An Inaugural Speech for the Ages: Trump is the Real Deal

If you live in a solid-red conservative community, you may not fully appreciate how much courage it took for Donald Trump to run the kind of campaign he ran. As controversial as Trump may have appeared on television, the scorn he received from the media and the Washington establishment was likely nothing compared to what he encountered in New York’s elite social circles. Try being a moderate conservative in Manhattan. Now try being the kind of conservative that Trump has become. You won’t find it easy.

But that kind of courage served him well, and it will continue to do so. If anyone was nervous that Trump would lose his nerve – that he would soon be crushed and compromised by the entrenched political club in Washington – the new president offered some words of comfort in his historic inaugural address. There, standing in front of some of the most powerful people in the nation, Trump made it clear that his loyalties lie with the American people.

“Today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, or from one party to another — but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the American People,” Trump said. “For too long, a small group in our nation’s Capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished — but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered — but the jobs left, and the factories closed.”

It’s one thing to make this speech in Orlando or Houston; it’s quite another to make it on the steps of the Capitol, right in front of the very politicians he’s condemning. For all of the clapping and the forced smiles, there were a great many lawmakers in attendance who want nothing more than to see this president fail spectacularly. Some of them belong to his party.

And he damn well knows it.

It would be very easy for Trump to spend the next four years in cruise control. Let Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell figure out what they want to do. Let them know that he’ll sign whatever they want. Spend the rest of the time tweeting and holding rallies. No problem. More than a few conservatives would probably be thrilled if Trump handed the reigns off to Mike Pence and constrained himself to public relations. Many liberals think that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

But if there was little reason to believe that prior to Trump’s inauguration, there is even less reason to believe it today. In his speech, Trump did not sound like Paul Ryan. He did not sound like Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush or Mitt Romney or any other beloved conservative. He sounded like Donald Trump – a man who got elected not because of the Republican Party, but in spite of it.

Trump’s ideology is not conservatism – it’s common sense. It’s not liberalism – it’s dealmaking. It’s not politics – it’s problem-solving.

On Friday, he stood in front of this nation’s ruling class and declared war. That takes guts. That takes the heart of a warrior. That’s what America now has in the White House.

Washington, beware.

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  1. The first picture depicts what the establishment thought they would get of Trump won:

    The Second picture depicts what they actually got when he did win:

  2. Great speech…get the parasites off of the dole, both domestic and foreign. Tell the world that we want their products, but they need to buy ours as well. Throw out the parasites in the Federal agency welfare program and restaff those agencies with Real Americans that remember they work for the Real American Taxpayer, not some rag loving communist african…Explain to the rooooshans and the chinkeeees that BS on the high seas will get their sailors sleeping with the fishes….build the wall with illegal immigrants….then reunite illegal immigrant their own country…rebuild the Esprit De Corp in our military while working on modernization of their equipment. Reinvigorate the space program…defund sanctuary cities and ramp up support of businesses of all types….throw out the IRS, EPA, BLM and put the different needs into a new DHS with Real Americans supervising the NEW organization, not the scum sucking pig democrapo appointed trash that thumb their collective noses at our elected officials….screw up on your job, you may not only lose the job, but you could be having a party in the federal corrections center down the road…oh and tell the twits in the news(sic) media to go pound sand…they can find a bunch available in Iraq…

  3. It was a great speech. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham and John McCain better take notice. John McCain needs to resign his Senate position and go home and be quiet. He is a “Democrat in disguise.” If these people want to be re-elected, they better get on the Trump bandwagon.

    • RINO is his M.O. Truth be told there is not one politician in the congress or senate who is not bought and paid for by special interests. There is not one there who would support term limits other than maybe Rand Paul. He is the only one who doesn’t generally stray from his convictions. Rather one likes him or not, he does defend each letter of the constitution. I almost wish Trump would spend more time with him around his plan for repeal and replace of Obamacare. I don’t trust Ryan and McConnel on the issue. However my concern is if one claims to cover all Americans (which means illegals in this country also) and insure people till their 26 living with mommy and daddy how is the cost going to be less. Here’s the deal . Those 26 million the Dems say are uninsured are covered by Medicare. Send block grants back to the States and make them make the call in their states. Why do residents in Iowa have to pay for left wing crap prescribed in Obamacare. One should be able to purchase a policy which fits both their pocketbook and their needs. This is supposed to be America, land of choice. The left is taking away all choice, speech, religion, and health care. Turn it back over to the private sector and let the people have choice. Some may choose not to be insured. That’s their business but do not mandate them to purchase or those of us who choose to be insured, to be obligated to pay extra for them. Take planned parenthood out of my policy. I do not believe in killing of innocents or consider abortion a women’s health issue. Abortion is genocide . Thou shalt not Kill is more than just a slogan. Read up on Margaret Harriet Sanger and no the real person and her intentions. The black community in particular should do some reading up. Don’t buy the horse crap the left is feeding you. God bless America and God bless Donald Trump.

    • You’re very correct. A colleague audio and video taped President Trump’s Inauguration speech. He made copies and gave them out to all his employees and friends, along with pocket copies of the U.S. Constitution. Many who did not vote for Trump received these items. Most are now supportive of Trump.

  4. No one was clapping except the people. All those politicians collected on stage were neither smiling or clapping. Washington needs a shake-up, but rather that will last beyond Trump is another thing. There are too many politicians on both sides who much prefer living in the swamp. In 4 or 8 years Trump cannot drain it completely. I commend him for wanting to do it. Right now the left is putting forth lawsuits against trump around conflict of interests particularly the emoluments
    clause in the constititution. Don’t know if it holds water but Trump will be facing law suits in a myriad of ways which will try to get him impeached. Let’s not forget the press is out to get him and with the likes of George Soros and the globalists , he will have a rough time. He needs the people who voted for him to continually turn up the heat on not only obstructionist Dems but those in his own party . It can’t just be Trump against the world . It needs to be Trump and his supporters against the world . Make no mistake this is Globalism versus National

    • To last beyond Trump we must insure he is not followed by a Quisling like Bush was after Reagan

      • I agree, and believe me that President Reagan did not want H.W. Bush as his VP, but he had to accept him because of the Globalists of the GOP.

      • I think Mike Pence will be a tough POTUS!! The Democraps have a woman running for DNC Chair who says her goal is to “Shut White People Down at Every Turn.”

        • No,Krazeehors,Whether Pence Tragically Ever become President ,Pence IS a tough P.O.S(Piece Of Shit),but the Strength of Good Americans WILL Succeed in Expelling and Flushing Pence.

          • Mike Pence was an excellent governor of Indiana — yes I was living there at the time — and has a reputation of being no nonsense, which is what we need after trump

          • He has a long history of being against women’s rights.

          • Right. That’s why there are so many female executives in his businesses.
            Go away. I’M DONE WITH YOUR BS.

          • B.S,? Really?

            “I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married.”
            “I did try and fuck her. She was married.”
            “Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”
            “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”


          • Okay, COWSHIT, you are NO BULL.

          • Is that supposed to be an insult? I suspect you are real proud of that stupidity.


          • The Tu Quoque Fallacy

            Someone else has done a thing there is nothing wrong with doing it.

          • Liar!

          • The fool is my cousin. I’ve know him a lot longer than you have.

          • Surrrre, and I doubt he claims YOU.

          • Almost thirty-one years ago, Sessions was up for nomination to a federal judgeship. He was rejected because of racism.

            His testimony before Congress tells the story quite well.

            By the way, his full name in His full name is: Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

            in 1924, and was assigned SSN 042-68-4425 ( Obama’s current SSN ) rec’d
            on or about March 1977. Ludwig lived most of his adult life in

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Hopefully, Trump before a huge ecological disaster takes place in out heartland.

          • You are an idiot. Leave me alone.

        • Hopefully she will be successful. Trump has essentially overturned every protection for air, soil and water that has been in force for decades.

          Pray the next Love Canal is not in your back yard. Pray your family is not exposed to toxic chemicals in their food and water.

        • Here’s the quote: “My job is to listen and be a voice, and my job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt. My job is to shut other white people down when they want to say ‘Oh no I’m not prejudiced, I’m a Democrat, I’m accepting,’” she said.
          Key phrase you FACTUALLY omitted: “when they want to interrupt.” Makes a difference, Krazeehors.


            I can barely remember what I did this morning, let alone 15 days ago!!!

          • Sorry to pick on an Old Person. I’m 71.

          • ROFL!! I’ll be 63 next month!!! Thought you were one of those young “whipper snappers!!” LOLOL!!

          • Yup, 71. I’m so old I’m not even classified as a BabyBoomer (They begin in 1946!)
            Lived in Illinois my entire life – various locations.

            Coal country – yes, it’s a shame that some folks are going to face job elimination in the industry. There simply comes a time when “things” get outdated and those folks involved in that line of work need to adjust to the “new” world. Coal isn’t the first job that has had to face the future and make some changes, for sure.

            The question we have to ask ourselves AS A NATION is what are the energy sources of the future? It’s not coal or oil or (even) natural gas. It would be irresponsible to refuse to move in “renewable” energy direction. The US IS moving in that direction and I would credit the Obama administration for facilitating that push. Conservatives are resisting those efforts. You have to ask yourself WHY?

            Yes, coal miners need help to get retrained, etc. Help to construct a new life. This, I believe, government can and should do. I’m willing to spend my tax dollars on these people.

            Perhaps the most distrubing things about reading posts on these Conservative websites is the lack of civility and the lack willingness to engage in constructive dialog. Yes, there are a number of Liberals who post vile things on these sites, but I refuse to get sucked into such a negative hole.

            I refuse to call President Trump anything but President Trump or Mr. Trump or, simply Trump (the latter ONLY if the Conservative with whom I am speaking uses just his last name). I even resist “correcting” those who continually mock President Obama. (You will notice that I did not even mention YOUR characterization of the former President.)

            Many Conservatives in these “discussion” groups claim to be Christians. I expect better behavior from them. No, I am no longer a church-going Christian. (I like to point out that in my youth I paid into the church-going bank bigly: 3 times a week – twice on Sunday and Wednesday night Prayer Meeting.) During my undergraduate years I had chapel 2 times a week and sang in the church choir – even into my adult years. I really only stopped about 15 years ago when I just couldn’t stand the hypocrisy anymore.

            I guess I just can no longer understand how so many of “today’s” Christians are so bigoted, so unwilling to follow Christ’s teaching about caring for the “least among us.”

            Mexicans? The people I know of Hispanic heritage are fine, hard-working people. There is a large number of Hispanics in my area. Why are they here? They are here to WORK and raise their families and be positive contributors to our society.

            Drugs? Yes, too many drugs are brought into this country from south of the border. The REAL question, however, is WHY are the drugs coming here? Because Americans are BUYING drugs. We Americans have created a market for illegal drugs.

            I could go on…… Nice talking to you.

            Remember: Facts – not Alternate Facts or “stuff” we would like to be factual – REAL FACTS matter. Opinions matter, too, but Opinions are not facts. The eye of the beholder needs to be able to distinguish the difference.

          • I apologize for my characterization of Barack Obama, but I got a real bad taste in my craw for him after being targeted by his VA administration just because I wrote to disagree with his “Red Line” in the sand.

            You may recall that when he first made that statement, he talked of diverting troops from Afghanistan nearing the end of their deployments to Syria and a guaranteed blood bath. My son was one of those soldiers.

            Needless to say, I had a “dog in that fight,” so I wrote to him. I never used bad language, just let him know that he was wrong for wanting to bomb a sovereign country and failed to think about the consequences for our soldiers.

            Because of the fact that I am totally disabled, I have no tax liability. That didn’t stop his administration from punishing me for speaking against his policies.

            TWO WEEKS after I wrote my letter, I found $1,400 missing from my direct deposit on 9/1/13. I also received a dummied up letter with a false date on it and sent to an address where I had never lived. When you are in the DEERS system, you HAVE TO KEEP YOUR ADDRESS CURRENT OR LOSE YOUR BENEFITS.

            I was able to prove that the letter was a fake, by the way. And, that letter told me to verify in writing my marital and dependency status, even though the VAs own tele-voice message states that verification in writing is “no longer required due to advances in technology.” Also, because I was over 57 years old and had not remarried after my husband died, I was NOT ONLY no longer required to report my marital and dependency status per federal law.


    • I agree, and on that note, I don’t know which was funnier….the older Bush trying to cover up with a rain poncho, Bill Clinton openly ogling Ivanka Trump with Hillary glaring at him, or the Mooch making ugly faces at the camera whenever s/he saw one pointed at her.

    • Elite Republicans = Elite Democrats = Elite MEDIA = Big Government Communists.

    • Turn up the heat on the MEDIA. The MEDIA is the lefts most powerful propaganda tool.

      We are using capitalism to drive the advertisers off the corrupt news program time slots. Make Soros pay for his own propaganda.

      • MAHB001,You’ve Obviously been Neglecting to Administer your Anti-Psychotic Medications.
        Please Resume your Injections,MAHB001 !!!!

      • Grow up, take a time out. You are losing respect with every post you make.

        • The only respect that I might be losing is your respect. And I will carry that badge with honor.

          • I guess you did not hear what Trump said at his inauguration. “-there is no need for prejudice because we “all bleed the same blood?” The same blood! That is Dems’ line. I think Trump has not lived or heard what Repubs and TPs believe in. Repubs and TPs do not believe Blacks, women and other racial minorities as regular Americans who bleed blood. Trump will have hard time getting votes for his policies. Now he is proposing to replace Obamacare with a government run-insurance that will cover all Americans regardless of their race and income status. That way all his ex-wives will be covered without out-pocket premium payment. We love Trump for expanding Obamacare.

          • Your fears about the Tea Party will never come true.

        • Like you and your umpteen other troll accounts are GAINING respect? PUH-leeeeeze!

    • Irish 1919; A well put together post; President Trump will successfully pevail because he has given Americans fresh hope; true Americans belive in him; You can’t win a war if you don’t join the battle; President Trump is more than capable of quashing any garbage the losing liberals will attempt to throw at him; the liberals futile efforts at smearing President Trump will backfire and our nerw president shall shine brighter; The commie party, liberals, will destroy themselves with their bitter animosity.

      • Right_Now tighten you straight jacket.

      • Dictator Trump will be impeached before the year is out,

        The online betting site Paddy Power, originally placed the odds of Trump failing to complete his first term at 7 to 4. The odds of Trump getting impeached in the first six months stand at 4 to 1.

        • R u nuts? If obama never got impeached for all of the illegal stunts that he pulled, I don’t think so!

        • What were the odds at Paddy Power that he wouldn’t get elected in the first place? You dopes haven’t been right about him once.

          • We the People do not elect a President.

            We the People have never elected a President.

            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.

            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.

            Start with the Electoral College.


          • Yes,. IDIOT! That ensures that WE THE PEOPLE BY THE STATE (instead of as a mob) win the vote. Trump won 87% of all the counties in the U.S., to Hillary’s 13%. BIG “majority” for her! The illegals ALONE were what made her seem to get the “popular vote”, and pretty much all from California.

          • What do you think you gain by telling these lies?

            What do you think you gain by calling people childish names?

          • Your catty behavior defined the appellation, the facts stand, I guess you really ARE ignorant. Look at the county by county map, it was all red with a very few blue spots for the counties that Hillary won. See here, it is a matter of record.( ). Hillary’s wins were only the heavily populated crime centers in the country (and that was the source of most of the voter fraud. Look at what was seen in the recount of MI, before the Democrat judge stopped it because it was showing the fraud so clearly (like the ballot box that was properly sealed and said there were 306 votes for Hillary in it, but only 50 actual ballots — kinda RAW, don’t you think?). And, if you took CA OUT of the equation, Trump STILL won the Electoral Vote, which is merely the state-by-state popular vote instead of ignoring what individual states wanted. You DO understand that this country is an amalgamation of 50 states which ARE countries in their own rights, unified as one unified REPUBLIC under representative Co9nstitutional government, NEVER a Democracy.

          • Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

            Tedious, boring, repetitive …

          • Okay, you did NOT deserve the benefit of any doubt I gave, thinking you might have a neuron or two still working. Your loss, I really don’t care if you choose to be an idiot, just thought you might have honestly been ignorant — I see that it is as wilful as your behavior suggested. You ARE nothing but a moronic and liberal troll. Enjoy what you can out of Life, such as you are capable of.

          • Thank you.

            Your input is always welcome

            It says so much about you.

          • I don’t need a frigging civics lesson from you. I know what the electoral college is. I was just commenting on the way pollsters totally missed their predictions. Got it Granny?

          • Hillary won the popular election with a lead of almost 3 million votes.

            Apparently, you missed that part.

          • Trump won the ELECTORAL VOTE which is why he is president. We’re not even talking about the same thing.

        • Shady lady; your liberal wishful thinking will only sink your liberal ship deeper. wake up; the liberal communist party got their asters kicked up arounf their neck; America is tired of liberal lies.

          • Dear Roy, I am not impressed by your name calling and insults.
            {lease come back and talk to me when you can carry on an adult conversation.

          • Tell you what Shady Lady, a very good idea; so how do we go about and carry out an adult conversation?

    • Great post Irish. You are exactly right it will be tough going for Pres Trump. His followers all need to step in when needed to support him, call/email the RINOs when they do not cooperate and try to block him, also try and educate some of the “snowflakes” they do not have the facts – only fake news. Some are simply brain-washed by far left teachers/professors – very sad.

    • No one was clapping except the

      corporations. Do try to remember the Supreme Court said they were people.

      Trump is making money with every stroke of his pen. Trump’s buddies are making money with every stroke of his pen.

      Trump was involved in almost 100 lawsuits the day he was sworn in.

      • stop with the lies you left wing paid troll. How much is the DNC paying you?

        No it is the American people who are benefiting with every stroke of Pres Trump’s pen you fool.
        He has made a tremendous sacrifice to be our president and turn this country around.

        • Yes, America will benefit. If he breaks thw law, Trump will be impeached.

          Trump sacrifice? Mau I suggest you obtain a good mental health provider, Trump has sacrificed nothing.

          • No you are the one who needs help as you have been brain-washed by the left. Do they really pay you that much that you are willing to say stupid stuff. Pres Trump had a great life, all the money he would ever need, he did not need to do this. The job he has now is a ton of work and he is not even getting paid for it you jerk! He will bring back more jobs than we have seen in decades, lower our taxes, and health ins prems – why would you not want that. Killary would of been more of the same as Obummer gave us.

          • Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of understanding of others’ feelings.

          • You WOULD know of that, perhaps you are looking in a mirror when you see that behavior.

          • You have not yet gotten the adult part perfected. Suggest you come back and talk to me when you have matured more.

          • I was referring to your clinical note about NPD, your behavior is a match to it. Pretty fair description, BTW. That shows that you may have some innate intelligence, but at the point that you felt superior you shut your eyes and invalidate it. That is typical “academic” behavior. You ARE funny (to others), but a sad individual lost in her misguided dream-world.

          • You have not yet gotten the adult part perfected.

            Suggest you come back and talk to me when you have matured more.

          • Yes. The fall-back on moronic repetition, word for word the same. No point for any adult wasting time on such as you choose to be.

          • Yep. And, that sounds EXACTLY like B. Hussein Obama!

          • Sounds very much like you, as well.,

          • Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          • All you need to see to prove how delusional AKLady is, is to look at the county-by-county election map, which shows that Trump wone a popularity (majority in approximately 2600 counties to Hillary’s 500. The liberal notion that the Electoral is NOT a popular vote is because it IS POPULAR, but on a STATE-BY-STATE basis — we ARE a constitutional Republic comprised of 50 states, which are effectively countries united. The United States is a functional union that Europe failed to imitate well eno9ugh to make theirs work. But then, they would not be willing to embrace the Constitution, would they?

          • Great spelling too, I might add. Goes well with your idiot mental level. You were obviously given some intelligence but you chose to be a fool, that is worse that a TRUE idiot.

    • AGREED. WE have to get him to be able to do what we want, and WE must vote out the contrary idiots.

  5. For the first time in 8 years we have a president that I can be proud of!

  6. I thank God daily for President Trump, because he is the Peoples’ President. He’s no longer our messenger, he is our very active executive. General Mattis is already showing us that he can lead the Department of Defense in an appropriate manner, all because of the Commander-in-Chief. God bless President Donald Trump.

  7. A return to some semblance of Federalism will be welcomed. States and local governments must become more self-sufficient if they are to truly reflect their constituent’s priorities. Ever notice that where there is no money flowing from Washington, your local elected officials are disinterested, despite public desires. Good example: Libraries. Free money from above distorts priorities, while enabling government salaries and benefits to soar.

  8. Yes,Trump’s Inaugurartion Speech was a DISGRACE to AND For America for the Ages!

  9. Great great speech. He is the best thing that has happened to this country since Reagan. In fact, I wish he
    was president 12 years ago! BHO has done so much to damage our country; it is shocking that anyone voted for him for a 2nd term. He failed at everything (no wonder, a community organizer). Now Pres Trump has much work to do and he has already made great progress in only a couple of days in office!! Truly amazing. God Bless him and his beautiful family.

  10. Yes, Bannon did write an eloquent speech.

  11. Trump will destroy America. He is wasting no time getting started. What are you goanna due when the Ketone Pipeline destroys America’s breadbasket?

  12. Loved every word of his inauguration speech!

  13. Several blogs have vote-downs, but, I never see them used. I would like to see them used a lot more often. If I vote down, it turns red, but, if I do it again, it turns black again. Therefore, I can never find out what it looks like if two people vote down. We all can see the likes, but, we never get to see the number of dislikes, of which there are many.
    Please start using the vote-downs if you disapprove of something, and so the rest of us can see what the results are.
    Thank you.

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