America Rejects Crime, Corruption, and the Clintons

We’re not going to lie; it was touch and go there for a while. As hard as it was to believe, it looked like Americans were going to go out on election day and put their stamp of approval on one of the most corrupt politicians to ever run for the presidency. At a time when so many voters claimed to hate the Washington establishment, the polls indicated that Hillary Clinton – the poster child for everything wrong with D.C. – would be the next president of the United States.

Thank God that turned out to be a false alarm.

The destructive nature of Clinton’s presidency aside, her election alone would have been a dangerous low point for American democracy. And no, it would have had nothing to do with her gender.

It would have meant that Americans had totally lost all faith in this great republic. That we’re so used to political corruption that it doesn’t even bother us that a person like Hillary could be on the verge of an indictment one minute and delivering a presidential victory speech the next. That we were willing to turn a blind eye to the cheating and kingmaking that allowed Hillary to triumph over Bernie Sanders in the primaries. That we thought it was no big deal for a secretary of state to let everyone from sex predators to her maid peruse highly-classified national secrets.

It would have signaled our entry into uncharted territory. If we were willing to watch the establishment put this one over on us, what hope would we ever have of taking this country back? A phenomenon like the Trump movement wasn’t going to come around again. If we were ever going to take a stand for truth, liberty, and the rule of law, this was it.

And, by God, we did it.

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  1. Clinton is gone as a politician, thank you Jesus.

    • Her speech today sounded like she’s coming back.

      • I cant believe she actually thought he would have her “work with him” Umm NO

        • they’re words – just words – just like Pres. Obama was being “cordial” to Trump – they both can’t stand each other – all a dog and pony show.

          • Wow! This is the first post from you that made ANY sense!

          • Well – stay tuned – there’s more non-sense coming – cause I know YOU’LL understand it!

          • Well I must leave this vast wasteland of – waste – yes that’s what we will call it. Now you can commence with the name calling and wishing me well. It’s been a real treat!!! Still laughing. Just a note to all – make sure you put all of your “good brains” together and MAYBE, just MAYBE you’ll be able to make America great again – as if it wasn’t before Trump. Such a disgraceful human being to even state that. Bye-bye

      • She’ll be dead in 4 years.

      • I think her speech today made her think she is coming back. She offered Trump her assistance, but I think we are pretty safe to assume that president elect Trump is much smarter than that.

      • She did some major sucking up to President Trump. I think he has the brains to know how she operates. She and Obama need to see some prison time. She knows her time has ended.

        • Bill called Trump yesterday…I am sure he is trying to soften things so not to end of in debt and flat broke from having to pay delinquent taxes on there dealings with the foundation. She may get her wish and end up flat broke.

          • How much money does she need in prison?! That is where she should be, Obama too! The whole Democratic Party needs to be fired, fined, punished to the nth degree. All these protests are Soros funded and Democrat-supported. Being a Liberal is the same as joining a cult. We are now seeing the really evil socialist Obama and Hillary.

          • words, words, words – proof, proof, proof – that’s what we do in America – or have you forgotten? Fired? Fined? punished to the nth degree? Really, you mean like Senator John McCain was when he was a POW? And Trump “doesn’t care for people that are captured” what a moron. That . . . is your leader!!

          • Maybe you aren’t old enough to remember Nancy Sinatra and her treasonous actions in the Democrats Vietnam War. Where the liberal left draft dodgers fled the country. John McCain was one of those soldiers who the brainless draft dodgers would have spit on and called baby killers while demanding to abort their
            own babies. These people who want to call citizens of this great nation Morons make me sick.

          • Good – go take some pepto bismal. Don’t tell Trump that – he doesn’t like people “that are captured” – so he doesn’t like John McCain. He’s your “man” – or so called man.

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            This is why President Trump needs to arrest Soros and as a good will gesture, call Putin up and say, come get him, we have him in a cell waiting for you to pick him up on the international arrest warrant you have on him. Then get to Obama, his minions and Hillary. Every Muslim Brotherhood operative needs to be fired then arrested as they are a terrorist organization as are CAIR ISNA and many other Muslim groups whose goal is to take over the USA and turn it into a third world Muslim shit hole. Well now, the true American people have spoken loudly and told the DC crooks “Not so fast my friends”.

          • WOW!! Hard to believe there’s someone who thinks like me!! Again “WOW”!

          • Well there’s a lot of you sick people out there – why do you think the psychiatric field is so in need of help? Well now you know. Hope it’s on the way.

          • Yes, hope they load you in an ambulance for your next appointment! That way the psychiatrist can see you first!

          • Sorry – they save the best for last!!!

          • Yes I know I’m last in line for dueling with an empty headed @$$hole like you!

          • See – that’s how you get – filthy-mouthed when you’re losing the battle. That’s what Trump does, too. I guess you and Trump will get along just fine.

          • Shillary’s ambulance may be available now.

          • not the whole democratic party as there are many democrats that voted for Trump out of desperation against Hilary lets congratulate those democrats for recognizing the corruption.

          • My bad, John. I was speaking of the WH Dems., elected officials who cater to Obama; not the general Demo. population. God bless those who saw through Hillary and had the courage to make a change.

          • One can only hope!!

          • It’s funny how you make fun of her riches – but she came from rags to riches, unlike Trump who was born with a silver-spoon in his mouth. How could he POSSIBLY relate to the middle class and under? That’s right – he can’t – and he doesn’t have your back.

          • I was eluding to the ever lying Hillary. You know the one that left the White House flat broke. Do you like liars? I don’t..and she is the worst kind. Does Trump have bad baggage? He sure did but nothing like the do nothing Hillary. I am of a age that I have been around for the Clinton’s entire political criminal life and what I have seen is a pure criminal machine. They set the foundation up as a tax free status for the Clinton Library…now they live off of it and do their bidding from it for favors. That should scare every one. She may be found out to owe millions in back taxes. I hope she never has another day in the political lime light as she is “corrupt”.

          • Sweetheart – I don’t want to hear anything about “tax free” anything – because your illustrious leader has done MANY tax free free-loader situations anywhere he could – because that’s what he does and stands for. You keep calling Hillary a Criminal. Criminal means that they have been found “guilty” of something – and you people misuse the word all of the time. You’re just angry because you can’t get anything on something that isn’t there. And you have to come up with another word besides “corrupt”. That’s getting old.

          • Corrupt is the perfect word to describe that old washed up lying bag of a woman. Breathtakingly Stupid is a good description for you however troll.

        • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

          traitors get the death penalty. Obama and Hillary have both earned it.

          • why – what did they do? Come on – give me the list.

          • Obama will pardon Hillary and her minions, but Trump will not have her working for him. She’s finished!

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            You’re probably right about Obama giving her a pardon, Thieves of a feather flock together. It’s in his best interest to do so or he would certainly be implicated in at least Benghazi, which created ISIS, his JV team.

          • Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Hillary and Obama have a lot of crap on each other. Bad business in politics. Both corrupt to the core…and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            Put them side by side in Gitmo and they can remember the good old days together as they await their fates.

          • I’m curious – if Obama grants Hillary a preemptive plenary pardon that does not mean she cannot be called as a witness but may mean that she cannot defend refusal to answer on the grounds of self incrimination. Would she get into the Guinness book for a record number of things she does not remember? Or does she already have an entry?

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            She probably does under most corrupt woman in the history of politics.

          • I think she would get in there for being the person that has been attacked and wrongly accused of so many things for so many years. That would be the record.

          • A few people have accused her of being qualified to be President. Some even accused her of being truthful. Aside from those false accusations, she hasn’t been the victim of many that weren’t truthful. The accusations are in her own emails, especially the ones she claimed to have surrendered to the State Department but hadn’t. There’s overwhelming evidence of her lack of probity, and that’s without even getting into the issue of the Clinton foundation..

      • Not if Trump can help it. Giuliani said on Hannity the other night that no one is above the law and if he was AG he would prosecute her. It looks like Trump is going to make Giuliani AG. Hillary is toast. Even if Obama gives her a blanket pardon before he leaves office, he can’t pardon everyone else involved in their criminal syndicate like Bill, Chelsea, Weiner, Abedin, and dozens more.

      • Just like with Al Capone, they could never get him for all the crimes but they got him on TAXES. The IRS will have a big day with the Clinton Foundation as well as the Clintons. As an aside, how did NBC justify paying Chelsea for her first job out of college $600,000.00 per year for three years. This had to be a clue that NBC was in bed with the Clintons.

        • Same way organizations justify paying a quarter million for a twenty minute speech. It isn’t legal to bribe politicians, but it is legal to pay a daughter six hundred thousand – or a speaker a quarter million. There are laws, and they must be followed – sort of.

    • <3 <3 Amen <3 <3 !!! !

    • Never count that vindictive hag out. I am still in shock yet happily so.

      • well maybe Trump will send you back into shock – when he gets back to his natural, arrogant and “tweeting” self. Can’t believe that he hasn’t been forced to give up his twitter account? What President acts that way? Oh, oh, I know – Trump!

        • I would much rather have Trump with a Twitter account than Hillary with her total and complete incompetence.

          • well good – maybe he’ll slip up and send something “secretive” out. And you don’t hold a position for close to 30 years if you are incompetent. Once again, nothing has been proven – but you people don’t like to see that or admit it. Darn shame.

          • What’s a “damned shame” is the fact that so my like you can’t see or refuse to accept that Hillary is a corrupt, criminal politician who has only sought office to satisfy her own lust for power and enhance her wealth. She is evil, she is Socialist and she is antithetical to what this country stands for. If you want to see ego in action, watch her.

          • Antithetical? Wow – what this country stands for? You mean like calling women derogatory names? Making fun of the handicap? sexually harrassing women – well . . . because he has money and he things he can? Really? You are probably right – I REFUSE to accept that as what this country stands for. And is she the only CORRUPT politician there has ever been? well – hell no – she was just the one that was caught!! Very sad for you.

          • While she is definitely NOT (including Republicans) the only politician who has been corrupt, she is certainly quite expert at it. Corruption and criminal acts are something we should NEVER accept from any politician. So, I guess you’re saying that corruption and criminal activity in office are acceptable as long as it’s Hillary? Further, I’d take a look at what some of these women had to say about Trump. Let’s look at statement made by Rosie O’Donnell and others. What’s a shame is that you only choose to see one side of the argument. It is I who am sad for you.

          • The shame is that he was the one that said it first and attacked a female. We all heard it at the debate – everyone heard it. Hillary was used as a scape goat – NEVER accept corruption? And how do you avoid that? It’s been around forever – not sure how old you are, but if that is something we “should NEVER accept from any politician” why are they still there and voted back in? Explain that one. No one decent gets into politics because it’s not for the decent people – they don’t last. But she was the lesser of two evils.

          • So, you are saying that we should accept lack of morals, ethics and a desire to serve the people, not their own interest? To answer your questions, I’m 60 years old, I was a police lieutenant and retired after 37 years. So, no; I don’t accept corruption from anyone, and simply because most are corrupt, doesn’t mean we should accept it. In my mind, Trump was not the best choice, but I’ve yet to see any proof of him being involved in criminal activity. On the other hand, my experience as a criminal investigator tend to cause be to believe Hillary has been and continues to be knee-deep in criminal government and personal corruption. We’ll simply have to agree to disagree, but under no circumstances would I support Hillary over anyone short of Hitler or Stalin.

          • Only knee deep?? More like up to at least her eyebrows if you ask me!!

          • I agree, old codger. Bad choice of metaphors.

          • Well I was for Trump at the beginning, I wanted change from the status quo, however, the more Trump talked (and showed his ignorance) the more my mouth dropped at the things that were actually coming out of his mouth. Lack of morals, ethics and a desire to serve the people? Really? You just described Trump to the “T”. Morals – proven that he has no tolerance for others different than him or believe different than him; ethics – well we’ve seen that on TV – desire to serve the people? What philanthropic deed has he done? When Trump Towers was being built by Polish immigrants at $4.00/hr – and we know how old Trump Towers is and in this day and age $4.00/hr, wow – and he decided not to pay this immigrants when the Towers were completed. The lead project manager for the immigrants held the PM from Trump Towers over the side of the building and said they were going to drop him to his death unless they were paid. Nonetheless, Trump agreed to pay these people – but didn’t. This was on CSPAN – that nobody seems to watch. Trump knew that these people were too poor to take him to court – so – he won – he won ripping people off. Just like he does with his taxes (which supports our military) so you can see how he supports the military. Just too much wrong with him – and he’s got pending court cases, too – we’ll see where that goes.

          • Trumps’ shortcomings are nothing compared to Hillary’s. Start by researching the dead bodies behind her and Bill. Way too many unanswered questions for this old cop. Usually, in such cases you look for the common denominator. In these cases that common denominator is Hillary and Bill.

          • understood.

          • You are correct!! I believe the last list was at something like 53 “strange and mysterious” deaths! I think 2 of them were deemed suicides with 2 gunshots to the back of the head?? Sounds more like a Mafia (Clinton’s) hit than suicide but who am I? I was never a police officer! LOL!
            Question of/ for the day!! Why is it that whenever someone is going to testify on a Clinton they end up “DEAD”??? Inquiring minds wish to know, which leaves out candiladi13. BTW, is the candi that’s referred to in your screen name crack cocaine or something similar?? It would explain a lot!

          • You must be laughing at your own witty self – but showing your ignorance every posting. Sorry – I think you’re the one on crack – because you’re just sick to the core. But I see the similarities with you and Trump – now I know why you support him so much. Two of a kind.

          • Get your face out of HildaBEASTs crack, it’s rotting your brain!

          • Sure if you get your ass off of Trump’s face!

          • You sure that she even HAS a brain?

          • “AWESOME QUESTION”! I took someones advise and blocked her asinine rants. I don’t even have to see her posted crap anymore! If your not sure how to block anyone for that matter, when your cursor is on the post look for the little down arrow in the upper right hand corner. Click on it and you get 2 options: block user or flag as inappropriate.

            God Bless

          • Thank you for your service for 37 years Snowman45. The current situation must drive you crazy! I am USArmy-Ret. and ready to explode over the “protesting” Democrat/Soros funded. This shows just how far this country has fallen in the last 8 years under socialist rule. I agree, our choices were limited, but the people voted and their voices were heard. I’m 66 and have never seen such corruption and deceit in our government.

          • Thank you, sgmma. Yeah, it’s very hard to stomach all of this mess.

          • Ya got me by a couple of months. U.S.A.F. ’69 to ’76. I agree 100% plus with your post!

          • We “old codgers” have to stick together. Remembering the good ole days is getting harder and harder. Glad to see we are on the same page. God bless!

          • Thank you for your service to our country!

          • Likewise!!

          • Wow – never? I guess Watergate never came to mind? And I’m sure there is others – we probably just hadn’t heard about it.

          • Watergate pales in comparison to these crimes in our government right now.

          • your opinion only. He was found GUILTY – she WAS NOT. When does the color come in?

          • Clinton and her corrupt cronies protect each other. Nixon was a saint compared to the Obamas, Clintons and their minions.

          • May God strike you down for calling that CRIMINAL a saint!! That’s just wrong on so many levels.

          • Not worried, I’m good with God.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Is that the tolerant liberal speech? How sweet of you, honey.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            As more and more leaks are coming out daily, she IS guilty of multiple crimes!!! If it had not been for the meeting on the tarmac, she would have been indicted for sure.

          • Soros is still funding those protestors. They should be arrested and put in jail, but the police aren’t allowed to do anything, as we all know.

          • What does this say about the Liberals and our government? It is a cult. Obama and Hillary are enjoying every minute of this! Obama could put an end to it but chooses not to. Soros is so evil the Satan is afraid of him. Sick, sick individuals. Wait until someone is hurt or killed, because it will escalate soon to that. The blood is on Obama, Soros and Hillary but they are accustomed to that.

          • Just like the country’s unrest is due to Trump’s divisiveness and racist comments. This is what he created with his lewd comments on women and attacking people NOT like him.

          • The unrest in the country is fueled by Soros and Obama. Soros funded these protests. Obama should be held accountable for treason against the president-elect. That is a federal offense. Just add it to the list of crimes committed by this POS.

          • You can’t blame it on a few people – this was fueled by a lot of different factors. I know you’d like to blame them because that makes everything easy. Treason has to be proven – not just said by Trump supporters.

          • Well, how about giving us an example of Trump’s supposed racism? Simply because killary called him that, and the biased ass-kissing media chanted it daily doesn’t make it true now does it troll? Proof.

          • What about Billy Bob?? Raping/ taking advantage of/ dipping cigars in a woman’s nether region/ receiving oral sex/ trips to pedophile island, etc., etc.! And HildaBEAST/ Hil-LIAR-y/ Broom Hilda sticking up for and DEFENDING his sorry @$$ and defaming ALL the women that came forward. Just saw an article, can’t vouch for it’s reliability, saying she went along to pedophile island, guess she too wanted some underage splits too!
            What a oxymoron you try to portend!! Trumps guilty and Slicky/ HildaBEAST are innocent!
            SHE/ IT LOST!! Deal with it! All your to late to do anything “WHINING” is just that. Whining.
            Can you say crying over spilled milk, closing the barn door AFTER the livestock left the building??

          • Sorry Candi she is the embodiment of evil, but there is still hope for her if she turns to Jesus Christ. The one whom she mocked and was intent on removing from the Democratic Party. God loves all of us Democrats & Republicans & Independents and will forgive us if we turn to Him.

          • Well I guess if we all had a microphone or our e-mails were critiqued constantly, I think there would be no one left who had not said an unkind word. For your information, Trump was just baptized 2 weeks ago – but that still won’t make a difference on how he practices being a Christian – or what a Christian should be.

          • Fighting on the Internet is like being in the Special Olympics. Even if you win you’re still handicapped !

          • No, the sadness is for you and others of your ilk. This election was for the “soul” of America. Hopefully with the election of D. Trump, as flawed as he is, we will have left behind a legacy of open borders, globalism and a failed economy. Whether you want to believe it or cannot understand it, AMERICA wanted Donald Trump. So like Obama said to the Republicans, after his win in 2008, “We won, get over it!” DITTO in the 2016 election…”WE WON, GET OVER IT!”

          • Well dogtrainer – sorry – I won’t get over it!! The other Heads of State say that Trump needs to be “tolerant of others different from him”. Why do they say that? Because he’s a lunatic!! And we don’t just have to please the people of the US, but also GET ALONG with our allies and enemies. He doesn’t have the temperament for it – he will screw up somewhere along the line – this is where we need the EXPERIENCE. There were 12 other candidates – and this is what we end up with? Wow – so sad.

          • MOVE to some 3rd world country stupid

          • such an intelligent response!!! Yes – we need more like you!!


          • There’s those capital letters again – better get some counseling for your anger issues!

          • And less like you. Take the hint.


          • Yep – better get that counseling over the weekend! Desperately needing it. Bye-now. This was fun!!

          • Granny, you are exactly right. But the brain-dead leftest trolls refuse to see that. H.C. was the most corrupt person to run for office in the history of the United States – that is a fact. I hope when they are done with investigating her “pay for play” foundation, she goes to prison along with Bill the sexual predator.

          • He is known to get along with everyone. Even many Democrats in congress like him. You don’t have a clue what you are talking about. BHO is the one who is disrespected and hated by many of the World leaders. President elect Trump will know how to make peace with Russia (Putin) and undo the problems BHO and Hillary created. Hillary is the one responsible for getting our country involved in Libya – a huge mistake, thousands died because of her incompetence. She is corrupt and incompetent — can’t get much worse than that.

          • You’re entertaining but you’re getting old… fast.

          • Not to be a grammar cop, I understood what you meant but in your second line think you may wish to add “not” between will and have. Sorry me bad!

          • No – I think he was right the first time – it was worded right!! ha ha

          • You do know they have a “NEW” procedure out for people like you! Don’t know if
            it’s covered under Oblozo’s “LACK OF CARE” but you should really look into it!
            It’s called opticrectometry. It’s where they cut out your navel and replace it with a
            clear glass orb about the size of a marble. They do this so people like you with
            your head up your a$$ can still see out. Alas, even with this you would still have a
            shitty outlook but it’s better than nothing!

            Curtesy of magno et malo lupo
            How can you hear anything with that case of CCRIS (Chronic Cranial Rectal Inversion
            Syndrome) impacting your auditory meatus with fecal matter ??

            The election is OVER yet you’re still crying the freaking blues! Some where’s in here you said you are dealing with it. “IF” so why are you still whining???

          • So impressive – foul – but impressive – with your medical jargon – however, I don’t have Obamacare so it doesn’t affect me, but I do know when Repuglicans in Congress bitch and moan about medical reform – it’s all talk and bitching and moaning – going through the motions. Then when someone ACTUALLY does something about it – tear it down, it’s no good, lousy – such BS. Congress doesn’t have the same healthcare as we normal people, so what the hell do they care? They don’t. Then you have 6 years, I believe, for the Repuglicans to repeal and replace Obamacare – and has that been done yet? So clueless.

            And here you have this forum – obviously all Dump the Trump people – and you talk and bitch and moan amongst yourselves about how bad we are taking it!! Really? Can’t you all leave it alone either? So who REALLY needs help? That’s right the Donald’s of the world.

          • Nice one, old codger!

          • I try! Every once in a while I succeed!

          • Nope – not seeing it.


          • yep – get that counseling . . . .

          • The first one is mine and you are free to copy and use it if you want. The second one is courtesy of magno and I told him I’d give him credit whenever I used it.

          • Thanks! I appreciate it!

          • LOLOLOL!! now THAT was funny!!! thanks OC!!!

          • Oh my gosh – that was hilarious – so much wit in this forum – I just can’t stand it – so I won’t. It’s nice to know there’s so many of you low-lifes that stick together and make fun of people – because that’s what you do.

          • Wait, isn’t that why you are still on this post? To make fun of people that voted intelligently? And to whine incessantly about your huge loss politically?

          • Feel free to use as needed!

          • There is nothing funny about it. It is a typical leftist avoidance of coming up with a sensible counter argument. I could fill a page with that nonsense but have better things to do with my time.

          • Leftist????? You are reading it wrong if you think that was leftist dude. It is a conservative slamming of the left. Read it again

          • I guess you are right. I misread old codger. My apology. Things get confusing sometimes; thanks for putting me straight.

          • No problem. Some times I also misinterpret what is posted!

          • I am sorry for you Candi but Hillary had the FBI in her pocket which should be for all the people, she had the IRS in her pocket, She had a corrupt foundation Taking money that was raised for Haitians and funding herself and family. She had the justice department in her pocket, her husbands self appointed attorney as Attorney general, and she had the present corrupt administration in her pocket including potus and rhino’s. The (we the people) are celebrating a great victory over anarchist. Please open your eyes and celebrate with us

          • Sorry – can’t do. I’ll wait for it all to come crumbling down on him. The National Security team doesn’t even want to work with him – what does that tell you? And he’s got the best corrupt, controversial team of people waiting to help him out. You all must be so proud!

          • Excuse me! Why did the crew of, when Never pass up a free better looking piece of tail President at that time, refer to Helicopter One as Broomstick One??
            You should research some of the following books and page #’s:
            From the book “Inside the White House” by Ronald Kessler, p. 244
            From the book “America Evita” by Christopher Anderson, p.90
            From the book “The First Partner” p. 25
            From the book ” Dereliction of Duty” p. 71-72
            From the book “Unlimited Access” by Clinton ‘s FBI Agent-in-Charge, Gary Aldridge, p.139
            From the book “The Truth about Hillary” by Edward Klein, p. 5
            From the book “Crossfire” ~pg. 84
            There it is ……, chapter and page…….the real Hillary

            Additionally, when she walked around the White House, NO ONE was permitted to look her in the eye, they all had to lower their heads with their eyes towards the ground whenever she walked by. Clearly she is a class act……! NOT!!!!
            She was, when Slicky was President, as well liked as the whole gamut of STD’s at the same time ergo she was “disliked, loathed, despised, hated by the whole W.H. staff!

          • Sorry – didnt read all of the info above – cause I DON’T CARE. Bill Clinton is NOT RUNNING for President – Hillary was. They are two separate people – in case you didn’t notice. What a bunch of crap about not permitted to look at her? Where do you get your crappy info? The National Trumpenquirer? You know nothing of what happened inside the WH. Make things up as you go – because that’s what Trumpsters do – fit it to their agenda.

          • Oh “STUPID ONE”! EVERYONE of those references WERE about HildaBEAST oh Moronic one! NOT, Repeat Not about pedophile Bill!

          • OK – we’re getting a little testy now aren’t we – starting to use those capital letters – too bad you can’ t put some red letters in there – that would make everything wonderful!! ha ha ha

          • Freaking Moron!

          • Now – see you just prove my point. You Trumpsters – and Trump – are goated into such testy debates that you CAN’T HANDLE ANYTHING civilly. You have to get irate, and type in capital letters and if it weren’t for my opposition, you wouldn’t have anyone to get your dandruff up on and start attacking – because that’s what Trumpsters do. Case and point.

          • easy there zipperhead-maybe you should use spellcheck if you want sling insults-correct spelling would help-the word you wanted is GOADED-hope all caps don’t offend you Nancy.

          • Zipperhead – whoo that was a good one!! No caps don’t offend me – just ill-mannered people like yourself – but I guess I should get used to that with the illustrious leader you have chosen.

          • ill-mannered? me? nope, just having fun with the looney loser libbie troll calling herself (or itself?) candiladi13.

          • Well aren’t you snappy with your little “l” words? Only key word I see here that relates to you is LOSER! And, yes, I’m having fun irritating you losers that talk amongst yourselves criticizing the Dems for feeling the way they do. But you can guarandamntee that had the situation been reversed, you’d be grabbing your guns and heading to the streets – you know – after all – we’re always out to get your guns!! Go get your guns!! Hurry up now!!

          • Aww, take your toys and go home now loser, cry yourself to sleep or in your beer-whatever it takes for idiots such as yourself to feel “safe” again. Buh-bye now.

          • Well don’t you worry – Trump will be changing the gun laws – it’s already on the books. You’ll be crying yourself to sleep saying “How could I be so damn dumb?” And then – no one will have an answer for you – it is what it is.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            The hoards of Hildabeast are the angry haters out destroying things and rioting.
            Talk about irate??? Perhaps, these young thugs will get more than irate Trumpsters if
            they want to keep pushing. We are all locked and loaded, so be warned. No anger here,
            just the facts.

          • Very sad state of affairs – locked and loaded? Nice. Well your name certainly fits you.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Yepper, damn proud to be a patriotic American who is sick of anarchy that is encouraged by this administration. Remember, we are a silent majority, until the time comes to do otherwise.

          • Sounds like you are a candidate to be on a “watch list” – don’t you think? Silent but deadly? Oh – that’s only for farts – but I guess that could include you!!

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            You are the only stink around this site. I think you have it backwards, these thugs and the ones calling for assassination, should be watched, arrested, and imprisoned!!

          • Nope, nope – pretty sure I had it right the first time. Absolutely – if anyone is calling for assassination – because that would be against the law – and we have laws already on the books for murder. That is a true statement.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Those destroying property, blocking our highways, and attacking fellow human beings is that good in your opinion? If it is you are truly sick, and stinky!!!

          • Not sure where you heard me say that that was “good” from me – but what’s the difference if the BLM movement can do it – you know – freedom of speech – why can’t people that are upset about this important of a decision – that was so wrong? It’s the same thing. And – thank you!

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            The Blm is a terrorist group and I certainly disagree with their tactics as well, If their lives are so important, why don’t they go home and live them? They are not doing their “cause” any good by disrupting peoples’ lives and destroying property, and burning and looting.
            There are other people, and races, that inhabit planet earth. All people struggle and have hardships in every corner of the globe. That is the problem, everyone claims to be a victim. Why not channel these feelings into solving problems instead of being one?
            It is Veteran’s Day, but I would wager, that not one of these thugs even care. These men and women in the armed forces bled and died or were wounded to allow these ingrates to “protest”. They did not sacrifice themselves so these thugs could destroy it all!!!

          • Well I guess we’re supposed to keep paying for and being reminded about slavery, etc., blah, blah, blah. Absolutely – finally something that we both agree on!! Amen!!

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            I do NOT get it? I DO NOT want to be reminded about slavery, nor will I ever pay for it.
            It happened over 150 years ago, get over it or return to Africa. If life is so horrible , get on the next boat, plane, train, whatever. BTW no one has even given President Trump a chance. What do they have to lose? What are they so afraid of? That he may succeed?
            Was it not Obama and Hillary saying to give him a chance and to keep an open mind?
            Or did they lie about that too?

          • IAbsolutely about the slavery issue – beating a dead horse. I’ll give Trump a chance – just don’t have much faith in him. He could prove me wrong – that would be wonderful. Time will tell. This was fun – but I must go.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Ok, I believe that we are not enemies after all.
            Thank you for a stimulating back and forth.
            God bless you.

          • You also – Have a great evening!!!

          • In all probability the latter. When have either EVER, EVER told the truth!!

          • Get over it. Slavery was abolished 150 years ago. If the blacks want to keep themselves in slavery, that is their choice. I do not see how giving them welfare etc is helping them in the least except to keep sitting on their lazy arses and not even attempt to better their lives. The Irish had it even harder then the slaves; but, they sure as hell did not sit around crying and expecting other people to keep them alive. blm needs to realize that there so-called cause is getting no sympathy from Americans who work and support themselves and these lazy sobs.

          • Didn’t you see that I wholeheartedly agree for the above? The “you’ve gotta pay for what happened to our people years and years and years and years . . . and on and on. . . yes – gets very old. You’ve gotta help yourself and don’t expect others to hand things to you. It really is getting no sympathy from A LOT of people!.

          • Many thanks Susan on behalf of myself and many other Vet.’s!!
            What these cry babies fail to comprehend is that there are 100’s of thousands, probably close to millions, of “TRUE” Patriots and Vets out here. I’ve been on other sites/ blogs and have made this statement and have had many Vet.’s second my comment!

            “My Oath of Enlistment Came With NO Expiration Date”!

            I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support
            and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies,
            foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the
            same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United
            States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to
            regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

            That means “LAWFUL” orders by the Constitution! Therefore “if” the President or officers issues a order that contradicts the Constitution, well they can go to Hell!
            U.S.A.F. ’69 to ’76

          • Thank you and bless you, Old Codger, along with all your brothers and sisters in arms, past, present and future, for your service to our land

          • It goes even deeper than that. On another site I replied to a woman who said she “was” a Veterans wife, implying past tense. Which leads one to believe one of 2 things, either divorce or death. This led me to some serious soul searching as to what exactly is a Vet. Therefore I propose that not all Vet.’s wear uniforms and fight.

            I am a Vet and so is my family!
            A lot of people thank the men/ women (Military), yet leave out the families. While the military men/ women were ducking bullets their families were at home praying and worrying that their loved ones were OK/ safe!

            Veterans Day should NOT just be for the uniformed military people but should also encompass the families of our Vet.s as they too gave up and psychologically went through a lot!!

            “All gave some, some gave all”. Think about it. Simple yet POWERFUL words! This pertains not only to our uniformed military people but also to the families of our current military and Vet.s!

            Some families will only have lost time (being away from) with their Vet, some will have a returning wounded Vet and some will never see their loved one ever again as they made the ultimate sacrifice for our Country and freedom!!!

            Hopefully I didn’t come off as “holier than thou” as that was not my intent!

            God Bless all our Vet.’s AND their families!!

            God Bless and have a super day!

          • Thank YOU, OC, my dad was in the Navy during Korea, but over in the Mediterranean, before he and mom got married. I have always been proud of him whether he saw fighting or not (he said that some of the bar fights were pretty spectacular). We lost him a year ago last July and I still miss him.

          • Sorry for your loss.

            God Bless you and yours!

          • And God Bless you and yours also

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            God Bless you, and all of our brave and valiant men and women is the armed forces.
            We owe you all so much. I for one wish to say thank you for your service. I know a lot of patriots are behind you and others. I am a disabled grandma, but I will take up arms to defend myself, family, and other patriots. If there is to be trouble, God is on our side.

          • You obviously have not seen the tweets for Trump and Pence’s assassination? You really are a piece of crap.

          • And what do you have to say about the thugs who dragged a Trump supporter out of his car and beat him up? In your eyes, I guess that was okay. Hypocrite.

          • Delete her…she’s being paid by Soros to “bait”.

          • You’re probably 100% correct! To the other posters here I “do humbly” apologize for getting sucked into a duel with a sub human species! After posting this I will be blocking her so that i will not have to duel with a shallow mind!
            Again apologies!!

          • There are a lot of these “baiters” right now…just like the ” protesters”, they just keep harassing and posting stupid stuff. It’s just easier to delete them than to get worked up. It took me a while to realize what was going on. Enjoy posting with sane people today. Thanks!

          • What gets me is that unless there is some from out of left field “LEGAL” challenge it’s all but over! In about 69 days at the swearing in it is 100% officially over!
            They “SHOULD” stop whining and get on with life!

          • The, which is Soros funded is challenging the Electoral College to reconsider and vote for Hillary in December. What a bunch of “tools” these Libs are. And Soros is funding these protests. When the pay stops, these lowlife “sheeple” will slink back into their holes.

          • While I’m NOT advocating violence they’d better watch their sixes as there are one hell of a lot of patriots out here!! I hope and pray it doesn’t come to that but my “Oath of Enlistment” had NO expiration date on it!

          • I am right there with you buddy! I really haven’t noticed much security at all. This will either wear itself out or explode. Things tend to get out of hand when tension is high, and someone usually gets hurt. Hope they don’t get that far and Soros and Obama have the brains to shut it down (I realize it’s asking a lot) before that. They have proven their point, now let’s get back to normal. Hanging an effigy of Obama would have had serious consequences for Republicans but…

          • Loser – like most of you – can’t stand the heat, can you? Do you want some whine with your cheese? ha ha ha – sub-human – you would know wouldn’t you?

          • Can’t stand your nonsense and trolling.

          • Uh, candiAssLadi13, apparently you are not aware that hilLIARy LOST THE ELECTION three days ago. So let me be the first to tell YOU the GREAT news: Trump and America WON the election!!! Your nonsense rants are NOT going to change the election results so stop wasting your time. The sooner you accept that hilLIARy LOST THE ELECTION the better off you’ll be.

            Oh, did I mention that hilLIARy LOST THE ELECTION? Well just in case I forgot to mention that hilLIARy LOST THE ELECTION, I’ll type it again just to be certain you know: hilLIARy LOST THE ELECTION!!!

            P.S. hilLIARy LOST THE ELECTION!!!

          • Ya might want to reinforce Hellbitcheries loss a couple of more times so it can permeate it’s koolaid infected brain!! LOL!! Awesome retort to a brain dead zombie!!

          • no worries! you were spot on and somebody had to take her down! well done

          • Take me down? Where do your level? Nope still up here – see me waving from above?

          • Hah, you couldn’t climb up to our level with a million ladders troll, give it up-you are done here.

          • you have no level – now and wouldn’t that just be a ridiculous amount of ladders? You’re right – I’m done with the likes (or non-likes) of you. Had my fun!!!

          • You really are incapable of reading and comprehending aren’t you? Did you bother to read any of the references old codger put up or did you do the typical liberal thing and not bothered to try and educate yourself? I know, it would have destroyed all your delusions about hitlery. i can understand since you have all kinds of delusions about Trump and people on this website. Go back to your basement apartment in mom and dad’s house and enjoy your drugs. You will probably need them for the next 8 years!! LOL

          • Listen Moron – I specifically said that I didn’t read it – same crap, same BS. If you hadn’t noticed, I’m not on this site any more because you Trump supporters are all a bunch of losers that are only on here to boost your own moral – and Trump will be a one-term President. You can mark my words on that. Stop bothering me!

          • Ooooh. What happened to the liberal who had trouble with name calling? Got under your skin didn’t I? You cannot handle facts so you lash out. Typical liberal. I love it. πŸ˜€

          • That’s because you are an a$$ – and well – that pretty much sums it up!! Live with yourself. Main thing is I have a broken leg that is trying to heal and then my car was involved in a hit and run just yesterday – fortunately we caught the person with video. But I don’t have time for this crap and your ignorant digs and innuendos. The election is OVER so why don’t you quit while you’re ahead. After all – he’s only going to be a one-term president – I can wait it out until then. Then maybe we can revisit this page and I can tell you I was right!!

          • Just like hitlery was going to win THIS election? As usual, delusional and an hypocrite. I love the name calling. Really am getting to you. This is fun!

          • Glad you’re having fun looking like an a$$ – I personally never had that kind of fun – what’s it like? Not having fun – but looking like an a$$? You’ll have to tell me sometime – when I really care – so that means there would be NO time. By the way you should say “a hypocrite” not “an hypocrite”. See the intelligence level is so evident by just the simple rules of English. My condolences.

          • Oh my God. I am so getting to you. Look in the mirror. You are the one who looks like an, to use your crude vernacular, “a$$”. Correct English is an hypocrite. I do not care if it has been changed to accommodate illiterates like you. Nice try though. Any other comments that you think will anger me? So far, you have failed miserably.

          • Excellent! I am getting to you – by the way – you did it again – stupid!! Think you better go back to English 101 class!!! How many times can I be right? I just amaze myself!!!

          • Whaaaa – cry baby!

          • Did you participate in any of those “cry-ins” today, candiAssladi13?

            I WAS laughing UNCONTROLLABLY at all the radical, spoiled brat crybabies on the TV news today!

            If Tuesday’s election was the worst thing that EVER happened to those crybabies, they’ve got a lot of growing up to do.

          • Exactomindo!!!!

          • You can put a whole comment in red letters (if you knew anything about the computer that you’re playing on).

          • Read Gary Aldridge & Ron Kessler’s books about Hillary’s White House behavior. Both respected FBI and Secret Service men who verify Hillary’s personality. Deny it if you wish. But nobody has refuted it yet .

          • The info came from a former secret service agent who worked in the WH when she was “first lady”. She would say “FU” really, instead of good morning to them – she is one mean bitch and she even threw stuff – a lamp at Bill and went after the VICTIMS of Bill’s sexual aggression’s to tell them to keep quiet – can you imagine! She is one piece of trash not fit to be a janitor.

          • Be prepared for a LOOONG wait you idiot……..GOOGLE them, you do kno how to google don’t you? or are you too ignorant ?

          • Well plumcrack – and we know everything that we see on the internet is true – right? Anything can be made up in our wonderful world of technology!!! You won’t have a long wait to see how Trump will fail. πŸ™‚

          • We are very proud of Trump. He loves America and stands for right. The people have shown who they want and proved it by their votes.

            So go pout and weep somewhere else. Have you thought about moving to Mexico?

          • No – don’t speak Spanish. I bet you Trump will learn how to speak Latin-Spanish real quick like. Because they’ll tell him where to put that wall.

          • Listen up, oh ignorant one. YOu are nothing but a brain dead democrat and I’m not going to waste my time commenting on your asinine remarks. Grow up, child.
            Learn how to think like an adult and act like one. Adios

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Melania is fluent in 5 languages. She is both beautiful and brilliant! People tried to set her up and destroy her, however, she will have the last laugh.

          • You dream a lot… even before it’s dark. I must assume that you are a member of the National Security team?

          • Get over it you moron…you don’t like it LEAVE & go somewhere else…….GOOD RIDDENCE………

          • Well plumcrack – I just love that name – I do happen to like it here. And I do agree that I can DISAGREE with people – so why don’t you leave because you can’t handle someone that doesn’t agree with you – you moron!!

          • no, not the only corrupt politician-remember her husband, Bill?

          • Your right! Trump did say things he shouldn’t have and there was no excuse for that. But lets not forget that Hillary Clinton called us a basket full of deplorables, masoganists, racists and a few other choice words herself. She has called African Americans “super predators”. She has called physically handicapped children “retards”. She has abused the men who risk their lives to protect her and talked to them like they were trash. She also called Obama racist when running against him. So if we are to talk about Trumps faults then at least have enough consideration to admit Hillary Clinton’s faults too.

          • The recent election was NOT about Trump’s past – It was ALL about America’s future.

          • . . . and? your point? Doesn’t history repeat itself? Well – then we have problems.

          • If you can’t understand my point you really are STUPID.

            Unfortunately, history does repeat itself. I am afraid the next generation of whiny, spoiled brat, useful idiots will vote for the next radical anti-America democRAT candidate.

            I hope you will become wiser with age and accept reality so you can help defeat the next radical anti-America democRAT candidate

          • I just hope you will get wiser as you get older.

          • I thought hilLIARy laid off her campaign workers after her disastrous defeat on Tuesday.

            Shouldn’t you be looking for a REAL job now?

          • Oh, you mean like Hillary denigrating and vocally assaulting the women raped by her husband Bill. Or Hillary attacking the mother of an American Hero she sent into harm’s way and then ignored his pleas for help, resulting in his torture and murder in Benghazi? Or you mean the many tens of millions of women who voted for Trump, Hillary called “deplorables.” and the list goes on….

          • But not as quickly as Richard Nixon, but perhaps she should have been so that the men and women who suffered because of her wouldn’t have had to suffer.

          • I don’t believe he made fun of handicapped people and by the way that’s handycapable not handicapped.

          • There has been plenty proven. I don’t know if you have been around for the past 35 years of the clintons, but most people who are in politics for 30 years haven’t had a scandal almost every couple years of their political life. Weather she is guilty or not the point is moot. The American people voted her out. Hillary and Bill Clinton have brought about their own demise and that isn’t anyone’s fault but theirs.

          • You are correct – she is out. I, too, am ready for change – but Trump is not the person to do it. You will all see in time and then maybe we could revisit this page again later down the road. πŸ™‚

          • You too, as well!

          • You just keep believing that fantasy land phenom. I am old enough to remember every election since Eisenhauer and granted, with the Internet news items get dissipated eons faster than ever. However, there has not been a more corrupt pair in Politics, that have had the trail of bodies, like this pair. So even figuring that lies are more pervasive than ever, and even allowing a huge “maybe” to the accuracy of those News stories. Hillary makes Trump look like a piker, when it comes to shady deals. The faster the Clintons fade into the sunset, the better!

          • Well – if you’re old enough to remember every election since Eisenhower (spelling) then you should be smarter than you are and know better. Of course, IQ and intelligence doesn’t improve – you’re born with it. Just sayin . . .

          • To say that Hillary was “competent” is to say that the results of her Middle East policies was deliberately planned? That her self destruction was planned and deliberate? That’s a dire accusation, and saying she knew what she was doing just might be true.

          • Well you know – the same word means different definitions for different people. So you can use whatever definition you want when you say “competent”.

          • Hey nit wit…why don’t you google the crooked, greedy, lying bitch and get the real story….what kind of people steal from the White House when they leave AND then have to give some back? GUESS WHO…CLINTONS !!!!!!

          • Well plumcrack – I sense a little hostility here – when we don’t see what you want to show us. If I google that – will I see a relative of yours? Stealing from the WH? Has that never been done? Oh my goodness, I’m shocked that they’re the first. Such trivial crap to obsess on.

          • oh but it HAS been proven-that she is a corrupt, unethical, lying politician to the core. SHE LOST!!!! so deal with it.


          • oooh – that really hurt my feelings!! ha ha ha ha


          • FYI, your nonsense rants are NOT going to change the election results.

          • and her global cell phones lets not forget that.

          • yes – let’s not forget that – why haven’t they been drugged up? Ahhh – because they don’t exist!

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Sounds as if you are “drugged up”.


          • Just dropped??? Or did the doctor try to dribble her like a basketball??

          • GOOD One, Codger, when Hel-liar-y was born the doc couldn’t figure out which end was her head or her @$$ so he slapped her mom instead

          • I definitely prefer the Donald and his unorthodox methods to Kil-liar-y and her finger on THE BUTTON. So what if he talks like he’s in a locker room? That’s just a display of the Male Ego and I prefer that to Hitlery’s shrill screech of perpetual outrage

          • Some idiots just don’t get it..RE:candilad the moron……..

          • Oh – Like we needed an explanation on that comment. Who would you people have to argue with if I wasn’t here stating my opinion? Would you be making comments to each other about how horrible the Dems are – with no one to see it and enjoy it? Such a travesty – oh no – that’s right – that will be Trump when he gets moving on his non-existent promises.

          • You have no idea if that’s true or not. Just like we wouldn’t know if Hillary would make good on her promises either. It should never be you people or us people. We all have to live under one president. The republicans lived under Obama and now democrats must live under Trump. Just like Obama deserved a chance so does Trump. It’s way to bad that people cannot come to grips with the fact that the American people voted Trump into office, and a huge chunk of those were democrats. So just like we had to wait to see how every president performed, we will have to wait and see this time too.

          • Super comment, Shelley, and so very true. We don’t know how a President Donald Trump will be. We know he is flawed, just like every other living person on this planet, including The Clinton clan. We know that much of his life has been an open book. We know he said and did some really stupid things along the way, and we know that he has a really quick and dumb mouth at times. But then, from what I have read and lived through with the Clintons over the years, there is quite a lot of evidence that Hillary Clinton has a very trashy mouth, is extremely vindictive when crossed, has every bit the bad temper that Donald has and prefers power over honesty. Perhaps it’s time to let President-elect Trump, who isn’t a politician who has made his living sucking the life out of this great “fly over”, have his go at leading this country to prosperity, honesty, civility and livability for everyone, even the lowliest of lowly economically and in all other ways.

          • True. And also, nobody molds their life for years and years before they run for President. Most candidates don’t even think about running for president until the opportunity presents itself. This was why Trump was not a perfect candidate. Hillary Clinton on the other hand knew full well during her life time she would be running. In spite of that, she opted to break the law. She did many things for the sake of money and power. She hurt many people in the wake of her path. She refused any accountability for any of it. This country just got sick and tried of it. That’s the difference between non-perfect Trump vrs non-perfect Hillary. This is another reason i believe that Trump will make a much better president.

          • Hurt many people hell. It is NO coincidence that over 45 people who were close to the Clinton’s are no longer among the living, and their deaths are, for the most part very suspicious.

          • Maybe, or likely, a demented Democrat.

          • Aren’t they usually like one and the same?

          • I would rather have Trump with a Twitter account than hilLIARy with the Presidential pen.


        • Yeah, a Twitter account is so dangerous to America. So is the evil cult running the show at present. Guess who? Oh, oh, I know – Obama, the Kenyan Muslim!

          • any social media forum is dangerous when you release the wrong info – really? And he had to “tweet” after his meeting with Pres. Obama!! Singing like a bird! He just can’t stop – like a little kid that has to have his candy taken away from him. Very sad, very sad indeed.

          • Are you being paid by Soros?

          • I don’t need to be paid to know the right thing – it’s something I do for free – you ought to try sometime.

          • Good, when will you start? Curious people wish to know!!!

          • As Trump says “I’ll tell you when the time comes” – “just like my tax returns”. Amazing. The ONLY person who was running for the presidency thought he was “Above” everyone else and that the rules don’t apply to him to product his tax returns. Because? why? . . . He’s Donald Trump and he can.

          • Awesome retort to an obvious LibTURD!!

          • wow – that was awesome – just awesome – now I know why you voted for Trump!


        • Oh Oh, I know, how about Ovomit & Hitler-y with their illegal texts, tweets and all the rest of the HiFi electronics. Haven’t seen a Trump tweet for over a week now. He has no need to tweet because he don’t have time for all those liberal idiots that are tweeting nasty comments about him and his family.

        • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

          Who acts that way??? Really??? Your own Hitlery!! Only she is so Extremely Careless, that she lets our enemies have top secret information!!! So much better, right???


        • So what this is a new era any and I mean anyone can tweet what they want. As long as it’s not a murder threat.Personally I cut my twitter account off because of violent threats from Jihadists

      • No don’t count the Clintons out….now they are “schooling” Chelsea to be a Senator from New York. Then of course, she will run for President with all of Hitler-y’s donors and especially from Soros who Hitler-y loves to keep him happy.??? (These are her words – I have to keep him happy”. OMG, PLEASE GOD – NO MORE CLINTONS IN POLITICS.

        • I hope Trump puts Sorros under a magnifying glass and prosecutes this known fellon/strips him of all funds /power for crimes against America and our constitution. Other countries
          Would imprison him for crimes he has commited against them in the past (hated worldwide). Hes a Socialist promoting world order at our demise and owns the Democratic Party
          ( definite conflict of interest- major corruption).

          • And give him and his sons to Russia! We will never hear of any Soros again!NEVER

          • Yeah, I hear it’s a bit chilly in Siberia any time of the year. Hmm, this could be a “scientific experiment”!! How long could a bunch of @$$holes survive, naked in Siberia?? Wonder if that would qualify for some sort of grant?? LOL!

          • If you did that “Scientific Experiment,” you’d be in trouble with both the EPA and PETA along with causing a diplomatic incident with Russia The EPA would gripe for your polluting the planet with the Demoncraps out in the wilderness and PETA for abuse of the Animals. The Russians don’t want them any more than we do, so they’d be unwilling to have them over there for the experiment

          • Yeah your probably right about the EPA and PETA. Now for the Russian side of the coin, maybe they’d be against the experiment but, BIG BUT I’ve seen several places that the Russians would just “LOVE” to get their hands on them for quite a few atrocities they committed!! From what I saw/ read it would NOT be a pretty picture!

          • That’s also possible that the Russians would like to toy with them for a while. Somewhere (unsubstantiated) I heard that Putin has a soft spot for such people and would like to keep his toys in a special room built Just for them… a room that would make the torture rooms of the Spanish Inquisition look like Disneyland

          • Disneyland should be avoided at all costs. They are the ones who are putting queers in their movies, making Snow White the Tranny that they always pictured her to be. Once the small young girls have done their movies and are getting a little older, they turn them into whores as witnessed by the likes of Miley Cyrus et al.Go out to Fiesta Texas.At least you can be quite sure all you will have it a good time and you won’t have to deal with the LGHT& Q (Q means questioning…and just why are they questioning? The schools, those innocuous dens of commie concentration are teaching our kids really not so good things. I say run(do not walk) to your schools and find out what they are teaching our most innocent,for our real innocents have been aborted like so much garbage.

          • I was using the 1960’s image of Disneyland as a place of fun, laughter and happy wholesomeness for what the Demoncraps would have in store for them with the Spanish Inquisition, some of the most expert torturers known, as opposed to what Putin would do to them


          • you all should be talking about it – because there will be issues with the environment because Trump doesn’t CARE about the environment – furthest from his “good” mind – if it even qualifies as “good” – he’s really reaching for the stars on that one!

          • Everybody “cares” about the environment. We all have to breathe. The problem is the UN global mandate that is using “climate change” as a means to an end …. depopulation. Think I’m kidding? Do some real research.

          • Everybody says they “care” – but actions speak louder than words. That would mean that EVERYONE would care enough to do the right thing and not pollute – and recycle. Sure it takes a little more time and adds things to your “to do” list – but be responsible.

          • You boldly proclaimed that Trump doesn’t care about the environment. How can you possibly say that about ANYBODY with any certainty? You need to kick it down a notch, and stop judging other people.

          • I can say what I want – that’s the nice thing about living in America, right? We’ll see if he proves me wrong.

          • When you say things like “there is absolutely NO REASON in this world why everyone SHOULDN’T have a garden …”, well, there are plenty of reasons. It’s not something for you to decide, or to judge people who don’t have or don’t want one. Some people have a yard the size of a postage stamp. Some people have many trees and their entire yard is shaded. Some people just flat out don’t want to do it. You go ahead and do what you believe is right or what you enjoy. But, don’t criticize others for not meeting your ideals, or for what you consider right or wrong, responsible or irresponsible. Why don’t you focus your energy on criticizing the manufacturers of such things as bottled water or individually wrapped slices of cheese?

          • Not sure what your major malfunction is – when I say people can prevent some of their problems if they only help themselves. And if you really knew anything about gardening, you would know that you CAN have a garden ANYWHERE. That’s right- I will decide for myself – I really don’t care if
            anyone doesn’t like it – we all state our opinions – and I say if you’re hungry – help yourself and educate yourself. I’m not criticizing anyone – I’m suggesting ways for people to survive and possibly help others – so I don’t know why you are getting so defensive and obnoxious. We all judge people – period – and if we didnt, we wouldn’t know where our morals lie – otherwise, we would all be the same – and then we wouldn’t be having this mundane conversation. So why don’t you “kick it down a notch”!

          • All I’m saying is, be careful when you accuse people of “not caring”, when you don’t know anything about them. You know … walk a mile in my shoes.

          • I’m saying that it applies to who it applies to. Don’t take everything that is posted in “general” so “personally”. You’re getting defensive to the wrong person. The people that DON’T CARE – they know who they are – their actions speak louder than words. The people that DO CARE – won’t even comment on this post. Again – actions speak louder than words – because either it affects you or it doesn’t.


          • I whole-heartedly agree with you on ALL of the above. My husband and I do NOT buy anything if it doesn’t say MADE IN AMERICA, or sometimes it names the City and State. HOWEVER, I won’t write all of my message in caps because I KNOW what Trump will be doing. How can you stand for a man that has his items made overseas? He has to set the example and he DOESN’T. When he brings back all of the items he has made overseas – THEN and ONLY THEN – will I believe ANYTHING that comes out of his mouth. I can’t even stand to hear his voice – because he’s such a hypocrite and a joke!

          • my daughter owns her own business. it is a hair and party salon for children and familie. S he carries some retail. Finding things that are COMPLETELY MADE IN AMERICA is impossible. the things that she purchases are primarily from China. my sister makes tutus, fairy wings , wands and hair ornaments. She too wants to purchase what ever she can from “made in America”. ALL of the items themselves are made in America. she hires Americans to help produce. our fabric mills are gone. ornamentation, all gone. I f people try to bring back these things even on a small scale it might start something…BUT , our government has made it next to impossible for small start ups. the regulations, laws, all make it next to impossible .We, as consumers need to begin to look at the labels and make the investment into quality goods . we are a throw away society. we get bored and tired of the junk we buy so off to the dump or landfill and off to fill our emotional need for cheap goods and ,I might add at the expense of our own people and the people who produce these cheap goods. maybe if we begin a campaign on our own and let him know our feelings about this subject, slowly things may change . He has said he wants jobs brought back here……..things will have to change and he knows it. we also need to start educating people in how to produce things. Not everyone is destined for college….after all how has that worked out for us.. we have college grads working at mickyd’s and with large college debt.

          • Absolutely!!! I, too, get tired of the medium-to-large ticket items that can’t even seem to last a year until they break. Small businesses do have it very rough to start out and then you may not even see a profit until 3-5 years into the venture – if you stay in it that long. We could certainly start a campaign but I hate to sound pessimistic – but Trump can afford anything that he wants. When he gets something, he pays top dollar and gets the best – basically because he can. Therein lies the difference with his “all talk” and I do believe “no action”. The items he will take care of are the ones that affect a large part of the population so that it will be noticed and remembered. It’s all about HIM making a difference and how it will affect and make him look. What those important items are for him? – I’m not sure. Teaching people how to produce? I’ve often said there is absolutely NO REASON in this world why everyone SHOULDN’T have a garden to make sure that they don’t go hungry and maybe possibly feed those less fortunate. My husband I have been avid gardners for 26 years – I can’t imagine NOT having a garden. Nothing compares to it. And the best minds are not college graduates – that has been a fact.

          • we have the “what the hell was I thinking” gardens, one lavender, one perennial, and one vegtable garden and I can and freeze. I love doing it. it is alot of work but , hey, I look at what we have done in the winter and think , no g.m.o’s here. As to Trump,,, remember , he has been involved with politicians all of his life…he knows how they work….he’s had to in order to achieve a lot of what he has done. Now he’s so successful….what more does he need? hopefully , he will use his knowledge and experience to work for us instead of the politicians and himself. We are told that if we work hard we can achieve anything…..Trump has done that…Why is it that when people achieve,,they get beat up for it….It’;s the American dream…..right?!

          • Oh, but Israel does know what to do to traitors. Let the Masad have him. They have been dealing with traitors for the longest.

          • True, the Mossad would have a LOT of fun perfecting new interrogation techniques on them

          • I LOVE what you say, and it’s ALL true.

          • Glad you like it, Sunny.I try to write about things the way I see them

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          • They already have an arrest warrant out for him,as does Israel.When he was a very small boy, he would tell the Germans where to find the Jews. He said it himself,”I liked the idea that I could play God and had the life and death of others in my hands.” Now we must bring out the old trees that the Romans used to use and CRUCIFY HIM as he was about to do to us.

          • What makes you think Russia wants him?

          • Russia has an arrest warrant out for him.We just don’t extradite people to Russia.

          • I would like to see someone throw him out into the middle of all those rioters, thugs, protestors and say” He voted for Trump”. Let the mob rid us of him forever.

          • lmao can”t help it. that was to funny for words.

          • I’ve been saying this for years!Strip him of everything and put him in Gitmo!

          • What is most surprising is the fact that after what he did to the Jews in Hungary during WW2 that the Israeli government does not indict him for crimes against humanity and ask that he be extradited to Israel for trial.

          • I hope so too.

          • Catherine
            Jesus showed up at this election to oversee – and he had the final say
            –it was the vast numbers of Mennonites in Pennsylvania that assured
            A Victory for Trump – That 20 electoral votes took him over the 270 mark needed to win. We must never forget how close we all came to loosing this Country! Clinton would have been the final nail in the coffin. Preventative measures must be put in place to preserve our Democracy: By passing our constitution should be an automatic impeachable offense, Muslim mosques torn down, Koran ( promotes killing non Muslims), and Clothing ( cannot be worn in the US – security threat)–if unacceptable to them then send them back to all Muslim societies ( Sharia law would destroy our constitution – unacceptable no concessions–common sense 101) , Burning our flag is an automatic 2 yr jail sentence and fine. Two term limit on all political appointed officials – no exceptions ( a priveledged opportunity not a career), politicians on the same health plan/retirement as the people. Supreme Court justices that do not follow our constitution are impeached automatically ( They must be scholars of it and support it- no exceptions), gay rights/marriage and abortion bust be abolished because it will not support our constitution,religious beliefs

        • Yes, please Lord, no more Clintons in the White House (or Bushes either).

          • I know this may be redundant but I don,t thin GW Bush was a bad guy , I he followed some bad advice , all presidents have advicers some good some not so good

        • we finally got the kennedy crime family out of politics fpor the most part. now to erradicate the clintons

      • Me too.


    • not only gone from but will go to jail too or our system is a two party system period

    • hilLIARy has been in the news continuously since Bill’s Presidential campaign in 1992. I have been so sick of her face, her grating voice, and her maniacal cackle for years. Let’s pray she crawls under a rock and we never see or hear her again.

    • Amen, at least Hillary and Bill. However, rumors are beginning that Chelsea is eyeing a run for the House of Representatives. Chelsea was rubber stamping all the quid pro quo in the Clinton Fraud Foundation.

    • Clinton is actively trying to get red state electorial colledge vote to change for her. There are also recounts in 3 states. The witch is still pulling strings. Beware Americans until Trump is sworn in it ain’t over. The fat pig hasn’t sung yet. Pay no attention to the election capitulation she gave, she is not done!!!!!

    • Judy Vickrey Vandergrift

      Thank You Jesus!

  2. And now President-elect Trump needs to gather the very best, wisest and ethical people who know how to help him govern into his advisory group, ignore the hatemongers, racists and strong socialist, and get on with “MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

    • I agree and he’s already mentioned a few last night in his acceptance speech and they please me! He has so much on his plate that even if he can start by toppling all those laws/rules he did under executive action would be a beginning! So many under the EPA! Those executive actions won’t require congress to cast any votes.. they didn’t vote it in do no need to vote on them out. I also hope now whomever he assigns as AG & DOJ will do the people justice and reddy investigate the Clintons and also their foundation! It’s time the pied piper paid their dues…and Trump needs not even dirty his hands because it can be done according to the law! Go Christie!

      • I think he said he wanted to get rid of the EPA and the Department of Ed. That’s a great start. He has to be cautious though with the Justice Department because a lot of appointed officials will go right into civil service. He needs to do a hiring freeze as soon as he gets into office to prevent that from happening.

      • yes, nice that the state of New Jersey went to Clinton!! I guess that’s how much they think of their Governor.

    • Pray for the man and our country for sure!

  3. Florenca Mcdowell

    She is sick and will never survive the four years to the next election.
    We have seen the field cleared for a Real human woman to run for this office next time and she will be a Rep.

    • Hahaha I read that michelle might run in 2020……GOD HELP US ~~~~~

      • God help us.

      • major voter reject

      • She has about as much qualifications as the Kenyan Muslim, and he got elected. Hopefully by 2020, this country will be back on it’s feet and most of the damage of the last 8 years will be history. She wouldn’t have a chance!

        • This country is full of slime bags FULL…did you see the protests by the ignorant, no-nothing dirt bags….disgusting cry babies. I’m sick of them, I wish to GOD they’d leave & never come back….scum bags..

          • Obama and Soros are behind these ” protests”. As soon as the funding stops, so will the asinine behavior. Obama could put a stop to it but he’s enjoying himself too much. No police, no National Guard, no security whatsoever. If it were the ther way around there would be a totally different outcome. Just goes to prove the depth of corruption in our present government.

          • He is enjoying himself – because he’s laughing all the way to wherever he will be next watching very closely to the fall and demise of Donald Trump.

  4. Clintons rejected, corruption applauded.

  5. The Clintons and the obamanations need to just go away and don’t act like we wont to actually hear what they have to say

  6. Mr. Trump has many terrific people in his corner., from Senators to Surgeons, to Colonels to Former Governors to former Mayors to former Reps! I look forward to amazing happenings from Trump and his cohorts. God bless our new government!

  7. They mock Donald Trump, call him a hater…yet look at their behavior. Its as hateful as that they say they are against. Mob mentality like the assaults and violence they did at his rally’s. They are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites and need to take a good look at themselves and do some soul searching. You don’t see Trump people going out and doing this acting like wild inbred idiots. Judging by the fact it was exposed that the rally fights were paid for, wondering if these two are still being spurred on by Clinton and Obama corruption trying to cause Obama to say oh we need marshal law so he doesn’t have to leave the office. Not all Americans are blind sheep and can see through the bullsh*t.

  8. I am agnostic but have absolutely no problem at all with your last statement. If that is what you believe, I will respect you for it and will protect your right to that belief with my very own life. USMC 61-87

  9. Mr President/Trump: Please start cleaning out all the garbage that is currenly making the WH smell. If you need any assistance, I am retired military (USMC 62-87) but willing and able to go back into active duty for as long as it takes.

    • Me, as well! Retired Army. Will serve my country to the end.

    • How wonderful, sir! You have my full respect…God bless you.

    • I also took the oath and I will defend our country to my last breath ! U.S Navy ’63-’69 ! Vietnam vet

      • Add my name to that list ’69 to ’76, U.S. Air force! Even though I’m currently under doctors care for a blood clot in my lungs, I’ll be more then happy to do what I can to EXPEDITE the cleansing of the W.H.! OooRAH!

        • I love it in your guys! Always ready to heed the call. Thank you so much for your service. Hugs and love, I was a military wife….

          • Your very welcome! I’m looking out for #1 for my adopted daughter’s (previously granddaughter) future yet also for the future of our Great Country and the people within!
            You said you “were” a military wife. That leaves only 2 possibilities, divorce or sadly a widow! If a widow may God Bless you for your spouses sacrifice too.

            A lot of people thank, usually the men/ women (Military), yet leave out the spouses and children. While the men/ women were ducking bullets their spouses/ children were at home praying and worrying that their loved ones were OK/ safe!

            Veterans Day should NOT just be for the military people but should also encompass the families of our Vet.s as they too gave up a lot!!

            “All gave some, some gave all”. Think about it. Simple yet POWERFUL words! This pertains not only to our military people but also to the families of our current military and Vet.s!

            Some families will have to deal with a wounded vet and some will never see their loved one ever again as they made the ultimate sacrifice for our Country and freedom!!!

            God Bless our Vet.’s AND their families!!

      • Hey, brother in arms, if another revolution breaks out, we will be ready. We did it once before and we can do it again. US Navy vet, 1966-1969: HM2. FMF Corpsman “Doc”, Pharmacy Tech; the “Big E” (CVN-65), USS Repose (AH-16), USS Lexington (CVA/S/T-16); Anchors Aweigh, Semper Fi, Ooorah; Freedom is NOT Free, someone must pay the price of Sacrifice, Blood, Sweat, Pain and Tears.

    • As old Sponge Bob Square paints would say “taking out the trash”. It’s was ironic that my trash day was on 11/8/2016. Sic’em Trump … get out the shovels, scoops and trash bins.

      • Well not sure if you all had heard but one of the things on Trump’s “to do” list was to have term limits set for Congress members. Well good ole Mitch McConnell says “I can tell you that that won’t happen” – nice – so this will be number 1

        • number 1 of the many promises that Trump will not deliver. That’s how you get rid of the trash. Things that don’t work or don’t work for the people should be no more – that would be the same politicians that are in there year after year after year – and Mitch said “that ain’t gonna happen”. Nice.

    • That’s what he’ll promise to pay you – and then won’t.

  10. The Hollywood sickos who wanted a crime boss for President. They really do live in a fantasy world and play make believe and dressup every day of their pathetic spoiled lives. When will Conservative America finally boycott these so-called star wanna bees and hit them where it really hurts.
    I am so sick of these duchebags who have no clue and have lost all sense of reality. Please folks, stop giving money to the sponsors who support them andcstop paying to view the trash they make in Hollyweird. There is a big reason why it’s called Hollyweird. Wierdness is abundant in their lives.

    • hard to understand why the libs love clinton and hate trump , after all these years of corruption and scandals connected to her they have to know the kind of person she is

      • This may help you to understand DemmoCommieRAT thought process’s:
        #1) You can lead a horse’s a$$ to knowledge but you can’t make it think!
        #2) It is said dumb can be corrected through education but “STUPID” is forever. (see above)
        #3) “LIBERALS” is actually an acronym for:

        • wow – you are so smart with your acronyms – did you think that up all by yourself? Even when your guy wins, you people still show your arrogance and prefer the name calling. YOU KNOW you would be attacking the other side if he lost!! There would also be riots in the street, people damaging property – the same thing that is going on now – so what makes you any better that the upset people today? Nothing, It will all pass in time, and then Trumps words and promises will come back to haunt all that voted for him.

          • I doubt it. When Obama was “elected” a second term by multi-voting, cheating, massive voter fraud, Republicans accepted it, so after 8 years of socialist rule, we did what we needed to do. The Libs are the lowest. Soros funded riots, fueled by Obama and Hillary. Useful idiots working for Satan!

          • What a laugh – the Republicans “accept” NOTHING!! They find fault with everything Democratic and try to find and dig for some sort of scandal – even though it’s not there. I’m still laughing!!

          • There is a reason they find fault with everything Democratic. The Left has proven that over the last few days.

          • Well you know – the system is corrupt – oh – wait – that’s only when Donald is losing – but then when he’s winning – everything is hunky-dory. What a loser!! Cry foul, baby when you lose – but “I’m a winner” when you win. What a sore winner and a bigger sore loser!

        • You should start a business and produce this on shirts! It’s a perfect definition of the Left!

      • With the Demorats behind these protests, Soros funded, it really is quite disturbing to think about how Obama has taken such Satanic control over his “sheeple”. Obama, the 2 headed serpent.

      • Too many years of liberal propaganda shoved down their throats. And they are afraid they will lose their benefits that the rest of Americans pay for. Which is why we are 20 trillion in debt which she wants the middle class to pay for.

    • Weirdness, rampant drug users, bed hopping @$$holes, TOTALLY out of touch with reality, “dumb f–ks”, Gays (homo’s/ lesbo’s) etc., etc.!

      What gets me is the criticism of Donald’s divorces and remarriages and yet their Hollyweird hero’s do it almost weekly!! WTF over?? Talk about hypocritical @$$holes???

  11. Congratulations everyone we did it! We came together and made what seemed impossible a true historical victory. I am proud to stand with all of you who believed in Donald Trump. Together we will make america great again.

  12. All those who oppose President Trump and felt the need to demonstrate or riot you are invited to leave for Mexico or Canada ASAP!!! Sorry Canada. Have all those infamous Hollywood types booked their one way trip to anywhere but here or where the promised to go if Mr. Trump won. Rosie, Samuel, Katie and the rest of you got until the weekend to get the F out! George Stefanoplis your one way to Australia is waiting!

  13. Happy days! The doom and gloom is making way for better day’s. Looking forward to it! It’s a new day and the air smells better already!We the people have won the Revolution. Now we have to keep it that way! I’ve already heard about them scheming to lay low and not to be so left. To gain power again! They’re just trying to build momentum again! Wenjoy need to kick three ass all the way back onto the STONE AGE! No mercy! They were trying to do that to us? Need to teach them a lesson . We the people won’t stand for anyone trying to turn America into a Communist country or handing America over to China or THE NWO ELITIST. EVER AGAIN !

    • It’s their ‘agenda’, to be subversive and behind the doors, it’s part of what old Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto, V Lenin, J Stalin, Mao, Ho, Castro and old Saul Alinsky, a modern day hard core socialist and union thug preached with his Rules for Radicals. Today, the radical left UN and EU elites lay in wait for the US of A to collapse under the welfare state, just what old Cloward and Piven predicted back in LBJs rein of terror (his Great Society welfare programs that declared the democrats would keep them on the welfare plantation and have them “voting democratic for the next 200 years”). This isn’t rocket science or require a PhD, they have openly written and said this.

  14. Well I’ll BE — SO that’s how obama won the presidency — TWICE — ! HE stole it ..! I do not know anybody who voted for him. BUT they might have lied — knowing how I felt about him ! OH WELL some people have a hard time hearing the — TRUTH — !

  15. what they thought of the corrupt ndemoncratic paRTY AND THEIR CROOKED NOMINEE

  16. My faith in this country has been restored.

    I almost feel sorry for the tolerant peaceful Democrats…Now they know how we felt when they pushed Obama on us.

    OK, not really. to paraphrase the racist-in-chief ‘Elections have consequences. They can work with us, but they have to get in the back of the buss.’

  17. Hey, snowflakes, puppets, wussy’s and wimps (in other words, loser protesters and rioters), TRUMP WON and YOU LOST, get over your selves, dumb asses. You are the 0.0001%ers. The Silent Majority have spoken, shouted and screamed to let you know who’s boss. Go tell your radical left enablers (Puppet Masters) to go to Hell.

    • He gets 4 years – and then he’ll be out – YOUR FIRED!! Can’t wait to hear those words!!

      • The entire nation and economy will benefit/improve with Trump/Pence at the lead. You’re welcome, maybe sometime you can try to do something to improve your own life, besides whine.

  18. I always knew trump would win over the angry low hitting corrupt old clinton. Her ugly TV ads running constantly about trump from the past, we’re a bore as was her dragging out women from the past who were liars for a minute of fame

  19. Bill and Hillary need to leave the country or be prosecuted. And they can take that Hound Dog looking daughter and her Christ killing husband with them.

  20. “…it was touch and go there for a while….” describes the period of uncertainty with respect to the numbers of voters determining a majority, governed by the rule of law, which was never suspended during that period of uncertainty. Everyone knew beforehand that certain states would determine the winner. We are a constitutional republic. We are not a representative democracy. If we were a representative democracy, we would not be a constitutional republic because, as we know, the democrats have no tolerance for the republicans and, one can be sure, they would be most liberal in their decimation of the ranks of republicans, permanently. Ironically, it is the capricious and malevolent use of the rule of law which would be the means by which they would achieve their goal, and against which rule of law, with regard to the republican and conservative implications of this election, they are now protesting and demonstrating. The shoe is on the other foot and it, apparently, pinches.

  21. Let us hope we have seen the last of Bonnie and Clyde except when the prison gates open for both of them. I find it hard to believe about fifty million people were naive and stupid enough to vote for this criminal. Just confirms the Democrat Party and its adherents live in a moral and corrupt system and have no care for the American way of life.

  22. Your title is redundant

  23. “Yo Ho the Witch is dead, which old witch, the wicked witch”!

    Now it is time to build the GALLOWS!

  24. And now the real work begins. Look for Trump to roll up his sleeves and hit the ground running, that’s how he did his business and that’s how he’ll do ours.


  26. Actually, a majority of Americans voted FOR Clinton.

    • Those votes included the illegals, who could vote as many times as they wanted to because they aren’t required to have identification, dead people, etc, etc.

    • 42.5 vs 42.7….don’t believe that constitutes a “majority.”

      • Okay, I’ll rephrase that. A majority of Americans who voted, cast votes for Clinton. If the election was determined by the popular vote instead of the Electoral College, then Clinton would have been our next President. Clinton had about 200,000 more votes than Trump, nationwide.

  27. The Clinton Dynesty is over. Did you see all the young women crying in her supporters when killary recognized Trump as the Victor?? OMG.

    So many tears of girls who thought they were following a true leader. But they were dumb downed by our public school system that the Left has rigged to make criminals out to be Heros. We know different. Trump knows different.

    We Americans are done with the phoney rhetoric that is meant to make us feel okay while the Dems steal our Faith and money and our children’s ability to free think.

    Time to rebuild our Nation.

    Time for bho to go to the corner of the White House for a time out til Trump takes over. But bho won’t. Being the criminal he is, he will try to keep changing America during the lame duck session when Congress is out. We must stay vigilant against his actions until he/his family is gone!

    Here is a bet for you. Barry and michelle divorce shortly after their departure. Just a feeling. I had the same feeling about bho’s destructive actions when he became President — blogged about it but no one believed our first black president would ever hurt our Country. And they never believed we’d have a muslim president in our White House either. Hope the cleaning crew sanitizes the White House BIG time before President Trump comes!

    Keep your eyes on Killary. I have a bad feeling she isn’t done being a criminal and her actions will be aimed at Trump. People “like her” don’t give up, they get even. Watch her…

  28. Name one good thing H. Clinton has ever done.

  29. Someone name one good thing Clinton has ever done for America.

  30. There is no law requiring any candidate to release his/her tax returns.

  31. Tax returns released by most candidates are as truthful and accurate as Obummer’s birth certificate.

  32. Are Federal Government right now is an Terrorist Org. And soon it will be gone and humans will take over the Government


  34. It’s sad that the Liberal Left still is trying to show its ugly face even after a complete annihilation by the American people at the Polls. I appreciate that some of you bloggers LOVE to tear each other apart — for whatever reason that pleases you — but we have a Lame Duck Congress coming and the black dude is still trying to ruin our country any way he can. What are you going to do about that? Any ideas, because you guys are so busy trying to out do the other ones, you have totally lost the direction you are going. Get back on path please. We need to work together to heal our country and STOP that nemesis in our White House.

    FYI: For all the bloggers that rub you the wrong way and are nothing but TROLLS (a new “game” on the web to spread HATE and ANGER), BLOCK THEM! If you respond to their comments, you are “playing into their game” and they will take you off topic fast! They are button pushers and really DO NOT GIVE A RAT’S ASS ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK…they just want to get you off topic and spread their HATE. So TO BLOCK them: Go to their last comment – click on the down arrow to the right of their name – click Block and they are gone!

    There is Constructive discussions and then there are destructive discussions. You be the judge how your discussions are going. Just because you Block them it doesn’t mean you agree with their viewpoint…just the opposite. They really do NOT care what you think anyway…it’s just a game to them!

    You may enjoy bickering with these trolls, but if you do it long time, it will impact you physically by raising your blood pressure and ruining your day. Had that happen to a couple of fellow bloggers who ended up having to quit blogging because they became too invested in arguing with the Trolls. Be smarter! Block them. They are NOT WORTH ruining your health. Besides, once Trump is inaugurated and he starts FIXING our Nation, these Trolls won’t have anything to say worth reading.
    Blog On!!

    • I would like to thank you for the reminder about “blocking” someone who annoys you. I had forgotten all about that dandy little tool!

  35. To paraphrase MLK, at least until she does the “perp walk:” Gone At Last, Gone At Last, Thank God Almighty, the Clintons Are Gone At Last!

  36. This article starts with “We’re not going to lie” and then does so.

    The headline says “America Rejects Crime, Corruption, and the Clintons” when none of those have been actually proved for the Clintons. Indeed, EVERY accusation has failed to find enough evidence for prosecution. A reasonable person would conclude that they are the political equivalent of playground insults.

    Finally, the MAJORITY of voters did support Ms. Clinton.

    I won’t criticize the results of the election but the immature name calling and false claims suggest that this audience still feels inferior.

    • Not really. The final popular vote tally: Trump 47.6%; Killary Klinton Klan (KKK) 47.3%. You will eventually “get over it”.

      • If Mr. Trump had actually won, you would not feel the childish need to add insults. A winner is gracious.

        You will have many more chances to spew “alternative facts” but those with the evidence will properly label them “lies”.

        You will be more successful in life by learning, studying, listening to those with the background and making rational decisions based on that. Anyone that you feel the need to insult was probably right.

  37. No more Bushes; no more Clintons in the White House.

  38. Trump’s win was an answer to a prayer to have a president who loves our country and wants to enforce our laws and protect our Constitution. He’s not perfect, but he is beholden to NOBODY! He did not accept huge amounts of money from lobbyists or CEOs of multinational corporations who could care less about our country. Hillary was completely corrupt. Thank you Jesus, that she didn’t win. We wanted our country back, and not to be a globalist trash bin. Now our country has a chance.

  39. No more Clintons or Bushs!

  40. The Clinton crime family will see jail time for their crimes. Felonious Hillary Clinton is the epitome of what a power hungry sociopathic pathological liar really looks like.

  41. The Left just does not understand how close we are to civil war; a war they will not survive.

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  43. The Clintons and their co-conspirators MUST be exposed, investigated, arrested, tried and when convicted of espionage, treason and crimes against the people of the U.S.A. and our Nation! And, they and their co-conspirator anarchists must be imprisoned for what they have attempted and done to the security of our nation and as an example to other despots who may be thinking of doing something similar…

  44. Thank goodness we are finished with the crooked Clintons and the turncoat Bushes who didn’t support Trump


  46. Once they start to prosecute the Clinton Foundation corruption the Clintons will flee the country .

  47. The Clinton Crime Family and their hanger ons must be waiting for Barry Satoro to write them all blanket pardons. I’m still surprised they all weren’t catch flights out of the country to non-extradition treaty nations.

  48. Yes Hillary Clinton as a Political threat I pray is forever gone. But do not let our Guards down Obama & George Soros are still scheming planing on how to take America over. The Violent Protesters a the Fact they are at work.

  49. Only the voters rejected it; the rioting criminal subculture, obviously, didn’t reject anything! Strange, even the leftist media admits many of the rioters say they didn’t bother to vote!

  50. You have to know God’s hands was at work in saving a country that was created and dedicated to Him.

  51. Did NOT elect HiLIARy. Indeed, God is IN control. Thank you, JESUS!!!!

  52. What I can’t believe is that about 60 million uneducated and ignorant people voted for this Criminal, un-American, Money grubbing, Liar. That is most disturbing. Thank God, I’m sorry I’m not allowed to say GOD under the Obama administration, but that will ALL change.

  53. This article really nails it. Heck, I voted early for Trump because I knew if I died, I would be voting Democrat.

  54. Yes! By God we did it!
    I saw this article the other day that talked about Prayer Groups. Here, in Israel and other countries around the world. The story also had a graph that showed clinton rising in the vote count until the appointed time the prayer groups all started. It showed a clear turn about in Trumps favor, that never stopped climbing.
    So yes by God, with God we did it. Now, let us never be so complacent again. Remember Thomas Jefferson said “The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.”

  55. I think the biased polls actually helped Trump win. It gave a lot of people a huge sense of urgency, who might have otherwise stayed home on election day. So thank you liberal media for your part in getting the voters out!

  56. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Maybe send them to live in one of our deserts. Send all quite a few of these democrats that want to finish off us the true AMERICANS.

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