Another Hypocritical Democrat Can’t Walk the Walk on Women’s Pay

God, is there anything more insufferable than a liberal Democrat who spends his days preaching the value of all his precious progressive ideas while doing absolutely jack squat to actually implement those ideas when the rubber meets the road? We see this kind of thing constantly from Democrats – including the DNC itself (and the Hillary Clinton campaign, to the extent we’re talking about different entities), where women were found to be paid much less than their male counterparts. It is so hard to practice what you preach on the subject of equal pay for women? And if it is, then maybe – just maybe – there’s something to explain the gender pay gap that has nothing to do with systemic sexism?

The latest hypocrite to be exposed is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. This guy doesn’t miss a chance to put his face in front of a microphone and tell all the plebes how his administration won’t rest until women get the same pay for the same work – can I get an amen, feminists! He even used his office to proclaim Women’s Equal Pay Day in the Windy City and called on Chicago employers to pledge their commitment to advancing the cause.

But you know, that’s the easy stuff. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to sign a piece of paper declaring this day or that day. It doesn’t require much sacrifice to hold a press conference and read some pre-written script about how we all have to do better by our girls. Actually stepping up to the plate and making some changes so that woman really ARE being paid the same as men? Well, that takes some elbow grease. And it was apparently more trouble than it was worth for Mr. Emanuel.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has used the gender pay gap to score political points, but a new study by government transparency nonprofit Open the Books shows his city is one of the worst offenders.

The data compiled by Open the Books show Emanuel has failed to close the gender pay gap on his own payroll, where just 12 of the top 100 salaries for city employees in 2016 were for women.

“In Rahm Emanuel’s City of Chicago, just 12 females made the list of the top 100 most highly compensated employees last year,” explains Adam Andrzejewski, who runs Open the Books out of Chicago.

Andrzejewski was critical of Emanuel’s decision to issue mayoral proclamations such as the one from April before he rectifies the disparities he himself controls.

“Mayor Emanuel has serious gender gap issues in budgets he manages yet he supported rallies on Equal Pay Day and sent out mayoral proclamations lamenting, ‘women continue to suffer the consequences of unequal pay,’” Andrzejewski said. “Perhaps he should rectify the disparities in his own payroll first.”

Perhaps, but we’ll believe it when we see it. Whether it’s the gender pay gap, the $15 minimum wage, racial equality, or any of a thousand other progressive causes, Democrats talk the talk but they rarely walk the walk. And those that do usually find out very quickly why their ideas are so terrible. We’ll assume, looking at the state of Emanuel’s payroll, that he already knows why there is a “gender pay gap,” which is why he’s doing nothing to address it in his administration.

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