Angry Liberals Force Mainstream Media To Change Headline

Photo by camilo jimenez on Unsplash

( – ABC News revised its headline concerning climate change’s relation to the Maui wildfires after receiving feedback on X, previously known as Twitter. Originally, the headline stated, “Why climate change can’t be blamed for the Maui wildfires.” It was later changed to, “Why climate change can’t be blamed entirely for the Maui wildfires.”

The article mentions that while climate change might have intensified the circumstances leading up to the fire, it cannot be solely blamed for the entire event.

Hawaii’s Governor, Josh Green, was quoted by ABC News saying, “The unprecedented destruction and what we’re calling a ‘fire hurricane’ in this global warming era was the primary reason for the significant loss of life.”

However, ABC News emphasized that the concept of a “fire hurricane” does not officially exist and that climate change cannot be pinpointed as the sole cause of the casualties in the wildfires.

NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies’ director, Gavin Schmidt, was referenced in the report, suggesting that climate change could have possibly influenced conditions making wildfires more potent. Yet, the extent to which it impacted the Maui fire remains uncertain.

Emily Atkin, a recognized climate journalist and creator of the “HEATED” newsletter, criticized the report’s angle, asserting it provided no real value and seemed more to benefit those who minimize the effects of climate change. She stated, “The essence of ABC’s article seems to dispute a connection between climate change and the fires that isn’t the main focus of most discussions on the topic.”

Tony Kinnett from The Daily Signal highlighted the change in ABC’s headline.

On a related note, Governor Green, during an interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart, depicted the wildfire as a phenomenon resembling a “fire hurricane” with wind speeds reaching 80 mph and temperatures soaring up to 1,000 degrees, leading to fiery whirlwinds tearing through structures. Green explained the speed and unpredictability of the fire, emphasizing its rapid movement, powered by strong winds. He concluded, “This is what a ‘fire hurricane’ could resemble in the global warming era.”

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