America After 9/11 – The Unification That Could Never Last

Every time we roll into the second week of September, thoughts inevitably turn to the events of 2001. The media has lightened up on its in-depth retrospectives in recent years, but no one who watched the Twin Towers fall that day will ever forget. It was a time of intense rage and fear, but it was also a very special time to be an American. At no other point in my lifetime has there been such a proud swell of patriotism. 9/11 may well go down as the darkest day in modern American history, but what followed was something unprecedented. For just a few weeks, we put away partisan politics and petty differences and joined together.

And then it was over.

Before long, Democrats realized that they couldn’t stand idly by and let George W. Bush sail away on this groundswell of popularity. After all, this wasn’t their guy. Up until the day the World Trade Center was hit, they were still hammering that tired “selected, not elected” refrain, referring to the mess in 2000. When Bush stood atop the smoking hole that came to be known as Ground Zero, all that crap was suddenly unimportant. Here was a guy who had been ordained by fate to be in office when America experienced its greatest tragedy.

Were there mistakes in the years after 9/11? Sure. Some of them were pretty serious. Can anyone imagine, though, what things would have been like had Al Gore taken office on January 21st, 2000? We would probably be speaking Arabic.

But the Democrats…they really outdid themselves when it came to taking Bush down a peg. They called him a liar, a war criminal, an idiot, and an evil genius. They divided the country in ways that it will never recover from. Even if the country was attacked tomorrow, it’s hard to imagine we would experience that sense of apolitical unity ever again.

Make no mistake about it – the division currently affecting the U.S. government has been manufactured by the Democratic Party. Once they decided that the gloves were off, there was no going back. They closed ranks against a president in one of the most difficult situations any leader has ever been in – facing an enemy utterly unlike anything we had ever faced before – and turned him into a cartoon villain. Now they wonder why Republicans in Congress refuse to work with them to pass socialist legislation. Well, you reap what you sow.

Today, our country once again faces the direct threat of Islamic terrorism. Some say ISIS is better-funded and better organized than al Qaeda ever was. Unfortunately, we have someone in the White House even worse than Al Gore. In a concerted effort to elect a president as far removed from Bush as possible, the left wound up putting a man with Muslim heritage into the Oval Office a mere 7 years after 9/11.

No, we’ll probably not see the unification of late 2001 again. The wounds are too deep, the memories are too real. The terrorists hurt us on 9/11…but they were nothing compared to the Democrats. Never forget.

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  1. ain’t this the truth! sad truth too!

  2. How true how true

  3. Hey, don’t you know that if we are nice to Muslims they won’t kill us? Don’t pay any attention to the Koran just because it says, “Death to the Infidel!” on every page.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” We prove what we say.

  4. Don’t isolate our government’s involvement in the 9/11/2001 Twin Tower destruction from terrorism. Get out onto Netflix and watch “911:In Plane Sight” (spelled correctly) and make your own mind up. There will come a unity over 9/11 and many other horrific events when the truth of our government’s actions and involvement are known concerning what this administration, and many before it, have really done to this nation.

  5. There will never be political unity again. It will and is coming to patriotic unity which does not include anyone from present day divisivness. These people know nothing of patriotism narcissism is their only driving factor.

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    • If the problem with the Democrats is socialism then the problem with the Rupublicans is backing jews. Both have destroyed our country, but, obviously, you can’t see that. As a conservative I won’t spend one stinking penny to help the jews or israel. So much for America coming first. Sometimes I think you right wing evangelical Christians are downright dumb and blind to the jew lobby and what it has done to our nation. Google Bolshevicks and what they did to Russia, look familiar? It’s what they are doing to us now. jews hate right wing Christians, you can look that up too, if you care too.

  7. HAHAHAHA This article is hilarious

    “Were there mistakes in the years after 9/11? Sure. Some of them were pretty serious” – NO SHIT SHERLOCK and wasn’t it THOSE mistakes that ended the unification??? Yes blame it on those who called out Mr Bush for making so many HORRIBLE mistakes

    “They called him a liar, a war criminal, an idiot” UMMM because he, was, was and uh was.

    “Here was a guy who had been ordained by fate to be in office when America experienced its greatest tragedy.” Ordained by Fate?? Really ?? That’s one way to see it. The other way s is Here was a guy who ignored all of the warning that this was going to take place and COMPLETLY DROPPED THE BALL

    • Jimmy King, talking about Dropping the Ball, how about the lying POS we’ve had for the past six years, this “illegal Monster” mastered the Dropping the Ball movement. Americans should be glad we’ve had Bush at the time of 9/11, at least he had some Balls and did something about it, unlike the present faggot currently running the show. As far as ignoring the warnings, once again this Socialist prick (obama, just in case I didn’t make myself clear) wins again. My suggestion is for you to get more accurate information before posting such a stupid comment.

      • He can’t help it. You can’t fix stupid.

      • Seems everyone forgot that Clinton had warning of what could happen BUT he did not pass it on to Bush.

        • Plus Clinton had more than one opportunity to get Bin Laden & he passed !!! He was int their cross hairs & he backed down !!!

          • Yes, and Obama only got him because of info obtained by Bush, then he crowed about how he, not the Navy Seals, got bin Laden, still would like to see the proof. I hate war, remember to lividly the WWII effects on all of us, BUT the only solution to quell ISIS is going to be on the ground, and make it short and sweet, after all territory to be covered is a lot smaller than WWII.

          • I think we should drop a nuke on the middle east & let Allah sort it out !!! We can still drill oil through glass !!! Better still we can build the Keystone Pipeline & we wont need their oil !!!

        • And what did “Bubba” do after the bombing in the WTC parking garage?? launched a couple of patriot missiles at UBL and said “there, that’ll teach ’em” while UBL and the rest of the world laughed!!! BECAUSE HE FREAKIN’ MISSED!!!! What a disgrace the libtards are when it come to defending America and our allies!!!

          • The Dems dont know the concept of winning wars! Look what LBJ did to us in Vietnam causing us to lose that war ! O is doing the same thing here ! A community organizer who cant even organize his sock drawer & he thinks he knows better than his Military???? He’s a complete idiot & should step down but he doesnt have enough integrity to do that !

          • The last democrat to do anything to protect America was Harry Truman. That was before the democrat party was taken over by the communist party. Why they even stopped nominating a communist party candidate because they said the democrats had adopted the communist platform.

          • What about JFK’s Naval blockade of Cuba during the missile crisis of ’62?

          • He didn’t miss! He hit an aspirin factory!

          • ROTFLMBO!!!!

        • Absolutely correct Jeanne. And Wild Bill was going to hunt down the guilty parties and bring them all to justice….NOT

        • You are absolutely Right!

    • Obviously you are talking about Obama here !!! That is why ISIS has grown to the size it is now….Obama doesnt listen to his Military Advisors !!! He is in over his head & is a COMPLETE FAILURE !!!!

      • Why should he listen to them ?? After all, oweblowme is the one that has de-nutted the military leadership. All that remains are “YES” men who are more concerned about their position and retirement, than what is right for the country..NO GUTS, NO GLORY !!

    • What a fucking buffoon!!
      A hill of sand has more I.Q. than you

    • but…but…but…Bush! I think it was Clinton who dropped the ball when he admitted he had a chance to get UBL, but then again, it’s hard to make decisions with your pants around your ankles! Talk about dropping the ball!! but…but…but…Bush!

    • If Clinton didn’t run his administration with his pants around his ankles, 9-11 wouldn’t of happened. Do you know what an intel fail is?

      • Yes, Intel fail is 45 days before the attack, the President gets his daily briefing including a document drafted by his intelligence agencies entitled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” and does nothing

        • If the CIA failed to be more specific, maybe it wouldn’t of happened. Clinton had several chances to kill UBL and passed, you can thank him for 9-11.

          • And Bush “searched” for him for 2 terms and couldn’t find his ass with a road map.

            But Obama got him

          • It was the CIA’s job to find him, not Bush’s. So obama found UBL? Pray tell, how did he find him? Did obama also kill UBL?

          • No but he had the balls to give the order. Bush was so fucking stupid he didn’t even know who to go after

          • Bush wouldn’t have given the orders to kill him? So naive. Bush had a 2.6 GPA, Al gore a 2.2, and JFK a 2.5. What was obama’s GPA. Without a teleprompter he’s a stuttering fool. Obama’s definitely the biggest moron who ever infested the Oval Office.

          • Yes. Surely you’re right. Editor in Chief of the Harvard Law Review is usually held by someone with a 2.0 or lower. Now that we all know how truly moronic you are, I’m moving on. I’d like to have a more intelligent conversation than you are capable of, so I am off to the monkey house at the zoo What a fucking idiot

          • The 1st editor in chief at the harvard law review via Affirmative action, a token gesture. If obama had a good GPA the left would have been flaunting it. Bill Clinton was Rhodes Scholar and look ma, no Affirmative Action? You call me a moron and support the worst and biggest fraud president in History. Your vulgarity also points to your emotional immaturity, a common affliction among limp wrist liberals.

          • Clearly you have no idea how Law Review works, or law school for that matter. You don’t get to be on Law Review based on affirmative action, and you most certainly aren’t made Editor. You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about “Biggest fraud president” did you actually say that? Too funny

          • Biggest fraudulent president, sounds correct. His college records lock away, you can’t prove the magna cum laude crap. You worship an empty suit, now that’s real funny. I want to ask you a question, do you have any criticisms of obama, if you do, what are they. I ask that question to all the partisan hacks..tick..tock…tick…tock

          • Ok I’ll type slowly because I know it is difficult for you to follow. Editor of the Law review has nothing to do with Magna Cum Laude. Try and understand that these are two very different honors. we’ll go real slow and hope you can keep up

          • I know what magna cum laude is, the child I’m holding graduated with a masters degree in education cum laude. Again, everyone talked about Clinton being a Rhodes Scholar, if Obama graduated magna cum laude, we would have heard about it. Prove Obama graduated magna cum laude.

          • Hey Shit for brains, I said he was editor of Harvard Law Review You were the one who brought up magna cum laude. Holy crap are you stupid

  8. When I think back to that day one of the things that sticks out is the picture of a bunch of politicians standing on the steps of Capital Hill holding hands and singing. I wanted to puke, knowing damn well that none of them really gave a rats azz. It was nothing more than a public display of absolute stupidity. There may have been a time in our history when politicians did care about the people of this country, but it damn sure isn’t now. And when I say POLITICIANS, I mean all of them left and right.

  9. Sadly – but largely the fault of us voters – Barack Hussein Obama, former Chicago Neighborhood Organizer Is By Far The Most Inept Man To Be President In The History of The United States of America ! An avid RACIST and SOCIALIST he was at his Peter Principle BEST when he was a Chicago Neighborhood Organizer and at his WORST in terms of his gross lack of ability, comprehension, and flexibility – N O W !

    • He’s a Muslim-Marxist jihadist and his regime is the Communist Party USA! The problem is that the punk-a$$ GOP is like the Boy Scouts taking on the Mafia. They should start manning up and tell the American sheeple the truth as you and I have just done. We out here in the heartland, mere peons to them, have enough sense and courage to identify these anti-American Godless ghouls for what they are and so should the chicken-sh^t “Re-PUNK-lican” leader(less)ship! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mIm, NSA!

    • Ronald….you say us………….I did not vote for him…did U???

      • I think by “us” he means most Americans…..not you and me, just most of “us”.
        But, your point is well taken, I didn’t vote for him either.

        • You’re an Einstein astute guy… regards, Joe T

          Thank you brother….our group is straight up, no BS like the liberal atheist thinking about the world…………fools rush in where angels fear to tread…

          and we ain’t no fools…………like the Democratic liberal supporting radical Muslims are…..Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama…chief Muslim and fraud in life and charlatan…NOT because we say it, his own words and daily actions convict him of deception and high treason in office. Veritas.

          And anyone who supports his policies and evil machinations is guilty as he is.

          • Joe, I didn’t vote for the imposter either he never really acomplished much in the non-profit sector never had a real job in his life. White women (and some of them had penis’s) voted him in because they don’t read and don’t research who they are voting for…

      • Nor I. Either time.

        • Paradoxical conundrum:

          Everything GOD does is good, even if it’s bad; hence POTUS Obama;

          An enigma by GOD.

          Faith in GOD is the supreme test of humanity.


  10. And…..There is much Truth in: “The Only Good Muslim – IS A DEAD MUSLIM”. , , ,

    • They want us to believe that only a tiny faction….,1% of muslims are radical. That’s pure bovine feces. How many non radical muslims have you heard condemn the 1%? NONE

  11. Very true. The saddest part is most Americans have no idea how the Demorats have deliberately divided this nation for political gain. The Demorat party is as much a threat to America as radical Islam. It is a toss up which will destroy America first. I have to wonder what the Demorats will do when this nation is destroyed. Probably blame Bush.

  12. 19 of the people that was supose to be on the airplanes are still alive (how come)

    • Because 9-11 was an inside job. Go on YouTube & you will find so many videos explaining why this is so true. As far as I’m concerned, Dick Cheney & George Bush are war criminals & should have been put on trial & charged with treason. They got away with murder, big time!!

  13. This is the total truth! Sad but true!

  14. Why would anyone think post 9/11 would last more than a month or two. We are a deeply divided country. Socialism,affirmative action , illegal immigration, open borders and tremendous debt and of course people of differant race, color and faith, this would never last . We are done as a nation and are slowly disntergrating.

    • But it ain’t too late to turn it back around!!!

      • Not without bloodshed my friend.

        • I do believe that you’re correct there too!! Sadly it has come to that, I’ve said a few times myself in some of my posts “It’s time for the Stars & Bars to rise again”.

          • Okay, how do we get that to happen? We don’t even have a military that can be totally trusted anymore. And the local police are now anti-citizen SWAT teams answering to Eric Holder.

          • Good question! I just know it needs to happen. I’ll leave the “how to” to more strategic minds than mine …. that way it’ll have a better chance to succeed!! LOL

          • You are right, JFK did do something to chase off the Soviets. As far as “how do we make it happen” we really shouldn’t have to. Supposedly that’s why we have Congress. Except for the fact that our government is so damn corrupt they sit and do nothing. They do not care about us and show it daily by doing nothing but talk. When a politician shows up on the scene that shows some guts the establishment gang does everything it can to silence and vilify the person. We are simply “stuck” with a political mafia running our lives. If we don’t save ourselves Congress sure as hell won’t. I’m sure you read all the same newsletters etc. that I do. When was the last time there was something positive for our side that happened. When a government no longer serves the will of the people we have the right, no the duty, to abolish it and establish a new government. [Thomas Jefferson]. We better do it while there are still 30 million armed citizens.

          • Yup yup & uh huh!!, we’re definitely on the same page there. Top military brass (all military personnel for that matter) swear an oath to “protect and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic”; but we obviously can’t count on that either. The Generals and Colonels below the Generals “appointed” by the “crybaby-in-chief” need to step up and take control but they won’t either because they’re too concerned about their own “political ambitions” ……. if they hadn’t served in combat defending us I’d call ’em all cowards, but that doesn’t fit so in my opinion they are all traitors to the nation they swore to protect and defend.

          • Just like maliki in Iraq, obama fired and or removed any of the Generals who told him the truth,,,theres greatness in the military and also in the govt,,,they need to heal a bit after this divisive administration is gone we can get back to the business of being America,,,harry reid WILL NOT bring forth any Republican Bills for a Vote and he spends most days belittleing the Republicans and lying to the American people,,I can’t tell you the damage this one man has brought to our Nation,,,between reid, pelosi and obama we appear through but let me assure you,,we are not,,,we just have to keep on moving on,,,we’ll get past this

          • I sure hope you’re right, because if you’re not ……. I think our homeland will turn into a middle eastern style of living with terrorists performing car bombings and suicide bombings on a daily basis in this target rich environment!

  15. I sincerely hope ….. and pray, that these last 6 years and the next 2 of this p.o.s administration, wake the moderate dem’s up and they see what the socialistic ideologies that they’ve allowed to take a hold of their party, has done to America. We see more and more starting to wake up and pull away from nobama, but hopefully it’s too late for them as they are a part of the problem, and need to be voted out!! I hope that this ‘president’ is the death of liberal/socialism in this country!! God help us all if it isn’t!!!

  16. Don’t just blame the Demo-rats — All the jug heads running this country — Republicans and Democrats are more interested in staying in power than doing what needs to be done — Its been long time since we had a politician that had any balls and said what need to be said and be dammed if he or she isn’t reelected . Mr. Obama couldn’t run an ice cream stand in the desert and make a profit — Ron Weider has it right, the buffoons like Harry, Nancy, Mitch, and who could forget the crier John, are all nit wits that disrespect the country by playing games with the countries future — just look at Mississippi primary where the Orders came from Republican head quarters to gets the demo rats to vote in the republican primary to assure their incumbent dummy got the nomination– We are in trouble folks and its almost mid-night , and the ship is taking on water. We are about to go down swallowed up by political correctness fostered by spineless people with courage or honor.


  18. Maybe Al Gore would have us speaking arabic, but now we have a president who speaks arabic and even worse than Gore, is an islamist supporting muslim. I’d rather speak arabic than be lead by obama.

  19. Comparing who is better…BUSH OR OBAMA is like saying that one child molester is better than the other just because he isn’t in your neighborhood at the moment…Dumb….just dumb. The only division is the government against the citizens and they are already killing many people so i wish you all would get over that thing you have for one political party of the other. It is really making you look quite stupid no matter what side you claim to be on. We need to get rid of both pf these parties! That’s a fact !!

  20. I remember 9/11 like it was yesterday. My wife begged me to come home after the second building was hit. I came home and, as we watched the news , the third building went down. I said to my wife ” What the…….?”

  21. Missed point – the Second Attack on WTC. Get it right.

  22. Mr. Obama has said, “The Islamic call to prayer it prettiest sound I have ever heard.” Need any more?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you will know.

  23. Bill Graham, Pat Robertson, TPs and Repubs behave the same. They are racists and bigots. Do you remember in 2012 Robertson with a gang of Repubs and TPs such as Glen Beck, Karl Rove and Dick Morris went on retreat to pray that President
    Obama lose re-election because he is Black and that Romney, the Mormon, win because he is White? Now you’re telling people to listen to Graham when he is a sinner himself. Like in 2012, no God will listen to you if you believe in Graham. These religious leaders are fake and they pump in you evil spirit to hate others because they are different from you. I am really surprised you listen to these morons.

  24. Our real problems in America are not necessarilly the Muslims We are a very divided country. When we were White we were the greatest Nation in the world and now our biggest threat is the enemy within. Its our differances that will destroy us. Its just a matter of time. The left are just waiting us out. Waiting for the old guard to die.

    • You are so correct. Yugoslavia didn’t come out well at all. It’s all part of the plan to destroy the white nations around the world. You can thank the jews for that one. Don’t believe me? Look up who was behind the immigration bill in the 60s. Jews know they can’t rule the world unless whites are non existent.

    • You are right! I was at UC Berkeley in 1960 when the Free Speech movement began. People like Bill Ayers & Bernadine Dohrn formed the weather underground to blow up buildings and kill people. Those young radicals are now in Obamas’ administration. His top advisers are either Muslimor Marxist. They waited a long time to accomplish their evil goals.Keep an eye out & your powder dry!!


  25. Where was Barak Hussein Obama on Sept. 11, 2001?? I would wager that he was at a fundraiser or on the Golf course!!

  26. No Guts no glory!, Socialist Democrat elected scumbags need to be dealt with as harshly as the law allows and soon nearly every singlr elected democrat has indeed violated his or her oath of office on at least 10 occasions since Obama was nominated for president in 2008. The spineless, limp wristed, lisping and mincing Republican party needs to man up and initiate criminal prosecutions on those aforementioned Socialist turd burpers in congress. Oh but wait most of the Republican In Name Only members of congress ( good old boys) have done the same things.
    Damn it the United States is still a Constitutional Republic not a socialist/communist democracy.

  27. change the story a min.all other first lady’s had 1 ass. you got to tell me way in the h….. do you have 22 ass. what do you need that many people working for you in the first place you don’t live in a palace in live in the peoples house for a little while longer then you be histroy your history now because I don’t pay you know mind any way but when I here this b/s then I got to say something and this is wrong wrong.

  28. I thing I know both house’s will be under the GOP control come in Nov. then we will start turn stone’s over that Obama has on them with Eric holder holders help

  29. This is the playbook that has been in play for many years. Doesn’t matter which side is in office. They all need to be thrown out!

  30. Finally, an editorial I could have penned myself,,,,Truly Inspiring,,,,Resoundingly TRUE,,,The dems fell in line actually falling over themselves to support Bush, voting to go to war in Iraq and practically marching into Bagdahd with our Army,,,carrying VERY BIG STICKS,,,,,,BUT THEN,,,,,Just like Judas flipping out because Jesus was getting the Glory the dems showed up one day to collect their pounds of silver and between them and their legions in the press it all went to hell in a handbasket,,,but no suprises there,,it’s the same thing they did to George H.W. Bush after the wildly successful Gulf War and his successful Coalition that did everything right,,,,Our General’s shined, our Military Shined like they always do,,but then they came,,knifes drawn at the ready to stab all that was good in America right in the back,,,,,dems & the press,,,butchering the innocents and slandering the righteous,,,,I don’t know why but it’s just what they do,,,,,now the Joker in chief tries to put together a coalition to put down the demons he created in the middle east and so far it’s what you would expect from the left,,a big JOKE,,,The one American ally who started doing real damage was the French,,,that’s right,,the French hopped right to it and bombed isis,,or as barack calls them ISSEL sounds like,,actualy isil,,,,The French even sucedded in pissing isis off by calling them a name they don’t like at all,,,WOW,I’m impressed,,,I like these French who are usually too busy surrendering to fight an effective campaign but damn, they got it going on now,,with Germany weaponizing the Kurds (I don’t know why barack won’t weaponize one of the best fighting forces in the area but),,,of course he wants to arm 5,000 fighting moderate syrian rebels who he has maliciously maligned as of late but eh,,that’s our barack,,,,,what a character,,er,,I meant cretin actually but,,God help us and as I’ve stated many times before,,Thank God George W Bush was President on 9/11/2001,,,it was clinton who created the bin laden who attacked us that fateful fall day,,,asshole

  31. If any one person is to blame for 9/11 it is Jaime Gorelick who erected the “Chinese Wall” between the FBI and the CIA. Look it up.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you too will know.

  32. This is not a mystery if you read the Koran. It’s in the book!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.


  34. The only Muslim America has to worry about is that bastard obama he,s the only muslim that has brought terorist to your Front Door, & i only learned yesterday that the Ebola is going to be made Airborne probably from those Aircraft That Are Spraying Day & Night With There Poisonous Chemicals, & when an american TV Company Went To The Afgan Moutains They were able to Speak With Osama Bin Laden on record so why couldnt the troops find him, coming up to date another American TV Company Interviewed The New Al-Quida Leader & When Asked Where does al your Money Come From, he started laughing & replied you give it to us,to wich the tv guy said us i don,t think so, Ok replied the Terrorist Leader The C I A Pays Us To Start These Wars, so there you have the Truth Terrorist Yes American Paid For & Is Still Paying With Your Hard Earned Cash, i now see only a Miracle From God Or Perhaps An Alien Nation Saving Us All As That Bastard Has Been Given Orders To( Murder 7 Billion) People WorldWide On The Orders Of The Illuminati & Bildenbergs, & The Poor American People Will Be The First To Die, & then Followed By The United Kingdom & Then The Whole Of Europe, America Is Now Doomed as he has even brought in Russian & Chinese Troops To Murder You As He Knows That No Red Blooded American Will Shoot There Own People, It Is Now Up To The American Forces To Stop This Plus The Police Who Are Supposedly Your Guardians From Robbery Murder & Terrorist, I would tell you to speak with your Party Leaders But Are They In The Grip Of The President as nither seems to have done Sod All About Anything, you all better Shape Up Before You Are All Dead Imprisoned Or Poisoned By Ebola Which Is Another Manufactured Disease From Amerian Scientist Just Like AIDS Was Manufactured & Was Done By A Man Called Robert Galla Who Has Said He Made It For Depopulation, He Is Another One Who Belongs To The ( New World Order ), & All Of This Can Be Viewed & Varified On ( WWW. YOUTUBE.Com ) I Am Ashamed Of The Public To Think That They Could Bring This Onto This Lovely Planet & I Will See My Children & Grand Children Die Without Being Given A Chance To Live Likle We Have & To Be Able To Smell The Roses & All Those Other Things That We Have Enjoyed, This Is My Last Post On Humanity As It Seems Not Many Are Worried About What Is Going To Happen Very Soon.

  35. Yes….Stupid is as stupid does…….Evil is as Evil does…….POTUS

    Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama….a charlatan in office…

    He’s a dyed in the wool Islamic breathing Muslim, because of what people are saying about him daily, and confirmed and verified by his own words and actions of aiding and abetting the enemy (releasing them, protecting them, condoning them etc) RADICAL ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS MUSLIMS, who want to kill everyone who does not believe to the Satanic verses of the Koran.

  36. STOP THE BS ABOUT 911,THE JEWS DID IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Zero confidence in either side at this time, politicians are like horney 16 year olds tell ya ANYTHING to get into your pants then stick you with the bill for the hotel room after stealing your wallet! Time for an Independant party

  38. The enemy we should fear the most is ourselves. There is no greater fury one can get than the one a person gets when a political opponent gets an upper hand. The response leads to the elimination of all reason. These people would give the entire country away just to get even. This is what has happened ever since Bush won the WH in 2000 and then further gained ever greater respect for his handling of 911. It is time for Washington to step back and take a good look at our constitution, and what built this nation and stop the race, religious, and welfare game playing. It’s time to put hard work, and responsibility at the top of the list and take the freeloaders out of the game and either make them work (Those who are able) or throw them in the brier patch. That’s just one fed up and now maybe heartless fiscal conservatives opinion.

  39. great article. i miss bush a lot, sadly many conservatives just abandoned him. i feel bad about that. dems stick by their guy. i almost envy that. i know bush wasn’t perfect, but he was a great president. i guess will have to wait till ore time passes b4 people realize how good he was. sadly some just continue to demonize him for stuff, 1 he never did, 2 some ancestor allegedly did. i really unfair.

  40. Wait a minute wasn’t he called the “messiah” and “rock star” and didn’t he have the media in his back pocket? Those that were stupid to believe all his lies and promises deserve what they get. So many names, bamboozler, Marxist, socialist, dictator, we should all vote on this!

  41. ISRAEL DID 911 TWIN TOWERS NOT MUSLIMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. No, certainly I will never tolerate a Democrat again. It is hard even to be polite to one of them. I spend no money in states controlled by Democrats, either. I hope for the southern tier of states from North Carolina south and west to Arizona, to secede from this awful socialist union.

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