Andrew McCabe Had a Secret Pipeline to the Clinton Investigation

According to the DOJ Inspector General’s report, disgraced-and-fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was not supposed to have a direct line to the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Protocol at the Bureau demanded several layers of supervisory authority between McCabe and the Operation Midyear investigation, but IG Michael Horowitz found that McCabe…well, he had his ways. And will you even be a little surprised to learn that those ways included FBI lovebirds Lisa Page and Peter Strzok? No, we weren’t either.

The report tells us that McCabe used Page, who worked directly for him, as an unofficial liaison between himself and Strzok, the lead investigator on the Clinton case. By doing so, he managed to skip through counterintelligence chief Bill Priestap and national security chief Michael Steinbach, both of whom came between McCabe and Strzok in the chain of command. This, according to Horowitz was not appreciated by others inside the Bureau at the time.

“Several witnesses told the OIG that Page circumvented the official chain of command, and that Strzok communicated important Midyear case information to her, and thus to McCabe, without Priestap’s or Steinbach’s knowledge,” reads the report. “McCabe said that he was aware of complaints about Page, and that he valued her ability to ‘spot issues’ and bring them to his attention when others did not.”

In a typical investigation, perhaps this wouldn’t raise any red flags. McCabe, as Deputy FBI Director, after all, was within his authority to directly intervene in the investigation if he saw fit to do so. He wasn’t breaking any laws, certainly.

The problem arises when you look at the totality of THIS investigation. See, this goes right to the heart of one of the left’s biggest arguments: That a “conspiracy” to protect Hillary or to bring down Trump would have been far too large to keep under wraps. No way, they say, could such a thing happen outside a bad Hollywood movie.

But see, when you have people like McCabe, who has already been proven to have little regard for the rules of the road (and who has disturbing connections to the Clinton Crime syndicate), getting directly involved in the investigation…well, that’s where your problem might lie. That’s where you just need one or two bad apples to spoil the whole damn bunch. Particularly if those bad apples are serving the overwhelming interests of Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama.

Hell, by the end of all this, we may find out that James Comey was less an evil mastermind and more a hapless patsy who didn’t realize the level of corruption above and beneath him.

However it might turn out, there no doubt about one thing: Something was – and maybe still is – rotten inside the FBI.

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