Americans Unaware of Obamacare Penalty

If the latest polls are accurate, a whole lot of Americans are getting ready to get a nasty surprise when they file their taxes this year. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll released this week, only slightly more than half of Americans know the Obamacare tax penalty kicks in this year. One in five thinks it goes into effect next year, one in ten thinks that it started last year, and one in six have no idea when it might kick in!

That’s a lot of misinformed people, and the fault for that can only be laid at the White House door.

People who suffer the tax penalty this year will be those who did not get health insurance in 2014 and failed to find an exemption that would give them a way around the tax. That tax will come in the form of a $95 penalty or one percent of their income, whichever is higher. For people who don’t have health insurance because it’s too expensive, that could represent a nice chunk of change. $100 isn’t going to put anyone in the poorhouse, but those living paycheck to paycheck will certainly feel it.

It has never made the slightest bit of sense to me that we are going to charge people a fine for not being able to afford health insurance. That’s like sending someone to jail for spending too much time in jail. But hey, there are a lot of things about Obamacare that don’t make any sense.

Last week, a spokesman for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said, “We do know there are some people that didn’t learn about open enrollment and didn’t learn about the requirement to have coverage until they paid their taxes.”

I guess that’s just what the Obama administration considers collateral damage? They’ll learn when they file their taxes. Then they’ll know we’re not messing around about this whole mandatory health insurance business. Americans will get insurance, dammit. They’ll do it or they’ll be sorry.

Do you think there’s any chance that Obama waited to implement the penalty until after his elections were all over? Until after even the 2014 midterms? Nah, he wouldn’t play that kind of cynical game with the American people. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that he waited until now to enrage millions of voters, and I’m sure there was nothing more the administration could have done to make sure people understood what was coming.

Liberals hope that one day we’ll have universal healthcare. They think Obamacare might be a stepping stone towards that ultimate goal. But the way I see it, there’s a good chance that they ruined any chance they might have had of ever seeing that utopian dream come to fruition. Many middle-class and financially-struggling Americans depend on their tax refunds to get them through the year. They use that money to take modest vacations, make purchases they’ve been putting off, or finally catch up on the bills. When they realize that Obamacare is going to steal that money back from them, they may finally understand why socialism is a bad thing.

Well, at least one good thing could come from all of this.

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