America’s Long, Painful Slide to the Left

All across the political blogosphere, you can read endless inquiries into the oncoming demise of the Republican Party. As far as the intellectual elite are concerned, the GOP will be doomed by polarization. The top representatives have supposedly moved so far to the right that they will soon be a non-factor in national elections.

The scary thing about this analysis is that it may well be correct. In a way. Because conservatives do have a problem, and it is that the country is moving slowly but surely to the left. And Democrats are way out ahead of the curve, dragging the populace behind them. Hillary Clinton has already come out with positions that make Obama seem like a moderate. Positions that her husband would have opposed in the mid-90s. She feels comfortable taking these positions because she knows there has been a culture shift.

The question is whether or not this shift is inevitable. Is there such a thing as “too far left?” It’s up in the air. A recent poll showed that more young Americans than ever before preferred socialism to capitalism. In such an environment, it’s only natural that conservatives should feel concerned. But you don’t have to study the polls. You need only take a look around.

We now live in a country where the right to free speech only stands when it aligns with liberal thought. Where businesses can be ruined if they refuse to bake a gay wedding cake. Where politicians have no problem aligning themselves with criminals over the cops. Where it’s enough to simply say, “Yeah, we should have a $15 an hour minimum wage,” even if there is no economic theory in the world that supports such a move.

The truly frightening part of this is that the left is ever in search for a new fight. Any conservative who thinks the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage will be the end of the LGBT battle is dreaming. Liberals need an oppressor to fight or they wither and die. So we’ll soon see where that leads us. The safe bet is that we are not far from politicians proposing “hate speech” laws, criminalizing any who might speak out against homosexuality. In a worst-case scenario, we might see the legalization of polygamy. In fact, that’s not hard to imagine at all.

Don’t count on the left to reign it in. They aren’t fighting for a better America. They are fighting against the conservative establishment that built this country. They won’t be satisfied until the ideals of the Founding Fathers are as buried as their corpses. We must reign it in ourselves by getting behind cultural influences that better reflect the real America. Supporting films with a positive, wholesome message. Voting for politicians who can explain why liberalism is a one-way road to oblivion. And above all, demonstrating that conservative values are not synonymous with intolerance. They make sense, that’s all. And that ought to be enough.


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  1. liberal thought is an oximoron and is a mental disorder. My sisters are two of the uber liberals, after they voted proudly for the second time for the affirmative action mullato I told them to never call or contact me again they couldn’t be that stupid and be blood.

    • I have stated many times that liberalism is a mental disease. Liberals cannot think, they can only ‘feel’.

    • shutting off your family because of your ignorant biases is proof what a moron you are. . This country was built on diversity and compromise and that is what the bigots like you cannot stand. you want the wonderful world of the 1950s but the 1% have convinced you with their lies that to do this they need all the money. in the 1950s rich paid 85-90% tax and were still the 1% they have just convinced the ignorant that they know best. they did not earn this money they inherited it and plan to use lies and your ignorance to keep it. live and die alone and stupid thinking the 1% care a squat about you

      • Your an idiot. This country was built on greed and brut force. If what you stated about diversity and compromise was indeed factual, then the American Indians would still be in charge of over 90% of the country and the blacks would have never even been here at all.

        Wake up from your delusional ranting some time and take a look around. The same greed and brut force is in play today and the only reason you can’t see it is because you are either too stupid or too blind.

        • Actually, he is too liberal, which is the same thing.

        • so you have no morals- no family values- no Christian values and now you prove you do not know history- yep you are definitely a republican conservaturd, nothing but ignorance and curse words to voice your hate and mask your self deficiencies

          • You are the one with no morals or Christian values. I would be shocked and amazed if you even claimed to be a Christian. Our founding fathers never wanted an “income tax”, they did not believe in wealth redistribution, and this country was not built on that principle. Homosexuality was a sin and not to be celebrated as it is today. All manner of wickedness was actually called wickedness. It was a much better, clearer world than yours with your moral relativism.

          • hey dummie wanna explain what income tax has to do with Christianity ??? that’s a pretty far jump if for a wack-a- doodle site like this one.

          • It doesn’t have anything to do directly with Christianity. Taxes have been a staple of every government as far back as Biblical Egyptian times. However, as Jesus stated: “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.” And James, if this is such a wack-a-doodle site, what are You doing here?

          • I read all sites -red – blue- plaid and paisley- you cant form an informed opinion unless you hear all sides of an argument. and going back as far as jesus were taxes fair or skewed so the rich paid less than the poor????

          • That is why our forefathers came to America, to GET AWAY from all the taxation and monarchy that was going on in Europe! Now we want to go back to this??? That’s were the liberals want to go, make everyone equal, as in poor and slaves, off the backs of some hard workers, while they (politicians) reign on high!

          • You make a strong case for this being a wack-a-doodle site, particularly when you’re on here.

          • You don’t have a clue who am and for you to put such lunacy to print only goes to affirm my statement on your mental condition.

            Call 9-1-1 now! You’re not safe.

          • your the one who cannot compromise and love your own family because they do not agree with your unchristian principles.- your the one preaching lies and untruth about history and trying to change the world to fit your sick beliefs. your the one in the minority that’s why you stay on these wack-a-doodle sites so you can find loonies who believe like you . LOL you are a loser you will always be a loser and when Hillary wins the next election maybe you can get some mental helth help from the new obamacare

          • Do you feel better after getting rid of all that hatred?

          • Well, I don’t know about all that, but I do know, at least I can spell and you can’t.

            Maybe you should consider reserving your insults for high school drop outs and elementary children who haven’t yet mastered the English language.

            Have a good life.

          • Talk about having to reach low.
            Maybe you should learn the difference between typographical error and spelling error.

          • No, I think I have a pretty good grip on who you are, and instead of trying to put others down on a regular basis just because they are not Obama fanatics like you, you might instead try investing a little energy and personal resources into getting an education.

            Just a thought…

          • You need to get an education.
            I can only pray you are not a product of American education.
            You are publishing ignorance for the world to see — it is horribly embarrassing.

          • I don’t often agree with Jimmy, but in this case, he is 100% correct.

            There were civilized nations in the Americas, long before the white man ever set foot upon its shores.

            Your European settlers did not build the pyramids of South and Central America.

            There was medicine, law, democracy, written language, geometry, mathematics, astrology, calendars, trade, travel across oceans …

        • And if the Indians were still in control of this country, America would never have come into being. They would still be killing each other with bows and arrows. They would not have had any rifles because it was the white man who introduced them to the Indians. It would still be essentially a wilderness populated by nomads. A statement such as yours reminds me of a friend of mine who said that he would love to have been born in the time of King Arthur (Camelot). I then reminded him of how awful living was in those days: no pain killers for his arthritic hip; no transportation unless he owned a horse; no shelter unless he knew how to build a cabin; no cool air in the summer and no heat in the winter unless he knew how to start a fire; no clothing unless he knew how to weave and sew his own; and no protection from wild animals and marauding vandals unless he knew how to wield a sword. I reminded him that he would have to grow/kill his own food. He quickly saw my point and changed his mind. Bottom Line: we need to see what a wonderful country we have; we need to be thankful for the sacrifices that were made by our Founding Fathers; and we need to stop denegrating our country and revive the love and admiration we should have for our mother country. If you want a heartwrenching demonstation of what I’m talking about, go to YouTube and type in: 11-year-old boy on Omaha Beach. Then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

          • “And so on and so on and scooby-dooby do on, we gotta live together”. Look it up kid. you’ll like it.

          • How little you actually know about the nations that existed prior to the arrival of Europeans. The government which existed .. the civilized nations…the law…the medicine…the history…the tools

          • What? are you saying the US had a working government, was civilized, had a law of the land, medicine etc, before the arrival of Europeans? We are taking about the UNITED STATES, not any other country! And don’t forget the fact that they made this country the greatest in the world!!

          • Yes, Karen it was civilized and had working governments. Don’t they teach history in school anymore?

            The Iroquois Confederacy was America’s first democracy.

            In some regions the indigenous peoples created monumental architecture, large-scale organized cities, chiefdoms, states, and empires.

            Over the course of thousands of years, American indigenous peoples domesticated, bred and cultivated a large array of plant species. These species now constitute 50–60% of all crops in cultivation worldwide.

            They had alphabets, and could read and write. Archeology has documented the fact that brain surgery was performed — successfully.

          • Where were those “Cities”, “States” and “Empires”? There is nothing left of them, do you have proof of this at your house? If they were so great and strong, how did they lose EVERYTHING to the “white man”? The Indians were PAID for the Louisiana Purchase, a VERY large sum of land! There were some who killed Indians, but that was because they were ATTACKED by them! The Indians were not friendly to the “white man”, if they were, they would still be living peacefully among us as Americans and not on reservations. The “white man” didn’t come here to fight/kill the Indians, they came here to get away from the European Monarchy and to establish their own place were they were not under control of that rule. It was called “The will to survive!” The way this country was made was played out by individuals, good, bad or ugly but was not intended to be by the most part as a “TAKE OVER”! The majority of the people were good hard working Christians, but it is so much better to write history about the bad people and events and expound on this just like the news that is reported today. If there was a news station on TV that only reported the GOOD news, it would not last very long! People want to hear all the bad news so they can make their problems seem smaller!!

          • funny how the easier life gets the lower our morals, ethics and standards get, also I’m not liking the use of the phrase “mother country”. Sounds Nazi-like.

          • I agree with your assessment of our morals, etc. Rome had the same problem. However, the Nazis referred to Germany as the Fatherland. Most other people refer to their home country as ‘their motherland’ because that’s the country wherein they were born.

        • Ahhhh, looky looky. Another indoctrinated liberal propagandized to hate America! You have no clue what went into building this country. When did that greed and brut force take place? After the Revolutionary War when the Founding Fathers set forth capitalism? You’re the one with blinders on, my friend…provided by the liberal front! Ad hominem attacks prove the point that you people are the delusional ones thinking this country will work perfectly as a socialist country. That was tried in the first New England Colonies with the Mayflower Compact, allowing the Colonists to work as a community via cooperative management. But it didn’t work. There were lazy colonists who figured, “why work? other colonists will build the houses and plant the seeds and cook the food.” This socialist attitude pissed off the rest of the Colonists and they dispensed with the Mayflower Compact and implemented the Pierce Patent of 1621, allowing for a more “capitalistic” approach where, instead of all for one and one for all, colonists were allotted their own piece of land (property ownership) and were on their own, i.e., self-reliance and self-accountability (production). No more lazy colonists as they had to plant their own food if they wanted to eat, or build their own houses if they wanted a roof over their heads. But I guess liberals are all too stupid and blind to ignore this historical factor (especially since we all know they’ve revised history to their own liking) that socialism was tried in this country and IT DIDN’T WORK!

          • Thank you!!!!!

          • Well, to start with, only for your own personal edification, I am a straight line conservative and I’d lived more of a life by the time I hit 30 than most people ever will, even if they lived to be 10 times that old.

            The nice laws and documents you cling to as sacred are little more than window dressing for those who are unwilling to apply their God given intellect to think things through to a logical conclusion. In other words, all you need to do is hike up the skirt of the US government, just a little, and all sorts of dirty little things start crawling out.

            No, I’m not a liberal, and while I despise those idiots, I do believe that until you clean up your own side of the street, you’ve got no right to point out all the trash on their other side.

            Unfortunately, my time is very limited so I don’t have the time or the inclination to address your other comments, but if you straighten your aim out a little and start shooting at the enemy instead of the good guys, you might just have something.

        • Exactly.
          Fact, documented by history, well the history which has not been rewritten over the decades.

      • James if I want any crap from you I’ll scrape it off of your teeth.

        • That is just so clever. I would expect nothing more from someone like you.

        • America is the sum of the many.
          We are a nation of immigrants.
          Many of those who came before us were brought here against their will — in chains.

          • AKLady2015>are you mental,do you read history?did you go to school,However ,if we brought them here in chains like you say,then when they were set free,we should have sent them back,and send them camel jockeys packing to,These people bring nothing viable to this nation,complain,complain ,blame and blame,what the hell ,get out ,if you don’t like the USA.

          • We tried that.

            Liberia, a state in West Africa, was established by citizens of the United States as a colony for former African American slaves and their free black descendants.

            Oh, it was one of those ‘camel jockeys’ as you so rudely call them that helped us become an independent nation.

            And of course, what is America today was obtained through genocide and land theft.

            With the surname Lipchey, originally Lyubka, one really does not have too much to complain about. Your family came here as emigrants, probably as refugees from Russia.

            Maybe you should study a bit more history and become just a little less the “Ugly American”.

          • Liberia was established by Euro-Americans of the United States. You got that right! Us white folks created a place for them they could call their own. What you NEGLECT to propound upon is what happened to that country when all the freed slaves took over. THEY FOUGHT! Amongst themselves and other tribes. They couldn’t even defend themselves and were attacked several times by other tribes and neighboring countries. The US financially supported the new Liberians to get them started, but then pulled back to allow them to move toward self-sufficiency. They couldn’t manage themselves and the US once again had to intervene diplomatically and financially. More than 20,000 freed slaves were transported to Liberia from the US. Today, less than 5% are descended from these freed slaves. Proof they’re incapable of self-sufficiency or running their own country?

          • We former slave owners created a place where those we could no longer own, no longer wanted could be disposed of.

            What you neglect to propound is the profound lack of infrastructure. Liberia was founded to cure the “growing problem” of free blacks in this country. Many died of illness and starvation.

            The local tribes attacked the American settlers. Africans removed from slave ships by the U.S. Navy after the abolition of the trans-Atlantic slave trade were also put ashore in Liberia. Put ashore with the clothes on their backs, if they had any.

            Financial support? LOL. You need to do more research. Very little was provided. Very little economic development occurred and, from the 1920s, the country became dependent on the rubber industry and, notably, the Firestone Company.

            The U.S. did not recognize the nation it had created. Liberian history is quite interesting.

          • Blah,blah blah..No wonder Obama got in,you bleeding heart idiot..beat it

          • Pick up a book and learn something instead of those romance books from the grocery store.

          • AK Lady no romance for this lady, I don’t believe in love,especially,love thy neighbor, Haven’t believed in that nonsense,since(2008),when the Hater, and raciest became President…but you go girl..

          • The Electoral College elects the U.S. President.

            We The People do not, never have — will never do so unless the Constitution is amended.

            How does your state select their representative to the Electoral College?

            Get an education — you are making a fool of yourself before the world.

          • welllllll,you are impart right,however,I have issues with the Electoral College,because I believe the Electoral College can be bought,for the right price anyone&anything can be bought,like Obama 700million dollars was paid to get him in office..
            {fact}look it up. George Soros,a well known commie,and that’s no you are right ,but who knows…

          • Try an education — you might like it.

            Impart: to give (something, such as a quality) to a thing.

            Apparently, English is not your first language.

          • Ignorance is so sad to witness in America.

            Bigotry is a disease that is seemingly impossible to contain or cure.

          • We are all immigrants from somewhere, but we didn’t come here to drstroy America,or change anything in the Constitution, but these camel jockeys and low life Mexicans are doing just that..NO Apologizing, for what I feel..

          • Your bigotry is un-American. Our early settlers did not have schooling. If someone in the family could read, they did the best they could to teach others. Huge problem, books were very expensive. If a family was very lucky, they might have a bible.

          • We are/were a nation of LEGAL immigrants, mostly white Christian, who built this nation unto what it is today. People WORKED to survive and to make it something to be proud of. When you work hard for something it means something to you and you fight to protect what you Work for. When you start changing these values by giving these things away and making these valves /beliefs into wrongs, you change the concept that was originally the support of a country, into something totally different that those original people can’t support! The newer generation has had everything handed to them(liberal indocternation) without them knowing that most things worth having are worked for, therefore have never had to learn that you must fight for what is right, just for what I can get for free! They become a country of followers and not fighters. That mentality is what will bring this country to its knees!!

          • Legal immigrants? Really?

            Maybe you should tell that to those upon which genocide was practiced. Maybe you should tell that to the people who’s lands were stolen — as recently as the past 10 years.

            Alaska’s First People are the only indigenous people to have been paid for their land.

            You might want to study a bit more history.

            Read up on those good Christians that murdered women, children and the elderly.

          • AK) Please shut the hell up,about the American Christians, we obviously did something right ,we became the greatest Country in the World..

          • Thou shalt not steal ..

            Right, God gave those Commandments to Moses — he was Jewish.

          • Your problem, and you do have one, is that you can’t get beyond the past. Your ilk has provided the ideal arena for hate by chopping us all into little groups of diverse haters who undoubtedly find fault and offense by anyone and everyone who thinks other than them. Where’s YOUR GRATITUDE that this country — before taken over by liberals — was the first to abolish slavery, fought a civil war against those who would keep slaves in chains for eternity, and first to UNINSTITUTIONALIZE hatred and bigotry of slave descendants (which, by the way, institutionalized bigotry was made into law by the Democrats!!!).

            I DARE YOU to focus in ONLY on the foundational accomplishments of African-Americans WITHOUT any effort or involvement whatsoever by Euro-Americans. Hell, they didn’t even instigate any kind of abolition of slavery, and there were many in a position to do so. And when Liberia was set up as a country for all freed slaves after the Civil War, tell me about all the significant foundational accomplishments they made before turning on themselves.

          • Your time table is erroneous.

            Liberia was establish several decades before the Civil War.+

            In fact, it had been an independent country before that war.

            Oh, and I strongly suggest you study the history of the political parties. The Democratic party of previous decades in not the party which has that name currently.

            In the 3rd century BC: Ashoka abolished slave trade in India.
            The Qin Dynasty abolished slaver in China — 221+206 BCE.
            Wang Mang, first and only emperor of the Xin Dynasty abolished slavery in 17 CE.
            Do an Internet search. Educate yourself. Your history is sorely lacking

          • “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana.

            You are another one who has seemingly failed history.

            Liberia was an independent country in by 1847.

            The Civil War took place from 1861 to 1865.

            No excuse for the mistakes — the history is available on the Internet.

      • Jimmy Quick has a good point. I think greed and force are just harsh terms for capitalism and power (corporatism and politics). Diversity and compromise are the sales pitch of the rich liberals. The rich have always supported and run the U.S. and they always will. The change has come in our willingness to challenge their control. There used to be some fear of retribution in the “so called” 1%. But, they have take “baby steps” toward changing the thinking of conservative Americans by getting us to keep compromising. They have manipulated us to the point of compromising on our principles and morals. That is much more significant than controlling the money. That takes the fight out of the people and makes it much easier to get the populous hooked on government support. But, back to the original comment that started this. Abandoning your sisters instead of continuing to try getting them to see the truth is exactly what the liberals want. Breaking up the family is just another way to increase liberal control over U.S. citizens.

        • Capitalism — a prime example are those who were brought here against their will — in chains.

          • not really

          • Not really — you sure missed a lot of history.

          • No. Your are exercising misinterpretation of just about every bit of history you speak of. The subject you abuse is a very long winded one. Genocide and land theft “acquired” the country. Hard work, Christian principals, dreams, capitalism and war built the nation. Politics and liberals have been and still are tearing it down. I have ancestors that go that far back also.

          • Boy have you been brainwashed.
            You “have ancestors that go that far back also”.
            Well, just think of how rich you could be if a European had bought the land rather than stole it. Look at your brothers in Alaska, they walk with Gates and his kind.

          • Yes you definitely need to revisit your history books. You might even need reading lessons. More importantly…you need to find something constructive to do with your life instead of whine an bitch about the past. Get a job, get a hobby and get a life. Try actually making a change or improving things.

          • YOU need to GET OVER THIS!! You are not the only ones who had to come to this country against your will! Acadians were exiled out of their homeland Canada, because of their religious beliefs, their land was seized and they were ousted with only the items that they could carry away with them. They were looked down on as poor white trash because they had nothing left and were French speaking people and had a hard time communicating. They didn’t complain, cry, try to cause problems, they learned English, and knew they had to work hard if they wanted to fit in with the rest of the country. They are scattered all over the country and you will only know who they are by their last names! In other words, they assimilated into the country, they didn’t become a separate RACE, and they didn’t continue to dwell on what happened to them 150+ years ago, they became AMERICANS and helped move this country forward!! GET OVER IT!! It didn’t happen to YOU!

          • Get over what?
            History is history.

            Genocide and land theft is what America was built on. I have ancestors who predate the Pilgrims.

            You really should not make such huge assumptions. You really should find a way to deal with your anger.

            By the way, my family were slave traders. They bred light-skinned Negros for sale as house slaves. They had a nice mansion on a cotton plantation in Louisiana.

      • When you tax the top 1% a 90% tax rate, do you know who ends up paying the taxes? The middle class and the poor, businesses consider taxes a business expense and adds it to the cost of their products. Still stuck on stupid I see.

        • you so stupid or a paid troll which is it because your lies are ridiculous even the gorks on this site think your a joke.

        • Taxes a business expense? Just who is it that’s stuck on stupid.

          • I was a business major in college, businesses add the costs of taxes into their products, you pay their taxes.

          • The message you conveyed was that taxes are a business expense. “businesses consider taxes a business expense ” I don’t know what college you went to but expenses are something you incurr as the cost of doing business. Taxes are something you pay because you were in business and made a profit, considered taxable income. You can spin it any way you like but taxes are not a business expense.

          • When you buy gas you also pay for state and federal taxes, it’s added to the product. The gas station doesn’t pay them for you.

          • No, but the gas station pays business taxes.


          • Open an accounting book.
            You are spouting ignorance.
            Taxes are a business expense.

          • You also pay their profit, you also pay their overhead, you also pay their employees. What’s your point?

          • Taxes are a business expense.
            You might try opening a book on accounting.

          • You are right, my accountant told me your business made
            380,000.00 last year and since it’s an expense you don’t owe any taxes. My labor expenses were 1.5 Million last year so I didn’t have to pay taxes on them either. Bottom line, and this I didn’t know before, I don’t have to pay any taxes. I wish I had opened that accounting book sooner, now I’m going to get a rebate on all the money I’ve paid the IRS over the past 27 years, since I wasn’t aware they were a business expense. Thanks for the heads up.

        • LOL
          The tax rates were just fine until an idiot Republican came along to make the rich that more rich — he destroyed the middle class, it no longer exists.

          • I got the same tax break and I’m not rich, that’s a false liberal talking point. Again, when you tax the crap out of business, you end up paying for those taxes through higher prices. When you buy gas you pay the state and federal taxes, the gas station doesn’t pay those taxes. When you buy something in a store the costs include taxes on your receipt. The store doesn’t pay the taxes, you do, get it now????

      • Are you saying that Bill Gates inherited his money; that Steve Jobs inherited his money; that Henry Ford inherited his money; that the young man who created Facebook inherited his money; that Dr. Ben Carson inherited his money? And the list goes on. Sweeping statements such as yours create a false scenario that the un/under-educated grasp onto in order to justify their own incompetence or laziness. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of men and women who have become extraordinarily wealthy through hard work and imagination. Others come to mind: Mary Kay, Estee Lauder, Chanel. Most of these individuals, Bill Gates and Dr. Carson to name only two, have created scholarships and foundations that specifically target young people who desire a college education but have no money. Then there’s the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation; Andrew Carnegie established free libraries all over this country by the thousands where anyone can take out a book for free, read it, and then return it so someone else can read it. Every one of these people felt a strong responsibility to give back to this country some of the advantages they had enjoyed so that some other young person could be as successful as they had been. That type of thinking is what made this country the beacon of hope so aspired to by so many millions over the years. What marks the difference between the illegals coming our country now and those earlier immigrants is the earlier ones were willing to work for their dream. The ones we have now don’t care about our country; they want only to be taken care of…they have no loyalty to America…and I know this from the mouth of an illegal. If the going got tough, they would be on the next train out of here.

        As to the man who cut his ties with his sisters, don’t you think that was his decision to make? Sometimes we are required to make very difficult decisions in order to preserve our own beliefs. Jesus himself admonished those who would listen to leave home and family in order to follow Him (and 12 of them did just that). He also said that if your right hand offends you, cut it off. Harsh by today’s standards, but the underlying message is: turn your back on anything that can separate you from God. He made an extremely difficult decision, cut him some slack.

        One more little thought you might consider: it’s the 1% who pays the lion’s share of all taxes collected by the IRS. Be thankful!!

        • prove my point for me jobs and gates are not republican conservatives – jobs and gates think taxes should be back to the 50s era rates to make it fair on all people. henry ford made his money but the greedy children inherited it and the corporation run ford now not henry . so get your arguments straight before opening your mouth again your make yourself look like a fool.and your dr carson only has enough money to be a minion why don’t you name clint while your at it LOL

        • This idiot will remind you that they made their money on the backs of the poor.

          • Yeah, I know. What this idiot doesn’t realize is that most of us were poor before we got a job with some company one of these fellows created. I’ve never tried because I’m not that Internet savvy, but it would be interesting to run…say Microsoft…all the way back to square one to discover how many other companies came into existence because of Bill Gates’ talent and development of the computer. My guess it would be in the thousands, and into the millions of people employed by them. People like ‘this idiot’ suffer from two maladies: 1. any kind of critical thinking, and 2. a penchant to bite the hand that feeds them. 30

          • Yes, and Ford never put a lot of people out of work.
            Computers and robots are doing the same thing today.
            Companies are using them to put people out of work.

        • Give back to the poor they stole from.
          Mr. Ford’s use of automation killed how many jobs?

          • Enlighten me…just who did Bill Gates, for example, steal from by developing the computer? He was just a teenager, hunkered down in his mother’s basement developing his idea. As for Mr. Ford, he did not use automation, he developed the production line which is in use even to this day. Be doing so, he created hundreds of jobs. The only people who may have suffered reduction of business were blacksmiths and horse breeders. However, currently there are more horses being ridden for various and sundry purposes in this country than ever existed during the early years of this country. I myself went to a private high school back East where all the students were required to learn how to ride and care for the horse that was assigned to her. It was a lesson in responsibility and we all learned it.

    • Nice family values there, Warpaint. Your sisters, however, will be much better off not having to submit to
      your rancorous, rancid attitude.

      • Like I care what you or anyone else thinks, you may say what you will; just more noise from the trolls…

      • Often we must make a sacrifice to uphold our own values. The left will never understand this because it does not fall within their view point. If you do not agree with them then they will continue to argue and at the end call you a bigot, racist, sexist, and any other *ist to “prove” to everyone else that your point of view is invalid. They are a pathetic excuse for Americans that will only tear us down instead of building us up. Again pathetic.

      • The liberal trolls are out today as another shows their useless values. Typical liberal response. Can’t make a point, so
        instead, you make ad hominem attacks. Nothing new there!

      • If my sisters had been structure with the mental disorder of either liberalism or progressivism . I also would have disown them. However that being said all three of my beloved sister. Are well educated well established loving kind generous to a fault Fiscal and social conservatives. No lunatics in either my immediate family or extended family. Of well over 300 members.

        • One would hope that your sisters and other family members are better “structure” with the English language than you are.

          What a fine set of family value-oriented wingnuts we have showing up on this forum! NOT!!! I have one sibling and several in-laws whose political views sharply clash with mine, but I would never think of giving them the boot because of political disagreement. Doing so would make me a deranged fanatic, such as you and Warpaint and those dingbats who support your noxious attitudes. Shame!

          • Hey Thanks! Had hit post prior to editing. Let me rephrase if either of my sister were struck with the terminal mental illness of The Obama ,Pelosi, Reid ,or Sanders progressive disease. Then certainly . I should disown them.

  2. The problem is that it is too late. Just listen to some of the interviews conducted by real reporters (mostly from Fox News) of college students. They are so dumbed down that we will never recover from that, short of a world war or some other major disaster, which would possibly force these morons to come to grips with reality

    • Sad to see how uninformed and just pain un educated some of these college students are. It just makes me sick. They will suck up the Kool-Aid and don’t know anything of world and u.s. history. Not a damn thing. but they know how to party and they know how bad the conservatives are and they know how to protest but they don’t know a damn thing about George Washington carver or Abraham lincoln or anything remotely involving history. This world we have, this country we have is literally going to pot! Sure you can smoke it but what does the pot create? Certainly not a need to educate? Certainly not a need to care? What have we created? Not a damn thing!

    • Those Fox interviews are very selective, just like the ones Jay Leno used to conduct on his “Jaywalking” segment. Fox interviews scores of students, then selects the few with the truly uninformed and trots them out as though they are truly representative. A shabby performance by a network that calls itself “fair and balanced.”

      • You only need a small sample size to show the majority on a group. It’s funny that they are always able to find this small sample size out of the large percentage of people. Probably because it did not matter who they talked to the result would be same.

  3. It’s sad, but it is too late, because of liberalism, American has become a welfare and Socailist state and getting worse. The GOP establisment doesn’t even care to be known as part of the Democrat party. The GOP establishment is going to give us JEB, and would rather lose to the Party of treason, oops, the Democrat party than elect a conservative. I’m a TEA party member and everyone I know including me will vote third party before we vote for JEB and any RINO like him.


    Liberalism is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, and signifying nothing.

  5. Liberalism is the same socialist/communist ideals under a safe and accepted name. We need to start calling them what they are!

  6. Unfortunately this article is probably correct! In my life time you can see how accusations name calling lies and mass propaganda WORKS!!!! The left need NO facts just feel good moments that eventually bite you in the A$$!!! It is just a matter of time until the population WANTS way more than anybody can PROVIDE for them!! When reality actually sets in and the piper has to be paid they will see, too late, that EVERYBODY gets screwed except for the elite masters!!! The main problem is that when your world gets turned upside down it NOBODY can correct the mistakes! Reality is that decision have consequences and todays society wants zero accountability!! Remember 0care passed without reading it totally on Demon Rats votes but the failure of it is spun to say the fiasco was the republicans fault!! Go figure!!!

  7. Tiredofsocializm

    I don’t believe this I have faith in the American people there will always be Americans of all races who will want to achieve, have more and do better than their parents I was and still am one of them. There will also be those who just want to get by a live a non materialistic life there is nothing wrong with that if its what you want. I do think that many of our young people are being indoctrinated into the far left. Some will embrace and others will reject it depending on what they want for thief lives. It should’ve interesting to see how it all plays out?

  8. The reason America has moved so far to the left is because republicans would not stick to their principles and they compromised their country away with democrats who only cared about power and buying votes from the non- producers. Republican’s main interest was also being re-elected, so they let the media dictate their representation. I am sorry that I have lived long enough to see my country destroyed. I hope my grandchildren will survive communism.

    • “non producers?” Are they perhaps that “47 percent” of the electorate that Mitt Romney described thusly?

      “All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it.”

      You just might not have seen Obama getting a second term if Romney had curbed his tongue and not uttered his infamous disparaging remarks about that alleged 47 percent of leeches on the body politic. But he did say those things, and those disordered views are embraced by many, many ultra wingnut wackadoodles. Talk about defiling one’s mess kit!

      Now we have those who are enthusiastic about the Trump candidacy. If Romney was a loose cannon, Trump is a loose nuke. I can hardly wait to hear his nutterances as the campaign moves ahead. I need a few good laughs these days, and am confident that the Trumpster will provide plenty.

      Truly the wingnut sector is in deep trouble, trouble of their own making!

      • The real problem will be hearing the truth and believing it. Americans have been lied to for so long that when Mr. Trump tells them the truth, they will be hard-put to believe it. But if he sticks to his guns and keeps repeating the truth while, at the same time, backing it up with examples, my hope is that he’ll be successful. We need someone with his brand of gonads to get out there and bring the truth back into fashion.

        • Well, let The Donald go about telling the alleged “truth” about the alleged “47 percent” of voters who are parasites and see just how far that will take him. The man is a joke! And there enough intelligent Americans who know a joke when they see one and who therefore would not vote for him for dogcatcher’s assistant. He will be comic relief during the overpopulated Republican primary.

  9. A great place to start would be to kick Boehner and McConnell to the curb. These so-called “conservative-leaders” are certainly NOT conservative OR leaders. They cave in to the would-be king Obama every chance they get. There are many other Rinos in government that need to be “weeded-out”. Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, ect. These clowns and others will do their damnedest to push Jeb Bush as the GOP nominee (another Rino) on us. They are afraid of people like Ted Cruz getting the nomination because he would put an end to their treasonous behavior and clamp down on law and order.

  10. Mental disorder, oximoronic thought or not, progressive liberalism is wiping out our freedoms quite quickly. Infiltrating our children, laying our churches meaningless & hopeless as our pastors look the other way or succumb. Rewriting history to twist into this new wind, our USA is definitely stumbling down the mountainside of oblivion.

    • You and “Warpaint,” above need to learn how to correctly spell “oxymoronic” and “oxymoron.”

      • So the only thing you had issue with was some spelling mistakes. Got it. Well at least you are starting to see things truthfully. Keep returning to this site and we will make you an intelligent well-informed Conservative in no time.

        • Cheap shot, Dylan. If you followed me at all on this forum, you would know that I produce plenty of substantive comment and often eat the lunches of wackadoodle wingnuts.

  11. Without a clear definition and understanding of purpose, the alternative of choice is to not fulfill it. With respect to law and law enforcement, the concept of freedom of choice relative to the alternatives of choice is all that forms a basis for determining what is legal and what is not legal regarding individual behavior. Based on this idea, there will be no need for law or law enforcement because there are no absolute, moral or ethical criteria acceptable which form a basis for a universal applicability of them in law, providing equal justice, and therefore, law enforcement will be totally unnecessary. Everyone does as s/he pleases. One of the attributes of God is that He can not deny himself. The idea that people, as “created equal,” would deny their essential, biological-gender identity to be the opposite, or a combination, of the two genders is a problem without a purpose, except that of perverse, sexual fulfillment. If government wishes to recognize and allow, by license, such relationships, it needs to respect the separation of church and state, recognizing also that such sexual fulfillment is defined and described as “immorality” in the Bible, which forms the basis of faith and practice for the vast majority of Christians.
    We still live in a country where people make decisions to use lethal force to impose their will on those who, they believe, are a threat to their existence or livelihood. Government “of, by and for the people,” is still in that particular business. It is that the criteria used to determine a justification for the use of force have changed. If the freedom and right to choose are the only criteria that determine the correctness of some behavior, it is only the freedom of one to be opposed to another which is in jeopardy. Having the freedom to do as one damned well pleases is, at some point, going to present a problem of fairness. Government will not be able to deal with the consequences of such a policy.
    The confusion which will exist in the minds of children will benefit the legal community and government which will have to deal with the problems created by it.
    The fundamental weakness of liberalism is its perspective on the law. If the law is, is not, and yet is, it is the arbitrariness of those who exercise the law in this manner who will be hated by those who are confused by such arbitrariness.

  12. This analysis is wrong. Americans are not moving left politically, although they seem to be doing so because they are moving left socially. No one really cares about queers, by whatever title they call themselves (LGBTQ?). People do care about security and income.

    • Indoctrination in one form or another makes one not care about social economics over liberal politics. When the constant string of lies that the young are being fed are not being countered by anything substantial, what else are they left to believe?

  13. Restituto Guzman Jr.

    A little history, in the 1960 liberal left student grew into maturity and became professors in our universities and indoctrinated the current crop of liberal left student population, teachers and other professors, but the icing of the cake was the indoctrination of left leaning and outright socialist politicians ruining America. The heavy control of education by the liberal left will assure control of America and if wholeheartedly supported the liberal left will never face internal challenge. Wake up America is never to late to make changes.

  14. The left reigning it in will never happen as long as Satan and his minions continue to reign on earth.

  15. it started long and slow but we are now on a fasr roller coaster and ourn young people with our present school system, ews media, even our major christian religions turning tail are not able to see what is coming, and it is and so sad.

  16. Not_Easily_Impressed

    The big problem in all this is connected to reason and truth. Truth needs to be said, otherwise error and stupidity gains the upper hand. There are only about 37 comments in this thread so far, and the level of the conversation has already deteriorated to bickering and fighting. To understand the truth, one must know history and be able to put the events of the past into a structure that reflects cause and effect. But, the low intelligent majority have been given so many lies, they think the lies are the truth. The result is that logic fails and they are “cut adrift” in a sea of confusion. Without some reasoning ability, truth will escape you, because truth fits together in a united whole truth. I wish you well if you don’t see this because a structure built on a poor foundation will crumble.

  17. Marcia Schweisthal

    Out of the top 20 richest men in America guess how many are DEMOCRATS- 16

    D-Bill Gates 56 Billion: Maurice Strong Uses Bill Gates Of Microsoft, Global Warming Scheme, To Funnel Money Out Of America!
    D- Warren Buffett $50.0 billion: Remember, California Guts The Middle Class: Not Leading But Following Europe’s Austerity Footsteps Of Subjugation To Globalist Thugs.
    D- Lawrence Ellison $39.5 billion
    D- Jim Walton 20.1 billion
    D- Alice Walton 20 billion
    D- S. Robson Walton 20 billion
    D- Michael Bloomberg 18 billion (was a D for 20 yrs then became a RINO and is now an I): Remove Michael Bloomberg Into The Annals Of Judas Iscariot: Laying The Groundwork For Riots While Calling For Carbon Tax!
    D- Larry Page – Google – 15 billion
    D- Sergey Brin – Google – 15 million
    D to R – Sheldon Adelson – 14.7 billion is now 23 billion.
    D- George”Spooky Dude” Soros – Crime Inc,.14.2 billion: Another Fraud Charge On Already Convicted Felon George Soros: Flying The Coop On His Fraud Company And A $39.4 Million Judgment Against It!
    D- Mark Zuckerberg $13.5 billion
    D- Dustin Moskovitz $2.7 billion
    D- Sean Parker $1.6 billion
    D- Peter Thiel $1.6 billion
    D- Yuri Milner $1 billion
    D- Eduardo Saverin $1.6 billion

    If you think that the Democrat party cares for the “little man” you are delusional.
    They run WALL STREET.

  18. Actually, the demise of the Republican party has more to do with top leadership moving left, close behind the Democrats. If we can pull it back to where it belongs, to paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of its demise are/will be premature. But if the Boehners and McConnells continue along the road they’re on, its demise may be very real.

    • I hate having to agree with what you have said, but it is a sad and bitter pill to swallow. Our few that were given the reins have betrayed us to no end. I have to believe that all hope is not lost, and we may yet again regain a symbol of virtue and justice that has been hidden from the masses by the opposing powers that be.

      • I have been having this dream, of late. Although elections today require a strong organizational support, I’ve dreamed that in 2916, a large enough number of true Conservative candidates will be elected so that the establishment GOP will not be in the majority without arriving at some sort of coalition with the Conservatives. In other words, there will not be a majority party in either the Senate or the House of Representatives. If Republicans are a plurality, they will need to find a way to accommodate the Conservatives.

  19. I wish it was enough, but common sense has seem to have taken a rocket ship out of our god forsaken home land. We must stand tall and strong against any who dare drag our great nation to it’s knees with their failed policies and immoral ideals!

  20. Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses, yearning to breath free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
    Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door.
    Emma Lazarus

  21. MargieMcTrouble

    The writer of this article has no awareness that the problem w/ the RINOS is not that they are far Right, but that they are so far Left they are hardly distinguishable from the Liberal/Communist cabal.

  22. This “slide to the left” was predicted decades ago by the “Overton Window”. The PR wizards at privately funded think tanks work to move the general publics minds to their progressive ideas. Sort of like our lame stream media. The commie, radical liberal, progressive idle elite (think old Georgie Soros (the Puppet Master), his minions and BHO and his minions) have been at it since the hipster movements of the 1960s. Old Sal Alinsky, his commie minions and the likes of Bill Ayers and his family and friends have been funding and helping promote the protest against America ever since the war protest of the 1960s. When ever the “occupy” movement (can be associated with the “other” type of movement) started, they were there. Recently, some hired protesters were complaining when their “payments” from their “employers” weren’t met. That tells us that there are hired protesters, just like the village criers, of yore. Sounds a lot like some union thugs as strong arms for hire.

  23. sure, they may prefer something that they have not truly experienced. Sure the handouts right now are okay, but when they lose the way they communicate, move freely, and are told what they can and cant do, there will be a shift, but it will only be to late. the gates will be locked, guns taken away, and will have no way of overcoming their overseer.
    We conservatives, will always be around. But the thing is the more the left goes off to fairytale land, the more grounded and more people will see how crazy they really are.

  24. Famous American liberals:

    Gorge Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Jane Addams, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Florence Kelly, Theodore Roosevelt, Samuel Gompers, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harry S Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Hubert Humphrey, Edward Kennedy ….
    Their liberal ideas built this country and have kept it safe.

  25. Freedom fighter

    There is one major difference between liberalism and conservatism that no one seems to mention. Only one is sustainable. If we all believe in self sufficiency, we can all survive, but the day we all believe someone else is responsible for supporting us, we are all doomed.

    • Saint Regan practiced conservatism — He tripled the national debt.

      • Freedom fighter

        keep in mind the mess HE inherited from Carter, which he didn’t whine about for 6 years like another loser i won’t mention, and his “tripling’ of the debt isn’t even two years of an Obama deficit. Obama has downgraded our military so much that our Marines are having to get rides from foreign nations to global hot spots. Reagan b uilt up our military to where we took down the Soviet union without firing a shot. open your eyes, we are staring right in the face of world war three and our military is in horrible shape. you have no idea what is going on, like most idiot liberals, because you listen to the main stream media and think they are keeping you informed. China is hacking our government, Russia is dumping dollars, we are sharing a damn base with IRAN in iraq, for heaven’s sake, generals arte warning that america is in the most precarious position we have EVER been in terrorism wise, the borders are wide open, illegals are raping and killing our citzens, and the media fills its time slots with a confederate flag and Caitlin Jenner. we are in for a world of pain, rome is burning while Nero fiddles, and you still think the emporor is doing a good job!!! IDIOT!Mark my words, everything this clown has told you for the last 6 years will be proven to be lies and we arte on the cusp of a meltdown that is going to make the housing bubble in 07-08 look like a party. on top of all that, your Dear Leader is doing his damnedest to start a race war this summer. worst most divisive president ever.

        • We did not take down the USSR. They simply ran out of money.
          America just kept barrowing and spending. Look at where ti got us. We spend more on our military than all the other “free” countries combined.
          It is apparent that you do not know the difference between debt and deficit.
          You might try to remember that Congress spends the money. Congress also makes the laws.

          • Freedom fighter

            Holy shit you’re stupid they ran out of money trying to compete with us militarily.funny how you think Reagan running up the deficit 2 trillion is a disaster but Obama running it up 8 trillion no problem

          • That is what I said — the USSR ran out of money. In contrast, your elected representatives put your grandchildren in debt, probably their grandchildren as well. The last right-wing buffoon put two wars on the credit card.

            Maybe you should learn the difference between deficit and debt.
            Go back and add up the budget deficits that have taken place since October 1, 2009. When you have done that, you will know exactly how much of the national debt belongs under the Obama Administration.

            I suspect you are too lazy to do that.
            Moreover, you have no desire to know the truth or facts.
            You would rather just keep repeating the popular propaganda — whether it is true or not.

          • Freedom fighter

            I have, almost 8 trillion. With nothing to show for it, nothing, and so much given to the enemy, it makes me sick. How is it you have a problem with the debt conservative put on the populace but no problem with Obama’s crushing debt, with no plan at all to reign it it and every indication that he wants to expand it, while killing jobs in america?

          • Debt is cumulative. The Bush wars added roughly $1 million per day.

            As a share of the economy, spending on domestic and defense programs has been on the decline since 2010, and is on track to reach the lowest level in more than 50 years by 2023.

          • You are wrong about the debt.

            Obama Begin 10/01/09: $ 11,909,829,003,511.75

            FY 2014 end — 9/30/2014: 17,824,071,380,733.82
            DO THE MATH.

        • Increases by pr4esident:
          Obama 53%
          Bush II 130%
          Clinton 32%
          Bush I 54%
          Reagan 286%
          Carter 43%
          Ford 47%
          Nixon 34%
          Johnson 13%
          Kennedy 8%
          Eisenhower 9%
          Truman 3%
          Roosevelt 1,048%
          Hoover 33%
          Coolidge – 26% (Yes, a minus).
          Harding -7% (Yes, a minus)
          Wilson 727% (Yes, 727% no a typo)

          • You are comparing 727% more of a cup of water to 53% more of Hoover dam! Percentages don’t mean squat here. If it was only the money it would still be a stupid point, but this clown is a disaster domestically, in foreign affairs, he has destroyed healthcare. Insurance is not care. You get insurance you must pay too much for, then when you need a doctor, no one accepts it or the deductibles are so high you wonder what the hell you are paying for. He wants to give Iran nukes, he has alienated all our allies, has ruined entry level jobs for anyone but illegal have no idea the damage he has done.

          • Funny thing 98% of your post is false.
            Try obtaining real facts and get back to me.+
            Your lies and exaggerations just don’t fly.

          • Freedom fighter

            Funny thing how liberals lie all day, then they get to decide what is true. Like I said, you have no idea what is going on, not a clue. Go,back to MSNBC and listen to that moron Chris Mathews, he will,tell you what you are allowed to think. IDIOT!

          • Assume, assume…
            I am not a liberal. I know exactly what is going on.
            No, one is impressed by childish name calling.
            If you want your opinion respected, act like an adult — until then…

          • Freedom fighter

            Hahahahahaha!!! You’re not a liberal?! Hahahahahaha! Right, and I’m the pope. I have read all your stupidity on this page, and there is no way in hell you are conservative. You need a few more brain cells and a dictionary. You say you know what is going on. I laid out what is going on and you said 98% of what I said was a lie. You do not have a clue, LIBERAL!

          • No, your not the pope — you are an immature, ignorant idiot

          • Name calling is something most children give up about the second grade. You just lost any respect I may have had for you.

          • Freedom fighter

            Did you ever go to wikileaks? I bet you didn’t . I give you everything you need to know the truth and you can’t be bothered. I, on the other hand, would at least look, so I could make an informed decision. Anyone who won’t, I stand by my assessment.

          • Assume, assume…
            Have you looked at what the other countries involved have published?
            I bet you didn’t I give you everything you need to know the truth, and you can’t be bothered.

          • Freedom fighter

            why should i give a rat;s ass what other countries have published? i see what OUR country has published, and there is not a damn thing constitutional about it.

          • Because the “leak” you are relying upon is incomplete and out of context. To understand a treaty, you must review entire document.
            Constitutional? Laws must be Constitutional. Treaties, on the other hand, must be fair.

          • Freedom fighter

            Funny thing about percentages. Would you rather have 1,048 percent of a million or three percent of 18 trillion? Figures don’t lie, but liars figure. Here is what you will never understand. BOTH PARTIES SUCK? It is not a left-right decision anymore. It is more about finding one friggin honest person who won’t sell us to the corporations.

          • Funny thing about your druthers — the value of the dollar changes.

            Percentage is about as close a measure you are going to get unless you go to the effort of changing all the amounts into a single year’s purchasing value.

            I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I am an Independent.

          • Freedom fighter

            At the end of Reagan’s spending spree we had something to show for it. The latest technological weapons, a 600 ship navy, we took down the Soviet Union just by outspending them and the longest and biggest jobs creation streak in U.S. History. At the end of Obama’s spending spree we have 16 million more people on food stamps, 10 million more illegal aliens to support, 5 solar energy boondoggle companies out of business after the pocketed the money we gave them, a military in shambles, no plan to fight Isis, no security on the border, Muslims getting shipped into the country, the worst healthcare system we have ever had, on the verge of world war three with China and Russia due to the serious degradation in our military, a race war about to break out in this country, a illegitimate Supreme Court that would rule a ham sandwich human if that is what the communist in chief wanted, I can’t even go on. You, an independent? On the Bernie SandersKarl Marx end of the spectrum.

          • Two major problems with your whine — 1) Congress makes the laws and spends the money — not the President; and 2) Reagan economics, exacerbated by the Bush debacle, are the source/cause of our current economic problems. Not my opinion, but rather that of numerous economics experts.

            The job creation of the century took place under Clinton — not Reagan. The Reagan Administration tax changes have significantly increased the national debt. The banking debacle is Reagan’s baby — he is responsible for the regulation changes which permitted it to take place. The rate of bank failures was the highest since the thirties.

            Under Reagan, the privately held federal debt increased from 22.3 percent of GDP to 38.1 percent. The failure to address the savings and loan problem early led to an additional debt of about $125 billion to the national debt. The Reagan administration added more trade barriers than any administration since Hoover. U.S. imports subject to some form of trade restraint increased from 12 percent in 1980 to 23 percent in 1988.

            Solar energy has not been a boondoggle. It is a necessity for our future — more immediate than you seem to realize.

            The healthcare system is no different than it ever has been — great for those that can afford it, deadly for those who cannot. The US is the only modern, developed country that allows people to die — simply because they do not have money to buy health care. Something you seem quite proud of.

            We are not on the verge of war wit either China or Russia. China has adopted capitalism with a vengeance. They are not about to attack their primary customer.

            There are no Muslims being shipped into the country.

            The Supreme Court is quite legitimate. Since the Justices are lifetime appointments, the same basic Court is still in place that has been in place for more than 10 years.

            You do not know the difference between communism and socialism. Thomas Jefferson’s socialism gave our children free public education.

          • Freedom fighter

            One major problem with your whine, you reaffirm my premise that you have no clue what is going on in this country. Have you seen or heard about the TPP? Explain. If you even come close to what it actually is, we can have a conversation. If not, again, you have no idea what is going on.

          • Trans-Pacific Partnership.

            What effect do you think that treaty would have on the American economy? What real change do you think it will incur?

            Do you even know what countries are involved in that treaty? There are 16 of them – so far. Over half are Western nations.

            Why don’t you go over to Wal-Mart and examine the country of origin tags on the goods for sale. When you have finished there, drop on over to Target … Don’t forget the local car dealers …

          • Freedom fighter

            Like I said, you have no idea what is going on. This bill has nothing to do with free trade. Go over to wikileaks and get yourself an education. Then we can talk. I’m tired of talking with someone who doesn’t know the real situation. It is like trying to explain color to the blind.

          • I have read it, well that which has been made public.
            It is a great idea. However, ensuring compliance could be a real problem.

            A real question is how will it effect the goods sold by Wal-Mart’s? American has been flooded by cheap foreign made goods. It has killed much of our manufacturing, especially in the textile industry.

          • Freedom fighter

            That which has been made public by WHO? The media? The government? Then, like I said, you have no idea what is going on. Go to the wikileaks site, then we can talk. I don’t have the time to explain this to you, you wouldn’t believe it anyway. Go to wikileaks if you want to know what it is about. If not, you are defending something that you don’t even know what it is.

          • I read it.
            I don’t take anything people post as gospel – I deal in facts.

          • Freedom fighter

            This is actual government documents that have been leaked by the very few government employees who still give a shit about America. They are few and far between. I would pay attention.

          • Government employee? You trust criminals?

            The United States is participating in negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement with 11 other Asia-Pacific countries: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam.





          • Freedom fighter

            You know as wel as I do that congress gave that power away last week with the tpa. You are defending crap. You will always defend this crap, and you know it as well as I . Tired of beating a dead horse, there is no teaching, only learning. You have been indoctrinated, so you no longer care to learn. Goodbye. Have a good little communist life, I hope you clowns pushing this agenda get hurt by it the most, because you don’t believe it, so you will never see it coming. I’m preparing for the worst. There is no Utopia, and you are destroying the greatest country that there ever was.

          • Freedom fighter

            i know exactly how it should work, i have actually studied our constitution, and no where does it say that congress should just give all its power to the executive branch. there are three very separate and deliberate branches, or at least there were. i know how our government is supposed to work, and this isn’t it.

          • It appears that you missed the part where the Constitution itemizes the authority given to the President.

            The President has the right to negotiate treaties.
            Congress must approve them before they become law.
            If Congress takes no action, the treaty become law by default.

          • idk where you got the increase figures from..but i’d say what’s more important is what these presidents did for the country..Eisenhower for example …a brilliant man but strange…Kennedy saved us from a desperate and dying Soviet Union that was on life support…unfortunately due to his tragic assassination by the CIA way back in ’63 he didn’t live to see it collapse under its own weight due in no small part in to his forcing Soviet missiles out of Cuba …. FDR another great president got us back to work after the Great Depression, with a little help from WWII… Reagan brought us to a semi-modern prosperity …and i’m not so sure about the achievements of the other ones

          • Obviously, you have not kept up. The Cuban missiles were fake — empty metal tubes. Many of those in Russia were also fakes.

            Regan brought us economic disaster. Supply side economics have never worked — will not work.

            His income tax reductions represent the cause of a marked increase in national debt.

            “Reagan left three major adverse legacies at the end of his second term. First, the privately held federal debt increased from 22.3 percent of GDP to 38.1 percent and, despite the record peacetime expansion, the federal deficit in Reagan’s last budget was still 2.9 percent of GDP. Second, the failure to address the savings and loan problem early led to an additional debt of about $125 billion. Third, the administration added more trade barriers than any administration since Hoover. The share of U.S. imports subject to some form of trade restraint increased from 12 percent in 1980 to 23 percent in 1988.”
            by William A. Niskanen


      • Freedom fighter

        from around 1 trillion to around 3 trillion, true. Obama has added 8 trillion in 6 years, and he’s not done yet. when Reagan raised the debt, he gave us the strongest military on earth. when Obama ran up the debt, he gave it to our enemies, illegals, crony companies that pocketed the money and went bankrupt and welfare cheats and ISIS. Reagan’s debt was manageable, and could have been paid down if we had continued with conservatives. Obama’s debt will never be paid off and will collapse the nation. SOON. Before he is out of office, if my guess is right. talk to me then.

        • You forget that the government fiscal year runs 10/01 through 09/30.
          Obama spending did not begin until October 1, 2009.

          Don’t forget debt is cumulative.

          You left out the Baby Bush tax reductions.

          You left out the Reagan tax reductions.

          You left out the $ millions Bush gave to the banks at the end of his term.

          You left out the two unnecessary wars.

          • Freedom fighter

            I hated Bush Jesus you can’t even stay on topic you haven’t addressed one issue that I’ve talked about .like I said six years later you’re still blaming is obvious you have no idea what you’re talking about you can only spit out any talking points and you can’t even defend them and go back to Rachel Maddow Chris Matthews those idiots will make you feel smart

          • You have not stated one error.
            All you have is a litany of imaginary complaints.

            Six years later, Bush spending is still adding to the national debt.
            In fact, Reagan spending is still adding to the national debt.

            Your have no idea how the government works, how contracts are let, and you probably do not even know what a fiscal year is.

            Suggest you learn the difference between deficit and debt.

          • Freedom fighter

            What do you think endless increases in immigration is going to cost over the next century?

          • Immigration has been ongoing for the life of this country.
            The U.S. is a country of immigrants.

          • Freedom fighter

            Well paced immigration. Thoughtfully managed and balanced immigration. Requirements to learn the language, the laws, the culture,take tests, pay fees, etc. not a free for all let everyone in, even if they are criminals, who cares! Bring them in. They get here, they break the law, guess what? They let them out of jail. They are a special class, they are above the law. They can fly around the country or open a bank account with no damn ID but I have to jump through hoops. This is the push for the new world order. Destroy the culture and destroy the unity. You have no idea what is going on. They really don’t even try to hide it. It is in their own documents if you dig hard enough. They bury everything in 1000 page bills.

          • Really?

            All those Chinese railroad workers had to learn English?

            Everyone coming through Ellis Island had to learn English before they were allowed to immigrate?

            The Mexican agriculture workers are required to speak English?

            The rules are adapted to needs.

            Every immigrant brings culture with them. That culture enriches America.

          • Freedom fighter

            I am done with you. A wise man once said their is no teaching, only learning. You cannot teach anyone anything they are not willing to learn. You keep backing this loser. I guarantee before he leaves office you will feel the pain. Talk to you then. I will take no joy in saying I told you so, because I actually love and care about America, and I will be saddened to see it has died as we know it.

            Obama is on his second term. He cannot be elected to a third.
            The Electoral College elects the President.
            How is the EC formed in your state? Do you get to elect the representative? If, not who appoints them?

          • Congress makes the laws.
            Congress spends the money.

            In my life, I have witnessed refugees stream into America from all over the world. Some came in drips and drabs. Others came in huge waves.

            In my life, I have heard ,any people shout bigotry, selfishness, lies. hate … None of it ever came true.

            They added to the diversity and beauty of what America is, what America represents to the world.

          • Freedom fighter

            You pick the flash it out of the pepper. Sure, there were temporary instances, nothing like today. This is designed to destroy the economy. Read Cloward and Piven strategy.

          • The money world had been quite successful in brainwashing you with its propaganda.

            The people you need to worry about are the ones that came in legally and stayed when their visas ran out.

            They are mostly highly educated, experienced workers in the technical fields. They are brought in by employers who swear to the government that there are no Americans qualified to hold the jobs.

            Yes. they work for less money and fewer benefits.
            Then, also most of the manufacturing jobs have gone to Asia and India,

          • Freedom fighter

            Date is cumulative how much do you think 30 million illegal aliens are going to cost us over the next 50 years idiot

          • They pay taxes. Even federal income taxes.

            In fact, it could be your Social Security retirement that is benefiting from their employment.

          • Freedom fighter

            Bullshit, they take way more out of the economy than they add

          • When they cannot back up their claim, they resort to foul language.
            You just proved my point.

          • About as much as the last group, -0-
            Immigrants have a nasty habit, they tend to start businesses.
            Yes, even the low education and low skill immigrants.
            They create their own jobs, and jobs for other people.

  26. Since the DNC published in 1963 their Communist Manifesto, they have had all these years to get it going step by step, while the GOP was worried about not getting enough money to run, and today’s RINOS and moderates are to me just Demos in Repub disguise. Both sides only represent themselves and their own interests, and who cares about an oath. The disease has spread more rapidly in the last 8 years under the communist Obama and unless stopped America is a third world slave country – we being the slaves if we survive the camps and deaths.

  27. This is because the Liberals are outspending us by 10 to 1, to get their message-out! By the same token, if not for the TEA Party, the Republicans would have been extinct a long time ago. They have allowed the Republican party to become bastardized for their own profit, with little or no help being offered to Conservative Candidates who run for office. If they did, we could well “turn the tide!”

  28. The slide to the left is because of the craziness on the right. People like Cruz and Palin make normal people cringe and shy away. Liberals keep proposing things to help the average American. Conservatives keep trying to protect only the rich. Always going to lose in a republic/democracy. Conservatives only win in a dictatorship.

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