth Starr also concluded that there was no evidence to support the claim that Foster was murdered. Starr’s report addressed several additional questions about physical and forensic evidence that had previously fueled speculation about the case. The report established that Foster owned the handgun used in the suicide, and confirmed that the body had not been moved from its position prior to its discovery by police. The report concluded “In sum, based on all of the available evidence, which is considerable, the OIC [Office of Independent Counsel] agrees with the conclusion reached by every official entity that has examined the issue: Mr. Foster committed suicide by gunshot in Fort Marcy Park on July 20, 1993

            BTW – as you presonal fuher says- “you are a looooooooooser”

          • A total LOAD of BULLSHYTE; #1. The gun was THREE to FOUR Feet away from his hand.
            #2. NO GRASS STAINS on the soles of his SHOES.
            #3. The DC police are a bunch of fart sniffing diocraps who lie
            #4. The CLintos ILLEGALLY clean out his office before any investigation
            #4. “investigations” led byleft winger Clinton DIMOCRAPS are totally useless.
            AND that goes for the rest of your moronic bullshyte idiocy and claims.

          • I have read some where that there were 2 bullet wounds, 1 in his neck and one in his head. Can’t remember where I heard/read it.

          • you can’t remember something that didn’t happen-did you check your memory with the available forensic evidence or are you too damn lazy?

          • When does your visa expire ? Are you a DACA Bas**rd ?

          • when you are wrong…divert the conversation- This is not the cogent response of a sentient being- this is the typical ad hominem attack of some who has nothing …go into the darkness of you ignorance…

          • Yes when you are wrong resort to name calling and accusations. I will admit that I didn’t remember all of the details about Fosters MURDER, but you obviously are as I described you earlier, Ignorant and ill-informed. Go on Yahoo and put in Vince Foster and when you reach that page look for
            I will accept your apology when ever you care to submit it, you Jerk.

          • Raymond Miller-
            “I have read some where that there were 2 bullet wounds, 1 in his neck and one in his head.”

            This is what you said -That is what I reacted to-where is the proof what you said is correct- I think you may be referring to Miguel Rogriguez’s theory that he enlarged photos and claimed he saw another wound- well that’s not proof of anything-that’s his opinion-forensics experts did not reach that conclusion-

          • At least one responder said that there was a bullet wound in the neck and then the ME said there was one in the back of the head and as far as I knew no one ever clarified it. Just like the Kennedy assassination we had everyone saying something different, now the newly released papers on Kennedy are saying that there is evidence of a second shooter. Who the hell knows. But the ballistic experts can’t even agree on either one of these cases. Did you read the whole article that I referred you to ?

          • The Looooooooooooooooooser is you. Yes a gun was found in his hand, no blood splatter, no expended shells, no bone fragments, apparently Mr. Foster cleaned up after himself after he was departed, how thoughtful of him! Sorry to have stepped on your toe triggers snowflake but you resorted to personal insults. Keep googling snopes and to complete your Democrat indoctrination and “pay no attention to the truth behind the curtain”. The Clintons are the most corrupt individuals to have ever appeared on the political scene of these United States. Have a nice life!

          • I have the facts on my side -you have your opinion- you lose. Good day sir-

        • actual proof/stats/facts/ for any of you statement would be helpful or are you just making stuff up ’cause somebody told you…

      • … and many so conveniently the day before they were going to witness against the Clintons. Some even defied the law and went to jail so they didn’t have to witness and ended up dying anyway. Being a hiking Christian missionary in Lybia, Syria, Iran, or Afghanistan, or a pick pocket in North Korea are healthier occupations than being a witness against the Clintons.

      • Or being never heard from or about as well!

    • They must be closet Moslems then, that group is the SAME.

    • Come on now , the Clintons are the hit family . No body lives to testifie against them .

  8. Liberals make it a practice of lying as part of their agenda!

  9. Actually if you are a Democrat you don’t have to do anything you say as just talking about it is equal to doing it. Clinton was number one before Obama that anything he said was the same as doing it.

  10. Rahm is an Obama Democrat without shame,ethics and morals.Destroy ‘s Chicago Obama;s Community organizing cesspool and nobody in the Democrat party will mention the slaughter of Blacks by Blacks.This vermin will never pay women the same,it would be less for his pocketbook

  11. Rahm Emanuel cannot even take care of his city Chicago which is now deemed the murder capital of America. I am not surprised by the dismal lack of making sure women are treated to equal pay. His legacy will be the disunity and division in the city that was unfortunate enough to elect him in the first place.

    • Spelling error….. that would be Chitcongo!

    • Rahm Emanuel left the White House very fast and just in time to run for Mayor of Chicago and he wasn’t even a resident of Chicago and yet he suspiciously won the election!!!! I Believe Obama-ass was behind this for some reason. He has destroyed Chicago and is still trying to destroy the rest of our Country.

      • Well, for certain he hasn’t improved it any! I’m pretty sure the Blacks elected him thinking they’d get a fair share. Fooled ’em didn’t he?

  12. Time to butt blast this guy —— He’s nothing but a drag on the people of chicago and the state of IL….along with gutierrez….

  13. I have often wondered why the Democrats are always complaining about equal pay, when they are the ones that have failed to follow the rules that are already on the books. It was called the Equal Pay Act that dates back to the 60’s.

  14. There hasn’t been an honest politician in Chicago since …….uh there may never have been an honest politician in Chicago.

  15. For those who don’t know – Rahm Emanuel got his start working for the Clintons as a fund-raiser. Have you noticed how many Clinton fundraisers are in the news lately?

  16. Typical racist alt-left democrat wouldn’t you say. Thank the muz ex-pres.

  17. Liberals are hypocrites? Say it ain’t so. Ha.

  18. Rahm Emanuel: Emperor Daley Mini-Me. Clintonista.

  19. No news here Prancer the ex-Investment Ballerina who disarms the serfs on his Democrat plantation so his Undocumented Democrats arriving in his thug sanctuary have an easier time with them talking one way from under the rear end of his tutu and in actuality excusing his party’s sex perps. This is my shocked face. Duh…!


  21. How many times in our lifetime have we heard Hillary Clinton say she is a long time fighter for women and children’s rights? I doubt there is any one who has spent anytime following politics than has not heard Hillary say pretty much exactly that!
    SO – I would ask then – WHY – when she was a U.S. Senator representing the State of New York she NEVER wrote or sponsored or even co-sponsored ONE BILL that had anything to do with women or children! AND I suppose I would have to wonder, as all of us should, why, if she has been fighting for these rights for such the long period of time she claims, has nothing improved? It has to be an indication of how ineffective she is and has been!

  22. Wasn’t he the one that coined the phrase that it wasn’t a crisis and he couldn’t use for his own benefit. He is the mayor of Chicago a town which has the highest crime rate and more killings than any other city in the nation. He fights for sanctuary cities thereby putting the people of Chicago in jeopardy and he doesn’t care. He is a total waste of human breath

  23. it matters not…

  24. Most of the positions in sales ,management and administration I observed over my working life had a dollar value to the job . Bonus was based on production not popularity . Most of those jobs were equal opportunity jobs. You produced and got paid. You didn’t and you got canned. Strangely most of the high producers were men except in Real Estate.. Then there was Guv’ment jobs. A whole different animal where the worthless were over paid for breathing.

  25. I have heard promise after promise made by democrats and the only thing I have ever got from them is tax increases , higher health care cost ” because I am now paying for the lacy ” , and promises of every thing under the sun to get them re-elected . Its like Hillary during the primaries . Every week she was kissing some black groups butt , after the election , the only blacks she see,s is those that wait on her , hand and foot !

  26. Hypocrisy & disingenuity define Rahm Emmanuel. It is hard to find a less liked politician across the board (Mitch McConnell?), as unpopular as politicians tend to be.

  27. Demoncrats don’t seem to be doing much more for women than they have been doing for Blacks, their two largest support groups, since the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

  28. Patriot News Daily – direct from St. Petersburg, Russia. That’s why there’s no name attached to the Commie article. And instead of babbling on about progressives, why not mention what the Republicon policy is on women’s equal pay and $15.00 minimum wage? Republicons are middle class haters and Scum-Sluts only interested in making the rich and Corporations, richer!!!

  29. hey all you PND trumpers- You all never talk about anything that is substantive- so I am tossing the ball up on the Repelicans Tax Plan-

    be courteous to others. Attack ideas, not users/ no personal insults(ad hominem)

    Have at it!!!

  30. I keep hearing about the wage inequality but I never seen that. Does anyone on here know in what industries this exists? I have heard that women in executive positions may be paid less than men in similar positions but then the pay rates are are way above those in positions below them. So I do not see that is a desparetive. Sounds like fake news to me.

  31. Rahm is another expert at diverting attention form what he is actually doing. He is confident that no one in the MSM will call him out. He just issued a wonderful statement! For the MSM that is enough.

  32. Don’t feel bad, in the 1980’s Republican Ronald Reagan refused to sign a bill giving equal pay to women. He didn’t feel women deserved it.
    Even good ole Nancy Reagan agreed that women shouldn’t make as much as men.
    Of course Nancy’s husband was a millionaire, and she had everything given to her. It’s different when you are forced to work and many times, you’re also a single parent, with no additional income, like what my mother was subjected to.
    I always hated Reagan for that.

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