Americans Have Lost All Faith in the Media

According to a new study by the Media Insight Project, a joint effort by the Associated Press and the American Press Institute, only 6% of American adults say they are fully confident in the media. The study, which looked at the way Americans view media in all forms – television, news, social, etc. – found that people valued factual accuracy above all else…and they don’t believe they’re getting much of it.

The poll found that the vast majority of Americans found it either “extremely” or “very” important for a news outlet to get their facts right. Nearly 90% said that, according to the AP story. Which does make you wonder who doesn’t want accuracy from the news media? Who are these people in the 10% who say, “Yeah, I just like to read the words. It don’t much matter whether it’s true or not.” It feels like we may be getting closer and closer to figuring out how people become liberals.

It would be easy to take some joy out of this story. Some hope, perhaps, that we’re headed for a day where the liberal stranglehold over the mainstream media will no longer matter. The problem is, there’s a big gap between what people think when they’re presented with a survey like this and what they think in their day-to-day lives. And the truth is, unless you’re really familiar with the many ways the media contorts the picture to reflect the liberal agenda, you wind up believing a lot more than you might imagine.

See, it’s one thing to say that 94% of Americans believe they are getting a biased view of the world from the media. But how many people understand that this isn’t about one bungled story from three years ago? That it isn’t about that segment of the news last night that really got in your craw? The dishonesty in the American mainstream news media isn’t a failure of competence or the unfortunate side effect of journalists being typically liberal in their personal politics. This is a systematic effort, every day in every way, to change the culture of the United States at a fundamental level. And it is an effort that has been and continues to be astoundingly successful.

In some prescription drug studies, they’ve found that placebo medicine can work for some people…even if they are told that they’re taking a placebo. Maybe that’s the situation here. People know they’re being fed BS. They know the media has an agenda. But despite that knowledge, the propaganda still works.

It’s a depressing thought, but what else can you conclude?


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  1. Can I believe this story? After all, it’s on the media!

  2. The 6% are probably all liberals.

    • Without a doubt.

      • Please describe a liberal so I will know them when I see them! What do they do? What do they say!
        Is it a contagious disease and can it be cured?
        Are their marks and signs that can be seen!
        Are ranchers, oil drillers and farmers that receive huge government subsidies liberals or do you have to be poor to be a liberal?
        Do you have to be for abortions and welfare for children to be a liberal?
        Or is the word liberal another word for anyone who does not agree with you?

        • Do you own a mirror? Take a look at it and you will have your answer.

          • It’s too bad that a person who is a retired Marine which probably means you have a senior rank can be so close minded.

            For most of my experience the Republican Party has always been the party of choice for the military; however because the military was not allowed to express their political views this was a hidden truth.

            You use the expression liberal; however you have no ability to place it in words yet you accuse a person of being a liberal when you cannot describe anything that that person has said or done that would make them a liberal. Except for the fact that they have question “you a senior person” how dare they, they must be a liberal!

            Now could you explain to me once again what is a liberal? What are the characteristics of the person that makes them a liberal and what are the other choices?

            I respect all military personnel; consequently I know you know better than to just make a blanket statement that someone is a liberal and actually not know what any other individual could be. Most assuredly you have more knowledge than that. Please explain to me the different political positions that a person can have that are acceptable to you.

            Many conservatives are not even aware of what they are, because they have not bothered to define the real meaning of the words. Let me help you. There are religious conservatives and there are other religious individuals who might be described as liberals. There are political conservatives who do not wish to give any benefits to any individuals, who believe in states rights, who believe in no abortions who do not believe in childcare who do not believe in healthcare for the citizens, who believe that people should work for a living and if they do not have a job they should suffer. Is that what you believe and is anyone who does not believe what you believe a liberal?

            I cannot look in a mirror and see liberal because I do not believe that I am a liberal; however since you have not offered anything other than a simple minded statement that I can see a liberal by looking in the mirror I realize that you do not understand what liberals are.

            Take some time and think out what you’re saying before you comment about situations that are vitally important to many people! Please do not use overused phrases or words like quote unquote liberal. Represent your rank with dignity, because I know that if you retired as a Marine you have a wonderful career to be proud of and no one will ever question you and your service to this country!

          • First where in my statement did you find the word liberal? I am not a Republican or a
            Democrat, but a conservative Independent. The tone you used was sarcastic and so I answered you in kind. That you are so offended tells me I was correct in my sarcasm.
            Liberals are offended by everything, others of us can simply laugh things off. Have a nice day.

          • The 6% are probably all liberals.



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            Retired Marine


            2 days ago

            Without a doubt.



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          • ??????????? Check the posts again, where did I say 6%.



          • “sox83cubs84

            4 days ago

            The 6% are probably all liberals.


            •Following is a copy of remarks which are above!!


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            Retired Marine


            3 days ago

            Without a doubt.”

          • Give it a break dinglefritz.

          • “dinglefritz”
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            a whacko dipstick who needs to be slapped with a trout.
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  3. That is why I no longer watch the alphabets…sometimes I watch and laugh because they are soooo corrupt and a bunch of lying aholes. I get my REAL news off of the internet….there are many outlets and for the most part, they tell the real story.

  4. Does this surprise anyone?

  5. But, it has to be true if it’s on the internet. Right??

  6. As a former refugee from a communist hell I am eerily reminded of the basic power structure in a dictatorial Marxist regime:
    1) Secretary General of the Party = Barack Hussein Obama; a Marxist and a Muslim;
    2) Politburo = his 44 czars (i.e., commissars, unelected) in the White House; these WH advisers (16 of whom are members of Muslim Brotherhood) are in charge of all federal government departments and agencies whose nominal bosses are just public figureheads;
    3) Standard Agit-Prop Office directed by the Politburo – charged with Marxist-racist Agitation and Propaganda – consisting of the members of our Main Stream Media: ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, CNN, CNBC, MTV, Associated Press, Reuters, NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Boston Globe, Denver Post, SF Examiner, Time Magazine, etc., and many local TV and radio stations and newspapers; note; on the other side there is only Fox (sometime).

    • disqus_pPB66ncilc

      THIS IS TRUE! Check all the people in Obama’s “group” of “rulers” and you will find lots of Muslims!

      • add HRC’s “assistants” to that list-and voila, communism guaranteed IF she gets elected-which she WON”T ’cause she will either be in prison, or skip off to some deserted island to practice voodoo against the “vast right-wing conspirators” !

  7. disqus_pPB66ncilc

    The media of today are ONLY interested in R A T I N G S!!!!!! AND……$$$$$$$$$! Scum! They are as bad as the lying politicians whether they are D or R! They ALL need to GO!

    • David Williamson

      I tend to disagree. They don’t care about ratings and money. Otherwise, they would actually focus on money making operations. Most major news papers have been money losers for years. And don’t care. Regular television, pretty much the same. The message trumps the truth.

      • They care about ratings and money, they have to, we still live in a capitalistic society.

        It is more that they are getting away with it. The losses are not measurable, and their gains for spreading the propaganda are.

        From data off of Mad As Hell Boycott website.

        For the last two weeks, a total of 15,019 seconds or approximately 4 hrs and ten minutes of ads were run on ABC, NBC, and CBS news programs… EACH program..

        Estimating the average cost of an prime time ad at $90,000 per 30 seconds, that means that ABC, NBC, and CBS evening news racked in approximately a total of an estimated bounty of $16,890,000. EACH. Just from ad revenue.

        Not bad for a couple weeks of propaganda. eh?

        Join the fight, we hit the propagandist where it hurts, in their pocketbook.

      • The reason news papers are failing now is because of what we’re doing right now.
        Most people get their news from interactive media now.

        • You may be correct, however I stopped buying the Arizona Republic newspaper after they kept on constantly trumpeting how well obama was doing in office- that was on about his 8th day. I have not purchased a newspaper since then, so they killed it for themselves, with their constant BS

          • I haven’t bought a paper in over 40 years. Tired of getting opinions instead of facts from any media.

    • Correct-0 – – it is all Fiction & Fantasy…..few, if any facts.

    • It is all about control now. They use the power of their position to control the people rather than inform the people.

      • SO RIGHT!!!

      • WHAT they don’t understand is that THEY TOO will suffer the fruits of their traitorous-treachery in the end-game!!!!
        It is a fool who drills holes in the boat bottom to sink those within while also….being a passenger!

        • Liberal progressives have been growing fools for years now. They control the school curriculum.

          • States control the curriculum silly con,
            the ones YOU vote for.
            pretty sure it’s not liberal in the bat poo crazy south.

            the sooner you find reality the better for America.

          • Liar. The states are feeding at the Feds trough when it comes to education.

          • so we are letting the feds control education for the 5% of the school budget they supply?

            why would a “conservative” states KISS the feds boots for so little money?

            how silly are you cons?

          • Surely you don’t really believe that “conservative” states are made up of just conservatives.

            As anyone who pays taxes can tell you, educators are constantly complaining about how tight school budgets are and how taxes need to be raised to fund education; 5% of the budget makes a big difference, particularly to smaller districts/divisions in low income areas.

          • MEANING that southern GOP lead states will kiss ass for 5%.

            so WHY WHINE about the “feds”?
            just raise taxes a few pennies.

            Louisiana cut taxes per the GOP way to govern and might have to shut the schools down.
            THEN whine about the Feds.


          • Once again missing the point in pursuit of a rabbit trail.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            DUMBFUCK!! ????

          • Surely his name is Shirley…

          • you just can’t wrap your insipid little brain around real facts can you libbie?

          • Forget talking to them: you cannot argue with low grade morons.They have all the answers BEFORE anyone has asked a question and the answers are all WRONG and no matter how much hard evidence you have to the contrary, they will NEVER acknowledge it. That is why Sharptobama and Hillary are NOT in prison, where they belong for malfeasance and dereliction of duty and more.

          • sigh, you are so right-but sometimes I just can’t help myself!!

          • If you continue to reply to an idiot, you pout yourself in a position f becoming one, Best to ignore them though sometimes, the FQ ( frustration quotient) that comes from them leaves you not only angry but amazed that ANYONE could be so utterly bereft of common sense and NOT be a politician. You may have noticed: NONE of them have any Common sense and not enough brains to cease and desist spending money they don’t have. If you or I lived as THEY do with OUR resources, we would be in jail , AND THAT IS WHERE THIS ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION BELONGS!

          • The only problem I have with your comment is that if you do not respond to these idiots, the idiots lies are propagated by the uneducated and ill informed.

            Numb-nuts has two goals, first to disrupt the conversation, second to spread lies that support his ideology.

            If you stay silent, they can and will cover the truth up with their BS. Good people have to stand up for common sense and the truth.

          • And, being uneducated and ill informed, you are, of course: like all liberals , an expert. so there is no point in trying to have an intelligent discussion with one as I have said many times in many venues, who has all the answers BEFORE anyone asks a question for the sake of clarification. I will follow my own advice and ignore you and all like you.

          • ???? We must be in a Kill Bill movie…

          • not sure why, but you are right, nikita63 seems to think YOU are the liberal here-I am glad you questioned her, I agree with her EXCEPT the “don’t engage the libtard” part-as do you, yet she attacked you like you and rc have the same ideology-NOTHING is further from the truth! Keep up the good fight friend!

          • Thanks,

            I have done the same, there must be three Jimmy’s xxxx out there. two of them are liberals, one of the two is an RC on steroids. Well the good Jimmy showed up in a completely unrelated blog, on a different topic…. I came at the poor guy with all I had..

            He posted a similar “what the?” comment, that is when I took off my battle helmet and realized that I was not talking to my mortal enemy.

            These trolls want the last word, they want to stop the disrupt conversation. Things are changing, and their tactics are not as effective as they once were. In that respect, Nikita63 is correct, there are times when ignoring them is the best choice.

          • I know -sometimes I re-read a post 2-3 times to make sure I get it as some posts are hard to figure out where the poster is coming from! I try to ignore RC, headonstraight, (yeah up his butt!) and of course AKlady-but sometimes I just see red and go for it!!

          • I too have done/ fallen into their trap as have we all! Anymore I don’t even read their BS, when I see it is from one of them, I just down vote them and move along to the next “INTELLIGENT” comment!! Saves one hell of a lot of aggravation! LOL! They seek attention even if it is “NEGATIVE”, attention is attention!

          • exactly!! they tend to repeat themselves verbatim so much I think they have macros for responses!!

          • Michael Dennewitz


          • Smart Southerner

            You can block the TROLLS by going to the upper Right of their post, click on the Down arrow, then click on Block User.

            The pain-in-the-azz TROLL & his Liberal propaganda post just disappear!

          • But does the post disappear for everyone?

            When I respond to trolls, it is not for the trolls sake, it is for those reading the trolls post sake…. If we ignore their lies, they still propagate.

          • Amen to that!

          • See? Living proof that it does NOT take a village to raise a child. More meaningless rhetoric from where ” no man has gone before,” Bill was so much of a womanizer he had no time for her, maybe THAT’s why she is what she is. Well, We KNOW what they are together. INSUFFERABLE!

          • Smart Southerner

            I know, right? Those Liberal Commie rat trolls are enough to pizz off the Pope.

          • That shows how ignorant you are of the law.

          • Smart Southerner

            TROLL ALERT!

          • I see that Deby didn’t post ANY to get my head around.

            THAT always means you got NONE.

          • only to you zipperhead.

          • Michael Dennewitz


          • I take it that you are one of those that Trump likes – the uneducated. Oh, how he loves the uneducated, that make up the majority of his supporters.

          • So you know that is a lie too.

          • SouthernPatriots

            It all began at the advent of the federal Department of Education. From there the insidious influence began. No Child Left Behind was ordered by the feds, which they paid for at first, stipulating a much greater cost of education on each state and local school system, then after a few years it became an unfunded federal mandate. The latest power grab by the feds is Common Core, which co-opted the leaders of the SAT and other testing services. Instead of the simplicity of existing programs and methods, they invented much longer processes for arithmetic, language learning, and other disciplines.

            The Department of Education–another federal department that needs to be ended.

          • As if state departments of education are bastions of competency. There is a problem with have a federal department of education since the right to an education is not a right in the US Constitution. That is one of the root problems as to why are schools are inferior to those that are in countries where education is at the national level.

          • AMEN!

          • I agree along with the IRS, BLM, DHS & others who have become Swat teams for Obama.

          • debating anything with liberal tool unreality check is a lost cause. I believe he is (like his buddy AKLady) a paid troll who is a legend in his own mind-mostly repeating himself with the same garbage no matter what the topic is! he name calls constantly, but the minute you answer back -he whines about it. he is completely worthless. love your posts! keep on keeping on!:)

          • Smart Southerner

            Reality Check and AKLady (a male) are the same troll.

          • Smart Southerner

            Mogan might be a 3rd name for Reality Check troll.

          • He probaby is!! He is soooooo clueless!!

          • Idiot; no they are not. Check out how Texas has chosen history books that are god awful but they favor right wing views.

          • You obviously are not a product of Texas schools.

          • I live in Texas and that is simply not true. Lots of distortion of history.

          • Smart Southerner

            Reality Check = Commie Liberal Troll.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            What an ASSHOLE.. Ok, hurry up, give us your usual dumbass replies!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

          • Mike takes another stab at an intellectual response.


          • Nyou are the sad one. You and your liberal ways. When the SHTF, I can only hope you are going to be among the first to feel the pain asshole.

          • you and your conservative ways are getting the RNC picking the candidate.
            you already are feeling the pain.

          • Statement makes No Sense. Getting and Picking do not make a complete thought. The beginning of sentences always starts with capital letters. Liberal ways of communicating. No wonder this country is in the shape it’s in. Obama still hasn’t attempted to balance the Budget; as required by the Constitution he is set on CHANGING. That is what Obama and the Communist Liberals call Change; not helping the citizens of this country, but controlling them like Cuba, China, Russia, and all the dictator countries (like North Korea). Communism; where the Rich and Powerful control the Peons : a person who does hard or boring work for very little money. That’s what Hillary has been working for, for years at the cost of our Constitution and American Freedoms.

          • Are word games all you cons got left?

          • Get a life; Go back to school and learn English and communication.

          • says the guy who thinks there is a balanced budget provision in the Constitution.

          • “Obama still hasn’t attempted to balance the Budget; as required by the Constitution”

            proof your not too bright.

            maybe you can tell me what part of the Constitution SAYS THAT to save your dignity?

          • Please supply me with the authority that requires the President of the United States to balance the budget!

          • it wasn’t me who said IT.

          • You must be so proud of the way he continues to spend this country into a debt we may never recover from, just so he and his partner George Soros can make everyone in the future; more dependent on the Government. Not having a requirement to balance the the budget must be a dream come true for Soros and his commies to take advantage of. So Obama feels there is no gain for his agenda to stop spending this country into a third world.
            There is no balanced budget provision in the U.S. Constitution, so the federal government is not required to have a balanced budget, and usually does not pass one. Several proposed amendments to the U.S. Constitution would require a balanced budget, but none have been passed. Most of these proposed amendments allow a supermajority to waive the requirement of a balanced budget in times of war, national emergency or recession.

            U.S. economists of varying macroeconomic theories disagree about whether a balanced budget is needed—or even useful—to achieve long term economic growth.[14]

          • “You must be so proud of the way he continues to spend this country into a debt we may never recover from”

            Ken has such a limited memory.

            So lets examine the Debt for the low info con, shall we?

            Reagan was the first to TRIPLE the national debt.
            then Bush One DOUBLED the national debt YET AGAIN.

            then Clinton did a little damage and even left GW a SURPLUS.

            then Bush TWO added 76% MORE to the debt
            giving out a 1.7 TRILLION tax cut (now part of the debt)
            starting TWO wars that Obama had to pay for
            pushing through the Big Pharma bonus of ONE TRILLION in unpaid for bills that
            Obama had to pay for.

            Bush also gets credit for the first 1.4 trillion on Obama’ tab since that was a
            GW Bush administration budget AND the RECESSION that cut tax revenues
            ADDING to the Debt.

            so low info con, without the GOP we would have a very small national debt.

          • The facts are; Obama has spent more than all the presidents before him and he ran on lowering the national debt by his 4th year in office. Before he is out of office, the debt will be Over $20trillion more than double what it was when he took office.

          • “The facts are; Obama has spent more than all the presidents before him”

            the FACTS are:
            YOUR LYING.

            look up some numbers and get back to me low info con.

          • National Debt Dollar Amount through SEPTEMBER 2015. At 1 Trillion a month it will be at a minimum; 32 Trillion BY THE TIME Obama leaves office on 1/1/2017. He went in office with a National debt of 10,024,724,896,912.49 in 09/30/2008. Below is the year by year rise in debt while Obama has been in Office, and he has not once even considered balancing the budget since he entered office.
            Again ;
            “The facts are; Obama has spent more than all the presidents before him” . I should say COMBINED.

            I SIMPLY GOOGLED THE INFORMATION UNDER; National Debt Dollar .

            09/30/2015 18,150,604,277,750.63

            09/30/2014 17,824,071,380,733.82

            09/30/2013 16,738,183,526,697.32

            09/30/2012 16,066,241,407,385.89

            09/30/2011 14,790,340,328,557.15

            09/30/2010 13,561,623,030,891.79

            09/30/2009 11,909,829,003,511.75

            09/30/2008 10,024,724,896,912.49

          • ” At 1 Trillion a month”

            is just more proof that you are not too bright.

            even you data above does not jive with that “fact”, silly con.

          • “Not having a requirement to balance the the budget”

            ONLY ONE of us in this conversation though IT WAS while pretending to be informed.
            pretending Soros is in charge of the country also proves your short a loaf or two.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Did yo momma have any punks with an IQ above 3?

          • “That’s what Hillary has been working for, for years at the cost of our Constitution and American Freedoms.”

            even more proof you have the intellect of a radish.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            He’s a troll Catman, along with 6 or 8 OTHER assholes!!

          • Yeah, I know. But I like pulling his chain every once in a while.

          • You mean multiple personalities.

          • Michael Dennewitz


          • you just get out from prison?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Just got out….out of yo momma’s bed. And tell her I want my 65cents back. It wasn’t worth it!

          • Hi troll.

          • everyone more knowledgeable than you is a troll?

          • You’re not more knowledgeable than me or anyone else. You just pretend to be.

          • LOL too true! he repeats himself constantly-and is actually quite boring.

          • Smart Southerner

            You guys know you can block those Liberal POS TROLLS, right?

          • well, lets review.

            I posted WHO controls school curriculum and YOU posted,

            “Hi troll.”
            THAT makes me way more informed.

          • You post lies & everyone calls you out on it. That makes you stupid, not informed.

          • Michael Dennewitz


          • Michael Dennewitz

            DUMBFUCK!! ????
            TROLL !! ????

          • The logical errors in your reply are as follows:
            1) MAHB001 did not say which level of government controlled the curriculum, only that “liberal progressives” do, so your comment “States control the curriculum silly con” is a straw man that you created. In other words you are addressing a non-existent argument.
            2) Based on your straw man, you compounded your error by suggesting that MAHB001 voted for the progressives that supported such measures. Since no election is a 100% victory for either side, dissenters exist. The error here is in assuming that because elected officials on the state level represent the views of all of the electorate. Additionally, no candidate reflects the views of their constituency 100% of the time. There are many liberals in the South…of course most of them are “bat poo crazy” carpet baggers, but that’s another story.
            3) Curriculum is determined on a variety of levels, but usually each district has some autonomy, so your assertion that “states control the curriculum” is a sweeping generalization that has some truth but overall is grossly inaccurate.
            4) While school boards may be elected in some locations, the school administration is not; by controlling higher education progressives have overwhelmed the pool of educational candidates with ideologues who propagate their religion in the classrooms. I suspect that this may have been MAHB001’s point.

          • “did not say which level of government controlled the curriculum, only that “liberal progressives” do”

            and THE FACT THAT 37 states are GOP controlled, make my point very valid.

          • You missed the point…he/she was never talking about states…again with the straw man.

          • ” by controlling higher education progressives have overwhelmed the pool
            of educational candidates with ideologues who propagate their religion
            in the classrooms. I suspect that this may have been MAHB001’s point.”

            and you making a straw man argument is different how?

          • First address the initial argument instead of deflecting.

            Second, a straw man is characterized “By exaggerating, misrepresenting, or just completely fabricating someone’s argument, it’s much easier to present your own position as being reasonable, but this kind of dishonesty serves to undermine honest rational debate” (
            Because my statement was not based on “exaggerating, misrepresenting, or just completely fabricating someone’s argument,” by definition it cannot be a straw man.

          • “Based on your straw man, you compounded your error by suggesting that
            MAHB001 voted for the progressives that supported such measures”

            GRASPING for straws are we?

          • Interesting…you don’t know what a straw man is; otherwise you would have provided a counterargument.

          • Excellent points, thank you.

          • You are welcome. It is clear that he/she doesn’t have a solid rationale and uses name calling to hide the lack of meaningful content. It is unfortunate, because even when we disagree we can still respect one another as human beings.

          • I must admit that I am short on respect for the trolls like RC out there…

            There is no sense in respecting evil as anything to do with human beings. And this guy and those like him are evil.

          • I didnt say you should respect what he says, I said that we should respect one another as human beings; if we lose that, we have lost everything.

          • Agreed. I respect human beings… Many parts of me have been damaged by my contact with the kind of evil that controls RC.

          • I am sorry to hear that.

          • BUT they MUST follow ‘federal guidelines in order for the state to qualify for ….FEDERAL FUNDING! (Simply put the feds control us with our own tax dollars; pure Marxist strategy and main reason for Marx to insist on the installation of a graduated income tax!)

          • ya, so all you citizens have to do is pony up 5% to make your kids FREE from the Feds.

            but you guys are too cheap.

          • “and main reason for Marx to insist on the installation of a graduated income tax!”

            WHO cites a guys from a FAILED economist system?

            WHY would anything the guy wrote be relevant?
            you think the cold war is still going on?

          • You might want to check your facts as they are in error. The curriculum is only state controlled when you pick the curriculum that federal Dept. of Education says you pick, otherwise you lose all federal funding. You know, the federal funding made up of the tax dollars from that state.

          • sorry Jim the Dim,
            my wife is a teacher dealing with CC and I KNOW for a FACT that there ARE NO Curriculum, NO lesson plans.

            do do you silly cons LIE all the time?

          • So that’s why my sons grew up to be upstanding, take care of themselves and their families, responsible adults! They basically grew up in the “bat poo crazy south”. Thank you for letting me know that.

          • thank you for confirming that the liberal is right, the conservative above, a liar.

          • RealityCheck is one of the best examples, of their teachings.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            RC bitch is a TROLL!!

          • I wish, but most school systems depend on what Texas chooses as their textbooks, the members of their textbook committee are right wing idiots.

          • Then I would say keep your children in school if you are in Texas.

            Otherwise get them out of the left wing idiots indoctrination mills, otherwise known as public education.

          • The correct term is Spawn fools.

        • Not traitors but incompetents. Plus, too much merging entertainment with the news when it comes to the major networks. And it is all for the ratings and intentional making false claims from what some politicians say – on both sides of the political spectrum. At times it is apparent that they do it for ratings – to make up conflicts, etc., to draw viewers.
          When it comes to Fox, they make statements and claims that are totally inaccurate and I think they do it, for the most, unconsciously, as long as it slams those who are not Republicans. For CNN, I find them at times fairly incompetent and strive to show both sides of an issue, even if one side is completely false. I am waiting for them to have somewhat come on to claim that the earth is actually flat, any time that a scientist talks about the roundnesswof our planert. MSNBC now has people on the air that just try to stir things up for the ratings. Have to admit, when they do make a mistake they own up to it.

        • Outstanding! The same as shooting the pilot because the flight is bumpy! This is the result of nearly 40 years of failure of our system of education. So many people do not know that they have not a clue of truth and facts. All they have is what they are told by Facebook, websites and their so-called Smartphone!

        • When they aren’t needed they will be first to go,, They can’t even get the weather right,, If they did their Job No one in Politics would get away with what they do,, all they do is cover for them,,,, Shows like The View should be cancelled,,, all BS

          • OUR FOUNDERS, especially Thomas Jefferson, knew the importance of a free press in keeping the American people informed, and to the security of a free state thus the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was penned. ~ They also knew that the press would be a primary target for infiltration by those wishing to subvert truth!!!

        • I do love that last quote, and it is soooo true!

      • It’s all govt sponsored propaganda now.
        Example from the 1980s.
        The Enjoli Woman from the 1980s advertisement.

        “I can bring home the bacon,
        Fry it up in a pan,
        And never let you forget you’re a man!
        “I can work ’til five o’clock,
        Come home and read Tickety-Tock
        And if its lovin’ you want
        I can kiss you and give you the shivers…”
        Government propaganda, they were inflating the dollar, raising taxes and brainwashing women to get into the work force because they wanted your taxes and it was going to take 2 incomes to survive.
        Next stop, latch key kids, single mothers, gang bangers, rampant teenage violence, drugs, the list is exhaustive, the government ruined society by forcing the woman out of the home and leaving children to their own devices.
        Engineered societal meltdown.

      • Want news you don’t see in American papers, go to The Daily Mail. They give you a complete story, pictures and all. It’s a British paper with an American section. It’ll make you the smartest man on your block.


      • Yes, it is about control, and pulications like Patriot News Daily put such a far radical right-wing spin on the news that they make ignorant people believe so many things that are not even remotely true. I was a Republican, but the party has been hijacked by people with an agenda that calls for hate and ridicule of others not exactly like themselves. This is the same way that the takeover of Germany was executed by the Nazi party. Point fingers at a very specific group of people (in today’s case, Muslims and Hispanics, and in the Nazi party’s case the Jews) and blame “them” for the country’s problems. No, you are the one’s who are being controlled.

        • You should know that both political parties and the MEDIA has been taken over by liberal progressives.

          Elite Republicans = Elite Democrats = Liberal Progressives = Communists/socialists

          This cabal controls the ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN’s of the world and its far left RADICAL socialists spin on the news is far more destructive to the ignorant that watch them.

          Yes you are correct, corruption of the MEDIA is EXACTLY how Hitler came to power.

          Can’t you see the MEDIA pointing the fingers and vilifying Christians, Conservatives, and Republicans and “blaming them for the Country’s problems…

        So long ago that the aren’t even worm food! Any flesh has been consumed by the worms years ago! All we’re left with is propaganda mongers! They tell you everything and ONLY what the puppet masters wish you to hear!! I don’t trust the LNM (Lamestream News Media) at all!

        Lame Stream News Media:
        CNN – Communist News Network
        CBS – Communist Broadcast System
        ABC – Accredited ‘Bama Cheerleader
        NBC – No Broadcasting Credibilty or
        NBC Nothing But Conjecture….
        MSNBC – Main Stream National BullChit Channel!
        PBS-Puerile ‘Bama Supporter. Puerile means childish, silly, immature. By studi30
        What do they all have in common?? ANYTHING negative about ‘Bama or the DimmiWITZ WILL
        NEVER see air time!!

      • That is exactly how todays politicians operate. There isn’t an ounce of American patriotism that can be found in any establishment politicians body. Their entire goal is complete dominance over the “we the people”.

    • HELL OF A WAY to get ratings UP ….by lying, misleading and HOLDING BACK important information from the American people so they will TURN YOU OFF!
      THE REAL REASON MSM acts as they do is that they were BOUGHT-OUT years ago by the Commie-Progressive, Marxists who KNEW that those who control the majority of the media will control the majority of…..MINDS!!!!

      • Michael Dennewitz

        But to do it any differently would not “fit” their agenda!

      • Fox News has gone downhill. I think it’s because of the influence of the Murdoch sons who are taking more control of the Fox empire. No more fair and balanced reporting. I barely watch anymore and especially not since it’s gone to Trump News Network 24/7.

      • And here I was wondering where all the whackjobs are hanging out and here you are.

    • this is why i only watch news on CBN and mission network news and Ewtn News nightly and the world over live reccomend people to watch the christian news programs that i just listed here

    • SouthernPatriots

      The greatest Schools of Journalism in the United States, teach journalism to the students, including requirements on how to remain apart from the stories they cover, how not to allow personal prejudices and biases to enter into their reporting, and not to comment upon the reporting, except when that is very clearly designated and the readers, listeners, or viewers are well informed of the commentary.

      Journalism died for the most part about twenty years ago. What was left of true journalism has dissipated year after year, month after month, and day after day, until now it is almost impossible to find. Entertainment and ratings, and pleasing their leftist peers and those who judge broadcasts to choose winners of awards, is the motivating factor, no longer journalism. With the majority of academicians being leftist, those teaching journalism at the University of MIssouri and numerous other renowned Schools of Journalism are just about 100% leftist.

    • Not true, the media of today are only interested in twisting whatever the facts are to support their point of view, which most often is the far left liberal democrat point of view. They will lie, misquote, selectively quote, and misdirect information and people in anyway necessary to support their viewpoint. Fact check EVERY report from every news source.

  8. Please explain to me why I should believe this article!

    Why do you think that only liberal views are expressed, when person has a choice of which articles they will read!

    Has anyone read the stories printed about Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln?

    Only a small minded individual reads just one sourced news! By all means do not ever look at FOX even if the are the entertainment specialist!

    This article falls under the classification of entertainment!

    • The Liberal Media has chosen to use bias by omission in the selection of stories, and the selection of the “facts” that they report for each story.

      Bias by Omission is selecting only stories that are positive for your liberal ideology and ignoring stories that are bad for your liberal ideology. When you combine that with selecting all stories bad for conservative ideology, and ignoring all the stories that are good for a conservative ideology, you end up with propaganda.

      The liberal MEDIA started practicing bias by omission years ago in a very subtle way. With a slow imperceptible drip, it gets worse every year. The more they get away with the more they will do.

      There are tons of small minded individuals (your words not mine) that watch ABC, NBC, and CBS for their news, expecting to get a balanced view of the news… The reality is, the LEFT is just one source of news…

      And the left practices bias by omission… I do not see that in Fox… And I challenge you to show me examples of when Fox completely blacked out a story because it did not fit a conservative ideology..

      • Fox News also pushes liberal ideas by employing Juan Williams and others like him. If I wanted Al Sharpton’s or Chris Matthews views all I’d have to do is turn on MSN. Fair and Balance is a progressive PC term as in got you!
        Although it gives someone like me an insight to the ridiculousness of their argument, it may-not to a Millennial who may be impressionable as in today’s world wouldn’t have a chance!

        A better analogy would be a Christian church having to turn the pulpit over to a radical Muslim, or to a Satanist for an hour each Sunday during his sermon. After two weeks either the congregation would have moved out, or the church would be full of Muslims or Satanist!
        Fair and Balanced!

        • Fox news presents, not pushes, liberal ideas as well as conservative ideas…

          My point is that news has both good and bad things in it for both ideologies. when a group intentionally uses bias by omission in the selection of news and talking points the outcome is nothing more than propaganda.

          Fox does has not practiced bias by omission when reporting the news.. In other words, they did not let the fact that reporting about Trumps liberal past might hurt a Republican running for the Presidency… They simply reported both the good and the bad about Trump… Giving us the viewers the input to make our own decisions.

          It is as if the Lefts news agencies, make the decisions for their viewers as to what their viewers need to see.

          • Fair and unbiased enough I suppose? Have they reported on

            USCMO or Muslim Brother Hood stood up on Capitol Hill to encourage legislation on Right wing extremism or that Sweden is now under Shariah law!

            “Women must stay inside after curfew, be covered or accompanied by a male family member or they risk being raped! Announced by Swedish law enforcement!

            Is any news outlet reporting on this, Thought not!

      • Please by all means continue to watch FOX!

        • You asked, apparently you didn’t want a thoughtful answer.


          • You did not give a thoughtful response. You gave an anti “liberal response”!

            My question was why just read liberal views. I read conservative articles to get a balance! If you watch liberal new you will get a liberal view!

            I would suggest you broaden out your reading to include all of the different views instead of believing that only one view is available


            Conservative News []

          • My point is that you should NOT have to read liberal news to get one side, and conservative news to get the other….

            I pointed out that it was the LIBERALS that created liberal news and that Fox News still reports the NEWS. THEY started it, it was the liberals corrupt use of bias by omission that started this whole Right news, left news horse droppings….

            I suggest your response that my response was not thoughtful was because of your own biases… Suggest you practice what you preach….

            If you can give me an example of Fox practicing bias by omission to prove your point, please do so.

          • Sorry I do not watch FOX because it is not rated as a News Organization, it is listed as entertainment! There is a Fox News station I am told ; however I do not know how to find it!

            As an independent thinking person, I have been taught to read all types of news from many sources and to watch a variety of programs on TV!

            It is your right to limit yourself to one source!

          • And who is the source of the rating???

            As an independent thinker I am sure you question ALL of your sources….

            As an independent thinker, I don’t limit myself to one source, nor do I omit the ONLY verifiable neutral news source on TV, because that would indeed be closed minded..

  9. ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist


    • Michael Dennewitz

      Just bought my FIFTH weapon. A .357 magnum with a silencer.. LOL. Sweet Lil thing it is.. And ALL FIVE are loaded, cocked and READY!!!

      • ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist


        • Michael Dennewitz

          Love it….

        • Use a 22wmr instead, it will penetrate two liberals with one shot, unless they are as fat as Hellery! With my Marlin 22 Mag rifle I know it will go all the way thru two. My 22Mag revolver with 7 1/2″ barrel will go in all the way through an armadillo, front shoulder to rear end!

  10. Get news off the internet from many reputable sources. Mainstream Media TV are told what to say and do by this criminal government we have in America. Any questions?

  11. Give Mark Levin a try on radio at 6 to 9 p.m. est. or get the app.

  12. Many advertisements the media and internet carry are just as misleading. I have stopped even trying to look at the ones that “seem” interesting for it is a waste of my time.

  13. The “Media” today, newspapers, television, etc. are “Owned” by the Hearst family, and the “Mafia” (unions, gone “Legit”). The unions have lied to me as a member, and told me, “We tell the F’n papers whatever we want, and they print it”! Which I know to be a fact from experience with the three unions I was a member of. Do you hear about the $8,000,000 Soros gave Hellery? Or that Kasich is also on Soros payroll to the tune of $250,000? Soros also spent 20 million trying to stop Bush’ second election. He is the head of the “New World Order”, and wants all borders erased. And everyone under the “Elite’s” rule, just like where he lives, in China. Check these facts out. Then show me any “Errors”, please!
    P.S., 0bama is 100% owned by Soros.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I’ve been saying that for YEARS, . . . but everybody laughs!!!

      • Well as I said, “Check out the FACTS” don’t be like wandamurline. These are the words straight from the union presidents mouth, when I worked at Champion Spark Plug as a machinist. The union convention in Vegas provided cash, rooms, food, hookers, and lots of booze. The steward was half dead when he came back to work. Told the newspaper the extra dues were “Optional”, but they actually were, “Regular union dues will be $175/mo. until the strike is over”. Newspaper said “Optional”, and nonpayment lost your strike benefits = number of weeks you did not pay.

    • Someone needs to take this guy out for good.

  14. Actually the way the media operates today has very little to do with RATINGS and all to do with strictly following the radical liberal progressive agenda. Taking control of the information or more accurately misinformation business is one of the first planks found in the Communist Party Manifesto. This goes hand in hand with the take over of academia and all levels of education. The media today is the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party better known as the Socialist Party. Look up the Norman Matoon Thomas 1944 quote if you have any doubt whatsoever of the Democrat Party’s plan for America.

  15. With case after case of the news media inventing stories or just outright lying to forward their liberal agenda, it is no surprise that Americans do not trust the media.

    • But what about all those widely publicized stories about armed citizens defending themselves and preventing crime? And the JV squad? And the video (except truth told to chelsea)? And you can keep your doctor, it’s not a tax? And all whites, but no blacks, are racist? And … never mind.

  16. Michael Dennewitz

    More and more are coming to the light that geo soros OWNS the media, amongst others… I don’t trust a damned one of them. My TV’s been at the bottom of the canal out back for years!!

  17. The media is supposed to report the news but simply reporting the news has long been dead. Replaced by PC, political opinion based reporting, lying to get a sensational headline etc. Truth in media gone.

  18. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, have formed a liberal cabal. They are no longer about accuracy or reporting. They have abandoned journalism to promote a liberal agenda. Just like Goebbels did.

    Fight the MEDIA at:

  19. It is the lack of adherence to purpose which characterizes liberal thinking and is the substance of the values which pervade both politics and media today. Everybody’s purpose is to make money, prostitution and perversion of everything having supplanted the exhortation of St. Paul that “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” (Philippians 4:8). The transformation of American society has been effectuated by the values which the media have thrust on the viewing public. Nothing is sacred. The judicial system is a mockery of the seriousness of justice with court-tv shows which denigrate the seriousness of infractions of the law, respect for authority or consistency of judgment. The proliferation of the media markets, all in the cities of the nation, has occurred entirely in the course of the lifetime of baby-boomers. We have watched (or participated in) the changes in values, both taught and practiced, which have brought the country to its current condition. No one can deny that it is the fundamental disagreement and conflict over values which is at the heart of the division and controversy which characterizes political discourse and government.
    What is the obligation of the public, enforced in the policies of government, to educate people with a sense and knowledge of values which promote equal justice before the law? Primarily, it is the problem, serious problem, of diversity of belief with respect to morality and ethics which impedes the enactment of, or adherence to, laws which apply equally to all. It is the corruption of the political system which reinforces the liberal mentality and the protectionism of the partisan team-mentality in Washington.
    I gave up watching broadcast-network news many years ago when the serious scandals of partisan bias and falsification of factual information in investigative reporting became an embarrassment.
    It would be interesting to know exactly how much consumer prices are inflated above product value and production costs in order to support the media markets of the nation. With computers having the capability to keep track of virtually everything, it would seem that these are facts that can be known.
    The utter dung which is the content of many of the broadcast and streaming media outlets, free for the viewing, is an embarrassment, it is offensive to one’s intelligence, to one’s ears and to one’s sense of propriety, proper, having a defined meaning, not debatable for political advantage. It is base, animalistic behavior, the relative purpose of which is anybody’s guess. If its purpose is solely the freedom of expression with respect to differing values, it will be the cost of the consequences of those values to society as a whole, which should dictate the changes necessary to avoid or prohibit them.
    Our ancestors, for the most part, had a sense of those values. Departures from them were and are the substance of books renowned in literature. We are paying an extremely high price for the lack of morality and ethics in society. When the guns of government are the law of the land because there is no unity among the people respecting morality and ethics, there will be very little freedom.

  20. Please tell me how any aspect of the media can be trusted, they fail to report items that are contrary to their agenda, and push things that are contrary to my feelings. They have demonstrated to me that they cannot be trusted at any time or any place with the truth, they spin almost everything to their advantage, and it is so apparent that it is disgusting.

  21. I suscribe to 71 web sites, most of who give you news.
    I may read the same news on all of them, there are about 2 that have consistently proven to be completely accurate
    There are no accurate liberal sites, none.

  22. What is going on here is no different than what was going on in Germany when Hitler control the media. People may not agree with what I say but in the 60s and 70s the blessed virgin prophecy says your medias are being controlled. There’s 45 goals of communism to take down the United States and one of those goals is to take over one or both parties . The Democrat party is fully infested with Marxist and the Republican Party is about two thirds infested with Marxist and Thus the media being controlled,by the same people that control the corrupted government the OneWorld evil billionaires

  23. The prince of this world has manipulated and taken control of most areas of the media if not all and the seat of power within every country in the world today in an effort to push his agendas which is to kill, steal and destroy all that he can… And Pres. Obama is another instrument in his arsenal to achieve is objective.

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12 (KJV)

  24. Americans need to lose their faith in the MEDIA. Because the MEDIA has turned its back on its followers. The MEDIA no longer reports the news, they use bias by omission to omit all things against their liberal progressive ideology. In the same way that Goebbels did for Hitler.

    You can still fight the MEDIA even without watching it.

  25. Media is the correct term. Journalism is DEAD. Today what we hear on so-called news is nothing but editorialized left wing babble and propaganda. The various outlets no longer even try to hide their leftist bias. They are but another branch of the socialist democ-RAT party. There is zero trust in both the media and our so-called government

  26. The news media today would even embarrass Joseph Goebbels with their ability to spew lies and propaganda. The truth is not in them and something needs to be done about it

  27. In general, the media is a disgrace! People who are supposed to bring us the news usually bring us their opinions and personal viewpoints. I have zero confidence in them!

  28. The cotton picking media is so out of sync with the public that it reeks.. And of late even fox news has leaned more and more to the left… The so-called experts of politics are bowing to the liberals more and more.. And I can’t stand the way they’re trying to screw Donald Trump…

  29. George E. LeFebvre

    The media is under the direction of Obama brainwashing techniques to create panic and possibly a civil war.


    Hannity has been more than fair with all candidates. Last night the big loser was FIX NEWS. Nice try Walid Bin Talal and the kangaroo court. Two months before Trump announced he was going to save the country the negative nabob network started undermining EL TRUMPO. Slowly starting with snotty gaffaws and asides. It began like a network virus spreading from program to program.
    Then on opening debate night the long knives came out led by Bret Bare who asked Trump to take the Nazi one way Oath of allegience followed by Quisling Wallace with a FIX NEWS cheap shot. Then the Coup de Grace pistol shot was taken by Megan Behar Stern Whoopee Kelly who attacked Trump using the feminine race card. That was supposed to be the end of Trump.

    The only hosts who were fair and impartial were Hannity. Lou Dobbs, Stewart Varney, Judge Jeanine, Greta and maybe one more. The worst and most obvious were Sour Krauthammer, O’Really who gave Trump fake fatherly advice while bringing on Bernie Goldfish to shiv Trump. Gassy Gasperino was the Brutal Brutus. Trump is a 911 New Yorker as are most Americans.

    Just wait till the main event and El Trumpo could walk into the convention with 1237. Last night was a great shot in the arm for the only outsider in the race. Not owned by the RNC or Goldman Sachs.
    The Democrat communist party is scary. Two candidates, Stalinj had fairer elections. Talk about rigged. Column A is Hitlery the monopoly queen. Go directly to jail do not collect 200 bribes. Then from the graveyard of Bolshevism they found a guy who was sure to lose to run against her.
    Now is the time to become a born again American. Go Trump. Whether you came here in trains, planes or chains we are all the same Americain.
    Last night he got 69% of the women’s vote.

    • It is sad to see conservatives lower themselves to the same type of name calling and personal insults the liberals use to make their points.

      So everything negative said about Trump was unfair, biased and came from an idiot? If you had something more than insults to support your position you wouldn’t look so liberal…

  31. Time to vote State secede from Fed Gov

  32. Ever since Watergate, when the discovering news agency first made that scandal find public, it has been the news agencies attitude that they can both report and interpret the news. I am not sure if it is a lack of respect for the intellect of their readers that allows for this over reach on the part of the press. Or perhaps its a belief in the superiority of the press to do and report as they please. What is self evident, is that news papers and printed publications in general are falling by the wayside.

    Books on the other hand are doing well because the reader is looking for and expecting a writers point of view.
    I personally feel much more comfortable with news off of the internet then what I see printed. It tends to be brief (sometimes too much so) factual, and to the point with little self embellishments. I am left to interpreting the report myself just on its facts and merits.

    TV news reporting is not that much better. The smiling, talking heads, are always interjecting their personal bias. They too are believers and supporters of their superiority in handling and disseminating news facts. The power these news agencies hold is great and a big temptation to to overstep their original mandate. That being to, “Report the news!”

    The future of the printed press is dismal and the reason is that what the reporters of today feel it is their right and authority to do as they will with their stories. Gone are the days when reporting was limited to the “WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY, rules governing reporting the news.

  33. This is your brain ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    This is your brain on liberalism __________________,
    quick get out the Paddles,
    CLEAR ____________,
    AGAIN ____________,
    Sorry folks, this one’s gone.

  34. I listen to and read from as many different news sources as possible put then together and then believe about 25%of it

  35. Before we believe what we read in the paper or on the internet or see on TV, remember that the Press (the 4th Estate) is a hard core group of people who think they are molding society by what they write and this is totally human arrogance. News should be given with the facts only – not what the commentator thinks – under the Lincoln Stephen rule the 4th Estate came to realize that all they had to do is to throw in a comment about the news and they could gain power. This is why there is tremendous power in the news. Most were communist lefties and progressives during college and agitators as they are now. They don’t like the military and they slant the news and use it to preach.

  36. The lying Lame Stream Media ,Don’t report the news. They twist and turn it to fit there agenda. They tell as many lies as the Washington Mafia.They cover up all the corruption that go on in Dem Party and .BLM, .But run it into the ground about Rep Party. Look at the lies just this year. You never hear them apology for destroying some one life after falsely reporting .

  37. I use to read the paper all the time and subscribe to it. Now I won’t bother with it, not for the comics, the coupons the sales or their supposed editorials. By the time you receive the paper it’s “old news”, no thanks. Especially for the price they charge.

  38. It used to be subliminal messages advertisers utilized in media to induce recipients to purchase their products. Now, blatant, dishonesty permeates media in all forms; actually brainwashing, indoctrinating and propagandizing for thought control. Thought control viciously intolerant of opposing views, thoughts or opinions.

  39. Actually, in my opinion, media has pissed away such regard as it was once held in.


  41. WELCOME HOME less than a minute ago

    It is so sad that all we have to do is f with the money. God bless Harriet Tubman who escaped slavery with the help of white people. But communists who want all Americans in chains and death camps divided and destroyed play a card that was buried in 1865. There are no Blacks in Communist Russia. There are no blacks in communist China. The only blacks in Japan are Americans on American bases. The only blacks in South Korea are Americans on American bases. Instead of being played by white communists who push blacks to the front of demonstrations to catch bullets and dip their communist shirts in the blood of the lamb. How about we come together and put unity on the twenty instead of the hammer and sickle of division?

    Trump will bring us all to the promised land with American pride and money in our pockets. Don’t you want to know what both parties are stealing and covering up?


    Last night he got 69% of the women’s vote.

  42. they are more activists than journalists today . it’s all a predisposed biased line a crap / when tyey were to be the defender of the Republic the voice of the people ..~~~ wait that was before they lost the constitution

  43. articleThe title of this is 100% in ERROR,if Americans have lost ALL faith in the media,,WHY are they still buying and listening to IT???

  44. The corporate media is completely controlled by the one world government masters. There is no truth in the corporate medial and they are exclusively in the business of public opinion creation. If you want the truth, check the Caravan to Midnight web site with John B Wells.

  45. Another words – if you tell a lie often enough and it is repeated by enough people it becomes the truth-at least in the minds of the people hearing it or those that hear it said later.
    I will remind the media and those that subscribe to that line of Bull- don’t urinate on me and tell me its raining. Only the total idiot that are not interested in anything other than the latest shoes or movies or what drug is better during the party, would believe the sort of things that are told daily by the media now.

    • Egor von Johnson

      Herr Hans Goebbels, Adolphs pal, in the 3rd Reich, would be proud of your recognizing his advertising scheme of the 30`s and early 40`s. He crushed a cyanide capsule tween his teeth in Hitler`s Bunker just before Hitler`s aide immolated mein Fuhrer outside his bunker.

  46. Dennis B Anderson

    The media is Obamas diaper runny with bias content, and always full of $heieit.

  47. They are also controlled by money people to alter American thinking! I for one am insulted to think that they lead the dumb around like pet dogs……..don’t watch their crap, use common sense and you will not be poisoned by the lies.

  48. The numbskulls are too stupid to realize that by advancing the dictatorial mandates of the weasel in chief, it is not only we, the people who will suffer, but they themselves, totally controlled and threatened with termination IF they do not do as they are told. How do you think we got where we ARE?

  49. Learn the truth about the liars and public opinion creators in Dan Smoot’s book “The Invisible Government.” The corporate media has devolved into the voice of the beast one world government and never reports the truth. The best source of the truth which I have found is on the Caravan to Midnight web site.

  50. I use to trust the media but they are getting as bad as Clinton and Obama can’t trust th or beliebe


  52. The same energies that control the political process control the media.

    No, not the politicians!
    No, not the lobbyists!
    No, not the corporations!

    Yes…., those who control those groups.

    We do not have a functional democracy, since we lack the most critical element, i.e., truth.
    How can anyone be expected to make the best decision without truth?

    It appears that all politicians have embedded within their DNA the need to lie.

    Lying includes the withholding of truth.

    Of course, my own Congressman, Brad Sherman is included within “all”.

    In memory of Peewee


  53. No faith in Fed Gov or Media

  54. It’s OK. At least we know where they stand. Half the battle is know who your enemy is.

  55. Egor von Johnson

    No shit Sherlock. what was your first clue, you dim bulb!!!!!!!!!

  56. Quit the PC BS, we no longer have a free press but rather a state-run, fifth column propagandists, FOX FAKERS included and that is why we are no longer a free country! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Arm====================?, you will be needing them – guaranteed!



    Don’t believe any poll. My Poles confirm that Hitlery will get two terms. Stashu and Wanda say that she will get 10-20 for espionage and 20-50 for murder.

    One year ago the rino rats saw El TRUMPO ON THE HORIZON. They said we must crush his chances so we will make a rule. If he wins the peoples vote we will give those votes to Jeb Bush. Then Bush washed out, They said let’s use Rubio to take out Trump but Rubio washed out. Then they said lets back Cruz to take out Trump and once the bigger threat is gone we will take out Cruz on a legal technicality. Then we will shove our favorite Rinorat down the peoples throat. The demo commos are with us. The communist media is with us and even the Conjobservatives are with us. Trump is completely isolated and we can get away with anything. The only group that is more treaherous than us is the Klinton Klan. They have the all inclusive party but the all inclusives are not allowed to run. The Klinton Klan will think for the suckers.


  58. For Those of You–who were “Watching TV” & were not gathering Information on the Internet–“You Missed
    Hearing about George Soros (a “Socialist Billionaire)–Where He ‘Bought a Control Interest of Censorship in
    30 Major U.S. TV News Media”-! (This means “No Published Scandals for Obama & Democrats–or their
    ‘Flunkies’–!” He also Bought “Snopes”–“The Truth or Fiction Internet Know All”-! The Real Truth is Mush-!

  59. If Americans have no trust in the media then they should know that Hillary and Obama lie about everything to promote their agenda.

  60. It really is amazing that the media thinks that America is so stupid. Makes me wonder were they think they got their smarts from. Much be from a cracker jack box. The media is and has always been the stupid ones. Will go back to the old saying what go around comes around. Karma is a bitch, hey media.

  61. If journalists and the modern media really want to understand Christianity and the opposition of Christians to the media, they need to understand the fundamental importance of “TRUTH.” Situation ethics, the justification of the use of unethical tactics as a means to the attainment of a desired goal, whether money or population control, is a denial of “truth” and an attempt to prevent the natural consequences which would result from the knowledge of the “truth.” It is an attempt to denigrate the importance of law and obedience to it by the compelling force of “majority rule.” Majority behavior determines the normalcy of a behavior, regardless of whether that behavior is moral or ethical based on religious criteria. The media need to understand that it is the truth of Jesus Christ that hurts. It is reconciliation to God that provides for “equal justice,” universally. It is freedom from sin, not merely “freedom of choice” to sin, that formed the basis of the founders’ perception of freedom and a free society, secure because of this perception.
    Moreover, it is precisely because Muslims are NOT reconciled to God through the truth of Jesus Christ, that they are incompatible with American heritage and history and the problem of blatant, unrepentant sinners in American society for whom their hatred is well-known. Compassion is the very essence of Christianity, not condemnation. But justice is based on the criteria of God, not those of man. The difference between a society where people are free to make choices and one where they are forced to choose or die for the choice they make is the difference determined by what group controls the country. Christianity or Islam? It is a critical choice. We agree with the choice of our founders and our forefathers. We are not about to change.

  62. Any doubt which candidate for president will show the fallacy of political correctness and call the media to task?

  63. The Liberal Media is not even worth watching or listening to. Is the Liberal Media afraid of Obama to report what is really going on in the USA and the world.

  64. Eyes and ears wide open to detect when MSM shapes the news: news, slanted news, propaganda, lies, half truths, altogether misleading, non-news and stories they should report but refuse.

  65. Michael Dennewitz

    It’s taken years, but people are finally awakening to the FACT that good ole geo soros OWNS both the media and the demoncraps (and a good amount of the repooplicans too)!

  66. Smart Southerner

    Hey! It’s not just the media!

    Look at the scientific community…. especially “Global Warming” aka “Climate Change!

    – Scientists manipulating data for their Liberal money making scam

    – Making outrageous predictions like “No more snow” by the year 20XX or Miami will by under water by the year 20XX or Polar Bears will be extinct by the year 20XX

    – Basing facts on phrases like “Since recorded history”, even if that is only 100 years & in the larger scheme of the things, that’s not even a blink of the eye. “Climate on Earth” goes back Millions of years.

    – Failing to compare any “melting glaciers” with the Ice Age or the Little Ice Age

    – Trying to shame the world into believing their propaganda, that “Climate Change” is man made & they can “fix Climate Change” if we spend enough $TRILLIONS…. like we’re supposed to believe THAT load of crap?

    It’s not all scientists. More & more have come out of the Global Warming closet to tell us the truth. Evidently some of them do have integrity & won’t sell their souls for the almighty $Dollar.










    There is no difference between a rino rat and a democrat when it comes to opposing El Trumpo . The…

  68. Why is anyone surprised? There are painfully few media sources that provide unbiased presentation of facts. Most of our media have violated just about every ethical guideline that used to be taught in journalism programs taught to our budding journalists. They have removed all of the pillars of trust. Of course, we don’t trust them. I look at BBC and Reuters to check on facts and at least a little bit of honesty.

  69. Smart Southerner

    Hey! It’s not just the news media!

    Look at our government! MY GOD! You can’t believe a word those liars say…. NOT ONE WORD! And they wonder why we jumped on the Trump Train… SMH

  70. So very true! It was unbelieveable to realize my 100-year old cousin,who in last 5-years or so is legally blind, is entirely dependent upon TV news and possibly radio news, is so completely unaware of all the skillful propaganda being thrown at us. Those that are willing to read and learn are fortunate to have sight and the www, I have been blocked from commenting on Red …. Website for stating truth and not being politically correct. Do not mind at all, but giving notice that not all web site news is unbiased! The truth from our media is precious information and needs to be encouraged and supported. God bless the independent news reporters, who stick to the facts, but would dearly appreciate it when they are editorially writing they should state at the top “the date and that it is an editorial”, for those who do not catch that fact.

  71. It doesn’t help when George Soros owns most of the media

    • Here are the seven media owners : Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited Those seven men collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records

      • That’s not exactly a majority now is it and it does not include a majority of the major news outlets.

        • I just shared what I know. So let’s look at who’s missing …

  72. It’s tome for the South to Rise again and succeed from the union. The north can have all the Muslims, blacks and Latinos.

  73. MuslimLuvChrist

    The lying MSM will never change when
    American citizens die!!! they will:

    Delay it, Derail it, Ignore it, Dismiss it, Deny it, Deflect it, Divert it, Dissemble it to death, Didn’t know about it.
    Point fingers at others, Have others point fingers at others.
    Have others suggest the criticism is racist, homophobic, islamophobic,…
    Stretch the whole thing out as long as possible. Then call every ensuing question old news, that you’ve discussed it many times, or that it is just a phony scandal.

    The only hope that Americans deserve and demand is the truth,
    this is why they are all running scared,

    from TRUMP 2016!!!

  74. Actually, Americans never had any faith in the media, our politicians, the president, or the Supreme Court; and with the long list of criminal activity surrounding Hillary, the media continues to indorse a criminal for president, who, by her known criminal activity, clearly is unqualified to be president. There are no headlines condemning politicians, states, cities and the Supreme court from breaking our federal laws, freeing war prisoners, giving money to our enemies, blaming guns instead of defeating the ISIS, and other terrorist groups, Actually, between lies, dissension, deception, their attack on our constitution, the thrashing of Christianity. Both the media and our politicians have failed America. They will continue to attack Trump because he is a threat to exposing a corrupt system. Wake up America, Trump is our only chance.

  75. I am so glad that I sent my child to a semi private school. No common core and their graduating class received over $17M in scholarships.


  77. the news media went down the the toilet in the late 1960’s lead by Dan (, I am a liar, Rather and Walter, you willl swallow anything I say, Cronkite. This was the break out of the politically motivate newsman who did not report facts but pushed his political point of view.
    Most , what is called a news case, is nothing more than political talking points by the progressives.
    If Fox News goes off the air, we will be in a real information void

  78. The media is supposed to protect Americans from our Government , but the Main Stream Media protects the Liberal Government and allows corruption inside our Government .But never holds Hillary or Obama for their illegal corruption inside our Government . But attacks Conservatives , for wanting to protect America ,and the American People .

  79. The Media has failed all Americans , they also failed to protect freedom .

  80. Have said we could not trust the media for 8 yrs even had a sign to that in my car a few years ago listen adjust and believe on 1/4

  81. Satan is the father of lies. So the liberal media have a father in him. Hope they wished him a happy Father’s Day, yesterday, because they need his help during this election season to churn up juicy lies. It’s time to stop listening to the liberal media’s BS.

    • Just the Democratic Party, eh? 9/11-Iraq war-election/coup 2000-Iran Contra-’63 coup- Assassinations of MLK, JFK JR., RFK, Sen. Paul Wellstone-Carbon-Guns-Terrorism-The Watergate-The Obama Administration – Illegal immigrants – Orlando-just a few lies from the right. The MO of the Reich is say whatever you can fabricate to support the fascist agenda. Karl Rove(er) has never spoken a truth and is a perfect match, pathologically, with Mr. Millertrumpbarrondrumpf(59% lies per 1000 words/ The 4 Bushes that we know are all lying if their mouths move; Prescott, George, little dubya, and Jep, although Marvin has some skeletons he doesn’t lie in public. The Reich wing media bias is not to be believed at any time. Why would Satan(Lmfao)be on the side of those who stand for/embrace the ‘Sermon on the Mount’, equality, personal freedoms, the inclusion of all(except the stupid, we’re working on it though), environmental justice, feeding the poor and healing the sick?

  82. Most of the news networks are owned by George Soros, the Nazi Collaborator who is anti (God, family, American, and good)!!

  83. I find that I delete many articles by the far right as well. I am fed up with anything that is not just reporting the news and leaving conclusions to the people.

  84. People don’t trust the media? Ya think? You think their habitual deliberate lying, bias, hatred of our bill of rights, arrogance and ignorance had anything to do with it. Our decadent propaganda media would even embarrass Joseph Goebbels with their penchant for mendacity and propaganda. Maybe it is time to revisit the ability of citizens to sue the media for misconduct. Maybe it is time for journalists to be required to have professional licenses and meet standards to keep that license. Our present media is intolerable and should no longer be tolerated. I no longer watch CBS, NBC or ABC and subscribe to no newspaper. Fox news and talk radio is the only credible source of real news.

  85. richard schlinder

    Message boards. Readers respond to articles given out by the press. In the past,readers would discuss, than argue,even giving personal attacks to people they don’t even know. I have witnessed less of this arguing within the readers and more against the writer of the article.
    More people are challenging articles given out by the press. Most readers have come to believe,”every writer has an agenda”. In most cases,most readers are seeing through their propaganda and expressing their disbelief.
    Free press is now given out by the people on the message boards. So the shift has started. One step toward freedom.

  86. After many years on the planet and traveling around the world and reading many
    many news papers all over the place I have discovered in the past several years
    that the media from around the world cannot get a story straight even when they
    presented to them in simple terms and they see it for themselves. They have got
    to lie, it is their nature no matter what even if the TRUTH would serve their purpose
    much better they still cannot help themselves and have to LIE, LIE, LIE.

  87. The media? Oh you mean the DNC’s Super Pac. Yea, I don’t trust them either.

    • So you make a conscious choice to wear your blinders for the Reich wing bias?

      • Funny you mention Reich in your inane post. Reich is German for realm. The National Socialist Workers Party (a.k.a. NAZIs) loved that term. Used it in naming the Reichstag and the Dreite Reich. If by chance you mean right wing bias the correct German word would be rechts. Maybe you’d better not match wits when you are intellectually overmatched.

        • Thank you for the new word/ definition I will bank the info. I may be matched evenly but not overly for sure. I was just asking if you don’t see the bias from the rechet as well. Perhaps if you are as ‘intellectual’ as you purport you understand that the CIA has been the media since the right wing fascist coup in ’63. So many Tea Lepers want to pin it personally on the agents in their TV who just report what they are told by the real government.

          • I don’t know about the CIA, but I do know that all 6 major news corporations and their subsidiaries are owned by only 5 people and academia turns out pundits now instead of journalists. Yes there is right wing bias but at least they admit it up front and don’t pretend they are not. I know Fox News says fair and balanced but that is only because they have someone from both sides of the argument unlike CNN and MSNBC. I think they report the facts better when giving news but don’t confuse the new analysis shows as the news. Listen to what is reported and then when the talking heads want to analyze, mute the sound.


    When we have public schools passing remedial students through to graduation that can’t even comprehend the words on a written page, what makes you think they even “get it” about a slanted media coloring a subject matter to their own specifications? The generation we have as young adults has no idea of the lies being fed them and they do not have the intelligence to discern the difference.

    This is NO BRAVE NEW WORLD, but a muddled uninformed U.S. world. Even Europe, Asia and South America hate obama and the arrogance he presents. They are laughing and calling him ugly names in their countries; but, these slow processing young Americans still look at him with endearing hearts. Until those young people are re-educated about the real truth abt this fraudulent govt and presidency, our nation will continue to slide down the slippery path of media deception til we finally hit rock bottom. The media will continue to print lies as long as it can get readership…and lies SELL!

  89. Dexter L. Wilson

    Pass this on to your local media outlets. They need to get educated that God is and is a Rewarder of them who seek Him. They may want to start. Doubt it but let them sit and stew on this one.
    Immediately After Mass Shooting in Orlando, Bible Codes Confirm Ties to ISIS

    By Rivkah Lambert Adler June 14, 2016 , 9:30 am




    “Every word of God is tried; He is a shield unto them that take refuge in Him.” Proverbs 30:5 (The Israel Bible™)

    (Breaking Israel News)
    Just hours after the holiday of Shavuot
    (Feast of Weeks) ended in Israel Sunday night and news reached Israel
    of the Orlando terror massacre, international Bible Code expert Rabbi
    Matityahu Glazerson published a video in which he pointed out Bible Codes that tie together all the crucial elements of the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Florida.

    The video, which Rabbi Glazerson titled “THE MASSACRE IN ORLANDO 5776 in bible code”, opens with a review of the basic news story from USA TODAY, written by John Torres and John Bacon.

    Approximately one minute into the
    video, Glazerson turns his attention to the table in which he found six
    related Codes. The fact that all the Codes were found in in a single
    book of the Bible, in this case in the Book of Genesis, is significant,
    according to Glazerson.

    He points out the meeting of the Hebrew word tevach, which means massacre, slaughter, carnage, butchery or killing, and the word b’Orlando,
    which means in Orlando. He calls the fact that he found the Hebrew
    letters for the current Hebrew year (5776, which equates to 2015-16)
    with skips of just nine letters “amazing”. As a general rule, the closer
    Bible Codes are found together, the more statistically significant they
    are believed to be.

    Besides the year, Rabbi Glazerson
    found the exact Hebrew date of the terror event, the 6th day of the
    Hebrew month of Sivan, which this year corresponds to June 12, 2016.
    Glazerson comments that finding an exact date in Bible Codes is not


    Right in the center of the table is
    the Code for the religion of Ishmael, which is Islam. Rabbi Glazerson
    calls the location of this Code “frightening”. To its left is the Code
    for Daesh,
    which is the transliteration of the Arabic acronym for the words
    Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). “Daesh” is how Hebrew speakers
    refer to ISIS.

    As Breaking Israel News previously reported, the Orlando terrorist “called 911 around the time of the attack to pledge allegiance to ISIS.”

    The date of the terror attack is a
    very significant one in the Jewish calendar. It is the date of the
    holiday of Shavuot. Referred to by Christians as the Feast of Weeks or
    the Pentecost, Shavuot is the anniversary of God giving the Torah to
    Moses on Mount Sinai, exactly 50 days after the exodus from Egypt.

    Dov Bar-Leib, a Jewish End of Days blogger,
    pointed out the significance of the number 50, which is also the exact
    number of dead. There were 49 victims murdered in the shooting and the
    terrorist, killed in a shootout with police, brought the final toll to

    In Jewish tradition, the Torah was
    given on the 6th day of the Hebrew month of Sivan in the Hebrew year
    2448, which was 3328 years before the massacre in Orlando to the day.
    The fact that the Codes, embedded in the Bible, which traditional Jews
    believe is the literal word of God, include this terror attack, serves
    to strengthen the faith of Jewish and non-Jewish Bible-based people.

    Enjoy this article? Get BIN updates directly to your inbox.

    Read more at Orlando Terror Attack Found in Bible Codes – Breaking Israel News | Israel Latest News, Israel Prophecy News

  90. Shockingly it is not only the liberal news media which is working hand in glove with other propaganda based US agencies in an effort to influence the minds of the American public … “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American Public believes is false”…William Casey, Director CIA 1981-1987

  91. The liberal media doesn’t want to just report the news any more. They want to influence the news and control what news is reported and what news is ignored, as they proudly carry the water for Ovomit, Hitlery and other liberals in power.

  92. The media has become nothing more than a propaganda machine primarily for the left! They are willingly blind to the truth, don’t do anything unless it has been cleared by the very corrupt White House, unless it is anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-White, anti-First Amendment, anti-Second Amendment, pro-gay, pro-Islam, climate-change correct, and a host of other things! I’d rather go fishing! At least when the fish bite, they are being honest!

  93. Go to YouTube type in a need it done Chicago communist (Obama and Hiliarys from ) type in Anetia Dunn saying we control the medias.

  94. The media? and the government? are totally controlled by the elitist cabal- They are wealthy enough to provide for their families for generations, and making some politician a millionaire will provide them with power ten fold~

  95. We no longer have a free press nor a free country – can’t have one without the other! State-run, fifth column propagandists is what we have! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed!

  96. The fact is that the indoctrination centers formerly known as schools are no longer teaching the youth of today what we were taught decades ago. They are teaching them that there are NO losers, everyone gets a trophy AND government will do for you what you don’t want to do for yourself. They are also being taught that NO ONE should have nicer things than you no matter how hard they had to work to earn those things. They have learned that those who do have nice things should have them taken away and the spoils be divided among the lazy welfare class. When I was a kid we weren’t trained that EVERYONE would receive a college education. Those who wanted one could achieve that goal through hard work while many others went to trade schools and went into careers based on what they learned. Some of them were my friends and are very successful business owners now. These kids are learning that they should all have a basically worthless diploma that will get them nowhere in life so, they can always stay home, playing video games, waiting for their next welfare check to come in.

  97. Character is easy to lose and hard to earn get back if ever! Just ask Hillary, her legacy is one of dishonesty and a history of lies! She will never shed that, we’ll see to that!

  98. My “disappointment” in regular news has been lasting for a while. The main starting point was shortly after the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. A month or so later, there was a bigger tanker oil spill off La Coruna, Spain (measured in metric tons, not gallons). I learned about it on Deutsche Welle news, and for about a week, I tried to find reports of it in American news, paper, tv, and radio, and there were no reports at all. All the fuss about Exxon Valdez and nothing about a much bigger one off Spain? I called that a shirking of duty by American news. The news rightly went after Nixon for the crime of Watergate, the cover-up, and destruction of evidence, but did not include signing the bill to create the E.P.A. and taking us off the gold standard, both usurpations against the Constitution, capital crimes. Now we have Mrs. Clinton engaged in a couple of crimes and destruction of evidence and supporting usurpations against the Constitution and president Obama also engaged in cover-ups and usurpations against the Constitution. Why isn’t the news treating them to the same standard as it did with Nixon?

  99. Dennis B Anderson

    Now we have Obamas good little girl from the DOJ? Shes said she was going to clean up what this last shooter in Florida had to say before being killed himself! WOW! Isnt that special and kind of her to take all the bad muslim words out so it wont close our sensitive ears?
    No she doesnt want to infuriate the muslim population with what they already know to be true.
    Obama is a muslim terrorist and should be removed from office now along with his muslim well placed officials. We are at war with radical muslim terrorists and Obama is guilty of high crimes. I dont understand why the FBI cant put nails in the coffins of these people.

  100. The MSM is very bias in their reporting of the news & don’t report anything which will make Obama look bad…but I see them loosening up some lately, maybe they are seeing the light. But for me it’s Donald J. Trump 2016 & 2020 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…Then maybe the news will straighten out again…

  101. I think for myself and I know most is all distorted, lies and propaganda spewed every day!!!!

  102. The media has been corrupt since this country was founded. The 1st amendment was to protect the media and allow them to report a story without fear. As it turns out, the 1st amendment created a monster!

  103. It became obvious many years ago that the MSM simply drives up the cost of consumer goods due to the cost of advertising, that there is, virtually, no accountability in the like-minded cronyism of the MSM and that truth has a premium that the MSM is not willing to pay. In this election, the Republicans would be smart to waste NO funds on advertising on the MSM. Most people’s minds are already made up. Convincing swing and independent voters of the need for conservative change is not worth the waste of funds. Sitting on the fence, even before it is built, ought not be a consideration in the minds of people who are truly concerned for the future of the country and the threats which liberalism presents to it.

  104. The Media has become a mouth piece for Satan and the Liberals who want to destroy us. We can now consider them…Public Enemy Number One!

  105. Media, corporations & their spying products, governmental agencies that have become untrustworthy, all of Congress and admin are all in the same category. No confidence and we demand better.

    • Smart Southerner

      The last poll I saw had Congress with an 8% approval rating. Won’t be long until those lousy b*stards will be in the negative numbers.

      Look what they have done in the last 7 1/2 years to this country. They have allowed the most immoral, worst Racist & Muslim loving Bigot prez in my lifetime of 65+ years run rampant, blatantly trashing our laws, spitting on Christians & destroying our American values & history, along with the Communist Democrat Party, including the Supreme Court of Jokers.

      Any American with an ounce of common sense & decency would be outraged & disgusted with everyone in the DC cesspool who has aided & abetted that fraud & that includes Paul Ryan and the Republicans we elected to protect us from people like Obama & Hillary.

      And the same goes for every aspect of the Media from the Communist News channels to the Commie newspapers. All corrupt! All anti-American! All immoral!

      • Well with a name like old southern I don’t know how to take
        your comments.

        You could be an individual who likes to sound good or you
        could be a person who would like to live in the past. At any rate I would suspect that any old southern person would be used to reading the local paper. They would be getting there news from a local radio or TV or if they are really old just a radio.

        Being old southern you can be a member of the group of people were prejudiced in a sense that made the difference between people or you can be the person responsible for other people. You see being an old Southerner has a lot responsibility. In my
        experience I have met many old Southerners some of them were fair honest decent and as good a person as anyone would want anyone to be, others were pretty small minded you see there’s no one old Southerner there are many different old Southerners. You do not define which one you are.

        Now this talk about the news if you really are Southerner
        you’re used to reading the paper and you know that the paper is written by an editor who has an opinion. You know that editor’s opinion and you respect that editor or you don’t. You do not think the world has changed because the editor and you do not agree. Today in this world we are battered by television news anchors, commentators and others who express their personal opinions. Those of us who are wise learn which commentators support which side of any one subject that is being discussed. It is foolish for anyone to say that the newspapers are corrupt. You can find plenty of for Donald Trump anti-Donald Trump or who
        cares about Donald Trump, the same for Hillary. If you think that all newspapers are speaking the same words or singing the same song you are limited in your vision.

        Take some time and broaden your mind by reading or seeing more than one news channel. You may be a conservative a liberal a progressive or an independent. I am attempting to read or hear all of the different thoughts.

  106. The media is nothing but a shill for the far left wing radical agenda. Not to mention the intentionally and knowing LIE. So yep, the Media has lost its credibility. Journalism is dead.

  107. The only Americans that have lost faith are the working class Americans. The welfare, and liberals maintain faith that the government will continue with the free stuff!

  108. The MSM are the propaganda arm of the liberal socialist NWO Progressives. There very existence today is the result of the takeover of the media in accordance with the Communist Manifesto. Their blatant bias against any non liberal movement is legendary. The public have made rock stars out of the members of the press. Their responsibility is to report the news as honestly as possible, not twist it, turn it and omit important parts of it to sway public opinion. That is the job of propagandists.

  109. More like media having destroyed the referenced “faith” via their own antics.

  110. They report lies to keep that pay check..

  111. They. Suck

  112. Note to the Editor. Remember you are a part of the media that the public does not trust.

  113. I’d like to remind everyone about Freedom of Speech – this is the law of the land. Everyone is entitled to say what’s on his/her mind. That is the American way. Weeping and wailing about this is of little use, indeed it is a fruitless endeavor.

  114. The problem for television is the need for new content and politicians refuse to appear unless they are fed puff questions.

    This was perfected during the duh-bya administration. War correspondents were offered the chance to be embedded but only as long as they made positive reports about the two wars. The “unified executive” said “We make the facts”, ordering all employees to clear statements to the press and editing scientific reports (paid for by public funds) to support political decisions. Reporters who discovered and reported such falsehoods stopped getting interviews and were at the back row in Presidential press conferences.

    Official secrecy is tighter under Obama but that unofficial manipulation has reduced greatly. The problem with individual politicians has not improved.

    There is also sponsor pressure. CNN has more advertising from Exxon and Koch but has eliminated science coverage entirely. The truth about climate goes back at least 150 years while the falsehoods only go back to when Exxon began writing them in the 1980 (Reagan) days.

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