Alliance Formed To Push Border Security

A diverse group of faith leaders, job creators and activists launched a new coalition this week to push President Biden and Congress to pass immigration reforms they say are common-sense solutions and are long overdue. 

Nearly 30 groups, ranging from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to the National Association of Evangelicals, banded together to form the Alliance for a New Immigration Consensus (ANIC). They kicked off their advocacy campaign with a letter to congressional leaders urging them to act this year on popular reforms to protect certain undocumented immigrants from deportation threats.

“​​At no other point in recent history has the need for immigration reform been greater than it is today. Simply put, the system is broken,” the members wrote in their letter to Congress. “Millions of workers, many of whom were indispensable to the nation’s COVID-19 response, are living in legal jeopardy. Apprehensions at the southern border are at historic highs. And employers are struggling to find workers to fill jobs in many industries.” 

At a news conference Wednesday, alliance members were buoyed by Biden’s State of the Union address Tuesday night where he said it was time to “secure our border and fix the immigration system.”

Immigration problems “have only gotten worse this year,” said Jon Baselice, Vice President of Immigration Policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “And the longer these problems don’t get addressed, the tougher they’re going to be to solve. So that’s what that’s why we need to push now.”

Immigration reforms have stalled in Congress for years. Rather than seeking a comprehensive immigration bill, the leaders talked of passing smaller legislative solutions on issues with broad public support, such as offering permanent protection for so-called Dreamers, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipients and agricultural workers, as well as improved border security.

Bernardo Castro, a 30-year-old recipient of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status, talked of the constant fear that undocumented children face and how court rulings can upend any current protections they may have.

DACA status protects young undocumented immigrants from deportation, but it is not as permanent as a federal law passed by Congress.

“These kids should be having fun living out their childhood, enjoying trips to the amusement park,” Castro said Wednesday. “But the political bickering has made their life a cruel roller coaster. Roughly 4.5 million children under the age of 18 live in mixed-status homes, with one family member being undocumented.”

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  1. Get rid of Biden and re-install Trump where he rightfully belongs and problem solved!

    • OMG, I sooooo agree with you!! GET RID OF THE LYING, CORRUPT, EVIL in chief, and PUT TRUMP BACK in the Oval Office! I am SO sick of his lies! His agenda is to destroy Americans (with his worthless and dangerous vax), our country (with more ridiculous BS about his useless masks), our families, our friends (for wanting to lock them up in their dwellings), our military ( checked Afghanistan lately?) This pile of fecal matter NEEDS TO BE REMOVED! WE NEED AND WANT TRUMP! EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT (if you have one left), DEMONICrats! You’re a DONE DEAL!

  2. If the 1.7 million people are deported and given a legal way to enter the country without being put on our welfare or SS programs that would be fine. But to allow that many Plus the 80,000 Afghanistan’s( that Biden needed to bring in under the dark of night and put them in different cities they were not wanted) were taken off our welfare and SS programs and made to work for a living that would be great. BUT I DO T SEE THAT ANYTIME I THE FUTURE. AS LONG AS THE IS ONE DEMONRAT IN POWER

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      They ALL need to go home; some with a “no return period”, others to get in line & apply LAWFULLY, or stay home. No “protected” groups, nobody stays here who came in illegally, however long aho or at what age, illegally, & DEFINITELY no gov’t support whatsoever! In fact, as Madison once observed, when asked to provide assistance to France while he was POTUS, there’s NOWHERE in our Constitution that provides for gov’t to be in the business of charity. No chain migration; immediate family only, IF all pass the vetting process. No more”work visas, unless the employer PROVES there is not a citizen who can do the specific job, then he may bring in a foreign worker ONLY, & that person may only stay until a citizen is trained to take over the job, & he goes home. Tend to refuges closer to their homes & cultures; no hauling them here & just letting them stay. Any & all assistance to lawful immigrants must come from sponsors & private charitable institutions. Children should be immediately sent home to their parents. It’s not our job, as a nation, to raise others’ kids. We have enough of our own in need, NOTbeing tended because criminal invaders’ kids are taking up the resources meant for American kids!
      Most of those laws are, or used to be, in place already: they’re just not being enforced, or have been erased by globalists.

  3. I’m ashamed of these people. These illegal aliens invaded our country and deserve nothing but deportation. If you want to help, drive them to their home, not north of our border. Then tell them to come in legally.

  4. I agree Trish, send them back where they came from what part of illegal do some people understand. Illegal, breaking the law, doing something wrong, I don’t care who these people are who want to reward them, they broke our laws, they brought diseases with them, drug dealers, and everything else. The dreamers are illegal as for as I am concerned, I did not bring them here if they want to blame someone it is their parents, if they are law biding, let them have a green card and work for citizenship. Then after a certain time if they have a good record and job do something then. The Chamber of Commerce just care about cheap labor, they have never done anything for the American worker, and some of these other people act as if they fell out of a tree. I am very anti illegal, no matter how they came. I even feel people born here to illegal parents should be citizens of mothers country NO auto citizenship. U.S. citizenship is the greatest gift anyone can have, give it to these illegals just makes it cheap and free to the wrong doers, I say NO. the old marine

  5. The “Deep State” is far deeper and darker than anyone can imagine. Their evil tentacles reach far and wide, into nearly everything in society. The Bilderberg group, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Rockefeller foundation, Rothschild empire, Skull & Bones (Yale), the banking cartels (federal reserve) headquartered in Basal, Switzerland. Be strong and of good courage, God, Jesus, will judge these evils.

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