All Out War: U.S. Intelligence Vs. President Donald Trump

President Trump went on a Twitter rampage Wednesday as he viciously bashed both the news media and the leaky U.S. intelligence community for waging outright war on his administration.

“The fake news media is going crazy with their conspiracy theories and blind hatred,” he said in the first tweet of the morning.

The source of Trump’s anger is obvious. Since Monday, when National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was forced to resign, the “Russia Story” has sprouted new legs. Democrats – and even a few Republicans – are calling for a full investigation of Trump’s ties to the Kremlin. The New York Times is reporting that Trump’s aides were in “constant contact” with Russian officials during the campaign. Liberal hacks like Michael Moore are taking to social media, demanding that “Russian traitor” Trump resign from office.

It was a matter of speculation when Trump was inaugurated as to how well he would get along with the intelligence community he had derided in the weeks after the election. While Trump assured both the CIA and the public that his issues were only with the outgoing leadership, these recent machinations prove that the animosity towards the president went well beyond James Clapper.

“This Russian connection nonsense is merely an attempt to cover-up the many mistakes made in Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign,” Trump said in a later tweet.

That’s certainly where the bulk of this story originated – including the sanctions hastily imposed by Barack Obama. But now it has become a personal, inter-agency war on the president and his credibility. Flynn was the first tangible victim of that war, but unless Trump can find the rats leaking phone calls to the press, he won’t be the last.

“Information is being given illegally to the failing @nytimes & @washingtonpost by the intelligence community (NSA and FBI?),” Trump wrote. “Just like Russia.”

For all of the liberal fretting about Trump as the personification of American fascism, there’s not a lot of concern about the truly authoritarian actions we’re seeing right now in the so-called Deep State. These unelected, anonymous figures at the intelligence agencies are doing everything possible to give this president a first-class ticket back to New York City. Nevermind the voters. Nevermind Trump’s pro-American agenda. Nevermind Republicans and Democrats. The intelligence community is the last, fortified battle station of the Establishment, and they are not going to submit to Trump. If their survival means the death of democracy, they won’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

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  1. If Trump actually succeeds in “draining the swamp “, they’re all afraid the American people will find out what’s in the bottom of it. That’s the reason for all the distractions. Jeff Sessions going to be a very busy Attorney General.

    • Washington Post already sneaking their f a k e news reports into the Fox News reports. It was an article on Sessions vetting the stand in AG. He questions her whether you should follow through with an executive order even it was illegal. And she replies that she would follow the law no matter what the president orders. The way the video is set up you know they were implying that she was fired for failure of carrying out Trump’s executive order because it was it was an illegal action. And Sessions was the guy grilling her on the issue. It doesn’t matter that the order was perfectly legal. The left never gave a damn about the Constitution, always wanted to modify it and never correctly could interpret it. And when they tried it was bent to fit their agenda. They will challenge rivals to read it yet never get the way it was written and it’s purpose.

      • But the order wasn’t legal. You lied about that. WHY?

        • On the contrary my man the order was perfectly legal. That was my point in my post. Just because you, the F-A-K-E NEWS media, and a few partisan judges say it wasn’t legal doesn’t make it so. I didn’t lie. Sally Yates was being insubordinate by refusing to carry out a legal order. The statute that Trump used to create the order couldn’t be any more clear and your dismissal of the right of the president to detain people for the safety of the country and it’s people is downright partisan ignorance. Many legal experts are saying that the judges acted illegally themselves by ruling against the president. I could give a rats butt what you think so if you waste your time in replying it will be deleted. I don’t argue with idiots.

          • No, it was illegal for several reasons. The first was that Trump couldn’t show any emergency. He couldn’t point to ANY terrorist that entered the country under the current vetting process. There is no reason to change it to start with.
            Secondly, there were people with valid visas legally issued by the United States. To have the United States renege without good reason just so that Trump can play politics is illegal. These people had bought tickets to Disney World for their kids and were told to go home. A couple with a 4-month old baby with two holes in her heart had visas to take her to a hospital in the US that had the equipment and expertise to save her. They were told to go home, wait 90 days and reapply for a visa and in about six months it might be granted. That was a death sentence for the child. No Christian judge would allow the president to void them with no necessity just to score political points.
            Once the judge said it was illegal, it was NO LONGER A LEGAL ORDER. You lied about that.

          • You are part of the left BS group and you are just spreading the left wing BS side of things. You can try to convince people you know it all but your ignorance is showing through. People with VISAs are guests to the US not citizens. The statute gives the president the right to withhold any person that is a non citizen for any reason he dreams necessary for the safety of the country. The judges are the ones that acted illegally simply by not using the statute itself in their decision. The left makes up legal crap to fit their own narratives. The legal experts I cited were not Trump insiders but independant judges no different than the ones sitting on the bench who put the stop on

          • You really believe that stuff. The judges were right. Trump had no basis for invalidating valid visas. He was just wrong. You CAN’T admit it. (neither can he). We haven’t let any terrorists in since 9-11. There was no emergency; Trump is just playing politics with simpletons that want to believe him.

          • Yes I do and I am not alone. You have your right to believe what you want but I will never allow you to deny me my right to believe what I know to be true. You have stated many things about my sources without even knowing who they are. Judges are not infallible and far from immune from corruption. And From where I sit these judges are deeply corrupt. Trump does in fact have the right to invalidate visas. It’s a right granted all active presidents while in the service of the country. You lefties may not like it but it’s a fact. I don’t care how much you think you know but it is quite obvious you know jack about the constitution. No branch of government holds any more power over the other. Judges do not make law they interpret it. Congress makes law. Judges are bound to rule according to the statutes in the constitution. In this case they did not. So in that regard they did not follow the law. They were wrong and so are you. It

          • Apparently you didn’t read the ruling. You are just parroting what you have been told to believe. READ the ruling.

          • That’s true I am parroting what I heard from sources ( several ) much more reliable than the f-a-k-e news outlets you parrot and you. But I have a real copy of the constitution and I know what that statute says. There is nothing in the statute that says a visa replaces citizenship rights. So you’re all wet in your BS talk. Even lawyers and judges cite BS to argue their cases.

          • So you listen to F-A-K-E news (probably one or more of the Macedonian kid sites)
            There are no statutes in the Constitution. The Macedonian kids don’t know that.

          • No but apparently you do.

          • Yes, I know that.

          • I was referring to you listening to f-a-k-e news. Don’t flatter yourself.

          • No, I listen to the real news on real news stations. You probably listen to Faux (aka “F-A-K-E) News. They tell only a tiny bit of the real news. You don’t want to hear the rest, so you don’t listen to real news.

          • You have no idea who got in just because the news won’t report it correctly. There were plenty of attacks by in the country by radicals from those countries. Obama didn’t want his state run media to label it as an Islamic attack.

          • Not in this country. Trump couldn’t name one. Can you?

          • Trump has better things to do than list them when it was out there for all to see. I trust the people I heard it from and I saw nothing from the left to refute it. So that’s good enough for me.

          • Do you have any idea how stupid that sounds?
            1. He says his ban is the most important thing. A simple list would have supported it. OF COURSE he would have provided it.
            2. There is no list for all to see, or you could have provided it. YOU CAN’T.
            3. You haven’t heard anything.
            This is the level to which Trump supporters have fallen.

          • Him and his administration seem to spend a lot of time making things up.
            1. 3 million illegal votes
            2. Bowling Green Massacre
            3. Atlanta attack
            4. Some terrible event in Sweden (He says he didn’t make that up–he got it from Fox News. Getting stuff from fake news is ok, I guess).
            5. “It is ridiculous to believe that Russia had anything to do with the hacking” (actually had the good sense to retract that one).
            6. Banks won’t lend money because of Dodd-Frank.
            7. “The murder rate in this country is the highest it’s been in 47 years, right? Did you know that? 47 years.” Wrong
            8. “In the Keystone case we have potentially 32,000 jobs almost immediately” The pipeline will create 35 permanent jobs
            9. Spicer: “I would respectfully disagree with her assessment of Senator Sessions then and now. His record on civil voting rights I think is outstanding”
            Depends on what you call “outstanding”
            When Reagan nominated him for a judgeship in the 80’s, even republicans in the senate back then were persuaded that Jeff Sessions’s record on civil rights and racism was too odious to let him have a seat on the federal bench.
            10. Spicer: :The stuff that the president is doing is almost entirely highly applauded by both sides of the aisle” REALLY, REALLY????
            That is mostly just last week. This administration is just a bunch of awful liars.

          • If we could name them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,then 9-11 would never have happened.

          • The fact is that there are none. You have ZERO evidence of foreign terrorists in this country. You want me to believe that they entered this country and decided to become nice citizens and not do terror. NO, there are no foreign terrorists, because our process for granting visas after 9-11 prevented it. Trump is just grandstanding. Bush didn’t have good vetting before 9-11. Obama has.

          • Nawwwwww——-9-11 did not happen. The downfall of this Country won’t be from the Russians, Chinese, or Iran. It will come from citizens like you. Unbelievable that we have citizens such as you.

          • You deny 9-11???
            The downfall is already happening and will get worse over the next four years (if he lasts that long).

          • With citizens like you the think the way you do, the downfall will eventually come,,,,,when you all outnumber us Americans.

          • Note that Americans already outnumber you. You lost the people election and sneaked in the back door because of the electoral college election.

          • The Americans put President TRUMP in office, brain dead excop,,,,you give the POLICE a bad name.

          • NO. The electoral college (consisting of 538 voters) put Trump in office. The American people would rather have had Hillary. She isn’t the nutcase that Trump is.

          • 30 States won by popular vote in each state. You don’t know how your government works. It does not matter, you do not accept the TRUTH.

          • The truth is that more Americans wanted Hillary than Trump. He only won because of the electoral college system. And he is already the worst president in history. Historical levels of lies. He just CAN’T tell the truth. I think he believes truth is for sissies.

          • In order to win a State, you must win the popular vote of that State. President TRUMP won 30 States. Hillary only won 20. This is very very very very simple and easy to comprehend,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,unless you are a living dead liberal. If you don’t have anything to comment on intelligently, please go harass someone else. Hasta~La~Vista.

          • States only vote in the electoral college. The American vote went to Hillary. Unless you are a wacko conservative, you know that Americans wanted Hillary more than Trump, but we are stuck with him for four years, unless he gets himself impeached by Republicans.

          • You don’t know very much about politics,,,,do you. Your comments show that you do not have a clue what is going on. Stop looking at that great FAKE NEWS cnn. They are owned by the communists. Now,,,,each State’s winner is determined by the popular vote of that State. Let me repeat this, because you seem to be slow in understanding. Or maybe you are to far gone to understand this. In order to win each State, the candidate has to win the popular vote in that State to get awarded that State in the electoral college system. President TRUMP won 30 and hillary won 20. That is why she lost. Quit using lame brain excuses for your pathetic comments. California just has a lot of people that are left wing extremist. Hillary would have gotten California whether they had 1 million votes or 20 million votes. In other words, the access votes made it look like hillary got the popular vote, but take away kalifornia,, and the President wins the overall popular votes by 3 million. Of course I don’t expect you to comprehend this simple stuff. And they allow you to vote?

          • YOU are a TRUMP-class liar.
            1. CNN is NOT FAKE NEWS.
            2. It is NOT owned by communists
            3. Hillary got more votes from Americans than Trump. You just can’t comprehend it. Total oblivion. We should have laws that prohibit people who are as stupid and as big a liar as you from voting. You are a disgrace.

          • Like I said, “You can’t handle the Truth”. That makes you more dangerous than isis.

          • So far, you have only told lies. I haven’t been exposed to truth from you. You are copying Trump, already the lyingest president ever and setting new records daily.

          • What do you not like about the President?

          • Four things:
            1. He is a crooked businessman, cheating thousands of businesses out of the money he owes them.
            2. He has an aversion to truth. He holds the record for the most lies by a president and setting new records daily. Even his biographer says that lying is second nature to him.
            3. He is in this for his priorities. Ten of his top three priorities are Trump. His foundation is an example. It illegally spent $250,000 of donors’ money settling Trump lawsuits. It illegally spent $25,000 of donors’ money bribing the Attorney General of Florida. It spent $10,000 of donors’ money for a portrait of Trump. Trump has now shut down the foundation because it will never get another dime of donations.
            4. (Related to 2). He is an egomaniac. A lot of his lies are to boost his own ego. He claimed that his was the largest turnout of an inauguration–a lie purely to boost his own ego. He claimed the largest electoral college victory in thirty years–a lie purely to boost his own ego. He claimed there are three million illegal votes cast for Hillary (coincidentally the number he needs so that her vote count doesn’t exceed his)–a lie purely to overcome the damage to his ego from losing the popular election. His ego drives everything; not us.

          • You are pretty good at the FAKE NEWS stuff. Looks like you have gone off the deep end.

          • Why did you say that? All of it is true. If you don’t know that, it is because you only listen to Fox whose news is highly censored so you never hear the other side of Trump. They don’t fake news, they just only report a small part of it. Interesting that Trump is calling the news media FAKE. The term fake news came originally from the right wing sites. Some kids in Macedonia found that right wing people will believe anything and created over a hundred sites with fake right wing news. The advertising from the hits on those sites brought millions of dollars to them. the BBC did an investigation:
            Lots of others. The first fake news was right wing news.

          • You living dead continue to expose your true colors.

          • I don’t watch the news anymore. Fox News is ok. cnn and the rest of the drive by media is nothing but slander and lies. “GOD” gives us all some common sense. Some people choose to use it,,,,,others don’t. I tried to watch cnn, abc, cbs, nbc, salon, vox, huffington and all the rest,,,,but honestly I can not stomach their bull chit.

          • Actually, I watch CNN quite a bit and have never found a lie. Trump SAYS they lie, but never can show a lie. Fox lies. Last week Trump talked about “the terrible event in Sweden last night”. There was no event in Sweden. When called on it, Trump said he got it from Fox News. They just lie.

          • Tell me something you heard on CNN that is “fake news” You can’t. There is none. Trump made that up, like most of what he says.

          • I don’t have to tell you one thing. All of it is fake news. You would not believe any trust that I reveal to you. You can not handle the truth anymore. And that is very sad that we have snowflakes that live amongst us.

          • Not all Fox news is fake news, Mostly it is highly censored and/or put a spin on it to make it look good (for example the ban). Trump has destroyed all the respect the world had for us.

          • You have no idea what the truth is. You never listen to it, only Fox News–highly censored.
            Trump has made a laughingstock of the US. He claims we are scared to death of women and children refugees. He constantly lies–already the lyingest president ever. He makes Hillary sound like Honest Abe, and Obama like George Washington. He sets new records for lying every day. And his administration has no idea what it is doing. One person contradicts another almost every day. What a BAD joke.

          • You can’t find even ONE item of fake news on CNN. Trump calls it “fake” because he can’t stand to have the truth told. He makes up lies and doesn’t want idiots to know the truth. If they accidentally turned on CNN, they would learn about him and he can’t have that so he tries to stifle the free press and only have his lapdog Faux News spit out the Trump line of BS.

          • Note under crooked business dealings that he has been involved, on average, approximately one lawsuit every three days for the past thirty years. No other president even comes close. He brags about it as “good business”. I can’t find ANY legitimate businessman with a similar record. The only ones even close are crooks. I think he will do anything, say anything and use anybody to get what he wants.

          • Name a crooked business deal. You can’t. You don’t know his business. Do you know what it takes to build a Sky Scraper in a liberal town like New York. You don’t have a clue. Do you know who you have to deal with to even get the cement trucks to the site. You don’t have a clue. Do you know how much cement has to be poured and how long you got before those millions of pounds of cement hardens up. You don’t have a clue. Have you been to New York and experienced the traffic, the crime bosses, the unions, the union gangsters, the crooked politicians lining their pockets. You don’t have a clue. Crooked business dealings? Give me a focking break. You tried, I must admit, but you don’t have a clue.

          • His nefarious dealings had nothing to do with the difficulties of building. His dealings were with not paying his contractors and employees. He refuses to pay and promises to bury them in lawyers if they try to sue to get their money. He has been involved as a plaintiff or defendant in over 4,000 cases. These cases have nothing to do with hardening cement or traffic. This is no nice-guy businessman.

          • Oh great guru,,,,one who knows all of President TRUMP’s dealings. You are so full of it.

          • So you don’t know anything about those dealings? You must limit your news to Fox–they will never tell you the bad side of Trump, just keep you ignorant so you believe he is really a good guy.

          • You are like the classic gossiper. You hear what someone said to someone who heard someone say something that you thought you heard so you repeated it, and it got an innocent man hung. Shame on you

          • No, I get the facts, not Fox. What is this about an innocent man hung?

          • It was an expression. You have disconnected from reality like most of the liberals have. That is sad that our Country has come to this. I really have nothing else to comment about with someone who knows no truth, and refuses to believe the truth anymore. What a sad individual you are.

          • Actually, I am the one who knows the truth. You AVOID the truth because Trump and Fox told you to. That is what is sad.

          • I don’t watch FOX.

          • Then you should know a lot more about Trump than you do.

          • You runneth off at the mouth.

          • If you don’t get your information from Fox, and have a lot of misconcieved notions of Trump being good, where do you get them?

          • I do a lot of research on the internet on both sides (both liberals and conservatives). It is like when you meet someone the first time,,,,you know if they are good or bad the first 10 minutes or less.

          • His nefarious dealings had nothing to do with the difficulties of building. His dealings were with not paying his contractors and employees. He refuses to pay and promises to bury them in lawyers if they try to sue to get their money. He has been involved as a plaintiff or defendant in over 4,000 cases. These cases have nothing to do with hardening cement or traffic. This is no nice-guy businessman.
            You are trying desperately to defend him. Trump University was a fraud and sued for $40 million. Atty. Gen. Eric SchneidermanTrump said Trump had not even bothered to get his “university” licensed by New York state as a bona fide educational institution. “More than 5,000 people across the country who paid Donald Trump $40 million to teach them his hard sell tactics got a hard lesson in bait-and-switch,” Schneiderman said. Trump settled for $25 million.
            Just one example that you asked for.

          • The skyscrapers would not have been built if the slander that you comment were true.

          • Oh yes they were, but with other people’s money that Trump got a lot of.

          • You sympathize with the very people that do the things that you claim you abhor. When the “living dead” outnumber the Americans, then you and your kind will jeopardize the very foundation and principles of this Great Nation. Shame on you.

          • I sympathize with the people that Trump cheated. I hadn’t heard Tea party people called “living dead”, but might be accurate. They certainly jeopardize America.

          • You are talking in the wind again,,,,,,,,,and many people are reading what you are talking about. I would not do that, if I was you.

          • That is how Trump got his money. DUH. He didn’t get it working at McDonalds.

          • All we have to do is look at your comments against everyone else here. I think that says it all. By the way, the stock market went over $21,000. I doubt you will ever be able to see the truth anymore,,,,judging by your comments. Someone really did a number on you.

          • That is not because they are making more money, it is because Trump is going to reduce their taxes, creating massive deficits that make Bush and Obama look like pennypinchers.

          • You should apply for a job at cnn. You are really good at the TABLOID COMMENTS.

          • This information about the four thousand lawsuits and his business dealings is not tabloid, it is true. But you have to listen to real news to get it. Fox will censor out any reference to it. If you only listen to Fox, they will keep you ignorant of the real Trump.

          • Fox is owned by some of the most liberal men in America. Bet you did not know that. They just let the people that work here tell the truth. Something that you lost many moons ago. You make no effort to know the TRUTH. And that is one of the greatest dangers to a Country like us.

          • Whether they are liberal or not is irrelevant. They hide all the bad truth about Trump or try to make it sound good (like the ban). It is you that make no effort to know the truth. You brag about not listening to the real mainstream news with real facts, not the Fox spin.

          • That dude is the living dead. He is like talking to a donkey. You are not going to get anywhere with the living dead.

          • I know but I love getting him to expose his ignorance. God help us all if the people he supported got in office.

          • Don’t even go there. The thought of hillary in the White House would cause a major depression in the American People. We would be on our final journey to being like Europe. We have delayed that venture for now,,,,though. But these living dead still roam amongst us,,,so be careful.

          • Far too many. And many with a unreal amount of power.

          • Looks like you sympathize with the terrorists. You liberals are more dangerous than the terrorists.

          • I sympathize with the law. You don’t. The ban had nothing to do with terrorists. It won’t do anything that isn’t already being done. It is FOR SHOW for ignorant, frightened people. Pure politics

          • I endorse President TRUMP for trying to do something about allowing all the undocumented people come into our Nation from all parts of the World. Especially from those Countries that burn people alive, rape children, enslave women, cut off human heads, and murder people if they don’t convert to their false religion. America has every right to decide who comes here or not. And these people have no Constitutional Rights either. But what is disturbing are THOSE people who comment other wise. Very disturbing.

          • The people coming here are visitors, taking their kids to Disney World, coming to our hospitals, visiting relatives. NO terrorists.

          • Yeah,,,,,and they just stop by on their way to Disney World and murder a couple dozen American Citizens. And then they visit our hospitals to see them die. Then they stay overnight with the relatives.

          • Why would they do that?? They aren’t terrorists. They are tourists and people who need hospitals. You are paranoid. There haven’t been any foreign terrorists let in since 9-11. You sound like Trump, and he is wacko.

          • You sound like you just woke up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,from a coma.

          • Certainly can’t take you seriously.

          • You are the living dead.

          • You say that NO terrorists were allowed in the U.S. since 9/11. What was San Bernadino, 14 dead. The gay bar down in Florida, 51 dead. Jill Steinham San Francisco, shot on a pier. Don’t tell me there are no terrorists in this Country you idiot. I have lived through it and found your attitude lacking in intelligence. Everyday there are Newspaper articles about women and children being raped because it “was their culture”. Or a woman beaten or disfigured because it “was their culture.” If you don’t think they are terrorists then you go live with them in their country and leave President Trump to protect your sorry ass while you are still here.

          • The things you mentioned were from DOMESTIC terrorists, not foreign terrorists. We don’t let foreign terrorists in. There are not the everyday stories you mention, except in the rignt wing websites of the Macedonian kid. Trump isn’t protecting anybody except himself. He is the first eleven of his first ten priorities.

          • But an attorney would Enter a “Demurrer’. That means that even if Trump has the authority to do so for any reason, he still has to have a reason. Since he couldn’t show that the existing system wasn’t working, he had no reason. He couldn’t point to a single terrorist admitted to the US under the existing system or show any reason to believe that any of the people with valid visas were terrorists. It was just a political ploy to get the support of idiots.

          • So you are saying there was no terrorists motives in the killings in Florida, kalifornia, Tenn. Texas, New York,? Boy, do you have you head stuck up far where the sun does not shine.

          • I did not say that. Why did you make that up. I said that the Obama vetting process kept foreign terrorists out. If Trump’s ban had been in place, the same incidents would have happened. You didn’t know that did you? These terrorists did NOT get here through our borders. You just don’t know much.

          • No they didn’t. That’s why his DHS task force drew up the order. To improve security but an idiot like you would never get that.

          • You are right; they didn’t come in though our borders, so Trump’s ban did nothing that wasn’t already being done. No, they drew up the order the way it was written because Trump told them to. It didn’t improve security, because we hadn’t let in any foreign terrorists to begin with since Obama took office. But an idiot like you would never get that.

          • Supergun is right. You are a donkey. I never said Obama kept terrorists out. I said he did not properly vet them and he vowed not to. They did in fact come right here pretending to be here to be peaceful freedom loving law abiding citizens without the vetting process. Obama had none in place. That’s why Trimp had to create one. You don’t know what was Trump wanted in the order and what advice he was given so don’t peddle the BS that you know to me. Your ignorance is growing by the post. We the true American Citizens don’t want what’s happening in Europe. If want that go live there. There’s plenty of Europeans that would gladly trade your place.

          • 1. “They did in fact come right here pretending to be here to be peaceful freedom loving law abiding citizens”
            Who, how many? You will have no answer
            2. “without the vetting process”
            A lie.
            3. ” We the true American Citizens don’t want what’s happening in Europe.” Probably true. Europe is doing the Christian thing. Conservatives don’t want to follow Christ’s teachings. They never do.

          • The American People want President TRUMP to set up guidelines to keep these terrorists out of our Country. It will be like what is going on in Germany, Belgian, and France if we do not do something. When one liberal judge that does not agree with what the President is trying to do, gets in the way, then we will have chit like this going on. You say these incidents would have happened,,,,,maybe not if we did not have a weak leader in the White House the last 8 years.

          • Well, these legal “experts” (bought and paid for) don’t know much. If a court says it is illegal, it is illegal unless a higher court overturns it. These “experts” are NOT a higher court. The court told Trump what was wrong, and he will rewrite the order to make it legal. He has bad legal advisers. His advisers don’t want to hear “You’re FIRED” so they tell him what he WANTS to hear, NOT what he NEEDS to hear. That is why he is doing so many stupid things and saying so many stupid things.

          • The F-A-K-E news media (Fox, Limbaugh, the Macedonian kids) try to pretend it was legal.

        • Why do you think it was illegal? obama enacted the same ban against muslims for twice as long and we did not hear you speak up about that.

        • Maybe you should research and read the law before you make an unfounded statement. President Donald Trump had complete authority to do exactly what he did. He could have banned everyone from those countries indefinitely if he saw fit.

          • Maybe you should research and read the law before you DID NOT HAVE complete authority to do exactly what he did. Someone lied to you.

    • Yes he will! But Jeff Sessions had better clean out his DOJ with new investigators and new lawyers. We got a look at was in that department when Trump had to fire one and the lawyer that handled the appeal of his travel ban was handled very poorly.

      • After 8 years of Obama and some of the actions taken by various governmental agencies from
        the DOJ, FBI, CIA and others we know that there still those who are loyal to past occupiers of
        the Oval Office and many owe their position to those who appointed them. They have forgotten
        the lesson that when one leaves you either switch alliances to the new Power in office or
        find yourself out of a job and possible in jail for failure to protect and defend the position of
        power you were entrusted with.

        • Also do NOT forget……where R the 149+ Czars Obama appointed in various government positions…..what is Eric Holder up to in CA….when R the Republicans going to UNITE behind the President?

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          • When we get a REAL president, not a bad joke.

          • Our bad joke left when you changed sides.

          • Not, he hasn’t left yet, but if he keeps screwing up, he might have to.

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

            Our country was going down the toilet and we woke up and put a real man in to rebuild America. These that are against PRESIDENT TRUMP better wake up cause if we’er taken over by others then AMERICA WANT BE NO MORE.

          • We have already been taken over. We have four years to get our act together and get a REAL president back. This man is sick.

    • ” If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched.” Direct quote from exPresident George H.W. Bush in a June 1997 newsletter by Sarah McClenden.

      • What does twenty years ago have to do with the last eight years of the worst administration in history?

        • Nothing except to prove this is not a new problem.

        • No, the worst administration was eight years behind that. The Obama administration created ten million jobs after Bush had destroyed them, tripled the value of America (as measured by the value of its stocks) that had been devastated by Bush, brought down the unemployment rate from the Bush high, and the dollar is the strongest it has been in decades. Obama made America great again after the Bush debacle, Trump will destroy it.

          • Let me tell you about the “tens of millions of jobs”: Millions of Americans who were living the American Dream were sent packing when their well paying jobs were outsourced to H1-B visa holders (many of which they had to train before termination). These terminated Americans are now working 3 and 4 jobs and still making less than they did before they were tossed to the curb. 1 job has been replaced by 4-5 jobs. The new H1-B visa guy counts as one and the fired American counts as 3 – 4 more: Uber Driver, Pizza delivery man, night watchman and a Motel 6 desk clerk. 5 jobs where only one existed previously. Make America LAST! The only thing Obama created is division, hate and a false sense of well being by those not smart enough to see through the BS.

          • And despite the jobs that Mitt Romney sent to China, Obama still created ten million new jobs. Trump is trying his best to create division, hate and a false sense of well being by those like you not smart enough to see through his BS. Obama made America great again after Bush destroyed it. Trump will destroy it (if he gets his way) and we will have to get a Democrat back in to make it great again.

  2. Why such a push back about bringing back to life from the dead the notion of: “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”? The only thing I can fathom is that too many well entrenched “inside the Beltway” leeches that dine lavishly on the butt of society have way way too much to lose. They do not want our government turned back to the people because if it were, they may actually have to go out and get real jobs!

    • Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !mj617d:
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    • Follow the money . The establishment ( the two party tyranny ) want war . Cold war , hot war , ANY WAR FOR PROFIT . Sessions needs to get busy putting the pedophiles in jail . That is Trump’s trump card .
      The United States government , headed by the oil , drug , and banking industry is the largest criminal enterprise on the planet .

    • However, you will notice that Mr Trump manages to dine lavishly as well. What do you mean by government by the people, etc.? We hear a lot about this but people don’t seem to be clear just what that means.

      • We don’t condemn the person who dines lavishly from producing wealth. We do not condone those who dine lavishly by being tax consumers.

  3. The intelligence community is and has been playing roughshod with the USA safety for years…..often for gross personal interest. They in fact are the problem, not the solution to the problem. Better to fire them ALL! Get rid of everyone of them!

    • I’d bet if the old Obama people were sacked that the problem would correct very quickly!

      • It would be a start but remember ever President bring in new people who stay long past that
        President leaving office. We still have people in power from back in the Clinton organization and
        more probably even from back in Regan’s day.

    • New CIA Chief, Mike Pompeo, is just now getting hold of his agency. Sen. Dan Coats, the new Director of National Intelligence has not yet been confirmed. So, we’re in the midst of a huge change over from Obozo to Trump, where many of the former’s supporters have not yet been culled. Some of those people are, unfortunately, responsible for the illegal leaks that have made the Trumpster’s team look inadequate. He’ll get the kinks out and get back to “draining the swamp” and pushing his “America First” theme which will be crucial to his success. And ours….

  4. All these little rioters keep saying how bad Putin is and China is a dictatorship while they go about trying to make the USA into another China, Cuba or Russia. They ignore the alphabet agencies that no long protect the nation, our citizens nor the President but are busy spying on all of us and President Trump. Leaking secrets to the media, ignoring warnings of possible terrorist strikes thus we ended up with the Boston bombers and not vetting the Islamic Muslims coming into our nation allowing terrorist in. Obama releasing thousands of convicted illegal felons back onto our city streets, the PC crowd doing their best to take freedom of speech away and the police too afraid to do their jobs and end the rioting of liberal idiots who do not see they are rioting to turn our nation into Russia or China, or Cuba. They do not see we are more than half way there if we do not fight back. Politicians becoming millionaires as we, the people, lose our jobs and homes. Terrorist and violent illegals roam our streets placing us in danger, while they live in gated communities with secret service agents keeping them safe. Private schools teaching their children to be future leaders while our public schools are teaching our to walk like robots in lock step with their agendas. Their children eat only the best while ours are fed pig slop. We have to fear walking our streets due to the very government that is encouraging a race war and allowing violent terrorist into our nation and encouraging the riots.

    • BoundlessExistence

      Quit flushing your meds! You are extremely out of touch with reality! Your diseased brain is full of nonsense, just like the brain of the idiot you voted for, Donald Trump, the madman who is now, unfortunately, POTUS! These are bad times for America and things will get even worse because millions of imbecilic lunatics like you voted for this megalomaniacal psychopath Trump who has his finger on the nuclear trigger and is itching to pull it!

      • What part is not true? Spying on Americans? The government admitted it. Spying on Trump? How else did they get his conversation via phone calls if they weren’t? PC crowd taking our freedom of speech? Well we all know that is true. Secret Service agent publicly announced she would let Trump die first, that was true too. Homeland security warned about the Boston bombers? That was true too but they ignored it. Take a good look at the politicians in DC and their accumulated wealth that is millions more than their salaries and figure out how they got it. Cities burning, businesses looted, people attacked, and roads blocked while police just stand there. Wonder why they just stand instead of arrest the rioters even if they have to fight violence with violence. Illegals allowed free access to our nation and while Obama was president he released thousands, as was in the news, who were convicted felons such as murders, rapist and muggers. CA cities allowing illegals to flock to them and now one has an epidemic of TB that is drug resistant and spreads easily while killing as it goes. Telling blacks how the whites are privileged and the cause of all their problems, how white cops are out to kill them, how whites owe them, and on and on. So do tell what isn’t true? The leaks by the CIA and FBI? Liberal news is blasting them. IRS targeting conservatives? Also proved true. Democrats being violent? Well we see they are trying to force their will on everyone else, it’s in the news daily now. Even democrats in public office trying to overthrow our elected president. Get real, just what part is not true?

        • BoundlessExistence

          You are the type of person who only sees what they want to see, objectivity is not part of your psychological profile.

          • Don’t let facts get in the way of your LibTURD fantasies!

          • I blocked his liberal ass…

          • I should but I enjoy seeing just how freaking STUPID and asinine some people can be! They must have a masochistic streak about 10 miles wide to continually be told they are STUPID and come running back, foaming at the mouth for more!! LOL!

          • Forget it O C they are gone. There’s no saving the brain dead.

          • From which Psychology 101 class did you cull that little nugget of profundity? Every word that she wrote is pure fact. I hope that the next semester finds you in a class with a professor who will explain to you the many reasons it is not a good idea to spout psychobabble to people with whom you are not well acquainted.

          • I see both sides. The side where people want everything free but they don’t want to be the ones stuck paying for it. Thing is congress does not run businesses that create the funds to pay for it so the people who actually do are forced to. I understand that a high school that encourages our children to leave school and block traffic or join violent protest for a political party without understanding what they are protesting or the real dangers they are putting themselves in should be shut down. I understand that adults attending college that are so shattered by a simple word they need a safe space to run to that we have a serious problem, I understand that adults who use violence, looting, burn our cities, attacking and murder to try to force they will on others that our nation has a problem.
            If you can not handle loses or simple words then you need serious psychological help because the normal rational people know you either except your loses and work on winning the next time around, or you just walk away from things being said you do not like but you do not whine and cry and need safe rooms and destroy other peoples property, nor do you attack them nor do you kill them. THAT IS NOT HOW NORMAL PEOPLE ACT BUT LUNATICS PROGRAMED BY THE GOVERNMENT. I can see the other side but I also see that the schools are teaching this crap and not math, reading, spelling nor history. I also see that violence will only bring on more violence and in the end the results will be a loss to everyone.

          • Actually she speaks the truth. She is silly however. By trying to convince you. You mind is dead.

        • Ignore the cra cra!!! Meaning the nut responding Aka “Boundless Ignorane”

          • I found that people who can not produce proof they are right fall back on trying to put you down not the facts.

      • Perhaps it’s you in need of Meds. Every thing this lady stated is fact. The left are the biggest BS artists on the planet. The way you rant about Trump alone gives evidence of looney behavior.

    • Turn off the TV; go to the Farmers Market and make your kids a delicious meal.

      • Don’t watch TV, do not have cable or dish, don’t own a radio. I read. I read everything I can both left and right from Huff to Post. I read liberal, conservative, foreign and local. I gather as much as I can and then check with what I see going on in my cities and towns, schools and nation. What I have seen is more racial tension, more rioting, more cities having to deal with idiots setting fires, more fools playing chicken on our roadways, more morons attacking people that don’t agree with them and wussies needing safe spaces because words terrify them, (and these are people who are suppose to be adults). I see factories closed, store closed, and other businesses closed all from the last eight years. I see a nation debt that doubled in 8 years, a CIA and FBI leaking intel to the media. I see entertainers calling for our President to be murdered, and a bunch of liberals in congress trying to prove that stupid is as stupid does and we all now know that they are really beyond fixing.

        I read where Paris has been under attack by Islamic Muslim Immigrants and is burning and now has the military called in to fight those welcomed terrorist. I read where Germany’s citizens are under attack by their welcomed Islamic Muslims. I read where Egypt has deported Muslims and is refusing to allow more to immigrate to their nation because they are violent terrorist. I read, I learn and I actually process the facts. Try it. Try finding out just what is going on in our nation and the world. Until then you go to the farmers market and cook that delicious meal for your kids because I AM FIGHTING TO SAVE MY NATION FOR MY CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN AND MY GREAT GRANDCHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go stick your head in the sand.

        • I apologize for my flippant remark, kay; I believe we are both ‘fighting the good-fight’ in the best ways that we know how.

          My little girl and her core-group of girlfriends have all graduated from college in the past year; my 23-year old is working her first ‘career’ job as a Critical Care RN.

          There is a rhythm and flow to life; and while dealing in ‘life and death’ (literally), I am challenged to zero in on the beauty of the moments that are my fortune to have.

          I believe more women should be as well-read and aware as you are, kay.

          Thank you for sharing some of your thoughts with me this weekend.

  5. The intelligence community has put themselves way above what their job description calls for. Their job is to gather intelligence and report it up to the boss. The boss is Donald J Trump! I’m getting information that the intelligence community are with-holding intelligence from the president and leaking some to the press. This isn’t just bad manners. This is criminal and traitorous actions. Trump and other agencies will track down these Obama operatives and put them in prison! Actually, I think they should be executed!

  6. Obama is the moron who is responsible for the condition of the intelligence community. The proofs of this are the pardon of Manning, the Snowden mess, the conduct of the Benghazi incident and its attempted cover-up, and the general lack of any kind of consistent enforcement of the laws governing our national security. That said, the FBI needs to monitor the intelligence agencies and prosecute all whistleblowers and leakers. In the aftermath of both the Manning and Snowden failures, the country can not afford a lackadaisical attitude regarding the security of classified information. Examples need to be made of people who do not have the integrity to resign their positions and allow the president the confidence of the entire intelligence community. Our enemies were, traditionally, foreign. Americans who are enemies of Americans citizens and their interests need to get out of the country!

  7. The entrenched corruption cares not about our nation or its people but only the freedom and power that a real caring president will not condone. Obama setup this communist fascist setting and filled it with the people to do his bidding. Now America has awakened to the change needed and those in power want nothing to do with disturbing their playground. In the end the people will continue to be the losers unless the destructive regime is removed. My hope is in God and Trump. Wake up America.

    • “Obama setup this communist fascist setting” — where did you get this bit of information?

    • Have you seen his “reform” of Obamacare: an increase in the obscene premiums, higher deductibles and co-pays, but a shorter window for enrollment- in other words, as in the tank for the insurance companies as Obama ever was. He promises to”clean the swamp” but instead appoints the Goldman Sachs Dream Team to Treasury and economic advisers. He talks about “replacing Yellen,” as if ignorant of the fact that, unlike, say the traditional cabinet heads, her employment is not subject to Presidential whim. The people who fawn at his every word are like Bobbysoxers going limp at the sight of Elvis.

  8. During the long dominance of the party of Harry Truman and Andrew Jackson the Soviets sought continuously to penetrate the American government and particularly its intelligence services. As the democrats changed into the party of Truman Capote and Michael Jackson that penetration was substantially achieved, and under Carter the United States was essentially subordinate to the Soviet Union while democrat luminaries such as the Chappaquiddick Murderer openly offered the Russians hegemony in return for assistance in defeating Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. Now the transformation is complete: the party is that of Marx, Mohammed and Mapplethorpe and America’s security services are completely penetrated with spies and traitors after 8 years of rule by a marxist muslim illegal alien. The CIA and the NSA need to be abolished and replaced and the FBI must be completely remade from top to bottom. We don’t need intelligence on our foreign enemies because they are already on our shores and at our throats; we need intelligence on the domestic enemy coalition of satanists, socialists and sodomites that very nearly turned us into Guatemala or Zimbabwe and are still hard at work to bring about a revolution.

  9. This is not war, this is treason! These individuals involved in the intel leaks need to be indicted, tried and convicted to the full extent of OUR law! Sentence? DEATH! Hung by the neck until dead or firing squad! Take your pick!

  10. First and foremost before any thing else they need to discover the individuals responsible for the leaks and
    arrest them for possible treason! The Information being leaked is classified and as such comes under
    the espionage statues which could put them in Jail, no parole, for life. Men and Women around the world who
    gather the intelligence information including both Civilian and Military members and those citizens who risk
    their lives to pass that information on to us are all at risk if discovered. The buffoons who are “leaking” this
    information for political gain here at home are putting everyone at risk with disregard for the OATH they
    had to take before they were granted access. There is not room in politics or anywhere else for traitors
    who put political biases above National Security.

  11. The “intelligence community” is engaging in treason.

    We hang traitors, don’t we?

    • As far as I know we do not hang people in this country. And where is your proof of this “treason”?

      • Read your Cpmst sorry supposed to the start of the word Constitution. Any one that gives our top security info is a traitor this is what they all sign when they are swore into their positions.Or hired into the positions. It is in their contract that they signed. Each and every person that get hired into a government position has to sign that they will uphold the laws of the Constitution and protect the America people and their is also something about Classified and top secret depending on what job they hold. To even get bonded when working on jobs for government contractors you have to go through a security vetting before you can have the job.

      • You don’t need any proof that Trump is conspiring with Russians, so why do I need proof?

  12. These evil forces are all about Satan’s new world order, the Bible say’s in the last day’s the devil will ravage the earth like a roaring Lion taking with him everyone he can because he know’s his day’s are numbered before he also will bow to our lord before he is cast into the bottomless pit and the lake of fire.

  13. This is such BS. These morons are nothing but seditious traitors. Start arresting them and throwing them in jail. Strip American Citizenship from the likes of georgie soros and give them 12 hrs to leave our Country. These jackasses don’t understand anything other than “a boot in your a$$.” Toby Keith is 100% right on that one. ;o)

    • Don’t give Sorros “12 hours” to leave the country!
      Deport him to one of those countries that want him, “dead or alive”!

      He should never have been naturalized as a US citizen, because of his NAZI dealings during WW2!

      • Totally agree with you. lil georgie is an unrepentant nazi sympathizer. He sold out his own people and stole form them. That’s how he acquired his wealth. Take from him and give it back to the people whose family it all belongs to, then give him to the Russians or the Hungarians.

  14. Remember that EVERY time the CIA gets caught in their dirty deeds, they run Russia up the flagpole. Too stupid to realize they telegraph EVRY TIME.
    Keep the lights on, the spooks live in the dark.

  15. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    President Trump should clean hose PERIOD.

  16. The CIA,NSA and various other alphabet soup agencies have become like the very people they were supposed to be monitoring. The KGB, Chinese, Koreans, etc. But it too has become a political tool to preserve the fiefdoms that have been built and secured them within these intelligence agencies. It is known within British Intelligence circles that the Americans are becoming filthy dirty within those agencies, simliar the the fiefdoms created by their career politicians In the end its all about MONEY. Greed and Avarice, Plain and Simple

  17. The IC spooks are NWO Globalists pushing for the NWO aka UN Agenda 2030. The main Globalist actors behind the scenes are David Rockefeller, Barack Obama, Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, the Clintons, the Bush family, the Pope, Michael Bloomberg, the Rothschild’s, Bilderberg group, members of the Council On Foreign Relations and members of the Tri-Lateral Commission. These people control our money, their propaganda media’s instill constant fear and they keep us in constant wars. These people are anti America and they must be exposed and dealt with harshly.

  18. Chuck, what I do not understand is why you are pushing so hard for congressional investigation of Trumps, supposed connection with Russia. How come you are not as vocal with an investigation of the former Secretary of State’s doing private business with Foreign Governments in a pay for play arrangement. As well as selling our uranium to Russia, and sending top secret information on her private server. Oh I forgot she is a socialist like you that makes it OK. Where is the Honesty for the american People? You guys disgust me. GOD SAVE AMERICA<

  19. Until Pres. Trump can get the delays fixed to fill out his Cabinet and the SCOTUS nomination his programs will be stalled. He needs to weed out the Obama leftovers which, I believe is the cause of intelligence leaks. Finally, there appears to be no end to the opposition from the Liberal biased media to add to his problems.

    • Please tell me which of the multitude of news media you mean?

      • #1 CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, NY Times, Wash. Post, PBS (sometimes) and I may have left off some minor ones!

        • But what is your proof that this is so? Where have you seen evidence of this? Can you cite specifics?

          • What planet have you been living on for the past 8 to 10 years? There has been info from too many sources to list here!

          • Richard B needs to get his head out of the sand.

          • Richard is playing the empirical data game. He thinks it’s cute to make you salivate with mountains of data because he’s asking the $64k question…”Where’s your proof.” In this setting it is a gambit. Go to a leftwing blog and read those comments. He would never peddle his $64 k question there. The answer for Richard is “Trump won, he is the President, the math in Congress is in his favor to stay there, and every game against him so far has failed, and his opponents are on the ropes, and he is not. Go home and get Mom to bring you a hot pocket.

          • Just a couple of citations would do. I like to follow up on what people say so I can have clearer picture. Thank you.

      • Liberal biased media. Lefties. Close to commies as shown on the CPUSA website agenda. Their eyes get glassy if they smell Trump red meat and their tears are salty when they are outed for the lies they peddle. We follow the money. It’s not rocket science.

    • There are right wing nevertrumpers mixed in there, not all Democrats literally.

  20. The media has NEVER had any accountability to or from anyone. And they are deeply offended that they are being challenged. Apparently, they feel they are above reproach. It’s time someone held them accountable. It’s time someone used the bully pulpit to challenge their actions. They live under 1st amendment protections but seem oblivious to the responsibility that cares as well. Finally, Trump is holding their feet to the fire, and it’s a good thing.

  21. The real threat to our Democracy is the involvement of a foreign government, Russia, in our elections, compounded by the lies to cover this up. It is interesting that all the commenters to this thread care more about the leaks than the coverup.

    • Ronsch, I doubt the Russians were involved. If so, Hillary would have won. If we set aside California, Texas, New York and a couple others, Trump carried most all of the other states by a landslide. I have not heard anyone charging that Trump had “stacked the deck” in any manner. I saw a comment just today stating California has more people on food stamps than most of the other states combined—-and people vote for the hand that is feeding them, or slipping a twenty dollar bill under the table

      • California pays far more in Federal taxes than it gets back from the government. Guess which States consume more in Federal funds than California? Southern States,

        • Ron, while I have not verified this post I just read to day, I believe it to be reasonably accurate. It stated California has more people receiving food stamps than all of the other states combined—-that requires “big” money and where do you think it comes from? Yes, we the people pay the taxes that pays for a goodly amount of thse food stamps.

    • There was no involvement in our elections. There was no coverup. If there were any leaks, it came from HIllary R Clinton . She lost the election because she wasn’t a fit person, and everyone knows it including the democrats that keep hanging on to this false narrative. Your not going to convince us so let it go! It’s not gonna happen!

      • You’re in denial about Russian involvement. Every intelligence officer in the world knows, even American ones. I’m no fan of neoliberals like the Clintons, but there’s still no comparison between them and hapless Trump. America wants to know, how bad does it have to get before Trump is removed from office.

  22. The Democrats are worried that trump will destroy their world of money for doin what they want in Congress! And some of the old Republicans are worried about the same thing! Both worrie that if Trump realy drains the swamp they will have to go out and get a real job and most of them don’t have any usable skills,? Well if lying and bull sh*tin you way though a day is a skill then they have it in SPADES!!!!!!!!!!


  24. One thing we must all remember and consider when the New York Times puts out a story or article of news: They lie! They do not vet their information! Most of their sources are committing criminal acts and if it is OK for other administrations, like Obama’s, to dispute that then so should Trump’s! If the intelligence employees are not going to be dedicated to their mission because of their political affiliation they should quit and cease harming the nation by their actions. Their opinions are not final, they are not always correct, and they do not run this country!

    • And, of course, you know all about this. Do you have some inside sources the rest of us don’t know about?

      • I know when someone hasn’t vetted a story! You can observe yourself in their articles that the reports dodge having anyone corroborate their information and their sources are always unknown and cannot be verified. Usually some senior this or that or other nebulous reference. And don’t act like an ostrich!

  25. President Trump has revealed he will use the tools necessary “to get the job done”. I trust he will use multiple polygraph tests on all key CIA and other persons suspected of leaning towards Muslims and their Sharia Law. Each selected, should be given separate tests by two different agencies, who do not communicate with each other. If the two tests conflict as to outcome, administer a third test.

    • NO, NO, No!! There are people that can beat the polygraph test!! Voice Stress Analysis is the way to go!! I’ve seen that VSA is at the very least 2 to 3 times more reliable!!

      • Old codger, as I understand it, the CIA, FBI and others now use polygraph machines that incorporate voice stress analysis. Also, properly sequenced questions is key for any machine to work at its best. Thanks for reminding me.

        • No problem. When I had one done, ’77, there wasn’t any polygraph hooked up. It was just a microphone and some sort of, possibly an oscilloscope or the such. It only monitored inflections of ones voice!

        • It’s interesting that the polygraph test is usually non-admissible in a court of law.

    • Sharia law is the law which pertains to Muslims.

  26. George Soros is behind all of these accusations, riots, fake news, impeachment. Why is it he has such power over all of us (including Dems)? Of course, his money, and now most likely gold from 3rd world countries who can be
    bought to do his bidding! Let’s get the news media to get to the bottom of this man’s power and how we can stop it !!!

  27. Drain this U.S. Intelligence swamp!!! Get rid of the one’s that are being political and do it right away. Prosecute them for meddling in politics and false accusations. They need to pay the piper!


  29. Can all the NSA, FBI, CIA, etc be fired and replaced with the ALL THE PRESIDENT’s MEN? Maybe they need to start draining the swamp with these agencies. Perhaps, the President needs to put Snowden in charge of the NSA. It would be advantageous if the President spoke with Snowden to see exactly where and how the White House Leaks are coming from. We know the phone lines are tapped, for certain. How many bugs are placed all over the White House, the Limo, Airforce One, Marine One, even their bedroom. Maybe the President needs to call in his dogs to search the entire place out before anything else is even discussed. We also know that since our conversations can be listened to anywhere we are, via listening devices from space, the same can be done in DC.

  30. So if the leaks allows the american people to see that Trump campaign officials were in collusion with Russian officials to try and effect the election, why is this a bad thing. If it turns out to be true, would you prefer that it be covered up? Russia is our enemy, not our friend and every American should be concerned with there meddling.

    • No meddling! No Leaks! Where is any evidence? There is none! Made up bs by dnc trying to get Trump supporters to turn on him. Not gonna work. There just digging a deeper hole to bury themselves in.

  31. What about HellBitchery selling off uranium rights to the Russians what about her UNsecured server and on and on! Oops, me bad she’s a DemoCommieScumboRATIC piece of dog carp so it doesn’t matter F<:}+P_)+_(+&_ Libturds!!!!

  32. If there was a real 9/11 terrorist Hearing America would be shocked that so many terrorist, are still hiding inside the Intelligence Apparatus -! recall everyone inside U.S Intelligence was laughing their Asses Off on 9/11-! Think not one said anything about corrupt Congress Persons holding your State Dept Officials HOSTAGE, until they recently resigned in Protest to terrorist Rule over Congress —! This was because the State Dept, would not carry out 9/11 terrorist, Demands going back before 9/11-! But look who all did—! Funny isn’t it-!

  33. I can’t help but think: If all these sumbitches had raised this much hell when the HNIC was coming to office, WE WOULDN’T BE IN THE MESS WE ARE IN! Why the hell doesn’t someone do geo soros in and get this bullshit over with??

  34. Bet Sessions is the next on the C.I.A….F.B.I agenda. Something manufactured will be leaked. I would guess Trump will not be so quick to let him go. I agree that the Travel Ban attorney was 2nd class. He was not, capable of a good defence, or it was a put up job.

  35. President Trump should IMMEDIATELY FIRE EVERYONE who had any part in the obama administration, including ALL of obama’s illegal “czars”!!!! All of those “leftovers” from the obama administration are the ones creating ALL of the problems for President Trump now!!!!

  36. If Mr Trumps would be clear with us about what is actually going on then perhaps we wouldn’t have all this “fake news” nonsense. It seems that anything that’s not an out and out complement to Mr Trump is immediately dismissed as fake. Is this man perfect? I doubt it.

    • Stop listening to the mainstream propaganda machine. Nothing but lies. Find Rush Limbaugh If you really want to know the truth. If not, then you can’t be helped.

  37. What can we ‘Deplorables’ do to help President Trump with the problems with the Intel Agencies? If they can’t/won’t/don’t start behaving as they are supposed to, then we need to replace them ASAP. If the Intel people who are clean don’t clean out their own barnyard, it will have to be done by we Americans, and I much prefer that we all work for an America for all of us….

  38. Then Trump should not only fire them, but bring them up on charges of sedition and treason.

    I was greatly disheartened to hear that a SEAL (Harward), walked away from a good fight. I thought that SEALs weren’t afraid of an uphill battle.

  39. The State Department has been used as a TOOL since World War Two. Had it not been for a complacent gang of federal government agencies the SLAUGHTER of John F. Kennedy would never have been possible and the COVER UP LASTING HALF A CENTURY certainly would not be the case. R.F.K. planned to expose the conspiracy and paid with His life. When John John was expected to run and expose the cabal, He died.
    Donald John Trump is peeling the onion of this cabal and We, as a Nation, need to PRAY FOR HIM.

  40. WHAT SCARES ME IS:………if this keeps up this could lead to civil war WITH we the people VS the leftwing looser traitors, what the lefties need to remember is that in real life they are greatly outmumbered and they will loose hands down. I would not suggest that they bring it on!! it will mean their demise an an organization of loosers

  41. President Trump needs to clean out every last obama staffer immediately. That’s like trying to grow a flower garden over a gopher hole – the gopher is going to destroy/undermine all your beautifil flowers before they start to bloom! Get rid of the gophers first!

    P.T. is doing a great job fixing/cleaning up the inept mess obama left. But P.T. needs to remove ALL of the “left over staff” from bho’s administration because they are (1) Liberals first and foremost and (2) they are totally inept and still fighting for the liberal cause against the one factor they cannot stop – President Trump!

    REMOVE THE LEFTOVER OBAMA TRASH STAFFERS…TRASH GOES IN THE DUMP WHERE IT BELONGS – NOT IN OUR FEDERAL GOVT!! Once that HAPPENS and our govt is full of good intelligent Pro-America staffers, the leaks and bad behaviors will end — America and President Trump will be UNSTOPPABLE!

  42. Excellent opportunity to identify traitors within the intelligence community . Time to drain the swamp!

  43. REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, you are naïve, chicken-sh^t , fool or sycophant to think otherwise, the Godless, Satan worshipping NWO-elitist power mad ghouls will only relent when they are forced to – bet on it! Armr=====================? – – – -, we will be needing them unless you have no problem being a slave to the totalitarian State and living a life of squalor, misery and serfdom as that is their plan – WAKE THE FUK UP!

  44. Why is this news? He has been at war with intelligent people since he started his campaign. He insults the intelligence of every American.

  45. Every federal employee needs to be revetted.
    Bureaucracies run very deep!

  46. Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Bezos is 100% behind everything Wapo has been doing since the presidential primaries.

  47. And the competition races on… Intelligence is in real trouble. The Scoreboard doesn’t lie!

  48. Obama was pulling power from one reason to hide behind this car while destroying the country. This is not a swamp this is a massive cesspool of sewer rats that needs to be cleaned out. Obama was on a destroy mission, and just remember it’s easier to break something that it is to fix it. If Trump was leaving office and Obama was coming in and he did a fraction of the things that the Muslim/communist in the White House being Barack Obama done to this country and his last six months the media would be up in arms demanding the man behind on national TV and he was treasonous, evil, Immoral and a mass murderer who incited violence against the cops and white people.

  49. Good time to expose enemy agents embedded in deep cover at all levels of our intelligence agencies.

  50. Lots of bizarre statements here.
    1. Trump knows what he is doing. (very bizarre)
    2. There are lots of terrorists let into the country under Obama’s vetting process, but nobody knows who they are–we are just supposed to take their word for it even though they have NO evidence(We are to believe these “so-called terrorists” just haven’t decided to do any terror.
    3. A whole string of judges don’t know the law (including a Republican judge–appointed by Bush).
    4. The real news stations are somehow “fake news”, while the imaginary right wing stuff put up on right wing websites by the Macedonian teenagers is “real news”.

  51. It is a shame that we, the people who pay all the government employees from the president all the way down to the person who delivers our mail, can no longer rely on our intelligence agencies to do their jobs because they are party loyal and not nation loyal. Their job is not to decide who they think should be president, what they will or will not share to keep our nation safe, nor is it their job to leak secure secret info to the press. It is their jobs to protect our nation and to do so to the best of their ability despite their political points of view. The moment they start taking a party stand they are violating their oath to protect our nation and should be brought up on treason charges. They are not hired to be democrats, republicans nor independents, but to protect and serve the people of this nation to the best of their abilities and picking a party to protect instead of our nation is criminal to say the least. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not a patriot of our great nation but as bad as the traitors in intelligence who puts their party over our nation and its peoples safety.

  52. The Trump administration told almost twenty lies last week. What is the estimate for this week? I think they will tone it down and my guess is ten lies this week.

  53. This is the kind of activity by braindead liberals that destroys our democracy. Paybacks a bitch!


  55. Do we have anybody in Congress that will do something about Trump? Are they all wimps? No country respects us anymore.We won’t take women and children refugees because we are scared to death of women and children. Everyone believes Trump is Putin’s lapdog. Especially Putin–he has stepped up attacks in the Ukraine, knowing Trump is scared to do anything. That is why he made him president; he didn’t want to face Hillary.
    He is ALREADY the lyingest president in history and setting records every day. His administration doesn’t know whether NATO is a good idea or obsolete; they have voiced both opinions. Trump just has NO CLUE about running a country, and it shows every time he opens his mouth.
    He will build a useless “feel good” wall that WE will pay for, not Mexico. We have thousands of miles of unfenced coastline. The wall will be a minor inconvenience, not a prevention for smugglers. He is working hard at being a worse president than Bush or Carter. Both of them are hoping he takes the title away.

  56. Another Trump-Russia scandal. Turns out that Jeff Sessions also met with the Russian ambassador during the campaign and “forgot” to tell the Senate about it during his confirmation. He is just a really bad apple. But then, the whole barrel is rotten. Kelleyanne Conway makes up the Bowling Green Massacre, Trump makes up everything he says, Betsy DeVos’ only education idea is vouchers and charter schools. Perry wears a nametag for identification (to him). Carson’s only qualification is that he lived in public housing fifty years ago, making him qualified to fix the problems of fifty years ago.
    What a circus

  57. Is Trump losing it or already lost it. He accused President Obama of spying on him and basically admitted he made it up. He could provide no basis for the statement. After the statements about the inauguration and the 3-5 million illegal voters, as well as the “incident last night in Sweden”, it seems he lives in la-la land. NOT good for the leader of the free world.

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