Americans Support Voter ID

Democrats have been pushing hard for the elimination of voter ID laws, but a new survey shows that this effort may go unappreciated by an important demographic – namely, the majority of the American public. According to Rasmussen Reports, the liberal argument that Republicans want to discriminate at the voting booth is not having much of an impact. 76 percent of Americans think voters should have to show their ID before heading into the booth.

This has to be a shock for Democrats who have spent so much political capital in recent years to fight voter ID laws. President Obama is just one of many on the left who think these laws unfairly target minority voters. Some liberals have even gone as far as to accuse Republicans of bringing back the poll tax. But if this survey is anything to go by, those smears have fallen on deaf ears.

This puts Hillary Clinton in an interesting position, because voting rights are one of the issues she has made central to her campaign. Just this week, she spoke at Texas Southern University in Houston about the importance of expanding the early voting period. Her spokespeople say she is planning to fight against voting restrictions in a number of states, including Wisconsin, Texas, and Florida.

Democrats have succeeded by exploiting the ignorance of their constituents for decades. But this is one of those areas where they are simply too far out to lunch for their voters to catch up. The case against voter ID laws is so thin that only someone eaten up with liberalism could buy into it. You have to be part conspiracy theorist, part racist, and part moron to believe there is a concerted national effort to keep minorities from voting.

Of course, Democrats don’t want to make sure the playing field is fair. They want to open the system up to questionable voters. They want to encourage fraud. They want, if possible, to see illegal immigrants cast a ballot for the presidency. If we restrict voting to only those people who can come up with something as privileged as an ID, why, the Democrat Party might not be able to win. And that’s all that matters to them. Never mind fair elections. Never mind the law. It’s win at all costs.

If minorities are so bad off that they can’t afford a picture ID, then maybe Democrats need to focus on that. Why, in more than fifty years of liberal influence, have they left so many minorities stuck in abject poverty? Why have three decades of affirmative action not been sufficient to change this? What liberal policies do we need to double down on to make sure black people have $20 at some point during the year?

They’d better come up with something, because it looks like their position on voter ID laws is a non-starter. Of course, when Democrats can’t turn the tide of public opinion, they try to force the issue in the courts. Will they try to legalize fraud by putting the case in front of activist judges? Of course; they are already trying. We can only hope there are still enough judges of clear conscience in this country that we don’t ruin our elections in an effort to satisfy the PC gods.


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  1. Should read: honest, conservative, intelligent Americans SUPPORT VOTER ID.

    • SPOT ON!

    • TeaParty Patriot

      Should read: honest, conservative or liberal, intelligent Americans SUPPORT VOTER ID.

      • But no headsinass progressive liberal libtard will ever stand for it…..what will the Plantations owneer do with all teir ‘Charges” and Bus drivers??? :0)

    • So let it be written and so let it be proclaimed. My library card has a picture, my drivers license my company id has a picture why indeed should there not be any id with a picture? Because it harder for illegals to vote for the libs that’s why. FOLLOW THE MONEY!

      • But most (if not ALL illegals) cannot get a DL because they will not buy Insurance, likewise the LC, they only learn the basics of English, i.e., when stopped for a traffic violation: “Don’t speaka no frickin English”……Libs want any one breathing to walk in and vote…..the signs around my Polling Place are already all written in Spanish and paid for with my tax dollars. And, of course, the dead “Don’t need no stinkin ID”. Follow the corruption which leads to the money.

  2. Well It is ONLY 71%… Not enough for our Supreme Elected Cowards of the Progressive VOTERS Illegal Unregistered l Throves to Pay attention to…they’ll Stack some poll taken in MeXico, Cuba, Guatemala, San Salvador to make that 71% become 21% and the NY Times wil Publish it along with mSM, NBC, and Susatah of the lYING news Corpse

  3. disqus_fPh2QejLBf

    Hell yes!! Freaken Demorcratic Liberals are NOT for America!!!

    • and neither is a Typical HILDERBEAST voter…. they vote often and in many Places…

      • LOL only 2 convicted voter frauds caught and both were republiturds

        • Caught is the key word. In Chicago the last presidential election they found Over 7,000 illegal votes and did not make ANY changes and all for the democrat’s who thrive on on illegal EVERYTHING. I lived in the southern part of Chicago and still can’t believe the corruption and all done in the open with no fear of being caught. I was a democrat until i learned how to read and write Stop going to union meetings where EVERY ONE stands and say yes to everything regardless of what it is==Very sad

          • were do you get these lies even fox would not throw a lie out that big

          • I don’t know, but you must be reading a lot of comic books, or something. Look up from them and look around you.

          • LOll your the one thats sucker enough to believe a lie that stupid . try reading a book or watching something besides fox for your info

          • One must posses HUMAN iNtelligence to find the TRUTH… in your case.. you missed out!

          • i can see by your spelling and syntax how you ooze intelligence LOL NOT

          • SURE…now go SUCK your Scimian THUMB under the Cocoanut tree!!

          • TeaParty Patriot

            Don’t Believe Voter Fraud Happens? Here’s Some Examples

            In McAllen, Texas, two campaign workers (known as politiqueras in local parlance) who bribed voters with cocaine, beer, cigarettes and cash during a 2012 school board election have been sentenced separately to serve eight and four months in prison, respectively. U.S. District Court Judge Randy Crane called this election fraud “terrible” and said that “our country requires that our voting process be clear and free of fraud for democracy to work … it’s dangerous for this to occur without consequence.”

            A couple in Le Sueur, Minn., was charged with felony voter registration fraud for lying about where they lived so they could vote in a school bond referendum in another town.

            A woman in Dothan, Ala., was sentenced to six months in prison for her part in a voter fraud scheme that got a city commissioner re-elected. She was the second of the four people charged to have been found guilty of voter fraud in the case, which may have involved more than 100 absentee ballots.

            Bronx politician Hector Ramirez has been arrested after a 242-count grand jury indictment charged him with a massive voter fraud scheme that involved tricking voters into letting Ramirez and his staff illegally vote their absentee ballots. The local prosecutor told the New York Daily News that Ramirez, who lost two prior tries at a state assembly seat, “made a decision that he was not going to lose, under any circumstance.”

            A state appeals court upheld a ruling voiding a 2013 commission election in Weslaco, Texas, in which dozens of illegal votes were cast in an election won by only 16 votes. The illegal votes included individuals falsely claiming to reside in the city and improper “assistance” that told voters who to vote for—a great example of how even a small amount of fraud can make a difference in close elections.

            In Philadelphia, the setting of the infamous 2008 New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case, four local election officials have been charged with casting multiple votes in the city’s 18th Ward in a precinct in which three of them didn’t even live and were not registered to vote. This case illustrates the importance of poll watchers, because it was a local poll watcher who saw what happened and brought it to the attention of the district attorney’s office. This is the same district attorney, Democrat Seth Williams, who indicted two Democratic state legislators last year for accepting bribes in exchange for voting against a voter ID bill after the Pennsylvania attorney general, Kathleen Kane, also a Democrat, refused to prosecute the case.

            On May 7, the Board of Immigration Appeals of the Executive Office for Immigration Review held that a Peruvian citizen who illegally registered and voted could be deported for violating federal law. Margarita Del Pilar became a permanent legal resident of the U.S. in 2004. She promptly applied for an Illinois driver’s license and registered to vote at the same time, then cast a ballot in the 2006 congressional election. When she applied for naturalization in 2007, she admitted in the INS interview that she had voted in an American election. Of course, if she had not applied to become a citizen, she could have continued to illegally vote with almost no chance of being detected.

            This case of the Peruvian woman is just another example of how easy it is for noncitizens to vote in our elections. And there are apparently some politicians who want to ensure that they can continue to do so without getting caught.

            One recommendation I have made to state legislatures is to implement legislation that requires court clerks to notify state election officials when individuals called for jury duty are excused because they are not U.S. citizens. Courts get their jury lists from voter registration rolls, and it is a requirement that those who register to vote affirm under oath they are U.S. citizens. Individuals called for jury duty also have to affirm, again under oath, that they are U.S. citizens. And yet in a 2005 study, the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that 3 percent of the 30,000 individuals called for jury duty from voter registration rolls over a two-year period in just one U.S. district court were not U.S. citizens.

            The Virginia legislature recently passed a common-sense election reform bill (HB 1315), which would have required county jury commissioners to provide local election officials with the names of individuals called for jury duty who turned out to not be U.S. citizens. Local registrars could then remove those illegally registered voters and provide information to local law enforcement and the U.S. Justice Department for investigation and possible prosecution.

            problem in Virginia, where I formerly served on a local county electoral board. As I have explained previously, we fortuitously discovered in 2011 that 278 individuals who were not U.S. citizens had registered to vote in Fairfax County, 117 of whom had voted in state and federal elections. After removing them from the voter rolls, we notified both the U.S. Justice Department and the local district attorney about the problem. Neither did anything about it.

            Yet Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a former fundraiser for the Clintons, vetoed this bill on April 30. There is not a single public policy reason for vetoing such simple, straightforward legislation—unless you want to ensure that noncitizens can continue to register and vote illegally in Virginia elections with little fear of being discovered, particularly if you believe that a majority of these individuals will support your party’s candidates. Virginia is, after all, now a purple state and every vote will count in the 2016 presidential election.

          • and Franken the (D) FREAK received votes from 700 JAILED FELONS .. ILLEGAL but in Minnesota the Land of LOONS…to be expected

        • Well tell me WHERE… Now In Cincinnati a nun, three poll workers, a teacher and some IRS employees voted several times for??? OBAMA… and are serving time…So… Take your lYING headinass Affliction and post on Media matters…and ten there were some Issues ij Missouri, Cleveland, and I guess Chicago and NYC but nobody talks about these…

          • show proof and glenn beck is not proof

          • jame sowens: you should provide the proof of your first assertion, that ‘ only 2 convicted voter frauds caught and both were republiturds’ Where / when and chris matthews is not proof

          • OH owens is just the newest HEADINASS paid potted Plant from SHITLERY

          • NEWSPAPERS.( Cincinnati Enquirer, Cleveland plain Dealer) . but You are NO PROOF OF HAVING BEEN GIVEN HUMAN INTELLIGENCE … SO…keep at it HEADINASS moron and look out For Falling COCOANUTS!

  4. You have to know by now, reason and votes are not the way to deal with the liberal dem bloodsuckers, aka American Jihadists.
    Contact your legislators demand a national referendum on partitioning the USA.
    Physically separating ourselves from the liberal parasites is probably the only way to prevent civil war.

    • yes please people like you need to move to texas and help defend the state form the US ARMY AND walmart

      • Leonard Morrow

        Sorry dud, but here in Texas we own and know how to use our guns. The Army and Walmart that need to worry. Texans can make up an Army of our own.

        • LOL – bunch of drunk cowshit kickers against the us army LOL this aint unarmed wet back border runners you shootin at the army shoots back . so go suck some lone star- wash dust off your pick up truck and dust off your girl friend and line up for more federal handouts cause you by guns with the federal aide yall live on

          • jame sowens -At least Leonard Morrow will be buying guns, beer,, & pick-up trucks, while obama/lynch (nee holder) will be giving guns, beer, and pick-up trucks to the illegal aliens.

          • It’s time for genuine Americans to demand that the “gravy train” for illegals be derailed! Every form of social-welfare doled out to illegals by the 67 Federal agencies created for that purpose needs to be halted! This country is already $18 TRILLION in debt, and that figure will be going up to $25 TRILLION within 10 years, thanks to Obama’s policies! Our country has GOT to get our priorities straightened around before it’s too late! The #1 priority of the Federal government, as enumerated in the U.S. Constitution, is to provide for the common defense. Instead, under the Obama Administration, the #1 priority has become to flood in as many Muslim immigrants and Muslim refugees as possible, and to keep our borders wide open to allow as many illegal piss-poor peasants as possible. The #2 priority of the Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton, appears to be to ensure that every non-citizen and illegal alien located within our country’s borders gets registered and votes!

          • that means cutting off texas – Georgia– Arizona- missisippi-florida and the other welfare suckers of government money — sorry the morons who still believe the lies the GOP spreads will not be so gullible when the federal government stops feeding them and they see the GOP been lying all along.

          • jamesowens most of the Texans you are insulting are Ex-Military we’ve been shot at before, and most of the current active military are Texans. Think about that if you have the brains to think, I realize that that is illegal in most states, to think on your own. Try it you’ll find it doesn’t hurt much despite their telling you it does. OH, no pickup, it’s a jeep, wife died of cancer keep making slurs at her and I’ll come find your ass. I don’t drink Lone-Star but Black Velvet and Coke. Disabled VET anything else you got to say.

          • U tell em L. M. !

          • I can’t wait to see how loyal Texas patriots react to Obama’s Jade Helm 15 military incursion into their beloved Lone Star State. If any state of our Union can teach Obama a lesson about the proper role of national defense he’ll hopefully never forget, it’s Texas!

          • yep seen the pictures of your texas heros assaulting the walmart for gun rights LOL those sissys aint been out of their mommas basement and your texas army will fall apart as soon as the beer coolers run dry. oh and guess what just as many texas vets will be siding with the US MILITARY so when you morons fire on the US army you become terrorists and then you die.BYE you wont be missed

          • First, the US military will NOT follow illegal orders against fellow citizens, so get that out of your head!
            Second, even if all the Texans were drunk off their a$$es with one hand tied behind their backs, they could still wipe their drunk a$$es with the faces of most stone-sober Liberal socialist pansies with their free hand!
            Third, it’s “buy” not “by”…apparently, basic spelling is something you flunked. 😉

          • let one of your drunk dip wads take a pot shot and see how fast the rabble goes down crying for their mommys. The US military will not take “ILLEGAL” orders to shoot citizens but if shot at your drunk red necks will be shot dead because if they shoot at the US military they are terrorists and no longer fellow citizens. I guess civics and basic government are things you flunked

        • Well said. I wish ALL states had y’all’s gumption.

        • L.M., this Owens clown is a known troll so pay no attention to it.

        • you cant even feed your states people without federal handouts – too busy buying guns and beer I guess.

      • We are collecting names, now, if it is going to come to shooting, why wouldn’t we start with the liberal dem bloodsuckers, you are the ones responsible.
        You liberal garbage thing that you will sit on the sidelines and watch, don’t you?
        Nope it won’t be that way,.

        • no bubba many of us liberals will also pick up our guns and renew our vows we made during our time in the military to defend this country from the Nazi morons like you– surprise you that liberals have guns -don’t be and we shoot just as straight as your bs friends= probably better we not all drunk on welfare beer.. OH yeah the US military is made up of peace loving liberals also only ones who want war are the GOP elite who collect their pay from the war machine.

      • In Arizona gun control means being able to hit your target! James, why don’t you move? I read in your stupid reply to all “drunk cowshit kickers.
        You sir as an obvious Obama sychophant and are also a complete moron. I hated to state the obvious but you left the door open!

    • It may indeed eventually come to that, especially since only 50% of Blacks remain law abiding citizens. The other 50% fill our jails and prisons, and jam up our courts. In addition, 33% of our jails and prisons are filled with illegal aliens, primarily Hispanics from Mexico and Central America. Criminal gangs are rampant across the country, endangering virtually every major city, while liberal anti-cop policies are effectively tying the hands of law enforcement, rendering them impotent at a time when they’re needed more than ever. Add 7 million Muslims into the equation, especially those who are demanding the “right” to live under Shariah Law, and even a country as powerful as the USA cannot long endure the stresses. As a descendant of a Civil War Union Cavalry Captain who lost a leg during a skirmish in Louisiana, the thought of our country being broken up along racial and religious lines breaks my heart, but it may be the only workable option.

      • I think that, it’s apparent, the liberal dem bloodsuckers aka American Jihadists, don’t intend to give us a choice, they will continue till there are no options.

  5. you need an id to buy beer elect a president is more important in the Obama case was not

  6. ID? — We don Need no stinkin’ ID ……..
    Illegal Mezikins Vote early and often ……… Thanks to Sambo ………..

    • ….. aka FuDeMuPr!

    • william russell

      hey mac i guess you are a liberal progressive democrat because when you talk you always put your foot in it because you do not talk with facts. Any person with bit of brains would have googled it and found out that there are a to load of democrats that have been convicted, just check the records and maybe next time before you open your mouth you will have the true facts.

  7. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    No one is against voter ID on the left. If you paid any attention at all it is the methodology to obtain said ID that is highly objectionable and restrictive. Only teh most ignorant would think everyone drives and therefore everyone has a license. False! Take New Yorkers for example ( including Republicans) Do you have idea how many people in Manhattan alone do not drive? Some have never owned a car and do not intend to. SO stop the ignorant bellyaching and the ridiculous spin. I know it make some feel oh so big to say some of the ridiculous things being said on here. Too bad they actually show how small they are and how incapable of thinking things through,.

    • Your last sentence sums up your mentality exactly!

      • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

        Thank you for the proof I was seking. Instead of a response to facts you want to take the low route. I knew there could ot be a cerebral right wing individual on here so yes I came in speaking at a level that I knew would be understood and yes I expected the I am rubber and you are glue response since I knew the3 mentality I would be dealing with and you gave absolute credence to my thoughts. Thanks again

        • Original Rebel

          You are so welcome. We have been so overwhelmed by you leftwing lunatics, I frankly can’t see why we don’t just give up and hand the country over to you!

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Again childish prattle? Do not bother any further you will find only deaf ears

          • F-off, Lib Licker !!

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Wow I am so impressed ! Or should I be scared ? I never know what to do when one of the low brows has his or her turn at being the big bad ass online.

          • 13 years in USMC, you little bitch …. i’d cut your ears off and feed them to the pigs……………. 16 kills for your info

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            LMAo you failed yet agsin Marines do not need to brag or play keyboard commando.Hurrah!!!

          • Original Rebel

            Speaking of prattle – yours came in under my “Junk” folder. Even my computer is smarter than you.

        • .. Out of Kool-Aid again ??? sounds like PMS to me ……….

    • let justice roll

      Do you really believe the crap that your trying to spread? How hard is it to get an ID from the State? If as you say many people do not drive so they do not have a drivers license, what do you think they show at the package store when they purchase alcohol ? Maybe they just don’t drink? How about when they decide to go on vacation, do they walk because they can’t fly on an airplane without some form of State issued ID. You’ll have to come up with a whole new line of BS because your present line stinks.

      • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

        Well at least you are now on the right topic. That is a step in the right direction. Yes there are places where getiing an ID is very difficult. Come to Florida by all means and give it a shot, but please let me know so I can be there to laugh and watch. There are many obstructive issues to obtaining an ID in rural places also. Try transportation if you do not drive for example and the DMV is 50 miles away. Again I need to say jumping merely to be a keyboard commando without thought is childish. Try investigating once in a while instead of just hating.

    • pay them no mind they are just as dumb as they sound and wouldn’t know or care about a fact if it bit them.

      • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

        OH I agree james but it keeps my mind sharp to deal with them sometimes and sometimes it is just for fun. I suppose if they knew they were doing a good thing for me they would not respond but they always do and usually erroneously

      • Freggin Left LOSERS … you & your boyfriend Raymond ??

        • LOL the more you talk the more you prove my point you moron Nazi still suppressiing your latent homosexuality I see- just come on out you fag, youll love froliking in your spring dress

    • TeaParty Patriot

      Make positive ID a requirement for using an ETB card and watch to see how fast the parasites scramble over each other to obtain positive ID cards.
      It should be a requirement anyway because etb card benefits are being sold for 50 cents on the dollar even in manhattan

    • TeaParty Patriot

      It’s really quite simple. pass a law making positive ID a requirement to vote. Surely those snobs in NY who look down their noses at residents of what they disparagingly refer to as “fly over country” can figure out how to obtain positive ID to vote. without it being “highly objectionable and restrictive. surely they are as intelligent and resourceful as an arky, oakie , texan. or cajan.

      • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

        You are partially there, however what seems to escape you is there is no standardized format foir either obtaining an ID unless it is a passport and there is no standardized form of ID accepted everywhere. So in places like Texas a student ID is not acceptable while a gun permit is, however in other States a gun permit is noit accepotable. Without standardization gfames are played.

        • TeaParty Patriot

          Then the challenge is YOURS, You object to others defining an acceptable ID then YOU Set the Standards that would be acceptable to the balance of the nation and stop criticizing others.
          In other words put up or shut up

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            That is sheerr idiocy, but what do I expect? The right is doing everything it can to fuck things up and no one can keep up with the stupidity. I guarantee you though it willget fixed and you will see it happen

          • TeaParty Patriot

            That’s what I thought, You, like every other liberal regressive are nothing but a loud mouthed critic of real solutions, but when you are challenged to offer real solutions to real problems you like every other liberal regressive, just kick the can down the road.
            Your guarantee that a solution would be found (assumably in my lifetime) and $20.00 would buy me a cup of coffee at starbucks. $10 for the overpriced coffee and $10 not to laugh at the thought of a liberal regressive solution to voter fraud (also known as voter ID)

            The offer still stands give me and the world a solution to voter Id to eliminate voter fraud. or shut your focking mouth.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            And when you have no serious response you are drawn to ignoirant ad hominem rants. Good for you! You prove my point so well I should pay you. Have a wonderous life

          • TeaParty Patriot

            In typical liberal/regressive fashion you blame someone else for your failures. You are given the challenge to propose a voter ID program and you kick the can down the road. You should run for corruptocrat office you will go a long way.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            In typical right wing delusion you somehow come to believe you can assign me to do something? You do know what you can do right? I made my statement it is what it is. Nothing else is needed and trust me I do not work to impress you

  8. It is still the practice in Florida to have a voter’s card. Don’t bring your card? You don’t vote. FL did this when I was young and, according to two present-day Florida residents, the poll workers still require this card. Imposition on the poor? Baloney!!!

    • No, in FL the voter registration card IS NOT used to vote. The card specifically states “Not for identification at the polls.” You have to present a photo ID like a driver’s license and that is verified against a list of registered voters. But, I don’t know what happens if you show up without an ID.

      • Hello phillyg123: Thank you for your correction. However, I recently spoke to both my brother and another friend who are Florida residents. They both assured me that they still had to have (and had in their possession) FL voter cards. I think you and I have similar views on the issue of voter ID. So many have fought and died for this right! A picture ID is a very small price of admission to exercise this great privilege!

    • The DemonicRATS were also against the Poll Tax because it kept the POOR from voting — supposedly …..
      at most it was a couple of bucks better spent by the POOR on booze or drugs rather than voting?

  9. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    Why don’t the democrats put a bill before congress, that would pay the cost that the states charge for an ID card?
    My grand daughter don’t drive but she has I D looks like Drivers Iicense

  10. As a Black Citizens I support the use of an state issue ID, Gun license and including state colleges ID’s to vote. I can’t think of any place where I perform financial transactions or go through airport security that I must have an ID. The Democrats and Blacks Spokespersons need to spend their energy on getting the 22 GOP lead states to removed voter restrictions, with TEXAS at the top of the list. The GOP want to ensure that they can possibly repeat what they did in FL in getting Bush SELECTED in his first term. The GOP install fewer voting machines in non-white polling places that tend to vote Democrat, and voters have to stand in LONG lines to vote, whereas WHITE GOP voters polling place have numerous machines and it only take a white voter minutes to place their vote. Remove all the gerrymandering and redistricting, and provide more places to obtain an ID and longer open hours. Efforts should be made to ensure ALL American Citizens can vote without the barriers. It is the American way.

  11. then we need a universal USA ID that is easy and cheap to optain

  12. Yes, of course Americans support voter ID, with the exception of those afflicted with the Democrat Derangement Syndrome (DDS), which renders those with this ailment unable to think logically, rationally, or even patriotically. As of today, we only have 595 days left of Moocher and the Obamanation of America!

  13. ScarletRainbow1

    How do “…these laws unfairly target minority voters…”? I would see ALL americans benefit when illegals are prevented from voting where they do not belong. Of course, I would think getting rid the the Electoral College would help more so. Maybe, I’m missing something as to the real reason for Voter IDs.

    • Without the Electoral College, the mob rules.

      • Yep, the states with less representatives would be locked out of the process, because the states with the largest populations would rule all of the lesser populated states. Thats why the electorial college is relevent……

        • My point exactly!

          • I’m so glad that there are still folks in our nation that knows how the system is supposed to work. Thank the formers of our constitution, and bill of rights for their excellent job on both….

          • Yes, thank God and our Founders. These incredible men were inspired by God to create a document which would stand for the ages. What great men, women, and children who had to suffer so that we could have our blessed Constitution. God bless their memories. BTW, we only have 594 days left of Moocher and the Obamanation of America!

      • ScarletRainbow1

        We’ve had the E.C. for forever. What makes you think it is the better choice? If you let fear make your decisions for you, you’ll never know what is possible. I prefer to think that we will have the strength to handle being ruled by ‘criminals’. Then again, that’s (exactly?) what we may already have. Hope for the best, WVF.

  14. If the majority of the people are for this, then why can’t the GOP get it pushed through? If Obama is opposed to it (which I know he is), let him use his pen to veto it and show the people what kind of a person he is.

  15. I don’t see anything wrong with having to show one’s photo ID such as provided by most department of motor vehicles. I have to show a reliable source of my identification to cash checks, at clinics, hospitals, when a police officer asks for it, to buy alcohol for consumption, and to vote. And my opinion is the liberals are out of step with reality when they cry voter supression. What a farce, its just pure BS……

  16. You have to remember the billary voter ID comments are aimed at, and to be consumed by, the no information voter and minorities. Typical Alinsky progressive tactics.

  17. Why does this discussion keep raising its ugly head? We cannot do ANYTHING legal in this Country without having proper ID. Our voting right is one of the most important things we CITIZENS can do, as well as protect. You must have a legal, accurate and truthful ID to vote Period. No more futile discussions. My Mother decided not to drive anymore because of her advanced age, so we went to the DMV and she was issued a legal California ID Card which looked like a DL, but was not. She kept the card from expiring per the rules of the DMV and used it to accomplish all things, including voting, until she passed at age 91. Eazy, Breezy!

  18. We know what liberals are. destroyer enemy lair. Enjoy manipulate all, discriminate and said another doing, racist are another, all wrong doing charge opposition. ID Law be will doing to hard or impossible for Dems win. This time Dems so much mistake atrocity, open a border and try use illegal for send to vote, abuse a power, try legalize some sex marriage, gun control, are a most big mistakes, but corruption are a king of mistakes. But liberals are mental ill, thing illegals can vote and ignore all Law, but now are wrong and illegal, but don’t care, Dems must loose political representation.

  19. If you’re not a legitimate citizen of this country, you have no damned right to cast a vote – PERIOD!!! What’s next for these f$%^ing democrats, getting people still residing in foreign countries to vote in, and thus contaminate, our elections? (but, I presume, only if they vote “D”)

  20. At this point in time, to quote a Democrat hopeful, what difference does it make? This is their thought, ( We the Democrats are going to win because we know how to game the system, and the American people are too stupid to know what is good for them.) May God help us.

  21. Since when do liberals care about what the majority of ethical American citizens want? They only have a vested interest in furthering their agenda, no matter how perverted it may seem to normal decent folks!

    • Jim Carter is right that TP and Repubs Americans Still Hold ‘Feelings of Superiority’ on Race and this feeling is predominant in TPs and Repubs. These still think of us Blacks as monkeys. Remember the picture of Ms. Sharpton yesterday I could not believe TPS and Repubs were equating Ms. Sharpton as a monkey. These TPs are the one pitying people into races. Just imagine if a small White child sees that picture. The child will have the impression that Blacks are monkeys. I believe these TPs and Repubs indoctrinate their children that Blacks are monkeys. And that is why they have been hurting for the last 61/2 years about the people in the WH are Blacks. These morons have to get over it. Treating us Blacks as monkeys does not help them. That is why many are dying of heart attacks.

      • And what’s your excuse for the blacks in Africa . . . are the Republicans holding them back too ? ? ?

        • Have you been to Congo? They are Africans but were under Belgians. Congo and Belgians love each other. Not like Repubs and Blacks. Repubs are lucky to have more political and judicial power than us Blacks. But their edge is now narrowing.

          • I don’t believe that you are black. I do believe that you are a left wing nut job troll, though.

          • Lots of intelligent Republican blacks . . . like Dr. Carson, Prof. Rice, Col West and dozens of others . . .

            And you put forth Al Sharpton, the incompetent Baltimore Mayor, the clueless Baltimore AG, and of course ole Rev. Jackson (who was always concerned if a black man was following him) . . .

            Long past time for the black community to wise up . . . the Dhimmicraps no longer give a damn, as minorities like Latinos and Asians are now larger and the Dims are smoozing them for their votes . . . they know they will get your no matter how bad you are treated.

          • I almost feel sorry for you because it’s apparent you really believe in your positions. I really wish you could get beyond race. There are racists in every group but they’re far fewer than they used to be. I wish you would consider that most whites are not against you but I’m afraid you’re beyond that.

          • Did I say all Whites are against me or blacks. No. Only TPs and extreme Repubs are against Blacks. Tell me what TPs were doing in 2010 in DC-picketing against President Obama? Obama had reduced their tax-a focus of their purportedly cause. They were there lamenting why the WH had racial minorities.

      • you are a typical lib nutcase.. the TPS did not call Mrs Sharpton a monkey… although i believe a monkey is smarter than Al…and he is also an extreme racist…..along with Jesse Jackson…and Louis Farakhan….and lets not forget YOU…

      • My wife and I have plenty of “Black” friends. We don’t look at people as “different”. There are only good people and ignorant people. Good people come from all walks of life, color and creed. Ignorant people are just the same. They come from all, walks of life, color and creed. Until ALL people can come together as brothers and sisters, we will never have true equality. I am a conservative because I believe that the founding fathers had given a new government much thought and study of the past assisted them with the reason for our civil rights. I swore an oath to uphold and protect the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic, andI hold true to that oath. I have been an ordained minister for almost a year now, yet I still communicate with muslims, buddhists and other creeds. If more people had an honest open mind, and stopped believing the “progressive” agenda, this world would be such a better place to live for everyone.

        • Please don’t tell that to Bill O’rielly, Sean Hannity, Andrea Tantaros, Charles Krauthammer and Eric Bolling the racists and bigots at FoxNews. They attacked Obamacare, they failed. Americans love Obamacare. Yesterday Bill O told his audience that Obama legacy will be worse than Bush II. Bill cited May job growth and recent polls by FoxNews showing people loved Bush II more than President Obama as to foreign affairs. Racism is salivated at FoxNews.

          • I don’t know, speak to, or watch any of them. You talk about stereotypes, but it seems that you have enough of your own.

          • What is the red dot on your head. Do you plan to shoot Blacks on the head? If so then you share your belief as those morons at FoxNews.

          • Put down the crack pipe and let the little boy go!

      • That’s quite a broad brush with no factual basis. I personally don’t know any whites who equate blacks to monkeys. Why don’t you quit using skin color as a crutch.

        • I guess you have not read what I wrote about Judge Crabb, a federal district judge in Wisconsin. I scored the highest score on state job exam beating Whites. I sued the state. We went to federal court. There was a hearing. During the hearing this federal judge said: “No it was not an exam to beat White males.” Do you really think this white federal judge thinks Blacks are regular people like White? No. Thank God she has now recused from hearing my case. In fact I will writing to Judge Crabb what Jimmy Carter said today.


        I believe you are a moron and a third rate one at that.

        • Okay, you win. But watch out those who think you’re intellectually inferior to them because you’re Black.


            I don’t waste my time worrying about what people think about me. I know I am very intelligent and I have proven it. Perhaps if more Black people would stop acting stupid then maybe we would not be stereotyped as much.

          • I agree with you. But remember there are some fellow Blacks who hate intelligent Blacks like you. I had experience way back when I scored highest or No. 1 on one written job exam. I went to see the department AA officer, a fellow Black male, to ensure he fought so that I got the promotion. Do you know what he said before showing him my score and rank? He said: ‘You see, these people (whites) are more intelligent than us. You have to score highest to get a supervisory position.” Well, I showed him my score. The guy could and would not believe a Black male, that is me, had beaten 200 whites in a written exam. From there on he avoided talking to me. He thought I was a freak or fake Black. I am not saying that I am very intelligent. I just believe success comes when you focus on what you’re good at. Of course I have college degrees. But that should not cause me to brag as more intelligent than people around me. As to that exam, I took time to write it; and remembered what I had learned in college. So watch out some people of my color there. They could be pulling you down too.

  22. Only the leftist, damned, socialist, lying, politicians DON’T want voter ID so they can control voter fraud.
    Hang them all.

    • Some counties in FL last election were proud to announce counts of WELL OVER 100% for Obama and Zero, Zilch, Nada for Romney.

  23. We ALL must face the fact that there are thousands (or more) of people in this Country right now that will lie and cheat in order to vote for a democrat as many times as they can get away with. Doesn’t this tell us all that we must protect our right to vote once per election. If your neighborhood does not have sufficient voting places, it is Not the fault of the Republicans, but the leftie democrats that want to make it easier for them to cheat, as evidenced by all the DEAD and illegal voters waiting in line to vote ahead of the honest people. Wise up! If you believe that this goes on in the GOP as well, then make sure that your vote counts by EVERYBODY having honest ID to vote, that’s all we’re trying to do. We should ALL want honest elections.

  24. THIS , Should be STANDARD LAW . Starting about 40 years ago

  25. Anything that comes from Patriots or TPs is evil and a lie. This is because those they poll are fellow racists and bigots. TPs and extreme Repubs don’t poll us Blacks. So all their polls are based on how these racists think. You heard what Jimmy Carter said today. “A great number of TPs and Repubs still have “feelings of superiority to people of color. The mistreatment of black people in the judicial and police realm has been a reminder that the dreams of the civil rights movement have not been realized.” I hope all TPs and extreme Repubs will collapse of heart attacks. That will teach them how to live in this country.

  26. Bottom line here is if your to stupid or just to lazy to get a photo I.D. then do us all a favor and don’t vote. Please just stay home we don’t need your help one way or the other.

  27. William Matthes

    Voter-identification laws is common-sense for fair elections. THATS what throws the Dems off, the common-sense thing.


  29. MuslimLuvChrist

    THEY HAVE ALREADY LEGALIZED VOTER FRAUD by denying the Kansas and Arizona fight against the EAC, NVRA, and 10th Circuit Court on appending the Federal Form, where the applicant simply states he is a citizen WITH NO PROOF, even the check box asking about citizenship has been removed!?!

    636,000 illegals have already received driver’s licenses thru DACA.
    USCIS just sent letters to all 9,000,000 green card holders urging them to naturalize and get driver’s licenses prior to the 2016 election.
    This is why Kansas and Arizona are taking their proof-of-citizenship case to SCOTUS!

    The basic question is: If you had proof-of-citizenship when registering to vote,
    then why can’t you provide the same proof-of-citizenship when you vote, especially by mail.


  30. If a Majority of Americans Want Voter I.D., how come we are not getting it? Seems to me, nobody in Washington Listens to what we Want . How does that Oath of Office go, Of the people ,by the people, for the people. Are we being Ignored, I think so. Washington, do the job, you were elected to do. Please, Pretty Please.

  31. I just can’t understand the stupidity of some of the Nation’s rules (or lack thereof). It makes no sense to allow someone to vote without verifying that the registered person is voting.

  32. If I have to PROVE who I am, it is part of my security as well as others’. Banks, planes, etc, and the polling place. If you are fighting something as simple as getting a state ID, you must have some kind of crooked plans in mind.


    Easy FIX..
    Fingerprint scanners at all poll booths. This is the 21st century.. They scan
    your fingerprints for EVERYTHING (even driver’s license) and with technology
    the way it is, it would be nothing to have a database in place. So when you
    scan your finger in say FL in one county and that’s it. You can vote in another
    county or state (it would flag). Targeting the minorities and poor? That’s a
    lot of Bull crap. My 16 year old daughter has a State ID, a Drivers Permit, a
    Passport.. if a 16 year old can get one why can’t a voting age adult.. You
    NEVER see anyone screaming ID Crap when they apply for welfare, Food stamps,
    buy cigs or alcohol. Voter suppression is a False narrative by democrats to
    allow Voter fraud..

    AFGHANISTAN Voters walk MILES in hot desert to get to the polls, and they
    produce a Valid ID. And a ink thumbprint

  34. Dittos Jargead, The Redhawk, Tea Party Patriot,

  35. ‘Twud appear the anti-Constitutional, unpatriotic, regressive, dumbocraps are having a difficult time getting the lie that requiring voter identification represses voter turnout. Since so many transactions require picture identification, I think it would be extremely unusual to find a person without said document.

  36. Voter ID is very necessary.

  37. ScarletRainbow1, If we resort to the popular vote, smaller and rural states will be at a distinct disadvantage over such states which have large populations. California, New York, Texas, and other states which are densely populated and have large metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, and Miami put smaller regions at a disadvantage. In addition, even now, voter fraud is rampant because of Illegals who vote with impunity; moreover, in highly concentrated minority communities voting irregularities occur with frequency in liberal/progressive/Democratic precincts. BTW, we have 594 days left of Moocher and the Obamanation of America!

  38. Voter ID is a must. As I recall, it has been required in the past, at least to be registered to vote and then to prove who you are at the voting poll. In this day and age, I’ll bet 99% of the citizenry of this country already have picture IDs. They have to have them to buy certain meds at the pharmacy, get a library card, cash a check, pay for something with a check….etc. etc. This liberal push that claims requiring picture ID is nothing more than a ploy to commit voter fraud AGAIN.

  39. What’s wrong with showing ID?

  40. They don’t care what the general consensus is, they only want to do whatever it takes to win, no matter how illegal, immoral or dishonest!

  41. I believe all states should have voter ID. We have it in Texas and it is so easy and everyone has some kind of ID, usually a drivers license, library card, insurance card, etc. The only reason the left doesn’t want voter ID is because then they can’t get non citizens to vote like the last election. The dems rigged voting machines, had lots of dead people vote and many, many illegal aliens voted which is how obama remained in the WH in the last election. He didn’t win anything. He cheated to stay where he is and has become our country’s most dangerous enemy.

  42. If you don’t want voter I.D. then you are for Fraudulent voters, which means you are corrupt person.

  43. I stand with ALL/ANY who SUPPORT VOTER ID !!





  46. well if you are trying to keep election’s honest and to have legal people voting then you haft to have voter id

  47. The democRats have been winning elections for decades due to the votes of dad people, imposters, same day registration, absentee voting assisted by liberal volunteer groups at most retirement homes and senior centers. With every state that passes Voter ID laws fewer and fewer elections are won by democRats. If your state doesn’t have VI laws demand them from your legislatures.

  48. Of coarse the libs want to eliminate voter ID. The idiots need the votes and that’s the only way they can get them. You can tell they are not upholding the Constitution and they never intend to. I still say that any one in office or trying to get into office should go to jail if they do not uphold the Constitution of the United States.

  49. I live and vote in Indiana. I don’t know if it is a law or if it is just common practice, but every time I vote I have to show picture ID (I use my $12 driver’s license), but the Bureau of Motor Vehicles issues free picture IDs for voter identification of citizens who don’t have driver’s licenses. How can there be any legitimate objection to that? Is that not common practice among other states?

  50. I’m supprised that they are not saying dead voters can vote too just like in Chicago…. WTF. It should be only property holder can vote, since they pay a majority of the local taxes they should be the only ones that have a say in government, it you are on ANY form of entitlement you should have NO say at all. One man one vote is a bad joke that killed the original democracy Greece and it will kill our country too.

  51. the demonrats are planning to do what they have done to blacks, to Hispanics. They, demonrats, want them on the democratic plantation. An existence where they will be a bought and paid for, a substandard class society of people. Just what the demonrats want, another blind ignorant community following them and pledging their support.

  52. There are empty storefronts all over the country. Turn them into places where people CAN GET ID. Train the people on unemployment to take care of them, and the Veterans who need their claims processed.

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