Americans Support Voter ID

Democrats have been pushing hard for the elimination of voter ID laws, but a new survey shows that this effort may go unappreciated by an important demographic – namely, the majority of the American public. According to Rasmussen Reports, the liberal argument that Republicans want to discriminate at the voting booth is not having much of an impact. 76 percent of Americans think voters should have to show their ID before heading into the booth.

This has to be a shock for Democrats who have spent so much political capital in recent years to fight voter ID laws. President Obama is just one of many on the left who think these laws unfairly target minority voters. Some liberals have even gone as far as to accuse Republicans of bringing back the poll tax. But if this survey is anything to go by, those smears have fallen on deaf ears.

This puts Hillary Clinton in an interesting position, because voting rights are one of the issues she has made central to her campaign. Just this week, she spoke at Texas Southern University in Houston about the importance of expanding the early voting period. Her spokespeople say she is planning to fight against voting restrictions in a number of states, including Wisconsin, Texas, and Florida.

Democrats have succeeded by exploiting the ignorance of their constituents for decades. But this is one of those areas where they are simply too far out to lunch for their voters to catch up. The case against voter ID laws is so thin that only someone eaten up with liberalism could buy into it. You have to be part conspiracy theorist, part racist, and part moron to believe there is a concerted national effort to keep minorities from voting.

Of course, Democrats don’t want to make sure the playing field is fair. They want to open the system up to questionable voters. They want to encourage fraud. They want, if possible, to see illegal immigrants cast a ballot for the presidency. If we restrict voting to only those people who can come up with something as privileged as an ID, why, the Democrat Party might not be able to win. And that’s all that matters to them. Never mind fair elections. Never mind the law. It’s win at all costs.

If minorities are so bad off that they can’t afford a picture ID, then maybe Democrats need to focus on that. Why, in more than fifty years of liberal influence, have they left so many minorities stuck in abject poverty? Why have three decades of affirmative action not been sufficient to change this? What liberal policies do we need to double down on to make sure black people have $20 at some point during the year?

They’d better come up with something, because it looks like their position on voter ID laws is a non-starter. Of course, when Democrats can’t turn the tide of public opinion, they try to force the issue in the courts. Will they try to legalize fraud by putting the case in front of activist judges? Of course; they are already trying. We can only hope there are still enough judges of clear conscience in this country that we don’t ruin our elections in an effort to satisfy the PC gods.


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