Americans Have Lost All Faith in the Media

According to a new study by the Media Insight Project, a joint effort by the Associated Press and the American Press Institute, only 6% of American adults say they are fully confident in the media. The study, which looked at the way Americans view media in all forms – television, news, social, etc. – found that people valued factual accuracy above all else…and they don’t believe they’re getting much of it.

The poll found that the vast majority of Americans found it either “extremely” or “very” important for a news outlet to get their facts right. Nearly 90% said that, according to the AP story. Which does make you wonder who doesn’t want accuracy from the news media? Who are these people in the 10% who say, “Yeah, I just like to read the words. It don’t much matter whether it’s true or not.” It feels like we may be getting closer and closer to figuring out how people become liberals.

It would be easy to take some joy out of this story. Some hope, perhaps, that we’re headed for a day where the liberal stranglehold over the mainstream media will no longer matter. The problem is, there’s a big gap between what people think when they’re presented with a survey like this and what they think in their day-to-day lives. And the truth is, unless you’re really familiar with the many ways the media contorts the picture to reflect the liberal agenda, you wind up believing a lot more than you might imagine.

See, it’s one thing to say that 94% of Americans believe they are getting a biased view of the world from the media. But how many people understand that this isn’t about one bungled story from three years ago? That it isn’t about that segment of the news last night that really got in your craw? The dishonesty in the American mainstream news media isn’t a failure of competence or the unfortunate side effect of journalists being typically liberal in their personal politics. This is a systematic effort, every day in every way, to change the culture of the United States at a fundamental level. And it is an effort that has been and continues to be astoundingly successful.

In some prescription drug studies, they’ve found that placebo medicine can work for some people…even if they are told that they’re taking a placebo. Maybe that’s the situation here. People know they’re being fed BS. They know the media has an agenda. But despite that knowledge, the propaganda still works.

It’s a depressing thought, but what else can you conclude?


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