Americans Don’t Believe Black Lives (Only) Matter

Last month, dismal Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley offered an embarrassing apology after saying, “All lives matter” at a campaign event. Last week on CNN, a Black Lives Matter supporter characterized this seemingly reasonable phrase as an “act of violence.” True, no one has had the guts to come right out and say, “No, white lives don’t matter,” but they hardly have to, do they?

If Black Lives Matter leaders want to know why their movement has lost so much of the steam it had last year at this time, they might want to consult the latest poll from Rasmussen. Because according to the survey, 78% of likely U.S. voters prefer “all lives matter” to the movement’s official motto. Even among blacks, 64% are more likely to agree with “all lives matter” as opposed to “only black lives matter.”

Now, this is not exactly what Drudge would call a “shock poll.” Even if you spend all of your time caught up in the political news of the day, you aren’t blind to the people you see and work with and know in your day-to-day life. And unless you happen to live in Ferguson, you know that this is a movement that lives and dies in the mainstream media. This is no grassroots organization. This is a George Soros-funded attempt to flip capitalism on its head and start a race war. Normal Americans don’t go around thinking there is a massive conspiracy in the nation’s police departments, the end goal of which is to lock up or kill unarmed black men. They just don’t.

The poll also reveals that Americans are wise to the politicians who adopt the language of this movement. 70% of voters believe these politicians only address racial problems as a ploy to get themselves elected. And when you see a politician apologizing for saying “all lives matter,” this becomes excruciatingly obvious. When you see Bernie Sanders terrified to stand up to a couple of moronic protestors, you realize how spineless these guys really are. They have given these people the moral high ground. Hillary Clinton actually asked the Black Lives Matter people to tell her how to address criminal justice reform! What do they know? How does caring about something make you an expert? Why is no one willing to stand up and say, “Look, you’re angry, sure, but you’re also quite wrong.”

Well, it’s refreshing to know that Americans aren’t buying this crap. Maybe we won’t dismantle our justice system in service of liberal lies after all. Sense will prevail, and blacks, whites, and everyone else can work together to make this country strong again.

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