Another Church Targeted Post Roe Overturning

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Metro Nashville Police began investigating an attempted arson of the anti-abortion resource center, Hope Clinic for Women on Hayes Street.

Midtown Hills Precinct officers reportedly responded to a burglar alarm at the facility at 1:38 a.m. When officers arrived, they discovered that a front window had been smashed and an unignited Molotov cocktail-type device was inside. The side of the building was also spray painted with the words “Jane’s Revenge.”

The unignited device was sent to a crime laboratory for analysis.

MNPD Specialized Investigations Division detectives and Hazardous Devices Unit officers are also assisting in the investigation.

MNPD said this is the first act of vandalism that Nashville has seen since the recent United States Supreme Court abortion decision. The police department is now working with the facility on ways to bolster security.

After Governor Bill Lee sent out this statement, Planned Parenthood had the following response:

“When a right-wing terrorist burned a Knoxville health center to the ground, Bill Lee was silent. The hypocrisy is plain for all to see. The terrorists in Knoxville who burned down our health center are out there evading the law, and listening to our governor today knowing they have his full support.

Gov. Bill Lee signed an abortion ban into law, which took effect when the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, and women in Tennessee will die as a result.

Planned Parenthood condemns violence in every form, but we can’t be silent on the harm Crisis Pregnancy Centers like Hope Clinic cause. We believe they should be peacefully regulated so they can no longer lie and mislead patients, which has been documented at length by the American Medical Association.”

– Francie Hunt, Executive Director of Tennessee Advocates for Planned Parenthood

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  1. This “JANE’S REVENGE” are Domestic Terrorist. They have posts on the computer and should be easy too find. Take these scumbags bags down.

  2. There are no medical doctors at Planned Parenthood. No gynecologist or anyone to do a mammogram. They only kill babies.

  3. Janes Revenge is wholly supported by planned parenthood and the dnc. This type of violence is desired and encouraged by all democrats.

  4. So a women’s right to choose in the minds of these A$$HOLES is the women only has the right to choose to ABORT the baby not the right to choose to have the baby. The hypocrisy is amazing. The women who go to these places NEED THESE PLACES, THEY CHOSE to have their baby, either raise their baby with the help of these facilities or put the child up for adoption. So what Janes revenge, planned parenthood and the dnc have made perfectly clear to us all is they only care about the death of the babies not the person who chose to have the babies and the babies themselves.

  5. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that the crap they are spouting about “women’s lives” in danger is pure garbage. This is domestic terrorism and the reason nothing is done to stop it is that the politicians make a TON of money out of Planned Parenthood, which is an oxymoron. They plan nothing except to use abortion as a contraceptive move and take no responsibility. Also using taxpayer money is unconscionable!! With unprecedented numbers of people not working, BY CHOICE, the burden falls to those of us who have spent our lives paying our own way just to be left in the dirt by our leaders and our communities! We have raised several generations of lazy, selfish people.

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