Americans Break Silence About State Of The Country

A new USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll has shown that around two-thirds of American voters are currently displeased with the country’s direction.

According to the survey which had 1,000 registered voters responding, about 65 percent said that America is not heading in the correct direction. In a similar poll from last December, only around 57 percent of Americans had a similar belief.

This negative perspective, however, does not only have to do with the Democratic side which is currently in control of the House, Senate, and White House until January. In January after all, Republicans are expected to win control of the House.

However, the respondents did not appear confident in the abilities of either party to put America on the right track. When asked about their outlook on the new year, 24 percent said they were “worried”, 18% chose to say “exhausted” while 11 percent opted for fearful.

Still, there were those who were on the other side with 39 percent of respondents saying they were “hopeful” while 5 percent even went as far as to say they were “enthusiastic.”

In terms of the issues that the country is currently facing, 35 percent of the voters said that high inflation and the economy were their primary concerns with the change in Congress.

The second most important issue appeared to be the “threat to democracy” with about 12 percent, while immigration came in spot number three with 10 percent.

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