Another Chinese Spy Balloon Discovered

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

( – On Friday evening, the Pentagon revealed that another Chinese spy balloon had been seen in Latin America. This was only hours after it was originally noted that a similar balloon from China had crossed through the continental United States.

Pentagon press secretary Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder revealed that the Defense Department had seen reports about the balloon that was now crossing Latin America. He added that the current assessment is that this is one more Chinese surveillance balloon.

Earlier that same day the Pentagon had said that they would not try to remove the balloon from the U.S. airspace because of the possible debris that might be caused by the removal of the balloons. They also noted that both property damage and civilian injuries or even death could occur by the removal. They also did not note what their plan for responding to the violation of “U.S. airspace and international law” would be, which included shooting down the balloon once it was over water.

The balloon has led to many curious watchers and to a possible international diplomatic crisis, with America’s sky being infiltrated by the balloon. They were not clear on where the balloon is heading.

Beijing has so far insisted that it is simply a weather balloon that had somehow been taken off its course. However, these claims have been dismissed. The U.S. is currently working to limit the balloon’s surveillance capabilities.

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