America’s Long, Painful Slide to the Left

All across the political blogosphere, you can read endless inquiries into the oncoming demise of the Republican Party. As far as the intellectual elite are concerned, the GOP will be doomed by polarization. The top representatives have supposedly moved so far to the right that they will soon be a non-factor in national elections.

The scary thing about this analysis is that it may well be correct. In a way. Because conservatives do have a problem, and it is that the country is moving slowly but surely to the left. And Democrats are way out ahead of the curve, dragging the populace behind them. Hillary Clinton has already come out with positions that make Obama seem like a moderate. Positions that her husband would have opposed in the mid-90s. She feels comfortable taking these positions because she knows there has been a culture shift.

The question is whether or not this shift is inevitable. Is there such a thing as “too far left?” It’s up in the air. A recent poll showed that more young Americans than ever before preferred socialism to capitalism. In such an environment, it’s only natural that conservatives should feel concerned. But you don’t have to study the polls. You need only take a look around.

We now live in a country where the right to free speech only stands when it aligns with liberal thought. Where businesses can be ruined if they refuse to bake a gay wedding cake. Where politicians have no problem aligning themselves with criminals over the cops. Where it’s enough to simply say, “Yeah, we should have a $15 an hour minimum wage,” even if there is no economic theory in the world that supports such a move.

The truly frightening part of this is that the left is ever in search for a new fight. Any conservative who thinks the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage will be the end of the LGBT battle is dreaming. Liberals need an oppressor to fight or they wither and die. So we’ll soon see where that leads us. The safe bet is that we are not far from politicians proposing “hate speech” laws, criminalizing any who might speak out against homosexuality. In a worst-case scenario, we might see the legalization of polygamy. In fact, that’s not hard to imagine at all.

Don’t count on the left to reign it in. They aren’t fighting for a better America. They are fighting against the conservative establishment that built this country. They won’t be satisfied until the ideals of the Founding Fathers are as buried as their corpses. We must reign it in ourselves by getting behind cultural influences that better reflect the real America. Supporting films with a positive, wholesome message. Voting for politicians who can explain why liberalism is a one-way road to oblivion. And above all, demonstrating that conservative values are not synonymous with intolerance. They make sense, that’s all. And that ought to be enough.


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