America After 9/11 – The Unification That Could Never Last

Every time we roll into the second week of September, thoughts inevitably turn to the events of 2001. The media has lightened up on its in-depth retrospectives in recent years, but no one who watched the Twin Towers fall that day will ever forget. It was a time of intense rage and fear, but it was also a very special time to be an American. At no other point in my lifetime has there been such a proud swell of patriotism. 9/11 may well go down as the darkest day in modern American history, but what followed was something unprecedented. For just a few weeks, we put away partisan politics and petty differences and joined together.

And then it was over.

Before long, Democrats realized that they couldn’t stand idly by and let George W. Bush sail away on this groundswell of popularity. After all, this wasn’t their guy. Up until the day the World Trade Center was hit, they were still hammering that tired “selected, not elected” refrain, referring to the mess in 2000. When Bush stood atop the smoking hole that came to be known as Ground Zero, all that crap was suddenly unimportant. Here was a guy who had been ordained by fate to be in office when America experienced its greatest tragedy.

Were there mistakes in the years after 9/11? Sure. Some of them were pretty serious. Can anyone imagine, though, what things would have been like had Al Gore taken office on January 21st, 2000? We would probably be speaking Arabic.

But the Democrats…they really outdid themselves when it came to taking Bush down a peg. They called him a liar, a war criminal, an idiot, and an evil genius. They divided the country in ways that it will never recover from. Even if the country was attacked tomorrow, it’s hard to imagine we would experience that sense of apolitical unity ever again.

Make no mistake about it – the division currently affecting the U.S. government has been manufactured by the Democratic Party. Once they decided that the gloves were off, there was no going back. They closed ranks against a president in one of the most difficult situations any leader has ever been in – facing an enemy utterly unlike anything we had ever faced before – and turned him into a cartoon villain. Now they wonder why Republicans in Congress refuse to work with them to pass socialist legislation. Well, you reap what you sow.

Today, our country once again faces the direct threat of Islamic terrorism. Some say ISIS is better-funded and better organized than al Qaeda ever was. Unfortunately, we have someone in the White House even worse than Al Gore. In a concerted effort to elect a president as far removed from Bush as possible, the left wound up putting a man with Muslim heritage into the Oval Office a mere 7 years after 9/11.

No, we’ll probably not see the unification of late 2001 again. The wounds are too deep, the memories are too real. The terrorists hurt us on 9/11…but they were nothing compared to the Democrats. Never forget.

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