Americans Are Left Behind In Ukraine War Zone

An investigation by the Daily Mail from the United Kingdom has revealed that many Americans were fleeing Ukraine in buses to neighboring Romania as Vladimir Putin’s military struck the nation on Thursday, but thousands still were left behind.

While the administration of Joe Biden has issued advisories for Americans to leave Ukraine in recent days the situation was reminiscent of his abrupt withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan months ago, at a time when he left behind hundreds of Americas, thousands of U.S.-supporting nationals and some $80 billion in war machinery for the terrorists of the Taliban to have.

The Daily Mail’s review explained a Project Dynamo was operating, set up by Bryan Stern, a 26-year military vet, to take Americans from Ukraine on buses on Romania.

The publication explained it spoke with individuals among 23 Americans leaving Kiev in several vehicles on Thursday.

Stern, who reportedly saved some 2,000 people trying to escape from Kabul last year, was helping American evacuees into several vehicles which were being driven to Romania while “missiles fell from the sky,” the report said.

The U.S. State Department has been unable to provide a number of Americans left in Ukraine but estimates are as high as 30,000. Officials now are telling anyone still there to go by land to Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia or Moldova.

“There are thousands of Americans and NATO ally-citizens that are left in Ukraine right now and it’s about to be Soviet-occupied Russia,” Stern, a former Navy Lt. Commander, told

He said there were 23 in two vehicles, including an American woman who arrived in Kiev for her father’s funeral only days ago.

Stern said the individuals were still in Ukraine for a variety of reasons,.

“None of them thought this would happen. There is just total disbelief. Deep down, we thought ‘he’s not Saddam Hussein. He is not that bad.’ But just like that, he achieved war criminal status,” Stern said on Russia President Putin.

He explained that in some perspectives, evacuating Americans from Afghanistan wasn’t has difficult since the Taliban at that time wasn’t using air missiles and such.

The report explained, “Stern said he has not asked the group if they feel abandoned by Biden, but he sided with the U.S. military decision not to ‘rush in to World War III.’ ‘I actually agree right now from the U.S. government perspective that at least for now, in these early days, that the military is not here.'”

He noted Biden went on television to say, “leave now, we will not come and get you.”

“As much as that pains me to hear, I appreciate the honesty of those statements. I haven’t asked them [if they’ve felt abandoned] … but I can tell you at least two people have cried in my arms,” he told the publication.

He said he expects “the mess and chaos of Kabul times 100.”

His organization has a website presence, at

Flights all were canceled in the region as the airports were shut down by the missile attacks.

The scenario in Kabul was slightly different, as American troops had been on the ground, but abruptly were pulled out on Biden’s orders.

That left at risk the hundreds of American citizens who were still there, the thousands of Afghanis who supported the U.S., as well as all that war machinery, including Black Hawk helicopters and Humvees.

Human Rights Watch then confirmed many former police and intelligence officers left behind in the pullout were being executed.

The Taliban had announced “amnesty” but the HRW’s “‘No Forgiveness for People Like You,’ Executions and Enforced Disappearances in Afghanistan under the Taliban” report confirmed at least 100 dead at the time of that report.

“The Taliban leadership’s promised amnesty has not stopped local commanders from summarily executing or disappearing former Afghan security force members,” explained Patricia Gossman, associate Asia director at Human Rights Watch. “The burden is on the Taliban to prevent further killings, hold those responsible to account, and compensate the victims’ families.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation also revealed that a Taliban official was open about the terrorist group’s plans to return harsh punishments to the country.

Mullah Nooruddin Turabi, who previously served as the Taliban’s justice minister and is now serving to enforce its extreme interpretation of Islam, told the Associated Press that the country will be ruled under strict Islamic law and return to executions and cutting off hands.

“Cutting off of hands is very necessary for security,” Turabi said.

At one point, a report contended “that the State Department believes as many as 14,000 United States legal permanent residents remain in Afghanistan.”

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  1. just another example of a useless individual supposedly the Commander in Chief that should be removed by any means necessary. Or at the very least rename his position Clown in Chief, but that is a disparaging remark to professional Clowns.
    He should be charged with Treason and Mass murder.

  2. Joe Biden and his evil regime has brought disgrace to this country and they have the blood of many on their hands! Including Covid deaths! Justice may be a long time coming but you better believe it will come. They stole the presidency and day by day dismantle everything that has made this country great. They think they’re gonna get away with it but I hate to tell ya, this nation belongs to God and He WILL bring righteous judgment!

  3. I think Biden is weak and foolish, but this is different from Afghanistan. Any American who did not leave as the Russian build up occurred has only themselves to blame. When you are in foreign lands you have to be vigilant and be ready to leave if things get dicey.

  4. I absolutely agree with you Bill, however, did anybody really expect a different result from our commander in chief who failed the third grade Google it to verify.

  5. So what else is new, do nothing biden is a menace for Americans in countries where he encourages war against that country, this cheating fraudulent incompetent so called president needs to be impeached if the coward doesn’t voluntarily resign

  6. I remember telling my Montanyard interpreter not to trust the US government in 1972. Eventually foreigners will learn this! Glad I have been retired for 30 years.

  7. Its the same ol Same ol, Biden is useless. What I don’t get is they were warned, get out, stop relying on this administration proven in Afghanistan, They will not assist you or anyone else. It does not support their needs, we as Americans are not recognized, foreigners get better treatment, We pay the Taxes and fund this administration for nothing. Americans pay out the nose for all countries while ours goes into ruins.
    Biden and Pelosi, Schumer, Dems, are corrupt, and get away with inside trading etc., Spending and ridiculous ideas. Whom ever voted for these idiots should embrace the pitfalls of their decision. They are the first to Cry. Its like when a hurricane is coming people wait till last minute to stock up or leave, Crying there is long lines at fuel stations and no water and food in grocery stores. The Blame is on your decisions, Reap what you Sow

    • If this had happened with Trump in charge the same would’ve happen because he’s buddy-buddy with Putin. Trump has dreams of being just like Putin and Xi Jinping. He’s an autocrat in the making like those two dictators.

  8. Someone bring our people home and drop Biden off in Ukraine and leave him there PLEASE!!!! So he left Americans in Afghanistan and now is leaving some in Ukraine where next? Biden has to be stopped from destroying our country and its people.

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