America Cannot, Must Not, Elect a Criminal

Even if you had the pleasure of getting an education prior to the leftists turning American heroes into villains, you knew by the time you were a teenager that our political establishment was lousy with corruption. No one alive today can remember a presidential election cycle that didn’t include at least a thousand recitations of that wonderful, meaningless cliché: “The lesser of two evils.” We’ve long grown accustomed to associating politics with sleaze, deception, and criminality.

But this may be the first time in recent memory that Americans are seriously thinking about electing a person who has already been exposed as a criminal. Hillary Clinton may have escaped federal prosecution, but the facts are the facts. She endangered national security through her negligent use of a private email server, and she broke federal law regarding the proper handling of classified information. That’s not an opinion; that’s a fact. She belongs in prison.

It’s a sad state of affairs that Hillary is actually leading and/or tied in most of the major national polls. Hopefully, that will change by the time we get to Election Day. There is every indication that it will, barring a big mistake on the part of the Donald Trump campaign…which we can never rule out entirely. But even if everything turns out wonderfully and Trump gets to 270, we can never fully erase the stain of what we almost did. We came this close to letting someone become president instead of serving 3-5 years.

And who knows, we might actually make that happen.

Ignorance, at this point in the game, is no longer a valid excuse. Hillary Clinton’s scandals haven’t received a tenth of the coverage that Trump’s have, but they’ve been reported on quite a bit nonetheless. Biased, not-quite-truthful coverage, true, but any moron can fill in the blanks. When the FBI director stands in front of the country and tells us, chapter and verse, exactly how Hillary lied to the American people and broke the law, there’s not much room for cover.

So we now have a choice. Do we stand for justice in this country or don’t we? Do we punish criminals or do we make them presidents? Do our laws apply to everyone or just the little people?

We can survive four years of Hillary Clinton. We can’t survive the sickness that made her president in the first place.

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