America Cannot, Must Not, Elect a Criminal

Even if you had the pleasure of getting an education prior to the leftists turning American heroes into villains, you knew by the time you were a teenager that our political establishment was lousy with corruption. No one alive today can remember a presidential election cycle that didn’t include at least a thousand recitations of that wonderful, meaningless cliché: “The lesser of two evils.” We’ve long grown accustomed to associating politics with sleaze, deception, and criminality.

But this may be the first time in recent memory that Americans are seriously thinking about electing a person who has already been exposed as a criminal. Hillary Clinton may have escaped federal prosecution, but the facts are the facts. She endangered national security through her negligent use of a private email server, and she broke federal law regarding the proper handling of classified information. That’s not an opinion; that’s a fact. She belongs in prison.

It’s a sad state of affairs that Hillary is actually leading and/or tied in most of the major national polls. Hopefully, that will change by the time we get to Election Day. There is every indication that it will, barring a big mistake on the part of the Donald Trump campaign…which we can never rule out entirely. But even if everything turns out wonderfully and Trump gets to 270, we can never fully erase the stain of what we almost did. We came this close to letting someone become president instead of serving 3-5 years.

And who knows, we might actually make that happen.

Ignorance, at this point in the game, is no longer a valid excuse. Hillary Clinton’s scandals haven’t received a tenth of the coverage that Trump’s have, but they’ve been reported on quite a bit nonetheless. Biased, not-quite-truthful coverage, true, but any moron can fill in the blanks. When the FBI director stands in front of the country and tells us, chapter and verse, exactly how Hillary lied to the American people and broke the law, there’s not much room for cover.

So we now have a choice. Do we stand for justice in this country or don’t we? Do we punish criminals or do we make them presidents? Do our laws apply to everyone or just the little people?

We can survive four years of Hillary Clinton. We can’t survive the sickness that made her president in the first place.

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  1. I want my president:

    to be a criminal felon, to have mental issues from head injuries, to treat people (who don’t give them money) as undesirables, to be the most corrupt president in history, to be above the law, to be an FBI certified liar, to lie about their lies, who supports islamic sharia law for women, who is anti-business, who is compromised from being hacked, who has no accomplishments, who supports iran having nuclear weapons, who doesn’t want to secure our borders, who wants illegals to come in and kill our citizens and kill our economy, who wants isis to come in with refugees but doesn’t want Christian refugees, who is a foreign policy failure with everything they touched (Benghazi, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Russia,…), who wants to abolish our freedoms and 2nd amendment rights by making SCOTUS anti-American forever,

    that’s who I want for president

    • Hope you’re being sarcastic friend.

      • He is Munge. Trust me, he’s just being sarcastic. LOL

      • I am,
        but 50% of “Americans” don’t seem to be

      • he pointing out just what kind of president hillary would be
        I will add that amerlca as some of us older folks once knew will no longer exsist , it is unthinkable what itwill become


          • Jesus Fucking Christ stop yelling you simpleton.

          • If you vote for crooked Hillary you, my friend, are indeed the simpleton.

          • Please stop swearing and get a grip on yourself, Hillary lover

          • I get the feeling if dicks had wings your mouth would be an airport.

          • what are you talking about slugface, TRUMP IS THE BIGGEST CON-MAN AND FRAUD THAT EVER HIT THIS NATION.
            Let me explain this so even your low IQ can understand this:
            (1) If you get rid of the illegal immigrants who will work the farms? Also, the prices of produce and meats will skyrocket thru the roof.
            (2) gasoline is at two dollars per gallon, if Trump gets in that scumbag will partner up with the oil companies just like the other republicans and come out with “we have a broken pipeline” and the oil will cost more due to supply and demand, and back to 4 dollars per gallon.
            (3) Donald “Vladimir Trump” whom stopped Unions from even entering his Nevada casinos, should tell you that scumbag Trump is anti-employee/middle class!
            (4) Trump plans to lower taxes for the rich down 15%, the country is in a 20 trillion dollar debt, who do you think will make up the difference? Cmon Einstein, it’s the middle class because his so called reduction of taxes for the middle class is “not” a decrease, he claims 15% for the middle class and 10% for lower income. These are not decreases in our taxes.
            (5) Trump wants to build a wall on our southern border and says it cost 200 billion dollars, who do you think he will put in charge “santa clause”? No Einstein, his two greedy no good sons who couldn’t be hired at Burger King or Wendy’s. This guy Trump said two weeks ago during an interview that he was going to Washington to “line his pockets”.
            (6) Scumbag chicken shit Trump got 4 deferments during the Viet-Nam Era due to bone spurs, meanwhile back at the ranch I was drafted and forced to serve three years during the viet nam era. If you truly are a Marine “which I doubt you are”, I strongly suggest you go back to night school and get your GED and stop listening to this scumbag Trump whol only knows how to do one thing that is “LIE AND MORE LIES”…………….

            Sorry there Einstein, if there is an ignorant or moronic person out there are the Trump supporters because there IQ can’t be more than 1.0 slightly above plant life! Therefore, go back with the deplorable 89.9% morons and get a kindergarten diploma before you spew out more of your ignoramus comments!

          • Airplanes have wings? You’re an idiot! Low-energy!

          • Obama said he will be personally insulted if Hillary loses to PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP
            BRING IT ON!

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        • The scary part is that it may happen, she might become president. If she does there needs to be a serious push to secede. That way at least part of the country can be saved.

          • Texas would be the first

          • michael schimanski

            If hillary is elected , Texas here I come , if you’ll have this fat old Marine . God bless Texas , and God bless the UNITED STATES of AMERICA .

          • Don’t walk, run.

            Semper Fi

          • God Bless you for your service and Patriotism!

          • Yes, thankyou

          • Thank you for your kind words . As a United States Marine I swore to defend my country against ALL enemies foreign and domestic .Today it seems that we Americans are fighting both. obama and hillary are in the prosses of destroying America and our Constitution . The speech obama gave to the U.N. was a disgrace . He vowed to give up ( some freedoms ) for his globalization plans and powers over America to the U.N. . He seems to think he speaks for all of America , but I for one do not and will not give up ANY of the freedoms I have fought for and many have died for . We as Americans should not and can not allow a criminal dictator , like obama and hillary try to speak for Americans without We The People having a word about it . Who in the hell do they think they are to pledge away our freedoms . They work for We The People not the other way around . If Donald Trump is not elected I’m afraid America will go down hill very quickly and yes I an still willing to fight and die for America as a U.S. Marine and a American . May God bless the United States and all for which she stands .

          • HoooRah! We love our Marines! I’ll stand by your side and happily die with you! One of my brothers died in Vietnam fighting for this country and I’ll be damned if I let him or anyone of our soldiers die in vain! We can beat these B–tards!!

          • Thank you again . I’m sorry for your brother but for me as a fat , old Marine , the only thing I can say is U.N. troops or muSLIMES ( all foreigners ) , bring them on I can still shot straight . This is our country , not there’s … God bless the Marine Corp and God bless the United States of America .

          • Amen! By the way I shoot every single day and I don’t miss to often. Keep up that shooting friend so we stay honed. God Bless you!

          • Not die at our side. Stand with us and KILL our enemies.

          • ??? Where did I say die at our side? I don’t intend to die. It’s possible but I didn’t say that. Please explain.

          • HOOAH ! There R more retired military out here that has your same thoughts; we all took an oath and we will stand up & continue to fight for the greatest country in the world, AMERICA !
            GOD BLESS AMERICA !
            Obama/Hillary-GITMO 2017

            America Cannot, Must Not, Elect a Criminal !!!

          • For once I’m not going to argue with a Marine. I was Army, we took the same oath but we didn’t use Jarhead as a compliment. Looks like I was wrong; y’all might have brains after all. GOD BLESS AMERICA and Marines like you.

          • If you feel that way about TEXAS then we would might would be willing to have you and yours here sir!!!!

          • Love ya Mike,,,,Just a small criticism from this old dog face.

            We swore to defend the Constitution (not our country) which I think is even more important.

            It’s almost the same thing but the words of our constitution is what keeps us having a country to defend and this guy in the White House has used that sacred document for toilet paper. Like it says in the Greenwood song, “I’d proudly stand up next to you and protect her still today”

            So keep the faith my brother. We are defiantly on the same side.

          • This half crippled Marine will be right behind you, although, I hate the idea of cutting and running. Still have my old M1 Grande and plenty of 06 rounds.

          • You gotta love those Texans!

          • I totally agree. I think that there would be many to follow though.

          • Just until they need federal funds.

          • Texas is self sustaining…we have money resources food … why do you think Texas kept the right to succeed…we can

          • Then why did Texas go to the feds for flood disaster aid this year?

            FEMA News Release

            “AUSTIN, Texas—Three major disaster declarations affecting dozens of
            Texas counties—some on multiple occasions—will result in nearly one
            quarter-billion dollars in federal assistance to repair or replace
            damaged infrastructure.FEMA said today that combined federal aid for
            severe weather disasters in May-June 2015; October 2015, and January
            2016 will help fund recovery efforts for 3,087 individual projects among
            569 applicants for Public Assistance.” (Emphasis added)

            From the Dallas Morning News

            ” Thanks to demographic shifts, a surge in
            military spending and other factors, Texas has crossed the break-even
            line. In six of the past eight years, including the entire tenure of
            President Barack Obama, Texans got more out of the federal Treasury than
            they put in.”

          • Because right now Texas is part of the US and has the rights to all entitlement as such…right now I am not for separation, I just said we could if we wanted to…it is in our state and federal contract

          • Yet still Texas gets more from the feds than they put in. Clearly the state is not “self-sufficient”.

            Go ahead and try to secede. How did it work out last times some states tried that?

          • If Obama hadn’t opened Texas’ border to unlimited ILLEGAL immigration Texan’s would have their state well in hand

          • Excuse me? Obama “opened” the border? Like we had no Mexicans coming over the border prior to 2009?

            Yeah, right. From Reuters

            ““America is expelling illegal immigrants
            at nine times the rate of 20 years ago; nearly 2m so far under Barack
            Obama, easily outpacing any previous president,” the Economist wrote in
            February 2014. “Border patrol agents no longer just patrol the border;
            they scour the country for illegals to eject. The deportation machine
            costs more than all other areas of federal criminal law-enforcement


          • THAT IS MORE DEM. BULLSHYTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • THAT IS A DANMED LIBERAL LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • If you don’t know what facts are, I assume you don’t know the definition of lie either.

          • Heck, Texas might if Trump is elected…

          • Or suffer being part of One World Government because that is the globalist evil elites will do to America. Secession sounds better because we will be the real Constitutionalists, have all the assets: oil, great schools, businesses, etc. and above all BRAINS!

          • So true. The advantages FAR outweigh the negatives. We would return to our Constitutional beginnings. We will have Constitutionalists on the SCOTUS and all other courts. We would be set as the greatest country in the world again. Change the Constitution so that no liberals be allowed in politics, conservatives only and that includes all appointed government positions. If a liberal should sneak in it is an automatic impeachment. I could easily go on but you get my point my friend.

          • someone found the 13th Amendment and it would bar all lawyers and bankers from holding public office!!!THAT IS WHAT WE NEED TO HAPPEN IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • 3 steps if she steals the election; nullification, secession…..and last resort, civil war.

          • Agreed. My preference would be secession.

        • It won’t happen. Landslide victory for DONALD TRUMP. Trump.2016

        • True that brother.

        • What it would become under Hillary is what I think you mean.

        • CAN you say……CHAOTIC?!

      • I think it’s pretty obvious. 😉

      • His past postings indicate that this post is sarcasm. He appears to be a good guy, unless taqiyya.

      • No, only tRUMP is sarcastic. btw- The big fat bloated orange is going to crash and crash hard. Get yourself prepared to lap up all of his “orange juice!”
        Here’s his juice spout!

      • He is pointing out what she really is. Good satire.

      • nothings Sarcatic about the truth

      • He is,,,,

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      So you are advocating a third term for the IMAM of ISIS, I see! LOL

    • Do you mean Trump? I know if Trump makes to the WH, he will have a very rough time more with Repubs and TPs than with Demos. Then what is the use of having a president who will have 3 wives in the WH. You see now he wants “One-Payer Insurance system” everybody to be eligible for health insurance regardless of income; all mothers will have baby-sitters for their children; all poor people will go to college free. The only difference between Trump and Demos is the electric wall he wants at the border he wants to kill all Latino children trying to enter this country. Another issue with us Demos is shipping all illegals and their children born here. As pointed before some children are in the US military some dying for us enjoying life here. Shipping and killing kids is criminal act. Please vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

      • are you drinking the cherry or grape koolaid

      • I see you have fallen for the rhetoric. Look, Trump may not be the ideal candidate, but Jesus Christ is not running for election although you would probably have a problem with him as well.
        You are going to vote for Hillary, the originator of the “One-Payer Insurance System”, remember Hillary care she tried to push while Bill was POTUS. I don’t agree with either candidates method of the working mom problem. If you choose to have a child then that child becomes your personal responsibility and burdening your employer with maternal/paternal leave is just plain wrong.
        These illegals came here, sat up house keeping, had children and established businesses. Taking a soft approach will not stop this illegal activities. Neither does granting citizenship for service in our armed forces. Such actions only encourage others to follow suit. If we do not control our borders and stop this nonsense of catering to illegals, this country is lost. Give them another 10 years and they will be the ones controlling our government.
        While Hillary throws out accusations against Trump, the fact remains that in the categories of effectiveness, experience, and truthfulness she rates the lowest. Hillary’s main desire is to be POTUS, not for the “good” she touts, but her own personal satisfaction. She has already achieved her goal of wealth and even that is not enough for her. but her desire for power is yet to be fulfilled.

        • You’re typical Repub woman, a slave of White males. Your reasoning is exactly like Trump. You must have been one of those who were standing in front of buses to block Latino kids from going into shelters. You are criminal like Trump.Trump wants to sell USA to Russian Putin for women-Repubs and TPs in Congress love that. Trump wants an electric wall at the border to kill all Latino children trying to enter this country. Trump also wants to ship out all illegals and their children born here. Some of illegals children are in the US military dying for us enjoying life here. Trump hates American women and calls them “Fat.” “Pigs” “Dogs” “Disgusting animals” and “ugly”. You better change your attitude and vote for Hillary

          • If you can not tolerate objective observations and feel it necessary to resort to insults, then you have defeated your own argument.
            Unfortunately, I am not the “typical Reupb woman, a slave of White males” you claim.
            And, the only sell out to Russia was made with the help of Hillary in the uranium deal and Bill’s convenient $500,000.00 speaking deal.
            And regardless of your opinion of my being a slave of white males, you nor anyone else will tell me what I had better do.

          • nobody ever spoke that way, it you Trump supporters whom are always attacking everybody else because of this con artist Donald Trump. Look at the at the Donald Trump Klan Rallies and the violence there or listen to his recent remarks about taking away Hillary Clinton’s security teams weapons away because he claims she wants to do away with the 2nd amendments, when she has “NEVER” made this comment. This is nothing more than lies, lies and more lies from Donald Trump. You are brainwashed!

          • go back where you came from we don’t need you in the usa.

          • You mean we don’t need people like you and Trump in this country. So why don’t you pack up, take Trump with you and go to Russia with Trump’s buddy Vladimir Puta?

          • Because they’re so willfully ignorant and/or too outright stupid they couldn’t locate Russia on a map (unlike Palin). And they’re too busy praying to their make-believe god and being preyed upon by their make-believe savior: The Orange Dumpster to even try. At least they know their place: the new minority forever! Believe me! Believe my fabulous words. The best words. The best!

          • But we won’t be able to fit all you conservative Skittles on the boats to hell.

          • He watched too many episodes of Hogan’s Heroes.

          • If you read the facts you would see that she stated more than once, that her first act as President would be to take away all weapons, except for law enforcement. Trumps’ remarks about her security not having weapons was in response to her making that statement.

          • You mean the riots that G

          • Oh really, how about the Trump Foundation and why Donald Vladimir Puta Trump had a 6 foot tall portrait done of himself for $10,000 dollars of the Trump Foundation, or paying legal fees and fines totaling $258,000 of Trump Foundation monies (illegal and against the law), or maybe why Donald “Vladimir Puta” Trump is trying to pawn himself off as the working mans candidate, when he fought hard in his Nevada Casinos keeping Unions out of his casinos.
            Like I said, you 89.9% Trump supporters need to get your facts in order, and stop listening to this pathological liar named Donald “Vladimir Puta” Trump.
            Reminder, trump go’s to trial in November for a Federal RICO racketeering charges in both New York and California and is now facing more investigations of his Trump Foundation, which will garner more Federal charges on him.
            Anyway, good luck at polls with your con-artist candidate, and you keep listening to him and his lies, because that’s all he is good for is lying and more lies!

            p.s.- where is he going to hang up his 6 foot portrait of himself, in his prison cell?

          • So is your mama asshole! Go back to school, get off welfare and food stamps too

          • Hi Frank, the problem with the Trump supporters is that they are misinformed and ignorant as to exactly what Trump is really doing. Until those that support Trump finally realize that he is a con-artist and nothing else, until then can they make a clear choice.

          • And what have you accomplished in your life, that is so great, other than being a lying big fat mouth!

          • But you are a slave and a sell out and not very bright to boot.

          • simple minded chowderhead

          • You must have worked at a movie theater you project so much.

          • I find it amusing that you think anything you says matters, that is a sign that you are delusional of course we already knew that , all left wing coward are delusional. You are weak and worthless how does that feel little man.

          • can you say president Trump? you will learn we will teach you

          • you couldn’t teach a moron trump supporter much less anybody else!

          • Respect little man, this is something else we will teach you, you will learn like it or not we are here to help you and you WILL accept our help. Hope this clears things up for you now sit there quietly unless I call on you. Now be a good little sheep, that is OBEY.

          • Bigger than you asswipe! This is all the “Vladimir Trump” supporters are good for is deflecting, distorting, insulting and kindergarten trash talk! Go back to school Joe and take a bath before you go there. Try to at least pass romper room.
            Wait a minute, now I know who you are, your the guy who told all of us your life story, and that you were thrown out of a 2nd story window when you were first born and that you landed on your face and head, and that you required a lot of surgery. This is a very sad story, we feel for you Joe, hope your proctologist performed your facial and brain surgery well and that you recovered well from your surgeries. As your candidate Donald “Vladimir Puta” Trump would say “very drastic, very drastic”………….

          • give it up dummy , how much are you being paid to spew these lies. i do assume you are a illegal so go home ,we are tired of paying your way.

          • Did you tell that to Ted Cruz a Canadian-Cuban? No. Then you’re a racist. I do not know what you get from being a racist other than stomach troubles and cancer in the colon. Wake up. It is now too late to take this country back to the 50s when you were the bosses and we Blacks were slaves.

          • Lady, the only person making up lies and more lies is Donald “Vladimir Puta” Trump! All you have to do is change the batteries in your hearing aids and you will hear the lies, as they come in fast and furious. Also, did Donald “Vladimir Puta” Trump and his Russian mail order bride purchase their new home in Russia yet?

          • I forgot to mention, Donald “Vladimir Puta” Trump is changing his slogan to “Make Russia Great Again”!!!!!!!!

          • Typical paid off liberal troll who sits in mommy’ basement living. off her and collecting welfare!
            Trump will get your butt off the chair and working for a change!

          • I am not paid by anybody. i just love the Clintons and the Obamas. These are regular people who behave like us regular people. Please join me and vote for Hillary.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Hell no

          • Are you married to a Repub; most of those women married to Repubs and TPs are still slaves. Please vote for Hillary.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Hell no. Vote Trump she’s a crook, lies and let Americans die in Benghazi. Uses a private server and let our American secrets get hacked she’s nothing but a lying crook she needs to be In prison along with the president. Vote Republican, vote Trump at least he’s healthy she’s not only unhealthy she’s sick in the head we don’t need 4 more years of Obama

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            If the people of the United State’s they’ll send her to prison where she belongs and no I’m not married to a Republican I’m a widow

          • Please do not expect a date from Trump. He hates you because you’re an American woman. He fears you because you’re too smart for him. That is why Trump will be pooping in pants tomorrow during the debate.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Oh my god your stupid the problem is Trump is smarter than you and that’s why you have aweful things to say about him

          • You must be a dirty sell-out just like hillary then–Scum

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Hell no

        • “Trump may not be the ideal candidate.”
          Duh, ya think?
          Thanks in advance for being a really stupid person!

      • Get off the three wives thing you idiot NO ONE CARES it means NOTHING and if you vote for Herr Klinton you are a TRAITOR and as dumb as a box of cornstarch. You do not even know what you are talking about you make things up in that tiny skull of yours then let them out to the real world. Get a grasp on reality you funny little man

      • a really sick person you are. trump 2016!

    • I get you !

    • Very cleverly worded and should bring shame upon all who ignore this lengthy list and vote for the witch anyway! Of course if they’re on the dole, they look the other way–“be de check in da mail?”

    • You forgot to tell about her foundation stealing billions from Haiti after the earthquake, and selling a 5th of the United States uranium to Russia. Plus her body count list is longer than Billy Boys mistress list.

    • Thank you. You sure did a good job listing every reason why Hil’LIAR’ SHOULD NEVER BE POTUS!! You look like Obama, are you?, that’s exactly what he wants – Hil’LIAR’ to continue his destruction of our Country.

    • That would be Hillary Clinton we know you don’t want her anymore than any other of us AMERICANS.

    • You are sick and demented!!!

    • Are you referring to the scumbag Trump?

    • Love the sarcasm stating the truth of the criminal greedy power hungry Shillary!

    • YOU NEED to put some ????? behind your last sentence.

    • Spoken like a corrupt, anti American, Demon rat. Anyone admiting to supporting evil, corruption, sharia law etc is pure Satanic and nothing Godly could ever b part of your atheistic platform. The real stink/shame is
      The fact that you flaunt it and admit to all these evils which puts you at the bottom of the pile of
      Dog Sh__t. Move on Troll there is nothing American about you!

      Go Trump!

    • MuslimLuvChrist, Sorry, you want Obama to be our President again? There still are term limits, unless he declares Marshall Law and makes himself dictator for life.

      • it was a sarcastic criticism of hitlery

        • I figured that was Obama. I’m so glad you are backing Trump. And God Bless you, so sorry for your disabilities. Trust in God, He will guide you. I totally agree with all the comments you have made about this CORRUPT Administration. And for Soros, he is paying the demonstrators to do all this. Notice, there is never any at Hil’LIAR’s campaigns. He pays everybody to do his dirty corrupt work. And if Hil’LIAR’ wins, it’s because the election will have been thrown for her, just as they said this past week, it was thrown for Obama. Obama received eight million illegal votes and Romney lost by four million. God help us all, our Country will be destroyed by the Demons.

    • Let’s not forget that a few years ago the clintons were relatively flat broke–Now after ‘selling out our country’ their foundation is rolling in the big money–Yet none of hillary’s founders can see anything wrong

  2. I would not ever — VOTE — for the – HAG – ! GO Trump !! YES I Will vote for TRUMP !!

    • Those who do not vote for Trump are assuring the continuation of eight years of proto-Communism from the ringer president from nowhere – Obama, then after another eight years with a proven professional criminal, – Mrs Clinton, the Influence Seller in Office, then with her rather vapid vacuous daughter to succeed her in 2014. That will be a total of 32 years of ultra leftist communist Government. It has already reached almost uncorrectable proportions after the fraudulent Obama. Now the Sheeple of Democrat Voting America are being lead into total Communist Servitude – and they are so dumb that they cannot think or even see for themselves or feel for their children. They all deserve their coming sad fates.

      • Are you losing it? Proto-communism? There is no communist running for office except Donald “Vladimir Puta” Trump. Therefore, we are sure that you are referring to Trump or is he promising the Trump supporters more welfare and food stamps?

        • Still wearing your ass as a hat, I see.

          • Besides being ignorant your insulting like the Orange Peel looking candidate you follow. I am an ex-marine myself served during 73-76, and do not like scumbags like Donald “”Vladimir Puta” Trump” or his rhetoric and mouth full of lies. You on the other hand appear to love the manure your boy is shoveling out. Anyway, Donald “shitbird” Trump would do the nation a favor if he ran for “Sewage Treatment Manager in NYC”, this is something he is totally qualified for as all he talks is manure!!!!!!
            Good luck jarhead, and stick all of his crap up your ass and nose then use an enema to take it out, ask your local proctologist, he can assist you dirtbag!

          • You must have been one that was dishonorably discharged from my class (I notice you put ex marine).
            Marines 1973-83 …most of those I’m still friends with and that would be around 250 at our last reunion. To a man none of us would vote for a criminal like Swillary let alone one that feels the Constitution is wrong. Oh, and by the way….none of us are ex Marines. ONCE A MARINE, ALWAYS A MARINE
            Semper Fi….except clowns like you I guess.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kriss, I’m sorry that you are one of the parasites that dredge all over the welfare system and then later cry foul because you like a communist loving candidate Donald Trump (his Buddy Vladimir Putan) and that your welfare benefits were recently cut but you don’t have to take it out on everybody else!
            I know I am a veteran it is the least I could say about Donald Trump receiving 4 medical deferments so that he did not have to report like the rest of us. Anyway, good luck with your facial surgery and brain surgery with your proctologist, let us know if he got the assinine look off your face and brain?

          • Childish is all I can say for you Andres. Your response is nothing more and I couldn’t expect more. When one just reverts to what you are doing I can only imagine what the truth really is with you. Grow up.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Sorry Mr. Kriss (Moron) but I am responding to your mal-content behavior. It would be a good idea if you would do the same with your con-man candidate Donald “Vladimir Putan” Trump and his mail order Russian bride, and maybe you might be able to figure out what the real connection truly is. Anyway, good luck with your sorry no good insulting candidate at the polls, everybody is now on to his “refusing to pay taxes” and ask your candidate to submit his tax returns. After all, what is he hiding? We all know he lies like a rug, therefore it’s really hard to believe anything he says.

          • Andres….Look up Watergate and the clintons, check who went to prison and why. Next, Google clintons and leaving the White House after slick Willie left. Then, pull up what Swillary did as secretary of state (pay to play, selling uranium rights to the Chineese, her biggest contributors were the Saudis – the place the 9/11 terrorist came from). Google Benghazi and her involvement, especially from her illegal use of a private server sending sensitive materials. Google the last 30,000 emails that were found after she said she had given the FBI all of them. Google aides that destroyed smart phones, pads and computers when the investigation started. Google … Those that were either going to testify against her or Monica’s suck toy…or knew to much about the inner dealings of the Clinton crime family. Yeah, the list is over 50 dead. How many friends do you have that are dead knowing to much about you?? I’m guessing your list is zero. On top of it hellery won’t live more than a year and then you have gomer Pyle to replace her SHAZAAAYYMM.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kriss, like I said, you are in denial about your candidate. Mr. Trump’s reckless past also includes travelling and spending money in Cuba during the embargo, this is a felony! He also made comments that are nothing more than “TREASON” against a fellow American citizen running for POTUS, then afterwards makes comments about disarming her security and see what happens, he then embarks on a crusade to discredit the former Ms. Universe by calling her names like Miss Piggy or Miss Housekeeping, your candidate has insulted Hispanics, African Americans, Women, Disabled Reporters, Disabled Veterans, Congressman, Senators, Governors, former POTUS, CEO’s of big corporations, Muslims and mocked a disabled reporter on National TV. The only group he has not insulted are the Native Alaskan Eskimos, let’s just hope he does not take a trip to Alaska and figure that one out. His son Donald Jr. posted an Alt-right images on the web with the heads of all of Trump’s asskissers to include Pepe the frog a Nazi symbol then after the firestorm, he denies he did not know what he was posting! Many of Trump’s business’ are faltering because of his mouth, many contracts have been cancelled and citizens are picketing in fromt of all of his business’. Donald Trump is under investigation via the NYS Attorney General for his personal use of funds of his Trump Foundation, then there is the fact that he paid “ZERO FEDERAL TAXES”, this should stick a craw up your ass, as many working people have to pay for taxes these rich bastards don’t pay. Maybe you are to stupid to listen to his tax plan that favors only the rich, now either your a moron or you do not comprehend Trump’s game plan?
            Now, I can only say that you are either a moron or you are totally oblivious of the news and Donald Trump’s behavior and comments.

          • Apparently you can’t read and arguing with you brings me to an old saying…

            “Never argue with an IDIOT, they only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience”

            Andres, you are the true definition of an idiot.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kriss, I am arguing with you a blithering moron, that is in total denial of his candidate that is nothing more than a Vladimir Putan loving communist dictator. Therefore, no need to argue I already know that you arte totally brainwashed and in denial. Also, after Trump gets done with the middle class and lower income, there won’t be much left to deal with in this country. Trump is anti-middle class and that is a known fact, just check with his employees in his Nevada Casinos. Also, Trump is for Right to Work in which this is the enemy of all middle class and lower income workers. Now if you can’t understand that then you deserve for Trump to stick it as high as he can up your backside!

          • Do you even know what right to work is? I doubt it very much, as with most of your statements you ramble incoherently like most liberals.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            kriss, I worked in management, of course I know what it means, I lived in Florida for 17 years, and Florida is a right to work state. Now, do you know what right to work is, apparently you do not therefore let me explain for you, in plain language “you have a right to work and be hired (depending upon your qualifications) but management has the right to fire you without cause for any reason they see fit”, with exception of discriminatory practices that fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal government being EEOC or under civil rights laws. Bottom line is you have no recourse for managements decisions to fire you. This is what Donald Trump believes in, just ask his employees in his Nevada Casinos, Trump fought hard to keep Unions out, now does this sound like a champion for working people? Trump is anti-middle class and always has been, just cause he is running for POTUS will not change his ways or disposition, nor his wacko character…………

          • Yeah, and I had to deal with the other end of it. My company I started after 5 years ended up going union because of the work I did… We are a structural steel commercial roof contractor. When we had more work than my crews could handle I ended up with bench workers. There’s a reason most of those guys are on the bench. I also had to deal with over paying apprentices, most everyone that worked for me was trained by myself. The union training doesn’t cover most everything I do…but I still had to be signatory to them to do these jobs. Trying to fire one of these idiots….I just got to the point I’d make it impossible for them and make their life as miserable as they were making mine. So kiss my ass, if it wasn’t for the fact I had to be union the guys that worked for me would have been better off. The union steals about 22% of their gross earnings.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            kriss, I read your reply about the employees at your job. I do not know what state you reside in but let me start by informing you that in supervision/management there are tools called “performance plans” they are used to eliminate employees whom are lacking in work ethics or plainly said lazy! Since it is apparent that you have no knowledge and or skills in this field, makes you a detriment to any firm that hires you as they can be sued and or pay back pay to the employees affected by your lack of knowledge.
            Secondly, your fascination with your candidate who clearly demonstrated past/present, that he is a supporter, and glorified and praised Vladimir Putan, Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Un

          • Apparently you don’t comprehend what you read, I owned the company you idiot.
            And I can tell by your answer that you have no idea what it’s like in the construction field, especially when you deal with specialized work. Take your performance plans and you little tools like yourself and toss them out of the window dimwit.
            Let me explain some thing that is very simple (not as simple as your mind, but simple). I had two full crews working for me, when I needed more help I couldn’t just go out and hire who I thought could do the job. I had to call down to the union hall and specifically tell them what jobs needed to be filled. Say for instance I needed two “certified structural steel lead welders”, two “certified journeyman fitters”, 4 “certified journeyman carpenters”, 1 “certified structural foreman” and with those I had to hire at least 7 apprentices. This is a real job and before it ever started I brought them onto another worksite to test them out. One of the “certified welders” was afraid of heights, which does work well with the fact we are a structural building company. The fitters were okay for fitters. The “certified structural foreman”, I had fired 4 years prior for drinking/drugs on the jobs. I had blacklisted him and the union kept him on. Found out he hadn’t changed much from then. The union didn’t even drug test him and kept him working. See, the problem is they only look at dues and as a “certified structural foreman” he’s making about $145k per year (base not including OT) with bennies a truck, gas card and guaranteed 5 weeks vac if he’s worked 47 calendar weeks… That has him paying $225 a month and I’m paying 3 times his rate just for dues. Think they want to lose that? Yeah, well working on average about 40′ off the ground…. I don’t need anyone that’s drunk or high, my workmans comp at the time of my retirement was running me about $1.7 mil a year.

            Funny how you say I was a detriment to the company (it being mine), I built that company into a multi million dollar corporation. My oldest now runs it and I still get a nice check every quarter.

            As far as YOUR fascination with YOUR candidate… Her biggest contributors the Saudis are an Islamic terrorist state….yeah, terrorists that took over the planes in your state of NY. They were Saudi nationals, Islamic shitbags, Hillary supporters. Then the second largest donators to the Clinton slush fund…that would be the Communist Totalitarian Chineese…those are the ones she sold the uranium rights to.

          • God bless you.. We need many many more like you out there. I am sure through the years you made a lot of great construction workers. Some of who probably started their own business.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kriss, if you want to talk about electing a criminal for POTUS, just look at your candidate Donald Trump, in debt for over 650 million dollars, business’s not doing so well since everybody found out he has racist/bigoted views, and not to mention him glorifying and praising Vladimir Putan, Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong In. All three are in good company with Donald Trump (all 3 and Trump are nothing but scumbags & assholes).
            Your boy Trump will sink the middle class and lower income into oblivion with his wacko views! His love of Right to Work States is even worse, like I said to you before, go back to school and this time “learn something” other than taking up shop classes and cafeteria work!!!!!!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Only childish person is yourself, just read everything you’ve written, false comments, innuendos and your love of a commie loving candidate named Donald Trump (commie- Vladimir Putan)……….

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kriss, if your IQ were any lower, we can play curb ball off the side of your head. Anyway, my answer to your comments is your a “fucking moron” with an IQ of 1.0 slightly above plant life and you would make a great Walmart Greeter, as your IQ shows and proves you are perfect and totally qualified for Walmart Greeter or Sewage Treatment Specialist!!!!
            Good luck Kriss, you are a moron anyway and couldn’t manage or supervise your way out of a cesspool filled with what you and the other “commie loving Trump supporters” are shoveling. You guys are so fucking stupid, especially to believe a moron like Trump that you believe, follow and go along with his 3rd grade level behavior. You guys belong together!!!!!!!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            [/s/- take moronunge with you! Another piece of whale manure like you!

          • You are a fraud and a liar. You claim to have been in the Marines, I call you out, and you comeback with name calling. No better than that cunt you want to vote for… All of you are criminals… Someone that claims to be a vet is nothing more than a criminal for lying. You would be the first to have his head blown off in a civil war as I will post your address if it ever happens. Those true vets will take care of you in Auburn NY where you live like the snake you are.

          • Nice run on sentences. Not only a liar, but smart is not something that you exude. Monica’s suck toy and his low esteem spouse must be proud of their clueless voter base…lol

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kristine, sorry to interrupt you but you appear to be the “queen of the morons” and you apparently have not learned your lesson, I will try again and leave in a nice way. You and your boyfriend Moronunge can both live happily ever after as I know the two of you are a pair of Trumpsters and are not happy at watching your candidate flush himself down a cesspool, therefore my suggestion to you and your boyfriend are to flush yourself down with Trump and ask his commie loving Trump supporters to follow? No need to answer, I think I’ve heard enough of your 2nd grade language for one year.
            Take care Missy and again good luck with your candidate Donald “Vladimir Putan” Trump.

          • lol….why do you even try to use punctuation? The first sentence was bad enough, but the second is hilarious. You should live by the adage “Keep your mouth shut and be thought an idiot, than to open it and remove all doubt”.
            Although you do live up to the liberal mantra “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”. LOL

          • Great post and one of my favorite quotes when spitting at ,oops, talking to a lib.

          • It is fun to read this feed with the 2 liberals blocked. I can read your replies and know exactly what theidiot lib said.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kriss, don’t you mean that your mama was dishonorably thrown off the streets of Chicago for ignorance and being a moron?

          • There he is, our little lying POS from ny. You were never in the Marines and to call yourself a Vietnam vet is truely disgusting. Those that did serve in Vietnam were true men and heros….you are nothing more than the belly of a snake in a muddy wagon rut.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kriss, there you go again, making up things just like your elderly sexual predator candidate Donald “Vladimir Putan” Trump. therefore, get back to your Walmart Door Greeter job and leave people alone. Here I thought you had flushed yourself down the sewer and your re-appear like the piece of shit you are! So get back to your proctologist so he can perform the necessary surgery on your head and face!!!!!!! Also, go back to your “commie loving Trump supporters” and their low IQ selfs………..

          • Andres Villamarzo

            p.s.- why you could never enter into military service, you have a case of feces in the mouth, like your boy “Predator Trump”.

          • Are you going to miss getting Hillary’s strap-on?

          • Sexual predator??? You mean the one that’s married to Swillary?? Monica’s suck toy? Or the ones he sexually assaulted while gov of Arkansas. Boy, you idiots like calling the kettle black huh?? You stupid bunch of pans. Oh, and slick Willie’s wife doesn’t have much self esteem if she would stay with that dirt bag……you idiots crack me up.

          • After you raped your mother did you have the decency to pay her?

          • wow you seem uneducated about Killary’s activies te last 40 yearsi.f therei s a communist in ths race it s Killary.You probably voted for the nvettesd communst uinpired mulim potus

          • Andres Villamarzo

            stop watching Fox News and maybe you’ll learn something!

          • lol fox is the on chacnetl .to watch.The uneducated stick with the 3 media outlets plus cnn the cklinton news network or msnc,the least watcedo them all.that is how we got years of an unvetted,communti inspired.raical muslim potus…

          • Right on friend it must be aklady in disguise.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            only person behind on info. is yourself and the commie loving trump supporters!

          • I truly can’t believe you’re a vet with the way you love the lying treasonous traitor hitlery. You’re every bit as bad as the bitch trying to lie and conditions her way into the whole. Shame on you from a true vet who supports a real American Mr Trump.

          • Munge, he’s no vet, look at his post 4 below. He says he has “5 honorable discharges”??? Nuff said.

          • Thanks my friend.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            your welcome!

          • Wasn’t talking to you asswipe.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            No Mr. Scrunge, I am not lowering myself to your level and the level of the “commie loving Trump supporters”. I leave being an asswipe to you and the continued bizarre behavior of Donald “Vladimir Putan” Trump snf hid commie loving supporters!. Good luck in November, speaking of criminals, your candidate is facing Federal RICO racketeering Fraud charges in NYS and California and he is also being investigated by the Attorney General of New York for alleged fraud of funds in the Trump Foundation!

          • With you supporting the lying treasonous traitor hitlery you lower yourself to the same low life level she’s on.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            There you go again, showing everybody your IQ. First is the definition of treason is- “Donald “Vladimir Putan” Trump on national television asking a hostile government like Russia to conduct cyber attacks against a fellow American citizen running for POTUS” or “Trump/Pence glorifying and praising Vladimir Putan on national television over their own POTUS. These are called treason. Now, go back to school and get passed kindergarten and maybe we can talk for awhile.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            no problem scumbag, you look like something out of the Salvation Army…..

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Your welcome Mr. Munge.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kriss, I was drafted during the viet-nam era and afterwards I served 4 times in the reserves. Go back to school and go back to the Trump parasite supporters! Get a GED while your at it and get off welfare and food stamps as this is what is ruining you and your family Also, get a job and try to be a productive citizen vs being the asshole you are!

          • So your story changes yet again!!! Are you related to slick Willie? Drafted during the Viet-nam era….but you said 73-76??? They weren’t drafting in 73 dimwit, go back and get another story. Reserves? You were a weekender? So are you a 256’r or 215?
            As far as I go, I put it to you in another post. Im retired and live on my ranch. I never needed assistance from the government unlike you. My oldest runs the company now and my youngest is a flight instructor in the USAF. So my family is doing just fine, but thanks for asking.
            As far as me being an asshole…well, you have it half right, I’m an ass sometimes….I’ll leave the hole to you, as that’s were the shit continuously keeps coming from.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            It ended in 75 you fucking moron!

          • lol, they stopped drafting for
            Vietnam in 72 dimwit.
            Here, read and understand why we know you lie like that sack of lying shit Clinton.

            Vietnam Draft Lotteries
            In response to criticism of the draft’s inequities, on December 1, 1969, the Selective Service System conducted two lottery drawings – the first draft lottery since 1942, at its headquarter in Washington to determine the order in which men of draft-eligible age (born 1944 to 1950) were called to report for possible induction into the military in 1970.

            The draft lottery was based on birth dates. There were 366 blue plastic capsules containing birth dates (including February 29) placed into a deep glass container. The capsules was drawn by hand, opened one by one and then assigned to a sequence number started from “001” until “366”. The first date drawn was September 14 followed by April 24, which was assigned to “001” and “002” respectively. The drawing process continued until each day of the year was assigned to a lottery number. The lower the number was, the higher probability men with the corresponding birthday would be called to serve.

            The second lottery was held on the same day with 26 letters of the alphabet to determine the order of selection among men with the same birth dates through the ranks of the first letters of their last, first and middle names. “J”, “G” and “D” were the first 3 letters while “E”, “B” and “V” was the last ones drawn, which meant men with initials “JJJ” would be first, followed by “JGJ” and “JDJ” while “VVV” would be last among those shared the same birthdate. Eventually all men with number 195 or lower were called in order of their numbers to report for physical examinations in 1970.

            The biggest change in this draft was the age priority. Instead of taking the “oldest men first” from the 18-25 eligible range as last time, local boards now could call 19-year-olds first. Therefore, young men now did not have to wait for years to learn their draft futures, which could affect their careers, marriages and family.

            The draft lotteries were conducted again in 1970, 1971 and 1972. However, draft numbers issued on February 2, 1972 for men born in 1953 was never used due to the abolition of the draft in early 1973. With the Paris Peace Accords signed on January 27, 1973, the end of active U.S. ground involvement in Vietnam and subsequently the draft saw the the last men conscripted on December 7, 1972. The Selective Service System continued to assign draft priority numbers in March from 1973-75 in case the draft was extended, although it never was.


          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kriss (moron of the year), I gotta tell you that you are the dumbest moron I’ve ever heard, I graduated and received my papers in 1972, while in college I received my letter to report, I started boot camp in May10, 1973, May 30 1973, the president gave the order to withdraw troops from Viet-Nam, the Viet-Nam Era ran til July 1975. Therefore are all considered as Viet-Nam Era Veterans! Kriss, is English your second language or are you making believe that you are an ignorant, low life scumbag commiie loving Trump supporter?
            Therefore, take your ignorant, moronic, imbicil self back to kindergarten and try to at least pass this course before moving on.
            p.s.- guess maybe your not listening to the news your boy Trump continues to sink himself in more controversy, then gets on his teleprompter and reads a speech written by who knows who and gives a shallow apology speech.

            Kriss, I’ve dealt with a lot of people in my time but you are the first Walmart Door greeter we’ve ever witnessed that has an IQ as low as yours, which is 1.0 slightly above plant life, Therefore, why don’t you and sail off with your sinking “Trump Titanic campaign” and the rest of the “commie loving Trump supporters” and sail off into this Hurricane Matthew and do us all a favor and sink yourselves like the dumb assholes you guys are………

          • You keep trying to fit your story to the facts but you just keep getting deeper with your lies. You should have read the whole paragraph lolol. Draft numbers for 2/2/72 (those were for 19 year olds dumbass) yeah they were never used. Bwahaha. Vietnam era…that’s rich. Nobody in my company ever considered ourselves Vietnam era vets. Guys I talked to yesterday…John was a Navy brat, his dad was a VADM 0-9 and a real hardass as he described him. He enlisted to get away from the brass…now he’s a Vietnam vet 1962 he was on his way up the delta to DaNang. The other Vietnam Vet, Scott that was in the discussion, yeah he spent time in DaNang, Loas and was part of Operation Prairie…(probably something you would have crapped your pants and died of fright) he brought a friend home too..the effects of agent orange.
            So when you call yourself a Vietnam vet, you have no idea what being a vet even is you lying POS.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            kriss, your moron of the year, congrats on your title but I am really tired of arguing with a “commie loving Trump supporter:, therefore good luck, get a life, get off of welfare and food stamps, take a bath while your at it as your candidate and his followers all “stink” like manure and good luck in November.
            Also, we wish you much luck in your sewage treatment facility business, as we all know you chose your trade as your attitude is “full of shit” along with your shitty personality! So good bye, and good luck with your part-time job as a “Walmart Door Greeter” as you probably make your community proud of your efforts to be gainfully employed and receiving less in food stamps and assistance!

          • Your a lying sack of shit and I call you out…
            I’m Marines 1973-83 MGySgt E9 22nd MEU Medical discharge 12/24/1983

            I doubt you’ve done anything you’ve said. You lie just like that sack of shit Swillary.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            kriss, in response to your moronic answer, even if your the owner of the business does not preclude you from following the same guidelines everybody else does. This just tells me that you are not only ignorant of the law “because you did mention trying to get rid of some of your employees” but feel that you are above everybody else.
            Maybe you and your commie loving trump supporting buddies do belong together in a deplorable basket. Just cause you are a moronic piece of whale manure does not give you the right to try and shove your commie loving candidate down our throats. Also, just cause you cannot supervise or manage a sewage treatment operation like your business, does not mean you can insult everybody else (probably why you support the Trump insult campaign), try by getting your shit together, this might help you run your business a little better and more efficiently. A suggestion to you as a former business owner, I strongly urge that a moron like you resign and seek employment with the Salvation Army, Walmart Greeter or sewage treatment work in your city, this way you don’t have to worry about anybody but “your commie loving trump self”, these sound like occupations you are 100% qualified for with your lack of business operations, and as a Greeter at Walmart you’ll fit in just fine with the rest of the mal contents entering Walmart! Again, good luck you underperforming piece of whale manure and seek employment @ maybe Burger King, so you can have it your way!

          • I see you more as the Walmart greeter. One because you can’t read AND comprehend. Two, because it’s idiots like you that don’t understand having a drunk employee of one that’s not capable in a dangerous environment can not only cause injuries but cost lives. You sir are a FOOL…you are the true definition of a FOOL. When you finish spending your welfare check on cigs and booze, hopefully you can find a new cardboard box to live in.

            I still call you out as an (as you call it) ex Marine. I know you lie just like that skank Swillary. It’s what you FOOLS do. I see you moved from Florida to NY, to bad they didn’t finish the job those Saudi (hillary’s biggest supporters) terrorists started. We could have rebuilt it and maybe gone conservative instead of that liberal/socialist/run by the union garbage heap it is.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kriss, I can see you now, sitting on a a bar stool at the entrance of Walmart behaving and acting like a 3rd grader and as stupid as one too! You are ignorant/moron who thinks that a con-artist will be a great or good president. What are you drinking “wild turkey or Boones Farm”? If the people of New York can’t stand him, shouldn’t this give you some kind of indication that you are dealing with a moron like yourself? Anyway, good luck with your Walmart Greeter Job, you fit this job to a T……. Your IQ most definitely displays the type of moron you truly are. Also, go back and stick with your “commie loving Trump supporter group” and sit on a red hot branding iron, see if this helps with your brain problems. Speak to your proctologist, he might can do some brain surgery and help you out!!!!!!!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kriss,, please stop using my material, you are the Walmart Door Greeter, and your poor comprehension of management principles show it. You are a moron at best and you lack any type of understanding in procedural issues. Bottom line, if you had a brain, you’d be dangerous. Therefore, go back to your :commie loving Trump and his supporters” and stay with them. Maybe during one of the Trump Klan Rallies somebody in the crowd will elbow you in your ugly face and help your personality along! I bet your the talk of fools and morons in your neck of the woods……
            Bye, asswipe.

          • Being originally from NY I will say there are many millions of good conservative people there that love the State ans rheir country. They are outnumbered by the big cities. It is a beautiful place to live if you are outside of the communist run cities. The outdoor life is great but all of it has been ruined by the communist ideology it is run by. I have many family members rhere but I refuse to go there untill rhe people wake the hell up. I will never relinquish my rights to any government and would probably be dead or in jail if I was there. I jhate what has happened in that State. Hard to change it when your vote counts as one and the Democrats vote is counted many times. Even the good liberals vote( the dead ones) . I wonder how they get to the polls?

          • Joseph, I do realize that there are many great areas in the state and apologize to those areas that still are conservative strongholds. I get it because I am from California…. We live in a rural area and are considered the most conservative county in the state. We do have our knuckleheads, just not like LA or San Franfreako.

          • Again,thank you for your service and patriotism. Something Felonious Hillary followers have no idea about. Millions sacrificed their lives so idiots like these can be free to be stupid. God bless & God bless America. Pray for her.

          • Yeah I can see that without even reading it’s miserable drool but thanks brother appreciate it my friend.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Mr. Moronunge, you and the other mal-content commie loving Trump supporters are in good company! You guys defend everything Trump does, you guys are misinformed and lied to with a vengeance by a man on a mission to screw the middle class of this country. This man had 4 medical deferments from military service to keep out of serving in our great military, while those of us whom have, risked our lives overseas for our country to be free and civil, therefore, if you believe that Trump is patriot, then continue your support for this moron but stop peddling your trash talk about other candidates when your candidate is facing Federal RICO racketeering charges in New York and California in November 2016.

          • And I’m sure you think hitlery is a saint you lying piece of shi t. No one says he isn’t without his faults but he’Lloyd do much better with our country than your clown friend hitlery the lying treasonous traitor scumbag.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            keep listening to the lies and deceptipn of Donald “Vladimir Putan” Trump as 99% of what comes out of his mouth are blatant lies!!!!!!!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            only miserable people are both of you two low lifes! Two that never served because both of you are 4F.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kriss, you are a person with no values, never served in anything but the Salvation Army so why don’t you take yourself back to your Walmart Door Greeter job? I truly thought that you had flushed your self down the commode like Donald Dump.

          • Go away, criminal.

          • LMAO. The things that comes out if a liberals mouth would make a good but dirty comic book. Part of the time I sereved was under Ronald Reagan. I never had to worry if he respected me or our country. To this day I live up to my oath and will until the day God calls me up. Our militarys moral has never been as low as it is now. With Felonious Hillary un there it would desimate them. Vote Trump and save us from the perils Hillary will put us through.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Definition of treason- Donald Trump gets up in front of the entire nation on national TV and ask a hostile government (Russia) to conduct cyber attacks against a fellow citizen!

            Treason is not listening to Kriss “king of food stamps and welfare” that has a miserable and mal content attitude because the system hasn’t made him rich so he figures he’ll bilk the system for everything they’ve got and collect Medicaid too! This is what the media calls non education (levels of romper room thru 5th grade) of Donald “Vladimir Putan” Trump supporters!!!!!! They are living in LA LA Land and think that he will give them tax breaks when he himself refuses to pay federal taxes and advocates lowering taxes for the rich! What a bunch of morons are the Trump supporters…….

          • Andres Villamarzo

            You can believe it Mr. Moron, I was also drafted unlike your piece of shit candidate Donald “Vladimir Putan” Trump whom got 4 deferments for medical reasons “bone spurs in his mouth” and never had to serve a day of military in his life. Sorry Mr. Moron but he is not the candidate I choose to vote for and truly speaking why should I, he is facing the piper in November after the elections, he is facing federal RICO racketeering fraud charges and is now being investigated by the NYS Attorney General for his Trump Foundation (must be nice for him to use 250k for legal fees and 30k for a six foot portrait of himself). Good luck there Mr. Moron.

          • You don’t know half as much as you think which is totally understandable coming from an uneducated dipshit like you. I volunteered for service instead of lying for attention like you the hildabeast loving retard. When they talk about special education they definitely have you in mind.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Sorry Mr. Scrounge but you are a treasonous traitor, just that you are brainwashed by Donald “Vladimir Putan” Trump.

          • I’m a true vet asswipe it’s a real shame you feel the need for attention by lying about being a vet.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Mr. Scrounge, sorry to inform you and all of the other commie loving supporters of Donald “Vladimir Putan” Trump. Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence have both not only praised Vladimir Putan but glorified him in the process and on national TV, denied that they support Russia and Vladimir Putan! Now, with this knowledge in tow, I am in the hopes that you and the other moronic/ignorant commie loving Trump/Pence supporters take a long and hard view at both of these pathological liars closely and make an informed decision that is not for 2 assholes unless however you are looking for somebody who resembles your personality, then by all means go ahead and vote for those 2 con-artist. By the way, Pence lost Tuesdays debate, he could not answer questions, spoke in circles, could not defend his commie loving boss Donald “Vladimir Putan” Trump nor could he defend his refusal to turn over his taxes and we can only assume that it is because Trump owes out a 650 million dollar loan, and they could be to China and Russian banks. Therefore, tough talk from Trump on China and Russia but I doubt very seriously that Trump will do anything to either except to kiss their asses!
            You guys that support Trump are so intelligent, and I know that you knew all of this information because you are just a pillar of information on the web and you are not commie loving supporters of Trump and his Russian obsession!

          • You don’t know your ass from your face although with all the shi t you spew it’s not surprising aklady in disguise.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Mr. Scrounge, I know a lot more than you’ll ever know. For example, the sinking ship of Donald “Vladimir Putan” Trump and his most recent episode and the fact that only his “commie loving Trump supporters” accept this kind of behavior. Good luck in November, and don’t forget the new Trump motto “Abandon the ship” before we sink like the Titanic.
            Also, stop being the moron you are and write to somebody who actually gives a shit about the sewage treatment manger you guys support Donald J. Trump and follow him into the abyss! Pack of clowns!

          • Blow it out your uneducated ass little boy.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Hi Mr. Moronunge, sorry but the only person uneducated is yourself and your “predator Trump candidate”. Anyway, I see your back from your facial and head injury surgery, we certainly hope that your proctologist performed his job well and that you are now able to eat your food with a fork instead of a straw? Anyway, good luck in November.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            coming from a person with an IQ of 1.0 slightly above plant life like yourself, I consider your comments a compliment! Go back to school and get passed kindergarten, probably why you support the elderly sexual predator like Donald “Vladimir Putan” Trump.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Mr. Moronunge, sorry but I truly don’t give a rats ass what a scumbag looking person like you cares. Secondly, your face looks like it should be on the condom bag and on a condom commercial that says “this is your face after drugs”………

          • There we go with the dunderhead misuse of the word “Ignorant”.

            As soon as intelligent educated people see that. we stop reading.

            You don’t know the difference between the word “ignorant” and “Stupid” ,,,,,you imbecile.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Sorry Mr. Mathew Meow, but definition of ignorant is “anybody believing in a con artist like Donald Trump” is defined as ignorant! Ve3ry simple.

          • anyone who believes anything from the mouth of liar Killary would be the defintion of ignorant

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Mr. Wood, then what do you think of a pathological liar like Trump and Pence? Both are the worse liars on the face of the planet, and you a “moron piece of trash” can call other people ignorant. You need psychiatric help, go seek it and fast. Trump is nothing more than a con-man!

          • Aside from you the only other pathological liar is hitlery. You wouldn’t know a honest person if they rode up and kicked your wanna be bad ass. You’re nothing but an immature
            wussy that hides behind a keyboard ya fairy.

          • p.s.- your name resembles your total being as a human being a “fucking slug”!

          • Ah yes, liberal come back…

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Stop listening to this parasite Kriss, he is nothing more than a welfare, food stamp using Trump supporter! He is one of the 89.9% deporables who don’t want to pay federal taxes, why he is on welfare!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            No Sloucho, your mama is!

          • Josephine is not my moma

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Ok Maryanne!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            OK Sloucho!

        • When you get your brain back READ you dumbass

          • Kriss, I remember you now, you were the low life asshole that was telling everybody that your family threw you out of a 2nd story window when you were first born and you landed on your face and head. I believe you mentioned something about your IQ being affected as a result of same and you’ve not been able to find good employment or get off welfare/food stamps since you were 16 yrs. old. You also mentioned having brain surgery and facial surgery that was performed by your local proctologist. Very sad story Kriss, will pray for despite the fact that your a low life scumbag with an IQ of 1.0 slightly above plant life. By the way dirtbag, I have 5 honorable discharges. How many do you have from the “Salvation Army”? Your problem is your so filled with hate that this is the reason you follow that low life scumbag Trump, because you and him are one of the same!!!!!!!
            You and the other 89.9% Deplorables are a sick bunch, who were you expecting as Trump’s VP “David Duke”???????

          • Never defend yourself when someone catches you dirty. Accuse them of someone worse, that is completely untrue.

          • Mr. Molk, this country is in a 20 trillion dollar debt, and according to your candidate, this country is an entire mess, nobody is any good, all of our political figures are incompetent. According to a know con-artist named Donald Trump who aftter 6 bankruptcies and numerous fraud on his part garnered the republican nomination by virtue of using racially sparked rhetoric, whom is also “super in debt”, refuses to pay taxes, refuses to produce his income taxes for public view, and you call this man whom ever third word is a lie, insults three quarters of the USA, this according to you and his supporters is a good choice? You gotta be joking me, Donald “Vladimir Putan” Trump is one of the worse human beings in the USA and if you have not sat down and made sense of any of his rhetoric “He has something against the middle class and lower income”, his behavior says it, his comments say it and his overall demeanor says it”!!!

          • So, do you make up all of your stories? Most story tellers have vivid imaginations, your seems to be on the wilder end. On top of it you are the classic sheeple, you regurgitate that tired old racist bullshit. 5 honorable discharges and (in your own words) an EX Marine. Again, your over worked imagination shows you have a particular need to build yourself up with …lets just put it this way…Hillary lies better than you and she doesn’t do it very good…lol
            Oh, and by the way…the klan is supporting that Nazis Swillary

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kriss, everything I’ve mentioned, have come to pass. For example, Trump’s failure to pay federal taxes, his tax plan that only favors the rich, his continuous lying about everything, his continued denying and deflecting, Trump’s behavioral problems at the debate, Trump’s overall bias/racist personality and attacking a Ms. Universe contestant because she commented about the behavior of Trump towards her. Trump’s constant attacking others all because they make a comment about him, how he becomes unhinged to the point of tweeting dopey messages to the press at 3am in the morning. Bottom line Kriss, your candidate has personal and psychological problems, people who owe 650 million dollar loans “has problems”, people whom refuse to turn over there Income Tax Returns “has problems” and accusing everybody else of being corrupt as those are his only intentions! Mr. Trump also suffers from forgetfulness, he forgets that his Trump Foundation is not for his personal use i.e. using 250K for his legal fees and 30K for a 6 foot painting done of himself, also he is due in court right after the elections for a federal RICO racketeering case against him for defrauding citizens out of their savings and retirements both in New York and California (similar to a Bernie Madoff case) and is now being investigated for discrepancies in his Trump Foundation by the NYS Attorney General.

            p.s.- wake up and smell the coffee, Trump and his family are in deep debt, their business’ are suffering as a result of Mr. Trump’s “racist/bigoted mouth”, his message is unclear and he clearly favors the rich and will “screw” the middle class by the time it’s over with, just ask his employees in his Nevada Casinos as Trump fought to keep Unions out. Lastly, Mr. Trump favors “RIGHT TO WORK STATES”, we lived in Florida for 17 years and now live in New York and Florida is a right to work state, I was a manager, find out for yourself what that means and you’ll learn that Trump is anti-middle class and lower income workers, he is pulling a con-job on you!!!!!!!!!

            p.s.s.- Kriss, if you were watching any of the news you would know all of the above, but your ignorance to the facts leave me to believe that you are part of the 59% uneducated voters supporting Mr. Donald “teleprompter” Trump and his bag of lies and deception. Anyway, good luck and I hope Mr. Trump sticks it to you and good if he wins as he will place his sons in charge of construction and the wall, and his family will become super rich as a result of you and the rest of the deplorable pieces of whale manure supporting this con-man!

          • His federal taxes…??? Apparently you have only been watching a portion of the news…the part you want to hear. He took a $960 million dollar loss back in the 90’s, so when that happens as per IRS laws he can write that loss off in the ensuing years. Now if he took that loss and didn’t take the write off I’d think he was a bad businessman.
            Behavioral problems…lol…like Hillary signaling that dope Lester during the debate or her use of a mic shown clearly in pics of her during and just after the debate.
            Lying… Kinda like the 30,000 emails after the investigation she’s been hiding and said there weren’t any more? Or the fact that the McDougals way back when slick Willie was governor went to prison for contempt of court because they wouldn’t testify against the clintons. The aides that got immunity then plead the 5th in the case of them destroying phones and computers that held information damaging to Swillary. Then there’s the pay to play again while Secretary of State…you know those dang Saudis, the ones that the 9/11 terrorists were from. Yeah her biggest donors to the Clinton slush fund. Then there was the Chineese, yep the second largest donors. Yeah, they got those pesky uranium rights here in the US. BENGHAZI….well we all know that it wast a video that got them the info on what was happening at the embassy. Then lying straight faced to the surviving families.

            Right to work state… What, you can’t make it on your own knowledge and ability? Yeah, you clowns are the loudest to whine when I hear about right to work states. When I got out of the service I went to PT 4 days a week after work. I studied the rest of my free time when I wasn’t raising a family. After 5 years in the construction trade I passed my GC exam and got my license. I took my first vacation after my 5th year in business….added 2 days onto a 3 day weekend. Averaged about 14 hours a day 6-7 days a week. So cry me a river on right to work or the union….

            TelePrompTer….that’s hilarious…Obeyme is the prompter King, Swillary just uses an earbud.

            By the way, check out those that were close to the clintons and their dirty laundry….its above 50 that are dead under questionable reasons. Yeah that last one…a 70 year old dies in the weight room with a crushed larynx lol

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kriss, I am a veteran, if I am not offended by Benghazi in which Donald ‘teleprompter” Trump was in favor of, why should you. She was cleared by a republican committee, get over it “douche bag”! Stop listening to Trump’s mean spirited rhetoric, he is nothing but an asswipe.
            Secondly, you are in total denial because you are what all the media calls a “moron” and you accept all of Trump’s indiscretions, racist rhetoric and all of his dishonesty. Therefore, end of conversation. Go with your Vladimir Putan loving candidate and his Russian mail order bride and become his spokesmen like Giulian (as trump will end up in Russia along with Snowden when it’s over with)? I believe that you know who this is, the guy who was married to his first cousin then after 14 years asked the Catholic Church for a canonical declaration of freedom so he could marry his mistress, then after he has two children with her, has a fling with a 3rd woman and winds up divorcing the other and marrying the one bride. Yes Kriss, these surrogates of Trump are all in good company with Trump, they know how to kiss his ass and lie like a rug about everything they do.
            Again, go see a shrink, your denial is long, deep and moronic to say the least.
            Again, check out what right to work is as apparently you are such a moron that you cannot even figure that one out. By the way, I’ve made it in life, am a 5 time veteran and retired with great pensions. I am not like you, which from your writing I can only figure you are on welfare and food stamps and living from pay check to pay check! Again Kriss, go see a shrink you really need one!!!!!!!

            p.s.- go and spend your food stamps with the rest of the mal contents Trump supporters!

          • So are you tweedle Dee or tweedle Dumb? lol…

            Yeah, we are not part of the foods stamping welfare grafting WIC loving trolls such is the liberal party.

            I’m retired, my oldest runs the company now and everything I have I own… I spend most my days taking care of my ranch and to tell the truth most of my animals have a higher IQ than you….even our cows.

            Again with you being a vet…sorry but you bullshit don’t fly dumbass. Your post just above has you starting the same year I went in 73. Then you finish with it in 76….so that makes 3 years, at best 4 if you started Jan1 73 and ended Dec 31 1976. How do you get 5 pensions out of 4 years??? Oops

          • Thank you for your service my brother in arms.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Mr. Moron, only thing Kriss served in was the Salvation Army, he is another liar and con man. He runs a sewage treatment facility and works with the same stuff he shovels out! You are an ignoramus………

          • Andres Villamarzo

            what a concerned citizen you are Kristine! Have you ever even served one day in the military service? Girl Scout service not included for you Kristine.

          • You’re a vet like hitlery was under fire when she landed in Bosnia.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            served more time than you’ll ever serve.

          • Tellem bro or I should say her.

          • lol…brother, his story is the ramblings of a true liberal. He can’t keep his story straight and the stuff he jumps on are straight from the lame stream media. He won’t state his rank, rate or company…the reserve crap is bull too… As you know “Once a Marine Always a Marine”…he calls himself an ex-Marine. That comes with either a dishonorable discharge or never having been. I’m thinking never been over has been.

            Semper Fi

          • I’m sure you’re right brother.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Let Kristine/kriss know she’s an asshole!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            please tell Kristine to stop, she is making a mockery of herself…..

          • Go back to sleep aklady.

          • The keyboard warrior strikes again. You talk about mean game hiding behind that keyboard. When you decide you’re willing to try to be a real man come to Philadelphia and look me up. I’ll give you a real nice biker beat down the way you deserve. But I know you couldn’t possibly be man enough to come get some ya wuss.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kriss, after you received brain and face surgery by your Proctologist, you should not be calling people names or using profanity. I know that you only have a 3rd grade level of education but try and tone down your mal-content behavior!!!!!!

        • efr is axcommunist running it is Kikllary

        • OK, You are right, She is a Fascist who is supported by Marxist useful idiots.,,,,Like you who only want more welfare and food stamps.

          We deplorables are all capitalists and working people. The direct opposite form you and your Marxist pals.

          Typical useful idiot tactics Try to make the opposition look like you. Won’t work here, We see right through you.

          • Sorry that your candidate Donald “Vladimir” Trump got his butt handed to him on a platter and for some reason he never talks about his indiscretions, it’s always everybody else. Bottom line is Mr. Mathew Pig in a Polk, your candidate should move to Russia with his new found friend Vladimir Puta and take his Russian Mail Order bride with him too. According to Trump everything is no good in this country except himself. Sorry to tell you but most people that talk like Trump are either living in communist countries or in psychiatric hospitals. Therefore, good luck with your comments that make about as much sense your ignorant self!

      • If the Trump people would have went for a True republican instead of Trump, they would have had our never Trump votes…I am still voting for CRUZ

        • You are an idiot

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kriss, your IQ is 1.0 slightly above plant life, and your calling 4young an idiot? Actually, Mr. 4young is the only person making any sense on this commentary section. Go back to school and learn something before posting your mal-content comments!!!!!!!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kriss, your mama is an idiot and a moron too! Anyway, anybody who can speak about his employees and make the comments you made will immediately figure out that you are a class one “MORON”. Secondly, if you knew anything about managing or supervision you would not have made that comment, which clearly proves you are a low IQ person and you are qualified to be a “Walmart Door Greeter” which is something right up your alley. As for you owning a business, yes I do believe you own a Sewage Treatment Facility, cause this is what you are good at, shoveling shit!!!! Stop misinforming the readers, go back to school, take a bath, get off welfare and food stamps and try to be a good tax paying citizen (not like the tax dodger Trump). Finally, go back with your buddies and comrads and continue following your “commie loving Trump and his supporters” and good luck at the polls! Do us a favor, go back to night school and get a GED, you write like a 2nd grader!

          • Awww, there he is idiot #1

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kriss, there you go again. Coming from a retard moron like you, I consider your comments as a compliment. Therefore, go back to night school, first take a bath, get off welfare and food stamps, stop listening to your “commie loving Trump and his misguided followers” and get a GED!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Kristine, go back to your mentally sick candidate Donald Trump and his bizarre behavior. You 2 morons are perfect together, we’ll nick name you “shit and mouth”! Both of you talk alot of manure……

          • It is amazing. You block all the idiot Liberals and you can have an intelligent coversation. Lol

        • ..and yo’re a loser like terd crude

        • Are you calling from Never Never land, Peter?

        • Grow the hell up. When Cruz joined those that went against the oeoples choice he joined the Democrat party. Anyone that doesn’t vote for Trump is a Socialist sympathiser and hates freedom. Prisoners in jails are more honest and trustworthy than Felonious Hillary Clinton.

          • Cruz is not a democrat…LOL do you know anything about politics? Trump ran on Cruz’s History in congress….everything he says he will do is what Cruz has already started fighting for. When others were laying back and letting Obama run all over them, Cruz was fighting….that’s why the party doesn’t like him, he wouldn’t roll….Trump was a plant by the Democrats and you fell for it….VOTING FOR A TRUE REPUBLICAN CRUZ

      • Do you mean we should avoid electing a polygamist who hates American women because they are too smart for him. That is Trump. Trump call us Blacks “my Black friends and Dr. Carson hates that. Please vote for Hillary.

        • no one,in their right mind would vote for his ati_americn liar and killer

        • Another sick no brain idiot.

        • What has the demoncratic party done for the blacks? Oh, they keeo you in the ghetto and that’s what you like.

        • That is NOT what Ben says.

        • “just the facts…
          of the two candidates running for president…
          Only Hillary Clinton was caught lying to congress.
          Only Hillary Clinton was fired from a job for being unethical.
          Only Hillary Clinton deleted 30 some thousand emails after she was ordered to hand them over to the Fed.
          Only Hillary Clinton had that same computer wiped clean by professionals.
          Only Hillary Clinton got the rapist of a teenage girl off on rape charges then laughed about it.
          Only Hillary Clinton lied to the American people about Benghazi.
          Only Hillary Clinton lied to the American people about her emails.
          Only Hillary Clinton lied about being under sniper fire.
          Only Hillary Clinton lied about lying to the American people.
          Only Hillary Clinton was involved in ” Cash Cow ”
          Only Hillary Clinton has a long list of scandals.
          Only Hillary Clinton nationally belittled her husband’s sexual harassment ( and rape ) accusers.
          Only Hillary Clinton is a career politician.
          Only Hillary Clinton will not release her speeches to Goldman Sachs and other banks.
          Only Hillary Clinton is tied to Monsanto.
          Only Hillary Clinton was labeled ” Extremely careless ” about national security by the FBI !
          Only Hillary Clinton said she will raise taxes on the middle class.
          Only Hillary Clinton benefited from the DNC rigging an election !
          Only Hillary Clinton had to return stolen items from the White House.
          Only Hillary Clinton said the Benghazi victims parents where lying.
          Only Hillary Clinton wants you to vote for her based on her gender.
          Only Hillary Clinton has no real accomplishments after a lifetime in politics.
          Only Hillary Clinton has never created any jobs.
          Only Hillary Clinton has been investigated by the FBI and found to have put national security at risk.
          Only Hillary Clinton has had two or more movies and several documentaries made about her questionable ethics.
          Only Hillary Clinton was called “Broomstick one” by the SS.
          Only Hillary Clinton made congress and others spend millions and millions of tax dollars having hearings and investigating her to find that she lied, that would not have been spent if she would of simply told the truth in the first place ! Fact – all facts !
          Only Hillary Clinton regularly cussed out and belittled her SS detail.
          Only Hillary Clinton Only Hillary Clinton Only Hillary Clinton over and over again.
          But you are going to vote for her because…. you don’t like Donald Trump ? That is insane !
          I will never understand how any moral person in good conscience could vote for this woman.
          (This is just a small percentage of a much longer list)”

      • Andres Villamarzo

        You mean those that vote for Trump are assuring that Trump and family will clean out the treasury and much more. This piece of trash is losing business as we speak. His business’ are suffering due to his mouth and it appears that he is desperate to get in so that he and his family can “clean the govt. out”. Afterwards, he and his family will fly off to Russia whereas they will live happily ever after with Vladimir Putan and Snowden! Wake up, this guy is a con-artist. He faces federal fraud RICO charges in November and is now being investigated by the NYS Attorney General for his Trump Foundation!!!!!!!

        • Proof please! You must be a troll being paid by either Soros or the Clinton crime communistic family!
          Plus it is a known fact that Hilly sold out to Russia, for her gain (money in her pocket) and the use of our government, giving them uranium through the Crooked Clinton Foundation! Do some research before embarrassing yourself like this again!

          • PROBABLY just misinformed and misled by mainstream media, like so many are!
            Go back and read my reply to him.

          • The media lead you right to Trump…The media picked him and you fell for it. Hilary would have lost to any other candidate…I will not be lead…I am voting Cruz…

          • WOW, are you in the dark! The media is in the tank for HILLARY and is against Trump, wake-up! ~ You might write-in Cruz’s name but you will be actually voting for Hillary, like it or not, my friend! ~ If she wins you will regret your foolish decision to squander your vote…you can take that to the bank!!!

        • BS! ~ TRUMP KNOWS that IF America falls into the hands of a Marxist ‘New World Order’ that everything he and his father worked for will be….GONE!
          READ Karl Marx’s Ten Planks of his ‘Communist Manifesto’ and you will see that the ownership of private property along with inheritance are to be ABOLISHED!!!
          Common sense dictates that Trump & family are very wealthy due to having lived in a CAPITALIST country and they are intelligent enough to come forward and FIGHT the Communists who want to, basically, put them all on the street, penniless!!!
          WAKE-UP and fight FOR your country and ….NOT AGAINST IT!!!!

          • Dear Ms. Brainwashed, for your information, Trump owes 650 million dollars in personal loans, according to the media, mostly owed to China and Russian Banks. Therefore, how tough do you really think Trump is going to get on China (trade) and or Russia? The one that needs to make sense is yourself. Stop listening to Trump and his poorly informed counsel Chris (I don’t know anything about closing the bridge) Christie, whom for the record his people/employees all stated he knew all about it, now he takes a so called trash/gutter type politics so that they can have a no good crook who is close to bankruptcy elected to the POTUS, unless he gets in the White House and intends to empty the Treasury so he can later tell the citizens of the USA, yes I did not show my Income Taxes but I really was very very rich! You must be one of the morons who actually believe anything this ugly looking predator says. Anyway, good luck and go back to night school and get a GED, cause you are “freaking ignorant”!!!!!!!!

          • SO YOU would rather have a Marxist, criminal like Hillary Clinton in our White House?
            Simple answer; YES or NO, without the added BS?!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            English must be your second language, therefore I’ll say it again, Trump is a piece of whale manure, Hillary is out of the question, but when looking at both candidates, I’ll take Hillary before I take that piece of whale manure trash Donald “Vladimir Putan” Trump. Mr. Trump offers “zero” solutions to the problems of today, and placing a rich person in charge. that says “I’m going to help the middle class” is a freakin joke! You must be in la la Trumpland if you believe that. This guy Trump is out for himself, he has never assisted the working man, and never will. Please show me one incident of him helping the middle class? If you can’t then sorry amigo but the other alternative is much better. Also, I do not vote for 70 year old degenerates whom attack young women!!!!!!!! He now has a lawsuit for raping a 13 year old girl. you must be kidding me if you think I’ll vote for a degenerate child molester who walks into 15 year old girls dressing rooms! You better wake up and smell the coffee or change whatever it is you like drinking………….

          • TRUMP IS NOT in office, but has indeed helped many middle class by all the JOBS HE HAS CREATED!!! ~ Hillary has been in politics for over 30 years, so YOU tell US what she has done for the middle class other than SCREW THEM at every opportunity for her own self interests! ~ You are certainly not the best informed as you would like people to believe you are, my friend! ~ GET LOST!!!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            I am not talking about citizens he hires to work in his casinos or hotels, I am talking about good deeds and helping the ordinary working class citizens? Other than him saying he is rich, not paying federal taxes and abusing women and young ladies (now he has a lawsuit from a woman who was allegedly raped by Trump when she was 13 years old in court), exactly what has he done for minority and middle class communities that leaves you to believe that he will do something for their well being? Mr. Trump’s tax plan should tell you that he is solely for the rich, if you cannot see that then you need to go and see a shrink, he advocates against the rich paying their fare share, and basically does what he feels like it. He is also for “Right to Work Laws”, these are anti-middle class and working people and solely for the employers. Mr. Trump is also 650 million dollars in personal debt, why do you think he looks as if he is desperate to get into office? This should give you something to think about, he is as dishonest as they come and his underlying reasons for becoming POTUS should not only concern you but worry you, Trump is a man that cannot even take an insult without him going into a frenzy and anger, this is not the profile of a stable person. Also, Trump got 4 deferments from military service, in plain English, he “wussed out” of serving our military, meanwhile I was drafted and served during the viet-nam era, while he was at home “EATING CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES AND MILK” while I was forced to risk my life overseas. Mr. Trump is not the right person to lead our country, check into him and his checkered past, this should answer all of your questions!!!!!!
            By the way, Mr. Trump fails to tell everybody, his mother was not American born, she was born overseas, meanwhile he questioned both Pres. Obama and Sen. Cruz over their births, when both of their mothers were born in the USA………. This should tell you that he is a first class racist/bigot, he was on TV yesterday insulting the POTUS calling him incompetent, when the President is ten times smarter than Donald “degenerate” Trump, whom cannot even speak on national TV without a teleprompter!!!!!!!

          • TRUMP’S MOTHER was a naturalized citizen at the time of Trump’s birth, which makes Trump a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, not to even mention his father being an American citizen at the time of his birth! ~ IT’S EITHER TRUMP OR HILLARY so start thinking more about you & your country’s future instead of your hatred for Trump, my friend!
            Have a good evening; I’m out of here!

          • so wasObama’s and so was Cruz and he trashed both candidates with slurs and his moronic commentaries that make no sense!

          • p.s.- you are making excuses for Trump. Again, Trump’s mother was not from this country and Obama’s and Cruz’ mothers were both born in this country. Trump’s last child is from his Russian mail order bride, does this make him less American because his mother was not born here? Problem is, Trump’s racist movement is to bash, any and all minorities and use a racially verbal overtone to attract a certain group of citizens whom are willing to listen to his non-sense!

          • And for the Grand Finale: Crooked, Corrupt, Collapsing “I do not recall” Old Hillary Email Burning caught on video! Enjoy!


          • Are you a Clinton or Trump supporter?

          • The P E C K E R H E A D Clinton is the one who raped a 13 year girl Just wanted that clear!

            As for Trump not helping the common man: He has created many, many jobs where Hillary has done nothing but enrich herself at our expense and has committed so many violations of the law we can’t keep tract. Not one real job has she created and I doubt she’s ever really worked a real job. Her experience as a lawyer is a fraud and that’s why she no longer has a license. Remember she was fired from the Nixon investigation for lying and “other ethics violations”! It gets worse from then on.

            BTW: how does one leave the White House “dead broke” and become multi-millionaires in such short time? How much has their “charitable foundation” given to legitimate people in need? The reports are less than 10% and I doubt the accuracy of that!

          • Mr. Texrancher, you are in denial! Trump is facing a rape of a 13 yr. old girl, he is also facing Federal RICO racketeering charges in NYC and California, and is also being investigated for misappropriation of funds from his own “Trump Foundation” for using $250k for his legal expenses and $30k for a self portrait of himself. I’m sure that you’ll find a way to “deny, deflect or lie” about Trump but it is true, just like his comments of sexual predatory behavior on that bus in 2005 and more are coming out.
            As for the jobs, this is his business that he benefits from, not the public. Again, let me rephrase it “exactly what has he done in his lifetime to assist the poor, disabled, women and minorities out of the goodness of his heart”?????
            Maybe, you can explain why he refuses to turn over his Income Taxes too while your at it? My wife is from Texas like yourself where people are honest about how they feel, and she feels that Mr. Trump is hiding a lot of things and that his “scorched earth campaign” has gone too far and needs to stop! He is to the point of being offensive, out of control and disrespectful towards the citizens of the USA.

          • As an interesting side-bar: The Clintons put out a call for donations to ostensibly help the Haitian people after a devastating hurricane. The money flowed in because good people saw a need. The Clintons took those millions of dollars, built one building in a place located many, many miles away from the affected area, and then kept the majority of the money for themselves. The Haitian people are still waiting for the help they thought they would receive from Their Highnesses; and that happened over 10 years ago. If that’s what they do to people in need, why would she bother to help our country after a hurricane such as Katrina? She abandoned the consul in Benghazi, she would abandon anyone here caught in some catastrophic situation as well. GO TRUMP 2016!!!!

          • YOU are a LIAR!

          • When you are Crooked, Corrupt, Collapsing “I do not recall” Old Hillary you MUST Lie. It’s who you are, it’s what you do.


          • When you are Crooked, Corrupt, Collapsing “I do not recall” Old Hillary you MUST Lie. It’s who you are, it’s what you do.


        • whoopee she’ll be the first lesbian to be a U.S. President. Ain’t that nice!~WAKE UP AMERICA! VOTE FOR TRUMP!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            I am not a Hillary supporter but neither am I a supporter of a depraved 70 year old sexual predator whom prays upon women half his age. As for Clinton, she is who she is but Trump is a far worse candidate with mega-right wing conspiracy theories that accuses everybody of being wrong or a disaster and that the only person who can fix it is himself. In response to his maniacal behaviors, he advocates for lowering our taxes but yet he himself refuses to pay any “federal taxes”, his tax plan which I’m sure you have not read is strictly for the rich. Also, Trump is for “Right to Work” laws, if you don’t know what this is, I strongly suggest you find out as this is anti-worker. Trump is also anti-union, just ask his Nevada Casino employees and they will tell you. Therefore, despite Trump’s lies, deflecting and denying he has basically bamboozeled the entire country to believe that he is the champion of the working man. When truth be told, he is facing Federal RICO racketeering charges in November and his Trump Foundation is being investigated by the NYS Attorney General for corruption. Mr. Trump’s “desperation” to become the POTUS is solely for 2 reasons, one is to super enrich himself at the expense of the US Taxpayers and secondly to “pardon himself” from wrongdoing, as he intends to be in Russia with his mail order bride along with Snowden (this is why he is always praising Vladimir Putan, after he raids the Treasury he will be off with the loot and in a friendly country to him that has no extradition). This guy is nothing but a con-artist, wake up you are being b.s.’d by one of the best…….
            p.s.- just listen to his comments, he is always making false claims over and over again that the Clinton Foundation is this and that, but it has been investigated and neither of the two accept a salary, it is all to help poor people here and abroad! Now, the Trump Foundation was raided by Trump himself using funds $250k for his legal expenses and $30K for a six foot portrait of himself, now I don’t know what planet your on but this guy Trump is nothing more than a con-artist and a pathological liar and it is he who needs to go to jail!!!!!!!

          • YOU ONLY HAVE TWO CHOICES on WHO will be our next President, either Trump or Clinton; NO ONE ELSE running has a snowball’s chance in Hell, and anyone voting for them just threw away their vote!
            ~ WHICH will it be for you, Trump or Clinton?
            IF you don’t vote for either then YOU gave your vote to Hillary, like it or not, thus you will reap what you sow should she be foolishly & fraudulently elected!!!

          • As Americans we have a right to vote for whoever we want and I won’t vote for Hilary or Trump either

          • HILLARY LOVES folks like you, my friend! ~ She might not get YOUR vote but it is ONE LESS against her!!! Please THINK, before helping her get into our White House as YOU will be just as affected by her Marxist tyranny as the rest of us! ~ Third Party candidates are only helping Hillary to become POTUS!!!

          • Andres, in reply to being anti-union I have worked as a Union and NON UNION though don’t disagree with the philosophy unions but they of recent history become much like the enemy the originally opposed . Take a look at the hierarchy of the union as they are as top heavy with wealthy executives who care little if at all about constituents. Last when did lying to a FEDERAL panel merit anything other penalty for breaking the law

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Tom, Trump is for Right to Work, which is anti-employee! Also, if Trump has ever been a champion for lower income and middle income citizens, please identify this for all of us to see. That any of us know, he has “never” done anything to assist any persons/citizens in this country. Everything he has done is for Trump and that nest of viper children he has whom are bleeding him dry. Check with his Nevada casino employees, he fought hard to keep unions out, does this sound like a champion for the middle/low income citizens of this country? He once commented that the American people earn to much money and that we needed to work more hours and harder!
            Also, he says he wants to lower our taxes, well Tom, I’d like my federal taxes to be the same as what Trump pays out “absolutely zero”. Again, this joker is selling a bill of goods he can’t deliver on because he has lied about every single issue! I suggest you stop listening to this liar as he will only get this country in a war, and loot the Treasury and he will be off to Russia and be with his buddy Vladimir Putan (whom he constantly glorifies/praises over his own president) with his Russian mail order bride! Good luck in November.

          • Where in the world did you get the idea that the Right to Work is against the employee? I live in a Right-to-Work state; that means anyone who wants to work can do so. I also joined a union for a short period of time. We formed the union to overcome some unfair job practices. Those of us who decided to join did so of our own freewill…we were not coerced. Once the union was created, even those who refused to join got the same benefits we did, even though they paid no dues. I’ve lived in Penn. where unions are extremely strong. It’s not possible to go out and find work, as it is here in my state. You must go to the union hall and apply for whatever is available, and if you don’t like that type of work, you go home and starve or go on welfare. THAT is what I call anti-employee.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            You are in my opinion the most ignorant of them all. We lived in a right to work state and this is what that law is about. It was made to accommodate business’ and management. Suggest you go back to school and learn something and take Donald “Vladimir Puppet Putan” Trump with you! My wife was dismissed all because she did not like her boss, when I tried to fight it, they threw right to work state at me and the dismissal stood. Therefore, go back to Trump University and learn something.

          • Clara, I am a retired manager, my wife went through this in Florida already. I wouldn’t be saying this if it weren’t true. Check on right to work states, we now live in NYS, they opposed this legislation as they know what it’s about. The only person in the USA that does not know what this is about is you! Donald “Vladimir Puppet Putan” Trump is a firm believer of right to work laws and has advocated for same…………………

      • Andres Villamarzo

        You are very misinformed, the only proto-communist is Donald Trump whom glorifies and praises Vladimir Putan of Russia. Again, you are very misinformed or brainwashed by Trump and his pathological lying.

        • Your one of the sheeple. Why do you love a losing government format of socialism? Obviously you don’t want freedom. Nothing and I mean nothing in our history has come close to a Felonious Hillary Clinton. That’s just with the crimes we can prove. The string of ruined and lost lives in the Clintons path to power is grotesque tto put it mildly. I am sure this post will bring vile and nasty reply from Liberals who believe that they will reap rewards if they stay loyal to the socialist mavhine but not only will you suffer, your ignorance will make everyone suffer. If you are one of the godless then nothing anyone says will matter. You would have no moral guide.

          • You must be one of the commie loving Donald “Vladimir Putan” Trump supporters whom think that their crooked candidate is being honest with them. Wake up and smell the coffee asswipe, this guy is making promises that he will never be able to keep, One in particular is reducing our taxes, we want our federal taxes to be what Trump has paid out “ZERO”. You must be living in Trumpland to believe a predator like Trump…….

          • Old Hillary on Basket of Deplorables


        • you are an idiot

        • Old Hillary on Coal Miners

        • Andres, I would much rather follow someone who says something in speech than follow someone with proven action proven to be illegal.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Tom, although I feel you might be right, you must be open minded, Trump owes out to China & Russian Banks via personal loans over 650 million. I’m sure that you know that loans that large come with material valued properties. Therefore, Trump knows this is his last chance to make money and it has been mentioned that he himself has said that our government leaders are dishonest, and a reporter said to him “so you figure you’d run and get in on some of the action?” and he smiled. If you believe that Donald Trump whom has spent 80 million for a job that pays 400k per year is running because he wants to fix the country? Then I have some waterfront property to sell you in Louisiana and South Carolina. Trump’s business’ are failing, contracts have been cancelled after they heard Trump’s mouth, his hotels all over have reduced the night stay because business is that bad, he refuses to show his Income Taxes and that is because he is not as rich, has not paid federal taxes and does not want anybody to know about some of his front companies overseas! Bottom line, just look at him, he is “desperate to win”, and is now saying that the elections are “rigged”, when in actuality “nothing is rigged”, he is losing by large margins all over the place, he has offended many groups of people and women, and admitted to being a sexual predator committing battery against women. Is this the type of character you want in the White House? He does not even answer questions correctly during debates and comes out with non-sense and garbage and conspiracies, this guy is a certified clown!!!!
            Also, Mr. Trump is facing a federal RICO racketeering case in NYC and California , his case starts in November right after the elections. He is also being investigated for misappropriating funds from his Trump Foundation in the tune of 250k use in legal fees and 30k for a six foot self portrait of himself using donated funds. He speaks of dishonest, he is throwing everything he is at Clinton, the Media and the entire GOP. Again, is this the type of character you want in the White House?

          • Though may not be totally rigged can be swayed by voter fraud to which has been proven. Some say a little , but I say ( like rats if see one there are.more.likely 100) so would rather error on safety than not (picture ID)

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Tom, we live in NY and we have never seen voter fraud! This is another one of Trump’s conspiracies and all he does is blame the media and Hillary Clinton. If the sun does not shine it’s Hilary’s fault, they burned his office in NC it’s Hillary’s fault. This guy is some piece of work!

          • Tom, this is nothing more than Donald Trump and his continuous barrage of insults, lies & deflections. Mr. Trump is trying to put smoke screens around everything else to avoid speaking of his own indiscretions. Now his wife Melania is saying it was all boy talk and that he was egged on. I hate to say this but Trump was 59 yrs old when he made those comments on the bus and secondly “if” Trump can be so easily swayed or egged on by others, then how can he govern if he is egged on so easily?
            Again, yu are a Trump supporter, try asking for Trump’s Income Tax Returns?????????

      • The problem with your last statement is that their children (and ours) will be the real losers…they will have no future to look forward to. I know 3 young men who are on the cusp of their lives: the first one is an extremely intelligent young man who is in the university studying engineering; the second is a 12-year-old lad who is making straight As in Middle School; and the third is a 6-year-old child who is in first grade and soaking up his lessons like a sponge. If Hillary is elected, these 3 young people have no future whatsoever…they will simply live in a country that regards them as nothing more than cogs in the machine. GO TRUMP 2016!!!!!!

    • Hillary’s machine is counting the votes… She does not need anyones vote.

      “It is enough
      that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
      decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

      —-Joseph Stalin

    • Andres Villamarzo

      Maybe cause your a hag yourself! Look at this dishonest Trump before you make any comments and you’ll see that he is the degenerate/pervert that he is!!!!!!!

  3. I love this article, it says it all!

  4. That’s why we must not elect Donald Trump. This is a man who has lied about everything from the “birther” issue to why he won’t release his tax forms. He has ripped thousands of people off with his so-called “university” to contractors who worked on his hotels. He claims to have seen thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheering when the World Trade Center buildings fell down, yet there has been no visual proof generated in 15 years. No cell phone videos or pictures, no news footage, no print media coverage, no corroboration of any kind. Not in 15 years! Yet he still tries to push this over on us as truth! I could go on and on, and I could fill a book with his confirmed lies, yet you and the GOP refuse to be truthful about this man. He is immature, a bigot who says over and over again that blacks are less intelligent, less motivated, and lazier than other races. He says Mexico is sending their worst citizens across the border into the United States. He says he will build a wall along our border with Mexico and, somehow, force them to pay for it. How? Is he going to send in our military to steal the money? These things are lunacy! They are the words of a man who does not deal with reality. They are the words of a bully who is all talk and cannot back up his talk with action. This is the best the GOP can do? This is the man they want to have the nuclear codes? Maybe the entire Republican Party is nuts. I used to be a Republican, but I left when Newt Gingrich became the Speaker of the House and announced that he would no longer compromise with anyone on the other side of the aisle. In any large corporation, in any large organization, in any group of two people or more, compromise is necessary to function, to get things done. When Newt Gingrich said he would no longer compromise, I knew the GOP had lost its collective mind. Mr. Trump’s nomination has been the ultimate example that they have, indeed lost all common sense. Compared to Trump, Hillary is a genius and a saint.

    • You need to have a brain scan!

      • Already have. It is just fine, and yours???

        • And yet YOU believe in hiLIARy…You NEED a brain….

        • Peter, You have NEVER been in business have you?????? Trump has done NOTHING but be a Very Smart BUSINESSMAN. sometimes things just don’t work out in the real world and a business goes under, things happen.

          • I have owned four businesses in Central Florida. I was successful enough with each of them to live comfortably. They paid for my pilot’s license and my yacht racing. I never had to file bankruptcy like Mr. Trump did four times. Mr. Trump filed because he could profit from it and make his investors lose out. That smacks of fraud more than smart business. He also scams his suppliers and contractors by refusing to pay his bills, offering them fifty cents on the dollar. That is not the sign of a good businessman. That is the sign of a con man. The word of a good businessman can be trusted, not Mr. Trump. If you want to see how a good business is run, I recommend B & H Photo in New York, the largest retailer of photographic equipment in the country. It is run by a conservative Jewish family and they are trusted by every photographic professional in this country and thousands more around the world. Their word is their honor. They do what they say. Trump is a two-bit swindler.

          • You are successful in central FL because of Disneyland, the housing boom and the Transient population, you probably had a lot of luck on your side, Trump took advantage of the Laws of business which Many Many Billion dollar companies do. That’s why so many business’s have moved their production out of this country, to take advantage of the IRS tax rules. yea it might not seem right but it’s legal.

          • I was successful because I took care of my customers. I treated them like gold and I paid my suppliers on time and I paid my employees above what the average was in my city, which was Tampa. I started my first business while I was a senior in college. It did well because of hard work. I worked seven days a week building it up. I asked my customers what they would like to see me add to my business. It started as a wholesale and contract business and I dealt with selling to retailers. If I had a customer who was in a jam, I would go out of my way to help them. Sometimes, I would even get in my car or my plane to get something to them so they could finish a job. That kind of service earned loyalty and they would tell others about me. My customers became my best advertisers. We had a good run. None of the people I dealt with, operated like Mr. Trump. My suppliers and my customers ran their businesses like I did. They worked hard and dealt with people honestly. I had a couple of suppliers who I could not trust and I fired them. You do not deal with people you cannot trust. Trump falls in that category of people whose word you cannot trust. He is all talk and no substance. He bullies people and lies to them. He is not the kind of man you want representing a country. Just because something is just barely legal does not make it right. Good business people have honor and can be trusted.

          • Well Peter, Good for you, I’m happy that you made a good company work out.

          • Thank you.

          • Trust me NONE of that ever happened he is a fraud and a liar and that id a FACT I have seen way too many of the likes of him his words tell me who he is.

          • You mean Trump is a fraud and a con-artist!

          • You are not real smart are you.

          • A lot smarter than you dirtbag! Maybe cause your head is in the sand does not mean everybody else is. First, oil companies are silently waiting to raise their prices so they can walk away with fortunes. Secondly, if Trump deports illegal immigrants are you going to take their places? If not, the prices of produce, fruits and meats will skyrocket thru the roof.
            Thirdly, Trump plans to lower the taxes down 15%, everybody else will basically stay the same. His tax plan is 25% rich/corporations, middle class 15% and lower income @ 10%. Mr. Trump himself is at a 38% bracket, and your plans are to give him a generous 15% reduction on his taxes.
            Lastly, Donald “Vladimir Puta” Trump fought hard to keep Unions out of his Nevada Casinos and was successful.
            Bottom line, Trump is anti-middle class and working people and not for them, he has shown this his entire life, and you think that his slogan “Make Russia Great Again” should be his slogan now and forever, Snowden is waiting for Trump to land his jet plane in Russia after Trump and family get done with cleaning out the Treasury and everything else.You are sorry to say the biggest “MORON” I have ever witnessed in my life, go back to school and get a GED, get off welfare and take a bath too!!!!!!!!

          • FRAUD ALERT!! this guy is pretty full of it good at making up stories though too bad the people that have actually done this can see through a fraud like this in a heartbeat.

          • He is a fraud and a liar that is about it

          • You are also a damn liar not a word of that is true not ONE SINGLE WORD. It is very clear to me you are no businessman. I actually do own a company have for over 30 years and I can tell by your words alone you are a fraud and a liar, I have dealt with your kind in the past fired a few of you in fact. You are nothing and never have been you are a lying loser here because you are paid to be here. You are truly a sad little fellow

        • EVIDENCE JUNIOR just because you spew it does not make it true. As is typical for you uneducated weak minded libs you HAVE NOTHING but the twaddle that spews forth from that sewer hole you call a mouth you are a coward a fraud and you are weak,

    • What an idiot you are. You must be so proud of yourself. Get in touch with reality before you hurt yourself.

      • No, I am not proud to say what must be said. Is their anything in my post that you can prove is untrue? All of the things that I said have been proven. If you chose to live with the lies that Trump repeats everyday, I cannot help you, nobody can.

        • EVERYTHING in that post is untrue you are just too stupid and lazy to research it

        • Where in my post did I ask for your help? You are so full of bull excrement that you cannot tell truth from fiction. You have wasted precious time in your rant. Spew the BS somewhere else.

      • Not his fault. He just posts copies and posts whatever sends him as email attachments.

    • Its you who has lost their mind!
      That last sentance is all it takes to prove it!

      • I will not post anymore on this thread. I am sorry that you all have such a hateful and devious mindset. It is sad to watch and listen to. You have much to learn about life. Have a nice day.

    • HAHAHAHA what crazy truck did u fall off of ?

    • Were is all these nutty people coming from ? You are insane .

    • Lied about the “birther” issue; yet it was Hillary that introduced the issue during her run against Obama, and Obama that claimed in his biography that he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia.
      Where is the missing money from the Haiti rescue or for that matter the State Department.
      Hillary and the Clinton Foundation have two “educational” programs both of which recirculate moneys back into the foundation.
      And what is not bigoted about Hillary, who callously lumped Trump supporters into her “basket of “deplorables”.
      As for Trump’s assertion that Mexico is sending their worst citizens across the border into the United States, that point was proven to be true under the last Mexican President.
      Neither candidate has a clean slate and both are guilty of looking after their own interest. But, Trump at least is willing to throw the hypocrisy of the Washington elites to the fore front while Hillary continues to spread her lies and cover ups.

      • Obviously you do not check your facts. The “birther” issue was, indeed started by Trump, not Clinton. That is stated by multiple trustworthy sources, unless you only trust Fox news or Rush Limbaugh, in which case nobody will be able to reason with you. Go buy the biography of Obama. It states nothing of the kind. The Mexican comment has also been proven not true by many news sources. Yes there were a very tiny few, but not the kind of numbers that Trump was saying. There have never been assertions about missing money except from Fox News and that is not a credible source.

    • Hey have you ever had a thought of your own or do you rely on the media and the government to do all your thinking for you. You spineless jellyfish like coward of a man, hell you are not even a man you are a sheep.

  5. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    Your headline needs an addition add AGAIN to the end.

  6. Can’t believe die is still walking around a free woman plus even being allowed to run for president! Yuck

  7. Soldier Manning is sentence to 35 years for taking some photos and Hillary for having private email server for 6 years and the one manianing it did not have security Clearance and could have all of the emails stored somewhere and could sell them or did sell them to other countries and no years in jail or not even arrested and deleted 33,000 and then they found 14,900 that was deleted and contain lots of Classified at the time they were sent or received and has not been even held for contempt as of yet what gives here is they are all Corrupted period

    • And therein lies the rub. We have now been given unquestionable proof that there are two sets of laws; one for the elite and another for the unwashed masses.

      • You are so right, I grew up during WWII, I saw rationing, friends and relatives go to war, we had a Victory garden, canned food in hot steamy kitchens, ALL di their share for the USA. My Mother and step-father both worked for Navy Dept. BuOrd ( Before Pentegon) I would take a streetcar from school and then go home with them. I saw Marines guard the entrances and check every bag, even my school bag going in or out. My Mother was secretary to the Admiral in charge of the Bureau and she would have gone to jail, possibly executed, if caught with ANY PAPER from his office, my stepfather was a spec. who had to keep track of All ships and ammunition, and same would have applied. Remember the Rosenberg??

  8. Can’t believe she is still walking around a free woman plus running for president! Must be a horror movie

    • You’re right! Apparently the law doesn’t apply to her and it really is unbelievable that she is still running for president. She has no conscience, no integrity and no dignity. Praying for Trump/Pence 2016!!!

  9. First of all, an election is all about what ALL American voters want. Not you, not your shitforbrains right wing asshats, not your 1% who buy candidates like a pimp buys his prostitutes, WE elect the president WE consider the best for the country.

    Oh gee. …you lil southern and midwestern gun toting hicks are about to get dumped yet again on your dumb asses and all because you have this nutbag idea you will somehow TAKE OVER. Think again. You live in a society you cannot and never will RULE…Awww…hurts doesn’t it? To know YOU are nothing more than antshit.

    • Your bloated a$$ must be jealous of the amount of she_it that just came out of your mouth. Geez.

      • Sorry Prickface, my tiny little hiney is a whole hell of a lot smaller than your wife’s double trailer sized ass.

        You righties are going down faster than the Titanic and all you had to do was support a crook like Trump.

        So..tell me…Now that Daddy Bush and his daughter-in-law Laura are both endorsing and planning to vote for Hillary is your ASS dripping diarreah? Or is that your mouth?

        • With a mouth like yours, do you really eat with that dirty thing. You obviously aren’t an adult. You simply personify the old adage that you cannot insult an idiot. However, no one will ever know that you’ve had a lobotomy, if you wear a wig to hide to the scars and learn to control the slobbering.

          • Awwww…you only like the cutesy little girls you can pet like a dog right?

            Not to worry. I only use my trashy language on trash like you.

            As for your pedopholic need to keep women little girls you can control, would that be because you overdose on Viagra and still can’t get it up?

            Sorry frigbone…you need to stop trying so hard to compete with me. I’ve saved my best trash for trash like you.

          • “I’ve saved my best trash for trash like you.”
            Ah Ha…You were looking in the mirror when you made that statement, huh?
            Suspicions confirmed…You simply personify the old adage that you cannot insult an idiot. Now we know how long it took your mother to take a crap…nine months. Get lost garbage mouth, I’ve come across decomposed bodies that are less offensive than you are.

          • See? Now there’s is YOUR real problem PRICKFACE…you spend too much time admiring your uggo face in the mirror.

            As for you and your holier than thou attitude, get off it. You and your right winger pricks are about as holy as my great grannies underwear. But, at least her’s were clean. You are dirt. You come from dirt and your spawn dirt.

            Get an education and a life loser boy. You’ve met your match. And you swaggering, drawling clowns think you can two step your way to controlling the rest of us? When pigs fly and your slut daughters learn to keep their legs closed.

          • A juvenile simpleton such as yourself reminds sane people of the old saying … you cannot insult an idiot. Keep wearing the idiot label with pride youngster. You have worn it proudly thus far.
            I rest my case.

    • Another liberal minion/sheeple rebel without a clue.

    • Say president Trump woman, go ahead and say it then get used to it that is an ORDER

  10. This comment is to the delusional people who say that there is NO PROOF of mus-slimes celebrating the Trade Towers coming down, well here’s just a little bit of the proof out there, this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak: There’s much, much more out there, but delusional people tend to ignore the facts before their very eyes, thus they try to make others seem less than them, they try to act like they’re the superior mental giants, when in actuality they are only mental midgets. I know I’ll most likely catch some flak for what I’ve just posted, but that’s okay, at least I know what went down, and no amount of derision and name calling will deter me from what is the truth. Go TRUMP/PENCE.

  11. So does Trump. He’s a Crook. HE has two Fraud cases against him. One in New York and One in CA. He should have had one in Florida but he paid off the Attorney General. He’s been a crook all his life. He owes money to Russia and China, probably the reason he won’t release his Tax Returns

    • And Hillary is above the law. What about the Clinton Foundation’s Haiti rescue. One where people had to go through the Clintons and the missing money. What about the missing money from the State Department? What about the two “educational” programs that circulate money from and back into the Foundation.

    • nope all lies, just because you make stuff up as you are told you by your masters well that does not make it real junior. You are another clueless liberal sheep spewing crap you read in some comic book what a waste of skin you are.

  12. Coexistence with elite socialist Clintonist minions/sheeple is NOT a option.
    Build the wall and send the UN and their minions/sheeple to the EU where they belong.
    No more UN, WB, EUB funding for illegal radical islamist/muslums.
    No more mister Nice Guy.

  13. America will elect Trump. Soros will announce the old hag won. WE will be tested on our resolve.

  14. There is absolutely no evidence of any criminal activity by Hillary Clinton. She has been cleared over and over by Republicans, so if it existed why didn’t they find it? There is plenty of evidence that Trump is a criminal. People trust their biases more than facts.

    • You say that there is plenty of evidence that Trump is a criminal even though many of the charges levied against him are the same sort of accusations levied against the Clinton Foundation. Was she cleared, of course she was. Cleared of the same charges that at least five other people are sitting in jail for committing. Why is it alright, in your eyes, for military personnel mishandling classified material to be jailed, demoted, or suffer disciplinary action for the very same offense Hillary committed? She, as Secretary of State, having served on the Armed Forces Committee, should have known that content, not a rubber stamp designates whether or not a document is classified.

      • You’re wasting your time responding to these trolls. The progressive DNC pays them a penny for each word they post and gives them a nickle bonus each time they throw an insult at one of us. When you respond and they reply, you’re just putting money in their pockets.

    • you are a brainwashed simpleton cant form a thought of your own you let the media do it for you. People like you disgust me you do not deserve to live in my country

    • Thank you!

  15. Hey, bad news! The “dumbed-down side” already has, twice! And if you think about it, the combined IQ of the current Pres. & V.P. is barely more that the folks running for the “dumbed-down side” again!!! Maybe the next time they will run the Three Stooges, that way they get almost 3x brain power in the office. Oh wait, they already have “Stool-sample Pelosi” for that honor!

  16. Stupid is as stupid does! We’ll see in November.

  17. Then why is Donald Trump running? He refuses to produce his tax returns, then lies abou it, outright breaks the law in regards to his own Trump Foundation to include having a 6 foot painting done of himself with his Foundation monies (spending $10,000 dollars for same)? After he is questioned by the media he deflects, insults and lies, after lies, after lies with no response and the moronic 89.9% supporters continue to support this racist bastard who for the record is facing 2 Federal Fraud RICO racketeering cases in New York and California and is being investigated for acts of fraud (thru the NYS Attorney General) with his own foundation? Either it is true what the media said that Trump supporters are the lower educated, education levels of romper room thru 5th grade or Trump is promising his supporters the world and more welfare and food stamps to “his supporters”?

    • Get over the tax return issue. You, nor 99% of the country are capable of understanding them anyway.
      Also, you should mention that the Clinton Foundation also faced RICO charges, charges that were dropped because of political reasons.
      Also, is not Hillary also offering incentives for voters? More child care, as Trump. Free college educations or college loan relief that all of us still paying taxes will be paying for. How do you feel about paying for some rich kids education and not your own kids? And is it not Hillary that wants to increase the number of Syrian “refugees” at no less than $65,000.00 per head plus welfare benefits. And is it not Hillary that wants to do away with our borders so we can have the pleasure of supporting more of her illegal aliens?
      Maybe you should take another look at the “promises” Hillary has made to her supporters.

      • Brenda, this has to do more with where are his front companies overseas and where the assets are located. Also, to make sure that he does not “steal or run off”with taxpayer monies and place them in offshore accounts that cannot be touched. Also, being he is so buddy with Vladimir Putin, one has to wonder if Mr. Trump does not have a home built in Russia or purchases one after he moves there being their is “no extradition” if he moves there after he screws the taxpayers, he will be in good company with Snowden!
        Anyway, you 89.9% don’t think about these things to include The Trump Foundation or his 6 bankruptcies and his misgivings and the fact that he is now being investigated by the NYS Attorney General, Trump’s only problems in NYS are, he cannot buy off Atty. Schneiderman as he did Attorney Generals in Florida and Texas. Good luck trying to understand your con-artist candidate and all of his lies and more lies. Did I forget, yes he go’s to trial in November right after the elections for Fraud RICO Federal case for screwing thousands of American citizens out of their lifesavings and retirements. Yes, I know you folks are dumber than a box of rocks and think that Trump will fix everything, we believe he should start fixing his ugly face and his behavioral problems and start their and work his way up to his temperamental attitudes that are sparked by minor tweets. Good luck at the polls.

        • media puppet ,you need to get used to saying president Trump come on say it with me Andy president Trump, president Trump good boy Andy good boy. Now go back in your cage and be quite.

          • Joe, you must be living in la la land. Several weeks ago Trump said to the media, he is going to Washington to “line his pockets”. If you are that ignorant to see that this man is nothing more than a con artist, then you and the rest of the Trump supporters deserve what he is going to do.
            Also, this is just an example, we are paying 2 dollars per gallon for gasoline right now, if Trump gets in, as you already know he will get in bed with the oil companies and gasoline will jump to over 4 dollars per gallon, using an excuse that “supply and demand”.
            Second, if Trump deports the illegals immigrants, who do you think is going to work in the farms? Certainly not Americans, then produce and meats will soar thru the roof, their will be a scream throughout America when this happens. Donald Trump wants to lower taxes for the rich of over 15% for the rich and corporations, who do you think will have to pay the deficit for lost revenues? Do you think Santa Clause is coming down to pay for lost revenues? No my moronic friend, it will be paid for by the working people of this country. The problem is you are to much of a “fucking moron” to understand that Donald Trump can’t stand the middle class and he is portraying himself as the champion for the working class! What a freaking laugh.
            Thirdly, Donald “Vladimir Puta” Trump fought extremely hard to keep Unions out of his Nevada Casinos. Bottom line is, Donald Trump is not the working man’s champion, he is the enemy of the working class citizen. Go back to school Joe and learn something, right now I believe you are a fucking moron!
            Joe, stop being the moron you are, and become an informed citizen/voter, this guy Donald “Vladimir Puta” Trump is what he is a certified fucking con-man looking to bilk the government for every penny available. Get a life, get off of welfare and food stamps and look for a new candidate to vote for…………

        • The goobers here are so fucking stupid, tRUMP is taking their campaign donations and lining his pockets. He won’t be president, but if he did win, the corruption would rampant and security of our nation would be seriously jeopardized.

          tRUMP supporters are hypocritical

          Here’s a little picture.

          • You are 100% on the money. This guy Trump has a hidden agenda and he is in some kind of financial problem, but he wants the American taxpayers to pay for his dishonest manner! Anyway, we are hoping that this low life piece of whale manure loses the election so that the Donald “Vladimir Puta” Trump supporters are finally defeated!

          • It was mentioned last week thru the media that Trump was paying himself a salary via campaign donations, now how low can you get? It only shows that Sen. Elizabeth Warren was right, Donald Trump is nothing but a money grubber!

          • Mr. Candor, the Donald “Vladimir Puta” Trump supporters do not possess the intelligence to be able to determine right from wrong, nor honest or dishonest. They are driven by the racist/bigoted rhetoric spewed out the fish lips of Donald “Vladimir Puta” Trump’s mouth. They cannot see past their hands to really see what a con-artist Donald “Vladimir Puta” Trump really is. I hope that they can sleep at night, as their candidate is lower than the whale manure he crawled up out from underneath. I hope that this country is able to see the difference between one candidate and the other, as this guy Trump and his nest of viper children (that couldn’t even qualify for a job at Burger King or Wendy’s) is not elected. Trump and his band of ass-kissers “Giuliani, Christie and Carson)” have embarked on a scale of stupidity this country has never seen!

      • p.s.- Is Trump promising more welfare and food stamps to his constituents? Trump is promising everything to include the kitchen sink, prior to this Trump never did anything for the citizens in NYS or Florida but to hire illegal aliens, hire outsiders to work for him and somehow the moron Trump supporters believe this guy intends to get them work, when he will not be able bring back one job! NAFTA is already in place, these corporations have no desire to come back to pay American workers 15-20 dollars per hour. Also, Donald Trump’s clothing for his stores are made in China and Bangladesh, there is his idea of “Making America Great Again”, you guys are a pack of morons to believe this full fledged “bullshit artist” that has more questionable marks on him than any of the other candidates.
        Please you guys are pathetic at best and gullible to believe a candidate like Donald Trump. He robs his own foundation to pay for legal fees and you guys can’t see that the Trumps appear to be desperate for him to get the presidency because they have underlying reasons, to include the wall.
        Who do you think Trump will place in charge of the wall? I can only imagine it will be one or two of his moron sons that couldn’t even be hired at Burger King or Wendy’s.
        p.s.s.- go back to school and get pass the 5th grade!

      • Brenda, your response is so moronic it bears even a response!

        • What’s wrong Andres? Oh, I know, facts are like acid to liberal morons who just lap up whatever the biased, lying media throws out. you pal, are a super moron–congrats.

          • Deby, first is you wouldn’t know the difference between the truth and a lie:
            (a) If Trump deports the illegal immigrants, who will work the fields? Not Americans, they prefer welfare over work, also, the prices of produce and meats will sky rocket to prices you never heard of.
            (b) The prices of gasoline are at record low levels of slightly over 2 dollars, if Trump gets in he will get in bed with the oil companies same as the other republicans, then claim “supply and demand” and prices will go back up over 4 dollars like when Bush was in office.

            You see, Trump supporters are nothing but an ignorant/moronic bunch that are driven by hate and mean spirited rhetoric and have no positive comments to add to assisting in the betterment of our country as a whole. Trump supporters rather cry like babies, complain, ask for more welfare and food stamps and degrade other ethnic groups because they have a superiority complex, because they think only anglo’s can dominate this country and nobody else. Instead people like myself who are part Native Indian have to suffer because of the anti-immigrant and anti-minority from a scumbag named Donald “Vladimir Puta” Trump is the right course for this country. I hate to say this but the Trump suppprters are more anti-America than anything I’ve ever seen! Go back to school and get pass kindergarten before complaining about everybody else, and take a bath and get a job too!

    • you are a media puppet, are you too stupid or too lazy to research the truth? come on now little fella which is it stupid/lazy maybe both huh yea that’s the ticket.

  18. The country can’t survive four years of Hillary. She will destroy the First and Second Amendments. She will push for the confiscation of all privately held weapons. She will pack the SCOTUS with extremely liberal justices who will support her agenda: The accelerated destruction of America as started by Obama. Those justices will be on the court for decades. A,Erica cannot afford even one year of Hillary, much less four.

    • She is probably pumped so full of noxious drugs to merely partially function that she may yet get a massive contra reaction and go totally “Ga Ga” yet one more time in public. We can expect this whenever the pressure is applied. When full of drugs via massive injections and solid pills, she may yet explode or implode and save us all a hell of a lot of grief. Only a masochist could vote for this truly dreadful person.
      This time just watch for her “Dead Bernie’s Weekend” switch with her Hollywood trained body double.
      In the coming debate look for her radio communication devices to receive input from her of stage editors and information providers. There is nothing that is not fraudulent and deceitfully devised about this woman.

  19. There is only one way for that rat faced traitor to win and that is voter fraud, despite the lying polls paid for by the way,Trump is so far ahead of Herr Klinton it is not a race. If she was honest she would just drop out now but of course we all know how honest that criminal scumbag is. If she wins it is time to take to the streets because they are just telling the American people your vote is meaningless, we will put in who we want , we can not stand for that. It is high time we took back our country from the lying frauds that have taken it over time to clean house so to speak and yes that includes you too you turncoat republican liars. There needs to be no such thing as a career politician anymore the party system must be ELIMINATED and the electoral college needs to be a thing of the past. We need to take control of the media and imprison the lobbyist that work for the huge corporations or maybe even hang them. We need to ENFORCE the 10th amendment in fact we need to get back to the constitution all the way around. We need to CLOSE the boarders to ALL that try to get here illegally. Until we do these things the country is on a downhill slide we may never recover from. To continue to allow these lying fraud politicians to run things is a mistake we can not afford as a country. The corruption MUST BE ELIMINATED!!!

  20. This crazed,irrational,drug dependent,lying,unqualified tramp,Clinton, will never see the inside of our White House again–she is an absolute nutcase,a criminal and is incapable of speaking the truth—screw this homely beast!

  21. This is what our federal government has become. Degenerates!

  22. The best and most descriptive Post I’ve read describes “the rodham” to a “T”.
    Imagine a conversations between Mr. Trump and “the rodham” (after belting down a few) 🙂

    By Sigalit Kashti:

    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in a bar. Donald leans over, and With A smile on his face, says, “The media is really tearing you apart for That Scandal.”Hillary:

    “You mean my lying about Benghazi?”
    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean the massive voter fraud?”
    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean the military not getting their votes counted?”
    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Using my secret private server with classified material to hide my Activities?”
    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “The NSA monitoring our phone calls, emails and everything Else?”
    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Using the Clinton Foundation as a cover for tax evasion, Hiring Cronies, and taking bribes from foreign countries?
    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean the drones being operated in our own country without The Benefit of the law?”
    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Giving 123 Technologies $300 Million, and right afterward it Declared Bankruptcy and was sold to the Chinese?”
    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean arming the Muslim Brotherhood and hiring them in the White House?”
    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Whitewater, Watergate committee, Vince Foster, commodity Deals?”
    Trump: “No the other one:”

    Hillary: “The funding of neo-Nazis in the Ukraine that led to the toppling of the democratically elected president and to the biggest crisis that country has had since WWII?”
    Trump: “No the other one:”

    Hillary: “Turning Libya into chaos?”
    Trump: “No the other one:”

    Hillary: “Being the mastermind of the so-called “Arab Spring” that only brought chaos, death and destruction to the Middle East and North Africa ?”
    Trump: “No the other one:”

    Hillary: “Leaving four Americans to die in Benghazi and go to sleep?
    Trump: “No the other one:”

    Hillary:”Keeping the Benghazi QRF Rescue guys on the tarmac, changing uniforms?”
    Trump:”No the other one:”

    Hillary: “Trashing Mubarak, one of our few Muslim friends?”
    Trump: “No the other one:”

    Hillary: “Encouraging and supporting the murders of Israelis by Palestinians promoting the ill will of the world against Israel?”
    Trump: “No the other one:”

    Hillary: “The funding and arming of terrorists in Syria, the destruction and destabilization of that nation, giving the order to our lapdogs in Turkey and Saudi Arabia to give sarin gas to the “moderate” terrorists in Syria that they eventually used on civilians, and framed Assad, and had it not been for the Russians and Putin, we would have used that as a pretext to invade Syria, put a puppet in power, steal their natural resources, and leave that country in total chaos, just like we did with Libya?
    Trump: “No the other one:”

    Hillary: “The creation of the biggest refugees crisis since WII
    Trump: “No the other one:”

    Hillary: “Leaving Iraq in chaos?”
    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “The DOJ spying on the press?”
    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean HHS Secretary Sibelius shaking down health insurance Executives?”
    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Giving our cronies in SOLYNDRA $500 MILLION DOLLARS and 3 Months Later they declared bankruptcy and then the Chinese bought it?”
    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “The NSA monitoring citizens’?”
    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “The State Department interfering with an Inspector General Investigation on departmental sexual misconduct?”
    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Me, The IRS, Clapper and Holder all lying to Congress?”
    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Threats to all of Bill’s former mistresses to keep them quiet”
    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “I give up! … Oh wait, I think I’ve got it! When I stole the White House furniture, silverware . . . when Bill left Office?”
    Trump: “THAT’S IT! I almost forgot about that one”.

    “the rodham” is physically, mentally and morally a sick puppy.

  23. Yes, THIS criminality has nothing to do with her campaigning, nothing to do with her being a woman, nothing to do with her being a democrat. This is fact, the opinion of Mr. Comey after their interview – which wasn’t under oath, not recorded, and she responded she didn’t recall 50% of the time?? If not for $$$ or threats, from meetings of Bill with Lynch, pleading the fifth, not only deleting; but using bleach bit which totally makes the material disappear (is not used for yoga schedules??), and as Hillary has continued to LIE to the face of taxpayers – and those lies have been PROVED TO BE FACTUAL LIES?? This is not even discussing her failure as SOS, as much of the violence started/grew during her time. SHE CANNOT BE POTUS – she CHOSE (no mistake) to focus on keeping her private (Foundation) emails secret; at the cost of not HONORING THE NEED FOR SECURING OUR NATION’S GOVERNMENTAL SECRETS, as with digging for many many months, confidential information was received and sent by HER. And as Comey said, “any reasonable person….”, SHE should not have to have the indicator on the email of “C” or “top secret” TO REALIZE THE EMAIL IS TOP SECRET!!!

    Saying “no” to Killary’s run for POTUS – is the citizens obligation to holding her accountable, and saying “no, she is not above the law”. We the People have allowed small steps of corruption….. there has never been a more corrupt person or history of governmental FAILURE, than Killary. It needs to stop here.

    The population has chosen Trump, out of 17; the GOP should stand behind Trump, and until some of these GOP decide to bring forward a “better candidate” – or even do their job – VOTE TRUMP/PENCE 2016!!!

  24. trump was convicted by several courts. He is currently under investigation for rape and for wire fraud. Psychiatrists agree that he is suffering from the narcissistic personality disorder. He wants to weaken the NATO and promised Putin a two years-long window to invade Latvia and Estonia. his Saudi friends are financing a network of radical mosques in Europe. Voting for Trump amounts to treason.

    • Ok, troll, convicted for what exactly? -your first sentence-LIE, next, he is NOT currently under investigation for anything-proof please. Third-what psychiatrists? Names-oh maybe he uses one of obozo’s docs for the narcissistic disorder-(not treasonous btw)-and Putin? Sorry Trump is not an elected official (yet) and therefore cannot make national promises to anyone-and lastly,obozo’s only friends are Saudi’s-mostly because of the millions he gives them every year-so the radical mosques are no doubt his doing. Go away trollboy-you are too stupid for this post.

      • You can find a thorough discussion and analysis of Trump’s crimes here:
        Among psychiatrists who question Trump’s fitness for the office of the POTUS is Charles Krauthammer.
        Obama does not give Saudis any money.
        Trump’s promise to Putin is contingent on Trump being elected the President.
        One of many problems with the putative Trump’s presidency is that he will have to rely on demented fanatics like you for support.

        • tRUMP is a confidence man. Nothing less. Nothing more.

          • There may be more. There are serious cues that the real Donald trump was kidnapped by the KGB in 1989 and replaced with a double.

          • OMG! This is so strange, because I’ve been hearing people…important serious people saying this too! I bet it’s a Killterly and Bill plot to destroy the nation and everything we stand for! I will not tolerate this! We the People…WE THE PEOPLE will fight for justice and the American way. I’m just being honest with you! Believe me!

          • I am also being honest. Ivanka, Trump’s first wife noticed changes in her husband at the end of 1989. And then Trump started romancing Marla Maples and made sure that everybody knows about this.
            Also: Trump has an MBA from an Ivy League school and yet he has a vocabulary of a 12 years-old. Something else which one may find puzzling: Trump seems to be incapable of formulate a complex sentence in the English language, This often happens to the people in whose native language the distinction between an object and a subject depends on the ending of a noun, rather than on its position a sentence.
            For the record: I am fluent in Russian. I made an effort to listen to Trump’s speeches and to try do their simultaneous interpretation into Russian. I did this effortlessly.

          • This is blowing my mind. Why isn’t the nation in an uproar over what is happening!?! tRUMP isn’t tRUMP, but Drumpf. Holy crap! This hard to wrap my peanut brain around (but I’ll sure suck it up anyway).

          • You are fluent in stupidity only

          • Are you insane?

          • Trump graduated with the MBA from an Ivy League school. And yet, his has a vocabulary of a 12 years-old and his is incapable of constructing a long sentence in English.

          • In which of your six languages did this pearl of intelligence drop on you?
            You need to be locked up and treated!!!

          • Locked up and treated. Just like they used to do in the Soviet Union. Old habits die hard, comrade.

        • Real doctors don’t diagnose patients they have not treated so anyone who does is not speaking medically but just a pundit, Charles K. comes to mind here.
          Obama doesn’t need to give the Saudis money, they have plenty. He just lies to the Americans and ships $400 million to Iran, in cash. Cash they can use to expand terrorism.
          Trump’s promise to Putin? Again, we’re you at their meeting when this was said?
          BTW I have a strong mistrust of anonymous people in chat rooms that feel it necessary to extol on their achievements and credentials. My life experience has taught me to beware of those who brag about money, achivements, education etc. Those who have it let it speak for itself, those who don’t. .. well I think they are just liars. Maybe it’s my demented fanaticism and as a “Deplorable” I’m firmly proud of it?

          • I don’t brag. I simply tell you what I know and how di I know this.

          • You can’t even conjugate an acceptable sentence in English. It’s clear your native language is not English. The typos aside you sound like a foreigner. Why do you want to insert yourself into our elections? “…and how do I know this” is an incorrect sentence. Of course you’re bragging. Did I just catch you trying to pass off your English as fluent?

          • Look who is talking. You do not conjugate a sentence. You conjugate a verb. And you can conjugate a verb in a sentence.
            About being a foreigner: Well……..There is this line in Bernard George Shaw’s “Pygmalion:” Only foreigners speak English correctly.” So, don’t feel bad.
            Anyway: I am a citizen of the USA – unlike comrade Trump.

      • See, there you go again! Calm down Deby, take a deep breath and jump out a window.

    • Convicted of what? Do you think investigations mean anything ? Given the outcome of those into the Clintons I have little faith? Psychiatrists agree? What do the Psychiatrists agree on about Hillary? Are you in his pocket that you know what Trump promised Putin? You just threw out a bunch of gossip and disputable facts. Now, about the Clinton Crime mob, rapes, Saudi friends, support of terrorists and treason?? Oh Josef you have been drinking waaaay too much
      Koolaid! !!! Maybe it’s the drugs that have got you so twisted backward?

      • As the mater of fact, you threw out a bunch of gossip, insinuations and lies about Clinton. Psychiatrists don’t talk about her because there is nothing to talk about. Trump is hiding his taxes because they would reveal his contacts with mob and with Russian oligarchs. Trump’s Saudi friends spread Salafism through Europe.
        I am sober, I don’t take drugs. I follow information. I know six languages. And I happened to have a strong background in psychopathology.

  25. Morally reprehensible and Ethically indefensible…..

    • Yes, you’re correct, tRUMP is morally reprehensible and ethically indefensible (and morally bankrupt just his supporters).

  26. there are Lawsuits and then their are Federal Crimes. In Trumps case, if he is guilty and pays fines so be it but when a Women takes advantage of a whole people like the Haitians and others and indicated by a Senate President of Haiti, that is different. She broke three Federal laws protecting classified information and I have their names. When I say she we know it is Hillary.

    • Ahh, let’s split hairs and make excuses for the fascist orange with a wittle itty bitty penis.

      • Gross, did you get that from your itsy bitsy peanut brain because you can’t think of a good come back when the truth is out there?May I suggest you google Humanist Manifestos I, II, and III for a come back. Those without conscience act on anything and everything that they can. May I suggest instead of the Manifestos after you read them that you call upon the name of Jesus and ask Him if He is real because He can do things that will reveal that He is who He says He is. There maybe hope for you yet. He is real and can live on the inside. I know because I was a nominal main line denominational Christian and then I met someone who had a personal relationship with Jesus. The peace of God literally, and I do mean literally flowed off of him, on to me. I had to have what he had. He had what is known as the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. John the Baptist in all four gospels said Jesus would Baptize us in the Holy Spirit. Guess what, it is real and I can have guidance every time I ask. See Isaiah30’21” and that is exactly what I have. Salvation is described best in Ezekiel 35’25-27″ and it describes water baptism, being born again and yes this Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Take me serious for a moment, just for a moment. Have you ever wanted a real identity? God through Jesus can do it. I would not lie to you. Unlike other religions where they try to reach up to God and never get an answer, you can have a personal relationship with God. Honestly I could not believe what you put in here but I could not let you go without giving you the real scoop of what Real Christians know. JESUS IS REAL.

  27. Hey, in reading the posts by the foolish traitor conservatives on this site, I realized what a bunch of rubes you all are. So… my people if you want to buy the bridge in the picture. I own it all and have the deed. It’s all official. I’ll even get a picture of the buyer with tRUMP and Melanoma.

  28. Folks, Donald “Vladimir Puta” Trump is nothing more than a con-artist, try to at least think thru his rhetoric and act like good citizens instead of being low life scumbags like Donald Trump and his nest of viper children!

    • When you have something intelligent to add to the discussion please feel free to return to the conversation but name calling is not a civilized means of dialogue. Just pointing it out before I block you.

      • Mr. KKmoderate, the only persons calling people names are the Donald “Vladimir Puta” Trump supporters, whom are very misinformed, misguided and for the most part uttering very horrible rhetoric all over the internet. I strongly suggest you get your facts straight, then make some positive suggestions. For the most part, every commentary either here or the National Review have the abnormal amount of Trump supporters, and all making their usual either racist or ignorant rhetoric about the democratic candidate. Believe you me, I often think after watching Trump and his nest of viper children, that honestly speaking neither of the 2 sons could even be hired at Burger King or Subway. I find them and their entire families rhetoric very troubling!

  29. If you want to know where your country is headed, read this. If this does not bother you and rally you to stand up for America, then sit down and shut up before the American’s who care send you to the people you support.

    Read the following:


  30. Mrs Obama said…..“If you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House,” She is right NOW after all that we know about crooked Hillary

  31. “Ignorance, at this point in the game, is no longer a valid excuse.”
    Yet you cons will keep on trying to use it.
    “Hillary Clinton’s scandals haven’t received a tenth of the coverage that Trump’s have…”
    So you admit Trump has scandals! Her’s are fabricated, his are real.
    “…but any moron can fill in the blanks.” Which all of you here are!
    “When the FBI director stands in front of the country and tells us, chapter and verse, exactly how Hillary lied to the American people and broke the law, there’s not much room for cover.”
    He never said she lied.

  32. Robert Reich with a tRump supporter:

    “You know, in 1976, when Trump was just starting his career, he said he was worth about $200 million, most of that was from his father”.

    “That just proves my point,” said the Trump supporter. “He turned that $200 million into four and a half billion. Brilliant man.“

    “But if he had just put that $200 million into an index fund and reinvested the dividends, he’d be worth twelve billion today,” I said.

    The Trump supporter went silent.

  33. There is so much at stake in this election, yet people are caught up taking their selfies and playing video games like there is nothing ever going to change their lives. Are they in for a surprise!

    America hasn’t hit rock bottom yet – close – but it will if hillary gets elected. Why? Because liars are always about what makes them happy, not what makes others happy. And those promises she made will magically fade away like the ones bho promised to his Black brothers and sisters. After all, obama was her teacher and she is his “A” student!

    Anyone who follows hillary religiously just because they are a democrat needs to be sent over the border to the Drug Cartels. At least there they would tell you before slitting your throat — not hillary!

    • America doesn’t deserve Orangutrump.

      • No, America doesn’t need – nor want – any TROLLS like you! You only breed HATE and ANGER! Everyone here needs to know who you are and what you do — and it’s nothing good for our Country.

        TROLLS ARE LIKE COCKROACHES – the only good one is a dead one.

        We know your game! Go play it with someone else HATEMONGER! We’re BLOCKING your butt!

  34. WHY NOT, WE ARE GETTING BETTER @ picking with the chicken’s any more OR ANY LESS EVEN IF THEY DON’T TAKE A PISS TEST!

  35. Only by fraud can this evil person be elected

  36. You mean cannot elect any more criminals.
    The boosh Clintoon obozo crime family is done!

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  38. FYI: “jazzbelly” is a TROLL. It’s a new game that bored insignificant losers use to disrupt commentors on blogs and spread HATE at the same time. They really don’t care abt the subject matter but respond directly to the subject you are discussing — always with nasty HATEFUL remarks. They bring nothing to the discussion but HATE. THEY ARE HATEMONGERS AND WANT “YOU” TO START SPEWING HATE INSTEAD OF POSITIVE COMMENTS. It’s nothing but a game to them to see how many people they can anger and get off topic.

    SOLUTION: “BLOCK” them so they have no one to hassle or spread their HATEMONGERING! Click the small down arrow to the right of their name, then click “Block” — POOF, they’re gone for awhile. They eventually come back, but by then you know the drill.

    Don’t waste your time on negatives when we have so much at stake this election! You’ll see other TROLLS by their hateful repetitive comments. They all can be eliminated by blocking them!
    Happy Saturday! Happy Blogging!

    • No hate in this heart, not trolling either, this is my home. Sorry if you are upset by discussion that is not in agreement with yours…that’s what democracy is about. You will not find malice nor gossip and fabrication, as you just posted, in my discussions as I have a handle on “what we send out comes back”. What possibly can be gained from talking to like minds? That practice is masturbation. The exchange of differing ideas is a mutual benefit . Many blessings .

    • Done done done and done????

  39. Self Defense lovers! check this out!
    no other drink like it! I got 5 of them.


  41. GAIN CONTROL of the majority of major media and you will gain control of the majority of voter’s MINDS!
    Bottom Line: Keep the people stupid, but well entertained, and they will mindlessly vote their very enemies into office over them!!!!!

  42. Elect trump and toss the head people at the doj and fbi. Than file a rico act indictment against ogayarab, hilary, lynch, come, mills, and everyone else involved in the coverup of hilarys treasins handling of classified material.

  43. The clinton’s has been poison every since their days in Arkansas, and they have never stopped for one moment.
    Raping lying and corruption and getting involved in every unlawful act there is in this country. When criminals are allow to continue their corrupt ways they do so and the clinton’s are no exceptions. This obama’s administration has been the most corrupt in our history with all the laws he’s broken and hillary rodham clinton has broken as well, and yet they are both still remain out of prison. Time we have Mr. Trump in the white house to stop this cycle of do nothings but worry about how much more money they can take from the American tax paying citizens to add to their bank accounts and give our country away.

  44. Bill Clinton committed a felony butg got to the oval office. He was a draft dodger, which is a felony, but President Carter pardoned him.I guess criminal behavior runs in the family.

  45. Pinocchiobama has been very bad, much harm to the US. A similar Killary would be terrible. So many reasons for NOT voting for her. Disgusting that she has any approval.
    Anybody butt Killary.

  46. when America is run by criminals they can’t let anyone else in but. It is sad and sickening. I think we have become rotten to the core.

  47. Hillary is a criminal… and those voting for her think we need a woman for president.. look what she did to the middle east..

  48. Google “Clinton Body Bags” and “Arkancide” and see if you still stupidly support Killary!

  49. Hildebeast for prison 2016. Or 2017 when Trump is elected.

  50. I’m amazed at the number of ignoramuses in the Democrat voting constituency who have not regarded Obama’s lawlessness, nor even consider the crimes and lies of Hillary Clinton. I hope for each of these leftist boneheads that their day will come when they must endure lawlessness to their own personal lives. Then, they will know the gravity of what lawlessness would do to each of them, personally.

  51. If you watched Face The Nation and saw Kaine on there Sunday morning it was a good laugh session. The ignorant Virginian for VP said that Donald Trump lied 70% of the time and we can prove it. Well, he doesn’t have the likewise crooked Attorney General in his back pocket. That’s a good one since killary lies 100% of the time. Kaine, I’ll take the 70% over the psychopathic lying crook your on the ticket with for this election.


  53. Actually agree with this headline. We should not elect a criminal We tried that once in the 1970’s with Nixon so lets not do it with the Tax Cheat, Conman, Donald Trump.. Oh and lets have a look at what some Republicans said about last nights Debate.

  54. Well that negates both Trump and Clinton – re-instate the monarchy?

  55. When you are Crooked Hillary you MUST Lie. It’s who you are, it’s what you do.

  56. When you are Crooked Hillary you MUST Lie. It’s who you are, it’s what you do.

  57. anAmericanByChoice

    “America Cannot, Must Not, Elect a Criminal” – RIGHT, B|TCH! That’s the reason why we must make sure you never get elected POTUS and are thrown in jail for crimes committed against America!

  58. Yes, and I am sad to say, that Hillary is going to win easily according to the best of pollsters. How can this be happening to our once great country? This will be a Muslim-dominated country within a decade.

    • It won’t take a decade. The administration is already saturated with Muslims and trending to Islam/Sharia. If Trump loses this election, “we the people” lose our Republic. There is a lot at stake in November.

  59. No, we cannot survive 4 years of a Clinton Presidency!
    But we can a Trump Presidency we can!
    There is wuite a difference and if prople are smart they would see this!
    Go Trump/Pence and make America safe, economically safe and prosperous for the people, save our freedom of speech, etc, and once again great again!

  60. We do not need four more years of Obama or worse. We do not need a President who will attack the Constitution and corrupt the Supreme Court. We do not need additional debt of over 20 trillion dollars. We do not need constant bloodshed in our cities by less than vetted refugees or undocumented immigrants. We do not need more bloodshed in our major cities. See how fast teh poor in inner cities get forgotten after they vote for a very likely criminal

  61. Well they voted in a gay black moose slime now they want to vote in the first potty mouth psychotic lying lesbian. Killary will be the end of America if fraudulently elected.

  62. Those who want that corrupt lying treasonous traitor hillary rodham clinton in the white house hates this country and their willing to cut thier own children and grandchildren’s throats and ruin their chance at a better future. hillary is just like obama, anti God, America, has not one bit of respect for our laws, and don’t think we the people should have any rights. They are not our friends, they are our enemy, and we need someone who’ll restore law and order. I’m a vet and will be voting for Trump who is for us and our troops and law enforcement officers.

  63. A Patriot vs a Traitor.. Sorry no comparison.. and those that vote for her are free to consider themselves an enemy in my eyes. The student that believe in free tuition well they must still believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy. The Fact that money was wasted on the “I am OWED” Generation means that parents didn’t raise them right, that Work Mean WORK a Diploma doesn’t do the job for you !!!

    • The first generation of America’s Greatest Generation, those that were born from 1940 till 1945, for the most part were reared properly. Honor the Flag and our Patriotic music, serve your country, support and work hard for your community, get an education and learn about the true American Heritage. Vote and elect honest hard working reps. Pretty simple, no rocket science or PhDs required, just hard working Patriots.

  64. The Rapist & Chief was enough of an embarrassment. Never HILLARY.

  65. If we don’t really like either candidate that is running , lets try to look beyond them to who or what is coming with them! Which vice president to you like the best ; what kind of judges do you want to see on the supreme court ; which “platform” do you like best?There is more at stake here then just picking a president!

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