America Somehow Survives “Day Without Immigrants”

A few restaurants and coffee stands may have closed up shop on Thursday, but somehow the United States made it through a “Day Without Immigrants,” the protest strike organized in Washington, D.C. and throughout the country. Does this prove that we can indeed start deporting people?

Anyway, we’re sure plenty of people were inconvenienced and we’re sure plenty of business owners lost some money, and we’re sure everyone learned a real, lasting lesson about immigration.

Except…who ever denied that immigrants were an important fixture in the country? Who, other than a handful of Republicans, is even talking about immigration? Who thinks the country would be better off without any immigrants? This is a non-issue.

Oh, were you guys talking about ILLEGAL immigration? You should have said so! Because that’s a whole different issue. We know y’all leftists like to leave the “illegal” part out of it, but we can’t let you PC your way out of this one. This isn’t like subbing in “pro-choice” for “pro-abortion,” where everyone knows what you’re actually talking about. This is like saying “alternative housing” when you really mean “prison.”

Seeing as how the entire protest was predicated on this kind of deceptive advertising, you won’t be surprised to learn that the demands of these activists were quite a bit more asinine than “Don’t Deport Dreamers.” On the organizing Facebook page, you can see how radical these protesters really are.

Their demands include:

  • Remove U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers from Washington, D.C. (Hmm, how about…no.)
  • Have state governments reimburse sanctuary cities that lose federal funding. (That’s up to them, but there’s going to be a lot of pissed off taxpayers.)
  • Remove the undocumented mark from Washington, D.C. driver’s licenses. (You really don’t want to go there.)
  • Affirm that Washington, D.C. will not support the creation of a Muslim registry or surveillance. (Non-citizens making demands about issues that have nothing to do with them. Amazing.)
  • Cease “unchecked police violence committed against immigrants, including black people and all people of color.” (Sure, but please provide some evidence that this “unchecked police violence” exists before we get started.)

Much like the Women’s March and Black Lives Matter, this is a far-left movement masquerading as a mainstream, let’s-all-get-along festival of diversity. They’re organizing around the EVIL SPECTER of TRUMP, but they are actually trying to undermine and dismantle American sovereignty, democracy, and the law.

Is that wall up yet?






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