America Not as Gay as People Think

We’re fascinated by the bizarre beliefs of those who lived long ago. To learn that people once thought the Earth was flat. To see old maps that depicted dragons and mysterious lands where giants might roam freely. We look at these old beliefs and shake our heads, so secure in the knowledge that we have come so far.

In some ways, though, the things we believe today are as far off the mark as those old maps. Consider a new poll from Gallup that shows that Americans think 23% of the population is either gay or lesbian. That’s not an easy demographic to pin down, but the best estimates say that’s an overshoot of titanic proportions. A Gallup Daily Tracking poll from this year shows that only 3.8% of the adult population identifies themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

So what, right? Well, it has a significant effect on how we view this country, the policies we vote for, and the politicians we elect. It even goes further than that, deciding the kinds of beliefs we hold about ourselves, our communities, and the world at large. And though Gallup blames the overestimation on Americans’ predictably poor ability to determine demographical representation, a more obvious culprit should not be overlooked.

We’ve become a society obsessed with media. Americans devour TV shows and movies without restraint, and it has had a warping effect on the way we see the world. Proponents of same-sex marriage and other liberal policies say that this is a good thing. Gay characters in movies and shows serve to broaden our worldview, giving us empathy for those we may not meet in our day to day lives. And that’s true to an extent, but the problem is that these movies and shows do not accurately reflect the world at large. Is Gallup was asking how many modern fictional characters were gay, 23% would probably not be far off the mark. They are wildly overrepresented in the media, and that leads to some very unfortunate changes in society.

On the other side of the coin, the average American is vastly underrepresented in the media. People who go to church regularly and uphold traditional values in their personal lives are nowhere to be found. If they are there, they are made to look like weirdos and freaks, despite being far more like the average viewer than the producers would like us to think. These producers would have us believe that their art is a reflection of society, but that’s only true insofar that it’s a reflection of Hollywood, New York City, and other liberal cities. Those societies are hardly an accurate picture of America.

We would do well as a country to unplug our television sets and throw them into the backyard. We are learning how to live our lives from people in bizarre communities that have nothing to do with the way human beings are supposed to behave. It is verifiably changing the policies we support, the values we uphold, and the people we elect. Art and entertainment have always been a part of civilized society, but the line between fiction and reality has grown far too blurry. Hollywood may not reflect the real America, but it’s only a matter of time before America is a reflection of Hollywood.

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  1. All any thinking informed person need do is listen to the beliefs of those working in Hollywood to conclude these people are clueless about what made our nation great and what is now destroying her. The dumbest statements come from the mouths of the Hollywood elite unless you count our politicians.

    • They are more intelligent & “educated” than us. What we believe is a bunch of out-dated, superstitious stuff. There is no God, they say. If it feels good, we are free to participate. No morals, no thou shalt nots, no moral compass, do your own thing..Well I think most spiritual minded people, & I still think there is a lot of us, knows this is committing spiritual suicide, & will take us straight to hell. This is a place I do not want to chance it. I am sure.

  2. The left is not compassionate to homosexuals. They are using them like a screwdriver. They are just a tool in their tool box to convert this generation into a one party politic and demonize the traditional conscience of morality. They will instead demonize God, Christians and the church. And in the next few years they will demand to be married inside whatever church they choose to attack. Church leaders will be attacked, fined, jailed, churches lost, congregations scattered, church buildings burnt and Christians who stand by the word of God will become outlaws. That’s the direction this country is going under Obama’s nurturing leadership. The comment by Mrs. Clinton that Christians need to change the way they think was a veiled threat.

    • Absolutely agree shafawn. As a Christian I have to remember that this is the direction society worldwide is going to take, according to the bible. Sure, we need to stick to our values and show ourselves to be even-keeled, solid people and pass this on to our children and be that example to all who know us. But, there will come a time that we will not be able to stop this, and this could very well be that time.

      It basically comes down to, ‘Be still, and know that I am God’.

      • In just a few years we won’t even be able to have a conversation like this one on the internet. But I want you to know as long as I am alive, I am somewhere loving Jesus and holding on to the truth of His Word. And I hope we will both remember this conversation at some point when that happens and pray for each other. Because I believe in the not too distant future prayer to survive will become important for us and especially important for our children.

        • I appreciate that shafawn, and I believe that I will remember. If I had not accepted who and why Jesus is when I did, I could very well be one of those “left” now.

          • I am glad you chose to follow Christ, Robert. This is the most important decision you will ever make. It seals your eternal fate, heaven or hell. There are those who think this is all a bunch of gobbledygook. I guess we will all find out on judgement day. I’m glad I settled the sin question a long time ago, We are ALL sinners, some of us has ours forgiven, on a daily basis. Thar’s how we say we’re just an ole sinner saved by grace.God is good!!!!!!

          • Praise God.

          • SCREW GOD!! He is not real. get over it!!

          • There you go again. Hate. hate. hate. So you don’t like God then get off this site and find the devil worshipers and leave us alone. You only reinforce our faith when we how ugly a person can let herself become.

          • It’s kind of remarkable how these people that say God doesn’t exist get so angry at Him.

          • Speaking truth to an audience that disagrees with you is hardly hate.

          • Saying screw God isn’t hate then will you please define hate for me. Please don’t call it free speech because all she does is swear and insult. I don’t know who made the you the authority of on truth. The authority according to the shootist doesn’t sounds very convincing. When someone post the same insults over and over again with nothing new and never backing up her beliefs I call she is on this site to swear and belittle people. She can belittle but over and over again she just sounds like a crazy person. Why don’t you get together an form a site for Christian haters and swear your brains out and talk the truth according to non St. Shootist.

          • What you describe is a troll. Whether trolls hate is an interesting question. I usually flag them at first opportunity so as not to waste any energy upon them.

          • Not getting enough sleep, Faye?

          • I get plenty of sleep & what the hell does how much sleep you get have to do with whether you believe in a god or you don’t ??? You are a complete IDIOT!!

          • You always seem so angry, Faye! Calling me an idiot proves to me that you’re not a nice person, Faye. Oh well, God bless anyway, Faye!

          • Twilene Dahlin

            The for hath said in his heart. There is no God. You poor child the life out are missing out on.

          • Did you make it pass the 4th grade ? You poor child. Your grammar is atrocious. Your god gave you a brain, so why are you so damn stupid?

          • Yes dear Faye as a matter of fact. I am a college graduate who made straight A’s in English. However, I am not quite as adept at cell phones with auto correct. It must be a sad thing to have to belittle other people and talk mean to them to make make yourself feel important. Bless your heart. I truly hope your day gets better.

          • And I think you meant past the fourth grade, lol. The pot talking to the kettle.

          • Faye is following bible prophecy.

          • Praise Chester, My Most Holy Cat!! LOL!!!!

        • I completely agree…I will also be somewhere loving Jesus and holding onto His inerrant Word. Happy Memorial Day to all of you who have served!! God bless!

        • I will remember your comment. I already need to remember that. I still pray that our Father will have mercy and if that is not his will that he protect us. I know longer know this nation, I am a foreigner in my own land.

      • Rampant homosexuality is definitely a sign, and it isn’t a good one, either! First of all, it’s a sign that a serious condition of overpopulation exists, which tends to stifle the human urge to reproduce, even to replacement levels. Secondly, it’s a sign that a growing number of people have lost their sense of hope for the future. They live only for the pleasure of the moment, disregarding completely the negative effects of the lifestyle they have unwisely chosen to follow. Osama bin Laden even listed homosexuality in America as one of the specific causes for the 9/11 attack! In short, members of the LGBT community are not only painting targets on their own backsides, they are painting a great big red target on maps of the United States of America! That’s why they need to stop being so politically active, stop their LGBT propaganda campaigns designed to entice others into their lifestyle, stop demanding “rights” they have no right to, and retreat back into their shelters, where they can do whatever they wish to do, in total privacy. But when you become deathly ill due to your lifestyle, make sure your own insurance pays for it, rather than expecting taxpayers to foot the bill!

        • I agree with you mostly, but not about the “overpopulation” part. The sexual deviancies that are rampant today has nothing to do with overpopulation. It has to do with lack of a moral compass.

          Also, it is interesting that you mention about bin Laden listing homosexuality in America as a compelling reason to attack the U.S. headon. I have read that one major reason that so many westerners are joining ISIS is because that they are so dismayed at the increasing decadence in the West.

          • I would believe that Muslims have a problem with American Mores, except I have noted in becoming acquainted with foreign nationals who are college students on visas here, from Muslim majority countries, the unmarried men go absolutely crazy with promiscuous sex and alcohol. Of course that is purportedly the fault of American decadence. Actually they prowl for underage teenage girls and use alcohol to get their way. Usually the next day they are back in class lecturing the other students about how bad western morals are and how important it is for women to be modest. They have a system whereby the men always have a scapegoat for their lust and even their hypocrisy. I honestly don’t know why American feminists are being so deafeningly silent about the deep-rooted filthiness of Islamist misogyny.

          • I know what you mean the college age men and the alcohol and sex. They never think ahead or the future when they get married and have children especially girls and they go off to college and what goes around comes around. They know better. Going wild in college is nothing to brag about you are just acting the pigs are lower life forms and that goes for the girls too. If you respect yourself no one will. Guess that why the divorce rate is so high. Romance isn’t sleeping around and drinking until you get sick but about the feelings of love not lust but lust never lasts but love does.

          • I agree about overpopulation. The cities are overpopulation because I have driven through some state with hundreds and hundreds of miles of nothing. All of it beautiful country just waiting to be discovered.

          • If there was water available within those “hundreds and hundreds of miles of nothing,” there would probably be human development. A second explanation might be that the land is owned by the Federal Government, preventing any rational use by WE THE PEOPLE.

          • No it is not owned by the government. My grandfather in Texas owned a lot of land and it had water or wells were dug. There were also lakes. The government land grab is more recent. The Socialist concept of Obama and the dept. of conservation and all the climate change nonsense. They will take non populated land and will force people out who have lived on choice land for generations. Not too people know what the government is doing in these areas of freedom in the name of people but in reality in the name of the dictator Obama. This also makes me very angry. They keep this very quiet. I am glad you are well informed. I wish more people were and protested against these crooks that are taking one freedom away at a time and no one is screaming about it.

        • Very well spoken, ad them to the same category as politicians.Unknowing about anything except their own objectives!

        • You may not have proof of his existence, but my God had proven himself to me over and over again. I am not so prideful as to think that I know more or can run my life better than the God who created me. He does however tell us in his word that we are to prove him if you are so inclined as to read it and find out how.

    • You hit that one out of the park shafawn. They use all of the “minority agendas” to their advantage, and will toss the members (gays, minorities, etc.) under the bus like a used condom.

    • We need to talk to our Priest, Pastors, Reverends, etc. about all of this. Anyone doing that yet? Need a plan.

      • Are you kidding? I haven’t been to a church in the last 5 years who will even utter the word homosexual or anything about the progressive agenda of the left or anything about the totalitarian influence swiftly pursued by this administration.

        It’s like the church is living in a vacuum apart from current events. They stick to the same sermons preached 10 years ago. I think they are afraid of losing tax exempt status and not willing to risk offending any democrats in the church. So the things going on in the world simply doesn’t exist inside those 4 walls. They might criticize Hollywood and movies but they don’t even get specific about that.

        Honestly my belief is … the world is always going to act lost. The world is not the problem.

        When my people who are called by my name, pray and humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways and seek my face THEN will I hear from heaven and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14
        That’s why the Republicans are failing miserably. You cannot push morality without the one who makes us moral. We have no power to swim against the current without Jesus. We have churches teaching yoga and meditation and constantly teaching about prosperity and getting rich and worrying about the size of the congregation rather than the members in the congregation. We have Presbyterians and Methodists openly embracing same sex marriage right inside the church and pulpit! In my opinion… the Catholic church will join that widening path soon. Pope Francis is joining the anti-Semitic crowd like Hamas calling for a Jewish genocide.

        As soon as the “religious” church starts facing actual persecution in the U.S. you’ll see the great falling away talked about in the Bible.

        Don’t be fooled by what they say. For that day will not come until there
        is a great rebellion against God and the man of lawlessness is
        revealed–the one who brings destruction. 2 Thessalonians 2:3
        Some translations call that the “apostasy” and the King James calls it “the great falling away”. I used the New Living Translation for that quote.

        • Interestingly, my retired pastor did speak about homosexuality being a sin, and it turned my then 17 year old daughter off to church. She just couldn’t understand how murder was equated with homosexuality………a sin is a sin reference. The pastor’s son now heads the church and he had some person last week stating we shouldn’t be concerned with homosexuality but rather gluttony and the fat people in the church! I thought to myself, bring back your dad!!

          • haha! That last part was funny. You have a good sense of humor.
            I believe under the law of grace .. any sin and all sin is simply sin that separates us from God. In that way all sexual immorality such as fornication, adultery, homosexuality or simply lying are all sins that equally can be forgiven and equally cause separation without the act of repenting. The problem with homosexuality is that there comes a point when it goes beyond experimenting or rebelling against parents etc..
            The Bible actually says God gives them over to a reprobate mind. I would venture to say it would be hard to come back from that. Not because God is unforgiving but because the heart can grow calloused as a stone and hard as a rock.

            This generation has a hard time understanding why God is against homosexuality because the media paints them as kind, often artistic, intelligent and sensitive individuals who were simply born homosexual and can’t help it but that is not the truth. God is always for what is best for the family for the sake of the children and the cohesive and lasting relationship of the husband and wife for the sake of their souls who have been joined as one. Homosexuality is based on lust. That’s why they seldom have only one partner. Even in a long term relationship studies from Berkeley have proven homosexuals continue to have multiple sex partners.

            There is also a high number of homosexual serial killers per capita

            The problem with some of these studies is they were at least gathered and researched by Christian groups which the left will not accept as a legitimate source but nobody on the left would dare oppose the LGBT community.

            And here we have adult children of same sex marriage who speak out against gay marriage in federal court

            Anyway point is .. God is not unreasonable or simply unbending and stubborn..
            Cars are made to run on gas but we don’t stick orange juice in the tank and then blame Toyota when it won’t run.
            God created us for Himself and He and His way is the only way our lives will be blessed.
            I hope you can share some of this or any of this with your daughter. God bless you and thank you for reading.

          • Hopefully shafawn you are preaching somewhere! You articulate well and have a good handle on God’s word. As for gay community, I sincerely hope the US Supreme Court doesn’t vote to legislate the bedroom! I don’t care what anyone does privately, but don’t try to change the law based on a deviation.

          • Thank you for saying that. That is high praise and very kind. I’m not a preacher. I hope I didn’t come across as preachy. I do work for the Crisis Center and sometimes get to share Jesus with people who are open to receive. I’m really grateful for that job.

            I guess we’ll find out what the Supreme Court declares this year. I’m with you.. I don’t want to know what they do in private but I feel the children raised in that environment are emotionally unhealthy and tortured souls. God forgive us .. He sees those babies suffering under that evil influence.. Probably homosexual demons flying all around those poor children. Shutter to think about it.
            Anyway God bless you and yours sister. I’m going to add you to following so I can keep up with your posts.

          • Amen to each sentence included in your post! Just for good measure, in addition to praying that the Justices reach the correct decision and ban same-sex marriage, I’m going to place a hex upon each Justice who fails in their moral duty to uphold traditional marriage. Based on past experience, one or the other, and hopefully both, should do the trick! If neither method works, the citizens of the U.S. need to demand that strict term limits for Supreme Court Justices be enacted!

          • I became an active Christian 2 years ago, I state active because I have known the truth of Jesus, The Father and The Holy Spirit since I was 6. God was the only parent I had, I am alive only because he cared for and protected me. He blessed me at the age of 6, he made himself known to me, I don’t know how else to explain it. There was to be a long and dangerous road ahead of me , a road that excluded church, excluded God. I heard few words about God , still I knew him, he is my Father. Finally , at the age of 52 , Our Father made his will , my will, driving me to enter a specific church. My pastor preaches the truth, he preaches the word of God from the bible, boldly and without fear. I would walk away from the church if he did otherwise.

        • I beg to differ on the issue of Methdists allowing homosexual marriage inside the church. Some years ago I became extremely worried about that issue and called the Bishop’s office of the State in which I live. I was informed that homosexuals were welcome in the congregation in the hope they might see the error of their ways; but under no circumstances would they be married there. I checked with several other denominations and got the same answer.

          • Gay pastors in United Methodist Churches

            Presbyterian gay friendly doctrine

            The United Methodist Church could have openly gay clergy and clergy
            could officiate at same-sex marriages if a proposal affirmed by a
            denomination-wide leadership body prevails.

            Here the pope gives a speech talking about the love and joy spoken of by gay couples and that we have to be open to the “Spirit of surprises” .. meaning the Holy Spirit, suggesting the Holy Spirit might condone same sex marriage.


          • I think you might enjoy the informative videos of Walter Veith on You Tube. He has several but I heard the ones on the counter reformation and rekindling the reformation. He is excellent. I believe we need to know the plans of these evil leaders, like the Pope, for instance.

          • Thank you Lincolnlover. I am looking that up right now.

          • I just found out today that Veith is a Seventh Day Adventist. That may change things for you as it does for me. I think he is still correct on most things but I don’t agree with that denomination on their doctrine. Just keep that in mind if you watch. I have friends in that denomination and they are wonderful Christians! But their beliefs are very different in many areas. Sorry . I should have tried to find out who he was first.

          • I watched two youtube videos of him yesterday after our conversation. He gives a scathing review of some television evangelists that I didn’t appreciate. It’s not that I like or dislike Benny Hen or the other men he mentions but he used sound clips to show how they are really saying they worship Satan which I thought could have easily been manipulated technically to make them sound like they say anything you want to hear. You know?

            Some of the things he said I agree with and I also heard in the video ‘Know your enemy’. Overall though I think I may not listen to him anymore.

            I agree with you on the denomination thing as well.
            I don’t believe in placing man made religious laws on myself when Jesus died to set me free of all that. . 1 Timothy 4:3 and Romans 14:6
            I like to keep things simple and straight forward with the Lord. I think the adding extra laws and restrictions is beyond my salvation experience with Jesus so why burden myself with it?

          • Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Mike Murdock, Paula White, and a host of other corrupt, money-grubbing false prophets of that type need to be the objects of “scathing review” at every opportunity! I truly appreciate it when those scheming weasels are exposed for the degenerate heretics that they are. There seems to be too much reluctance by legitimate evangelists to rebuke and expose those pretenders. Much of the world’s skepticism and disdain for organized religion is traceable to the impression that is produced by the “prosperity gospel,” “seed faith” hustlers who dominate cable and satellite religious programming. They need to be publicly exposed and rebuked.

          • But that doesn’t matter. Whether their motives are false or genuine, the
            message about Christ is being preached either way, so I rejoice. And I
            will continue to rejoice. Philippians 1:18

            Matthew 13:24-30
            24 Another parable He put forth to them, saying: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field; 25 but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way. 26 But when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop, THEN THE TARES ALSO APPEARED. 27 So the servants of the owner came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then does it have tares?’ 28 He said to them, ‘AN ENEMY HAS DONE THIS.’ The servants said to him, ‘Do you want us then to go and gather them up?’ 29 But he said, ‘NO, LEST WHILE YOU GATHER UP THE TARES YOU ALSO UPROOT THE WHEAT WITH THEM. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will
            say to the reapers, “First gather together the tares and bind them in
            bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.”’”

            Of course I believe there are false teachers and false prophets among them but there are listeners who’s hearts are open to the truth of God’s word who listen to it with a pure heart and God still uses it to reach them.

          • Their “motives” are to enrich themselves and their greed is obvious to anyone who follows them. Moreover, they preach a false gospel, asserting that all one needs to do to be saved is to say some kind of “sinner’s prayer”, a concept that is nowhere taught in scripture. You may continue to be deluded by those false prophets and to lend your support to them, but you do so at the peril of your eternal destiny. Those TV hucksters will indeed be rooted up and burned, because the “seed” they have sown is a corrupt seed and has misled many to believe a false gospel that will not save them.

          • I answered you with the Word of God.
            Philippians 1:18
            What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth,
            Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice.

            This is not a new issue just more widespread with the use of television as you said. You can be sure God will sort it out on the day of judgment when we will all .. every one of us… will have our works laid bare and judged.

            2 Corinthians 5:10
            For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.

            Revelation 20:1
            And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne,
            and books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book
            of life; and the dead were judged from the things which were written in
            the books, according to their deeds.

            I would also like to say some may start out with a genuine call and anointing but later fall to temptation and while God is giving them a space to repent they walk in sin. That is also possible and whether or not this is true only God knows.

          • Christ is NOT preached with a watered-down false gospel such at these corrupt televangelists preach. You show me just where in the New Testament any apostle, evangelist, teacher or anyone else told lost folks to say a “sinner’s prayer” in order to be saved.

          • Romans 10:9
            That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall
            believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you shall
            be saved.

            Acts 16:30,31
            30 And he brought them out and said, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”
            31 So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.”
            They told him the words of Jesus and he was baptized.

            Acts 8: 35-37
            35 Then Philip opened his mouth, and beginning at this Scripture, preached Jesus to him. 36 Now as they went down the road, they came to some water. And the eunuch said, “See, here is water. What hinders me from being baptized?”
            37 Then Philip said, “If you believe with all your heart, you may.”

            The commonality with all these scriptures is “belief”
            Believe with ALL YOUR HEART

            In that way the salvation experience is personal between the listener and God and nothing to do with those televangelists.

            So many miracles were performed based on the faith of those Jesus preached to. Jesus said ‘your faith has made thee whole’. Not that faith heals but faith is the hand that receives his grace. That’s why Jesus couldn’t do many miracles in Galilee because they said “Is this not the carpenter’s son?” They didn’t believe.

          • It would appear, shafawn, that some are a bit overwrought about televangelists. Our TV has the ability to change channels, whenever we wish.

            The issue is as you have stated so well. Our salvation comes by the grace of God through our faith in His Son, the Christ. As St. Peter so aptly stated, there is no other name given among men. As Christ Himself told St. Thomas and the other disciples, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man may come to the Father except through me.” End of discussion.

            Freedom of the human will permits divergent opinion on everything else. However, anything which contradicts God’s Word is off the table. Those who do not accept this are the ones in real danger.

          • headonstraight

            Lotsa scripture quoting there, shafawn, but you have not shown in anything you posted anywhere where any apostle, evangelist or teacher ever told any lost sinner to say any prayer. Baptism is the place and event that God has established as the point at which the penitent lost sinner is redeemed through grace by the blood of Christ. See Romans 6:1-10 and read it as if you had never read it before and see what it says about baptism.

          • Romans 10:9
            That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall
            believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you shall
            be saved.

            I like this one. I grew up Baptist. I think you’re talking more along the lines of denominational doctrine. I know some denominations believe you aren’t saved until you are baptized.
            I can only speak from Romans 10:9 and my own personal salvation experience.
            I was 16 years old standing at the end of the Sunday service. The preacher gave the alter call like he does every Sunday. I shut my eyes and I felt conviction of sin in my heart. My mind said ‘How can I need forgiveness? I’m only 16 and I haven’t even done anything yet.’ And the conviction was still there and I realized I had sin in my heart. An attitude of rebellion, pride, pity all those things are sins of the heart. Then I felt the presence of Jesus so strong that I actually opened my eyes and looked around the church but he wasn’t there. I shut my eyes again and I thought “Is that you Lord?” And I felt love and compassion just pouring out on me. The preacher said “Jesus is dealing with people’s hearts this morning folks. Just give people a little more time. Does anyone want to come forward and receive salvation? Don’t be shy”. I raised my hand and walked down the aisle. I felt the Holy Spirit on me so strong I was trembling. He prayed a prayer with me that was basically something like ‘Do you understand that you’re a sinner needing God’s forgiveness? I said yes. Do you ask the Lord Jesus to come into your heart today and forgive you of all your sin? I said yes Do you want Jesus to be the Lord of your life from now on and forever? I said yes I do. He said ‘And will you be baptized as the Word of God commands which is an outward expression of an inward change and rebirth into His Spirit?” I said yes I will. He said ‘Welcome to the family of God little sister’. And then he told the congregation ‘Please everyone come down and give a warm welcome to our newest member in the family of God’ and everybody clapped. I felt like I was glowing from the inside out.

            A week later I got baptized. I didn’t really feel anything you know.. spiritual about the baptism. I just knew I was doing it out of an act of obedience because the Bible said to do it and because it was an outward expression that I was a new creature in Christ when I came up out of the water .. it was like being born again into the world through Christ.

            And since then I’ve prayed the prayer of salvation with people and felt the Holy Spirit come along side them in that prayer.
            That’s all I know… is my own experience. I know I’m saved. I know I belong to Jesus and I know I prayed a simple prayer of faith at age 16 and Jesus has never left me since then. The road has gotten dark and rocky and crooked, through pit falls and valleys at times… because of my own bad decisions but through it all the Lord Jesus has never left me or let me down. Praise the Lord!! Thank you Jesus!! I am truly blessed I tell you!! I have a wonderful job I love. I have a house that’s paid for. I have zero debt. I have a wonderful family. I am in good health. Jesus gave me all of this!! Praise the Lord!

          • shafawn, you say you were baptized because it is a “command” (“And will you be baptized as the Word of God commands….?”) and that you were baptized as an “act of obedience.” But you assert that baptism is not necessary for salvation. By your reckoning, it follows that if you or any penitent sinner declines to be baptized, he or she nevertheless will be saved. But that means that one can disobey the command to be baptized and decline to carry out this “act of obedience” and still be saved.

            Baptism is indeed something that is COMMANDED:

            “Acts 10:48

            And he commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord.”

            Jesus said this: “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” (John 14:15)

            Does that mean all of them or only some of them? If baptism is a commandment–which it surely is–than it is not an optional thing: it is a necessary thing.

            For about the first 1400 years of Christianity, it was uniformly believed that baptism was essential to salvation. The notion that it is not essential rests on the false premise that baptism is a “work” of merit and that it therefore can not be essential to salvation because salvation is not of works. But baptism is not a work of merit. Baptism is the place and event established by God where the saving blood of Christ is applied the the sins of the penitent sinner. Did you read Romans 6: 1-10? Did you notice that Paul begins with the subject of GRACE and then proceeds directly and immediately to a discussion of BAPTISM and what it means in God’s plan for the redemption of lost sinners? Think about it.

            We are also commanded to REPENT also. Repentance is thus essential to salvation. But Is repentance a work of merit? Certainly not. It, like baptism, is a part of the sinner’s response, in faith, to the command of God.

          • What if you went to a Methodist church that only sprinkles? Or a Catholic church that only even practices that in infancy? But you sincerely asked Jesus to come into your heart to forgive and save you? Would God reject you because there wasn’t enough water used? Almost the entire country of Africa is water desperate. Can you not get saved in the desert if there is no water?
            From everything I’ve read and understand.. I believe it’s about the heart. believing with your whole heart in responding to the Lord. We love him because he first loved us. I got baptized and I was grateful and glad to do it but I know Jesus came into my heart when I prayed the prayer of salvation and walked down to the alter. Jesus was all over me and I knew from that moment I belonged to Him and would always belong to Him.

            Of course I fell away from God for over 10 years after that. Still God never let go of me. I knew he was always there. He was always calling me back. He never gave up and I did come back. Religious people had driven me away.

            I believe the whole Bible. I believe in tongues and all the gifts of the Spirit. I believe if there is any way for you to get baptized after you are saved you should. I believe if there is no way to get baptized but you have given Jesus your heart then you have Romans 10:9 that will protect you from Satan. The helmet of salvation… protecting your mind.

            I’ve talked to people in China through the internet who have asked Jesus into their hearts to be saved but there is no way for them to be baptized. Are they barred from heaven for lack of H2O?

            You might check that out through ‘The Way FM’. It’s nation wide. They have an international internet outreach program called ‘Ground Wire’. You can talk to people from India, China, New Zealand, England and Maryland in one day. I’ve found the ones from India and China are sincere and desperate and grateful for someone to share Jesus with them. The ones from western nations have more people who just want to flirt with Jesus but not actually give their whole heart to Him.

            There are some things we won’t understand until we get to heaven. Living for Jesus with your whole heart in all truth and honesty every day and reaching the lost for Christ is all that really really matters.

          • I totally agree!!

          • It doesn’t matter to you whether their motives are false or genuine ?? You are one stupid person!! These people have billions of dollars, profiting off of people who will never live in mansions, fly in private jets & are told the more they give to their false god, they will reap the rewards. What a fucking joke!!! The only thing these false profits worship is MONEY!! And that doesn’t matter to you ? Then you are a fool & just as screwed up as they are.

          • Are you a Christian?

          • What a stupid question. Does it really matter whether you’re a believer or a non- believer? The only thing that really matters is the truth.

          • Ok I don’t know why you’re so hostile honey. It was just a question. Calm down and try to relax. Life is too short to stay in such an upset and it’s not good for your body. Ok now..
            I asked if you’re a Christian because this right here >>>> Is Philippians 1:18

            But that doesn’t matter. Whether their motives are false or genuine, the
            message about Christ is being preached either way, so I rejoice. And I
            will continue to rejoice. Philippians 1:18

            Maybe you don’t recognize it. I’ll use a different version.
            Philippians 1:18
            What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth,
            Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice.

            This problem of ‘pretenders for the sake of financial gain’ was a problem even back then from the beginning.

            Look at these verses for an explanation of why God lets it go on.

            Matthew 13:24-30
            24 Another parable He put forth to them, saying:
            “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field;
            25 but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat
            and went his way. 26 But when the grain had sprouted and produced a
            crop, THEN THE TARES ALSO APPEARED. 27 So the servants of the owner
            came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How
            then does it have tares?’ 28 He said to them, ‘AN ENEMY HAS DONE
            THIS.’ The servants said to him, ‘Do you want us then to go and gather
            them up?’ 29 But he said, ‘NO, LEST WHILE YOU GATHER UP THE TARES YOU
            ALSO UPROOT THE WHEAT WITH THEM. 30 Let both grow together until the
            harvest, and at the time of harvest I will
            say to the reapers, “First gather together the tares and bind them in
            bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.”’”

            Because of God’s compassion and love He can minister to people with a sincere and humble heart open to the truth even if the one speaking it has a financial motive. That’s why .. whether in pretense or in truth .. Christ being preached.. still reaches the lost.

            Because the Lord is real and his name is power and love, forgiveness and mercy and those who are open to Him receive Him.

            The speaker is just a water faucet .. the faucet cannot be praised for the water that flows out of it. The source of the water is to be praised and that is Jesus. Don’t worry.. God will judge the water faucets for what sort are in the end.

          • I think that their false doctrine disturbs the ability for the right apprehension of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ…and therefore makes their preaching extremely dangerous. I have seen this, persons believing in their ability instead of trusting God and obeying Him. This word of faith preaching can take our eyes off Jesus. Indeed, some will not be affected because they are sealed with the Holy Spirit. I just stay away from them.

          • Thank you for your reply. I agree with you. I am not going to listen to him anymore either. I know some of their end time beliefs because my neighbors are of that denomination and they are pretty set on them. I should have done my homework to find out who he is before my recommendations. I’m really sorry! I was not happy to see that he was SDA.

          • I enjoyed to get hear another point of view even if I didn’t agree with it. I do agree with yours =) God bless you and yours!

        • You are taking the words right out of my mouth….thanks! I believe in warning those who can’t keep up with all that’s going on. Some are thankful but most are angry to have to think about it.

        • “When my people who are called by my name, pray and humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways and seek my face THEN will I hear from heaven and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

          The above passage from the Bible is one that applied to the theocratic nation of Israel, a nation that no longer exists. Although God desires all nations to support righteousness, the instruction in II Chronicles 7:14 was one that governed according to a specific covenant between God and his chosen theocratic nation. Neither the United States nor any other contemporary nation, including modern Israel, is the subject of that passage, for that covenant has been superseded by a new and better covenant in Jesus Christ.

          • My people who are called by my name. No nation name is mentioned. My people who are called by my name.. Christians are called Christians because of Christ. There is no expiration date.. there is no nation mentioned. This scripture addresses a specific people.. who? My people who are called by My name.

            But I would like to address the the point you made ..”theocratic nation of Israel, a nation that no longer exists”

            Genesis 17:8
            And I will give to you and to your offspring after you the land of your
            sojournings, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession, and I
            will be their God.”

            Now this verse specifically mentions the land, not a nation but a region.

            The land of Canaan then is the land of Israel now and has only ever been called Israel for the last 4,000+ years.

            This scripture foretold the rebirth of Israel. A people scattered to the 4 corners of the earth, separated THOUSANDS OF YEARS by continents, by cultures, by races and politics but came together under ONE GOD, one language and one religion!!! What a miracle!! May 14, 1948

            Isaiah 66:8
            Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall a land be
            born in one day? Shall a nation be brought forth in one moment? For as
            soon as Zion was in labor she brought forth her children.

        • Just this last Sunday,in our new church, the Preacher gave an awesome sermon on Romans 1:18 and beyond. He was fearless with the truth about sin and homosexuality. He did not hold back…even though there were Lesbians in the seats, hugging and kissing, right in front of him. Several times he was looking and speaking directly at them, it seemed. This is a new church to us and we were astonished, in the best way! I think this will be our church. The Preacher later told us that HE IS AWARE OF THIER PRESENCE.
          My fiends told me of an incidence in their church when some kind of oppression was felt and they noticed a witch/wiken person in their midst. They took authority over this and prayed, many who noticed it and even took rings from some young boys which the woman had given them. These evil doers are trying to infiltrate our churches but God gives us discernment..halleluiah! I pray for discernment in our church bodies. So many are so clueless.
          Pray for Christians.

          • Wow that’s really awesome! Praise God there are still some churches who stand up to sin and won’t back down!! That is wonderful!! God is so good and tender hearted to us who are depending on Him. That story really blessed me! Thank you, I needed to hear that.

          • And I don’t need to tell you how happy we were that this pastor was so unafraid of the truth! We have been looking for a new church, feeling not very hopeful, because our previous church had been going “seeker sensitive”. That pastor was not even aware of all the false teaching going around, nor was he interested. He just wanted to grow to a large size church. Anyway!!!!W are so thrilled to think we have a home church. We will meet with the Pastor to make sure. We have some questions. Have you heard of Chuck Baldwin, Pastor of Liberty Fellowship[??]. He is in Livingston Montana. I just heard two of his sermons. A woman , in the comments, suggested I may like him. I do. Maybe you will also. Thanks for sharing my gladness!!

          • I’m really glad you found that church. It’s so hard now to find a church that preaches the unadulterated Word of God. Like you said they want a big church. If you decide to stay there continue to pray a hedge of protection around that pastor. The demons will want to shut him up and send people in to attack if he’s willing to step out about homosexuality being a sin.
            I haven’t heard of Chuck Baldwin but I will definitely look him up now. Thank you!
            God bless you and your family and I pray God will protect that pastor and his flock now and always in Jesus name. amen

          • Thanks, I will certainly take your advice about praying for protection for this pastor. For I agree with you about the possibility of attacks. I have only listened to Chuck Baldwin for 3 sermons. Thought he was good but I don’t agree with all he says….most, but not all. I stand with Israel…am confused on his stand. Don’t understand or didn’t know that some Christians don’t stand with Israel. But he is definitely a patriot.
            Thanks again!

          • I love Israel too. I try to pray for them whenever I can think of it. Especially when I read the old testament and am reminded of them. I was reading Zachariah 11 but mostly 12-13 yesterday. I think we’re almost there at that spot in the time line. Let me know what you think?

            I still haven’t had time to watch Chuck Baldwin. I’ve been busy with adding a bathroom on to the house. Should be done this next week.
            God bless you and yours. Talk to you soon.

            Makes me think of the Shia’ and Sunni Muslim both hating Israel but God will cause them to turn and fight each other. That’s what I think will happen.

            2/3 of Israel will be killed. 1/3 remaining will become born again. Amazing God!!

          • I haven’t read Zachariah for a while but have been rereading Isaiah. I think we are very close to the fulfillment of prophecy for the last days. So much is going on in the world to support this. It seems that the whole world is fitting into the prophetic right now.
            Sometimes I think I have a line on what is happening and other times I am overwhelmed at the vastness of the darkness coming upon the world. Since becoming a Christian I have had an intense interest in the prophetic concerning the last days. God is going to deal with the moslems, for sure. He is going to deal with a lot of people who have rejected Him as well.
            I have told you about a couple of people to watch and I haven’t even told you about my absolute favorite preacher yet. His name is Charles Lawson from Knoxville Tenn. He has been teaching and preaching about CERN. This subject has really gotten me interested in going back over some prophecies to see how this fits. Hope you can listen to him. He has at least 5 videos concerning CERN. I watch him on his own website but just last night I saw him on you tube.
            My friends sent a video to me from a scientist explaining CERN and the anti-matter, which explains it in lay language. I would link it here but I don’t know how to do that. My husband will show me for the umpteenth time and then I will include then so you can hear this. This is the most incredible thing I have heard so far. It is true and I think it may be what Jesus was referring to when he talked of the last days being so bad that no flesh would survive….and that is why He would shorten that time! This stuff may explain the end time deception that will be so overwhelming for those who do not have Jesus and the indwelling Holy Spirit.
            Just went back to look for that video….it is called, Darkest Side of CERN-Destruction of Souls on YouTube. This speaks in layman’s terms and relates this to God’s creation and our souls. This is more than I have ever written on a comment section! Pls. watch this stuff on CERN.
            May God continue to bless you and yours.

          • Ok watching it right now. I’ll let you know what I think of it. Thanks!

          • Ok I watched it. Very compelling.

            These are the 2 I watched.


            The second one is a very grounded documentary I found about the same subject. I thought you would enjoy it.


            Thanks a lot! I shared with friends. I just don’t know what to say. God bless us with discernment.

          • Hi! In reading Zechariah and Isaiah today I realized that God is using all this as He has used people in the past. It gave me a lot of peace. God will separate the wheat from the tares. When people always say God is in control I would hear that but not exactly be clear about it. But revisiting the prophets has made me see more clearly the extent of His purposes…at least today. I will need to continue to seek His peace tomorrow for sure. I just got to share this with a man that we have known for quite some time. I hope he will get saved because of this knowledge now. What really got to me was the way God used Cyrus.
            God Bless You.

          • Been a while since I studied Isaiah but I looked Cyrus up after your post. You’re right that is fascinating that a monarch was so completely in agreement to allow Israel to rebuild the temple and gave them back their artifacts after their return from exile. God is amazing.

          • Whoops…he is in Kalispell, Montana…don’t know what made me write Livingston.

    • This would appear to be very definitely the case, shafawn. Right now Liberty Counsel is busy defending magistrates in North Carolina who have refused to issue marriage licenses or perform marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples. This is a group of militants who use Lenin’s technique of shouting louder and making more noise than anyone else to get their way. . . .which is exactly what the Bolsheviks did in the Duma. They are a very small minority of maybe 2% at most, but they have a large number of normal Americans buffaloed into thinking they constitute about 23% of our total population which is, of course, ridiculous.

      Since the Bible has been referenced here in this discussion, it would appear that there are some very sharp judgments made respecting the entire LGTB scene then and now. One finds this both in the Old Testament and the New. In fact we find the first mention of AIDS in II Chronicles 21: 12-20 where Elijah sent Jehoram a letter condemning him for departing from the ways of his father, Jehoshaphat. [He killed his brothers among other things.] Verses 18 – 20 is an excellent description of AIDS and Jehoram died a miserable death from this. At the moment we have an outbreak of this in a small town in Indiana, Austin, I believe, and it is a major medical emergency. Is this a judgment? It would appear to be.

      Obama is anti-Christian and in fact is really Muslim, since writings credited to him in “The Audacity of Hope” indicate that he will side is Islam whenever there is a crisis between that group and the Judaeo-Christian people. Obamacare is just one attack. Homosexuals as a group are by definition anti-Christian. The openly lesbian mayor of Houston has shown us that, though she was recently beaten down unmercifully by Texas citizens. Barney Franks has shown us this on a national scale, while he was in the US Congress. He, too, was taken down, though his house is still a center of male prostitution which is “tolerated” in Massachusetts.

      Churches and church leaders are being attacked. In fact I was in the church office with the priest one day, when the local branch of the IRS called up on a pretense to entrap him and the parish. Being on to them, the priest noted sarcastically, “don’t you people ever give up?” and hung up the phone. That was in 1986 and it’s far worse now. Your observation about Hillary Clinton is quite apt and she is far more dangerous than 98% of the people realize. Your observations are right on target.

      • The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a retrovirus, which, like many
        other viruses, stores its genetic information as RNA rather than as DNA
        (most other living things use DNA). When HIV enters a human cell, it
        releases its RNA, and an enzyme called reverse transcriptase makes a DNA
        copy of the HIV RNA. The resulting HIV DNA is integrated into the
        infected cell’s DNA. This process is the reverse of that used by human
        cells, which make an RNA copy of DNA. Thus, HIV is called a retrovirus,
        referring to the reversed (backward) process. Other RNA viruses (such as
        polio, influenza, or measles), unlike retroviruses, do not make DNA
        copies after they invade cells. They simply make RNA copies of their
        original RNA.

        Doesn’t the very description of what AIDS does in the human body point to the fact that what’s being done to cause it is against nature, in fact the opposite of what God naturally intended for human beings? Seems like even evolutionists/Darwinists/Marxists would at least recognize that pattern.

        Romans 1: 26,27
        26 For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. 27 Likewise
        also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their
        lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and
        receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.

        When I read the description of what HIV does to the cell and read what God says about homosexuality I am completely amazed and in awe.

        I didn’t even know about what happened in Indiana. I did read an article after I read your post that said 23% of the population there are poor and that needle drug use had spiked just before the HIV outbreak. Yes I think all of America is out from under God’s umbrella of protection.
        Really enjoyed your post. Thanks

        • Come on,,,you people still going around believing that AIDS bull shit? Read this book, “Deadly Deception”. Discover the REAL truth.

        • Thank you , this is great information.

        • In part you have brought back the technical article I read on blood chemistry in the journal in the hospital library. I hope everyone reads the summation you have written here. Ribonucleic acid [RNA] is the genetic carrier and, indeed, the AIDS genetic code does duplicate itself in otherwise healthy cells. The Pentagon thought they could handle this problem However, $5,000,000,000 [billion] later they gave up on it. The reverse transcriptase often produces mutations so fast under a microscope that researchers claim they can almost watch it happen. Hence no cure is possible.

          At the risk of rattling cages here, studies had been done on this by general ethnic classification. Granting individual variability, Caucasians could run anywhere from 13 to 19 years before symptoms showed up. Africans tended to run about 19 to 25 months before health markers appeared. There was a study done on Latin groups which indicated they could run 5 to 7 years before the first signs could be detected. At the time researchers had no explanation for this discrepancy between groups, merely that this was what the study indicated. Of course, there were exceptions to all of this within the classifications, but the general rule still held.

          As you have written, it is entirely against Nature. And your reference to St. Paul’s epistle to the Romans makes it quite clear that all of this was known early on. 2 Chronicles 21 just happens to have recorded an actual episode meted out as punishment by the Lord. And I realize, too, that RNA is not the culprit here but a necessary genetic tool in the process of life. Nonetheless, the Lord is very definite in what He expects us to do and not to do. Those who violate His command are in rebellion against His Word. And there are always consequences for that.

          By the way, when my wife and I were in Geneva, Switzerland some years ago visiting friends, we were downtown by the statues in the park. We questioned all the trash [on two legs] scurrying about acting in a weird manner. Our friends told us this was a place for drugs and needles to be exchanged and/or handed out. They were embarrassed by all of it. And, too, when Rock Hudson was dying in France of AIDS, all of the nurses and doctors wore paper clothing going into his isolated room and burning it immediately upon coming out. There was a case, too, of one poor nurse in a treatment facility who was disposing of the needle used on an AIDS patient. She accidentally stuck herself in the hand with the needle and became hysterical knowing what she had just done. Down below here Dr. Clinton wants us to know of his academic accomplishments but it is obvious he has no medical prowess. The real truth is found with the reverse transriptase. Like gravity some things are objective facts. One can argue with them endlessly, but they cannot be changed.

          I would suggest this, shafawn. Satan is out to destroy whatever he can in any way he can. It makes no difference to him how this happens to anyone or who the person is. Destruction is his purpose. His finest move yet in the 20th century was to convince many people that he does not exist. It looks like we’re witnessing the fruits of that erroneous conclusion.

          • You are so kind. I really enjoyed your post. I’m going to add you to following so I can keep up with your comments. God bless you and yours. We are on the same page.

        • Since homosexuality is becoming rampant within our population, and likewise the spread of diseases related to that lifestyle, could it be that the liberals in Congress forced through Obamacare to provide an “umbrella of protection” for gays, including a means of passing off the high costs of treatment for HIV and AIDS onto the general public? And if the Supreme Court approves gay marriage, gays will become eligible for Social Security death benefits as “spouses,” thus placing additional stresses upon that entitlement program.

          • Wow very good points and very disturbing.

            Top 10 countries living with HIV infections. Most of them in Africa. 1,200,000 would definitely put a strain on the entitlement program.

            1South Africa5,600,0002Nigeria3,300,0003India2,400,0004Kenya1,500,0005Mozambique1,400,0006Tanzania1,400,0007Uganda1,200,0008United States1,200,0009Zimbabwe1,200,00010Russia980,000

          • Do you still think that HIV problems lie only with gay people.

          • Do I still? I never did think that. How old are you Dutch? You think spouting out nonsense gets you points with the liberal gods?

            Dutch of course you can get it sharing a needle with someone who is HIV infected or receiving HIV infected blood transfusion, which health professionals have worked out now but the way it began and the number one way it is transmitted is through same sex intercourse.
            Women have lower risk except in South Africa where the women infected with HIV is actually higher than that of men. They say it is because of the sex industry but I am continuing to research whatever information I can find about that.
            Let me know if you find anything different.

            Young women in South Africa are at great risk of being infected with
            HIV. In 2005, HIV infection prevalence in the age group 15-24 years was
            16.9% in women and 4.4% in men

            This is extremely alarming as there are many orphaned children in it’s wake which are targeted for sex.

            By contrast in the United States in 2010 there were 7,700 newly HIV infected women (5,300 were black women FYI) while there were 29,600 newly HIV infected men ..

            Big difference between Africa and the US as far as new HIV infections among women. Again it is attributed to the sex industry in South Africa which I am still looking for information about.

          • He still drags his knucles!

          • What a dork!

      • I too consider homosexuality a sin and an aberration, but I can not subscribe to your identification of AIDS as the disease described in II Chronicles 21: 12-20. The description there of the course of the disease simply does not provide sufficient detail from which to conclude that AIDS is the “incurable disease” (verse 18) with which Jehoram was afflicted.

        • Of course, you are quite free to think anything you wish here. However, I’ve seen some who have been in the last stages of AIDS and it is quite similar to that described in II Chronicles 21:12-20. One colleague, whom I had never thought of in this way, was in fact afflicted with this and I watched him as his entire mental capacity came apart. He had to resign his job because of it about two months before he died. We watched another man in an entirely different position who practiced homosexuality who had to have help to even get around. Mentally he was little more than a two-year old, though he was himself 45 years of age. And there were at least two others well within our acquaintance.

          I also read a detailed medical account of Rock Hudson’s death from AIDS. This was in France. Paper clothes were worn by all the doctors and nurses anywhere near him. The description of his final hours was wretched in anyone’s book. It was and remains a fact in Hollywood that many actresses would not sign a contract for any movie regardless, if there was a kissing scene in it and the actor was even minimally suspected of any homosexual activities. There is a rampant liberalism there as everyone knows. Nonetheless, that’s often surface dressing for public consumption. Underneath no actress would sign a contract for any movie with any suspected homosexual in the leading role. That got to be quite a serious problem for awhile and honest actors, realizing the situation, came forward and read for and got roles they had not been otherwise interested in because the shortage of acceptable men became critical at one juncture. Hollywood tried its best to keep all of this under wraps, though it was no big secret among those in the acting profession.

          If II Chronicles 21 bothers you, then, look at Romans 1: 18-32, especially 24-27. St. Paul writes of essentially the same thing which can happen to the godless. One must understand, when reading what the Bible has to say on certain of these subjects, that the writers did not write in the idiom of the American language. Sometimes certain matters are expressed in much more indirect or literary terms than we are used to in our normal discourse at whatever level. American English stands rather unique in this regard which is why so many Europeans want to learn all about American slang.

          In any case T-cells in the blood remain T-cells in the blood and AIDS was well known among practitioners of homosexuality in ages past.

          • headonstraight

            That passage in Romans 1 is one that applies to INDIVIDUALS. There is no warrant to extrapolate it to nations. Your version of the medical history of AIDS is not supported by medical science.

          • It looks to me, headonstraight, that you do too much writing and are too eager to ridicule anyone else who has more knowledge than you obviously have. We all know that the Epistle to the Romans was just that. However, St. Paul’s writing may easily be carried to the general plane just as those things Christ is quoted as saying have been. There is no difference. Christianity was founded upon what Christ said and did.

            Your statement that my “version of the medical history of AIDS is not supported by medical science” is about as fatuous a statement as has been written on any discussion seen anywhere. First of all, it is not my version. Second of all, it is objective medical fact. The Pentagon spent $5,000,000,000 trying to change that fact and their best biochemical researchers gave up on it. Perhaps you know more about it than they do.

            Every kingdom mentioned in the Old Testament which was taken down was taken down usually because of sexual perversion. Ahab’s rule was no exception and the description of his wife’s death is classic.

          • headonstraight

            Then perhaps you might be able to put up something to support your assertion about that alleged $5,000,000,000 effort of the Pentagon to change the alleged “objective medical fact” you have cited. Or are you like so many other extremist “true believers” on this and other wingnut forums, simply believing what you want to believe and translating that naive formula into “facts”?

          • Thankfully, the U.S. isn’t a theocracy as yet, but give the Muslim population within our country 40 to 50 years to “percolate,” and they will no doubt make it one!

          • Being a normal American citizen as I am, headonstraight, I do not have access to Pentagon finances nor am I in on any of their decisions, military or otherwise, nor do I care to be. The $5,000,000,000 they spent on AIDS research was done over a period of several years and according to them made use of the finest researchers at the time. I have no reason therefore to call them liars. But if you do, then, you should be the one looking up their operations. I doubt it, though, since this seems to be your way of refusing any information contrary to statements you make on these forums.

            As for the passage in II Chronicles 21, it makes absolutely no difference at all that Israel was as it was, a theocratic nation or however you wish to term it. At the time Israel was theocratic in a sense that their laws were supposedly derived from the Ten Commandments. But, then, so are those of the USA and a number of other western nations. All those who believe in God as Abraham did are blessed through him by the promise God made to him, whether Jew or Gentile. St. Peter confirmed this as the home of Cornelius. No form of government, theocratic or otherwise, need be involved. In the sense of being a Christian nation and being founded that way upon those principles, we are a theocracy. However, our form of government is a republic and was deliberately set up in that manner by the Founding Fathers. Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison et al saw to that. The only theocratic form of government of which I am aware is Islam which is a system of total control and we have several Islamic countries on the international scene now for you to study, if you wish.

            My sentence abut sexual perversion in a nation as recorded in the Old Testament makes perfect sense, if you have any idea at all of biblical history. And it has a definite place in the equation here, since the original discussion has to do with homosexuality and the entire LGBT movement, miniscule as it is, trying to push itself on everyone else in the USA. They not only want recognition through law, they also want special privileges, too, and, further, wish to impose their perverted values on many school districts throughout the country. They are uncomfortable as a 1.5% minority and need to make themselves feel much more comfortable. . . .at the expense of everyone else. Babylon fell because of this. Greece fell because of this. Rome fell because of this. Egypt fell because of this and their rampant idolatry. The Valois monarchy fell because of this and the Bourbon monarchy fell through incest.

            Regarding the subject of AIDS itself, the biochemistry of it is as I have said and as shafawn has said. You are a free agent and are therefore fully entitled to ignore, defy or deny those facts. It all the same to us.

          • headonstraight

            I had hoped for something better from you. In my earlier post, gubllod, I said this:

            “Then perhaps you might be able to put up something to support your assertion about that alleged $5,000,000,000 effort of the Pentagon to change the alleged “objective medical fact” you have cited.”

            You have utterly failed to provide any kind of evidence or documentation from that alleged Pentagon study or elsewhere. You merely continue to allege that some study was done at a cost of $5,000,000,000 (BILLIONS!) and that it supports your assertion that AIDS/HIV traces way back in ancient history. It is YOU who have cited that research for support of your version of the origin of AIDS, but you have provided nothing by way of discussion, evidence, or reference–not so much as a single link or citation–to back your claim. Now you ridiculously fault me for not digging up the information from that research. Get real! You brought up that alleged Pentagon study. It is YOU, not I, who are obliged to defend it with at least some minimal summary and analysis or at the very least a link to where it can be found.

            Sheeesh! You wingnuts achieve unreal heights of arrogance!

          • Is there any possibility that some of the Biblical kingdoms taken down due to sexual perversion actually had their populations decimated by an ancient form of HIV or AIDS? Sodom and Gamorrah would clearly be an exception, since those cities purportedly were destroyed by fire from the sky. That description in no way fits the symptoms of disease.

          • Gen11 American, you are quite correct about Sodom and Gomorrah which practiced all sorts of sexual perversion which is well described in the Bible. It is also quite possible, though the Bible says nothing about this in this case, that both cities were afflicted with AIDS, too. AIDS would be AIDS then as now. The biochemistry of the blood is the same.

            There were two kings mentioned in connection with these two cities. Bera was the king of Sodom and Birsha was the king of Gomorrah. They were in the Valley of Siddim [the Salt Sea] which is why contemporary archaeologists think that both of these cities and possibly some others are at the bottom of the Dead Sea.

            At one time several other kings, Amraphel of Shinar, Arioch of Ellasar, Chedorlaomer of Elam and Tidal of Goiim got together and decided to make war on the kings in the Valley of Siddim. They swept through the area and everything fell under their control for about 13 years. A Dr. Flinders Petrie, a British archaeologist in the late 1800’s early 1900’s, found their bivouacs out as far into the desert as the old Egyptian capital, at least 45 of them spread over the area. Detractors had claimed that all of this was as phony as a nine-dollar bill, but the discoveries and explorations of Dr. Petrie has shown this to be true. One of the criticisms was directed at Amraphel as a nonexistent king. However, later research seems to have shown that this was the old Hebrew name for Hammerabi, he of the famous code. So most of that criticism has died down.

            The entire area there is rife with bitumen and the history shows that Bera and Birsha fled the invasion and many of their soldiers fell into the bitumen, while some fled up into the mountains. That’s when Lot, the nephew of Abraham, and his family were taken and word was brought to Abraham about this. That brings up the whole subject of the shepherd kings of whom Abraham was one and I didn’t want to get into that. It’s a much larger issue.

        • At first I questioned gubllod’s idea about this scripture. I did some research on the late stages of AIDS in patients who do not have access to modern medicine. Right now in Africa.
          If you google this subject you’ll discover many many many accounts of the terrible suffering of the AIDS patients in Africa. You will read as I did about abdominal obstruction and burst intestines which flows out from the anus as a direct result of the AIDS virus.
          I’ve worked in the medical field in the United States and witnessed end stage AIDS where the patients usually die of pneumonia. But here in the U.S. we have access to modern medication and treatments that is not offered to the African population as a whole nor the diseased in the ancient world.
          So his comment becomes much more viable.

          • If it’s true that humans in Africa originally contracted HIV by eating primates, chances are that HIV must have existed, in one form or another, from the beginning of man’s African experience. The co-existence of man and primates of wondrous variety in Africa certainly raise the possibility that HIV could indeed have been described in II Chronicles 21: 12-20.

          • Just to clear the record a bit, Gen11American, you may recall that Noah cursed the descendents of Ham, that they would be the slave of slaves and all of that. In terms of the anthropology of it all, it is my understanding that all the African tribes were originally Hamitic.

            When St. Phillip was picked up by the chief eunuch of the king of Abyssinnia [Ethiopia] and asked to ride along with him on his way back to the court so that he, St. Phillip, could explain the Scriptures to him, this is reckoned to be the way Christ’s Word was spread into the African continent. Supposedly that is the origin of what is now called the Coptic Church. Those who emigrated further into the continent became involved in all sorts of so-called black magic and, later, voodoo.

            When the Portuguese, English, Dutch and Spanish first got involved with the slave trade in Africa, this was most evident, since they dealt with all sorts of different tribal chieftains. These chieftains sold any members of their tribes they considered undesirable for gold those four nations had to offer for the human trade. It was not uncommon at at all for the English slave traders to deliver 10 different slaves. When buyers went down to the docks to bid on them, they would find each of the 10 slaves spoke a different language or dialect and none could understand the other, though they were all African. There was no common language.

    • Yes it was, my friend. Right on!

    • Very good comment.

    • Twilene Dahlin

      So true but true Christians will never change the way we think because it is how God tells us to think.

      • We have the Spirit of Truth living on the inside of us. 🙂 Amen

      • You need to have an invisible imaginary sky daddy to tell you how to think ? Why can’t you think for yourself ? After all, Your god did give you a brain, so why are you wasting so much of your time depending on some god that you have no evidence or proof that he really does exist ? Christians will never change the way they think because they have been brainwashed into believing such nonsense. You need to take those rose colored glasses off & see the world as it really is. The truth shall set you free!!

  3. I am dumb founded by the asinine antics of the “deviant” community. They claim that they just want to be left alone to live their lives with out interference, prejudice or the fan fare. YET, at every opportunity they want to get in some ones face and demand that they be served, worshiped, catered to and especially obtain “privileged status”. If they kept their stupid mouths shut, no one wold know that they are “deviants”, or care! They have managed to destroy the heritage of this country to obtain their own way with every aspect of life, (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts). Why didn’t they just start their own organization, catering just to the “deviants” rather than trying to change the world. They are just digging their hole that much deeper, that much faster!

    • Sharpshooter,
      I absolutely agree. I do not bother them and absolutely consider their rights under the Constitution. They are obliged to do the same but they don’t. While I do not agree with the federal courts’ rulings, I am going to abide by their rights. I would do that for anyone. I have been supportive of LGBT rights all along in spite of the fact that I am a Christian and a Republican in the reddest state in the Union. But now they want to demand that I roll over and abdicate to them as the so choose. Sorry, that is not how the Constitution works.

  4. Soon, there will be “designated” parking next to the disabled, for KWEERS !!!

    • As a mother of a gay son, now deceased, and also a Christian, your post really offends me. Don’t be such a bigot.

        • Hey, McDonald Boy, Fuck You !!! Did you have trouble finding your parking space marked ASSHOLE ? It shouldn’t be too difficult to find, especially since you’re the only asshole I’m aware of that has his own personal parking space. LOL!!!

      • Your post really offends me, just because you have to accept it you think we all should accept it. And it’s not true, gay and Christian? I know you don’t believe that either. This is another perfect example of you and yours trying to make the rest of us accept it, I’d rather you all just go back to keeping it to yourself and quit trying to convert America. Instead of calling people names here, why don’t you go pray to God for your son’s sake? He’s the one you need to worry about, not us.

        • So, aznonni’s post offends you , but asshole macboy’s post doesn’t ? Where in her post did she ever say that you had to accept homosexuality & that she was trying to convert you ? She has every right to be offended & to call MacDonald Boy a bigot, because that’s exactly what he is & so are you. Do you have any compassion in that stone cold heart of yours ? She is a mother who lost her child & I’m sure she is grieving for her son like any mother would. How dare you attack her because her son was a Christian & just happened to be gay. Why don’t you just go screw yourself & mind your own business. If you are a Christian , where is all that love & tolerance that you should be showing towards other people who don’t share the same beliefs as you do ? All I’ve seen is a heartless, hypocritical jerk who has no tolerance , whatsoever !! If you are real man, you would apologize to aznonn

          • Yeah I feel bad for her but not for the reason you whiners think. She was saddled with the misfortune of having a child that played into perversion and she was trying to justify it any way she could. The best part of it is I seem to offend you too and that was just a bonus, yeah I’m a bigot and maybe predjudiced too but just like you whining weenies on the left I have the right to my opinion, you not liking it is just plain fun. Her I feel for, you I could care less about. Now I can turn what you said right back at you, go mind YOUR own damn business, I wasn’t talking to you anyway. Besides, you think homos behaviour is wrong too or else you wouldn’t be so upset by what I said, you just don’t have the balls to admit it, even to yourself. Either that or you ARE a closet homo and feel I attacked you too. Maybe if she had replied to my post I probably would’ve talked to her like an adult and let her know I could sympathize with her but since you stuck your nose into it, you both can piss off because I don’t accept any attempt to attack me, now maybe you can go apologize to her for making it worse, I don’t give a shit now and am done with you.

    • Soon, there will be designated parking next to the handicapped , marked for ASSHOLES like you. JERK!!!!

  5. After reading these comments, I believe we need to leave the concept of gay and transgender issues up to God. Throughout the Bible, He has been the one to deal with this issue. But now, of course, Christians are the army led by God to change the behavior of people by changing their battle from being from evil to righteousness. The Gospel is now spread around the world through television. Yet we still have these deviants from normal human behavior that continue thanks to the media and the movie industry. Such deviance from normal human activity has and likely always will occur. But even if the media and news folks did not encourage these deviants from normalcy, they would exist anyway. By deviants I mean no disrespect. They are different and that is where I stop. The Bible specifically states that such behavior ins not the norm and is to be avoided. The vast majority does just that. But sometimes crap happens. Christians do not approve of these sexual deviant activities. But neither are we called upon to judge or condemn them. Such people need to see that God does not approve of their behavior. But what they do about it is up to them. Christians are called upon to spread the Gospel and provide the example for Christian living. That may not seem to be much but it is what we are called to do. Let’s concern ourselves with that and leave the out of normal behavior to the One who can control evil.

    • Yes! That is so on the nose! I have had many conversations trying to explain this very thing only to be ostracized and scorned. God’s message is one of hope and love; the extraordinary measures a perfect Father and God, with perfect love, will go through just to give each one of His children, another chance to find the truth of who He is.

      • Robert,
        We just have to keep on keeping on, as the old saying goes. Meanwhile we live with those who make different choices for their lifestyle. While we do not approve, we do not turn out backs on them either. I am an ardent supporter of the US Constitution so I respect their rights. It is sad that they do not reciprocate.

    • AMEN, AMEN Jerry. Well spoken. Most families have at least one case, in some cases more. I never bring up the subject & I treat them in a Christ-like manner. Hopefully they will see the error of their way, if not, I will leave that to God to sort out.

      • hpinnc,
        While I am a Christian and do not approve of homosexuality I also have a gay child. Am I supposed to hate my child? Not this Dad.

        • Then you must feel a tremendous guilt for being a part in the un-natural, un-healthy lifestyle of this child……what are you doing to correct your oversight/failings/errors?

          • Jarhead,
            My child was seriously practicing Christian prior to her going off on her tangent. I did not se it coming as it happened when going to college in California and was no longer under my roof. But I see no reason to feel guilty about failing. We all make out own decisions. All the rest of my kids and grandkids are Christians in a big way. I have two great grand children who are too young yet. None of them were raised any different from the other.
            No one should feel guilty if they did what they knew to do and while under the roof, got a sound Christian background. The child has a college degree and is a federal law enforcement officer. I make no apologies. She still professes to believe in Jesus. Am I happy? Certainly not. All I can do is continue to love, which I do.

            Subject: Re: Comment on America Not as Gay as People Think

          • Jarhead, are you always this insensitive? You blame the father for actions by his daughter? Good grief!

        • Never Jerry, I apolygise if I gave that impression. I have a niece & two cousins, even more, but I still love them. That’s why I stated I would leave it to God to judge them. We are ALL sinners saved by grace.

          • hpinnic,
            Thanks. I have gotten only one negative response so far. But I do not care. I raised six kids in church and led them to the Lord many years ago. Even the stray one still professes Jesus. I lost one son when he was 21 due to cancer. He was a Christian then and so I look forward to that reunion. My very Christian first wife died many years ago. She took Christianity very seriously. So there were no failures at our house.

          • Jerry , people are not born gay, they are made gay by this world. If she still professes Christ as savior there is hope she will turn away from this sin. I hope that she does not bring harm to children with this sin. My mother left my step father for a woman Jerry , it was not a good environment for myself and my 2 siblings. I’m not going into details , but, do not let your love for your daughter cloud the truth and bring harm to others.

          • Mindy,
            We all know what eh situation is. I do love all my kids. But no, I absolutely do not back down on what the Bible has to say about homosexuality and what the result of it has been in the past. There is a boy involved but he seems to have his head on straight. Other than this one situation the rest of my family is rock solid Christian.

          • We are not to judge hp but we are to use judgement.

          • Good point Mindy, that is why I said in my statement, I would leave it to God to sort it out, I meant I would not condemn them or condone them. The ones in my family are familiar with what the scriptures say, they must decide what they will do with it. I know sometimes it is hard to follow God /Jesus when Satan is there to lull them to go their own way.

        • Are we supposed to hate anyone? Of course not! I do not hate some one for being homosexual, I have friends who are homosexual, but, I will not tell them that what they are engaged in is ok, it isn’t. Nor would I want anyone telling me when I sin that my sin is ok. What the lgbt is now doing is an indicator of end times , wrong shall be right and right shall be wrong. Keep praying for your child, but, do not fore sake truth.

          • Mindy,
            Again I agree with what you are saying. My family does not approve of homosexuality at all. But that does not mean we hate the one engaged in that practice. Nor do we back down fro any confrontation, especially me.

        • Not at all. God doesn’t hate that child, why would you? However, I will say that from years of working with children, adolescents and young adults the single most driving force that convinces them they are gay is because they have sexual or intimate thoughts about the same sex, and that makes them gay. This is not true. And you have to make sure they understand that. Thoughts do not make us who we are, it’s our words and actions. Thoughts can be generated by outside influences simply by walking past some people talking in the hallway at school, overhearing a show on TV, or seeing a movie with material that is suggestive, and sometimes a friend that wants them to believe that for, well, to be blunt, a relationship. External stimulation can bring about these thoughts, and that doesn’t mean that is who or what they are. It comes down to them understanding intrinsic human nature and how they handle the realization that their thoughts do not make them “good” or “bad”, “straight” or “gay”, “righteous” or “evil”, etc. Understand that I am generalizing, as I have no idea of your situation.

          Also, this doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. They will make their own choices, even though we may teach them the opposite. Even salvation, has to be your child’s own choice, you can’t make that for them. Be patient, love them, and pray. This could be something they simply have to battle with.

          • Robert,
            Thanks for the kind words. You are absolutely correct in that Christianity is founded on a voluntary acceptance. A person also has the free choice to not accept Jesus. No one can or should, force anyone to do anything against their own will. In this instance my kid went to California to go to college. That is when the change occurred. all of my kids got proper foundation concerning homosexuality from both parents and the church. There was no failure on our part. I have my suspicions on what the real problem is but I cannot get into my kid’s mind. I do not think it is homosexuality as much as it may be a transgender issue.

          • I wish you the best, and will offer a prayer for you and yours

        • No, you are not supposed to hate your child. You love & accept who they are no matter what their lifestyle. That’s what a loving parent & a true Christian would do. Your child is very fortunate to have a father like you & I have nothing but the highest respect for you. Have a great day!!

    • I believe God also calls us to be politically astute …informed and to vote our Christian conscience, etc …and to pray for all the lost….and spread His Word and love. I am not for revolution as those Jews in Biblical days who revolted were not successful and it was not the way of Jesus. I truly hate to see God take His hand of protection from this nation, but we have allowed it with corrupt Christian ministries that do not follow the Bible…and the progressive talkover of our schools while too many Christians were busy keeping up with society with our cellphones and ipads, etc. In prayer for America…

      • trueblue,
        I for one, am tired of being passive. I am speaking out on Christian issues. We have asked for God to abandon us but He has not abandoned nor will He abandon any Christian. But remember, things are going to get worse before the Rapture. I see us approaching the end times so we best be for getting as many as will follow Jesus while we still can.

    • Jerry, God works thru people , that means us. It is our problem and it is of concern to us. Why? Marriage is of God not man , the lgbt seeks to pervert a work of God and in the process they also seek to force us to participate in their sin. We cannot. I would also remind you that we are instructed by Christ to stand against the forces of evil not cower from it, not ignore it.

      • Mindy,
        I agree with you. I am more outspoken now than I used to be. I no longer ignore Christian issues publicly. Have you seen any of my posts concerning AKLady? To date, God Himself has been the one to take homosexuality to task. I expect that to continue. Menawhile I am certainly not backing down to that crowd.

  6. The left uses the media to further their agenda. One tv show with the villain cast as a Christian, is worth more than a million speeches. It’s a free “everyone else accepts it” speech.

  7. There’s only one way to change the direction of television….. and American’s aren’t willing to do it. I know too many “Christians” who thrive on watching shows with lots of sex and skin showing; with lead characters who lie, cheat, steal, deceive….. and use horrible language (the “F” word is slung around as if it were a common adjective used for describing EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!) I have NETFLIX and I watch “Duck Dynasty” and “Family Feud”. I gave up watching “tv” once “Everybody Loves Raymond”, and “Monk” retired. Now I pick (netflix) very carefully, read reviews before I watch, and try to stay away from themes that I know are unhealthy to my mind and spirit.

    • Bird, you’re a wise ole bird, pun intended. I watch very little tv. I rather read, look at things on internet [decent] or just sit outside & enjoy God’s wonderful world of nature. I am getting on in years, I thank Him for each new day he gives me. There is not a cloud in today’s sky, it is beautifully blue, the temperature around 78 with a slight, nice little breeze blowing & the birds singing. Life is great, God is good, Heaven is coming, that is even better.

      • @ hpinnc; We’re having amazing weather here as well…. I’ve never seen the grass and trees such a vivid, bright green. God is in His heaven and all’s right with the world…. well, my tiny 1/4 acre anyway.

  8. Yes, Christianity and Christians are under assault and it would get worse in the future. Pray to God and Jesus Christ that he will save and protect us. We must be willing to die for our faith as the early martyrs did.

    • Holy Shit!! Remember what Chicken Little said ? ” The sky is falling, the sky is falling ” I really feel sorry for you Christians. Your whole belief system is based on fear & paranoia. You people are a pathetic group who have been indoctrinated into a cult that has brainwashed each & everyone of you. But, not to worry. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  9. There is another name for the so-called Gays. And thats how I still call them. God isn’t in tune with them, and I’m not either. I doubt that they’ll enter the pearly gates unless they repent, and atone for their sins. If one believes in the Word the so-called gays are making their selves subject to Gods retribution .

  10. I guess she thinks we should all be Christians like her. I don’t think a true christian lies & lives a lifestyle like hers. She does not show the love Christ was talking about when he said love thy neighbor as thyself.

  11. The sad fact is that the truth as usual never wants to be heard. Only those that love America, the constitution, traditional marriage, freedom and most of all God , who sent His son to die for our sins, love to hear the truth. What is being pushed today is everything but what I just listed. There is much more but I think you get the point. America has gotten very, very sick.

  12. I turned off our TV two years ago. It’s been the best decision my wife & I have made regarding our eight & ten year old children. Me spending two entire days watching TV programs that were meant for children was eye opening and revealed a sinister agenda. The major networks were poisoning my children on a daily basis. They’re poisoning your children too! The whole “Gay” on TV, is desensitizing our children and promoting a lifestyle that’s not normal, along with other very inappropriate content. We now watch movies at our discretion and for only 90 to 180 minutes at best per week. The rest of the time we do family activities together or just fun stuff with our kids. Getting rid of regular network TV in our home has been a blessing for my wife & I and our two children. Video games is another toxic avenue for sinister agendas to infect children’s minds. Parents of today have an even more daunting task keeping track of all the ways evil is trying to rape our kids. Open your eyes folks!

    • I raised my kids without tv, the youngest is now 30. Nothing good has ever come out of hollywood, not when I was raising my kids and now it is even worse.

  13. Many pulpits have remained quiet on this subject….while their sheep have wondered off into the world. Mores the pity.

  14. Gays & lesbians can do what they want. My major concern is the change of the meaning of marriage…between one man & one woman. Why can’t the LG community see this? They would have an easier time of it if they quit insisting on the “marriage” label.

  15. It’s easy to see why we Americans are so ignorant about homosexuality (not gay people). We have let less than four percent of the population dictate approximately 50% of the national discourse. Sorry, but that is stupid! It’s sort of like black people and TV commercials. If you didn’t know that blacks make up only 13% of the population, you would think that it must be at least 75%, and that is without going to a professional basketball game.

  16. I got rid of my TV a year ago and I WAS a Couch potato. I rely on the internet. and some Great sites that tell me what I want to know: CNS News, Drudge Report, (sometimes), FOXNEWS, My local groups: “The People, LLC” (A group cleaning up America), Tea Parties websites, etc., Also, watch What I WANT to on my Laptop as far as movies, etc. I thought I would miss my TV, but shocking to me, don’t miss it one bit. Waste of so much money. Save $116. per month (cable).

  17. The few are taking over the masses. The squeeky wheel gets the oil! Wake up America!

  18. I actually considered this and my only gripe with the Gay community is using the “Marriage ” label, So, to solve this I came up with a new word that could be used to describe a gay union, so to speak,. I would let them be legally joined in Garriage, or Gunion. They would not be husband and wife but Gayman and Grife…or something along those lines.

    • Sounds good to me. Homosexuals are the ones who hijacked the word “gay.” It used to mean happy and carefree. Turnabout is fair play.

      • On the other hand, I don’t know off hand if the term is still used, but we used to study Animal husbandry as a farming course in high school. They could practice Homo husbandry or something..In my teens I wrote many poems and I used the word gay often, in its true sense, I guess those poems would get a different reading these days.

        • I guess some people you know just might begin to wonder about you. These people are not gay, they are homosexuals, period!

      • So, only Christians are allowed to be happy & carefree & Homosexuals are not allowed the same freedoms ? If you haven’t noticed, gays are people too& are entitled to the same rights & freedoms that our Founding Fathers gave to all Americans. Where did you come up with this stupid notion that Homosexuals hijacked the word gay ? If that’s the word they chose to describe who they are, more power to them. BTW, the definition of the word gay still has the same meaning. Look it up in the dictionary. It’s defined as being merry, bright & lively& it is also defined as being homosexual. So, to say that Homosexuals stole the word gay is so freaking idiotic!! Why would I expect anything different coming from a Christian Bigot like you ?

        • Oh, miss holier than thou, Faye Hayes, first, how do you know I’m a Christian, and second, how do you know that I’m a bigot? You obviously know neither. You also know nothing about the history of words, because long before homosexuals hijacked the term it was only used to describe, happy, lively, and a carefree attitude of people. The use of the word “gay” is their way of attempting to make abnormality acceptable. They are homosexuals and abnormal, period!

          • The only thing abnormal is you. You might not be a Christian, but you are still a bigot- a person who is intolerant of others. Who gave you the right to determine what is normal or abnormal ? So, if a heterosexual couple decided to do it Doggie Style instead of The Missionary, would they be considered abnormal ? Maybe in your eyes they would be. As I stated before, Gays did not hijack or steal the word gay. They just happened to choose a word that described their lifestyle & I find nothing sinister about that. It’s only a word . Get over it!!

          • Well, Miss Gay, I mean Faye, I’m over it, and from your tone it sounds as though you may be wrestling with some sexual issues of your own.

  19. America is ALREADY a reflection of Hollyweird!!! The population is so dumbed down and distracted! That is why everything is starting to slip away! The left knows this and is taking full advantage of it. Ask yourself, who in their right mind would let Obola and all these other liberal political scumbags get away with EVERYTHING???!!!

  20. It’s more like 2.3% of Americans are perverted homosexuals. That number has been steady for decades.

    • Tell me hate monger in what Wehrmacht did you serve?

      • The way RMorrow’s sentences read, Rick, they are merely statements of fact. You sound like one of the far left liberals who throw out emotional statements as if they were factual. Do you know any LGBT people who are not perverted? If you do, that documentation would be most interesting, since it flies in the face of every civilization in human history.

        • Lol do you think I care what @ssholes like you two think????????? Go sniff your mother’s panties!

          • It is most apparent from your three rants here, Rick, that your vocabulary is 1] very limited and that 2] your thought processes are as well. Emotional responses to factual statements always tell the reader volumes about the writer. Your use of the word “Wehrmacht” with respect to RMorrow tells everyone who reads any of this everything they need to know about your character. RMorrow’s 2.3% figure referring to homosexuals in the USA is quite accurate and at least serviceable as a normal figure for discussion.

            You might wish to argue with members of Islam. Their current punishment for LGBT types is to push them off tall buildings to their deaths. They have taken videos of this which they’ve aired over TV. That’s part of Shar’ia law and a concomitant of Islam in general, Shi’ite or Sunni. And one other thing, too, they do not take humor easily or name calling either. You may wish to keep that in mind.

          • I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think.

          • Hey [email protected], tell me some more fairy tales…..maybe about the illuminati or the free masons and remember to keep you tin foil hat on really tight, you must be that other moron’s agent?

          • Get lost pervert, I’m tired of feeding trolls!

          • Thank God I’m not Islamic…btw you don’t scare me. You’re a pathetic clown!

        • Lol where do you maggots come from?

        • In your face dude!

  21. Christ said we would be persecuted for following him and it is rapidly coming be the accepted norm for those on the left especially by our Muslim president. As Christians we need to a stand before it is too late. In today’s American we are being ruled by the minorities ( liberals, gays and lesbians). I pray for our country daily and am asking all Christians to do the same.

  22. Since I watch news worth watching, I’m not unplugging my tv, but without fail I do immediately switch the channel every time I encounter a movie or a program which shoves homosexuality in my face through the tv screen. Granted, that greatly cuts down the number of programs and movies which are available to me to watch, but I will not tolerate having my morals degraded by propaganda which should be outlawed, just as it has been in Russia! Though I deplore most of the actions which Russia has taken for years, that single decision was a wise move!

  23. why are they called gay? Haven’t met a happy one yet. They all seems to have a chip on their shoulders.

    • You don’t get out much , do you ? It’s more like The Christians have a big chip on their shoulders.

  24. Hey obama – telling the alinsky lie often enough and people will believe it doesn’t work anymore. We’ve got your number and it it’s ugly.

  25. I have always had a tv, which I never watch. For 30 years the only time I or my children watched tv is if I rented a movie. The reason? So hollywood could not lamblast my children with it’s deceit, foolishness and evil.

  26. Alleged Comment

    No, most Americans are not happy about sodomites, so you are correct.

  27. We do have an on/off switch and a channel changer on the remote that goes with that TV. We should use then more judiciously.

  28. If 23% of the population were Sodomites, that added to the number of murders called women’s right to control their own body after the fact instead of prior to the fact (sexual immorality) our population would be diminishing.

  29. Ken Dometriosis .

    When you have the pedophile jews running the TV and radio, what do you expect? The ADL and $PLC are the two major financiers of the homo movement as well as promoting their filthy agenda into our schools. It ain’t the white guys doing it folks.
    Please notice how TV ALWAYS shows the homos as happy, fruity, goofy and child-like in attitude and demeanor while in real life, they are hateful, angry, very violent and willing to have sex with anything and anyone to spread their AIDS about.
    From the jewish talmud “Sanhedrine 59a: ” A jew may sodomize a child as long as the child is less than nine years of age.” and Aboda Sarah 54 a” A Gentile girl may be violated if she is three years old”. FACTS!
    You will also never read or hear the term ‘Israeli terrorist” or “Palestinean freedom fighter’ because, much as if Saddam had owned the 99.99% of our media, he would only put out what he wants us to read and know. At least our internet is still free for REAL factual information and facts to show what evil, mass-murdering, genocidal baby-raping hypocritical socio-parasites the jews are.

  30. Through training and brainwashing impressionable young minds, the left wing hopes to bring the homosexual percentage up to 23% and beyond. Learned behavior and by choice. NO ONE IS BORN HOMOSEXUAL!!!!

  31. If you believe any demonrat, you will find history has been totally annihilated to read America was founded by muslims so gays would have a place to live. I am surprised this bunch of evil sh–s hasn’t started teaching that history lesson in our schools. Or maybe they have and that is why home schooling has jumped 62%.

  32. For once, a believable poll. Only 3% are stated homosexuals.

  33. I see my comment was deleted. I simply stated the Pew Poll was for a change,believable; consistent with other unbiased polls showing only 3% are stated homosexuals. Did I step on someone’s sensibilities? Or is that sensitivities?

  34. As Christians we need to be a bit less forgiving and fight back. Saying ‘NO’ to someone who wants you to cater a homosexual wedding is not an act of intolerance or hate or a crime. Being threatened, fined, or thrown in jail for your principles, IS. Homosexuals are ably demonstrating that they are predators, not victims. If we want to maintain a civil society for our children to grow up in, we must fight those who wish to put us in chains……..According to NAZI Historian Louis Snyder, Ernst Roehm (leader of Hitler’s ‘Brown Shirts) recruited homosexuals into the SA because Roehm felt Germany needed “a proud and arrogant lot who could brawl, carouse, smash windows, kill and slaughter for the Hell of it. Straights, in (Roehms eye’s were not as adept in such behavior as practicing homosexuals.”…….Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

  35. This article is right on the money. As the article mentions, It is the media (movies and TV) that make people think that 23% of the population is homosexual.

    Even worse is the depiction of homosexuals by TV and movies: they are invariably portrayed as talented, kind and thoughtful, never as the “bad guy”. Remember the stink back in 1991 when the movie “Silence of the Lambs” came out? The antagonist in that movie was “Jame Gumb”, a homosexual. The LGBT activists went ballistic: “How DARE Hollywood portray a homosexual as a serial killer?!?”, they hissed. There is no way such a movie could come out nowadays.

    Similarly, on TV crime shows (like Criminal Minds or the “Law & Order” franchise or the “CSI” franchise), whenever a religious person is show (and especially a clergyman), 9 times out of 10 they are the villain in the episode .

  36. That 3.8% or close of a population that wants the majority of citizens to pass laws to suit their lifestyle? If you don’t believe me read the “Gay Manifesto”

  37. Actually, from the surveys i have seen over the last few years, the so called “LGBT/whatever they call themselves these days, etc, puts the percentage of (at most) 2 percent of the population. So, even if that figure was doubled (to about the 4 percent previously mentioned), that STILL means that 96 PERCENT of the population is NOT gay/lesbian/or whatever! Why are we letting the kooks and crazies tell us what we can or can’t do? This garbage needs to be shouted down, every chance we get!

  38. Jonathan Brooks

    I would agree with this article with one caveat. Between 3 and 4% may be the rate of native born gays, but the constant influx of islamic culture is changing that.

    Most of Islamic culture is pansexual, which means that many of the Arab and other muslim men will have sex with men and women, adults, and children, humans and farm animals, and alive or recently dead.

    This society has never dealt with a culture that had such a huge number of pansexuals before, and the culture clash may be more savage than just the issue of devout sharia crazy.

    If homosexual gang rape seems something odd or belonging in a prison, imagine if you have a muslim neighborhood, where it may be common. The culture clash of this alone may be so jarring it tears this society into civil war.

  39. All of this is just divisive HYPE. Who the heck cares if people with similar genital organs want to form a bond?
    I am certain that the vast majority of people feel the same as I. To lighten it a non-PC bit:
    A lesbian out of Rangoon,
    Took a gay guy up to her room.
    They argued all night,
    As to who had the right,
    To do what, and with which, and to whom!
    ’nuff said.

    • Exactly!! There are more important things to worry about in this world of ours. I enjoyed your little poem. Nothing like a little humor to lighten the situation. Thank you. You made my day!!

  40. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Armageddon will not start in the Middle East because it has already started in … America.

  41. With less that 1% of the population of America actually being homosexual, yet it is now so obviously being talked about and pushed at America ,and in the rest of the world in which Muslims ( who are opposed to it by their own word and their law) have grown in number by leaps and bounds, it seems to be agenda that does not seem to fit the so called ‘civil rights’ theme at all. Instead it would seem more likely to spell out as has the fact that Christians are being attacked by liberal media just as much as or more often that Homosexuals are being made to appear to be simply wonderful, an agenda to totally disrupt society as a whole as much as the agitators are able to do in order to weaken every fabric of Social morality and codes of decency. By doing that they make that society vulnerable to attack from within and without. A decadent society is a ruined society.

  42. One gay is to many, period.

  43. Ariel Gail MacLean

    As an American Elder I can unequivocally say everything conjectured in this article and comment below is true. Our core self-concept has been so distorted and corrupted by the media-mouthpiece for globalists’ social engineering agenda, that America does not even know what its identity is anymore. And those who do are dying off like flies. I fear for the future of this once grand experiment.

  44. Jesus said “hate the sin not the sinner”. He hated no one and taught us to do the same. Just because we don’t believe in what you do have the right believe the right to force me to believe as you do but I would never hate you. You are who are and like he said “let him who is without sin throw the first stone.” We are not perfect and are full of forgiveness and also sin. Only God can judge our hearts and souls. If you don’t believe in God it is a good rule to live by. Hating our others gets you no where. It doesn’t change them and you commit the sin of hatred. Be a good example not idiot just because some people call you one. Where does it get you. I think God might see 2 idiots and people not walking in a peaceful path.

  45. William Shakespeare 1564-1616. Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art? A question asked in his works over five hundred years ago. Think about the number of times we have seen some of the more famous paintings hung in infamous settings. One I always think of is The Nude hung over the Bar in many famous Westerns. The preoccupation with nude woman goes back to Greek Mythology.
    My point is, someone has been pushing the limits of acceptance since time began. The one that sent me to thinking it was all over was the pig artist who showed Jesus in the pail or jar of urine. It was one of the very few things that drove this old paratrooper to tears. Now it’s 25 or 30 years past and I’m not sure if it was a bucket or a jar. But I am a right thinking man. Have had a hand in raising four great kids. We lost our youngest daughter at thirty. The other three are doing great. No wingnuts in the group. Again my point is keep it between the ditches, don’t worship boose, teach your kids right from wrong, lead a good life and don’t buy into any wackadoodles. That be the political, fire and brimstone type tent preachers or the misadventures of entertainers. They all have one hand deep in your pocket while they wave their craft in your face with the free one. I guess maybe I lit a fuse with my reference to the Religious Practitioners. I’m not talking about the local Minister. The plate he passes only keeps his doors open.

  46. I am a retired clinical psychologist and, as such, have more than a nodding acquaintance with the professional literature on the subject. The 3.8% figure quoted in the article above is actually probably somewhat inflated by the recent glamorization of LGBT status. I recently had a conversation with an intelligent and thoughtful thirty-ish black man who asked me some questions about homosexuality. He was shocked when I told him that homosexuals comprise 1-3% of the population, saying that he thought it was much higher. I asked him to consider how many homosexuals he has personally been acquainted with in his lifetime, as a way of getting a more realistic idea. He agreed that that thought experiment was a good counter to the false impression created by the media and the entertainment industry. Of course, homosexuals do tend to cluster in certain areas, such as San Francisco, Hollywood, New York, etc., so a person living in such areas would personally know more homosexual people. It is my belief that the attempts to normalize homosexuality represent just another frontal assault on traditional institutions of marriage, family, and religion.

  47. Never have so few duped so many into believing that they (the few) are many. The gay community often cites 10 percent as the proportion of homosexuals in the U.S. population. That is a totally discredited figure originated by the pervert, Dr. Alfred Kinsey. His sample population was wildly biased, as confirmed here:

  48. There is another reason Americans may think there are more homosexuals in America than there are. While only 2-3 percent of Americans are exclusively homosexual, many more have had at least one homosexual experience in their lives, and a few less have had the same experience several times. If they answer the polls based on personal experience, it pushes the poll in an upward direction.

  49. I think its time for Christians to sue for hate crimes.

    • I think it’s time for Christians to turn the other cheek & treat others as they would want to be treated, with respect & tolerance. What hate crimes ? You Christians need to stop being so damn paranoid. There’s more important things to worry about in this world, like famine, pestilence, war, the environment & so on… I’m assuming you are a Christian ? If not , I stand corrected.

  50. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    I love the wishful thinking on here. It is not unlike King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

  51. Last Poll I saw earlier this year showed Gays at 1.7% of US population. 3.8% is a HUGE leap!

  52. TeaParty Patriot


    America Not as Gay as People Think The media would like you to think.

    There is an inordinate number of the “press” who are both qu33r and democrat who would like you to believe that you are in a minority for distrusting both qu33rs and the editorial policy of newpapers.

  53. You clowns are sure homophobic! Look out they’re coming for YOU!

  54. The abnormal sexual behavior among all of nature’s mammals is less than 4% which argues against the gay community’s demand that their lifestyle be considered “normal”. Only those with really poor math skills believe that a population of only 3.8% represents any kind of a norm. Up is not down, red is not blue,and abnormal is not normal (unless you are illogical to the extreme and/or a card carrying progressive).

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