America Somehow Survives “Day Without Immigrants”

A few restaurants and coffee stands may have closed up shop on Thursday, but somehow the United States made it through a “Day Without Immigrants,” the protest strike organized in Washington, D.C. and throughout the country. Does this prove that we can indeed start deporting people?

Anyway, we’re sure plenty of people were inconvenienced and we’re sure plenty of business owners lost some money, and we’re sure everyone learned a real, lasting lesson about immigration.

Except…who ever denied that immigrants were an important fixture in the country? Who, other than a handful of Republicans, is even talking about immigration? Who thinks the country would be better off without any immigrants? This is a non-issue.

Oh, were you guys talking about ILLEGAL immigration? You should have said so! Because that’s a whole different issue. We know y’all leftists like to leave the “illegal” part out of it, but we can’t let you PC your way out of this one. This isn’t like subbing in “pro-choice” for “pro-abortion,” where everyone knows what you’re actually talking about. This is like saying “alternative housing” when you really mean “prison.”

Seeing as how the entire protest was predicated on this kind of deceptive advertising, you won’t be surprised to learn that the demands of these activists were quite a bit more asinine than “Don’t Deport Dreamers.” On the organizing Facebook page, you can see how radical these protesters really are.

Their demands include:

  • Remove U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers from Washington, D.C. (Hmm, how about…no.)
  • Have state governments reimburse sanctuary cities that lose federal funding. (That’s up to them, but there’s going to be a lot of pissed off taxpayers.)
  • Remove the undocumented mark from Washington, D.C. driver’s licenses. (You really don’t want to go there.)
  • Affirm that Washington, D.C. will not support the creation of a Muslim registry or surveillance. (Non-citizens making demands about issues that have nothing to do with them. Amazing.)
  • Cease “unchecked police violence committed against immigrants, including black people and all people of color.” (Sure, but please provide some evidence that this “unchecked police violence” exists before we get started.)

Much like the Women’s March and Black Lives Matter, this is a far-left movement masquerading as a mainstream, let’s-all-get-along festival of diversity. They’re organizing around the EVIL SPECTER of TRUMP, but they are actually trying to undermine and dismantle American sovereignty, democracy, and the law.

Is that wall up yet?






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  1. There were protests today? Didn’t notice it in my neck of the woods here in North Carolina. And you’re absolutely right, this was a protest parading as a mask to shield BLM, the Muslim brotherhood and other black militant groups to conduct or further their divisive agenda against the majority. When you only represent 13% of the population, your methods and message must be sneaky in nature.

    • Here in San Diego it was not noticeable . This is interesting because of the massive number of illegal and legal aliens here. There are so many that it is like roaches running around . they are a destructive force upon services that are paid by taxpayers, cause housing costs to increase, and a danger to public safety. We built a border fence that works here. Now the government escorts them around it and than gives them a check

      • I thought things in New Jersey with bad!

      • I wonder if the DON could clone himself and run for governor of your state…?? mmmm he may have to change his name a little, say to Donda Jose Manuel Trump…

      • The illegals were probably the ones that were not protesting for fear they would lose their jobs. It’s the a$$hole green card holders that are doing the protesting and the usual “liberal white guilt and white privilege crowd” that pull this crap.

        • Don’t forget the past Amnestied people who still call Americans GRINGO and just want to bring in more to EL NORTE to take advantage of the free stuff for their families and cash in hand from their employer untaxed.

  2. The Dems haven’t paid any attention to silly details like the difference between legal and illeagle immigrents. It would not help their agenda to tear down the U.S.A. more than they already have.

    • The (D) Nazi get Confused by “DETAIL THINKING” and the mote Grandiose they get towards total Anarchy the More they LOSE!

    • Economically, the label “legal” or “illegal” doesn’t make any difference. Fortunately there are Democrats to save the country from Republicans. In four years we will make America great again.

  3. hurryb up wall since we have judges that favor terrist

    • That’s not true.

      • Any proof?

      • of course we do that is why that hore in Washington state, home to a huge bunch of socialist/communist hores, struck down the President Trump mandate…and the same can be said of those hores at the 9th pervert loving appellate circus….rumors have it that those perverts get reversed around 85% of the time…that will not need to happen for 2 reasons. The Don (the current President of the USA) has written a new order. and the Don, as President of the USA can, without congressional approval or pervert court approval, dictate executive orders that are relative to United States border integrity…i.e. if he wants to close the borders he can close the borders. Any folks that are A. US citizens can return home. B. Foreign Diplomats may re enter the country. C. Any Foreign National with a valid green card may be allowed to enter…..ALL OTHERS can be barred from entry..

        • Kent, you’re using “logic” on AdvocateNurse…doesn’t work on libs. They have their “prescribed” speaking points to which they adhere.


    • They for got that immigrants are not the same as illegal immigrants. Real legal Immigrants spend the time and money to be here. Groups, like MS13, say, Laws? We got no Laws. We don’t have to follow your stinking Laws.

      • and we do not have to follow any protocol when we process them right through the front door of the prison directly to the back wall…sorry fresh out of blindfolds….”READY, AIM….

        • Hey babyyyy! Lockie Load, its time to turn some MUZZ into cat food.

          They are running around our country like they own the place. While Obama was giving away our stuff like it was free. I want to see some people behind bars for treason and terminated for what they have done to this country, and the world.

          • My big old tomcat Trayvon (I named him after Obama’s “son”) lol prefers Meow Mix. Those muzzies probably smell like camel dung to him. ha ha

          • I would love to see their assets taken away. Just think demos with no money, cars, homes etc

  5. I know what the President should do with all of these anti American liberal Democrat Obama loving Judges. Send all of them to Iraq or Yemen to face their Shariah Law. I’d like to see them suffer. Because they want to let these Islamic Terrorists into America so they can do just that to all of us.

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    • I haven’t done the research yet but I would expect that a president, as the head of the federal government, should be able to fire anybody he or she wants for treason if these judges rule against a law passed by Congress and approved by a president or set forth by the Constitution.

      • Unfortunately I believe these are lifetime appointments and the only way to remove them is impeachment.

        • I am of the understanding that every official that is either elected or appointed if therefore not an employee and therefore works within the boundaries of a “trust agreement while in good behavior”. As such if they do not perform within the “good behavior” guidelines they have technically broken the “trust” of the citizens whom the president is responsible to. Not knowing the precise details I would like to see it tried in order to find out for sure what is possible. I hear that Mark Levine is supposed to be a Constitutional Lawyer but I have never gotten through to his program line yet.

  6. I do beleive they thought they were farther along with one world order than we are. They have been placed on radar every move they make is now being watched thank god & President Trump! Was this a fake story about Hilly being stopped from flying to Bahrain with billions? Only the guilty run. A country with no extradition laws wouldnt stop our government from jailing that Dem Hillary! I want to know why no one was held accountable for the 3 1/2 billion SOS Hillary cant account for ? What is un american is to continue to let these illegal fruit flys suck us dry?

    • That was Obamas job, to destroy America so there was no turning back. He did a lot of damage but actually was a failure. He knew it and then tried to pass the torch to Hildabeast. Thank God Trump came along exactly when we needed someone to shake up the American people, at least the ones with brains and common sense. But then, if she had won we would probably be involved in civil war which is inevitable to remove the subversive liberals from this country. They will not leave willingly so a civil action will have to be undertaken.

  7. if they cannot faace a 30 day halt for [mm. from those 7 countries while we get safety measures in place then they are for terri. brcause I live in Texas where we have faced terr. actions by illegal aliens not all are chrimanials but those that are need to go home

  8. Actually, I didn’t notice this “historic” day even happened. Also, I would love to really experience even one day without illegal alien crimminals. Now THAT, would be historic. BTW, there was no such day. They were still here, killing people with mugging and dui, and sucking up tax dollars with free housing, welfare and health care, paid for by us.

  9. get that wall built and start deporting all of these ungrateful users. go home and fix up Mexico and make your demands there.

    • Frances Chute Quinn…You said it Girl and so, so correct! It feels really good to read comments as yours,,for sure!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Frances. But they’re not interested in fixing up Mexico. They just want to come here for free handouts from left wing politicians in exchange for votes.

      • You said:
        “They just want to come here for free handouts from left wing politicians in exchange for votes.”
        You should be informed enough to know that is a lie. So why did you say it? They come here because American business says “if you can sneak in, we have jobs for you (they don’t pay much, but when we lay you off or you get sick, we will have the government take care of you until we need you again)

        • Sure. I’ve said it for years now. The Democrats want them here so they can buy left wing votes for freebies. And the neocon phonies, aka establishment Republicans want them here for cheap labor. Those of us who are true conservatives don’t want them here at all. Take the sugar off the table, whether it’s provided by the left wing radical DemoRats or the neocon phonies and the ants won’t stick around.

          • You can get rid of illegal immigration two ways. A wall is not one of them.
            1. A $10,000 fine PER PERSON for any business that hires illegal immigrants. Use the 1,000 new border patrol agents to enforce it. If the jobs dry up, the immigration dries up. In fact, more illegals are leaving the country right now than entering it.
            2. Take our foreign aid that we are spending on Africa and Eastern Europe and spend it all on the Americas (Monroe Doctrine). If a Mexican can get a $4.00 per hour job at home with his family, he will not travel to the US for a $7.00 job. For Republicans, this should be a no brainer. Black Democrats will oppose taking money from Africa. but it wouldn’t cost a Republican ten votes total.
            But neither party wants it to end. Republicans, especially the Teabaggers, are owned by business and can’t afford to annoy them. Democrats have a soft spot for the underdog. That is why Trump is talking a “wall” even though it is useless. Great rhetoric and makes conservatives “feel good” without upsetting the system.

          • You’re partly right. A wall would help. But stiff fines against anybody hiring them along with imprisoning left wing radical politicians who want to turn their sanctuary cities into colonies where they don’t have to follow federal immigration laws would be a final nail in the coffin of illegal invaders. As for the Republicans, you’ve got the wrong group which is to blame. The Tea Party is made up of true conservatives, who want an end to the illegal invasion of this country. As I said before, the Republicans at fault are the establishment neocons. They’re the same liars and phonies who campaign as conservatives until getting into office and becoming good little Obama loving, left wing Democrats.

          • A wall would be a minor inconvenience. We have thousands of miles of unfenced shoreline where much of the drug traffic comes in anyway.
            We wouldn’t have an illegal immigrant problem if we hadn’t made them illegal. They are here and we need them. Why did we decide to make them illegal? Stupid.
            Reagan recognized that and had amnesty. Interesting how conservatives revere him, but if he could run today on his record he would be driven out of the country by Teabaggers. RINO would be the nicest thing they would say.

  10. And America will survive the upcoming day without (vag-hat wearing) women. Fringe groups should actually assess their impact BEFORE running it up the flagpole. But then we’d lose the humor in their antics.

  11. What will Howard Schultz do? I was terribly worried myself….whew.

  12. Gregory Sarmas Sr.

    This is dovetails off of the above story and it is how about employers check the status of prospective employees before hiring them ??Immigration is great so long as its legal.

  13. I agree 100% take out the trash, we did not invite them here to destroy our country, how dare they protest in OUR COUNTRY! GET OUT AND TAKE YOUR FAMILIES WITH YOU WE DON’T WANT TO BREAK THEM UP NOW DO WE!

    • Every protestor without proof of citizenship should be arrested and sent packing. No if’s and’s or but’s. I can drive a 18 wheeler. I would be happy to haul a load or ten down to a border crossing. Lots of truckers sitting around just waiting for a load to haul.

      • WOW, now that you mention it maxx, it sounds awesome would be so nice if t was possible! I would gladly move out of the way of all those 18 wheelers anytime for sure!

      • How many can we fit into the trailer. They come in that way so why not send them back that way and don’t say it is unhumane or in constitutional.

  14. Nice article but doesn’t go far enough in berating the scum-sucking Dimwitocrats!

  15. I say that we don’t need any other immigrants. We have many more low criminal in jail that can be released to do their jobs and it will be way less cost than illegals. I say take you selves and your families and go home.

  16. We all hear how illegals contribute to our nation but the left ignores that it was illegals who raped a 1 month baby old killing her, a 9 month old baby killing her, a 9 year old, gang raped a 14 year old, and the list goes on and on, they forget to mention the murders, muggings DUI’s gang killings, rapes of adults and other felonies committed by illegals. I suggest they all face the parents, children and victims of illegals and tell them what a great contribution these illegals make. I’m sure they will be thrilled to hear how not vetting these felons out before they cross our borders and commit these crimes is such a great contribution to our nation. 20% of our prison population consist of illegals yet they are less than 2% of our population. I’d say they contribute a little too much if you like crimes.

    • Somewhere I read that over 35% of illegals, no matter where they come from are living on some sort of welfare benefits. The money they get far, far exceeds the projected cost of building a wall. If they really want to cut the cost of a barrier, then install land mines 200 feet inside the US and post warning signs in multiple languages “DANGER, LAND MINES PRESENT, CROSSING MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH”. This is working very well for Israel.

  17. I have a neighbor who is a legal immigrant from Mexico. Have known him since he moved in 5 or 6 years ago. He is a steel worker, the kind that walks around on those steel beams as a buildings framework is being put together. I have his house key and he has mine in the event of some emergency. We don’t hang out together like buddies all the time but when ever we are outside at the same time he comes over or I go over and we visit. If I need an extra pair of hands or he does, we both know we can count on the other guy to be there. When he goes on vacation I collect his mail and vise versa. This is how immigration is supposed to be.

  18. 1. One new federal law, making it a federal felony to aid and abet the criminal aliens, carrying a 4 years mandatory minimum prison sentence, with out possibility of parole. convicted fekllons do not get to vote.12. 2.President Trump should ask for a volunteer border force to be stationed along the border at 1/4 miles intervals
    all volunteers to supply their own weapons and ammo and sleeping bags, to bed by the government 2 meals a day, I can give three months year
    Illegal crossersto be shot where found, leave the bodies lay there, 90 days no one will be trying to cross.

  19. The only thing deemed illegal to Progressive/Socialists is our Constitution.

  20. Of course. Did you really think it would have a major effect?

  21. The protest did not bother me in the least. The only thing that bothers me is the stupid people on the left that are trying to destroy our country. Send them to Syria and let the Syrians come here. Most of them would probably appreciated the US much more than our own people

  22. No one missed them when they took the day off. This shows they are irrelevant. All they are doing here is leeching tax dollars off of us through giveaway programs instituted by Obama and his regime in hopes of buying their votes. Time to send them back where they came from.

  23. could we have a few more days of “Days without illegal aliens?’

  24. When I saw Illegals marching down American streets (on TV) and heard the chant of “I DESERVE, I’M ENTITLED!) my heart turned cold as ice. Democrat Liberals ruined the Illegals. They will never make good citizens if given Amnesty. They MUST NOT REMAIN IN AMERICA!
    We already will have a Nation within a Nation with the fast tract Citizenship given to Muslim Refugees regardless of whether they assimilate or not. That’s not right and should be stopped. Assimilated Westernized Muslims are welcome but we know many will never assimilate and will forever be a thorn in America’s side.
    Unassimilated Muslims plus self entitled and self-deserving Illegals will destroy America. This is the true TROJAN HORSE!

  25. Who says I need illegal aliens to make my tacos? Besides, I’m a “steak and baked potato” kind of guy anyway. I didn’t miss the illegal Mexicans one bit. The illegal ones need to go back to where they belong – their own country!

  26. Maybe if they don’t like our laws ,they should move to some ace that would better suit them! Like Mexico,or one of the Muslim country’s around the world . OH YA! they don’t want them either! LOL

  27. I myself am retired but I can just bet that by the Illegals not showing up for work or school didn’t make a bit of difference! All these fool Illegals don’t seem to accept nor understand that they don’t belong here in America, being here Illegal is against the laws of The United States,,PERIOD! It had to be a fun day for Americans that day! LOL I can just imagine…..

  28. Martin Alonso Zuniga

    Since the invaders have such a hard time with a meaningful narrative, I would like to clarify the issue and suggest: What about a forever without criminal illegal invaders!!!
    Oh, and if those illegals are soooo good that without them (that’s what they all say/scream/yell) USA will collapse, then, go back to your countries and make them
    prosper. Any takers? Neah, I guess not many…..

  29. How about we have a day without welfare to illegals and see how much money we save !?

  30. How about a day without paying illegals welfare?!
    See how much that would save America.

  31. All I can say is that for the first time in a long time my breakfast order did not get screwed up. I’m thinking that this could be due to the fact that the order taker on protest day spoke the same language that I used to give the order.

  32. Day without what????

  33. America Somehow Survives “Day Without Immigrants”
    Actually America could forever survive without “ILLEGAL” immigrants!

  34. It appears to me that The New Face of the Democratic Party is an Angry Negroid Congresswomen from the country of California. She uses the worst language on TV, in interviews and meetings with her peers, he name could be MAXINE WATERS. If you agree keep it going

    • Maxine Waters is an “entitlement” creature – she calls for a limo to take her across the street – even when a sky walk is available. The state of California is over 1/2 a trillion dollars in debt. That works out to a debt for every legal man woman and child in the state of about $11,500. Have you ever heard Maxine Waters – Barbara Boxer – or Nancy Pelosi say anything about how they plan to fix that? Hell no – they are too busy telling everyone else what they are doing wrong. I was in San Francisco and the Bay area in September. It looks like a third world country – garbage and graffiti everywhere, people passed out face down on the sidewalks and others just stepping over them and moving on. That’s Waters district she sure has done a hell of job. Worthless.

      • San Francisco was my favorite city in the country going back 50 years, it is a shame what liberalism has done to it. Socialism does not work in the United States. We should blame our selves for letting immature liberal away with destroying America.

  35. Let’s protest in front of the demos homes 5days straight and see how they like it. Better yet let’s do it when they are on break so we know they are there

  36. These illegals demanded a lot of things, unfortunately for them they will not be meet because we the real Americans along with President Trump will not meet them because stupid and idiotic.

  37. Sorry illegals, no one in our community even noticed. Maybe you are not as essential as the libs keep preaching to you that you are.

  38. Quit saying IMMIGRANTS – the correct term is ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!

  39. Illegal entry to the US appears to be rewarded. WHAT OTHER nation does that to an illegal?? Mexico jails the illegal entrant, &, I’m sure, other nations also do that.
    Illegal = ILLEGAL. No other way to put it, whether coming from another nation of the western hemisphere, the Mid-East, Far East, or EUROPE.

  40. HA HA HA, please let us have 365 days a year without illegal immigrants. I won’t miss them even one minute, so please more days without illegal immigrants. Stupidist thing I’ve ever heard of. LOL


  42. Heck If we SURVIVED 8 Years of O VOMIT policies for ENDING America .. we Sure can survive a ONE DAY without Illegal Immigrants in the work place…and I hear (D) party Nazi heads Explode again!! Their call to ANARCHY FAILED once MORE

  43. This nation was built by immigrants who came to the “Land of the Free” to work hard, contribute, prosper and become part of the fabric of a new great nation. Today, many still come with that same work ethic and ambition, but a growing number seem to be coming to the “Land of the Free” for free everything. They want to take whatever they can get and send half of it back to their country of origin as they participate in our society as little as possible.

  44. This nation was built by immigrants who came to the “Land of the Free” to work hard, contribute, prosper and become part of the fabric of a new great nation. Today, many still come with that same work ethic and ambition, but a growing number seem to be coming to the “Land of the Free” for free everything. They want to take whatever they can get and send half of it back to their country of origin as they participate in our society as little as possible.

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