Americans Unaware of Obamacare Penalty

If the latest polls are accurate, a whole lot of Americans are getting ready to get a nasty surprise when they file their taxes this year. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll released this week, only slightly more than half of Americans know the Obamacare tax penalty kicks in this year. One in five thinks it goes into effect next year, one in ten thinks that it started last year, and one in six have no idea when it might kick in!

That’s a lot of misinformed people, and the fault for that can only be laid at the White House door.

People who suffer the tax penalty this year will be those who did not get health insurance in 2014 and failed to find an exemption that would give them a way around the tax. That tax will come in the form of a $95 penalty or one percent of their income, whichever is higher. For people who don’t have health insurance because it’s too expensive, that could represent a nice chunk of change. $100 isn’t going to put anyone in the poorhouse, but those living paycheck to paycheck will certainly feel it.

It has never made the slightest bit of sense to me that we are going to charge people a fine for not being able to afford health insurance. That’s like sending someone to jail for spending too much time in jail. But hey, there are a lot of things about Obamacare that don’t make any sense.

Last week, a spokesman for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said, “We do know there are some people that didn’t learn about open enrollment and didn’t learn about the requirement to have coverage until they paid their taxes.”

I guess that’s just what the Obama administration considers collateral damage? They’ll learn when they file their taxes. Then they’ll know we’re not messing around about this whole mandatory health insurance business. Americans will get insurance, dammit. They’ll do it or they’ll be sorry.

Do you think there’s any chance that Obama waited to implement the penalty until after his elections were all over? Until after even the 2014 midterms? Nah, he wouldn’t play that kind of cynical game with the American people. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that he waited until now to enrage millions of voters, and I’m sure there was nothing more the administration could have done to make sure people understood what was coming.

Liberals hope that one day we’ll have universal healthcare. They think Obamacare might be a stepping stone towards that ultimate goal. But the way I see it, there’s a good chance that they ruined any chance they might have had of ever seeing that utopian dream come to fruition. Many middle-class and financially-struggling Americans depend on their tax refunds to get them through the year. They use that money to take modest vacations, make purchases they’ve been putting off, or finally catch up on the bills. When they realize that Obamacare is going to steal that money back from them, they may finally understand why socialism is a bad thing.

Well, at least one good thing could come from all of this.

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  1. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    It has to be Tea Potty Christian Conservative Confederate Republican asshats that are unaware. Since many of them can not read and many others simply do not as proven by responses on the Internet which in now way have anything to do with the topic at hand

    • you can prove that? i think it’s air head left lunatics other than conservaitives.

    • You are not being politically correct — you are offending Tea Party people, Christians and Southerners. So what makes you so special just because you are most likely an uneducated liberal?

    • Correction, it was the Tea Party Conservatives that were warning the brain dead racists what was coming and they wouldn’t listen. After all, it was more important for the Dems to judge a man by the color of his skin than the strength of his character . Sorry for your lack of knowledge and your bigoted stance. Warning, there is much more disappointment on the way; you’ve been warned!!

    • Wow. I knew Liberals could NEVER deal with Reality, but you take the cake of delusional denial.

    • Jonathan Gruber warned us about the democrats being low information voters.

      • He not only warned us, he reminded us.
        Think about how people in small town USA who don’t pay attention to politics or have a TV or read the paper are going to react when they get the bill.

        • They also don’t realize that the bill will get bigger every year.

          • Here it is:
            In 2014, the penalty will be $95 per adult in an uninsured household, increasing to $325 in 2015, then to $695 in 2016, after which it will increase annually in line with …

        • You are wrong if you think that small town USA are in the dark about what Obama is doing. They are aware. But clearly, they are as handicapped as the rest of us, to deal with these immoral, drugged up millennials who are going to college and not apparently aware or knowledgable about anything.

    • That ambrozitis is eating away at your brain, you should use your free insurance and have it checked out.

    • ummmm Raymond, it’s democrats who are asses. Republicans are elephants. I see you are not a tiny bit educated. I can ascertain by your post that you are an ass!!

    • How many Tea Potty Christian Conservative Confederate Republican asshats do you know without health insurance?

      • Technically, how many democrats ever served in the military? Most of them did not sign up to serve this country. It usually was to gain something for themselves if they did join. Most of the men who are putting their lives on the line are Conservative Christians.

    • At least Raymond, the Tea Party Conservatives can read and write and speak english better than you do. If you were a bonafide American, you, as an example, do not speak well of our schools.

  2. I been being penalized being on his first day in office, My business has gone from 2 – 3 calls a day, to 2 – 3 calls a year, Nothing new here.

  3. obamacare payment for a year one person $4320.00 APP. the fine on $14,000.00 will be $140.00 witch one will be less?

    • Exactly!
      It’s cheaper to pay the penalty.
      The sad thing is if someone could have afforded to have health insurance before BO decided to force them to get it they would have had it already.
      It’s a forced hardship which is what makes it unconstitutional.

      • This is why we need to have it declared an unconstitutional law, and therefore invalid in taking our taxes from us.

    • Even at the following levels the penalty will still be cheaper

      In 2014, the penalty will be $95 per adult in an uninsured household, increasing to $325 in 2015, then to $695 in 2016, after which it will increase annually in line with …

    • The cost of the 2014 Obamacare penalty is calculated
      in one of two ways, with you paying the higher amount. The penalty is
      either 1% of your taxable income, or it is $95 per adult and $47.50 per child with a maximum amount of $285.

      . The financial penalty for skipping out on health coverage will more than triple to $325 per person in 2015, or 2 percent of income, depending on whichever is higher.

      • The point of this law is to make people stop filing at all and pay no tax at all then the end of the USA. Obama win’s!

    • Yes the cost is extreme, but then that fine is only if you do not go into the hospital. The cost after an accident could go much higher than four or five thousand dollars. My son died and his expenses at the emergency room were way over a hundred thousand. And he died. Imagine his surprise if he lived and had to pay that off! And no doctors care is ever guaranteed!

  4. Just one more example of the overall ignorance of the average U.S. citizens in repeating the mistake of putting this man who is not even a U.S. citizen in office he put’s forth all these socialist idea’s but does not give any real thought to how they will be payed for.

    • YES Indeed.

    • He doesn’t give a rats butt about how the American people feel but he knows how to spend our tax dollars on GOLF and LAVISH vacations….. I blame the ignorant misinformed idiots that voted for this nobody POS

      • And the well oiled voting machines.

        • Absolutely……

        • Don’t you mean well fixed so people vote Democrat no matter how you vote. And then there is no one here in American smart enough to even read what the machine says so it all goes to “Europe to have the final count published to the dumb Americans.

        • Doesn’t anybody realize that our vote doesn’t mean ANYTHING! The Electoral College is the body that put him in the WH, not us Americans. And, just like everything political, they do as they damn well want! Except for Sens. John Barrasso and Mike Enzi, both R-Wyo, it seems that the general American public has no balls at all to stand up to this POS POTUS!

          • Look the map of the United States after a major election. Over 2/3 of each Democrat state is Red not Blue. The Bluest of it is around the big cities where the UNIONS are the heaviest. The UNIONS out spend the Koch brothers who actually come in 59th in the political spending. The Unions put him in looking for a big payback of their declining forces. Look how Obama has stacked things in their favor by his putting people in place while the House and Senate were out on and they weren’t..
            Less than 39% of our population voted with Obama receiving 20% and Romney 19%. Of the 60+ million votes Obama received, 40+ million votes came from the Unions.

          • Yes, we need to get rid of the electoral so that we can have a true majority vote.
            However that would require a constitutional Ammendment and I’m way over tired of constitution rewrites.

          • God forbid the popular vote should determine the outcome; the GOP would have zero chance, since the Commies in DC are sending monthly checks & food stamps to the moron masses.

          • I realize that it is a gamble especially since Hillary has a 50% approval rating. But one can dream and wish.
            I’m still trying to figure out why my left hand is always filling up with excrement every time I wish for something in my right hand.

          • Those polls that declare that Hillary has any approval rating are devious. Most people do not like criminals for president. And I do not believe that Hillary would make it as president. If people are willing to vote for a woman just to have a woman as president, at least find one who is not a lying, murderous loser, who wants to cull the same way the Obamas did, the pleasures of the presidency, while destroying the country.

          • No it would not be fair. It is fair now. Because at least the majority in all states have a say in the election. Your democratic block still manages to secure most elections. So, until you all get wiser or become moral individuals, you will continue to put up trash as your choice who want to put chains on you and keep you under their control.

          • The electorial college was designed to make it more fair for all citizens in all states. In some states, there are more people living and they tend to be like minded because of their circumstance. In other states, the citizens are more spread out, as God intended, and therefore they tend to have more Godly morals and idiologies. The founders realized that if the voting was based on popular votes, only those who were living in one part of the country would have a say. Whereas, if each state was given one vote for every so many people, the voting would be fairer for all states. Thus, the electorial college makes sure that all people in all states have a say in the election. If you live in a big city, and are one of the sheep of the democrat party, you should know that God influenced the founders and made sure that all would be represented. God has always been fair, and His plan is also fair.

      • BO and MO take two separate jets to the same destination for yet another tax payer financed vacation.
        Aren’t they wonderful!

        • Unless wonderful just turned into one of those politically correct words meaning something else, no it’s nasty, awful and shameful.

          • You’re reading my mind buddy.
            And yes exactly, it was just a pollutically correct way of showing my disgust.
            Here’s a question.
            If I don’t like how the last two election “races” turned out does that make me “racist”?

          • Don’t ask BS Sharpton that question you know the creature from outer space.

          • Him and his girl friend lynch

          • What woman in her right mind would go with this POS trash dirty Al Sharpton…..must be for the money that he didn’t pay in TAXES he should be in JAIL.

          • No, it doesn’t make you racist. In fact there are some other black ones that would make good presidents. That proves I am not racist otherwise I would never say there are other black ones who would be good for the job. So those of you who like to cry racist can’t cry it anymore!!

          • Very good response!!!

          • Actually, they are more black than the POS. He is basically one half white, and one half arab. Not all arabs are black, and are related to the Hebrew race. So Obama hates whites and Hebrew folk, so he kinda hates himself.

          • Not to mention dishonest, deceitful, corrupt, criminal, a violation of public trust, etc.

        • OH yes i have their pictures all around the LATRINE because they are so loved……only by the freaking idiots that voted for this POS for a second time, he did enough damage the first 4 years what he has now is Barry the destroyer.

          • Do you have any pictures in the target range to shoot in effigy?

          • You can bet your pay check on that one.

          • Awesome, feels goooood don’t it!!! Lol

          • Any round aimed at a picture of Obama ends up being deflected towards a picture of Bush but if they do hit the picture of Obama they are declared to be racist rounds.

          • That’s why all my ammo is WHITE

          • Save the green tips!…..

          • Lol, very funny. But to true and sad.
            The election “races” that put him in power created a whole new category of “racist”.

          • My rounds are bi-racist ! They don’t “deflect” !

          • Hey doc. Are you going to boycott Facebook now that mark suckabug pulled bacon adds to keep from offending the mussies?
            Just curious what people’s reactions to him are going to he.
            No biggie.

          • Got on it by accident – don’t use it – never update anything ! Screw him and it ! (I’m a big fan of bacon) ! 🙂

          • Lmao, very cool buddy 😀

          • My Grandpa ate bacon & eggs every morning with his wheat bread, jam, and perked coffee. Those “bad foods” killed him at 99-1/2 yrs. LOL

          • Bacon does not necessarily kill you. But the pig does not have pores and is a scavenger created for the intent of cleaning up the barnyard of things that can make you sick. Thus, without pores to eliminate the poisons, the animal stores in its body the things that can make you sick. And if you are ill, guess what the doctor and hospital take you off of imediately? Pork.

          • I am aware that bacon is not good for you, because the pig has not changed in six thousand years, and therefore still is an animal that is for cleaning up the environment and has no pores, which can eliminate the poisons that it collects in it’s eating. However, I do not tell anyone what they can or should eat, unless it was my children while they were under the age of 18. And it is a shame that the beef bacon is not carried universally in all stores.

          • Now THAT’S funny!

          • Ken Dometriosis .

            Careful lads! Could be construed by the pigs and feds as gearing up for some mythical ‘assassination attempt’ and that could get you busted. Just sayin’… from a white guy who’s been there….

        • He does not want to get caught with his mail counter-part lol

        • And a 3rd for the dog. Some Muslim law. Don’t remember what the law is.

      • Yup – $337 million dollars on vacations so far ! And the tar-baby ain’t done !

        • The Chimp will suck up every dime he can living the good life on our tax dollars.
          the poor boy is now a millionaire.

    • Sculptorofbabies

      I did NOT vote for the man, so am angry we who did know better, will be punished the same way those who did not, are.

    • He is just enjoying using our money, extravantly I want to add. Why should he care how it’s paid for? He’s loving his perks. Think he won’t fight for keeping that? We know the answer to that, unless we do something about removing him. It keeps getting later and later. We need divine intervention, now for sure.

      • Yes, I don’t exactly know how to express it, but this POS really lives it up at public expense. Remember the image of the southern gentlemen plantation owners living it up while the black slaves were out there in the hot sun 99% humidity making it all happen?
        So this homosexual POS, the figurehead of all the indignant self-righteous never-been-slaves such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (NOT reverends!), has just been put in the big house on the plantation and is now exploiting “his” people along with everyone else.
        In terms of today’s soundbites, “Barry the sexual pervert hypocrite traitor” seems too nice an epithet. Help me out here.
        David Parker

      • The only problem is, that the divine intervention would have to remove not just him, but Biden, and Kerry.

    • Ken Dometriosis .

      Americans didn’t want that non-citizen negroid as President but the jews did which is why they PAID billions to get him elected.

      • He is more of a Jew, than he is a Black man. His ancestors were from Kenya, on his fathers side, and the ancestors were, before they were taken over by the Muslims, Jewish. “He may hate the Hebrews, but he is likely one half related to them. And on his mother’s side, he could also be Hebrew. The ten tribes of Israel were carried over the Caucas Mountains, calling them caucasians. And they settled in countries in Europe. The two groups who setttled in England and the USA were historically the children of Ephriam and Manasas, the children of Joseph who was called Israel by God.

    • But he keeps saying that the Rich should start paying their fair share……Welfare moochers currently can only expect about 50 cents on the dollar to finance their gambling, drugs, tats, vacations and one business in FL only gave 20 cents on the dollar… about ripping-off the poor?

  5. The question is,”Why isn’t the RINO lead House pursuing in court the legality of an extremely unpopular TAX law that it didn’t originate?”

    • A greater portion of the voting population on both side are asking the same question. Conservatives like myself have regretted voting in the RINO trash that now occupy our still socialist leaning congress and pro Islamic administration. This is how the Roman Empire perished by internal strife and hordes from the east.

      • It is pretty well estalished that democracy is what brought down the Roman Empire. When it became common knowledge that the majority could vote themselves a free lunch at the expense of the minority, the government collapsed. There was no one left to tax and no power to conquer and enslave another nation. There were more slaves in Rome than there were Roman citizens already (probably still are, the EU is second only to the federal reserve ponzi scheme). That’s why we were sold a republic, where the fundamental law cannot be changed even by majority vote. The weakness here is that someone has to force public “servants” to follow the law and when the public servants create a money machine to pay themselves and force us to pay for it through inflation and taxes we don’t owe we the people have to put a stop to it: They, the scum that calls itself government, certainly aren’t going to stop their gravy train.
        David Parker

    • You need to understand, which I do not for sure know, how the democrats got around that. The initial bill without the tax provision originated in the house. The penalty was added by the senate. The bill was passed by a legal maneuver which did not require it to go back to the house. The SCOTUS changed the definition a tax instead of a penalty. Does the term Flimflam come to mind?

      • Sounds like we need a nuke in DC during a State of the Union speech.

      • It may have originated in the house, but the house was a majority of democrats who obviously are willing to destroy this country rather than allow the country to grow and prosper.

    • Because some of the Republicans in our congress are Republicans in Name only, and were really democrats who chose to run as a Republican. They knew enough of how to run to get elected, and then changed once they got in. And they do the same thing when they rerun. Look at MCConnel, he never shows that he is really a republican, but he carries the coat, and people are dupped, or stupid and vote for him because he claims to be a conservative. But his voting record is one of a democrat.

  6. The system is so screwed up that the only people that make out are the ne’er-do-well scum that have those who work pay for their Obama fortune. Just another way that this administration, the congress that passed it and those who are rewarded by this unconstitutional taxation to punishing the working lower income Americans who are unable to afford it.

    • Yep, the ones that say “Oh boy, I’ve wanted health insurance for years. Now the government is going to just give me some.”
      it will never occur to them that just because they don’t have to pay for it that someone else won’t have to pay for them to have it.
      Now they can pump out more kids and add government paid pregnancies to the list of everything else they are already being given.

      • There is a group of people who think they are entitled to the money of others or possibly they think that money from the government does not come from taxpayers.
        On the other hand, there were people who had catastrophic coverage but lost it when the PPACA became law.
        Who ever thought that young healthy people would buy expensive health insurance? Oh yeah! Jonh Gruber.

  7. The morons who voted for him will suffer to a greater degree than those who manage their own lives as free of government “assistance” as possible.
    A silver lining to every dark cloud

    • Actually, in Russia, all those who were self-sufficient and had jobs or owned property were assasinated by the proletariat, because the government had insinuated enough distance between the two, that the poor were jealous of the rich and just went around and murderered them. And they murderered the Emperor and his family. The only silver liining to our end would be knowing that Obama and his family would suffer the same fate.

  8. Dennis B Anderson

    You people seen a poor black man that was trying, and with due respect wanted recognition well you gave it to him, and now hes doing everything he said that he wouldnt do. Obama Care is no care for the ones who pay for it. Its billions of dollars in the hole. People are still dying outside Veterans hospitals or waiting to die. Were looking at a world war if Obama doesnt help the christians & catholics in the East. We are funding the caliphate by the continuation of purchacing there oil when we have our own. Obama is a 15 year old little boy mentally squiting his pimples all over everything and its discusting. Ask yourself why does the middle east need Nuclear power when they wring out their clothes from the oil?? He does this in the middle of taking our guns & shutting off the flow of ammunition for the guns we have bought.
    This man is a cancer and he is spreading. The whole world is laughing at us especially Putin. If you let immigration go forward the way Obama wants it our country will be worse than the wild wild wild west!! Arent you tired of paying for the dead weight that is robbing land lords, the rentals people live in. Our country isnt getting more intelegent its dumbing down, and theft is rampant. Its not that the police are being selective about who they arrest its the people doing the crimes wake up to that.
    Obama has been behind the devide between blacks & America. He has more concern about ISIS men being out of work that you. People with a concience its time to take off the paisley glasses and look around you. Listen to the language out on the streets, and the way they are driving. Its not all about you start acting like we have laws on the books and be responsible for your own actions. Its time to fire Obama and bring his corrupt administration to justice. Iran doesnt need Nuclear power when its setting on lakes of oil.

    • Sorry, I gave you 100 up votes but the zeros disappeared.(|:-O

      • Dennis B Anderson

        Hey go – go – go yellow
        Macht Freit Licht.. Get ready for a forced Michelle lunch youll get with a shovel ready job you will work for nothing because you showed and gave nothing.

        • I got the “power” and “light” what’s “Friet”

          • Dennis B Anderson

            It was what was printed on the gates of a concentration camp!. It was told to the Jews back in 1939 when the NAZI regime figured out the final salution. No fighting just relocation into Poland to begin extermination. It meant =
            WORK WILL SET YOU FREE. They finally have got it right and connected the dots. Guns were being sold by the ton through Fast & Furiuos that ended up in the hands of Hamas & Hezbollah backed by IRAN. Now our fuzzy headed speach maker wants to pave Irans way to a bomb. Whos working for who here? When all of that country goes under Iranian rule they will soon be coming for us. I seen through it = chicken soup.

          • Oh! Not unlike oliver north and the CIA selling drugs to finance the sandanistas.
            Black projects to accomplish political ends that can’t be approved by congress.
            If we were able to access the info I’m sure we would find 100s of cases where the shadow government financed other countries through illegal means.
            In the 60s the CIA was dealing LSD in the south to black communities to study the effect on population centers.
            A similar case occurred in Alaska but I’m vague on the details at this time.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            The Vietnam war was about the control of the Hochi Mein trail. You got a bunch of phony numbers that the americam people paid with in lives & money. It was all about drugs.
            Check out you mother or grand mothers medicine cabinet.
            It seems that the all cure pill or in liquid form is heroin thats coming from Afganistan. Oxycotin. Our country was clean up till this point. We had coming home lots of servicemen hooked on drugs. We have some averice and self indulgent people running our country who care nothing about you.

          • You’re right. Then they tried to polluticize it by claiming it as a war over rice fields and had bill paxton act like a hero a few years ago. I don’t remember the name of the movie.

          • You compare trying to help real freedom fighters with a religion that will murder eventually millions? Just shows you were piss poor in math and faith. God will have the victory, but because of people like you, millions will just have to die. You know why God finally steps in? Because when the mullahs decide to destroy Israel, God will not allow His favorite place to be destroyed. Iran is full of not His favorite people.

          • Then start wising up the democratic senators and representatives. That they are selling their country down the proverbial drain if they do not help the Republicans to put him out of the white house now. Otherwise, they will be terminated just as much as any other Chrisitian, because they even demonstrate that they are not basically lovers of any god, and would have to be terminated on that basis.

    • Impeach, impeach, impeach!!

  9. I pose a related question. If the SCOTUS decides that those who used federal exchanges to apply for health insurance are not eligible for subsidies, will they be required to pay back the subsidies they have already received?

    • Whatever decision the SCOTUS makes will almost certainly be implemented not before the next enrollment period. I might add that it is extremely unlikely that they will invalidate the ‘non compliant’ subsidies – in this kind of issue they invariably will not overrule themselves or interfere with what will almost certainly be opined as a legislative issue. But who knows – Scalia is as mad as a hatter in his virtual attempts to imagine what was going through the Founder’s minds.

      • The SCOTUS should decide that the law should be implemented as written. This is not legislating from the bench. It is just the opposite. I suspect that the SCOTUS will opine that if the legislature meant something other than what was written, it is up to them to write corrective legislation. That corrective legislation will not pass either house of congress. The tax versus penalty question was a different situation. The SCOTUS can find that the law should be implemented as written WITHOUT overruling themselves. The SCOTUS could rule that subsidies already given should not be revoked but moving forward must follow the law. The June decision will be a major one.

        • Well – as I said – with this court anything is possible. But they will NOT write legislation – they could possibly make a declarative judgement as to how the legislation should be construed – but in the absence of a viable alternative for all 16.5 million who are on the ACA – my guess is that the shell shock of putting all of those people on medicaid assuming they could not afford a market priced insurance – is extremely unlikely to occur.

          • The SCOTUS should only speak to the constitutionality of the existing law. The court should kick the question back to the legislature to fix the mess that they created. But I agree that there is no telling what the SCOTUS will do.

        • Only if the whole law is repealed will this country ever get back on it’s feet. And retroactively, we should charge Obama and his family for all of their extreme expenses for vacations. If one thing has been shown, no one should get carte blanche on getting vacations paid for through our taxes. The Obamas went overboard.

    • I believe I’ve heard that stated on talk radio a few times.
      The only people that get the federal subsidies are the one that sign up through the state exchanges.
      That is the main thing that’s keeping BOdontcare from being 100% implemented, it’s still being decided by the courts.

  10. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    I bet all of you wish you had back your old insurance now. I know that since obamacare i’m under a state policy and its almost 600 a month and back then it was 359.00 before obamacare.

  11. Bet Ya that just under 50% that are unaware of the penalty are liberals!

    • Liberals called us sheepel during Bush’s presidency, but I bet we were more informed and alert to what he did, than the left are to what is going on in this presidency. They are immoral and jerks. And they deserve to lose their mortal souls if God so wishes.

      • The sad thing is, the majority that join the military and fight for our freedoms are conservatives. The evidence is the consistent fact that during any major election, the liberals are always trying to disenfranchise the military vote. Our conservative soldiers are dying and being maimed just so liberals can exercise their right to be stupid, inconsiderate and perverted, let alone the fact that most liberals loathe the military and those that serve.

  12. democRATS= communist, perverts, gangsters, child molisters, sneak thift.

  13. forced Obama Care is unconstitutional and un-American

  14. I would love to know the cost of all the people who are working in this adm on Obamacare, the cost to send out new forms this year because the tax forms sent out had bad info, the amount he has paid to advertise this all these years. I guess with what he has spent, he could have covered the 30 million who did not have it before and left the rest of us alone.

    • Just so you know, the whole principle was never about getting health care. It was about control. And pretty much, the democrat party does have control over one half of the citizens of this country. And because of their immoral tendencies, they have doomed anyone who voted for murder to be a murderer. God will hold them responsible for the deaths of the millions who were aborted for all time. And when you are a murderer, what morals are left?

  15. Last night I was driving home and listening to a sports call- in program carried by WGN in Chicago on Sirius. People were calling, very set about the goat’s head that was sent to Cubs owner, Tom Ticketts at Wrigley Field. Then some other guy called in from Indiana and said “Why are you people so upset cause someone sents a coat’s head to Wrigley Field. Aren’t you chicagoans the same guys that sent a horse’s ass to the white House.

  16. Where is a sharp shooter when you need them.

    • That kind of comment is foolish and would be better served if you prayed for God to remove the liar-in-chief.

  17. none of this ever made much sense to me, we have to pay for the unisured with subsidys so they can be treated. my question is, werent they just walking or being carried into the emergency rooms and then admitted to the hospital for treatment. free of charge? as for pleading ignorance about not knowing about the penalty for not buying obama care, is just that plain ignorance. half of the nation admits that they dont follow the news read the news or watch the news. thats not a valid excuse in my book. once in a while a reporter will hit the streets and ask basic questions about american issues, most people dont even know who the second idiot in charge of the country is. but they are keeping up with the idiot kardashians.

    • There are probably many people that don’t even realize there is a Constitution and Bill of Rights to protect them from this exact same type of abuse.

    • That woman has almost as big of an a$$ as BO is.
      If he told me, as he has done in many, many ways, to kiss his a$$, I wouldn’t know where to start because he’s all a$$.

  18. This is stupid. The government should leave Americans alone. Only the indigent and the scammers want or need anything from the government, most of us just want to be left alone, not forced to involve ourselves in things we did not sign up for. Obama claims to be helping people, but he is meddling in my life. I can’t wait to see that cur leave office.

    • Let’s hope that we don’t have to wait until after 2016.
      Once he claims himself God over all he he sees we are doomed.
      In 20 years there will probably be a Hitlerish type war on the people trial for the new and coming American holocaust.

    • Jim, Obama has caused many who had full time jobs to be part time workers, yet they are still expected to be paying for health care that they can no longer afford. The government does not need to be implementing health care for it’s citizens. And if a person comes into the hospitals and cannot afford to pay, then they should get the least care that is expended for emergencies. And for crying out loud, send the illegals packing. No health care. They should be denied any care. They do not care for anyone who is in their country illegally and cannot pay.

  19. The negro is illegal to be president.

    THAT MEANS all his edicts, appointees, laws are also ILLEGAL. So why are you obeying him? Do you want to commit a crime too?

    None of this has ANY legal bearings on Americans and frankly, as I’ve said so many times before I have no idea what the negro sodomite is doing up there, and I don’t think he does too!

  20. David Fitzgibbon

    Obamacare sure smells like communism to me. Kruchev will be laughing in his tomb!

  21. David Fitzgibbon

    A lot of our brave Men went to their grave defending our freedom of choice. Are we going to let it slide???

    • Just look at the massively corrupt VA Health Care System….complete with DEATH BY DELAY.
      And huge bonuses for criminal acts, perjury, cooking the books, lying, and keeping the pie hole shut.

      • And letting off the dems who are aiding and abetting our enemies, and not doing their jobs right. Yeah, Hillary should be in prison,so should Lois Learner and Eric Holder, and Obama and his wasteful spending wife.

  22. unconstitutional IRS forced Obama Care on your tax return= more Big government control of the American people

    • And yet obamaCARE was passed with every one knowing the harbinger was the VA Health Care System……and it was/is a total failure, so corrupt it can never be fixed, and not a single VA employee responsible for the DEATHS BY DELAY has been fired, demoted or charged with manslaughter. In fact 65% of Senior VA Executives received $2.7 million dollars in bonuses during 2013. Now you tell me that Crime Does NOT Pay?? Recent attempts to correct the massive VA problems is yet another stupid/asinine /useless plan……..If a Disabled Vet has an Emergency and there is no VA Hospital or Clinic near or open he/she must call the VETERANS CHOICE CARD PROGRAM FOR APPROVAL

  23. Look at those who found out they were paid to much in subsidies and had to repay them this year.

  24. TeaParty Patriot


    What ever gave the congressman the idea that we have to replace the 0webomb euthanasia/genocide plan with a healthcare plan. I don’t read anywhere in the constitution that we OWE healthcare to the citizens of the country much less the illegal aliens that are included in the 0webomb euthanasia/genocide.plan

    Easter Eggs anyone

    Have you ever heard of an Easter Egg in Windows? It seems that the program writers at Microsoft would get bored writing the assigned tasks they were given and elected to show their programming skills by putting surprises inside of windows. So when they wrote their portion of the program they would put hidden messages in the program that no one knew except themselves. One individual proposed to his girlfriend via an Easter Egg another posted his daughters photo and although they were included in every copy of windows distributed they both were hidden from public view because the access code to this Easter Egg was hidden. Programmers told other programmers of their messages and challenged each other to break the code to discover the message. This practice was encouraged by microsoft managers because it trained their writers to write hacker proof programs.

    The owebomb euthanasia/genocide plan is a lot like this, there are hidden Easter Eggs throughout the monstrosity and we have yet to (as nasty nancy says) open the Pandora’s box to find out what evil lurks in the bowels of the owebomb euthanasia/genocide plan.

    There is no way the plan can be revised short of scrapping it and starting over because of these Easter Eggs intentionally hidden as surprises to be foisted on the public whenever the administrators desire.

    Congressmen I implore you scrap this monstrosity and rewrite the whole thing out in the open in independent segments where other congressmen and the public can comment and amend your product. We do not need someones private idea of what the whole health care package for everyone in the US should be.

    As an example Grandma and Grandpa do not need maternity care.

    The current VA healthcare or lack thereof is a prime example of the government running any large program. They simply cannot do it and the VA debauchal is a preview of things to come if the owebomb euthanasia/genocide plan is allowed to stand.


    • We the people do not need healthcare, through the government. When anything is connected to a government, it can be corrupted to be used against us. I am a veteran, and can attest to the premise, that no free health program is good for anyone. YOu cannot get a new heart, you cannot get your teeth taken care of, you cannot get taken care of in a timely fashion, unless you go in under the guise of emergency. And, in th end, they are now charging you for your health care, which was supposed to be free when you signed up for your tour of duty. It is a shame that we cannot renig on our part, since it is already gone past. But the government always renigs on their promises, because they always promise what they cannot deliver.

  25. So what gives Congress the authority to tax we the people anyway? According to the Constitutiton for the united States, the federal government can only raise money through duties, excise, impost, and by apportionment. Duties and impost have to do with taxing foreign trade. An excise tax, as on gasoline, tires, liquor, etc., is characterized by uniformity, same tax in every state. Apportionment means that the Congress has to name the amount of money it wants to steal from we the people, it then has to take a census of all the states, and it then apportions how much to take from each state based on population. Thus California and New York would get the greatest bill from Congress because more people live in those states.
    Apportionment was attempted twice and it proved to be so difficult to get money out of the States that spineless congressmen allowed the central bank to be reestablished in the form of the federal reserve system from which Congress can pretend to “borrow” money to finance wars and elections.
    The federal and state income taxes are the necessary stepchild of the central bank cartel known as the federal reserve system. Terror is necessary to put value into paper currency and if only federal reserve notes are accepted in payment of taxes, people are forced to accept worthless federal reserve notes in exchange for their goods and services. At any rate the federal income tax was sold as a “fair” tax and was only to hit corporations (which are legal fictions created and recognized by govenrment), and then only the wealthy, etc.
    No matter what machinations and lies the federal government, its agencies, the courts and the cops who mindlessly enforce “regulations” and “codes” propagate, lawfully (constitutionally) no man can be made liable for federal and state income taxes.
    So it is that no one really owes the ferderal government anything, the IRS has no lawful jurisdiction over anyone in the several States, and it is only by chicanery, valueless paper currency, and outright terror that the scum that calls itself government today feeds off of we the people. King George has been replaced by the federal government and is kept in power by today’s unconstitutional standing armies of police and is supported by equity courts, not law.
    David Parker

    • Read Title 26 chapter 861, Tax Code income from within or without the United States

    • David, you sound like you blame the rich? That is what started the rebellion that destroyed Russia. I personally do not blame the corporations, or the rich for what happens in the Congress. We have not put in office ethical people, but rather those who would pander to our wants and needs. And that is just the same as what Obama is doing. Pandering to the masses. Time to put in ethical people who will do what they say they will do, and make a fine for those who do not fulfill their political promises, or who vote opposite of what they promised. Time they were dealt the heavy blow of fines.

  26. These people have themselves and the dems in congress to blame passing bills to find out what’s in them is not the way it should work. Cus finding out now sucks and it your fault.

    • Our lazy representatives need to start doing their job and read bills before passing them, it’s how we got screwd with BODONTCARE and the Patriot Act.
      Let’s pass it now and figure out the bill once it’s passed.
      Shoot first and wait for the smoke to clear to view the damage.
      Just bad pollutics, not that there’s such a thing as good pollutics any more.

      • Dennis B Anderson

        Yeah they work so hard at not working?? A whole different ball game when they get to Washington. Whats wrong with the United States is the price of teriffs,
        The price of doing business with our governmental restrictions has driven big corporations out of our country. Im happy to see that the global warming they predicted is dumping another 3 ft of snow on our intelegent mis guided masses that are under shelter waiting for their Limos to take them to the building they do nothing. All day long to turn words of wit into a one sided franchises.
        The last time Obama thought about green was when Reid blew something out of his nose. Theres nothing wrong ourconsatitutional laws that are on the books they are the only thing left that are right. Obama is the exception hes a muslim freek and only Washington knows how he passed muster without showing the citizens of the United States his = JACKET.

      • Moron voters keep electing moron reps to Congress & the WH. The public has only itself to blame; time to move to New Zealand, where people still have a functioning brain!

      • They never needed to pass a bill about health care. It is the dems doing what they can to suck in the lazy good for nothing’s who vote for them for a price. What we need is to scale back all the legislation that they put forth and make it twice as hard to get bills passed after we eliminate the ones they put forth.

  27. Except it isn’t socialism, it’s communism.

  28. Cost my son $245 fine with Hewett Jackson. He didn’t believe me when I told him it’s going to be way more than what they say because they lie lie lie.

  29. It’s not socialism or communism.
    It’s just the same Chicago gang land shakedown that Al Capone and his gang operated in the 1920’s and 1930’s.
    Pay for protection or the goon squad makes bad thangs happen to you.
    Different times and differant names . Obama and the IRS. Same shakedown!
    Put a Chicago gangster in the White House and this is what we get.

  30. The dirty little secret of the tax return. If you don’t have one coming they can’t take money of it for the Obamacare tax penalty.

  31. Ya, they go on lavish vacations, him to Hawaii, her to Ski in Aspen, on Air Force 1, costing millions of $ in Taxpayer $. If Barry is so “Pro Green” FLY COACH, like regular people, who can still afford it, & stop polluting jet fuel in our skies!

    • Actually, they should take a slow boat to china to go where they want. We should not have to pay for their vacations. Do we make him pay for ours?

  32. When will the American people come together and Impeach this non American impostor?

  33. It’s called forced or “Involuntary Servitude” In the Constitution’s Bill of Rights, Article XIII IE. Slavery! Shalom!

  34. It is called “Involuntary Servitude” in the Constitution Bill of Rights Article XIII. IE. Slavery! Shalom!

  35. Oh but it’s OK if your a Muslim.They have been exempted from this fine as they don’t believe in insurance.

  36. Ken Dometriosis .

    So this is what it’s like to live under a Zionist Occupied Government! I always wondered WHY Hitler hated the jews and now I know. America, under control of the jews like Soetoros, Bernanke, Feinstein, Kagan, Kaplan, is Just like pre-WWII Germany and the jews control our TVs, media, news, money, mortgages, medical and schooling of our children with their gay agenda.
    NOW I know why Hitler wanted them out of his country just like the other 250 other countries that expelled those filthy, back-stabbing socio-parasites! America needs another Hitler.

    • Everyone of those whom you mentioned does not represent the Jewish community. If you knew your Bible and know that Satan’s children took over the tribe of Levites, and thus, many who claim to be Jews, but are not, are really Kenites. A good example is Soros, whom is trying to destroy this country as he has so many others. A true Jew does not advocate for the Gay Agenda.

  37. Stop Obamacare! Just Say NO!

  38. America!……Had “enough” of King Obamuslim yet?
    Can anyone spell “impeachment?” Is it starting to sound more like a “solution”?
    What does it matter if it isn’t successful……It will be added to Barry”s resume!…………..EH? { Good move what?}/////////////// EH?

    • He deserves more than just impeachment. He needs to have his records checked and see if he is not guilty of fraud when it comes to his school records. And he shoudl be tried for aiding and abetting our enemies.

  39. unconstitutional IRS forced Obama Care on your tax return= more Big government control of you the American people

  40. I’m still so outraged that our corrupt government and corrupt supreme court have conspired to steal our money – through expensive premiums we can’t afford and through taxes against those who can’t afford the exhorbitant premiums in the first place. I’m also completely enraged by our corrupt congress, the so-called lawmakers, who have done nothing to repeal this travesty, but instead reduce funding for programs that service the poor and give tax breaks to the rich. RISE, ORGANIZE, MARCH and PROTEST. IMPEACH OBAMA NOW and throw out the bums in congress! Dam all of them.

  41. until it is settled with the supreme court or the congress the penalty should not be charged…this is nothing short of being unconstitutional no matter who says otherwise

  42. even tho some idiots put him in, we are all going have to make sure obamacare, is thrown out and that he is impeached, and Make sure Hillary does not make it either.


  44. I am so happy for the dumocrats. The ones in office don’t have to carry it that alone should piss off everybody/ When will this country wake up or will it ever wake up? The man is a SOCIALIST MUSLIM FRAUD LIAR why does anybody support him? Beats the hell out of me.

    • For your information, there are several Republicans who have opted not to be taken care of by the government. But for the most part, the government employees are taken care of in a special health care that they do not pay for. Seems to me that is what is unfair.

  45. Charging people for not being able to afford insurance: and there in lies the rub. My daughter couldn’t afford any, and when her company did allow her to apply at work (after 90 days) ; she did. Now she pays quite a bit, and her deductible is 3500 dollars. She will never see any of that unless she has a catastrophic illness or develops a chropnic condition. Now she has insurance, but can’t afford much else. I try to help with a grocery card here and there. Why shoudl a person starve because her president makes her have insurance.

  46. Obama is a scum bag. pelosi and Reid are also the biggest commie simpethizers ever. All of the followers of that crew are just dirt. Hilary Clinton is just a freakin leach! They can go on and get out of this country.

  47. I’m a senior on Medicare and a supplemental HMO. The follow-up cat scan on my right lung went from $0 in 2014 to $100 this year! Thanks, Barry; I had to cancel. Vote GOP in 2016 and repeal this healthcare train wreck!

  48. Not one phucken dime to their socialist ponzi scheme, I will continue to buy ammo.

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