America After Kim Davis: Is Christianity Finished?

It sounds like the kind of paranoid dark fantasy you might here from a fire-and-brimstone preacher in the deep South.

Christians will be imprisoned for standing firm in their beliefs. Traditional values will not only fall away as unfashionable, they will be re-imagined as reigns of power used to keep minorities in line. Unborn babies will be yanked out and slaughtered at a rate of at least a million a year, and this practice will be funded by all citizens. Any cries of “religious freedom” will be met with mockery and scorn.

But as Judge Bunning slammed the jail door on Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, even Americans noncommittal to the cause could see that we had arrived at an unprecedented stage in history. The persecution of Christianity had begun. Biblical teachings were now at odds with the law of the land, and it became quickly clear that the law of the land was not going to back down.

Of course, the mainstream media treats this as if it were all a big joke. The day after Davis was imprisoned, the Boston Globe ran an op-ed informing the readership that she was no hero. “Davis,” the op-ed claimed, “is just the latest in a long, infernal line of fanatics to contort their so-called faith into an excuse for hatred and division.”

In USA Today’s coverage, they were careful to give prominent space to Kenneth Upton, a pro-LGBT lawyer. “This is what the other side wants,” he said, referring to a picture of Davis being led away in handcuffs. “This is a biblical story, to go to jail for your faith. We don’t want to make her a martyr to the people who are like her, who want to paint themselves as victims.”

And The Daily Beast couldn’t imagine how any Republican presidential contender could take a stance in favor of the embattled clerk:

Already many of the GOP presidential candidates have weighed in, creating the curious spectacle of lawmakers pre-emptively breaking their oaths of office: How can you promise to “uphold the Constitution” if you have already admitted that it has a loophole big enough for Davis to fit through?

Hmm. Could it be that said loophole exists because there is nothing in the Constitution that gives the federal government, including the Supreme Court, the authority to redefine marriage? Could it be because the 10th Amendment specifically forbids the federal judiciary from stealing power from the states in this way? Once the Constitution has been twisted in such a way as the Supreme Court mangled it in June, calls to obey the law are laughable. What law? The one invented by five liberals behind closed doors or the one voted into effect by 75% of Kentucky residents in 2004?

If Christians and conservatives realize that they have no moral obligation to obey an unjust, undemocratic, unconstitutional law, we can begin painting a new future. A future where Americans are as eager to get government out of religion as we seem to be about getting religion out of government. A future where traditional values are embraced and truth is once again valued. A future we respect life, respect liberty, and respect each other.


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  1. I have a feeling Christianity is going to be around for a while.

    Kim Davis on the other hand is going to quit her job, write a book and get rich off speaking fees to silly Christian groups who will pay her money to talk about her trials and tribulations against “the man”

    • Funny,,,, You now represent and support THE MAN,,,,

      • RC cannot respond to his own challenge to me for a duel of wits. He dared me to debate him “on any topic” but is unresponsive when I accept his dare. The topic I chose is Puccini, and RC probably doesn’t even know who he is. Come on, RC, LET’S PLAY JACKASS JEOPARDY.

        • what kind of idiot challenges a debate and then does set the sides?

          how does one debate “Puccini”

          Was he Fat?
          yes or no.
          then we can debate.

          Was he a conservative moron like Dan?
          yes or no?

          see that is how you set up a debate fool.

          • YOU ARE SUCH A PATHETIC ENTITY, not even an amiable one.. The issue is
            not opera, I guess I have to restate the question for the 3rd time. Do
            you suffer from Alzheimer’s?

            TOPIC = was Puccini a bad boy while
            he was a church organist? Support your conclusion. The topic is related
            to organist, not to opera. YOU said it was about opera, but I said no
            such thing.

            It is despicable that you use the “gay” comment as a
            pejorative on someone you dislike, then hypocritically use it
            endearingly on your libtard friends who do happen to be gay. What a
            double meaning jackass you are. You liberal turds have tried that noun
            on every conservative that you lost an argument to.

            Now stop
            changing the subject from Puccini organist to sexual innuendo to playing
            dumb as if you haven’t been given the debate topic. I know what a
            debate is, jackass, I was captain of my debate team, and member of the
            national society.


        • I tried to engage Check in meaningful debate, but it posts irrelevant, nonsensical talking points of the Progressives/Liberals. Then twists your words and points.

          When it finally realizes it can’t have a pertinent conversation, the insults begin and the name calling.

          Finally , Check simply fades to troll another post.

    • So anyone with a belief is “silly” to you? Funny how this country was formed on those beliefs that allow you to question those “silly” Christians without being beheaded or tongue cut out. Ah the hand that feeds.

  2. Socialism is at our doorstep… Liberal socialists have taken up key positions within the Court system, Schools, Both Political parties, MEDIA, Unions, and businesses, and are controlling just about everything from those positions.

    They are destroying our institutions, our families, and our faith. all called out in the book “The Naked Communist.”

    Pray, and pray often.

    • All true, but I happen to believe that my God is greater than all the socialists, communists, athiests and whatever combined. He is just giving them the rope to hang themselves. Another thing: the church has always grown and thrived during times of persecution, so I feel this is the time when Christians are going to take their faith very seriously! I happen to believe that God has GREAT things ahead for His people. Not defeat, not withdrawal, but boldness and courage. My Bible says that in the last days those who have insight will shine like the brightness of the sun. (Daniel)


      • So we should expel all Americans who are not Christian, which is about 30% of the population?

        • Mogan, give it up! This is way beyond your level of comprehension! God, the one and ONLY God, the God of the Bible, is in control, and HE will ultimately determine what happens! Not politicians or judges, not you or me, so the smart people will put their faith and trust in the One who will have the final say!

        • I think you’re a little off.

          Wholly 83% of Americans identify themselves as Christians. 13% claim to have no religion. That leaves 4% of non-Christians, less than 1% follow the path of darkness.

          Perhaps we could, at the very least, keep an eye on the “religion” that has murder and world domination in it’s dogma. Maybe even not allow thousands of adherents refugee status in our country.

    • It was all planned years ago by that scum Soros and his Regime of scum Democrats. They are no longer Americans, haven’t been for years. The made sure that Muslim trash Obama was elected so they could destroy America and our Constitution.

      • You are EXACTLY correct Sharon!! and still the liberal media daily disses the Koch Brothers for their monetary contributions to Cancer research!! That is a bad thing HOW????

        • Left wing Democrats all have the same NWO mentality they love communists, and radicals and fascists, it’s all they know and they don’t have enough intelligence to understand what they even are.

      • All started by communists in Russia. But taken over by socialists in America.

        Check out the book “The Naked Communists” written in 1958 by Cleon Skousen. The agenda items are complete.

        0bama is moving them to the next step.

        • When I went to school (over 50 years ago) I actually was required to read that book, and the teacher was extremely anti-communist. Now the brat generation (Generation X-Lax) has been groomed to believe it’s all just right wing hysteria. But along with Skousen’s book was Dr. Fred Schwarz, who painted a highly unflattering picture of leftists.

          • A warning from the back of the chapter with the agenda items…

            “If the student will read the reports of Congressional
            hearings together with available books by ex- Communists, he will find all of
            these Communist objectives described in detail. Furthermore, he will come to
            understand how many well-meaning citizens have become involved in pushing
            forward the Communist program without realizing it. They became converted to
            Communist objectives because they accepted superficial Communist slogans. Soon
            they were thinking precisely the way the Communists wanted them to think.”

            McCarthy was correct. and it seems we have dropped our guard since his days.

          • Glad to see patriots like yourself. Liberals suck.

          • Thank you patriot… Liberals really do suck..

    • Conservatives always call democrats socialists but what is the NWO if not socialism / communism? Both parties are obviously corrupt

      • Yes, both parties are corrupted by socialism/communism…. That is also the NWO mantra.

        Socialism will fall to communism. Communism gives the corrupt “Controllers” dominion over their slaves… We will be the slaves….

        Agenda Item 15 from the Book “The Naked Communists.”

        15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

        Both parties have been captured.

        • well my friend….I’ve been begging people to vote 3rd party this last 8 years and they won’t have it….NOW do you think they will wake up?
          The Constitution Party sounds good to me.

          • NO. Bite your tongue. There is no 3rd party. Even the whackjob Bernie Sanders isn’t going down that hopeless road.

          • Yes, I think a majority of both parties are fed up the the elite politicians in charge.

            The problem is with the MEDIA. They have formed a cabal, no longer report the news, but spew out propaganda for the socialists.

            20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions.
            21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

            My website attacks the media corruption. Please consider joining.


        • And Even The Ism’s Are Not Going To Like What’s Coming Down The Pike. I See Things Only Getting Worse. But I For One Will Not Give Up. God Be with Us all. Take Care MAHB001.

      • yes, but one party is MORE corrupt. Can you guess which one?

      • Yes both parties are corrupt.

        They are following the agenda called out in the book, “The Naked Communist.” Way back at the end of WW1 the communists of old feared Americas strength, unity and patriotism.

        I believe the fear was because they expected the US to be imperialistic like they were. Imagine if Russia had the strength to do what we did in WW1. They would have quickly turned that strength into nation building and taken over the world if they could. Back then, to the conqueror went the spoils.

        So they created an agenda that was designed to weaken Americas institutions like Capitalism, Weaken the Family units, and weaken our Faith. Those were the things they felt made America Strong…

        The entire list has been adopted by the modern day Democrats… They think the end goal is socialism, but they are being played as useful idiots. Those in the know, realize that socialism always falls to Communism.

        I’ll print the list below, but you can get it at.

        • The entire list.

          1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.
          2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war.
          3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.
          4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.
          5. Extension of long-term loans to Russia and Soviet satellites.
          6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.
          7. Grant recognition of Red China. Admission of Red China to the U.N.
          8. Set up East and West Germany as separate states in spite of Khrushchev’s promise in 1955 to settle the German question by free elections under supervision of the U.N.
          9. Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the United States has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are in progress.
          10. Allow all Soviet satellites individual representation in the U.N.
          11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.)
          12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.
          13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.
          14. Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent Office.
          15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.
          16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.
          17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
          18. Gain control of all student newspapers.
          19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.
          20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions.
          21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.
          22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”
          23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”
          24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.
          25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
          26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”
          27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”
          28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”
          29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.
          30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”
          31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.
          32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.
          33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.
          34. Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities.
          35. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.
          36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.
          37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.
          38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].
          39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.
          40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.
          41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.
          42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use [“]united force[“] to solve economic, political or social problems.
          43. Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.
          44. Internationalize the Panama Canal.
          45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction [over domestic problems. Give the World Court jurisdiction] over nations and individuals alike.

    • That is true; however, the prevailing power of Bible Doctrine must precede the power of prevailing prayer.
      John 4:24 God is spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit (in fellowship) and truth (using the knowledge of his Word.)

    • You are absolutely right, it began with FDR and Social Security; LBJ and Medicaid. All mixed socialist programs. All of these programs for those who can’t afford the expenses. So, I guess you want to get rid of all of the public schools, since they are socialist, as well. No one has a constitutional right to an education or health.

  3. “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson

    Duty is calling.

    • I must say, civil war is not what many Americans wish, the last one was 1 to many. I fear the one coming will not end like the latter, the reasons are obvious.

      • Nor do I want a civil war…. But I will never give up, I will never surrender to socialism/communism.
        That is slavery, and our freedom is worth fighting for.

        • It was in 1776 and it is today! I stand with you.

        • I’m loaded and ready!!!

          • robert h siddell, jr

            We will fight them on the beaches, in the landing fields, in the ditches and in the streets, we will fight them in the hills and we will never surrender.

          • This is going to be in the streets our streets,,, Well be fighting each other what Obama wants,,but when it starts lets make it on Pennslyvania ave in Wash DC,,Leader goes down first

          • They only let me have one up vote for this post it deserves 1,000,000,000

          • No, you want it. Like many who comment on this website, you want to slaughter everyone in the US that doesn’t think like you.

          • We cannot have in our midst millions who are determined to breed like rats on the public dole to force their evil religions upon us and to institute a 7th century legal system that turns women in chattel! No American female with even half a brain will tolerate the B.S. that Islam forces on women! We’ve come too far and fought too hard to win our rights to step back into the dark ages! It’s the women of America who should be screaming the loudest against Muslim immigration! That is the worst War On Women anyone could devise and it must be stopped! Call the White House on 1-202-456-1111 and demand that the Muslim/Islamic/ISIS pipeline disguised as a Syrian refugee program be stopped! The only refugees we should admit should be Christians! But even that’s tricky but Islamists are now pretending to be Christians to get their foot in the door in Europe! THEY CAN’T BE TRUSTED!

          • I agree with 99% of what you said, Gen 11. Where is the feminist outcry? Where are the Gloria Steinems, the Betty Friedans, to decry the travesty of Sharia law possibly hitting American shores? We women are the ones who should be shouting down the Islamic prayer bells, writing our Congress personnel to fight immigration and the Iran deal, and anything else that says Islamists , ISIS, etc. are anything but our enemy, thereby calling out the liberals who have given “aid and comfort” to said enemy for their treasonous behaviour. And as far as letting in only Christians, that is the one sticking point. The Jewish people are not our enemy. It was through them that God gave us our Bible and our Saviour. And Genesis 12 clearly says “I will bless them that bless thee (Abraham and his descendants–this was reinforced through Isaac, and later Jacob, a/k/a Israel) and curse them that curse thee, and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed.”

          • I did not mean to exclude Jewish refugees, but they would probably be better off going to Israel rather than here because our country is being overrun with Muslims. At least Israel is intelligent enough to know they need to build a wall to keep out ISIS and Al Queda! Our leaders are so stupid and treasonous, they plan to bring in 65,000 Muslim refugees frrom Syria even though ISIS is bragging they’re using that “pipeline” to infiltrate us!

          • Again, you are quite right, Gen11. And so many American Jews are beginning to think about making Aliyah (returning to Israel) because of the tide that has turned ever since Barry first expressed his utter contempt for Bibi (whom I back all the way). Eventually all Jews will end up in their rightful homeland anyway.

          • Nope. That is never going to happen, for most Jews they are at home in the countries of their birth, whether that be the US, UK, etc. I would have included France but it has become so anti-semitic that that the Jews of France are living for elsewhere in Europe, etc.

          • Are you not aware of every thing that has been going on in the past six years. The Progressives are inciting violence against a scapegoat (successful people, mainly white), and it’s working.

            Somewhat reminiscent of the Nazi’s tactics, isn’t it?

            It has nothing to do with wanting confrontation; It’s already here and gaining momentum.

            With a word from the President, the situation could be diffused. Instead, he is one of the most influential voices perpetuating the lie.

          • What confrontation? During the 2008 election there was an undercurrent of racism – Obama was from Kenya, he is not a US citizen, he is a Marxist, Fascist, Muslim, extreme Black Christian, etc. Then there were the additional lies that his mother gave up her US citizenship. All of this is utterly untrue.Plus, Senator McConnell made it his top priority that Obama would be a one term president and that the Republicans would oppose any of his efforts, whether they were good or not.
            On Obama’s part, he spoke little of racism in the US during his first term because he didn’t want to be characterized as the black President but the President of the United States, and also to be characterized as another angry black man. Now, in his second term, he has spoken more.

            Now black Americans have particular had it with unarmed black men being show down by police for have a broken tail light, etc. In the past, police officers could get by with all of this because most of the time it was only their word for it. Plus, DAs would steer any grand juries away from any indictment. But now with everyone having cameras in their phones, etc., as well as cameras mounted in police cruisers, things started to change. So, you have the rise of Black Lives Matter because they haven’t mattered. You can see that from a lot of comments on the website.
            So, we have seen a lot of protests and there has been violence out of frustration but also for some blacks who do just want to create trouble for the sake of trouble.

            When it comes to Progressive, they are not inciting violence. What would be an example of that violence? The Occupy Wall Street movement? That has pretty much fizzled out, and the violence was the by the police there. What you do find is a lot of people who don’t want progress when it comes racial and gender equality. All of this attempted comparisons with the Nazis is pretty much BS. Is Bernie Sanders calling for violence? Sanders is a progressive. Does he want Wall Street to be held accountable? Yes. Is he a socialist? Yes, but like most of the major nations we are a mixture of socialism and capitalism; Social Security is a socialist idea and is why the Republicans have always opposed its existence. Medicare? Mixed socialism. Public schools? Mixed socialism. And there are people here on the website that want to get rid of SS and Medicare, and that would lead to a good size of the elderly going below the poverty line and also life expectancy would drop. Why not privatize which is what Jeb and Ryan want? Cost would go up, most elderly would not be able to afford this ‘for profit’ programs.

            On top of all of this are people who make their lives as fear mongers, because they know that fear works and they will distort facts, and actually don’t even touch on real facts for people to buy their books and pay for their speeches. Plus, find a liberal website that calls for killing right wingers? Find me a website that claimed that McCain should not have run for president because he actually wasn’t born in the US?

            Now, there is a good deal of talk on the website and other ultra-conservative websites about how we are losing our freedoms. Name one that you have lost? Do you still have the right to free speech without the government coming down on your political speech? No. Do you still have the right to bear arms? Yes. And although you have bunches of people claiming that Clinton wants to take away your guns, there is no evidence for that. The same for Obama and in fact he has lifted restrictions for federal parks, as an example. Do you still have the right to free assembly? Yes. Do you still have the right to vote? Yes, although Republicans have been trying to squash minority votes, and ultra conservative groups have been allowed to harass votes that they think might be Democrats.

            So, bottom line, no confrontation. Is there a lot of frustration by people who believe that they have been left behind? That they don’t believe that they got theirs? Yes and yes. People have been screwed by Wall Street and Wall Street got away with practices that led to the crash in 2008. And, it will happen again because the Republicans want to eliminate all of the regulations that would keep them from doing it again. But, who wants economic equity? Not Republicans? Who wants to tax the middle class and not the rich? Republicans. Why? Because significant Republicans are devoted to the writings of Ayn Rand, and she argued that the wealthiest should never be taxed because they are the innovators; those who brave enough to take chances, whereas for the middle class and the poor, they need all of the government programs, they are not the job creators or innovators, but are actually the moochers on society. Now, that’s a nice non-Progressive idea.

          • Wow! You need to take the race glasses off. You are absolutely blinded by the very rage and racial hatred Obama espouses.

            Disagreeing with him and taking he and his wife at their word, cannot be construed as racist, unless you are a truly self-loathing person.

            I might address your talking points when I have more time to devote to your ramblings.

          • VOTE SMARTER….and we won’t have to fight

          • Oh yeah, it’s coming, there is only one way to put a stop to the liberal dem bloodsuckers

          • And so you wish for mass murders.

          • No, we wish to completely, physically, separate ourselves from you ersatz life forms.
            Many of us belive that, it is the only way to prevent civil war.

          • voting smarter , it is way to late ,the mold has set already, the unconstitutional laws an executive orders are in place, normal americans have been placed outside the edicts of the glorious leader. there needs to be more indoctrination to bring us into the fold, or theres the sanctuary camps the leader has set up.

          • We would vote smarter if smart people were running for office.

          • We would vote smarter, if there weren’t so many totally STUPID people in this country!

          • Are you referring to the politicians or the voting public? Only difference is the elected ones are also LIARS.

          • And they voted for Romney. LOL

          • I did…but the ones who voted obama or stayed home foisted this travesty on us all.

          • Nothing worse than giving gays their full constitutional rights.

          • I wonder if Ms Davis is STILL a Demon Rat NOW????

          • Who are you going to fight? The vast majority of your fellow Americans.

          • Last time I made that statement was about Isis and radical Muslims. My comment was removed. Davis is free and license issued in her a sense are not valid. I love it. I am with you. I stand ready and locked and loaded to defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic.

          • Then you should oppose Davis. If she is unwilling to do her job because of her religious beliefs, then she should resign. Now, if we follow her principle, then she should not be handing out divorce papers because that goes against Christian beliefs. Now, if I was a fundamentalist Christian and an EMT, and I show up at an auto accident and one of the injured people is gay, should I refuse to do any medical care and also refuse to take them to the hospital? Dealing with gays would be offensive to me. Or I am country clerk but my church teaches that mixed racial marriages and mixed religious marriages are sinful; should I deny them marriage licenses, as well?

          • What you are saying is ridiculous. It’s apples and oranges. This woman would not deny life saving medical care to someone because they are gay. The only reason she refuses to “marry” them is because it is against her religion to take part in a marriage that God says is sinful. It is never sinful to save a life, to feed someone, give them water, clothing, shelter, etc.. It is a sin for them to take part in something that is what their religion deems sinful. A Christian opting out of something against their conscious is not the same as denying the person their right to marry either. There are many other people who have no belief system against marrying. So why not just go to one of them. Freedom of religion is protected by the Constitution.

          • The principle is still the same. She is a government official who must obey the laws of this land and that includes Supreme Court decisions. She is not marrying anyone. She is handing out paperwork. If that is against her principles, then what about divorce papers. Divorce goes against some of Jesus’ teachings, so why doesn’t she stop handing that paperwork. If she cannot perform her duties because of her faith, then she should resign. Not all Christians are against same sex marriage. Jews don’t have an issue, etc. You would think that the only people of faith in the US are Christians, but Christians today now make up only 70% of the population, the rest are Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Daoists, those who practice Native American religions, etc. By the way, what would you say if a county clerk became a Quaker and then refused to handout any gun permits? Or, a county clerk who is Roman Catholic and refuses to file any divorce papers?
            Or again, there are Christian churches that preach that all Jews are the children of the Devil (just read the Gospel of John), and so they will reject Jewish customers or patients, or the rights of Jewish citizens.

          • I see your point. I believe she probably should find another line of work. However, I am still against her being jailed. It violates her constitutional rights.

          • Well, she was thrown in for contempt of court. That wasn’t a violation of her constitutional rights. I seen lawyers held in contempt because they were so late to course, etc., and ended up spending the weekend in a cell.

          • I guess the articles I read were seriously misleading. Everyone is making out that she was jailed for refusing to marry the gay couple.

          • As County Clerk, she does not have the authority to marry anyone.

            She is the waitress behind the counter at McDonalds.

            She is a glorified store clerk.

          • Wrong.

            She freely choose to stand in contempt of s lawful Court order.

            The Constitution does not give her the right to force her religious beliefs on others.

          • independent thinker

            The Constitution also does not give others the right to force their religion (or lack of religion) on her.

          • And it does not give the government the right to endorse illegal laws. When did the words get changed? We have the right to life, liberty and THE PURSUIT OF SEXUAL PREFERENCE. NO, I DON’T THINK SO. It was illegal for SCOTUS to create law same as it is for the president to create law.

          • Illegal laws?
            Illegal by what GOVERNMENT authority?

          • WE THE PEOPLE.

          • The U.S. is a Republic.
            We have a representative form of democracy.

            We are also a Nation of Laws.

            If you want to return to discrimination, talk to your elected representative.

            Don’t expect action to be taken. Equality has been in effect for almost 50 years. You cannot possibly garner sufficient support to return to legalized discrimination.

          • Sorry, liberals don’t understand illegal. So Jim Crow laws were legal? The government does not rule my life, I am an American, the government works for us, they do not rule us.

          • I hope you have family and friends willing to come visit you in prison.

          • SCOTUS does not create laws, they interpret them. The right to pursue happiness includes the pursuit of sexual preference. You “forgot” that didn’t you!?!

          • Doesn’t say that does it? Jefferson wrote most of these documents and explained their meanings. Haven’t found where he said any of what you and scotus think.

          • The constitution

          • Basic civics

          • Didn’t forget anything. They just took the power of marriage from states into the jurisdiction of federal powers. I like what Tn judges have done, no longer officiate divorces as it is a federal jurisdiction now. In effect scotus just created a law.

          • Davis is a comical figure whose self-righteousness is only equaled by her ignorance both of the text of the Bible she clings to and what it means to have a job as a government employee. Davis and you other Bible loving idiots are crying like little babies for the right to declare a mini-theocracy not beholden to the laws of the land, but to those of your fictional god.

          • You couldn’t have made it any clearer. These Christians just don’t get it, do they ? I think they have a mental block. LOL!!

          • Judgement day I will be that hysterical laugh you hear when you come to the realization that you might have been wrong. LMAO

          • Where does any paper explain sexual deviancy as a right? It don’t.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You ignorant fool; sexual deviancy is a subjective viewpoint (e.g. not a fact). Additionally, the contraction, “It don’t” translates to: “It do not.” The correct contraction is “doesn’t,” in that “It does not.” Shows how fucking stupid conservatives are. You can’t even use proper English, but vilify immigrants for not speaking/using English, or in some cases: “American.” You’re idiots the lot of you! Come November 2016 with a Democratic female president-elect, your pea brains will be exploding much like your increasingly redundant political party.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Learn to use English correctly you idiot.

          • So those who rally with BLM should be locked up based on the Constitution?

          • Why do you think it is allowable to twist someone else’s words into a lie?

            Your Saint Davis placed herself in contempt of court.
            She choose to act illegally.

          • Liza- Wrong, wrong and wrong.

          • I agree3 Mogan. If she will not hand out marriage licenses to homosexuals, then she should retire. I hope she will, like the lay in Mississippi. There is honor in that act, while Davis’ faith and refusal ae also honorable. I guess she didn’t realize the alternative of resigning honorably.

          • She is not a newbie her job duties changed many years after she took that oath. She should be grand fathered in. She has a right to retire with all her benefits. Just because the law has been corrupted and it is still unsure if it is a legal change Davis paid a price due to hold her ground. I stand with Davis and God.

          • That makes you a fool and an idiot!!

          • Biblically speaking GOD BLESS YOUM AMEN

          • I would say that is their right by the letter of the Constitution. We allow people who do not believe in war to serve in the military without killing someone because of religious convictions but no where else? Huh!

          • Killing is a bit different than tying up a piece of paper and collecting a fee — don’t you think, just maybe?

          • It is.
            However the basic premise is freedom of religion, or opt out of certain duties due to religious beliefs. Therefore, a very legitimate comparison.

          • No, it is not and never will be.
            A marriage license is not a valid comparison to killing — not now,. not ever.

          • Good point.

          • Tell me dumbass demoncrat homo, what law did she violate? The nonelected unSupreme Court does not make law.

          • I’m a proud dumbass demoncrat homo! Come on over to the light and we can make out you big ‘ole manly man.

          • You are really sick.

          • I think I have a fever…could you please stick your “thermometer” in me where the sun don’t shine and check my temp? I know you ammosexuals love gettin’ on with the same gender. Wanna play tongue hockey? Bet you’re trying to make up for a real little “package.”

          • She refused to obey a court order.
            That is called contempt of court.

            By refusing to issue the license, she violated multiple laws that address discrimination.

            More importantly, as an elected State of Kentucky official, she cause the State of Kentucky to engage in discrimination.

          • Multiple laws? What multiple laws? Court Order? She denied to follow an idiots order. We are not talking about your Hillary here. We are talking about someone who is following God’s order. The gay golfer has violated multiple laws, had Real Judges declare that his actions violated law and are ILLEGAL, murdered American Citizens with drones without due process, lied to the people who he took an oath to serve, I guess that was another lie when he took his oath. He has committed multiple acts of treason But you don’t get your panties in a wad over that. You have to be queer. May GOD heal you.

          • News flash! God never existed and therefore everything you say and think is meaningless.

          • Try to stay on topic.
            You are obviously not a Christian.
            You obviously do not know the meaning of the word.
            She refused to provide a license — a piece of paper with typing on it.
            She was not asked to marry anyone.
            She was not asked to participate in a marriage.

          • Hardly. I have a a personal relationship with Jesus. He is my Lord and savior. He died one the cross not only for my sins but for yours as well. You too can gain the glory of heaven if you repent. I do not condone any sinner but condone the sin. I will not stand for anyone that targets and prosecutes anyone who believes in Christ and seeks to follow him. God gave her a mission and she seeks to serve his will. You believe in a leader who claims to be Christian but does not know Christ. Being Christian isn’t what church you belong to or how much you donate. It is about your faith. Do you live with Christ and does Christ dwell in you?

          • LOL.
            No, it is a way of life.
            The most Christina person I have ever known was a Hindu.

          • James 2:26 – For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

          • Contempt of court is for an action that happens IN the court to disrupt the court. Not an action that occurs away from the court.

          • WRONG.
            Refusal to obey an order issued by a Court of competent jurisdiction is CONTEMPT.
            You might want to try to look things up — as an alternative to publishing your ignorance for the world to see.

          • Others may classify what Christian believe as “religion,” but Christianity is not a religion. Religion is what men think about who God is and how to please Him, but Christianity is God’s revelation to man of the true way to please God, how one gets to go to heaven and how to live now. There is a big difference in religion and revelation.

          • I’m not being rude but you are missing the point, Rudy. Our Constitution gives us the freedom of religion. This woman’s belief system falls under religion. To say it is not a religion when faced with government accusations is to remove her from under the protection of the Constitution. Christianity is about man’s deprivation. He is unable to save himself by following God’s law. Christ fulfilled the law and now there is revealed a righteousness apart from the law which is in Christ. To all those who believe. I know what Christianity is. Our framers knew and understood the importance of religious freedom and some of them were Christians despite what others say here. They certainly understood that we would need this protection.

          • Liza, you are the one missing the point. The distinction I made was that mankind develops religion and religious thought, all on his own. But divine revelation has nothing to do with religion. It is God speaking to us through prophets of God and whose messages are written for us in God’s Word, the Bible. You and I can list a number of religion that are obviously begun by a man, or some cult group. The world is fill of religions, but there is only one divine revelation that came from Almighty Jehovah God. While society calls all faith groups a religion, there is only one Faith that was/is revealed by God through nature, through written revelation and supremely through Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son. Please understand the difference and distinction.

          • You are right. It is a divine revelation. But our Government is attacking our beliefs by forcing us to comply with atheism. I will fight first and never comply.

          • Freedom from religion….Americans have every right to believe in a fictional god or not to believe…such brainiac!

          • Proud Lineral(An oxymoron if there ever was one), we all have the FREEDOM to believe what we will, but not the right. grants rights and the Constitution simply states w hat they are!

          • Hey proud liberal:

            “O LORD, You have heard the desire of the humble;
            You will strengthen their
            You will incline Your ear to vindicate
            the orphan and the
            So that man who is of the earth
            will no longer cause terror. ”

            Psalm 10:17,18 NASB

          • O LORD, why did man invent you?

          • O Proud Liberal, why are you so “wise in your own eyes”?

          • Cause I know we gonna get rid of them there immigrants and then git rid of all the Jews and take Amurika back from all them vermin ‘o color. White be pure brother, MAKE AMURIKA GREAT AGAIN! Grumble, grumble arrghhh! blahhhhh!!!! blahhhhh!!! blahhhhh! Whaaaa! whaaaaa!

          • enough of the photo already. Is this you girlfriend dantalbol?

          • Interesting since conservatives and Republicans are not concerned with the widow, the orphan, the downtrodden, and, for that matter, the middle class. Instead, let the widow, the orphan and the downtrodden fend for themselves because they are all lazy. Tax the middle class, not the rich, for the rich are the real produces of the greatness of society. For a a so-called Christian nation we forget the Epistle of James that defines religion as social justice, not beliefs. Faith without works (that is social justice) is dead. After all demons possess the correct beliefs/theology, but they still remain demons.

          • The real truth is that you Christians are trying to force your religious beliefs onto Atheist & nonbelievers. I will fight first & never comply to your fictional god & that tattered old book you call the bible. Kim Davis is no hero- just a person who thinks she has the right to use her religious beliefs to discriminate against Gays or any other groups who choose not to believe in her god. She is nothing but a hypocrite & bully & needs to resign . She broke the law & if she can’t do her job as a government official, whose salary is paid by taxpayers, including Gays, Muslims, Atheist, Agnostics, people who are divorced & so on…. She should start her own church & then she can preach all she wants about how Gays are an abomination in her eyes & that they will all be going to hell to pay for their sins. Hey, Kim- time to find another job & don’t let the door hit you on the way out. LOL!!!

          • That is a lie. I could cares less if you believe or not. It is your soul and you have free will. It is Christians that are under attack. As far as that women is concerned she was exercising her right and beliefs not to have her name nor anything that she thought was against her beliefs. They could as easily gone somewhere else. But Gays are pushy and want to fore everyone to think it is a normal life style. You sound like a Gay defending one self now. Who can tell anymore. I have one thing to say, F! all you FAGGOTS and your perverted life style. I hope you all get AIDS and die off. We will never accept you as normal. Other than that I don’t care what Gays, Muslims, Atheist, Agnostics, people do as long as you leave us out of it. FREE WILL.

          • First of all, I am an Atheist & there is no proof that we have a soul, whatsoever!! As far as having free will, it’s nothing but hogwash. Your god is all knowing, is he not ? If that is true, then he knows before hand what you’re going to do even before you make a decision. He has your whole life planned out. God knows when you will be born& when you will die, if you will have a happy or sad life. He also knows if you will live a long life or if you will die in your 20’s from some incurable disease or accident. He also knows which people will be cured & which ones will survive & so on….. So much for your free will theory. FYI, I am not Gay, I’m straight. So, why would you assume I’m Gay just because I choose to defend their life style ? That makes YOU an ignorant ASS!! You call yourself a Christian & look what comes out of your filthy mouth.F all you faggots & your perverted life style. I hope you all get Aids & die off. We will never accept you as normal. This is hate speech coming from a religious bigot & you are definitely a bigot & a hypocrite like your buddy Kim Davis. This is why I have no use for religion because of foul mouth people like you. Take your hatred & bigotry with you & don’t come back!!!

          • Faye, that is crap. Nobody is cramping your style. Certainly not Jesus or His followers.

          • How is the government forcing to comply with atheism? How could that be when every President has been a Christian, the majority of elected officials are Christians? As for SCOTUS the majority (6 members) are Roman Catholic and the remaining three Jewish. Although there has never been a religious requirement to be Presdient, apparently many Americans believe there is and should – and that is Christian, with the exception of Kennedy, they have all been Protestants.
            Now, you might argue that taking prayer out of school was an atheist thing, but the fact of the matter is that many religions do not include prayer. When we pledge allegiance and mention “under God,” it is not the god of Americans who are Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, etc., not immigrants but native born Americans. Presidents will say God bless American and therefore ignore 30% of Americans who are not Christians. Moreover, a good deal of our laws have religious, i.e., Christian background: Sunday blue laws; the laws of segregation, the Hyde Amendment, etc. That is natural, for any nation that is multi-religious, the major religion always calls the shots.

          • Blarney you write: “welcome to Iran”.. You are trying to argue the asinine. You don’t have it anywhere as bad as the Iranians. When was the last time you saw a rape victim in America being stoned to death for being a victim?

          • Look no further than your bible. It’s all in there, sanctioned by your false god. HYPOCRITE!!!

          • The world is full of religions but the ROMAN CATHOLIC RELIGION was and still is the only one founded by GOD as Jesus did when he made PETER the first pope.

          • The Catholics may have been the first, but I don’t think all those redundant Hail Marys or the lighting of candles and swinging incense and bell ringing is going to impress God. Thank heavens I am Protestant

          • I would not be so smug as to think you are better than catholics cuz protestants are just people that refuse to follow the catholic church ‘ AKA true churches rules set by GOD.

          • However, that is simply not the case, but what you have been brainwashed to believe. First of all, Jesus was a devout, practicing Jew.

          • oh plllleeeeeezzz

          • Why the ridicule?
            Pageantry is not intended to impress god.
            Christianity has incorporated much paganism, right down to the “religious” holidays. Easter — fertility rites. Christmas — Festival of Light. …

          • I do disagree with you. The Roman Catholic church was actually founded during the 4th century A.D. by the emperor Constantine when he “converted” to Christianity. And there is no t all that Simon Peter was ever in Rome. Furthermore, when Jesus said that Peter and every Christian believer has the “keys to the kingdom,” He was reffering to the witness that believers share with the world about salvation through faith in Christ.

          • Or so your “brand” teaches in order to justify its validity.

          • That’s fine ‘ I disagree with your post as well.

          • So let me get this straight. You are saying that your religion is the only true religion & that your god is the only true god ??? So all the millions of people in this world who belong to other religions & worship a different god are all condemned to burn in hell for eternity ? Who the hell died & made you judge & jury ? You Christians are so pompous & arrogant!! This is why religion poisons everything.

          • Exactly.
            Christians cannot even agree among themselves — there are hundreds, if not thousands of “brands” of Christianity…all claiming to be the “true” church.

          • The catholic church is the one true church founded by Jesus before he died on the cross for us .Where did I say everyone is going to hell .I think you protest too much ‘ maybe your conscience is trying to tell you something .

          • The catholic church is the one true church founded by Jesus before he died on the cross for us .[ last supper ] .Never said anything about everyone who is not a catholic going to hell [ that’s your assumption].It is free will that condemns a person to hell ‘ they are free to believe in JESUS CHRIST or not to follow him ‘everyone must make the choice to either obey his laws or follow satan and his minions to hell .He forces NO ONE to believe in him but wishes all to love him and serve him in this life so we can have eternal happiness with him forever .

          • I have bad news for you — Jesus was an observant Jew.
            Jesus did not start a new religion — Paul did that — in Greece.
            Thus, it would seem that the Greek Orthodox Church is the original.
            Peter did a copycat in Rome, or so we are led to believe.

          • Why
            would you think that was news to those of us who are Christian? And, even more
            curiously, why would you think it would be bad news? I am a disciple of Christ; who first came for the (lost) Jews and then for his other sheep, the gentiles. God told us he was coming, who he was and what he would do. The Jewish prophets wrote of him. Some 350 O.T. prophecies were fulfilled by Christ. That is mathematically impossible, you know; yet, he did. You can google: mathematical possibility Jesus prophecy: unless, you prefer to stubbornly hold your position. Jesus didn’t begin a new religion. You are correct. It began with Abraham. But, (c&p) Matthew 28:18-20 And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

          • Jesus was an observant, practicing Jew.
            Guess that means that Judaism is the “one true” religion.

            I have news for you — there is no difference and distinction. All religion is another man made layer of power and control.

          • AKLady, there are all kinds of religions. You could even go out and start your own religion and there would be a number of people who would believe you and follow you, especially if you could produce some kind of mysterious. But there is one TRUTH, and Jehovah God has revealed it to us and those who believe Him and accept His Son Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will receive a joyful life of eternity. I pray that you will receive it and have a great life in fellowship with Him.

          • You do realize that the dogma you spout violates the 1st Commandment?

          • You do realize that the dogma you spout violates the 1st Commandment?

          • What in the world are you talking about?! How is the 1st Amendment violated? Explain please…

          • Maybe you should read what is actually written before running your mouth?

          • No, the most man-made power and control comes from you government-worshippers.

          • My god is better than your god….

            My three gods are all part of one, so we can pretend not to violate the 1st Commandment.

            Guess what — it was the Catholic Church which decided Jesus was “god”. The First Nicene Council, 325 AD.

            Jesus never claimed to be a god.

          • No, AKLady. The Nicene Council did not
            decide that Jesus was ‘god.” they DISCOVERED that Jesus is GOD!

          • No, Child, that is not how the Catholic Church works. Especially not, the older, very dogmatic Catholic Church.
            Constantine was not moved by “divine guidance”. It was he, not the Bishops who came up with the 3 in 1 compromise.
            The Council of Nicea overwhelmingly affirmed the deity and eternality of Jesus Christ and defined the relationship between the Father and the Son as “of one substance.” It also affirmed the Trinity—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were listed as three co-equal and co-eternal Persons.
            Basically stated, the Council thought up the psycho-babble that allows ‘Father, Son and Holy Spirit” to pass the 1st Commandment test.

          • Actually no. The first claim for that is the Gospel of John. Originally Johannine Christians believed that Jesus was the Messiah, and then they came to believe that he was more than the Messiah but also the Son of God, and then they came to understand that Jesus was a heavenly, preexistent being who came to earth for a brief period of time, and then returned to heaven. But in the creation of the third and final edition of the Gospel of John, a hymnic prologue was attached at the beginning – in the beginning was the word and the word was with God. And the word was God.
            That created a problem for in the other three gospels, Jesus is presented as a human being, who was either chosen by God to be the Messiah or the biological son of God. But Johannine Christians saw Jesus as a divine being who existed before he was born. The word became flesh. So, how does one reconcile the Gospel of John with the three other gospels that were the most popular? If Jesus is God, then to whom was Jesus praying? How can a god become a human being? That was something of a heretical view in the Greco-Roman World. This is why you have the council of Nicaea, but they still couldn’t work it all out until you get to the 8th century.

          • And it became Church Cannon in 325 AD.

          • You mean the NT canon? No. It is not until 367 that all 27 documents of the New Testament are mentioned together for the first time. That was by Bishop Athanasius of Alexandria in his Paschal address. But, it took until the 8th century for all Christian to agree to the contents of the New Testament. There was opposition to Hebrews, 2 and 3 John, 2 Peter and the Apocalypse of John, by Christians in the eastern part of the Roman Empire. .

          • But that is what you find in Christianity. While Christians rightfully believe what they believe, is not the truth for others, such as Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, Zoroastrians, Daoists, Confucianists, Shtintoists and Muslims.

          • Protection? From what?
            If you are not ready to do the job you are elected to do, then resign.

          • Troll alert ‘ Dont feed her and she will crawl back under her rock .

          • Thank you AKLady!

          • Well said Liza. So many people seem to want to forget we live in the dispensation of Grace. But there will come a day when each one of us will stand before the Almighty God and give an account of our lives. We will then be told to enter or go from me(God) for I never knew you.

          • Which God, Texas?
            The God of the Torah?
            The God of the Old Testament?
            The God of the 1st Commandment?
            The Christ myth theory?

          • Hey Liza, so if Davis were a Muslim and denied Christians government services, she would have every right to do so because of freedom of religion. What ignorance!

          • Exactly!! Not only ignorant, but pure nonsense!!

          • I know we gonna get rid of them there immigrants and then git rid of all the Jews and take Amurika back from all them vermin ‘o color. White be pure brother, MAKE AMURIKA GREAT AGAIN! Grumble, grumble arrghhh! blahhhhh!!!! blahhhhh!!! blahhhhh! Whaaaa! whaaaaa!

          • Kind of like the Muslim stewardess that refused to serve alcohol to infidels on the airplane? Are you saying that what she did was right, based on her religion?

          • Yes Earl!

          • The Muslim stewardess did not prevent others from serving alcohol.

          • She refused to do her job, should she go to jail or resign?

          • Refused to her job — resign/be fired.
            Refused to obey court order — jailed and fined.

          • “just following orders”….where have we heard that crap before?

          • Pure ignorant nonsense.
            Your eyes and ears are seem to be permanently closed to truth and fact.

          • Her job description says she MAY issue licenses. Not she HAS to. Kentucky State Constitution defines marriage as being between one man and one woman. So she was upholding the state Constitution. As far as the court order went, the judge was out of order in sentencing her. for a crime she didn’t commit. Why do you think she was released? .

          • You need to check again.

          • AKLady, Check what?

          • The Kentucky Constitution
            Discrimination is unconstitutional, has been since the 1960s.

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          • What the hell does this have to do with the subject matter that is being discussed on this forum ? Nobody cares. If you can’t contribute a comment to this discussion, then take it somewhere else. Please!!!!

          • Our Constitution doesn’t GIVE American citizens ANY rights.. It Guarantees us these ordained rights. Meaning the government can NOT take these rights away…

          • Suggest you read the 14th Amendment.

          • The government can. There are no ordained rights. We don’t get our rights from any deity but by the consent of the people. Who do you think wrote the Constitution?

          • Perhps, sir/madame, you should read the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, tht all men are created equal, that they are ENDOWED BY THEIR CREATOR with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” (Emphasis mine) Sound familiar?

          • And who is that Creator? For Jefferson that is not the god of Chrsitianity or any other organized religion. Jefferson, along with Franklin and Washington were Deists. Desits were leaders in the Age of Enlightenment who believed that there is a god who created us and the world, but not the god of any religion. This god is beyond our comprehension and when the only thing the Creator did for us was to give us logical and rational minds; or the basic notion of what is right or wrong, or the instinctual belief in a life after death. But that is it. Once the world was created the Creator established the laws of nature then the Creator kind of departed. As another Deist explained, Voltaire, the Creator is like a watchmaker who upon making the watch, winds it up and then lets it run.
            This is why Jefferson is cautious about his terminology. Notice no mention of Jesus, etc. Have to remember that for Jefferson, he didn’t believe in miracles, the virgin birth or Jesus’ resurrection. He actually had all of deleted from his copy of the New Testament, which you can get in any bookstore. The Smithsonian just came out with a facsimile.
            By the way the those in Europe understood and identified the Declaration of Independence as a Declaration of the Enlightenment and our war of independence some often called the Enlightenment War.
            Curiously, as a side note, the Jewish citizens of the various colonies saw the Declaration as being based on Jewish (not Christian) principles and thought we would become a Jewish nation and, as such, a light unto other nations. Boy, did they get that wrong.

          • If it takes you that many words to support your position, then you are unintelligible if not totally wrong. Verbosity is the defense of the demagogue.

          • re-read the declaration of independence – “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”

          • Jesus didn’t fulfill the Torah. Not yet, if you read closely what he said according to the Gospel of Matthew. But as for our founding fathers, they knew the danger of religious tyranny. That is why the endorsed freedom of religion and also freedom from religion;

          • where does it say “freedom FROM religion”?

          • In the writings and the speeches of Madison, Monroe and Jefferson. Freedom from religion is that no religion should dictate what should be the laws of the US. Freedom from religious discrimination.. That has not always been the case in the United States. Originally the first amend was interpreted that there should only be freedom of religion at the federal level, not the state level. So, for example, it was illegal to build a synagogue in Connecticut until 1849. Or, that in some New England states you had to be member of the Church of Christ to hold public office or a state or city job.
            It means for those of us who are Jews, we should not be forced for follow any Christian beliefs or laws. The same is true native born Americans who are members of other religions. No religion should dictate its beliefs on everyone.
            Now, that is a lot of people who believe that there should be no freedom of religion except for Christians, and that there should be no freedom from religion.
            Think about JFK, when he was running for president, a lot of Protestant Americans were afraid that he would take orders from the Pope and act on them as President. Kennedy said in a number of speeches that he would the President of the United States, not the Catholic President of the United States and that meant not taking orders from the Pope or use the teachings of the Catholic church as the template for introduce new laws. Rick Santorum, has criticized Kennedy for taking that position. You have a lot of other Republicans who feel that there should be a kind of Christian shari’ah. Huckabee is a good example of that.

          • The 1st Amendment provides TOTAL freedom of religious belief.

          • where does it say freedom to DISbelieve? Spell it out, don’t merely assume.

          • Batter yet, in your claimed legal superiority, show us where the U.S. Supreme Court is wrong in their multiple decisions dating back decades.


          • Feel free to violate the law. I’ll happily pay the taxes needed to put your behind bars.


          • Not my interpretation, but hat of the U.S. Supreme Court.

            Multiple decisions spanning many decades.

            If you do not like their decision, I suggest you go argue with them.

            Let me know when your scheduled to present your argument. That is something I would not want to miss.

            Maybe they would allow it to be taped. Should make a rally good comedy show.

          • Davis is not a Christian.
            She dos not know the meaning of the word.

          • Judge not least ye be judged. Do you know what that scripture says or did you even know it was in the Bible?

          • Who care what the fictional bible says, only ignorant people believe there is a god.

          • Ignorant: lacking knowledge or awareness. Do you see where your post might have backfired on you? 😉

          • what a revelation that you consider Dr. Ben Carson ignorant. Says volumes about your intelligence or lack thereof. What accomplishment in your life can you point to that places you at a higher intellect than Ben Carson? What is your pedigree? Mongrel I would guess.

          • dantalbot- Your statement perfectly illustrates the difference between stupidity (you) and ignorance (Carson). Carson is not stupid, just ignorant in his “beliefs” about God. Conversely, Neil deGrasse Tyson is ignorant about performing surgery, yet is a highly intelligent person. See the difference? You’re a dumbass, because stupid people like you thrive on simplistic answers to complex questions, because, you know, thinking is like, hard and stuff.

          • You forgot the “and found wanting” part.
            I am not a member of a Christian religion, I am an agnostic.
            People like you taught me just how false Christianity and other religions are.
            The my god is better than your god is a child’s game.
            Christianity is a way of life, not a religion.
            If you ever learn that, you may “be saved”.

          • Davis is a fool

          • And a hypocrite & bigot as well.

          • With al due respect, Madame, do you?

          • Matthew 22:36-40New International Version (NIV)

            36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

            37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 38 This is the first and greatest commandment.

            39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

          • Rudy- you are another voice of reason!

          • Religion is religion.
            You are playing the game of my god is better than your god.
            So blissful.

          • Actually, Christianity is different from any other religion (though, we are closely tied to the Jewish religion). God has never required us to believe in Him through blind faith. Instead, He has provided powerful and convincing evidence of His existence from the beginning. Our faith is trusting in Him to keep His promises, accepting some things that are way outside our scope of understanding, etc. While many have heard the Gospel and indeed came to believe through faith; many others (such as myself), needed little in the way of faith to believe that He is a very real and present entity. Virtually all other religions rely exclusively on blind faith. Did Muhamad really receive a revelation from Allah or was he crazy and/or a liar who got butt hurt when the Rabbis didn’t buy his story? Are there gods for every force of nature? As a disciple of Jesus, I have barely scratched the surface of the overwhelming wealth of evidence, primarily in the Scriptures, but from other sources, as well.

          • Allah is the Arabic word for the “One God”.
            The God of Abraham and Jacob.
            The same God worshipped by Christians and Jews.
            Religion is simply an additional layer of power and control.

          • Yes and no. Muhammad did indeed, in his early years worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and he studied under the Jewish Rabbis. Whether he was genuine in his belief he had received revelation from God or not, we don’t know. But, then, as now, his “revelations,” made little or no sense and were a complete bastardization of the Scriptures. The Scriptures are not just a bunch of willy nilly fairy tales thrown into the Tanakh and Bible and changing the accounts is not so simple. The Rabbis rejected Muhammad’s claims. Infuriated, he set about to share his “revelations,” with other descendents of Ishmael and as a very charismatic fellow, recruited a vast following. Under him, they set about to slaughter the Jews who had rejected him. Sadly, the Jewish communities he set out to massacre were enemies of one another and none went to the aid of the others and all 4 groups were murdered. At that point, I believe Muhammad was no longer acting as a child of God, but an instrument for the evil that persists to this day.

          • Your history is a bit confused.
            Your knowledge of Islam is markedly lacking.

          • you mean lacking in knowing about the verse where Muhammed said “I am victorious through terror”? Or maybe you missed “smite them at their necks”? It is YOU who are totally clueless about Islam.

          • You are totally clueless — period.

            Not just one religion, but thousands of them. Especially America’s favorite — Christianity.

          • Power and control? Yes! It is about power and control! In this life, we have no real control, not over ourselves or the world around us. Everything and everyone we love can be lost in an instant. 3 years ago, a painful disease I had never heard of began destroying my ability to walk, to speak and even swallow. Is that the kind of control you mean? Power? YES! My walk with God IS about power! The naive don’t understand the tremendous power God gives us to overcome the hardships of this world. My relationship with God is the greatest source of power in human existence. We are not at the mercy of an uncertain world. We who love God and seek to know Him are blessed with the power of hope, the power of the knowledge we will not be forsaken, the power to be greater than who we are, to grow in forbearance, charity, compassion and we are not subject to the whims of our circumstances; because, we know there is more. Power and control. 🙂

          • Your do not seem to understand the tremendous power contained in the human brain. At this point in human development, we use less than 20% of our brains.

          • It is a myth that we only use 10 to 20% of our brains. This is perpetuated by Hollywood and people who use this idea to convince people they have psychic powers, can use their brain power to control physical elements, etc. It is very simple to learn the truth. If you do not want to bother going to the library; simply Google: humans only use 20% of their brain.

          • I suggest you go back to school. Take a course or two. Absorb some real information.

          • I am genuine when I say, I do not enjoy having unpleasant conversations on sites like Disqus. I do like to have my mind stimulated , share and receive knowledge. The truth is readily accessible regarding this point. It is, of course entirely up to you whether to seek it or hide from it. It is not unusual for people to hide from the truth for whatever reason. But, I won’t be enrolling in any courses that cover this. I already have, thank you.

          • You don’t need a god or gods to achieve these goals in life. You have the power to control your own life& that power comes from within . This is why I hate religion. It takes strong independent people & turns them into slaves to worship a god that doesn’t exist.

          • AKLady, the word
            “allah” comes out of an ancient Egyptian pagan practice. Mohammed adopted it as the ame of his mythical god, and it is by no means the same as Almighty Jehovah God.

          • You have been lied to.
            You have allowed bigotry to surpass truth.

            Allah is the word used for the God of Abraham.

            It has been used by Arab Christians since pre-Islamic times.

            It is also often, albeit not exclusively, used by Bábists, Bahá’ís, Indonesian and Maltese Christians, and Mizrahi Jews.

            Christians and Sikhs in West Malaysia also use and have used the word to refer to God.

            The word has no connection to ancient Egypt — none whatsoever.

          • When it comes to Muhammad, Muslims believe that he is the last of the prophets sent by God. His experiences when it comes to revelations from God are similar to what we have with the Israelite prophets. Now, it was the Rabbis who didn’t accept the claim that he was a prophet, but actually Jewish Arab tribes. Many Arabs had converted to Judaism and Christianity. Regarding the former, no on really knows how Judaism entered the Arabia peninsula or what type of Judaism. For the Jewish Arabs, they identified themselves as Jews, but when it comes to tribal customs, they were similar to the customs and laws of other Arab tribes.
            All religions are different from each other. No two religions are alike. Christianity, although originally a Jewish sect, broke away from Judaism for a number of reasons and later consciously split from Judaism, which is why Easter is not celebrated on the exact dates of Jesus’ death and resurrection, for that would always be Passover.
            One thing that does standout with Chrsitianity, and that is there are over 2,000 versions/denominations of Christianity. No other religion has so many branches. To be sure, most Christians, but not all,share a number of beliefs, but we have nothing like that when it comes to the branches of Judaism, Islam, or the many schools of Buddhism.
            For other religions, they don’t rely on blind faith; for many religions hold that other religions have important things to teach all of us. Many religions are tolerlant of others,. The two religions that are the least tolerant are Christianity and then Islam – and in that order.

          • Christianity is also based exclusively on blind faith.
            Your Jesus violates the 1st Commandment — no amount of Christian mambo-jumbo changes that fact.

          • I will respond to your 2nd statement first. This is but one of hundreds of O.T. prophecies telling of the coming of Jesus. Thou shalt have no gods before me is not violated by Jesus. If it were, God himself set it in motion. Jesus said the Father was greater than he; yet he will reign over the Earth and he sits at the right hand of God. When the kingdom had been established and the nation was resting during a time of peace, God sent Nathan the prophet to David, to speak these words to him: “When your days are fulfilled and you rest with your fathers, I will set up your seed after you, who will come from your body, and I will establish his kingdom. He shall build a house for My name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever. I will be his Father, and he shall be My son.” (II Samuel 7:12-14)

          • “I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Exodus 20:3

            “Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill.” Matt 5:17

          • and so true…Christianity is superior to the rest

          • Superior at what …teaching hate?
            Superior at what … violating the 1st Commandment?

          • Exactly!!!

          • nice try….you flunk

          • You flunked a long time ago — straight out of the human race.

          • Spoken like a true Christian & with true ARROGANCE as well. I think it’s time to come down from your throne. All that power has gone to your head. LOL!!!

          • honest arrogance is better than false modesty. You suffer from unearned arrogance.

          • Christianity is one of the great world religions; but it is still a religion. Where do you think Christianity came from? No two religions are alike. Not every religion believes in a single god , but for some the world if filled with gods. Other religions hold that was is the sacred, the absolute is not a god or gods, but a cosmic process. Other religions don’t even talk about the gods. At best they believe that it is correct to do religious rituals as if the gods exist because they recognize the sociological function of religious rituals. Getting back to Christianity, originally it was a Jewish sect with its central community living a communal existence in Jerusalem. With the recognition that their fellow Jews (the original followers of Jesus were actual Jews), couldn’t accept Jesus as the Messiah they eventually turned to pagans, nonJews, many of whom joined what is best understood as the Jesus movement.
            When the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by Rome in 70, Judaism had to reinvent itself without a temple. It was decided that there would be just one from of Judaism (no more Sadducees, Essenes, and Pharisees). That one form of Judaism would be Rabbinic Judaism. For many Jews, including Jesus’ followers, and that tled to their being expelled from their synagogues and the breaking up of homes.
            The Gospel of Matthew was created at this time and the authors of that gospel reflect their experience by quoting Jesus as saying that no one should be called Rabbi. And in Matthew, only Jesus’ opponents and Judas Iscariot call him Rabbis. This contradicts what we have in the other gospels (although in Luke you have ‘teacher’ rather than ‘rabbi’ because the author of Luke doesn’t like using semitisms).
            Thus crack is beginning to occur between Jesus’ followers and their fellow Jews. That and with bringing gentiles into a Jewish sect without them converting to Judaism becomes a real problem. Since the Christians of Judea refused to fight in the second war against Rome by the Jews, the crack is now wide open and by that time (early second century) Christianity now appears as religion completely separate from Judaism. Later on Christian leaders what a complete break and that is why Easter is rarely celebrated on the correct dates of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
            Now from that point there is a real competition between early forms of Christianity as to which one will be the orthodox form. That battle is won, for the most part in the 4th century, and those who won did so because they were more politically astute and better organized.
            Now that’s history and it is a history of a religion. When it comes to religions, they are all the creations of human beings. That’s the history of humanity. Why do you think there are books on the history of Christianity and why there are courses on the great world religions, and it includes Christianity?

          • Well, Mogan, I believe we are finding common ground in our beliefs.and I am glad! Sometimes we read a posting too rapidly, or not enough of it to make a good response. My apologies if I misread you. God bless and let’s pray for one another,for America and for peace in our torn up world!

          • We actually don’t have that much common ground, but I do appreciate where you are coming from.

          • Oooops!, Mogan. I gave you more credit than you deserve. I was hoping we might be able to find some common ground, but I guess you and I are from different worlds, Too bad! I love the world in which God is abundantly blessings. I wouldn’t trade my theology and my relationship with the Lord for yours on the worst day of my life…and that was a long time ago! I find something good in our discussion, but my efforts were futile! Still, God bless and maybe you will agree to let Jesus straighten us out and put both of us on the right course! He has made me more than content in mine. I wanted to overlook it when you said, “Now I understand.” Well…have a better life than now.

          • Sorry, you are confused.

            She was not asked to marry anyone, nor does she have the authority to do so.

            She refused to do her job — which requires her to issue marriage licenses.

          • Sorry, there is no law in existence that requires anyone to issue marriage certificates, that is an at will service of the government.

          • She is/was government.
            However, I don’t suppose you can recognize that fact.
            Issuing a marriage license is not an “at will” function of a government employee. The issuance of licenses are governed by law. She broke that law.

          • What law? She didn’t break a law. Kentucky doesn’t recognize gay marriage. She defied a liberal judges order, that is different. But who would expect a Libbie to understand the law, you don’t.

          • Wrong. Obergefell v. Hodges stuck Kentucky law. as well similar laws in Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee laws.

            The Fourteenth Amendment requires a State to license a marriage between two people of the same sex and to recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex when their marriage was lawfully licensed and performed out-of-State. Pp. 3–28.

          • A judge does not have the authority to override the majority of voters. Not even the Supreme Court. Read the Constitution.

          • I read the Constitution. You did not.

            14th Amendment.

            Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

          • That’s a start. Go ahead and read the rest and you will find the truth we have been trying to show you.

          • “…nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

            That is the truth you do not seem to be able to understand.

          • Point out the part of the 14 amendment that says there is protection for sexual preference. There is’ one.

          • Her job requires her to do so, what on earth don’t you understand? Oh yea, everything!

          • I understand that the first amendment trumps rules of businessbusiness. What part of the first amendment do you not understand?

          • I don’t understand “businessbusiness.” What is that?

          • Anyone except liberals understand “typos.”

          • Dumb dumb.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I understand the quite well, I just wonder if it’s all the in-breeding with the conservatives that accounts for them not being able to understand the Constitution. “Hey Papa, wanna cum and get some ‘o my tail?” …said Papa’s son. “Sorry, I’m doin’ yer mom and sister, get to ya later.”

          • Is businessbusiness like pizza pizza?

          • How clever of you…

          • Thanks Earl, I appreciate your comment!

          • More like liberal smibrel.

          • Wipe your ass with the bible.

          • That’s about the only thing it’s good for.

          • and what value to your ass is Islam?

          • Vicki Kuner Mattingly

            you are so very sad

          • Proud Liberal provides more proof that the Democrat party has become the Godless party of perversion and death.

          • Godless is the entire point of the 1st Amendment.
            Religion and government never shall mix in the United States.
            Your “god” is not any better than anyone else’s “god”

          • prove that statement

          • The U.S. Supreme Court has already done that.

          • How liberal. Love your HATE!

          • LMAO!!!

          • Her job is predicated on an agreement that she made with the Federal Government. Both parties of any legal agreement have a legal and ethical obligation to honor the wording of such at the time the agreement was made. If any law is changed or amended reasonable time be granted to provide opportunity to fulfill that agreement by some other means so that no person is infringed upon by that change. This is not about liberal or conservative. This is about a lady who when taking oath the law of marriage read differently than it does today. How about all those people who were married before marriage was redefined. Do you see any of them in jail? You may shout with joy now. You had better think this out. This is an assault on everyone’s freedom including your freedom.

          • She made no agreement with any “government”.
            She took a oath of office, which she then chose to violate.

          • Her oath requires her to keep the terms of her contract with the government. The oath of the government requires it to keep the terms of its contract with her. If laws are changed or amended then it is the governments responsibility to provide restitution if such a change in law requires an employee to violate what the government itself originally demanded of the employee. The only means for you to overcome this hurdle (and it doesn’t work) is to claim that the government has no obligation to keep the original legal covenant. Where are your principles? So it is your position that one party is obligated to the agreement but not the other party. Where is the wisdom? Where is the kindness?

          • She was not asked to issue a “certificate”.
            She refused to issue a license as is required/authorized by the State of Kentucky.

          • Wrong as usual.

          • She is 100% right. If you don’t know the difference , then you are one stupid person.

          • Yes, you are wrong as usual.

            “Order says Davis can’t interfere with issuing marriage licenses to legally eligible couples

            Deputy clerks began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples after Davis was jailed” CNN

          • She didn’t interfere. She became the poster girl for homo justice.

          • Keep trying. One day you will find an acorn.

          • They say ignorance is bliss.
            You seem quite blissful.
            Maybe you should learn the difference between a license and a certificate. One permits you to marry, the other documents the marriage took place.
            But, hey, details don’t matter on the right.

          • If she were a squirrel she would redefine “acorn” as “dog mess” and go forever hungry never knowing the difference. Then she would with the other squirrels about how acorns are reproduced and eventually be devoured by a dog–think a bit and it will all come to you.

          • Except squirrels aren’t gay are they? Unlike you I do think.

          • I see this schooling thing you requested of me continues to plague you. A license is a certificate. A certificate is a document or an instrument.

            Various dictionaries relate “diploma, parchment; record; warrant, writ; warranty; coupon….
            used as a transitive verb we have to testify to or authorize by a certificate;”
            There is no difference in this context between “certificate” and “license” inasmuch as a license is a certificate that authorizes “actions” “events” “rights of service” or even “recognition of relationships.” Ignorance is bliss you say to CS. In some instances it is, but there is never rest for the hateful heart. You are the one who wants a lady to not only lose her job, but the benefits she has worked for a great part of her life. Why/

          • Suggest you obtain a legal dictionary.

            A license permits something can be done.
            A certificate documents something was done.

            Why should she loose her job?

            She is a bigot.
            She violated the law.
            She violates the trust of the citizens who elected her.
            She has stated that she will continue to violate the law.

          • Again, Ak makes suggestions, insults, slings mud, but no logical rebuttal. I already have given the legal terms, but she assumes and ignores. Her distinction is uh “a license permits something can be done” whereas “A certificated documents something was done.” This distinction can be made in certain contexts and no argument was made against such. Likewise, as stated previously a certificate is a document and the distinction Ak made in a previous disagreement with another poster had nothing to do with this distinction she is making now. She keeps on with her suggestions.

            But, since you make this distinction and ask me to obtain a legal dictionary please read
            [definition of CERTIFICATE (Black’s Law …
            Definition of CERTIFICATE: A written assurance, or official representation, that some act has or has not been done, or some event occurred, or some legal …
            Did you guys read this? See the writing “that some act has or has not been done.”
            Dear, it is obvious you don’t know law; you are yourself a lawless person espousing things you know nothing about. Now take your own advice and read at least a little before you speak.

          • @752858189:disqus

            Davis refused to issue a “license”.

            I strongly suggest you increase your attention span and reading comprehension.

          • Not, at will, but based in law.
            Antidiscrimination laws is not an “at will” laws.

            Yes, there are laws requiring the issuance of marriage certificates. There are laws requiring that marriages be recorded with civil authorities.

          • No there are not laws requiring issue. Issuance means there is a possibility of non issuance. You have to comply with local/state regulations first before issuance is guaranteed otherwise license can be denied legally. Grow up

          • Please learn to read.
            Please learn the difference between a certificate and a license.

          • Please get a life and an education.

          • you liberal arts fools have too much philosophy not enough science background

          • One ignorant remark after another. Bigots are insufferably ignorant.

          • You are confused.
            She was not asked to issue a “marriage certificate”.
            You would be in ever deeper legal trouble if you refused to issue a certificate to an individual the law permits to obtain it.

          • Why does the law require a marriage certificate in the first place? That is not their concern. Personally I would quit the job as I would not want people to think I supported such. If allowing a prayer is considered endorsing a religion so is giving out permits considered endorsement of that perverted life style.

          • I don’t think she is confused. You are confusing the term “marry” in the sentence structure. First, you fail to note that the word “marry” is in parentheses. The word ‘marry” in this sentence is not being used in the sense of “perform” such as what a minister does for those wanting to be recognized as legal partners. Here the word “marry” is quite appropriate as it identifies a part of what identifies a legal marriage. It is necessary in the State of Kentucky for Davis’s name to appear on a form in order for that marriage to be legal, and as such it can accurately be said she marries them—the State of Kentucky marries them. Whatever instrumentality is necessary for that marriage to take place is a part of what or who marries them.

          • If you want to teach, go to college, get a degree and find a job. Davis only has sway in one country. She is not the only individual in that county who can issue licenses.

          • Notice, when unable to remain with the issue you insult. I made my argument with kindness and with no animosity. I never mentioned whether she was or was not the “only individual in that county who could issue a license. I made the case from the grammar an you only insult. Now, now, who needs to go to college? This isn’t about degrees; it is about honesty and fairness. I mentioned the use of the parentheses. AK didn’t answer. I mentioned how the term marry is used in the context and again no reply. Please do not feel so badly about your own education that you must insult instead of answering. Now, who needs schooling–or is it that you need a heart and a kind spirit. Why should any person who makes an oath go to jail for keeping that oath. May what you wish upon others come to you since you are convinced of your own righteousness.

          • Maybe you should invest in a legal dictionary?
            Davis’ authority is limited to a single county.
            Her actions were discriminatory.
            Her actions violated Kentucky law.
            She failed to keep her oath.
            She went to jail because she was in contempt of court.

          • Your denial rings hollow:
            ” It is necessary in the State of Kentucky for Davis’s name to appear on a form in order for that marriage to be legal”

          • You’re liberal tyranny is starting to catch up with you. f you could see through your belligerent condescending self centered arrogance you might notice America rising on the despotic establishment .

          • Now those who obey the law are liberals?
            You are very foolish.

          • What part of,”You’re liberal tyranny is starting to catch up with you. If you could see through your belligerent condescending self centered arrogance you might notice America rising on the whole despotic establishment .” didn’t you understand?

          • Your assumptions are incorrect.

          • Your denial of the reality of my statement is incorrect.

          • Your screen name is an embarrassment to America.
            Childish, foul language does not get you points.
            You are extremely immature, rude and very ignorant of facts.

          • Your post doesn’t change a thing.

          • Your screen name is an embarrassment to America.
            Childish, foul language does not get you points.
            You are extremely immature, rude and very ignorant of facts.

          • There is a system in place that permits laws to be changed.
            Law abiding individuals utilize the tools provided by law.

          • That’s funny coming from a progressive.

          • Your childish foul language is an embarrassment to America.
            Your screen name is an embarrassment to America.
            Grow up.

          • Add to that the fact that she has UNEARNED arrogance. (She has zero accomplishments, just philosophical BS, to her credits). Not much to gloat about is she?

          • AKLady, you are the one confused, homosexuals couldn’t marry until she signed their licenses, kudos to her for standing up for God.

          • 1) Separation of church and state is the law.
            2) Discrimination is illegal.

          • Clerks do not marry” anyone.

            They issue documents on behalf of their employer.

            Nothing in her religion prohibits her from completing the duties of her office.

            If she cannot do her job as is required by law, she should resign.

          • AKLady- I love all your great comments!

          • Really? We’re still waiting for just one.

          • You wouldn’t know one if it shit down your throat.

          • Exactly!!

          • Amen to that .

          • Liza, you have absolutely no critical thinking skills.

          • Liza: well said!!!

          • She’s simply trying to justify Chtistian persecution, some people think they can change God’s laws, and it’s apparent she needs to study the Bible.

          • I just want to add, it is unconstitutional to require a marriage license. I could care less what authority says its lawful. When can you call yourself a constitutional republic and free citizen when you have to ask your government for permission to marry someone. From my research there were no marriage licenses until blacks finally won what was always there’s to begin with the recognition of their right to be equal with all men here in America. The government didn’t want them marrying white women so they instituted marriage licenses.

          • The problem with your view is that marriage is more than a ceremony, because it deals with ownership of property, parental rights, etc. Marriage licenses are really contracts and fall under US contract laws. If you just had the ceremony and no license, then neither ‘spouse’ has a say legally when it comes to, for example, the medical treatment of the other. You might be forbidden to have contact with your ‘spouse’ if his or her family does not wish it. This is because you are not a legal entity. Of course, this also deals with life insurance, death benefits, social security, etc.
            For many religions marriage is not sacrament but simply a secular thing.

          • You taught me something today, Liza. I had no idea that’s where the idea of a marriage license came from. Perhaps it would be best to discontinue them altogether, and just rely on a church or judge’s certificate that says the marriage was performed, leaving it up to the discretion of each judge or clergymember whether or not he/he will perform the marriage. Then clerks like Kim Davis will no longer have to worry about this gross violation of their right to live by their faith in the workplace. (Ref. my earlier post and Title VII of the EEOC).

          • Mogan, you must realize that our FIRST and HIGHEST obligation to obey is to the Lord God! Nothing and no one else is above that! He is my supreme and eternal Lord and Master. He will ultimately reign supreme on earth and over all!

          • Go ahead and believe that. That is fine for you, but that doesn’t apply to anyone other than Christians, Muslims and Jews, and in that order.

          • What I wrote is not MY IDEAS, but what God has to say. If you don’t accept what He says, you are in deep and dangerous trouble. There is a time coming when you and all other doubters and those who object will be shown how wrong you are. I pray that you will not continue to reject God’s offer of deliverance and a life worth living into eternity!

          • Rudy, there is no god

          • So your god speaks to you?? Does he send you emails or does he text you? Maybe he calls you on your phone & leaves messages on your answering machine. Listen to how ridiculous you sound. You Christians make me laugh!!

          • She did not exercise any “religious freedom”.. She was not asked to do anything that vi0olated her beliefs.
            A license is not a marriage.
            She has not the authority to marry anyone.
            On the other hand, her job is political. I suspect she had her eyes on another one a little bit higher on the pay scale and power tree.

          • Rudy, your god is full of crapola!

          • LOL!!!!

          • Another fail by a troll.

            You guys are having aneurysms trying to justify the jailing of a Christian for exercising her religious freedom aren’t you?

            Nowhere in Christian faith does God say do not treat the needy because they have bad breath or are evil….

            I am not a theologian but I don’t think that God forbids interracial marriages either.. I think the origin of that law was some Democrat politicians listening to some racist bigot in Virginia… Kind of like what Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger was.

            God did give very clear definitions of what a marriage is, one Man and one Woman….

            Gays should be satisfied with a civil union… Or take their beefs up with God…

            Until then, it is my duty to resist unjust laws… And this is obviously an unjust law.

          • It would be fun to take the Christians out and shoot ’em all.

          • Proud fascist aren’t you. Or are you a terrorist… That is what they do.

          • Not as proud as all you idiot conservatives who want our exceptional nation to become a theocracy. Christians = Muslims

          • The liberal myth that Christians want an American theocracy makes no sense to actual Christians. We believe the Scriptural prophesies will CONTINUE to prove accurate and true and Jesus will reign here over all the Earth. We need not usurp the government or behave like Islam, killing and torturing like the terrorists. God himself will establish his authority; so your assertion that Christians and Muslims are the same is the result of an utter lack of knowledge of those you attack with your hatred and bigotry.

          • Not a terrorist, I leave that up to Christians who kill doctors and blow up Planned Parenthood buildings, set off bombs at the Olympics, the federal building in Oklahoma and want this nation to be a theocracy (a Christian one of course), etc

          • At first glance, I thought you were just a somewhat annoying, adolescent little perv-boy, but you are clearly more troubled than that. Surely you can find more constructive ways to get attention. I’m sure you possess some positive qualities. Perhaps you already contribute to the betterment of others, but maybe you could consider spending more of your time and energy helping the hungry, the homeless, the old and abandoned. Be valued for being valuable. It’s just a suggestion. Be beautiful. This stuff is ugly.

          • Actually he does. Read Deuteronomy where God forbids the israelites from marrying nonIsraelites. Deuteronomy was used to justify segregation and mixed marriages. As for God’s understanding of marriage, it was, at first, a man and multiple wives, concubines and female slaves. King David had multiple wives and Solomon had 1,100 wives and concubines. Neither was criticized by God. Solomon is criticized by the authors of the Book of Kings because many of his wives were foreign and he built chapels to their gods for them. But, not for the number.
            Plus, when it came to marriage, wives were the property of their husbands. This was not only true for the Israelites and their god, but up to the 18th century in Europe, women were the property of their husbands.
            The notion of getting married because of romantic love is something very new. For thousands and thousands of years marriages were arranged. Love didn’t enter into the equation. Marriages were about the union of two families; something too important to be left to romantic love. So, real traditional marriages are arranged marriages.
            Now, this whole thing of jailing a Christian for exercising her religious freedom is false. She went to jail for contempt of court, and that was about failing to exercise her duties as the county clerk. Now, let me ask you this – say that after she got into office she became a Christian Quaker, and so because of her beliefs she no longer handed out any gun licenses or permits. Would you support her then? Or, because of her religious beliefs she opposes drinking alcohol, and therefore no longer handled the paperwork for alcohol licenses for bars and restaurants. Would you support her?
            What is an unjust law – allowing gays the right to get married or denying them their constitutional rights. And if you think God’s laws to supersede the secular laws of the country – then go to a Muslim country that does that through Shari’ah. do you believe that the US should have ‘Christian Shari’ah’ laws? What happened to freedom from religion, as well as, freedom of religion?

          • Excellent comment!!!

          • Note that in all your examples the marriage was between man and woman. What is also consistent that God considered lying with the same sex as an abomination, and sin..

            And why was the Christian failing to exercise her duties as the County Clerk?
            Because that duty was changed by an unjust law.

            The rest of your highly improbable deflection is just that, a deflection.

            The facts are, shortly after a hubris group of 5 individuals decided to create an unjust law that changed the meaning of Marriage, Christians were jailed for exercising their freedom of religion.

            The Left has become fascist, they are intolerant to others beliefs and are going to extremes to suppress opposing views.

          • The meaning of marriage has changed through the centuries. The biggest changes was for marriages based on romantic love but perhaps even more – no fault divorces. Now, the clerk was not jailed because of her beliefs but because of contempt of court. It’s not that she is marrying people; just handing out the paper work. Now, let me ask you this – if she had become a Quaker while in office and now decides not to give out gun permits, etc. because of her religious beliefs – would you back her? I doubt it.
            When it comes the Supreme Court, you don’t like them because they ruled against your biases against gays. Or, did you dislike the Court because it was the Court that ended segregation? Did you dislike SCOT for ending laws against mixed racial marriages? Were you critical of SCOTUS affirming the Citizens United challenge or Hobby Lobby? Do you like that SCOTUS has decided that the religious beliefs of your employers supersede your own? You agreed with them?
            In addition, we are not a Christian nation, but a nation whose majority of citizens claim to be Christian. But not all Christians are behind Davis, only the fundamental, right wing Christians. Oh, and by the way, what about her filing divorce papers – isn’t divorce against the teachings of Jesus?

          • Wrong, regardless of how many people got married, it has always been between a man and a woman.

            The definition was written by Gods words….

            Your hypothetical s do not apply…. If she were a Quaker and she had been hired to hand out marriage licenses, and they changed the job to gun licenses without giving her the opportunity to keep the job she had, I would still back her.

            But in that case, the Government could easily accomodate her religious beliefs by leaving her in the position of handing out marriage licenses, and hiring somebody else that could hand out gun licenses without compromising his/her faith…

            Our laws are based on Judeo-Christian values….. We are a Christian Nation… We WERE a FREE NATION, We WERE a nation that stood up for high morals, our allies, and the downtrodden…

            That is until Liberals destroyed our morals, turned us away from God, and started destroying the Constitution in favor of slavery.

          • That’s right, the U.S. was founded on the high moral ground of standing up for the downtrodden people of color. WTF, your comments are freaking STUPID!

          • What values? Democracy? Not Christian and not Biblical, we got that from the Athenians. All men are created equal? Not in the Bible; and it was an ideal of the Enlightenment movement. Pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – that’s from the Enlightenment movement. Freedom of religion and freedom from religion? Not Christian; actually more Jewish, but not a biblical ideal – again the Enlightenment movement. Does the Constitution state that Christianity is the official religion of the United States? Is there a Church of the United States? Does this national ever follow Jesus’ teachings? Such as turning the other cheek and loving your enemies? Were we good Christians when slavery was legal? Was it on Christian principles when we attempted to commit the genocide of Native Americans? Andrew Jackson started the whole thing but saying the only good Indian is a dead Indian.
            Now, we were not set up as a Christian nation. The founding fathers knew the danger of religious tyranny as well as political tyranny. Both Jefferson and Madison didn’t want military or congressional chaplains. George Washington hardly ever went to church and was not noted for prayer. Thomas Paine, one of our founding fathers, was an atheist.
            And, by the way, there is no such thing as Judeo-Christian values. Judaism and Christianity are diametrically opposed to each other not only on religious beliefs but when it comes to ethics. All the branches of Judaism support abortion; all branches of Judaism don’t believe that fetuses are human beings and they have no problem with embryonic stem cell research. To be sure, individual Jews might disagree with their own faith; just as many Christians do, but all the branches Judaism affirm a woman’s right to choose.
            Yes, America was once great; we fought in moral wars; and made great advancements, but it is not the liberals that caused us to falter, but small minded people who only what their cut of pie. We have few leaders that challenge us to sacrifice for the greater good. As a nation we didn’t fight the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Only 1% of us did. Only 1% of us truly suffered. When people thanks those who service for their duty and sacrifice, what they are thinking it is thank god my son and daughter didn’t join the military. Remember, we didn’t really pay for the war. This was the first war that taxes were not raised to pay for it. The government didn’t count the war when it came to the deficit because we borrowed and used discretionary funds. In the end, 99% were told and continue our lives – just keep on shopping. And what do we do? We bought it. Of course, it didn’t help that we didn’t have much in news coverage. Who was doing all of this? Just liberals. No, thank the Republicans the NeoCons who claimed that the Iraq war would last only three months and it would pay for itself. We were told that we definitely knew that Saddam had a nuclear program and talked about the threat of mushroom clouds and other weapons of mass destruction. None of it was true.
            As for Iran, it became more powerful because we got rid of Saddam who was keeping them in check. Then we mismanaged the Ba’athists in Iraq and so ISIS appears in 2007. At the same time those of us who volunteered to be translators because we knew Arabic, if we were registered Democrats, we were rejected because U.S. Arabic translators had to Republicans loyal to Bush. And of course, if you were gay but fluent in Arabic, rejection also.

          • I’d love to lay with you in a 69….yummy!

          • God did say to never feed those with bad breath or conservative ideas.

          • She was willing to support the law, AS IT EXISTED when she took her oath of office. The Supreme Court made their ruling after her election and investiture as County Clerk. The Supreme Court did NOT create a law, they issued an opinion that they believe that the existing law in Kentucky was not in accord with the Constitution. It is up to the Kentucky legislature to pass new laws that conform. Conversely, the people of the US have the authority to codify the belief that marriage is between a man and a woman, by amending the Constitution, something that should not be undertaken lightly, but with adequate thought and contemplation. The function of the Supreme Court is to interpret laws to ensure that they conform to the strictures of the Constitution. Their job is not to re-interpret the English language, and give new meaning to words that have been in common use for over 1000 years.

          • Then we should still have segregation. After all, it was the Supreme Court that ended segregation by calling it unconstitutional. There should still be a ban on mixed racial marriages because SCOTUS found that unconstitutional. SCOTUS didn’t create any new laws when it came to same sex marriages, they recognized the constitutionality for same sex marriages, just as they did for mixed racial marriages. By the way for over a thousand years, marriages were always arranged – understanding that it is not a couple that is joining but two families, and the decision was too important for a couple to make that decision. And during that same time, wives were seen as the property of their husbands and any possessions they owned because the property of their husbands. I guess you would want to go back to that.
            Plus, if there is one thing that truly affected the concept of marriage – no-fault divorces, which was opposed by many Christians and Orthodox Jews.

          • So which line in the Constitution or bill of rights gives the right of sexual preference? NONE, I thought so.

          • The Declaration of Independence
            “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

          • I know this, where did it mention sexual deviency? Not I’m what you quoted.

          • Do you consider hermaphrodites a deviancy?

            Maybe, I should ask if you even know what hermaphrodites

          • Do they have sex with themselves? No? Then they have a medical deformity, something that CAN be corrected. Just like homosexuality is a disease

          • Homosexuality is not a disease.
            It is a normal variation.
            Get over the bigotry and hate.

          • DISEASE, YES!

          • I think I should ask you. Do you think dual sexual organs are natural? If so why don’t all of us have them? Because it isn’ t normal.

          • Normal and natural are two very different subjects. Suggest you take a few biology classes.

          • AKLady nailed it! You are so right!

          • By their Creator, WHO?

          • Whichever one you care to recognize. There is no religious preference in our government documents.

          • The Civil Rights Act of 1866
            The Civil Rights Act of 1964
            The Civil Rights Act of 1991

          • Wrong. None of those acts addressed sexual deviants.

          • Homosexuality is a variation documented in 1,500 mammalian species. It is a normal gender variation .
            Genetic tags have been identified.
            Religious bigotry and ignorance simply does not carry any weight in the 21st Century.

          • Genetic tags have been identified in Germany and UK that contribute to brain deviations in all homosexuals, leading it to be the ONE common denominator for all homosexuals, male and female, so bully to you also.

          • IS your remark supposed to be an insult?

          • Only to idiots.

          • Where have you been for the last two months … jail?

          • Rehab…………

          • Call it as I see it, Probably A$$HOLES Anonymous…….

          • Wrong

          • Maybe you should try reading them?

          • You thought wrong. Get an education.

            14th Amendment

            Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

          • Did not see any wording protecting deviant sexual choices, neither did you.

          • Homosexuality is not a deviance.
            It is a natural variation found throughout the animal kingdom.

          • Right! It is a deviance, sorry. By your reasoning child molesters are normal also, since they are born that way. You do know animals also kill their young so I guess we do that also? The difference being that we have a reasoning brain to know better, maybe you don’t.

          • It still doesn’t guarantee sexual preference.

          • Actually, segregation came about because of Plessy v. Ferguson, another hare-brained Supreme Court decision. It was NOT part of the Constitution, either.

          • Plessey was not the cause.

            Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537 (1896), was a landmark United States Supreme Court decision upholding the constitutionality of state laws requiring racial segregation in public facilities under the doctrine of “separate but equal”.

          • It is nice to see the left calling for segregation openly..

            Conservative knew the left was the only place racism exists. And now you have proven it.

          • I’m liberal and believe in segregation; all conservatives should be relegated to Alabammy and fenced off with no food or water.

          • You are a troll, bigot and a liberal…

            They seem to go hand in hand these days.,

          • Yes, I’m a proud bigoted liberal troll. I’d love to go hand in hand with you and skip down the road to perdition.

          • Plus, if a law changes while you are in office, you don’t get to pick and choose.

          • The president can, so shall we

          • Again, your level of ignorance screams out at the world.

            You have no idea what the laws against discrimination entail.

            You are also totally ignorant of what Presidential powers are provided by the US Constitution.

            God help America. You and your fellow ignoramuses are destroying
            this country.

          • Ha. Sweetie, I studied the Constitution for over thirty years, your comments prove to the world that not only are you a progressive liberal but an idiot on top of all that. Good luck in your made up world.

          • Good luck with your made up world and insults.
            Law for 30 years, maybe.
            Constitution? That is a joke.

          • No, the joke here is how brainless you are for your liberal progressive agenda.

          • God help America. You and your fellow ignoramuses are destroying this country.

            God help America. You and your fellow ignoramuses are destroying this country.

            God help America. You and your fellow ignoramuses are destroying this country.

            God help America. You and your fellow ignoramuses are destroying this country.

          • Sorry, but I do.

          • The joke is in your mirror, sorry

          • Where have you been for the last two month…jail?

          • You studied the constitution for 30-years and didn’t learn a thing! Typical wingnut!

          • Learned more than you ever will, typical lib puss.

          • Let’s rub our pussy’s together.

          • Bring it on

          • Learned way more than you. Heck, my dog knows more than you.

          • Yes, Mogan, we do still have a choice. It might bring us a jail sentence and perhaps verbal abuse by others, but it a difficult choice to make but a real choice!

          • No, you do not have the right to discriminate.

          • One must hold true to ones morals. This is way beyond supporting a law, this is defying the word of God.

            When Mans laws become unjust. it is our duty to resist.

            “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”
            ― Thomas Jefferson

          • “One must hold true to ones morals.” Absolutely…the morals of non-believers outweigh those of believers of a fictional god.

          • It is obvious why you are being used by the left.

          • Oh MAHB001, you’re such a tool…being used by the right! Unscrew your head from the cesspool of silly religious dogma and think of something original.

          • No conflated excuses will change what that women did.
            Discrimination has been unlawful since the 1960s.

          • Then you shouldn’t discriminate against her should you.

          • Your ignorance of the law is immense.
            If it was not so sad, it would be somewhat funny.

          • Your this funny one here. Odd you know that the federal government has no legal rights to interfere with state law? Try studying the Constitution a little. That document only gave Federals power over international adventures. Lincoln corrupted the law of the land in the 1800s and we never recovered

          • Your ignorance of the law is immense.
            If it was not so sad, it would be somewhat funny.

          • Your ignorance is astounding.

          • I repeat, where have you been for the last two months?

          • Please explain that outlandish remark.
            I am in no way involved with her criminal action.
            Yes, CRIMINAL. Discrimination is illegal. It is a crime.

          • When the law Changed, the she should have resigned as she ended up violating the public trust.

          • she just should have bought her own judge, there are plenty for sale out there

          • Can’r argue with you on that one.

          • What trust? The law did not change, only the interpretation of it, which was illegal.

          • You would not recognize a fascist if one stood ion front of your and slapped you in the face.

            You simply enjoy insulting people. Everyone knows that fact.
            Pulling your chain is something people like to do.

          • I enjoy putting it to liberals. Everyone knows that fact.

            It is not hard to see fascism these days, thanks to the left and the LGBT community. They have to come out of the shadows in order to advance their socialist objectives.

            There is a saying that I believe in… What goes around comes around….

            Liberals are getting what they asked for, I will no longer sit on the sidelines and watch liberal bullies cover the truth with their insults, lies and deceptions.

            There is nothing uglier than liberal mob mentality in action.

          • Your post is a prime admission of hate and bigotry.
            Everyone knows someone just like you.
            Your ignorance is an embarrassment to America.

          • “I enjoy putting it to liberals.” We all know what “”it” means right? Your tallywacker!

          • When the law became unjust, her employer should have renegotiated the contract… That is what civilized people do.

            Firing someone for not obeying it is you that changed the job description is very fascist, don’t cha think?

          • Well MAHB,
            That was a very liberal reply. One could construed it as appropriate if Kim Davis was an employee who was employed at will or by contract. By Kim David was an elected official who was voted into an office that I Suspect was very well defined regarding the specific duties as required by the office holder.

            I don’t live in the great state of Kentucky, but I would be willing to bet there might even have been an oath that she might have pledged when she took office.

            I’m a libertarian and my core values say that if you don’t want to do the job, then perhaps you need to find another job.

            Do you call that Fascist MAHB?

          • No, that was a very compassionate and Christian reply. Of which liberals are either.

            Have you asked Kim Davis’s constituents why they elected her? (NO).
            So how do you know they are upset? (You don’t)

            How do you know she betrayed the public trust? (you don’t)

            What is fascists is the Lefts intolerance and bigotry to anybody that dares not to think along the lines of the collective.

            What is fascist is jailing someone for being a conscientious objector, and following their religious beliefs.

            What is fascist is a group of 5 ideologically liberal judges that have the hubris to believe they can dictate to BILLIONS of Christians throughout the world that their God was wrong about the meaning of the word marriage.

            What is unkind is the way the left suggests that she should quit her job, and hit the road.

            BTW, you lie when you say that you are a libertarian, libertarians value individual freedom, and small government. What you are is a liberal with no credibility…

          • Well MABH,

            That would be a rather sufficient reply if you knew the answers to those questions, yet you don’ well, so that really neutralizes your argument completely.

            “BTW, you lie when you say that you are a libertarian, libertarians value individual freedom, and small government. What you are is a liberal with no credibility”

            That is exactly what I stand for and you’re the one who suggest that an employer should redesign her job to match her moral interest.

            You sir are the fraud!

          • So I think we can agree that the fascists assume one thing and put her in jail. The actions you and your comrades on the left take are fascists.

            Have you read the libertarian platform… Perhaps you should… Directly from the Libertarian platform…

            “As Libertarians, we seek a world of liberty; a world in which all
            individuals are sovereign over their own lives and no one is forced to
            sacrifice his or her values for the benefit of others.

            We believe that respect for individual rights is the essential
            precondition for a free and prosperous world, that force and fraud must
            be banished from human relationships, and that only through freedom can
            peace and prosperity be realized.

            Consequently, we defend each person’s right to engage in any activity
            that is peaceful and honest, and welcome the diversity that freedom
            brings. The world we seek to build is one where individuals are free to
            follow their own dreams in their own ways, without interference from
            government or any authoritarian power.”
            I ask you, are the actions of the Gays peaceful? (no) Are the actions of the Liberals that fan the fires of dissent peaceful? (no)

            The correct answer is those actions are those of fascists. The Gay couple could easily seek other courts that would give them what they think they want.

            By the very definition of Marriage handed down by God, gays can not be married. You act as if this one clerk is the ONLY one that thinks this way….

          • Fascists are right wing and comrades are left wing, yet you conflate them as being the same thing…fool.

          • Nazi were Socialist Democrats, before they were Fascists…. The only reason people called them right wing was because they longed for the good old days of German strength…..

          • Your statement makes absolutely no sense, you don’t realize that do you?

          • Mahb the hard headed, You obviously have some comprehension problems!

            “As Libertarians, we seek a world of liberty’

            America’s Heritage

            Libertarians believe in the American heritage of liberty, enterprise, and personal responsibility. Libertarians recognize the responsibility we all share to preserve this precious heritage for our children and grandchildren.

            Free and Independent

            Libertarians believe that being free and independent is a great way to live. We want a system which encourages all people to choose what they want from life; that lets them live, love, work, play, and dream their own way including the First Amendment.

            Caring For People

            The Libertarian way is a caring, people-centered approach to politics. We believe each individual is unique. We want a system which respects the individual and encourages us to discover the best within ourselves and develop our full potential.

            Principled; Consistent

            The Libertarian way is a logically consistent approach to politics based on the moral principle of self-ownership. Each individual has the right to control his or her own body, action, speech, and property. Government’s only role is to help individuals defend themselves from force and fraud.


            1.4 Personal Relationships

            Sexual orientation, preference, gender, or gender identity should have no impact on the government’s treatment of individuals, such as in current marriage, child custody, adoption, immigration or military service laws. Government does not have the authority to define, license or restrict personal relationships. Consenting adults should be free to choose their own sexual practices and personal relationships.

            1.5 Abortion

            Recognizing that abortion is a sensitive issue and that people can hold good-faith views on all sides, we believe that government should be kept out of the matter, leaving the question to each person for their conscientious consideration.

          • Bob666, I think MAHB001 may be thinking of librarians and not libertarians.

          • I’m of the opinion through astute observation and interaction, that MAB does not form or preset a coherent thought.

          • “We want a system which encourages all people to choose what they want from life (must be Christians); that lets them live, love (no same sex), work (no unions), play (never with themselves), and have wet dream in their own way”

          • Yet with all that “liberty” on your mind, you celebrate the jailing of Christians(and there will be more), even though the gay couple had many other less intrusive choices….

            Where is the tolerance in that?

            Yet I am hard headed because I fight for her right to practice her religion.

            Hypocrites are not worth listening to. They are worse than liars as they actually lie to themselves.

          • You really do live in an altered state of reality don’t you Mahb?

            In My country (13th of of 15 generations fighting in every military conflict since the revolutionary war), One of my ancestors signed a little document sent to the king of England telling him to politely stick where the sun don’t shine.

            Many of his friends came up with a little document that has ten amendments and first is quite specific:

            First Amendment – Religion and Expression. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

            No one had denied Kim Davis the right to “practice her religion”, so put on your big girl panties and get a grip on life.

            What has been done was to limit a self centered hypocrite from imposing her morals on the citizens of Kentucky by ignoring the law of the land.

            Believe what you want, as it appears you common little in common with actual reality.


          • The government is her employer you fool.

          • If you can’t even comprehend the fallacy of your “So what.” comment, you’ll never understand basic civics. Bet you’re thinking; “So what if I don’t understand basic civics?”

          • Exactly.
            Freedom of religion is the law. She may not force her beliefs on others.

          • Yes, because there is no only freedom of religion but also freedom from religion, contrary to Santorum.

          • Very true, but no one else should be ale to force his/her beliefs on her either.

          • Separation of church and state is the law.

            If her “religion” prevents her from complying with law, she needs to resign or change jobs — end of story.

            She could have simply had one of the other clerks handle the business that offended her. Instead she wanted to make a name for herself.

          • You forget these immortal words that both Congerss and the Supreme Court seem to disregard. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” I direct you most importantly to the first two of these clauses. “Congress shall make no law…” Let’s stop right there for a moment, shall we? It is Congress, the Legislative Body in this country that was designed to make the laws, NOT the Executive branch (much to Barry’s chagrin), and not the Judiciary, a/k/a, in this instance, the Supreme Court. It wasn’t until they decided Marbury v. Madison and gave themselves the power of Judicial Review that the bench began to determine the Constitutionality of the laws enacted by Congress. Lately, this unintended oligarchy has way overreached (as has the “President” with all his Executive Orders), violating the 10th Amendment, and now attempting to destroy the 1st as well. Our most cherished freedoms are in that first amendment, as you see written above.

            Speaking of which, let us continue. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, as anyone who has ever read the Mayflower Compact or the Declaration of Independence can tell you. Over the years, several Supreme Court decisions, Murray v. Curlett, Roe v. Wade, and now Obergefell, have increasingly removed the God of the Bible from American society, substituting another religion entirely–humanism. It wasn’t bad enough that Obergefell was unethically decided, with two justices who should have recused themselves from the vote because while the case was under consideration, they actually performed homosexual “marriage” ceremonies–thereby making them less than impartial. Humanism is now the State religion–totally unconstitutional. And finally, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” Yet Kim Davis was incarcerated because she chose to defend her religious conviction that the practice of homosexuality is a sin. American citizens should not have to check their faith at the door of their workplace. Yet this liberal judge, who like the activist Supreme Court Justices, chose to legislate from the bench (which NONE of them had any business doing) deprived this young lady of her religious liberty, in direct violation of the cherished words we have just expounded. Yes, I stand with Kim Davis, and with any other American who believes that our religious freedom is sacrosanct, and is not afraid to engage in civil disobedience to preserve what God, through our Founding Fathers established for us.

          • I forget nothing. Separation of church and state is well-established in case law.

            Laws must be enforced impartially. They cannot be filtered through individual religious beliefs. Chaos would run rampant.

            Nothing in that Clerk’s religion prevented her from issuing a license, as was her job to do. She was not being asked to perform the marriage ceremony. She could easily have had one of the other employees provide the service.

            If her religion stands in the way of her properly filling the office to which she was elected, she should resign — period.

          • Are you honestly this dense? She is the victim , not the gay activist. Her name is on the form which means she condones the practice if she signs it.

          • She is an elected official.
            This was a publicity stunt.
            It may have backfired.

          • I agree, the gay couple used this for publicity and nothing else. The couple who flew from sanfrancisco to get married in KentuckyKentucky was just for publicity. No law in existence will ever stop hetro’s from disliking homos. Can’t be done.

          • Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

          • So you are stupid enough to think they just woke up and said ” lets fly across the country to Kentucky to get married because it would be cheaper? That tells me all I need to know about you, all false.

          • Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

          • I don’t. You do.

          • Prove me wrong, you can’t.

          • No nered for me to do that. You prove it very well, all on you own.

          • Smith,

            “She is the victim” Really?

            How much crack did you smoke to come up with that one?

          • Less than you.

          • Never touched the stuff, I hoped that you would claim that she’s a victim while your under the influence of something..

          • You just inhaled it, right.

          • You should know, we used your pipe

          • “Separation of Church and State” can be found nowhere in the text I cited above. You may wish to reread it. That phrase came from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to some Connecticut Baptists who were worried about government interference in one’s religious practices, NOT the other way around. What President Jefferson was trying to reassure them of is that because of the establishment clause, the government would not be permitted to stick its nose into the way we live out our respective faiths in our daily lives–and that includes the workplace.

          • You can argue until you are blue in the face.

            Freedom of religion speaks to the PRIVATE practice of religion.

            The phrase may come from Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist Church, however the Founding Father’s intent is clearly visible in the laws themselves.

            The First Amendment creates the separation of church and state, just as the first three articles of the Constitution create the three equal branches of our government.

          • This is the problem with liberals, they don’t understand the concept of believing in something.

          • Believing is one thing.

            Forcing your beliefs on someone else is a totally different story.

            With your point of view, racial discrimination would still be legal.

            Your point of view is the reason women still suffer pay discrimination.

          • See how wr

          • The problem with you is; you actually believe the dribble that you post!

          • I don’t believe, I know. Unlike you I didn’t have to have someone to tell me how to think and what to think, I did my own research something you know nothing about.

          • OK,
            Care to share some of “that there research”?

          • I don’t do lazy liberals. Get your own

          • I don’t believe, I know.

          • I believe we understand what you “think” you know.

          • She was just craving attention, because she wasn’t getting any from her husband. She probably has a boyfriend on the side. Don’t know for sure, but it is possible. After all, look how many times she was married & divorced. She makes a great poster child for the Christian community. Do you think they will make her a saint when she passes away? LOL!!!

          • She is on husband #4.
            Two of her children were fathered while she was committing adultery.

          • independent thinker

            Nor may others force their beliefs on her.

          • Nor can they force their beliefs on her.

          • Child, it does not work that way.
            As County Clerk, she embodies government.
            As “government” she may not discriminate based on personal beliefs.

          • You are wrong in that belief.the passing of laws promoting religion is illegal. It does not say we can’t show our beliefs in our daily lives. I am offended by a government that prohibits public display of my beliefs on public property that everyone’s taxes pay for.

          • If you want to do it your way, open your own business.

            If you want to represent a religious entity, work for a religious entity.

            When you work for the government, you are a representative of government.

            When you work for an employer, you are a representative of the employer.

          • God forced his dogma on her…and he made her one ugly bitch (as in DOGma).

          • Since you are so superior to us why do you even bother to comment to us lowlifes? By your post I would venture to ass ume you are one ugly mofo!

          • Because I am GOD and I am ugly!

          • Damn, what is your excuse then?

          • No excuses for loving you like a man loves another man.

          • LMAO, RIIIIIIIGHT!

          • Not nearly as ugly as any liberal

          • So, if our government passed a law demanding all religious beliefs be honored, you would approve of applications by satan worshipers to sacrafice puppies? How about granting a marriage license to a 50 year old muslim man and an 8 year old muslim girl? People are not robots, and everyone has the right to determine what their conscience will or will not allow them to do.

          • Satanists don’t sacrifice puppies; teenagers do. Satanism is a legitimate religion and actually one of the most ethical. As for the whole thing about 50 year old Muslims and 8 year old girls, we are not dealing with the 6th century, where you become a fully fledge adult at the age of 14 for males and 13 for females. There are states that allow minors, including 13 year old girls to marry, depending on the situation. Besides go to Genesis where the prince of Shechem wants to marry Jacob’s daughter, Dinah, who is six years old, but he ends up raping her. Now, you are right that every one has the right to determine what their conscience will or will not allow them to do, but if you have sworn to uphold the laws of your country, but your own religious beliefs don’t allow you do so, then resign.
            Now, let me ask you this – what if our Kentucky clerk became a Quaker in office, and therefore decided not to provide any gun permits, would you defend her actions or call for her resignation? What if she became Roman Catholic in office and then denied the filing of divorce papers, would you support her? What is her deeply held religious beliefs are against mixed racial marriages or mixed religions marriages, and does not provide marriage licenses – would you support her? If you are not nonpublic official you can freely discriminate. The other day a pediatrician refused to treat a child because he had two mommies. He has a perfect right to do that because he is not a government official, but not her. And remember she is just handing out paperwork; she is not marrying any one and she is not forced to go to the wedding or bake them cake, for that matter.

          • Your first two sentences are just absolutely ridiculous. Didn’t read beyond them because I’m sure it is more of the same. No time for hog wash.

          • No shit ‘ that guy is messed up ‘ How he came up with DINAH being 6 years old is really funny ‘ must have had a good meth trip on that one.

          • The age comes up when dealing with the chronology of the story in relate to Jacob’s life. Sol, that makes her approximately 6 years old. Remember, at that time you are a full fledged adult at 14 for a male and 13 for a female. Remember, life expectancy is about to 35-40 years when you are in the 18th century b.c.e.

          • Yeah ‘ never thought of it that way.

          • We do normally forget that when we dealing with people way in the past, life was different. Even when we go back to the time of the Civil War, the average soldier’s height was 5’7′ due to overall malnutrition and you normally lived until your 50’s.

          • Morgan, yours is a very interesting post. Where did you get your information about Dinah’s age? I’ve scoured the Bible trying to find out what happened to her after the incident, and I don’t recall it mentioning whether she was 6, 16, or 26–or any other age, for that matter. I would love to follow up on that. Can you tell me where to look?

          • It is based on how old Jacob, her father, was at the time of the narrative in Genesis. So as to where the story is positioned, Dinah would be six or seven. For any resources, you can go to the Anchor Bible Dictionary by Oxford Press; along with that there are a number of good commentaries on Genesis and I give you some titles of scholarly introduction to the Hebrew Bible. What is kind of fascinating about the story is that Jacob is so much in the background, as if he is already elderly, but he is not. The focus is not even on Dinah but on her two full-blood brothers, Simeon and Levi and the slaughter of the Shechemites. Bible scholars believe that the story is more connected to the so-called conquest of Canaanite or in the time of the Tribal Confederacy, roughly the middle of the 12th century b.c.e., and that it was at that time that the city of Shechem was taken over by the Israelites. That would explain why Joshua has possession of the city and no account as how he possessed it. The reason being that it had previously been conquered by the Siemonites and Levites.

          • Thank you. I’ll check that out.

          • You’re welcome. There is also the The Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible. The Anchor dictionary came out in the early 90’s. It is for scholar and student alike, although some of the articles had more of an eye on scholars. The Interpret’s Dictionary of the Bible is older, but still used by scholars and was created with an eye on students, etc.
            For good introductions to the Hebrew Bible, there is Michael D. Coogan, The Old Testament: A Historical and Literary Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures. This intro has little in the way of any bias. A real classic and one that most biblical scholars ‘grew up with is Bernard Anderson’s Understand the Old Testament; must be in its fifth edition by now. This is a very good one; the only flaws is that he occasionally uses the New Testament for examples. Just for an additional third – Henry Jackson Flanders, Jr., Robert Wilson Crapps, David Anthony Smith, People of the Covenant: An Introduction to the Hebrew Bible, Like Coogan and the Anchor Dictionary, it is also from Oxford Press. I don’t know whether it is still in print or not. Little bit more detailed that Coogan and Anderson. I would list their priority as Anderson, then Falnders, et al., and then Coogan. Coogan is probably the most used by colleges and universities. There are others that are pretty good.
            When it comes into introductory books, one needs to know whether the authors are academic scholars,of religion or ‘religious’ scholars. The difference is that the latter have from the outset theological agendas and purposes rather than pure scholarship.

          • Oh another sick troll. It was not part of he job ti issue dog tags for rabid animals(queers) when she was elected. She violated no law or her oath. She has the same rights as those sick fcks that target her. They can take their crap to the nigger house and the gay Muslim vacationing golfer can license them. As an EMT you are only sworn to do no further harm. These queers were already sick before their new illness or injury. There is nothing in the bible against interracial marriage or marriage between different religions.

          • I’m not the troll; you are. The typical racist troll. Since I see you are so phobic about gays, that you have some personal issues, evidently.

          • Really ? Why don’t you ask those here I or you are the troll? How am I racist?

          • Q. How do you know if a guy is gay?
            A. When your blowing him and there’s shit on his shaft.

          • You are really sick. Go away demon.

          • I wipe my ass with your bible.

          • I am a Confederate American. Please do NOT uses the “N” word. Thanks.

          • I bet in your heart of hearts, you would love to be sucking some big ‘ole Mandingo’s stiff shaft! But could your mouth handle all the cum? Bet it could!

          • Thank you for mentioning that, Ms. Stevens. I was going to, because I know some wonderful African/Caribbean-American individuals, including the love of my life, two of my quasi-adopted sisters, and several other close friends. That word offends me, too–right to the core, just as other racial slurs do.

          • I’d love to grease up your ahole and pump you!

          • You forgot that the supreme court illegally approved same sex marriage.
            You also forgot that the approval did Not make it Law and judge Bunning violated Kim Davis’s constitutional rights by trying to force her to obey something that did not exist.
            There is No law that requires someone to do same sex marriage That was Only a recommendation. The activists judges Cannot make Any Laws, that includes the Supreme Court.
            Religious Freedom is 24/7!

          • Believe what you want. If you want to change the law, call your congressman. Until that time, it is the law of the land and she was in contempt of court. If she had a problem enforcing the law (which was her job to do) then she should have resigned.

          • Her protected right to religion came before the right to perversion.

          • Then she should have resigned her position instead of sucking at the government tit and acted out on her own time on her own dime. As an elected official, she does not have the right to cherry pick the people that she serves

          • There, you finally brought out my point, SHE HAS NO RIGHTS IN AMERICA. Thank you.

          • Kim Davis has exactly the very same rights that you and I do, No more and No less.

            As an elected official-she had specific responsibilities that she was derelict in performing.

            “No man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man’s permission when we ask him to obey it.” – Theodore Roosevelt

          • Now, repeat that quote to holder, Obama and every dimocrat in office

          • Kim Davis is one ugly person and therefore I decree she has no rights.

          • Neither do you so now what? You lose the ugly war. She’s 100% prettier than you will ever be.

          • I am GOD and the ugliest of all!

          • I agree on the ugliest part.

          • All done before she re-dedicated her life to God.

            God forgives those who ask for forgiveness.

            Are you saying that once a sinner always a sinner and you can not be redeemed?

          • I’m saying that when I elect a person to represent me and perform in a function of government, their entire purpose in that position is to me and EVERY constituent they represent, Not impose their religious or moral values at will.

            Would you feel the same way if She had found Allah instead of Christ and was denying your wife a drivers license because of a conflict with Sharia law?

          • You must be smart enough to realize that you are comparing apples to oranges. But, as a liberal, you really don’t care…

            Lets put this in terms that you might be able to understand.

            Lets say you got a job working for George Soros copying and posting liberal stuff from his web sites on to conservative web sites with the intent to disrupt the conversation at all costs…

            And then one day Soros walks in as says, I want you (Bob the devil) to stop writing disruptive stuff on conservative posts, I want you to post nice things about conservatives, and I want you to start kissing their arses, not figuratively, I mean really, kiss their arses……

            WTFO, the old man just changed your job description….You might want to quit, but it is the only one you have ever had, copy and posting is all you know… You have a second option…. Negotiate.

            So you go to Soros and say. Big guy, you know I love kissing your arse, and I really love this job… I don’t understand what I am copying anyway, so change the message to whatever you want, but this kissing of Conservatives arses…. That really is against my morals, and I don’t want to sully the Bob666 brand name….

            So, can I change my name to Reality Check, and let him do the Conservative arse kissing?

            Just trying to help a liberal understand. Hope this doesn’t offend anyone.

          • Could it be that you just love arguing with people? I’m quite certain this is more to life than that of being an internet troll.

          • I will not let a troll post lies…

            I can no longer sit on the sidelines and let the trolls control public opinion with their lies.

          • Well MAHB,
            looking at your various post, you are the shear definition of a forum Troll!

          • Butt you are the troll, that that sink in to your ahole.

          • MAH, his screen name says it all “Bob666”. His standards are low, so when he breaks them, no problem. A Christian’s standards are high, so when they break them they are a hypocrite. Bob and his dullard friends believe that if your doctor is fat and challenges you to lose weight, he is a hypocrite AND THEREFORE HIS ADVICE CAN BE DISCOUNTED. That is the fundamental stupidity of liberals.

          • God is the creator of everything, therefore he created the devil. Therefore GOD = 666

          • God666

          • I think your point is well made, i.e., in dealing with example, but you are leaving out an important variable that Jesus Christ hold, forgiveness. Remember the woman caught (so called) in adultery? People have a tendency to rate “SIN” on a scale, GOD does not. There are private sins and public (social) sins. Death is the out come of all sin only to be forgiven by Grace, Christs death for my death, my death for His life. Private sins may never be brought to view in this life, however in the Judgement NOTHING is left unturned. Public (social) sins are the same, but a bit different. Depending on the evil of the people and the Grace and Mercies of GOD, He chooses the time, remember Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah,

            Moses at Sinai, the rebellion of Israel, and many others? God wishes ALL to repent…when they don’t His Holiness takes over and the darkness will flee even though it be confederated with the evil one. If Kim is a true Christian (not Perfect) my advice is to all, don’t mess with God’s anointed (children) like any good father, He knows how to take care of His own.

          • And take care of his own he will, but not in the form of our government.

          • You left out one point Mike, Bob666 can be forgiven also and all he has to do is repent and ask God for his forgiveness. 666 is not a Christian number, so if it ain’t, then it only comes from one other entity, Satan.

          • You left out one point Jesse, You have no earthly clue as to what you’re talking about.

          • God = 666 One and the same!

          • Whatever her marriage and divorce history is, that doesn’t change the fact that the BIBLE staunchly only sanctions marriage between one man and one woman, and every leftist SCOTUS judge who voted for Same-Sex Marriage needs to be vilified by the American people until they resign their “lifetime appointment” positions on the bench!

            The 29-page opposing decision written by Chief Justice John Roberts needs to be read by every decent American, because it’s brilliant, it’s true, and it’s utterly tragic that others sitting on the bench are too liberally-brainwashed to understand what damage they have done!

          • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

            Do I need to get a crayon to explain the First Amendment to you?

          • The Bible = B.S.

          • Repeat that line in the afterlife, to those who matter, and see how well it flies! Chances are you’ll have as much chance of entering heaven as a wingless chicken has of reaching the moon!

          • There is no heaven you fool!

          • So much for her being a true Christian. More like a true hypocrite & bigot!!

          • Yea, that’s kind of my take of Kim Davis.

          • Why did God make her so homely and who in their right mind (ha ha…get it?) would lay with her and do the nasty? God that would be nasty? She’s as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside.

          • Not only that, but Justices Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsburg should have recused themselves before the vote since they had performed homosexual “marriage” ceremonies while this matter was under consideration in the Supreme Court. Since they did not, the vote was unethical, and should be ignored. Had they recused themselves, the remaining Justices would have had a 3-2 vote in favour of traditional marriage.

          • Why not consider her actions as complying with State Law, and its overwhelming KY-people support (75%) against an illegal and obvious over-reaching SCOTUS? And to answer your final question, if 75% of the constituents in a state vote for you to ban those marriages, and it is also against your religion, then yes deny the licenses.

          • Because state law doesn’t supersede federal law. Following your argument, there would still be segregation in Kentucky, et al.

          • Funny, the states have always had the power over Federals such as the Constitution granted. Haven’t found a liberal yet that understands why our forefathers didn’t want a federal or central government

          • Equality is the law. Has been since 1964.
            A law passes to ban same-sex marriage would be struck down by the Supreme Court.

          • Should you allow 5 people to redefine marriage for 320 million people?

          • The definition of “marriage” has been with humanity for thousands of years. That is, between opposite sexes, Man and Woman, not between Man and Man, or Woman and Woman. That fact is indisputable. For 5 people to come along and change that definition for all of us, the entire country, is a sin and should be condemned along with those that practice this perversion.

          • Wrong Gerard! The notion of “marriage” is a new historical construct. btw- there is no God.

          • if 51% of the legal voting population wants them to? U betcha!

          • But they don’t.

          • Give me a valid, verifiable source or your argument is invalid.

          • OK, I can say exactly the same to you………………….

          • VERY reliable source… At least you have a sense of humor.

          • did you see the ones below? where are yours…………….

          • Yes, Mary you should, just like the 5 justices who decided “W” should be president.

          • First you know nothing about Christianity. No christian hates gays, but liberals aren’t bright enough to understand that concept, they hate the SIN of homosexuality. So, YES, a christian would help them, they just would not condone their life style.

          • Well said, Mr./Ms. Smith. It'[s the whole basic concept, “Love the sinner;hate the sin.” And it can be done. Take your own children for example. Let’s say little Suzie steals $10 from your purse. You don’t stop loving your daughter because she stole from you, even though you do hate the fact that she stole. You have to deal with the theft so it isn’t repeated, but a wise parent deals with it correctively, not punitively, so her child will understand that you can love a person without loving ewverything he/she does.

          • You sound like a liberal, she was willing to do her job, just not how you interpret morality or how GOD demands true Christians to live and work. If the crowds yells murder I suspect you would, esp., Christians. I, like Antipas, are against those who are against the LORD and His doctrines. You wish to separate the mind of a person from the body, we are what we think and believe and we behave what we are. Are you a beastly animal or pervert ? Then you will behave as you are. We are Human beings created above the animals that roam the earth. You can not separate morality or immorality from the man, eighter they are moral or immoral they are one. You are eighter acted upon or acting upon. Anyone claiming neutrality, is a lair, demented, or a robot. GOD did not create mindless robots, only people can do that.

          • You sound like an idiot.

          • Exactly.
            Davis violated law and should be impeached.

          • You need to brush up on what the Bible has to say about divorce. In the OT even Moses gave laws for divorcements. As does the NT but they are quite different. The NT divorcement laws are not as harsh towards the woman. All I’ll say is any professin Christian who would let a person die because of who or what they are not is no more a Christian than I developed the A-Tomic Bomb. God loves all people regardless of what may be in their life. But there will have to be a day of repentance for that person before they stand before God.

          • You’re a voice of reason Morgan!

          • Some of you make the silliest arguments by trying to illustrate your point. It is a bunch of nonsense!

          • Vicki Kuner Mattingly

            please your what if’s are ridiculous

          • Not really. They are just hard to take by some of you.

          • Davis took an oath having the same conviction at the time of taking it as she does now. Keep in mind that when she took her oath even the President of the United States held to the same conviction as she did. 90 % of the Judges across the nation also held her conviction at the time she took her oath. Davis did not change, the Judges changed and those who enforce the law changed. If and when a law of the land changes that infringes on the oath that the law once upheld the legal system has an obligation to keep its oath with the person who once had an agreement under different terms. Davis, by keeping her original oath is not out of step—she continues to keep the oath she took. Under these circumstances all the system had to do is appoint others who did not have a conflict of interest as a result of a change in the law. It is a matter of fact that laws and amendments to the law take place all the time; and what is ordinarily done is a temporary amendment that protects those who took an oath under a different application of the law. This step was not even considered in this case—and there is no reason for it. Your comments don’t even consider the fact that after serving all these years she is forced from her position not because of her unwillingness to perform her oath; but rather because she continued to perform her oath. According to you if you signed a contract with someone under conditions P–Q–and R and the party with whom you signed says I no longer recognize R and as a result you loose your job how fair is that if you are simply performing according to the terms you originally signed? Your comments don’t even deal with the real issue.

          • Progressive Orwellianite B.S. Not valid.

          • A judge can refuse to marry someone; many judges won’t marry mixed racial couples or Jewish couples. As for Davis, she went to jail for contempt of court and that was because she refused to do her duties as a clerk. Plus, Davis is not marrying anyone; just handing out paperwork.

          • Don’t waste your time with the Orwellian B.S. on me. K.?

          • Mogan, wrong, God allowed divorces, even God’s son, Jesus said so, but never, ever, was same sex marriage or behavor was sanctified by God, it fact, same sex behavior was not only a sin, but an “abomination.” Lev, also read Cor and Romans.

          • Mogan, your examples are ridiculous! You and a few others on this discussion are speaking out of blissful ignorance. You have not taken time to study the Bible and Christian faith. Study it and find out!

          • Not really. I have a Ph.D. in New Testament and Early Christian Literature and History, with an MTS in Biblical Studies and Archeology and an MA in comparative religions.

          • Mogan, even “smart” people can have some dumb ideas. I too have years of education(Eight plus years) and I have met so many intellectuals who could speak with utter foolishness. They felt as if they had all, or most, of the answers. I have had debates, both public and private, with people with advance degrees who were not as smart as their degrees might indicate. It never ceases to amaze me that this is true.
            I commend you for obtaining your degrees, but they do not guarantee your wisdom.

          • Eight years of what? There are college and university degrees that are focused on job training rather than intellectual training. Wisdom and knowledge are not the same thing, that I agree. But when it comes to university degrees, knowledge is somewhat limited due to the degree that you are seeking; and against for many college degree programs, they con’t require critical thinking or reading.

          • Eight years in a university, three years in Seminary, and more than one years of studies with two other universities. I have a double major in English and speech with an extended minor in psychology. Then I majored in theology with Greek and Hebrew. And have never quit studying. I love knowledge…balanced with wisdom: Proverbs 1:2-7, 9″10.
            God bless and let’s worship the Lord as He wishes!

          • What seminary?

          • Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth and Luther RIce Seminary. Doctoral studies at Luther Rice.

          • Okay, that explains a lot. My background is Harvard Divinity School, Union Theological Seminary in New, Jewish Theological Seminary and Columbia University, with additional doctoral work at Princeton and Yale (for Coptic).
            And, nice to know you.

          • Davis is the enemy.

            She believers she has the right to force her religious beliefs on others.

          • independent thinker

            But you believe others have the right to force their religious (or lack there of) beliefs on her.

          • That argument simply does not fly.

            She could have simply had one of the other employees serve the customers.

            Instead, she choose to make a name for herself, and to garner huge amounts of free publicity.

            The position she held is filled by election, not hire. It will be interesting to see what political post she runs for next. Maybe she has her sights set on the Governor’s mansion.

          • Thinker…..AKlady is a paid PC TROLL & likely overdosing her Xanax.

          • independent thinker


          • How do you figure? She has a right to her religious freedom. They targeted her. They could have gone else where. She refused to give them a piece of paper with her name on it. She did not force anything on them. They tried to force her to bless their illegal immoral blasphemous union.

          • She was not targeted.
            She refused to do the job she is paid to do.
            She was required to issue a marriage license.
            She was ordered to do her job by a court.
            She should be fired.

          • That was not her job when she was sworn in. She is an elected official and can not be fired. Why Do you queers try to turn everything to suit you. They only went to her because she would denie them. I would call that targeting. She is abiding under Kentucky Law. She is within their law. Screw an opinion by idiots that wear robes.

          • She was in violation of Kentucky law.
            She was in violation of a Court Order.
            She violated the rights of others.

          • You lie like Hillary also.

          • Good God you’re a dumbass!

          • Your ignorance is showing.
            Name calling is something most give up in childhood.
            Her actions were discrimination. Her actions were illegal.
            Elected or not, she can be removed from office — for not doing the job she was elected to do. She was jailed.
            “Targeted” “Knew she would …”
            Provide some factual evidence to back up that claim.

          • Not according to the governor of Kentucky, she was not!
            She violated the public trust and was to enforce and process the law of the law, not render an opinion on it. If she could not do the job-the she should have resigned and she can be impeached.

          • You lie like Hillary. The governor of Kentucky is another demoncrat liar.

          • OK wappyboy,

            “You lie like Hillary”

            Just what have I lied about?
            Yes, the Governor of Kentucky is a democrat, but he can move to impeach Kim Davis and What has he lied about?

          • Davis violated the Constitution.
            She discriminated against citizens who had the legal right to obtain a license.
            She violated her oath of office,
            She should be removed from her office.

          • Your full of it.

          • Kentucky law permits same sex marriage.

          • But there IS a HIGHER LAW that supercedes all of the laws of man: It is the commands, teachings and revelations of Amighty God ! There is no higher authority than God’s laws!(See Acts 4:17-21).


          • The only ones I know of who force their religion on others are Muslims. Be grateful you don’t live under their law, know as Sharia, which disrespects women to an amazing degree!

          • There are flavors of Christianity that are just as restrictive.
            Interestingly, Islam is an Abrahamic religion, just as Christianity and Judaism are.

          • Racist ball sucker

          • So are you.

          • Waaa. Poor baby.

          • I totally agree with you. All of your comments are so well written. You’re the only one on this forum that makes any real sense. Most of the people on this forum just don’t get it. She is not a martyr, just an embarrassment to The Christian Community.

          • Exactly HOW is she an embarrassment to the Christian community? Please enlighten us.

          • Judge not, least thee be judged .. and found wanting?

            Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s?

          • Sodom and Gamorah.

          • Threat and carrot stick.
            Do you need the threat of hellfire to live your life correctly?
            Actually, S&G was based on the need for reproduction. Babies rarely lived past 3 years.


          • I didn’t know this was an argument… but you are correct in the assertion that one cannot force beliefs on another. EVERYONE, including YOU, WILL have to answer for their own actions when they die. NOT believing is a choice, as is BELIEVING, so why do you think YOU can force YOUR (non) beliefs upon anyone?

          • Do you have any idea what these scriptures are talkin about?

          • If you must ask, then you obviously do not understand them.

          • I know and understand them: Leviticus 20:13, and Romans 1:21-34. God’s Word is never superceded. Like it or not, or agree with it or not!.


          • You can not force your hate of religionreligion on anyone either.

          • Do not put words in other people’s mouths.
            Why would anyone hate something so foolish and childish?

          • I wonder the same, why do you hate?

          • And you are not allowed to force you opinions or beliefs on others either. We all have the freedom of speech in America. Just because someone does not agree with you, doesn’t make your opinion right. I don’t have to yell to get my point across.

          • You have made no applicable point if law.

            Equality is the law.
            Separation of church and state is the law.

          • And “unto God the things that are God’s.” Caesar has already had to bow at the feet of Jesus in judgment, and now knows Who is in charge!

          • The my god is better than your god argument.
            Sorry, separation of church and state is the law.

            If your religion bans same sex marriage, follow your religion.
            However, you cannot inflict your beliefs on others.

          • Seperation of church and state is not a LAW. It was merely a comment made by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to a friend. There has been no legislation regarding the issue. It has been a issue for liberals and other radicals to harp on when trying to debate some actions by individuals. The issue as been a loose one to confuse issues that have little to nothing to do with the state not telling the church what to do, and vice-versa.

          • The 1st Amendment clearly separates church and state. There is no other possible reading of the intent.

            “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

            Considering Jefferson wrote the Constitution, I would suspect that he fully understood the meaning and intent of what he wrote.

          • You can’t even read. Quit reading your craziness into things.

          • Take a law course.
            Your ignorance is an embarrassment to America.
            Your bigotry is an embarrassment to America.

          • AKLady, I stand before this world and see what our government is doing to all of our rights in America. I refuse to use the name calling as a ploy to get my point across. You calling me ignorant and a bigot makes me laugh. The constitution gives the federal government certain rights and the rest of the rights belong to the states. The federal government has no right to infringe on the laws of states. I guess maybe you need to take a Constitutional course and then come back with a real argument.

          • I am sorry, Mark, but you are terribly confused.

            The U.S. Constitution takes precedence over all state law.

            No state my deny anyone their Constitutional rights.

          • You don’t.

          • Wrong. Take a law course.

          • Freedom of religion not from religion witch.

          • Infantile name calling.
            Freedom of religion includes freedom from religion.
            You cannot inflict your beliefs on others.

          • AKLady, that is just what this judge did to Kim Davis.

          • Again, you are terribly confused.

            Maybe you should try for a little common sense?

            What a mess we would have if each and every government employee took it upon themselves to filter civil law through their religion.

          • what do you you think they are doing they are inficting thereson us

          • Law is a fact written in stone — not a belief.
            Separation of church and state is Constitutional law.

          • This is what baby murdering liberals do so I thought you would understand that. Besides I merely stated the truth.

          • “I merely”..”I just” FAILED to take responsibility for my own actions???

          • Earl, were you ever in the military? If so you should see the sensitivity a Veteran would have over your picture I.D.

          • Actually, no. I was Law Enforcement. Many years ago… but make no mistake, I LOVE AMERICA… I am a PATRIOT to the bone. I bleed RED, WHITE, and BLUE. My avatar is actually a representation of our nation in distress… which it is and I will fly the flag upside down until we get the real terrorists out of the WHITEHOUSE. BTW, my sons are military and my father in law is a retired Sgt. Major… USMC. They have no issue with my avatar. So if I AM offending anyone in the military or retired military, I APOLOGIZE. May GOD Bless AMERICA!!

          • Your welcome!!!!!!!!

          • You and the AKLady must be realated.

          • No, we are not related ( sic ), but we do live in the real world , unlike you who believes in mythology & fairy tales, with no proof , whatsoever. Have a nice day.

          • Davis is not an embarrassment to the Christian community. She is a heroine, but would have been a more honorable heroine if she had resigned, as the lady in Mississippi did.

          • She swore an oath to the state of Kentucky. The constitution in that state only recognizes a man and a woman as legal to marry. She WAS doing her duty and following the law. The FEDERAL government does NOT override STATES RIGHTS. Educate yourself… violating states rights is exactly what caused the War between the States.

          • Wrong.
            Kentucky law permits same sex marriage.
            Equality under the law is mandated by the U.S. Constitution.
            The U.S. Constitution over-rides all state law which is discriminatory.

          • You may want to research the statutes on sodomy. Here’s a link:

          • Those laws are outdated. Those laws are unconstitutional.

            You should have read them before citing.

            510.070 Sodomy in the first degree.

            (1) A person is guilty of sodomy in the first degree when:

            (a) He engages in deviate sexual intercourse with another person by forcible compulsion; or

            (b) He engages in deviate sexual intercourse with another person who is incapable of consent because he:

            1. Is physically helpless; or

            2. Is less than twelve (12) years old.

            (2) Sodomy in the first degree is a Class B felony unless the victim is under twelve (12) years old or receives a serious physical injury in which case it is a Class A felony.

            Effective: January 1, 1975

            History: Created 1974 Ky. Acts ch. 406, sec. 87, effective January 1, 1975.

          • Sodomy is sodomy. It is illegal.

          • Long ago, God declared that sodomy is against the laws of God. See Leviticus 20:13, and Romans 1:21-34.

          • Rudy-GOD DOES NOT EXIST!

          • Proud liberal idiot… YES HE does! You WILL find out the truth one day.

          • According to YOU & that book of fairy tales you call the word of god. Is sodomy illegal if it’s between 2 straight people or is it only illegal if the 2 people happen to be Gay? It is none of your business what people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms& your god judges no one because he doesn’t exist, period!!! Masturbation is also condemned by your god & your bible. Should we make that illegal too? I’m sure you’ve had a go at it more than once in your life time. So stop being a hypocrite & a bigot like your homophobic friend Kim Davis. Maybe you should give Kim Davis a call. I heard she is looking to find another husband. How many does that make ? I think she’s on her 4th or 5th. It’s hard to keep track & 2 children out of wedlock. And you know what your bible says about divorce & adultery . Kim Davis is no martyr & should resign as soon as possible. IMO, your buddy Kim is a total disgrace & so are you.

          • Wow. You live up to the stereo type of a LIBERAL. IF you can’t win an argument, you resort to name calling and cut downs. Thank you for proving what a liberal idiot you are.

          • You Christians are so easily offended. You can dish it out but you can’t take it. If you can’t take the heat , stay out of the kitchen. No name calling here. Just the truth, something you Christians have a very hard time dealing with. Get over yourselves. You’re not that special.

          • Right back at you, idiot liberal. Liberals are what’s wrong with AMERICA. YOU are part of the problem, period.

          • Right back at you, Christian idiot!! Christians are what’s wrong with America. YOU are a big part of the problem, period.

          • JESUS loves you.

          • Kentucky law did not permit SSM before the SCOTUS rulin.

          • But God’s ;aw over-rides all the laws of man! See below…


          • The Kentucky Constitution does no such thing.

          • Unconstitutional
            State rights are not involved.

          • Wow. This is ALL about states rights. You don’t get it at all.

          • States have no right, whatsoever, to violate the U.S. Constitution. This is about “equal” rights, not state’s rights.
            Suggest you read the 5th and 14th Amendments.

          • Okay, I get it. You are just ignorant. This is ALL about STATES RIGHTS. The Constitution FORBIDS the US government from OVERRIDING state laws. Educate yourself and quit spouting off LIES. YOU ARE A DA LIBERAL… I get it, quit wasting my time.

          • Read the 5th and 14th Amendments.
            Your ignorance is an embarrassment to America.

          • So am I to believe you feel that Obama hasn’t violated the Constitution?

          • He has not — so sayeth the law.
            Belief? No.
            Fact? Yes, unquestionably.

          • Obama took an oath to support all laws in America. He can’t enforce all the laws of America because he hates some of them and picks and chooses which laws he will enforce. According to him since he has a pen and a cell phone he can make his own laws. If that be the case, he gets a free ride to do whatever he wants. The Laws of our Land says he is overstepping his authority. Only the Congress can make laws. I say IMPEACH him now before he does more harm to America.

          • No, Mark, you have been brainwashed.

            Obama has not exceeded the authority given to him by the Constitution.

            One of those Presidential Powers is Executive Clemency. The two most commonly used clemency powers are those of pardon and commutation.

            A pardon is an official forgiveness for an acknowledged crime. Once a pardon is issued, all punishment for the crime is waived.


          • First of all, the Supreme Court can’t make laws per the Constitution. Secondly, Kentucky law states a marriage is between a man and a woman. The LGBT has gone to far this time and the judge should be impeached for enforcing what the government says is law but is not law. The LGBT community can live any way they want but DO NOT FORCE YOUR LIFESTYLE ON AMERICA. Kim Davis was enforcing the law of Kentucky. There is no federal law on marriage until Congress makes a law and the person in the oval office signs it into law. I refuse to call that person “my” president.

          • Mark, your biological and medical knowledge is way out of date.
            Homosexuality is not a lifestyle.
            Homosexuality is not a choice.
            Kim was not enforcing Kentucky law. She was violating the Constitutional rights of two people.
            Federal law clearly states equality under the law is mandated.
            Federal law clearly discrimination is illegal.

          • It seems to me that the Supreme Court thinks that because everybody has equal rights that they change the law as it is written. They can’t change the law, only Congress makes laws. Besides that, 2 Justices tainted this decision by not removing themselves due to prejudice. I have LGBT friends and I don’t push my views on them and they don’t push theirs on me. I could care less what they do in private. I respect that they want to live like they do as they respect the way I live. As for your comment that Homosexuality is not a lifestyle, I would like to know what it is then. It is their choice also. Kentucky law does state marriage is between a man and a woman.

          • The legislative body writes the law. Courts define how it will be applied.

          • The supreme court violated the constitution. There is no provision in the constitution to redefine marriage as they never thought there would be people stupid enough to try. ONe nation uner GOD.

          • You have been misinformed.

            Equality under the law is a requirement under the US Constitution. I refer you to the 5th and 14th Amendments.

            Separation of church and state is a requirement under the US Constitution.. I refer you to the refer you to the 1st Amendment and Article VI.

            Which God might that be? The Constitution does not define any one God. Jefferson was very careful to insure no religious preference was written into the document.

            You are making assumptions that are not valid.

          • Ignorant people like you are domestic enemies to the United States.

          • Only to a Ohomo administration and sick people like you. People like me are the ones who fought to preserve our freedom that you sick Tks enjoy.

          • Bet you voted for Dick’s Bush…right? Did you fight in Iraq to save us from the WMD that never existed? I’d love to wrestle with you naked and greased up. Oh GOD, wouldn’t that feel wonderful to know you could “beat” this Ohomo off as much as you like? Wanna snuggle naked together?

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          • wapitihunter- Let’s 69 like real men do to each other…remember that time we were in the woods together?

          • The problem is, if you capitulate to Christianity then we must for Islam and I for one, am already disgusted that this political ideology is allowed to be in this great country. 14 years after 9/11 the Liberals have learned nothing and are importing this Muslim shit as fast as possible. Islam must be recognized for what it is, a political ideology of hate and control much like Nazism.

          • I am Well armed along with the rest of my family. It may take severe resistance to send the message to the suppressors of Government. I am a member of the USA Oath keepers. There are many of us and militias that are on high alert. Don’t be just armed people. Get the training which is available. If it all breaks out we will be fighting a very trained and armed enemy. We may all have to fight for our freedom and liberty.

          • A few more deaths, what difference will it make?

          • Yea, loaded on drugs!

        • Millions of TRUE Americans share your sentiment…I know I do.

        • Yes, MAHB001! We must never give up, because Jesus Christ is the Captain of our army and cannot be defeated!

        • The U.S. is the only modern, industrialized country that allows people to die because they do not have enough money to buy medical care.

          Is that something you are proud of?

          • That is a lie and you know it.

            What a lousy deflection. We have had this conversation before.. You fake being asleep, and nobody can wake someone that pretends to be asleep.

          • It is the truth.

            The horrible factual truth.

            Many chronic diseases eventually kill.

            Many chronic disease disable people.

            By the time one of those choric diseases sends someone to an emergency room, it is already too late.

          • Those same chronic diseases eventually kill in your beloved socialist Countries.
            Those chronic diseases disable people in Countries with free healthcare as well.
            As if the free healthcare is saving lives of those that have high blood pressure.. horse du du . And those that have High blood pressure could not get help before 0bamacare…

            The US does NOT let people die because they do not have enough money for medical care. That is just more horse smelly stuff…

            Are you saying that has undetected diabetes that goes to the emergency room is beyond help???

          • The cost of a routine office visit run $150.00 where I live.
            BC/BS says the average in the Lower 48 is $130 – $180.

            The US lets people die.
            The US lets people become handicapped.

            By the time the untreated diabetic reaches the ER, they already have eye, organ and nerve damage.

            But, hey, keep lying to yourself. I hope the wakeup call that hits your family is not a death.

          • I suppose you didn’t realize that eliminating such people was the purpose of Obamacare in the first place? What did you think the “Death Panels” were about? It was to deny expensive medical treatment to anyone above 65 because the vast majority of seniors are white Americans, and Obama hates white people. That’s why he took out $800 billion out of Medicare to pay for his socialized medical program. But so many still think he’s just a peach of a guy. That’s what 48 years of dumbing down and propaganda in the schools achieves.

          • “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it…” Joseph Goebbels.

          • Yes, yes we’re all very familiar with your mantra, “Joseph”. What we don’t know however, is if your ignorance is willful.

          • Insult away.
            Your ignorance is willful, that is obvious.

          • Hey, get your own insult. You’re even more ‘snarky’ than usual today. Get up on the wrong side of Lenin’s Tomb this morning? Oh wait, you’re a leftist, always on the WRONG side of an issue, nevermind.

          • Oh, you mean the 340,000 veterans who have died while waiting to receive treatment from the Veterans Administration? The illegals can walk into any Emergency Room at any hospital and get life-saving treatment, and dump the entire cost upon U.S. citizens. So who are you referring to?

          • So can Vets, silly con

          • “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it….” Joseph Goebbels.

          • Those 9 million wish they were being served by the VA…….But DEATH BY DELAY VA POLICY sure makes it IMPOSSIBLE. The VA is far, far too corrupt to continue & should be defunded immediately. All assets sold. Credit Cards issued to Disabled Vets so they can FINALLY receive proper, rapid, low cost health care WHEN & WHERE it is needed.

          • Sounds like you have moved to heroin and away from Xanax……How can you be so stupid?
            No one NEEDS Health Insurance…..often it is cheaper, better, faster to be Self Insured.
            Seek help poor thing.

          • Insult away.
            Cheaper to be self-insured?
            I am tired of paying your medical bills.

          • AK L I A R… have never paid a penny for any of my children’s medical bills( have 10)…..SO your a L I A R….. Self Health Insurance means it is much cheaper, much better, and with faster service. SO another L I E from the AK fruitcake. I have paid for your medical care through taxes since I worked for a living and paid taxes. No one has ever died in this Country for lack of Health Care E X C E P T our Wounded Warriors slaughtered by the VA and small minded PC Liberal-retards like you – AK LIAR.
            Are you sure your not overdosing your Xanax?….. sure sounds like! Seek help!

          • People die in America — every day – because they cannot afford to buy health care.

            The veterans are simply one glaring example which received large amount of publicity. That problem was one that the media could garber sympathy for.

            Physicians refusing Medicaid patients are another example. Every day people insult the poor. No sympathy for the impoverished in America — no matter what led to the poverty.

            Physician refusing to treat Medicare patients are yet a third example. Our old people, maybe they should just shut up and die with grace.

          • AK L I A R pants on fire……more baloney, more lies, seek help TROLLster…….the only patients being murdered are our Disabled Veterans attempting medical care from the VA.
            NO ONE NEEDS A HEALTH CARE INSURANCE POLICY… one, not even the drug addled like AK LIAR. Board Member Major Hospital – – only one for 200 miles in all directions. Seek help LIAR.

          • Physicians refusing Medicaid patients are another

            Every day people insult the poor. No sympathy for the impoverished in America — no matter what led to the poverty.

            Physician refusing to treat Medicare patients are yet a third example. Our old people, maybe they should just shut up and die with grace.

            Emergency rooms are not the appropriate source for routine medical care.

            By the time hypertension send someone to the ER, it is already too late — organ damage has already taken place.

            By the time diabetes sends someone to the ER, it is already too late. If they are not in a diabetic coma or dead, organ damage has already taken place.

            It is people such as yourself that are crippling and killing people.

        • You are absolutely right. We need to stay ever vigilant. This incident with Kim Davis may be looked at the same way that the shot heard around the world was seen. This may say to all Christians will you stand with Christ or will you oppose him? I for one will stand with him.

        • Yes, it is people like you that insure people will continue to die — simply because they cannot afford medical care and prescriptions. America is the only modern, industrialized country that lets people die because they cannot afford to buy medical care.

        • Look at how popular Bernie is. Scary stuff. Lots of naive American’s.

          • Bernie is getting the loyal left and nothing more. I believe his followers have been brainwashed into thinking that socialism is better than capitalism…

            I think a vast majority of the Democrat party is asleep, they have no clue that the Democrat party has been hijacked by socialists and atheist.

            I do not think that vast majority will actually buy into socialism at this time. I am praying they wake up…

        • Civil War is already here And the Leader is Sitting at the WH

      • Why do you think BO has 200K Russian Troops on American soil along with Chines Troops, ISIS (CIA Trained) Troops and Troops from a dozen other Nations! When they hit “We the People” they are going for broke, and Millions of Americans will die…and who knows who will win the Civil War! I just pray that Jesus comes and takes his Children home before these Satan driven Monsters make their final Tyrannical move! God help us, PLEASE!

        • muskat antonopolis

          I would appreciate it if you could cite your sources for the foreign troops on our soil..ready
          to kill millions of citizens….please be specific…I want to check on this…thank you

          • Yes, me too. I read about this months ago on one of the unbiased publications, I just forgot which one. They said they are here for training and most cannot even speak English. The article said that they are here because our own military won’t fire against their own people, just like the Martial Law of Marcos in the Philippines, when tons of people walked to the streets in protest and the military joined them. Marcos got ousted without a single gun shot because the people were united. United we stand, divided we fall….I guess is true.

          • That is totally BS.

          • He can’t; he probably got it from someone who heard this from someone else and that personal was wearing a tin foil hat.

          • muskat antonopolis

            you are most likely correct….the problem is as I am sure that you are aware, there are
            MANY who would believe just such a lie and perhaps do something really unfortunate
            to a person, place or thing in desperation and fear…..rumors are to be enjoyed by
            those who recognize them as rumors…but they can be devastating to those who do
            not recognize their worthlessness…..thanks for the reply…

          • you liberals should change the channel once in awhile on YOUR tinfoil hats.

          • I believe this might belong to you…………………

          • 12,000 illegal aliens have already been inducted into our armed forces, replacing loyal U.S.-born citizen soldiers who have been given pink slips because they weren’t willing to fire on Americans in case of uprising.

        • If Jesus didn’t show up when Nazi Germany was murdering 60 million people, he isn’t likely to show up In the U.S. during a Second American Revolution! We’re on our own, folks! Too many Americans are so brainwashed they believe that Divine Super Heroes are going to save them from situations which could have been prevented had they acted appropriately to begin with! Obama never should have been elected once, let alone twice, all the wrong people are being allowed into our country (Muslims), and we do next to nothing to keep our borders protected from invaders! There’s a price to pay for APATHY!

          • I hate that nobody yelled “bull sh*t” at obozo when he said “we are not at war with Islam”. The cat has too many people’s tongues.

          • That is such BS, if you have a thing against all Muslims, then why aren’t you against Christianity since it was Christians who were responsible for the Holocaust.

          • IDIOT! Learn history!

          • Oh, I have, unlike you. The presidents of the US that have been assassinated or were almost assassinated Christians. You have white Christian supremacist groups who want to drive all nonwhites and nonChristians out of the country, if not, kill them. It was Christians who instigated the Holocaust because they viewed Jews as vermin. Let’s not forget the KKK who want to up hold the true Christian heritage of the US. Now, all of this being said, why should you oppose Christians? If all Muslims are terrorists then why not Christians? Sounds preposterous? Yes, and so is the claim that all Muslims are terrorists. There are about 4,000 Muslim Americans in the military – you want them driven out of the military? What do you say about Muslim Americans who have died for this country?

          • try reading an honest account for a change instead of the comic books you accept as authoritative.

          • I would say we honor their sacrifice, but we’re having to spend hundreds of billions of dollars per year to provide security because millions of them are in our midst, and bringing more will just make it worse! We cannot have people occupying our country we cannot trust! When it’s so easy for them to become radicalized just by getting on a computer, they should be amongst us! We must stop importing them!

          • Hitler was not a Christian. Even Muslims can use the term God, Jesus, and other terms Hitler used but that doesn’t make the Muslim a Christian. A person can use the term Christianity in their religious title as does those who follow Christian Science but that doesn’t make their religion, Christianity.

          • Afraid he was and he called for the Holocaust in the name of Christ just as the other instigators of it, and those who actually did it. After all, Christianity has a long history of persecuting and killing Jews. Now, for you and me, we don’t consider them true Christians. The same is also true for Muslim terrorists, they are not good Muslims.

          • No. Absolutely not. Don’t take me wrong as I’m not being rude nor do I want to quarrel. Anyone as I pointed out can call themselves a Christian. That doesn’t make it so. I can go around tomorrow and lie to anyone I wish. I can say I am a Muslim and slaughter people in the name of Allah and people would say I was definitely a Muslim but I’m not. People, especially those in politics can and do often lie for their own political means. For a person to be saved, God would be the one to define what makes one a Christian. It would be put in his word, the bible. There are plenty of parameters of which Hitler doesn’t meet.

            A Christian believes that they can not meet God’s moral obligation through his law. They believe that all of man kind is doomed because of the fall. That they are hopeless sinners. God draws them to his son, Christ. That God gave the law as a way to show right and wrong but to also put a yoke upon the backs of his people to show it was a yoke they could not bear or keep up to God’s expectations. This was so that they would readily see they need a righteousness outside of what they can do with their own hands. A righteousness apart from the law which is in Christ the bible says. That person who has faith in Christ alone and does not depend upon any of his works or obedience to get into heaven but upon Christ, is saved. They then are given the Holy Spirit which then sheds the love of God in their hearts. Though they are not perfect they begin a lifestyle where God directs them into sanctification making they more loving and holy. They will sin along the way as the bible says but they will not stay in sin. Hitler stayed in sin by slaughtering Jews and never repented. Hitler was not ruled by love. Hitler did not become more and more loving as time went on which would evidence that he had the spirit of God meaning he was truly a christian. The bible says many will call Jesus Lord and claim many Good works but he will say depart from me. Why? Because they never let go of their works and embraced Gods. Someone asked Christ what works must I do to do the work of God and he said to believe in the one he sent. Which was Christ. Hitler distorted God’s word for his own means which is anything but christianity. We can close our eyes to the truth and refuse to believe he was anything but a Christian but that would be to ignore the many words in the bible that refute that belief.

          • idiot….the jihadis are mainstream Islamic. Read your Koran, Muslime…this BS has been peddled before. Hitler was not a Christian and even had bibles burned. Your history professor is an idiot, too.

          • anyone who thinks Hitler was a Christian has been brainwashed by a Q-Tip…..


            By Dan Talbot

            The fact is that Mohammed, the founder of Islam, lived
            several centuries after Christ. He was
            well aware of Christ’s teachings that had love at its base. He chose instead to write “I have been made
            victorious through terror”. He became
            the greatest heathen, the greatest heretic, and the greatest infidel to
            Christianity that the world has seen.
            Not even Hitler succeeded in bringing the brutality to the world that
            this monster brought.

            Liberals have little stomach for this, but the following
            account is true. It is solely because
            early Christians had gotten a “belly full” of Moslem terror that the Crusades
            were launched. History books generally
            give the Crusades a bad rap, implying that bloodthirsty Christianity inflicted
            a wave of killing upon innocent peoples.
            This is absolutely false. The
            liberals’ gods of “tolerance” and surrender may head us in the same direction
            that necessitated the Crusades, if we are so fortunate to fight back against
            terror owing to the current persisting attitude of “tolerance for Islam” as a
            “peaceful religion”.

            None other than Bill Clinton blamed Muslim anger at the
            Crusades as the “root cause” of our present conflicts with Islam (in a speech
            at Georgetown University).

            The truth is, the Crusades had absolutely nothing to do with
            colonialism or un-provoked aggression, but a response to more than four
            centuries of Muslim conquests in which Muslims had captured two-thirds of the
            old Christian world. Christianity merely
            fought back or it would have been swallowed up by Islam.

            Some “politically incorrect” facts:

            (a) Islam
            was born in war and grew in war. Its
            means was always the sword.

            (b) After
            Mohammad’s death, Palestine, Syria, and Egypt (once heavily Christian) fell
            to Islam.

            (c) By
            the eighth century, Muslims had conquered all of Christian North Africa and Spain. In the 11th century, the Seljuk
            Turks conquered Asia Minor (modern Turkey)
            which had been Christian since the time of Saint Paul.

            (d) Even
            after the Crusades ended, Islam continued its expansionism.

            (e) The
            Crusades were not a boon to plunderers; few people got rich from them, most got
            no spoils.

            (f) It
            is incorrect that the main goal of the Crusades was to convert Muslims. In conquered areas, Muslims were generally
            allowed to keep their property and religion.

            (g) Not
            until the 13th century did Franciscans begin converting Muslims, but
            the effort was largely unsuccessful.
            Those conversion attempts were always peaceful.

            (h) Without
            the Crusades, the world as we know it would be vastly different, less
            civilized, and based upon Islamic law, therefore Christianity would have become
            extinct (Islam forbids Christianity).

            So, when the liberal peaceniks and the throwbacks to Woodstock complain that
            we should “make love not war”, one can note what would have resulted from that
            attitude had the Crusades never occurred.
            When it is liberal heads that are beheaded in droves by Islamic
            radicals, those liberals will get the point but it will be too late for all of
            us. The message of tolerance will be lost on the wrong audience.

            Dan Talbot, copyright Sept 6, 2008

          • and just because a mouse lives in the cookie jar, doesn’t make it necessarily a cookie.

          • That’s a cute way of expressing it, Dantalbot! I usually say that just because you hang out in a garage, it doesn’t make you a car–same basic idea. But I think I like your version better. Mind if I steal it?

          • it wasn’t my invention…..Corrie Ten Boom’s father said it in the book and film titled “The Hiding Place”.

          • So he did! Stupid me, I should have recognized it! I’ve read that book and seen the movie so many times I can quote some of the lines. I just didn’t remember that one.

          • Hitler was anti-Christian and anti-Jew, but he was clever enough to disguise his anti-Christian bias in the beginning because he used Christianity as an excuse to begin exterminating the Jews. He also used the homosexuals in the beginning as his “Brown Shirt” brigades to beat up on his opponents, but then he killed them because he didn’t want German society to be totally degraded by their terrible influences.

          • Hitler believed in something termed ‘Positive Christianity.’ It had little resemblance to the belief of actual Christianity. In fact it was a cult based off of some sort of German Catholicism. There are many heretics that distort the bible and branch off into some type of extremism. Christianity refers to them as cults. Positive Christianity was definitely one of them. The NT clearly points out that Christians are to be the light of the world or salt of the earth. An example of love. Love doesn’t slaughter Jews just because they are Jews. Christians are allowed to defend their lives to the point of taking a life if theirs is in danger, much like they did in the often distorted crusades. I’ll post more soon on Hitler but it will take a little while. I can post on the crusades as well.

          • Nope, since he was Austrian one would assume he was Roman Catholic, but nevertheless, when the Jews of Germany refused to convert to Christianity because of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther called for the German Princes to attack them. Throughout the Middle Ages, Jews were attacked, deprived of their civil and criminal rights in every Christian country up to the beginning of the 19th century. No Jew living in Western Europe was a citizen of the country that they lived in all of their lives and for centuries by their families. Why because Christians believed that Jews killed Christian babies to use their blood to make unleavened bread for Passover. Plus, there are to be seen as the murderers of Christ (although it was the Romans who put Jesus to death). So, you need to read actual histories of the Jewish experience in Western Europe. They only started getting rights of citizenship beginning with Napoleon.
            This was not the same situation here in the colonies, where Jews always had their full rights, with the exception of New Amsterdam in its earlier history, but that ended. However, it was not in 1849, for example, that Connecticut made it legal for the building of synagogues; before that, it was a crime.

          • This still does not disprove my point. We could disagree as to whether he has catholic roots or not, everything I’ve written proves he is not and can not be called a Christian.

          • My point is Hitler claimed to be Christian and he said that he did the Holocaust to honor Christ. And those who actually conducted the Holocaust were both Lutherans and Roman Catholics. But we never blame Christianity; not castigate all Christianity. Yet we characterize all Muslims as terrorists.

          • Because they need a bad guy or an enemy and at this point in time, Muslims will do just fine.

          • Another source for you: Derek Hastings, Catholicism and the roots of Nazism (Oxford University Press, 2010

          • I think we are both saying some of the same things but not seeing it. Just because I say he has some sort of Catholic cult doesn’t mean I think that he held to the Catholic church. I am just saying that is more of what the belief system looks like not that it is. It has roots in it but is not of it. . Hitler was a nationalist. He felt as a nation they would be better off if they had stuck with their mythologies as opposed to the “germanophobic” Catholic Church. This leads to why he revered Luther not because he was protestant and christian. Hitler hated Christian humility and was quoted to have said so by Reinhold Hanisch. That is not something any true Christian would say if they had the spirit of the one true living God in them and this can be seen in the Bible.

            What. He loved about Luther is that Luther took the Catholic church on and this separated Germany from the Catholic Church’s influence.

          • OK, any group that holds beliefs outside of what is considered orthodoxy becomes it’s own group. a cult. Christians believe that God’s word is inspired. That what is written in the Old Testament as well as the new are closed. There is nothing more to be added and certainly nothing may be taken away. If someone claiming to be Christian were to remove books from the bible or add to, they would be considered a cult and a heretic and definitely not guided by the spirit of God, because God would not contradict himself. Hitler took out out no less than 3/4 of the bible. He did away with the Old Testament because it was too Jewish for his tastes. He also disposed of the letters of Paul. Paul was one of God’s greatest apostles and argued throughout the NT what salvation was based upon, that being saved through faith and not of our works. That right there is what Christianity centers around. It is the deciding factor on who is and is not a Christian. If Hitler regarded Paul as misguided and removed his letters from the bible he removed himself from Christianity because Paul’s letters are what our faith hangs on and what defines Christianity. I’ll post more and you don’t have to read but I’m going to put this up for anyone else that is interested.

          • I can prove through history that Christianity does not accept Hitler as Christian. In the second century a heretic called Marcion believed much like Hitler was against the Jews and removed the Old Testament. He was eventually and strongly labeled a heretic.However Marcion did not reject Paul’s letters. Not only did Hitler reject the very gospel that Paul preached that defines what a Christian is but he also redefined who Christ is. If you redefine Christ away from orthodox beliefs (the mainstream of Christianity) , to borrow from Jeff Foxworthy, you might be a heretic. And still I have more.

          • Jesus is authentically Jewish. Hitler decided to make him Aryan. Jesus’ Jewishness is important to his claims as the messiah and linking him to the promises that are in the Old Testament as our coming savior. So for someone to say he is not Jewish is to deny Christianity and it’s core belief in God sending him, a Jew, through a certain bloodline to be our messiah. There are certain things about Christ that can not be denied or they deny the very gospel itself. The gospel that defines Christianity and is at the center of everything Christian. Without this gospel there is no Christianity. Christ is Jewish, Christ is the one that the prophets spoke of who was to come as the Messiah, Christ is wisdom, he is the member of the Holy Trinity. Yet he is one with God. To deny these things is to deny the fundamentals of Christianity and would be to make a whole other gospel which would then no longer be Christianity. Hitler denied Christ and made himself another Christ. Hitler was no Christian and yet I have more.

          • The Nicaea council condemned arians (Jehova Witnesses) because they changed who Christ was thereby changing the gospel itself. Without the gospel as God intended it, we are lost. Hitler does not stand up well against modern Christianity nor does he against historical Christianity.

          • However, the Arians lasted for another couple hundred years among the Germanic tribes and some other Christians in the eastern part of the Roman empire. The Arians are not Jehovah Witnesses, the latter is an American born branch of Christianity. One of the so-called new religions. When it comes to the ‘gospel,’ I am assuming you are meaning the Christian proclamation but it has a history of changing and evolving, especially in first, second and even third centuries. It was not until the 4th century that one branch of Christianity becomes the dominant one.

          • The Jehovah witnesses are not arians but much like Arians have redefined Christ away from orthodoxy. They do not believe Christ is God.

          • But many Christians in the first and second centuries didn’t believe Jesus is God. For example, you don’t find that in Mark, Matthew and Luke; nor in the letters of Paul. You do have that in the final version of the Gospel of John with the prologue, but the Johannine Christians that created that gospel had believed that Jesus was the pre-existent son sent by the Father. They eventually came to believe that Jesus was God which was why they were particularly persecuted by their fellow Jews. And, the Johannine Christians split over whether Jesus was ever human since he was God.

          • Many didn’t because they were blind to what was in their own bibles or because they were not truly Christians (indwelt by God). The NT clearly says that we are to take all doctrine for teaching and reproof. Christ can clearly be seen in the Old Testament. Some knew what to look for. I have some books I have been reading recently that are on that subject. I’ll go through them tonight and tomorrow so that I can answer you. Due to my health, I don’t have the best memory, but I have been studying this quite for some time, so I understand where you are coming from because I too used some of the same arguments that you are presenting me.

          • The problems are that there was no orthodox doctrine in the earliest history of Christianity. We find that the earliest followers of Jesus thought he was a prophet only and that his death was the death of an Israelite prophet. This is what we have in the Gospel of Luke – the author didn’t believe that Jesus died for the sins of the world; only that it was a tragic death. Then some of the earliest Christians believed that Jesus became the messiah at his death and resurrection (you have that with Peter’s speech in Acts 2). Then for the Christians who produced the Gospel of Mark, Jesus became the Messiah at his baptism; for Matthew and Luke at his birth, and then with the Gospel of John Jesus is a pre-existent being who came to earth for a brief period of time. Then when you get to the final edition of the Gospel of John, Jesus is more than the Messiah, more than the Son, but God.

          • There were many orthodox beliefs that were shared by Christians. It can be seen throughout Paul’s letters. They were told to study the scriptures as this is where the answers are found. If someone were to bring another gospel then they were not to even greet them. So yes, it is there it just takes an open mind and study. You would not see things set in stone in Luke or other gospels as much as you do in the epistles because they were still learning of Christ and what he was there to do.

          • A good source for you would be Glenn Miller’s Christian Think Tank. Look up what he has on the Trinity. There is much to be found there. Another good source is Michael Brown’s book series, Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus. Particularly Volume 2. You get a lot of insight into what they were looking for in a Messiah in those times. Yet more books that are great for our discussion would be Nancy Guthrie The Lamb of God and hoping for something better. They point out Christ in the old testament. I’ve had a lot of serious doubts and issues with Christianity through the years, but one thing I found is that as much as I thought there were no answers, because most Christians do not have them, they don’t study enough or have never been asked the hard questions, the answers really are there. The’ve started coming together in one neat piece for me. That took years for me though. I’m still learning. I still have more to write on Hitler, but as I have already pointed out, he can not stand up to Christianity it’s impossible. The scriptures I’ve given prove it. His removal of things from the bible prove it. As much as you think there was no orthodoxy, there was and I’ll find more sources for you to prove it, just not all tonight.

          • I also wanted to point out, I know everything was not set in stone at one time. I’ve never claimed it was. But a lot of it was. It’s just not something you are going to see without a thorough study. You have to be open minded though. If you go into something to disprove it, no answer will ever be good enough. I know because I approached Christianity that way. While everything that needed to be set in stone was with the writing of our scripture, not all Christians had time to hash out certain beliefs because they lived in perilous times and were just trying to survive day to day. As things calmed down throughout the years they would hash out certain orthodoxed questions.

          • The gospel never changes among Christians. Those who hold onto another gospel outside of what I have written below can not be considered Christian but are heretics. That is the point.

          • 1st John 3:15 says it perfectly. Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life residing in him. Hitler went beyond hate and murdered.

          • I suppose he was just practicing what he termed population control.

          • absolute rubbish…..go get “The Hiding Place”, a movie about the way Christians were persecuted during Hitler.

          • Hitler believed in the occult, he was what the Christians term a pagan, and he killed nearly as many Christians as he did Jews. All told he killed 60 million people. That’s quite a record, but we’ve still got him beat with 85 million abortions since Rowe vs. Wade was approved.

          • which old wife told you that?

          • Three survivors of the Holocaust. German records. Any decent history on the Holocaust and on Judaism and Christian after the Holocaust. Just making the point if you think all Muslims are terrorists, then all Italians are in the Mafia; all Irish are terrorists, as well. And as for Christians, well, you have the Holocaust, the KKK, other white Christian supremacist militias, movements and churches that call for the eradication of Jews in the US and expulsion of all non-whites.

          • I did. I screamed bloody murder, but I was in my own living room, so only my pets had to suffer! The West has been at war with Islam since the 6th century, and it’s a war we better win because Islam is a vicious death cult which should be stamped out PERMANENTLY!

          • absolutely

          • Thanks for providing their pictures and names. Hopefully they’ll be the first to be fired when President Trump takes over!

          • you are a smart guy….you get it, but RC and other dolts here don’t get it because their wee minds refuse to allow truth to penetrate.

          • Gee, I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but I happen to be a broad with a very broad, well-educated, quick-thinking brain because I graduated from high school prior to the leftist dumbing-down campaign hit the schools in 1967! Now I’m a very pissed-off broad bitching about what’s going on because I remember what our country USED to be like!

          • You seem to be a VERY intelligent young lady, Gen11. And I’ve found from reading your many posts that we agree on some things, and disagree on others. Fortunately, we still have that right–although we seem to be losing rights at an alarming pace.

          • What right have you lost? Name them.

          • The left wants to romanticize Islam, because they know nothing about the Koran’s hate filled verses. How romantic will it be the day their head is dislocated from their neck?

          • Not only that, under Common Core (which Jeb Bush supports), U.S students in public schools are being required to study Islam and repetitively recite Muslim prayers like the 1 billion Muslims on earth are required to do for brain-washing purposes. Any school board which puts that policy forward needs to be fired, every PTA meeting needs to be attended by thousands of screaming parents, and Jeb Bush needs to be drummed out of the presidential race for supporting Common Core and the Islamification of America!

          • absolutely

          • So in WWII we went to war against Christianity (Germans were exactly Buddhists), or we went to war against Buddhism and Shintoism (Japanese)? So I guess you believe that all Buddhists, Shintoists, Lutheran Christians and German Roman Catholics are terrorists?

          • The Bible clearly tell us that we will experience trials and tribulations in this life, but if we put our faith in God, we will be the ultimate victors, and I claim that promise, far more than any promise I’ve ever heard from a politician!

          • Hey progressives:

          • I was raised Christian but I didn’t become a stupid sheep! If Christians don’t stop being sheeple, they will become martyrs if Obama achieves his goal of wiping out Christianity! Fight and God will fight with you! Curling up in a fetal position while praying for mercy is pitiful!

        • Oh, Obama’s plan was to use them round up patriotic Texans during Jade Helm 15. Oops, Jade Helm is over, with no concentration camps, no interments in empty Walmarts. That was a waste of paranoia.

      • “Biblical teachings were now at odds with the law of the land, and it became quickly clear that the law of the land was not going to back down.” Did the US Congress make a law we have not heard about?

        First, despite the LGBT, the recent US Supreme Court’s ruling was at best an opinion of 5 justices, NOT LAW. Judge David Bunning has done himself no favors by forcing Kim Davis on an issue over which he has no authority. Second, he damaged himself still further by evidently forcing school children to undergo indoctrination on the pleasures of the LGBT life style against the violent opposition of nearly all parents involved. This is, of course, one of the endpoints of the so-called “multicultural/diversity” ethos which is being foisted on the American people. It’s just one more attempt at the fracturing of American history by sowing divisive cultural seeds where none have really existed heretofore. The aim of this is, naturally, an agenda for which such historians as John Gillis are arguing. On the other hand another historian, Donald Kagan, has suggested that “democracy requires a patriotic education” and our high schools are not teaching this now partly because of the Advanced Placement being pushed in our high schools for those wanting to enter college. At one time it was a small framework of some 5 pages. Now it’s 134 pages as of 2014 and is a deliberate push toward centralized control.

        America was founded as a Christian nation and the Declaration of Independence says as much. The US Constitution is merely a protocol for relations between the States and between the States and the Federal government. The Bill of Rights was added thereto at the insistence of Madison who wrote it with Jefferson’s blessing. They were well aware of how Christians were treated by various governments in Europe and England. Indeed, President John Adams addressed the military in October of 1798 declaring that our government depended upon a moral people of Christian character, that the government could not work in any other way. And the US Supreme Court confirmed this in The Church of the Holy Trinity vs. United States and Trump even referred to this ruling in one of his early speeches.

        All of this flies directly in the face of the LGBT which is adamantly anti-Christian and occupies at best only 3% of the entire American population. The program the LBGT is pushing is completely anti-Christian and anti-freedom. It’s purpose is force just like all tyrannies are. While it began as a tax dodge, it has had a far more insidious philosophy at its base, more than just trying to make aberrational behavior normal by force of law.

        So do a little research and be prepared to fight for your very rights to do as you wish.

        • This country was not founded as a Christian nation. That is fiction that came out of the 1950’s. No where in the Constitution or the Declaration that this country was going to be Christian. This is a secular nation. There is not a single Christian principle in the Constitution or the Declaration. As for the latter, it would understood as a document produced by the leaders of the Enlightenment here in the colonies. Our Founding Fathers new the dangerous of religious tyranny as well as political tyranny. All members of the LGBT community are not anti-Christian; in fact, some are Christian ministers.
          Now, where is the Church of the United States? Does one’s citizenship depend on whether you are a Christian?
          What form of Christianity is the United States? The majority of Americans who claim to be Christian are Protestants, but Roman Catholicism is the largest branch. So, should we all follow Roman Catholic canon law, or one of the Protestant Christianities?
          If you are claiming that as a Christian nation we should follow God’s laws, whether we are a Christian or not, how is that difference of Islam’s concept of Shari’ah?

          • you’re a total idiot.

            America was begun as a Church Relocation Project

            to all you liberal irreligious heathens:

            Separation of Church and state my foot !!! Pardon me, but I’ve an acute
            aversion to ignoramuses masquerading as intellectuals.

            began as a church relocation project. That’s right, a CHURCH RELOCATION PROJECT

            A religious group in England
            felt that the practice of their faith was being stifled, so they moved to Holland. They stayed in Holland around 10 years or so, then decided to try the New
            World, and came to America.
            That group was known as the PILGRIMS.

            Among some of their most noteworthy traditions were “public stocks”
            and tar and feathers. If you acted inappropriately, immorally or unethically,
            they put you in the stocks and the crowd would pelt you with tomatoes (much kinder
            than being stoned to death, as in Muslim culture). We need to bring back that
            kind of public humiliation. Maybe we should start by putting heathens and gay
            activists and abortionists in the public stocks.

            The Pilgrims revered the Bible, and like it or not, this nation was founded on
            Christian principles.

            The Bible is full of lessons of wrong-doers being publically embarrassed. Of
            course, liberals don’t want anything to do with the bible, because its message
            DISTURBS their comfortable lifestyles. Instead of looking for a lifestyle to
            fit God’s will, they try to mold God to fit their lifestyle. VIPERS, PAGANS,
            rot in hell !!! You make my blood boil. Your liberal secularism is ruining
            America AND YOU KNOW IT….You are all destructive, disruptive, avant-garde,
            impudent, insolent, snotty pinheads.

            Written by Dan Talbot (not cut and paste)

          • Some of the early colonies were religious nut jobs, but “America” was not formed until a hundred and 50 years later when the liberals wrote the constitution.

          • You’re very first sentence is bull! The entire foundation of this nation was established on a Judeon/Christain foundation, and Obama has been hammering away at since he day he took office, determined to cause the entire structure to come crashing down because he HATES this country! We must make sure he leaves it when he leaves office because he doesn’t deserve to live here! He’s an enemy of the state!

        • “But in what sense can it be called a Christian nation? Not in the sense that Christianity is the established religion or that people are in any matter compelled to support it. On the contrary, the Constitution specifically provides that ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.’ Neither is it Christian in the sense that all of its citizens are either in fact or name Christian. On the contrary, all religions have free scope within our borders. Numbers of our people profess other religions, and many reject all. Nor is it Christian in the sense that a profession of Christianity is a condition of holding office or otherwise engaging in public service, or essential to recognition either politically or socially. In fact, the government as a legal organization is independent of all religions. Nevertheless, we constantly speak of this republic as a Christian Nation–in fact, as the leading Christian Nation of the world. This popular use of the term certainly has significance. It is not a mere creation of the imagination. It is not a term of derision but has substantial basis–one which justifies its use” Quoted from the above mentioned Supreme Court of the United States of America ruling in the case of The Holy Trinity vs United States

          • Church Relocation Project

            to all you liberal irreligious heathens:

            Separation of Church and state my foot !!! Pardon me, but I’ve an acute
            aversion to ignoramuses masquerading as intellectuals.

            began as a church relocation project. That’s right, a CHURCH RELOCATION PROJECT

            A religious group in England
            felt that the practice of their faith was being stifled, so they moved to Holland. They stayed in Holland around 10 years or so, then decided to try the New
            World, and came to America.
            That group was known as the PILGRIMS.

            Among some of their most noteworthy traditions were “public stocks”
            and tar and feathers. If you acted inappropriately, immorally or unethically,
            they put you in the stocks and the crowd would pelt you with tomatoes (much kinder
            than being stoned to death, as in Muslim culture). We need to bring back that
            kind of public humiliation. Maybe we should start by putting heathens and gay
            activists and abortionists in the public stocks.

            The Pilgrims revered the Bible, and like it or not, this nation was founded on
            Christian principles.

            The Bible is full of lessons of wrong-doers being publically embarrassed. Of
            course, liberals don’t want anything to do with the bible, because its message
            DISTURBS their comfortable lifestyles. Instead of looking for a lifestyle to
            fit God’s will, they try to mold God to fit their lifestyle. VIPERS, PAGANS,
            rot in hell !!! You make my blood boil. Your liberal secularism is ruining
            America AND YOU KNOW IT….You are all destructive, disruptive, avant-garde,
            impudent, insolent, snotty pinheads.

            Written by Dan Talbot (not cut and paste)

        • Tell me which rights have you lost? Do you still have freedom of speech? Do you still have the right to assembly? Have your guns been confiscated? Have soldiers been put up in your home? So, tell me which rights have you actually lost? Not ones that you are afraid of losing but the ones that you have lost now.

          • you’re too stupid to argue with.

          • you chicken out all the time.

          • Precedents are being set by court opinion, not by law. The US Congress makes the law. The court can rule on whether or not the law is consonant with the US Constitution, but it cannot make the law itself. What we’re seeing now is a situation in which the court, by opinion, is making law in effect. At least it is being taken that way and a judge like Judge David Bunning seems more than eager to rule on things to make it law, when it is not.

            This precedent seems to be coming from the top down. . . .which is not the way the American governmental concept works. . . .or is supposed to work. It comes from the consent of the governed, a concept which makes America not only exceptional but a direct threat to all other governments on the international scene.

            Because of the LGBT opinion, originally a financial tax dodge issue based on an aberrational life style, this is now being pushed as a normal thing. All kinds of people are claiming civil rights here. There are no civil rights involved. Dr. Paul McHugh, the Henry Phipps Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Psychiatrist-in-Chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, has diagnosed and treated these people who, he tells us, are suffering from what has been diagnosed as a “disorder of assumption”, a refusal [for one reason or another] to accept who and what they are biologically. The suicide rate within that group is some 20 times higher than in non-transgender groups, i.e. those not undergoing surgical ‘mutilation’ for so-called sex changes.

            Dr. McHugh has further declared that policy makers and the media are doing no favors for these people claiming to be transgender or the general public by pretending these are civil rights issues, when they are not. These psychological confusions need to be treated professionally for what they are, mental disorders.

      • Organize your state militia and you’ll avoid civil war. For details, join me at ProjectFreedomUSA (dot org). Use the website “Contact” form and ask for me, the State Director, by name. Be sure to leave your email and ph# so we can communicate outside social media.

      • Mike, there will not be a civil war. The devils backing Obama intend a genocide, in which all Devout Christians and Jews are erased like the Nazi worked the final solution. The military has been compromised, and most of Congress is either secretly Muslim, or bought off. Germany was freed, because the Allies suffered to free it, but there are no allies this time. Just that grinning monster and his FEMA Camps. Little jackboot got his Muslim army here, and they are just as armed, and just as ready as the military to do his unholy will.

        • Christian cowards and their equally timid preachers protecting their precious tax-exempt status need to find the courage to organize their state militias against the Moslem hoards, the traitors in Congress and judges in our courtrooms. The Militia will also have to take on the USArmy with its assortment of UNconstitutional sodomites, illegal aliens and jailbirds. For details, join me at ProjectFreedomUSA (dot org). Use the website “Contact” form and ask for me, the State Director, by name. Be sure to leave your email and ph# so we can communicate outside social media.

        • eighter way, it’s not looking good for the men with the white hats.

          • Mike, I agree. I always hold hope that we can outlast the crazies, but it is not looking so solid now.

          • Remember who fights for His own, pick a spot and hold your ground, when it’s time to die it’s time to go home!

      • Civil war? Which religion is going to fight our country?

        • I don’t believe it will be about religion, but ideologies. However, Humanism is a religion, man (as god) centered. Other cults profess the same, Hip Hop, Eastern mysticism, and other “ism’s” Mormonism the more recent. When Satan makes his entry into the physical world through anti-christ, he will “DEMAND,” ALL worship, those who refuse will die. In regards to “who will fight our country?” Ignorance, of the people within, liberals, socialists, communists and atheists will except only one policy, scorched earth policy. If they can’t have it, no one will! I.e., until they meet two people, anti-christ and then The Christ.