Americans Grade Biden’s Performance

In Austin, Texas people were asked to grade President Biden’s overall performance during his last 12 months in office.

One Texas woman noted that so far Biden has not made a single decision to help progress the country’s economy. As such his grade would be an F or D minus.

Another woman gave him a B for his work, especially for his push for student loan forgiveness.

The student loan forgiveness program would allow for up to $20,000 of federal student loan debt to be forgiven for qualified borrowers. However, the program is currently on pause and it is unclear whether Biden will be able to proceed with the debt forgiveness.

Another Texas local, Travis, said that he would give Biden an F-minus. He also noted that the worst thing that Biden has done so far is getting involved in the Ukrainian war at a time when he should be focusing on the United States border.

Finally, one Texan started wondering if there was a grade lower than F that he could give the President. He landed on Z as a potential option, which is what he would grade Biden’s efforts and time as President. That particular Texan added that he has not yet seen the President do anything he liked.

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