Americans Admit Biden Failed Terribly

An Election tracker by CBS News/ YouGov has shown that the majority of Americans are not happy with the country’s direction and are blaming President Joe Biden for the state of the economy.

The poll which was released on Sunday shows that the momentum that had been building for the Democrats appears to be dwindling as the Democrats are trying to find ways to stay in control of the House. Economic concerns are also at the forefront of voters.

The poll showed that over 70% of voters believed Biden to be at fault for the economy and 45% have said that Biden was “a great deal” responsible.

Of those polled, 15% said that the economy was improving, while 65% said that the situation was worsening. Twenty percent thought that there was no change.

The change in gas prices has also not helped as 63% said that in their area gas prices were increasing.
Around 68% of those who were polled said that the Biden administration should be taking more actions to curb inflation. Between September 2021 and September 2022, the inflation rate was reportedly 8.2%.

The poll also showed that the Republican party was most likely going to gain control of the House in the November midterm elections winning 224 seats, while Democrats would only have 211.

Currently, Democrats have 220 seats, just 2 more seats than the ones required for control of the House.

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  2. FRAUDULENT “elections” ran by the “deep state wealthy elite CABAL” to “install”, “their Chosen”communist chinese bought and owned “puppets” have consequences, and my friends as this republic is destroyed, you are seeing the “results” of allowing a FRAUDULENT ‘election’ to stand.

    • I agree 100%. The people need to take this country back to what it was meant to be. A government for the PEOPLE! We have been “Sheeple” for too long. We elect the people in those positions to work for us not against us. Right now, we are working for those in power to become rich and richer as the people get poor and poorer!

  3. The most aggravating thing about where the country is at this point in time, is that it was all predicted to be a consequence of electing the Demented Dipschitt currently occupying the Oval Office. Every single problem was predicted from A to Z, and people didn’t listen.
    Joe Biden AKA McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants was the absolute worst choice to nominate for the Presidency. The man has stood for nothing but corruption and graft his entire career. He’s also a Raving Idiot, a Coward, a Narcissist, and a Pathological Liar.
    Anyone who votes for Democrats needs serious Psychiatric Intervention.

    • EXACTLY!! Boxes of votes for DTrump are still being discovered stashed away,never counted…Biden history in politics SHOWS him continuously going after retirement funds..

  4. Biden is a complete failure! Everything he touches turns to poo!

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